Two Ways To Pursue Happiness

There are two different ways to pursue happiness. The first way is to change yourself. Maybe you’ll get a new job, move to a new city, learn a hobby, start a sport, or practice new techniques that get you laid more. It involves making changes on how you do things in order to aim for an ideal result.

The second way to pursue happiness is to change the world. Instead of changing yourself, you decide to change a culture of millions of people to an endpoint that you think will make you happy. This takes time. The initial person who starts this change will die before the end goal is achieved.

The founders of most human ideologies envision some sort of utopia in which they and their followers will be happy, and go about molding the environment to make that happen. Feminism, and its liberalism brother, are no different. A bunch of women got together and asked themselves what would make women the most happy. Their list:

  • no more cooking
  • more cash
  • no judgement from men for acting bad or looking fat
  • ability to work alongside men and monitor their behavior
  • ability to fuck anyone
  • ability to end marriages because of uncomfortable feelings

The feminists got everything on their list, things that they thought would make women happier, but women are less happier now than they were 40 years ago. What went wrong?

First, they didn’t understand that happiness is an individual sport that depends on a person’s nature. If I were a god and somehow made every guy in the world travel constantly and fuck random European women, there would be a sizable percentage who wouldn’t like it. You’d get some guys that prefer relationships with Asian women and some guys who prefer staying in one location. The gays wouldn’t like it either.

The second reason feminists failed their followers is that they were lesbians and bisexuals who deeply hated men. I’m not joking. The things that made them happy are generally the things that are more likely to make men happy, not women. Women were led by those who made big promises without actually doing the research or introspection to see if there was a real-life benefit to heterosexual females.

Humans are lazy. In their search for happiness the last thing they’re concerned about is self-improvement. A woman will spend four hours to attend a SlutWalk but won’t spend four hours on a treadmill to have a body that increases her confidence. She will spend all day posting comments on Jezebel about how there is still an unequal wage gap while neglecting her job and therefore a better chance at promotion.

You know you’re dealing with an ideology when happiness for someone else means YOU need to change. When YOU need to man up or when YOU need to start doing behaviors that serve others. If your approach to happiness is trying to changes the masses, then the bad news is you can change everyone in the world and you still won’t be happy. Work on changing yourself instead.

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79 thoughts on “Two Ways To Pursue Happiness”

  1. The path to happiness starts with removing victim hood and complaining from your head, heart, and mouth…and taking accountability for your actions. Accountability is happiness.

  2. Happiness is also something that is not attainable 24/7. There are certain things in life that are supposed to be sad, upsetting and uncomfortable. Life is a series of cycles and none of us can avoid a down cycle from time to time. In fact, it is precisely those moments when we are uncomfortable and in a rut where we tend to build character and have our finest moments. The best you can really hope for is to attain peace of mind from having done your best in any given situation.
    Our culture and media promotes the idea that we should be happy 24/7 and if we’re not, we’re getting ripped off.

    1. I agree completely. Unless you are on medication and constantly on one level, life is about peaks and troughs. That is to be human.

      1. It affects us all, but I think women in particular are especially vulnerable to the “You should be happy all the time” ethos. Eggs are expensive and sperm is cheap. That’s why they are coddled from birth while men are told to suck it up and man up.

        1. To be fair, there are is a significant proportion of men who are like that too. One guy I know in particular is always like “life is hard, I have to go to work *sad face*”.
          Women cannot have it like men though. I can work a corporate job, have a stay at home wife and kids. Women cannot do that. High achieving women want an even higher achieving man. The odd high flying career gal will marry a guy who makes partner, but most will stay single and childless rather than “settle” with a postman or a welder.

        2. The irony is that the “High Flying” Career Girl can’t even be happy with the High Power Exec. Dude because god forbid if her High Powered Exec Husband has to relocate to a different city. Now the career gal has to make a choice. Does she a. Relocate with him and eventually resent him for it or does she b. Compromise her marriage for career advancement. Ultimately, the “go-get-it” career girl is fucked either way.

    2. I think the idea of happiness comes from being comfortable. Comfort is what leads to unhappiness.
      “I say never be complete, I say stop being perfect, I say…let lets evolve, let the chips fall where they may.”

