How To Dig Out Last Night’s Holdout

History of Problem

It is aggravating to wait 30 minutes after your scheduled appointment time at the doctor’s office. It is even more aggravating if you arrived 15 minutes early. What is even more aggravating than this is a woman that does not take the hint that it is time to leave the next morning. People say they are more socially perceptible and empathetic than men. If this is true, why do they always try to hold out like some insurgent in an Afghan cave? Their loitering in your space prevents you from doing other things. These things include calling other woman, making moves, and getting your Return of Kings article submitted on time. I know I said before that it’s better to go to her place but sometimes that’s not always an option.  If you find yourself with last night’s fun occupying your living room you have a few options. You need to exercise your options immediately before the whole day is ruined staring at each other.


I’ve noticed women try to hang around after the fact for many reasons. One reason is they want to escalate the level of the relationship by playing house. Another reason is that it allows them to observe your stuff to size you up as a potential long-term mate or for future robbery. And more ominous  reason is they might have actually formed some kind of emotional connection to you in the heat of passion. One has to consider her motivation for trying to hang around when assessing what course of action to take to remove her from the premises. Trying too hard to remove the emotionally unstable woman might get her to say and do things that have social and legal consequences. That schoolteacher you  just turned out the night before? She might tell her friends that you put her out like a nightclub bouncer and you’ll find your self accused of something . Also, for the most part you just can’t throw them out the window. Believe me, I’ve tried.


One method that is rather passive aggressive and enjoyable is the “ghost method.” Just pretend you’re Demi Moore and she’s Patrick Swayze. Go about your business like she’s not even there. This can lead to a lot of trouble but is also quite fun. It does prevent you from doing sensitive tasks like counting your money, cleaning your gun, or talking to other woman. Unless you’re dating some internet autist, this method should work.

Another effective method is to make things awkward. Try dropping a deuce with the door open and the fan off. Start playing really bizarre pornography on your computer. Ask her when was last time she got tested for HIV or if Jesus Christ is her true Lord and Savior. Field testing of this method has had led to some bizarre outcomes. Be careful in it’s use because it might take you places you never really wanted to go.

One method I have adopted for “Jersey Shore” is  to call her a cab. This is pretty direct and she gets the message immediately after telling her you called her cab. It’s especially funny when she drove to your house. Bonus points if you are true pimp and have some side deal worked out the cab company so they cut you part of the profit for sending them the business on the regular.

One use of props method is the scheduling game. Take out your smart phone and bring up the calendar application. Inform her that you have some type of appointment in the next 15 minutes and she has to leave. Then tell her you can pencil her in for the 3 PM afternoon delight on Thursday. I’ve tried this twice and has worked twice. I think the n in my sample size is not  large enough to draw any conclusions though.

When all else fails you can go nuclear. You could always just tell her get the fuck out. This is 50-50 whether there is repeat banging for me and may vary depending on your personality. You could always tell her that you are gay. When she asks how long you have been that way, tell her 15 minutes. I have not tried this one yet but I look forward to the attempt.



If you do find yourself with a woman that’s holding on like Soviets in Stalingrad, recognize that this is a serious problem. Most women understand that as soon as sleep time is done it’s time to get out. If you allow this abnormal person to make herself at home she will. Note that if the woman is hot enough for the next morning bang, go for that first then boot her out.

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41 thoughts on “How To Dig Out Last Night’s Holdout”

  1. There are other alternatives as well.
    – Fight fire with fire. Try acting like you’re so in love with her that you can’t go on if she leaves the room. This works even faster than a wet fart. Caveat: if you detect psycho vibes, don’t do this or she will be your girlfriend.
    – Start loudly comparing her to other girls she knows/is related to. “Your sister’s ass was a bit tighter.”
    – Scratch your junk uncontrollably.
    – My personal favourite was always to saddle up for a morning quickie, then right after climaxing getting suddenly panicky as if I have parents visiting in 10 minutes and they would be disappointed to see me with such an ugly bang.

