The Deadly Consequences Of Feminist Propaganda In The US Navy

Back in 1993, Congress lifted the ban restricting women from flying in combat and serving on various Navy vessels. If you’re saying to yourself, “That sounds convenient,” in light of the fact that the Soviet Union collapsed in late 1991, you’re probably a pretty smart guy. Given the United States was now the stand-alone superpower, and with no nations that could even come close to competing with our military superiority, it was decided that women could serve a more active role in fighting our enemies.

One of the first women to get on board with this new program was a woman named Kara Spears Hultgreen. Hultgreen stood at an imposing 5’10 and had the ability to bench press 200 pounds—impressive for a man, let alone a woman. Kara joined the Navy in 1987 after graduating from the University of Texas with a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. She earned her commission through the Aviation Officer Candidate School in Pensacola and went on to fly several trainers and jets. Kara ultimately achieved the rank of lieutenant with the Navy.

Lt. Hultgreen was destined to make history and become the first female F-14 Tomcat pilot. Given her physical strength, and high level of intelligence, she seemed to be the perfect candidate for a female fighter pilot.


Shepherding The Weak

Training on the F-14 proved to be a little more difficult than expected for the 29 year old lieutenant. Male naval aviators were held to the normal “three strikes and you’re out” policy regarding checkride or training failures (called “downs” in the Navy). If these failures were severe enough, a man could be expelled with as little as one or two failures. Standards were high, as you would expect with men responsible for commanding multi-million dollar aircraft that carry deadly weapons. However, these same standards didn’t apply to Lt. Hultgreen–she had accumulated four downs, yet was still allowed to continue flying.

Commanding Officers had their hands tied. This was the ushering in of a new era. Peter Jennings, of ABC News, said at the time, “There is a vicious campaign against allowing women to serve in combat.” The Clinton administration was now running the show, and they wanted results. Anything less than having women in these combat roles would be seen as sexist or misogynistic, but is that really the case? Are we to believe that Lt. Hultgreen’s four downs were the result of indignant, or worse yet, neglectful actions of those male officers that were running the Navy’s F-14 training program?

Were Kara’s failures a result of spite, or would time prove that perhaps, just maybe, her commanding officers were looking out for her best interests and the best interests of the U.S. Navy? We’re talking about lieutenant commanders and commanders. Naval aviators that had seen some shit in their day and were the best of the best at what they do: flying airplanes and teaching young officers how to fly airplanes.

These were top-notch instructors who had their own careers and reputations to uphold. They were professional men who had dedicated their lives to their trade—they were not a bunch of fuck-ups who would just shit all over a female aviator for just for kicks. The very real possibility existed that she was a danger to herself and to those tasked with working with her. Fear of having one’s career stricken from them, fear of not being able to feed one’s family, or fear of separating service from the military with a less than honorable discharge were what kept Lt. Hultgreen in the cockpit.


Ideology Collides With Reality

On October 25, 1994, Lt. Hultgreen was flying a training mission off the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier—positioned near the coast of California at the time. Sitting behind her was Lieutenant Matthew Klemish, acting as the Radar Intercept Officer (ROI). Kara began her final approach to the USS Abraham Lincoln by ignoring repeated waveoff signals by the landing officer. Lt. Hultgreen found herself overshooting the centerline of the landing area and attempted to compensate for the botched approach by applying additional left rudder—a lot of left rudder. Her overzealous rudder inputs caused a compressor stall of the left hand engine.

Following the compressor stall, Lt. Hultgreen applied full power and full afterburner to the remaining right hand engine and established the aircraft in a nose high attitude—attempting to abort the approach and go around. The increase in power on the right hand engine caused the aircraft to yaw even harder to the left. Asymmetrical thrust coupled with the high angle of attack of her climb out attitude was more than the aircraft could handle. Ultimately, the entire left wing stalled, and the aircraft dropped hard to the left.

Lt. Klemish in the back, undoubtedly experiencing a severe case of ‘fuck this shit’, initiated the ejection process for both himself, and Lt. Hultgreen. Lt. Klemish’s seat was the first to eject in the sequence, and he narrowly escaped with his life. Lt. Hultgreen’s seat ejected only half of a second after Klemish’s, but it was too late. The aircraft had rolled over to the point that Lt. Hultgreen was ejected directly into the Pacific Ocean. She was killed immediately upon impact. The 38 million dollar F-14 she was flying was reduced to a waterlogged piece of very expensive wreckage.

Nineteen days following the crash, her body was recovered. She was buried on November 21st at Arlington National Cemetery and received full honors.


The Cover-Up

The Navy’s JAG was assigned with the investigation of the crash and to arrange a report of their findings. The JAG concluded the accident was caused by a mechanical failure of the left engine. The JAG’s “report” rejected the notion that there were widespread accusations that Lt. Hultgreen was not qualified to be a fighter pilot. The report claimed that the F-14 had a history of accidents and that the aircraft’s two Pratt & Whitney TF30 turbofan engines were underpowered for the airframe.

Top brass in the Navy vehemently stated that Lt. Hultgreen’s death was nothing more than a very unfortunate and devastating event. It was not because she was a woman. It wasn’t because of pressure from progressives and feminists. High ranking Navy officials flat-out said it wasn’t her fault. This was their story and they were sticking to it.

That’s exactly what they did—they stuck to their story. According to the Navy, Lt. Kara Hultgreen was a hero that died unnecessarily in a tragic accident. The JAG’s report was officially released to the newspapers and TV news outlets. The press spread the report far and wide to the American public.

The Navy even held a simulator demonstration with 13 male F-14 pilots to demonstrate that the accident was completely unpreventable. Only one of those pilots—the commanding officer—was able to “survive” the conditions replicated in the simulator. This was widely reported in the media as well and served to further hammer home the point that all of the events leading up to the crash were completely unavoidable, and not survivable.


The Truth

The Navy Safety Center was also involved with examining the crash. It was their responsibility to conduct a Mishap Investigation. Their findings were much different than those of the JAG. They cited pilot error as the cause of the accident, and concluded that Lt. Hultgreen was completely at fault. The Mishap investigation concluded that Lt. Hultgreen made four major errors that contributed to the crash. They were the following:

1. Excessive rudder use contributing to compressor stall. The Naval Air Training and Procedures Standardization manual for the F-14 specifically states that excessive rudder inputs can result in a compressor stall.

2. Failure to execute proper waveoff procedures.

3. Failure to inform Lt. Klemish in the backseat that there was an emergency.

4. Failure to make a decision to eject.

Interestingly enough, this report didn’t make its way to NBC, ABC, or the New York Times. It was, in fact, intended to be kept completely under wraps and never disclosed to the public. It’s the Navy’s privilege to keep the report classified—they were under no obligation to release its findings to the media. The question remains though: why didn’t the JAG’s report mirror the findings of the NSC’s Mishap Investigation?

A junior officer, either an ensign or a lieutenant (junior grade), with a moral compass and access to the Mishap Investigation Report wondered the same exact thing. He leaked the official report and allowed the truth to come out.

It also turned out the simulator session with 12 of 13 pilots crashing the aircraft was staged by the Navy. The pilots were forbidden to respond properly to the emergency they were presented.

The F-14 Tomcat was used by the Navy from 1974 to 2006. No pilot, other than Lt. Hultgreen, has ever compressor stalled one of the aircraft’s engines due to excessive yaw/rudder application. F-14 pilots are specifically trained on the aircraft’s propensity to compressor stall and do not perform maneuvers that can cause it. Lt. Hultrgreen was instructed on the dangers of excessive rudder use, but either ignored her training or forgot about it in the heat of the moment.

Kara Hultgreen was a big, strong, and highly intelligent woman. She had successfully flown the A-6 prior to training on the F-14. She was under a great deal of pressure to become the first combat pilot in the Navy. She was being rushed and pushed beyond her personal limits. The powers that be wanted women in these combat roles, and God dammit, they wanted them there right now. This pressure was not only extended to Lt. Hultgreen, but to her commanding officers and anyone else involved with her training.

The top brass of the Navy were watching all of them like hawks. Anything to upset the feminists and progressives would be seen as oppressive double standards—she wasn’t allowed to fail, and none of her male superiors were allowed to fail her. She was out of her depth and everyone around her knew it. Given her intelligence, I’m 99 percent sure that she knew it too, but she pressed on at her own peril, and very likely, to satisfy her own ego. Luckily, Lt. Klemish was able to escape with his life and none of the carrier crew were killed in this tragedy.


In Closing

This event took place 20 years ago—it’s old news. However, one must ask themselves, what was the point of Lt. Hultgreen’s death? What was the purpose of throwing 38 million dollars into the Pacific Ocean? Sadly, only the Soviet Union collapsed in December of 1991—its Marxist principles that were idealized and idolized as its foundation did not collapse along with it. It’s an interesting yet sordid tale. With the collapse of a communist empire such as the U.S.S.R., it would seem sagacious to extract every valuable lesson learned from its failure and vow to never—under any circumstances—repeat or implement the same systems and policies that resulted in its demise.

The U.S. took away no such lessons. In less than two years following the dismantling of the Soviet Union, the U.S. was lifting bans and effectuating policies that would have gotten the nod of approval from the likes of Lenin, Trostsky, and the whole of the Soviet politburo. What was the point of the Cold War if the end result was to slowly become a mirror’s reflection of the very system we spent decades trying to undermine?

Lt. Hultgreen’s coffin may have been draped with an American flag, but she died for its gynocentric right hand crony feminism. In the 20 years following Lt. Hultgreen’s death, what has improved? What has feminism given us, exactly? Feminism has proven to do nothing more than perpetually drive home the point that not good enough, is in fact, the new good enough. To say anything to the contrary of the politically correct feminist narrative will quickly have you labeled as a scumbag women hating misogynist—there’s no room for honesty in feminism.

