Should You Get Super Cut For The Summer?

Summer is rapidly approaching, which means that we’re going to all be wearing progressively lighter and more revealing clothing—which can of course be a blessing or a curse for your game, depending on your body composition. If you’ve read my regular workout articles, you should have at this point built up a fair degree of muscle, lost some weight, and developed a mighty fine degree of flexibility, all of which will certainly make you more attractive to the fair sex.

But some want to take it a step further—to not only make themselves strong and functional men, but to trim the body fat to such a degree that every single vein and muscle is defined, in the way that a rough diamond is cut and polished to a radiant luster.

Having, in fact, gotten down to a single digit body fat percentage for the first time in my life recently (9.1% to be precise), I have written this article to tell you how to do so, and whether or not, in fact, you even should do so.

That high pitched sound you’re hearing is the REEEEEE-ing of fat women shrieking that “BMI means nothing!!1”

The Meat and Potatoes

Eating a “cutting diet” is in fact, one of the easiest things you can do, provide that you have imbibed the concept of eating to save money.

I underlined it, italicized it, and bolded it—that’s how important it is. If you understand this concept, combined with what foods are healthy and what foods are not healthy, I guarantee that you will not only lose weight, but you’ll lose weight without even realizing you’re losing weight. By far, this is the most important concept you have to understand for this diet to work,

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that, for general purposes of health and well-being, you do not need to spend more than 200 dollars a month on groceries, and every cent of that 200 dollars can be put into good, healthy, nourishing food.

And please, before we get into how to do this, spare me any whiny fatbody diatribes about how “it’s so hard to eat healthy food in America, muh food deserts”, and so forth. By the time you finish this chapter, you’ll never sling that excuse again. You can read more about why that excuse is bullshit right here.

A good rule of thumb for purchasing food is to ask yourself “Would a man from the year 1900 recognize this as food?” If not, it’s probably not something you should be eating. Rates of obesity, heart disease, and other objective measures of bad health were much lower in the gilded age then they are now, to say nothing of a few centuries before that. Avoid junk food, or overly processed food, keep it simple, and you should be fine. And if you really need help on what food is healthy and what food is not healthy, go to a dietician, they’ll likely have free pamphlets that will give you all the information you could ever possibly need.

You’ve gone to public school, you’ve seen the food pyramid—it’s not bad, which is rare to say for a government program, but in fact the government has made some good efforts in reducing obesity—if only because the USG realizes that a nation of lardasses will not be productive laborers. Just eat this, and you’ll more or less get all the nutrients you need.

And if you’re eating to save money, you will by definition be eating less food. A good way of rationing food that I have discovered is to eat “from the palm of your hand”. What this means is that all your units of food should fit in the palm of your hand. IE: Your vegetables should fit in the palm of your hand, your meat, and your carbs. That’s a meal, low in calories and low in price, while still giving you all of the necessary nutrients to function.

Does that sound a little bland? It can be, but you can throw various condiments and spices on it to liven things up a bit. Since you’re trying to lose weight, you’re going to have to prioritize nutrition and cutting calories over being a gourmand. You can’t have everything in life, deal with it.

That will all suffice for purposes of simply losing weight and retaining a good amount of muscle mass (of course, if you want to ADD more muscle mass, you will of course have to increase your caloric and nutritional consumption).

Yours truly doing the “shirtless douchebag mirror selfie” thing—for my adoring fans, of course.

Should You?

Now that you know how to do it, you must ask—should you? From what I have seen, cutting down to a body fat percentage lower than 12% or so doesn’t really have too much of an effect on your athletic performance, either positive or negative. While I have found that my calisthenic training has been made slightly easier with getting super lean, I have seen it argued that, depending on what sport/athletic discipline you’re engaging in, trimming down to such a high degree may make you less physically capable (in particular pure strength sports like Olympic weightlifting, certain types of grappling, etc.), as well as taking away your body’s natural “shock absorber”—there’s a reason why Roman gladiators cultivated a layer of flab, and it was specifically to minimize the likelihood of a deep cut causing them to bleed out.

