Double Standard: Male Victim Says Men Shouldn’t Walk Alone, No One Yells “Victim Blaming”

A victim of an atrocious physical assault, Robbie Stirling, has claimed that men should not walk home alone after nights out. The young man was set upon at the age of 19 and his physical and emotional wounds, including the requirement of grave surgery, continue to impact on his life some four years later. And, surprise, surprise, after he made his strongly-worded call in the British media, none of the usual do-gooders called him a “victim-blamer.”

Stirling’s terrible experiences, first enduring the assault and then recovering from it in the long-term, highlight the intense double standards facing male versus female victims of crime. Whilst no reasonable person is going to say that victims of serious physical assaults or rapes ever deserve their suffering, the fact remains that men are expected to take precautions and women are encouraged to do whatever they wish, even if it results in higher odds of being sexually attacked. And are these higher odds exactly what “rape culture”-obsessed feminists want in order to perpetuate their own lies?

Robbie Stirling should be commended for his commonsense prescription for helping men evade violent attacks. Although he in no way deserved the cruel assault thrown his way, he has offered other men, who receive but a fraction of the sympathy given to females whenever they are attacked, the opportunity to minimize their risk of being harmed. Meanwhile, any constructive advice for women given by those dealing with violent crime on a regular basis, such as police officers, is twisted as “victim-blaming” by feminists.

Examples where you use caution to avoid being a victim of crime or negligence

“Help! The Australian Government is victim-blaming David G. Brown by telling him to take precautions to avoid being mugged or attacked while overseas!”

Robbie Stirling’s astute advice is actually a microcosm of the rituals we engage in every day to stop ourselves losing property or being injured by others with a malicious intent.

For instance, I have traveled extensively, more than my grandparents, parents and most of my siblings combined. I know my way around certain foreign cities better than many of the locals do. Yet I must be aware of my surroundings, both at home and overseas, and be prepared to take sensible precautions to keep myself safe. Otherwise I may end up in the local hospital or, more sinisterly, bleeding out on the street. My experiences,though not foolhardy, have still been adventurous even with these precautions.

Just as I take sensible measures to evade criminals, most of you, because you’re men, do all or some of the following on a regular basis:

  • you lock or double-lock the door of your inner city or suburb home to avoid being burgled;
  • you lock the door of your car, even in the carpark of a well-protected, electronically monitored apartment complex or hotel, to avoid having it stolen;
  • you put your wallet in your pocket when on the street to a) avoid attracting would-be thieves and b) make it harder to steal;
  • you avoid the worst neighborhoods in your cities or other metropolitan areas, e.g. the South Side of Chicago;
  • you walk home in a group or take a taxi after a night out, just as Robbie Stirling now counsels, to avoid being assaulted;
  • you eschew dark alleys or derelict streets when traveling, especially in countries with lower living standards than the West, to avoid being attacked or mugged;
  • you use safes or take your valuables with you to avoid having them taken from your hotel room;
  • you buy bottled alcoholic beverages on foreign vacations in poorer countries to avoid methanol or ethanol poisoning from illegally manufactured spirits or beer;
  • you watch your drinks at nightclubs or bars and, if strangers buy for you, are present when they’re poured, particularly when overseas;
  • you look for cars at pedestrian crossings to avoid being mowed down by a driver illegally preoccupied with his or her phone or accelerator; and
  • you exchange your money for other currencies at reputable businesses when abroad, not with the guy asking you to meet him round the back or one street over.

Importantly, women do most of these things, too. In the realm of mitigating the risks of sexual assault, however, the tables are turned. Suddenly any recommendation for reducing the risk is perversely called victim-blaming. What utter claptrap.

Contrast commonsense with the absolute nonsense peddled by feminists

Feminist academic Lauren Rosewarne has previously lambasted police for suggesting women should not walk alone in parks, especially at night.

Compare the non-existent personal attacks following Robbie Stirling’s advice for men with the shrill drum-beating of feminists when a woman is attacked or killed and precautions are mentioned…

When a 17-year-old Melbourne schoolgirl, Masa Vukotic, was unforgivably murdered at a time of 7pm last year, a local high-ranking policeman faced the usual but nonetheless unacceptable ad hominem attacks for reminding women of the importance of walking in groups, namely at night.