  2. Take a preemptive strike and blow you load on her stomach, back, or preferably her face. Chances are that will want to send her straight home, if not right away, first thing in the morning to take a shower. If she asks to shower at yours tell her you only have one towel and you haven’t washed it in several weeks.

    1. One should also not discount the usefulness of keeping a higher quality woman (7+) around his house the day after. Assuming she has any womanly skills she will probably cook you breakfast, might even clean the bathroom, and you can even score some “afternoon delight” before you tell her to hit the road. It all depends on the dynamic and your end game strategy. Cheap date, no chance of repeat, kick her out. Hot bod, good chance of repeat, sweet gal who does something productive, maybe let her linger for a bit. The nature of game is that it is dynamic. General rules apply but you have to go with the flow. Don’t boot a 9 if you are going to get second helpings after a cup of coffee, but get that 5 right out the door as soon as the sun comes up if not sooner.

      1. Definitely before it gets light so no one sees her for the 5. Or you’ll be doing the walk of shame.

  3. Tell her before sleeping that you have shit to do at a specific time the following day. Never fails.

  4. It is the NATURE of women to want to be dominated, and nature of men to want to dominate. Feminism fucks this up and thus both sexes are unhappy.
    Women orgasm when they are being dominated by a man (not rape, exactly). Men orgasm when they are dominating a submissive woman.
    Modern faggot men enjoy getting “dominated” by a woman, which is pathetic. The Bible says that a woman should NOT be on top during sex or else Jesus will damn them both to hell forever.
    Praise Allah.

    1. I guess I’ll be in good company in hell with all the sluts that are good in bed then. Insha’Allah…

    2. You need to learn some tact kid. It’s never a good idea to be abusive.You may want her again in the future. Besides, no Alpha behaves that way despite the bullshit you read on these blogs.

  5. I just tell her I have to go do something and ask her what she has to do today. Then openly plan for how she is going to get out if the answer isn’t obvious. Maybe my sample size isn’t large enough either but I’ve honestly never found this to be a problem.

    1. Yep. My go-to is simply to live my life. “Hey, I’ve got to do such-and-such. I enjoyed last night. Can I drop you by your apartment when I’m on my way to the post office?” This approach is endlessly flexible depending on whether I want repeat bangs. Obviously I wouldn’t offer to drive her home if she lived far away or if I preferred to never see her again.

  6. I grocery shop on Saturday mornings. She has until I’m dressed before she gets the “I have errands to run” speech.

  7. Reminds me of the old Henny Youngman joke “Last night there was a woman banging on my door for hours. So I finally had to let her out.”

    1. For the benefit of the youngsters, this is Henny Youngman:

      P.s. this entire 3 minute clip is worth watching for some general red pill attitudes about seduction.
      P.p.s. The entire movie is worth watching to see woman’s primal lust for a Dark Triad man (like the scene where Ray Liotta pistol whips her ex-boyfriend and she agrees to hide the weapon, while her eyes grow big with lust at the raw violence of an alpha).

  8. I just start cleaning, even though my home is always clean. I dust my hardwood floors, start doing laundry, strip the sex-soaked sheets off the bed, clean my windows. I’ll make a pot of coffee and offer a cup- one cup. Then act as though she’s not there anymore. This usually works. She appreciates that I’m clean and neat but also doesn’t want any part of the labor involved. If she offers to make breakfast, I let her, but inform her that she has to clean the dishes/pans she uses. I use the “I’m pretty OCD about my home being spic and span” reasoning.

      1. No, its because your 1-inch dick is only appreciated by Asian women who are more accustomed to such size!?!?!

    1. Crap. And I re-watched “The Matrix” about two months ago. My name should be Bluecollarredpiller. It has been changed for future posts. Take it easy on the new guy, fellas.

      1. Allright, fixed. My above comment only applies to an attractive woman. A six or below gets shown the door immediately. But those days are over.