Similarly, bare knuckled boxers seem a bit more “burly” than their modern counterparts, probably to reduce the sharp pain of bare knuckles, but on the other hand, having that clearly defined V-Taper and abdominal muscle chain does sit well with the ladies—and when you get down to it, why else are we all here?  So it really comes down to a debate of aesthetics versus performance. And as for what you specifically want, that’s entirely up to you.

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114 thoughts on “Should You Get Super Cut For The Summer?”

  1. Ripped is not the same thing as healthy or fit. No thanks. Ill keep my currently functioning kidneys and pancreas and liver.

    1. Besides, like I give a f**k about what other people think about what I look like. My aim is not to look like Chad or Tyrone sperm hoses. I am looking to have maximum HEALTHY years to my life. Subjective opinions and judgements…Meh, who cares what the wind smells like that issues from their gas holes. Hope they get hit by a bus..

    2. Besides, like I give a f**k about what other people think about what I look like. My aim is not to look like Chad or Tyrone sperm hoses. I am looking to have maximum HEALTHY years to my life. Subjective opinions and judgements…Meh, who cares what the wind smells like that issues from their gas holes. Hope they get hit by a bus..

      1. Lol, John calm down it was just a joke… btw your answer was lame, you sounded like a sjw. Just sayin.

    3. I’m just happy not to be dead.
      Doesn’t matter how ripped I look age 60+, it ain’t gonna attract any young women without a bit of financial compensation. Might be a good idea if your a 20yo Syrian looking to score off a middle aged Euro housewife though.

        1. Faraway,
          Sex becomes repetitive, once you’ve left moms basement and done it a few times, with real women, you will realize that.

        2. @ JD
          Although I have not seen as much of the world as you,
          I’d have no problem with going now either.
          I am merely running on fumes.
          Zombie mode.
          Get up 5:20 AM to exercise — only to get a BS compliment once in a while from escorts.
          130 mins a day commuting and a 10 hour work day to to make $$$ to afford escorts. Come home and drink to forget. Lather, rinse, repeat.
          But I would like to go in spectacular fashion if possible.
          Ideal way to die: sitting on the hill in the park by the sound near my apt, with a bottle of Old Crow, as that asteroid comes screaming in from the sky. Now that’d be a great way to go.

        1. Ed,
          Not really, I’ve done more than I ever imagined doing.
          Visited more countries, shagged more girls, been in many adventures.
          Wandered around, ruins, mountains, jungles, deserts, underwater.
          I’d be OK going now, there’s just nothing left I want to do.

        2. @AutomaticSlim
          Hell if it exists, is/will full of sjw, fags, feminists, insane leftists… and ugly prostitutes full of diseases.
          so just enjoy the ride now and do prostitutes while alive, like ol’granpa john 😉

    4. Spoken like a Fag & pessimist.
      Getting to 12-14% is essentially ripped with washboard abs.
      If you dont think New Englands Gronk is healthy and fit, youre an idiot.
      Chicks dig it too, its something to admire and to shoot for, if one is inclined and has the time and dedication. Caring what others think isnt what its about, its about self confidence that one gets from dedication of working his ass off in the gym and with cardio and all of the goodness that comes from making ones body a fat burning machine.

      1. Umm.. you contradicted yourself with your attempt to hide validation through other opinions…”Chicks dig it too, its something to admire and to shoot for, if one is inclined and has the time and dedication.”
        Spoken like a true white knight and blue pill looking for validation of yourself through your outward appearance…but then you say this:”Caring what others think isnt what its about….a mighty feminist contradiction, but wait you needed to attack me for my comment…so I am used to this kind of nonsense….Hypocrisy and contradiction…yep a feminized mind seeking validation and attention. Pathetic.

