You Don’t Realize That You’re A Member Of This Cult

There is a cult that has spread through the world. Every day, millions of people base their decisions on what this cult proclaims to be agreeable or not. This cult has reserved for itself the right to dictate to its followers what foods they must eat, what drinks they must drink, what is appropriate to read and listen to, and encourages its followers to sacrifice their well-being in the service of this cult. Like all cults, people are gently sucked in, not even realising that they are joining a cult. This is the cult of consumerism, and instead of prophets it has advertisements.

If you are unconvinced, let’s compare common cult techniques with consumerist advertising:

1. Love bombing

Typically cults will ‘love bomb’ potential new members. They shower new members with praise, kindness and encouragement. Advertisers too creepily seek to make you feel loved and special, to make you feel as part of a group, as someone who belongs, as a way of getting a foothold in your mind through which they may control you.

Here’s an example of love bombing:

2. Use of repetition

Cults will often stick to one theme or mantra and hammer it in, in essence driving out all critical thought out of one’s mind, until that one thought can be summoned with ease out of the enslaved mind, controlling the person through that mantra. If you are one of those who have been enslaved by the cult of consumerism, you will easily recognise the following phrases:

  • “Just do it.”
  • “Open happiness.”
  • “Life’s good.”

All these phrases have been drummed into you so that your ability to think critically about a consumer goods is automatically suppressed in favour of the mantra pounded into your head. Instead of thinking ‘Coke might be bad for me,’ instead you think ‘Open happiness.’

3. Micro-controlling your life

In a cult, often even the tiniest aspects of your life are controlled by the cult, such as how you dress, how you wash, how you eat, how you talk.

The consumerist cult has also infiltrated every aspect of the human experience. Plain water is not good enough to wash your hair—you need industrial strength shampoo and then conditioner to repair the damage the shampoo made. And then you need styling product. Your skin requires product. You need the latest razor technology with the latest shaving foam with aloe vera extract. Your clothes must have a brand. Your phone must conform to the latest demands of the cult. You must hand over your money to banksters and investment fund managers. You must take these pills to be healthy and/or happy. You must go out to such and such place while driving the car they want you to drive. You must live in a house you can barely afford, and fill it with stuff they want you to put in your house. You must buy cheap stuff from China. You must buy. You must buy. You must buy.

There are so many things in the modern consumerist culture that are frankly not required to be happy and healthy. But the brainwashing of the consumerist cult is so good that despite themselves, members of the cult keep buying useless junk, waiting in long lines just to poison themselves with cronuts.

4. Loss of financial control

Cults often completely take over the finances of their followers, or at least put a severe burden on their finances. Typically a small elite in the cult amass wealth while their followers are forced to take financial hits.

The cult of consumerism has done the same, driving many people into unsustainable debt as they blindly follow the orders given to them by advertisers. Never has so much been owed by so many to so few.

5. Keeping you busy and sleep deprived

Cults often overwhelm people with work and deprive them of sleep, in order to keep them too occupied and too groggy to mount an effective intelligent response to the assault on their minds.

The cult of consumerism has also put excessive demands on time for people. It seems no one has enough time, even for sleep. There is always somewhere to rush to, something to do, that actually has little to do with personal well-being and everything with handing your money over to those who are laughing at you.

6. You can’t leave

Cults always condemn those who dare to leave. And the cult of consumerism is the same. When you leave the cult, be prepared for strange and confused questions from those who are still within the cult, such as:

  • “You don’t watch TV? Really?”
  • “Why don’t you own an I-phone? How do you send messages?”
  • “Why are you driving such a shitty car?”
  • “You use baking soda as a deodorant? Isn’t that dangerous?”

You cannot leave the cult without someone condemning you.

We are in the midst of one of the most widespread cult movements in history, demanding your money at every turn and trying to manipulate the way you think by bombarding you with messages from every possible direction. It’s up to you to decide whether you wish to remain in this cult, and enjoy the false gifts and false pleasures that the cult will provide for you.

Or, at the cost of a sort of ostracism from your friends and colleagues, you can abandon the fool’s paradise and wake up to live in the real world, a world run on whatever terms you can make for yourself, rather than what the advertisers have chosen for you.

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169 thoughts on “You Don’t Realize That You’re A Member Of This Cult”

  1. I don’t think I have sat down and watched the TV in a long time.
    I leave that for the drones.

    1. That’s irrelevant. In the younger generation most people don’t watch physical TV. The internet is what TV was in the 90’s.

  2. I agree with what OP is getting at. I tend to work obsessively at times, but it’s because I have the blessing of a job that is intellectually rewarding. Most of my money goes into savings.

    1. Agreed, TV is a big vagina. Love articles like this one. Frugality leads to financial independence. Financial independence leads to getting to sleep with many, many women. It also leads to not having to answer to any of them.

