How Feminists Shame Beautiful Women

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you’ll have heard something about a sporting competition going on in Russia this winter. These 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi have had their fair share of controversy. Some of that controversy has focused on Sochi’s preparation (or alleged lack thereof) to host the Winter Olympics. Then there were concerns about terrorism and cyber-security. Russia’s anti-gay laws also drew the ire of many in the western world.


These have proven not to be the last bombshells to drop with regard to Sochi — on the contrary, yet another controversy has arisen and gotten many westerners raging mad. What’s the issue this time? Russia’s Olympic Team wanted to get fans more excited about the games, and released a series of photos of female Russian athletes in lingerie in order to do so. The Russians are quite attractive; the feminists are very unhappy:

Just look at the different message emanating from these awesome images of Olympic snowboarder Elena Hight and Denver Nuggets power forward Kenneth Faried in ESPN’s Body Issue, versus the Russian female Olympians.

— РосТролль (@rostroll) February 4, 2014

For starters, it’s clear these women are athletes and not lingerie models. Did you have any idea that Alexandra Saitova (the one with the mic) would be competing in curling? Or that Ekaterina Stolyarova (white stilettos) was a freestyle skier?

A piece of advice to the Russian team: you don’t need to try so hard to make your female members look beautiful and sexy. Because guess what? Female athletes are already beautiful and sexy. They have incredible, powerful bodies; grace and inner poise. They’re confident and successful. They’re some of the worlds best athletes. Reducing them to pin-ups suggests you think they should be valued only for their sex appeal. They’re worth so much more to your country than that.

The many feminist critiques on this subject are broadly similar: they feel that the Russian female Olympians are being “objectified” in these photos, and take issue with the fact that the sexy pics seem not to focus at all on the athleticism of these women, nor do they make it obvious that the women are Olympic athletes. The fact that the women in the images could pass for standard pin-up models is an issue.


My issue is with all of this is the same as the one I highlighted a couple of weeks ago in my post about feminist hostility to the traditional woman:

This is one of the first things a feminist will respond with when her ideology is challenged by someone:
“Feminism is just equality! Feminism is just choice! That’s all it is – equal treatment and respect for ALL choices! How can you possibly disagree with that?”

And she’d have point. If feminism were solely about equality and the sanctity of female choice, it would be much harder to disagree with.

The problem is that this isn’t what feminism is all about. The words sound nice, but actions speak much louder and feminist acts paint a much less inclusive and substantially more hypocritical picture than they prefer to articulate.

Feminists love to bang on about female choice and how important it is, but when push comes to shove they appear to have a much harder time actually putting said ideology into action. Take this quote from an article I mentioned earlier:

They’re confident and successful. They’re some of the worlds best athletes. Reducing them to pin-ups suggests you think they should be valued only for their sex appeal. They’re worth so much more to your country than that.

Note the use of the word “reducing”. The implication here is that a model is somehow inferior to an athlete by virtue of her chosen occupation. One is apparently worth more to society than another. Why is that? Aren’t all of us (men and women) striving for equality? Aren’t feminists striving to prove the notion that a woman is valuable regardless of the choices she makes? If a woman chooses to be a pin-up model instead of an athlete, is she to be looked down upon for her “reduction”? Is she worth less to her country than her peer who becomes an athlete? That’s certainly what it sounds like.


It used to be the case (at least according to feminists) that the pin-up model was elevated above the female athlete as the more feminine, natural and virtuous woman. Feminists worked hard to break down the social stigmas associated with females participating fully in sports during the darkest days of “the patriarchy” and, in doing so, have managed to obtain mainstream acceptance for female athletes today. Are they now going to turn around and claim that said athletes are superior to and more virtuous than models? Are they going to turn around and erect the same kinds of gender barriers they claimed to have devoted themselves to breaking down?


By claiming that the very act of posing in lingerie “reduces” the value of these athletes, feminists seem to be heading in precisely that direction. Many of the comments on facebook have the same tone:

Charlotte Bellis I actually think it’s sad that any athlete has to pose nude or in some variation of nudity, period…Whether you are posing in lingerie or with your snowboard you’re still naked. What does posing nude with your snowboard actually have to do with your sport? It completely deflects from your skill and talent. Instead of talking about whether you are any good at what you do, people are talking about whether they like your body or not…Let’s actually be known for what we do, who we are and what we stand for; not what we look like.

She says that it is “sad” that any athlete “has” to pose nude. That’s just the thing: no athlete actually has to, but some choose to do so of their own accord. Why is that wrong? Should female athletes not have the choice to pose how and when they wish to pose?


Bellis goes on to ask what posing nude (or in lingerie) has to do with an athlete’s sport before claiming that said nudity “completely deflects” from the athletes “skill and talent”.

This I do not understand. Surely, females have the right to choose what they can and cannot do with their bodies. Ms. Bellis implies here that it is somehow wrong for an athlete to do engage in any sort of activity that doesn’t explicitly relate to their chosen sport. Are we to claim that an athlete’s right to display her own body is governed by the sport she chooses, and not her own free will? Doesn’t this limit the god given right of those athletes to do with their bodies as they please?


It is true that when an attractive female athlete strikes a pose in lingerie or nudity, people talk about her body. Ms. Bellis and the rest of the feminist hivemind have an issue with this, but I can’t see why. Must all conversation about a given female relate entirely to her athletic activities? If she consents to other people seeing her body and talking about it, and if she is proud to show it off, what exactly is the problem? That’s her choice: are we not bound to show respect for that choice and for the pride she has in her body? Can’t a female athlete be known for what she does, who she is and what she stands for while also being known in part for her looks (if she’s proud to show them and consents to doing so)?


Reading feminist literature objectively, you’d think the answer to this last query would be positive, but feminist critiques of these Russian Olympic photos seem to point in the other direction.

And why did the Russian team feel the need to shoot these photos? Isn’t it enough that these women are world-class athletes? Is the Russian team concerned that if their athletes aren’t hot, fans won’t be interested? And if they did want to show off their beautiful athletes, did they need to be dressed so provocatively? They would have been beautiful wearing their uniforms, holding their equipment (their actual equipment — remind me how an old-school microphone plays into a curling match).

Can a woman only be beautiful if she’s wearing next-to-nothing? (Spoiler alert: no)

Nobody implied that women are only beautiful in nudity or near nudity. The women could have been beautiful wearing their uniforms, but why should they be beautiful in only that way? If woman can also be beautiful in more provocative dress and they choose to adopt said provocative dress of their own accord, why can’t they do that? Why do they need uniforms and equipment? Isn’t their choice to go without those things just as valid and worthy of respect as a choice to go with them would be? Are we so puritan now as to find issue with women voluntarily showing off the feminine forms they’re proud to have and display?


I understand that the United States was essentially founded by religious fundamentalists who took serious issue with most things relating to human sexuality, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. Do women have the right to freely show their bodies and embrace their sexuality or not? Can the American feminists claiming to be so “uncomfortable” about these photos make up their minds? I’m not seeing the sex positivity and respect for free female choice here.

This Facebook commenter doesn’t seem to have an answer:

Divyapriya Raghavan Athletes are not models. While there is nothing wrong with being a model, it’s shameful to reduce competent athletes to bodies used to showcase sex appeal. They are strong and healthy women.

