Is Feminism A Giant Shit Test?

As feminism erodes down to its tattooed, lesbian core, we should stop and take a moment to wonder what the point of the third wave part of feminism was. Although it ultimately proves destructive to western societies to give women “equality,” at least the first and second wave had something legitimate to bitch about. Third wave feminism; not so much, and today we’ll talk about the underlying motives and the end game of it all.

When one looks at modern feminism, you see women who have “flipped the script,” to use their term, and rewired life so that men are not necessary for them. A modern feminist has her own job that can meet her needs, but maybe not all her wants, and has her own small place with her cat(s) and Netflix. When she wants the company of men, she goes out and sluts it up and is always successful due to the biological imperative of men.

On the surface, a feminist woman may appear to be the analog of a Red Pill Man, yet, upon closer examination, she is actually an imperfect copy. A man works harder, more dangerous jobs, and makes more money because of it, thus he has money for anything he wants and more. A proper man has interesting hobbies and a healthy, fit lifestyle, and he must do this to fulfill his potential and inner drive, but also because he realizes that normal men do not get laid due to hypergamy and he must be the best he can be if he wants to be successful with women.

However, the most crucial difference lies in the outcome. Women, who outlast their shelf lives while still being single are miserable, and I fully expect the suicide rate of women of my generation to skyrocket in about 5 years from now. Men, whose value is based on their production and can enjoy a later in life peak than women, also can live for other things than companionship and family, and can be quite happy on their own, even if they did want a family at one time, or still do.

So, the question is, if women, despite their feminist pandering to the contrary, actually DO want a man to live with and grow old with, why is third wave feminism devoted to stopping that in every which way? The answer, like most things, lies in the red pill philosophy. Women, including feminists, only want the best men; modern feminism is nothing more than a nuclear-level shit test.

A woman needs an alpha man like a fish needs water

SJW society today tells us that men are not supposed to hit on women in the grocery store, in the bookstore, or at the coffee shop because that’s a precursor to stalking or some shit. At night, you’re not supposed to hit on girls at the bar or club, because they are there with the friends and not looking for that. At work, you’re not even supposed to talk to women about anything other than work-related topics because that’s harassment.

If you are wondering where is a guy supposed to meet girls, then you get the point and the answer is that you’re not. Feminists, and women in general, know that any man who actually allows them to regulate his behavior is not a man worth having in the first place, so they are only interested in men that see that the answer to feminism’s constraints is to ignore them in the first place.


Combining the above shit test with hypergamy will result in a winning combo. If a man is successful, good looking, and alpha enough, he has a good chance of pulling another man’s wife directly out of their marriage and family and taking her away. Women are ultimately interested only in their own self interest and that means, when confronted with the best man she has ever beheld, she will go against feminism because it is not in her own best self interest at the time, and instead, be receptive to the man in hopes of snaring him.

Ultimately, women DO still need and want men, they just don’t want to be bothered by inferior men, and third wave feminism does a good job of convincing the betas to stay away until they are wanted for their paychecks by post-Wall NASCAR-style wrecks of women.

When is enough enough?

When you look at feminism logically (which is hard), you can come up with the premise that women have been disadvantaged over history, and feminism is an effort to balance the scales. They will disguise it in self-depreciating irony “feminism is the radical notion that men and women are equal,” but what they really men is that men and women should be equal over the balance of history, and, since women have been so disadvantaged, men had better get ready for some suck to square the accounts.

I bet she’s been in 100 ROK articles by now…

The question then follows, if men “owe” women, how much are we talking? Can it ever be paid off, or have women been so heinously treated over the entirety of our existence that there will never be enough atonement to make up for it? I have three theories.

It could be that men have apparently treated women so badly for all time that it can never be paid off because it’s an absolute. The problem with absolutes is they lack scope. The worst atrocities in history have been borne by both men and women alike, and it could be said that men have borne the heavier half, as they are usually expected to die before defeat in war, whereas women, although they get raped by the conquerors, at least get to live. I doubt most women have been treated that badly, though, on the balance, so there is probably some finite amount of penance men would do to restore “equality.”

The other two theories center on the idea that, eventually, men will atone for all faults perceived by feminism, and the only difference lies in what happens then. My second idea is not a noble one, but it is probably the most accurate. Feminists, you see, are not for equality, they are for female supremacy, and, once “equality” is reached, women will get to be on top for millennia. Some would say we are already at that point, and this is why anyone who is not a feminist can see why the movement has faltered and lost whatever relevance it ever had. When you already have it all, shouldn’t you stop and try to actually make things equal, that is, if you actually have moral integrity?

That’s the third idea, the concept of, once all debts are paid, “true equality” would rule. I doubt this one would ever happen, as our victimhood-empowerment culture makes it advantageous to be a victim, and you can’t be a victim if your demographic is on top. Plus, being “feelers,” not “thinkers,” the average woman lacks the intellectual capacity to be honest with themselves.


Combining the idea of feminism being a massive shit test to guys and a scam to win money and prizes from society just because you have a vagina, one can see that the only solution is to treat it like the cult bullshit it is. While that is nothing new for those of us here at Return of Kings, and nothing new for those our message reaches, the reason we must treat it like that has hopefully been a little more exposed to the light here.

The reason that feminism makes no sense, and makes it seem like all men have no way to succeed and must lose everything is because that is precisely the point. There is no way to win, there is no equality, there is only female superiority, males that go along with it, and men that do not.

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320 thoughts on “Is Feminism A Giant Shit Test?”

  1. I don’t think women go for alphas. That’s not what I see. Women love faggots: the lisping, overly emotional, crying on their boyfriend’s shoulder type fags. They do not like stoic, laconic, enduring men.

    1. If you want to be successful with women – particularly young women (girls) – you want to camp it up: limp wristed hand gestures, gossip, vocal fry etc.

      1. Yeah they want that type of fag to post pics on facebook with and show off to her friends, but when she wants to slut it up and if she looks alright, she goes for a real man.

        1. But that begs the question why she wouldn’t want to be take pics with and show off the ream man. Why has society deemed certain men respectable but those that are “real men” are somehow not respectable? Inversion of values.

    2. Waldemar I get where you’re coming from but I just don’t think that’s true at all.
      The guys I know with the hottest SO’s are a tennis pro, a multiple tour veteran, and a firefighter/amateur MMA fighter.
      Some of this may be geographical but I don’t think so. It’s common knowledge women say all kinds of things and act the opposite.

    3. The problem with saying “chicks prefer alphas” or “women prefer thugs” or “they love fags” is that is analyzing what women like from a logical, masculine perspective. Women do not operate that way. Women can be attracted to all of the above; it just depends on their mood and feelings. Women are not attracted logically, or by any sort of pattern. They do not think; they feel.
      Yeah, there are some shortcuts, or “hacks” to manipulating their feelings–that’s essentially what game is. And yes, alpha game, thug game, or fag game can work, to varying degrees of success.

      1. Agree. A women once said to me she was not attracted because…well, she did not knew, just because. The sooner we realize this, that women work based on emotions and feelings, the better. The same with looks for example. We men, are incapable of being sexual with a fat whale, women can be fucked however, by the lamest guy around.

  2. I truly don’t see women with alphas. I do see a lot of pitiful looking men with girlfriends and wives, which is probably why the children being born nowadays are all so ugly and sickly.

    1. I think the fact that women are not choosing alphas today is why so many children are sickly … also explains why so many males looks so fucking ugly nowadays see the sexy son theory in evolutionary psychology which posits that women choose attractive men to mate with so that any sons they have will in turn be handsome and be likelier to reproduce. This is NOT what is happening in the modern world: tall, well-built men are derided as hold-overs, relics from an earlier era or as simple-minded dolts while the scrawny chicken neck hipster is ascribed immense depth of character.

    2. I see women with alphas all the live long day. Women can’t line up fast enough to hang with actual real men. I’ll grant you that there are way too many flabby-thin hipster type “guys”, but women generally still prefer the traditional alpha male.

  3. So it’s beta to not get drunk? So poisoning you body to the point where you lose control of you senses is alpha? You’re such a beta.

  4. Women 10,000 BC: giving birth at age 16 to a healthy child in a cave with no medical care while saber tooth tigers growled at the cave entrance
    Modern women: C section to aspie child at 35 so as to not stretch out her vajayjay

    1. But at least she got to go to a liberal arts college and travel to “find herself” (with 50 other penises before her chump beta husband)!

  5. It is a test and men need to respond with a resounding “NO!”.
    No, there is no such thing as equality.
    No, you may not have ‘independence’, you showed you were not responsible enough to handle it.
    No, you cannot be a slut then a wife.
    No, you are not allowed to vote. Clinton was almost elected because of people like you.
    etc.. etc..

    1. I keep hearing here that feminism is a shit test and you need to resist but whenever I try that openly, whether online or IRL, I only get the usual flak “you’re sexist! misogynist! hater! caveman!”.

      1. I never directly answer a shit test: Swat it away, change the subject, make fun of her, amplify and agree, etc.

      2. That’s the textbook trigger response from them. Depending on who the crowd is, I just raise an eyebrow, smirk & go, ‘and?’