    3. MLK openly talked about this. Talked about humans inability to accept that life isn’t always grand. His quote was “Easter is as much a part of life as Good Friday.” There is a ton of truth to that. I’m a white suburban kid, but you should read some of MLK’s sermons. They are fucking amazing.
      “The church must say in substance that broken-heartedness is a fact of
      life. Don’t try to escape when you come to that experience. Don’t try to
      repress it. Don’t end up in cynicism. Don’t get mean when you come to
      that experience. The church must say to men and woman that Good Friday
      is a fact of life. The church must say to people that failure is a fact
      of’ life. Some people are only conditioned to success. They are only
      conditioned to fulfillment. Then when the trials and the burdens of life
      unfold, they can’t stand up with it. But the church must tell men that Good Friday’s as much a fact of life as Easter; failure is as much
      a fact of life as success; disappointment is as much a fact of life as
      fulfillment. And the church must tell men to take your burden, (Yes, sir) take your grief and look at it, don’t run from it. Say that this is my grief (Yes, sir) and I must bear it. Look at it hard enough and say, “How can I transform this liability into an asset?

    4. Damn right, it’s all about the hedonic treadmill.
      One thing i’d like to mention is that happiness is an utterly derivative term. It’s been bandied about to the point of uselessness.
      We need to replace it with two words: Excitement, and contentment.
      Contentment is rolling over in bed in the morning and seeing your girl’s naked undraped back. Contentment is knowing when she gets up, she’s going to make you breakfast. That’s she’s eager for you when you return home and is sad to see you leave. This is desired as a life long thing (for the life of the relationship). It does not require a woman to achieve, but can be supplemented for periods of time by the addition of a few good ones.
      Excitement is what makes you alive, what quells boredom. It’s the strange pussy that gets you all worked up. It gets used up fast but it damn sure makes you feel like every cell of your body is on fire. It wont last as long into your age as contentment does but it makes life worth living.
      Excitement is short term spikes, Contentment is long term well being, and that feeling inside you get from your own way of life and existence. Both have a place

    5. Agree. I’ve always viewed the world as having ‘balance’. Example: you appreciate your ‘play time’ more when you have ‘work time’ to balance it out.
      If you’re always playing, then it starts to lose its meaning or luster (so to say).

  3. My grandfather said, “chasing after happiness is like a dog chasing after its tail, but if the dog goes about its business, its tail wags behind.”

  4. Yep. Spent hundreds of hours promoting my Boycott American Women blog, in the end, I got only shit for it (although I estimate that I reached about 50 million people worldwide with the message, so I’m sure at least a few tens of thousands of men benefitted from my blog).
    MRAs just whine like little bitches. The solution to all their fucking problems is simple.
    1. Don’t marry or co-habit with an American or western woman
    2. Don’t have children with an American or western woman.
    BING. Problem solved immediately. No need for endless blog posts whining about how men are getting screwed over.
    Fact: Most of the men who ARE getting screwed over in divorce were STUPID ENOUGH to marry an American woman in the first place. They are the same manginas who hate on us for speaking the truth, for wanting to “help them”.
    Fuck it. Promote positive solutions, and anyone not willing to follow those positive solutions deserves all the shit they get.
    I started hitting the gym again and I’m feeling like a God again. Then again, what is that voice in my head? “Self improve is masturbation… but self destruction…”?

    1. I loved your blog John, it was one of the first ‘manosphere’ sites I encountered. I had fun a few years ago reading highlights of it to my beautiful, graceful, charming, engaging, and feminine Serbian fiancee.
      We had so many laughs she couldn’t believe American women were like that until I simply explained to her that ‘Sex and the City’ wasn’t fiction.
      Respect from Belgrade