Vukotic had been alone and was also unable to hear her attacker’s approach due to music from her headphones. This policeman, an Inspector, would have been exposed to hundreds of dead bodies or cases involving dead bodies in his career. Without taking away from the deplorable act of the offender, the Inspector was only seeking to prevent more tragedies, tragedies he has more intimate knowledge about than 99.99% of the general population. Contrary to the implicit expectation of publications like The Guardian, the police simply cannot preempt every terrible murder, physical attack or rape, nor should they be expected to. Bad people have always existed and always will.

One notably vocal dingbat, University of Melbourne academic Lauren Rosewarne, lashed out at the Inspector and police for their “victim-blaming.” Forgetting that police spend 1,000 times more effort solving and responding to crimes than advising the pubic about how to avoid them, Rosewarne said that the conversation needed to be about offenders not committing attacks, as if the 0.1% of people hellbent on rape and murder are going to use some sort of academic or moral tool to evaluate and then reconsider their behavior.

Crime is inexcusable, but it will be overwhelming committed in places where offenders perceive a potential victim is either alone or outside the immediate assistance of the authorities. If people know the hotspot situations of physical attacks or sexual assaults, they empower themselves to steer clear of danger.

The position of feminists on the subject of female self-protection is untenable. On the one hand, they say that “rape culture” exists in a society that supposedly normalizes sexual assault (but when was the last rape you saw in public, unlike the ubiquitous serious assaults in every nightclub precinct?). Yet on the other hand, this pseudo-culture is not ever threatening enough for feminists to encourage women to take reasonable precautions to avoid the very bad individuals whose opportunism makes them prey on those isolated from others in locations like dark parks. The need to preserve the rape culture narrative is why SJWs actively try to prevent the dissemination of helpful advice, similar to Robbie Sterling’s, for women.

We do not live in Pleasantville, nor will we

Violent crime is the lowest it has ever been. That sad, enough bad eggs live amongst us. If a person, male or female, has a choice between taking reasonable precautions to stop themselves from becoming a victim or not taking them, the former course of action always makes the most sense. The plight of Robbie Sterling shows we can offer others ways to escape victimhood without claiming that victims deserve to be attacked.

It is the saddest indictment on feminists today that they will take more precautions to protect their cars (i.e. locking them) than the precautions they advise women to use in avoiding violent crime.

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104 thoughts on “Double Standard: Male Victim Says Men Shouldn’t Walk Alone, No One Yells “Victim Blaming””

      1. Two women walking side by side toward me in sidewalk. I move to the grass.
        All of you have done this. Anyone who says he kept frame is lying.

        1. In my younger days, sure. After I served my country, earned an education, and pay taxes, I move over for no ho. I know who offers value to society, and who just opens their legs for the same kind of respect. I’ll move confidently forward on the sidewalk as they move aside so as to not get a mouthful of shoulder.

  1. Feminists in the 1910s and 1960s wanted women to take *more* responsibility for their lives.
    Feminists in the 2010s want women to take *less* responsibility for their lives.
    The infantilization of the West has begun.

    1. “Feminists in the 1910s and 1960s wanted women to take *more* responsibility for their lives.
      “Feminists in the 2010s want women to take *less* responsibility for their lives.”
      There’s no contradiction. A responsible woman yields to the authority of men and her natural role as wife/mother. In the beginning, they had to pretend to want to be “responsible” for themselves, so they could get themselves in a situation to do whatever they wanted and make men pick up the costs.

    2. It’s only logical. They wanted to see what responsibility is, they saw it isn’t good, and now they are looking for ways to get rid of it. Of course, they would have to admit that they were fucking stupid retards for trying to make women equal to men, so they are looking for other ways to return to how things were. Of course, they are only making things worse.

    3. There has never been a desire for more responsibility.
      Some wanted the choice to be able to take on certain responsibilities but they wanted as a _choice_. Men don’t get to choose and feminists, suffragettes, etc have always wanted to maintain male obligations and responsibilities.

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    4. ”Feminists in the 1910s and 1960s wanted women to take *more* responsibility for their lives.”
      A lie and a front for their more nafarious deeds.

