10 Answers To Questions About American Politics

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“If you were a president or a influential congressional member, how would you encourage nationalism without neglecting minority groups such as blacks, latinos, asians, etc? Since those groups do have political and financial power. Also how would you keep nationalism in check to prevent another world war since keep in mind that nationalism and militarism were the primary causes of WWI and a factor (not the primary cause) of WWII.” (JANE PETERSON)

“If Trump fails to deliver on what you expect and/or is a disappointment, what do you recommend we do?” (MERCENARY)

“If you became president, what executive orders would you make the first day in office?” (SAGETTAURUS)

“What is the actual end goal of causing division and chaos with BLM/Islamic “refugees” etc? Cause enough fear that they can implement martial law? What is the point? I see that the point of global trading, immigration, and feminism is economic due to cheap labor and increased tax revenue, but what is the point of causing racial division in the US? What is the end game of having sharia in Europe? Or are the powers-that-be just naive?” (SLIM SHADY)

“Cops quite readily violate probable cause and other such statutes, and lie to get their way – often supported by other cops and courts to charge especially young people with frivolous yet serious crimes. Yet, after the BLM bullshit we have forgotten about these violations and become “pro-cop”. How do you reconcile the real infringements on freedom by officers while not giving ground to race-baiting terrorists?” (SLIM SHADY)

“While organizations such as Black Lives Matter are dangerous and need to be stopped, it has become obvious in their inaction that the police are handcuffed by bureaucrats, while average citizens are being jailed for ludicrous offenses on a daily basis. What are your feelings on holding police accountable for 1) Their inaction when groups like BLM disrupt peaceful meetings (like the Young Republicans gathering at Depaul) and 2) Continuing to enforce immoral and unconstitutional laws that enable gun confiscation, seizure of assets, false rape accusations, and unfairly targeting and arresting men during domestic violence encounters?” (DJDJDJ)

“Do you think that any American leader (Trump or anybody else) can reverse this third-wave, toxic feminism or is America simply too far gone? Another way of asking this is: after the meetup outrage in Feb, have you given up on America?” (JOHN QUINCY)

“I have alleged that bringing men into the RoK-sphere is a step-by-step process. First we convince mainstream Republicans to the anti-feminist side, then expose them more and more to the RoK. I seriously doubt mainstream America will go from embracing the gender equality message to Roosh V overnight. And we need mainstream America to convert. Why do you antagonize female anti-feminists?” (JOHN QUINCY)

“What should be the #1 medium-term strategic goal of the nationalist/patriot wave? In my mind, it’s destroying the media. Do you have a different assessment?” (LIBERTAS)

“As a man on a college campus, how can I fight against feminism?” (JUSTIN)

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34 thoughts on “10 Answers To Questions About American Politics”

  1. The difference between American culture today and 10-15 years ago is akin to what the Germans must have felt in 1938 marching into Austria being greeted by cheering crowds and women throwing flowers and in May 1945 pushing some burned out buses to block the streets of Berlin to try to impede the Soviet onslaught. They went from crisp neatly pressed uniforms, plenty of order and structure to a ragtag outfit of young boys and old men in tattered clothes.
    When I was a child / young teenager (15 years ago), the culture was very, very different. Today, it seems each day brings some new low, some new insanity, some new outrage. This culture is unrecognizable. They say Hitler promised to make Germany unrecognizable in 10 years. Well, Obama did the same thing.

    1. A lot has changed since 2000. I remember 2000 like it was yesterday. In 2000, seven countries remained that did not have a Rothchild controlled central bank. Those countries were:
      North Korea
      As of 2003 only five countries remained:
      North Korea
      As of 2011 only three countries remained:
      North Korea
      Look next for the soft target – Cuba
      Maybe a natural disaster will spur global interests to move in or a coup or assasination. Cuba has no mismanaged nuclear power plants that can take a crap and bring in outside forces. Cuba’s only Juragua nuclear power plant was abandoned while under construction in 1992 upon the fall of the Soviet Union. It looks like an abandoned Chernobyl with old scaffolding surrounding it. It was only 50% completed. Some shit may be stirred with Guantanamo Bay. It was leased from Cuba in 1903 with a perpetual annual lease of $4000 USD by Teddy Roosevelt.