That is what feminism gives us. It gives us silence in the face of inadequacy, even if that inadequacy can result in the loss of life. It ties the hands and gags the mouths of the reasonably minded and the responsible. It gives us cover-ups and subterfuge in lieu of the fervent thoroughgoing truth. It erodes the morale of the profoundly talented, while giving the deficient a place and a voice that they do not deserve, and did not earn. Feminism is a systematically imposed mechanism that saddles men with the responsibility of compensating for the frailty and biologically imposed limitations bestowed upon women—just so they can arrogantly, yet fallaciously say, “See assholes? We can too!” It gives us special interests, but not our best interests.

The world works in one of two ways. The first is to shovel the necessary shit, pay your dues, and work tirelessly to achieve your goals to the highest level. You will have fought tooth and nail to earn your stripes and you will never be given any reason to doubt why you have a place at the table; you’re there because you deserve it. Most importantly, the strife you endured and the hardships you overcame will give you immeasurable pride. You will have persevered and built a strength of character that extends down to the core of your soul, and no one can ever take that away from you—it’s yours. As a result of all of your hard work and dedication, you will be respected.

The alternative is that you can have special treatment, privileges, and coddling. You can use excuses and cries of victimhood to justify your own shortcomings. You can bully your way into a place at the table via legislation and lawsuits. Indeed, you will have your place. You will find yourself amongst the best and the brightest. Insincere smiles, phony congratulations, and unearned accolades will all be there for your taking. The politically correct line will be towed for you and for the benefit of people like you. However, rest assured, everyone knows how and why you got there.

Which begs the question. Will you be on the receiving end of the respect and sincere admiration of your peers? Will you be viewed with reverence and held in high esteem? Will you be… equal?


“The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”
-Winston Churchill

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  1. Sad.
    I can only imagine how much trouble the Navy is having with integrating submarines right now.

      1. Only officers? Makes me think of the corporate world; promote all the women to management, while the men can grind it out at the lower rungs.

        1. I was serving in submarines in the 1970s and early 1980s. They tried to force women into submarines at that time (all ranks and ratings). The head of the submarine force went to the top and told them it would happen over his dead body and that he would retire and go public with how stupid this was. He was supported all the way up to the CNO with similar promises to resign/retire and throw the Navy into chaos. The wimp in the white house (you know who I mean if you lived through those times) backed down. It is disgusting how much moral fiber has degraded in the officer corps since then.

        2. Enlisted Coming 2016…weird Im serving onboard the Georgia right now with female officers, which I have to say they ones we got actually pull their wait. They do get first dibs on qual boards which pisses me off but i know for a fact enlisted females are not going to be the cream of the crop at all.

  2. I’m guessing Lt. Klemish was bright enough to keep his hand on the ejection mechanisms on every single takeoff/landing he did with her, that caution probably saved his life.

  3. Great article. Most parts of the military are fine for women to serve in, but some simply aren’t.
    The last positions to be opened are the infantry combat positions, which took place under the Obama Administration, despite the fact that studies, international comparisons, and the US experience proves they don’t work (before combat integration, we had a few female combat units in afghanistan for cultural reasons, and the women in them couldn’t hold up). Even for those who pass the standards not due to political pressure, but by their own merit, female body structure makes them far more vulnerable to long-term deployment issues.
    Unfortunately, the top military brass are sellouts who agree with the feminist policies to protect their careers by kissing ass with the Obama Administration.

    1. Women do not belong in the military period except in extreme circumstances and perhaps as aides to high ranking officers as concubines.

      1. Yes sir, thank you so much, maybe women can be nurses in non-military organizations near the battlefront, but they can’t be in men’s war fighting units or their campaign service units either. They are offensive and a nuisance. Not invited, not welcome, GO AWAY

        1. My cousin was an Army nurse serving in a MASH unit in Vietnam. She died of a long and painful cancer caused by Agent Orange exposure. I respect her service and sacrifice, but she did come back from Nam pregnant and unmarried.

    2. Hell no, woman are a nuisance in the office, in the warehouse, in the shop, in the barracks, on the base, near the base, in your house, and so on. They are a liability, a weak link, a pain in the ass. In many places their presence is simply offensive to men. Women would be offended by men being on their teams or in their bathrooms. Men are offended at women being in their squad or in their MEU. Leave them home in the kitchen where they belong until the enemy is on the doorstep, and THEN she can get the rifle and protect the ranch. Until then, women are a nuisance.

      1. I was a submarine officer in the 70s and 80s. One day I was standing on the pier at the brow of my sub chatting with the female doctor that served on the sub tender tied up at the head of the pier. As we talked a group of new recruits were marched past on the way to the tender. She turned and with quite a bit of heat behind it said, “God damn it, more women. All they do is get VD or pregnant.” Now I don’t know, but I suspect, that she was not a feminist in any way. There are two reasons for this, 1) she had a degree that was actually useful, and 2) she was a little hottie. Nothing said here is new or is not known by both women and men.

        1. Since commenting 2 months ago I’ve looked into the issue further. I don’t think offense taken by some should be a basis for policy, but I must concede, mikediver, that there is a very large problem with women getting pregnant on deployment…

    3. No women are passing based on merit. They are having the equivalent of a Military Dept of Nursing PT test where women think they actually reduced their 2 mile run time by more than 16 min with no exercise.

  4. “… had the ability to bench press 200 pounds—impressive for a man, let alone a woman…”
    What? At 15 myself and everybody I knew could bench at least 240. Back then the pyramid was popular (12,10,8,6,4) and the 4 rep set typically hovered around 200 lbs.

    1. I’ve found the pyramid is best for building strength, but not necessarily mass. I think most workout routines now are for building mass/structure rather than strength. Also, most young boys in high school are generally not exposed to the weight room much anymore. So yeah, sadly I agree with the author that benching 200 now is impressive. How long ago was that where all of your friends at 15 were benching 240?

      1. You are probably right. Towards the end of the 80’s, new workout routines geared only for size building were emerging. The old ways of the 70’s, as given to us by guy like Schwarzenegger, Tom Platz, Lou Ferrigno, and Franco Columbu that emphasized the need to be strong were going to the wayside for the quick gratification of getting bigger faster.
        What was being said before the change was things like “You need a strong foundation with good core strength that combines the range through all muscle cell types”
        (there are three kinds of muscle cell that respond to different stressors)
        And this was true. I was once up to 210 lbs lean, but found it to be quite a chore being that big because I had to eat all of the time (it seemed) and being in the military at the time, was not possible. I was doing 600 lb leg presses and 1100 lb calf workouts, 400 lb presses, and even a 420 lb barbell row.
        But having been “trained” by the ways of old, what I found is that even though I have backed off the weights and practically do old lady stuff now, I still have plenty of muscle and I can lean up in a matter of weeks. I gave up all sugars in March and now I got veins on my gut and I don’t even do ab workouts any more.
        But all those guys I went to school with, doing the “pump up mass only” stuff, most of them are fat now or have man boobs. I would have to go out of my way to get out of shape like that.

        1. Impressive weights. I’m 46, got inclined leg press at 1100, not near you in calf (very nice), 340 bench moving to 360 soon. I figure, hey, I’m 46 and can whoop up on the younger bucks still, so I’m happy.

      2. 240 even, geez. I feel like a genetic freak, those are warm up weights for me.

        1. Understandable, but consider the complete lack of patient, consistent strength training that kids get now as compared to high school of yesteryear.
          I myself just lucked out genetically, and have a high metabolism to help me stay thinner, but without that youth of significant strength building that boys used to be given, I’ll probably never push up more than 180.
          And strangely, the men around me when I used to do salsa dancing lifts and tricks were always in awe at how strong I was and how “easily” I lifted my partners. The reality is, we were all weak.
          Though, I did use to have, and still have, significant strength in my legs. That I can’t explain well either, probably genetic.

  5. Feminism destroys everything it touches. Sometimes lives are lost.
    I don’t know what was going through her head when she got herself killed. She probably panicked. People do that in tense situations, regardless of sex. But it is clear that she shouldn’t have been in the air to begin with.

      1. What’s the difference between God and an Air Force pilot?
        God doesn’t think he’s an Air Force pilot.

        1. I believe the topic here is Navy pilots. Although I grant you the Navy pilots pretty much have the same attitude.

    1. Listen to some old recordings of early jet test pilots. You wont hear a lot of panic.

  6. Just think the red pill might be the only thing that saved her co pilot. The only places affirmative action wont work are those where it kills its recipients, sadly in the medical field you have to be really bad to kill yourself. I did work with one black doctor that managed to malpractice him self to death though, but todays computerized safeguards probably would have saved him.
    Here is the journal of blacks in higher edu saving there would be no black medical doctors without affirmative action

    1. So you mean that Black people shouldn’t be allowed to study medecine and become doctors? In France, we frown upon “affirmative action” and we still manage to have Black & Arab high level people.

      1. No, they should study and become doctors as long as the same standards are applied to everybody.
        However, black and Arab doctors born and schooled in their homelands should not be allowed to practice in Europe in order to depress the wages of local doctors, be they black, white, Arab or whatever.
        Stealing the most qualified, educated and intelligent professionals from underveloped nations so that parasitic hospital administrators in socialist Europe can enjoy a high standard of living is amoral. Poor people in Africa die as a result of this brain drain so that useless bureaucrats can feed at government trough like pigs.

  7. Note of caution :
    Woman are also flying domestic planes .. Be afraid very afraid .. I am

  8. WOW!!! Great post!!! I unfortunately have gotten myself into a situation where I must remain silent despite the inferior performance of a female colleague (I’m usually pretty good at avoiding such situations but there’s quite a bit of money on the line so it looks like there’s no way out of this one). It’s a sin to put incapable people in positions beyond their ability and expect more than they are capable of. It’s a sin to give less capable people in a particular area resources that more capable people in that same area should get. It’s a sin to expect more capable people to pick up the slack of the less capable. It’s a sin to prevent someone from reaching there potential all in the name of egality – egality destroys men’s souls and the soul of the nation. Meritocracy makes great men and great nations. Vote2016!