      1. I’m really glad that a few men actually appreciated the effort I spent at promoting my Boycott American Women blog.
        Most of MRAs are stuck in their victimhood mentality. I tried promoting positive solutions. Problem: American women suck. Solution: Date/marry foreign women.
        BANG. The whole problem of feminism solved in one easy step. No need for endless whining, like these professional whiners and victims in the MRA movement do.
        Just look at the latest video of the Toronto feminist protest. One MRA was actually trying to engage a loud mouthed redheaded feminist bitch in conversation. UH? DUDE? YOU are a stupid motherfucker for being stupid enough to think that there is anything to gain from trying to engage an irrational bitch in rational conversation.
        Just BOYCOTT them, avoid them. THAT is the fucking solution.
        Strange how many MRAs hated on me for my blog. I guess they hated me because I was actually presenting a solution to their problems, and they are too addicted to whining and being in a victimhood mode to want to change.
        In the end, water finds it’s own level. Smart men will boycott american women and go find foreign girls. And men stupid enough to marry American women? Well, they DESERVE all the suffering they experience, for being STUPID enough to marry american women. I no longer have any pity for them. They deserve their fate.

        1. I liked your blog too. A co-worker once tole me “If you marry an American woman the second time around it’s your own fault”.

        2. Respect to you man. Unfortunatelly most young girls on Brazil in urban areas are being more and more influenced by american culture.
          As a foreigner, I do not want to offend my American friends, but I have to say that in my studies of geopolitics concludes that the root problem is the Anglo-Saxon-Protestant. If america-latina not want to be like the U.S. it must cease all American influence.

        3. Thanks for all of your appreciation for the BAW blog.
          Reason I don’t re-open it, is that I see no use in trying to “wake up” or “help men” anymore. For all of the trouble I went to to promote my blog, did any men help me, did any men support me? Nope. And I got only shit in return for it.
          I feel like I’ve done more than my part to try to stop feminism. When I calculate how many tens of thousands of links to my BAW blog I posted in tens of thousands of places online, I estimate that 50 million people have heard about my blog.
          At this point, there is enough information out there, for men to educate themselves. So, water will find it’s own level. Men who are smart will use google and find antifeminism and foreign women, and retard manginas will continue to kiss American women’s ass, and they will end up getting ass raped in divorce by them. I no longer have any pity for scumbag manginas.
          Basically, why should I waste my own time trying to help men who clearly do not want to be helped. I got far better stuff to do with my time now.

        4. What about this little comment from you faggotty faggot: “Sex with girls isn’t the greatest thing in life, and in reality, it’s actually quite boring.” Go google it! It turns out that John Rambo (Rambo because he likes having things “rammed” into him) is gaybones and is refusing to come out of the closet! This is the cause of all his anger and inner hatred of himself. Let it go Rambo and let the love up into ya!

        5. Hey John, we are glad to have you here to continue some of those positive tips.
          People who don’t want to do the work involved will leave to another site (that’s fine, let them go).
          I think everyone (or most) here are looking to make positive improvements, learn and, in time, a little healing helps.
          All in all…it’s a good place for men to congregate.

        6. Hey man…it was one step towards a long journey towards change.
          Things got this way over time…it’s going to take time to reverse it. I think your BAW blog did actually serve a great purpose and many, now, are gathering at a central location, ROK.
          Guys are paying attention…it may have just taken a little longer to ‘wake them up’. All good stuff, though.

  5. Peter Nolan also said “[1:07:19 AM] peternolan9: roosh is MUCH better for young men that welmer and elam and fucktards like that.”
    We were talking about how MRAs do nothing but whine all day, and how Roosh and Return of Kings is promoting positive solutions and self improvement help, without any of the whining and pathetic victimhood bullshit of MRAs.

    1. Disagree. Having read through most of the articles here, and having read through a lot of Chateau Heartiste, there’s a big difference. CH is entertaining and provides tonnes of tips. This site is catered for black people who like to bitch, “There aren’t any good women in America blah, blah, blah.” “Feminists are bitches and are ugly and are blah, blah, blah.” I only visit in the hope to read the occasional good thread – and to laugh at all the cunts who sprout shit about game, and who clearly have none.
      This article takes the cake in arrogance. Roosh thinks he’s some kind of leader? From his mother’s basement? Okay.
      10 bucks says this comment will be edited to say, “Roosh rocks. He’s great.” He always edits my comments.

        1. If you are stuck in America, and have no way of getting out of America, then sure, go fuck American women. Just remember, foreign women are far superior to American women in all their qualities. Frankly, I feel pretty sorry for men who can only get American women.

