Your Body Has Not Adapted To Modern Society

The first signs of Homo sapiens date back to 200,000 years ago in Africa.  This prehistoric man is called “anatomic homo sapien” because the skeletal structure appears similar to modern man, although the behaviors, actions, and socialization of this creature are far different than modern society, and it is only the modern homo sapien, who appeared around 10,000 to 12,000 years ago, that we would likely recognize as human.  It was at this time when man began to farm and herd animals, spread out across the planet, form permanent towns and cities, and develop a civilization.

Modern Life Outpaces Biological Change


The history of man is typically divided into prehistoric (before written history, other than symbols or glyphs), Antiquity (776 BC-476 AD), the Middle Ages (5th-15th century), Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment (15th-18th century), the Industrial Revolution (1760-1840), and modern history.  It is only in the era of modern history that the changes have outpaced nature’s ability to adapt.

The Body Slowly Changed For 99.9% Of History

For the first 5,000 to 10,000 generations, what didn’t kill us made us stronger, and our bodies slowly changed and adapted.  Humans who traveled far from Africa to northern climates developed lighter pigmented skin that was more sensitive to the light, which was far scarcer than down near the equator in the fertile crescent.  Societies that ate a diet strong in fish slowly changed in other subtle ways.

But since the Industrial Revolution, our bodies have been introduced, over less than 200 years, in a mere half dozen generations, to things never seen or experienced by the human body, like electricity, vehicular transportation, processed foods, and chemical medicine.  Our bodies are not able to react to these rapidly introduced changes, which drastically alter our way of life.


Is this really any way to live?

Consider, for example, how a mere 50 years ago, only 12% of houses in America had air conditioning, and it wasn’t until 1980 when the figure crept up above half. Today, I cannot imagine living without air conditioning.  Indeed, I often ponder on a particularly hot and humid day, how my ancestors were able to do anything other than sit in the shade and suffer.  And yet, they were able to not only live, but work, function, and survive.

Our bodies are less able to tolerate changes in heat when we live year in and year out at a constant temperature.  I try to keep my house slightly warm in summer and somewhat cool in winter, so that my body recognizes that I am living in a different season, and I maintain some ability to tolerate extremes in temperature.


Maybe men shouldn’t have invented sexist A/C in the first place?

Your Job Is Killing You

One of the most dangerous things one can do is work the typical corporate job, sitting in a climate controlled office and staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day tapping your index finger over a mouse button.  So dangerous, in fact, that sitting for eight hours a day has been attributed to increasing the risk of premature death by 60%, increasing the risk of cancer by up to 66%, increasing the risk of heart attack by 54%, and leading to obesity.


Recent studies examined more than a million subjects, and concluded that one hour a day of exercise was needed to counteract eight hours of sitting at a desk.  That’s a far more robust exercise schedule than all but the hardcore gym rats.


One of the riskiest jobs out there

If you must work in an office cubicle, consider getting up and walking around for five minutes every hour, taking regular breaks, stretching your body, and moving your eyes.  I recently began using a standing desk, a desk platform which can be raised or lowered, allowing one to work standing or sitting, and therefore not statically working in the same position for hours at a time.


And sitting down is only one small minor change that has been studied.  Consider what staring at a fixed electronic screen a few inches from your eyes does to your vision, which was designed to constantly scan the horizon for food or enemies.  The eye was developed with the ability to change focus rapidly, but what happens when we focus on the same plane for hours at a time?


Likewise our bodies are not adjusted to ingesting contaminants produced from burning fossil fuels, chemical treatments used in mass produced products, and hormones and chemicals added to food produced in factory farms.  All of these changes were introduced within the past 200 years, and with insufficient time to respond biologically, our bodies often shut down, become addicted, or develop mental illness or bodily disease (The rash of degenerate sexuality is certainly related to our abnormal lifestyles).


As author Leo Goldman states in his book Too Much of a Good Thing, these rapid changes have caused four major outcomes: obesity, high blood pressure, depression or anxiety, and heart disease, which are causing 40% of deaths.  Goldman states that our bodies are well designed to survive and adapt in the paleolithic age, doing things such as storing fat in order to prevent starvation, but we no longer live in that environment, and our genes have not had time to adapt to these modern changes.

One reason dieting rarely works is because the body responds in defensive ways when insufficient calories are consumed—your metabolism will actually slow down, conserving energy until a new food source is found, because your body is preventing you from starving to death.  Today, 2/3 of the population in the west is overweight, and 1/3 is obese.  Food is plentiful and available, but in altered forms (low-fat or no fat foods are laden with sugars and chemicals, to replace the flavor that was lost by removing the fat).


There’s a reason he is 101 and counting.. and it’s not because he’s reptilian

Steve Jobs became a billionaire with the Iphone, but he did not allow his children to use it.  Elitists Bill Gates and centenarian David Rockefeller (who recently admitted to being part of a secret globalist cabal, of which he proudly stands guilty as charged) eat strict diets free from GMO food.  The elitists all have multiple homes, often in warm island environments near the sea.  Meanwhile, the hordes of useless eaters are expected to live in compact, unnatural urban environments, where we are more susceptible to disease, crime, mental illness, stress, and dehumanization.

Indeed, feminism is a reaction, albeit misguided, to the abnormal environment women have been placed in, which is far from their natural role as nurturing mothers.  If you are choosing a career, consider an independent job outside an office.  The few red pill friends I have are electricians, plumbers, and the self employed.  If you are working in an office, take steps to preserve your health, and make sure you get away on vacation to experience nature, and naturally feminine women.

Take whatever steps you can to reverse the stress, disease, and death that comes with living in the Matrix.  Life is short.  Enjoy it.

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189 thoughts on “Your Body Has Not Adapted To Modern Society”

  1. But but but I thought whites were soooo smart and New york City is the shining example of their “brilliance”
    Reminds me of an old indian quote:
    An old Indian chief sits in his hut on the reservation, smoking a ceremonial pipe and eyeing two US government officials there to interview him.
    One government official asks, “Chief Two Eagles, you know the white man for 90 years – his wars and his technological advances, his progress, and the damage he does.”
    The Chief nods in agreement.
    The official continues, “Considering all this, in your opinion, where does the white man go wrong?”
    The Chief stares at the government officials for over a minute and then calmly replies “When white man finds land, Indians are running it. No taxes, no debt, plenty buffalo, plenty beaver, clean water, women do all the work, medicine man free, Indian man spend all day hunting and fishing, all night have sex …”
    The chief leans back and smiles. “Only white man dumb enough to think he can improve system like that.

    1. Says the man tap tap tapping on a computer.

      1. We were forced into the modern technological society; we had no choice. It’s almost impossible to challenge it without being hypocritical in some form. If I was born in a highly centralized Communist society where I was forced to be dependent on the government, am I also a hypocrite if I speak out against the government that provides for me? Aren’t you also forced to pay tax to your government even if you don’t like what they’re doing? Doesn’t that also make one a hypocrite?
        Yeah, I could technically go to some remote part of the world where government and technology won’t interfere with my life, but the fact that I’m forced to make that choice to escape speaks for itself.

