Islamophobia Is Perfectly Natural

During the #YesAllWomen movement, there was an meme that went viral saying, “You say not all men are monsters? Imagine a bowl of M&Ms. 10% of them are poisoned. Go ahead. Eat a handful. Not all M&Ms are poisoned.” This is exactly how I feel about Islam.

The Myth of the Radical Minority

Except it’s much more than 10% of Muslims who are ideologically poisonous. Consider this video from Ben Shapiro exploring a 2009 Poll by the Pew Research Center of radical Islamic beliefs:

A couple hard stats: 13% of American Muslims say violence against civilians can be justified, and 19% say they were either favorable to Al Qaeda or “didn’t know.” The stats are similar in France, victim of the recent Charlie Hebo terror attack, where 16% of of French citizens – not Muslims, but French citizens – support ISIS. The number rises to 27% when you look at citizens age 18-24. 40% of British Muslims support sharia law, and 20% support the 7/7 bombings.

That’s just Muslims in western countries. The percentage is much higher in predominantly Muslim countries where an overwhelming majority support honor killings, Sharia law, and unprovoked terror (More stats here.)

If the baseless claim that “10% of men are poisonous” is enough for the media to say we “need to have a conversation about masculinity,” call masculinity toxic, and demonize an half the population’s unchosen gender, then one of the most respectable research organizations in the world finding more than 10% of Muslims support violence and tyranny should be enough for us to examine that groups chosen religious beliefs.

Just as many men responded to #YesAllWomen by saying NAMALT (“Not All Men Are Like That!”) many will respond to me by saying that not all Muslims are like that. Statistically speaking however, radical Islam, “extremism,” or whatever euphemism western leaders want to hide behind actually represents a large percentage of Muslims, not a fringe minority. NAMALT is not a valid argument.

The Three Stages of Islam

So why do many western Muslims seem so peaceful, while Muslims in predominantly Muslim countries are often violent and tyrannical?

In the above video, David Wood of describes the three stages of Jihad, as outlined and carried out by Mohammed himself. The first stage is stealth Jihad. At this stage, when Muslims are outnumbered, they preach tolerance and complain of persecution while antagonizing others. This is the stage American Islam is at.

Stage two is defensive Jihad. Once Muslims have a large enough percentage in the population to sustain criticism, Muslims engage in terrorism, using the largely peaceful percentage of the population as the water they swim in, and a haystack to hide their needles in. This is the stage European Islam is reaching.

Stage three is offensive Jihad. When Muslims have a majority and political power, they are commanded to fight non-Muslims, subjugate them to Islamic law, and expel non-believers. This is the stage Middle Eastern Islam is at.

These stages were carried  Mohammed in his capture of the city of Mecca, and supported by the Muslim holy texts. Essentially, Islamic strategy changes based on the amount of power and influence they have in a population.

There is also a Muslim doctrine known as “Taqiyya” which means, “concealing or disguising one’s beliefs.” It essentially means that Muslims are allowed, and even commanded to lie to non-believers when it suits them.

“The believers never ally themselves with the disbelievers, instead of the believers. Whoever does this is exiled from Allah. Exempted are those who are forced to do this to avoid persecution.” – Quran 3:28

So while Muslims may say my words are incorrect, I would say they cannot be trusted, because their religion commands them to deceive of non-believers.

Islam Threatens Western Egalitarianism

Given that a significant percentage of Muslims hold radical violent views, and Muslim doctrine permits Muslims to lie to non-believers, Islamophobia is perfectly natural. It is natural to fear those who’d threaten you because of your beliefs.

Why then do so many Western leaders believe it is their mission to combat “Islamophobia?” Barack Obama, who spent part of his childhood in Indonesia, a country where 65% said they agreed with Al Qaeda on pushing US troops out of the Middle East, has said “I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

Why is protecting Islam’s image the stated mission of a man who has taken an oath to protect Americans and the Constitution of the United States?


The answer is that combating Islam would require rejecting the egalitarian multiculturalist values that brought leftists into power. It would mean rejecting the idea that all cultures are equal, and interchangeable. It would mean allowing Europeans and those of European descent to take pride in their unique culture and do what is necessary to defend it.

The fear conservatives have of Islam is not an irrational phobia but a rational caution grounded in reality. It is wise to be wary of people who would kill you for what you believe or the art you create.

What leftists fear about Islam isn’t that they will kill their bodies, but that they will kill their belief system. Radical Islam means confronting the failure of leftist beliefs at the point of a gun. The stigma around Islamophobia is an attempt to silence those who’d point out this failure. Every politicians who insists “Islam is a religion of peace” is a narcissist trying to reassure themselves of their own belief system.

If leftists had any integrity they’d call out radical muslims who behead women for premarital sex as much as they call out men who write articles on the internet advocating women have certain types of sexual relationships. The real rape cultures are those in the Middle East that perform compulsory virginity checks on women, and forcibly circumcise both genders.

Islamaphobia Will Require Courage

While writing this article, I felt some fear. After all, if certain Muslim groups were to read this, they might attempt to physically harm me or even kill me. However, I’ve written articles criticizing other political groups for less egregious offenses, and have articles coming out in the future criticizing Christianity and the new age movement. It would be hypocritical of me to call out social justice warriors for getting men fired for their beliefs, and not call out Muslims for killing men for their beliefs.

Islam is the reason I can’t just “enjoy the decline.” Under Islam, there is no decline to enjoy. No freedom to create art, or love the women you choose. Every word, thought, and relationship is subject to the “will of Allah.” And based on current demographics and policies, Islam is the future of the west.

While fear may be natural, our response must be courage. It will require courage for western leaders to see Islam for what it is, and admit the failure of their policies. It will require courage for western populations reject multiculturalism and defend their people, culture, and unique way of life. It will require courage for the West to stop shaming those who fear for their lives because of Islam, and start protecting them.

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592 thoughts on “Islamophobia Is Perfectly Natural”

  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. One of my best friends is Muslim, but I admit to not trusting him all that much. You can’t “coexist” with people that want to kill you. That’s just common sense and truth. But when the world is based on lies, truth becomes the new hate speech. It’s sad really.

    1. I have had several Muslim friends but none were devout or took their religion seriously. But to be fair, I usually have a hard time being a close friend with any very religious people, no matter what their religion is.

    2. “One of my best friends is Muslim, but I admit to not trusting him all that much.”
      Never turn your back on a Muslim. Unless you have eyes on the back of your head.

      1. Fun fact: The Koran says that it’s okay to lie to “infidels” if it advances Islam.

        1. Did you know that there’s two versions of the Quran? One they show ignorant white liberals that’s sanitised, and one with all the hate and barbaric infidel stuff?

    3. Went to a friends wedding a few years back. They were both Sunni, so the ceremony was held at a mosque in Burnaby. Seemed like the entire congregation came out; lots of people, lots of food, lots of nice folk EXCEPT for a handful of older men. These guys looked like the real deal; big beards, dead eyes, never any expression on their faces. And they didn’t speak a word whenever a ‘non-believer’ was around. I asked the groom who these guys were and were told ‘they’re just some guys from the mosque’. Thing that got me was that everyone sort of acted like they weren’t really there.
      Maybe that sums up the problem the west has with moderate Muslims? The actual peaceful just-want-to-get-by types ignore the radicals in their midst.

    4. The few Muslims I’ve met are very nice people. Granted, they are not devout and are well aware that their Muslim majority homelands are not nice places relative to the West.

    5. “One of my best friends is Muslim, but I admit to not trusting him all that much.”
      He´s one of your best friends and you don´t trust him?
      You should choose other friends.

    6. I’ve worked with Muslims out in Asia & South east Asia. A number of them i do trust professionally but i do watch everything i say & do when i’m around them even in casual settings. You don’t want even the ‘nice’ ones misinterpreting what you say about their religion.

      1. Oh, so you were kinda mindful of your words about their religion because you did not want to hurt their feelings? How unusual. Maybe you should have the same deference with everyone else, not just when hanging out with muslims. But that would be surely madness.

        1. What makes you infer that i specifically act in such a way only with Muslims?
          I’m sharing an experience here. Have you even interacted with Muslims in that part of the world?
          You’re coming across like a female- thinking axe grinder.

        2. If you are mindful of your words not only with “Muslims out in Asia & South east Asia”, as you said, but with everyone else, then congratulations. You sure are not like that infamous “freedom of speech martyrs” french magazine.
          By the way, if I come across as a “female-thinking axe grinder”, does that mean you dont appreciate my way of thinking? Or are you just trying to demean the value of my opinions with insults? While that might be effective in a school playground, I dont think that tactic should really be encouraged among adults.

    1. I’d be so bold as to say Islam itself is the biggest threat. They are, after all, one of the only religions that have been at war with someone (overtly or otherwise) since day one. Islam is extremism, to say otherwise is lying.

    2. Muslim extremists want to kill you, moderates hope the extremist will succeed.
      Moderates are the so called “fifth column”, the parasites and interlopers that destroy the host from within.

  2. Do not call it Islamophobia. A phobia is an irrational fear or a fear that is out of all proportion to the danger posed. Across the Muslim world millions protest in favour of the Paris killings. The security services ( wrongly imo) restrict our liberty and spend billions on surveillance to combat Islam. There is a barbabric inhuman Islamic movement on a short distance from Western Europe attracting young jihadis. Does it seem irrational to be against this? Of course not. Our politicians are more worried about upsetting the multiultural apple cart and spying on us than they are on tackling the problem.

    1. The Government is more dangerous than anything else to our existence, and yet I don’t hear much about government phobia..

        1. I meant from the media.. and not even that, from people in general. People are either afraid, or completely oblivious.

        2. There are media outlets and solid percentages of Americans at least that understand the dangers of large government. It shouldn’t be hard to find such organizations.

        3. The media, oil interests and banking industry are all intertwined. These groups are the main constituents of the Government.

      1. Because Islamophobia is used to imply you are some kind of irrational bigot, designed to smear you by association with the other label of homophobia and deem your opinion not worthy of consideration. You don’t hear of government phobia because they have another term for that, terrorist. But one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter and that is why Islam is dangerous because we sure as hell don’t see them as freedom fighters.

        1. The Governments terrorize everybody indiscriminately. Well, with a few of the elite exceptions that it actually works for.

        2. Be careful with the words you use. We are increasingly having politically incorrect opinions oppressed but we are not terrorised. Citizens in ISIS territory or North Korea are terrorised but not us, at least not yet.

        3. As you should. However, Islamists want more than a minor infringement on your liberties. They want to dictate your entire life to you.

        4. when government goes bankrupt and the economy tanks, with the food and fuel running short – you try to complain, brown shirts and military style police will come to your front door and terrorize you…. don’t be fooled it’s coming soon…. NK will look like a paradise…. not least since they don’t have the technology to finger print and chip everyone like lab rats.

        5. try transiting through any airport without Govt hands on all your belongings and personage….. try complaining about that tube of toothpaste or nail scissors they are putting in the trash…… try protesting the insane use of CCTV…. they even had announcements last time I was in Houston Airport, “do not make jokes or remarks about the security procedures, you may be detained.” – seig heil !

    2. Agreed. Sick of hearing the term “Islamophobia” hurled at westerners who don’t understand why muslims hate them so much. Why don’t the liberal / progressive / social justice workers use the term westernphobia for 95% of muzzies who hate the west?

      1. So westerners don’t understand why Muslims hate them so much? Why not? It’s not hard to understand.

        1. I don’t think it is that we don’t “understand”. I think its because we don’t give a fuck about what cave dwelling sub humans think.

        2. Then westerners should proclaim, like you do, that they don’t give a fuck, not whine, like “guest” does, that they don’t understand.

        3. Not for nothing, but who is to say that “guest” is a westerner? “Guest” never said that he is a westerner. Also, you are whining about somebody whining.

        4. Well, you’re right – I don’t give a toss about Yanks, whatever their colour is, so no need you worry about us Europeans. Bye

        5. Look pussy: Muslims have been after Europe and the rest of the civilized world since the dawn of dust. It isn’t a recent thing. This is simply who they are, just as you enjoy all the West provides while decrying it like a feminized hipster. You think it’s not “hard to understand” because you’re part of the problem.

      2. Yep. You have to understand. It’s one more thing to keep you (the average worker, American, etc..) worried, in fear, busy, etc….so you don’t see what’s really going on. I don’t go easy on criminals….because they are criminals. Many have a history of violence so I’m not going to turn my back on them and pray that everything will work out.
        Politicians are looking to secure another section of the voter block…that’s all. They talk out of both sides (mouth and ass) to please almost everyone (for your vote). If you think someone is trying to kill you, then you should be worried.
        I have a concealed carry (handgun) license on purpose. If I’m at an ATM (bank) and someone tries to walk up to me, then the first thing I do is put my hand on my hip – and tell the person to stay back. I have no reason to believe this person is coming towards me for anything good (I’m at a bank). The person can stop or I pull my handgun (they stop). It’s because I don’t just “accept” us all getting along…there are bad fucking people out there…doing bad things.
        Don’t be fooled or stupid.

      1. Are you serious? Flashback Sep 12, 2001, muzzies around the world spontaneously turn out in the streets in celebration.

        1. No, I’m your real dad, your mother lied to you. Now stop answering back and watch your tone before I come over there and show you how to act.

      2. Then it’s called a rally or a demonstration. Same rent-a-mob, different nomenclature

    3. Seriously the politicians are the ones upsetting the apple cart and stoking the flames of the terrorist fire. This is all part of the Religion of Terror, ostensibly the new religion which replaces Christianity as a form of societal control. While the population is running scared of being one of the mere handful of people that die as a result of terrorist attacks, the government is killing us by the millions by selling us to pharmaceutical companies and food processors. These are the two biggest causes of death by a country mile.
      In the meantime, the oil companies, defense contractors and the banks are making money by the truck load on the backs of the pawns out risking their lives pissing off people in Muslim countries, who then come here and blow up the innocent civilians.
      Malcolm X said it best: You been had… you been hoodwinked…

      1. In Sweden there’s Muslims, numbering 5% of the population, committing like 77% of the crime, including even more of the rape. They get sentenced to like 3 months (community service) for say gang raping a teenage Swedish girl, who may or not kill herself afterwards, then they laugh at the weakness of the laws and the society. That’s Jihad. That’s Islam. That’s what happens when you allow them into your country. Doesn’t matter that Sweden isn’t pissing them off in the Middle East, or that Sweden just let them in to be “nice,” to benefit from multi-cultism. End all Islamic immigration, then start expelling them. Then we can get rid of the TSA, and grandma and small children won’t be felt up, because we won’t have to pretend everyone could be a terrorist aka Muslim.
        As for Malcolm X, dead Muslim killed by other Muslims.

        1. The Nation of Islam had really nothing to do with Islam. Do not confuse facts here. Malcolm X saw what real Islam was and found that the Nation of Islam was a conjured up belief to create segregation between Whites and Blacks. He got shot because he discovered what true Islam was, and was in support of his White brothers. Racism is what killed him. Not ISLAM.