  6. Has anyone else noticed that people are getting uglier? I think it ties directly to mate selection. These weak sickly fucks who would have died off in an earlier era are now becoming fathers producing an even weaker and more sickly generation.
    Seriously: I am seeing young men (early 20s) of all races (white, Indian, Arab) with horribly receding hairlines: WTF?

    1. Its easy to see how ugly people are in North America – just go to Eastern Europe to compare. Liberalism embraces ugliness by rejecting beauty.
      I, too, see freaks of nature every day, those who would just die off a few generations ago, now able to produce an offspring. wtf indeed.

      1. I think Americans may be uglier because most of them are mongrels and mutts: they have lost the unique traits held by various European ethnic groups eg Slavs have a certain look as do Italians. Most Americans are just a blend, a puree.

        1. I dont think being a European mutt is a contributing factor to being uglier. Just watch any American movie from the 60s – people were pretty and slim.

        2. But think about it: actors and actresses from the 60s would have been born in what? the 1920s? Their parents were probably immigrants from the same country. So it would be expected that they looked more European and hence more aesthetic.

        3. I still think Euro mixes dont contribute to being uglier. Most of Anglo Americans have English-German blood (Trump is a good example).

        4. It’s funny that you think Europeans have some kind of pure strain to them. Slavs have, at a minimum, not only slavic, but also germanic and celtic DNA in them. The French are germans/celts mixed together, same for the English. The Scots are Gaels, Picts, Vikings and English all mixed together. The Italians fucked everything that walked upright and had a vagina. The Spanish are Vigisgoths and Moors and Romans all mixed together.

        5. I think that you’re really stretching to try and make a point. People up through the 1990’s in America were nice looking. What’s happening now has happened in the last 15 years or so. Shave 100 pounds off a landwhale, remove her tatts and piercings, bathe her and dress her properly and she’d look like a normal, skinny girl next door.
          Actresses and actors in the 1960’s would have likely been born in the early 1940’s, give or take, especially the pretty girls. Nobody was keen then (nor now) on putting 40+ year old women on the screen in any role other than mother/grandmother.

        6. Depends on what you consider ugly. There are some mixed ancestry women who are smoking hot because of it. I think it more has to do with politics and war. Healthy individuals are usually also good looking. During WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, etc etc, it was strong virile young men who went to war. You didn’t send the diseased, the mentally deficient, you sent men who would win you the fight. Unfortunately that meant sending the best and brightest off to die, often times without having passed on their genetics (having sons). So strong, good looking, brave men get weeded out of the gene pool, and we are left with an unbalanced supply of ugly sickly cripples to pass on their genes. Several generations of ugly people increasing their numbers.
          Don’t take this as definitive either, it’s just one theory.

        7. The reason is that once favourable traits were wanted today not-so-favourables have come in want. Also the left has created an environment in which what once was good is now understood as bad.

        8. I agree, but it’s funny to me how despite the constant propaganda push for “ugly”, the vast majority of women melt in the presence of a traditionally masculine and attractive man. We can deny reality only so far via propaganda, but I assure you, a woman will come running to you if you’re tall, muscular, masculine and dominant. Those hipster dudes that they’re told to find “attractive” will always be cast aside the moment a man like that appears. Without fail.

        9. Forgive me, but for some reason I cannot really accept this. From all the guys that I knew who had girlfriends, not one but many and changing, they tended to be a bit feminized, it still baffles me. They weren’t hipsters they were more on the trendy side but still most young women I knew were put off by the more masculine men, who tend to be more stable. I believe due to fear of them or for the fact that they wouldn’t control these men. Still it baffles me.

        10. Liberalism hates beauty and strength, but loves misery and ugliness. The proof is all around us.

        11. bravo, thinking the same here, you send the best not the week, and the week stay in the country alone with no competition from alpha males who went to war and hes got to have sex and breed with multiple widows and single women, this is the life man

        12. You’re in Europe I’m betting?
          I literally (Hitler) tell pretty girls what to do, girls I don’t even know, and they smile and primp and get all giggly and obey me, out in public. I can and do start sexualizing conversations with pretty young things within 45 seconds of meeting them, and get nothing but glowing, blushing, giggling responses and their urging me to keep it going.
          I do know that they hook up with these idiots, don’t get me wrong. I’m just noting that they will drop the semi-girlfriend “man” in a heartbeat for a strong masculine man. At least in Ohio, at any rate.

        13. Quite true, Liberalism thrives on personality complexes. These complexes appear more to people with inferior traits. Normally these people would have been encouraged to fix themselves and concetrate to things they could do, today they are accepted as gods. In truth they suffer from what Nietzhe called “slave mentality”, specific the need of the lower man to kill the higher man, hence propagating the need of the few to protect themselves from the many, this idea though existed as the hate of the mass in ancient Greek thought. Also, what Nietzhe pointed the person that suffers from slave mentality wants to destroy the ones who are better than him that are closer to him. For a comparison imagine if cats wanted to assert their superiority over the humans and they would start by killing their caretakers, hence the reason why leftists want the immediate destruction of their people first and the European decented men in the second. Leftism is in the end a mental disorder in which the sufferer projects his own problems on everyone else.

        14. What you say I have done this also, although it does not work with sluts, but it leads to nowhere. I am in Greece by the way. The problem I find is that keeping the girl is more difficult than the semi-feminized but truly good women would prefer in the end masculine men.
          So Ohio is in a better state, quite well!!!

        15. Agreed. Just had some married lady ask me if I want to start a family with her, while sporting her wedding ring in front of her brother, in front of the girl I came with. Women are begging for a manly man. A guy just needs to deliver.

        16. The chicks who hit on me right in front of their manlette make me a bit uncomfortable. I don’t care about her or her feelings, but I feel a bit of regret that she’s basically openly trying to cuck him in a public venue. Has happened more than once and it gives me a bit of disappointment every time.

        17. That’s true. Especially when there’s real man work that needs to be done.
          Replacing a flat tire on the freeway because her chopstick armed beanpole hipster boyfriend doesn’t know how, demonstrating the proper way to use a machete hacking through tropical jungle trails, treating & bandaging her wound competently because hipster douchebag boyfriend can’t stand the sight of blood, being a man who can converse with an attractive woman without acting like a stammering, apologetic, always deferring sack of spineless shit etc. Woman of all stripes will respond to that.
          I’ve witnessed the female ‘fat woman lusting after a chocolate cake’ look some give out in the presence of men who act like men. They can’t help it. Took me awhile to recognize it for what it was when i’d receive the look.

        18. “…the vast majority of women melt in the presence of a traditionally masculine and attractive man.”
          Just like men are yearning for soft-spoken, gentle, caring, loving, feminine, slim women. No matter how often the mainstream media bombarding them with their propaganda that body modifications, tatts and fats are attractive. It’s not. If anything, it’s fucking gross…

        19. “The vast majority of women melt in the presence of a traditionally masculine and attractive man.” 100% Correct – Absolutely Undeniable!

        20. Nah. I know curvy body when I see it. It’s about hip to waist ratio for me. Not Belly to butt ratio.

        21. True, but works both ways, beautiful,fit, feminine and intelligent women will always be desirable in the same way. As intelligence is inherited from the mother, make sure you have children with a clever woman unless you want to produce thicko offspring by the way!

        22. Women do like mentally strong men who don’t take lots of Bulls::t. Weak men who cave in and allow themselves to be treated with disrespect are not respected, It’s wired into the primitive part of the female brain. I don’t mean men who bully women, just men who are strong enough to not take any of the tantrums or nonsense that we occasionally pull.

    2. I’m early 30s and still got my full head of black hair. Doesn’t grow back nearly as fast as it used to but still tip top. I know it’s crazy seeing so many guys the greater part of a decade younger than me who are balding…

      1. And it’s not like I’m putting them down: I just think it’s indicative of something very serious, something very sinister; either environmental pollution or dysgenic breeding practices. But we’re supposed to just ignore it.

        1. i doubt it: look at photos of people from the the 1800s or early 1900s. They had legit dietary things like scurvy, Rickets, malnourishment, starvation, famine, pestilence etc and still looked far better. Most of them had great facial symmetry, good bone structure, full head of hair, didn’t go gray until very old.
          Even think about someone like Stalin: he was exiled to Siberia how many times by the Czarist police? And spent his youth plastered on cheap vodka and still had a head of thick black hair until he died in his 70s.

        2. How could it be genetic though when you know bald men are rejected by females most of the time?

        3. I dare you to use his image as your avatar for a month – nobody will recognise him or remember this post

        4. Men usually don’t go bald until long after they’re married off.

        5. I watched an hour long debate Clark Kent posted yesterday of Jordan Peterson, the Canadian professor fighting the magical pronoun PC law they are trying to pass up there. He is a clinical psychologist and has seen more crazy than most of us can imagine. He said he has studied the violent and aggressive tendencies of man, and sees the same in himself, recognizing what madness he would do if given great power. Most of us are not that observant or honest.

        6. I shave my head – receding hairline since I was late 20s (late 40s now). I’ve done well with a lot of women. Lucky that bald became somewhat “stylish” over my adult life.
          My g-friend is hot, 10 yrs. younger. Bald guys have no reason to throw in the towel. Use attitude.

