How To Profit From The Emerging Incel Economy

It’s 2018, and the Incel Economy has never looked hotter. I’ve been bullish on the Incel Economy for quite some time, and 2018 looks like a year of massive financial gains. Google search trends show declining searches for dating related keywords and increasing searches for terms like “waifu” and “dakimakura.”

While the glorious 2D age is several decades away, it would be worthwhile to examine current sociocultural trends and make predictions about what 2018 holds for the Incel Economy.

What Is The Incel Economy?

The Incel Economy is a term used to refer to those companies and sectors of the economy that grow when self-reported sexual activity declines. Millennials are increasingly not having sex due to a variety of sociocultural trends. Rising standards among millennial men and women coupled with decreasing physical attractiveness and income levels are largely to blame.

Millennial Men Cannot Stop Watching Porn

Most millennial men cannot go a week without watching someone shove something up their ass on the Internet. Porn tricks their insect brains into thinking they’re sexually active. As long-term porn use continues, bizarre fetishes develop and porn becomes preferable to the real thing. Like your mother, porn is easy to access and always available. There would be an Elliot Rodger every hour if not for porn.

Don’t be this guy.

Millennial Women Cannot Stop Being Fat

Most millennial women cannot go a week without eating colorful, overpriced pastries. Artisanal cupcakes, craft macarons, and the Notorious PSF (pumpkin spice frappuccino) are but a few of her drugs of choice. I don’t really keep up with women’s clothing, but the average dress size in the United States was a 16 last time I checked. Damn.

Easy multiple-choice question.

While some millennial men have started to lift weights, dress better, and make an effort to meet girls, it’s clear that girls aren’t even trying.

The sexual marketplace has always been a buyer’s market. Millennial women have cleverly re-branded their ballooning waistlines as “curvy” or “thicc [sic],” with some degree of success. In addition, male thirst remains at an all-time high. Thus, the millennial man either settles for the 4/10 “curvy” Latina or seeks pleasure elsewhere.

This is where the Incel Economy comes into play. If a young adult male has dropped out of the dating market—as is increasingly common—he now has a lot of free time on his hands. He’s not going out to bars or nightclubs (do people still do this?) and he’s spending the majority of his time home alone.

Average millennial man circa 2018.

What is he doing? He’s playing video games, watching capeshit or anime, and browsing the Internet. It is no surprise that GPU manufacturers AMD and NVIDIA were two of the best performing stocks of last year.

I am not here to fix the Incel Economy. I am here to teach you how to profit off of it so you can retire at thirty on some Mediterranean island far away from this laughingstock of a country. What we need to be on the lookout for going forward are those companies that are going to profit off of this emerging trend.

The Incel Economy And Computer Hardware

More and more people are opting to build their own PCs. A PC is now the go-to gaming device because Sony and Microsoft have no idea what they’re doing anymore with the PlayStation and Xbox, respectively. I don’t even know anyone with an Xbox One and the PS4 only has one game.

Nintendo could be a good investment, but they’ve lacked proper third-party support for decades and seem to make random, nonsensical business decisions. Still, their first party games are top notch and they’re expanding into mobile gaming.

A typical Saturday night in 2018.

Next, we have capeshit (superhero movies) and anime. Nobody under 25 watches sports, so I’d stay away from those related industries. Netflix will continue to be huge. They have an excellent, reoccurring business model and are rapidly expanding their selection of capeshit and anime.

The Incel Economy also includes women, and anyone who has lived with girls will know that all they do is watch Netflix and go out for frozen yogurt. There’s money here. Also, niche copycat services like Crunchyroll and Filmstruck could be good too. The former specializes in anime and the latter in kino.

The Incel Economy And The Film Industry

Disney will continue to churn out massively popular, best-selling garbage such as Marvel superhero movies, Star Wars, and Pixar films. I wouldn’t be surprised if some Netflix shows get theatrical releases, too. The film industry is dying in the United States because you have to leave your house to attend screenings, but the Chinese can’t get enough of American films. Sino-futurism is always something to consider.

Before we get to the last topic, I’d like to make a special note of the pet and pet food industries. Pet ownership will go way up during the Incel Economy, because women see dogs and cats as surrogate children. These industries would be a long-term hold, as I don’t see birth rates ever recovering to replacement levels in the United States.

Expect to see more of this. A lot more.

The Incel Economy And The Internet

I’d be cautious of the latest dating apps, but I’d give everything else a green light. That means social media, software services, and smartphone apps. Try and find the next Instagram and get in before it’s assimilated into the Facebook hive mind.

Technology is not going away, despite my desperate nightly prayers. VR could be hit or miss, but AI sounds promising. Sexbots are always going to be weird and I don’t see them gaining mainstream appeal. The first company to make an AI girlfriend like in Blade Runner 2049 will be the next Microsoft. Something like Siri or that Amazon machine that watches you sleep but is useful and attractive.

The future.

Hopefully you’ll find a few takeaways here that will make your 2018 a profitable year. The Incel Economy is here to stay and it’s about time someone recognized the lucrative opportunities it contains.

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124 thoughts on “How To Profit From The Emerging Incel Economy”

  1. Incredible. This reads like a blogpost on 8chan.
    I was considering how to profit on the NEET economy, but don’t have any real capital to invest with.

    1. Self-sufficient Cryptocurrency traders are technically “NEETers” since they are neither in education, employment, or training.
      I wanna be that kind of NEET.