  9. Female Pilot – should be an oxymoron.
    Just like female soldier, female surgeon, and female scientist.
    How freaking hard is it to understand the simple concept that male and female domains are DIFFERENT. Each one is suitable for their own domains only.
    No, these cunts just HAVE to become men no matter what. (Facepalm).

      1. “Christian Science” is actually not science at all. It is a new age bullshit heresy that harms many lives to this day.

        1. I’m religious, and I agree. You can make arguments for God from science, but when you start saying that evolution is completely false and the Earth is 6000 years old, most reasonable people have problems.

  10. An earlier version of Wikipedia, prior to the release of the secret investigation report, said something like “distracted by the water, flying a plane that was not very controllable at slow speeds…. she crashed”. What hamster droppings! I am not a surgeon or medically trained. Am I allowed to operate on a fat feminist, kill her my incompetence and have people say, “distracted by the blood, and holding delicate instruments that he couldn’t properly handle… he killed her.. But it was not his fault!.”
    Remember gents: it is never a woman’s fault. Not in marriage, not in military service.

  11. Excellent article. I love how you backed up the truth & the theme with evidence.
    Great writing.
    Despite that facts are present, prepare for the cries of “misogyny” & “good ole boys network” blah blah.

  12. Outstanding article.
    You pointed out something that has been nagging at me for some time.
    “The U.S. took away no such lessons. In less than two years following the dismantling of the Soviet Union, the U.S. was lifting bans and effectuating policies that would have gotten the nod of approval from the likes of Lenin, Trostsky, and the whole of the Soviet politburo. What was the point of the Cold War if the end result was to slowly become a mirror’s reflection of the very system we spent decades trying to undermine?

  13. i’m a former naval special operator. my views are not endorsed by the Navy…these are purely personal.
    There are current studies going on regarding how to integrate women into the Naval Special Warfare Community. For those who don’t understand, this means congress wants famale Navy SEALs. There are plans to have women at BUD/S, the initial training, by 2016.

    1. Rumor has it a special qualifying course will be added for male BUD/S candidates: how to carry their female counterparts of the battlefield in female-friendly way.

    2. One of the downside risks to NSW command constantly self-promoting their own units above the rest of the SOF community. So far I understand Army SOF (SF regiment and Ranger Battalion) will not be allowing women into their ranks.

      1. All that promotional crap comes from the Flag level and above. Everybody else just wants to be left alone to do their damn job.

        1. What happens at the upper level trickles down to the operator level. Since Obama appointed Admirals to JSOC and SOCOM it has been one long self-promotion tour for NSW. While I know the vast majority are consummate professionals, individual operators in NSW have certainly been willfully exploiting their new found popularity.

        2. A few dudes have cashed in, but that shit is frowned on pretty hard by the boys. Turds like Duncan Smith can get away with making shitty movies because he’s a high-ranking officer, but dudes like Brandon Webb are right at the top of everybody’s shut-the-fuck-up list.

    3. No kidding. Im a ret. 5326 and my last few years you could just watch day by day this getting worse at the Team level with all the diversity and PC GMT’s. But working in the RD at the center was the last straw; seeing the amount of $$$ an man-hours they dump into dog-and-pony’s for congressional staffers and university leftists, I dropped papers first chance I got.

    4. I always thought there was a tacit admission that women could never really be in the Special Forces. It is frightening to think that our leaders actually believe their own lies.

      1. Every dog & pony I ever gave, there would always be some grrrl power chick asking why we didn’t let women come through, like it was only a bunch of men holding them back. Women as a group appear to be too stupid to understand that they just don’t have the tools.
        Its apparent;y coming down the pipe though, should at least be a good trainwreck to watch….glad I left.

        1. Somebody tell them that it requires the balls to get inducted into special services. We had never had any women ever in SSG Pakistan army or in any other SS besides we now have a couple of GDPs in Pakistan airforce.

      1. Women aren’t allowed to screen at present. There are probably some chicks that can PASS the Physical Screening Test, but you’d have to look at some high level female athletes before they were scoring competitively enough to get admitted to training.

  14. Remember that army chick captured in Iraq and the whole phony story the military made up about her being a heroine and fighting off the enemy to her last round! The true story was quite different.

    1. Jessica Lynch. I also heard quite predictably that she was a huge slut in her unit.

      1. Larry Flynt bought up her nudee pictures that were floating around from her time in the service.
        He said he did it to protect her image. But I wonder… if you had someones dignity in a box…
        She was placed on the highest pussy pedal you can imagine. He could easily have destroyed her.

        1. What image would that be? That of a chaste women in proud service of her country? LOL

        2. Literally lol-ed. Yes indeed, an American princess warrior bravely dispatching dirty Iraqi men. Because she so loves America. etc.

    2. Does anyone know the name of the blond-haired man who died fighting to save the convoy while Lynch cowered inside her truck and prayed? I don’t I don’t recall ever seeing a picture of him. This was the “blond” Lynch was mistaken for.
      A country that would turn its back on this man’s heroism to further the feminist agenda is not a country worth fighting for.

      1. Sgt. Donald Waters, after fighting to his last bullet he was captured alive and executed by fedayeen.

  15. Feminists keep writing checks their bodies cant cash. Think how many lives would have been saved if they had been flying rubber dog shit out if hong kong.

  16. Same thing applies to people of “color.” PC Nazis decide we need a black President, so they pressure and groom an arrogant, inexperienced, Socialist half-white half-Kenyan junior senator who would have been laughed out of the election had his genetic makeup been a little different. Doomed to failure. It would take an exceptionally strong and humble woman to be a fighter pilot, setting her own ego aside, admitting mistakes, and enduring the pressure, attention, and high expectations. Same thing applies to the “first black this” and “first Hispanic that.” Advancing people to positions past their limits to uphold them as a standard for their gender/race is far from helping them. Infantry and other combat branches of the Army now have to meet a quota of minorities, which means that some of the most dangerous jobs, the most dependent on teamwork and skill, are now being forced on guys who are under-qualified and unmotivated. It’s in the military; it’s everywhere. It’s far worse than just a high profile female doctor or pilot or two.

    1. President Bush had made the US the laughing stock of the world. You guys needed a PC president to brush up your image. Now that you reputation is restored, you are blaming him for following his agenda. So pathetic.
      Had old Mc Cain and foolish Sarah Palin been elected, nobody would take you seriously by now.
      Young, tall and stylish Obama saved America’s face and that’s what matters on the international stage.

  17. This is not something new. Elisabeth Thible was the first woman to fly in a hot air balloon … in 1784! Long before feminism as we know it.
    Jackie Parker did qualify to fly an F-16 combat plane in 1994. Sally Murphy is the first woman to qualify as an aviator with the U.S. Army.

  18. Superb writeup as always AV8R. I follow the transition of women into combat roles, specifically the SOF community, especially close and I predict a catastrophic failure of those units the moment women begin being integrated into the units. Not to mention, the inevitable decline in standards to allow women into those combat roles.

    1. They’ve been trying to shoe-horn them in since at least 06. They started forcing SOF unites to bring “cultural engagement” teams on target with the idea that US women could talk to females on target.
      …total fucking disaster. So I got this “other gov’t agency” chick staring at me with eyes like tea-cups because, oh yeah, she forgot to mention she doesn’t speak Arabic…and “everything’s happening so fast.”
      I’ve brought women out while in-country to do “cultural engagement”, “women’s engagement”, “medical outreach”, “infrastructure development”, and all manner of other bullshit picnics designed to get some slag a selfie in front of a blown up building so she can say she’s in “harm’s way. It always ends the same way; locals look at them like a two-headed lobster and if the shooting starts, they run for the truck.
      Overall grade: PISS-POOR.

      1. Yes, I was doing VSO in Afghanistan in 2010 and they had us using them. It is largely pointless since women in that country have no access. At least in Iraq they had access to some actionable intel. I’m more interested in the progression of women into SOF as unit members.

        1. Yeah women were 100% useless in AF… I guess not quite a year ago a few women tried to go through Marine Infantry school, every one of them failed out. The talk is that they’re still pushing to get women into BUD/S by 2016, even though they obviously can’t meet any of the PT standards and are pretty much useless in every other aspect of military life.

        2. Most, if not all, were injured. Females might be able to meet the entrance PT requirements just fine but having them do it repeatedly is more than their bodies can withstand. Regardless if they can meet the training requirements, the dynamics of these units will be so messed up with females it will make them combat ineffective.

        3. Spot on. And the solution from higher for the new level of incompetence will be another long series of political re-education seminars.