        7. I heard Stalin does pretty well on Tinder. Most women are ignorant when it comes to history. MTV or social media whoring on the other hand…

        8. that does suggest a possible experiment to run: how much interest does a profile / pic of Stalin, Pol Pot, Goebbels, Beria etc generate on social media ‘dating’ sites compared to those of decent average men.

        9. Women go for looks and dominance. You know what happened when the Nazi’s invaded Holland? I guess I don’t have to tell you what hordes of young women found attractive during those five years…
          Women fuck them who is or are in charge.

        10. What’s the saying: “every girl likes a beta who will happily run errands in the hope of getting pity sex?” Something like that

        11. I think you are onto something. But even though folks from the 1800s and early 1900s had to make do with less food, their foodstuff was of higher quality, nutritionwise. For example is being proven than an apple from 1940s had the same amount of nutrients as more than 10 conventional ones from this century. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Moreover their mothers had a lot less chemicals in their bodies, hence our grandpas and grandmas didn’t have to deal with pollution when they were in their womb as current newborns do (over 80% of Canadian babies are born with Roundup chemicals since their mothers ate that crap). Of course pollution will not affect all persons and all geographical areas at the same time and in the same ways, but I’ve become convinced the environmental pollution is behind many ugly things (no pun intended) happening to contemporary human physiology.

      2. I believe my full head of (original color) hair is directly correlated to the blessing of a good wife and the curse of no children.

    3. I actually think the opposite is true, as a bald man myself I suffer from almost always being the ugly short duckling of the room. Young girls are a lot more attractive than in, say, the 1930s where they all had this Marilyn Monroe type of short hair and wore silly hats.

      1. Nearly all women in the 1930’s had long hair, but they kept it put up generally speaking. It looks “short” in photos due to that. A beehive (I think that’s 1960’s actually) is nothing more than a whole mess of hair slapped up on top Marge Simpson style. Not that there weren’t short haired girls of course. The real short hair fad was in the 1920’s but it passed pretty quickly and went out of fashion, not to return until the 1990’s with any force.

    4. I’ve noticed that feminist women tend to pair up with low t manlets because they are kind of latent lesbians in the first place. Regardless I agree with your observation

    5. This is an interesting observation you make. One thing to think about also. Are all these people you see actually 100% european or a mixed pot of genes. For example, there are many people in my neck of the woods in Chicago-land area that are white, but also have indigenous background which often will greatly change their appearance. One other question, do you think this also explains why every other person seems to have terrible eye sight nowadays and needs glasses?

      1. Being more exposed(probably reliant) on TV screens, Cell phones, PCs. etc. probably is more explanation for humans needing glasses. You can be sure as hell that they aren’t the greatest things for one’s eyes.

    6. All these is the result of dysgenics (oposite of eugenics) in the population. If you push for the worst people to procreate and at the same time discourage highly the ones with the better traits, you end up with that mess. I also tend to note that most people are not only getting uglier, but also more stupid and unimaginative. In truth if you boost the success rate of the worst in society that one is soon to face a great threat.
      I will give an example: lone mothers that raise kids without fathers but recieve wellfare, people who do not work but manage to earn enough money for a squalid life they think is satisfactory for them.
      All that was shown in the guardian if I remember correctly in an article introducing a man who had 20 childrn the least with 20 women all living with the help of the wellfare system. It was gross.
      Anyway you get the idea.

    7. suppose that’s what you get with all these touchy-feely rules which empower minorities and work against evolution and natural selection..

    8. Male pattern baldness=insulin resistance. (metabolic syndrome, chronic low-level inflammation etc.)
      Has little to do with genetics, the proof is that it is not observed in any of the Hunter-gatherer tribes that have been studied by western anthropologist and doctors over the years.
      Including in the older populations.
      When they leave their traditional life and diets and move to the city however, they get all the western diseases and conditions, like obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and MPB as well.
      So it`s a diet problem mainly.

    9. If roosh’s theory is correct, the reversal of jaw smaller than head to bigger than head in women is the result of lateral gene transfer from slutting it up so much.

    10. Try to keep in mind that the world is still feeling the after-effects of World War One and Two, in which the bulk of the best genetics of the major world nations was gunned down by machine guns, leaving only the weak, sick, and cowardly behind in safety to breed.

      1. True.
        And when you look at photos of the men who fought (on all sides: Germany, Britain, Russia, etc), the striking thing is how healthy they all look. They could all be models or actors today: perfect facial symmetry, full handlebar mustaches and beards at 18 or 20 yo … compared to 30 yo men today who can grow only patchy facial hair.
        And yet no one seems willing to discuss that something is clearly going on: either dysgenic breeding practices or environmental factors etc … everyone is content to ignore the obvious.

        1. Even look at Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg … he was what? 6ft7? And he was born in 1850 ish? There’s a photo of Hitler standing next to him and Hitler looks like a child.
          But pundits keeps saying we’re getting taller because muh better nutrition lol

        2. I suspect it’s a combination of factors contributing to a lack of testosterone. Modern levels are 1/100th of that they were at the start of the 1900s.

  7. I notice so many people talking about Netflix nowadays as in “netflix and chill” or “cats and netflix” – I thought Netlix was big like 4-5 years ago. That’s when I took to streaming stuff on it … so what’s up with that?

  8. I think what we see in the modern world is unprecedented: a very large percentage of the population is choosing not to reproduce. You may say in the past that only some % of men reproduced, but they ALL tried. Hell, women were still getting pregnant and having children when under the most extreme / hostile conditions imaginable: the Ukranian terror famine or in Germany toward the end of the war. The Germans knew the war was lost by 1943: why would any woman choose to bring a child into the pending inferno? Yet today, a large segment of the population is voluntarily culling themselves, breaking the chain that stretches back thousands of generations.

    1. I think fundamentally, many people today want to die. They are empty inside, have nothing unique – in the way of knowledge, beliefs, abilities – to pass on to their children and so want to let the flame burn out for good.

      1. I have my personal mini-thesis that with globalization + internet, it is more difficult to be “someone”, and that leads to a lack of meaning in life for many people. Think about it: a hundred years ago, living in a little village, without telecommunications. You got to be something special in the village: either you had some knowledge, you had some skill someone needed,…
        A main need in human interactions is information acquisition: how much of that information today we just ask google instead of a person? Everyone, except very few, are becoming irrelevant.

    2. The reason we’re not reproducing is clearly explained here, and it’s the opposite of what you just stated. It is indeed pretty counterintuitive.

      and here

      1. If you want to ever see a passionless loveless relationship, check out modern secular Jews

      2. The thing about Jewish women, besides most of them being hideous and deformed, is that they LOVE THE GOY PENIS. They spend their youth on the Gentile Cock Carousel until and when they’ve had their fill of gentile semen, they will settle down with a “good Jewish boy”.

        1. I guess that depends on the geographic location. Americans tend to be cutfags for some reason.

        2. I long for my missing foreskin. I feel like an eel dick would be more degrading to make women suck than a cut cock.
          Cut cocks are for her pleasure not the man’s.
          I would prefer to have an animal dick.

        3. I think they lie to women with all kinds of bs (that circumcision is somehow better for the child eg healthier etc). How can people be so dumb: every animal has an uncut dick and they seem to be doing just fine.

        4. How can anyone think that cutting off the most sensitive part of the male body is a good idea? lol

        5. It has more to do with the selection pool than a clear preference for Goy. 98% versus 2%

        6. Rodney Dangerfield did a routine about this. “These Jewish girls from Brooklyn don’t fool me; they mess around with Vinnie for over ten years, and then wanna marry Irv because ‘he’s a good provider’ “.

        7. It goes back to the beginning of the 1900’s when ‘medical authorities’ recommended circumcision because it was ‘healthier for boys’ because it ‘prevented infections under the foreskin’ (possibly because the mothers didn’t want to do anything more than necessary with their baby’s penis). After awhile, it became ‘custom’ and an accepted medical procedure to circumcise all male infants soon after birth.

    1. I think the only person Huma’s husband was shit-testing was Huma? In fairness we pretty much owe him for Hillary’s defeat.

        1. Sounds good. I like polish sausage – klobasa – a lot. Not sure if that’s similar
          (it should be pointed out for the benefit of listeners that we are now talking about actual culinary dishes rather than dick)

        2. Yep! also the cossack sausauge is also a fine little treatment albeit spicy, There are also the spanish churizos who are hot and spicy, haven’t eaten though.
          Read a bit on the Klobasa it is close to that but the Greek variants have more spices and flavoutings (like oregano) put into them making them differ greatly between regions, with the heavier in taste to be located in the north.

        3. Never heard of Cossack sausage but I generally like Russian and Slavic food. Used to have a lot of Greek shops around me when I lived in London but not so much now. Greek food is good

      1. Huma relationship with this perv, deserves a post in itself: a no good jihadi muslim brotherhood marxist with a corrupt, ugly, weak and degenerate man. Tells the all story of “liberal” bitches.