      1. This is exactly what the Jew thinks of the white man and what the white man is doing to himself
        “That kill the weak. All considered, you’re probably wasting your concern for them, if not worse”

  2. A large part of the rise in inceldom is because of casual sex from monogamy to hookups meaning people have less sex. Monogamy gives 3-6 times a week maybe, very few hookup up that much in a hookup culture.
    the second trend in terms of monogamy decline is the rise of 80:20 rule, and the effect of this on men.
    A third cause of inceldoms rise is more segmented dating market leading to many cut out. CUTOFF THEORY there are many examples of it, for example, More women graduating and many graduate men still date down leading to many men missing out in the non college market ( neckbeards ) which is tough for them but they don’t for whatever reason get with the grad women who missed the grad market.
    Also interracial dating goes in huge ratios, especially at casual relationship level, and the black men who date out a lot with white women and white men with Asian women so do the two cutoff groups ( lower black women and lower Asian men ) then don’t get together in the USA? Asian men, Slavic men in the EU, and Black women in the USA get cut out. Cut off theory is very real and will grow Incleldom rapidly.
    Its the bottom of one market doesn’t get with the bottom of another and misses out as the crazily distorted market creates these issues. The old idea of marrying somebody very similar meant far fewer missed out. Porn is the politically correct thing leftist sociologists want to blame without any evidence rather than true reasons IMO

    1. In a leftist anti intellectul mob culture of modern leftist universities allows the dismissal any non-politically correct theory as nonsense unless the evidence is beyond overwhelming and the academics cannot save face by denying it, if its actually 100% provable. Politically correct theories such as the gay gene or gay uncle theory of gay evolution can be put on the table with a shred of evidence and be taken as near fact. Porn is an issue but there are others. The other issue is that governments are now the providers for poor women so they no longer bother taking relationships seriously in many places.

    2. Once the honeymoon phase of a relationship is over (often within the first 6 months), most couples will have sex on average just twice a week or roughly every 3rd day. It’s totally normal and generally what’s considered sufficient to stay satisfied and unfrustrated in one’s sex life.
      I’d say if a small-time Tinder player has a rotation of two or three women going where he just gets laid twice a week, it’s the same damn thing.

      1. REALITY
        That is for the Chad. With no traditional marriage and women simply roving sluts who fuck the man who attracts them the most the rest of the males end up chocking the old chicken in front of the computer.

    3. jack
      On the reproduction level, HBD is cruel. Black women through thousands of years of sexual selection are not even slightly aroused on average by Asian men. Asian men are not terribly aroused by black women.
      It is possible for some extremely Chad white dude of the Tom Selleck variety (For black women do not like the slim, small Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt white pretty boys) who is 6’4 and has a dick from elbow down to attract SOME black women but very few Asian men are going to (Or even want to) be attractive to black women.
      Asian and Jewish women, high IQ and generally sensible, do not want to have a baby with a Hood Thug. Make them watch Chex commercials in Hong Kong or Israel 24-7 and they still will not want to be abandoned on charity with a Mulatto child. Never happen. Also, privately Asian and Jews are racist. They regard whites as somewhat inferior and blacks and mestizos as outright barbarians.
      This has happened before. Beothuk Indian women sometimes intermarried with Vikings during the time that they had a Norse Colony because they were Chads; Cherokee females took up with English Chad sailors partly because they were Alpha specimens from England and partly for resources; Mexico is based upon white Chads breeding the Aztecs out of the equation; French-Canadians as well.
      Now of course the white female is increasingly attracted to the black Alpha stud.

      1. @Dick Boner….There you go with the Big Dick obsession again, most women, even really pretty ones are actually no different than the men in this country, many are not getting laid at all and are highly insecure. Only a handful of sluts with daddy problems fuck black dudes, and then you have your land whales that black dudes go after because even a white landwhale is better than an angry black woman from the hood.

        1. “most women, even really pretty ones are actually no different than the men in this country, many are not getting laid at all”
          as the other guy in the meme would say : ” Are you sure about that ?”

        2. ROK Mods– You -really- like protecting this fucking guy, why? Is he on your pay roll? That is the SECOND time you’ve nuked my comment about “Dick Boner” in 2 days.
          Cut the fucking gay cover up mod shit. It isn’t very alpha or appealing. Are you related by blood to this clown or what?
          Haven’t seen this much covering since the FBI / Russia Scandal

        3. WES
          You obviously have a small dick to be obsessed with my occasional throwaway comments about it, Wes. It seems as if you scour my comments for one mention of it.
          Its the motion in the ocean, right?

      2. Tom Selleck ? hahahahahaah yeah no woman has wanted to fuck a Burt Reynolds look alike since like 1977. You guys are stuck in the past.

      3. Some of the comments you make here are spot on but this one is way off. It is stupefyingly easy for most white dudes to date black chicks, if you can stomach it. For a few years when I was in my early 20s I was living in a majority black town and had to date a couple of black girls. They are really easy and their standards are super low because the men they’ve been around their entire life are low-life idiots. Keep in mind you have to put up with their annoying ghetto attitude sometimes and also American blacks are some of the most racist assholes you’ll ever come across. You’ll get lots of rude comments from black men and women while you’re out in public. But other than that if you treat them decent and have some self-confidence it’s actually really easy.