      1. I grew up during those times and there were “nice feminists” but they were for show for the movement. Even back then, feminism was and is all about demands and victimhood from the west they claim oppresses them.
        This is where the “fake pay” offer on dates originated. Feminists did pay their way briefly but wanted men to pay so they dumped a few guys who “let” her pay to send a message. It’s largely unique to the states.

        1. The problem with Phyllis Schaffly RIP. Is that she fought feminism with feminism. Feminism wins as a result.

    5. First wave and second wave feminism is just as much about female superiority as third wave, just much more subtle.

  2. Back in the day got approached by two members of a certain minority group in Chicago. Wanted to “shine my shoes” at 2 in the morning. Not far from where I was staying but was a little drunk. Wasn’t getting away from them so had to hand over $100 or get what my white privilege had coming…. paid the man and got to walk home unmolested. My fault for walking home drunk. Anyone looking in at this little episode would fully put the blame on me for being an asshole. A woman in the same predicament?

    1. Or some would claim it was the reparations you owe them.
      On a serious note I’m lucky never to have been mugged. A girl I used to work with said it was because I was a scary guy. My response was don’t make yourself vulnerable or appear so and people will leave you alone.

      1. I haven’t either and considering some of the stupid shit I did in my youth, it is a small miracle. However I learned a long time ago not to carry things that can be taken away from you (watch, rings, etc..) and carry max $20 in your pocket.
        “A girl I used to work with said it was because I was a scary guy.”
        I visited a corporate HQ once and agreed to meet the HR manager for a discussion. She asked the VP that she knew I was there, but didn’t know what I looked like and asked him. He told her, “imagine the last guy you would want to meet in a dark alley. Freeze frame that image and walk through the building and you will find Mr. Galt.”
        Being a scary guy can be a plus at times.

      1. if my muggers were dressed like a couple of west village faggots they would have gotten just as rough a time and i wouldn’t have needed a gun

    2. Good point. I’ve dealt with assault sparingly, but even so, I wouldn’t willingly put myself around criminal, no matter how must I trust my ability to make it home.
      Funny counter balance to the “2 am” racket, my father relayed a story when he was coming home at around this time and someone asked him what time it was. At the time he was military, so he lifted his shirt, exposing the piece, and said “it was time for you to go home”.
      Nothing good comes from meeting anyone on a lone street after 2 am. Especially when it is just you and them.

      1. My mother was accosted by a robber as she was walking out a grocery store. Without missing a beat, she shoved her bag of groceries into his hand and told him “Hold this while I unlock my car.” Then she took them back and got in her car and drove away.

  3. I used to go for midnight wanderings around my college campus (which is right in the middle of the “city”). Never had a problem, or was spoken to for that matter.
    Then again it seems some folks find me intimidating… I don’t see why.

    1. I did the same. I could hear the gunfire from the neighboring neighborhoods. The scariest thing that happened to me was the funniest. There were these guys in a car flashing gang signs at me… then they saw my skin color didn’t match theirs and they got this embarrassed look on their faces and sped away.

  4. Feminists NEED rape and violent crimes against women to stay relevant just like the National Cancer Institute need cancer to exist and thrive for them to stay in existence. If the horrendous things are eliminated out of our lives, so do these organizations that supposedly fight against.
    Edit: Hence the reason why feminists argue against women taking precautions from being sexually attacked. Feminism need victims so they can receive funding to survive. If the statistics show a decline in rapes, they redefine the term “rape” to raise the statistics to their favor.

    1. Well, the NCI would work on making better, more effective, more tolerable cancer treatments instead. Same reason why we continue to develop pain killers even though morphine could do the same thing…

    2. Who ?? Really who would want to have any sexual relation with those bull dykes as shown above ??

      1. Those feminists pictured above, deep down, has no concern about other women’s safety nor well being. They use women who get male attention and sexual relations as a disposable tool to use to keep their power. Just like the Democratic party use the poor citizens and minorities to enrich themselves.

        1. Feminists, because no sober man below 75 would touch them, so they become dykes, bull dykes & feminists to prey on young naive stupid young girls !