        1. Nah, man; read your Bible. Adam won the coin toss, Eve botched the kick-off; Satan intercepted and almost scored, but Noah blocked the ball and knocked it out of play. Beelzebub was then given a corner-kick; Abraham intercepted and passed to Moses, who passed to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who set Jesus Christ up for the goal. Satan fouled Him, Jesus took a direct free kick, GOOOOOOLLLL! The ball was back in play; Jesus was on it right away, and He passed it to Peter. The demons were on him left and right for quite a while, but they just couldn’t quite get the ball from him. He sidestepped the goalie, Leviathan, and practically walked the ball in. GOOOOOLL! Lucifer took it up next, and passed it to Asmodeus who was fouling left and right with nary a call from the Ref. He took a shot but was nervous as Michael bore down on him shouting with a voice like a great trumpet (before goring him with a gleaming spear), so the shot went wild. Astaroth was ready with a bicycle kick towards the goal, but the Blessed Virgin leaped up and blocked the ball, and “accidentally” crushed Astaroth’s windpipe with her heel on the landing – it didn’t seem to bother the Ref too much. Azazel rushed for the ball, and was surprised to find himself rushing onto the sword of a very angry Jesus Christ glaring down at him in blood-stained robes, holding a torch in His other hand, with which He had been setting the field ablaze with the undying empyrean flames.
          Then the Ref called the game, being as the Nether World Demons were all writhing in the agony of the fire that never dies. The New Zion Saints hoisted their huge chalice on high, popped open all the fine champagne, and got the post-game party started.

        2. If you ask me, Lucifer is the good guy. He was trying to enlighten us and give us spiritual knowledge which would have freed us from the control of the Archons, the “gods” who created us.
          Heil LUCIFER, the glorious Light Bringer!

        3. So this is what became of all those skinny faggots listening to Marilyn Manson back in the 90s.

        4. +++Ecce signum Crucis; fugite, partes adversae! Vicit Iesus Christus, Leo de Tribu Iuda, Radix David, Alleluya!+++
          To me, it is quite obvious that Lucifer has not brought enlightenment or spiritual knowledge to anybody. Clearly his anti-authoritarian, relativistic, narcissistic clap-trap is the motivating force behind all the feminism and false-victimhood that has inverted decent order in society.
          I’m assuming you’re on a site like this because you’re a red-pill kinda guy. If that’s the case, you should appreciate the more penetrating masculine power of insight, which perceives that limits and boundaries, and the right ordering of principles, actually imparts true freedom because it is related to the functional structure that allows for dynamism and fecundity. For example, the reason why Mozart’s 40th symphony is so brilliant, is because it manages to do things that would seem to entirely break the rules of Western music, but without actually breaking the rules of music. There are passages where he hits every note of the chromatic scale *except for* the tonic (the central, defining, all-important pitch), without the slightest hint either of dissonance or of the home key. It is the rules themselves that give the music a context and framework that can make the music interesting and meaningful… and, in the hands of a genius, can be danced around brilliantly and pushed to the limit without actually breaking them. Wagner took this to the extreme, and his emotional effeminacy begins to taint what otherwise would have been the extreme limit of diatonic chromaticism without “breaking” the rules.
          But then along comes Schoenberg, who says “I want to free music from all these petty rules so that it can be truly creative and spontaneous.” But then he finds that, if you chuck the rules, the music tends to accidentally form tonal centers that inhibit his radical vision of “freedom.” So he winds up inventing the most barbaric and simplistic kind of musical rule (“you must not repeat any of the 12 chromatic pitches, until all 12 have been played one time per each sequence”) in order to guarantee that his liberating system works. In this musical system, nothing but the most awful, horrifically boring shit can be composed. Go listen to Mozart’s 40th, and then listen to this:
          It’s the same with lucifer; he is the arch-feminist, rejecting the inifinitely wiser, infinitely more intelligent, infinitely more good and authoritative power over him – his Maker – in the completely misguided illusion that he was somehow superior to Him… or that, at the very least, he would have the satisfaction of not being ruled. In other words, the exact spirit animating feminism with respect to the men that bear the lawful authority over them (because men are earthly shadows of the Absolute Male, the Father, and women are earthly shadows of the Absolute Female, the created order). Satan, just like the women whom he has always approached first, as being the most like him in vain arrogance and liability to delusion, little suspected that this rebellion against the “rules” and the Rule-maker, would exclude him from participating in the authentic freedom, joy and brilliance of the cosmos. Instead, he is now shackled to the authoritarian system of misery he has imposed upon himself. He is now “God’s ape,” having traded voluntary and self-profitable service to God for involuntary slavery to the will of God that works a far greater profit for others. I pity him.
          Proper and voluntary service in accordance with justice and natural law to our betters, is not some type of debasing slavery; it is an authentic act of willing assent to the good… and, therefore, a far more powerful and brilliant and creative act, than pouting like a bitch while the rest of the universe ascends unto glory. Therefore, for my part, I will serve God, since this seems to me to be the manlier, the more brilliant, the more creative and powerful, the more liberated and ennobling path. Feminists and all that ilk thought they were ushering in an age of spiritual enlightenment and renewal – the “Age of Aquarius.” Like Lucifer, their master, the promises of enlightenment turned out to be false advertising.
          If you were just posing, a word to the wise: be careful of the things you say; they have a real power to do harm in ways you may not suspect. May the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Michael the heavenly prince and St. Benedict the terror of demons pray for you and bring you relief if possible.
          +Crucem sanctam subiit,
          qui infernum confregit,
          accinctus est potentia,
          surrexit die tertia. +
          Laudetur Iesus Christus, et sit nomen Domini benedictum.

        5. be careful, it is filled with manginas. red pill men need to storm the church and start teaching women to be silent again.

        6. Well stated analogy. In this sense, victory for the rebellious is, essentially, to be defeated. In being so defeated, a realignment into natural order takes place.
          I’d never heard of Lucifarian rebellion being compared to feminism, but it seems absolutely accurate. Fighting to lose, that’s what feminists do.

