Stockholm’s “Feminist” Snow Removal Program Causes The Entire City To Shut Down

Convinced that previous snow plowing policies were “sexist,” the city government of the Swedish capital of Stockholm recently implemented a “feminist” system for clearing it. It ended in disaster and the city came to an absolute standstill. For a start, four times as many people than usual were hospitalized for snow-related injuries. Nearly as importantly, countless workers, most of them men, were prevented from getting to work. It would appear that the patriarchy-backed snow won, as local politicians ended up apologizing for the havoc-causing changes.

Havoc like this:

Forgetting that motor vehicles are often more impeded by snow than pedestrians (and create a greater safety risk), municipal resources, which had already been increased, were diverted to clearing bicycle paths and sidewalks and away from main roads. Areas like schools were also prioritized, which again ignores the frequently greater ease of walking in snow than driving in it, plus the longer distances car commuters face compared to children, mothers and other women walking to places. The situation is quite plainly moronic for a further reason: non-main roads and other parts of a city take up much more space, meaning that the Swedish capital’s snow removal teams were targeting a far larger, less densely used zone. To boot, this was all during a November already breaking records for snowfall.

The saga in Stockholm reads like an microcosm of feminism itself: an over-educated (meaning under-educated) group of leftists come together, create “data” based on feelings, and produce a plan of action that screws up an entire community. Feminists in Stockholm had previously complained that the thoroughfares cleaned up first and most extensively by snowplows were the ones heavily used by men. How they came to this conclusion is unclear but, given the shutdown of the city that resulted from the feminist changes, it wasn’t based on any solid reasoning. With private cars and public transport vehicles alike unable to move in many cases, the “female-friendly” snow-clearing ended up adversely impacting far more people, including women, than the old one.

Well done, feminists and white knights.

What this says about Sweden

Is it really surprising that one of the people responsible for Stockholm’s “female-friendly” snow plowing scandal, Mayor Karin Wanngård, is a feminist and career politician who first joined the council in her teens?

Because Sweden is perhaps the most concentrated welfare state in the world, not having people at their jobs and instead stuck in snow is a very bad thing. How can a country continue to pay such a large bill for handouts with elected representatives of the caliber of Stockholm’s trying to ruin things? Sweden is also home to a growing class of low-skilled migrant communities, including many tens of thousands from the most recent Mediterranean waves last year. Its recent migrant population is now essentially the same proportionally-speaking as states more typically associated with multiculturalism, such as Canada and Australia. And non-ethnic Swedes in Sweden tend to come from more troublesome cultures, compared to the more assimilation-friendly East Asians and Indians emigrating to Canada and Australia.

How Sweden intends to deal with issues like this while balancing urgent economic needs remains to be seen, especially with brain-dead initiatives like the snow plow fiasco taking precedence. Add to the mix the recent creation of a “mansplaining” hotline by a Swedish labor union and you start to see the “real” problems Scandinavia’s most basketcase society is trying to solve.

So who was organizing the snow plowing–and actually doing it?

Yup, you guessed it, it’s a man driving.

There’s no doubt that the feminist snow plowing scheme was an unmitigated disaster. And it’s also extremely likely that the vast majority of people tasked with clearing Stockholm’s streets are men. Oh, the irony. Not only do feminist politicians try to preference women in the removal of snow, they expect men to do the work in achieving it. Just as sanitation workers and garbage collectors are invariably male, don’t expect to catch too many female snowplow operators and other snow-clearing employees in Stockholm.

Wake up, Sweden

Swedish multiculturalism in action.

Stockholm’s snow removal catastrophe is emblematic of a country refusing to deal with its real malaise. While the men who built Sweden are categorized as would-be oppressors, Swedish society itself is close to breaking point. Even Stockholm’s central train station is now terribly unsafe and various city police forces have long made it known that they do not have control of many suburbs. In particular, Malmö, Sweden’s third city, and certain districts of Stockholm are notorious for ethnic ghettos, gang violence, rape, and other crime.

But no, mansplaining hotlines and not removing snow in a new, feminist way are the clear and present dangers most Swedes should fear at night.

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206 thoughts on “Stockholm’s “Feminist” Snow Removal Program Causes The Entire City To Shut Down”

  1. How long until the Swedish left blames men/Patriarchy for DELIBERATELY sabotaging this otherwise noble experiment? Either that or more tax revenue was needed to make it work. 🙂

    1. All that white snow choking the main arteries of Sweden. It is the analogy they have wanted. As soon as women tried to do things for their own benefit Sweden was beset by abject whiteness.