      2. Yes reckless power hungry, glory seeking politicians cause a lot of the problems. Our politicians are too eager to listen to the spooks ever increasing demand for power. They are blinded by a marxist inspired utopian ideology that demands equality but simultaneously pursue aggressive globalism in the name of economic development. Islamic terrorism is a result of this because our foolish leaders have messed up the Middle East whilst allowing millions of Muslims into Europe. Islam will thrive and grow because again, foolish utopianist thinkers thought that destroying the old Christian based society they could make the world fairer when in fact all they did was leave a vacuum that will be filled by the next most dominant force which is Islam.

    4. Ever notice how the cultural marxists control the language and therefore the debate? They attach “phobia” to everything.
      Phobia means “fear of”.

        1. I think that’s what just happened to the movie “Selma” much to the panty-in-knot reaction of the SJWs.

      1. oh sure they will…if we let them. We have to always fight them on this front line (with the language) and we have to always call them out when it seems to be too crazy (and it is must of the time). Bitches be running wild!

      2. Homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, etc. Having these things don’t mean you’re scared of people like that. I don’t have anything against trannies or gays or foreigners or whatever but attaching phobia to them does not make sense because a phobia is an irrational fear of something. If someone is afraid of spiders, they have arachnophobia because they have an irrational fear of spiders. Most people don’t even have an irrational fear of these people.

      3. Indeed, I have no fear of homosexuals, but I find their sexual perversions utterly disgusting.

    5. You are on the right track. A phobia is a clinical term… irrational fear that leaves the sufferer unable to act or function.
      In order for the fear to be irrational, the sufferer has to say it is.. …this means even if the object of fear isn’t dangerous to us, the sufferer may have their own personal reasons.
      So in all possible ways, Islamophobia does not exist, no one has ever suffered from it, It’s just a made up political term, as is homophobia.

    6. These abrahamic religions really have done nothing for the world. The muslims religion is killing, the christians religion is passivity, and the jews religion is the holocaust and money. All three are intertwined in an endless cycle of bitching moaning and poor economic decision-making, resulting in what we see now with ridiculous laws passing that were never before in a human society, thus preventing any action against the enablers to stop it from continuing.

      1. I saw a funny bumper sticker that said: “Muslims kill, Jesus saves, and Jews invest wisely.”

      2. Christianity isn’t running any country except Russia (with the rise of Putin). Don’t blame Christianity for how the West has gone to crap since those societies have abandoned the watered down Heterodoxy they were based on.

        1. I’m not blaming Christianity, if anything it is the lack of true Christianity that has allowed the west to fail so miserably. Jesus wasn’t passive every single day of his life. He rose up his fists in anger a few times, like a human should. Like a country where Christianity was the faith of most of its founders. Putin has been doing a good job, however, is he entirely against the banking cabal that currently controls and is running the west and its destruction?

    7. The entire article is flawed, because the whole Islamic militant drama is only a convenient excuse to ramp up fascist government powers, while pouring huge money into militarized police and military toys…. the end game is the man in the street (you and me) are the terrorists, the middle class lives in poverty… while career politicians and inept lawyers keep themselves well supplied in coke and hookers in the presidential palace…. Saddam had nothing on today’s western leaders…..

      1. Agreed. What’s scary to me is the short amount of time it took to lock down Boston after the marathon bombing.. But seeing the two sides of the fence in America now, it’s advantageous to work toward getting on the winning one.
        The author does make one great point though, “Islam is the reason I can’t just ‘enjoy the decline’.” That’s something to think about.

      2. Islam wouldn’t be such an issue if the adherents weren’t 3rd world semite tribesmen. Honestly the plane that these people came to the West may well have been a time machine. While the West has been in the 21st Century they have been living in a state not dissimilar to 6th Century Arabia. Apart from a few oil barons(princes) who are ‘direct descendants of Mohammad’ yet have firmly married into European families and think socially like Europeans. The royals firmly have suspicions(rightly so) that the people are looking for any excuse to over throw them and expansion of the caliphate seems to be the perfect excuse that the people are looking for. Islam in Kazachstan isn’t an issue nor really in asia despite the semite involvement. It’s only a real issue where there are semites-not only jews. Where there are semites- those who claim descent from Aaron and Abraham there is an issue.

      3. Islam is the most powerful fascist ideology there is. Evidence? Mainstream Islam puts a death
        penalty on leaving Islam! A majority of people in many Muslim countries
        actually subscribe to this dogma – as do a large minority of Western Muslims.
        This shows that is Islam is a prison! Our Western government powers are far weaker than that.

    8. The only thing I’m afraid of is that my government isn’t doing its job to protect its citizens. As far as the goat-fuckers, I’m not afraid of them, as a matter of fact I don’t see any other course than to take the first swing. We might as well get the show on the road. Our problem is that our hands (here in America) are being tied so we–as civilian citizens–aren’t in a position to defend ourselves, much less go on the offensive. Between oppressive firearms legislation and most states denying CCW’s, a lot of us are sitting ducks and a lot of politicians either know it or they’re too incompetent to hold their elected office. The fight is coming here sooner or later, I’m just tired of waiting.
      The whole phobia thing really gets me too. Look in the dictionary, the word doesn’t apply to any of the new phobias the neck-beards like to throw at you. Now, even apathy can be construed as a phobia.

    9. More or less.
      Islam is a lie. The prophet, false as he was, was most likely illiterate. He took the moon god of Mecca, and made him the only god as long as it was convenient. He preached the murder of a Jewish woman who called him out for the fraud he was. He had one of his men go to her home, and violently kill her. Called it “blessed.”
      He committed acts of fraud, terror, murder, rape, maiming, corruption, scandal, and the like. He was far more mafia then religious leader. And his “religion” as it is called fit quite nicely with the “cultural” system of traitorous, scheming salesmen that have lorded it over the middle east since long before Abraham.
      Also, another thing that will drive them wild, is the “prophet Isa.” Their name for Jesus Christ. Muhammad called him a “miracle worker.” But not because he actually believed it most likely. It was more likely because Christians were a powerful force that he could not challenge directly. He was an adept commander on the lower level. He was no Hannibal, Sun Tsu, or Alexander. But he was adept at undermining his opponent long before he let his forces go to raping and pillaging his “neighbors.”
      Before Muhammad came, there had already been at least five popes of what is now the Catholic church. The writings of the apostles, and some that were claimed to be authored by them (the Apocrypha), had long been claiming that Jesus was God on Earth. In the flesh.
      Christ NEVER claimed to be a muslim. Not ever. They know this. They must know this. So essentially, like the mormons claiming to be the “lost tribes of Israel,” Muhammad was merely a precursor of sorts to John Smith.
      An amazing con man, and adept strategist, who lorded over his subjects like a mafia crime boss.
      Any one want to think that muslims would not kill me for what I just said?

      1. Yeah, but Mormons were always productive and after we slapped them around a bit stopped their more obnoxious behaviors. Few followers of Islam were or ever will be productive and it will probably take nukes to get them to behave.

        1. Hows that looking for ya now?
          Mormons are on the rise. And they are suing to re-open the argument for polygamy. Hey, if homosexuals can lead their lifestyle, whose to say that Mormons can’t get freaky with multiple wives?

      2. Yes they would want to kill you. In fact they want to kill anybody that talk against their pedophile prophet. Half of these nitwits don’t understand what its like living with these mongrels. They live within our culture- causing chaos and refusing to assimilate in a society. Just look at the UK and how they want to integrate their own law by passing down the sharia law. This atrocious act means they want to dominate society by using totalitarianism ideologies.
        Watch this video on how violent they get..

        1. Well, can you imagine them pulling that in the USA in 1900-1930?
          I can’t.
          Hell, even the 40s and 50s. The 60s even, they would have struggled a bit since the crazy hippies would have resented their treatment of humans and their desire to cripple free sex.
          But I don’t think they would have come to Europe or the USA in great numbers before the 1990s. I think they realized that with the rise of liberalism and the PC police group think mentality, they knew they could provide a stark contrast to “youth” looking for something more.
          The refusal, and lack of fear in front of the police (the socialist-left’s chosen watchdogs) merely makes them need brown pants. They certainly don’t have the spine to repel them like Charles Martel.
          Speaking of France…………….

    10. It provides such a great shield to attack those who want to strip the parasites who vote for them their benefits such as unearned pensions, health care stolen from others, education for children that male taxpayers did not father, and housing everyone else is expected to pay for. Since the “racism” charge doesn’t have quite the same sting in Europe as America, “Islamaphobe!” can be used instead to put anyone who opposes those programs the politicians use to buy their votes on the defensive.

  3. Islamaphobia Will Require Courage
    If you can’t even spell it what makes you think you can critisise it?

        1. The Orthodox branch of Christianity is not very tolerant to say the least. Then there’s Putin…

        2. Also remember what the Serbs did to Muslims in the mid 90s.. Right in concentration camps with them. That until the good old U.S.A. stepped in.. I have faith Eastern Europe will stand up to them. They simply don’t fuck around with “feelings” over there.

        3. Why should one be tolerant of a movement whose declared goal is to make you either abandon your entire identity, or die?
          What’s to tolerate?

        4. “Wag the dog” Clinton was on the wrong side in the break down of Yugoslavia, and your version of it is nothing but propaganda. As for what is happening in the Ukraine right now, the legal democratically elected government was violently overthrown by US backed Nazis. The Nazis then begans murdering ethnic Russians like in Odessa, several Russians states broke away, which resulted in the Kiev Nazi puppet junta trying to bring them to heel with war-crimes and ethnic cleansing.

      1. Western part is in the very initial stages of putting together some resistance.
        Germany has it’s PEGIDA movement that has started growing exponentially faster over the past few months. I believe I read that PEGIDA is actually branching out into other western european countries at this point as well.
        It’s still relatively small, but it’s a start, and it’s growing much quicker now.

        1. Right. I would look at what France is doing. It seems the right wing there is getting much stronger with Le Pen (I think I butchered his name) being a potential strong presidential candidate.

        2. Nigel Farage in the UK has also been out and about speaking pretty candidly about the Islam situation in the West, as well. I’ve actually become a big fan of his over the last month or so.

        3. Geert Wilders is another, but is being brought to trial soon by the Dutch political establishment. Which is overwhelmingly leftist, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

        4. not too sure about exponentially, but its growing. I passed through Dresden about a week ago expecting to see posters on billboards etc, but there was nothing. There are some additional movements springing up in contiguous areas, including Czech Republic

        5. I was just going based on the numbers reported for the size of their marches. Haven’t they gone from a couple of hundred up to around 30k for the last one?
          Either way, I’m glad to see it’s growing and spreading. It’s time the West did something other than let itself be overrun without any sort of opposition.

        6. I don’t have the figures to hand, but that’s probably about right for Dresden. I think its less for Berlin etc, but only in the hundreds in Czech Republic.
          Its good that people are standing up against extremism / multiculturalism but personally I hope Pegida stays true to its stated aims, rather than taken over by neo-nazis (which as far as I’m concerned is left-liberal propaganda). I am mixed race so while I’m fine with nationalism I am not keen for it to get out of hand

        7. Every once in a while, you should post on the Breitbart threads about this stuff.
          I only have the reports and articles to go on, and it’d be interesting to hear what someone who is actually there is experiencing with regards to Islam, PEGIDA, etc, as the articles come up.

        8. I like Breitbart. I didn’t get to stay that long in Dresden so I can’t say I have that much to bring to the table in terms of reportage but I was thinking of coming back to see what was going on on the ground. My understanding is that recently they have been bussing in pro-immigration leftists to prove germany loves immigration – if things get nasty it will mostly likely be because the latter have inflamed the situation.

  4. Modern Islam is the same as any ideology that isn’t willing to be scrutinized; dangerous. And its adherents should be treated accordingly. Especially given their willingness to martyrdom.

  5. If Islam wins, we’ll all be decapitated, or we’ll all be fucking goats in the name of Allah. Let’s try not to lose.

    1. When a victory for them can be defined as everyone dying, it makes it very difficult to not lose. Most other ideologues at least value living.

    2. This reminds me of a joke I learned yesterday.
      Q: What do you call a Muslim who owns both a goat and a camel?
      A: Bisexual

  6. Personally I’m sick and tired of the west pussy footing around this issue, while Islamic radicals murder people with impunity because something ‘offended them’. People get murdered time and again and the western media is more concerned with telling us ‘not to taint all muslims with the same brush’, than with how to defend ourselves from this threat. Fuck this multiculturalism they want to ram down our throats at all costs! Self preservation is common sense, not a phobia.

  7. If this site is full of alpha-man (or wannabes), why don’t you guy form a private army and fight the islamic radicals? Why are you waiting for your government to deal with “the problem”? Weren’t women the ones that relied on state protection?

    1. 1. Some of us have already slayed those flintstones in the savage lands. Probably the most meaningful I’ll ever do in my life and certainly the most satisfying.
      2. Who ever stipulated that national defense against foreign states was not a function of the Federal government? Not the Founding Fathers nor the Libertarian Party. So I think this falls entirely within specified Federal Government powers by the Constitution.

      1. 1. You obviously didn’t slay many enough or you were slaying the wrong ones.
        2. Your founding father stipulated that it’s the citizens duty to overthrow the government when the latter fails to protect its citizens. So what are you doing about it, citizen John?
        The government loves it when all people do is arguing on the net against one another because it shows that their DIVIDE & CONQUER tactics work.

        1. 1. Perhaps I slayed the ones that were operating in a cell that had ambitions on acquiring an NBC device and utilizing in your backyard. Then again, one of those savages existing is one too many so perhaps my work isn’t done yet. I am getting tired of my desk in the corporate world…
          2. I don’t feel as if my government is failing to protect its citizens. They have been rather aggressive in pursing ISIS- which is a group that directly opposes your very infidel existence. More often, I believe that the US government is overprotective to its citizens, which is something I actively oppose by voting for Libertarians who eschew overprotective government policies.

        2. I don’t feel as if my government is failing to protect its citizens. hahaha good joke mate. If it weren’t for NATO and Saudi money and weapons, ISIS would not exist!

        3. Independent contributors from Saudi Arabia have made contributions- not the state of Saudi Arabia. Also, failures in the Iraqi Army to perform is not synonymous with NATO willingly supplying ISIS.

        4. Oh yeah, because the US did not support the “freedom” fighters that beheaded children and crucified christians and fellow muslims with the wrong ideas, when they were under the banner of “Syria’s free army” (Yeah, the same people that now fight under the banner of “ISIS”). By the way if the fact that Saudi Arabia was releasing criminals from jail to staff ISIS is not the support of that regime, I don´t know what it is…

        5. The US was very restrictive in who it was supporting for the very reason that the insurgency forces were not trusted. I don’t know what you are referring to in releasing criminals to staff ISIS, but the Saudi regime has actively attempted to intercept private contributions to ISIS-linked sources.

      2. National defense? Did they use those words? I thought they had in mind private militias…

        1. The US Federal Government is the only one that can declare war on foreign states. It is a specified Federal power. It is not a state right.

        2. Don’t you mean Congress? And I was referring to the actual fighting force rather than the power to declare war.

        3. The US Congress is the legislative branch of the US Federal Government and has the specified authority to raise the militias into a national service if it deems so. Unfortunately, recently the US has been having the executive branch dictate more powers than the constitution declares.

