Are You Ready To Live In A Society That Pressures Toddlers To Become Transgender?

I sometimes find it difficult to accept the rapid changes our society has seen. My grandparents were born shortly after the First World War, when Western culture began its decline. And I grew up watching old reruns of Leave it to Beaver and The Brady Bunch, where mothers played a much more traditional feminine role, only to enter the dating world, where aggressive, masculine butch women shunned all of their femininity and presented me with their rude, sarcastic, overweight, abrasive selves.

Yet perhaps the most rapid change of all has been in the realm of sex and gender. Gender is a word created by Dr. John Money only a few short decades ago, and the idea of gender being an arbitrary and capricious element of our humanity, like our hair color or personal style, was rapidly introduced. While there are still members of society alive that remember concentration camps, segregation, and other relics of the past, I honestly don’t know how they can process the light speed changes in the realm of sexuality.

It’s hard to believe that after all we’ve seen, society still has the ability to shock and mortify. This happened most recently to me when a story came on my radio about a toddler tranny. (Oh, the politically correct word is transitioning or transgender, which sounds less twisted and perverse). I could barely continue driving my car, questioning whether I was dreaming or not.

Even writing this article, a part of me wants to believe these are fictional stories, meant to indoctrinate, enrage, or distract the public. But sadly, I believe them to be real.  Let’s examine one such case.

3 Year Old Jack Transitions To Jackie

A Georgia couple who recently moved to California with their two children decided that the youngest, Jack, wasn’t really happy being a boy, and really should be a girl.  How old was Jack when they made this decision? Three years old. I have cousins approaching three, and they can barely talk. When they do talk, they often don’t make sense. I’ve never heard them express any sort of independent thought, and they are easily distracted.

Their thoughts range from “let’s play with my action figure over here” to “lets go color or draw something over here” to “lets go watch TV in here.”  They essentially have no awareness of themselves, or what we call consciousness.


Curiosity does not equal a desire to be sexually mutilated

They certainly don’t have any sort of sexuality, and whatever sexual organs they have are not yet developed. They are, in a way, asexual. They can’t even understand what the difference is between a male and female.  Sure, they know what daddy looks like, and mommy looks like something different, but there’s no understanding of sexual correlation.

Nothing sexual is going on here, feminist perverts!

You can see this from the way young children will play with each other. Boys will play with girls just as freely as with other boys–there’s no realization of a difference, primarily because the differences haven’t yet developed. A baby boy has no significantly higher upper body strength, deeper voice, or logically developed mind than a baby girl.

The idea of ascribing sex to them at such a sickeningly young age is perverse enough. What’s sicker is to decide for them that a mistake was made, and instead of becoming a man, they should become a woman or vice versa.


In the past, all baby boys wore dresses.

Jack’s mom allowed Jack to wear his older sister’s dresses, but a three-year-old has no concept of what a dress is, and there is nothing inherently sexual about a dress—this is all societally contrived. The Scottish wear skirts and this doesn’t mean they want their penis lopped off. Jack also would wear pink boots (one would assume his parents bought him pink boots, encouraging this behavior, and again, there is nothing inherently feminine about a color–society has simply decided that baby boy = blue and baby girl = pink).

One day, when Jack’s mom was driving his older sister to Kindergarten, his mother decided he “looked really sad” and had

this weight that looked like it weighed more than she (sic) did, something she (sic) had to say and I didn’t know what that was. So I asked “Jack, are you sad that you’re not going to school today? And Jack was really quiet and put her (sic) head down and said “No, I’m sad because I’m a boy.”


You want to drive? Sure! Why not! You’re a fully developed, rational human being with logic and reason.

The mom continued, “I thought a little bit longer  and I said, ‘Well, are you happy being you?’ And that made Jack smile,” she says. “And I felt like for that moment, that was all that really mattered. That was ‘The Day.’”

So, there you go. If you hand a boy a doll, and instead of throwing it down, he analyzes or plays with it, and he agrees that he is “happy being himself,” then that is a clear sign that his penis must be immediately cauterized, he should be shot up with hormones, dressed and treated a certain way, and his name changed.