    4. jack
      This is why Black and Mestizo girls have more VD than the average 40 year old white crack whore and their AIDS rate is so high among males.
      Concubinage as oppose to nuclear bond-pairing is the norm (Same with chimps who all reproduce with the Alpha) and 1 Alpha male in has sex with all the girls while the other 9 Betas end up on the “Down Low” to have some sort of sexual activity.
      So, in the ghetto where money is often to scarce even to fuck a crack whore, males are either the Chad who gives his herpes and genital warts to a harem of girls or Betas on the down low getting AIDS.
      Its the Alpha/Beta zero-sum game taken to its final conclusion-literally, as so many males end up dying of AIDS.

        1. HIV rates are as high for black women as they are for gay white males.
          I don’t know why but HIV is a black disease as much as a gay one. White male porn stars who have been doing gangbangs for 10 years have lower AIDS rates than the ghetto.

        2. Maybe std rates since that includes herpes type 1 and 2 as by far the main stds if we just talk about raw std rates are they are the main STDs by prevalence so thats misleading. Its expected that around 50% of gay black men in the usa will be HIV positive and around 1/16 for straight black men in their lifetime. Nobody else approaches this.


        3. 1/16 straight black men is very high and not a minor thing and 1/16 may be revised to 1/10 and then beyond if things keep getting worse as looks likely. The reference is in the above post. Cold sore herpes on the face is the main std by prevalence but isn’t much of an issue like HIV.

      1. Asian guys are having plenty of sex with their Asian or white girlfriends.
        You idiots are stuck in the 1980s.

    5. “Por n is the politically correct thing leftist sociologists want to blame without any evidence rather than true reasons”
      leaving aside its potential addictive qualities, and the kind of gender equality / power issues the left and feminists agonize over, por n is also IMO responsible for restructuring the way we desire, and the way we think of sex. For instance, there was research recently that showed that just prior to voting overwhelmingly for gay marriage Australia saw a massive surge in online search requests for le bian por n. In other words the more people – presumably mostly men but not doubt also women found themselves thinking about, then watching le sbo porn, the they decided to vote for SSM. In other words you have to seriously ask yourself whether australians voted to endorse an institution they saw as valid for reasons of ‘social justice’ or whether they did so in order to scratch a por nographic itch, to go slightly deeper into a virtual 3d porno environment where women actually behaved how they do in porno. Likewise the social acceptability of ana l sex (hete ro more than hom o) should be linked directly to the rise of por n.

    6. yeah what players and bitches fail to understand is that when you live together you can have a relaxing fuck every evening and another stimulating wake up every morning.
      what feminists and single MGTOW dweebs fail to understand is the natural symbiosis of men and women sharing living space and functional duties makes everyone’s lives easier and more pleasant and leads to more quality time.
      no matter what the assholes selling player guides have to say, on a weekday evening after a long day at work your chances of getting laid are basically zero unless you are living in a wife type situation. whilst in modern times that can turn into a divorce rip off or a hellish prison – this again is a function of everyone having forgotten the symbiosis, now competing into all doing the same roles, whilst the home maker, care giver, wife, mother, lover has been abandoned as an ideal.

      1. Thats true. This system is turning men and woman from partners to competitors and enemies. If women find they can’t achieve as much as a man after years of trying to achieve by emulating/imitating male qualities such as dominance and assertiveness that must of course be sexism.
        We are the rare group mammals in which there is no cognitive dimorphism or dimorphism of role or of behavior its all just “cultural”. The reason this is true is because some vicious aggressive dumb-fuck feminist will hunt you down and destroy you if you try to say otherwise. Its hissy-fit logic.

  3. I’m going to invest in the sex doll industry, that one they keep featuring in Britain. They get so much free advertising and air time, but it is soon to be a sure thing. The path Feminism has set mankind on , is going to get worse before it crashes and there will be a tech bubble industry that will cater to the Love dolls / Love AI robots/androids in short time. Ride the slide into stupidity, might as well cash in as women self destruct and men oblige them for swallowing the Feminist kool aid by the barrel.

    1. The change that is coming is that soon men will have PET women, and live in Robots, and the women will be treated with less than their actual pet dogs. Hate to say it, but that will be my household in my waning years. EFF them hags and self centered self entitled spoiled brat existences.

        …White and Asian males will. Other groups will continue to have fun the old fashioned way. We will get to the point of Brazil where a tiny, tiny class of wealthy whites (Mostly Jews and some East Coast Yankees living off inter-generational wealth) have to FLY in helicopters over cities that are as dangerous as Brazil with a population about the same makeup.

        1. Aside from the down of it wrecking an chance of the two named “races” you mentioned…How is this NOT a win against the corrupt society that exists? Soon enough the mere scarcity of the intellect and hardiness brought by white genes will be a premium again as the rest collapses into mediocre puddles . The only lesson that matters must be taught by the consequences of the decision and the trial to follow, even if it is brutal far reaching and unfair. Cream of the crop will never rise to the top if the pond of barely functional is too broad and deep. Shrink the pond it will force the needed adaptations and sacrifices that otherwise will never be made because there is no PRESSURE to make the changes.

        You’ll end up with so many women on welfare that the system will collapse because women will not be supported by males and will be unable to peddle ass to males.

        1. How is this not a win for men? The women will have reached the logical end of their feminist dreams, and NO ONE WILL CARE because they did not care during their downfall about anyone but themselves. In the end, they WILL have to grovel and beg to men to take care of them instead of DEMAND and crucify men like they do NOW.

        2. and that is bad how? F***ng women need to learn HUMILITY for all the selfish bull**it they live now.
          Entitlement without humility and responsibility….f*** I really hate blue pills manginas and white knights for what they have done to us as a species. bring back the raw no bullsh** alphas that are brutal. Its the only way mankind will sort out of the stupid haze we are in.