        4. “Fight them over there or fight them over here” we are told.
          If we had to fight them over here, 3 days it would take. That means no warbucks and high dollar defense contracts. Just a lot of armed Americans breaking through the barricades (consisting of police and feds following orders to protect the banksters’ little islamization/destroy America project) and tearing the mosques down and putting heads on poles.

        5. OK but instead of raising militias as was intended, now you have a standing army which conceivably can be used as a tool of internal oppression.

        6. Yeah, it’s definitely a debatable and interesting point of conversation. Though to be fair, conceivably militias could just as easily be utilized for such oppression (and some would argue have been). Another reason for the standing military is that states simply don’t want to provide their forces for federal purposes.

        7. If the government did not restrict our right of self defense and did not have a standing army we wouldn’t have to fight them here or there.

  8. It makes perfect sense to fear individuals or groups who want to kill you, but while multiculturalism is the source of the problem muslims aren’t the source of multiculturalism. The saudis etc are the ones funding the extremists and promoting wahhabisism, which is the most extreme form of islam as far as I understand (and one reason why there is internecine conflict in the islamic middle east), and who supports the saudis? Which powers supported the arab spring etc. Whatever Islam is, and to be honest I haven’t studied it deeply, its not just islamic preachers radicalising muslims

  9. So Eric Crowley says that taqiyya means lying to advance Islam, while Muslims say otherwise, so we should believe Eric Crowley since the Muslim saying otherwise would be engaging in what Eric Crowley says taqiyya is?
    That’s not just a circular argument with a very small turning radius, but a position which is unfalsifiable to begin with too, and thus unprovable.

    1. You’ve presented a perfect example of why a secular West can’t handle its own women much less Islam.
      Qur’an (16:106) – Establishes that there are circumstances that can “compel” a Muslim to tell a lie.
      Qur’an (9:3) – “…Allah and His Messenger are free from liability to the idolaters…” The dissolution of oaths with the pagans who remained at Mecca following its capture. They did nothing wrong, but were evicted anyway.
      Qur’an (40:28) – A man is introduced as a believer, but one who must “hide his faith” among those who are not believers.
      Qur’an (2:225) – “Allah will not call you to account for thoughtlessness in your oaths, but for the intention in your hearts” The context of this remark is marriage, which explains why Sharia allows spouses to lie to each other for the greater good.
      Qur’an (66:2) – “Allah has already ordained for you, (O men), the dissolution of your oaths”
      Qur’an (3:54) – “And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers.” The Arabic word used here for scheme (or plot) is makara, which literally means ‘deceit’. If Allah is supremely deceitful toward unbelievers, then there is little basis for denying that Muslims are allowed to do the same. (See also 8:30 and 10:21)
      From the Hadith:
      Bukhari (52:269) – “The Prophet said, ‘War is deceit.’” The context of this is thought to be the murder of Usayr ibn Zarim and his thirty unarmed men by Muhammad’s men after he “guaranteed” them safe passage (see Additional Notes below).
      Bukhari (49:857) – “He who makes peace between the people by inventing good information or saying good things, is not a liar.” Lying is permitted when the end justifies the means.
      Bukhari (84:64-65) – Speaking from a position of power at the time, Ali confirms that lying is permissible in order to deceive an “enemy.”
      Bukhari (50:369) – Recounts the murder of a poet, Ka’b bin al-Ashraf, at Muhammad’s insistence. The men who volunteered for the assassination used dishonesty to gain Ka’b’s trust, pretending that they had turned against Muhammad. This drew the victim out of his fortress, whereupon he was brutally slaughtered despite putting up a ferocious struggle for his life.
      Taqiyya about Taqiyya:
      One of the few books exclusively devoted to the subject, At-Taqiyya fi’l-Islam (“Taqiyya in Islam”) make this unequivocally clear. Written (in Arabic) by Dr. Sami Mukaram, a former Islamic studies professor at the American University of Beirut and author of some twenty-five books on Islam, the book demonstrates the ubiquity and broad applicability of taqiyya in its opening pages:
      Taqiyya is of fundamental importance in Islam. Practically every Islamic sect agrees to it and practices it … We can go so far as to say that the practice of taqiyya is mainstream in Islam, and that those few sects not practicing it diverge from the mainstream … Taqiyya is very prevalent in Islamic politics, especially in the modern era.[1]

  10. Those signs in the headline picture look like the same person wrote them and handed them out to that mob. Photoshop job, perhaps?

    1. Didn’t you go to the Middle-East and piss everyone off in the first place? Then abandon your army to die while you went back to France smelling of roses? How the heck did you pull that one off?

      1. English propaganda !
        I was there following the orders of the Directoire, and left the commands to an other general after a nice victory of mine, because yes, I was an ambitious motherfucker, and saw that the glory won against your pawns was enough to rise politically in France.

      1. No, sure, but if I say publicly I’m against Israel, that most of the banksters are jewish, and if I make fun of the Shoah, I’ll lose my job, get tons of death threats and maybe even go in prison.

  11. you reap what you sow. Liberalism, marxism and multiculturalism has allowed individuals, groups and religious factions(Jews, Muslims) to act out their ulterior motives with extreme impunity. The blanket of political correctness protects the radicals of such individuals, groups and religious factions. You know the saying ‘one bad apple spoils the whole bunch’? well thats the saying that needs to be applied in this case.
    I’ve read excerpts of the Quran and one can gain valuable wisdom in this book. Islam is not the problem, the problem lies in the political correctness that the West so vehemently stands by, that it has allowed the “bad apples’ to take action without any consequences. Its like when a Catholic preacher molests a kid. Sure the Christian church has gone FUBAR in the last 50-70 years but would one completely discard the wisdom that is in the Bible due to to the actions of some of its perverted ‘believers’?
    Islam isn’t the problem, its the West that invites barbarism under the guise of liberalism, marxism and political correctness allowing clever Übermensch to use religion and race fulfil their own agendas
    One cannot be critical of a fucked up black man as they would called a racist bigot. One cannot be critical of a fucked up female as they would be called a misogynistic pig. One cannot be be critical of a fucked up Jew/Muslim as they would be called ‘anti-Semitic’ or ‘islamophobic ‘

    1. I agree that political correctness empowers the savages. However, if a group is a willing martyr, there is no force on this earth that can stop them from carrying out their ambitions. Ergo, they need to be exterminated before they can.

    2. The Bible does not deserve the same level of criticism as the Quran. The Bible is not said to be the direct word of God written down by a prophet. Muslims believe the Quran is the direct word of God through Muhammad, and thus it cannot be interpreted. The Quran is meant to be taken as is, and it explicitly tells Muslims to lie to us and conquer us. The Bible was written by men who are fallible and is meant to be interpreted. The Bible itself says it is a living book to be read and reinterpreted in the context of our lives.
      Calling the Quran wisdom on par with the Bible is ignorant. Islam may not be the only problem, but it is a big problem.

      1. You’re understanding the Qur’an is incorrect. When you speak of the Qur’an being the word of God you are correct. However, the Qur’an is never meant to be taken as is. There are 2 methods of interpreting the Qur’an. There is tafsir which is the critical explanation and analysis of Qur’anic verse in reference the context of the verse and the period it was revealed as well as the verse in reference to other verses. The key words here being critical explanation. Then there ta’wil which is esoteric interpretation of Qur’anic verse which looks at the loftier, spiritual, non-literal meanings of verses. Because of this variety it is possible to use Qur’anic verse to justify many different interpretations of Islam. Thus the Saudi model of Islam – Wahhabism – is backed up by Islamic scholarship on the verses and history of Islam. At the same time Sufi Islam, which is mystical Islam, is backed up by as much scholarship. When you say that Islam is a big problem you are incorrect. Human diversity in interpretation is the problem.

        1. If the Quran is open to interpretation and not to be taken literally, Muslims should stop killing people who criticize their holy book despite the fact their holy book instructs them to do just that. If you can take the time to say, “Not all Muslims are like that,” take the time to explain what other interpretations are possible of the Quran telling Muslims to kill infidels. Take the time to denounce the Muslims who kill in the name of Islam.

        2. Condemnation of those who kill in the name of Islam does not help the situation because it makes the false assumption that those who kill in the name of Islam are capable of rational thought and exegesis. This is not the case. The Qur’an does not instruct a Muslim to kill in an offensive capacity. No, Jihad is explicitly a defensive form of war. Jihad can only be launched to defend the community from aggression. In fact, the essence of jihad is an internal struggle to find a truer faith, the warfare component is a minute part of the doctrine of Jihad. A person who kills does so irrationally.

        3. So you’ll defend the religion but not speak out against the people doing evil in the name of your religion. This is the problem we have with “moderates.”

        4. I accept your point and see where you are coming from. Do not misunderstand me I explicitly condemn the killing of innocents. The majority of Muslims do, covertly if not overtly. I refer you to this link ( In this verse the Qur’an says directly that if one kills another man it is as if one has killed all of mankind. Qur’an equates murdering one man with extinguishing the human race.
          Islam is not a pacifistic religion. But neither is it a warmongering religion. Its verses speak of defensive jihad and fighting when necessary. But it also outlines rules for warfare such as not killing innocents, not harming old men, women and children and not burning houses and land.
          Let me add one thing, I am glad we are having this dialogue. Failure to communicate is the cause of misunderstanding.

        5. Be sure to throw that verse at any Muslim who kills in the name of Islam. I will remember it, and if you let Westerners see moderate Muslims saying the same, you might sway them.
          I read the next verse too, which says death is the punishment for those who fight against God and his messenger. Are the “extremists” not acting upon that message?

        6. That is part of their logic. They see the Western invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan as assaults on Islam. This verse can be used in many an interpretation. But it is accepted as part of the doctrine of defensive jihad in mainstream scholarly circles.

        7. To a Christian sensibility, there’s a big problem with putting the punishment of God in the hands of people, and verse 5:38 seems to imply that Muslims are to carry out the punishment of God. Matthew 7:1 says not to judge or you shall be judged in turn. Western civilization is not very Christian anymore but some of the principles still lie in the subconscious.
          You have given me a verse to read, and I have read beyond what was linked, but I am seeing nothing of multiple interpretations of these verses. Are they to be ignored, or can someone offer a different way to read them?

        8. While that makes the verse less harsh, we still have the problem of religion telling men to hand out punishment from God. The West has a problem with men handing out God’s punishment. That’s for God to do.

        9. – In this verse the Qur’an says directly that if one kills another man it is as if one has killed all of mankind. Qur’an equates murdering one man with extinguishing the human race. –
          Doooooooooode, Puuhleeeeeazzzee!!
          Surah Al-Ma’idah 5:32 says :
          “Because of that, We decreed upon the CHILDREN OF ISRAEL that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors.”
          Translation : You Muhammadans are NO Children of Israel let alone Bani Israil so that seemingly compassionate verse does NOT apply to y’all, Gnome Saint?

        10. AFAIK in Islam God’s punishment is different then punishments in this life, growing up I was taught that any punishment in this life is considered a blessing compared to what awaits those who escape justice, in the next life. For example a murderer who goes unpunished in this life for the death of 1 will be punished for the death of all in the next. That being said punishments are supposed to be carried out by states, all punishments in the Quran are supposed to be carried out within an Islamic state. If there is no Islamic state then there cannot be implementation of Islamic law. While I would agree that the punishments can seem harsh, that is kind of the point, with the logic being that if one sees another’s hand being cut off than they will themselves less likely be inclined to commit the same crime. Whether it has this intended effect is debatable. I will however say that for many punishments in the Quran there is still a chance for the perpetrator to be given a second chance, as long as they repent and promise to reform they are supposed to be left alone. In the case of theft for example you posted verse 5:38 but if you just read one verse ahead you would see, “But whoever repents after his wrongdoing and reforms, indeed, Allah will turn to him in forgiveness. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” I believe murder is the exception in this regard but even murder can be forgiven if the family of the murdered pardons the murderer.
          Lastly I would like to say the punishment for theft is not supposed to inflict more hardships on the poor, the poor stealing is actually seen as a failing of the state and they are not the ones that are supposed to be punished, it is the greedy who are supposed to be punished.
          In fact the second Caliph of the Muslims Omar ra actually placed a ban on punishments for theft during a time that there was severe drought in the caliphate because he knew that some people would steal because of the desperate circumstances. Anyway sorry for the long post and late reply.

        11. Thank you for the well-thought out reply. I did read the verses ahead, and I think I understand where you’re coming from. However, you touch upon a point that I think makes Islam incompatible with the West even if it’s well-intentioned. You claim all punishments should be carried out by an Islamic state. The West does not want a religious authority deciding or administering punishments, especially to those who are not followers of the religion in question. I cannot speak for the governments of European countries, but the US was founded on a separation of church and state. A Muslim in the United States who does not accept a secular government is not accepting the state within which he dwells, and it would seem one who does accept it is not in harmony with his religion.

        12. You misunderstood me, I meant punishments in terms of the Quran. This does not apply for non Muslim states and so by default does not apple to the west. Any Muslim living in a non Muslim country has to abide by the laws of the country. Those who ask for sharia law in Europe are in clear violation of this and need to be kicked out to their own countries where they can indeed implement sharia law to their hearts content.

    3. I wish only the urban snarking trendy douchebags would be the ones reaping what THEY have sown.
      Democracy is a suicide pact with fucktards.

  12. Thread is lighting up like a pinball machine lol. over/under total comments: 604

  13. Great article, I’m glad someone has the sack to write an article exposing Islam as a violent intolerant religion rather them following the PC narrative of saying Islam is peaceful an it’s a few ‘lone wolves’ that make it look bad. Thing that annoys me is SJWs constantly leap to the defense of Islam an tell you not to generalize regardless of all the atrocities committed by Muslims yet they will label every white man a rapist bases on a few false rape reports.

    1. Because to SJWs, White/Male/Straight = Evil. Anything else is “diversity” by virtue of not being part of the former group.

      1. Exactly if Muslims kill all the ‘evil white, straight male, Christians’ SJWs will consider it justified. What they don’t realize is Islamic rule will be far more oppressive an intolerant than the current situation they are living under.

        1. We should just ship all our SJWs over to the Islamists and hope they eliminate each other. Humanity would be better for it. Both groups are composed of worthless ideologues.

  14. Taqiyya in Islam. Kol Nidre in Judaism. Both Middle eastern religions, both have similar values systems.
    The West cannot be defined simply by the rejection of Islam or as a collection of legal norms. It is a culture created by a specific people and it will be destroyed if that people is dispossessed. Europeans everywhere have the self-evident right to secure their homelands for themselves, without regard to the claims others make upon it.