Again, note the use of the word “reduce” here. Competent athletes are superior to lingerie models in the feminist mind. We’re all equal but some of us are more equal, apparently.

Athletes are not models? Says who? Is it not possible to be both an athlete and a model?


These Russian athletes chose to display their bodies in a way they felt comfortable. That was their prerogative. The fact that they did so does not invalidate their strength or character. They can be known for their physical attractiveness while also being respected for their athleticism as Olympic athletes. These things are not mutually exclusive.

They can be athletes and models; these things are not mutually exclusive.


Feminists have spent decades supposedly working to break down rigid stereotypes and barriers while enforcing the sanctity of female choice and the right of those choices to be respected. Yet, as we see with this recent controversy and with the Obama controversy I outlined a while back, modern feminists too often seem willing to erect new stereotypes and barriers while simultaneously disrespecting the choices women make that they don’t agree with.

So long as feminists continue with this hypocrisy, they will remain their own worst enemy. Actions speak much louder than words, and modern western feminist actions leave much to be desired.

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216 thoughts on “How Feminists Shame Beautiful Women”

  1. Excellent post.
    However: “modern feminists too often seem willing to erect new stereotypes and
    barriers while simultaneously disrespecting the choices women make that
    they don’t agree with”
    If I recall correctly, feminists have been stating since the 1970s that they want to take choice away from women by making certain options taboo, otherwise women might make “the wrong choice”, aka: not the feminist choice. This has been going on for quite a while now. Typical female sheep mentality with a bit of infighting added.

    1. feminism wants to be the husband and father figure for all women and all men as well….
      feminism hates the patriarchy, but it behaves in an even more authoritative way…
      in what way does it not empower women if these athletes are not only talented but also beautiful ?
      ah… it threatens women who are fat, unsporty and ugly… which is a large percentage…

      1. Because beauty is, as a friend of mine would put it “not a part of biological reality” and should be condemned or hidden under a burka to protect other women’s feeeeeelings.
        And the fat, unsporty, ugly women don’t understand that most of the “threat” is internal. As mentioned in the recent article on fat women, out of one side of their mouths they’re claiming to be fully confident and happy and in control, and out of the other they’re mentioning how that time they saw a thin girl eating cake with her man made them want to kill themselves.

  2. There will never be equality.
    Some born smarter, better looking, etc… Forcing equality just makes everyone miserable.
    This constant denying of the truth in the sick left ideologies is just plain evil.

    1. If you are from the left the correct phrase should be “equality of opportunities” not “equality” (of outcome). Some people are born with a silver spoon. The fact that society gives them the chance to take the best jobs (entertainment industry, as a big example) is making all of us poorer (have you seen the movies and TV made by those spoiled children? It is a disaster). Not everybody can be Luchino Visconti. Those high-class brats also get now most acting jobs, and with a few exceptions (Benedict Cumberbatch) we would be better served with a meritocratic system.

  3. The Russian opinion of American feminists is a joke over in Russia. They don’t care. They never will care.

  4. If you do find a quality woman, don’t let her out of the house unless:
    1) Covering her hair
    2) Wearing lose fitting clothing
    3) Home before sundown
    4) Asks permission every time

    1. Sorry Beta Muslim, if you have to do all that to keep the alphas off your woman, you just may be a weak suck example of a man.

      1. Do you have a lock on your front door? Sorry, Beta Whateveryouare. You just may be too weak to defend your home.

  5. More and more I realize that the best “strategy” against all this is to just laugh at it, ignore it and move on as though it doesn’t exist. If more men did this and laughed at this idiocy, feminists would eventually die off. Also, it’s imperative that men never fuck women who claim to be feminists. No matter how hot (and it’s rare to find a hot one) don’t give them any play. If men let themselves be repulsed by feminists, as any game aware man should be, that will do the most damage to feminist women.

      1. Indeed, I have fucked with several feminists just by actually being bemused and obviously not taking them seriously. I’m actually over it and see feminism as a non-stop shit test, which I just laugh at. Women are noy nearly as impressive as they believe themselves to be when you’ve taken the Red Pill. Their hamsters are funny to watch now that I know what they are up to.

        1. Have you ever met a rational hamster? Women are not solving for “correct” answers or the “most right” or even the “least wrong” ideas. They are solving for what serves themselves and their purview. Period. Once you get that, they make a shitload of sense. A shortcut? Treat them like children…

    1. I’d replace every “Men” and “Women” in your paragraph with the word People or person ( for that last “man”). Nonetheless I agree.

    2. I agree with you and moreover with Daniel’s comment. I have been trying to explain this to the men on my favorite gun blog all weekend – so far, no light going on but I hope to have the opportunity to keep working on them. They made a post on Saturday announcing that in order to be more welcoming and inclusive they were going to be “monitoring the comments more closely” and watching for “offensive statements”. I can only imagine this means they have decided to civilize the commentary there to try not to piss off the feminists. Bad move, IMO.

    3. I greatly admire this attractive intelligent and creative American girl who looks like a real woman and not a Barbie Doll. Full figured girls with some meat on their bones look so much better that those anorexic athletes.

      1. Lena Dunham? No talent and a bag of shit to boot. I wouldn’t fuck her with a coke bottle, no less my dick. Find 5 women who actually think she’s hot – I dare you.

      2. “I greatly admire this attractive intelligent and creative American girl who looks like a real woman and not a Barbie Doll”
        You should be *admiring* and looking up to women who stay in shape, who try to be/keep beautiful and who are decent; Lena Dunham has none of those characteristics.
        Women who think like you do, are the reason why I left the *sisterhood* a long, long time ago.

        1. I hugged a pretty girl today. By feminist logic this should be impossible; my hands should pass through her since she is not a “real woman.”

      3. The athletes are clearly not anorexic. These women could not deprive themselves of food and nutrients and participate in the Olympics.
        It’s good that you admire intelligent women, Maria, because you aren’t one of them and it’s good to aspire to better one’s self.

    4. My first wife was smoking hot. She had an hourglass figure with lots of sand and a tiny waist. She had a beautiful (fake) smile and a gorgeous face. I was so young and stupid that I did not DTB for her feminist leanings prior to marriage. After marriage I found out those weren’t leanings they were whole hog cult like dedication to the cause. I am living evidence that no amount of good looks trumps an ounce of feminist bitch.

    5. hi glenn, your “strategy” is less a plot to end feminism and more an excuse for the absence of feminine touch in your life. why? no woman would dare to come near a man who thinks a push for their rights is “idiocy”, trust me. do you think a slave in the 18th century would have been nice, let alone compassionate to a slave owner? to a man who denied his rights? yeah probably not. much the same I highly doubt you’ll ever be having much of a “play” at ANY women any time soon.
      continuing on, this makes me sick. making an account to post this comment was the worst thing I have done in the past few years of my life. If you can recall a time when african-americans were denied rights (fellow men), which was up until the late 20th century, how can you not find parallelism in the concept of women’s rights?
      do you not find it disheartening that your mother may have been better at her job than your father, yet received a much lower pay?
      do you not find it sickening that as you sit here typing at your computer in your cum-stained pants, hundreds of women are being abused, raped and murdered?
      what if that were men?
      what if YOU were the underdog?
      what will you do when the day comes that you ARE the lesser being?
      because I can tell you right now, any being who thinks it’s right and proper to deny a people their rights is an ignorant bigot.
      I am SO FUCKING GLAD you “chose” to not fool around with these ladies, I don’t want the only population of well-spoken, mindful, intelligent women being tainted by the sperm of an asshole behind an internet avatar.
      you are the type person who fabricates the persona of a man that forces innocent women to believe that men aren’t going to treat them right. and by posting on and supporting sites like these, you make my girlfriend (a feminist) sick to her stomach.
      NO man, NO dick-minded individual with a computer is going to make my girl worried to be alive in a world where she isn’t equal.
      keep your ignorant, selfish, supremacist ideals to yourself.
      can’t wait to see what obama, and an entire generation of deserving women who understand their limitless capabilities do to help out equality; stay tuned.