        1. I didnt contradict a damn thing.
          A side benefit to having a hard worked for and nice looking physique, is chicks digging it. I got laid in college and after, simply by being swole. Its a fact of life. YOU wouldnt know anything about it, being a heeb tho

        2. @RW
          You said”I didnt contradict a damn thing.
          A side benefit to having a hard worked for and nice looking physique, is chicks digging it.”
          You reworded and reposted your contradiction for us again showing your the need to show off your appearance (1) and for chicks digging it (2).
          Tell me again about how it is NOT about attention and validation…Freudian slip after Freudian slip after calling me a fag. F**k you c*nts are so easy to trigger when you are confronted with your own blindspots and twisted logic.

        3. Deplorable Neal Jensen
          thats not seeking validation…..thats being healthy and great looking. i know its hard for you cause you dont have the ethics to achieve it. so you’re gonna cope.
          chicks like it so its a bonus…..incel lol

        4. @automatic…every comment he/it makes is obsessed with outward appearance and validation…then insult name calling…just like feminist trash

        5. Deplorable Neal Jensen
          you’re just a bitter incel……did i hurt your feelings boy lol…..pathetic

    5. Seeing one’s 6 or 8 pack, it’s ok.
      But god, seeing each vein or being a walking anatomical drawing (like the main pic of this article) is simply disgusting.

      1. The unrealistic roid freaks that are posted in health/fitness articles these days is a little annoying.
        The unaware are really in for disappointment if they think they can gain huge lean muscle mass with little to no body fat naturally.

    6. This guy doesn’t know nutrition. For instance milk products are terrible for our health, packed with hormones for baby cows to grow up to 1300lbs.

    7. I rather look like the dude in the opening photo then worry needlessly about my liver or kidneys (which BTW, kidneys have nothing to do with steroids). 😉
      The guys in the pics above have taken a ton of steroids to look like that. Anyone who believes these guys do not take steroids is BLUE PILL as hell. Might as well believe in Santa Claus. 😆
      He almost certainly did a growth cycle with testosterone (i.e. DuraTeston) and then did a cutting cycle to get that super shred look using Winstrol. This is called a growth-cut cycle. Brazilian dudes do this almost every other month in Rio and theya re fine.
      Steroids, used in short cycles and with a healthy diet and exercise makes men go beyond their limits. You look better, feel better, get more girls… It is a no-brainer.
      100% guarantee for sure his balls, kidneys, liver, dick, etc etc work 100% fine. It is laughable to hear people dismiss steroids as this big great danger to your health then smoke cigarettes, weed, and drink tons of booze – all 3 proven to be harmful toy our health with ZERO appearance benefits. 🙄 Just sayin’.

  2. >does sit well with the ladies—and when you get down to it, why else are we all here?
    Actually, I’m here to read McGoo and Madman max, but whatever. You’re wrong that men didn’t have heart disease in the old days. Doctors doing autopsies on young men in WWII and Korea had noticed that lean American soldiers aged 19 already had atherosclerosis but not similar age Japanese and Koreans. Something in the 1930’s and 1940’s American lifestyle and/or diet was very wrong. Maybe smoking, maybe dairy fat is unusually bad fat, maybe sugar. We still don’t know exactly what, hence all the diet controversies.

  3. be careful about the aesthetics vs performance choice. plenty of people use that as an excuse to never see their abs.

    1. Go for aesthetics always. Women, like men, look at appearance a lot. When I was doing cycles on and off (you have to cycle off to be healthy long term), I would wear tight shirts all the time out and if warm, I would use my shirt to “wipe my sweat” off my brown, and raise my shirt to show off the abs.
      99.9% of the time, I got a number from that girl and would follow-up with date and “let me get my non-work phone from my place” and try to go for a close.
      Bottom line: I have always been in great shape, but to have that 4-pack look, I had to do Winstrol. Some guys need that extra help to 4-pack, take the Winstrol and enjoy life – I sure did.
      Do not be a blue-pill beta and believe the fearmongers and the Feminist media. These people wanna destroy you, dudes that are cut and big take steroids and LIE about it, to stave off competitors. If you are weak, ugly, fat, etc – take steroids and become a better men, fast. Stop wasting time and go enjoy life, dude.
      My .02 cents.

