3 Predictions We Can Make About A Hillary Clinton Presidency From Analyzing The DNC Leaks

The Democratic National Committee email leaks shared by Wikileaks highlight the extent to which Democrat political leaders and apparatchiks have become the same ruthless, rule-breaking fat cats they normally associate with Wall Street excesses. These revelations prove that the Democrats are not so much divided and fractured, but playing a game of bully and bullied. Unless you support the dominant position of the party head honchos, you must anticipate being on the receiving end of their wrath.

All this bodes terribly in the event of a Hillary Clinton victory in 2016. Those implicated in the DNC leaks have been firmly and squarely rooting for her. As a beneficiary of rule-breaking, unjustified, and plain personal attacks on Bernie Sanders by the DNC, there is no question that Clinton will continue such behavior and reward those who partake in it. And if the undermining has been awful against Sanders, what will happen when a Clinton Administration targets Republicans or, worse still, political positions like those of the alt-right?

Here’s what we can guarantee if Hillary Clinton inhabits the Oval Office from the end of this year:

People with serious biases and conflicts of interest will be appointed to key Clinton administration positions, including to witch-hunt college men accused of rape

Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Soon after Debbie Wasserman Schultz “resigned” her position as Chairwoman of the Democratic National Convention because of the DNC leaks, Hillary Clinton rewarded her with a new job. Wasserman Schultz will now serve as “honorary chairwoman” of Clinton’s 50-state campaign to elect Democrats.

The fallen party executive, also a sitting Congresswoman, will additionally act as a “surrogate” for Hillary’s own national Presidential campaign. All this after Wasserman Schultz and her cronies were proven to have denigrated, attacked, and outright sabotaged Bernie Sanders’ campaign to become President. Given Hillary’s support for the disgraced Wasserman Schultz, expect her to similarly bestow power on others who back her various agendas, from expelling college men accused of rape to inciting violence against the police in the name of placating Black Lives Matter.

Note the Orwellian approach to Clinton’s statement about Wasserman Schultz: “…as President, I will need fighters like Debbie in Congress who are ready on day one to get to work for the American people.” The only person Wasserman Schultz has shown any interest in going out to work or fight for, as the DNC leaks prove, is Hillary herself.

If she has been willing to undermine the rule-abiding campaign of Hillary’s rival Sanders, and show contempt for all the many party faithful supporting him, in no sense will she be capable of working or fighting for the American people, whether Democratic Party members, non-card carrying Democratic Party voters, Republican voters, or independents. Hillary’s interests are therefore being falsely conflated with the American people’s.

The word “honorary” is also telling. One does not need to hold a formal or actual executive office to serve Hillary’s interests. In fact, much of the time an unofficial representative would work best, as it allows political goals to be pursued outside normal rules, almost like how courts are being replaced by college “rape” tribunals bereft of traditional, time-honored judicial protections. There is no reason to even pay lip service to transparency, impartiality, and professionalism.

The kinds of things you will see: Professional liars like Emily Renda, who propped up rape hoaxer Jackie Coakley from the University of Virginia, will be appointed to outlandish positions like “Roaming Ambassador to Curb Male College Sexual Violence.” The existence of college rape tribunals will be expanded and given very strong force in law, to the extent that they will be given some or many more of the powers of courts without a commensurate responsibility to ensure due process.

Even the most vocal leftwing critics will be bullied into submission


The DNC leaks kicked Bernie Sanders in the face–again. Not that he bothered to stand up against the bias he had long suspected but could now verify. Following his kneeling down to two truly savage Black Lives Matter protestors at one of his rallies months ago, you might have said that precious little fight was ever expected from Bernie Sanders. But you would have been proven wrong. Although he did it in some respects less than he should have, Bernie by and large savaged Clinton on the points that matter. He also persisted in his campaign long after most liberal commentators had told him to stop. All that ended after some time, though.

When Bernie Sanders went largely silent some weeks ago, that was one thing. But when he first started warming to Clinton and then endorsed her, things changed for the worse. As more than one critic opined, Sanders endorsing Clinton was like Occupy Wall Street endorsing Goldman Sachs.

The spilled secrets from the DNC email leaks should have caused Bernie to disendorse Clinton. Instead, he said he was “proud to stand” with Clinton in his Democratic National Convention speech, despite knowing she had rewarded the woman who had sought to derail his campaign against party rules, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

What was said or done to Bernie Sanders behind the scenes, particularly when the DNC leaks went public? Or, more indirectly, did he come to fear some reprisal if he fell short of emphatically endorsing his once bitter rival? After all, by supporting Clinton in the open, Sanders has effectively legitimized his biggest policy-related target of hate, the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Even for an oddball socialist, Sanders has been resiliently disparaging of the Establishment Left for almost his entire life. His falling into line behind Clinton is seismic and speaks volumes about the pressures being brought down on non-orthodox leftist figures who try to challenge orthodox favorites.

The kinds of things you will see: Corporatist-style compacts will be made between the Clinton Administration and big business. The new Democratic ideological orthodoxy and “widespread” support for proposals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership will be ensured by silencing or plain removing raucous elements like still disgruntled Bernie Sanders backers from political debates, let alone processes. Hillary Clinton will give credence to the idea of wealth redistribution, of course, but practically-speaking advance the interests of her corporate donors.

The dubious Clinton business model will endure

“Charity” donors from the Middle East with Hillary.

The DNC email leaks demonstrate the grotesque secrecy characterizing money flowing to Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s campaign sought joint fundraising ventures with state-based affiliates of the Democratic Party, only to directly give them less than 0.5% of the total money received. Meanwhile, the email exchanges of DNC officials, including Debbie Wasserman Schultz, highlight how they desperately wanted to suppress these kinds of damaging details. Of any of the questions Wasserman Schultz should answer, ones about Hillary’s financing efforts are the most urgent.

Combine this with longstanding doubts about the Clinton Foundation and you have what should be an automatic trigger for serious investigations. The Clinton Foundation has allegedly received over $100 million in donations from members of authoritarian governments from across the Persian Gulf in the Middle East, scuttling any image that Clinton could serve impartially as Secretary of State and can serve impartially as President. Other problems raised by concerned commentators are the poor dollar returns on the charity’s ventures to help the needy, with inordinate sums being paid for “administrative costs” and the salaries of executives.