        1. the clintons, the weiners – not exactly happy marriages there. Not great advertisements for the success of relationships of women who want to wear the trousers

  9. Shit I’m off the scale except for the virgin part.
    * anime – CHECK
    * video games all day – CHECK
    * bad diet – CHECK
    * live at home – CHECK
    * terrorize parents and siblings to get what I want – CHECK
    * fap to Hentai – CHECK
    * Autism – CHECK
    * piss jar collection – CHECK
    * shower maximum once per week – CHECK

      1. That’s when I can’t be bothered to interrupt my gaming or anime watching to go to the bathroom, so I keep piss jars.

        1. Besides, I use them as leverage to get my sister to do my bidding. Whenever she brings a boyfriend over to the house, I show him my room and my collection. He’s never heard from again. So my sister plays ball if she values her social life. heh heh heh

        2. you can get legit urine bottles they use in hospitals for people who have BPH and that – no need to be recycling tropicana bottles

        3. Really? Do hospitals hand them out freely? I have been thinking that I need more stylish piss jars

        4. I offer you a neologism / portmanteau to describe your situation:
          pistern = piss + cistern
          You’re welcome

        5. Describes my situation well. My sister has a nice rack too. So sometimes I coerce her into flashing me.

        6. Like one time she was home from college and in the shower, so I picked the lock and she screamed OMG GET OUT YOU PERV! So I just told her that I need to take a dump really bad, don’t mind me. I’ve never heard her curse at me so much in my entire life as I sat on the toilet taking a #2.

    1. Most days I’m a 50….(fuk you I like board games!)
      but some days I get the 250 self-hating penalty.

  10. If men and women were equal, it wouldn’t have to be legislated. We’ve never been equal, and we never will be equal. If you have to come to men and ask for equality, then that, in and of itself, demonstrates that you’re not equal. Feminists say they “fight for equality.” They haven’t fought for shit. The fact that western nations have the most decent men in the world, men who actually love, respect, and cherish their women, is why women have anything approaching “equality.” Our predecessors made the biggest mistake you can make with women: they tried to make them happy.
    Letting children eat ice cream sandwiches for dinner every night would make them happier than a freshly sucked dick — that is until they come down with a severe case of the shits and can’t comprehend why their “tummy hurts.” You have to make kids eat healthy, it’s for their own good.
    You have to make women make the right decisions just the same. Sure, running off on the back of the unemployed drug addict’s motorcycle probably seems like the path to happiness; however, marrying the man with the steady job and a gym membership, while not the most pussy moistening option, is the better decision. We all know this, and women know this, too. But they’re idiots who can’t seem to help themselves (this is also known as being unequal).
    You must remind women that they’re dummies whenever they start doing what they do best: running their fucking mouths. But you don’t do this with logic. You don’t say things like, “If men and women were equal, it would have always been that way, it wouldn’t have just materialized in the 1960s when, conveniently, jobs in air conditioned buildings were becoming more and more common.”
    No, you say shit like this: “Do you know who Earle Haas is?” When she responds with the inevitable “No,” you reply with, “Well, he invented the tampon. How does it feel to know that — in his own way — some fucking dude named Earle has touched your snatch, Ms. ‘Strong and Independent?’ ” Then sit back and watch as the bullshit begins to fly. Make sure to laugh in her face and call her a girl often when she starts losing it as well.
    Make fun of them, especially the ones you’re fucking. Make them eat their veggies; make them metaphorically finish their fucking green beans. They’ll be too far gone to make changes that would result in them being good girlfriend/wife material, but you’ll at least make it crystal clear that you see right through their bullshit — you know exactly who they are and what they are all about.
    You can’t be fooled, and that, my friends, is power. And what do women love? Power. Don’t bend and don’t break and you’ll get at least a modicum of something in very short supply from women nowadays: respect. And that doesn’t suck.

    1. Yup, women in their prime wanna do “exciting” stuff, ride the carousel with scumbags and degenerates, then marry the nice guy after she’s 33 or gets the H.I.V. whatever comes first

      1. True. Which is why you need to get fruit directly from the tree.
        30 year old single women are fucking toxic. I have a couple of divorced pals who are recently back in the dating game.
        Their stories support everything said in this place … and more

        1. Being a 30 y.o man focusing on women 20-26ish, I don’t even see 30 y.o women. They are almost invisible. They probably don’t look at me (but at older guys) and I don’t see them. And it’s perfect. But to all the guys in their forties and fifties: What men that age are really willing to start something serious with a woman that age? Knowing she has a 150.000 Miles on the odometer… It’s like going trough the clearance bins.

        2. It’s simple; you get them young (18-20) when they are virgins and sex them until they have an unbrakeable connection to you through dopamine imprinting more hardcore than years of nonstop cocaine use. Advice I give all the shlubbs looking for marriage.

        3. Girls in the U.S. start slutting at around 13. By the time they hit 18, most already have a notch count around a baker’s dozen. Advise the schlubbs to focus more on a girl’s upbringing in a traditional home and good relationship with her Father.
          tl;dr 18 to 20 y.o.’s are just as dangerous as older sloots.

        4. Sounds like the right advice. I’m a mother to girls with a good upbringing and a wonderful father. I only hope that when they are older (they are 13 and 15) they both meet decent men who appreciate the fact that they are not slutty and treat them with the respect they deserve. Above all I have taught them to respect themselves and look for qualities in men that go far beyond being cool or dangerous..

        5. Wrong. About 50% of U.S. girls are still virgins at 18. Average U.S. teenager in 2016 has less sex than the average U.S. teenager did in 1976.
          However, those stats don’t count BJs or exposure to a highly sexualized environment.

        6. Go to another country. I forgot to specify. US women aren’t getting better until an entire generation of them faces marriageless pumping and dumping.

      2. I thought about this Family Guy a few days ago, funny coincidence. I think this sketch really sums up today’s relationships. A woman is free to be an irresponsible piece of shit and blame others for her failures. Zero accountability for her actions and dipshit stands there with a dumb smirk on his face, “ok JenNay.” Any sign of disapproval of her behavior will result in a verbal lashing of hyperbolic statements; “you’re so controlling,””you don’t want me to have any friends,” blah blah bla.

        1. Men are seeing trough this lie more and more. But even when most of us would react in the form of not cohabiting (taking on expenses for aging women) they would make up some extra taxes to bail out women. Men are always the ones getting fucked in a ‘democracy’.

    2. “If men and women were equal, it would have always been that way, it
      wouldn’t have just materialized in the 1960s when, conveniently, jobs in
      air conditioned buildings were becoming more and more common.”

      1. She’s smoking hot though so if she’s feeling cold let her cuddle up to me for warmth.

        1. I can’t help you with these questions, nor do I know anything about Israeli women.
          I’m just stating that I wouldn’t get involved with a woman of Ashkenazi descent.
          Personal preference.

        2. Unfortunately, Yes. The pile of shit you are referring is Indian. Shame on these kind of pussies.

      2. So you see the flip side of the argument here is that women should not work in offices with men. Why should men suffer the office being too hot – just to keep women happy. If women complain that it’s too cold – it logically follows that increasing the temperature will make men uncomfortable, sweaty and hot and bothered. It also follows that women are not always adequately dressed, skirts, stockings, silly shoes and etc. are not suitable. It’s not flexibility and common sense to just crank up the heating. It’s not sexist that the office AC is set at a good working temperature. That’s the temperature we work at – like it or work elsewhere.
        You take this argument and spill it over into say military or oil rig work or etc. Is the oil rig sexist because it’s too dirty or demanding for women ? Should they up the standards on oil rigs to match a 4 star hotel ? It’s not sexist it’s how it is. If women want warm and cozy working conditions, then let’s find them warm and cozy places to work. The local brothel springs to mind. 🙂

        1. Men master & manage their environment. Women demand concessions of men. Good old fashioned * cough* equality.

        2. The local brothel springs to mind.
          Human body heat transfer is very effective. She’ll be warm and toasty with you on top of her pounding away.

    3. I should be careful mixing dick and children’s diner in the same sentence….. not tasteful at all.
      That said I think this article misses the point.
      Women were biologically ‘designed’ – evolved to produce child one after another for 15+ years. Children (and also mothers) did not always survive very long so the necessity of having plenty of offspring was natures prerogative.
      In a more technological and better organized society that we have today, women (and men) do not need to have a dozen children to create a stable family. There is also less need for children to later care for their aging parents. Here in lies the problem.
      Having babies one after another from 15 to 35 kept women pretty busy and finished a fair few of them off completely. The rest 35-40+ were busy helping the younger ones give birth and take care of the young. They also had a huge work to run a home and cook and clean and etc. because the men were busy with a myraid of other heavy manual labor type tasks. So women were hell busy – as were men, hunting and building and etc.
      Today we have too much time on our hands – life is too easy. It’s only natural that women would want to be productive and occupy themselves. The problem starts when mixing women into male dominated roles, where male bravado, what people might call sexism and misogyny are in fact basic male tools for weeding out the feeble minded men (and women) and establishing a natural pecking order. Whether that be in the office or on the plains hunting buffalo, women, children, weak, lame, faggots etc. need not apply. Fair enough. Men challenge and goad each other to be sure that when the SHTF that their compadres have their back.
      The challenge is finding useful and productive pursuits that suit women without it impacting on men and interfering with male roles. Thus far the attitude has been that women should be invited into almost every possible role, even at the expense of men and at the expense of a companies performance. It’s not a productive use of women’s time and it’s damaging to men.