      1. How racist is snow!!! It should be black it enforces white privilege and this privilege clogged our roads and froze our country white!!! Also sperm is racist for being white, the same with milk and white blood cells!!!
        Good enough for yah?

  2. Sweden is a modern example of how prosperity eventually triggers society’s self-destructive tendencies.
    All throughout history, humans have generally been failing. We’ve been through countless wars, plagues, droughts, cold, heat, conspiring against one another and in general we have ALL developed the loser’s mind set. Like it or not, we are all descendants of losers. Life in the past was always a struggle.
    In Sweden society had somehow managed to almost eliminate all these negative events, and people are now left wondering if this is not all too good to be true and so they want to destroy it and go back to suffering.
    They want to be losers again.

    1. “Like it or not, we are all descendants of losers. Life in the past was always a struggle.”
      I get where you’re coming from, but doesn’t the fact that our ancestor’s survived and passed on their genes mean they kind of didn’t fail and won? And isn’t struggling to overcome more the mindet of a struggler and winner than a looser? Life was a stuggle, but isn’t it even more impressive that a bunch of ‘loosers’ had more crap stacked against them and still made life their bitch

      1. I remembered my philosophical teacher back when I was in high school saying the same thing. That most human beings today are descendants of losers.

    2. “All throughout history, humans have generally been failing. We’ve been through countless wars, plagues, droughts, cold, heat, conspiring against one another and in general we have ALL developed the loser’s mind set. Like it or not, we are all descendants of losers. Life in the past was always a struggle.” How are they losers? Too me it sounds like quite the opposite, our ancestors OVERCAME these problems…

  3. Women are childish, anticivilization. Women should be forbidden from any participation in politics.

    1. No! Women are not childish. Children have a potential to learn. Instead, WOMEN ARE FUCKING STUPID. They should be forbidden from doing anything of consequence. They can hardly cook, clean and manage a household. Don’t ever put them in command of anything of consequence, at the risk of endangering life and limb of others.
      But what’s more stupid than women — men who think that women are somehow capable of doing what men excel, simply because they have stronger feelings about topic, rather than reasoned understanding of physical realities of nature.

      1. Women are not inherently stupid. They just need to be led and that is why so many of them are currently lost. Men or society aren’t leading them, and without leadership they behave as insolent teenagers.

      2. LOL. I get the whole anti-feminist theme and all. Prove to me that you could run Trump’s campaign to victory better than Kellyanne Conway. Prove to me that my wife who speaks four languages, can clean my home, provide the rent while I go for an engineering degree, and is a PM4 with a computer science major, and a masters in Japanese technical translation is somehow inferior to you? Look man, I hate feminism. I’m also a non-custodial dad dealing with family court from a woman with a masters degree who certainly fits your decree. The Kellyanne Conways, and my wife, of the world are not. Proverbs 31 talked about an amazing woman who worked, took care of her family, and made bank on the side while her husband took care of business also. That is the relationship I got, and I won’t trade it for what you are advocating for. Get rid of male and female feminists, and their BS ideology, okay!!! Good for you. But I got two nieces, a wife, a mother, a 96 year old matriarch who loved the patriarch of our family for 64 years before he died. I’m not claiming NAWALT. But Many-WALT. Find one who doesn’t and tell her the one caveat is you don’t want the state’s involvement.

        1. Needles in a haystack. Just because a lion doesn’t eat you does not mean that saying lions are dangerous is wrong. Lions are dangerous and women are stupid. Maybe you found a lion that doesn’t eat humans.

        2. Non-Sequitur. Have some self-respect. Women operate under a non-binary code of self-preservation, and sexual selection similar to our own. Contrary to feminist ideology, circa 1930s brown shirt totalitarianism, women have always worked. This current celebration of cubicle drudgery as idealized self-worship is completely a feminist narrative. Not our own. Or perhaps I should say mine, as you seem very similar in logical forethought to a feminist.
          Let me explain, in case I lost you, to say that (lions eat violently)=(women abuse state power) therefore, (foregoing all contact with women of a more intimate nature)=(keys to masculine realization and self-fulfillment) is the same toxic logical error that so many lesbianic coven connoisseurs routinely identify with. Followed up with the implication of “I win!”
          Not so.
          If woman are stupid in their dual mating strategy of finding a man that is preferably well hung, smart enough, and capable enough, to earn a high paying salary or run a company; then men are equally stupid in marrying dumb sluts that do such pedantic practices. Because the man is merely judging on a similar set of shallow metrics.
          In conclusion, your “bold” statement of foregoing women because they are stupid, is a Forrest Gumpian maxim of “Stupid is, as stupid does.” Good luck with that.
          I’m gonna go fuck my lioness. Happy eating.