        1. Using technology is a choice, and you are not compelled or forced to use it if you do not wish. Being born in a communist nation is not a choice, you have no choice but to *literally* be forced, at gun point, to engage with it.
          Want != need. Desire != force.

        2. I know that for example “he did not even have a cell phone” has been already used as an excuse to accuse innocent people of being potential terrorists and storm their house.
          So I believe we’re damn close from this technology at gun point thing.

        3. I have never heard of such an example. I manage to get through life without social media, which I’m told by many here, will keep a man from getting dates and jobs. Oddly, this has failed to transpire in real life,

        4. There are two famous recent cases in France, in which this argument was used by the cops.
          First a group of hippie leftists, then against Varg Vikernes, the nowergian death metal singer, suspected because of his troublesome past and arrested because his wife owned legally acquired weapons.
          In both cases, the suspects lived like outsiders and their independance from modern tech ( phone, internet…) was used as a pretext. How long before they start using the absence of facebook account as an excuse to send us a swat team…

        5. I guess it really depends on how you define freedom and free will.
          Unlike brute force, technology controls our subconscious mind and gives us the impression that we’re in control when we’re not. You give humans far too much credit for what is essentially a psychological manipulation.
          For example, if I pointed a gun someone and told him to strip, he would feel coerced and resent it. But if I jacked up the heater until it was so hot and uncomfortable that he is using his ‘free will’ to remove his clothes, he wouldn’t even notice that his behavior was manipulated by me. And that’s essentially how technology controls us, by bypassing the conscious mind.
          To use the totalitarian state example again, you still technically have freedom to refuse the government or flee from it, which is exactly the limited freedom we’ve been given in our technological society: Use technology and submit to the government or flee to middle of nowhere.

        6. You mean like people who sue McDonalds because McDonalds “made them fat”. Those poor people were forced into a modern society where McDonalds exists, where its almost impossible to challange the craving McDonalds food induces on individuals, so it must be McDonald’s fault that those people are fat…If you dont like technology, then ditch your smartphone. We are all forced to make choices everyday, thats just life.

        7. I define free will as making a choice to do one thing or the other. It doesn’t mean that the choice is pleasant or will have good outcomes.
          Using an iPhone is in no way necessary for modern life, nor is it anything remotely like pointing a gun at somebody. People do, even today, even younger people, get along without iPhones perfectly peachy.

        1. I assume thats a dude. But you never know.

          I bet if ot was a wrinkled old grumpy feminazi cat lady crying how beauty standards are hate crimes, youd want to bang her

        2. Want to? My friend don’t be absurd. But I might have to. I’m a martyr

      2. Agreed , they preach the evils of modern technology , while using modern technology as the medium through which they do their preaching.

        1. So if someone attacks me using violence, am I a hypocrite to fight back with violence? The issue is how technology controls and degrades our existence, not the use of individual gadgets.

        2. If someone attacks you, its an issue of survival , its not an issue of how conveniences affect the quality of life . Technology is an issue of convenience and how it affects peoples lives, and if someone thinks technology is degrading their existance , then all that person has to do is limit their own personal usage of it. A Man can live out in the country and totally unplug from tech if he wants to, and never again be apart of an environment heavily influenced by technology that he believes is degrading peoples existance.

      3. Yeah. I like having electricity and not dying of lung cancer at age 27 from sleeping in smoke filled tipis.

        1. London is far nicer than NYC. Very clean, orderly (for the most part) and people apologize when they take a cell phone call in front of you. Well, happened to me anyway last time I was there, twice even.

        2. Depends on your definition of nice. I found London to be a snooze fest.

      1. New York is a fun city especially Manhattan, but the city smells like piss, the side walks all have stains, there are pot holes everywhere, and homeless people. It’s a great city to walk around in for hours and hit pub after pub after pub.

  2. All of today’s social ills, from obesity, cancer, depression, low testosterone, and other health problems to feminism, sexual deviancies, retarded youth who can’t concentrate, and the centralization of wealth and power to the select few (which the Leftists call Capitalism and Corporatism while those on the Right call it Globalism and Socialism) are all consequences of modern technological society.
    Why do you think tribe, family, race, and cultures are being destroyed while “equality” is being forced upon us? Simple: To turn us all into mindless consumers and obedient drones to serve the system.
    The main problem is, people are too focused on fighting the symptoms rather than the root cause of it all. It is something that needs to be corrected–and soon.

    1. I’ve noticed that people from Eastern Europe were/are far more awake about the Matrix, during both the communist times and now in the West, in comparison to the people from the West, who still live with the illusion – “we won the Cold War”.
      Why do you that is so?

      1. Westerners are too focused on ideology and obsessed with things fitting together in a “good versus evil” binary mindset. Capitalism must always be good. Socialism is always evil. (Note that they can’t comprehend the amount of socialism they are already dependent on; they just label it capitalism and ignore it).
        Christians are good guys and Muslims (or Commies, or Vietnamese, or Iraqis or Russians, etc.) are bad guys. The Constitution should be read like the bible, a perfect document with undeniable instructions on how to conduct one’s life.
        What such extremist thinking does is allow someone, who is, for example, a white Christian Capitalist, to fuck them over harder than any supposed enemy would, but since they only view the world through a binary lens, they never acknowledge it.
        It’s what allows people to rally behind the US when it is doing things like fighting on the side of IS-IS against the Protector of Christians in Syria, Bashar Assad. Or double cross Ho Chi Minh and wage a decade long war at huge financial and human cost for nothing. There will always be cheerleaders of the US, whereas in the east, people will cheer their nation when it is doing good, and criticize it when it is not (just look at how pissed the French get when the government wants to raise the work week from 32 to 33 hours).
        The rest of the world doesn’t see things in such extremes. That’s why most of the world has things like health care for its citizens. They aren’t obsessed with whether it’s socialist or not; they just acknowledge that all people are sick at some point in their life and profit should not be earned from sickness. Disease treatment should be based on the most effective methodology, not the most revenue generating one.
        So easterners are more discerning and actually judge an idea on its merits, not its ideology.

    2. The Great Professor Pangloss said we are living in the best possible world!
      Joking aside, the problem with modern world is not the technology, but its the moral and values of people who are implementing and using that technology. Technology is a tool in which man can impose his will on out world. There certain people in this world that crave for power and control of others to make themselves feel like a god. People are noticing this, but not fast enough to prevent the fall of civilization.

    3. It’s insensitive to call them consumers.
      I invite you to educate yourself and refer to them from now on as “economic units”.

  3. Sitting down is indeed killing us, slowly and silently. Luckily for me, my business requires me to be on my feet most of the time and never too far away from a chair and computer which I mostly use for resting.
    At home, I don’t use a computer at all and we have no television either. I have built my own outdoor gym in the garden where I exercise rain or sunshine. I have also built a summer log cabin at the back of my garden which I have insulated so that no EMS signal can penetrate it. It has no electricity too. There’s a bed where I sometimes sleep in the summer, a chair for my clothes, a pile of old books and my building tools.
    It’s a total bliss!