  2. I haven’t felt alive in years. And I’m sure many readers of ROK feel the same way. It’s one thing for an old man to wistfully feel the times have changed as he sadly shakes his head, no longer recognizing the world around him. But a good number of us are in out mid to late 20s and we already feel the world of our childhood as being a distant dream.

    1. Maybe it’s time to take a step back if you really feel that way. Hume pointed out the dangers of microscope eyes.
      If you really haven’t felt alive in years, it might be time to reconsider where you put your passions and energies.

    2. Get away from people and go enjoy nature. It’s the same nature that was there 1000’s of years ago, and I think you’ll quickly find it helps you return to center. Being around too many people is toxic for men, IMHO.

  3. Even if Trump is elected and manages to unfuck this country a bit, the Right will grow complacent and the Left will bide its time, nurse it wounds, and gather strength in the shadows until it is strong enough to make another attempt on total cultural and political control.
    We find ourselves in this situation because people like us and our families were too complacent. We were too insular, sticking to our small nuclear families eschewing greater obligations. Our parents spent the weekends taking us to the museum or zoo while the Left was busy occupying every position of power no matter how lowly: teacher, admin, alderman, city council on and on.
    The Right had too much of a libertarian mindset, just wanting to be left alone. The Right never sought out power and control while the Left did.
    A libertarian Right will never survive. The Right must be big government. It must be the Fascist Right. And it must expunge every vestige of the Left. It can’t just stop the war when the enemy is routed. It must be absolutely ruthless. That is the only way to keep from finding ourselves in this position again.

  4. Change is not going to come from politics. It will come from men unplugging from the Matrix which includes the political system and in fact the entire country. For instance, to get rid of the Federal Reserve, we must stop using the money they print and use our a different monetary system such as Bitcoin. Refuse to live under the current political authorities.

    1. I would love to completely unplug and distance myself from the leftists, home school kids, and do everything in my power to make sure I don’t have to deal with their insanity

      1. I don’t think Roosh is ever going to be dictator of earth or even USA. So, I hope instead of focusing on politics, he should focus on getting men unplugged from the blue pill world.
        Also get men to move from feminist dominated countries, live on boats and in RVs., anti-consumerism, etc… This is what he should focus on. Vote with our feet and pocketbooks.

        1. Nice comment. I agree.
          Hopefully something new and better can come from this. Ideally red pillers can form their own communities and create good ties with each other and keep improving the quality of their lives. The more red pillers can keep networking we can come up with better solutions to the problems that are infesting our communities. We can build better communities, better everything really. The first step is being aware of the leftist disgusting agenda that is being used (unplugging from the matrix).

  5. Every wage slave who has been dutifully paying into the system is complicit in the destruction of this nation and its culture. It seems many young men pride themselves on their beta-ness. I’ve know men in their 20s to be PROUD of the fact that that they started retirement planning and started their ira etc. In their mid 20s! You think these beta males want to upset the system? They want the status quo! They have no bigger aspirations than to be a shriveled old man shoveling restaurant food down their gullets. Look at all the money grubbers who were wringing their hands over how Brexit might impact their portfolios.
    People have no sense of heritage or legacy: they’re like insects, responding to stimuli in the moment. They have no sense of the past and no concern for the future beyond their own material betterment.

      1. <<o. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bt706p:….,.

  6. 11:39 (Eastern Standard Time) – Hillary just gave her speech. It sucked. She’s still spreading lies like the wage gap, civil rights, social justice, and she doesn’t really address any facts like Trump did. She just caters to the feelings of everyone, rips on Trump, barely mentions BLM, Islam, illegal immigration, or the economy.
    Total pandering , lies, myths, and just plain old horseshit.

    1. The “wage gap” really pisses me off. That’s like complaining about the wage gap between a hobo and a CEO. The CEO works a lot harder and takes way more risk, of fucking course he makes more. Men work harder, longer (career length), don’t take off time to play with their kids, don’t take maternity leave, travel more, work more dangerous jobs.. And, frankly, are better at much of the work that’s well rewarded (because it’s fucking HARD) in society. There should be a wage gap, trying to close it makes no fucking sense at all.