  6. Classy Russian listening to the babbling of degenerate American women.
    Yeah, good luck with that.

  7. Its nice to see how beautiful, elegant, poised, and talented the russian women teams are. Its a nice sight to see, and you can see the comparisons between them and women from other countries. In the end, haters are going to hate. Go Russia.

  8. “By claiming that the very act of posing in lingerie “reduces” the value
    of these athletes, feminists seem to be heading in precisely that
    I really don’t care how athletic a woman is, I care what she looks like much more than that. But then I never cared much for the Olympics anyway.

    1. if you’ve ever slept with a dancer or athlete you will appreciate it… they can go all night… hehehe… nothing like a bit of fitness and flexibility…

      1. What I mean is that I am not interested in their athletic ability outside the bedroom and of course their appearance. 😛
        I should have been more specific. lol.

  9. go on the fb hate page in support of these women, if we troll storm we can piss of some phemenists

  10. “It is true that when an attractive female athlete strikes a pose in
    lingerie or nudity, people talk about her body. Ms. Bellis and the rest
    of the feminist hivemind have an issue with this, but I can’t see why.”
    It’s easy to see why. Those women are beautiful and feminism acts as a convenient excuse for the ugly and the envious to pull them down.
    But I know that Athlone already knows this, so I’m preaching to the choir here.
    P.S. Charlotte is rather homely and Divyapriya looks like an IRT.

  11. Knocked it outta the park. I want to rub this under the nose of every single Jezebel reader.
    Feminists are also the same people shaming pretty women about selfies, cos it’s certainly not the men. Might be a good article in it.

    1. I a 100% agree. Active women being shamed for also being pretty or being sexual is ridiculous. Plus, it’s an asset. Let’s face it, it’s easier to train when someone is endorsing you. Sex/looks sell, that pisses off a lot of people but it’s the reality.

  12. feminism does not want equality for women, nor does it want feminine women, what it primarily wants is more feminine men who hand over their resources…. and then it wants more masculine women who take men’s places..
    notice that everytime a man or woman behaves in ways that exemplify their sexual polarity – feminism complains, shames, engages in name calling etc. etc.
    that is not equality, freedom of choice, freedom of expression or any of the things feminism ‘says’ it wants…
    all it represents is high school bully tactics so the insecure can impose their own (slightly odd) standards on anyone they see as a threat.
    feminism is the same kind of thing George Orwell talks about in 1984… a word for example ‘freedom’ that is used to have a positive connotation… but in fact has a completely new meaning…. in the name of freedom you must report your neighbors for thought crimes… in the name of freedom you must do as you are told etc. etc.

    1. Feminisms goal is the emasculation of all men. This works great for the socialists as it clears the way for their take over of power. It’s too much work to seize power with too many masculine men running around, getting in your way, fighting back, defending themselves and their families, etc.

      1. socialism is a band wagon for the talentless, unimaginative and insecure people of the world, who cannot gain any kind of success or credibility based on their own merits – so instead they finger point and gang up and steal from those that do.
        take for example the financial markets… every time they do something the politicians don’t like – high oil prices for example… people start finger pointing at speculators… have you any idea how hard it is to speculate in the market… and is anyone looking when speculators take massive hits ?
        George Soros is deviled as some kind of market god, but the year after he made a billion on the British Pound, he lost $500M on the Thai Bart…. but conveniently no one ever mentions that.

        1. You are so right. Something I found by accident the other day, I think you will love it and it plays on and expands what you are saying. If and when you watch it think of how well his tactics work into the Anonymous Conservative’s theories. “How to Debate a Liberal” by Ben Shapiro, 56 mins He is also the author of a book called Bullies How the left’s culture of fear and intimidation silences Americans. Good stuff.

    2. Agree 100%
      I’d argue that no, feminism doesn’t want equality for women.
      It wants the superiority of women over men and children

    3. Modern Feminism is a bait-and-switch, plain and simple. The term itself has been bait-and-switched.

  13. These pictures (it is unclear that they were officially released by the Russian Olympic team) are stunning. Reason enough to just re-publish them. Who cares if a bunch of prudish idealogues are uncomfortable and feel like “slut-shaming” them.

  14. Excellent. Apparently women’s choice is not absolute and needs to be moderated by the feminist council according to whether they are hot or not.

  15. I can throw a rock and hit 10, vapid, spoiled, women who barely have enough willpower and dedication to keep themselves in decent shape to enjoy the attention that results…Those women draw a certain degree of hate from slovenly self entitled feminists. HOWEVER, a woman that is an accomplished, athlete, AND has the audacity to show off her looks, gets them reaaaalllly jealous.

  16. I thought feminism was about women having the opportunity to chose to be anything (in theory like men) and apparentslly the only choice they seem happy with is being an overworked ugly slob). So in conclusion feminists are anti-feminism principles.
    Complaining that the Russian athletes are too sexy is kinds like saying water is wet.

    1. women can chose anything except being sexy, or being mommas…. this of course is what being feminine is all about…. unless you’re fat, insecure and ugly… then you need an MBA and some boring cubicle job as a bean counter.

      1. Actually the only choice I don’t support is the choice of being an ugly slob … Otherwise if a woman wants to be the president I’m all for it.

  17. I think this sounds like straight up jealousy. Basically, these feminists are appalled by the fact that there are Olympic-level athletes who are also hot and feminine who choose to show it. Feminists just can’t compete with that on any level. Strong and independent: please. How about Olympic-strong/flexible/athletic and Playboy feminine? They just can’t handle how superior these women are.

  18. Russian women are tough as nails but won’t pass up an opportunity to glam it up and sexually objectify themselves, God bless them.

  19. The most obvious fissure of logic in the typical brainless feminist lament over the public display of attractive women is the comical way in which they flip the script when it comes to the public display of traditionally unattractive women in the same manner. While they engage in whatever pseudo-intellectual observations necessary to cover the tracks of their blatantly obvious jealously at women like these Russian athletes, the same angry sows are lining up to praise Lena Dunham as some kind of second-coming level genius and brave soul for thrusting her sweat-glazed layering of muffin tops upon the eyes of the world.

    1. Well Lena Dunham is on the same level of attractiveness (so not competition) but the Russian athletes are complete babes. My point is unless they haven’t had sex in a month most men would chose to fantasize about the Russian athletes over sex with some ugly feminists. And that is their problem.

      1. Lol, fuck off troll bitch! Western females pale in comparison to EE girls, period! This “lena dunham” is a beluga with no ocean to call home.

  20. Take a look at the author of that post condemning those athletes and you will immediately see why she is writing this. She looks terrible.