    1. I’m just lucky I’m a peripatetic thinker – when I come to a problem that needs solving, I have to wander around. It sure makes the work day less physically taxing than school ever was.

  4. My recipe:
    1. Determine your own daily routine, including let yourself wake up without an alarm, eat when you’re hungry, and work when you aren’t tired;
    2. Live in a sunny, quiet home, with a garden or at least some plants, and hear the music of your choice (Bach works wonders for my mood); make your home cozy, but make it a reflex of yourself -> if you hire a decorator, he’ll build you a foreign environment;
    3. Eat a traditional diet (mediterranean is my favourite), with safe (non GMO, of course, but also biologically grown), locally produced food, which wasn’t stored for months before you consumed it;
    4. Allow your mind to wander outside your social duties: read ROK, go to a concert or a play at the local theater/operahouse, read a book (paper, sun light, the aroma of coffee or a well brewed tea nearby);
    5. Hit the gym, but also do a lot of outside sports (rowing is my favourite, hiking is great, but you’ll know what to do);
    6. Avoid being stuck in stupid things for endless hours of your day (I don’t watch tv, I don’t drive a car in urban environments, I don’t socialize with dumb people, etc.); this way, you’ll both improve your mood and gain a lot of time;
    7. Sleep well, leaving worries outside of your bed;
    8. Travel, work in diffferent places from time to time (to “refresh” your perspectives and “test” the sincerity of your friends, colleagues and even neighbors or girlfriends);
    9. Know what you are doing, which includes setting your own professional goals and… rejecting atheism;
    10. Do not allow others to judge you-> I am the only one I need to impress, as my parents are too old to give me lessons anymore, girls have the door open if they don’t like what they’re getting, and my boss(es) know how good I am at my job, they’d better not interfere or they’ll lose me.
    Seems simple, doesn’t it? Took more than 30 years to learn this.

    1. A great list. I think the rates of mental disorders (anxiety, depression, etc) would decrease to an almost nonexistent level if everyone followed these guidelines. I actually just started making my list of heirloom veggies that I’ll be planting next year. Can’t wait to have a surplus of fresh foods and vegetables from my own garden.

      1. While growing veg in your garden is admirable do you really think it trumps the surplus of fresh produce at the store?

        1. It does in flavor most of the time. Store bought tomatoes are a pale shadow compared to my robust garden tomatoes. There’s not even really a comparison.
          Plus, I grow exotic garlic strains, which you will rarely if ever find even in whole food stores.

        2. I do. I plan on growing enough to offset the costs of building the garden and eventually will be saving money. Plus, I am growing all heirloom vegetables so no GMO crap in my body. Plus I can control what goes on/in my plants in regards to pesticides and such.

        3. It’s great to be able to use corn flower in spring time and natural predator insects (lady bugs, for example) to eliminate pest insects and NOT have to use nasty chemical crap on stuff I’m going to put into my body.

        4. That is one plant that I *never* have success with. I have no idea why, probably soil, but when I attempt to grow pumpkins I generally end up with very sad and somewhat pathetic looking miniature gourds.

        5. The main issue that I have, is that since there is likely very little topsoil in your garden you will probably have to use petroleum based fertilizer? I’m only guessing I’m not an expert.

        6. We have pretty good luck with pumpkins down here. I remember one year after Halloween some kids smashed our jackolantern down by the corner of my driveway. The following spring we had a huge (YUUUUGE) pumpkin patch in that spot from the seeds that germinated.

        7. Actually I can get the good stuff in the store next to my office or I can order it online. Not to rain on your parade. If you enjoy gardening and find it rewarding then absolutely go ahead and do it.

        8. Egg hatching for predator type insects, as I recall.
          Generally it is usually wise to always avoid chemical pesticides, even if one is not considering the health costs. You eliminate a pest, sure, but you also eliminate their predators, which in the end makes your problem even worse.

        9. I’m actually going to mound up the garden so the amount of topsoil won’t be an issue. I won’t be using fertilizers per se, but will have a compost bin that I will frequently use to enrich the soil. In the fall, I will probably till in a bunch of the leaves and grass clipping so they can decompose over the winter.

        10. As I actually do have a large garden, and as I do compare quality, I’m afraid that I’m going to have to say that you’re talking out of your ass on this Bob. “Good stuff” from a store is always picked pre-ripened to account for the processing and shipping time, and thus does NOT go through the full process which contributes to the overall robust flavors. There is literally no comparison. My son didn’t believe me for the longest time and refused to eat tomatoes because he’d only had the store bought ones. He finally broke down and tried garden grown and he became a huge fan overnight.

        11. Ah I see and agreed in regards to pesticides. The biggest issue I have are slugs. They are EVERYWHERE and they shred up my plants overnight. I’ve got to find a way to get them under control. I can take a salt shaker and kill 2 dozen a night that find their way to my porch. Never seems to reduce the numbers.

        12. Yeah a lot of what they sell is just bought bulk from the same suppliers the supermarkets use. If you know how to look you can tell, but not everyone knows how.

        13. I agree with this. I once took a tomato off the vine and ate it right there. The taste was amazing. The best way I can compare is like using already ground black pepper and black pepper freshly ground from a pepper grinder.

        14. Anything that’s really soft (like a tomato) or anything with a hard rind (like a cantaloupe) are dramatically better when grown at home. To get a tomato to the store, they have to pick before (way before, usually) peak ripeness, if not, it’ll never make the trip. Most people who’ve never tasted a truly “fresh” tomato can’t believe how much better it is. Note, for those who aren’t into gardening, you can usually get these at fruit stands when they are in season (but make sure to ask if they are locally grown; some fruit stands import their fruit and are more like a grocery store).
          And yes, it’s a ton of fun to grow rare/strange varieties of produce. There are 100’s (perhaps 1000’s) of tomato strains out there. But that extends for everything; I’ve personally grown dozens of different types of cucumbers, melons, peppers and other things you’d never see in the store.
          Also, one more tip. Don’t plant more than 2 cucumber plants. Just trust me on this one. 😉

        15. If you have wood chips available, preferably from your own chipper, give those a try as a topping for your garden soil. The wood chips hold the moisture in and keeps the soil very soft. A good 2-4 inch layer, putting it on after all seeds have sprouted so as not to starve them of sunlight. You generally wont have to weed during the season either unless something random germinates on top of the chips, in which case just pluck it.
          Note that you dont need to till with this method either. Just plant, wait for sprouts and lay on the chips. The chips if thick enough layer, will kill the grass and condition the soil for you.

        16. my parents would try growing them at our summer home, never bigger than a cantaloupe

        17. We’re either doing something catastrophically wrong, or the soil here locally just doesn’t do well with pumpkins. I suspect it’s us and not the soil, you can grow just about anything in Ohio outside of tobacco without even trying to.