      If you visit a gay district in San Francisco or New York you notice the males are fairly happy and non-violent. I wish I were gay. Need a quick blowjob in the morning. Go to the nearest Men’s Room like George Michael and find a Glory Hole. Feel like having sex anyway imaginable. Go to the park. Fuck in the bushes.
      What invariably happens is women leave these places. Not because women hate gays but merely because no economy serves them. They cannot be supported by a straight man and all the families leave. They cannot peddles ass (Some fairly rough areas were revitalized by gay males). They cannot do anything. They leave.
      Now I am not sure you would want your daughter to LIVE in a world like that. What the fuck would she do if she cannot get married or have kids because all men are fucking robots (Same as gays have no use for women)? She’ll live at home all her life.

      1. I cannot disagree that it is a shitty future, but it is not a FIXED future. My kids can make all the decisions they need to make the most of the circumstances they go into (much the same way we did), but it will not be a posh and easy future of comfort. There will be trade offs BECAUSE of the current societal norms and values and pressures. If the model of our past (the future we grew into in the 80s- 2000) is any measure of what challenges lie ahead of them for their s3x, their choices will have far MORE meaning than the choices we made (we grew into a prosperity period, an era of excess in EVERYTHING, including easy choices and over production of all consumables. Now we are headed into a much different phase, of tightening consumerism, bankster controls, corrupt Political Correctness and government, fewer jobs, fewer boundaries, less self respect, less self discipline, more reliance on technology to make up for a lazier and shrinking less skilled workforce. How women will survive is entirely dependent n them to get OUT OF THE CURRENT MODE OF THINKING and adapt to these changes staring them in the face. What current society is right now is clearly unsustainable, in practice and FACT. Everything is changing even faster BECAUSE OF the #meetoo nonsense, and ALL of it (in the long run) FLAT NEGATIVE for women…they just don’t recognize it yet. AS jobs become more scarce by technology replacing them, you don’t think companies are going to sacrifice EARNINGS AND PROFITS by employing women that are going to be PURE DRAINS and negative investments and impacts on their bottoms line with frivolous lawsuits and #meetoo effects.

      2. “What the fuck would she do if she cannot get married or have kids because all men are fucking robots”
        Jezus fuck.
        She can WORK SAME AS A MAN OR SHE CAN STARVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Yeah I want to pursue investing in the sex doll industry. I believe that as they become more realistic, they’ll become more socially acceptable. There are many guys out there who have no luck with women and think about all of the guys addicted to porn. A real sex doll that is virtually indistinguishable from a real girl is going to be a godsend to many incels. I might be happy I invested in that industry in 5 or 10 years.

      1. I want to pursue investing in the sex doll industry.
        If you’re interested in going into business yourself then forget the sex robots (for now).
        Instead look into developing much less costly, lower tech RC sex doll.
        About the biggest complaint from doll owners is how much of a pain in the ass it is to move doll from one pose to another or to move doll around from place to place.
        Think back to your Star Wars or G.I. Joe toys. Remember how the joints eventually got too loose to hold a pose?
        Well, it’s the same with the sex dolls.
        As there is no way to retighten a sex doll joint without cutting the doll, the makers make the joints in the doll skeleton VERY tight.
        But that means a hell of a workout moving the arms, legs, back, etc.
        But if a doll existed that had those joints replaced with electric motors controlled by a console similar to RC toys, then changing poses would be a breeze.
        Also some kind of power assisted apparatus for moving the doll from place to place.
        Practical tech (not necessarily high tech) is where I’d go if I was going into that business.

  4. My problem with articles like these is you assume problems like these are permanent and here for the long term.
    In fact earlier this year the yuan kicked the usd’s ass (Went from 9-1 to 5 -1) and all the Chinese stocks exploded in price action. So as it stands we’ll be forced back into reality once the USD manipulation bubble pops. Like Ukrainian’s are forced to have big families to survive this whole “neet” thing won’t last long at this rate.

    1. CHRIS
      In my opinion, China could have Southeast Asia. They already do-I’m married to a woman from the ethnic Chinese merchant class-so why beat around the bush and force Americans to give AID to the Philippines when its run by a syndicate of Chinese-born tycoons and “shabu dealers”. Let China officially have the Philippines and that is the end of that. Just as an example.
      Permanent problems like the US has with HBD is not going anywhere. In fact it is going to get worse. It will affect Asian-Americans as well since they are mostly law-abiding citizens, and Jews of whom many will flee to Israel.
      Porn is going to continue to be a supply/demand industry because a) males cannot afford to leave the house they were born in much less have a family and b) lots of single and unemployed women who have no hope of being housewives will simply trade their bodies for cash. We see this with Northeastern Chinese women who end up on the streets of Dubai or New York for lack of any other employment option.
      As for the currency manipulation, it does create an artificial bubble but most speculators in China already know this.