        2. I wouldn’t know, so I’ll take your word for it (regarding American women), I only go for Europeans.

      1. Hater for life cause you got your precious comment edited. I feel sorry for the girl who dumps you… she got a stalker for a long time.

        1. Nah, it’s just pathetic. If you can’t handle someone calling you out as being a pretender, or having a gay beard, what good are you? Also, it’s deceitful, pretending that you have a legion of fans and that your word is gospel – there are a lot of impressionable kids who don’t know shit – your editing is irresponsible.

      2. It’s your opinion and you are entitled to it.
        The internet is a big place…I’m sure you’ll find your ‘place’ and enjoy the reading.
        Advice: Stop hating…and….Good luck.

  6. I agree. Spending your time and energy in pushing for a better future doesn’t make you a better person and will probably just fill you with hate over time. It’s a lot more efficient to adapt to a situation and try to maximize your happiness like that. You can ignore the poisonous ideologies or if you want to make a difference without sacrificing your own happiness, you can mock them. Shaming works and can a very enjoyable thing to do. I recently wrote an article on how I personally dealt with feminism and women in general this way when I was first redpilled:

    1. I read your article. One of the categories you posted was “marriage material”.
      I am not telling you what to do, but in my own case, I realized something. Even if there WAS marriage material women in America, it is simply too dangerous to marry them as the legal system is biased against men.
      Thus, the solution. Become a bad boy, become an alpha, do drugs with women (already was doing that long before I ever heard of antifeminism), bang chicks, but never commit to them.
      At the same time, give up any of this “sensitive” nice guy bullshit that we were all brainwashed with growing up. Kill that shit, eliminate it completely from your personality.
      What’s wrong with smoking pot, getting drunk, eating mushrooms, taking LSD, taking MDMA, and doing all of this with chicks? One thing’s for sure. You certainly WON’T be a loser beta male if you do these things. It’s the loser beta male nice guy straight edge guys who probably grew up with DARE (anti-drug programs) in high school.
      Focus on your own self first and foremost. Focus on your own spiritual enlightenment, self improvement, etc, first and foremost. Forget all ideas of marriage and having children, just don’t let it seep through in ways that women will interpret as anti-woman.
      And if you really want to be free? Make money online some way or another, and move to East Europe or Southeast Asia, and enjoy hordes of beautiful hot young women for the rest of your life. THAT’s the best way to screw the system.

      1. Again with the blanket statements. It is idiotic to state “You certainly WON’T be a loser beta male if you do these things.” I like psychedelics at least as much as the next guy but you are quite clearly talking nonsense, and you’re undermining your “go do drugs” message.

  7. You can’t change the world, you can only change yourself.
    Most men will continue to be slaves for women but you don’t have to be that slave. You don’t have to have kids you don’t want. You don’t have to marry and then feel trapped because a studio apartment is the next place to go for you.
    Let them live, let them learn and watch from the sidelines if you care as you’re coasting along in your own success and happiness.

    1. “You can’t change the world, you can only change yourself.”
      This is, quite obviously, false.

  8. I guess you could do both approaches, though. Btw, check the typos in the next to last sentence. Great points about feminism.

  9. Has ANYONE here even done drugs before? Anyone ever even taken LSD before? Or are you guys a bunch of straight edge pussies? Just joking, haha.
    But yea, a good pickup line “You want to do drugs with me?”, just be sure to say it to the right types of girl and in the right context.

    1. I am an all or nothing person and for a period in my teens I was all into drugs. Taking ecstasy with girls was crazy fun. I tired of it though.