  19. This is a story I actually have a lot of exposure to. I’ve worked with a few F-14 mechanics, I use to fly Kara’s sister in my flight department a lot and my hangar tenant was an F-14 back seater and was on the investigation board for this accident.
    First off, the A model F-14 was an engine/airframe mismatch. Every pilot that flew it knew it. It was real easy to get a compressor stall in that plane and you had to fly the plane around the engine. When this accident happened I was an aircraft mechanic, my supervisor had been in the experimental division at VX-4 and was one of the most knowledgeable F-14 guys in the Navy with a total of six years at sea. When we saw the footage, he simply said yep, the plane did exactly what she asked it to do.
    A couple years later when I was flying corporate jets, one of my bosses brought Kara’s sister on the plane. I got to know her over a 17 (long enough to see her go from hot to hag) year period. When she first came on the plane she was new to riding on a corporate jet. She told me she was the sister of Kara. She–to this day–is convinced it was the plane’s fault. What she couldn’t understand is that tactical fighters are not certificated aircraft and that there’s certain things you must sacrifice in their design to remain on the bleeding edge of technology. The Navy got a lot for it’s money with the F-14. It was in the inventory for 35 years. That’s a couple lifespans for your average fighter. Most all the problems with the A model were resolved with the F-14D and the GE-F110 engine and the digital databuss stuff.
    Perhaps the most enlightening info I ever got was from my hangar tenant. He had been on many accident investigations and review boards, including Kara’s accident. The cliff notes are basically that she was an acceptable A-6 pilot. The interesting thing is that there was another female pilot ready to be turned loose in the 14 who was actually a great pilot but for some political reason Kara was their gal to be the first. Kara showed all the signs of a pilot that needed to be downed but she was being pushed forward from above. Now hear this…Kara actually tried in at least one occasion to step down. She knew she wasn’t cutting it in the 14 and knew she had no business being in the pane. They made sure to have at all times the strongest back seater in the fleet with her. Klemish is still a good friend of my tenant. There were a lot of other details of that investigation he told me about I can’t quite remember but my take away was that the political climate of the time killed Kara and she tried to bow out but the pressures of her superiors kept her on the path to her death.

    1. Those seem to be the options Feminazis give you:
      “Do this for us to promote our political narrative despite it not being in your best interest or don’t and we’ll punish you severely for your discretion.”

    2. Great comment. Thanks for the contribution and additional insight to the story.
      Another thing I will add here, when I was putting the article together I found this:
      “…It is regrettable that I had to spend more than $ 500,000 to defend CMR [against] a baseless suit filed by former Navy LT Carey Lohrenz (Lorhenz had been “female quotaed” through Navy flight training and finally relieved of flying duty by her carrier CO after she had so scared the rest of the crew that no one would fly with her. She then sued CMR for releasing the details of her incompetence and grounding for “ruining her career.” CMR subsequently successfully defended itself in US District Court).
      “…Shortly after out victory… plaintiff Carey Lohrenz, who blames me for her failure to succeed as an F-14 pilot, filed an appeal… Lohrenz’s feminist attorney, Susan Barnes of Colorado, is getting high-powered help. We don’t know who is financing her effort, but the new attorney for Lohrenz is law professor Rodney Smolla of the University of Richmond in Virginia… who last year appeared before the US Supreme Court to defend the First Amendment rights of cross-burners…Smolla is fighting for the First Amendment right of cross-burners to speak lies and hatred [while denying CMR’s right] to speak the truth about Lohrenz and the truth about double standards in naval aviation training…”
      So, this sort of thing didn’t just end with Kara like it should have. Women are going to get slots, that’s not going to change. However, there should be no lawsuits or pouting if a woman gets cut from any program for incompetence. I can only imagine what instructors go through today in a politically correct climate that’s substantially worse from the early to mid 90’s.

    3. I forgot to add, this is exactly why I love aviation so much. Airplanes (especially one’s that are difficult to fly) don’t care who you are. They’re equal opportunity killers. They don’t care if you’re rich, poor or have an overinflated sense of self worth. You can be the king of the board room but if you don’t know what you’re doing there’s no faking it!
      I instruct people in WWII warbirds. That’s a predominantly rich man’s sport. I’m no rich man but I’ve been flying these types of planes for over 30 years. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to deal with the attitude that a checkout in one of these planes is just a formality. After all, what could a punk corporate pilot know they don’t? The NTSB reports are full of people who had an agenda aside from humbling up and learning how to fly.
      In Kara’s case she knew she was in over her head. She didn’t man-up and do the right thing regardless of the consequences. The learning process in aviation is full of benchmarks. Failure to heed those benchmarks only leads to one place. We call it “the smoking hole”.

      1. That Feynman quote came to mind, “For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled”.

      2. I love the old warbirds but could never afford to play in one.
        A similar tale to the aviation one is one of my passions – motorsport. How many women race at the top levels and do so competitively? Look at F1, MotoGP, World Rally etc. There are women who have appeared in these ranks but none have ever achieved the pinnacle and these women are as rare as rocking horse shit.

        1. I’ve raced against women in motorsport, on two wheels and four wheels. Their gender has nothing to do with their skill. The reason more women aren’t at the top of the sport is simple. It all boils down to D.O.T,; desire, opportunity and talent. Without all three, success is practically impossible, and “opportunity” is the one thing that is almost absent for female racers.
          For example; Spain and Portugal are neighboring nations, and yet there are far more great Spanish motorcycle racers than Portuguese riders. The reason is simply opportunity.
          Judging all women based on the success, or lack of it, of a few women, is pure ignorance.

    4. Great comment.
      I agree that women are pushed in to these postions when they have neither the skill nor the desire to commit themselves to these positions and perform at the level required over a sustained period of time.
      Example for those interested.
      I am reminded that in 1986 I started at IBM as one of 69 graduate intakes to IBM Australia in IT that year. Of course, to get a job at IBM as a fresh grad was a HUGE challenge and a BIG opportunity.
      IBM, in 1986, bestrode the world like a colossus. The US Guvmint had just spent 10 years trying to prove that IBM was too big and too monopolistic and needed to be broken up. The USG failed and IBM continued.
      E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E wanted a job at IBM. It was THE place to work in IT.
      I was lucky enough to get a job in the Australian International Development Center. At the time it was 70 people and we had two projects to work on to develop software for IBM Corp to be used in 21 countries. This was internal systems development. These were the 70 BEST IT jobs in the country.
      IBM had two mantras at that time.
      1. Respect the Individual.
      2. Pay for performance.
      These appealed to me because at BHP (Australias largest company) I had seen “quota women” be rife. The “quota women” would do no work at all. Indeed, they disrupted the work of the men in such a male dominated place as a steel works. Funny how feminists did not want to work on coke ovens or blast furnaces.
      But the changes were already in the wind, little to my knowledge. In 1986 the 69 intake included some very bright women. Not ONE of them has gone on to any significant level of success in the IT industry. Not even ONE. They had the same opportunities as me. IBM made sure of that. But not ONE of them took those opportunities. Sure, to get ahead in IBM you had to work your arse off. No question. You wanted that next promotion? You had to EARN it if you were a man and the people you were competing with to get that promotion were the top 1% in the country. No small task to be the best in that sort of company. We had a lot of friendly rivalry for promotions and awards.
      But just think about that. The most prestigious company in the world, that had it’s pick of graduates, took on 69 grads in 1986 in IT, an evolving area. And 30 years later not ONE of the women distinguished herself. Not….even…one.
      In 1988/9 I saw a precipitous decline in the quality of our work as more and more women were put on to our projects. I could not fathom what was going on. Women who were CLEARLY not capable were being hired over men I KNEW were far more capable. As a young whiper snapper I had faith in IBM managers and I was at a total loss to understand what could possibly be going on.
      At christmas 1989 an incident happened where a woman was given an award where she had FAILED to fix a problem that cost IBM multiple millions of dollars in TWO WEEKS. I know what the problem was because after her two weeks of failure I was selected as the “best and brightest” to fix the problem. Indeed, by then the two week outage of the system had created problems so bad that the GM of Asia Pacific, George Conrades, had told the MD of IBM Australia, Brian Finn, that if anyone missed their quotas because of the problem at hand he would be fired from his job and kicked out of IBM. The problem was so bad that it threatened George Conrades Quota and the Quota of many of the Managing Directors in Asia Pacific Countries. If the problem was not solved, some of them would lose their jobs, and they were not going down alone.
      So the MD of IBM Australia issued the order to find the “best and brightest” person in IBM Australia to solve this problem because his job was on the line. That call came to my desk. I was the “best and brighest” to find this problem and solve it…and so I did. I found it in about 4 hours and fixed it in about another 4 horus… midday the next day we were starting to resolve the backlogs caused by the 2 week system outage. No one lost their jobs. All quotas were made. Luckily.
      What surprised me was this womans citation for her award was “Helen tried very hard to solve this problem, she put in the effort, the hours and we recognise her for her efforts.”
      I went to have a quiet chat with the manager responsible. He was my hiring manager so we had a great relationship. I asked him why it was that a woman was given an award for failure. I noted I did not expect any award. That I had saved the job of the MD was going to be a chip I would trade many times. That was reward enough. The manager confessed that he had “women quotas”. They had quotas for hires, for pay rises, promotions, awards. The lot.
      I looked at him hard in the eye and said “that is contradictory to respect for the individual and pay for performance.”
      He shook his head and simply said “We are told we have to do this.”
      I thought about this for about 10-15 seconds and then I said.
      “Ok. I guess I have to leave then.”
      Remember, I was a rising star. I was the youngest System Architect in IBM Australia by about 10 years. I had earned my way up with some exemplary efforts. I had a BIG future in software development in IBM. I was only 26 when I made this decision to leave my profession of 8 years. A profession I had totally committed myself to to be “the best of the best”. But in those 10-15 seconds I decided I had to leave. I had been considering leaving software development because of the issues I was seeing but this was the nail in the coffin.
      The manager was shocked. He was my hiring manager and I was considered one of the best hires at graduate level in a long time. He asked me why. I said words to the effect.
      “IBM Corp gave us these contracts to build great software. You gave 10 years of your life to win these contacts. But if you pander to women you will piss the men off and the quality of the work will go down. We are already seeing this. I have told you about this.
      IBM Corp will take the contracts off us and give them to someone else because you can get bad software developed anywhere. Only in places like Australia can you get software developed that is great quality for the price we can do it.
      I have to leave because this International Development Center will be shut down by IBM and the work will go elsewhere. When that happens? I do not want to be kicked out and looking for a job. The marketplace is too small. It will be too hard to find a good job when this development centre is shut down. I give you about 5 years.
      I have to leave because these jobs are going away. And I do not want to be here when they do.”
      The development center won some more bids. By 1993 there were 500 people in it. I was out by a year. It was pretty much shut down by 1996. The work being sent elsewhere as I predicted. Many of my former colleagues lost their houses.
      I always wonder…what do the wives of the men who lost their job and their house feel about how women were forced in to the development center and ruined it? Do the wives of these men say “Yah for feminism?” when it cost them their home?
      The performance of IBM from 1990 to 2014 shows you what happens when you add “quota women” to the mix. For 25 years IBM has missed EVERY “big opportunity” in the world of IT.
      Sure, there was a lot of other things happening at IBM. But “quota women” did not help the situation at all. And how a company like IBM can miss EVERY wave that is going on is astounding. I think the most damning indictment of IBM and how it was managed was the fact that in 2010 IBM paid USD1.8 million to buy Netezza. A company that was 8 years old and built a fast database machine. Netezaa is great. I have used it. But the fact that the worlds leading database software company had to BUY a startup to get a decent database machine shows you just how badly IBM failed. And the woman who presided over the failures of DB2 was one Janet Perna. If Janet Perna had not made the mistakes she had made? Oracle would not exist. Oracle only exists because Janet Perna and her pals made the decision in 1993 that “there is no market for unix databases”. Well done Janet!