Plus, Hillary and Bill Clinton have amassed a mind-boggling fortune north of $150 million just from their speaking engagements over the last 15 years. It is very arguable that the great rump of these speeches have made them financially beholden to the same Wall Street and other big business institutions Hillary claims she will successfully hold in check. The active collaboration of DNC officials in suppressing information about the financial details of Hillary Clinton’s campaign gives us no indication that the Democratic political class will ever question how and in what circumstances the Clintons earn or raise their money.

The kinds of things you will see: Criticisms of the funding arrangements behind Hillary’s political campaign and the financial situation of the Clinton Foundation will be swatted away like flies. Those who call for anything close to an inquiry, even informally, will be severely punished and blacklisted.

We’re in for a wild, not so happy ride

This photo is about 1% as crazy as any Hillary Clinton Presidency will be.

The cat is supposedly out of the bag. Poll numbers may have dipped for Hillary, but a Trump victory is by no means certain. Hillary’s prospects are on the whole probably still better than The Donald’s. This gives us all the more reason to ensure that Trump is supported to the hilt and that the skulduggery of Hillary and her DNC enablers continues to be exposed.

Between now and November, though, you should remain fearful. We have a lot to lose if Hillary wins. The Culture War is being waged like never before.

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235 thoughts on “3 Predictions We Can Make About A Hillary Clinton Presidency From Analyzing The DNC Leaks”

  1. No need to make predictions if we see to it that she is not elected.
    In particular, we need to hammer home the most damaging information in these leaks. For example, Trump has been accused of racism against Hispanics. We should point out that the DNC, who was working with Hillary, referred to their hispanic millenial outreach as the “taco bowl engagement.”

    1. If it wasn’t for the cognitive dissonance, “taco bowl engagement” would be just hilarious.
      I am pretty sure that Hilary is going to take this one in a landslide not seen since Reagan. That crazy picture above is a fairly accurate prediction of what things will be.
      Further, once she does win….24 out of 34 years, if my math is right, this nation has been severed Yaley Prez

      1. Even with massive voter fraud, which is going to happen, I don’t think she is going to pull it off.

        1. Time will tell. I hope you are right. Not because I really care who is president, but really because I can’t stand this miserable cunt’s face and also it will be fun to watch the fags go insane.

        2. She spent $50 million on advertising and Trumps numbers went up? If I was a DNC contributor I would be questioning my ROI. I noticed the more she is on TV and speaks, the more her numbers tank. She is a very unlikeable person and it shows. I think it is a toss up.

        3. She truly is unlikeable. Oh sweet lord. I mean, whatever, I guess some people really believe in her bullshit. But how on gods green earth can anyone, even the most fantastically liberal, transfat faggot not want to just wind up and punch her in the fucking face That said, I don’t think Trumpers is particularly likeable and he also has a MR Bopo punching bag face. But there is no one that I believe can inspire ire like the Hil. Truthfully, if she showed up to my house in place of Ed McMahon to give me the PCS check for 100 million dollars I would probably kick her in the cunt as soon as I took the check.
          Still, for some reason I have a feeling that things will go wrong. Like I said Galt, I certainly hope I am incorrect on this one and will be the first on this site to say “I WAS SO WRONG WOOHOO” if it comes to that.

        4. Still 3 months away, but just a hunch. I’m a bit of a political wonk and I recall in 2008 everyone proclaiming she was “inevitable” until some jug-eared no-name punk from Chicago stole her thunder. Her ship has sailed and besides– she looks like she already has one foot in the grave.

        5. I don’t follow politics nearly as close as you….in fact, I really don’t follow them at all. So I will defer to you as my suspicion is based on my personal feelz and cynicism where yours is based on research and thoughtfulness. I can def step aside for that.

        6. it shouldnt be called the DNC this year, its more like the Oscars meets the Grammies…nothing but shit-lebrities on stage

        7. Her lackeys arent doing her any favors. The mayor of Philly got on tv and stated, with a straight face to a black reporter, “If Trump is elected, you be sitting at the back of the bus again.”

        8. Im sure, according to her pollsters, her numbers went up. How can they not when Leana Duh-nam is speaking?

        9. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard…the more you hear it the more annoying it sounds.

        10. The hyperbolic rhetoric that these buffoons come up with is laughable. Just like when Biden, the VP of the USA, said that the Republicans were going to put all the black people back in chains. As if that statement isn’t ridiculous enough in and of itself, let’s not forget which party freed the slaves.

        11. The Bern-Outs (as I call them) staged a walkout when her nomination was announced…they may very well stay home or vote for someone else.

        12. not to mention, I sit in the back of the uber and I have never taken issue with it.
          as an aside, I’ve noticed that black people always sit in the back of the bus despite plenty of seats in the front.

        13. We will play chess, but if you think I am going easy you have another thing coming. If you can’t handle the field of battle that is chess then I suggest…ok, well, I guess it isn’t that serious.

        14. Dem turnout dropped in the primaries while GOP gained and people seem more pissed off than I have ever seen. I am not a fan of Trump nor believe anything he says, but I think he will be less of disastour than the NY bag lady hanging around Monkia Lewisky’s old boyfriend.

        15. Yup. This will spur the democrats to change their primary process if the want to keep the snowflakes in the next election, but the will depend on Soros and the other plantation masters agreeing with it.

        16. Maybe it’s because I’m jealous. I wish I could quit the gym, eat all the bon bons and,pastries to fill my heart’s content, and still have some sucker pay me out of pity.

        17. Because we are misogynist losers who like nailing and screwing our giant 2x6s all over the place….sorry, horrible pun. Haven’t had my 3rd cup of coffee yet.

        18. I only saw a few seconds on the tv at the gym yesterday. Oscars meets the Grammies is a good analogy.
          I thought it looked like a rap concert broke out at the gay pride parade.

        19. I might as well just cancel my date this weekend. After this, I would actually be ashamed if I did get a hard on.

        20. Not cool. You really need to **Graphic Warning Content Below** before putting pics like that up.

        21. Wait? That was rhetoric? Damn it. I have so much cotton that needs picking

        22. I just died a little inside Manuel Hernandez. I hope you are pleased with yourself.

        23. I know. Most people are apolitical and only start paying attention a few weeks before the election, so he will spend around then. Meanwhile let the drip feed of her scandals, gaffs and continuing terror attacks be broadcasted until Nov.— it plays right into his hands.

        24. The worst was that farm animal of a pedophilic lesbian child rapist Lena Dunham with the spic who should be washing my toilet bowls instead of making an obscene about of money as a celebrity talking about all the free anchor baby handouts she got as a kid.
          Oh and the she-boon bragging about getting the confederate flag banned from public buildings!