  21. Another example of how fat ugly feminist bitches secretly hate beautiful women. Fat ugly bitch poses nude? You go girl! Beautiful attractive woman poses nude? Oppression! Patriarchy! Gender roles! Misogyny! Objectification! Fuck outta here.

      1. My niece is a very beautiful and intelligent young girl, but the amount of vulgar comments she gets from fat, ugly or older women are very hurtful. Rather than cover up, as she started doing to avoid the critics, we’ve told her to tastefully clothe herself and really annoy them. We explained that being a feminist is for ugly women, who are invisible and want to knock out the competition, not for beautiful young girls.

        1. Not all ugly women who are invisible are feminists. I am and i don’t identify myslef as a feminist. I couldn’t give a shit what a beautiful woman does with herself, less be bother about it.

  22. Lol, most fuckable olympics recently.
    Btw Olympics in Sochi are organized just fine. Not spectacular, not disappointing, just as good as any other. There simply has to be some issues when constructing such complex and coordinate infrastructure.
    Corruption on the other hand is whole another issue.
    Most sports journalists actually remember Atlanta as one of the worst hosts.

  23. I like how these chicks kept their hair long. Not ashamed of being feminine unlike so many of the harpies over here.

  24. Great article! – Kind of makes me wonder what feminists think of fitness models … who are by definition athletes (of sorts) who compete on the basis of what their bodies look like. In general, what I have found is that nothing makes a feminist angrier than a woman who chooses something other than to subscribe to feminist ideologies. What I have also found is that the feminists most angry about women showing their bodies like this in a sexy way are fat, ugly women whom no one would ever want to see in a bikini.

  25. Because American women dont want American men to look at beautiful Russian athletes.
    They want us to look at their disgusting tattooed, pierced, overweight, independent, college-degreed selves and make us believe they are the beautiful ones.
    “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it”
    — Joseph Goebbels

  26. Besides just being feminists, the only reason that the feminists are up in arms about this is because the Russian women shown are extremely hot as well as athletic. The feminists realize that they simply cannot compete in either of those worlds.

  27. And western women say to me “why do you like eastern european woman”?!
    My fav#1 used to run a marathon in under 4 hours…she has not run one recently. She runs 15kms per training session 3 or 4 times a week. She just turned 40 the other day and she would give these young woman a run for their money. She won the DNA lottery…..and when I speak of her in glowing terms? Western women HATE ON HER.
    I so like the eastern european women I have met…..and the one russian woman I was friends with was also really lovely. Western women are just going insane to realise that they have competition and they are losing by a LONG margin.

  28. Russian women shit all over American or Western women. They know this too and treat the feminist brigade as a joke. They all looked beautiful in the photos.

    1. But Russian women are shit themselves (closet feminists). Ask any man who’s been involved in LTR with them.
      So, it’s like shit over shit.
      Same shit, different smell.
      Don’t let beauty enchant you.

  29. Why even humor or have discussions about feminists ideas or opinions. Theirs is a movement of chaos and insanity, led by irrational judgement and illogical behavior. To give even the slightest credence to what they espouse is risking the possibility of infection to their inane beliefs. Ignore them…eventually they will go away.

    1. Everyone who is a regular reader here needs to stop replying to the females and manginas that bait us here in the RoK comment sections.
      Engaging them only encourages more of their worthless diatribes.
      Ignoring them will really piss them off.
      And hopefully they will get bored and leave, like all children do.

        1. Excellent! Now I can’t take a stab at your looks obviously but I gather you’re here letting those deep seeded aggressions towards the garbage woman in your life out and directed here due to that whore or whores that cheated, left, or birthed your child or children you found out weren’t yours or soon will. You walked in on her breasts fapping away whilst she rode away on top of your best friend. Hey or maybe you are just a virgin. Soo how did I do???? :-0

        2. Maybe you’re just mad that too many men dumped you for a younger, hotter girl? From your photo, you seem to be average at best…

        3. I’ve never been dumped, probably because Im so darn sweet, and beautiful, but lets call it like we see it, shall we. You all like different girls, maybe you like fat blonde ones. I’m think I’m a 9. You don’t have a photo. Guess we know what that means. 😛

        4. Hahahahahahahahaha….the arrogance of American women NEVER ceases to amaze! You spend an obscene amount of time commenting on a blog FOR men, which is a terrible attribute for any woman. You are a feminist and are therefore not sweet and finally, you are VERY far from a 9 sweetheart. The girls on this page are all 8s and 9s and you are clearly not even remotely in their league.

        5. Ouch. You’re right and you’ve hurt the one feeling I do have. I’m melting and putting my sad face on…

        1. We know you guys do the best you can. You have a great website Roosh. Thanks to you and all the writers.
          We readers all need to do our part too by not adding fuel to the fire the females keep setting here.

    2. men have been ‘ignoring’ feminism for decades. Maybe they’ve been doing it the wrong way, but there’s precious little difference between ignoring and appeasing, or simply sticking your head in the sand in the hope the world will have changed in the meantime. Feminism is full of absurdities. We need to know what they are and identify them as such. If we’re not going to call them out on those on a site like this, where exactly are they going to be called to account?

  30. The same people crying about “reducing” female athletes to pinup girls are completely on-board with gaying up pro football and basketball. If female athletes are marginalized by sexualizing them, why is the mainstream media frothing at the mouth for an openly gay active NFL or NBA player? Why should an athlete’s performance be marginalized (or indeed, overshadowed) by their sexual orientation? Good to see liberal hypocrisy is alive and well.

    1. Yeah what is with mainstream media’s obsession with putting gay men in pro sports. It’s like they equate it with putting a man on the moon.

      1. Only pro sports? Seems like they’re trying to stick faggots into anything and everything possible.

    2. Question? Why do we need to know if a person is gay or not? Straight people don’t go around telling everyone “hey, I’m straight”. Why do we need to know? Most people don’t give a damn what a person is doing behind closed doors. So why do I need a person to tell me they take it up the ass or fuck some guy up the ass. I don’t need to know. I didn’t ask. If you are gay, and you”come out of the closet”, no one asked you who you were fucking….asshole!! Lol

      1. Interestingly the ASIO trolls who like to follow me around like to call me “gay”. I guess they hate gay men.
        Also, lots of women call me “gay” as some sort of insult when I point out the crimes of women in courts. I have had to explain that I am straight and that I only find woman attractive much more frequently in the last 6 years.

      2. If I were in that locker room, I sure the hell wouldn’t want to know. They’re desperately looking for a gay athlete to be a “role model”, but athletes aren’t meant to BE fucking role models. Shit, if you want a gay athlete role model for your kids, get them into figure skating for God’s sake.

  31. it would be so empowering if marks & spencer (or equivalent clothes company) did a campaign focussing on Real Women with real figures, but got their real women from Russia like these girls, instead of US / UK frumps

  32. I understand that the United States was essentially founded by religious fundamentalists who took serious issue with most things relating to human sexuality, but this is getting a bit ridiculous.
    What does feminism, a very secular, left-wing progressive movement, have anything to do with the religious beliefs of our founders?
    And what is your evidence that they took serious issue with such things, at least as differentiated with any other successful, patriarchal culture at the time?

  33. Are these the same feminists that find it empowering when Lena Dunham parades her big naked fat ass all over HBO?

  34. Noooo, Female athletes would CHOOSE to show off their bodies that are probably far more attractive than the average female since they’ve been working on them for so long? Noooo. That can’t be. Next you’ll be telling me that all those athletes like to have lots of sex with each other whenever you put them in the Olympic Village. Theres just no way!