  4. Be healthy — physically and mentally — so you can go about your man shit and get shit accomplished. If that happens to result in a lean physique, the so be it. If not, don’t fret. Women of all ages are attracted to many things before they ever see a six-pack.
    Besides how many women do you find bangable that maintain their ab definition. Same applies to men.

    1. @Prepz: it does NOT. Guys who are cut and/or big on muscle get WAY higher quality girls/better looking girls than guys who are not that way, even with basic game. Even Troy Francis, one of the Game coaches here in RoK has said when he was in HS, dudes who were big and cut came out to do pull-ups without shirts during recess. The result was that these guys got a tons of girls.
      Guaranteed, a lot of these guys took steroids. I used to be a fool like most, afraid of steroids because of our media hysteria about it. Then I loved in Brazil 4 years and I learned it from the guys there. The steroid thing is so open and discuss freely in Brazil that the information is out there. You give R$50 to the local pharmacist and he hooks you up, no BS needed.
      Just look at USA football teams today vs football teams back in the 1950s. The dudes today are hugely muscular, super-cut, and super-strong/fast. That is because high school teams players are almost all using steroids.
      You also get more confidence, more sexual prowess, and LOOK better. You will feel better.
      Go get some injections and then we will talk afterwards once you see results. 😉 You will see results and will feel the results too.

  5. Not to be a smartass, but did anybody learn anything valuable from this article? Seems to be a little lacking in the details and specifics.

  6. Didnt we just have an article about Legionnaires? Because from what I gather aesthetic is really secondary to living a healthy, satisfying lifestyle. A great looking physique should never be the man goal rather a by product or enduring a life one can be proud of.

  7. Off-topic, the guy at the top looks juiced up as hell. How much steroids needed to look like this freak.

    1. Yeah, the top pic is aroid head all blown up with pre photo warmup and then is flexing hard enough to give himself 3 strokes and a pair of aneurisms.

      1. That s the look I have right before a huge blood pressure migraine and double hernia explosion, and maybe an accidental bowel incident too (on a bad day). Caution is when you never have to apologize for or be embarrassed because of an accidental “oopsie shit myself” youtube moment. That thought maybe lost of most people aged 49 or less….or not with todays IBS and colonitis related diseases from poor food choices/diet.

  8. Sorry but as a professional I can tell you that your selfie does not show below 10 % body fat. You apperantly used a semi prof BIA, which is unreliable in extreme ranges. Try dexta or some other method.

  9. It’s too late, summer is already here. No way you can get ripped before it ends. But good news is that you got all summer and all winter to get ready for NEXT summer.

  10. Being ripped doesn’t make u more socially adequate. There won’t be scenes from the movies like chicks go crazy for u or somethin. All they gonna be like is “Ugh another insecure guy”. At the end all of the benefits of having a fit body will boil down to feeling better why masturbating and having the wrong impression that u gain self esteem while lookin at ur endless photo sessions… at least thats my own experience.

    1. Having a fit muscular body does get you noticed by women. Clothes look better on you and you project confidence. Women today view their men like a Facebook status. They want all their friends to think you’re hot.
      Women are extremely shallow and entitled now. They want the whole
      Package and leave little room for bargaining on their expectations.
      Women love the feeling of a hard bodied man and muscular arms embracing them during coitus.
      Let me put it this way. Would you feel more threatened by a pudgy chode or skinny beanstalk ‘player’ that spits game approach your girl or a muscular chad flirting with her.

      1. Yes, u said it urself, “Women today view their men like a Facebook status”. First they have to know u, u have to exist in their social circle in order to move on to the next phase of being a muscle stud trophy. On the other hand a life revolving around hitting, the gym and grindin some money while avoiding the trashy social live wont get u far. What Im tryin to say is that social interaction is far more important, most of the hot bitches I see hang around with total skinny douchbags weighing no more than 80lbs, while almost all of the muscular guys I see hang with other bros or some mediocre chicks.