        25. The slut made a joke that Trump would probably rate her disgusting body a 2. Joke was on her, no way anyone would give it such a high rating

      2. I don’t know, lolknee. I’m not quite as enamored with Trump as I once was, considering how much the alt-right worships him. But I just cannot see how Hillary can win. She has got to be the most universally despised candidate in presidential history. Who actually likes her besides aging cat-ladies? One thing is for certain, we’re in for one hell of a ride the next few months.

        1. Like I said to Galt above, I am, at best, enjoying this whole thing for the lulz and that is in the small percentage of time that I am not just ignoring it wholesale. My opinion here is far from expert. It is even far from intelligent casual observer. It is all based on feelz. In that regard, I defer to the gentlemen here who know more on this topic than I do.

        2. PS: The majority of women and SJW’s could never even imagine making a statement where they say they defer to people who know better…this is what separates us. To the SJW and, generally, woman, having no knowledge of a subject or having only knowledge of people who confirm your already held opinions is never a reason not to yell and scream. lol

      3. Maybe, but dude remember, you, like me, live in a libtard echo chamber. But what I have noticed is that there are actually many closeted Trump supporters like me that are planning to vote for him in November. I agree that Hillary may win, but I don’t think it will be a landslide.
        Plus, I think Trump has a lot going for him. Obama rode to victory on the backs of young voters. Young voters liked Bernie, they hate Hillary, and now they feel betrayed. Turmp is telling them the system is rigged against them, and he’s right. That’s a recipe for them to stay home.
        Then there are other traditional democratic factions that Trump’s message appeals to directly. Unions are losing ground and watching work get shipped overseas. Trump says to stop that.
        Blacks, and Hispanic citizens face rampant unemployment, and the Dems want more illegal immigration. Trump wants to stop it.
        And my theory on the primary reason Hillary is doing so poorly is the Terrorism thing. There are attacks almost daily. ISIS has told us there are going to be more attacks on our soil. In response, Hillary refuses to call it Islamic Terrorism, while Trump speaks common sense. The best is that Hillary ran against Obama on the “who would you want to answer that 3am phone call” theme. Yeah, well, that 3am call came in Benghazi and she rolled over and hit the snooze button. Trump’s son basically telegraphed that they are going to beat her over the head with this issue in his speech at the convention.
        Hillary was supposed to be the chosen candidate this cycle. But Trump stands a pretty good chance of pulling it off.

        1. Like I said, I am pretty ignorant on the topic. Hell, I thought Ben Gazi was a guy until like 3 months ago (Scooby Doo backs me up and I am still fairly certain that this whole business about it being a place might be contrived media and, in reality, when Mr Stoner was framed for stealing the artifacts from the professors archeological dig. Ben Gazi Got away and started a terror cell).
          The only things that are certain are a) one of these dip shits will win b) other than my desire to watch the nancy boys have a melt down I don’t care either way.
          My prediction is Hilary in a landslide. However, I know very little about the election and care even less so take my predictions with a grain of salt.
          Oddly enough, for a liberal echo chamber, the funny thing is no one I know gives a shit about the election and the ones who do are all saying that trump is the lesser of two evils.

        2. We’re tapping into the same vibe. The AFL-CIO gave Hillary their support, but was warning that alot of their members are tuning into Trump. Also the Clintons have made a lot of enemies over the years and that hasn’t changed

        3. And like you said those who give a shit are in favor of Trump. I too live in the hell of libtards and most of them like Trump better.
          Trump biggest landslide in the history of the country. I made this predcition after the first RNC debate and I still believe it will happen.
          One caveat though – he can’t go crazy from now until November. He just needs to play it smooth and cool and make her look more a fool.

        4. I don’t know enough either way to agree or disagree with any kind of authority. Honestly, I don’t care who wins outside of my own lulz. It’s kind of like the world series only slightly less important in the scope of things. You very well may be right though.

        5. I predict the media will have some shitstorm about Trump come up in mid-November, thus tanking any chance he had….or maybe he will have a “heart attac” or a “gym accident/heart attack”….

        6. more likely he will get shot while hunting with Dick Cheney. That would kill two birds with one stone.

        7. Haha. If I was Trump, I’d put out an add that would go like this:
          Clip of her previous add: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yr7odFUARg
          Fade to scene: Hillary lying in bed snoring. Camera pans to alarm clock reading 3:00am. Her cell phone on the bedside table starts to ring. At first she tries to ignore it, and it goes to voicemail. But it rings again. She ignores it again, but it immediately starts ringing. She finally rolls over and picks it up. She looks at the front and the caller ID says “Benghazi.” She silences it, says something along the lines of “good grief” and angrily rolls over to go back to sleep. The same voice says, “Guess who didn’t answer that 3am phone call?”

        8. “there are actually many closeted Trump supporters like me that are planning to vote for him in November”
          The problem is that the only way to insure fair voting is with exit polls.
          But would you be willing to tell them who you voted for?

      4. Probably, a chimp was “elected” the last two terms so now a senile, insane, girl power, post menopausal, dried up old hag is needed to drive the final nail into America’s coffin.

        1. If the presidency was an office with any real power j would agree 100%. That said, I’m pretty sure it will just be business as usual–just with an uglier, senile, insane, girl power, post menopausal dried up bag as the new star of the realty show

    1. Of course, the demons.
      Tell me, you have your tinfoil hat put on right now? You shouldn’t watch jewtube without it…..

  2. if trump becomes president is there any chance $hillary will see any justice for all her crimes and corruption?

      1. Trump has donated $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation according to the “non-profits” own records.

        1. well, if it was within the past year, it would feed into the theory that they are in cahoots with one another.

        2. And who knows what happens behind the scenes or whatever will happen after November independently of who wins.

        3. Reminds me of a particular South Park episode that actually came out around the 2008 election cycle. In it, they implied Obama, McCain, Palin, Michelle, and others basically used the election just as a ruse to pull some big heist. Coming to think about it, it isn’t completely ridiculous.

        4. No doubts. To be fair, the pic was taken in 2005 at Trump’s wedding and, yes, if you are NY mutli-billionaire, you are going to have smear some grease in the right people’s hands to keep others off your back.

        5. Slick Willie has his left hand pretty low on the babe on the right. Probably trying to work his hand around to her snatch.

        6. Absolutely. When you are someone like Donald Trump, you have to pay to play. Period. Nobody becomes a billionaire without greasing the palms of a few politicians; It doesn’t matter which party they are for.