    1. America has been the home of my ancestors for 400 years. I’m not leaving. Go back to Europe.

  15. Trying to stop Islam and Liberalism/Feminism at the same time is like the US trying to topple Assad and preventing ISIS from capturing Syria. The only set of ideas that is strong enough to purge the moral decay in the West is Islam.
    Religion is a set of superstitious beliefs plus an underlying philosophy. Every time science and technology takes a step forward, Christianity must retreat a step back. In its place is either moral decay or be taken over by the religion of the less educated.
    The Middle East has Islam as religion to protect its culture.
    East Asia has Confucianism and Taoism as philosophy to protect its culture.
    India has Buddhism as philosophy to protect its culture.
    The West had Christianity and now its culture is hollowed out.
    The ‘culture’ of the West can be summed in three words.
    Phone, Facebook, Tinder.
    It’s not possible to adopt a philosophy or religion from another part of the world either unless you’re willing to lose part of your culture either. And from all the comments on ROK it looks like they aren’t willing to adopt Islam as religion.
    Then you must come up with something else.

    1. When you say Christianity, you mean Heterodoxy, that is Roman Catholicism (1054) and its daughters Protestantism (16th century).
      “Then you must come up with something else.”
      (Eastern) Orthodoxy and Byzantine/Russian civ.

      1. You shoot one of us, we shoot two of you.
        You shoot three of us, we shoot four of you.
        You shoot five of us….

  16. I don’t have a problem with Islamophobia. We have to acknowledge that nuisance religions exist, and that they deserve a good, hard stomping when they turn into existential threats.
    BTW, notice the lack of empathy in the Muslims’ fantasy about the 72 virgins. What did these girls do to deserve painful sexual assaults throughout eternity by violent Muslim men? The martyr’s personal heaven equals these girls’ personal hell.
    Allah should at least make these martyrs have to learn Game first and work at earning these girls’ trust and sexual compliance.

    1. > BTW, notice the lack of empathy in the Muslims’ fantasy about the 72 virgins.
      Islam doesn’t actually promise virgins in heaven. It’s a myth. There are supposedly ‘houris’ in heaven but they aren’t humans, they are ‘pure beings’ (basically non-conscious beings created for the sole purpose of sexual enjoyment – sex robots, in a way).

    1. He’s probably pro-Muslim but anti-Islamism. The effort needed to declaw the religion of Mohammed is absolutely not worth our effort. Why build a fifth column?

  17. There is a Fourth Stage of Islam.
    It happens to be my favorite.
    Catholic Monarchs liberating Granada.

    1. It’s a very high possibility that the Russians will be the ones pulling the civilized world out of this fire.
      They have the balls to do it, and they are not “going gay” and anti-life/reproduction like the west.
      I’d say it’s in fact very fitting that if the only white people left were Russians, that would we well within the bounds of Darwin’s outcomes.

      1. I used to think that. But I also used to think I’d never see an article like this getting so many supporting comments.

        1. Yes.
          What they are doing in Russia, while the SJWs and media tries to make it sound like gays are being rounded up, is quell the “advertising” meaning that people who can’t reproduce taking in interesting in homosexualizing and/or transsexualiing children is not allowed.
          It’s like sayiing “Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone!”.
          And there is nothing wrong with leaving the kids alone. We didn’t have this crap we have here in the USA when I was a kid, and nobody died from “lack of diversity” for it and of everybody I know whom I went to school with, nobody grew up to become a redneck dragging gays with trucks (and THAT story had more to it they “hey there a gay guy let’s kill him”)
          So yes. 100 percent justified. The same people who will try go “educate” children on this stuff will freak out if you try to educate kids on how not to just pick up a found gun and pull the trigger. So the double standard is revealing of their agenda.

  18. I don’t think you need to worry about Muslims coming to kill you for writing this. First of all, I doubt any of them will ever hear of you. Secondly, there is a world of difference between criticizing something and producing vulgar and offensive cartoons mocking it in a very public fashion.

        1. No human being has ever historically needed a reason to kill somebody.
          The question isn’t one of human nature, but of explicit philosophy. Muslims who practice their religion faithfully and in full accordance with the Koran are prone to violence. Those who are hypocrites to their religion are the “moderates”. Meanwhile, ultra violent Christians act explicitly against the tenants of Christianity.

        2. We could go back on forth on this all day (and we have before). One of the problems with religion is its lack of consistency. There are plenty of Christians who will point to the Bible to excuse their killing of X just as there are plenty of Muslims who will point to the Koran to “prove” Islam is a peaceful religion.
          End of the day, the numbers of people killed in the name of (fill in the blank) religion are astronomical and you will get nowhere claiming “ours” is better than “theirs”.

        3. You’re talking logistics, I’m talking logical consistency. Violent Christians are acting against their own faith being violent (aggressively). Muslims are being faithful to their faith in advocating and enacting violence.
          The numbers have nothing to do with my point really. Just noting the consistency or lack thereof of both sides.

        4. This is merely your opinion. As I said, there are plenty of Muslims and Muslim scholars who will disagree wholeheartedly with you and point to passages in the Qu’ran to “prove” their point.

        5. No, it’s my reasoned conclusion. I’ve read both tomes.
          Yes, anybody can twist any body of text, religious or secular. And I can twist words and reason to the point where I can tell you it’s raining outside when in fact the skies are clear, blue and cloud free.
          But that doesn’t mean that it’s raining.

        6. And the reasoned conclusion of other people is the opposite. Do you not see the futility of this debate? We are dealing with religion which is internally inconsistent.
          And lets be real. The tiny number of Islamic terrorists don’t do what they do for religious purposes (and for the sake of argument lets just say 9-11 and Boston was done by Islamic terrorists). If they attack us its because we are occupying and bombing their countries and have been for decades (leaving aside the Crusades and intervening invasions going both ways). You can’t do that and not expect it to come back on you.

        7. The difference is that the founding Prophet of Islam himself used terrorism, deception, and war and would’ve beheaded these “Muslims and Muslim scholars” who would have quoted his own Koran against him.

        8. Look, they themselves say the terrorism is primarily motivated by religious reasons, not because of Western countries doing X, Y, Z. People like you then refuse to accept what the Muslim terrorists themselves say.

        9. You have it completely backwards. People like you need to believe they do it for religious reasons so that you can excuse your government for its crimes. Those nutcases in Woolwich said it themselves right there in the video. More to the point, if you think you can invade and bomb other countries and not receive any “get back” you are seriously deluded.

    1. If I were to take what my Dear Leader says at face value, then Benghazi and Cario happened in large part due to some youtube video nobody has ever heard of.

    2. Both fall under the umbrella of free speech. If I don’t defend the profane, then what right have I to uphold the glorious?

      1. True yes. My point is that he will be probably slide “under the radar”. I imagine “Jihadi John” has bigger fish to fry.
        In terms of free speech though, doesn’t this refer to governments rather than interactions between private individuals on private property? In other words, you have no right to free speech in my house.

        1. As an individual with property rights, quite agree, your house your rules, but even then there are limits. You can’t rightfully bludgeon a non-consenting peaceful house guest you invited in for no reason and claim property rights.
          But governments are not individuals and are not rightful in restricting my natural rights no matter where I travel.
          Not that they won’t of course. Talking about the hypothetical and theoretical.

        2. True, and my argument is not advocation of killing people who say stuff you don’t like. The point is killing someone who runs their mouth is not an assault on the right to free speech.

  19. Extremism doesn’t happen in a vacuum, people don’t just wake up o e day and think “you know, today I’m going to blow myself up and take a whole lot of people with me… just for the hell of it”.
    You’re missing the big picture, the economics. Employed people with food to eat and access to pussy, and who can conceive of a future don’t blow themselves up. Desperate people with nothing left to live for do. Food costs and unemployment have skyrocketed at the same time as the population under 30 and repression for tyrannical governments has increased. People will kill before they starve. I don’t care what beliefs they follow, that’s our universal survival instinct.
    Islam is just the tool to push the desperate over the edge, because that’s what these simple ignorant, often illiterate people understand. A few trouble makers stir up the mob into a frenzy, like in the case with the original danish cartoon riots. It was two Egyptians that lied, and used false photos and cartoons to whip the ignorant into a moral panic.

    1. Horseshit. The Middle East has more wealth than non-Muslim SE Asia and most of Latin America, and neither of those regions is a hotbed of terrorism.
      It is in fact their wealth that is why they are dangerous to begin with. Poor people don’t have the resources to be especially evil.
      see Feminism. Not a whole lot of downtrodden among the ranks of feminist organizations.

      1. Let me add then that you are missing the historical perspective as well. For hundreds of years, Christians Jews and Muslims coexisted in the middle east without much problem. What changed?
        The guys setting off suicide vests aren’t wealthy. They off themselves because the terrorist organizers, the guys with the money who stir up the ignorant mob will take care of their families if they become martyrs.

    2. Osama Bin Laden was wealthy, and many Imams speak several languages.
      The idiotic belief that ‘well if they just learn our language they will assimilate!’ is a pipe dream

      1. My point was: with the right catalysts and circumstances anyone can be turned into an extremist terrorist. It is not the exclusive realm of Islam. Look at the Christian militias in Africa like the Lord’s Resistance army. Look at Sri Lanka. The ideology is just the tool, its the same psychological manipulation underneath. The cult leaders manipulate the simple minded , the ignorant and desperate to do their dirty work for them.

  20. Wow, I thought you guys would support Islam. You have no respect for women and want to control their sexuality. It seems like you would like marrying underage virgins. You already try to have harems by screwing multiple women at once. You condemn anyone who disagrees with you. It seems like the only difference is they base their hatred on religion whereas you guys are just dicks.

    1. Oh look, ad hominem and shaming.
      How novel. How new and shiny. How boring.
      Avaunt, putain

      1. Wow, latin and french words, you must be super smart. Not smart enough to actually form an argument though. This totally proves my point.

        1. An argument? Against what, ad hominem? That’s all you presented, which is why ad hominem is a logical fallacy as it is not an argument at all. You cannot argue for or against it, since it is simply personalizing the topic as to avoid the actual substance of the debate.
          Since you present nothing but cackling ad hominem, there’s nothing to argue. This is the core of my response to you. You give nothing to the debate, thus, you receive nothing but mocking and derision.
          And yes, actually, I am super smart. Super duper smart with a scoop of ice cream on the side.
          There’s are reasons why women are generally ignored on this site, and you encapsulate most of them in your opening post. Consider our discussion concluded.
          I understand that you must, must, have the last word, you simply cannot help it. Go ahead, relieve your compulsion and be on your way, rest assured I shall neither read it nor respond to it.

        2. My point was to show the hypocrisy of criticizing radical Islam while you support the same ideals. I’m just trying to help enlighten you people.

        3. Christian patriarchy is feminist compared to Islam (Koran 4:34: scourge/beat your wife if you even suspect/fear she won’t obey you). Christian patriarchy is actually the best deal that women can get, or have ever gotten, or ever will get, without undermining and destroying the whole society.

        4. That doesn’t mean we should settle for Christian patriarchy. Also, I don’t think women’s rights undermine society, they only prevent men from getting everything their way.

        5. Well said.
          There’s a few of these types popping up like mushrooms after a long monsoon rain. Can’t they at least be accomplished trolls, jee-zus? Hehe.

    2. – Wow, I thought you guys would support Islam. –
      Wow. You were obviously wrong.
      – You have no respect for women and want to control their sexuality.-
      Wrong again. I respect my mom and my granny. I couldn’t care less with what you’ll do with your own pussy, it’s yours after all.
      – You already try to have harems by screwing multiple women at once. –
      Those women I’m ‘screwing’ refer to it as ‘making love’ or ‘making deep connection’. And those women are free to walk out anytime so it’s not a harem, please educate yourself.
      – You condemn anyone who disagrees with you. –
      Any example of what the hell are you talking about?
      – It seems like the only difference is they base their hatred on religion whereas you guys are just dicks. –
      So you’re a bitch and an Islamophobe, that’s a rare combination, you must be really proud of yourself.

  21. Stopped reading after the first video. I’m from Pakistan and although I don’t take offence to any of this, I won’t condone spreading misleading info.
    Yes 76% may support or have mixed feelings about AL Qaeda, but that doesn’t mean they would all be willing to up and join them, it means they’re bitter over the 890 innocent people, including children being killed by drone attacks organized by none other than the USA. But you didn’t know about that did you?

    1. Yah because the US is just doing that for no reason what so ever. And your country harbored enemies of the US and expect us to do nothing? Come on. You support the terrorist because of your religion. Admit it.

      1. No he is right. Any indiscriminate killing by the US that doesn’t rise to genocide levels is only going to radicalize more and more muslims.
        You can’t win the war against “radical” Islam on a traditional field of battle. Your two options are
        1) confinement, wall them off and don’t let aany Muslim into your country
        2) extermination

        1. 2.) is immoral and unfeasible.
          It would be far simpler to bar their entry to our countries.

        2. I was just putting all the options on the table. Making them is above my pay grade. Though I am comfortable asserting that the longer the West waits in asserting #1 due to its multicultural death wish, the more likely #2 is going to be triggered when some “important person” dies in the WWI model.
          oh and it most certainly is feasible. Carpet bombing every major population center across the middle east would be about a 2-year military campaign. The will to do such a thing is no doubt lacking, but then if one of these “peaceful” Muslims sets off a dirty bomb on Manhattan, I suspect the US will find its stomach for such a course of action.

    2. Well consider the numbers of Americans that support that terrorist organization known as the United States Government… The greatest killing machine in history!

      1. Pretty sure the former Soviets (who machine gunned their own men in the backs by the tens of millions) and the ChiComs and their “stab your parents in bed” Cultural Revolution have us beat by a long shot.

        1. By “us” you don’t mean the USG?
          As you know, I consider the USG and the people of “these united states” to be two very different entities. Most of the people who support the USG have absolutely no idea what the USG is.
          However, you may have a point about the USSR.

        2. Yes, I meant the USG which unfortunately takes it upon itself to represent its interests in my name regardless of my opinion on the matter.

      2. The United States does not use “terror” or terrorism to advance or defend its national interests. Terrorism being defined as :The use of violence or the threat of violence, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political goals.
        The United States has and maintains the strongest military on the planet so no other military force fvcks with us.
        If the United States chose to use terror or terrorism as a means to defend or advance national interests, the picture you see today would be much different.

        1. Whoa, you evidence your claim the US Gov’t is a terrorist organization by citing Lincoln’s policy against the South???!!!
          Game, set, match. I’d like to thank my family, my coach,……

        2. The Joint Chiefs of Staff actually sought approval for this from Kennedy:

          Back to now:
          Obama’s helping hand behind ISIS (“Syrian Freedom Fighters”), and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, etc, etc. He’s been overthrowing moderate (or even traditional allies like Egypt) regimes in favor of Islamists. Also the putting Nazis into power in the Ukraine. Fast and Furious, the giving of arms to Mexican drug cartels in hopes that those weapons would help kill Americans on our side of the border also, thus supplying an excuse for gun consfication.

        3. Whoa! Your argument is merely to repeat my statement back at me? Dumbass.
          Explain how Lincoln’s policy against the civilians of the South does not meet your own definition of terrorism.

        4. And I quote:

          If the United States chose to use terror or terrorism as a means to defend or advance national interests, the picture you see today would be much different.

          Please explain how “the year” that “the United States chose to use terror” has any bearing on the fact that your argument is demonstrably invalid and nonsensical.