    …Live shows depicting the biggest objects women can shove up their assholes. I don’t what it is about Gen Y males, but they are obsessed with anal destruction. Live prolapse shows.
    …Porn cinemas offering to exhibit the do-it-yourself porn of women, because no matter how frigid and slightly lesbian a Gen Y woman, she wants to be a porn star at least once in her life.
    …Visa and Immigration services to Dubai or Mongolia, because as the author pointed out, many Gen Y just want to leave America (Or Europe).
    …Retirement communities in Southeast Asia for white males. Because in the future working class white males are going to be safer in the Philippines or Thailand than the average US city when society is minority white (And Jewish and Northeast Asian are minorities as well) and the population are Meso-American Indians and Hoodrats.
    …Helicopter services for the 1% because US cities are going to be like Brazil in the future where the rich have to FLY over favelas.
    …Importation of Mongolian and other poor Asian women because very few white males are going to be able (or willing) to marry the average white woman whose expectations are sky high or prefers the Alpha stud Tyrone.
    …An extremely addictive new drug aka Brain Damage or something where the user is taken to another world of pleasure for an entire month.

  6. Want an eye opener experience. I know this will rile most of you. Go to any Starbucks as the morning rush happens.. Check out the nonstop fat parade of female flab and attitude that rolls in….those that are not flubberized are on an ego trip from hell and are likely in still their “look at me, #meetoo lure the leer ” gear (mostly too small yoga pants and other explicitly revealing exercise clothing wear, with the occasional pajamas because they don’t know any better and are too lazy to look decent much less remotely try). now I get it you are going to flame me for going there myself to get my too expensive stupid coffee….but the nonstop education I get at a coffee shop on a military well…..educational and full of contradictions, but always has the societal norm that is reflected in the liberal based snooty niche markets.

      If you are fifty, then you remember the 90’s when most of them were born. They were born in the Clinton era, that decade of PC prosperity between the Wall and the World Trade Center. Their parents were Yuppies who mostly came of age in the Go-Go Reagan Era when the economy was good.
      They did not know Watergate, the 70’s, the Oil Crisis, Vietnam etc. etc.

      1. I know that. The fruited product of their pathetic scum liberal parents all cluster and go to the same trendy places. If it weren’t for being right on the way to work and my caffeine addiction…id likely go somewhere else (there is other coffee places on the post, but they are very crowded and slow, open later, and out of the way on my commute.)

  7. The AI girlfriend in Blade Runner 2049 was just a hologram, which is precisely why she was able to look 100% lifelike. Unlike these Caitlyn Jenner-looking sexbot nightmares.
    I can see such technology benefiting widowed older people who just want some attractive “company”, but for all of us under 70 we should be getting out of the house and enjoying real life company on a regular basis.
    I do feel the frustrations of younger people though (I’m still “just” in my 30’s so I can at least relate). Good paying job opportunities are poor, most people don’t have a strong STEM aptitude to take advantage of what good paying job opportunities exist anyway, and behaviors and waistlines are slovenly.
    There is endless new content being put on the internet and social media everyday, and the strong “FOMO” element of these things is real. Giving one particular human being your undivided attention for a relationship, and a big time and financial investment, is a lot to ask for in a world where so many young people expect everything except food and transportation for free.

    1. STEM Aptitude
      I wish you luck in getting certain groups of people to write computer code or become software designers. Good luck there.
      It is the middle-class that is shrinking. The white trash, Mestizos and Hood Rats have always led a feral unfettered existence in the ghettos and barrios and lawless Texas Chainsaw Massacre type rural environs.
      We may get to the point of “Hills Have Eyes” where outside cities you will be cannibalized and eaten by unemployable scavengers. It would happen tomorrow if welfare was cut.

      1. It’s not just sub-90 IQ blacks or mestizos. Most white and asian people can’t code for shit either. You have to be in a really f’ed up frame of mind to be good at coding and it’s part of the reason why a lot of tech guys have trouble with dating and relationships despite making good cash.
        Just look at all the tech company staff line-ups and it’s just full of skinny jean soy boys.

        1. REALITY
          Look at what Texas Chainsaw Massacre was ABOUT. Essentially. It was made in 1973 when society got to the point where the real low IQ rural white trash were NEVER going to have a job and it was more profitable to simply butcher and cannibalize people (And sell them out of a gas station as BBQ) than go on welfare. So they did.
          I’m not necessarily singling out blacks or Mestizos more than Beastie Boy Jews in the Bronx ghetto or white trash in Missouri necessarily.
          Many tech people just end up marrying Asian or Indian women. I saw this IN India. Nerdish white boys getting married in the temple to Indian women they obviously met in Silicone Alley. That is fine. I’m married to an Asian woman. I love her very much.
          My IQ is not terribly impressive at 121 and I am saying that people whose IQ is 100 or below are never going to have a job fairly soon. Which leaves those intelligent enough to work for NASA. Is this minority going to be able to support the rest of society when they are the 10%. You do not have to have a high IQ to see what is wrong with that ratio.

        2. After a certain level, IQ becomes a detriment more than an advantage, at least for men. The sweet spot is average to above average intelligence. A “Bruce Wayne” type, a man who’s both a genius and a 6’2 muscular “Chad” type that’s an MMA champion is very rare.
          Many guys with stratospheric IQ’s tend to have other mental issues like very bad anxiety and bad social skills. Also, there’s evidence that you can tell how smart someone is by their facial features. But only for men. There really is a such thing as “looking like a nerd” as guys who’d qualify as genius or gifted tend to have softer facial features and softer facial features in men tend to correlate with less testosterone.

          It appears that their is a tradeoff between very high IQ and physically masculine features. Very high IQ, which computer programmers tend to be, can be too much of a good thing. Think of sickle cell, it evolved to protect it’s carriers from malaria. But while they are protected from malaria, it brings with it a list of cons that make having the trait “not fucking worth it”.
          When women say “they like smart men”, they aren’t talking about computer programming or calculus smarts, they mean smarts as in EQ or emotional intelligence.