        7. Absolutely; feminism and satanism have always seemed to me to be EXACTLY the same thing. It would be like a father and mother letting their five-year old run the house. It would be all candy and ice cream for two days. Then they would starve while the food rotted in the pantries.

      1. Not frugality but thrift. You can hoard all your money and eventually run out. If you aren’t productive and value creating then Capitalism will spit you out like the lukewarm leach like most people.
        TV is mere entertainment. Never met anyone who became a millionaire watching it.

        1. People think they can get rich by watching business TV; at best, it’s just advice on how to preserve the value of wealth already made.
          And all those home flipping shows which were so popular in the early 2000s? Ha ha, imagine how many of their viewers are bankrupt now, or struggling to pay underwater mortgages. Fools.

      1. Oh fuck, i remember when the history channel was actually good now its just a bunch of bullshit I can’t even stand to watch.

    2. “Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the
      hopeless swamps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all. Do
      not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life
      you deserved and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can
      be won. It exists.. it is real.. it is possible.. it’s yours.”
      Who is John Galt?
      Ayn Rand

    3. I’m not so old that Barney Miller was a new show to me, but I watched a lot of repeats and that was what TV comedy was meant to be!

    4. I’ll admit to watching the 49ers play a handful of games and a few shows on the history channel, but thats it. Even without TV watching there’s never enough time for all the big projects and goals I have. When people ask me if I watch this or that new show or remember some episode of Seinfeld, I can’t relate. Its hard not to offend people by just saying I don’t waste my time on TV.

  3. I say let those distracted by shiny objects stay distracted. If they would run the American Idol final and the Superbowl on election day, we’d all be better off.

  4. I watched Fight Club yesterday, I am not into conspiracy theories, but the parallel with 9/11 is striking.

    1. …except 9/11 is more like Fight Club in reverse; an organization plots a hugely visible destructive act and makes you MORE reliant on government and less able to make any decisions about your own life.

  5. I own a iphone / ipad for one app: ForeFlight. The others are fluff, but ForeFlight makes creating and filing flight plans a snap.

  6. “Why are you driving such a shitty car?”
    I fooled them grandma. I ride a bicycle.
    The funny part is that even though I spent less on it than some people spend just to insure their nice car, annually, they often say, “You spent what on a bicycle?”
    Then they spend more money on gas, so that they can drive to the gym, where they spend more money so that they can . . . ride a bicycle that doesn’t go anywhere.

    1. Same here. Using a bicycle to commute to work and taxis to drive me around on the weekends and still come out with a pile of $$$ that other people burn on insurance, maintenance, fuel etc

      1. It’s amazing what those gas guzzling, maintenance heavy, taxed/regulated contraptions cost!

    2. Whether you use it in place of a car or not doesn’t change much, they’re shocked because you spend a lot of money on a bicycle
      If I need a very powerful computer, I’ll pay way more than any tablet on the market, but I’ll still be surprised to hear a friend buying a tablet for 3 times the usual price.

    3. If I ride a real bicycle I will slip on the snow and fall. Then I will be spending money at the doctors office.
      So dont make me feel bad about riding the bike at the gym this morning.

      1. Where I live the choice is even easier, you can’t ride a bicycle without risking your life, snow or not. But I don’t go to the gym to ride a stationary bicycle anyway.

        1. Body weight squats are better metabolic conditioning anyway, can be done damn near anywhere, any time, and they’re free.

    4. See I’m right there with you, I’d rather just get a bike and never have to pay for gas, insurance, not to mention be in debt for months because hello, bikes are $200 and cars are 2,000 (and at that price, crappy). Unfortunately where I live everything is far apart so I do need a car.

      1. If you live in an urban environment, you don’t need a car. You’re absolutely right about the excessive costs of ownership. Between walking and public transportation and the occasional taxi, you don’t need to own a car. For occasional road trips, simply rent or carshare.
        But yeah, I feel your pain; I’m in a rural environment and yeah, you need a vehicle. If you have a business you can expense most vehicle ownership costs away, as long as your business is thriving, that is (this is the hard part).

  7. I agree. Guys whose hard-fought wealth is in constant danger from the passive & merciless people already caught in this sc. cult should be aware and wary of the lure themselves too.

  8. Right on KFG!
    I’ve also gone car-free (8 years now, nothing but cycling).
    Never been in better shape – fiscally or physically.

  9. So, are we talking about the cult of femi-nazism here?
    (1) love bombing = ‘You go grrrrrl”
    (2) use of repetition = we don’t need men (utter BS, 98% are totally dependent on us)
    (3) mind-controlling your life = feminist media brainwashing BS
    (4) loss of financial control = divorce-rape, and taking away the children
    (5) keeping you busy and sleep deprived = girls nights out, and the incessant use of social media
    (6) you can’t leave = pretty much all women are feminists now…
    Sounds like a pretty good way of giving up power from the family unit and gifting it to the bankers, who will enslave both men and women.
    Thanks girls. You’ve been a great help. Enjoy your newfound slavery. It’ll still be men’s fault when this happens, won’t it?

    1. Please, for an intelligent conversation keep ideologies that have different thought-bases and history away from each other.
      Feminism got nothing to do with the German National-socialism.

      1. They don’t have different thought-bases. international banking cabal
        came up with both ideologies. Intelligent people can see that, hence why I currently have 19 upvotes to your 3. I am hopeful for you being an intelligent person too. Both ideologies are related and you need the skills for critical analysis to see the connections.