    3. I do know about it. However, the successes in which no innocents are killed in drone strikes greatly outweigh the failures. Furthermore, plenty of Muslims that have never been unjustly dealt with by Americans have very negative opinions of infidels.

  22. Wow! If you replace the word “Islam” with the word “Feminism” in the the 3 stages of Jihad from the article above, those are just about the same stages and tactics used by Feminists to take over the Western culture. Scary!

  23. Bill Maher’s recent awakening about the Religion of Pieces gives me hope that more of his Left-leaning friends will begin to actually think for themselves for a change.

      1. True, but he’s the real deal. Most leftist “atheists” are strictly anti-Christian only, because they know that Christians will not behead them.

        1. I believe the SJWs align with anything that isn’t straight, white, and male just for the sake of righting perceived historical injustices. I’m certain they would STFU if us evil white men started imposing an Islamic brand of totalitarianism on them.

        2. It wouldn’t even take that. All it would take would be for us, in a sizable number, to push back and tell them to shut up and sit down.
          The lack of balls that the modern western white man has is a true evolutionary selector out of the gene pool.

        3. To me it is more the fact that they are not willing to actually sacrifice anything. Provide any form of true adversity and they will defer. Maher is anti-religion in general and always has been. So I don’t think his current anti-Islamic rants are indicative of any change in his heart. Nor do I believe it will turn those social justice recreants into actual warriors- which is what they would be if they really wanted their supposed ideals.

        4. No, I don’t mean he had a change of heart. I rather mean that he’s at least honestly consistent. I respect that actually. My comment on most “atheists” was doing little but calling them out as hypocrites, as are most SJW’s.

        5. Yes, he is logically consistent and I do respect that. Even in people I am 100% opposed to in belief, if they are consistent I will at least respect their perspective because they are willing to accept the consequences of their actions. And that is an increasingly rare trait in America these days unfortunately.

      2. Bill Maher is just a frustrated jewish guy. I don’t buy into jewish conspiracy theories, but he manages to piss off everybody all the time.

        1. He has a jewish name and claims to be atheist. That’s part of being a frustrated jewish guy. lol

        2. Are you retarded? William Maher is as Irish as it gets. His mother is Jewish but he isn’t. He never practiced the religion and was raised in a Catholic environment. He’s not Jewish.

  24. It is said Genghis Khan said something to the tune of “what a wicked people you must be for God to grant me the power to destroy you people.” His view is on par with those who believe in God in that God will help His People to victory if he loves them but will have them destroyed if His heart is no longer with them. By such logic Islam must be God’s new faith because they are strong, victorious and fertile. Islam is clearly spreading around the world while Jews and Christians are falling by the wayside. Heck Jews should taken the hint as to whether they had God’s support when the Holocaust occurred with any divine relief.

    1. Then God must love straight white males because they dominated the entire globe for centuries.

    2. The term is “Sword of the Lord” meaning that there is no big magical hand of God coming down from the sky to slap sense into the fucktards. Instead the “work” is still done by human hands and curious turn of events.
      I theorize that the reason why so many attempts at Hitler’s life failed was because God protected him. Why would God protect Hitler? Hitler only had one confirmed kill in his life. Everything else was people following orders or being assholes. If Hitler were taken out, and Germany was able to broker a cease fire or surrender early, then hordes of people who supported the Nazis (the masses, not the party members and other hands-on war criminals) would have just gone on saying “oopsy. My bad!. Sorrrrrryyyyy!!” and went on with their lives.
      No. For that kind of stupidity, you MUST end up shivering in your roofless destroyed house. You MUST lose family members. You MUST lose your savings and holdings. That’s the only way people learn.
      In America, I have seen up close the efforts of the so-called “grass roots” to turn the country back in the right direction. I don’t see them doing anything wrong. But they fail anyway. Why?
      Because the snarking douchebags, SJWs, trendies, and Marxists MUST end up huddled in their destroyed cities, MUST lose limbs and family members, MUST end up starving and/or knowing the terror wrought with their votes.
      It’s the only way people learn.

      1. Unfortunately, you are most likely correct. The liberals will not learn until they are being butchered, are starving, are cold, and are suffering in general.
        Hopefully by then, Texas and others have seceded and I’m living somewhere in that new country that rejected liberalism, feminism, and political correctness. The old liberal US can cannabilize itself at that point for all I care.

        1. I’ve said this before, but I really am coming to understand the rationale that Pinochet rolled around in his mind. I don’t endorse it, but I get it now.
          When facing a mindless, slavering horde of collectivists that never, ever stop coming for you, who are immune to reason, discourse or even basic decency, it’s not hard to entertain dark thoughts about how to dispose of them.

      2. In America, I have seen up close the efforts of the so-called “grass roots” to turn the country back in the right direction. I don’t see them doing anything wrong. But they fail anyway. Why?
        Gun rights have stampeded back with righteous fury due to grassroots efforts to change the government and culture.
        The problem is, most decent movements don’t emulate their tactics, and thus, fail.

        1. Speaking of gun rights, when you get a chance, can you please email me? My address is in my profile. I do have a question for you regarding my upcoming purchase.

      3. In reference to your 2nd paragraph, man, you are smart. Beautiful abstract thinking. Everything in history is the will of the gods, (including what is going on today, crazy as it seems). If Hitler didn’t rise up like a Phoenix, Communism would have made major inroads into Europe.

    3. They took the hint, that’s why they have an army and didn’t wait for the messiah to get their own country.

  25. You know, I get the feeling that the west is so feminized that the entire western culture or society has a rape fantasy and Islam is the man.
    Just saying.

      1. Possibly.
        The problem with the term “rape fantasy” is that is has rape in it. You can’t tell women they have that. So to say that the feminized west has a rape fantasy won’t go down well.
        But… women do – even secretly – like to “be taken” (which is for most intents and purposes like rape depending on how much they like the man, etc.)
        So I would make the argument that the west is feminized and like a woman wants to “be taken”. Compare the Islamic man, beard and AK-47 and all, who will kill you for a cause to the western effete urban snarking latte slurper armed with a hashtag and never handled (and is afraid of) a gun. if they were to have sex we can tell which one will be taking it in the ass.

        1. I feel fairly certain after 14 years of war, the American fighter would gut most of these ISIS fuck wads.

      1. When the crusaders were in trouble in modern day Turkey and defeat seemed imminent, the women ran to the tents to put on make up and fix there hair. The crusaders should have whipped them to death for their treacherous behaviour.

      1. The shape of the boobs is exactly like the shape of their faces. Never noticed that before! Haha.

  26. What, no relation to the Western nations’ bombings and (sometimes related) economic disaster in which many Muslims live and the sense that those Muslims might have a reason to see said Western nations as an existential enemy?

    1. We aren’t at war with them because they are Muslim though while they would attack us for being non-Muslim.

        1. If I recall, the first arrows were let loose in the 7th century against Christian Byzantium

    2. It’s not our fault that neocon dumbasses think that muzzies can actually have civilization and dumbmockcrazy. After all, it’s a SJW dogma that all people are the same, and any country can be turned into Switzerland.

  27. As far as i’m concerned, anyone attacking Islam in anyway is a homophobe… (yeah this way the word homophobe actually make sense)

    1. Yeah, faggotry is rampant throughout the Middle East. There’s a reason it used to be called the “Turkish vice”.

      1. But…is that due to religion? As I recall, Greek Sailor has been a very long used term for “gay” as well. They are next door, right? heh

  28. I highly recommend everyone read Pew’s survey of the world’s Muslims from a few years ago. It is impossible to defend the moderate Muslim mythos given that roughly half of all Muslims want sharia law.

  29. Excellent article…i am of the firm belief that Islam has to be removed from Europe and the US/Australia etc at the very least. Even better if it can be removed from the whole world. It is the most intolerant religion of all and must be confronted.

  30. While writing this article, I felt some fear
    I think I’d feel greater fear if I were questioning the Holocaust narrative using my real name.
    nobody really cares about free speech in the West, so long as the
    killers of free speech aren’t making too much noise. The same Charlie
    Hebdo fired a cartoonist for insulting
    the Jews in 2009

    There weren’t, as expected, any protesters filling up the streets back then.
    need to realize that if they want to remain long term players in the
    killing free speech business, they need to make a lot less noise. People
    are trying to watch the game here.

    1. If your career is in journalism, news, music or tv/movies—-you should be careful to criticize your boss.
      Like why are there still movies (any war movie with Brad Pitt in it. Did the Jews buy him or something?) about WWII?
      Move on, for fucks sake! Get over it!

  31. American men kill far more American men than Islamic terrorists do. Why don’t you guys fear yourselves? What’s the difference? Hypocrites.

      1. I know the definition. I don’t know how murder is better or worse depending on the motivation. The fact is you’re far more likely to be murdered by an American than an Islamic terrorist. Those are real numbers not some philosophy logic crap.

        1. – I don’t know how murder is better or worse depending on the motivation. –
          Well, once you’re a corpse then I guess it won’t matter to YOU anymore whether the person who whacked you did it because he doesn’t like the way you look or because you were trying to kill him first but fortunately he successfully killed you instead.
          But as long as you’re not a corpse yet, the motivation matters a lot.
          – The fact is you’re far more likely to be murdered by an American than an Islamic terrorist. –
          Upon what this “fact” is based upon?

        2. Please, I implore you to look up the definition of false equivalence. Americans don’t want to establish a new caliphate, they certainly aren’t waging jihad and they’re absolutely not running around doing shit like this:

        3. Look into murder rates in America. Americans kill more Americans each year than terrorists killed in 9/11. In fact, the murder rate is higher each year than the total number of American casualties in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

        4. Its true that they don’t want to introduce a caliphate. But is getting murdered by a mugger over whats in your wallet any better? My only point is that Americans practice as much violence as Islamic terrorists. I’m against unfair bias in every case, including Muslims that haven’t done anything wrong.

        5. But is getting murdered by a mugger over whats in your wallet any better?

          This man could not be reached for comment.

        6. Ah yes, how could I ever forget that all Americans murdered their fellow Americans simply because Americans hate each other and actively wanna kill each other for no other reason but being Americans
          Laura : Hey bitch, are you an American bitch?
          Jennifer : Yes, I am an American bitch.
          Laura : Then die bitch, I’m an American bitch too but I fuckin hate Americans! Here meet the business end of my beretta!
          BANG! BANG!

        7. Oh no, Americans don’t kill each other for being Americans. They kill each other over more important things like money and sometimes just for fun like mass shooters and serial killers.

        8. 90% Democrats murdering other Democrats, anything else is Democrats murdering Americans and Americans killing Democrats in self-defense, almost no (real) Americans killing (real) Americans.

        9. – They kill each other over more important things like money and sometimes just for fun like mass shooters and serial killers. –
          Money is so very important, I am 100% agree.
          Americans will wanna kill fellow Americans because of money and sometimes for fun.
          Muslims will wanna kill Americans because of Allah’s command, money, land, fun, Muhammad cartoons, Americans support Israel, Americans eat pork, Americans drink alcohol, Americans are infidels, etc.
          You can do simple math, yes?

        10. Well, it was you who brought up the murder motive stuff in the first place so I guess it’s only fair that you make a laundry list of it.

        11. Except that America (and Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey) fund, train and equip ISIS.
          America *is* ISIS.
          Everything currently happening in Iraq, Libya and Syria is happening according to our design.
          Deal with it.

        12. Statistics is where logic goes to die, which you have proved.
          Muder is a fact of life wherever you are, and Islam is a very small minority religion in the U.S. Due to these facts, it would be alarming for non-Muslim murders in the U.S. to be smaller than Muslim murders in the U.S.
          The problem begins when a faction (Muslims) appear to largely promote the murder and/or forced removal of liberties from anyone who is not also Muslim. This is a problem because all throughout history, large entities that are hell bent on oppressive control always try to increase their control.
          The potential danger to non-Muslims of the unchecked spread of Islam is far greater to future populations than current national crime rates, especially when you notice that crime in republic nations generally goes down as time goes on.
          Try looking at a few more of those statistics of yours, and then look up the definitions of “false equivalence” and “willful ignorance.”

        13. Oh please. I expect trolls to employ straw man fallacies but you’re supposed to be a member of the rational sex.
          No one here has argued that western governments (US, UK, et al) haven’t financed rebels or haven’t waged wars by proxy because a) That would be disingenuous and b) How is it even relevant? Are Muslims not to be held accountable for their actions because they’ve been “oppressed” by anglo/western hegemony?
          You’re more than welcome to roll over to political correctness and live on fantasy island, due to some bizarre sense of white guilt (read: death wish) but I will continue to live in reality. Now, you deal with that.

        14. You misunderstand and are operating on the standard CIA-created psychological meme of “blowback” – i.e. that these terrorist actions are due to muslims getting riled up over our actions in the middle east and then hitting us back, sometimes with weapons and training we gave them.
          I am saying that “blowback” is laregely a myth and that almost 100% of the major islamic terrorist actions against the West have been *fully staged events* orchestrated by western intelligence outfits. In some cases, even going so far as to employ the use of crisis actors, fake bullets, fake media, planted evidence etc. Btw, I am not implying that people haven’t died in these events (especially on 9/11). They most certainly have. In other cases (alledged beheading videos) people may have died or may not have. We may never know.
          Finally, I don’t absolve anyone of responsibility. The few mentally defective muslims that the CIA/FBI/Mossad/MI6 managed to entrap as patsies are still guilty – even if they are retards. The infamous shoe bomber, Richard Ried, could barely put a coherent sentence together. He didn’t plan anything. He was used as a tool. But yes, he’s still guilty and should be punished. It’s just unfortunate that his handlers (“our” guys) will never be charged and convicted.
          Anyway, what I wrote above may simply seem to be coming from the Twilight Zone. But I assure you, it’s the way the world really works. Just read this book for starters and open your eyes:

        15. Again, I’m not suggesting you’re wrong because I’m aware of some of what you’re saying but you’re still making another point entirely. More importantly, what does this have to do with scenarios such as the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal? or there being actual neighborhoods in France and other places where non-Muslims are not allowed to go into? or the Muslim who attacked two NYC cops with an axe? Is every Muslim that ever commits some crime or atrocity a CIA/FBI/Mossad/MI6 asset or patsy or Manchurian Candidate and thus unaccountable? Think about that for a second.

        16. You are correct. I am making another point, though I feel it runs tangential to the one you and most commentators here are focussing on, and more importantly – it brings some needed balance to the dangerously incomplete worldview expounded by the article.
          Switching gears and focussing more on the points you are bringing up – I agree that the Rotherham situation and the over all Islamification of Europe is indeed a PROBLEM. But all those muslims flooding into Europe are the SYMPTOM not the CAUSE of the problem. I think that’s a very important point to make and one that seems lost on the vast, vast majority of people looking at this issue – from the man in the street all the way up to right-wing reactionary politicians.
          Here is just one example of the CAUSE of the PROBLEM:

          And if you delve further into history, you will find this same hidden hand behind false-flag terrorism all across the western world and middle east. A well connected group of banking families, their brethern, their tribe and their bought-off politicians and intel agencies are purposefully weakening Christian Europe and the Anglosphere, fanning the flames of radical Islam around the world and mass-brainwashing the global population through their media monopolies. They recruit, train and radicalize terrorists. They pass laws and fund activism in order to flood Europe with the worst of the worst third-world muslim immigrants. They then lock down a false narrative through the media, while hiding their machinations and authorship of the entire shebang, from A to Z.
          So yes, radical Islam is a problem in Europe and in many parts of the world. But this radical Islam is really a fairly new and completely artificial phenomenon. It is a red-herring distraction on the one hand and a tool of chaos on the other hand. But the creators and weilders of this tool are NOT MUSLIM! The vast majority of 1.6 billion muslims on the planet want NOTHING to do with any of this.