        18. I’m actually going to lay down landscape fabric and cut holes where I’m going to plant my vegetables. Will also be running soaker hoses underneath the fabric and put them on a timer. Garden should be near maintenance free once I get everything going.

        19. I dunno about your neck of the woods, but there are tons of pumpkins grown in the tri-state area. We are humble city slickers, my dad would just mess around…he would also grow watermelons the size of softballs, but Im pretty sure its wishful thinking to grow them here in the northeast

        20. Indeed. I can’t stand raw tomatoes until I had some of my coworkers home grown. Absolutely delicious and the color…red like I’ve never seen. Store bought are always a pale red and taste like water. I’m interested in your rare garlic, what kind are you growing?

        21. so gaba-goolz and gava-deelz arent the same thing? You blew my mind with that one

        22. Yep. The goolz is capicola, a spiced ham from the head and neck meat. Sounds gross, but is actually fucking amazing, I suggest you try it. The deelz is cavatelli, a rolled pasta, kind of looks like a little hot dog bun. Most places serve it with broccoli rabe and sausage, mixed with garlic and oil. Another fantastic dish that you should try. Aren’t you a New Yorker ?? You must have stayed away from Bensonhurst!

        23. If you plan on using pots/containers for growing, copper tape works well for controlling slugs.

        24. It must be the soil. My stepdad has his own garden and he said the pumpkins were the hardest to grow. It took him years to learn how to grow them ‘correctly’, or, larger than a gourd. I’ll ask him the next time I visit. I wish I had more of a green thumb. My only experience with botany was growing pot back in the day, and even that was crap. I’d really like to learn when I have the time someday.

        25. Theres a HUGE difference in a fresh avocado picked off a tree and a pre-ripened avocado that has been chilled and left to just sit in a grocery store.
          I bet less than 1% of people under the age of 35 have ever pulled a ripened fruit off a tree.

        26. Spanish Roja, Purple Glazer, Inchelium Red and some Russian species whose name I have completely forgotten since I’ve been growing it for years now, heh.
          The super deep red of a natural vine ripened tomato is a thing to behold. I love when people try to tell me there’s no difference between that and store bought. One slice of the knife shows a huge difference between them.

        27. Everybody uses silver garlic, it’s the staple that you buy in whatever form from the grocery. Thing is, the other varieties of garlic have distinctly different characters that make them wonderful to eat that you’ll not find in the silver norm. It’s a nice early summer time treat to go out and pull a few leaves (scapes) off of each Garlic plant, wash them up and incorporate them into salad or other cooking, it’s very tasty. I’ve heard that upper tier chefs and restaurants will pay good money for those, but I haven’t really asked around much to confirm.

        28. We really enjoy the fruits of our labor in the garden (pun intended). We’ll spend late September or thereabouts in the kitchen canning up what we couldn’t eat, making sauces out of the tomatoes and canning that up, etc and that way we can enjoy the flavor through the winter as special treats. When you can fully ripened veges and fruit the flavor remains intense and wonderful since you’re doing it at the peak of ripeness. A wonderful way to remind you of summer past when there’s three feet of snow on your driveway.

        29. Yes, litte bro, or a pineapple from Costa Rica that wasn’t picked weeks before it was ready to eat. Far sweeter than what we buy here in the states. Bananas, there are like 50 varieties of banana. The one sold in the US is the one that is least susceptible to mold and resists bruising from when they toss them about in huge container trucks. NOT the one that tastes the best.

        30. Yeah, I highly recommend that. I had a nice garden this year until a couple of weeks ago the weeds just went haywire. I had been nurturing my plants for a couple of weeks but not until mid-July when the combination of heat / strong sun / adequate rains is ideal growing conditions and the weeds are everywhere. Landscape fabric would have prevented all that. Also, I don’t tend the garden every day, probably should.

        31. I absolutely love tomatoes and it took me a while to find half decent ones in the supermarket. Even then I buy the ones on vine (expensive ones) and leave them on the window seal for two days in the sun and warmth. It’s an improvement.

        32. The varieties of produce in your garden probably is different than what you find in the store also. Most varieties that are grown on a large scale are bred for looks, shelf life and resistance to handling instead of taste and/or texture. Things that handle,ship and store well usually don’t have the greatest taste.
          It’s also why grain based food is so much cheaper than vegetables as grains can be dried and stored for a very long time and can be mechanicly harvested, transported and stored with minimal hand labor.

        33. Sounds like low K. It’s too hot and humid here for pumpkins but, we grow watermelons around here by the millions. Low K results in small deformed fruit. Put some potash out with your compost.

        34. I knew the ghoolz was capicola. Never heard cavatelli called gabadeelz…I thought we only mispronounced our cured meats, not our pastas too.

        35. I’ve had garden grown stuff and thought it unremarkable. Is it possible that not all the stores are the same?

        36. I find it very self satisfying to provide my own food from the soil.
          Aside from that, it is the tomatoes that I really notice the difference in taste.
          I have beefsteak, grandero( plum variety), and brandywine(which is another variety of beefsteak). I often eat them straight off the vine.
          I grow my own herbs as well and find the fresh is always more flavorful than even the “fresh” store bought ones.
          Some I will continue to buy at the store as I have had little luck or the difference is not noticeable. Carrots are in the former group and sweet potatoes the latter.

        37. Come on man people have been eating grain for thousands of years. Nothing really wrong with it out of the field it’s what’s done to it between there and the table that’s the problem.( overly processed) That and people eating too much of it, a bag of Doritos and a honeybun ain’t a meal. 🙂

        38. What is petroleum based fertilizer?
          Urea one of the most common forms of nitrogen fertilizer is made by combining hydrogen (from natural gas) with ammonia basicly is pretty much the same thing as urea produced in the human body it’s not really petroleum based.
          MAP ( mono amonium phosphate) is made by combining phosphoric acid and ammonia. Phosphoric acid is produced from phosphate rock.
          Potash is pretty much a ground up water soluble salt rock.
          NPK fertilizer. It’s not as evil as the Internet would have one believe.
          Compost, manure and all that other organic fertilizer is ok and works but it’s not practical (or available) on a large scale.

        39. Add the leaves and grass clippings to your compost pile over the winter then spread and till it in the spring. Composting the yard waste will make the nutrients in it more available to the plants and the heat from the composting process will kill any weed seeds present.

        40. If you aren’t using a mulch of some sort or a herbicide you gotta get those weeds EVERY week at least, every four or five days would be better. With a good hoe and a walk behind cultivator it’s not really that bad. I have one( can’t remember the name of it at the moment) with a small rubber wheel in front of a sweep with handle bars that is very easy to push that runs just under the surface. It can work up very close to the row and then use the hoe to get the weeds in the row.
          When you can look out the window and see weeds it’s too late you have to get them when they are small. By small I mean when they are green specs that you almost have to bend over to see. 🙂

        41. People have been drinking alcohol for thousands of years. Does that mean there is nothing wrong with it?

        42. Not unless you drink too much of it. Too much of most anything will kill you.

        43. None of it is made from petroleum, some forms of nitrogen fertilizer are made with hydrogen taken from natural gas but, it can be made with hydrogen from any source.
          For arguments sake I suppose one could say it’s made from petroleum but, the environmental left would have one believe that using fertilizer is like dumping truckloads of crude oil on the fields and therefore fertilizer is “bad” and that’s not exactly the case.
          They also make the case for fertilizer leaching from fields and polluting ground/surface water but, nutrients from any source can and do leach out and cause the same problems.