        3. What for? I have to prove nothing to anyone. And the only thing sadder than man need to prove something is the man looking for such proof to validate another for tangible reason.

        4. Why would @prepz has to prove ? you moron ! Go figure out the facts and then come back. She did nothing, literally nothing. Trump has her just to satisfy the Democrats, Pussies and Femicunts. Everything was done by MEN.

        5. You scum bag. We know very well about the Past & Present. You don’t need to bark here. Go and write you comments on femicunt sites, you faggot. (Words are intimidating, isn’t it ? My dear Mangina, You asked for it.)

        6. You are a rare and lucky man.
          Many women are festooned with degrees and accomplishments, but in the end they will still make decisions based on emotion and how nice it would be if…
          There are accomplished level-headed women out there, but they are by far the exception.
          Having said that, most men let these things happen because they want to have sex, and they believe that this will bring favor from the women. Wake up pajama boys!!

        7. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. I’m shaking in my boots you white knight mangina. You’re so pathetic, I’m not going to risk your suicide by insulting you. Hehehehe 😉

        8. She did nothing? You mean nothing besides kick your Queen Hillary of the Now Defunct USSA’s ass? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Go ahead, let that burn. Just burn baby! Hahahahahahahaha.

        9. LOL. That so? I don’t care what you prove. I just am very positive in my assessment that Trump would not have listened to either of us the way he listens to Conway. She outfoxed Maher, the Talk, and a bunch of others off the cuff, like it was nothing. After she verbally beat them like the hugging version of a verbal MMA beat down, they thanked her for it. Without Conway, Trump would not be president. No further discussion necessary.

        10. Thank you Jesse, there non- feminist, strong, intelligent, attractive women out there, who make excellent and supportive partners-you just need to find them. Be happy with your lioness, it’s what nature intended. Modern society allows the non alpha females to prosper with all the safety nets, in a harsher environment they would not proliferate as they do today and the same applies to less intelligent, weak men.

        11. True. On the one hand, charity is great because their descendants should not necessarily be held liable for one of their ancestors being weak, or having a severe run of bad luck. On the other hand, neither should the society they live in. People who morally posture about how good they are, and how they support the poor and weak, often do so only with their words and have NO CLUE what the poor and weak really need. Or could use. Again, the strong will have to carry them.

      3. Well said. Was about to say that ! They are FUCKING RETARDS, Useless (other than for Banging & Breeding aka B&B), Worthless and in essence, PILES OF SHIT !

    2. Here I remember when I was in school where we were told that all the civilization of the modern world was closed in Scandinavia (here meaning Sweden) I have come to understand that civilization today is understood as the great necessity to destroy civ.

    3. Look at any of the cucked countries in the world like Sweden, Australia, England, etc. and ask yourself “Does this seem like a good place to live?”

  4. Mayor Karin Wanngård, is a feminist and career politician who first joined the council in her teens?

    What kind of stupid government allows for teenagers to have any say in running anything?
    Apparently the minimum age to be an MP in Sweden is 18. No wonder that country is falling apart. They let people who have no clue on how to adult have the reins of power.

    1. Absolutely fucking right. They should not allow anybody to run anything until they are 35 at least and preferably male.

  5. I dont get it. How did the “feminist snow clearing system” work ? Not allowing men to do it or what ?

    1. I’m pretty sure they diverted resources to clearing sidewalks because women walk more than men, or something like that. Basically, they said men use the roads, so it’s not fair to clear those and not the sidewalks that are used by women.

      1. It’s funny because most men and women use public transport in Stockholm. So they basically shot themselves in the foot as busses and trains where out of business for several hours and women were stuck where they were at.

    2. When it snows all the Swedish women just tweet their feelings about it, write snarky comments on Jezebel, and then go back to eating Oreos.
      Or… they plow half and dye the other half green.

    3. Just thinking they know better. A man who had experience in handling harsh weather was in charge of clearing snow, and women thought they could do it better. Most men, like myself, are bright enough to know I know little about clearing snow, and it leave it to those with experience and knowledge.