          That’s because in an ancient environment, EQ was more primary to survival than being able to solve calculus equations. So a high earning “nerd” with bad social skills and androgynous facial features and body build will probably have a hard time with women, despite their money. In fact, men who tend to do best with women typically hover around the 75-90 IQ range, which probably would be the minimum amount of IQ needed to survive in an ancient environment. It’s just that in a modern, 21st century western technological society, we prize IQ, but IQ still isn’t prized by women (in and of itself) when it comes to mating.

      2. City dwellers will cannibalize each other long before white rural folk do. At least some hillbillies can live off the land and aren’t social retards like the urbanites who are buried in their phones during the day and glued to Netflix at night.

        1. JIZM
          One group on hard concrete cannot. And you tough guys are going to say fuck welfare and blah blah but your dog and cat would go into a cannibal’s pot.

        2. The rural white folk always say that but the real power is still held by the city intellectuals and seems to be getting more concentrated every few years. Rural folk have little power to change anything.
          Unless the apocalypse now situation happens those in the country may also fall to poverty so should one need to move to a different nation they’ll be least able as per South Africa. The poor rural whites were without means and stayed to face brutal attacks. The city whites created compounds that survived, or had the money to move out.
          If society falls completely apart I don’t see much advantage of being in the country side, and very few rural folk can feed themselves. If there were city food shortages minorities would leave the cities within the hour hunting for food.

    2. What is this insane love of STEM about? STEM provides low paid corporate cubical jobs for nerdy incel losers. Better off being a used car salesman, at least they get out for trips to the lot and test drives.

      1. @ JD
        Usually agree with you, but have to disagree here. STEM degree + the moderate motivation = healthy 6 figure income for life here in the US.
        And nearly double the income if you can become a consultant — without the health insurance/paid leave/vacation benefits of course. But who needs that crap if you’re single?

        1. the contracting work is, IMO, the best option. Especially if you can do it remotely.
          And don’t get trapped into a predatory mortgage/bitch.
          Good money and flexibility/freedom…

    3. Even STEMs don’t pay out like people claim. A lot of Engineering graduates work in field for a few years and then work seems to stagnate or disappear. Some engineering disiplines like bioengineering were just a bubble with few jobs at the end of 4 years of education. The only engineers who seem to have career security are civil engineers, probably because infastructure work is always on going and tied to federal subsidies (i.e. like the Wall.)
      Computer programming? Well things like web development are easy enough to become versed in for anyone who can take college level languages and math (i.e. liberal arts majors) but good luck getting a job without a) working an unpaid/low paid internship for a half a year or more, b) having a computer science degree. Software programming is similar but if you aren’t in, for example, the top 30% of Computer Science graduates good luck underbidding H1B visas for work.
      And then look at the SJW culture in tech, ’nuff said.
      Pure sciences (this includes mathmatics) are good to study but are very academic. The higher ranked the program, the more you’ll have to be a top performer because a lot of pure science has no application in industry (that is what engineers do).
      Medicine, well yeah because it is heavily subsidised, I remember when everyone and their mother was becoming a nurse.
      So in short people who go on about the STEMs are usually non-colligiates who only understand knowledge fields in terms of “usefulness.”

  8. I am on the side of looking for a serious relationship with someone religious, intelligent, family-minded, and anti-feminist. It’s increasingly rare and hard to find. I’m not looking to get laid anymore. The result is… you don’t have sex because women don’t desire sex from betas. I have had five girlfriends in the last 3 years, they usually last about three months. I have had sex only once in that time.
    N: She finally had the opportunity to sleep together after date 6. I couldn’t stay hard with a condom on, and I couldn’t feel anything. We later decided she would go on birth control. She never did, and we never fooled around again before the breakup.
    M: I would regularly go down on her, yet she would never reciprocate. She was incredibly tight from an anxiety disorder she had, and literally afraid of my penis. We were together 7 months and the only thing she ever did for me was a single handjob which she didn’t complete. She later admitted she wanted me to essentially risk raping her.
    J: I broke up with her since I wasn’t getting anywhere with her after 3 months.
    V: After about two months, I went down on her, and she started acting shy about her body. I didn’t like how she tasted and was quickly turned off by her behavior. I didn’t bother sleeping with her. She had a hissy fit and I broke things off.
    M: I broke up with her after 3 months since she wasn’t making time to see me.

    1. Dude spending all this time with women you are not shagging is as homosexual as having female friends. She probably feels raped that you never stuck it in after 7 months. If you are regularly going down on her and not just putting it in her and you aren’t 14 year old virgin couple then thats you refusing. You need to start lifting, stop hanging around leftists and get in some fights to raise your T levels. I don’t mean to be cruel but the when a women regularly spreads her legs nude for you and you ain’t finding the target the issue is not the woman the issue is you.

    2. I know there must be enthusiastic connect these days.
      But,,,,think of what chad would do.
      Get your boner in her face- it’s like catnip to them

        1. Well as with all my posts assuming all legality in all areas.
          void where prohibited. over age of consent etc…
          Even the manosphere writers have not provided legal instructions on bonking in the current year.
          its a dance – but, you must take charge and lead – one step forward, 2 steps back, one step left, 2 steps forward. you lead she allows, she will often initiate…this is impossible to describe….as intended by the bull dyke man-hating bigots.
          My experience is women love fucking.