        44. Actually some it is definitely made from petroleum, according the people who make them. But maybe they’re lying.

        45. Yep, too many bullets in your head will definitely kill you 🙂
          Alcohol is a toxicant as are grains. No amount is harmless but as we say, the poison is in the dose.
          Most foods however, you will struggle to eat enough to actually kill yourself. I never heard of anyone dying from eating too much broccoli for example.

        46. Not lying but not telling the whole truth. They use hydrogen that’s taken from natural gas. It wouldn’t make any difference where the hydrogen comes from its still the same thing.
          “Petroleum based fertilizer” is a buzz word used to give someone the impression that fertilizer is “bad”.

        47. Yeah they are 3 feet tall and I’ve pretty much given up until next year at this point… Gonna get some fluorescent lights and trays and start inside early.

        48. They say that they do both. Both are chemically possible are they not? They use petroleum for an infinite array of products, no reason why they cannot derive fertilizer from it.
          Is petroleum bad? I don’t think it is. What I am suggesting is that if you garden was the best place to grow produce there would already be a farm there. That said, I don’t have an issue with people who choose to grow produce in their garden. Rather, I have an issue with these snooty types who suggest that their method is somehow superior to mine.

        49. I see, you are saying if he had better soil. Sometimes though you just gotta make do.
          I wasn’t insinuating my way is better, I was just pointing out my issue with the term.
          I see it regularly on the Internet generally used in such a way as to have people think it’s bad when it really isn’t. ( as long as it’s used properly.
          Agriculture and forestry get a bad rap in general in the MSM and on the Internet so sometimes I just try to set the record straight, at least with those who are willing to listen or debate instead of getting irate because I disagree with them.
          These days there are so few people involved in Ag and forestry that there is more information out there that’s wrong than right. I’ve been involved in agribusiness in one form or another all my life.

        50. Agreed you are being rational about it. Others seem quite defensive about their gardens for some reason.

        51. For some reason the Internet causes people to go completely off the grid over the most mudane things.
          I have been under the impression that they are like that because it’s mostly anonymous and saying stuff like that to someone’s face would result in them being seriously injured.
          I once included myself in an Internet discussion about the evils of deforestation with a bunch of greenies who evidently were under the impression that when trees are cut the land turns into a desert. I merely pointed out that after the trees are cut that it just turns back into a forest again. Judging from the responses I received one would think I was the antichrist and was advocating human sacrifice.

        52. LOL in that view then its a bit like playing GTA. I’ll happily mow people down on the sidewalks while playing a video game to let off some steam but certainly I would draw the line at doing it in real life.

      2. I’m in an apartment with a small patio, so I’m attempting to incrementally develop a tiered garden out of planters. It limits my crop selection to shorter plants, but in theory I should be able to get a few dozen square feet of plantable land when I’m done.
        So far all I’ve gotten out of it is some delicious spring radishes and spring onions (this summer I’ve been out of town too much to start crops), but the difference between homegrown and store bought is astounding.

        1. I like it. Perhaps with a larger bottom row I could grow some viney crops…
          Another great thing to grow on a horizontal space budget is potatoes. The seeds are pretty much free (you cut the eye out of a potato), and all you really need is a deep, broad pot. You bury the potato fairly shallow, then add dirt over top as it grows. After a month or three, you pull up a giant wad of delicious tubers. They’ll grow everywhere from Texas to Idaho given a bit of sunlight and water.

        2. Yep. I have the luxury of a backyard so I plan on creating some potato towers next spring. Basically, as the potato plant grows, you continue to pile more dirt around the stems. This causes the potato plant to send out more and more roots and thus creates more potatoes. At the end of the season, you take off the retainer walls and dig through the dirt for a huge stock of potatoes. Tires work pretty well for this. Here’s some random blog I found with examples.

        1. <<e:u. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bx891a:….,

    2. I was with you until I found this little Easter Egg (no pun intended):

      and… rejecting atheism

      Fuck does that have to do with anything?

      1. I didn’t say HOW. If you reject a healthy spirituality, all the rest will crumble. Point 9 needs long term. If point 9 fails in the long term, 10 is impossible to be put to work. 7 follows. And then 1. And then 6. And so it all goes.
        Attention: you don’t need to follow a religion. The important thing is that you have a faith, an equilibrium between you and the Universe, that makes you more resilient to adversity.

        1. There’s no empirical evidence that concepts of love, hate, and nearly all emotions and require faith to believe in. Some things just can not be objectively quantified, but it doesn’t negate their existence.

        2. Everything that you “believe in” requires faith. It is of course possible that the emotions of “love” and “hate” are not what you think they are.

    3. It may not sound “Alpha” but I would add walking. It does things no other form of exercise does (reduce inflammation, burn calories without compensatory eating, etc.) and the scientific evidence behind it is pretty tight. It’s not sexy, but our bodies are meant to walk around a good bit. For long term health “deadliftz and squatz brah” are not going to cut it by themselves.

      1. Walking is pretty fucking alpha, compared to not walking. And actually, women can walk pretty sexily, and I say there’s no reason you can’t practice your walk in a confident, attention-drawing, space-taking manner that is also “sexy’.

        1. I take my dog walking. It draws all the ladies to the playground. Heh.
          Actually it doesn’t, but it’s good to keep him healthy and active.

        2. Your dog may bring the ladies to the playground GOJ, but does your milkshake bring the boys to the yard?

    4. “non GMO, of course, but also biologically grown),”
      I do wonder if it is possible for anyone, even Rockefeller to 100% avoid GMO food.

      1. “GMO’s are 100% safe man. Scientists have proven it’s 100% safe.” Says the angry libertarian militant atheist.

      2. I live in the EU (France and Portugal, most of the time). Here, GMO are imported, rare, always well identified and probably weak in price comparison (low offer + high importation costs + ultra-low consumers’ demand for them).
        But I’ve spend some time in the US as well, and I know what you mention is true, there. Shame on AMA and the AAAS, who forgot their scientific duties and public health caution basics to satisfy their funders’ greed.

    5. Dude ive been an ROK reader for a couple of years now… but for some reason this article paired with your comment just struck me in a way I havent seem in awhile as… profound.
      Congratulations on focusing your life and thank you for sharing your strategy.

      1. I’m glad we were useful, Cody. Each man has his own path in life, but sometimes we can remove a lot of rocks out of our way, just by listening good advice.

    6. May I ask, why is it important to reject atheism? Are you suggesting that a belief in an organised religion is necessary for the proper application of Red pill principles? I don’t ask that because I disagree with you, it’s that, as an atheist, I often wonder if religion or at least deism is necessary for a cohesive society. Recently, I came to term with the fact that objective morality cannot exist without something higher than humans, be it something scientific or metaphysic and it made me seriously reconsider atheism and its moral implications.