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  5. Ain’t that the truth. Men learn early on that nobody cares if they get assaulted and thus take sensible measures to avoid it. I have been threatened with assault more times than I could count and have been a victim of it on a few occasions. I am pushing 60 and I still get this crap.
    Off-topic but a re-issue of an old classic :
    A Man Wants a Wife, Not a Co-Worker

      1. Agree to a point. But I am 6’3″ with an impudent swagger and a punchable face. Attracts knuckleheads and dames as well.
        What thwarts their bluster is to simply act indifferent. Most bullies expect their mark to react with some display of toughness. They don’t know what to make of it so they take the prudent choice of leaving me alone.
        It’s not the guys who act like a badass that scare me, for they have already projected their little game. If they were really going to attack me they just forfeited the element of surprise. It’s the small quiet ones that make me nervous.

        1. I get this quite a bit as a 6’2″ man myself. I seem to especially attract the oddballs when I’m in the middle of lifting, and oftentimes get the shortest, yet most ripped, guy in the gym trying to peacock his superiority around me.
          Most of the time it’s laughable. I can see right through the paper-thin ego behind the heavy breathing and perma-flex in between making glances at me as he passes near my bench. Usually peacocking is magnified when there’s a hot piece of ass nearby, whereby a guy with little man syndrome needs to be especially machisto to show his dominance.
          Usually, I laugh, or at times smile. It throws a curve-ball in their direction and shows I have no ill-will against my vertically challenged brothers.

  6. So you have a horrible neighborhood. Call it ‘Detroit’. These feminists idiots feel its ok for a woman to walk down those neighborhoods at night?

    1. then you get the fuck taxed out of you to pay for young men, guns and expensive body armor to go risk their lives to make sure the girls are safe and are called racists and facists and shot at the second they show any aggression towards the people trying to kill them. That is what happens. Women still safe. You taxed. Young men put into harms way and vilified for it.

  7. Just going to drop this in here. Some people will survive the Marxist-Muslim onslaught. They will rebuild civilization.

    1. Remember, though it is true that Russian birthrates have increased somewhat under Putin, this increase comes largely from Russian Muslims.

      1. For a guy who (somehow) has a reputation of being a sort of modern-day Charles Martel, Putin sure has been doing a lot of appeasing and kow-towing to muslims.
        I’d like to think it was just to get a piece of that sweet financial action that 0bama gave Iran but the uber-mosque that Putin built, and the muslim terrorists states of Checnya + Dagestan, will exist as blights on Russia long after the mullahs have blown through their windfall.

        1. To be fair, the Muslim populations in Russia have been there for some time, in comparison to the migrants now swarming into western Europe.
          In the end, what Putin and Russia does is their own business as far as I’m concerned. So long as they don’t try to start WWIII.

        2. I’m not sure fairness comes into play here, even if the muslim terrorist states within Russia were granted independence they’d still be terrorizing Russia, becoming their version of the Gaza Strip.
          As for WW3, Putin seemingly reneging on his nationalism and palling around with the muslim crazies in Iran doesn’t exactly move the old “doomsday clock” backwards.

    1. when I am done making this shish kebob the west will be in soooooo much trouble!
      (sorry guys, I plan to reuse this a lot)

  8. Old friend of mine had a belt that had a zipper on the inside, where he hid his money. Clever bastard. Although a little impractical if you need to quickly pay something.

    1. It’s a good idea, along with a belly band under your shirt. You don’t put ALL your money there, just most of it. I carry my wallet in my front pocket, always have. I can carry a decoy wallet in my right ass pocket if I need to, with expired cards and a shit ton of ones and fives for mugging, except I usually just carry a 45 instead.

      1. Why bother? You are acting on a fear of being robbed when 80% of these occurrences are wrong place wrong time. I carry but don’t foresee a mugging in my future

    2. a fine idea until he gets into a fight with a guy during a karaoke night in a bar over some girl and calls him “college boy” and gives him a shove without realizing that the college boy was in college on a boxing scholarship and was from one of the most dangerous areas of, what at the time was, the most dangerous city in the world and then he knocks the shit out of him, removes the guys belt and proceeds to whip the hell out of him in the middle of the bar with his own belt.
      Man, it would have been great if I had found money in that belt.