        7. That’s Mrs. Trump’s buttock Bubba’s hand is working lower on.
          He might just be goosing her for a warmup.

        8. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OCabT_O0YSM
          Ever heard of machiavellianism? Consider how that relates to the business world? Consider that maybe a prominent businessman would see politicians (and the exercise of power they personify) as tools to be used?
          I stumbled across this the other day. There’s something else going on with this guy.
          He’s not a buffoon and he certainly hasn’t been delicately planning this run for the past three decades either.
          Give it 60 seconds.

        9. That’s why she had no choice but to come to his wedding like he said at the beginning of his campaign, he owned her ass

      2. Can you blame him? Who would? Not even Bill will let her blow him even though she is now able to remove her teeth first

  3. The country is screwed either way, it’s like choosing the lesser sides of two evils, either way Americans are gonna get raped

    1. Yes. I fail to get the zeal for Trump. He can’t pay children, he has outstanding lawsuits from unions, constantly changes opinions to cater to his demographic, has little understanding for the people outside of emotional rally cries which bolster many who may or may not get all of the relevant issues. With Hillary we get corporate rape, social liberties amended to cater to her voters, a known subverted of the legal process, and a hot sauce panderer.
      Between turd and shit, I say vote anarchy. Keep whoever the populace thinks will ‘make America great again’ or see ‘take care of all the things that frighten me about the future’ and say shit if the choice succeeds and say even less if America falls on its own sword.
      On the plus, this is the best time to start your own group, buy guns, go independent contractor and separate your income sources from state, and pick a country you like or American state you like best and build there.

      1. Cant pay children? Read between the lines, the ring leader of that Patriot troop sounds like a wing nut trying to squeeze dollars out of Trump. Wisely, theyre allowing him to kick rocks.

    2. actually, in the end, it doesn’t really matter much. It is like rooting for the team you like.

  4. With this and the disunity in the Republican party, I’m still shocked most Americans still don’t have the balls to go their own way and form their own independent movements or support third party candidates.

  5. The country is being overtaken by extreme leftwing politicians who’s concern is not for the american people, but for their special interests . Bernie never had a chance , the fix was in long ago… You think feminism is bad now under the boy an cheif? If hillary is elected ,feminism will be down your throat , up your ass, coming out your ears, and in a tissue everytime you blow your nose.

        1. Bernie has BEEN in bed with the elites. Bernie was SUPPOSED to awaken the serious left wing side of the party and bring them into this election cycle, get them excited, then gently guide them over to Hillary. No one (including Bernie) expected him to get as much backing as he got. The brainwashing of college kids has worked better than even the Liberals expected.

  6. It’s hilarious how some people are just now realizing how utterly corrupt and unfixable the left really is. Most of the republicans are no better, because they just pay lip service to conservative values while opening the floodgates to immigrants, social debauchery, and unsustainable fiscal policy.
    But anyone who is surprised by this wikileaks shit was literally born yesterday. The American political left is one of the most corrupt, divisive, and destructive groups in the history of humankind.

    1. “American political left is one of the most corrupt, divisive, and destructive groups in the history of humankind.”
      I agree. I stole the summerization, but it is “a criminal organization posing as a poltical party.” I would ignore their constant habit of giving away victories in foreign lands for paltry internal gains (getting many Innocents massacred in the process).

    2. It seems to me that Hillary has absolutely no chance of winning after this, but many people are speaking as if we should still be worried. How could she possibly win after this shipwreck of a convention? At this point it seems impossible. Or am I being naive?

      1. Do not underestimate the fact that the media carries her water and covers for her. They have spun stories about the “most damaging” things there. And of course, those things they cherry picked are not nearly the most damaging. To wit – in an election in which the Hispanic vote will be a huge factor, Hillary has been accusing Trump of racism toward hispanics while she and the DNC were referring to their Hispanic millennial outreach efforts as the “taco bowl engagement.”
        I think Trump stands a good chance, but it is not yet decided.

        1. Liberals are already doing the mental gymnastics to justify voting for Hillary. I agree, Trump’s odds are looking better, but it’s still an uphill battle for him.

        2. Well, given that this has happened in the past two elections, no reason for it to stop now.

        3. What’s hilarious about this is how easily it could be turned against them:
          “Given how disturbing what we’ve already seen is, it’s pretty sad that we have to rely on Russia to give US voters the transparency the Obama administration promised us eight years ago. Had it not been for Russia, we wouldn’t have confirmation that the Democratic party rigged the system, and treats its own constituents with such contempt.”
          And, the best part is, we all know Russia already hacked all of Clinton’s emails, especially that illegal server she had in her bathroom. The only question is whether Russia is going to release them now to destroy her, or keep them for blackmail purposes once she gets elected. Actually there’s a third options too: both.

        4. The left isn’t the brightest, but Trump has already pointed out the obvious. The russians, and other foreign entities, already have and know them due to Hillary’s felenious incompetence. We might as well know what she was actively trying to hide.
          Again. If Hillary would have followed protocol, this would have NEVER happened. Shit, the media is doing Trump’s work for him.

        5. It’ll be in the blues states mostly.
          Also be on the lookout for voter intimidation by Black Lies Matter.

        6. Oh yes, agreed. But as Hillary is just Obama part III, there’s a near certainty it will happen this time

        7. Fuck them. Luckily I live in a mostly white conservative area. Our polling place is a firehouse. Tons of cops around all the time too

        8. 100%, expect it will happen.
          We must have Trump demanding a full Independent code audit, by at least two impartial teams, one picked by the OSI and the other the FSF. Both/all must agree on the code being clean, or we assume all voting results are bullshit.
          Next we want checksums on the binary firmware, confirmed randomly at multiple voting stations, and this process should be detailed more… but you get the point.

      2. Horrendously naive. She won off of a corrupted campaign and the DNC still supports her. The democratic still supports her as a choice above race baiting Trump. Even highly taunted liberal supporters state she won with or without the rigged aspects of the vote. And when distilled both sides are saying, Hillary and Trump, that the other party is lying and will take away your freedoms so vote for me. Maybe we are all under the illusion that whomever we vote in is a choice by us and not the oligarchs.

    3. Yeah,
      “But but WHAT ABOUT THE RNC/GOP??!!! Huh???!!!!”
      Well, they aren’t as gullible as liberals and KNEW their party was corrupt. That’s the whole reason Trump is in. They didn’t care who it was, as long as it was a Fuck You to establishment republicans who never listened to the voters.
      If democrats realized how rigged their party was Bernie would be the nominee.