As anyone who has been around toddlers knows, they are silly, easily distracted or amused, illogical, and lack self awareness. Yet, this mother treats her son like he is a wise prophet trapped in a child’s body, mysteriously issuing her secretive coded messages about how he wants her to change him.

The mom drove Jack to a drugstore, bought him elastic hair bands, and put Jack’s hair in a ponytail. The mom took this as a clear sign:

I’ve never seen such a happy child.  To go from maybe an hour before this, this child who looks so sad, to that, I felt like I’d done something right by her (sic).


The mom soon decided Jack should be called Jackie, and from that moment on, referred to him as a her. The older sister, Chloe, doesn’t understand this, and will still sometimes refer to her brother as “Jack” “he” and “brother.”

I don’t have any memories of age three or earlier, and I’d guess chances are fairly high, that much like the story of David Reimer, Jack won’t know or remember that he was a boy, and if he ever finds out will be incredibly angry and confused. If the David Reimer story isn’t a warning about what can happen when doctors alter the sex of children (hint: both twins committed suicide after struggling with depression, drug abuse, and crime), I don’t know what is.

This is a clear case of child abuse, and mental illness by the parents.


The double standard–this is completely normal, while the opposite is a birth defect

When they are infants and toddlers, it is normal for children of both sexes to be interested in and learn about everything they come across.  The way they learn the difference between a masculine G I Joe and a feminine My Little Pony is by examining and playing with each.


The tranny movement is mental illness, as Johns Hopkins lead psychologist Paul McHugh stated (since Johns Hopkins has closed Dr. Money’s gender clinic). It is a pure attack on men and masculinity. Notice how these stories are always about baby boys, and the solution is to chop off their penis and treat them as women. If a girl wants to pick up an action figure or a gun, she is “empowered.” But if a boy is curious about a Barbie or the color pink, he is a disfigured and defective, and must be corrected by hormone treatment and surgery.

A World Of Regret


Author and anti-sex change activist Walt Heyer

Walt Heyer, who was treated as a girl by his parents, had sex surgery, and later returned to identifying as a man, has documented many cases of regret, suicide, reverse sex change operations, and stories about children and gender reassignment at his site Sexchangeregret.  Recent studies have shown that having sex surgery increases your risk of suicide by 20 TIMES. Furthermore, even if one did take children at their word, pretending that they are rational, developed adults, studies from Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic indicate that over time, children who expressed transgender feelings, “spontaneously lost those feelings 70% to 80% of the time.”

This is all-out war on men and masculinity. As mass sexual mutiliation of most boys occurs through hospital circumcision, men have been targeted since birth to be brought down in order to raise up other groups. Childhood sexual reassignment is child abuse and must be stopped. If not, we are in for a sick, dark future.

Listen to the original radio story here.

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259 thoughts on “Are You Ready To Live In A Society That Pressures Toddlers To Become Transgender?”

  1. This is disgusting. What mentally deranged parent would do this to their 3 yo child? I have a 3 yo daughter and 2 yo twins and these thoughts have never crossed my mind. Give my daughter a toy, don’t matter what it is, and she will have a blast with it. Doesn’t mean she identifies as a boy. That’s just ludicrous. I hope those parents eventually get charged with child abuse. Sadly, they live in CA so more likely than not, they will be viewed as heroes for ruining their child.

    1. the kind who’s been taught their whole lives that gender is relative social construct
      the colleges are mostly responsible for this

    2. Kids play with any toy they want whether it’s a boy or girls toys. Young kids at that age don’t know about this gender B.S. I played with dolls as a kid but that did not make me some tranny. These parents are stupid because this may just be a phase and they are more likely than not setting this child up for a life of future misery. Since when did mom decide her child is a girl just because of a feminine toy and clothing preference and demeanor?! These parents are being abusive. It’s one thing if the kid grows up and decides to be a tranny but enabling this nonsense isn’t going to do any good. Most kids like this eventually outgrow it and at the most, may end up gay but not trannies.

    3. She could be doing it to spite the kids father and never even realize it. There’s a case in Canada where this exact scenario played out, it was sad. Imagine your mom pushing you to wear girls clothes then being completely ashamed when your with your dad for the weekend or whatever.