  35. If these ditzy little broads are so scandalized by this, what’s with all the fuckin’ ‘slut walks’ constantly being rammed down our throats? Such an elitist mindset- “Do as I say, not as I do”…

  36. I guess none of the feminists has recently been to a museum. You know, museums, where a well appointed and cared for female body (not the female per se) has been glorified (not “reduced”) for centuries.

  37. Can you NOT put a photo every three lines of text? It makes reading the article very cumbersome. Just post all the photos at the end.

  38. honestly I do think athletes are better then models since models only have appearance while athletes have abilities. But when it comes to women ill favor the model over the athlete. i think these women are jealous that these russian girls have the whole package. Most female athletes are ugly and cant hack the Marilou Dozois-Prevost s of the world(french candian weightlifter thats kinda pleasein on the eyes).Women just have a crab bucket mentality, they are basically slut shaming them
    Jackie Chamoun a lebanese skier got controversy for her nude modeling just like the russian girls. But no one is condemning her but strippin for her.
    These feminists are just reactionary for the opposite. 1 promoted them to model they get condem for it. When the lebanese one got condemn for her she got support. They are hypocrites that have to work out their ideology amongst themselves before they speak so they have one clear message.
    Either slut shame both the russian and lebanese athletes and your fellow women or dont.Figure out which is degrading and which is “empowering”

  39. Russian women (irrespective of profession) have always been attention whores, or closet feminist sluts. Feminists (American), for that matter, have always been attention whores, or sluts.
    Looks like Russian athletes want to have their own version of “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Sochi Olympics”.
    It’s the classic case of envy – between an ugly slut/whore and a beautiful slut/whore.
    The pot’s calling the kettle black.
    To be frank, the pictures of the Russian athletes in lingerie represents nothing but attention whoring by them. And so are the tweets by feminists who are “criticizing” them.
    The title of this post should have been “How attention whoring feminist sluts shame beautiful attention whoring women”.
    Finally, it’s getting predictable on RoK to see more and more articles which indirectly insinuate pedestalization of Russian women’s beauty in the minds of the average RoK male reader. RoK should stop or try reducing articles which focus on Russian women (who are known to be attention whores/sluts/closet feminists themselves). Russian women are only good for sex, as all closet feminist whores/sluts are. It’s like a leading unsuspecting lambs (men) to slaughter (by closet feminist women). I think that is a deviation itself from the philosophy of redpill itself – which does not pedestalize any woman – irrespective of her virtues, which may even include beauty.

    1. where exactly in these russian-themed articles does the author explicitly state “go to russia and screw your way east”? the main theme there is presenting russia’s women in comparison to the disfunctional cunts in the anglosphere. what a man does as a consequence of reading these facts are his prerogative, nobody is forcing him to do anything. if anything, it helps to be educated on whatever’s out there, instead of being cooped up in some shitty town filled with lena dunham impersonators, unaware that your life doesn’t HAVE to be miserable and follow the same boring script: college-work-marry-kids-divorce rape-die alone anyway

      1. It means you never read my comment closely.
        I never said “explicitly”. I said “indirectly insinuate”.
        Insinuate: artfully and indirectly implying
        Russian women are beautiful dysfunctional cunts. Anglosphere women tend to be ugly dysfunctional cunts. In the end, they both are the same – dysfunctional cunts, but in different packaging.
        On second thoughts, I would have rather preferred, had the author said “go to Russia and screw your way east” explicitly. At least it would have told men what Russian women are actually and only good for – sex.
        On RoK, it has so far only been Roosh who has actually dealt realistically and honestly about the nature of Russian women.

        Every Girl Has A Price

        which has so far been the only TRUE article on RoK about the actual reality of Russian women.
        Unfortunately, other recent writers have often gone the other way to indirect pedestalization of Russian women on RoK .

        Why Russian Girlfriends Are The Best

        (P.S: don’t forget to check out the comments section – it’s tells the true stories than the article itself)
        The very fact that you consider women pedestalization (even though it may be indirect and only for the sake of beauty) as education, is itself a shortcut to blue pill eventually.

        1. We, like to put Russian women (or for that matter women), on pedestals…so that we can look up their dresses.

  40. Pseudo-feminists hate beautiful women. It’s as simple as that. And no one should use the word ‘feminism’ to refer to those woman-haters. Stop attributing to them the word ‘feminism’ completely. Call them pseudo-feminists or misogynists. But NEVER feminists. Never. Don’t allow them to use any more this word.

  41. The guys who are older here will remember how Demi Moore was championed for her “bravery” in “breaking social taboos” for appearing on the front page of vanity fair heavily pregnant in 1991. That’s 23 years ago now.
    So 23 years ago feminists champions Demi Moore appearing heavily pregnant and naked on the front of Vanity Fair….but criticise female russian athletes for appearing in tasteful lingerie.
    I think these women are just jealous that they have competition.

  42. Did anyone else notice they ALL have long hair? LOL!!
    These are elite athletic women who STILL take the time to take care of long hair. While western women cut their hair short and say “taking care of long hair takes too long.”

  43. feminists want to change the rules of attraction so that those ugly fat females who have junk value can go with c*nts high. but these rules are based on biology and no matter what feminists do , these will not change.

    1. Russian women, for that matter, are also feminists – but closet feminists.
      But true, American feminists hate Russian feminists because Russian feminists are prettier than American feminists.

  44. That last one, in the black, with the curling rock is hot, hot, hot!!
    For my part, I think a female athlete is not worth the time of day unless she is beautiful. The purpose of girls sports is to get those girls into shape so they have nice bodies. Showing them off in lingerie is even better.
    Bravo to Russia!! They have hot female athletes and all of them should win gold medals. In fact, my proposal for the winter olympics is that, for the women “athletes,” they get award metals based on how good they look in lingerie. I mean, they can do there sport and all, if that makes them feel good, but what really counts is whether they give us hard ons.
    Ameriskanks are helpless, hopeless, and useless.

    1. My favorites are Alexandra Saitova and the back shot of the girl in the wet white mini. I am an ass man, and both of these women have perky ample asses (even if they might be small as compared to Latina women, who rule the world in the ass department).
      The girl in the last two pics has flawless skin and cute face, but unfortunately an Asian like flat ass. The last pic says a lot about it, and also she has a comparatively longer torso. Don’t let the heels fool you.
      The girl in red striped bikini is average, with a cute face (no ass and boyish like waist).
      The blonde girl on the ladder is fat, check out her arms and waist area. (my least favorite pic)
      All other girls have good to cute faces, but no curves (small to flat chested, and boyish like waists). But I think it’s forgivable, considering they’re athletes, who have athletic bodies (not feminine curvy bodies).

  45. Dude read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. This has all bee planned to divide everyone so the Rothschild Zionist banksters can have global government. has the Protocols for free.
    Dr. Henry Makow is a new and says the new banksrers created feminism to enslave society (two taxable incomes, kids sucked into day brainwashing/public “school”, families divided, more social and political control by further weakening society, etc.).
    is the place for getting to the root of feminism and all these other NWO psychological chicaneries.
    No offense but sometimes you guys bore me when you don’t connect the dots between feminsim and the Zionist bankers. It’s obvious if you understand how to see through all the ideological rubbish they use to keep everyone pissed off and confused. Wake up people!