      1. I had already answered that somewhere on this topic. I was referring to (individual) faith itself, not to the collective image it usually «wears» in Society, of organized religion. Organized religion is a good conveyer of morals, but those could be pure or degenerate, depending on the clergy.
        “Faith”, I understand it as a mental aptitude, which requires the understanding of Infinite (time, space, knowledge, etc.), of a supra-human scale and hierarchy, and a realization of individual destiny. Nothing of this competes or even undermines/contradicts science.
        I would gladly explain myself better, as I see this was a recurrent question of other comenters as well. Would you be interested in further knowing my views on spirituality? I’m hardly an expert, but I guess I could give it a try.

        1. I would absolutely love to know your views. Religion mixed with Red pill is something totally new to me and I can’t find that information anywhere else.

  5. Human body wasn’t design but adapted from its environment. We have created new environments that in such short span of time of human evolution that the body has not adapted to it. Lot of the problems we face in the health today stem from the rapid change of life in the past 50 years. We now have to search out hardship and create stressors in order for body to function properly. The only thing I would say is to create inconveniences in your life and move around as much as possible. Take a walk outside and game some girls.

      1. The really trick is not create too much stress that it becomes detrimentally to your being and pysche. I find by myself starting to being in scarcity mindset after two years on living on limited funds. I didn’t starve, but lot of mental energy is spent on analyzing minor task such as buying a item. We are being of adaptation, but the problem is our response to change can become maladaption harming us in the process.

  6. “There’s a reason he is 101 and counting.. and it’s not because he’s reptilian”
    He admitted to being an arch globalist in his biography which was written quite a while ago so its’ quite possible he’s had a change of heart since then. Actually in fact I’m sure of it, as I believe he’s had several transplants. No doubt unwilling donations from servants or passing street kids

    1. Indeed. After all, those organs aren’t going to harvest themselves, now are they?

  7. it is only the modern homo sapien, who appeared around 10,000 to 12,000 years ago, that we would likely recognize as human.

    You’ll have to explain that because on its face this statement makes no sense.

  8. Don’t use air conditioning unless you live in a desert or in the Arctic. My friends and colleagues get very surprised when I tell them it’s 30 degrees Celsius in my appartment during summers, and 13 during winters. They get equally surprised when I’m the only one who never gets sick.

    1. A/C in the Arctic?!? I hope you mean heating.
      The AC thing is just the US and Japan, in Europe no one has AC at home. I don’t think I have ever visited a home in Europe wi AC and I’ve lived here 40 yrs almost.

      1. At first I thought I had made a mistake because English is not my native language. But then I checked at Wikipedia.
        No offense, but you got to be kidding me. I am looking through my window right now, and I can tell that at least half of all windows out there have this thing underneath. And I’m from Eastern Europe.
        Also, an air conditioner can be used for heating too. We are probably not talking about the same thing.

        1. I live in NL and I have lived in Italy, Sweden and Finland, and I’ve never seen a home with an AC that I’ve noticed.
          I know one guy who has an AC but because he has a server room in his house.
          In Sweden and Finland everyone has central heating, in the NL it’s some of that or gas fireplace style heaters, and in Italy it often was no heating unless you get an electric heater blower.
          I’ve been in NL for 10+ years so I can’t say if things have changed much elsewhere but here I still have a gas furnace fireplace style heater from maybe ’80s or so. I rent, so it’s not my choice.

        1. Very erudite. In my understanding based in what everyone I know in Europe says, an AC unit is a compressor based unit. That’s what no house or apartment I’ve ever lived in or visited in Europe has had.
          Heaters yes, compressor based AC no.

        2. As an Italian, I can confirm this. Most homes don’t have AC in them.
          It’s the businesses/office buildings who have them mostly, but in that case there are several PCs, heavy duty printers, server and whatnot to raise the ambient heat. That and they are often located in buildings made of glass or concrete that have awful insulation. Most places in the summer just throw the windows open to let the air flow.
          At worst, I’ve seen fans and dehumidifier at work, the latter only when humidity goes so high that you sweat bullest at 25°C.

        3. Ecco, esattamente come era quando ero io in Italia.
          Devo dire però che in Giappone per la maggioranza hanno aria condizionata ma una unità per camera.
          Quando sono stato dai genitori della mia moglie mi hanno messo su in una camera tradizionale senza aria condizionata, con tatami ecc.

    2. We’re building a new home out in the country. Will have geothermal pipes installed in lieu of air conditioning. Safe, clean and hardly any electrical usage compared to air conditioning or even a simple attic fan. Basically ancient Roman technology accented by a few fans and a thermostat.

        1. I meant electric fans to push/pull the air through the system.

      1. I’ve heard complaints from other people about air conditioning bringing them allergies and other respiratory problems. Better stay a bit sweaty rather than sick with an asthma.

        1. I think that’s a bit stretched. Geothermal pipes are safe, “environmentally friendly” in the extreme, very efficient and also useful in winter as it pre-heats the air to the underground ambient temperature (52 F in my part of Ohio). I’ll take that and not worry.

        2. It depends on the individual’s immune system. If someone is healthy, he will have no problems.

        3. I don’t see people dropping like flies from air conditioning here. It’s like anything else these days, a few panic stories that happen to a highly statistically insignificant number of people is automagically extrapolated to be a danger to the general public. I generally tend to look around and see if the actual general public is in danger and almost always, it’s “no”.

        4. Consider adding something to control humidity as well, depending on your climate. Humidity is a huge deal in the south. I have a standalone dehumidifier and it allows me to set my thermostat 5 degrees warmer in summer and still feel comfortable. Also prevents mold which is bad for allergies, and lowers problems with wood furniture, doors sticking, etc. Sometimes also use a humidifier–just depends on the weather, but temperature and humidity are interrelated.

  9. Survival if the fitest? Or Adaptability?
    Illogical, blue haired, and obese has greater employeeability over fit male white…

    1. That not because they are the fittest, it’s because buisinesses are forced by the governement to hire these people because of political motivations. If employers were free to do what they want, the work force would be 90% white males.

    2. Sad but true, sir. A side note: NEVER work in the healthcare industry, as a white, heterosexual male.

  10. Obese and overweight account for about 55% in Europe, far less than 2/3.
    The US is not enough to bump it to 2/3, so the correct way to put it would be in percentage or 1/2. Maybe 3/5.

    1. The US Govt pays almost 2.5 billion in medical expenses for the obese. I fucking hate fat people and this god damn SJW agenda to normalize it is pure shit. Being in the military I can at least affect those under my charge. I had a Marine on BCP, our weight control program eating a burrito and I asked him what the fuck did he think he was eating? I slapped that shit out of his hand and stomped on it. It was worth seeing the old man over.