    4. Supposedly more women than men walk and ride bikes, which too me honestly sounds like fishy bullshit, but that is beyond the point. As a result of these “statistics” they decided to plough bike and pedestrian paths first, then motor vehicle lanes.

  6. 60 minutes had a piece featuring the women’s soccer team claiming they should be paid more than the men’s soccer team. What Norah O’Donnell did not report was that the women’s team played more games(17), drew less attendance(244,132) therefore less revenue and the men still brought in more money(16/521,699). Women do not support women. So they want more money even if they did not “earn” it.

    1. That whole interview was loaded with softball questions and confirmation bias…here’s the summary:
      “We deserve more money, YAY, because…ummmm…we’re awesome! Case closed!!!”
      Fuckin’ idiots.

    1. Supposedly they’re not quite the world leader for rapes. (They’re trying!) They may be the world leader for stupid however.

        1. I’m positive they can make #1 if they keep trying.
          Erm… you know, Sweden is NUTS! 😀

  7. The national rape rate of Sweden has nearly tripled since you started letting these Islamic invaders into your country, yet sexist snowplowing thats the real issue for Sweden right? Haha good one.

    1. How dare you call them Islamic Invaders!!!
      They are REFUGEES!!!
      We got other problems like female equality and how dare they this women who falsely accuse those poor souls that ran away from corruption, death, war and poverty, and we the most disgusting and racist people of the word throw them to our most violent and poor suburbs condemning them to violence and destitution!
      Honestly I cannot satirize this anymore it comes always as too real for some bizzarre reason.

    2. tripled?
      “The Gatestone Institute says, “Forty years after the
      Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the formerly homogenous
      Sweden into a multicultural country, violent crime has increased by 300 percent and rapes by 1,472 percent”.

  8. Best way for SJW’s to realize the error of their ways is to grab a bag of popcorn and watch what happens when there are no more white knights to rescue them.

  9. Hahaha, great article about a hilarious situation. If you expand this on a larger scale, this is a preview of what awaits society if we don’t crack down on the backwards ideology of feminism.
    (At which point it will cease to be hilarious.)

    1. The problem is that, the social failures of feminism (and all destructive ideologies) causes a great deal of potentially good people to suffer unnecessarily.
      I used to laugh at stuff like this. Now I just get calmer, and angrier. Swedish men have to suffer such great shame, I can see why many refuse to accept that most of everything they were force-fed throughout their youth is a lie.
      More than anything, I want to see the young, capable men of western and Nordic countries to end this insanity.

    1. What else- feminism, leftism and other such degenerate ideologies. That’s what happened, of course.

    2. Roosh wrote a while back that while the most beautiful woman in the world is probably Swedish, the average Swedish woman today resembles a tattooed burrito. It’s probably the same thing that happened to American women, who used to be among the most beautiful in the world back when I was in high school in the 1980s.

  10. And here I initially thought the article was about feminists doing their equal share of labor by removing snow. Because of you know *cough* equality.

    1. It really shows the nature of feminism and what they really think of men. Denying them service by making pedestrian access difficult, they really think of men as subhuman.

      1. I’ve come to the point where this doesn’t even surprise me. I’m just curious as to what it’s gonna take for Swedish men to start tearing open the vaults where their balls are stashed.

        1. When I was younger I came to a lot of grief thinking that things would be easier between men and women if men just reasoned with and treated women objectively and fairly. I couldn’t understand how men who were successful with women routinely would dismiss them or husbands who had been married a long time to their wives in a traditional marriage would bark orders at them.
          Now that I’m older I realise that this was never the case, it was never what women wanted. Women need to be conquered, subjugated, they will not submit to what they see as an inferior man and this includes any kindness you show to them.

        2. Things would work better if men treated women fairly. And by fairly I mean not putting up with their shit just like they wouldn’t with a fellow man. The problem with women isn’t that they have been emancipated, but that we didn’t stop giving them the privileges they were entitled to in exchange for their subservience. You can be pretty damn sure that if we men stopped pandering to them and validating their slut behavior, 99% of them would go right back where they came from (aka: the kitchen) because it would be easier on them.
          Only a scant 1% of actually competent women would hang around and contribute to society like men do.

        3. When I was in my early 20’s I used to listen to a lot of women moan and bitch about their husbands/boyfriends etc and think they were in terrible circumstances. When I asked why they never did anything about it or left the men the women would become immediately defensive and backtrack saying how much they loved these men.
          Islam has it right in the court system with women. A woman’s word should require 4 male witnesses before it is taken seriously and even then with suspicion.