      1. This is why I read the comments section. Thank you for sharing your relevant personal experiences.

      2. This is precisely why I don’t invest in companies with (obvious) “quotas”. I can count on one hand the women I’ve met in my life that are actually hard working and “productive”. And as the previous comment alluded to, many times women know they aren’t qualified for a position but social forces (and perhaps their own pride/ selfishness and narcissism) compel them to stay – I know a university teacher who tells his female students that they’re “socialized” to believe they aren’t qualified! That’s the new lie being propagated to counteract intuitive perception of the truth. Great comments!!

        1. Holy shit…I live and work in the Bay Area…the noise about Silicon Valley being “too white” and “too male” is deafening. Only when someone asks “Where are all the qualified brown and female engineers?” do you hear the crickets…

        2. My company has some kind of “encourage her mind” campaign going on right now (headed by a male of course…). The gist of it is that women aren’t as successful in STEM career fields because no one encourages them to go in that direction. It is just like all the idiots that think blacks are better at basketball because whites aren’t encouraged to pursue it as a career path, biology isn’t interested in equality.

        3. I was born there, but got tired and left this year for Eastern Europe. Having a ton of Indian and East Asian “guest workers” isn’t diverse enough either. Just check the bio of the author of that article to see what rewards you get for serving the hive mind. Equalism is a religion to progressives, and they’re more fanatical about it than the Christians they caricature.

        4. Actually that’s not a great analogy. Whites are better at basketball than women are at STEM.

      3. Yes, back in the good ol’ days. I remember reading about a female botanist who worked in an industry longer than a few men who were promoted over her. It was a feminist passage. I swiftly realized that it was never mentioned whether she performed better than those less experienced men. That would’ve been the closing argument! Want to know why it wasn’t? Because she DIDN’T have more merit. And the top brass in the old days stayed shiny…now it’s rusted.

      4. Thank you. Your story is similar to mine. I held the us marines in that regard too, and as a man was held to exceptionally high standards in a merit environment. Yet like you I saw quota women rise, it’s disheartening, you feel your efforts are worthless and lose respect for your leaders many of whom try to be mentors. It’s toxic.

      5. It took balls to name names, and you are a skillful writer too. Thanks for sharing this insight. I think two trends we are seeing in IT: contracting and offshore outsourcing, are partly due to pressure companies are facing re quota women. I’m an IT contractor, and most of the contractors or consultants I see are men. Companies can still keep their quotas. Usually low level managers. But to get the work done, they hire contractors, who do not show up on the books and aren’t counted in their diversity numbers.
        Offshore outsourcing works in the same way. The workers aren’t counted in the U.S. company’s diversity numbers. And most offshore companies don’t give a shit about diversity or female quotas. You won’t find too many female H1-Bs, but no matter, all those men won’t pollute the diversity numbers.
        What I’m saying is companies are finding ways around diversity/gender quotas, just so that they can get some work done. If you’re an older man in IT in the U.S., well chances are you’re screwed. But for younger skilled men, there’s money to be made in contracting.
        Personally I think of myself as a mercenary, regardless of whether I’m a contractor or regular employee. I was never the “true-believer” type who worked their asses off expecting to get promoted or paid. I’ve seen many of them treated the same during the next round of layoffs. Focus on personal skills development and extracting as much money/benefits from the company as possible. You will only be there a few years anyway. No sense in killing yourself by working too hard.

      6. Excellent post, sir. My current boss started at IBM in the US in late 1990. He left in 1996 to join my company and has been there ever since. Although the details of his departure were always sketchy, he speaks well of his time at IBM, and IBM remains of my company’s better clients. I think in our overall department of 60 or so we only have one women doing development, several in QA, several doing a client specialist role, but also three managers, and one director. We had two more women in management when I started although one was demoted for incompetence (and blowing up in a dept meeting in front of my director) and the other was passively shown the door. Although one of the female led teams is actually run rather well, I personally know one of the other female led teams is completely fucked up, and the third I hear has missed several deadlines. Fortunately the 70 somethings who still run the company have checked out and don’t seem to know or care about our dept’s shortcomings.
        Gentleman in IT my advice is do the best you can where you can and eventually move to a place which is still professionally run. A place where if there are women, at least they will be competent. Who knows you may join or start the next Netezza.

      7. I have no doubt that this is true, but let’s not give our American brothers the wrong idea. Quotas for women are not as common in Australian workplaces as they are in the U.S.
        IBM are such a joke company now so your experiences do not surprise me. By the late 90s when my friend was working for IBM Australia they were all washed up.

        1. Hilariously false, look at any cushy government job in Australia and it will be almost exclusively filled with women.

        2. That is not a sign that they have the job due to quotas though, is it? It’s a sign that they are less ambitious perhaps.
          Australia does not have the same harsh A.A laws that American has.

      8. Epic reply.
        tried very hard to solve this problem, she put in the effort, the hours
        and we recognise her for her efforts.”
        This quote was written by someone who believed in the Marxian Theory of Value.
        This theory crippled the Soviet Union and continues to cripple every other planned economy. When our country fails, this theory will be a major cause of that failure.
        If Islam succeeds as a political system, in spite of all of its barbaric evil, it will be because it does not reward weakness. No one in Islam pretends the weak are strong, and that the strong have no more to contribute than the weak.

    5. Excellent comment.
      As a pilot, I know why the Navy has tough rules for carrier checkouts. I do backwoods (bush) flying for myself and my family. Landing on an unpaved (or even completely raw) landscape is tough. Let me just say that it’s nowhere near as tough as a carrier deck many days.
      When I’m landing in bumfuck nowhere Ontario, UP Michigan, (et al.), at least where I choose to land isn’t in motion. Heck, even when I put floats on, it’s not as bad. (although a glassy smooth water day can be a bitch)
      Side note: they did a L&O episode on something similar theme-wise, except the female aviator was in a love triangle and killed the married man she was sleeping with. Again, excess of downs, but the LSO kept the tape in case it came back to bite him in the ass.

  20. We should dig up more examples of career-women crashing and burning (no pun intended) when propped up through affirmative action like this.
    Great articles this week.

    1. Not hard to do.
      Just check out the market cap of publicly traded companies after they appoint a women CEO. The record is incredibly bad.

  21. “Opium of the Intellectuals” should have been a stake in Karl’s heart once and for all but here he is again. Feminists appear to be eternal champions of that one dead, white male that never seems dead enough.
    How Feminist newspeak carelessly substitutes equivalence for equality is just one of many symptoms of the movement’s inherent misology. Simply put: Their agenda is destruction; Not equality.

    1. P.S. Here a great quote from AV8R which likely strikes a chord with most men here:

      What has feminism given us, exactly? Feminism has proven to do nothing more than perpetually drive home the point that not good enough, is in fact, the new good enough. To say anything to the contrary of the politically correct feminist narrative will quickly have you labeled as a scumbag women hating misogynist—there’s no room for honesty in feminism.

      Cheers AV8R
      I enjoy reading your work more and more with each post.

    1. Not for a guy that’s been in the gym for 8-12 months+ sure but compared to average joe? Pretty darn good.

      1. Here is the thing. Get that average Joe in the gym for a year or two and he’ll be over 200 with room to improve. The average Jill will struggle with 200 and where does she go from there.

        1. Agree completely…just saying 200 is still significantly better than the average person, man or woman, in the population.

        2. Fair enough. My point is women cannot maintain that level of fitness. It is too close to their peak. I think the solution to this stuff is all female units. Then their true ability will shine through.

        3. this is mechanism. performance ceiling + out-of-context expected continued performance gains = failure. always.
          a woman spends her total performance just to reach the entry level of a man, but now she’s got nothing left, while the men soar effortlessly onward.
          after all the endless tests and trials and performance necessary just to get in and stay in, now you have to go far, far beyond in order to actually succeed on your own. step 1 is you spend massive effort and resources just to get somewhere. but step 2 is now you must go far past that to own your own destiny. PC/feminism/incompetence can’t see step 2; only the best can see step 2, which excludes most women and a fair portion of men too. even worse, the incompetent see only the continued march of the best, and so they expect continued performance based on the context of the best performers. but if everyone else does step 1 for you, and you’re totally spent just getting to the end of step 1 (like this unforgivably stupid girl was), then there’s no way you’ll ever do step 2. you can’t. you’re already in the decline. meanwhile, the best received no help and are just starting to warm up into mastery you can’t hope to touch.
          the maximum performance and maximum capacity of women equals that of the entry level man, often less. to initially beat men, women will have to max out for prolonged durations, which gets them in, only to have no more performance left to continue, and have men still outperform in the end.
          the wall exists in far more forms than just good looks. that stupid girl was already tapped out and in her multi-faceted decline. she only went some where by the -cost- of lies and backstabbing the more able, but when it came time to turn a -profit-, that asset was depleted. absolute waste.
          the cost of investing in a child is only born so that the child will repay it several times over as an adult. same for freshmen to professionals. if the child fails to succeed into adulthood, all that money is now gone. it won’t come back to net zero, and it certainly won’t turn a profit to fund other children the same opportunity. doesn’t matter the field of excellence. from doctors to pilots, over-investing in the incompetent permanent child that is a woman may imitate successful entry, but always absolutely fail to actually achieve anything past it. increased costs with no lasting results. absolute waste.