    2. For some it helps builds confidence plus it makes you feel good having all those endorphins running through your body. Being naturally socially gifted and a smooth talker is worth much more though.

      1. Give any woman the choice between an introvert bodybuilder who lives in the gym and has epic greek god body and a total douche 80lbs skinny faggit sportin undercut hair, tattoos and some fashionable clothes who spends his life between shopping malls and night clubs and just observe her choice.

        1. Malls and clubs. You just proved it. Those 80 lbers with the hot chicks are their gays friends.

  11. Going to the gym for women is sad. I go to the gym because I want to strong and healthy.

    1. Are u really a black british? And if so how do u feel? Do u like western culture, whats ur opinion on black achilles in new troy movie?

  12. Since the vast majority of men are not professional or even serious recreational athletes competing in some specific sport, the whole “functional for sport” thing just seems like an excuse to me; another excuse to be less serious about diet and lifting.
    Fact is you’ll probably never get into a pole vaulting contest and if you’re a high IQ adult with aspirations you probably won’t get into a fight in your adult life so what’s left is aesthetics and the feel of your body. A girl cannot put her arms around your flying brazilian chokehold, hockey trophy or head kick.
    I don’t know how this dude is getting his half-assed articles published all the time.

      1. And I just explained why “looking at both sides” without accounting for the facts mentioned (mostly) falls flat.
        You’re going to have do better than call me names to convince me or the fence sitters otherwise.

        1. On a more specific note, I apologize for my abrasive tone in my initial message. However, I think you would agree with me that bringing up functionality without accounting for statistical relevance or/and the average guys’ lifestyle can lead a person astray (becoming comfortable with mediocrity) or lead to paralysis by analysis.
          Aside from just becoming well proportioned, aesthetic and strong I think all the other exercise should fall within the scope of cardio (and some stretching) for cardiovascular health. The minority of guys who are hellbent on succeeding in some relatively obscure sport are the exception.

    1. Having a solid build, that shows ones hard work, gets respect from both genders, and does wonders for ones own ego. If you knock this truth, it screams that your argument is not well thought out.
      No one says you have to be the next Dorian Yates or bench 425, but anyone can get and stay into decent shape. If you can work your way to under 15% bodyfat, have decent clothing to match, it goes one helluva long way in the ladies dept. And ones ego too. If I was struggling with the ladies, Id brush up on my game but wouldnt neglect gym time. 45 intense min a day -, even every other day, and a decent clean diet is all it takes.

      1. Would say 3 times a week is all no really need if the goal is to just get in decent shape. Progress will be slower but steady and you can maintain it no matter how busy your schedule is.

    2. High IQ regardless, alcohol sometimes leads to fights…
      Agree with most else you say here though.

  13. Most guys on this site are neck beards. They won’t work out . They will just make racist comments about blacks and blame the ((white women)) for all of their problems lmao. This site use to be good but now it’s nothing but racism and men who complain about women 24/7. Most men on here on incels . I have been using this site for years and the articles have went Downhill. The racism is also another thing on this site. A red pill man wont be on the Internet making racist comments. Only a loser would. I am black and the racism doesn’t bother me. It just shows me that most men are losers . Lol.

    1. Let me interpret your nonsense you said ” Racist. racist site. racist. racist… blame black men and white women, racist. racist . Incels. racist. racist racist, “Only a loser would. I am black and the racism doesn’t bother me.” It just shows me that most men are losers. LOL.”.
      Outed yourself a black racist feminist…That’s what you said. No surprise you are trolling ROK. Expected and easy to see.