      2. It’s here to troll. Traffic on Jezebel must be low today. It is hump day, so meh, ok.

        1. You just reminded me of something my statistics teacher told me.
          “Logic is for people that haven’t learned statistics”

        2. And you just reminded me of something pretty much every teacher has taught me: “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

  32. There is a reason why Islamics and the lefties all seem to support each other . 95 percent of French Islamic voted for Hollande
    They are all socialists, Socialism is the glue that binds them,and allows atheists, Islamics ,gays, feminists to be in the same political movement .
    Islam is socialism, Modern Jews are in fact our past Communists
    Christians are , due to the teachings of Christ…., Capitalists .
    Saddam Hussein was a secular socialist leader of the Ba’thist party
    Gaddafy was the secular socialist leader of his nations’ party.
    The more Christian Russia ,India and China become for instance, the more capitalist they have become.
    In order to defeat Islam (and socialists) , you must have all their groups face each other ,
    Remember , Atheism, not just other religions, is not tolerated under Sharia.

    1. Why yes…yes…now I see it.
      The floating word “Site”. Damn that’s creepy. I doubt a word would float nearby during an execution.
      Oh shit, I just noticed that their names are floating in front of them too! Jesus, this is amazing that anybody takes it seriously! Do you have a name floating in front of you in a white box? I don’t. Hell no!
      I call shenanigans and a hoax!

        1. You lack humor. Not that you had to find what I said funny, but you do not even recognize the attempt at humor.
          Not interested in your conspiracy theories, chief. Sorry. I shall move on.

        2. Ah yes, you’re so lofty and superior.
          Seriously dude, give it a rest.
          No need to reply, we’re done on this topic.

    2. Yeah, I’m suspicious that the dude in the middle is about to make the Japs commit seppuku.

    3. I’d say it’s a Jap-Zionist-CIA conspiracy to smear Islam and the holy prophet Muhammad PBUH ( pigs be upon him ). Those 2 Jap dudes are wearing orange jumpsuits like the ones they have in Murica so there you have the CIA element! But the single most gigantic dead-away is that the standing dude is a Ninja!!! Knock knock, Jap and Ninja, hello?? Can they even be more obvious???
      And where is the Zionist element? Well, we all know that dem Jews are behind all the evils on this Allah’s green earth now don’t we? Even the Holy Quran warns us about dem conniving shifty kikes, mashallah!

      1. the holy prophet Muhammad PBUH ( pigs be upon him ).
        I’ve seen “piss be upon him” but that is, in a way, funnier.

    4. That’s an easy one. There are clearly multiple light sources on SITE’s
      green screen stage, as the three shadows intersect. They should be
      parallel. I work in media creation so that sticks out.
      I won’t even mention that SITE is a known purveyor of propaganda films for the
      pentagon, run by Zionist Jewess / Mossad agent Rita Katz. Oh wait. I did
      just mention that:

        1. You didn’t but what matter is that it’s the deed of THE JEWS the JEWS! OMG! And don’t lemme even start with the Crusade! I mean, what about the Crusade? The CRUSADE, the CRUSADE!!

        2. How could I not pass the test when I successfully revealed that it was the JEWS after all who masterminded the whole thing???
          You’re no true warrior of Islam, I’d say you’re a double agent hailing from the Zionist-Crusader alliance, naudzubillahi min dzalik!

        3. Because muzzies never persecute Christians unless they’re being funded by the juice. (sarcasm) I guess you’ve never heard of Tamerlane, or that caliphate that ruled North Africa, both of whom made cleansing Christians a priority. No, Christians in muzzie countries live perpetually with a sword of Damocles over their heads, subject to the whims of whatever muzzie ruler happens to be in charge at the time. And if he decides to get rid of Christians, they’re effed.

  33. Bababut most Muslims Klansmen are peace loving people. Sure Mohammad Hitler did some horrible things but that was a different time. Most Muslims Klansmen have a far more liberal view of quran Mien Kampf.
    They choose their ideology and I choose to judge them by it.

  34. Every single Islamic “terrorist attack” of the last 15 years has been a carefully staged false flag conducted by western intelligence agencies, using dupes, patsies and disgruntled half-wits as the front men. It’s all fake. Deal with it.
    Google Operation Gladio for a historical example of how this is all carried out.
    Or read this book:
    Btw, did you ever notice how ISIS blows up every single ancient Christian church or muslim holy site they come across but NEVER any Jewish sites or temples?
    Ever notice how ISIS has never stuck Israel?
    Ever notice how Israel army has been giving medical and logistical aid to ISIS and even providing air strikes for them?!?!
    Well did you?
    ISIS/Al Qaeda/Libyan rebels/Syrian rebels are a creation of CIA, Mossad, Saudi and Turkish intelligence, with other western intel outfits all in on the game. The only major powers in opposition to this insanity are China and Russia.

      1. Err sorry to burst your bubbles but.da Joos already run America. Soon they will even run Heaven and vote Allah out of office, inshallah.

    1. Maybe because ISIS and Israel aren’t next to each other, unlike, say, Hamas and Israel. Also, there are Christians in the area ISIS overran, but the Jews had all left for Israel back in the 1940s.

    2. USA is only wealthy because it’s Terrorist No1 in the world at the moment. The funniest thing is how the USA (the big macho) is paying maintenance to the little Israel (the woman).
      The USA is one giant white knight! Haha

  35. Just throw the lot back to Backwardistan and follow up with a couple of nukes, problem solved. They would even respect that reaction because it’s what they would do themselves if they had the power. What they don’t respect is our current soft SJW ways.

  36. I speak as an european guy.
    I don’t hate Islam, or muslims by the way. Islam is a cosmogony, a philosophy, a way of life and death. They have good points and bad ones.
    I just don’t want them in Europe. Europe made itself neither by the romans, nor by germanics. Europe built itself by the sword, the axe or the arquebus against the asian/african invader.
    The cradles of Europe are Potiers where the frankish king made saracens turning back. Covadonga in northern Spain where locals rose up in open rebellion, setting up guerrilla warfare against the powerful Califate of Bagdad. Constantinople, where the roman emperor stood his ground twice. Sicily…normans conquered it back for europeans. Las Navas de Tolosa, where the talibans of that day, the almohads, suffered a crushing defeat by the kingdoms of Spain. Battle of los Ojos del Salado, last time an african army tried to invade the Iberian Peninsula.
    The siege of Malta, an island ceded by the emperor of Spain to the Order of Malta (former St. John order). Charles I of Spain only asked for a maltese falcon to be delivered every year.
    Later Lepanto. An everlasting victory, praised by Miguel de Cervantes as the “most magnificent occasion”. He was there. He fought there. He lost his left arm movement there.
    This is our legacy. It’s in our DNA, our veins, our souls.
    Are we just going to make a rendezvous? Are we going to let them rule us?
    Once we were warriors…

    1. Yes, but you have to acknowledge the fact that the European elite is supporting the radicalisation of islam and it is using it as the boogeyman to restrict your freedom. Without that realisation you will only become the next stupid commoner who dies for the elite fighting some illusionary enemy. Don’t be that man.

      1. I agreee. And I’m well aware of that.
        We are. I speak in the name of a forum (we are new in town) which is called Disidencia. Disidencia means in spanish Dissidence.
        You speak about red pills. We speak about dissidence, it would be an Überredpill concept. We cannot trust in the official truth meanwhile we see the opposite is equally false. 2 sides, same coin. We don’t throw that coin. We don’t accept its head or tail either.
        We do see the master of puppets.

        1. It’s no use to reason with these Muslims. It’s time to separate. We can’t take our lands back because our Gov has been infiltrated by enemies within. And the Gov that is supposed to protect our rights and peace acts like a behemoth drunk on power.
          We need to make new countries, ones that won’t allow Muslims in.

      2. The presence of Muslims in Europe is not the same thing as Douglas Feith, Richard Perl, David Frum and the Neo-Con-Likud invasion of Iraq.
        Indeed Neo-con war mongering quadrupled the flow of refugees from Africa and ME into Europe. It’s almost as if the Tribe are playing cattle and herdsman with that “invade/invite” schtick. Protesting the migration of Islam into Christendom is infact protesting the wars against Arab and African states.

    2. I agree brother im an American and once fought beside our European brethren smashing evil but now our governments quibble and hamstring our warriors while this scum destroys civilization

  37. There are, in some ways, tolerant countries like Turkey, Tunisia, Lebanon or Arabian United Emirates, but the mayority of islamic countries are not. Sad, but true.

  38. Western populace by and large are blinded to the true abhorrent nature of Islam the Cult Of Pieces by their own stupidity and incessant LameStreamMedia brainwashing.
    But I can take solace in the surging nationalistic movements like PEGIDA in Germany and Generation Identitaire in France that seeks to curtail the widespread Islamization of Europe.
    On a sidenote, it boggles my mind that privileged European skanks are very willing to follow their Muslim fuckbuddies to fight for fucking ISIS and uphold the wretched Sharia Law!!!!!

  39. Remember Charles Martel, Richard the Lionheart & Vlad Tepish. Europe must not forget the terrible sacrifices it made to prevent itself from being conquered by Islam.

  40. Look no further back in history than Nazi Germany (or any other lunatic political leader). Whatever moderate majority there was wasn’t controlling the narrative.

    1. Right on! Christian men are chumps because they aren’t listening to their women who have been telling them to MAN-UP! You know, like, not ashamed to cry, be more sensitive and in touch with their feelings, don’t nuke Mecca, etc.

    2. I should point out that Europe is perhaps the least Christian it has ever been since Roman times. If it was still Christian, it would still be owning your asses. Like the French in Algeria, etc.

        1. Islamics, like feminazis, whine about everything
          Islamics are known for their crybaby nature.

        2. Wtf are Islamics ? Plagiarize critiques accurately, like your other more successful countrymen my chinky friend.

  41. News Flash: Have you guys heard about a controversy involving a selfie taken by the Israeli Miss Universe contestant (1st, from left to right) in which the Lebanese contestant also appeared, smiling (2nd, left to right)?
    Well, Lebanon grounded her disputant and talked shit on her, and threatened her because, you know.. religion of peace and all of that.. and then she just posted on Facebook:
    “Since the first day of my arrival to participate to Miss Universe, I was very cautious to avoid being in any photo or communication with Miss Israel (that tried several times to have a photo with me) … I was having a photo with Miss Japan, Miss Slovenia and myself; suddenly Miss Israel jumped in, took a selfie, and put it on her social media…this is what happened and I hope to have your full support in the Miss Universe contest.”
    So there you go. Stay tuned for more chapters of the “Religion of Peace Chronicles”, to be continued… for ever..

    1. I know a hot Lebanese stripper who dances at the Hustler Club. She says she’s muslim. She goes hard core if you gently pull her hair. Hos be hos. They’re all the same.

        1. Wtf is mohhamd ? And it takes one to know one so you’re in the wrong place Mich – read the fucking rules !

  42. It’s only terrorism is if terrifies you. Anybody dressed like them steps to me and tries to make me obey sharia law or any other stupid superstitious shit, they’re going to get a case of lead poisoning. Full stop.
    Why should we be tolerant of the intolerant (ie muslims)?
    Ask a liberal that and watch their head explode

    1. Bin Laden was taken alive and is being held underground. He’s too valuable as an intelligence asset to kill. Plus they just enjoy torturing him.

  43. This is a bigoted, factually incorrect and empirically empty line of thinking on Muslims that I’m disappointed to see on Return of Kings. Communities are always judged on their extremes. As a community which is widely vilified in mainstream media I incorrectly assumed that the ‘redpill’ community would understand how the masses latch on to the actions of those at the extreme of a community and conclude that the entire community is identical to its extremes. Or perhaps the redpill community is, as the mainstream argues, a bunch of misogynistic, emotionally damaged, hyper-manipulative, emotionally callous men simply out to bury their dick in as many holes as possible. I incorrectly assumed that the community would understand the aggressive campaign of demonization we Muslims have suffered for 14 years as a facsimile of the aggressive campaign of demonization the redpill has suffered. I incorrectly assumed the redpill would understand the traditional values Islam holds with regard to society, marriage and values, the very values which ROK continually advocates returning too and treasuring.
    The fact that a community holds different values and believes in a model of governance which differs from the Judeo-Christian model that has dominated recent history is no grounds for open bigotry. The vilification of a community simply because it views laws and the source of law differently from western legal systems is no grounds to make the claim that this community is lawless. A one-dimensional view of Islamic doctrine which is used as the basis of an anti-Islamic argument is scholarship of the lowest order.
    Contrary to Mr. Crowley’s deeply held but equally misguided belief, we Muslims are not out to kill you, your wives or your community. We don’t have some grand plan to dismantle your societies as part of an ancient crusade of global conquest. By fanning the flames of bigotry you fan the very flames of extremism the author claims all Muslims hold.

    1. You are one man versus the actions of thousands. When we see thousands of you actively denouncing terrorist acts and upholding high moral values while co-existing with non-Muslims, we can take your words for more than just air.

      1. Say there are 16,000 suicide bombers in the world. Let’s take that arbitrary number. There are not 16,000 suicide bombers in the world. In fact there have been around 1200 cases of suicide terrorism since 1980. But back to 16,000. That’s 16,000 Muslim bombers right there. That is equal to 0.00001% of the Muslim population of the entire world. To claim that these 16,000 are representative of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims is idiocy and poor statistics. No sample size is ever so tiny in a reputable sample.
        Let’s look at ISIL. Estimates vary but I’m sticking with the estimate that they have 31,000 fighters. That is not even 0.00002% of the Muslim population of the world. Poor statistics yet again.

        1. You are not serious with your “statistics” are you? If 0.00002% = 31,000 fighters then 100%=155000000000 muslims in the world?? Raise that percentage a little bit, mate..

        2. So where are the Muslisms who greatly outnumber ISIS condemning ISIS and the terrorism in Europe? Why we do we see “moderates” say things like “They should not have made fun of the prophet” in response to anyone asking if the killings are justified?

        3. Where are the Americans and British and other Nato nationalities condemning the invasion of Iraq? The lower end of estimates say that 100,000 Iraqis have been killed as a result of the US invasion. The higher end of estimates say 1 million. Where are your protests and condemnations?

        4. That’s an issue of communication. The overwhelming sentiment amongst Americans was against the Iraq war and our politicians ran on “bring home the troops” platforms after Bush’s presidency.
          Further, that conflict was not religiously motivated on our side. We were not using the Bible to justify it.