        4. When I was in the Navy at age 21 I weighed 155 pounds and was bench pressing over 300 pounds. That is benching 3 sets of 10 at 300 pounds. I was not an outlier or some kind of super athlete. I was an average guy in the bloom of youth and in military training.

        5. I assume you mean their true inability will shine through. I suggested this when the Navy in the 1980s went with women on combat vessels. It is even more easily accomplished today. There are plenty of women officers and crew that have the qualifications (on paper) to do all the functions needed. Why not put all women in one crew and see if the job gets done? One guess as to how it would turn out. Of course the reason (never stated) that this is not done is because everyone, and especially the feminists, knows what would happen.

        6. Yes, guys that hit the gym for a couple of years pretty religiously can do 300. Agreed, 100%. What % of the total adult male population 18-65 do you think that is? I’d guess 3-5%.
          Mike: please note I am not in any shape way or form saying women should be allowed in those type of units.

      2. We are not comparing an average Joe to an average Jane. We are comparing military trained pilots in the bloom of their youth and the peak of their performance.

    2. Heh, I was thinking the same thing, but I figured he meant for the guy on the street like Rob mentioned.

      1. Correct, it’s not for the gym rat or the guy that has years of lifting under his belt. In the real world your everyday normal dude ain’t benching 200 lbs. I’m well over 6ft tall and don’t consider 5’10 to be “imposing” by any means either, but 5’10 is damn tall for a woman. I was painting the picture that she was basically built like a man, with an engineering mind like a man etc. But she wasn’t a man.

  22. Excellent article. I’m joining the Navy myself and this was rather sobering. I thank you.

    1. Don’t join the Navy. Don’t join the military. Learn a trade and learn everything about starting a business. I was a Marine Officer.

    2. I second Towgunner77. I was an Army NCO. Stay out, stay away, do not serve the matriarchy. Please, honestly, reconsider.

    3. Don’t do that, man, if you spent 20 years there and I can tell you, if you’re looking at a site like this it will not go well for you. You’ll get snatched up the first time you get caught rolling your eyes during sexual harassment training and you’ll spend your whole enlistment wondering if yo’re surrounded by the dumbest people ever to walk the earth or the best fakers that ever lived.

    4. Don’t do it man. There’s no honor to be had in America’s military. And no money or job opportunities post service either. I can help you get a job in the Bakken oilfields if you want to get ahead in life.

      1. Well, I did qualify for Nuclear Engineering. Is that not a useful skill to get?

        1. You pick up radiation towards your lifetime dose but what civilian equivalent jobs are there?

        2. It’s better than some of the other rates, but still not as good as some of your civilian options. Two of my best friends went the Nuke route. They did 6 years each, got out, got jobs at titanium plants making 70k/year. Now they are in the oilfields, age 30, trying to make better money.

        3. This is rather surprising to say the least. I expected PC bullshit to be in the Navy but for the skills to not be that valuable…

        4. That means you’ll either be on a sub with a stack of chubby homosexuals or on a carrier with a metric ass-ton of entitled diversity queens. Dude there’s man-decades worth of experience here all telling you to reconsider, consider your options!

    5. You are making a mistake.
      The US Military USED TO BE an honorable service to join. And I would have applauded you for doing so.
      But it no longer is. It is an extension of the feminist state. Inside the military, of course. But globally it is a means of enforcing twisted and unnatural feminist indoctrination around the world.
      If you do join, you will get no respect from our society. Most likely, you’ll get married, then come back to find your wife pregnant from some scumbag that lives near the base. You’ll get angry, then get thrown in jail and charged with domestic violence. You’ll be divorced, and lose whatever money you saved while in the Navy.
      So, very bad idea. Instead, work on a money making career. Use the system, do NOT let it use YOU.

      1. Believe me, I had no plans to get married or fraternize with Navy girls (as they tend to have daddy issues at the very least).
        I simply wanted to use the Navy to develop good skills for civilian occupations, and I scored high enough to be landed Nuclear Engineer training. Which so happens to be a field I am interested in.
        Unless I learn that the training is worthless or I have better options, not much can dissuade me. Mjolnir has shaken my resolve in this respect I must say.

        1. Dude, most rates in the Navy only train you to work on outdated navy equipment with outdated navy tools. So you get all that plus a chance of drowning.
          Go to trade school or college and avoid an organization where “offending” someone is a punishable offense.

    6. Wow, a lot of former combat arms senior NCOs and officers flat out saying don’t join the military due to all its pathologies. That’s heartening to see.

  23. Sadly this trend continues today. Female officers are shielded from poor performance reviews, especially in combat zones even when their decisions put lives in danger and cause others to be wounded and killed. I know this from personal experience as well as other anecdotes from other officers and enlisted servicemen. Instead of having their careers ended by stupid decisions, they are railroaded through to command positions that they are utterly incapable of performing in.

    1. Where are they now? In the trashcan of history, along with the Minoans, the Spartans, and every other matriarchy.

    2. The amazons were subjugated by the greeks. And the queen was enslaved and impregnated by the greek king.

  24. Very nice article. I covered this topic way back in High School. It was part of my AP English final about the travesty of allowing women into combat roles without being required to meet the same standards. It’s easy to see from reading this that if her chromosomes had been XY not XX, she never would have been a combat pilot.

  25. Been in the business, and AV8R does an exceptional job writing about this “pretty little lie.”

  26. Here’s some background information you guys might find interesting.
    When I was in the military, I was going to night school and one of the classmates was the husband of what was one of the few female A-10 pilots.
    The A-10 is a “tank killer” and quite the badass plane.
    Anyway, that husband of the pilot: a nice fellow but quite the skinny-armed beta too. If it were to turn out that he and his wife were the inventors of “pegging”, I would not be surprised. That’s how beta/limpwristed he was. He did not seem like he was gay or anything like that though, just a bit like a passive teenager.

  27. Women in the military want the freedom to try everything while still carrying no responsibility for anything. This piloting business should have been the end of it but its not. The socialists running our government have put it out to all the Special Operations communities to -point blank: “figure out how you’re going to get women through your pipeline by 2016”. Meaning it doesn’t matter how many free passes it takes or how many standards have to be lowered, it WILL happen.
    The thing that really pisses me off about this shit is that these feminists aren’t screaming to get into other traditionally male-exclusive jobs. No woman wants assignment to some tiny outpost in remote Afghanistan. No woman wants to pull guard duty at 3am on the gate where to indig laborers come and go. No proud feminist wants to dig ditches outdoors or unclog shitters or paint the side of ships. No fuckin’ way! That’s work for losers! and I’m no loser, because I have a pussy!
    They aren’t even willing to start at the bottom, like any man would, and work tooward the top. Women want their express ticket to be jet pilots, Appache pilots, SEALs, Green Berets, snipers, or covert field operatives. And if they fail out of training, or more likely, quit because they might work more than 45 minutes without a break, they want to be able to shift right back into Chivalry Land where they can be treated like a lady again.

    1. i would speculate that’s why they fail. they don’t have to start at the bottom. cheating from the start, by the time women get advanced in the door, there’s a whole litany of skills they don’t have, leading to disaster.

  28. Feminist are far bigger terrorist than Al-Qaeda could ever dream of being.

  29. Outstanding article and interesting read to see some of the early effects of activism feminism. The fact I’m watching Lafayette Escadrille on TCM served for an ironic backdrop.

  30. Somebody else on the thread mentioned that she tried to drop out of F-14 flight school. If that’s true then it does paint her in a somewhat more sympathetic light. It would suck to know you didn’t have what it takes and to try to take the honest way out, only to be shoved back with a “do it or else!” marching order from the grand soviets who lord over you.
    Say what you will about our new Soviets, but they are clearly just as ruthless as their Russian predecessors. And if people have to die to advance their insane ideology, well, so be it.

    1. She didn’t try and drop out of training. She was already flying in the fleet when she made a move to step down. The Navy had invested a lot in training and publicity and didn’t want the first woman F-14 pilot to turn out to be a failure.

    2. This is the first I’ve ever heard of this person. But if she did try to quit but was encouraged not too, carrying the trailblazer moniker I’m sure was the reason. Whether from the Navy, other women, or self imposed.
      If any came from the Navy, big bet is was due to the fear mentioned in the article of being seen(accused) as facilitating her way out. The enthusiasm that they reported their real stories with back then, would surely have been amplified with any stories that they thought they might have had about her being a trailblazer and quitting.
      Three mistakes and you’re done would’ve been too simple and straightforward for them. And news doesn’t like that.