      1. “There is also less need for children to later care for their aging parents”
        There is *more* of a need for children to care for aging parents. You won’t see any dime from social insurance when you’ll be that age since all the social insurance services will have gone bankrupt long ago. And the costs for proper old age care are much bigger than they were 100 years ago. This means you need lots of kids to ensure you will have a dignified end. (Of course, this is not the most important reason to have lots of kids)

    4. That’s good stuff. I’m always looking for more ways to pop the “women are equal/I don’t need men” bubble that most chicks are in. And just as you said, the easiest way is to point out just a few of her everyday conveniences that were invented by….. men. Another I use is to say, “If women are equal to us, then why are virtually all workplace fatalities men? What gives women the audacity to bitch about getting their tits/ass looked in a comfortable office setting, while construction workers have to worry about getting maimed or dying, on the job? When YOUR equipment malfunctions, you get a man (ironically enough) to fix the copier, and you can have lunch while he does it. On the other hand, if a crane breaks down, someone is in immediate danger. Women are only as equal as men LET you be. We gave you your equality, so we control your equal-ness. It doesn’t matter if a woman makes a million a year. She is only on even terms with the man who fucks her face. That’s nature”.
      The first part makes them sympathetic, The second makes them feel shame for talking nonsense, and the last part can turn a seemingly normal woman into a raving lunatic. Along with what you pointed out, calling her girl names (sweety, babygirl, honey, pudding, pumpkin, etc) the whole time you’re talking to her, will make her realize that YOU control her emotions. After that, make sure you get your phone ready to capture the animalistic (consensual) fucking, just in case she wants to pull the “rape” card later on.

    5. You have a very clear and keen understanding of women. I have only in the past few weeks finally crystalized my observation of them as irrational emotional-driven animals. Everything they do is dictated on emotion and mood in the moment.
      That really explains everything that frustrates men. Why do they vote for Hillary? Trump scares them and she makes them feel good. Why do they flake? Their mood changed from the time they made plans. Why do they make bad decisions with men? They’re only bad decisions from a rational, logical, masculine point of view. From a female emotional view, each ride of the cock carousel has a clear cause and effect, driven by mood and emotion.
      This is why men (fathers) were in charge of deciding who their daughters would marry, not the daughter and horny young man. This is why there were male-only spaces that were to be kept free from their emotional input. This is why they were not given the right to vote, but men were. It’s not because men throughout history hated women. It’s because they understood them.

      1. I look at the Trump/Hillary situation this way; They wanted Hillary to give a middle finger to all the good men they cannot have. They secretly hate Hillary. OR they are performing some serious mental gymnastics to convince themselves they love Hillary. Women are very petty and vengeful. They are too stupid to realize this type of petty revenge is a fruitless pursuit but they are relentless.

        1. An angry man will destroy a woman to hurt himself. An angry woman will destroy herself to hurt a man.

      2. Great points and just to add. There is nothing wrong with emotion based reasoning which you suggest women possess from your empirical observations. Indeed there are times when emotional/gut feel reasoning can be better than logical thought. An example is in intuition and certain spiritual phenomena such as Extra Sensory Perception, Word of Knowledge etc.
        How does a woman understand her husband when he says all is okay logically but she ‘know’ all isnt? A knowledge which for example turns out accurate.
        Hence both are equal and with equal complementary gifts and predispositions from the Creator.

      3. 53 percent of white women voted Trump! However I have sympathy for your stance a lot of women are emotion driven even in politics, me I am security driven, but that is because I studied international relations. if I was American I would have voted Trump. Plus I lived in a very high crime country -South Africa so I don’t have rose tinted glasses! . But Sweden is a perfect example of why women shouldn’t vote – they have a self declared feminist foreign policy which is basically spend nothing on defence, sing kumbaya and expect everyone else in the world to join in holding hands!

        1. “53 percent of white women voted Trump !”. Really !? How do you know that ? How about the number of Black, Asian, Latino or in general, other women !!? And what problems “white women” (hereafter: ww) have with Immigrants ?
          Yes, there is indeed a problem for “ww” with Illegal Immigrants and/or Asylum seekers and/or Refugees, for simple reason; the already Bitchy, Arrogant, Entitled, Parasitic “ww” are facing competition for the “freebies and goodies” (don’t ask me for the big list, go and search on Google & Bing; by MEN) handed over by the State from the Tax Payers Money. Plus these “ww” will leech out their MAN, in every possible way !
          I know few of my local Brothers (Color doesn’t matter to me) who were bankrupted by their “ww” wives, apparently for no real/big reason(s). All these Brothers were Hardworking, Caring, Loving and Devoted to their Families. Shame on the one-sided legal system.
          MEN don’t hate (feminine) women, they adore them. If you are one of those “few” (feminine) woman, nobody here has any problem.
          I don’t even want to talk about the “other” Country you have mentioned: A country that’s been Pussified, have no respect, regard and “shamelessly ungrateful” for the MASCULINITY; despite the fact that every thing you use in your daily life (Technology, Tools, Utilities, Essentials, Science, Medicine etc.) are Invented, Innovated and Pioneered by MEN.
          Lastly, Trump didn’t won the Election because of support from “ww” or women in general. He won the Elections because almost every MALE in this Country SUPPORTED and VOTED for Trump; regardless of Party, Color, Race, Religion, Educated, Un-Educated, Poor/Middle class etc.
          And why do you think MEN supported Trump ? MEN are fed up of the femicunts and “vested interests” who are deliberately & desperately Humiliating, Insulting, Belittling, Accusing and Blaming MEN in every aspect; Society, Education system, Legal system, Media, Entertainment, Hollywood & TV Movies, Advertisements and what not ? Also the way every major news channel and websites addressing Trump as buffoon, joker and spewing venom with vengeance. MEN had it enough !!!

        2. That 53 percent figure has been bandied about by the democrat feminist contingent outraged that all women didn’t vote for Hillary on the basis of her gender and calling those alleged 53 percent of ww traitors. Women don’t vote on the basis of gender either, well most don’t anyway. I only quoted that statistic because it has been put out there and to illustrate that not all women supported the ‘feminist ‘ option either! To answer your question yes I am one of those feminine women who has always been treated with respect and kindness by the men in my life and I treat the men in mine in the same manner. I support a men’s rights organisation in the UK called justice for men and boys run by a guy called Mike Buchanan who is standing for public office on that platform. A level playing field is essential for the future happiness and security of both sexes not to mention the futures of millions of unborn children who will be deprived of fathers. By level playing field I mean equality in law not special privileges for women and no quotas in jobs for women, candidates to be judged on merit not to fulfil gender quotas of some kind. More woman than you imagine are on your side. We are meant to be partners in life not pitted against each other. Really capable women do not need quotas and special privilege anyway, it’s insulting.

        3. Politically I guess men are the biggest threat to the globalist agenda, women are more easily silenced with emotional appeals to their ‘humanity’. That is the real reason men have been undermined for decades, femenists have just been one of the many unwitting, useful idiots used to further the aims for a borderless, globalised world that benefits a business / banking elite.

        4. 1 Timothy 2:13-14
          13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve. 14And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.
          I maintain that the reason for the feminist agenda is so that its easier for the global elites to rule the world again by putting ladies all major positions of authority. I mean personally I hv no issues with woman leadership but I am just saying what if all countries, states, cities had female leadership? It could become easier for the elites to control as opposed as if there was equal representation of women and men so that women help put men in check (esp in areas such as egotistic decisions) and also men help put women in check.
          Women and men are really supposed to work together!

        5. I agree. The battle of the sexes is not new, but the pendulum has swung too far in women’s direction at present. Sweden is dominated by women politically and look at that political and social disaster!
          Margaret Thatcher aside, female politicians seem far less security oriented and more easily manipulated via humanitarian issues. Feminism has been the useful idiot for advancing international communism/globalism, by disarming men.
          I imagine early feminists themselves are horrified at how 3rd wave feminism has evolved. They wanted equality in law and to no longer be male ‘possessions’, which hitherto had been women’s status for millennia. I can also understand why prior to the rise of nation states and industrialization, women were male possessions, as women needed male protection in order to survive in that environment. All the real power belonged to men in general (with few royal exceptions) and women could only use ‘soft powers of persuasion’. and their desirability. Females evolved to be particularly good at this, whilst males had superior physical strength, which in pre-industrial times meant power. I have seen the MGTOW movement argue that women are sacrificing male lives in war rather than their own and I would argue that men being deployed in battle first came about through men’s own priorities. Prior to the nation state kingdoms; fiefdoms or estates were ruled by men who would fight to preserve their lands and possessions including women and children (spoils of war) against other men. Everything belonged to men so they went to battle to protect it. In the modern nation state I agree that there is a disparity in only men going to the front line when they are fighting for the nation as a whole rather than their own estates and possessions. However how many soldiers in combat would prefer a woman at their side, having their back instead of a 6ft 5 male colleague I wonder? Whilst I believe that the sexes are equal in value we are not created equal in attributes, but rather have complimentary attributes.