        1. Listen you fucking nutbag, I’ve seen you around the manosphere. Don’t take a superior tone with me – I shit out a turd more consequential than you this morning.
          As for the Protocols, they were debunked long ago by McMaster in his seminal text on the topic (he a real scholar, you a fucking nutter and a scumbag bigot) Racism in Europe – see page 148. Here’s a bit more context.
          Critics such as Philip Graves and Vladimir Burtsev discovered the Protocols were based on several earlier documents. One was a satire from 1864 by Maurice Joly entitled ‘Dialogue in Hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu’, whose target was Napoleon III rather than anyone Jewish, but which included a secret plot formulated in hell. This was heavily plagiarised by the creators of the Protocols. Later that century a fantasy story called Biarritz was created by Hermann Goedsche, and this included a meeting of Jews in a graveyard to discuss their plans to take over the world. This chapter was soon being altered and reprinted as proof of a Jewish plot. These two sources were turned into the Protocols by Russians in the 1890s. Graves was working in the early 1920s, but his work – and the work of others- has failed to squash the Protocols.
          Shut up now, bitch.

        2. Brilliant response. Anyone who sees how fucking crazy you are must work for the government? I actually read your 100+ page treatise, shitbird, and I get how deep your Narcissistic Personality Disorder goes. You are delusional and now we know you are a bigot too.
          Note you have no defense for my substantive debunking of the Protocols. Fuck off now you bigoted bitch. You are a joke of a human being.

        3. “Anyone who sees how fucking crazy you are must work for the government? ”
          Nope..not all people who make up lies about me work for guvmints….but many do.
          There are plenty of stupid men out there who make up lies about me too. But you sound like a guvmint shill more than just another idiot.

        4. You are a paranoid, narcissist. I’m a sales/marketing consultant and have a genius IQ. I’m neither stupid nor a “guvmint shill”. I actually took the time to read your insipid ramblings – that screed, your manifesto and how you liberated yourself and made yourself sovereign – King in Peter Nolan’s imaginary world? The world in which you are allowed to hit women as punishment – you remember that world, yes?
          As well, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are PROVED to be fraudulent. There is no dispute about this among serious historians. So I call you a nutter for very good reason. And it’s prima facie true you are a bigot – your claims about the Protocols prove that.
          Have anything other than name calling? I’m making an argument based on evidence and analysis – you are grasping at straws. Now fuck off, bitch, you have nothing.

        5. “The world in which you are allowed to hit women as punishment – you remember that world, yes?”
          If course you can hit women as punishment. They said they were equal so I can hit women under the same conditions I will hit a man.
          If you say that women can not be hit under the same conditions that men can be hit then you must be a sexist, discriminatory, man-hating bigot, right?
          What is your position on hitting women?
          The position of all the women I date is that a man can hit a woman under the same conditions a woman can hit a man or a man can hit a man.

        6. What’s your position on sex with underage children? Is it true that your business partners are known pedophiles? Have you ever had sex with a minor child?

        7. Also, is it true that you don’t pay your child support? I understand not paying alimony but child support? Are you really that kind of lowlife? You claim to be some great software engineer, creating breakthrough data warehousing technology, you must make a mint doing so, right? You can’t afford to pay your share of the cost of raising your children?

        8. Glen,
          “What is your position on hitting women?”
          You did not answer the question. Care to answer it for all to see?

        9. Glenn,
          It is well known that I lawfully chose to not pay the voluntary amounts of alimony and child support.
          For a start no paternity test was taken to establish paternity. This is mandatory under Australian legislation prior to any child support even being awardable by a court.
          Further. When my divorce was amicable I made the offer of the maximum amount of child support orderable by a court pending the paternity test. So the offer was only withdrawn when Jennifer committed the crime of perjury and attacked me in the courts. This is all covered in my books which you have not read. So you are asking questions that have been very publicly answered.
          These are the usual actions of guvmint shills. So you are very much looking like a guvmint shill.

        10. Just by the way. All alimony and child support is VOLUNTARY. So while you try and use normal womans shaming language for not paying a VOLUNTARY payment you might as well also try and shame men for not buying McDonalds.
          There is NO LAW that requires a man to pay child support for children. None at all.
          There is also NO LAW that requires a man to pay alimony.
          These things are VOLUNTARY.
          So why are you trying to use shaming language on me for not paying VOLUNTARY amounts while NOT holding Jennifer Toal accountable for her crimes, eh?
          This is what an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce looks like. And I am going to keep posting her name, Jennifer Toal, her fathers phone and email, Bill Toal +61 2 69 25 40 41, [email protected], his address is in CAF…..until such time as Jennifer and the criminals in the Toal family are brought to justice.

        11. You didn’t’ answer the question. Have you ever had sex with a minor child? I’m not spreading rumors, I’m asking a question. All you need to do is tell us all you haven’t and don’t. The question is worth asking because of your alleged association with known pedophiles. Just tell us you haven’t and we’ll be all set. Clarify the record for us – don’t post juvenile jpegs like some 14 yr old girl.
          For the record, I don’t “hate” you, I think you are a joke. I am tired of your prancing around the manosphere with your nonsense when your personal behavior seems to be highly questionable. You’ve already made clear on this thread that you don’t provide for your children – which makes you a scumbag. Let’s get through the rest of it. I mean, you are such a proud man, so forthright in asserting so many things, just tell us. Have you ever (as an adult) had sex with a minor child? Clear up the controversy for us by making an affirmative statement.
          Then we can at least narrow our understanding of you as a nutbag and deadbeat dad and bigot and conspiracy theorist – but not a pederast.

        12. I only use violence defensively or to protect others from violence, I never initiate it otherwise. But let’s get back to you. Were you not arrested for assaulting a woman, beating her to a bloody pulp? Or am I mistaken?

        13. “You didn’t’ answer the question.”
          “What is your position on hitting women?”
          You don’t get to point the finger at men not taking you seriously and not answering your questions when you do not answer the questions put to you in the first place.
          I smell a guvmint shill.