      1. We did all vote Bernie… they stole the election from him blatantly, the statistics of anomalies are insane… but since most of the left aren’t Marxists anymore, they are feckless bitches.
        I always say, the reactionaries would NEVER accept this if it happened to Trump, they are armed for a reason! … but we split, since no way are any working class leftists voting for HRC. So now we’re all with Trump.

    4. Liberals are getting seriously mindfucked right now. They cannot accept the fact that THEIR party is corrupt to the core.
      Way back when the primaries started I told my liberal friends that Bernie Sanders would be undermined by the Democratic establishment at every turn and their real enemy was their own party, not Donald Trump. They largely ignored all this and fixated their hate on the Trump campaign. I just shook my head and told them if Bernie ever got even close to getting nominated, the DNC would ensure it would never happen.
      Now they’re standing around dumbfounded they’ve been betrayed since the beginning when it was so glaringly obvious the whole time. Now their being told to voluntarily cuck themselves by voting for the very candidate that fucked them up the ass.

      1. 5 or 6 yrs ago, Bernie was the deciding vote on the bills for audit the fed for reelz or audit the fed lite. Magical flash crash that day, 800- plus points…guess what he voted for? Hes a fraud, just like most of the others

        1. honestly, when that happened, I stopped trying to understand how the world really operates…we have no say in what happens..

      2. Even with all these crimes and lioes Hillary commits the liberals still support her. This is the same liberals that speak negatively of Christians talking about how Christians several hundred years ago lied and committed fraud under the people’s eyes

        1. Liberals have a weird fetish for excessively hating Christianity. I’m not entirely sure where it comes from. Probably has something to do with trying to piss daddy off.

    5. There is an entire generation being raised to accept the left. There will be no stop to it. Look at the Bernie psychos and Hilary zombies. The youth of USA and nearly every single college student will become a ravenous psychopath untill there 30’s when maybe they grow up.
      The military also is brainwashed to accept feminist/gay/SJW training. The US government is openly supporting isis/al nursa whatever name you want to call them.
      Pussification of men and turning women into whores and sluts is going to really screw up america.
      Be prepared to use your guns and brains to defend your own and perserve your community, if you even have one.

      1. Your a jackass if you put Bernie and HRC on the same side, they are as different as Trump and Paul Ryan. The populist ones actually disagree with 50 years of corporatism, and the latter want more NWO.
        In fact I’m a leftist, I liked Sanders…. But now I’m voting Trump. I know who will better serve working class interests. You’re caught up on ideology, but both parties are big tent phony stand-for-nothing. I vote with whoever is against Bloomberg, that means Trump 2016.
        I’m a hard Marxist, I HATE SJWs, the left is not what you’ve been taught by conservatives and the hardest right. Yea we got phonies also! We have the hijackers also… we HATE the same people for craps sake…. stop being a jackass.

        1. O, one one those then…
          A serious sickness is in many people, and their is nothing anyone can do to fix them. You stand alone, your only capable of undirected hatred, and you prefer neo-liberal Globalists to the only viable alternative.
          Just so everyone knows, you spew bullshit, you chose your ‘enemies’ as your only allies.
          You have no community to protect, you kicked out the only people who would fight the globalists. You think like the mafioso, and criminals.
          Your only true allies are BLM, once you declare the left your enemies. Your only stuck with our enemies, and your too stupid to realize they want ethnocentric interest groups also. They don;t care about the globalists either, they just want a race war like you.
          seriously fuck your culture war, working people have real problems.

    6. As I once read somewhere: Conservatives are just progressives that are a few years to a few decades behind.

      1. Yes.
        It is, in fact, one of the main problems with conservatism.
        That it never really conserves anything.
        They take for granted that the rights that women, blacks, minorities had back when they were growing up was the natural order of the universe.
        And that NOW they’re trying to get above us.
        Oblivious to the fact that their grandparents thought they were trying to get above us back in their day!
        Oblivious that their grandkids will internalize todays misandry as equality and will then rail against the future where men are truly enslaved.
        And that THEIR grandkids will, in turn, consider such enslavement equality and will rail against the day men are rounded into camps!!!!!
        Moral relativism is truly a bitch.
        Just think of all the things your great great grandparents would be aghast at if they were alive today!
        Just think of all the things your great x10 parents would be aghast at if they were alive when your great grandparents were alive!
        Fighting liberalism is about wanting posterity to hold on to the things WE value.
        “Note that I am not mincing words. I will not tread lightly around this subject. I will not resort to euphemism or conceal my message ‘between the lines’. I will not leave you with the mere implication that Male Holocaust is the eventual outcome of feminism, before quickly moving on to talk about other things, as though airing the idea should be an embarrassment for the speaker.”

        1. The entire concept of group conflict is created to rule over people. That’s why progressives use it. State control requires people never getting together to see how they are being screwed. Always fighting each other, using politics. Progressives are progressing towards something. Few people actually consider the meaning of the name they gave themselves.
          BTW, the word liberal was taken and twisted into something very different. The 18th century sense of the world has been replaced with something that is essentially its opposite.

        1. If they charged appropriately would that have made a difference? Involuntary manslaughter?

  7. At this point its easier to debate a stray fox with a bad case if mange than a clinton supporter.

  8. On a totally unrelated note, if the regular writers on this site get paid, I hope David Brown is getting paid well. He must have more articles on this site than any other writer, including Roosh.

    1. Hate is a strong word. What if you just hope it leaves in the morning without you telling it you have to go to work

        1. I personally don’t care which of these clowns gets elected. That said, if I had to pick one it would be trump based solely on the amount of lulz i’d get from watching the homos go batshit

        2. me too. It is such a good one isn’t it. Just goes to show, simplicity wins.

        3. He isn’t quite as annoying, I’ll give you that. But I don’t really care who wins the nba tournament, survivor, project runway or the presidency….its just another distraction

  9. Activist judges on the supreme court that will destroy the 2nd amendment is by far the biggest threat Hillary will impose. No telling what Trump will do. I think he’s lying. Review his past, even recent past and you’ll see he is a liberal as well. He’s banking on immigration and fear to get him to his personal goal, not ours.
    For me, I love guns, hate survelliance, think pot should be legal, love innovation and green energy, and I’m not telling anyone what to do in their public or personal life..so you can guess who the fuck I’m voting for.
    You ever notice if you put together the freedoms Trump and Hillary want to take from you it equals almost all your freedom?