  10. And this “cult” goes side by side with the one called “Love”. Get married, have kids, buy wedding ring, buy wedding dress, buy wifey Valentines day cards, flowers, candy, take her out to dinner.
    LOL. What kind of stupid fucking retards fall for that shit? SRS. Is pussy really worth that much to those thirsty fuckers?

      1. Seriously can you blame them? If I was a hot chick I sure wouldnt mind some idiot buying me all that stupid shit, protecting me, putting me up on a pedestal, and all I gotta do is spread my legs once a week?
        It sure looks stupid when you put it that way.
        Doesnt it?

        1. men treat sex like it’s a goddam lottery…they are “lucky” to be welcomed into her herpes infected vagina.
          on top of that they buy her shit to get access to it.
          no women on earth would spend a dollar on a dick.

    1. Wedding ring and dress aren’t even the worst, after that wifes want a big house and fill it with plenty of expensive things they’ll replace every few years, etc.
      Staying single is the best money advice you could get.

      1. You got it! And if she’s from abroad, you’ll be paying for regular trips back to the old country.
        If charm alone can’t get you laid on a regular basis, it’s much cheaper to pay for sex than marry for sex.

        1. Depends on your social status, if you managed to get both money and influence you can pull 20yo till you die.
          The saying “you lose money chasing women, you never lose women chasing money” may be overused but it comes from somewhere.
          But yeah, most men won’t be able to game at high level their whole life, better pay for 20yo girls than game 40yo ones, that’s for sure.

    2. I hate to admit that I fell for this shit, but fuck she was hot at 25. Her sex drive never dried up, but she got too bitchy over the years and I had to say, “Fuck this shit, it just ain’t worth it.” It was a great experience for the most part, and produced two wonderful (so far) kids, but I doubt I’ll ever do it again. By the way, prenups rock! 😀

    3. I would say that somewhere close to 90% of the male population falls for this shit on a daily basis. As men we were brought up to believe in silly concepts like romantic love, etc. Only a handful of us will every realize what a croc-of-shit has been shoved down our throats from birth. Jeez.

  11. In observing my grandfather, who’s now living with my parents, I’ve noticed the personal items he choose to keep after moving from the home he shared with my grandmother are limited to two things. Books, and music. That’s for his downtime, and in the winter, because in the summer he’s out solo, working a garden bigger than some of the apartment’s I’ve lived in, which would be impressive if he was 70, but he’s in his mid 80’s. I’m thinking he’s on to something.

    1. 1) Don’t link your ego to your possessions
      2) Don’t borrow money to buy anything
      3) If you have cash to burn, spend it on travel

    2. Easy, just don’t try to keep up with every new technology, most people complain about money without realizing how much money they lose buying brand new cars every few years, a house twice too large and and every other iphone.
      Doesn’t mean you have to drive a shitbox if you’re a CEO, you’d look incongruent (which is bad for both business and women), just don’t overdo it.

    3. There are a few concerning points in the article.
      > Plain water is not good enough to wash your hair—you need industrial strength shampoo and then conditioner to repair the damage the shampoo made.
      I’m sick and tired of this new “Don’t use shampoo!” trend. Some of us have genuinely greasy scalps. If I don’t wash my hair with shampoo for even just a week, it turns into an awful dandruffy mess (yes, I’ve tried). If you have a dry scalp, then by all means skip the shampoo.
      I agree with the rest of the points though.

      1. it takes a couple of months of not using shampoo before it settles down…. i never used shampoo for years and years, and surprise surprise i still have a full head of hair…. every so often i’d make the mistake of telling some girlfriend or other, who’d insist on shampooing me, and it would take a month or more to recover…. it does settle down… just takes longer than you realise…

        1. I have a skin condition which causes excessive production of sebum (yes, this has been professionally diagnosed). For me, shampoo isn’t to ‘get clean’, it’s medication.

        2. Btw I have no doubt that if I don’t shampoo for months I will still have a ‘head full of hair’; it will just be a disgusting head of hair full of oily dandruff flakes.

  12. Had experienced the same feeling with running. Love doing it but have the feeling its becoming a cult where something as simple and satisfying as putting a pair of shoes and running before sun rises, where there are no souls on the city and you can hear even your footsteps, now has become a “trainning” for an upcoming race event.
    Im tired of spending $200+ a month on running gear or race entries. The whole taking pictures for facebook, medal and tshirt doesnt satisfy anymore. I just want to start the day with a simple run.
    Awesome article. Thanks 😀

      1. Race entries average $50 each(Ironman Alone is 650!). Plus Gym memberships, changing tennis shoes every 3 months as recomended by magazines(bullshit the worlds best runners are the tarahumara and they dont even use tenis shoes), nutrition, travel fees…it all adds up if you want to be part of the club.
        Dont drinking the kool aid is the best choice.

        1. if you are truly running for yourself, your health, mental clarity or whatever advantages you may derive from a jog, then signing up for expensive-ass races defeats the point and turns running into just another spectacle.

  13. The culture also micro-controls by filtering what information or products get to you.
    A cobbler can restore a pair of shoes to like-new condition, but they’re not advertised in regular media outlets, and most won’t know to look for them if a heel of a shoe is uneven or the sole is worn. Consumer culture tells them to throw the shoes away and purchase new ones for hundreds of dollars.