        14. “Were you not arrested for assaulting a woman, beating her to a bloody pulp? Or am I mistaken?”
          You, and so many others like you such as Chris Merrett and Chris Roubis, who are known to be government shills, like to go around claiming that I have been arrested for hitting Jennifer at a DV incident at Easter 1997.
          If you actually bother to go and read Jennifers affidavit that she submitted to the Irish Family courts on 9th November 2007 you will see that NOT EVEN JENNIFER claims I hit her. Now, if NOT EVEN JENNIFER claims I hit her in an affidavit full of lies what do you think happened? Eh?
          Further, Kristen Robinson, 17, and Jarrod Robinson, 15, were standing right next to Jennifer and I when I was accusing her of lying to me and challening her on the suspicion that she was having an affair with Konrad Lippman…pic below.
          So do you think a 17 year old girl and a 15 year old boy at going to stand by and allow their step-father to hit their mother and never say so? Hhmmm?
          The FACTS were that Jennifer was accused of lying to me, because she did, and she was accused of having an affair with Konrad Lippman. So she called the cops to “teach me a lesson for calling her a liar”. I was assaulted and badly injured even though I had agreed to peacefully accompany the cops to the station to make my statment. That is STANDARD in New South Wales. The cops are ORDERED to use the element of surprise and overwhelming force and attack the man from behind with no warning at all. ORDERED to do this by their station commanders.
          So. Men like you like to go around telling LIES about me being arrested for hitting Jennifer when the FACTS are that I was unlawfully assaulted and kidnapped and badly injured in the process. Talk about blame the victim.
          In our court meeting the following friday Jennifer said UNDER OATH that she was the one at fault, that she had maliciously LIED to the police to get them to come to the house, that she had spent three days BEGGING ME TO TAKE HER BACK, and that she was the luckiest woman in the world in that I had taken her back for the sake of the smaller children.
          Her PARENTS AND ALL OUR FRIENDS were told that she had made a FALSE AND MALICIOUS ALLEGATION and that she was SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR MY FALSE ARREST AND INJURY for exactly the reaons that people like to TELL LIES ABOUT MEN whose wives get them falsely arrested.
          And here we are SEVENTEEN YEARS LATER and people who were NOT THERE are still telling malicious LIES about me based on JENNIFERS CRIME OF MAKING A FALSE REPORT TO THE POLICE THAT SHE ADMITTED UNDER OATH.
          How about you? Would you like me going around saying that you are a paedophile and a rapist just because I do not know it is NOT true, eh?
          Men like you are the problem moron. You go around repeating KNOWN LIES THAT HAVE BEEN PUBLICLY REFUTED THOUSANDS OF TIMES OVER BEFORE.
          That is called SLANDER and it is a crime and that makes you a scumbag criminal. I smell a guvmint shill.

        15. So, you answered the question about beating that woman, thanks. I’m just asking based on what came up after a google search on you. A question isn’t an accusation you paranoid nutbag, it’s just a question. And it’s nowhere near approaching slander – and if you weren’t completely out of your mind, you would know that. I’m well aware of your hostile pseudo-legal techniques and very carefully framed my questions to not be libelous. And at any rate, moron, they would be libelous, not slanderous, because they are in writing. Slander can only be done in speech, not writing. Stop lecturing me – you are not my superior in any way, shape or form. In fact, the more you rant, the more obvious it becomes that you are actually my intellectual inferior, fyi.
          But back to the question of pederasty. You still haven’t answered it. It seems, based on what I read, that you had business partners and acquaintances who were arrested, tried and convicted for running a child sex ring where minors were abducted and passed around among pederasts as sex toys in Eastern Europe? Is this true? What was your involvement with those men?
          Finally, for the record, just answer the question. Have you ever had sex with a minor child while you were an adult? I find it quite strange that you won’t give a direct answer to this straightforward question. I’ll answer on my behalf. I swear on my dead mother’s grave that I have never had sex with a minor child while an adult in my entire life. Never. Why can’t you just make the same statement?
          Calling me a “guvmint shill” a thousand more times only makes you look even more absurd and questionable – if that was even possible.

        16. “A question isn’t an accusation you paranoid nutbag, it’s just a question. ”
          You asked a question that has been refuted THOUSANDS OF TIMES FOR SEVENTEEN YEARS. There is only one reason to ask such a question and that is to slander me.
          I think you are a guvmint shill and will denounce you as such and treat you as such.

        17. Slander is spoken word – libel is written word. Learn the meaning of language you use, yes? You will come like much less of a moron.
          Back to the question at hand. Have you ever, as an adult, had sex with a minor child? Yes or no? Do you now or have you ever associated with men who were arrested for running a child abduction and pedophile ring in eastern Europe? Yes or no?

        18. “But back to the question of pederasty. You still haven’t answered it.”
          You haven’t answered the question as to your position as to whether you will hit women.
          I don’t talk to guvmint shills. All you are doing is attempting to waste my time by asking slanderous questions….it is a very standard tactic for guvmint shills. Ask questions that have been answered thousands of times before and claim that if I am not wiling to waste my time answering questions that have been answered thousands of times before then claim the reason I am not answering it AGAIN is that the thousands of other answers must not be true.
          Now…since I take the position you are more guvmint shill?
          Here is another post for Michael Toal…
          We all know the tag line “this is what a feminist looks like”.
          This is what an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce looks like. And I am going to keep posting her name, Jennifer Toal, her fathers phone and email, Bill Toal +61 2 69 25 40 41, [email protected], his address is in CAF…..until such time as Jennifer and the criminals in the Toal family are brought to justice.

        19. And by the way Mr Guvmint Shill. I have now got my book “How to be a good wife” up in draft format.
          The people who have betrayed me will be named in this book and their CAF entries linked. The many disgusting and disgraceful actions of Jennifer and her family over many years is being published. You can read the draft version here Mr. Guvmint Shill.
          And if you do not like being called Mr. Guvmint Shill? You can always so as I do. Post in the public in your own name. Show us all who you are. Or are you too cowardly to tell us who you really are? Are you too cowardly to speak in public in your own name? Are you so cowardly you have to hide who you are and tell lies from behind guvmint shill online identities?

        20. “Slander is spoken word – libel is written word.”
          Libel is a legal term. Slander is a term at law. Slander is the violation of the law “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour”.
          Now…mr guvmint shill….prove who you are in real life.
          Ask me questions from your real name and real identity backed by some id like a photo drivers license or a passport.
          Apart from that? Feel free to ask all the leading questions you like.
          You still have not answered the question.
          “what is your position on hitting women?”
          Funny how you can’t answer that question in your own name in the public mr guvmint shill.

        21. I already did you effing nutter – I told you I only initiate violence in the defense of myself or others. Against anyone who initiates violence. If you weren’t so busy spouting rubbish you would have seen my response several entries up.
          Answer the question. Have you ever, as an adult, had sex with a minor child?

        22. I already answered the question about hitting women – twice, shitbird.
          Have you ever, as an adult, had sex with a minor child?

        23. “Why can’t you answer this simple question?”
          Well why can’t you?
          “What is your position on hitting women?”
          In your own name…in the public.
          Until you answer that? Why would I talk to someone who is obviously a guvmint shill?

        24. ” I told you I only initiate violence in the defense of myself or others”
          So what is your position on hitting women?
          Come on. Out with it. In your own name. In the public.
          Do you promote and support the idea of hitting women?

        25. I have already answered the question twice I don’t initiate violence with anyone but will use it in defense of myself and others regardless of the sex of the person initiating violence. That’s three times I’ve answered your question.
          Have you ever, as an adult, had sex with a minor child?

        26. We all know the tag line “this is what a feminist looks like”.
          This is what an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce looks like. And I am going to keep posting her name, Jennifer Toal, her fathers phone and email, Bill Toal +61 2 69 25 40 41, [email protected], his address is in CAF…..until such time as Jennifer and the criminals in the Toal family are brought to justice.

        27. Because there is no point talking to guvmint shills.
          Do you promote and support the idea of hitting women?

        28. Wow, you are one very sick puppy. I’ve answered the question about hitting women three times on this thread, directly. You are a sad, pathetic man. One last chance.
          Have you, as an adult, ever had sex with a minor child?

        29. Then answer the question directly.
          Do you promote and support the idea of hitting women?
          It is a very simple question. Yes or no.
          And I want the answer in your own name with substantiating evidence as to your identity.
          AFTER you have PROVEN who you are in real life? Then I will add you to CAF so that I can prosecute you for the slander you are spreading about me.
          If you do not have the guts to speak in your own name then nothing you say and no question you ask deserves an answer….mr. guvmit shill.