  31. This is a tragic example of the risks iherent in including women into male-space.
    “The First Woman
    This push into male space is rarely due to a true desire to belong to a traditionally all-male institution or condition, but women are encouraged to believe they’ll make some dent in the universe simply by being the first to push past a “gender barrier.” It’s not about making a true contribution to that male institution or endeavor, but rather a goal of being ‘the first woman to do it too’.
    For all of the misdirections of a hoped for equalism, it’s not about becoming an astronaut for a woman, but rather becoming the first woman-astronaut – then moving on to being the first woman assigned to a combat role in the military, then the first woman to play at Augusta. If equalism were the real intent, we could expect the desire of the endeavor itself would supersede this, but the Feminine Imperative motivates women (and socially demotivates men’s resistance) to the first woman goal, not the actual accomplishment or excellence in that accomplishment or endeavor. The trail being blazed is less important than being the first woman trailblazer – in fact it can simply be the same trail men blazed centuries before and still be recognized as a significant accomplishment.
    The goal is to be a woman in male space.
    The cover story is the same trope the Feminine Imperative (and its social arm, feminism) always finds useful; the never ending push towards gender equalism. The practice however reveals the push into male space serves two purposes – social control and male oversight.
    Social control is the easier of the two to grasp. Even when changing the rules of an all-male game to accommodate a lack of genuine female interest in a male endeavor, it fundamentally alters the nature of that game. The first womanallowed participation in that game is novelty enough to extend the Feminine Imperative’s social control into that male space (i.e. “nowadays women do it too”).
    An easy example of this would be NASCAR’s embracing a driver like Danica Patrick. It’s not that she’s an exceptional driver, and I can’t vouch for her genuine passion for NASCAR, but the social control she represents is that she is the first woman to (dubiously) be taken seriously in the nominally all-male space of NASCAR drivers. The goal has been achieved, all that’s left now is female oversight of this male space.”

    1. Even when changing the rules of an all-male game to “accommodate a lack of genuine female interest in a male endeavor, it fundamentally alters the nature of that game”. This is great! So much truth freely expressed in one day; the article, the comments. This is just great! Keep the conversation going gents.

      1. Breast Cancer Awarenes month + NFL + pussified rules = YOU ARE 100% CORRECT.

  32. …and all the Queen’s Gender Studies and all the Queen’s Halfmen couldn’t put the F-14 together again.

  33. This might be anecdotal but I am obsessed with air disasters and reading about them. That commercial plane that went down in Bufalo NY a few years ago with that female pilot. When the guy pulled back on the stick and they stalled, she basically was screaming bloody murder on the CVR before impact. I don’t recall male pilots doing this on any other accidents I’ve read about. I believe females are too emotional to put that shit aside when shit gets rough or scary.

    1. Women’s worlds revolve around sex, relationships, and security. At no point have I met a woman who hasn’t conformed to this principle. They’re not meant for the world of men.

      1. Even when they pretend to be interested in something else, if you’re perceptive, you can see it’s just an attention grab…

      2. See that on talk shows. Especially with male guest, but it happens with any guest. But whoever is on, no matter what or how interesting it is that they’ve done, or whatever it is that cause them to be brought on the show, the conversation always has to go to whether they are dating or married.

      3. when a man engages in life risking behaviour there is potential reward of glory, women, and respect.
        A woman earns a negligible amount of glory, men, and respect for doing the same.
        If she’s ugly no man’s penis cares if she blew up a tank…

  34. One could draw an analogy to the civilian workplace. There has been a great push to include women in the work place and the high female participation is seen as a national achievement. The HR nonsense that has arisen by this national disgrace is impossible to ignore. Workplace harassment, backstabbing and nastiness makes any man need to tread on egg shells for nine hours a day. It turns him into an unhappy shell of a man whose only escape from reality has become fantasy baseball or Star Wars marathons.

    1. Not to mention it created a massive labor glut that has led to some of the lowest wages in the world in comparison to cost of living.
      they took the brilliant Idea from Tokyo. Glut the workplace with females, lower the price of the competent ones, make humans disposable cogs.

  35. Brilliant analogy and utterly apropos. I left the navy in ’93, because I was disgusted with what was being permitted to come out of boot camp. The deal breaker was turning the crossing the line ceremony into a sing-along.
    I am glad I got out before the Navy was utterly destroyed.

  36. Didn’t “war hero” Mc Cain crash planes more than three times? Why wasn’t he “held to the normal ‘three strikes and you’re out’ policy”? Because Daddy was an admiral?

    1. Well, he pulled out too low in a Skyraider and put it in the water and swam away. He hit powerlines in another Skyraider and he lost an engine in a T-2 while instructing and ejected. While those are accidents, they aren’t the type of things a pilot would necessarily get “strikes” for. He did get shot down in a Skyhawk and spent around five years in the Hanoi Hilton. The fact that his dad and grand dad were admirals might have had something to do with him getting a flying slot in the first place but he still had to keep up with his classmates. Various pilots wind up with a Teflon coating in the different communities for all kinds of reasons. McCain’s story isn’t all that out of the ordinary.

      1. I understand he was in the cockpit of the plane that had a misfire (?) on the deck of the USS Forrestal.
        The guy seems to be bad news. I couldn’t imagine anyone else with that many black marks becoming a Senator…unless they were a Kenyan immigrant.

  37. News just in
    Men’s brains are wired for stress and to focus on a single task
    Women brains are wired for monotonous tasks like office work, child care and multi tasking
    More news at 6 ken.

    1. If women are so good at multi tasking, how come my wife can’t fuck and have a headache at the same time?

  38. Doesn’t matter whether the men of old fucked everything up when they fell to feminism. We have to do what we can to ensure a sustainable future for mankind. Here are the steps for those willing to partake in the fight for humanity.
    1. Become great with women. I’m sure most of you already are.
    2. Find a keeper. She must be beautiful, able to rear children, and able to prepare good foodstuffs. You don’t have to officially marry her, but if you do, as previously stated in another article, game the **** out of her.
    3. If you’re naturally handsome, make the babies! If you’re ugly, go to a sperm donor and choose a physically attractive man to impregnate her with. Mixing sexy with ugly will make the children unfit for the fight for the humanity. Ugly daughters are especially awful.
    4. Raise them in the ways of all things heterosexual and natural! Those are the two biggies.
    5. Tell them to do the same thing. Eventually we’ll win, as the ugly, stupid, weak populace starts to become so disgusting that its peoples wouldn’t even fuck each other. Population in feminist countries is already dramatically diminishing.
    6. HUMANITY SHALL WIN!!!! Enjoy life as one of the founding fathers of the revolution.
    *Note that this is pretty much the Nazi idea replacing the Aryan race with beautiful natural people and without the Holocaust (because the worthless ones will drive themselves out of existence sooner or later). Better to create a homeland just in case we start to get persecuted.
    Let ze comments roll…

    1. A man’s value does not depend on his beauty. Nobility of spirit, honour and honesty are required to create and maintain civilsation or make the world better. A pretty face is not necessary. Now, women on the other hand…………

      1. That’s what I mean! You could be a masculine god, but if your daughter’s ugly, you won’t be able to contribute (because we don’t bang or marry uglies) via natural fertilization.
        Besides, genetics doesn’t matter in order to cultivate a kindred soul.
        It doesn’t mean that ugly men can’t help though, and definitely doesn’t mean you can’t bang hot women!
        As you said, masculine character traits already make the world better by radiating brilliance to all who can see it. But you’d make greater contributions spending time with a hot daughter than an ugly one…sons are different, but I don’t think most people want to abort.

    2. You must be having a laugh telling men to voluntarily choose somebody else’s sperm over theirs.
      This must be the strangest (or plain stupid) comment I have read on this site ever! Congratulations!

      1. The red pillest of red red pillers would do it, but obviously there’s a certain personal pride that would prevent most from doing so. Which does make the plan somewhat ineffective…thanks!

    3. One of the dumbest posts ever. You think a handsome man and a beautiful woman can’t make a homely child? A smart couple can’t produce a dunce? Heterosexual parents don’t ever make gay children? I really like the manosphere but you do have to wade through a lot of bullshit in it.

  39. I’m Canadian, but used to do a lot of military engineering for USN.
    From the outside looking in, I knew that the US command higher-ups knew the big shows are over. Allowing women in front line combat positions (even in principle) tells me that they think the high body count confrontations are coming to an end.
    I am amazed and happy that the casualty count is so low in modern combat for western powers. The 10 year effort in Afganistan/Iraq produced fewer casualties than a few days of battle in WW1 or WW2. There is an amazing amount of care and forethought in preparing and training soldiers and minimizing casualties.
    In situations where high casualties would be expected, can you imagine the hew and cry if more than, say 100, female combatants were returned home in body bags in a month of fighting. Their daddies and mommies would all start lawsuits against the military for neglect in protecting their precious princesses. Not ever going to happen.
    As for those comments about women in high positions in business – I would say that women CEO’s in big businesses (IBM, HP, GM, Yahoo etc. etc.) are a tell tale sign that the primary vitality has left the company. Males are hunters, women are nesters. Hard to fight this.
    Women CEO’s come in when the playbook is well established and the task is to get the company to spin out cash during the long slow decline. Can you possibly imagine an HP being started by inventing an audio oscillator in a garage in Palo Alto by a female???? Or an Apple computer being invented in a basement by a female?? Or a DOS operating system being invented in a coca cola and pizza infused weekend in a hotel room written on yellow legal pads???
    Granted, women do some good pioneering work in product development and sales to other women. Think cosmetics, food, kitchen/bedding etc.
    Women always come in when the battles are over.

    1. >> Granted, women do some good pioneering work in product development and
      sales to other women. Think cosmetics, food, kitchen/bedding etc.
      women can only sell to women? the incompetent can only make things to sell to people who evaluate said things based on feels instead of results?
      come to think of it, that’s astutely correct. nice.

  40. I’m quite sure that if this case, or a similar case, were to come up again in the media, feminists would say that women crash more fighter jets than men because they are designed for men and not for the “special talents” of women.
    BTW, no woman should ever bench 200 pounds. That’s bad for a woman. Women are good at light, repetitive motions, which is good for them.