      1. You got the first part right, but the last sentence is just misunderstanding.
        There is NO WAGE GAP. The “wage gap” idea states that women earn less money for the same work as men. This is complete bullshit.
        There IS an EARNINGS GAP. The earnings gap is real because, like you said, men work harder and longer than women, therefore at the end of the fiscal year, they earn more in total than women.
        Oh, and Hillary also wants PAID MATERNITY/FAMILY LEAVE. If you don’t think that Liberals hate men, then this is proof that it does

        1. This is exactly the way I see it and pisses me off that the gender pay gap keeps getting thrown around by feminists, when its an earning pay gap. Basically there are more men in high pay positions (CEO, Airline pilot, stock broker, mining, software developers, etc) than women, and there are more women in lower pay positions (seamstress, waitress, maid, child care, secretary, receptionist, etc) than men. Naturally when you say this to women, you get the ol ‘glass ceiling’, ‘boys club’ barriers thrown up as the reason. I ask them to name & shame the top 500 companies and professional firms were the women doing the same job as her male college behind the desk next to her, earns noticeably less. I dont get any names,

    2. Oh, but unlike Melania Trump’s speech, it was completely original, not plagiarizing or paraphrasing any other speeches or speakers before it.
      And, if you believe that, I’m selling options on the Brooklyn Bridge you’d probably like to buy.

  7. On this issue of building a wall.
    Anybody else reckon drones could be a more economical way of patrolling the border?
    Imagine drone recharging stations every so many miles along the southern border (the stations themselves would also have drone operated cameras).
    The drones fly back and forth between these stations.
    With computer vision tech (using IR and night vision cameras) they could detect and warn a handful of human ‘pilots’ of any visual anomaly they detect.
    Frankly I’m surprised it hasn’t been mentioned before.

    1. Instead of building a wall or deploying massive numbers of drones, why not build a huge massive prison to hold all the rich fuckers that make a killing hiring illegal aliens instead of American citizens. Then you don’t need spend anything on the border.
      Trump and Hillary are both in bed with these fuckers so this obvious solution can’t even be mentioned.

    2. Or instead of building a wall, simply just cut off any welfare & support for illegals. No EBT, no free housing, no free medical care. They come to America because they are given so much free shit. They wouldn’t come if there was no incentives to come.

      1. This, and stop or massively tax remittances at the same time and they will all pack up and go home for sure. Might even be Mexico building a wall to keep their people in as they lose the incentive to send them abroad if they can’t send money back.
        Bluntly put mexicos biggest industry and product as a share of GDP is illegal immigrants to the USA.

      2. I think the wall/fences can only do so much your “hoistile” environment idea is better. Though a smart president would put the army at the border.
        If they know they’ll never get anything, government service wise, less will come.
        Also a property forfeiture law to seize their posessions, cars etc would be good as well.
        A fucntioning guest worker program like we have in Canada would be good as well. All the Mexicans around here come, work, pick fruit etc then go home for vacations.
        They cause zero trouble but I think these are different than the scum you have down in southern California where illiterates, criminals and lazy go for nothings make up a signifgant portion of the hispanic population.

    3. I think it has, but those weren’t the drones we were looking for

  8. Is it me or the file photo make Roosh look like a dazed hobo? Surely they take a better one than that?

  9. Rescinding the female right to vote is not enough. Democracy was not initially intended to be all-inclusive. You could only participate if you had a sufficient stake in your nation (owned land, a business, threshold amt. of property, military, etc.). The right to vote should only be granted to those who have a great deal to lose. Allowing everyone to vote only provides mobs of apathetic and useful idiots, who have little motive to invest their own time and energy into learning about politics.

    1. IMHO, the right to vote should be restricted to those who actually are paying taxes to the point where they are contributing, not draining, the system. About 50% of this country pays 0 income tax (or get’s back from the income tax system). I’d immediately disqualify all those in that situation from voting, you’re not fucking paying for it, you get no say in how that money is spent.
      Note that this would have barred me from voting until I was about 22 years old. I would have been fine with that, it always felt strange voting when I was not contributing anyway.

  10. “If you became president, what executive orders would you make the first day in office?”
    “I resign effective noon tomorrow.”
    “As a man on a college campus, how can I fight against feminism?”
    “Drop out, get degree online.”

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