        1. Well, the dichotomy is that men are using logic and women are using emotions. So it’s easier to explain women. Men are voting for a variety of reasons, prioritized by what is important to them. And remember that given a two party system, many are just voting against someone/something, rather than for them.
          I’d say it’s a mix of environmental issues, tax reform, social issues (ie fear of Trump reversing gay marriage, abortion, etc.–these are mostly white knight issues that don’t affect men), and fear of Trump’s lack of experience, or worries that he will build a Berlin Wall, or deport minorities, etc. I don’t really know anyone, outside a couple of older women, who were excited about anything Hillary was going to do.

        2. Women are more than capable of using logic in politics but most are uninterested and can’t be bothered to look at deeper issues or read anything other than mainstream media. It’s a kind of political laziness, easy to just take your opinion from MSM. But I’m female and voted to leave EU (political sovereignty is a red line), however I studied politics so had an interest. I read Breitbart and Gates of Vienna but must admit I don’t have any female friends who share my views! Most just are not interested in politics and on that basis they should not vote because they will not aquaint themselves with the facts sufficiently to make a logical decision…that’s when emotion may came into it.

        3. This is the most preposterous and mindless question. If at all there are any MEN who voted for democratic party, they voted NOT because of the “person or candidate”, but because of the PARTY (that is, even if the democratic party candidate is male or lesbian or transgender) !!!

        4. Bro, lets not demote our own fellows. Sure, there are Manginas out there, but we all know the fucking reasons behind (some/few) MEN behaving as Manginas. Let’s not entertain the person who is trying to “reason”.

    6. You really should go back to sucking dick. You’re a miserable excuse for anyone’s idea of a male. WHAAAAA!!!!

    7. You are a poor excuse for a human male. I know many better men than you, and much smarter women. We are not here to be wife material, we are here to lead our own individual lives which may or may not include relationships with men. Feminists are the reason women have the vote, the reason women can work, the reason women are now only paid 18% less on average instead of 50% less, the reason women can wear trousers and have reproductive rights. All of which are things men imposed. I am almost certain you require a psychiatric analyses and hope your mental illness is treated accordingly.

    8. Pulling married women is hilarious. I have a rule about not sleeping with married women, but it is damn fun to punish them for their behavior.
      Tell a girl you can see a mark where her ring was will cause her to look to check 90% of the time. Recording the entire conversation will allow you to lecture her, and when she threatens you, pull out the phone. Women are so stupid they can’t think even one move ahead, which is why they get ‘advice’ from their ‘girlfriends’ who get advice from shit like cosmo. I got one chick to drink out of a toilet after blackmailing her with such a recording. Pure gold.
      At that point in my life I had more than enough plates to clean up later that night, and seeing the cognitive dissonance as they tried to rationalize being degraded was anything other than a result of their actions was always worth more than a bang with drunken sloppiness. It got funnier when half of them were more turned on when I went psychopath on them. Gutter trash.

  11. “I fully expect the suicide rate of women of my generation to skyrocket in about 5 years from now”
    There was a brilliant comment a few months back with a thorough analysis of the potential for a looming mental health crisis amongst Western women. It really should have been a post if its own. I wish I could find it.

  12. “Feminists, and women in general, know that any man who actually allows them to regulate his behavior is not a man worth having in the first place, so they are only interested in men that see that the answer to feminism’s constraints is to ignore them in the first place.”
    That’s gold right there.

    1. Once we weed through the clusterfuck of bipolarity + counter-intuition that drives their warped ambitions, elegant explanations do indeed emerge.

        1. He posts some NSFW stuff, but most of it is pretty tasteful.

  13. Only now are we staying the pass the test


    1. Haha. Noticed that on the main landing page before reading the article. Editor must have gone for a dirt nap.

    2. My indirect mistake. I neglected to write an excerpt and whoever was editing slammed something in there fast. There’s a bunch of little settings we set in each article and I usually forget one.

  14. “The worst atrocities in history have been borne by both men and women alike, and it could be said that men have borne the heavier half, as they are usually expected to die before defeat in war, whereas women, although they get raped by the conquerors, at least get to live.”
    Most women think feel rape is a worse crime than murder though. An unwanted penis in their vagina is apparently more painful than an unwanted knife in their bowels.

    1. Most women think
      You lost me there, bro.
      Most women *feel*, that I’d buy.

    2. “An unwanted penis in their vagina is apparently more painful than an unwanted knife in their bowels.”
      They’ll find out just how painful that “unwanted penis” can be when they have an ‘encounter’ with their PC Muslim ‘lovers’. (As European women are finding out now.)
      Me? Could care less, NFG.

      1. With muslim men they’ll get both the penis and the knife once they disobey or something.

  15. Wait I’m not allowed to hate myself? Next you’ll say I’m not allowed to dress up like Buffalo Bill in my basement and listen to “Goodbye Horses”. How many points for that?

        1. I can’t take a 5 post wonder Sirius. Sorry man.
          “A joke”, the standard retort when called out for making a poor comment.
          Hope your day goes well.

  16. Shit tests would be adorable in a non-feminist non-gynocentric environment. But in a feminist-gynocentric environment, it just makes me hate the guts of all women everywhere. They say “don’t stick your dick in crazy.” Well I don’t want to stick my dick in stupid and evil, either. Until feminist gynocentrism is gone, I’m not playing the game. Which I’m afraid is what the devil had planned, but what can a decent human being do when he finds out he lives in a murderous cannibalistic society? I cannot in good conscience aid and abet the further existence of the shitty society in which I find my self.

    1. Nothing wrong with stupid girls. They’re easily guided and dealt with, and if she’s pretty, well, you’re just getting gravy.

      1. Yes, GoJ, I see your point. Evil and crazy are one thing, but stupid is another. At least to a certain point. I don’t think we want a girl so stupid that she burns the house down, but otherwise, yeah.

        1. Right. Obviously we’re not talking about total retards.
          But a happy, bouncy ding dong type of broad who laughs at everything and has no ideas in her pretty little head outside of what lipstick color to use? I really like that kind of gal. Not that I don’t like smart girls, but my general experience is that the smarter the girl, the more she’ll be a pain in the ass in your life.
          That being said, I married a smart woman, but she’s so freaking traditional that she uses that intelligence to organize home life and make things easier. This is NOT the norm generally speaking.

        2. I prefer more self sufficient broads. Country type girls. They tend to be more traditional though, and don’t get whiny at little bit of mud, nor indignant at cleaning the fish you caught (or helping you catch it). Besides, there are few things sexier than a chick who can drive nails at 300 yards with a Winchester Model 70 (assuming she’s fit too).

        3. Smarter girls eventually believe they are smater, and perhaps they are right, than you and become contemptious. Saw it happen with a friend of mine. They never actually do anything of note, but won’t let you forget they are mensa material. It’s funny to watch.

        4. I noticed women who were concerned about IQ, usually had siblings and were competing for dads attention.
          Just my observation.

        5. Possibly. My older sister is a Mensa member with a reported score of 172. Anectodal sample of just one in my case but plausible.

        6. Good for her. What does she do for a living?
          I have an old friend, in his 70s these days, who comes from a family of a few mensa members once tell me, “graveyards are full of former intelligent people who never did anything with it.” High IQ is nice, but grit and wisdom has a higher return.

        7. Women who insist they are smart, and haven’t actually done or led anything, are really precious. Usually it’s a beta provider who is giving them cover to hide behind.

        8. She graduated in Computer Science. Works in senior management in one of the IBM subsidiaries. Legit smart . Still prone to the typical female flaws we’re all familiar with. But at least she took the path of raising a family with a good man.
          I guess above average intelligence seems to run fairly consistently in the family. I’ve never taken the Mensa test myself but I’m satisfied to have punctured holes in a few of her logical fallacies.
          As you accurately pointed out, grit & wisdom takes a person pretty damn far. I’ve made my set of mistakes & will probably make many more. Wisdom knows not to repeat them.

        9. Bingo. They are much to smart to do menial labor. Thats why she is going back to college to get her masters/antoher BA while pissing around with a few hours of volunteer work while the beta mule works to pay the bills. Some are simply leaching off daddy and waiting for him to croak to collect her inheritance.

  17. Luke, 3rd wave feminism is not a shit test. It is a para-suicide– a form of suicidal behavior that stops short of the mark. It is not about anything other than annihilation: of the woman herself, of the world/culture she lives in, and of the future. It is less concerned with men than you would believe. We just become collateral damage. I live and work in the core of these ideas (academia), and I promise you– the point is destruction. Not justice. Not political or social equality. Not dignity. Not the betterment of women or their access to opportunity.
    It is about annihilation. Of everything.

    1. it’s mainly about shaking a fist at God, on account of creation, period pains etc.
      Other than that it’s about fisting. You can probably combine the two varieties

      1. I know all too well the kind of pain and desolation this ideological pestilence causes. Just remember– you are not the one that is crazy.