    1. I don’t think gun control would be a priority with Trump. And we can only hope the SC picks will be way less bad than a Hillary one. Not that Team R has done us any favors either over the years.

  10. The real ‘power elite’ that is enslaving not just the USA but the whole planet is minuscule in numbers and far removed from us. At this stage of the game, the system runs autonomously.
    The cover of the Economist (see below) was published in the issue of January 1988. Note the date on the coin. It predicts a world currency and the end of the dollar (burning uder the feet of the phoenix). If selected for the White House the Trump’s role is to allow for smooth landing of plane USA after it’s deprived from its fuel – the dollar.
    The other option is Hillary and a war against Russia and China and the rest of the world. The American members of La Kosher Nostra represented by Hilary Clinton have already chosen war. And, should she fail to steal the election in November, there is a possibility that they will trigger a war anyway, either as a ‘welcome’ gift to Donald Trump or before the January 2017 inauguration, taking the war as an excuse to suspend the Constitution and all rule of law and engulf the world into an extinction level world war which will see Europe and North America vaporized.

    1. Almost 30 years ago, how much longer do I have to wait here with my dick in my hands? Last I checked, the dollar has yet to be surpassed by any competition as THE means of international currency. Europe is about to further fragment based on this wave of terrorism via immigration, and people are beginning to see the fallacy of globalism. UKs fall in wages are another blatant tell that globalism is a racket. People are getting pissed. You sound like a Mormon with the doomsday BS though.

        1. The wait is over, that dick is heading straight for your rectum.
          More bad news – this time, it’s circumcised, and not leaving a 20 on the nightstand when done.

    1. If she gets elected she will bring back The Fairness Doctrine and kill am talk radio.

    2. The best thing that could happen if the good guys win this rematch. Things need to get much worse before they get better

  11. In order for Trump to win he will have to get at least 55% of the actual votes cast as the Hillary Democrats will stuff the ballot box. First of all, I have seen dead people having voted every year for ten years after they have died and every time they have voted Democrat. Never once has a dead person ever voted for a Republican! So the Zombie vote is definitely all Hillary. Second, ALL illegal aliens ALWAYS vote Democrat and do so four or five times at each election. Third, ALL felons, who have lost their voting rights, ALWAYS vote Dem, so Hilldabeast has that sown up too. Now considering that she will get 12 out of the 12% black vote nationwide and 10 of the 12% brown vote, that gives her about 22 of the 25% of the black/brown vote. Of the remaining 75% of the electorate Trump has to get 55 of that 75%. That means he needs to get about 73% of the remaining vote. Considering the infantile, deluded female school teacher and social worker types, gay Hollywood and the Elite one percenters living behind walls in gated communities as well as the always liberal voting Midwestern farm people who are isolated from the havoc wrought on the lives of large city dwellers by the “wonders of diversity”, then I see Trump having a slim to none chance of winning this election. The only good that will come out of his candidacy is that he will have exposed her evil ways and tarnished her reputation with working middle class people beyond repair and damaged what little credibility she barely even had. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think so.

    1. I’m ready to accept the theory that a person’s mind effects how they look in the future. After all the mind controls the body

  12. Eh, I’m old enough to have seen Presidents from both parties. They all stunk. But my life continued on and I’m surviving. I don’t buy into chicken little politics. Benjamin from Animal Farm was right, “Life will go on as it has always gone on—that is, badly.”

    1. They’ve all stanken up the place. I gained the worldview at a young age that all the established establishment was bad, wholesale bad in one way or another. I got this view from my dad who saw no good politicians during his time either. With no politicians or ‘leadership’ a genetically destitude and downtrodden people will drag their feet and hold their hand out for a handout. They look poor like the posterchildren in the ‘feed the hungry’ ads. Think albania. If albania had a ruthless dictator, the albanians would dress in nice sharp uniforms and march like a ballet. They would at least look strong and mighty. Look what Kim Jong il has done. Get an impoverished people to goose step in spit shined corframs and perfectly pressed uniforms and you’d never know they had no money or GDP and were totally isolated. When there’s no money, you yell at people and tell them to GOOSE STEP – GOOSE STEP -GOOSE STEP!!!

      Now that’s no rainbow march. That’s what you call real marching man! We haven’t seen the goose step like that since the 30’s-40’s. Maybe the albanians could do that to kill time. Albeit the N.Koreans aren’t racially impoverished in any way. They’re a solid 100% racially pureblood state. A multicult group goose stepping would look like the village people. Can you imagine this group goose stepping:

    2. yes and no, a president can create an environment where you have more or less opportunity. some president will develope the economic market allowing you to make more money, other will fuck it and tax you more making you poorer.

  13. While I think Trump has a good chance I have resolved not to become emotionally invested in the results of this election.
    We may just wake up to having the bitchy school librarian as our president.

    1. Yep, I’m preparing myself mentally to get used to seeing that cunt for the next 4-8 years. However, the Democrats are very scared right now. I don’t know if you’ve been watching the convention coverage, but low energy doesn’t begin to described the vibe in that room. They’re furiously bashing Trump, but it’s not hitting home with their base anymore. It’s coming off more desperate and depressing more than anything else because it’s becoming obvious that there really isn’t much to say about Clinton that’s good. So, they are just going negative and it’s depressing. Trump’s got a much better shot than I would have thought even a few weeks ago.

      1. For sheer open-mindedness I have watched some of it without being overly cynical. What I heard is exaltation of victimhood over and over. And Bill running on and on about his fairy tale romance with Hillary. Would be palatable if one were unaware of his sexual escapades throughout their marriage. Michelle was presentable but again too much harping on the glories of being a victim vs. having an aggressive and positive attitude about the future. Not sure I can stomach Hillary.
        Yeah Trump’s the bad boy. He ought to play on that to garner more female votes.