    4. PBS Frontline ran a program about parents delaying their children’s puberty so they could dwell in the no-sexuality zone for awhile so they could transfer sex more easily…it was sickening…

  2. How the bloody hell is 3 years old an age where people can determine what gender they want to be? There is a good reason why people under the age of 18 can’t vote in the U.S.: Their judgement isn’t fully developed.
    I have a feeling that a lot of pro-trans people are against what is happening to that poor child.

  3. What are the educational options in America and the west now to avoid this psychotic leftist abuse?
    At this point, my wife and I are dead set on homeschooling in a deeply traditional way. She wants lots of Bible lessons. I’m more interested in making sure my children’s educational literature is packed full of traditional gender roles, study of the accomplishments of the great men in history, and practical lessons for how my sons can dominate this pathetic world “controlled” by women and betas.
    Preparing curriculum for my kids that can insulate them from 50 years of sexual deviancy and leftist degeneracy is a big project. I’m honestly not sure my wife and I alone can do it.

    1. My family is in the same boat. We have no faith in the public school system and are planning on homeschooling. In addition to the Bible lessons and reading, be sure to add in other real world skills like cooking, budgeting, gardening, basic auto mechanics, etc.

      1. Theres something fishy about commoncore- once I saw how it trains kids to do basic math, I immediately thought it was a way to alienate kids from their parents; I mean, if you cant help a 6 yr old with his math problems…

        1. Indeed. When I saw their process for doing simple addition and subtraction, I was like “Nope! Fuck that!” Personally, I always hated having to show my work. I was always good at math and a lot of the problems I was given for homework, I could do in my head. Showing my work was tedious.

        2. Funny story about Common Core. Last year, I was teaching a Sunday School class for 7 and 8 years olds. During a long down hour we got to talking about math.
          A boy who was probably the smartest in the class bragged about how he had mastered the way to multiply a 2-digit number by a 3-digit number.
          I let him show off his work on the whiteboard and he did some idiotic grid bullshit.
          Over the next hour I showed my whole class how to multiply the procedural way.
          In less than an hour, I had 7 year olds able to multiply 1,894,547,124 by 3,284,674 with virtually no errors (but lots of paper used).
          INCLUDING the quiet little girls who hate math. Most of the boys grasped the procedural method much faster, but all of them who tried seemed to get it. One of them was actually ANGRY at how easy it was to do procedural multiplication when he’d been struggling in math for months.
          They left asking me to give them huge numbers to multiply at home and I even wrote out a summary of the steps for a curious few.
          I think I was supposed to be teaching a story from Leviticus that day, but math may have been a better use of time
          Screw everything about Common Core. It’s trash designed to equalize by helping every child suck equally at simple skills.

        1. You mean likes civics? Public school civics courses were phased out back then…

        2. this is a myth. public schools are based off the prussian system which came to america around the 1860s. it is the fundamental concept and design of public school that is flawed, not so much its classes or lack thereof.
          the prussian system was designed to created mindless drone slaves to the state….whereas before it came to america we had no public forced mandated school system and look at all the bright minds we produced.

        3. Yes there was a good article here recently, or perhaps just some good links in the comments here that introduced me to the Prussian system and its relationship to American schools. However, in the past, American schools at least taught home economics, cooking, engine repair, woodworking, budgeting, etc. I think most of that has been phased out.

        4. while you’re not wrong however it still didnt really matter. you see and this might sound utterly strange as fuck to modern americans but before the prussian school system came over americans actually balked at the idea of mandated public schools.
          so you couldnt just start out straight with the liberal bullshit not only because americans heavily resisted the idea for decades, but also because america still largely valued the constitution and freedom. so it had to a slow and subtle thing. the people who planned this had to know full well they wouldnt be alive to see it come to pass.
          it was all about inching us closer and closer to the point we see today. it’s like communism….you dont come straight out with the Im going to rob you blind part of it, you gotta warm folks up with the sweet lies….the free this and that.
          in essence it because of the previous generations that we are where we are today because they kept falling for the bullshit line by line, bit by bit…so they slowly fazed out anything that might have been good about the school system

      2. Oh yes, I have a long list in my journal of life skills to teach them. I have decent lessons on how to invest money, home construction, proper exercise and weight lifting, cooking and nutrition, and music.
        I also have really well developed mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, computer programming, mechanical engineering, statistics, reading, writing, and economics curriculum ready (and I don’t even have the first kid yet).
        The part I don’t have a great grasp on yet is literature and history without leftist bias.