      1. I have been going on this site for around 5 years. Look at the earlier articles and look at the articles now . If you don’t see a difference in quality then your head is in your @ss. Look at the comment section too. The comments are nothing but blaming white women for all of the white mans problems. Do you know why most white girls interracial date ? It’s becahse most white men are beta and not masculine . If white men woudlve put their foot down 50 years ago then none of the stuff you guys complain about would exist in the West.
        Interracial dating wasn’t common 50 years ago because most white men were masculine and didn’t take sh!t. Now look at the modern white guy on a college campus. A soy boy [email protected] who plays legend of Zelda to rescue a girl to get a kiss on the cheek. The modern white man would rather play a game for 30 hours to save a princess instead of getting a woman in real life. I don’t know what state you live in but go take a free tour on a college campus and see for yourself. Young white men have “white guilt”. There are actually white guys who feel guilty to be white. What a complete joke. At least Muslims blacks and Mexicans stick together. White men dont. If every white man was masculine then there wouldn’t be women with vagina hats marching up and down the streets. These women are begging for masculine men. That’s why they travel to third world country’s to have sex with other men. And it’s why they want “refugees welcomed”. It’s in a woman’s dna to want a masculine man to dominate them and a male feminist won’t do it. But Muhammad from Syria, Tyrone on the football team or Jose from Mexico will. Feminism is one big sh!t test that white guys have failed.

        1. Youre right, id add that much of it is indoctrination and JU programming though too. We didnt have that 30 years ago in school.
          And we beat the chit out of Nggrs when necessary.
          Its changing, the pendulum is swinging back. Gen Z is getting it, the internet is the game changer. The Holohoax is an official joke now too.

        2. Yup I agree with Avatar.
          It will be fascinating for me as a brown man to see in the next 15 years how easy white women become for me.
          I may tour around every white country and have my way with all your women. Why not?

        3. Ain’t nothing changing.
          This generation of white men are wimpier than ever
          It’s one thing to talk about the masculine life on twitter.
          Totally different thing to live it.
          You white men should follow Jack Donovan.
          He is the most alpha white man I see

    2. EVERYTHING you perceive as racist and then you tag it all with “Only a loser would. I am black and the racism doesn’t bother me.”
      Hypocrisy and lie much? Triggered snowflake trash.

    3. In truth, its not racist enough.
      Whites are the onyl group of humans in the USA with no lobbying group.
      Nggrs have over 300+ groups lobbying for their interests, and JUs over 600.

      1. and muslims, and gays, and mestizos, and women, and asians and every other fucking possible identity group in the world but straight white men.
        The truth is that we White Mebn have built just about everything in this world that’s worth a fuck and get almost no credit. Let that shit burn. I’m sick of all the shitskins whining about this or that. Let them go back to their native tech levels — mudhuts, sticks and cousin marriage. I just don’t care about them anymore.
        The strong prey on the weak. That’s the deal.
        We’re the only conquerors in history who helped the vanquished, built them cities and infrastructure, and even paid them reparations.
        Did the Mongols feel sorry for their victims? The Mohameddans? The Moguls? The Soviets? The Chicoms? The Khmer Rouge? Of course not. Is there such as thing as Han privilege? Bantu privilege or Bantu guilt over their pan-African genocidal expansion? Of course not. Only Whites seem to possess empathy for creatures who are not them. A blessing and a curse.
        Eventually, before he goes extinct, the White man is going to remember who he is and where he came from, and stop feeling sorry for these non-White ingrates. And deal with them like Genghis Khan or Mohammed if there’s a God in Heaven.
        And the day is coming and IDGAF who says I’m wrong. Doesn’t matter because none of us can stop it. Diversity + Proximity = War. And our (((leaders))) have made damn sure to put the diversity in direct proximity (against our will) in our own homelands. And makes us support them financially and forbids us in many cases from even speaking up about it.
        War is coming. My money is on my people.

    4. Sure, there are more and more manginas from MGTOW walks of life here, and they should grow a pair and stop blaming other people, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us are neck beards.
      If you like playing COD, for example, and fags (literal fags) started all playing COD and using it as a way to pick up, does that mean all COD players are fags? No. Then again, bad example, if you play COD you’re automatically a fag. But hey, you get my point.