        4. Well put and so very true. Most of western womankind if offered real equality, and not the current culture of being made very aware of their rights but not the responsibilities inherent in having those rights, would run straight back to the protection of the nearest daddy they could find. Even under the currently burgeoning matriarchy many end up doing this when they hit the wall and/or their self-delusions stop working.

        5. To be honest, even most men would jump at the opportunity of not having to work for a living, with the only obligations being cooking 3 good meals a day and watching over their own children (if there are any).
          Fuck, even I would sign up for that. Taking care of your own home and your own family is actually pretty fucking awesome.

        6. Quite the slump from Viking raiding & pillaging to duking it out with Russia centuries later to running a dominant steel industry to …now.

        7. I suspect you are correct. In fact I know you are and I’m a woman. Western civilisation is failing particularly in Europe not only because the ruling liberal elite do not have the best interests of the native Europeans at heart, but because real men are prevented from doing anything about it by the ‘left wing’ inferior men and feminists holding the reigns of political power. However you can take the male/ female thing too far…Marine Le Pen has more courage than any lame French male politician, there are always very notable exceptions.

        8. I have an old friend who took the house husband route. He’s quite lazy and feminine and tells me he loves it.

        9. I agree, and I am also a woman. Can’t say I personally agree with all of Le Pen’s politics, but she deserves respect for having the courage to stand up in the face of adversity. Problem is women (myself included) who don’t buy in to the current narrative, are lambasted right alongside our male counterparts. Sisterhood my ass.

        10. I’m not even interested in so called sisterhood in politics… personal relationships yes but politically gender has no role to play, it’s all about policy and national interest.

        11. Nor am I. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I was being facetious. The SJWs of the world like to screech about “wimyns” issues as though we are one homogenous group. The minute you disagree with them they suggest you are a victim of the patriarchy, or naive, or self loathing etc etc… As though you are some aberration rather than (gasp!) a WOMAN who disagrees with their misandric, infantile worldview.

        12. Unfortunately these ignorant but self aggrandising and largely inferior women make up the bulk of the education system and academia. Even those who don’t buy in wholeheartedly are virtue signalling to keep their positions. The rest of us real women are too busy doing real jobs or bringing up families. Not to mention the fact that many conservative minded females are silenced by the tyranny of Political correctness .

        13. Couldn’t have said it better myself! Real women are too damn busy living their lives to bother looking for perceived “injustices” and propped up social issues. The problem is, the mere fact that you and I simply don’t have time or inclination to scream all over social media means these twits we speak of and their so called problems are vastly over represented in the public conscience. Best to you and your family my friend. Keep busy 🙂

  11. While it’s easy to point the finger at women in this case, it’s really the result of a western culture-wide phenomenon where everyone has become a critic of what everyone is doing and how they ought to do it, yet no one wants to stick their neck out, roll up their sleeves, and do it themselves, just to see what it really takes to accomplish tasks normally taken for granted (i.e. running water that arrives at your faucet, clean, at a temperature of your liking, just by the turn of a handle). The hyper critical society that’s been created, in conjunction with the increased narcissism, has made the idea of failure psychologically debilitating. There was a good article lately about the consequences of the “zero-defect mentality” and this is an example of how that applies. Snow removal wasn’t “perfect” so they had to try to make it perfect only to, in turn, make things much worse.

  12. Knowing Swedenstan they’ll probably just blame the Russians or the ‘radical right wing males’

  13. I think Sweden is in some kind of competition, with itself of course, to see what new completely idiotic idea it can try next.
    Trouble is, I think the prize for winning is no more Sweden.

  14. Well, I hope Stockholm’s feminist air traffic control system fares better
    Might want to invest in a hard hat if that happens

  15. Could you imagine women organizing and trying to remove all the snow. They would argue about where to put it, and they would argue about who should shovel which portions. And the ugliest girls would try to make the prettiest girls shovel the snow in the shittiest parts of town. And all the snow would melt before they got done arguing about it, because most of them would be trying to argue while simultaneously texting their orbiters and fuck buddies. Then they’d blame the men for all of the problems caused by the snow. And then they’d all go shopping and stop along the way to blow a few immigrants. And they’d get some coffee. They love coffee.

        1. Grazie…I like these better than the Modern Beta ones, but it’s all a matter of taste. Or lack thereof.

        2. Dude, you’re an artist. This is going to be in museums some day.

        3. I bet those would fly off the shelves. If I win the lottery I would do things like print up copies of fake mags like this just to see if women buy them. Probably need a celebrity on the cover to really sell it though, or at least a fake instagram one.