        1. My command of English is far from flawless, but I’ll try to underline the main points of the book.
          So, long story short…
          He claimed that Socialism developed to its utmost consequences inevitable leads to utter demise of human species when fully applied on every human been.
          He identifies the Thanatos instinct (the instinct of death) as the main contributing factor in shaping the very idea of Socialism trough the history.
          In order to prove the case, he quotes many known and less known thinkers and from the past showing that the socialism is not some isolate phenomenon of human thought but actually pure counterpoint to the idea not only Liberty, but the individuality by itself.
          Only when I had read this book I fully realized that former Socialism in the Eastern Europe had been belonging to the so called Wittfogel’s “Asiatic despotism” and it was not true Leftism currently seen in the West.
          At least, it was true Socialism from the time of October revolution to the conservative reforms of Stalin in the beginning of the 30’s.
          To conclude, the destructive tendencies of Equalism (as the purest form of Socialism) to the society are the feature, not a bug.
          Hope I was helpful.

        2. I have been reading and absorbing this work bit-by-bit all day. It is exceptional thinking and analysis. I am always humbled by the writings of Soviet dissident philosophers. They witnessed something truly demonic. That they kept the strength of will to write about it is genuinely heroic. Humanity owes them a debt of gratitude.
          Shafarevich’s pain and heartbreak are the subtext to every word. Wish I could let him know that I see it.
          One thing that jumps out at me is that the “revolutionary” shock troops were actually told the truth– socialism is just about death. They were trained to fetishize death, to keep it in their hearts as the sacred goal.
          These creatures were the enemies of all life– then and now.

  18. Feminism is a giant shit-fest, but only from women’s point of view. It’s a deadly serious business for globalists dead set on governing us through matriarchy.

  19. The article reminds me of a memorable comment I read on the ‘net. Most men in power and influence are nerds who didn’t amount to much in their past. How did they get to the top? “Girls didn’t find them attractive, so they threw themselves in their studies”. The same can be said concerning feminists. A person can go far in life because of a massive chip in the shoulder. So why would anyone take seriously a disreputable and pitiful minority of women who most people won’t stare at twice? The only time those unfortunates should be put in their place is when they start acting as stooges for their respective governments and begin affecting people’s day to day lives to a negative extent. People will basically be behaving like they always have since time immemorial and no amount of feminism is gonna change this. Feminism is like the clump of turds that you avoid when crossing a street. It’ll disgust you and make you cringe but after that you don’t think about it at all.

  20. Wait up, so you’re automatically on the Beta scale for not having been drunk? I drink, but what if drinking just isn’t your deal?
    I scored +50 for having Facebook and playing games, which I suppose would make me a MicroBeta. But fuck all that – Facebook is to keep up with old friends, nieces, nephews, cousins etc and other people that I’m not going to talk to but every so often. Gaming is my industry now, and it’s treating me well. I’ll take the +25 Beta points for what I’m being paid.

    1. Very Nice. More of a tournament burgeoning player at this point. I imagine if I were a trained fighter from a young age, I would likely just fight instead of play fighting games.
      I rarely game, but when I do it is as a reprieve from writing. Or I just use the console for Netflix, blurays, and Hulu.
      EDIT: I originally read the no girlfriend as me having negative points just for not having a girlfriend. I’ll take that hit if it means my nights and weekends are freestyle with whichever girl I want. Or to just rest or do things on my own.

      1. Hey, we can’t all be Perfect Alpha right? /s
        Having your time to yourself is worth the +25 Beta points you receive for not having a steady girlfriend

    2. That was parody you got that right? Alpha’s don’t take internet quizzes on what makes a man alpha. They already know they are alpha because the pussy is constantly reminding them.

  21. Feminists complain about patriarchy? Two reasons.
    1) The thirst, degenerating men from an alpha-provider male to either “alpha” gamers or “provider” cucks. Hypergamy is PISSED.
    2) Their inner knowledge that no matter how hard they work, men are just naturally superior. Matriarch is PISSED.

  22. How does the writer define shit test? Feminism is much bigger than a shit test IMO. Feminism is a tactic to criminalize male sexuality.

    1. Don’t you have some housework to attend to, cupcake?

  23. Absolutely fantastic article, yes they want female supremacy not equality.. I have long thought about an additional point related to the following from the article:
    Ultimately, women DO still need and want men, they just don’t want to be bothered by inferior men, and third wave feminism does a good job of convincing the betas to stay away until they are wanted for their paychecks by post-Wall NASCAR-style wrecks of women. my opinion, this effect is much magnified by (forced) multiculturalism. There is a racial sexual hierarchy as much as the lefties would like to deny it, and when inappropriate multiculturalism is forced on western countries, it widens the gap between the desirability of men and women living in that space. So these rules to stop women being bothered by inferior men become necessary in this new, sick society where in a previous more homogeneous society they were not needed. The more multicultural places in the world I have traveled through or lived in have more of these bitchy unspoken rules shit-testing men.

    1. They don’t deserve the best men. They don’t even deserve to categorize men as “inferior”. We need to revert back to normalcy when 80% of men were banging the 65% of women. The whole 80-20 thing is an peversion

  24. I am female and a feminist. But I don’t hate men, I swear. I am not a lesbian, I have no tattoos, no do I have relations with my my dog.
    Seriously though, I wish everyone can get along better. I believe in equal rights and opportunities, but I also believe that men tend to be better at many things than women, and vice versa. I wish we can all accept our strengths and weaknesses, and learn to work together.

    1. The “accept our weaknesses” side of the ledger has not been honestly addressed by a great many American feminist women. And aside from what they’ve naturally done very, very well for eons, their so-called “21st century strengths” relative to men have been inflated grossly. These people are just looking for an empty ego boost and free power. We have no room to maneuver in this scenario. No quarter can be objectively given under these conditions. We (men) have a world to run and no time for games.
      But as you may already know, the kind of women who ignore these truths never know when to shut their mouths.

      1. Yes, that is true. I just hope that people realize that those who describe themselves as feminists aren’t ALL a bunch of screaming shrews.

        1. Any irrational hardliner (male or female) has a very difficult time getting any genuine traction, so they scream a lot. Male-female equality exists on the law books and in real moments that we share…but I rarely see the kinds of women who excel in these moments claiming it as any sort of “feminism.” There is a humble strength that most 3rd-wave feminists would scoff at. I live in a city where there is no shortage of “quiet strength” in women — they just go do stuff and get work done and understand how the world operates. They’re not trying to turn it upside down with petty drama and showboating behind a “movement” — they just go day-to-day living by a blend of traditional/modern codes of honor and ethics.

        2. That is very true. Most hardliners tend to be intolerable.. It can apply to almost anything, such religious extremists. people with addictions, etc.

        3. Fully agree…this is where we find some nice common ground. Because ultimately, men and women getting along is a good and beautiful thing. Might sound corny to some, but the future of the human race relies upon it. Compared to that noble goal/ideal, today’s SJW/feminist bandwagon looks like a huge distraction and a circus of mental illness.

  25. That dyed red chick needs to be fucked in the face. Don’t know who she is or what she’s bitched about, but she’s probably so pent up some cock in herr yap would calm her angry tits fast.

  26. I stopped reading at the infographic because of the strange definition of beta. There are fat-ass alpha’s and even dear leader Trump never got drunk, just as two for instances.
    What all the rules of don’t approach women here or there are for is to create a feminist reality for more or even all women. Feminists have a certain portrayal of all men. Of course it’s absolutely false so they must come up with a way to skew the interactions of women with men so experience and feminist doctrine match. By creating rules that are then used to indoctrinate the respectful men are sorted out while the assholes, jerks, and players are sorted for. As a result the experiences of more and more ordinary women mimic the feminist narrative.
    Think about every thing they do. How they redefine rape, harassment, stalking, etc. They take what was once normal romantic behavior and turn it into some form of deviance.
    This article as it stands, considering these shit tests because feminists want the best men does jive with the other articles that make it very clear the hard core feminists are the women men don’t desire. It’s a logical disconnect. These women aren’t being approached anywhere. If the real goal was to make pretty and/or pleasant women bitter and angry with men the way the feminists are it makes much more sense. And sure to achieve that goal it should mimic a shit test otherwise why would normal women accept it? It should play off base instincts too. These sort of things work perfectly to that end.
    As normal women accepted these rules they accepted the feminist narrative more and more. They don’t meet “good men”. Why? They followed the feminist rules and decided to treat normalcy as shit tests. They sorted them out. Now they can be miserable with the feminists.

  27. Some points regarding your list.
    o Metal”fag”???? Not sure what that means. Are you calling fans of AC/DC, IronMaiden, Judas Priest (lead singer not withstanding) and Metallica fags???
    o Asocial – that is not a “beta” trait. Being unsociable (asocial, anti-social, whatever…) is an Omega trait. Betas will bend over backwards for their “friends”. Omegas (and there are different types/levels) don’t have friends and many of us don’t give a shit about this.
    o Hating yourself – Do betas even have those kind of thoughts? They seem somewhat happy with their plain jane or fat ugly wives and their fat, ugly, life draining kids. Once again, hating onself is an Omega trait. But those of us with the means to do so drown this out with cheap booze and high priced escorts.
    o 18+ & no girlfriend. Betas usually have girlfriends. Either plain, or fat, or ugly, or old bag girlfriends. And many guys without girlfriends have had this thrust upon due to external elements (lack of whatever genetic physical traits that causes a female to want a male). But some of us in that group are industrious enough to go out in the world and use our intellect to make enough money to be able to bang hot young girls under 30 for the rest of our lives.