        1. For more reasons than one.
          The white house needs a boss, not a bitch.
          The media has done a great job of painting trump a white supremacist when the only thing that’s ever really mattered to minority communities in contemporary times is cashmoney green.
          Want a candidate with a moldy pussy to scold you for being disgusted by dudes wearing miniskirts or one tryina take our damn money back from fuckin China?
          BOSS for President 2016

  14. I found that this school boy humour helps relieve the nausea I get seeing that witch on tv every day with NZ’s feminist journos and white knights fawning over her and rolling their eyes at Donald Trump:

  15. When Bernie Sanders went largely silent some weeks ago, that was one
    thing. But when he first started warming to Clinton and then endorsed
    her, things changed for the worse. As more than one critic opined,
    Sanders endorsing Clinton was like Occupy Wall Street endorsing Goldman

    In fairness, he had to do that or he wouldn’t have been able to talk at the DNC:
    from Laura Weaver, wife of Jeff Weaver Bernie’s campaign manager.
    FAQ time:
    Q. Why did Bernie endorse Hillary now?
    A. They threatened to completey shut him out of the convention if he didn’t.
    Q. Couldn’t he have said screw them and go and fight at the convention anyway?
    A. No. Hillary has more delegates, Superdelegates, and supporters on the DNC rules committee. They would have voted down every one of our platforms, denied Bernie the opportunity to speak, and basically shut him out of the entire process. All the leverage he has gained up to this point would be gone.
    Q. So wait, Bernie DIDN’T quit today?
    A. No. He had to say she won the primary, he endorses her and will help the party defeat Trump, yadda yadda but he DID NOT concede. There is a very big and important difference. Had he conceded, all of his delegates would go to Hillary and he would no longer be an option for nominee.
    Q. So Bernie can actually still win??
    A. YES. And if he wasn’t still TRYING to win, he would have conceded. The ONLY option he had to get to the convention with his delegates behind him and have a chance to still win was to do what he did today. He is not a traitor. He didn’t sell us out. He did the only possible thing he could have done to keep fighting for the nomination.

  16. Since 1988, I have been disappointed with the Republican party. It has seemed like their platform (smaller government, less taxes, etc) has not jived with their politicians. This sentiment fed the tea party movement in 2008-2011, and I supported it. However, the liberals exploited the resulting split in the Republican party. I contributed to viable candidates who lost, I listened and yelled at talk radio, I’ve written politicians, attended meetings, and talked to individuals. With all that, I am now getting burned out. I keep asking myself, “What can I do?”
    Honestly, I haven’t listened to talk radio in months, I quit looking at the news. It came to me……..Politics is not the problem, it is a symptom of a much deeper issue – the decline in morality. People are voting for more government perks because of selfishness and covetousness. Abortion, gay marriage, divorce, rising debt….all of it is because more individuals are putting their own petty little wants above the good of society. Then I look at myself and my family. I am striving to do what is right, to influence my local community for good. I am raising 6 children in a conservative, traditional manner. I am faithful to my wife and I help out my neighbors. With that, I sleep better at night, knowing that whatever happens around me, I am doing my part.

    1. I think there are much more fundamental forces at hand, the simplest is that success leads to failure and failure leads to success. Greenspan had the Polyanna idea that we could eliminate all recessions-The result, the biggest recession in 80 years. The people who rail the hardest against sin are often those who have known it most intimately. Its enough to make one an ascetic. I think you’ve probably seen more people change than most..people change when they reach a crisis point wouldn’t you say? So why would you deny them their crisis?

    2. The scariest thing for me is the mainstream androgynising of children. I am terrified my son will be forced into becoming feminine and my daughters losing their femininity.

  17. By the By, I just saw a picture of trump and thought to myself…I wish I could meet him so I can tell him I truly enjoyed his work on Punky Brewster and the Police Academy Movies.

  18. Clinton campaign saying Trump is encouraging Russia to hack an American Presidential campaign’s emails – BBC reports it absolutely uncritically, with pictures of Trump kissing Putin (just as he was kissing Boris Johnson a week ago). Hope this is a miscalculation on Clinton’s part: a) Trump hasn’t done squat, b) Trump on Putin being on good terms means there is less likelihood of there being a third world war. Isn’t that a good thing? Apparently not if you’re the neo-con’s bitch of choice

    1. Putin refused to jump into Trump bashing when the little rat Zakaria led the question a few days ago on RT. Putin put him in his place and simply restated, “All I ever said of him was that I find him a colorful candidate compared to past ones. Don’t you? I certainly do. Trump has stated he would like to have closer relations with Russia and I would welcome that.”
      The globalists are sweating hard.

    2. I love that what get’s overlooked in all of this “Trump is buddy-buddy with Putin bullshit” is that Obama and Hillary’s policy was from the beginning, and continues to be to try to make nice with Russia. Hillary herself flew over there with a retarded reset button.
      Now Putin likes Trump better, and like the typical jilted female, Hillary is jealous.

      1. Putin just doesn’t like or respect Obama or Hillary, and sure both of them sense that, which makes them aggressive, jealous, and a genuine danger to world peace because their egos are on the line.

      2. “Trump is buddy-buddy with Putin bullshit”
        I say let them go ahead and say that.
        It would really be better if it WERE true.
        The Russians are fighting against western elites same as us.
        The sooner that (real) conservatives can see that they have more in common with Russians than they do with liberals the better.
        The DNC’s bumbling can accelerate this.
        I would like to see all nation states united under a kind of anti-globalist pact or something similar.

        1. Cultural Marxists from Russia created western liberals. Western “elites” and “Russian” dictators/oligarchs are members of the same criminal organization the same way the Republicans and the Democrats are.

        2. You really shouldn’t smoke crack when reading a history book.
          Cultural Marxism was started in Germany by Jews post ww1.
          The Nazis later kicked them out of Germany and they moved to America where they lay dormant in the Ivy league colleges till the late 60’s when they saw the opportunity to strike in all the unrest of the period.
          Also implying that today’s Russian Federation is socialist is like saying that today’s Democrats are a bunch of slave owning racists.

    3. “Clinton campaign saying Trump is encouraging Russia to hack an American Presidential campaign’s emails ”
      I say so what?
      Were those emails hacked by the Russians, or fabricated?
      If they were fabricated then why aren’t the Dems saying so?
      If they’re real why aren’t the Dems answering for them?
      And it’s not just the Russians that are producing hard evidence.
      “Video evidence available online confirms the forgery. A forged legal document cannot be attributed to an unfortunate mistake or a clerical error. Someone intentionally tampered with Alba Guerrero’s voter registration.”

      1. exactly. Everything they say is designed to distract from Hillary’s conduct and criminality.
        The evidence of voting irregularities / tampering etc should be national scandal

    4. There will no WWIII because there is no white national socialist country that western capitalist jews and eastern communist jews need to gang up on to beat

    1. And a book deal where he will be receiving an advance. He intends to keep it all to himself. So much for his socialism.

  19. To all our American brothers here: For the love of God, get off your asses and vote Trump. If Hitlery gets in, it won’t be only American men who’ll bare the brunt of the “men’s lives don’t matter” presidency.. throughout the West we’ll all suffer, as our toady governments fall into line behind the ol’ US-of-A.