    2. the bible has a lot of red pill wisdom and teaching your kids to know that there is a God and how to come to said God will be of immense value….that said….homeschool homeschool homeschool.
      and by bible study…stay the fuck away from 99% of all (liberal) churches.
      just going to have to be on guard 24/7. build a rock solid foundation.
      and yeah gender roles and practical knowledge….lots of that too. and get your kids to not hate each other and hold grudges till the ends of time(I have sisters that have hated each other for 30 years)….and hopefully by them not hating each other at least theyll have each other to fall back on. bible study can help with this too. religion done right can teach a community to not act insane.

        1. yeah it does and its grammar is a lot tougher to read too. it takes a certain mental toughness to plow through the old testament. Noahs flood is a short but tough story, Moses and all those laws is another tough one and quite frankly I dont think there is another story on earth that compares to Job.
          it really is just a tough as nails read.

        2. It is long and, frankly, tedious to read. And some of the stuff, like killing people who don’t follow the Sabbath, is quite messed up. But I do like the sense of order and discipline in both Deutoronomy and Leviticus. Something that, given this article, we take for granted. I especially like the idea of having to sacrifice something to wash your sins away.

        3. eh i think we could do with a good old sabbath day breaking stoning. such things take balls no matter how harsh and america lacks balls.
          but yeah that said…the order and structure to it and how there is a very clearly defined society makes for a tough read especially in todays lovely world of “anything goes even if a 3 year old wants a sex change!!!”
          the tedious reading part of it really does add to the mental toughness needed to get through it….even the new testament isnt half as tedious. and some of the tedious parts are needed to understand context.

        4. As I mentioned in another article, I blame the salvation through faith alone dogma. I’m not gonna get into the subject deep because it’s more complex than it looks, but even though I’m an atheist, I still appreciate Catholic philosophy involving good works and doing penance.

        5. Ditto. And the big growth in religion is towards these nondenominational megachurches that are just entertainment centers built around a center of morality. As long as you “have a personal relationship with Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” pretty much anything goes..

        6. If I wanted to go to a big auditorium to have someone ramble about how I need to have a personal relationship with someone special, might as well become a Taylor Swift fan.

    3. We homeschooled our three kids and they turned out pretty well.
      We used a solid Christian curriculum, but in hindsight, I would have hit on traditional logic and rhetoric more and insisted on them learning Latin which is a gateway to learning almost all the Romance languages as well as useful in a number of vocations such as legal and medical.

  4. The United States will not stand another 50 years. There is no way of turning this back. This country simply has to cease to exist. It is too far gone to take back now.

    1. Itll still exist..but in what form? For every George Washington, you end up with 20 Stalins or the like.

      1. As I’ve said before, it will probably split into smaller countries. Someone once said that the big thing rarely ever disappears completely, it just becomes a lot of smaller things.

        1. Possible–even an outcome that makes me think hope in the long term is possible. But another Lincoln x100 is probably more likely.

        2. I’m not so sure about that. Say what you will about Lincoln, but he had NERVE, something that almost none of our politicians today have. There will probably be a great deal of gesticulating by our political elites, and the media will have a field day, but I honestly think that if a region were to secede, there would be virtually nothing done to stop it. America does not have that kind of unity anymore, if it ever did.

    2. Carthage was sacrificing children to their gods to such an extent that it invoked the wrath of God and through through the Romans lead to their destruction.

  5. Just let the damn kids be kids. If they want to play with Elsa dolls, let them. If they want to play with firetrucks, let them. I had a popple vacuum cleaner and Shee-ra and Gi Joe and toy guns. I turned out fine.
    Even better, know what doesn’t have gender? Nature. The trees in my backyard served the dual purpose as a fort and the fence for whiffleball and kickball. Last time I was home, the neighbor girls had repurposed them as a house for domestic duties. Sticks can be guns, swords, wands, or brooms.
    Raise ’em right and when they turn 15 or 16, and actually start thinking about all this sex stuff, chances are they will have their heads firmly planted on their shoulders.