    5. You’re straight up full of shit, generalizing aobut that which you know little or nothing.

      1. To be fair on both sides. Zero bitch tits. But also, I’m more cut and I’m not a fitness guru.

      2. I speak from experience. I once screwed up my endocrine system really bad and even though I worked off all the excess fat on my biceps I had these weird bitch nipples (just like the one’s in the photo) for a year after. If it’s natural my bad.

  14. Ok fat guys, let’s hear your excuses!
    While you’re at it tell us how American women are all sluts but you can’t seem to score, game is only for rich guys, blah, blah blah!

    1. @William
      I was hoping to see some specifics as far as diet is concerned. Types of proteins, carbs, etc.. and portion sizes for each of the daily 3 meals. Article didn’t give that info. Would you have any links to previous articles with that type of info? Thanks.

      1. Thanks. To be honest, I don’t eat super-strict but try to cover all the macro- and micro-nutrients both on a daily and weekly basis. I eat a lot of chicken, turkey, cheese, cottage cheese and quark almost every day, and eggs, salmon, red meat, protein bars and EAA (essential amino acids) at least once every week. I also make minor adjustments and eat white fish instead of chicken, and ham instead of turkey.
        Carbs are mostly from fruit, bread and vegetables, but occasionally also sugar, french fries and rice (sushi) when I indulge once or twice on the weekends. Fat come from salmon, olive oil, peanut butter, avocado and red meat. Micros from vegetables and fruits, as well as multi-vitamins.
        I try to keep track on the calories, make adjustments, and add sprints or speed-walking in order to loose weight. I workout six times a week, on average, not counting the occasional extra workouts.

  15. Just going to be real here. I don’t work out for washboard abs in the summer. I work out to make sure I can be functionally fit once I hit old age, and so I don’t get my ass kicked while in my youth. That’s the piece of advice I’m going to give my son when he’s old enough, work out to not get your ass kicked while you’re young, and so you can wipe it when you’re older.

    1. Bingo. Main reason to be fit in the eyes of others is about presence. You dont wanna be the skrawny guy who gets punked by cholos/blacks while out on a date with Becky. Shell drop u like a hot potato. Gay run teed. Second its good for mood as well. Fuck alcohol

    2. My advice, live in a state with open carry.
      You don’t need to be fit to not get your arse kicked.

      1. Carrying’s always a good thing, but from my perspective people can develop a false sense of confidence in strapping too. I look at fighting in terms of
        – striking (8 limbs)
        – clinching/infighting
        – grappling/ground game
        – blunt/edged weapons
        – firearms
        as much as carrying is awesome, it’s still a facet that can’t be done ALL the time. plus martial arts provides multiple benefits, fitness, practicality, an ego check, and a means of playing ‘physical chess’ that helps problem solving and improving coordination in tandem.

      2. Guns are just white man’s escape plan because they cannot win physical fights with melanated folk, man to man.
        Come to Australia, I actually respect the white dudes here. They can fight.
        American white men are wimps, thinking guns make them a man.
        You women notice this..

    3. False dichotomy.
      First off, the washboard abs goal is in line with both fit in old age and not getting ass kicked goals, it is not an either-or, it is a win-win.
      Second off, you do not train for abs, you diet for them.