    3. How are all these losers & betas finding this site? You were paying for their presence, worse than soliciting prostitution.

    1. I find myself agreeing with you just on this single comment, and virtually no other time. It is very depressing and pretty much common.
      I have nephews who are now young men in the wasteland that is the dating world for millenials. It’s a fucking shit show up and down. A whole generation of boys and girls that have absolutely no idea how to interact with one another. Slaves to the electronic crackpipe in their pocket.
      Only able to communicate through a 3rd party (the screen) awkward as fuck in face to face convo and afraid to make eye contact. This is the society feminism has wrought. Drink deeply of it femi-cunts it will ultimately be your undoing when it either pancakes in on itself or the next generation over compensates and turn into ZFG shitlords who subjugate women for fun and profit. They deserve no less at this point. If you aren’t actively denouncing radical feminism you are an accomplice / accessory after the fact.

      1. The 26th of August is Nakbah day in my house and it means “Day of the Catastrophe” in Arabic. Its what the Palestinians use to curse the independence day of Israel by calling it. For me and men of sound mind we need to remember the 26th of August 1920 is when the women got the vote and it all went down hill. A slippery slope.
        My view is that giving them legal right of personhood was the bigger mistake. Once they could litigate it was only ever a mater of time. Its been a true disaster. They are leftist demographic and pulled both parties leftwards hugely. It urgently needs reversing.

  9. “Like your mother, porn is easy to access and always available.”
    Couldn’t you have picked a better analogy for this?

  10. this is awesome.
    its not just the legions of incel men, there are also the equal numbers of off-the-clock women – 40s and above – both increasing exponentially…
    perhaps a business that joins them?
    young incels can do odd jobs for old tarts – pussy minding, etc
    How about a ride sharing program for half-broke incels to get group discounts to hookers – 12 incels can share an hour with a Ukrainian “10”???
    there’s got to be a killer app here…
    Dog condoms? any day there will be a new infectious disease spreading around lonely women from their dogs…

    1. More like 12 incels can share an hour with a Mongolian 2 with the current rate of pussy inflation.
      And single old (25+) women are all in debt. (((They))) couldn’t milk ’em anymore no matter how hard they tried.

  11. Entertaining article. I have learned a term for the all the superhero crap I despise so much-capeshit. I dunno about investing in pc gaming right now. Graphics cards have seen a boom because of crypto but gamers themselves are taking a pass on new hardware because of high prices. Any new instant gratification app is always a good bet though.

    1. Pretty much any laptop you get nowadays in the $750+ range (and I’m not even talking about those ridiculously overpriced Alienware brands) comes with an i7 processor, 12 or 16 gigs of RAM, and a fairly boss graphics card anyways.

  12. Lol I went to a dating site recently to see if my suspicions were right.
    Yep there’s a lot of fucking trannies trying to pass as dames nowadays.

  13. Time after time I see only the fat tattooed up uneducated women getting hitched and I’m left out in the dust, couple weeks ago I met a said woman who was wearing black crusty lipstick, she knew I was single and she said to me “oh that’s MY husband” emphasis on the my, so I look and this guy is good looking working a great job, she didn’t work, I was like WTF! So I’m forced to watch porn. Even though I’m skinny and hot, it’s almost as if men are pushing women degeneracy just to say how bad they are.

    1. Womens standards go up and up because they have less incentive to settle with the state being a good provider. The biggest competitor a man has in the lower middle class has is state and his forced stealing from men for women by way of welfare, alimony, child support and government housing. You have to out earn him or your just another dick in a sea of free dicks.

    2. Hey Ashley,
      if you like cheetos, and basement video games, I’ll ask my mom if you can come over.
      Let’s get this family started

    3. I guarantee you probably have 100-1000 guys you could choose from, but they are not good enough for you.
      Otherwise you are lying about being skinny and hot.
      You deserve to be alone.
      Fortunately your heritage dies off with you.
      Narcissistic scum like you have no place in this world.
      Soon you will have 3 cats and dress like a cat, meowing yourself to sleep.
      All these men hitting on you but you reject them like scum, while complaining you can’t find anyone. Sad!
      Now apologize.

    4. If you were a prize, you would already be on a mans arm and mantle. What does that tell you?
      Come back to reality…or not, doesn’t matter, you got to where you are because you made all the decisions you thought were right for you, but based on stupid and selfish advice. Consequences, my dear, is what you are living with now. How does it feel to be married to misery the results of your irresponsible frolic in “freedom”. if you are alone its because yo made yourself a leper among society, especially if you are “skinny and hot” by your own selfish subjective self assessment and self entitlement when your “fat tattooed up uneducated women getting hitched and I’m left out in the dust, couple weeks ago I met a said woman who was wearing black crusty lipstick, she knew I was single and she said to me “oh that’s MY husband” emphasis on the my”, maybe you should be reading that glaringly obvious street sign that says “Wall ahead”, maybe you better stop and reevaluate or turn off the path you are racing down. The wall don’t have feelings, and it has no mercy for those that hit it as maximum speed.

  14. Porn use, inevitably with misadaptation masturbation, has been documented to be progressively very-addictive/corrupting, so damage healthy sexual psychology/physiology for both sexes (e.g. impaired arousal, or premature response), so should be strongly discouraged!
    I very much doubt that any sex robot could sufficiently replicate the sexual experience with a real person of the opposite sex, and worse for degenerate porn scenarios.