      1. Hasn’t she heard yet that pumpkin spice is the latest White girl trendy copycat food? Peanut butter (along with bacon) is so 2015!

        1. Peanut Butter and Bacon are TIMELESS! I’ve been doing that for brekkie for fucking AGES!!!!!

    1. Female solidarity in the form of meme poetry!
      Quite accurate and true.
      I do not remember who said it but one man once said that feminists are men who hate women as much as women do… Quite true.

    2. Fucking goddammit, Bob! I eat tuna on the daily, now I have to think about some pussy that’s been used and abused by every “cool accent” under The Sun when I do! You couldn’t have said “rotting goat” or something to that effect instead?

    3. Of all the comedy gold your magazine covers have produced, the Dog Socks is, like, the Pele of LoLz. I’m gonna be giggling about that all weekend.

    1. I see an educated woman (she’s a nurse) who obviously works out and is using a hula hoop. THE HORROR.

        1. If you have to ask, then you’re better off not knowing. Ignorance is bliss. Kind of.. 🙂

    2. ‘Lord, please give me a quick merciful death in the unlikely event I ever require critical emergency treatment from this empowered skank’

  16. I’ve dealt with women for many years. I came to the overall conclusion not long ago that, although there are some exceptions, the grand majority of females are true sociopaths. Even in the smallest ways. I mean, just one week ago, I witnessed two females at a bar walk up to two guys, get them all excited because they talked to them, and then had the guys buy them drinks. As soon as they got the drinks, they took off. The two guys looked very sheepish all the sudden. Nothing new, seen it happen all the time. The reason why guys fall for it is because common sense says that no decent human being would rip someone off for drinks like that. I would feel horrible if I went up to a fat girl, pretended to like her, get her to buy me a drink, and then run off. I have a conscience and just wouldn’t do that to someone. But females will do it to men. It shows you their true viewpoint of men.
    It’s the way their brains are wired. Don’t ever feel sorry for a female for anything. Until society changes, men have ZERO obligation to females for anything. I’m talking about, if some female is getting robbed or beat up near you, run away. Do not try and save her. The elites via the central banking system, took your society from you and handed it over to women. Women gladly took advantage of it. So do not lift a finger for a female ever. Only for your fellow man. It’s amazing how the jews that infiltrated our society were able to give so much privilege and specials rights to a human species that has a hole between its legs and is physically and mentally inferior.

    1. The guys should have been wise enough not to buy them any drinks. But betas easily fall into this trap thinking they can buy a womans attraction.
      An excellent way to deal with such a situation would be as follows:
      Her: “How about you buy me a drink?
      You: “How about I write you a cheque?

      1. Of course there are women who will take advantage of some sap buying them free drinks. But, truthfully, most women dislike it when strange men buy them drinks. It puts them into the awkward position of
        a) feeling obligated to awkwardly converse with some stranger
        b) turning down the drink, and risk being called a bitch a dyke, or paradoxically, a whore(?)
        Save your time and money and don’t buy a woman drinks unless you want to and there’s an obvious connection. Just buy drinks for someone you already know, be it female or male, if you are feeling generous.

    2. Either you are a sociopath or not. No just in “small ways”.
      And there are way more male than female sociopaths.
      Oh, and guys…QUIT BUYING STRANGE WOMEN DRINKS. It is THAT simple. Really, it is.

      1. Citation?
        – Glibness and Superficial Charm
        – Manipulative and Conning
        – Grandiose Sense of Self
        – Pathological Lying
        – Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
        – Shallow Emotions
        – Incapacity for Love
        – Need for Stimulation
        – Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
        – Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity
        – Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle
        With the exception of the “Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity”, all of these traits are much, much more common in women than in men from both the observations of myself, and those of ghostrider

        1. Define “reputable” if I really wanted to be reputable, I would find a study that requires a paywall to access, something that I highly doubt you have the ability to bypass.

        2. Kudos for editing your comment in a way to make you appear less stupid.
          Also…citation? Or is this some BS you made up?

        3. A lot of sociopath behavioral characteristics are just the norm for women since many of them are built into women as a result of needing to survive; they are diagnosed as sociopath if they are found in men.

      2. You’re saying, that displaying many common characteristics of sociopathy is not significant, because one must possess every single characteristic in order for the concept to apply?