      1. Well, it’s nice to take it to have fun with girls, but why not also take MDMA, LSD, mushrooms, or marijuana to experience self enlightenment? I haven’t seen much talk so far in the game community about things like taking drugs for enlightenment, or spirituality. It seems like a lot of guys both in the MRA crowd and the game crowd are only interested in sex and women. I mean, there’s a lot more to life than those two things.
        My understanding is, to be successful with women, one has to have confidence. And from my own experience, the best way of gaining confidence is to develop one’s self spiritually. Anything to help one get over that neediness or dependence-ness that is such a huge turn off to women.
        For example. Let’s say you take LSD and realize you are God. Okay then, problem solved. If you are God, then you should have no problem meeting girls. If you are God, you should be one confident motherfucker.
        It seems to me that most of the guys in the MRA crowd were the kind of straight edge losers or dorks who spent all their time studying. I do NOT pick up on a very hip kind of vibe when talking to those MRA dudes.
        I started smoking pot when I was 15 or so and I remember having some amazing fucking experiences, and hanging around some amazing fucking people. Meeting girls was certainly no problem in my situation at that time. Doing drugs automatically puts you into the “bad boy” alpha male category. I think most guys need to switch their focus from MRA and whining, to upgrading their shit and gearing into the bad boy alpha male type of style.
        I know I am rambling, so in plain english- maybe if you MRAs would go smoke some pot, or hell, do a couple of hits of acid, all of this shit that you guys are so obssessed with would become quite insignificant overnight and you’d lose this loser attitude automatically. I also heard that Ecstasy, MDMA, is quite good at healing personal issues, which a lot of these MRA guys seem to have. So, do the compassionate thing, take a tab of E and resolve all of this bullshit on the inside, and then things would work out much more easily for them in all aspects of life, including sex and women.
        Or, if you’re too lazy to do all that, just move to Southeast Asia. One tip- marijuana is pretty much legal in Cambodia, there are Happy Herb Pizza shops everywhere, where you can get weed pizzas. So, grab one of those, then go to a bar and pick up a sexy, firm bodied fine browned skin twenty year old beauty, and have some hot ass with that hot ass.

        1. Disagree. Drugs make you a complete beta and destroy your natural game. Weed in particular wrecks your interpersonal communication skills and causes you to fall flat on your face when approaching women.
          PS, I tried to bring a Cambodian back to the states but INS wouldn’t have it, so I ended up with a Vietnamese.

        2. I agree with you on that point. Weed can indeed turn you into a pathetic, self conscious introspective smuck, which is why I do not use it. I’ve also heard that MDMA turns you into a sentimental little bitch crybaby.
          Hence, when I say do drugs, I mean that you should do it more for your own personal spiritual enlightenment than for the sake of trying to nail some bitch.
          But, you can give girls E, and then bang them. One girl was begging me to take E with her, telling me “It makes sex feel so good”.

        3. When it comes to drugs there aren’t a lot of absolutes. Marijuana COULD have the effect you describe on some people, but it isn’t very likely. So maybe YOU had a negative experience but don’t make blanket statements like this because it makes you look ignorant.

        4. Depends on if the marijuana is an indica or a sativa. They both have completely different effects.

        5. Also if weed makes you beta, newsflash, you were already a weak bitch long before you started smoking.

        6. It has exactly that effect on a lot of people. You are going to step on your dick repeatedly while under the influence. Fine for chillin’ but when you are approaching women it can backfire in a most embarassing manner. Same for doing business of any kind. Be honest Victor.

        7. I believe in personal freedom for all, a man should be allowed to put whatever drug he wants into his body. It’s NOT the fucking government’s job to tell us what we can and cannot do with our own personal fucking lives.

        8. Liberty v. Licentiousness. “Freedom FOR” v. “Freedom FROM.”
          The reason we’re in this mess today is because the American public has the wrong idea of freedom.
          Men exist to provide structure to society. Structure requires authority. Authority comes from ORDER. A male who does not have his affairs in order is not a man.
          A man has a purpose; that purpose is his function. What good is a clock that doesn’t tell time (perform its function)? I’d say that it’s not really a clock if it doesn’t tell time. Similarly, a male who does not exercise authority to create order in the lives of those under his authority is NOT a man.
          The reason we have a government is to maintain order, and we get a bunch of what should be unnecessary laws simply because men did not apply self-discipline on themselves and provide structure for those around him.
          If you do drugs, you need to get your life in order. When your life is in order, then you will be a man.
          The only true freedom (Liberty = Freedom FOR a purpose) comes when you get yourself in order.
          If “freedom” to you means “Freedom FROM,” then you are still a child that needs someone else to impose structure on you. Apparently there was no MAN in your life to teach you how to keep your affairs in order.
          Google “Principles That Govern Social Interaction” and read it. It’s the handbook every man-in-training should have received at puberty.