    1. (applied) Knowledge is power. Nowadays in the age of instant worldwide communication more than ever before.

    2. Good point I’ll make a note to give it a try sometime.
      …Oh, and Jesus is Lord

  14. This might not be the thread to post this on, but since its the latest one, I am. I know you guys are into fat shaming and all and hope against hope that a widespread campaign will inspire women to lose weight and become more suitable to your tastes but I’m afraid just the opposite will happen – they will not only stay fat, they will GAIN MORE because of the growing visibility (thanks to the internet) of the FA, Fat Admiration, phenomena. For the morning I have watched dozens of videos, scoured hundreds of blogs and this is no small or laughing matter. This thing is HUGE and is only growing. Pretty soon it will be men who prefer slim women who will be seen as the outlier fetishists in society. Seriously, I don’t think there is anyway to turn the tide back on this one. When there are men begging these women to get online and eat cake on camera and telling them how “hot” that is…..what can be done? There’s even sub-categories of fetish called “feeder” and “funnel feeder”. I’ll let you do the googling on those terms because I’ve yet to come to terms with it. I understand liking women with a lil more to love, but this stuff is just, I don’t know.

    1. don’t worry man, by the time this happens (if at all),you’ll be long since fertilizer. relax and enjoy the decline.

    1. What, the fact that people buy useless things and go in debt or the fact that this article is against that kind of practice? I don’t see how either is ‘Leftism’.

      1. The lament of the allegedly consumerist society is one of the refrain I remember from my childhood. I grew up among communists (some of them actually card-carrying).
        The truth is: *Some* people buy crap – and have done so since time immemorial.
        Most people buy things like cars, dish washers and smart phones – things that make their life easier and more efficient. It’s a good thing and it’s the leftists who are hating it for that very reason. They want people to live in caves.

        1. Allegedly? The entire american society revolves around consumerism. *Some* people? Right, because millions of people don’t wait in line to buy the next Apple product, a new flat screen TV, Xbox, etc. Because people don’t waste their money on houses that are too big for them or go in debt for expensive cars just to feed their ego. No one goes out to watch shitty movies to make millionaires out of the Hollywood liberals. I guess no one goes to McDonald’s to shove junk food into themselves to wreck their health only to cry asking for government healthcare because they wasted their money on useless shit.
          But I guess I’m the ‘Leftist’ nut living in a cave because I save my money and only spend them on essentials like healthy food, rent, books, etc.
          By the way, please drop the bullshit Left-Right politics. The world is a lot more complicated than that. Stop seeing everything black and white and you will broaden your mind and thinking.

        2. As if the existence of dusk and dawn renders the concept of day and night invalid. Because, you know, it’s “more complex than that” and if you will see that day and night are useless concepts you will “broaden you mind and thinking”. What a load of nonsense.
          I’ve never seen anyone who complains about the “false left-right paradigm” who wasn’t a leftist (or a Nazi, if you don’t let that count as leftist).
          And like any good leftist, you put unhealthy food in one nice list together with Apple products: Because, in case anyone is wondering: technological progress is *bad*! Just like unhealthy food.
          Even I as a German know that Americans can be Mormons, hard-core, proselytizing Christians, or Chinese and Mexican immigrants who don’t even speak the language.
          Given that, the “entire American society” can hardly revolve around one single thing.
          Especially the Amish are as far away from anything you could conceivably call “consumerist” and I don’t know of any first-world country in the world that wouldn’t force them to assimilate – except the USA.

        3. “As if the existence of dusk and
          dawn renders the concept of day and night invalid. Because, you know,
          it’s “more complex than that” and if you will see that day and night are
          useless concepts you will “broaden you mind and thinking”. What a load
          of nonsense.”
          > The only load of nonsense is you trying to compare politics with day and night cycle. If you’re mind is only capable of thinking in such basic concepts, you might as well compare it to Star Wars instead.
          “I’ve never seen anyone who complains about the “false left-right
          paradigm” who wasn’t a leftist (or a Nazi, if you don’t let that count
          as leftist).”
          > I’m not surprised, considering how intellectually deficient you are with your Us vs. Them attitude. You are only capable of labeling anything you disagree with as “Leftist”. Nazis are Leftist because they persecuted Socialists and Communists while promoting traditional family values right? You don’t even know anything about me and you label me as a Leftist. Do I really need more proof of how twisted and flawed your logic is?
          “And like any good leftist, you put unhealthy food in one nice list
          together with Apple products: Because, in case anyone is wondering:
          technological progress is *bad*! Just like unhealthy food.”
          > Because criticizing a sheep behavior of consumers who line up for ‘hip’ electronic gadgets is the same as criticizing technological progress. I guess you better not say anything bad about the Soviet Union since they were the first to put man in space. Because according to your logic, any criticism of the USSR would be the same as criticizing technological progress.
          “Even I as a German know that Americans can be Mormons, hard-core,
          proselytizing Christians, or Chinese and Mexican immigrants who don’t
          even speak the language.
          Given that, the “entire American society” can hardly revolve around one single thing.”
          > Mormons, Christians, Chinese, and Mexicans don’t buy consumer products? I guess they’re all bunch of ‘Leftists’ too.
          “Especially the Amish are as far away from anything you could
          conceivably call “consumerist” and I don’t know of any first-world
          country in the world that wouldn’t force them to assimilate – except the USA.”
          > What percentage of Amish people represent the total US population?
          I haven’t heard of Canada trying to assimilate the Amish or the Mennonite. Brazil also has primitive tribes in the Amazon and the government is not trying to assimilate them.