        30. We all know the tag line “this is what a feminist looks like”.
          This is what an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce looks like. And I am going to keep posting her name, Jennifer Toal, her fathers phone and email, Bill Toal +61 2 69 25 40 41, [email protected], his address is in CAF…..until such time as Jennifer and the criminals in the Toal family are brought to justice.

        31. Do you support the idea of hitting women?
          In your own name. With proof of id….mr guvmint shill.
          We all know the tag line “this is what a feminist looks like”.
          This is what an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce looks like. And I am going to keep posting her name, Jennifer Toal, her fathers phone and email, Bill Toal +61 2 69 25 40 41, [email protected], his address is in CAF…..until such time as Jennifer and the criminals in the Toal family are brought to justice.

        32. You are strange. I’ve answered your question twice. And I’m not going to present you with ID – who do you think you are? And where do you think you are? This is a web comment section? You aren’t grilling me, I’m not accountable to you. You are the person running around telling everyone how to run their lives and how to “fix” the world? You are the guy who has all the answers. I just did a google search on you and saw these accusations against you made on some website. I have made no claims about how anyone should think or behave – you are the man standing yourself up as an authority. You are the one quoting the debunked Protocols of the Elders of Zion, not me. It’s your credibility that is on the line – not mine.
          Last time I’m going to ask you – clear your name and reputation right now (mine is not under question). Have you ever, as an adult, had sex with a minor child? I’m done with this thread, people can tell who you are quite readily by this point since you refuse to answer. I suggest you answer so you don’t sully your own reputation. I mean, you are the one who goes on about integrity and being a man all the time, one would think you could answer a direct question like that with no trouble at all. I’ll answer it again for you to show you how to do it.
          I have never, as an adult, had sex with a minor child. Come on, you can do it, Petey, just cut and paste what I wrote. Bye, bye now, you bigoted nutbag.

        33. ” I’ve answered your question twice.”
          No….you tried to weasel your way out of it by giving a gender neutral reply.
          I asked the question:
          “Do you promote and support the idea of hitting women?”
          And you are too gutless to say yes or no in your own name in the public. That makes you not worthy of talking to. And every man here knows it.
          A REAL MAN like me will say “Absolutely. Women claimed equality so I will hit a woman under the same conditions I would hit a man.”
          But you are too gutless to say that in your own name in the public while you attempted to slur me for saying the same…..remember you tried to slur me for saying that I would hit a woman under the same conditions I would hit a man….
          That is why I put the question the way I did….and that is why you are not willing to answer it mr guvmint shill…because you came in to this conversation trying to slur me for taking the position I treat women equal to men….and now you are trying to distract the men that you did that by asking other questions.
          How about you? Are you a rapist? Do you promote and support raping women?

        34. Mr guvmint shill….
          You have still not provided a clear and definitive answer as to whether you promote, condone and support hitting women and what conditions you might apply to hitting women.
          And that is where you came into this conversation mr guvmint shill….attempting to slur me over my position I will hit a woman under the same conditions I will hit a man…..equality….
          You are just too gutless to even put your position in words from behind your guvmint shill anonymous screen name….that is as pathetic as they come mr guvmint shill.

    1. Nice to see another man who knows what is going on.
      Though, did you know Henry kicked me off his site because demanding women are held equal before the law is “woman hatred”? Henry is still very much a white knight who has no idea just how evil women are. I tried to educate him on this subject but he banned me and blocked me….after publishing two of my articles no less! LOL!!
      This was mine in 2009……just to prove I was published on his site and to point out that I was banned.
      This was mine too.

      1. You had a couple of women shit on you so that makes us all evil. You sound like a loon you know that don’t you? Btw about your article where you discuss the female brain, well the size of the brain has nothing to do with it. Maybe you’re going sailing off the edge of the world next week too. It’s how much of it we use. Simple terms for You 🙂 MRI, CT Scans are showing how much activity is actually going on in our brains. Some of us with micro chromosomal differences are assisting science and we find there is more activity in our regions of that same area of what would be your brains dead zones. Stanford asked that I return and You Sir are in pain and in need of a pony. Brony? Bronie?

        1. Sweetie,
          “You had a couple of women shit on you so that makes us all evil.”
          99.9% of western women openly condone the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse.
          THAT is what makes you EVIL PEOPLE.
          You demand “equal work for equal pay” but will not demand “equal punishment for equal crimes”.
          Try reading The Truth Be Told. This is what we are telling your young male peers. Make sure you PAY for your new copy, eh?

        2. No I don’t demand equal work for equal pay cause a woman can’t do equal work of a man as we are physically different. If I slap a man I’d expect he would slap me back although I’m a lady and wouldn’t do that unless we were in bed and he wanted me to, and last if I commit a crime I expect to be punished the same as a man would, I hate feminists but the more you babble about us all being the same and we can’t love, think, or do anything good short of birth a child that’s worth anything you’re telling woman who are on the side of right that we should just fu** off and go join the libtard femininst
          ( oh dear GAWD) cause no woman is worth it. You see how you are cutting your own throat here right? Sorry I’m done. I fear you guys will just keep complaining till all women are against you. Nice work, and your wording still needs some fine tuning. Good luck with all that Peter.

    2. the protocols were cobbled together by the Tzar’s henchmen, and they know it’s a forgery because they can identify where parts of it came from, and a lot of it was plagiarized satirical pieces that had nothing to do with the Jews.

  46. Should we not at least mention the male model that started the Calvin Klien men’s underwear revolution was an Olympic Polevaulter?

  47. Rush Limbaugh: “Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society.”

    1. Exactly .. For me there are 2 types: the annoying kind that want everything a woman does to be unpunishable but everything a man does is. And the kind that believe in equal opportunieties and right (plus obligations) for men and women.

      1. So long as the second kind does nothing to stop the first kind, there is, in fact, only one type of feminist.

  48. Modern feminism is a war of women against women.
    It’s about changing society so that the rules of the game means feminist women (women who espouse feminist values) WIN, and that non-feminist women (women who espouse non-feminist values) LOSE.
    Sluts WIN, Fatties WIN, Uglies WIN, Lesbos WIN, Masculine women WIN, Careerist women WIN.
    Chaste women LOSE, Fit women LOSE, Beautiful women LOSE, Straight women LOSE, Feminine women LOSE, Stay-at-home women LOSE.
    It is a war of women against women.

  49. Its quite obvious that feminists hate women.
    Beyond that, I don’t care about women’s sports. Not saying they shouldn’t do it but I have zero interest in watching a woman run slower than a man, or lift less weight. I much prefer pin-ups to female athletes. So the only way I will pay any attention to a female athlete is if she looks good, as a pin-up or whatever. Simple as that.

  50. Also brings the question if male athletes who pose in their underwear are also being “reduced” to models/sex objects. I really don’t understand the problem some seem to have with good looking people in sexy pictures.

      1. Looks like they could publish their own semi-nude calendar foe each of those girls. Feminism (irrespective of race) is all about female worship/glorification – either for the female body or attitude. Femen colors female exhibitionism as “heroic role-modeling”, and offers attention whoring girls, a chance to get that. Those attention whoring girls seem to have had a failed career in professional modeling.

  51. Feminism was created so as to make unattractive women more able to access the mainstream of society.

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