        9. Liberty v. Licentiousness. “Freedom FOR” v. “Freedom FROM.”
          The reason we’re in this mess today is because the American public has the wrong idea of freedom.
          Men exist to provide structure to society. Structure requires authority. Authority comes from ORDER. A male who does not have his affairs in order is not a man.
          A man has a purpose; that purpose is his function. What good is a clock that doesn’t tell time (perform its function)? I’d say that it’s not really a clock if it doesn’t tell time. Similarly, a male who does not exercise authority to create order in the lives of those under his authority is NOT a man.
          The reason we have a government is to maintain order, and we get a bunch of what should be unnecessary laws simply because men did not apply self-discipline on themselves and provide structure for those around him.
          If you do drugs, you need to get your life in order. When your life is in order, then you will be a man.
          The only true freedom (Liberty = Freedom FOR a purpose) comes when you get yourself in order.
          If “freedom” to you means “Freedom FROM,” then you are still a child that needs someone else to impose structure on you. Apparently there was no MAN in your life to teach you how to keep your affairs in order.
          Google “Principles That Govern Social Interaction” and read it. It’s the handbook every man-in-training should have received at puberty.

        10. I understand both John Rambo’s and Uncle Elmer’s perspectives. A man (or anyone but especially a man) remembering and re-awakening to his true nature is the ultimate Red Pill. All others red pills are steps along the journey.
          As Victor Laszlo pointed out, two are different types of cannibis. I have had both the sloppy/goofy/’pass the chips’ drug experiences via smoking (probably one type) and a few transcendental ones for intended shamanic/healing purposes by ingesting (medicinal cookies). I was already very sensitized but what happened for me was what other people describe from LSD or mushrooms. My ‘source’ swears none of those were present. I literally went to the outer limits which was both scary and amazing. I did not feel the need to experience that again but it was an awakening of sorts that actually reaffirmed the beauty and (dare say) gentler process that meditation can create. however, meditation often works a bit more slowly than the forced experience of hallucinogens. Both have their place, some people will orient more in one direction. I’m an explorer and after careful consider had to see what a shamanic drug experience was like. I have great respect for all such medicines and recommend people not take them lightly but they are here for our growth. Youtube is rich with commentary by Terence McKenna, Graham Hancock and Joe Rogan.
          In ancient times it’s likely only shamans were allowed to use hallucinogens (the whole tribe perhaps during festivals) for journeying/inner development. Strong cases have been made that our leaps in intelligence are probably fueled by hallucinogens. However, even Hancock, who was a lifelong cannabis user and prolific writer, was ‘told’ to stop using it after a series of ayahuasca journeys. He called it ‘giving up the green bitch.’ So again, no black and white but a man able to self-regulate can take the best aspects and limit the negatives.
          On my side, I engaged in only a few drug experiences (less than 6 total in my ~40 years) at various times, while having a meditation practice, going on multi-day silent retreats, satsangs, self-inquiry and even a period of self-imposed celibacy. By the grace of ( ), massive shifts occurred in my life. Confusing, beautiful, disorienting and ultimately, just seeing the truth .. but not able to name that truth. But also seeing the potential for what can be.
          Perhaps like others, I was drawn to spiritual practice because of intense psychological pain – unable to find the right approach to relationships or love, engaged in two simultaneous ‘can’t stay, can’t go’ romances that were causing intense chaos in my life (well, I’d created it for myself…).
          I started drafting a longer post to submit for consideration to RoK. Reading this article and comments has encouraged me to continue. Apologies for the length, I have trouble stopping when I start and this subject is very close to my heart. I truly wish for all men to see and claim their divinity, thereby helping guide those who don’t see.
          A man following the path of inner happiness becomes a light to the ‘outer’ world, without requiring anything in the world having to change at all.