        1. My old ass? That wouldn’t be any fun for you. You would prob kill me.

        2. that said, if you are in NYC i have access to a ring and equipment. 🙂 We could video tape it for ROK

        3. Oh, I am not skilled enough for that to be of any interest to anybody. But if my poor ass ever gets to the “Big Apple” (Stupidest Pseudonym I ever heard), I’ll let you know.

        4. Big apple is not a stupid pseudonym at all. You see, new york state was, for a very long time, a perfect place to grow grapes. As such, and because it was a debarment point for italian immigrants, a lot of people made their living making wine. A problem, however, occurred during prohibition. Farmers who grew grapes for wine were totally fucking losing their shirts. That is when a, then Governor, Franklin Roosevelt subsidized new york grape farmers to replant their grapes with apples. This saved a lot of people (my family included) from going totally fucking broke and was what turned new york into one of, if not the biggest apple producers while showing (at least at the time) that small farmers meant something to the government. New York, from then, was an apple kind of state and it still is and so the big apple is a very appropriate name for the city that resides in a state which is famous for its apples because the grape farmers who were going under were subsidized to plant apples.
          Little bit of NY history for ya.

        5. I do too. To be honest, I am much stronger than I was when I boxed but am no where near the cardio vascular endurance I had. If I boxed three rounds I would probably pay you to just knock me the fuck out so it would be over.

        6. FDR’s socialism and “Benevolent Dictator” tendencies ran to the core then. How was Silent Cal from a neighboring state in the same era?
          That said, I do not believe that your explanation explains the origin of the “Big Apple” metonym.
          Among other reasons, the FDR’s reign over NY State postdates the metonym.

        7. I will research. This is the story I have had in my head for a long time but that doesn’t mean it’s not apocryphal. Always wise to revisit old truisms

        8. “meant something to the government”. Yippie, “daddy” loves his farmer kids.
          Well, that was interesting. I still think it’s stupid.

        9. Well, I have neither strength nor endurance at this point, heh. Which reminds me how much I’d love to train again … but I got more important things to take care of.

        10. If the government cared about the small farmer it wouldn’t have banned wine in the first place.
          “Government is good at one thing: It knows how to break your legs, hand
          you a crutch, and say, “See, if it weren’t for the government, you
          wouldn’t be able to walk.”
          “-Harry Browne

        11. federal government versus state government.
          But, the other poster was right. The story was apocryphal. I looked it up. Funny, it is just something I always took for granted as true. Well, learn something new every day.
          I am not, as a side note, a fan of government involvement. But if the feds are ruining your life having the state take measures to help you is probably a good thing.

        12. Search big apple at it has the earliest most plausible explanation I have found…I would prefer yours to have been it though?…God, since finding the red pill the constant search for the truth has taken all the colour out of life.

        13. That’s not a bad thing. If you look down you will see I googled and acknowledged my info was wrong. No preference really, just the story I had in my head unquestioned. Always glad to learn though

  9. For me, there are two important issues on the national level. 2nd amendment and rape kangaroo courts on campuses.
    I really do not care if we have socialism or capitalism, as long as I can have my house, my garden, my woods and my guns.
    Problem is, modern left is hostile to all that. Miss the 70’s left of the union hard hats.

    1. Unions had a good thing going, for the upper crust (never have they cared about their rank and file), as their extortion of businesses was supreme and they had the gov’t wrapped around their pinky-they even got SCOTUS to legalize their violent deeds-and then they grew greedy and now, thankfully, unions are on death’s door.
      IOW, the union-based left of the 1970s (and prior) was just as bad as it is today, espousing the same beliefs, and they’re responsible for why things are so bad today.
      BTW, you can’t have your guns under socialism as they’re a means of production…and all the great leftist dictators have confiscated guns posthaste.

    1. This is nearly the advice given to women in the 1950’s, sans technology.

      1. Oh man GoJ. We need to find a 50’s PSA with advice for women and put it next to this like photoshop or paint art or whatever. You are a computer guy. You can totally figure this out.

    2. Men, Use This One Tip To Keep You Safe: Maintain Frame.
      only betas get the bad end of the cunt.
      This has been an Uncle Knee service announcement.