        4. > If you’re mind is only capable of thinking in such basic concepts, you might as well compare it to Star Wars instead.
          I have a maths degree and work as an IT professional. What do you have, asshole?
          > Because criticizing a sheep behavior of consumers who line up for ‘hip’ electronic gadgets is the same as criticizing technological progress.
          Because if someone picks Apple of all companies to decry “sheep behavior” is in fact complaining technological progress, yes. That you pick the company that only recently started the mobile phone revolution, of all choices you could have made, cannot be explained in any other way. There are surely irrational fads to be found – pick one of them and you don’t look like someone who is opposed to technology.
          > Mormons, Christians, Chinese, and Mexicans don’t buy consumer products?
          See how that works? Now it’s no longer McDonald’s and being in-dept by having bought a car for one’s “ego” that is the goal-post for “consumerism”.
          Now it’s just buying a dish washer.
          > What percentage of Amish people represent the total US population?
          Few. But I think the percentage of Americans who is not in dept, not fat, doesn’t buy cars for their ego and work hard is rather substantial. I’m sorry I had to dig out the Amish to make that point.

        5. I forgot to laugh about this one:
          > …while promoting traditional family values
          You referring to the Hitler Youth?
          > Nazis are Leftist because they persecuted Socialists and Communists…
          Yes. Because no-one persecutes socialists and Communists like socialists and Communists. That may seem weird, but that’s really how it is.
          Stalin has killed way more commies than McCarthy has put out of office.

        6. Of all the arguments I’ve made you decide to pick the one least relevant to the original discussion and ignore everything else?
          Yes, traditional family values unlike your beloved and degenerate Leftist America plagued with divorce, feminism, and homosexuality. But since you already decided to label Nazis as ‘Left’ like the simpleton you are, I guess my arguments don’t even matter.
          I don’t consider Nazis Left nor Right, which is why I say that politics is more complex than that. You on the other hand can’t seem to intellectually digest anything without the Left-Right paradigm, which explains why you decide to label Nazis as Left despite the contrary examples.
          You have yet to explain how not engaging in consumerist culture is ‘Leftist’ or how you even justify calling me one without even knowing anything.

        7. I did not classify Nazis as leftist, I implied that they do not represent family values.
          In fact I carefully phrased “if you don’t let that count as leftist” because I know there’s reason for both stances.
          You are simply not paying attention, which is also why you overlooked the first (and much longer) reply.

        8. Well put Corvus – it’s exactly that type of divisiveness that the leaders of the Cult promote to help keep the wool over the eyes of the masses.

        9. You make it sound as if the masses were something good and divisiveness something bad. Just like any fucking leftist would.

    2. Lol. Always a black or white political issue with these ideological maggots. I was hoping a ROK post a while back discussing this would make it go away. Wishful thinking – these maggots need a soap box somewhere.

    1. Banksy is another unoriginal puppet designed to appeal to people who think they belong to the anti-consumerist sub-culture. He is a terrible person who makes terrible “non-art”.

      1. quote: “Banksy is another unoriginal puppet designed to appeal to people who think they belong to the anti-consumerist sub-culture. He is a terrible person who makes terrible “non-art”.”
        Excellent point. I’m not saying he doesn’t come up with a clever image from time to time, but he is laughing all the way to the bank with his graffiti that he sells. And he’s a hippocrite.

  15. excellent, excellent article. i was thinking about these themes recently, you’ve struck some chords here

  16. Hello,
    great post. I’ve been reading a lot of ROK, including the comments – I know, this site isn’t meant for women, however have found it very helpful as don’t know anyone in face-to-face life that would discuss this type of thing.
    Wanted to share something with you quickly. Giant ramble post but I had a bit of a wake up call and wanted to share it with you as I’ve found ROK readers’ input so useful.
    I spent yesterday in a mental hospital, and the afternoon on wards with older patients with dementia. Upsetting, but enlightening and so powerfully reminded me that we are all of us turning into dust. While men (as long as they’re awake to the fact, with help from sites like ROK) may have the upper hand in that their lives are just beginning at 30 – at some point, you too will crumble; our time in the sun is very, very brief. The staff nurses had been there for years and reminded me that men too have their cycles, but they’re not so well understood; at some point, your priorities change and you become very much ‘in your body’, aware of the tiniest changes that might overwhelm you (e.g. pain, that you can’t articulate. Irritation that a nurse is ‘interfering’ with you, but you can’t voice it), yet at the same time your body is no longer a powerful machine and your spirit is becoming more and more separated. I was chatting away with patients, as at moments some of even the more damaged ones had clarity; their calmness and wisdom overwhelmed me – they had grown away and immune from ‘the cult’.
    As we hurtle into the abyss – ALL we have is connection with “real” people. Love from your family (if you’re lucky), your buddies (men are especially lucky with this – my brother is a soldier and the friendship with his colleagues is something don’t think women can experience), and your partner. Your only shot at “beating” time, passing on a part of yourself, and your particular unique experiences, is children – though, the state the world is in, I’d be quite frightened to bring a a child into it!
    TIme is so, so short and we have to FIGHT against the crap this article is about – as otherwise, it takes our attention, our time, and turns us against the things we should value – ourselves, and the ‘good’ things about humans – men and women. We get zombiefied by the stuff; preoccupied with TV, news, products. And, we treat people like commodities too – I completely understand why men and women want to ‘slut it up’; bodily experiences are fun!! Yet, it is making us despise each other. Men despise feminanzis,empty-headed whores and gold-diggers, women despise heartless, ‘shallow’ men who can live it up into their 60s. But, away from TV, consumerism, politics – all of that crap that’s dictating how we live – the basic thing we have is each other. I love men- your fearlessness, strength, rationality, wisdom, power yet capacity for mercy and compassion; but all around are messages to hate you. For men too – the more you look down on women (through experience with the crappy ones), the more I worry you can’t see the good things about us (and the same for women – being taught to hate men!! Men who since time began have toiled and fought for us, and been sent off to die for their countries!!!).
    I don’t know how to finish my point as can’t quite get the words out. I think – please don’t harden your hearts to women (though women are doing the same, they’re much harder to reason with) as the need to do it is tied up with consumerism, and away from our basic ‘goodness’, all driven by businesses making £££ from it, that may harden and ruin us all in the end :-/