    1. So agree. White males and this country in deep despair if this hag gets into office. She will take your guns, and commission her left wing assault squads to hunt you down. Schools will be 100% pure liberalism and white males need not apply.

    2. Unfortunately here in the Peoples Republic of California, our votes don’t count. Charles Manson could win this state as long as there is a (D) after his name…

  20. “Hillary’s prospects are on the whole probably still better than The Donald’s.”
    At this point there’s really only one way she can win the general election.
    And that is to do the same thing she did in the primary.
    Expect rampant voter fraud this November.

  21. People always makes fun of what Trump looks like but look at Debbie there’s no way that’s a human, pointy ears and fangs looks like real life vampire

    1. …..and that is with probably 2-3 hours of makeup. can you imagine her at 6:00 am.. OMG.. Chew your arm off especially if you drank too much the night before. Everyone looks good at 2:00 am and you gotta blow a load. this would be horrifying to wake up to that realty.

  22. My dad was criticizing me for one of my “conspiracy theories”. And I was like hey…you want to hear another crazy one? The head of the DNC was conspiring to sink Bernie Sanders campaign, and promote Hillary despite that being explicitly against bylaws. Oh wait and there was just an email dump so I guess its no longer a theory. Then he says something about the damn leftist media, and I’m like you’re going to tell me that somehow magically the Democrats have managed to take over the entire media despite Republicans best efforts? Let me make a tin foil hat for you. Powerful people making secret plans to gain more power and money is the RULE not the exception.

  23. The whole Democratic convention has the feel of a pack of crazy bitches, rich cucks and (tonight) the African bull of every cunt in America begging American patriots not to do the right thing and put them down. Everyone on that stage was a traitor. If Donald Trump has the sense God gave him his first priority will be to have every last one of them put down, though every bitch in the United States howl and every simian screech in their favor.

  24. What a surprise, a Jewess involved in immoral, unethical, illegal, fraudulent behavior. Looks like the extreme nepotism the tribe usually engages in to benefit each other as decreed by THE LAW OF MOSER is outranked by the Clunge Card, or did Shrillary convert?
    Radio silence from commie Bernie the hypocrite (who was supporting the Clinton cunt last we heard from him, even though he couldn’t say enough bad things about her a few weeks before that) as the lame stream media monopoly only mentioned Wasserman Shultz’s CRIMES once for about 5 seconds! Instead they are scandalized that Trump is encouraging the Russian hackers who exposed her to release the hundreds of e-mails Clinton staffers deleted before the FBI let her get away with treason. The media even have the gall to accuse Trump of treason instead for encouraging the Russians because “it could lead to the actions of a foreign nation who is America’s adversary effecting the outcome of an American presidential election!” WTF?! America is already owned, controlled, run and being bankrupted/destroyed by a (((foreign nation who is America’s adversary))), the same (((nation))) who have a complete monopoly on the so called American (((news media)))!
    Instead of talking about the REAL NEWS of Wasserman Shultz’s crimes they have hours of looped coverage of the Democratic National Convention where retards who talk as LOUDLY and SLOWLY as possible (so the mongoloids in the audience and at home can follow along nodding their empty craniums while their big dumb cow eyes well up with crocodile tears) demonstrate their incurable ignorance and stupidity by rambling about gun control, wimmenz issues, feelz, and by spewing illogical, infantile, utopian platitudes about faith/hope. Busted LIARS like Barry Obama who never brought home the troops from the mid east or closed Guantanamo Bay like he promised 8 years ago and Bill Clit-ton who swore he never got sucked off by Monica are on stage questioning Trump’s honesty then calling him cynical, even dangerous! The hypocrisy is nauseating! Obongo demonstrated the pinnacle of male feminist betaness when he said Shrillary would be a better president than he or Bill Clinton was. At least he realizes how badly they both sucked but he is still a complete ass clown for claiming the Hilldabeast wouldn’t be even worse.
    To mock the suckers who think Donald is their savior CNN put up pictures of the Trumps and the Clintons showing how close and amicable their relationship was 10 years ago. Trump’s daughter and Clinton’s daughter are still best friends! They have soo much in common after all, both their fathers “cheated” on their mothers, they both are married to kikes, both have birthed little half breeds and both are involved in politics now!
    It’s just like how Jeb Bush rigged the elections in Florida so George W Bush could win and his opponent Al Gore was fine with it! He didn’t even want a recount of the votes. Then pictures come out proving George W Bush and Al Gore were in the same Skull and Bones Society club/fraternity at the ivy league college they both attended at the same time! Al Gore, who was vice president under Bill Clinton, then went on to become the face of the global warming scam and the shit circle is complete! The populace, both Republican and Democrat, are soo fucking idiotic they don’t recognize the exact same scam from a few short years ago. That or they make alzheimer’s patients seem like they have a photographic memory.
    It doesn’t matter who wins this half assed amateurish smokescreen called an election, Trump and Clinton are both just the meat puppets of organized criminal ZOG/NWO/Rothschild/Globalist International Jewery financial fraud/ white genocide!

    1. Throw Kerry in the bonesman pot too. I also include the spiritual element in these things. These guys literally dress in robes and cast black magic. And yes it has power

  25. As a disenfranchised Ron Paul supporter, I’ll be giving Trump a chance though he does have some dumbass economic ideas. I can’t be sure what he will do, but at this point I’m willing to take a chance before it comes down to a slow malfunctioning of civilization.

  26. They’re hiring scabs to fill seats at the Democratic convention. The scabs have to cheer, wave signs, block off seats so Bernie delegates can’t find a seat etc for $50 a night.
    They’ve also installed white noise machines to block the Liberal Hipster Douches out as well.
    We’ll I guess they’ve served their purpose so now the so called “Democratic Party” has no use for them anymore.
    They’ve been discarded like Millenial tampons.
    This is Crooked Hilary Clinton’s plan for America.

  27. It’s all up to Marxist Israel in the end. Perhaps they decided on Trump instead of Hillary. Can’t wait for a picture of Trump (or Hillary?) wearing that half-bra Jewish hat touching that stupid wall, and all the right-wing version of virtue-signaling that will come out of it. Lucky for them that cuckservatives and illiberals both tend to believe everything on their TVs, their authority figures or what their institutions tell them unquestioningly, and of course with the left it’s just more pronounced.

  28. When will the right admit that they’re pissed off that a Woman is going to be president, ending a 240 year old system of male dominance. Suck it up because that era is over.

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