  15. so 18-25 year olds are 13% less likely to have had sex in the last year than 4 years previously by the latest research, exactly as feminism and social justice, and “rape culture” and metoo are gaining ground, and a) young men are still buying into feminism presumably on the basis that it will get them more sex rather than less, and b) governments who must have made the connexion between the decline in the birth rate and the evil marxist shite they are throat-fkc ing us all with are still double-downing on woman identifying death cult propaganda

  16. This was brilliant and hilarious. I love the attitude. It was a strange mix of alpha swagger and cryptic geek lore. Love how the term capeshit was used but defined later; comedy capitalizing on a delayed realization has a strong effect.

  17. “Most millennial women cannot go a DAY without eating colorful, overpriced pastries” –fixed.
    Considering social media sates women’s other addiction — attention — with an inexhaustible supply of thirsty orbiters and pathetic betas, I’m wondering if we’re actually witnessing “peak attention whoring”.. as more and more dudes become black pill incel, the well of attention will start to dry up. For one thing, I’ve noticed even in my small social media circle the girls’ posts are getting fewer likes every day, and they have to resort to ever more outlandish photos and vids for the thumbs-up. When before some insipid inspirational koan might have gotten her 100 likes, now she practically has to bear her tits in a church to get a few hits.

    1. This is why so many women GO INTO porn, thus feeding the supply to meet the demand of lonely Gen Y wankers.

  18. Sloppy article.
    The Author’s sentence;
    “The sexual marketplace has always been a buyer’s market”
    SMV is a based on a SELLER’s market..
    The bitch SELLS her ass.
    The thirsty Buyer is the loser.
    Sometimes viscous satire is useful but implying one can profit off of the destruction of America as an INCEL colony is NOT funny.
    In fact it is already too true to funny.
    Profiting off other’s misery is a very (((EVIL))) way of thinking.

  19. That 91% to 78% drop coincides roughly with when sex dolls and robots started getting talked about a lot.

  20. “What we need to be on the lookout for going forward are those companies that are going to profit off of this emerging trend.”
    Invest in the doll/robots.
    Forget the rest.
    Prostitutes are losing business to these things.
    Let that sink in for a minute.
    Living breathing hos are being turned down in favor of sex dolls!
    What more proof you need?

    1. that’s a great article – Spain is apparently one of the worst anti-male countries. Man goes to jail on accusation alone…worse than California.
      And so affordable dolls come alone?
      Fuck no – back to the salt mine slaves. Until you can afford to be a slave to a feminist woman…

  21. evil
    So women who are doing a job and earning a living will be on welfare.
    What’s good for society there?

    1. “So women who are doing a job and earning a living will be on welfare.
      What’s good for society there?”
      If you consider lying on a bed like a dead fish while some guy pumps you to be work.
      A better idea.
      Do away with the prostitution AND the welfare state.
      By shifting the balance of power from women to men.
      With things like these sex dolls.
      Women only have power because men compete to get sex from women by giving them power.
      But not if they have something better.
      And, believe it or not, that article is strong evidence that those dolls really are better.
      Still not convinced? Check this out.

  22. Yes, that’s right — Spain is one of the WORST anti-male countries on the planet. Trust me, I’ve lived there long enough to know (although I never gave a damn). It is MUCH worse than the US because of their legislation which of course does not even recognize free speech in the same way we do in the US (for now). The country is basically made up of beta males (whiny, living at home with mama until well into their 30’s and 40’s) and a very cowardly bunch. Every time drunken Brits start a fight with Spaniards, the Spanish back off. I will never forget being in a bar and listening to British people chant songs mocking Spain during a soccer game. If Spaniards did that in any British or American bar, they’d be beaten to a bloody pulp (or perhaps shot in some parts of the US). So, it is no surprise to me that Spain would ban a sex toy brothel if they consider it degrading to women. You can openly be accused of “machismo” and go straight to jail just on an accusation. No, I’m not making this up, this is fact: look up Spain’s gender laws and some Americans will think the US is a paradise in comparison. Spain is beta, anti-male, pussified and a joke. I just mention all this because I still don’t get how so many guys think Spain is a pussy paradise or that the girls there are “traditional”. LOL.

        1. I was very skeptical of these dolls up until last year when I first read of live prostitutes being passed over for sex dolls (even when the dolls costed more per night!)
          But I now believe that these TPE silicone dolls provide men with the (bare minimum) needed to replace sex with real women.

  23. Asian girls used to be extremely attracted to white guys until the Mandela Effect happened around 2012 and we shifted to this other parallel universe. Just joking about that Mandela Effect crap…Its our constantly changing culture. Far away from traditional, hard working values!
    Lately and over the past 3 years or so, I’ve seen many 17-29 year old ‘nerdy’ or ‘buck’ light-medium complected black dudes with Americanized Asians. Black men are in anything these days.
    Before 2010 I don’t ever remember seeing an Asian girl with a black dude. My guess is that a decade ago, Asian parents in the US were stricter where today they’re lax. Probably because we had Obama for close to a decade. My guess! Who the hell knows!?

      1. If we go full alpha fucks and betabux dies as asian men as the perfect beta bucks chumps will be totally screwed as they with their needle dicks and most can never be alpha

  24. I am entering the psychiatric branch of my industry. These millenials, xims, xers, zeys, have absolutely no capability to cope and their parents will pay out the nose for “someone else” to solve(antipsychotics, antidepressives, antianxieties) their problems.

  25. The rise in nVidia stocks was more likely due to the increased demand for GPUs for cryptocurrency mining. There is truth to the article, though.

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