      1. I would bet that less than 30% of all men between the ages of 18-54 can bench press 200 lbs.

  41. It seems like this sort of absurdity only started in the past few years, in the age of Tumblr and declining T levels, but stories like this demonstrate that the USA was been consumed by egalitarians many decades ago.
    White people need a country of our own where we will be free from the control of Jewish overlords, such as Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, and all the feminists pioneers (who were Jews, to a woman).

  42. Hi AV8R, I did not know this story so thank you very much for writing this article, I found it very interesting. Just one question: after reading it I did some research and found that there is a book about Kara called “Call Sign Revlon”, what do you think about it? Thanks

    1. Glad you enjoyed the article, Francesco. As far as the book Call Sign Revlon is concerned – it’s a biography written by Kara’s mother. I have never read the book and have no intentions of doing so. Therefore, I can’t give you much insight into what it discusses. However, due to the fact that it was written by Kara’s mom, I think we can understand what tone the book will take.
      It would be a much more emotional piece of literature than anything grounded in facts surrounding the incident. I’m sure Kara’s mom loved her daughter very much and was very proud of her. The book would reflect those sentiments more than anything else and more than likely attempt to displace blame from Kara. Plus Kara’s mom is also a lawyer, so you there’s that angle too.
      Would not buy.

  43. That disgraceful RIO enforcing his patriarchy on the pilot and ejecting without her consent. That’s rape culture right there.

  44. I live and breath this everyday. I work for the Navy at the Pentagon at essentially the highest level. I view the office demographics the same as prison racial ratios… as soon as Females grow beyond 20%, chaos. Drama. Pandering. Soap opera. I’ve been subjected to the most mind numbing, sophomoric conversations and complaints of discrimination. Yet to a person, these women make at least $110k. One of the civilian Admiral equivalents in another division replaced a 30 year one star. SHE is 39. She made SES at 35. No graduate degree. Plays with hair, bites cuticles, and throws tantrums.
    Majority of the females are childless. Can you guess what happens at 40 when they realize a fundamental reason for their biology has been wasted? Makes for some interesting choices and office drama. The ones with children put on this thin, frosty front, as though they are happy their weak, quivering delta males are back home raising the kids and cooking muffins. Not surprisingly, the smartest, coolest, and most feminine are leaving and make a beeline back home to raise their kids.
    Let’s put it this way… like the backseat navigator and the IBM gent below, I know how this ends. I’m trying my best to break free and eject. But sleep well knowing that this scene of coerced ineptness is played out everyday, at the highest offices of government, security, and influence.

  45. You know what guys? FUCK the top brass. I’m okay with men on the top doing great things. But when they do stupid shit? Just do what everyone who’s ever been in a position like this has ever done: REVOLT. But this time, we’ve got to make sure another revolution never occurs again, because we’re going to do it RIGHT.
    (Optimism at 10000%)

  46. I’d like to cut and paste all these comments underneath every “You Go GRRRRRRL” story in Salon, Slate, Huffpo etc.

  47. Fantastic article, but few Top Gun references in the comments? Really disappointed in the ROK readership 😉 – j/k

  48. Women are not designed to fight nor kill; pretending otherwise is absurd ignorance.
    Women are designed to give birth and nurture. Men are designed to beat the fuck out of each other and smile while doing so. Women will hesitate to pull the trigger, whereas men are just fucking itching to.

  49. I was an Air Traffic Controller at Luke AFB, during Hultgreen’s final flying days and had several misfortunes (attempting) to control her. What I can say is, whenever she would radar indent on the scopes and chime in, everyone would shrug and additional ATC’s would be assigned to damage control. She knew it all, would barely take instruction, constantly clipped an unauthorized MOA, without a care in the world, infringing on other aircraft and air spaces. Frankly put, she was terrifying to an ATC, given their was no authorized words in ATC language for “pretty” “please”! In most cases, the best practice was to spin other aircraft over White Tanks and wait for her to finish, whatever it was she decided, and leave our air space. Albuquerque and others, would always direct call the panel and all you had to say was her aircraft call sign and the conversation was over, no explanation needed. I want to say her aircraft call sign was Jester123, though I could be wrong and I forget most of the actual flight levels and lingo, though after reading the Clearance Delivery, “Luke1, Jester123, descend and maintain flight level 41 heading 240”, “Luke1, Jester123, initiating heading 015, maintaining 2200 feet”, “Jester123, Luke1, civilian piper aircraft (prop job) altitude 2300 heading vector 020, climb and maintain FL 51”, (long pause), “Luke1 why is there a slow moving aircraft in my flight path? I’m headed toward R21, need touch and go practice.”, “Jester123, radar contact lost, climb and maintain flight level 63, contact Albuquerque 00.00.00.” “Albuquerque, Luke1, Jester123 VFR is all yours.” Course this is a small example, though always included multiple dilemmas, such as emergency clearing of our runways (so she could practice) or all air spaces calling Luke at one time, because she wanted to see Pluto from a vertical after-burn, tearing through all air spaces above ours, while we hoped no passenger full Heavy was there to give her a kiss. Was I surprised what happened to her, nope!

    1. Wow – the inside scoop we are getting is pretty amazing with this article. Interesting that ROK has a heavy military readership.

  50. What I’ve got from this story is that yank birds are damn expensive. 38 million. Yikes.

  51. “Which begs the question” . . . for the love of God and grammar, can we please stop misusing this idiom? I refuse to take anyone seriously if they don’t know that “begs the question” does not mean “raises the question” no matter how valid their other points must be.

    1. I learned about this misuse a year or two ago from my favorite columnist, and now I see it everywhere. You can’t unsee it. It’s like the cigarette burns at the corner of movies that Fight Club taught us about

    2. @disqus_LJFhBH9k4z:disqus
      I guess this raises an important question: Are you two going to suck each others dicks now, or later?
      Am I doing it right, fellas?

  52. It was, as you say, 20 years ago. The new political orthodoxy is Islamists in the ranks. Look at all the Army Brass that looked the other way in Nidal Hassan’s case, for fear that disciplining the Muslim would be a career death blow.

  53. I think the mistake was putting a woman on a plane that normally requires 14 hours of maintenance after every hour of flight. If they’re going to keep doing this, better put her on something that doesn’t keep a whole team of mechanics up at night, maybe one of the Hornet variants. Still its a shame about the plane though, as for her, given her history, it was only a matter of time before something happened in the category of unfortunate irreversibilities.

  54. I was in military flight operations for many years, and I am a pilot. I have flown with women pilots several times. They were okay, as far as I could tell. The key point here is that women aren’t ‘allowed’ to fail. Hence, you wouldn’t KNOW their true capabilities and weaknesses, particularly at crucial phases during the flight. Most women can handle aircraft, but I’ve seen several examples of women who, at some point during their flights, performed some fairly fundamental foul ups.
    A C-21 Aircraft Commander Upgrade check ride with an O-5 female IP who pre-flighted the aircraft and left the engine cowling fasteners loose. On takeoff, both engine cowlings peeled back like a banana.
    A female L-382 copilot who, during landing at our base, inadvertently pulled the Ground Idle Plug on the starboard engines. The aircraft pivoted off the runway and penetrated deep into the infield, leaving a HUGE, black skid mark on our concrete.
    A WC-135 Command Pilot who landed on our north runway, forgot which direction to turn off the runway on that foggy night, and taxied onto the rain-soaked infield to a point about two hundred feet from the centerline.
    As you’re all saying, the ONLY reason some women are allowed into the military pilot profession is because their lawyers are at the ready to sue any outfit who won’t hire them for BILLIONS of dollars.

  55. I grew up in a family of feminist, so I am all for female’s being given the opportunity to compete with their male counterparts. However, I am grown now and have embraced equality over feminism. Women should be treated as equals in the military, if they can do everything their male counterparts do (I include in this belief the physical fitness standards, which are not equal in the military). This woman was not up to par and should have been cut on her 3rd down, just like any male in the program.

  56. Hopefully they will be kept out of the SeAL’s, otherwise the SeAL’s will become a joke.

  57. I can’t find any sources to back up the claim there was a cover up or a leak of documents.

  58. “A junior officer, either an ensign or a lieutenant (junior grade), with a moral compass and access to the Mishap Investigation Report wondered the same exact thing. He leaked the official report and allowed the truth to come out.”
    I have no doubt said junior officer “resigned” from the military shortly thereafter. The only thing in common about whistleblowers is that they are, without exception, all *former* employees of the organisations whose corrupt practices they expose.

  59. There are more than a few errors in this article. I’ll concentrate on one, as an example of the bias in many of the statements of “fact”:
    “It also turned out the simulator session with 12 of 13 pilots crashing the aircraft was staged by the Navy. The pilots were forbidden to respond properly to the emergency they were presented.”
    A very clever use of words by the author. All simulations, by their very nature, are “staged.” The use of that particular word, while grammatically accurate, shows bias.
    The second sentence gets tricky. The session pilots were instructed to begin their simulator sequence at a certain point in Hultgreen’s flight pattern, so, yes, it could be said that they were “forbidden” from beginning earlier in that sequence. We can also assume that they were “forbidden” from flying back to San Diego.
    The fact is that the session pilots were asked to show how they would have reacted starting at a certain point in Hultgreen’s landing attempt, most likely after the left engine stall. While their objections, if any, might be of the “I wouldn’t have put my aircraft into that stall position” variety, that wasn’t the question being asked. They were being tested not to see how Hultgreen got into the stall; … they were being asked if she could have avoided the accident after the stall. And the report says exactly that.

  60. Go see the comments of the video regarding the death of Lt Hultgreen and you will see all of the sniveling nazi-feminists deriding the F14 Tomcat and its mechanical inadequacies and the omega males that have no balls to stand up to their feminist masters. It’s funny…..really it is……

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