        1. The first part of your comments say there is no middle ground on sociopaths. You are, or you aren’t. Seemed pretty clear to me.
          I predict you are going to try to go for the semantic argument riiiighhht… now.

        2. Most of us at some point may exhibit a few of of the behaviors of a sociopath here and there. However, it IS a serious mental illness, and I don’t think it is fair to label someone a sociopath just because they are sometimes a jerk.

        3. That’s not what he was doing. He is not talking about people being “sometimes a jerk” and that is really just a dismissive twisting of words.
          He was describing a consistent pattern of behavior over what he figured to be a large enough sample size of interactions. Is he a clinical psychologist qualified to diagnose sociopathy? I doubt it. But when he read a description of characteristics what a sociopath is, it sounded familiar and decided to share. That is completely fair.
          Also, the small things are worth paying attention to. You’d be a fool to ignore them.

      3. There are way more male than female sociopaths, you can get all angry about women doing minor stiff like scrounging drinks, but the major sociopaths like Stalin, Mao , Lenin et al who oversaw the slaughter of hundreds of millions were male. Just saying cut women some slack we are not the enemy.

    3. Was literally in the exact situation you described a couple months ago. Me and some friends had just walked into a bar and gotten a seat and these two fuckin skanks come over and are all like “you guys should buy us drinks” in the playful flirty way your typical barslut acts when she wants something. I ask them to buy us drinks first and they tell me they have no money so i come back with “then why the fuck are you here?”They act all offended and shit and start to wander off and ofcourse the cuckboi of the group runs right after them and spends the next 10 minutes buying their attention. We stayed there for about an hour and some dude offered me a chaw so i took it and filled up a highball glass a quarter of the way with dipspit. Realizing i couldnt let an opportunity go to waste i pour some beer in it along with whatever was left of the empty drinks around me, threw a cocktail straw in it and found the girl i called out. i walked up and told her i was sorry for being so rude earlier and that i got her a drink to make up for it. Then i handed her a nice tall dip spit cocktail, said goodbye and walked out. lol i watched her drink it from the outside window and she about lost her shit when she realized what it was.
      Maybe next time shel learn not to take drinks from strangers lol

    4. Excellent observation, so true. And yes, MEN should not help or support pussies. They claim that they are Independent, Empowered, Strong and doesn’t need MEN, aren’t they !?
      Also, these Jews tried hard to prevent Trump becoming President. But the Supreme Being (GOD) showed his Power.

  17. Lol. I read they added 36 women to a California fire fighting team because it was allegedly biased and forbidden to women. Good bye California. Our country will be better off when the precious snowflakes cause you to burn to the ground. Evil destroys itself in the end. Apparently so does feminism and left wing ideology.

        1. Too many people let Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife’s village raise their children.

    1. I recall something similiar happening in NYC after said woman failed the standard tests and were forced to take her anyway because– vagina. She didn’t last 2 weeks before getting injured.
      I could care less about said snowflakes, but not when they are put in roles way over their vag that will get others injured or killed. The worst part about vag firefighters– they get injured on the job they are NOT qualified for and then go on life long disability at tax payers (read men) expense.

  18. This is what would happen if feminist ever got 100% of what they wanted a complete standstill of modern society.

    1. Problem is, there is no 100% of infinite. They will always think of something new to complain about and want.

  19. Let women shovel their own driveway. They will last about 10 minutes before they give up and cry.

    1. You can actually see this happen in Canada. Proud, strong, free, independent gals can afford houses on their own, best time to buy that empty nester is high June!! Come January it’s quite comical to see all those shitty cars stuck in their own driveways.
      I’ve read enough on here over the last year…gonna start White knight plow services.. paint that Chevy blood red and charge fairly exorbitant prices.
      Thanks ROK!!

      1. Some chick in Boston had this problem. She posted on Tinder that she needed a guy to shovel out her car in exchange for nothing.
        The sad thing is she got responses.

        1. I remember that; all kinds of schmucks came to her rescue.
          Alas, if a man did that, it would have immediately been branded the routine “douchebag/awkward/creeper” tropes.

  20. Sweden has once again proven that they are the most spineless and pathetic nation on earth.

  21. Time to get in the holiday spirit…
    Oh the weather outside is frightful
    But your pussy’s so delightful
    And as you and I both know
    You’re a hoe, you’re a hoe, you’re a hoe…
    It doesn’t show signs of stopping
    It’s so wet it needs a mopping
    The lights are turned way down low
    You’re a hoe, you’re a hoe, you’re a hoe…

      1. “early as importantly, countless workers, most of them men, were prevented from getting to work.”
        Corrected. Yeah just caught this and typed. I’ll edit and I think that might be enough internet for tonight.