  16. How to Get Cut (Since the article didn’t actually explain it):
    – Ketogenic Diet
    – Body Recomposition (eat more on workout days, less on off days)
    – Bodyweight Training (Calistenics) or Resistance Training
    – No Fap
    Simple as that. Practice these in conjunction and you should be 9-10% in just a few months

  17. I don’t understand this obsession with getting ripped and cut.
    Building a muscular frame makes little difference to your athleticism.
    I know this all too well from experience.
    As a teenager I got into a lot of fights, and in my youth I spent a lot of time in the Judo dojo.
    After all that I can say with confidence that judging a man by his muscles is naïve and idiotic.
    If a man is bigger than you in absolute terms (taller, heavier, bigger frame, bigger bones etc), then chances are you’re going down to the ground.
    Doesn’t matter if he’s 50 and you’re 25 with a black belt. Or if he’s got no gains and you look like Sylvester Stallone.
    Though I have on rare occasion seen smaller guys beat larger guys due to superior skill, this only ever happens when the smaller guy is highly trained (black belt) and the larger guy is a rookie.
    But all things equal the smaller guy will lose 99% of the time.
    On the other hand, if your opponent is only relatively bigger than you (same frame and size, but more muscles), then there is no saying how things will go down. As a skinny 20 yo I’ve taken on muscular meatheads my size and submitted them easily. How much you bench doesn’t matter in grappling. Weights condition a very predictable and one-dimensional strength that can be easily circumvented and exhausted with superior grappling skills.
    The point I want to impress is that just coz someone has all the Hollywood muscles going doesn’t mean he’s the superior athlete.
    If you want superior athleticism then you must train accordingly.
    Lifting weights is no shortcut.
    Look at the UFC guys, none of them have any significant gains. Just coz one fighter is more muscled than the other doesn’t mean the former is going to win.
    Same goes for commandos, take a look at those guys too, certainly no Frank Zane’s amongst them. Yet all these people perform to thresholds a gym rate can only larp at.

    1. “Look at the UFC guys, none of them have any significant gains”
      Sorry bro you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      1. Anderson Silva and Leoto Machida were not cut up. Neither is John Jones. Or Tim Silvia. In Boxing, you had Joe Calzaghe and Oscar Delahoya. The best fighters are often lanky and flexible.

        1. Im not sure you appreciate how ripped those guys are for their light-weight fighting categories. Jones was caught juicing.

        2. @Sasquatch
          Certainly they are in great shape. I meant cut up compared to bodybuilders. Unfortunately lots of arhletes juice. Even Tiger Woods did it.

  18. I’m 5’8 and I find that nothing attracts women better than when I’m lean. I gotta have a bit of muscle on me, but when I’m lean, I emanate alpha energy and feel like a boss. May be because I’m an endomorph though, and when I’ve put on even a bit of weight, I feel slow and sluggish.

      1. I am a Chad, but I am more an Abdul!
        Much better. At least we get respect from white women…

        1. Shut up Mohammed.
          Ur not strong by ur superiority.
          Ur strong by our (((weaknesses))).
          We btfoed you outta spain with all odds against us, and my Austrian brethren btfoed you faggots outt central europe too when we were in a corner.
          We will do it again.
          as for my inside bro banter, you will never understand.
          Can’t wait to cleanse kebab from Europe motherland.
          1488 and Deus Vult Mohammed.

        2. BasedBoyChadBroGonnaBangUrEasyHo
          looks like some browny fucks your wife in front of you ….lol what a cuck.

      2. Exercising is ‘Overcompensating’?
        No wonder so many white guys are living garbage lives of complaining and being incel lol

  19. According to Hell by the Dashboard Light…..No. You should not bother getting muscular and cut. Girls like the schlubby hubby bods these days.

  20. The dude in the picture for this article is wearing a f***ing hardhat and no shirt. That’s Village People level gay.

    1. I guess because white women are going for brown and black men, white men are being forced to bum each other in hard hats.
      You keep doing that white boys, let the MEN have their way with your women

  21. I like to think if you’re in truly great shape, a good looking body is inevitable. Just train to have all your bases covered: strength, endurance, mobility, speed, etc… and when this is the case, your body will look killer.

  22. no way this guy is at 9% body fat in that pic. and that pic was probably taken in the morning, before he ate anything, and you can see he’s trying to flex like hell. that’s more or less 12-15% body fat. his fat % counter is way off, as they tend to be. get a pair of calipers, they are way more accurate and cost next to nothing.

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