      1. I used to make the fatties run extra by mis counting laps sometimes, and whenever I had to train a unit with fatties in it, there would be running and push-ups involved. I can’t stand them. When you’re in the army you see it’s a personal discipline thing because they don’t pay attention to other shit either.
        Reminds me, when I was in basic doing the battlefield med stuff where you have to carry another, they paired me with a hippo of a female. Uuugh.
        Women and fatties don’t belong.
        Heck I told one guy if I’d have to go into battle with his ass, I’d shoot him first. I’m pretty sure I’d have been booted for it if he had complained but he quit instead, better.

        1. I had some weak bitch threaten to shoot me in the back in Iraq, my buddy who worked from me butt stroked him in the face as soon as he said it and I took his rifle. He crossed into Iraq from Kuwait with a broom stick. I told him his job was to fix broken shit and if he needed to defend himself tape his bayonet to the broom stick. Didn’t have a problem with him after that.

    2. You go out to the mall, restaurant, school, airport, etc. In the US and heavy people are everywhere. The 2/3 looks about right. Asians communities has a lower percentage.
      Go to a foreign country not heavily affected by Western diet and you will see good shaped people.

      1. I’m in NL and looking around I’d say about 1/3 here. Maybe 1/7 where I work.
        I was 10 days in Japan traveling all over and counting fat people and whiteys hehe, saw 12 whites outside of Kyoto, and a total of 6 fat Japanese chicks. I saw tens of thousands of people due to using spots in Osaka Umeda station to meet up with people, it’s central and everyone knows it but holy hell is it packed.

        1. It’s also about 1/3 in the United States… if you only consider white Americans. Blacks and Hispanics are 2/3 fat.

  11. Modern lifestyle kill us. Big fucking deal. All lifestyles kill eventually. The question is how fast do they get the job done? Do we live longer that our distant ancestors hunting for food in the wild? I’d say yes.
    The only important question is: has the quality of life improved? Some would say that not having to stand all day long, suffering the whims of the weather to bring home the the bare minimum required to surivive is pretty fucking awesome.
    You see the past with rose-tinted lenses. The truth is that our ancestors disliked their lifestyle enough to come up with all the innovations we enjoy today.
    Of course, too much of anything is bad. Even oxygen is toxic in excessive amounts. What we oughta do is find the right balance of all things in life, not daydream of days long gone.

  12. I laid down about 2 gallons of Roundup last night. Someday I may do a garden, elsewhere, on the property, but right now, I have a jungle. I am sure that stuff is not good for us.

    1. Mix some Brash herbicide (2-4-D and Dicamba) with it and it will kill brush better than just Roundup.

  13. I am lucky with my job. I am a Marine that has been promoted to ride a desk. It sucks but I am lucky enough I still have to maintain standard. I also spend 2-3 hours in the gym split between two sessions. I was a diesel mechanic on AAV’s and I joke with my peers that when I retire I am going back to turning wrenches. Even with my degree I look forward to working again. This corporate shit is for pussys. Give me a hard days labor and an honest wage all day long. Probably helps I grew up working as an apprenticed carpenter with my dad. Seeing as mechanics are making more then most cubicle slaves it is an easy decision.

    1. But is sucking in diesel fumes, elbow deep in carcinogenic fluids, arthritis, carpal tunnel, and a bad back in old age really worth returning to the tools.

  14. Modern man made the mistake that many people make: he forgot his roots. It’s like the poor man who works hard to become wealthy, then after a decade of living lavishly, turns his nose down toward other poor people. He forgot where he came from. In the same respect, modern society has forgotten just how difficult it was to reach our current level of excess and comfort. If we experience a bad harvest or an abnormally brutal winter, we don’t have to accept that a portion of our populace won’t survive like they did in the days of old. One sick person won’t spread his disease and wipe out half a village. Many of the ancient illnesses have been eliminated through vaccinations.
    This is why I retreat to the wilderness to re-calibrate. Some of my best nights of sleep have come beneath the stars. It’s good to interact with nature, to push one’s self physically and mentally, to abandon modern technology and try to at least get a taste of what it was like for those who came before, who had to battle the elements on a daily basis.

  15. David Rockefeller also has had five heart transplants and gets transfusions of young blood. The elites have access to thing far beyond what even the upper middleclass has let alone the working stiff.

    1. Five? Can you provide any links? I cant imagine anyone in his 80s or 90s not expiring on the operating table. It doesnt mean I dont believe you of course 🙂

    2. I guess he knows he’s going to hell so he has to put it off as long as possible.

  16. We’ve also found running barefoot – stressing your foot arches designed for it – doesn’t blow out your knees (I’m getting moccasins but there are other “shoes”).
    For food, there was the harvest season and we are designed to be addicted to carbs, eat as much as possible, and gain 50 pounds we will lose over the winter. Sugars and starches are addictive. With every month being October due to technology, we gain more and never lose it. Worse we refine things – you wouldn’t eat a dozen oranges at a sitting but will drink the equivalent in orange juice. And soft drinks are worse. You won’t eat a lot of raw potatoes, but will gorge on fries. You wouldn’t walk through a field and eat wheat or corn, but will eat half a loaf of bread.
    Insulin – which you get from sugar or starch tells your body to store fat, so you starve inside, lack energy, and get fat. Because you are supposed to.
    Fat is satisfying, so eating fatty meat, butter, whole milk tends to shut off the appetite.
    (see for a guide).

      1. Best thing I ever did for my running! Also, if you don’t particularly like the “Fred Flinstone” look, Vibram teamed up with New Balance so you can now get runners with a Vibram sole. A little better than the originals if you run in a cold climate.

  17. The biggest change has been the rise in carbohydrates in the diet. Cultures that had farming for 8000+ years adapted somewhat to the carbs. In a map of diabetes in the US you can actually pick out indian reservations on the map. The highest rates of diabetes are in the countries where people had no history of eating carbs.

  18. I just read an article that people are on average – 15-20 lbs heavier than they were 15 years ago. All of America. .I know I eat less than I did and I am bigger. My take is there is too much estrogen in the air/water so men and women are not losing weight as fast and metabolism is slowing down. I don’t know for sure but its not hard to become a chunk in todays society. maybe it is that kratom I keep hearing about. I put on my dads military uniform from the korean war… I did manage to get 1 arm into it.

  19. You+Technology=Doing.
    Your body has adapted to the increase in technology, just in a self-degrading way.

  20. “Take whatever steps you can to reverse the stress, disease, and death that comes with living in the Matrix. Life is short. Enjoy it.”
    Which means letting go of the so-called american dream that forces one to live in such conditions.
    Indeed Rockefeller has access to great places condusive to good health, but his stress factor is very low because he never had to work a day in his life – although there may be a certain of level of stress if one is in the business of destroying the World.