  22. And here I thought I was going to see Viking women wuppin’ hordes of them migrants into shovelling the snow. Riiiiiiiiiiight.
    Men get a pile of bricks and build a city. Women’s influence reduces a city to a pile of bricks.
    And “educated” – puhleeez stop using that word for “forced public schooling”, the opposite.

        1. I may be wrong, but my guess is they’re all thinking: “Now I’m gonna get laid! FINALLY!”

    1. Don’t these cucks realise that the shirts were made by some 12-year-old Chinese or Bangladeshi girl for $0.01?

    2. I think there’s more testosterone in a kindergaten class than in that room right there.

    3. They should be fired from their jobs for blatant displays of sexism. I wonder what their names are…

  23. These types of women just see men as objects, in this case snowplows at their beckon call. Far be it for them to actually try to remove snow on their own on a mass scale, that would be taking the initiative thus gaining respect. The last thing feminists understand or want is to gain a man’s respect, why? Because it takes real work, time, energy and actual results, it’s just easier to divorce them, raise their son’s as beta males and turn them into slaves.

  24. Global society when the governments can’t even run a local society properly. Freaking matriarchy begging to be screwed over.

      1. I think you mean colossal… Or Abysmal… Maybe even Dismal.. In any event, Dismal is what that amounts to…

  25. Julian Assange astutely summed it up in 1 sentence: “Sweden is the Saudi Arabia of feminism” The feminist cesspool that is Sweden is rivaled in male hatred and sheer stupidity only by the likes of coastal states of America…

  26. Wasnt the Swedish Chef always chasing clucking hens with a meat cleaver? Theres a metaphor buried in that

  27. I have never…heard shit like this in my LIFE. Seriously….are the people of Sweden fucking INSANE?

  28. The real problem here is not “feminist” snow ploughing, however silly that may be. We used to have streets as well as pavements and bicycle lanes cleared in no time at all, every winter up until not so many year ago. (Because, you know, snow falls on the streets every year, no surprise, so all it takes is a little bit of planning and organisation.)
    Then we got NPL — New Public Management — and in line with its doctrines, all kinds of private contractors where hired (by bidding procedure) to provide essential services. The result on the whole has been disastrous, not only when it comes to snow-clearing, but also railways, public transport, education, etc.
    So while feminism is certainly destroying Swedish society too, the main culprit in this case is neoliberalism gone mad in the public sector. These two evil ideologies, while seemingly different, often come hand in hand.

  29. 90% of this behavior is enabled because men do not step up. the standards are so low and everyone feels so ‘good’…disgusting.

    1. And I have work for you looking over this small table to the other side. Don’t worry when you feel a massive amount of pressure. No, I won’t be buying you any shiny things after I’m done.

      1. It seems our good brother Jesse hit an important point . Well , though my fellow brethren vehemently oppose the idea that all women are not the same , the case of the good lady Kelly Conway seems to stand out as a powerful contradiction to that notion . I sincerely believe USA would be a better country if there were more women like her contributing to the society instead of dancing to toxic feminist ideology.
        Btw Bro , I suppose you were replying to stay at home Tiff sweetie right ? Coz Turboprop seems to be a dude 🤔🤔 .
        #literallysohomophobhic 😂

  30. These whack jobs don’t need to be put in their place, they need to either be lined up and shot or hung in the town square at high noon. They are a clear and present danger to a rational, and functional society.

  31. I hope I am not sidetracking this post… but… I think we could start a “Who can find the most insane feminist/SJW videos” that would absolutely crush anyone who reads this thinking the above Swedes just need to “keep working” to get gender bias out of snow removal.

    1. Why don’t more comedians take advantage of this wealth of material? And that woman attacking the bus marshal got exactly what she deserved. The people coming to her defense should be ashamed of themselves.

  32. This is the real problem with the establishment. Such a case of blatant misgovernment would have never happened if it were not for morbid bureaucratic interests. Specifically, the bureaucratic interests of feminists.

  33. WTF is up with the men letting these stupid cunts be in charge in the first place…stupid bastards.

  34. Name one female politician who has made any real change in the last 100 years. Who hasnt been a feminist and ended their career with a trail of destruction behind them.

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