        11. DAH FUK DID I JUST READ? Are you actually trying to do the whole “man up” shaming bullshit, dude?
          You say man’s purpose is to function in society. Okay, well in case you haven’t noticed by now, society has SHIT on men and yet we men are still supposed to support society?
          Why the FUCK should I support a society that hates me? Modern society is anti-male. Why should men support such an anti-male system? That’s fucking retarded. It would be like jews working to support Nazi Germany. Not a very smart idea.
          Society has to COLLAPSE, because there is NO WAY to fix society at this stage. Feminism has gotten too far out of control.
          So no thanks, I will NOT “man up” and be a responsible member of society.
          Secondly, your shaming of psychdelic drug use makes you look like a fucking dork, dude. You were probably that kid in high school who was always studying and acting like a straight edge nerd type. While I was smoking pot, being cool, FEELING COOL, and also meeting plenty of cool chicks too.
          So you worked your ass off to be a responsible member of society. And what will happen when your wife divorces you and takes everything you own and all your assets? Still thinking manning up and being a responsible member of society is a good idea? LET SOCIETY COLLAPSE.

  10. “You know you’re dealing with an ideology when happiness for someone else
    means YOU need to change. When YOU need to man up or when YOU need to
    start doing behaviors that serve others.”
    Wow good point. Except this is what ALL manosphere guys also think ablout women. We also think women need to get their act together.
    Therefore, isn’t this an ideology too? Why not admit that the manosphere’s philosophy isn’t tight. We constantly appeal to “common sense” too and that is also the sign of an ideology.

  11. One can never experience happiness without experiencing pain. Without pain, how could one tell if one is happy? You need a point of reference, and something with which to compare.
    Womens’ idea of experiencing pain is not having enough closet space for their fucking shoe collection.

    1. Go to Thailand and cum on the tits of a hot brown girl, hot Asian girl. THen tell me if an American woman will ever satisfy you again?

      1. Next time you go, take your new AlphaSmart Neo with you :
        And when you return through customs, get rid of all your written notes and scraps of paper (phone numbers, hotel receipts, etc.) as they are likely to photo-copy everything and add it to your “file”. This happens after you have made several trips and gotten flagged for the extra scrutiny. They can also confiscate your computer. Welcome back to the U.S.

  12. Tell that to Gandhi, MLK, or mother Teresa.
    I bet Gandhi was happy that India finally became free, and he will forever be remembered as one of the greats. Yeah, sure it’s harder and isn’t for Joe Average. Also, personal happiness isn’t always the end goal for those trying to change the world. Sometimes, there are causes in the world that are worth sacrificing your personal happiness for. William Wallace was willing to die for something. But of course, according to the Manosphere that is “beta”, and he should have been sticking it in wenches instead of worrying about changing the world.

    1. LOL. None of the people you mentioned found happiness. That’s the point of the article — stop trying to change the world and change yourself if you want happiness.

      1. And how do you know what went on in their heads to say whether they were happy or not? Answer: Of course you don’t. Use Siddhartha as an example then, if that would make it easier for you.
        And another nugget of wisdom for you and the other readers: happiness comes by easier for some and harder for others. You could be a dumb idiot and be happy in your average life and ignorance. Or you could be restless,
        desiring great things and not easily be happy. The latter kind of personality produces “Alphas” – Alexander was not happy with a kingly life full of unlimited pleasure, he needed to conquer the world to be satisfied. Arnold could never have been happy with doing just “well”, he needed to be the greatest bodybuilder in the goddamn world. And yes, those two explicitly stated that.

        1. How do YOU know what went on in their heads? Ghandi and MLK lived miserable lives and died violent deaths. Teresa died questioning her entire existence. Doesn’t sound like happiness to me. Arnold changed himself instead of trying to change others. Alexander simply killed them instead of trying to change them LOL.

        2. I don’t, and neither do you.
          But which part of “Also, personal happiness isn’t always the end goal for those trying to change the world. Sometimes, there are causes in the world that are worth sacrificing your personal happiness for” didn’t you understand LOL.
          1. For some, just maximizing personal pleasure isn’t what they want to do with their lives, there are greater goals for them than their personal happiness. AKA they aren’t hedonists. Which leads to the big question: Should simply pursuing happiness be the goal in one’s life? (which is the entire assumption of this article). Or are there greater goals one should strive for?
          Manospherists tend to assume that life shoud be about rolling in doll, getting pussy, and getting as high as possible before we die. But there’s a reason history remembers “great people” and not hedonistic pleasure seekers.
          2. You think people like Gandhi would have been happier ballin’ it up in some foreign country while seeing his people suffer? His conscience required him to help his people, or else he probably wouldn’t have been able to live with himself.
          And FYI, Siddhartha didn’t stop at self-enlightenment, but made it his life mission to spread his knowledge to the world, changing OTHERS and Alexander killed as well as bent hordes of people to his command = changed others.
          And yeah, the “ok man, you go try to change the world and do great things while I try to slay pussy, snort coke and make money” argument shows differences in values and priorities, and wrongly implies you can’t do both.