    1. Mewling, great comment. The ancient wisdom of the east speaks a lot of these things, preparing young people for decline and death in a conscious, deliberate and meditative way. I advise all Americans to take up a meditation practice and live in an ashram for at least one week every year. There’s several ashrams right here in the States, no need to fly to Tibet, Nepal or India.

      1. “Is there an explanation 4 this”, are you a woman? You sound like a woman with that yoga new age bullshit comment.
        If you are a woman? Then tits or GTFO bitch

        1. She is suggesting that we men “find ourselves” by joining some gay fucking new age movement and practicing yoga.
          LOL! Women are getting more retarded with each passing day.

    2. Yeah, this sorry state the world is in.
      No more world-wars and catastrophic famines.
      What can anybody do?

  17. Glad I’m not the only person who doesn’t own a tv. Its been 10yrs since i did. Once you break away from main stReam bombardment, the world is a much richer place.

    1. You guys are generalizing too much. It’s not about owning a TV but what you do with it. Nothing wrong with watching a good movie or a football game.

  18. This is called mind control (also MK and Mickey mouse).
    And whoever is doing this is a real genius because it is working efficiently.

  19. It’s a good column and the point is well-taken. Personally I think I can handle paying for entertainment and still think for myself. But I’ve been hoodwinked a few times by advertisers.

  20. The first action we should take to put an end to this is backlash against Apple. Apple is the biggest offender. Everyone needs to stop with their twitter, instagram, etc.
    Enough with hash tags. Down with instagrams chock full of “food” and “beer” porn. Society is crumbling before our eyes on instagram.

  21. Great article. A withdrawal from consumerism is a must for every right thinking man and woman. No TV, no pro sports, no branded processed foods, no branded hygiene products besides baking soda and bragg’s, etc.
    Around the holidays I always wonder, what are people actually buying?? Beyond some protein powder, there is practically nothing of any value that’s ‘on sale.’ A piece of clothing here and there, but it’s mostly worthless crap for needs invented by an advertiser.

    1. A mass withdrawal from consumerism is the only thing that will save our overburdened planet. Too many resources being taken from the earth to produce a bunch of shit we don’t really need all the while producing too much toxic waste in the process. The simple life is the only thing that will save humanity.

  22. I’ve noticed women ‘love bomb’ some of the less socially aware dudes that I know, to manipulate their behaviour.

    1. This website is also being “love bombed” by female trolls. Notice how women always invade male spaces?

      1. It’s because their own female spaces are so painfully boring, predictable, and oppressive. Men’s spaces tend to be interesting and thought-provoking. It’s a woman’s nature to be jealous of that and want to destroy it.

  23. sure, I have been responsible for buying too many Italian men’s suits in the past, but let me tell you, I only started doing it when I’d stashed a pile in my share portfolio and bank account. I used the compounding interest to buy them (and NEVER at full retail price.)… I gave up full time employment at the age of 36 (I’m 47 years now), but most of the people that told me I was leading a boring existence are too heavily in debt to give up the hamster wheel even at 65. It only took only about 12 hard working years to have everything paid off and have a very decent share portfolio and bank balance. I’m not interested in being mega rich with Ferrari’s etc.., but I’m well off enough to never have to worry about any sort of employment and to travel whenever I want..That’s good enough for me…. In my country, they have just lifted the retirement age to 70 because most people cannot afford to retire any earlier… Seriously, fuck that !!!………… Use/buy only what you need, save everything and pay off your housing quickly. Ignore the messages that you need this, that, and turn the television off….I recently got married to foreign girl that is an even bigger saver/budgeter etc… than I am, and she’s 16 years younger than me.. No need to worry about some western female that has been working in a professional role for 15 years, with a pile of credit debt and designer handbags, wanting me to buy her a house in a blue chip suburb without contributing one cent…

    1. you sir are everything i aspire to be when i age. currently at the beginning of my workaholic phase, fingers crossed!