        5. Seriously… I mean… seriously? No, it isn’t. To reach 100%, I have to multiply 0.00001% by 10000000 (ten millions). This means there are 10 millions “0.00001%” parts in 100%, and each of these parts got 16k, right? Now multiply 16k by 10 million to reach the 100% total and we get: 160000000000 (one hundred sixty billions individuals). So, huh.. NO.

        6. On double check you’re right, but his point still stands – the radicals are very very small minority of all Muslims.

        7. Is a cruise missile a representative of the west? Yes. The Jihadi Shahid is the herald of Islam.

        8. You would have to add in Boko Haram, Janajaweed, Chechens, Muslim Brotherhood, AQ Pakistan… A few thpusand commando is all you need anyway.

        9. The radicals shot the support, sentimental, political, financial of 30-40% of the Muslim world. Also Algerians by the way are a special breed of Africanized Muz. Their Identity is anti French.

        10. I am not muslim and the “They should not have made fun of the prophet” is also my response to anyone asking if the killings are justified. Of course I also condemn terrorism, that goes without saying, but in the case of the recent French killings, I also add the “They should not have made fun of the prophet”. Pope Bergoglio also said something similar recently and the media just focused on the part about him demanding respect for other people’s beliefs and ignored his words against terrorism and violence.

        11. Why should they have not made fun of Muhammad? People who do not believe in Muhammad should not have to hold him up as sacred. To do so is to force non-Muslims to partially practice Islam.

        12. Many japanese people dont like to be touched in a friendly manner. Some people do not know this and go try to kiss them in the cheek when they are introduced in informal situations. However, those who are better informed dont go try kiss their cheeks when they are introduced. They could go kiss away, of course, no one is forcing them to stop kissing in the cheek. It would be awful if we forbad people from kissing strangers in the cheek when they are introduced, it is a sacred, well earned right. But most people abstain from kissing in the cheek if they know the other person might feel uncomfortable about this habit. That is basic manners: do not do things that annoy others. This is specially true when you are actually trying to annoy others, as this whole “lets make fun of Muhammad” really is about.

        13. You’re writing them a “get out of assimilation” free card and then wondering why they impose their values upon you in your homeland. They need to show respect for the values of your home before they get any respect for their own.

    2. Calm down, don’t want you exploding with anger!
      1. Repillers/MRAs/whatevers don’t murder people they don’t agree with the same way Muslims do.
      2. Any religious belief automatically makes you bluepill. Drag yourself into the modern age.

      1. “Any religious belief automatically makes you bluepill”. So what if I am bluepill. Why should I care about your labels. If thinking or doing what I think is right makes me “bluepill” in other people’s eyes, then paint me blue all the way.

    3. I was really hoping the community would see the paralelism between vilification of Islam and the vilification the “RedPill thinking” has suffered at the hands of the mainstream media. But they have been dissapointing so far.

  44. If white girls had half a brain they would be the ones pushing anti-immigration policies, as they would suffer the most under Islam and 3rd world conditions.
    We men would die fighting or convert, but the white women would fare the worst.
    Obviously, they are too stupid to see this as they completely lack foresight of any kind.
    Right-wing beliefs are protecting them for their own good and they don’t even know it.

    1. You’re misinformed. The Muslim man is required to financially support his family BY LAW. The Muslim woman, on the other hand, is not prohibited from taking a job but she can keep the earned money all for herself.
      It would fit the western women perfectly.

  45. Islamophobia is a buzzword the chronic left uses to push for their anti american beliefs. Basically they will embrace any system, philosophy, or counterculturist movement that attacks mainstream American traditions, beliefs, and faith, because leftists themselves are generally speaking opposed to those beliefs. It is why they support things like runamok islam, homosexual “want equals right” arguments, and of course communism in all its many iterations…these 3 in general have the common denominator of being opposed to (and seeking to destroy) Christianity, which the US is (was) predominantly known for.
    As far as Obama is concerned, he is more than just your typical anti american leftist, he REPRESENTS all 3 of those terminologies therefore he doesn’t just support hte enemy HE IS THE ENEMY…the non fictional manchurian president every statist anti american dreams of. Given the evidence (and suppression of it) He is most likely an illegal alien, engaged in homosexuality during college, and embraces ideologies and beliefs central to communism (he practically grew up being taught communism by his friends family and mentors)
    The reason that islam seems to be spreading is not so much the bias of politicians like obama, but because Americans have existed in this blissful apathy for years now, self insulated from realities which threaten that apathy. Instead of taking actions to combat these threats, most Americans who identify as Christians simply chose to leave the offense to God and most who identify as capitalists simply chose to leave the offense to their political party, and so forth.
    The conservatives in general outsourced their will to fight to God and to others, as if God was going to fight their battles for them. They did much the same with the GOP, as if the republican party really gave a damn about their conservative battles to begin with. In both instances, a clear lack of testicular fortitute was apparent, which brings us to the sorry satantic state of affairs we find ourselves in today.
    Before we can fix the system by ridding ourselves of benighted anti americans like obama, we have to educate the population into UNDERSTANDING why progressive politicians like obama seek to destroy the US…
    …and before that can happen, God has to make a major comeback in the lives of most Americans to begin with.

  46. Islamophobe, noun: Any individual who is in favor of free speech, secular democracy, equal protection under the law, and common sense.
    À bientôt,

    1. There is no free speech in Europe.. You can’t say something anti Semitic or about the Holocaust without ending all in prison… Your acting very blue pill.

      1. The people who want to kick out the Turks, Algerians and Pakis are well aware of the role of the Tribe in formenting the underlying conditions. And also for writing the hate crime laws. Muslims will eventually be slaughtered in Europe, one way or another.

        1. No. I’d have prefered they hadn’t infected European cities. Fences make for good Neighbors. Eventually the French are going to go on a bug hunt whether I like it or not.

        2. I look forward to when that day will come. Finally they can be “Halalalized” (LOL)! – Also the folks pushing this Multi-Culti Bullshit will eventually drown in their own f*cking mess! Serves them right…. Europe will have a major conflict and possibly, much of the west, before these 3rd World Moron are finally kicked out!

      2. I don’t live in Europe, therefore, I am free to exercise “Free Speech” to my heart’s content, within the bounds of the law. The more I observe life in the modern world, the wiser I think the Founders were….

        1. It occurs that you might be working in the wrong environment. Very often, as with food, it’s in the presentation.
          That said, my advice, as a long-time corporate infighter/survivor, is to remain nimble, know who your friends are, always make sure that the One Cool Person in HR has your back, and always have at least two escape routes. Make yourself indispensable, and then disappear. And read everything by “Stanley Bing”, if you are going to be in corporate environments.
          I only got hauled in to HR once, by the “mini-me” of the HMFIC, (who was a friend and ally. I used to tell her she would have made a good man, which she (correctly) took as a compliment). It seems at some large gathering, I was zoning out, and had become (apparently) focused on the hindquarters of a young admin–and admin who, in addition to having a gold medal/blue ribbon “Rear of the Year” ass, I was banging on the side (this was back when I was young, impetuous and couldn’t control myself.)
          So I sit down and Mini-Me kicks off with “Sexual harassment is the unwelcome sexual advances….”
          Me: “Stop right there. There are no ‘advances’ I make toward Sabrina that are, in any way ‘unwelcome’. Quite the opposite, in fact.”
          Mini-Me: “But…”
          [Looks at HMFIC, who is smiling]: “I believe were’ done here.”

          À bientôt,


  47. France’s First False Flag: The Dreyfus Affair
    The Dreyfus Affair (1894-1906) traumatized and transformed France much like
    Charlie Hebdo is doing today. Edmund de Rothschild arranged for an innocent Jew,
    Captain Alfred Dreyfus, to be charged with spying. This aroused anti-Semitism so
    Jews would go to Israel, as is happening today.
    Later, when the real spy, Esterhazy, a secret Rothschild agent, confessed, Jews were vindicated and Patriotic France disgraced.
    The Dreyfus Affair is yet another example of how historical events are manufactured by the Rothschilds for their psychological and political value. Looking back, we have: 9-11; the Kennedy Assassination; the Cold War; Vietnam War; Korean War; Hiroshima; Second World War, the Jewish holocaust; Pearl Harbor and so on…
    Obviously the Rothschilds’ mass media helps them put over their subterfuges . Another example of their duplicity is the phony banker’s coup of 1933, which was used to give their pawn FDR credibility. Social movements and ideologies are also Rothschild psy-ops: sexual liberation, women’s liberation, the civil rights movement, gay rights, feminism, diversity, multiculturalism.
    We can apply these lessons today by looking at current events in terms of how they advance the New World Order. – See more at:

    1. Makow is someone I’ve been wanting to read for a while to try and understand what’s going on. Is he reliable? David Icke also seems to purport a deep understanding of the ‘illuminati’, but it’s difficult to take him 100% seriously [although, ‘ludicrous conspiracy theories’ might be closer to the truth than people dare to imagine]. Illuminati symbolism in Back to the Future (around 1hr long) is an eye-opening video. The puppet-masters at the top are incredibly smart, and are probably in league with aliens and demons who have distinct advantages over us, in terms of knowledge and power.

  48. we need another Genghis khan to rise up and show those Muslims who’s boss. or that french guy during the crusades what was his name? “the hammer” or somthing like that

    1. There’s Charles Martel, Charles The Great, El Cid, Ferdinand, Barbarossa, Don Juan, Sobieski, Vlad The Impailer, Lord Kitchener, various Byzantine Autocrators and one or two Czars.

      1. oh thanks im just gonna copy and past these to my sticky notes so i can remember those names

    2. Yes,Charles Martel. The literal translation of Martel is “The Hammer” He was the grandfather of Charlemagne.

  49. The cops in Europe ought to be going door to door smashing the shit out of every Muslim 15-40 and sweeping up all the guns and explosives these murdwrous savages have stowed in their nests.

  50. This article was mind numbing and stupid… The Jews clearly doesn’t have a bone to pick… The level hate he had for Palestinians, should show why this should be take with a grain of salt.. “Israel our great allies” You know the allies who attacked the U.s.s liberty but nope they’er our great allies. The pew polls showed just how misinformed the author and the Jew where.. Asking a Muslim if they want Sharia law IN THERE COUNTRY is like ask a Jew or Christian if they want Biblical law… It doesn’t mean your a radical wtf.. Female genital mutilation? Really? How blue pill can you get? There was an article on this web site that said it has health befits for men…. Last I remember 99.9% percent of men are circumcised… Your hatred for Muslim is making you blind and stupid. You may want to look up what Taqiyya is.. It’s when a Muslim can hide his religion in the threat of death… They guy with glasses doesn’t know shit about Islam… He got destroyed in all his debates with a real scholars.. Rok is getting really blue pill on this topic…

    1. Algerians do not belong in France. They are not bright, they are resentful, they have a lot of chips on the shoulder, they are stabby, they are car-b-quers, they are pimps and heroin dealers. When they get religion they smuggle in RpG7s and Ak47s and kill actual Frenchmen.

      1. Well I’m not Algerian or in France so I can’t speak on this topic but it’s sounds like your making that shit up..

        1. Have you ever heard of the group GIA ?
          Gille Portecorvo’s Battle of Algiers is also instructive when you look at Tunisians, Algerians and their animus toward Frogs.

        2. The French have gibsmedat that the Africans like. When that isn’t good enough, the young men get religion and attack whites.

        3. The French have invaded every continent of the world. Even tho my father was French, I have no love for France’s actions since the horrid disaster called the French Revolution.
          .I have no love for Islam or it’s Muslims either.

  51. Oddly interesting that “American Sniper” has come out in the wake of the Paris shootings which will undoubtedly stoke fear and establish rather ignorant perceptions amongst a usually uninformed people: the American public. Eh but that’s not what I wanna focus on but just an observation.
    Anyways, I wont necessarily disagree with Ben Shapiro and what the Pew research polls state because that may very well be the truth considering how Western meddling has certainly affected Muslim identity and livelihood. What we may be seeing is a counter-culture movement against a percieved threat to Arab/Islamic livelihood. In other words, we butt-fuck the Middle East and finally they decide to put on a RapeEx condom (teeth condoms) to fight back lol.
    For every quote of the Quran condoning violence I can find a quote within the Bible that seem to condone violence, democide, etc…. May I be wrong and missing out on literary, historical context? Yes but that’s the whole point to others quoting the Quran.
    The mention of the Taqqiya doctrine and how it may be used too is interesting because many Christians lie when it suits them and some Christian communities are even more honest about it like adherents of Dominion theology, Christian Reconstructionists, the 1980s Posse Comitus group, etc.
    The Left turns a blind eye many times for the sake of political correctness at the expense of victims, the spirit of truth and for what is right but I agree with them that we bring some of what happens to us on us. I agree with many criticisms of Islam but deny that the Islamic world breeds an inherent culture of conquest, terrorism and despotism. Don’t we do the same? Ah yes but we are on the winning side and victors always define the world.
    There are valid philosophical criticisms that can be made of Islam but this piece is riddle with ethnocentrism. We are being conditioned to hate Muslims and be desensitized to any actions towardsbthe middle east… Sit back and enjoy the blowback.
    Leading Nazi Herman Goerring once said, “naturally the common people don’t want war.that is understood but after all it is the leaders of the country who determine policyand it is always a simple matter to drag them along. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to do the bidding of their leaders.all you have to do is tell them that they are being attacked and denounce the pacifist for lack of patriotism and for exposing the country to danger. It works the same on any country.”

    1. My concern isn’t so much Islam. In the case of France they sat out the Iraq war. The PROBLEM in France is the presence of 6-7 million Algerians and other North Africans. Useless mouths and resentful inbred retards for the most part on welfare and poised to dominate metropolitan and provincial cities. The Algerians carry around a bitter hate for the French. Why do they want to live around their oppressor?

      1. Maghrebi North Africans are pieces of sh*t. They spent centuries being pirates and stealing Europeans for their disgusting slave trade. Finally, in the 1800s, the French gave them a justly deserved beating into the ground. Unfortunately, they have recently made the mistake of letting these human turds come live in France, and in the case of Moroccans, they’ve infested several other European countries as well, and, of course, returned to their innate criminal behavior.

        1. If a proper sweep was conducted in the Africanized Paris, Marsailles, Lille etc I wonder how many kidnapped sex slaves and RPg7’s would be found?

    2. The Koran is made up of the Torah, the New Testament and Prophet Mohammuds rambings.. To say you’ve found things in the Bible that are like the Koran is a bit ignorant.
      Your tit for tat comparison is the Torah for the Torah (Old T)
      Those aren’t the parts that validate violence for Muslims.

    3. – For every quote of the Quran condoning violence I can find a quote within the Bible that seem to condone violence, democide, etc…. May I be wrong and missing out on literary, historical context? Yes but that’s the whole point to others quoting the Quran. –
      You are right about being wrong, the OT did condone violence against the Amalekites and the Philistines but if you’re an American/Jew/British/French/Kraut/Chinese/Mexican/Korean/Arab/Amish/Sicilian/Turk/Russian/Malaysian/Swede or basically NON Amelekites and NON Philistines then you’ll be just fine, those marauding Christian dudes are on the look for Amalekites and the Philistines only. But not so if you’re a kafir though, a kafir today is no less a kafir than the ones back during the days of Muhammad PBUH ( parishilton be upon him ).