        3. Which part of “this article is about attaining happiness” don’t you understand? LOL. Sure, those who martyred themselves for society are remembered by history, but their documented lives were extremely miserable and for that I highly doubt they were personally happy. You are advocating martyrdom and being a white knight for society, which I’d say do it if you want, but don’t confuse it as a way to happiness or a higher approach to life.

        4. LOL I know it’s hard for you to get, but comments can actually *wow* go beyond the scope of the article. Duh, that’s the point of discussion right?
          And nice psychoanalysis attempt brah. Lol, give me your paypal so I can toss a few pennies your corner for your armchair analysis.
          Oh, and who said I’m for martyrdom and all that? I mentioned doing great and grand things like Alexander and Arnold did didn’t I? And perhaps you missed the last paragraph where i said you can do great things and also have a good time with your life. Duh.
          It seems you are still blue pill when it comes to reading comprehension brah LOL.

        5. Your comment didn’t just go beyond, it simply missed the point entirely. But I can tell basic logic is not your strong suit.
          Half of the people you mentioned ended up being martyrs for their cause. And we’ve already went over the Arnold thing in which I completely destroyed your point because Arnold never changed anyone but himself. And Alexander only “changed” people by killing them or threatening them with death.
          Your usage of “blue pill” is wrong, btw. Blue-pillers are those who operate within society aka. the matrix. Red-pillers are those who’ve unplugged from societal conditioning in order to benefit himself. By that definition, which is the correct definition, the blue-piller in this argument would be you. I’m not the one saying you need to be a white knight for society here. I’m the one saying make yourself happy and not worry about other people.

    2. Sorry, there is no reason to believe Gandhi freed India. Britain freed a lot of its former colonies but bought their politicians instead, after 2nd world war. lts easier that way. Ownership simply went from “hands on” to “outsourced”.

  13. The way ivlog on manosphere blogs i feel like those same hos on jezebel. The msnospehere should be like a dictionary we look up on certsin aspects of game fitness n travel n money.we have to be about action …not some clucking sittin hens

  14. I’ll leave lifestyle commentary to the lifestyle artists, and political science to the political scientists.
    Social movements and personal choices/self improvements are not either/or matters.
    This is an excluded middle fallacy.
    We need both. Just look at the PIIGS nations (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain) and all the shit hitting the fan there.
    These unemployed men didn’t study literature of underwater basket-weaving. These are engineers, computer programmers, scientists even doctors. Now they are lucky to be driving taxis.
    To the extent that they can learn game and understand the red pill, this is going to help them in their personal life.
    But overthrowing a corrupt government is also an important factor in personal happiness, even if it has a collective component.
    Ideology is needed for social movements to have greater coherence. This needn’t be super-long range movements. The aims and goals are realizable in the here and now.
    We can’t all be trust-funders, globe-trotting for pussy.

  15. I don’t think it’s either/or Roosh.
    If everybody in this movement ejects out (goes Galt) and jets off too find a new lifeblood vein of femininity and traditional values, you know what’ll happen right?
    that vein will dry up that much quicker. beta’s will see where alphas are going, and ruin all of their shit. The polands and ukraines of the world will dry up to a salted earth husk.
    At some point a stand must be taken. Granted most of us (likely myself included) are going to take the change ourselves route to happiness.
    But in the inimitable words of George bernard shaw:
    The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

  16. “You know you’re dealing with an ideology when happiness for someone else
    means YOU need to change. When YOU need to man up or when YOU need to
    start doing behaviors that serve others.”
    Alarm bells should go off anytime anyone says “you’re bad unless you do this or that” or “you should make a sacrifice for the common good.” 99% of the time they are just trying to manipulate you into doing what’s good for THEM, not what’s good for you.
    I learned this well in corporate America. Anytime someone says “You should do X because it’s best for the company” it really means “You should do X because it’s best for me.”

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