    2. This works. I’ve done it. BUT I usually throw her a sponge midway through. They usually do the work afterwards! And I relax and watch. It’s amazing, try it.

  9. It is always better to use her place. Going for a motel too early is a risk, as she will rationalize the fuck and put massive LMR, thereby endangering further fucks.
    If she lives close, then I pick up her, fuck, and drop her home.
    Only with the worst, crazy or cunty bitches, I apply the drop manouver into a very nearby taxi base or mall

  10. ” leave the next morning”…..
    WTF! Once the sex is over why would you want the bitch to stay overnight and disrupt your RandR routine?
    I sleep alone…I like my space….

  11. I make it clear that I always have better things to do than spend time with her. She knows when it’s time to leave.

  12. I got important shit to do at x time. We need to be out of here by x. Send her out the door with a hit me up on x day (for another bang) or a vauge hit me up sometime for the non-repeats.

  13. My cheeky nephew uses this one… “My wife’s coming back soon. I forgot to mention that I’m married”…It’s copped him a few bouts of abuse, but he’s got them out the door every time. Plus, we all get a good laugh out of it later when he tells us about it…

      1. Verbal abuse. If they struck him, as much as I don’t want to admit this, he’d clock them in the mouth…

  14. Buddy always had a suit on his back door. He’d put it on for a crazy “meeting on a Saturday” an drive around the block and come back. Was foolproof.

  15. I cant even tell you how many times I’ve gotten girls to leave by saying I had a football/basketball/soccer game I had to head out to. Throw on a jersey, pack a gym bag, and tell them it was fun. Drive around the block, grab some food, and you are back home by yourself in 10 minutes max.

  16. How true. however, I have always gone for the nuclear option. First. Must be my personality. Whoops.

  17. Tell her that your mother is coming over shortly. Women want …. They don’t want to look like the slut you met and fucked, just last night. Think of it as a passive aggressive “walk of shame”. You’re not actually making her do anything, your merely “threatening” her dignity. She won’t sacrifice that. If she likes you at all, she will MOST DEFINITELY not want to look like a one night floozy the first time she meets your dear old Ma. The greatest part about this move? If she calls your bluff, tell her that you’ve just met her and know nothing about her; you don’t want to bring some random girl around your mother.

  18. This is pretty much the opposite advice given in ‘how to avoid a false rape accusation’ lol

  19. All true, but I never did this, I always made each one feel special and as if I’d contact them regularly, why? I’ll tell you why… FALSE RAPE ALLEGATIONS! NO FUCKING THANK YOU! Call me sissy all you want, especially if I’m dealing with a white chick. I’d take a temporary loss in macho points to spare myself some time in a courtroom because some bitch had too many drinks and feels like “daddy’s little girl shouldn’t be treated like a slut.”

  20. I’ve never had this problem because they have to get up and ready for work which means they have to go home first. Otherwise, I’d just say that my 90 something mother is coming over and she’s very conservative and wouldn’t approve of seeing a girl in my bed and would think you’re a whore LOL

    1. Roflmao!!! That’s a great way to call her a whore indirectly. And to fuck with her head. Bravo!!!

  21. I personally like taking a woman to a coffee shop/breakfast in the morning.
    1. I would rather not leave on a sour note. If I run into her and/or her friends in the future, (which happens surprisingly often for me) I want minimal drama.
    2. Often times it gives her a window to back out and take off.
    3. You can take a picture or two while you’re out, so that you can add to your bang collection as well as have documented proof that you didn’t rape her.
    4. Building rapport so that I can turn into at least a fuck buddy as opposed to a ONS. I’m not a fan of things -only- lasting one night.

  22. Write an article called “How To Make Sure Women Know That It’s a One Night Stand”. And I know that if you’re at a bar or something, then women shouldn’t expect anything more, right? Remember that men will say and do anything to make a woman feel special just to have sex with her, including leading her to believe that there might be something more than just a one night stand.

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