  21. Indeed our ability to shape our envitonment, specifically the rate at which we change our environment is exceeding our physio and psychological ability to change. This was a good presentation on it:

  22. Completely off topic here. Need advice from my fellow brothers.
    I am a proud father to three beautiful children. One boy and two girls. My wife has an issue with my father forming a bond with my kids. He has a problem with porn ( obsessed with it, spends thousands of dollars on it). As far as I know my mother and he have not been intimate in the last ten years.
    My wife worries that he may try to groom my daughters. She had an uncle who had molested her when she was 5 and she is terrified of it happening with her kids.
    Since this is my father we are talking about I dont want to believe that he would do something like that. But to be objective, I want to know what any of you would do in my situation?

    1. If your father is addicted to porn at that level he doesn’t need to be around your kids. He has nothing good to offer them.

      1. My instinct is to keep them away as well. Just being a bit torn because he keeps badgering me to drop the kids to his place. I am conditioned to obey him as that’s how I was brought up. My wife is a tiny little soft spoken woman but is fiercely protective of her kids. She watches any interaction he has with them like a hawk.
        I have spoken to my father but he shuts down any criticism to his behavior in a minute flat.
        I think I am just going to have to move away from my hometown with my family.

    2. Random dudes on the internet who haven’t met these people can’t really offer you good advice, but I will just point out that the world is full of people who look at porn in their private time. Hell, the world is full of cam girls and Dubai porto potty sluts and all kinds of stuff, far sicker than what your dad likely does. You really don’t know what is going through someone’s head. Looking at porn does in no way make one a groomer of children, whatever that is.
      Point 2: I think females introduce a whole lot of drama and fearmongering into most situations. But this is their nature–to always be the glass half empty conservative worrywarts (it’s funny how we are the ultra-conservative stern authority figures when it comes to moderating *THEIR* behavior, and THEY are the carousel-riding floozies, but that is another topic). They are always bringing up false fears, and introducing extreme ideas (like some guy smiles at them and they turn it into a creepy incident of stalking).
      Point 3: You know your father. Judge whether you think he is a sick guy in any way (ie is he an alcoholic, or drug abuser–these distort the mind and allow one to take actions they would not otherwise). Have a talk with your kids about how no one should ever touch them, etc. But depriving them of a grandparent is not something to be done lightly, and certainly not without good reason. Finally, I will say I think with 3 kids the odds of something funny happening are far less than with one.

      1. Asking random dudes on the internet is just to organize my thought process. I can’t ask my friends or relatives for advice because I don’t want to out my father in the community. I just need to be sure I am not being swayed by female hysterics.
        You raise valid points. I do know my father . He has always been a bit random. He openly boasts about stalking females. He even stalked my mother’s sisters. Never minors, though I don’t think he would boast about that.
        Once I saw my nephew try to put his hand in my dad’s pants. Creeped me out, but is that just the boy being curious? In the end I can’t take a chance on my kids. That sort of thing can damage them beyond repair.

      2. I have experience with the stalker-creeper accusations. I used to frequent this bar up the street (a total dive, which I thoroughly enjoy on occasion), and the two daughters of the husband-and-wife owners, one of them 23 years old, and the other one 25, both took a liking to me. So did three or four of the hottest waitresses in the place. Always one to practice game, even if I’m not going to bang the women I practice it on, I soon had several of them (including both daughters) ogling me and drooling every time I walked into the joint. Well, I asked out one of the waitresses because my buddy (who is an extremely jealous kind of guy) told me that there was no way I could get one particular waitress to go out with me. I had told him that this hot redhead had been giving me the eye. So I casually suggested to the hot redhead while my buddy was along for the ride, that we should hang out some time, and she jumped on it and gave me her phone number. But I later found out she was bat-shit crazy (as most women are these days), so I never called her. This pissed her off, of course, and she started talking shit about me. Next up, the owners’ 25-year-old daughter started gunning for me. I was nice to her and flirted with her, but didn’t take her out. This pissed her off, and she started talking shit about me. Then, the 23-year-old daughter started giving me offers I couldn’t refuse (“I want to take you and my carryout food home with me, and let you eat it off me”, etc.). So I went to her apartment one night and banged her. She bragged to her sister and the other waitresses about it. This got around the bar, and made her father (the co-owner) her sister, and the beta males who worked there, angry. So the next time I went into the place, the younger daughter had quit working there, and almost every single male and female who worked there started looking at me with disgust, and bashing me in grumbling, mumbling whispers. I heard “creeper” and “perv” from several parties, including the 25-year-old whom I’d rejected. I just walked out and never went back, but this kind of shit is just like the witch hysteria of centuries gone by, and it’s got to stop.

        1. LOL wow, what a bunch of degenerates. Sounds like you banged the hottest one and moved on, good job.

        2. That’s how I am looking at it, too. It pisses me off, because that joint is really fun – pool tables, darts, all kinds of shit (Texas hold ’em poker). But there are tons of joints like that. I just hate the Salem Witch Trials mentality. If you bang a girl who wants you to fuck her, you’re a good guy. Well, unless she wants more, or she wants to turn you into a lap dog, or whatever. If you don’t bang her, she goes into slander mode. Then jealousy mode if you bang someone else she knows (like her sister). Then she goes into hatred mode, by recruiting all the beta males with beer guts and envy issues. Then they all gang up. And if you are an older guy, then you’re a creeper and a perv (even though the girls who say that about you, they all wanted to fuck you). It’s fucking retarded. But yeah I banged the best-looking one, I guess, so mission accomplished in a way. Who turned out to be batshit-crazy, .too. One and done there. Ridiculous. People are so fucking petty.

    3. What @spicynujac:disqus said.. but I will add this. You have to wonder about the sanity of a man who spends thousands of dollars on something that can be attained easily for free. Spending it on hookers, ok.. but on porn??

      1. He has subscriptions to all kinds of crap. Keeps 3 separate smart phones on him at all times. I love my father, want to drag him out of this shit pond he has drowned himself in. He is a bloody authoritarian, listens to nobody.

    1. I believe in the Multiregional Theory. Different groups of humans existed on different places in the world and they eventually became the different ‘races’ we see today.

  23. This is an excellent public service announcement commercial which unfortunately was banned:

    That kid needs to bust outta there. Get away from mommy’s obscessive clean laundry commercial head spin fucked up mind fuck head trip and go out and get genuine dirty. Chat up ho’s and learn how all bitches are basically dirty throw away pieces. Not ‘Picies’ as in astrological fish sign, but pieces as in ‘piece’ of ass. Throw that philly cheese hot pocket gluten gmo msg roll of corn sweetened kosher slow kill out the window and get outside and huff some fresh air boy. Quit huffing mommy’s douche pail household air with a hint of downy fragrance. It’s a polonium deadly combo of domestic environmenal assault that no modern male is equipped or has evolved to withstand.

  24. Sitting down is the WORST thing for your health! When we sit down, stress also builds up like crazy!! There was no chair in Adam & Eves garden for a reason. When I worked at Fitness First in Australia, the national manager said the worst invention by man was the chair. It’s the worst thing for human health and well being!
    Do an experiment, sit down for 30, 60 minutes and watch how you feel. I bet you feel like shit compare being active on your feet! I wouldn’t do another office job even if I was paid 1 million dollars! My well being is and the way I feel (great) is 2 important these days!

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