  10. WTF is “South Central Chicago”? There’s the south loop which ends maybe at 15th street or so. (definitions can vary as realestate people stretch them for the maximum dollar). Then the near south side which at the largest stretch of the imagination can go to 35th street. There’s the south side which usually means all of it from 12th on south, and then there’s the far south side which shares its borders with the near south suburbs. At that point we’re talking about 100-120th street. There is no “south central”.
    Having lived a good hunk of my life on the near south side before living in the city (even on the northside) was cool men had to learn to protect themselves and take precautions. Of course this was before SJW so women were told to as well without the modern reactions.
    No, an 18 year old white girl should not go the McDonald’s on 35th street across the street from the L stop late night. That’s just common sense. (Said MickyD’s no longer exists, there’s a giant CPD HQ there now. Also gone is the major threat source, StateWay Gardens (CHA))

    1. I grew up on the Northshore but have many relatives on the southside. “South central” is not a Chicago neighborhood. Unless you know the area or grew up there I highly advise non Chicagoans from going into the south and west sides. These include areas like stony island, englewood, morgan park, cicero, and anything within spitting distance of Gary Indiana.

      1. The whole city required knowing specific boundary lines back in the day. Not as much now.
        I really find northsiders and north suburbanites to be simply paranoid of the southside. There were and still are specific things throughout the city and the northside wasn’t any different than the southside. If one ended up driving past Cabrini Green that wasn’t any better or worse than driving past stateway gardens or robert taylor.
        The problem is those projects are gone and now the problems have been distributed throughout the city and cook county. This makes it more difficult to know where the danger will pop up. For instance the guy who was murdered in the fitness center of the luxury highrise he lived in. They were forced (required by law) to take a criminal section 8 renter (because with the subsidy he could pass the credit requirements) who back in the day would have been in the CHA housing projects and not in a $4,000 a month apartment.

      1. maybe mixing south central with the south side. I have been to the south side of Chicago. Its the baddest part of town. And if you go down there you better beware of a man name of leroy brown. Now leroy more than trouble. You see he stand ’bout six foot four. All those down town ladies call him treetop lover. All the men just call him sir. Now Leroy he a gambler. And he like his fancy clothes. And he like to wave his diamond rings under every body’s nose. He got a custom continental. He got an Eldorado too. he got a 32 gun in his pocket for fun he got a razor in his shoe. Well Friday ’bout a week ago Leroy shootin’ dice. And at the edge of the bar sat a girl named Doris and ooh that girl look nice. Well he cast his eyes upon her. And the trouble soon began. And leroy brown had learned a lesson ’bout a-messin’ with the wife of a jealous man. Well the two men took to fighting. And when they pulled them apart from the floor. Leroy looked like a Jigsaw puzzle with a couple of pieces gone. And it’s bad bad leroy brown the baddest man in the whole damn town badder than old king kong. And meaner than a junkyard dog.
        Anyway, I think that was the confusion.

        1. I have never commented on my own comment before but I am gonna go ahead and say that my commitment to a bit here makes this my best comment to date.

        2. I can see the confusion, they may be confusing it with New York, because uptown got its hustlers, the bowery got its bums,
          and 42nd Street got Big Jim Walker; he’s a pool-shootin’ son of a gun.Yeah, he’s big and dumb as a man can come, but he’s stronger than a country hoss, and when the bad folks all get together at night, you know they all call big Jim “Boss.” Out of south Alabama came a country boy, he said I’m looking for a man named Jim, I am a pool-shootin’ boy, my name ‘a Willie McCoy but down home they call me Slim. Yeah I’m lookin’ for the king of 42nd Street, he drivin’ a drop top Cadillac. Last week he took all my money, and it may sound funny, but I come to get my money back. And everybody say, Jack don’t you know, you don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger, and you don’t mess around with Jim.
          Well a hush fell over the pool room, Jimmy come boppin’ in off the street, and when the cuttin’ was done, the only part that wasn’t bloody, was the soles of the big man’s feet, ooh.
          And he was cut in about a hundred places, and he were shot in a couple more and you better believe there come another kind of story when big Jim hit the floor. Now they say you don’t tug on Superman’s cape; you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with Slim.
          Actually, you might know that guy, it happened up around your way.