  28. Good article, and I seriously doubt feminists ever got together to think it all through (i.e. a “master plan”), because a lot of women are starting to reap what they have sewn, and they are not loving it. Women with some semblance of a profession or career, but living alone with cats or living with a beta. All driven by emotion. They abso-fuckin-lutely can’t have thought this through.

    1. Feminism as an ideology was not created by women (they can’t even do that). It was the spirit of rebellion carried out by men who serve their master to further 1) destroy the family 2) slutify the women 4) make men weak so civilization/morality/ability to fight back is eradicated
      5) make more than half the population materialistic and worship material goods 6) depopulate the world as it is easier to control.
      The scary part – this is only one small part of their (elites) plan – meaning they have more and other devastating social engineering programs that have been in place for a long time.

  29. Brilliant thesis. I would just add that feminism disregards a biological imperative, which is the cause of the disaster you allude to as the suicide rate. As a biologist I encourage readers to investigate the terrible toll that not having children before her thirties has on a woman’s body. Also, this third wave feminism ultimately leads to a haremized dystopia, which might have been the goal all along…

    1. “As a biologist I encourage readers to investigate the terrible toll that not having children before her thirties has on a woman’s body” Do you have any specific sources we can look for?

  30. I’m getting this error message: “This page ( is currently offline. However, because the site uses Cloudflare’s Always Online™ technology you can continue to surf a snapshot of the site. We will keep checking in the background and, as soon as the site comes back, you will automatically be served the live version. Always Online™ is powered by Cloudflare | Hide this Alert”
    Feminazis trying to DDOS attack again? Hmmmm…..

    1. That was definitely a SJW/ FemISISt DDOS attack. These leftists are about as —DISHONEST— a bunch of haters there is.

  31. Modern men “owe” women nothing. And, no – women were not disadvantaged over history any more than men were.
    First and second wave feminism were every bit as hateful and elitist as third wave feminism. There was nothing “legitimate to bitch about” in either the first or second wave as women throughout history were protected and provided for and given safe environments in which to raise children – at a huge cost to men. Women are still to a huge degree taken care of by men – most can’t even do something as simple as pressure check the tires on their car.
    Men built civilization – women built humanity. We are engineered by thousands of years of evolution to perform these very different but equally important tasks..
    For centuries men and women performed the tasks nature appointed them for survival. Women were never “oppressed” any more than men were.
    Throughout history male lives were far less valued and men’s work was much more dangerous and difficult than women’s. The same holds true today. At present men are still expected to take care of women – even sacrificing their lives to do so if necessary. At the same time they are expected to be used, discarded, degraded and totally disrespected without ever uttering so much as a peep of discontent.
    Just look at the way men and boys are treated in the schools, universities, courts, media, home, workplace, medical system, and society in general – and no one cares, it’s simply expected.
    If baby girls were the ones with penises would hundreds of circumcisions be performed world wide every day with not so much as the blink of an eye?
    Seems pretty evident to me which gender is “oppressed” and suffers from “inequality.”

    1. Do you openly express these things on your public social media/networks? It would be great if you did

      1. Actually no. The reason being so many nuts out there. The only thing feminists hate more than men are women who disagree with their sexism and bigotry.
        I have gotten death threats from a lot of feminists who believe in “equality” and “choices” for women.

  32. Maybe I read it on here, or maybe someone told me it IRL, but “when men think with their dicks, everyone loses.” And that’s exactly how 3rd wave femtardism came about in my humble opinion

  33. Recently, an older woman living across the street from me moved out of her home, and apparently got rid of most of her belongings. The house is now being renovated, so I stopped by yesterday to get the lowdown. Apparently, the smell of cat urine and feces was so strong that the owners of the house are having to remove all the sheet rock and flooring. The only remaining interior of the house is the wall studs and concrete flooring. She had lived there about a decade or so. She drank all the time because I could hear her putting her recycling, beer bottles and cans, in the outside bin twice a week……..
    I cannot think of a more fitting example of the current day woman…….

  34. dude i got piss drunk at 5 years old, lost my virginity at 14, cut plenty of firewood with an axe, don’t have a facebook, workout / box x5 times a week but i like anime. what am i a beta phaggot now?

  35. The don’t deserve my effort to pass their test. They can eat shit and amuse me at my whim. They definitely don’t deserve the best. Non feminist women don’t even deserve the best as their hypergamy dictates, what makes them think they do. Oh that’s right, they don’t think

  36. I see a lot of butt hurt over the hilarious infographic – and it is quite amusing. I don’t drink anymore – but I still know that doesn’t apply to me when it saids “never got drunk”. I know people who like metal but the “metal fag ” thing doesn’t apply. Same with anime and playing video games. Those are referring to the worst archetypes: guys who define their existence by an external thing (men draw internally). Especially when anime fans tend to be gamegate fat fucks weabos who think being anti-sjw makes them badass alphas. Or some metal fags are “so edgy” because they are atheists or satanists and think they are some Valhalla headed bezerker and think that will channel through their “antifas” faux badassery. If you can’t understand that – then pull the stick out your ass.
    Whew this is most cussing I typed since becoming saved

    1. “since becoming saved” – That is the big difference. I don’t drink, have sex with other women, etc. That doesn’t mean I am a beta. The reason is the restraint comes from within, rather than from others, or an inability to do so.
      I believe it was Theodore Roosevelt who said “You have to be a man, before you can be a gentleman.” I am sure you met the obnoxious clown who thinks he has to pick a fight with everyone to show he is tough. That is fine, but it really shows a lack of maturity. On the other hand, there is the weakling that will avoid a fight at all costs. Neither of the two gets respect. Those who get respect are the gentlemen, those who are tough and ready, willing, and able to take care of a situation. On the other hand, they are self disciplined so they don’t fight when it is not warranted. Same with those other behaviors. They look at it and move on, not because they are scared, but there are better things to do.

  37. Funny picture, but a large part of being alpha is not caring what others think about you and reframing their shit tests to make them socially powerless. Always improve yourself, but tailoring hobbies or beliefs to what others find acceptable is the height of surrendering your agency and mastery to beg for approval.
    Their is a reason the drug addicted guitar player is not considered beta by women. Because he doesn’t care about their categorization, which is nothing more than a shit test. Modern women have never been taught to have discipline, so they are little more than emotions with a face. Emotions can be manipulated. Manipulate them.
    The reason women were treated like ‘shit’ and given no rights is precisely because you can pull a women out of a marriage for a one night stand. A creature so irrational that she would ruin the lives of all the people she claims to care about for the sake of, let’s be honest, a drug, can only be kept in line by fear. Dark triad men can only be kept in line by consequences. Hence why the bible defines adultery as a man sleeping with a married women (not prostitutes), but defines it for women as sleeping with any man period other than her husband, and prescribes death for them both.

  38. Convincing all females that they deserve alpha men is one of feminism’s most damaging accomplishments.

  39. A couple I didn’t understand : How comes 18 + and never having been drunk is seen as alpha/manly? It’s pretty degenerate if you ask me, alcohol taste like shit and people who drink it act like clowns half the time and blame it on alcohol.
    How come being more than 18 and never having a GF is beta? Not having a GF doesn’t imply you don’t fuck.

  40. I think it’s the second theory of the author – push past equal into special.
    Not just feminism, but LGBTQXYZ… groups. it’s never been about equal treatment, but special treatment. Finally they’ve both been bitch slapped by the most recent US presidential election.

  41. Hmm. One point I would ask you to consider is that, Have we reached ‘peak feminism’? A lot of young girls that I encounter don’t like feminists. Their perception is that it is man-hating. Milo (I’m not spelling his last name) from Breitbart claims that 7% of British women think of themselves as feminists. The backlash may already be in. Because if you hate men, you get no Dick/Cock. No wedding day and no babies. And for anyone who has pushed the pram of a baby that is not yours. Babies are women magnets, and for some reason. If a woman is the first amoung her sisters or group of friends to have a child, she has somehow won an unspoken game.
    With 3rd wave feminism and the institutionalisation of the feminism and women’s studies. Feminism has become ever more strident and pushed to the margins and as a result is becoming more and more desperate and rediculas with it’s demands. “Free tampons”, Paid maternity leave, state sponsored sperm donation for single women. Sperm donations for ‘Gold Star’ lesbians. “Gender inclusive newspeak, err I mean language for transgender people who are 0.06% of the population in the U.S. People will start to push back, and when that happens, I expect a raft of ‘traditional’ women to come out of the wood-work as well as the ‘moral majority’ who will feel like “sigh, now I can speak”.
    There is still a lot of girls whose singular dream is to get married and have a family like grandma did. Feminism is the giant handbrake that is stopping them from doing it. Sit back and relax. These women expect to be heard.

    1. These women are being heard.
      Why do you think many more women voted for Donald Trump than voted for Obama?

  42. Your first mistake is to claim that first and second wave feminisms were legitimate. They were just as repugnant and damaging. Women have no business in the voting booth. First wave feminism pushed for WW1, which caused the Holocaust and all the lives killed in WW1 and 2. I guess they wanted to kill of the industrial revolution baby boom and more productive men. They also promoted the stupid prohibitionism, that created a terrible drinking culture in the US that never before existed. All feminism is evil and must be rooted out and destroyed.

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