  52. 1.6 billion….that is the fear. However I agree with other commenters this fear is not irrational.

  53. I know MANY Muslims, so let me just reassure everyone that there is nothing to worry about. This whole article is full of shit. Most Muslims are only Muslim in name, because their parents were Muslim so that makes them Muslim. But they’re not true practicing Muslims, they don’t go to the mosque, don’t pray 5 times a day, they’re not plotting to kill the infidels. I was like this when I was younger… someone would ask what am I and I’d say Muslim because that’s what I identified with. I was never religious at all, but just claimed it. (I’m atheist now and look down on all religions)
    The tiny percentage of radicals do have radical violent views. But a significant percentage of Muslims do NOT hold radical violent views. There are over a billion Muslims in this world…. if they’re so radical I’d expect to see thousands or even millions of them shooting in the streets at the infidels… but it was only 2 crazy brothers and another radical couple.
    Everytime I’m out in Ramallah (I’m currently in Palestine at the moment) I see white tourists and Asian tourists… the West Bank is 97% Muslim and these infidels are walking safely through the crowds, going to the cafes and markets. No one pays them any mind at all, no one jumps out to kill them. At first I thought it was weird to see white girls in Ramallah, but now I’m so used to it. It’s so funny seeing an Arab guy hitting on the girls with his broken English.

    1. Well you are a nice guy. But I notice you are talking about yourself in the third person
      You are in fact one of those “Muslims” who are only Muslim by birth but do not believe nor practice.
      To claim that all Muslims or even half of them don’t believe nor practice does not ring to be true and their violence is evident even within their own political/socio structures free of Western influence and other religions.

      1. Their violence is evident from what the media wants to show you. I’ve been here many times and have yet to see any violence.

    2. Tell that to the dozens of dead tourists in Luxor, Egypt. Western tourists who visit muzzieland are courting a Darwin Award.

      1. There are murders everyday in Chicago… are people stupid to visit Chicago?
        Can you please tell me more about these tourist deaths in Luxor? All I can find is a massacre back in 1997. Other than that roughly 700K+ people visit Luxor annually and have a safe trip.

    3. – But they’re not true practicing Muslims, they don’t go to the mosque, don’t pray 5 times a day, they’re not plotting to kill the infidels. I was like this when I was younger… someone would ask what am I and I’d say Muslim because that’s what I identified with. I was never religious at all, but just claimed it. (I’m atheist now and look down on all religions). –
      You said you’re now an Atheist so that makes you a murtadd and what surah An-Nisa 4:89 says what to do with apostates? You’re a good person but regretfully good persons like you will be the first to be beheaded by those dudes at Boko-Haram and ISIS, at least the infidels will be offered a chance to convert. Radicals are CURRENTLY the minority but they are like cancer cells which will easily force their will upon the majority of the good cells if left unchecked. And what cause those cancer cells become cancerous in the first place? Yep, you beat me to it, strict adherence to Islam but again if a Muslim does not strictly adhere to Islam then he/she essentially is a murtadd and a munafiq. And you know how those Taliban and ISIS dudes feel about murtadds and munafiqs now don’t you?

  54. The author is use the same argument feminist use… Sad.. Men cause all the wars, Hitler was men, Stalin was men, Mao was a men equals all men are evil. Fuck dumb fuck doesn’t see the road he going down.. Generalization aren’t good, unless all white people are slave owning bigots?

  55. circumcision is a barbaric practice that originated from the middle east. for us men, circumcision destroys over 8000 nerve endings in the foreskin, and the glans of the penis, now being exposed to the outside world, becomes keratinised, (grows an additional layer of skin) the nerves on the glans become number and harder to stimulate. Basically this practice stops us from enjoying the full sensation of sexual intercourse with a woman.
    the foreskin during sex stops the vaginal secretions from being drawn out of the vagina during sex, and feels better for a woman. a circumcised penis actually draws out the vaginal secretions, and can make a woman sore down there due to friction.
    the benefits of circumcision are a myth, mainly the myth that its more hygienic, ive never had a problem with hygiene down there and frankly if you dont bother cleaning your cock every now and then in the shower you shouldnt really be having sex at all.

    1. Blame your parents. No Western country automatically circumcises . It’s your parents that decide..
      The benefits to the child medicallly speaking do in fact outweigh any possible harm. Even then, most people circumcise their sons now because of one reason…….the father is , and the son needs to feel a oneness with his father. He gets his identity from his father.

      1. Was just about to say this. Circumcision is not mandatory, your parents tell the doctor to do it.

        1. Well I am. and I’m glad about it.
          In countries where its not done………STDS’s including AIDS among heteros,
          The US is a great example, Most black guys aren’t cut, and they have most of the cases of HIV , Herpes, Syph, ect. . Of those that are, a much lower rate of STD’s .

  56. I don’t want to invoke godwins law but here goes. After WW2 a lot of people wanted to know how the Nazis came to power. Not the mechanics, but the mindset that allowed the population to commit massive genocide. So a test called the F test was developed (Fascism test). The idea was to quantify what made a person likely to identify with Nazism.
    There was of course up front speculation, involving religious beliefs, philosophy etc… non of these were found to correlate in a multi factor analysis or path analysis. The test was deemed a failure. But like all science sometimes no result is an important result.
    So a another research body picked up the torch several years later. The assumption was the religious beliefs fuelled fanatical behavor, but coded into the test were also questions about income, food, shelter, ability to control ones life, education and employment.
    Much to the surprise of the research team, once again religious beliefs turned up to be insignificant. What was the major factor? It turned out by a massive 48%, that fear drove fanatical (terrorism) behavor. The path to genrating fear was found to be a lack of control, money, food, education, and access to work.
    In the middle east there is crushing unemployment, authoritarian government, lack of food and resources, reduced educational infrastructure, and of course foreign armies. In otherwords all of the ingredients needed to be out of control and fearful of survival.
    So back to the fanatical though process. The west has all the money and guns, and regularly harvests resources from the region (oil) with very little return to the common people (due to corruption). Given the poor state of affairs, to maintain control either by the government (iran) or by the religious leaders (isis, Hezbollah) the west makes a convenient target to indoctrinate as the evil doers and deflect blame.
    I make no apologies for anyone, but its difficult in the west to just walk in, the general Islamic population gets all the “bread and circuses” along with jobs and security it needs. Not the recipe to insite mass jihad. In Europe, its a bit more acute given outsiders from Syria or other war effected areas can sort of wonder in, and parts of the EU’s economy are a wreck.
    And before I get the 9/11 comment, one attack does not make an invasion, anymore than Timothy McVeigh started a revolution.

    1. -The assumption was the religious beliefs fuelled fanatical behavor, but coded into the test were also questions about income, food, shelter, ability to control ones life, education and employment.-
      So, what do you think fueled Muhammad and the Sahabas to do what they did? Was it Allah’s command or Muhammad & the Sahabas worried about income, food, shelter, ability to control one’s life, etc? Funny that you talked about ‘ability to control one’s life’ because following any given religion to a tee basically means one doesn’t get to fully control one’s own life. “Jesus F Christ! How I wish my life to be full of feasting on roasted pork but too bad if I did that then Allah will roast me in hell forevah”.
      – So back to the fanatical though process. The west has all the money and guns, and regularly harvests resources from the region (oil) with very little return to the common people (due to corruption). Given the poor state of affairs, to maintain control either by the government (iran) or by the religious leaders (isis, Hezbollah) the west makes a convenient target to indoctrinate as the evil doers and deflect blame. –
      The Byzantium and Sassanid Persian empires regularly harvested nothing but desert wind mixed with sands from where the early Muhammadans originally hailed from but that sure didn’t stop the Muhammadans to go ‘Khalid Ibn Walid’ on those 2 hapless chumps.
      – And before I get the 9/11 comment, one attack does not make an invasion, anymore than Timothy McVeigh started a revolution. –
      1 attack from the Muhammadans did cause the Yankees to make an invasion towards other Muhammadans albeit very much off target.

      1. During the time of Muhammad or any ancient profit, the civilizations of the time were dependent on drought/rain cycles for food. There was a lot of oppression by the authorities, in part to keep the hungry masses in check. My short answer is that I believe Muhammad was inspired to improve his situation through life or death, but not laying down.
        Muhammad was a charismatic leader, he had the message at the right time. During the period he seized the opportunity. He promised the masses, at a time when life was cheap and hard to take their due granted by God. No different than Lenin (populist), or Hitler (anti-semite) during their rise to power. They all lead desperate people…eventually to war.
        Following religion does not strip you of all free will, its primary objective is to provide a stable moral structure to promote civil behavior. Its early philosophy, natural law. All religions have areas of questionable authority. Islam’s problem with pork is not different than orthodox Judaism’s kosher rules or Christianities rules on money lending. I will agree that Islam’s message is more violent, but not by much. The main point is a religious message alone does not get someone to jump on the jihad bandwagon. It takes a desperate person combined with a cause.
        The theory surrounding fanaticism emphasizes that there needs to be something close to equitable treatment between and among groups that provides prosperity to avoid it.
        The middle east and Africa are in a state of war because the population has been beat down, for a long time. Clearly the mass of youth with no prospects decided it was time to fight instead of grind. The region has Islam as a ready made message that any ayatollah with a voice can latch onto. The west has been meddling in the area, so its a natural target. But its just a side show compared to the killing they are inflicting on each other.
        As far as 9/11 goes, America (s) does not have a militant Islam problem within its borders. For successful acts we had: 9/11, prior to that there was a truck bomb attempt on the world trade center in 1996? Post 9/11, only the DC sniper could be considered a militant Islam follower. He was a mental case with no job, which almost proves the point that fear and lack of control drive people to fanatical behavior. So 3 successful cases out of 316,000,000 US people in 20 years.
        9/11 was a big hit, but Muslims around america did not come out with riffles and IED’s post attack. I would argue that the reason is we have it pretty good. Most are not worried were there next meal is coming from. The big concern in the west is the “lone wolf” metal case, not the mosque downtown emptying out with jihadies.
        Islam is a boogie man. The middle east is being used as an excuses to implement many violations of the 4th amendment. The Patriot act, NSA mass data collection programs, wire tapping of American and UK fiber optic systems, TSA search without cause, militarized police in every town, drone surveillance, traffic cameras, positional microphones, automated vehicle scanners, and on and on and on. That’s the real threat. Signing away our rights for “safety” from the Islamic boohie man.

        1. – The main point is a religious message alone does not get someone to jump on the jihad bandwagon. It takes a desperate person combined with a cause. –
          The Vikings used to believe that they will dine with Odin in Valhalla after they were slain in battles. Islam came up with a more attractive proposition : Unlimited sex with the Houris if you went ‘jihad fi sabilillah’ which means fighting in the cause of Allah which translates on the ground to be fighting in order for Allah’s will to reign supreme. Unfortunately, what constitutes as ‘Allah’s will’ is not exactly an enticing proposition at all for the infidels : “Whaaaaaaat? I should bent 5x a day as if I am about to take it up in the ass 5x a day? And I must say goodbye to bacon, booze, Blizzard games and my dog? What the??”
          – Islam is a boogie man. The middle east is being used as an excuses to implement many violations of the 4th amendment. –
          Yeah sure it is. It’s been 570 years ago but I can still remember hearing some dudes back then “The Ottoman are Bogeyman! What are you saying? Those bombardments and razzias? Oh haven’t you heard? The Byzantine-Elites have been funding the Jews to masquerade as Turks and launch false-flag operations! Those filthy rich SOBs and the Jews are conspiring to take away your freedom and mine! Gnome Saint?”
          I managed to skip town roughly just 2 weeks before that fateful day 29 May 1453 when Constantinople fell to the Turks but I can’t live with myself for being such a selfish pussy coward hence in an act of redemption I enlisted to become a low-ranking cannon-fodder in the Order of the Knights of Saint John . I had a rendezvous with the Ottoman Bogeyman 112 years after I pussy cowardly skipped town back in 1453, yes I was there, dude, when those Allahu-Akbar-screaming Bogeyman Turks descended upon Malta. And even back then some Maltese old geezer couldn’t stop shouting “That Frenchie muthafucka Jean Parisot de Valette is conspiring with the Jews and the Pope to take away our freedom and enslave us native Maltese people! Gnome Saint?”.

  57. One day these women will ask for and need their men to stand up and defend them again Islam. That call will be unanswered as these women have emasculated their men to the point where they won’t fight or be able to help financially. . The future belongs to Muslims. He’ll I might even convert as it all means shit to me anyway

        1. – Islam is better. It doesn’t take shit from women. –
          Agreed but that can only happen when the Muslim men adhere strictly to Islam in its purest form like what the Taliban and Isis dudes are doing.
          I’ve seen Muslim men henpecked and bossed-around by their hijab-wearing wives, some sickening sight it was.

        2. No it isn’t. It fails to create stable societies. Which defeats the whole purpose of why we like patriarchy

        3. Must have been western raised Muslim men and feminized hijabis. Muslims are not immune from the disease.

    1. Correct. There will come a day when they have option A or option B…..
      A.) submit to your Christian male Crusader husband
      B.) submit to your Muslim male Invader rapist
      If they choose A, the blight of Islam in the west will be beaten back into its cave like a savage one-eyed beast terrified of the light.
      If they choose B or “none of the above”……their bed sheets will be fashioned into burkhas. Western man will need to carve out a nation of his own to live out the remaining days.

      1. it’s inevitable. there will be a world war btw the caliphate & the resistance: famine, pestilence, & plague will descend upon the earth. Those who are smart will form a nation of like minded ppl & arm themselves to the teeth. Think Orania with tall walls & taller bldgs (vertical farming) or like Elysium which has a safe haven city in the sky with the savages living below.
        You ever play that PC game Fallout? Yeah, it’ll kinda be like that (Muslims will be those glowing zombies or the Mutant congregation – dont want to spoil it)

    1. If they are only solely against feminism or female bullshits in general then it’s mighty fine but regretfully they are also against lots of things which make life precious :
      1) Bacon.
      2) Alcohol.
      3) ONS.
      4) Songs and Musics.
      5) Anal sex.
      6) Internet Porn.
      7) Cartoons.
      8) Wanking.
      9) Single life.
      10) Christmas.
      11) Labs, Pembroke Corgi, St. Bernard, Beagle, etc.
      12) Free speech.
      13) Extra free time.
      14) DC Comics.
      15) Escargot.
      16) Frog legs.
      17) Bikini.

      1. They are most definitely not against anal sex…..especially with other men, and really especially with boys. You would probably be shocked at what actually goes on over there.

    2. You should be supporting them, but not supporting them immigrating into your country and contributing to diversity. The two things are not mutually exclusive.

  58. Ahh… So the so-called “Return of Kings” has been thoroughly captured by reich-wingers… Fascinating. No wonder they have so much trouble getting dates.

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