        3. But if you want to get there you need to take LSD. There’s a road I’d like to tell you about, lives in my home town Lake Shore Drive the road is called and it’ll take you up or down From rags on up to riches fifteen minutes you can fly Pretty blue lights along the way, help you right on by And the blue lights shining with a heavenly grace, help you right on by And there ain’t no road just like it
          Running south on Lake Shore drive heading into town Just slicking on by on LSD, Friday night trouble bound And it’s Friday night and you’re looking clean To early to start the rounds A ten minute ride from the Gold Coast back make sure you’re pleasure bound And it’s four o’clock in the morning and all of the people have gone away Just you and your mind and Lake Shore Drive, tomorrow is another day And the sunshine’s fine in the morning time, tomorrow is another day.

    2. I actually have been to south Chicago in the daylight.
      Gary, IN, should be burnt to the ground and the earth salted.

      1. South Chicago is the name of an actual south east side neighborhood. There is nothing with the word ‘central’ in it though.

  11. Back in the early 90s this guy, a CPD detective used to do these talks and appeared WTTW. (channel 11, PBS, chicago) Somehow I don’t think these talks would go over well today.

  12. I am not sure how much of this is gender and how much if it is the advice coming from a victim.
    For example if a black man was assaulted, someone telling him “black guys shouldn’t walk alone” probably would get criticism.
    If he said it himself then he would get less. Maybe a polite lecture.
    Imagine for example if a woman raped while walking the street alone advised women to walk in pairs.
    Would she get called a rape apologist or victim blamer? Who has this happened to?

    1. That is just it. you are applying logic to the problem. The question isn’t “how would it play out” the question is “how would it be spun”
      The answer is, it would be spun in whichever way vilified masculinity. These people are real cunts, but don’t mistake them for stupid. They know how to do this really well. If a woman was raped and advised other women to walk into pairs they would spin it some way.
      Case in point: A fucking muslim is recorded on 911 praising allah and saying he is going to fucking murder people in the name of some terror group. Walks into a club full of fags and kills like 50 of them.
      Who is involved here? Terrorist (or at the very least terrorist sympathizing) muslim and a room full of faggots. Who wound up getting blamed. Men and their “toxic masculinity” and the second amendment to the constitution.
      What? I mean what?
      Never ask “what would happen” with a thought to the way that things would rationally resolve themselves. Ask “what will happen” with a thought of how whatever happens, however many people are murdered, babies burned or bunnies raped, whatever happens, how will they find a way to blame men.

    1. Always have been. That’s why feminism has never ever ever been about equality. They do not want to be treated the same as men.

      1. Kinda why I dropped feminism. I always thought we were supposed to make guy’s lives easier, not harder…

      2. I can agree with that. I don’t really think true equality exists because men and women aren’t the same.

  13. I am sensing a pattern here . Feminists attack anyone , who even thinks of advising women on how to be safer , Shouting “rape culture ” . This makes women an easier target for rapists . Rape frequency increases for a time ( in addition to “I had sex with him last night but feel guilty about it now) . Feminists use that as evidence that rape culture exists and on and on it goes

  14. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed a few commercials lately? I can only that one of them was advertising some heartburn medication I think where the girls says “I’m April” and they guy flips out a calendar with a picture of him and says “I’m June”. Or the hottest guy in the office versus the non hottest guy or the one where they are sitting in a restaurant and the guy starts getting fatter,balder and older looking as they sit there? Imagine the outrage if those advertisements were the opposite.
    Oh yeah, I had to add that Budlight commercial with Seth Rogan and that fat loudmouth girl, that’s enough for me to not drink that swill again…..ever…..well maybe not forever but a while anyway.

  15. If women want to walk alone and potentially get raped or have the shit beat out of them, let them. I really don’t care.

  16. So I wasn’t familiar with the name. Went and looked it up. Four different articles talking about an attack by “two men” with no further description.
    If it was in the US and the (((media))) refuses to identify the suspects, guaranteed niggers. I see it’s in the UK. So, let me guess… the (((media))) is neglecting to mention they were muzzies, right?
    Simply a coincidence.

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