  24. Speaking of cults, I just went over to Tila Tequila’s website, where she published some misandric article where she demonizes men, and I openly told her that she is a man-hating bitch. And I also left a link to RoK and told all the men there to stop being beta male faggots who kiss Tila’s ass and to come on over to RoK and learn how to grow a pair of balls.
    So let’s see what happens. It’d be pretty hilarious if Tila came here and started trolling this shit. It’d be pretty funny if some burned out ex-reality TV star came here and started trolling us.
    With that said, she’s done some good work exposing the Illuminati and Zionists. But I tried to educate her and get her to make her points in a more coherent manner. She did not accept my advice. And thus instead of actually educating people in a rational way about the global elite, the Zionists, and their control over the central banking system, she simply comes across as a mentally unstable incoherent nutjob.
    This is why 99 percent of people who take the red pill are MEN. Takin the red pill requires LOGIC, and women simply do not possess logic. God or whatever did not design them with the capacity for logic.

  25. Great posting. If we zoom out and look at the bigger picture – it all comes down to one, same overriding phenomenon – sheep/herd mentality. With enough marketing and a few sheep walking in one direction, the rest of the mindless mediocre masses follow. It applies to fashion, tech, lifestyle, TV, and anything else mainstream.

  26. You know why reality TV shows are so popular? because that shit is literally ” Chick Crack”. Anyone know that show Big Brother ? Hooks chicks like cats to catnip…who ever made that up is a genius, he is raking in the cash like a baller while fucking up TV for the rest of us guys.
    I have had a long standing frustration with TV, especially when workers and colleagues talk about TV shows I could not give shit about.
    Even us men should stop watching sports, I know I used to watch it and I am regretting the time I wasted over NBA .
    Spend it on something productive, like working out.

  27. Finally! Excellent application of psychology.
    May I recommend a book?
    “Propaganda & Persuasion” by Jowett and O’Donnell (2011) 978-1412977821
    It’s a fantastic overview of this type of thing, research-dense. Teaches the basics of analysing propaganda (we used it on my SocPsych course). I’d be very interested in the manosphere applications of this information.

    1. Tits or GTFO bitch
      (I assume you are a woman, because you mentioned Sociology, Psychology, as one of your classes. And no self respecting man here would ever take such a class).

  28. It’s not just the media, it’s the circles women run in. If their friends have kids in ballet and piano class, if their friends have huge manicured back yards, if their friends have two BMWs, if their friends have a huge McMansions in gated communities, etc., well they have to have all that shit too, debt be damned! This phenomenon shouldn’t be called “keeping up with the Jones’”, it should be called “keeping up with the bitches”.
    “You don’t watch TV? Really?” I don’t own a TV. I occasionally watch a good movie on Netflix. Otherwise I live life, not watch it.
    “Why don’t you own an I-phone? How do you send messages?” Fuck, I don’t even have a cell phone. Well, I have one, but it’s SIM card’s expired. I’ll renew it once I met a woman who piques my interest, which is looking pretty hopeless around here.
    “Why are you driving such a shitty car?” My 8 year old Mazda 4X4 isn’t shitty, but because it’s paid-for and not a 2014 model, few ladies are impressed (unless I pass them by as they’re stuck in a snowbank…ha ha, do I bother helping out stranded roadside women? Nope, not unless they’re over 60).
    “You use baking soda as a deodorant? Isn’t that dangerous?” I use baking soda for toothpaste, but Milk of Magnesia as antiperspirant (MoM works a hell of a lot better than any marketed AP I’ve ever used).
    You can’t be afraid to think outside of the box. That’s what women love about me, but it’s also what drives them away in the end. They can’t exist comfortably too far outside of their comfort zone.

    1. Consumerism is perfectly designed to exploit the idiot female mentality for waste and frivolity. Enjoy the decline.

    2. quote:”This phenomenon shouldn’t be called “keeping up with the Jones’”, it should be called “keeping up with the bitches”.”
      Ever noticethat all human society is about catering to the females who won the genetic lottery who were born pretty?

      1. I have a tip about the “genetic lottery”. When looking at the face of an attractive woman, in the “mind’s eye” of the imagination, picture the teeth and bones of her skull beneath the flesh of her face. It isn’t death you want to picture, but the truth that we are after all basically the same physically. This is a fantastic equalizer, and a real turn off besides. Now you can deal with this person rationally, and confirm or reject them into your circle on more important parameters.

  29. Wait, you can use baking soda as a deodorant? Neat. Now all I have to buy is baking soda, soap and razor blades.

    1. Like all those hipsters, all horned framed glasses and beard champions and all, who roll ups their sleeves to show their tats wearing raw jeans. Yea. Edgy.

  30. This is actually a pretty fair and accurate comparison of how cults function and how consumerism uses a similar philosophy. Very thoughtful.

  31. The documentary “The Century of Self” outlines the Freudian basis of Marketing and Propaganda, how it’s altered our definition of what it means to be a person, and how it’s infiltrated politics – elections are now won on issues such as “Playground Safety”, rather than anything that actually matters.

  32. Great article. Add social media to the list. Try NOT being on Facebook. I was on FB for years posting clever shit then I stopped. Just quit. Friends freaked out. Got all these emails and texts “dude you’re not on FB …what’s up? You ok?”Thought I’d become the Unabomber or joined a cult. FB is just not a good use of one’s time which is precious and finite. Not having or watching TV gets you all sorts of weird looks too.

  33. I’ve already opted out for a few reasons. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard….”You don’t watch TV??!” Like it’s the craziest thing someone has ever heard. People also don’t get why I drive a modest and useful car that I own, when I could afford a brand new one..have fun with your car loans!

  34. Wow man. It’s like, you watched fight club and copied down all of its insights in a blog post. You’re so smart and clued in to the secrets of life.

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