    1. el arbol = tree
      haha.. No, I get your point, just pointing out that gender always *was* just a thing for trees and similar objects until it was redefined by Dr. John Money to be about human sexuality.

      1. That, my friend, is one of the beauties of Romance languages, that is, the separation of genders.

    2. I recall playing with Rainbow Brite dolls with the neighbor girls. But I also had Masters of the Universe figures, He Man’s apparent gayness notwithstanding.

    3. That’s because kids play with any inanimate object they think can be a toy and re-purpose them for their enjoyment. I played with Barbies but I mutilated them and still had my toy guns, cars, and action figures. Parents these days, when they see a boy play with Barbies then automatically they’re trannies. This is retarded.

  6. This is nothing less than child abuse. “Jackies” parents are disturbed sick fucks. Of course this comes from NPR, who would champion these parents as brave and enlightened.
    Thermonuclear war cannot happen soon enough.

        1. I’ve heard some discussions on the matter and really it would be more devastating to detonate a nuclear bomb in the atmosphere above the USA as opposed to on the surface. From what I’ve heard by experts, 2 well-placed explosions would send the ENTIRE USA back into the dark ages due to the resulting EMP shockwaves that the nuclear explosions would create. Truly scary stuff.

        2. Yeah, and if you listen to all the preppers they talk about how our society is so dependent on electronics, computers, and cell phones that basic things like food distribution and water service would soon fail. USA without tech would fare much worse than Africa without tech, in my opinion.
          And we *need* that tech to live in most cases.. ie you can’t drink our water without purifying it because industry has polluted it to the point where you need chemical treatment. Although we would certainly have spots of self sufficient groups tough enough to survive on their own.

        3. There was a book about that kind of scenario called The Second After. Its wort a read or listen if you’re on a long road trip.

        4. I think that’s the way traditional warfare could make its come back in western countries : drop a few nuclear bombs in the atmosphere then send the footsoldiers.

        5. bascialy Nasim Taleb talks about that concept in Anti-Fragile. In your example, Africa is much more *ROBUST* than North America due to the fragility of all things technological. As they say, you can’t eat your iPhone.

    1. California…that explains it. Either thermonuclear war, or why not, climate change. Still not quite sold on that idea. Yet, won’t it be nice if it was true, just so San Francisco and Hollywood got submerged under water?

      1. I don’t know anything for sure about climate change, but where I live it’s definitely been two years without winter.

        1. Meanwhile, in West Texas, we got covered in snow and tornadoes slammed Dallas. Maybe it is climate change. Or maybe God is quite pissed.

        2. I believe there’s climate change. Earth has experienced ice ages and warm spells since it’s creation. What I take issue with is the absurd notion that humanity is having any significant impact on the Earth’s climate. Climate change? Yes. MAN-MADE climate change? Hell no.

        3. I always viewed that as distraction from the real question. If the climate is going to change drastically enough that land will be submerged, crops will fail, etc. then I don’t really care if it’s because of the local coal plant spewing shit in the air, a magic man in the sky, or just the natural order of things. Humans will do what humans have always done-solve the problem.
          If an asteroid was heading towards earth on a path to destroy it would we stop and question whether it was caused by a long distance satellite we had launched or if it was just destined to come our way all along? Of course not. It’s distraction, so that we can fight about petty things like this that don’t matter and never tackle important issues.
          Of course, personally, I have no doubt that all of the effects of 6 billion people living, breathing, shitting, and consuming, and factories around the world, that this has some impact on the environment. That seems obvious to me, but again, sort of irrelevant.

        4. That’s kind of my general sentiments. It’s not caused by man, so therefore it’s a waste of our time worrying about fixing to it. Adapt to it? Sure, but we’re not going to stop the climate from changing. As Phil Valentine says, “It’s the sun, stupid!”

        5. Don’t know.
          I know that some scientists recently got framed accepting to get payed by green activists pretending to be an oil company in exchange of saying that the climate was not man-made.
          So I really don’t trust anyone on the subject.
          By the way enviromnentalism used to be a far right traditionalist thing, before the left hijacked the thing.

        6. Where I live its been 2 years without winter. Something’s odd with the climate recently and it seems the climatologists don’t want to tell us the whole story.

        7. The problem of the modern world is that it’s completely fixated on its economy.
          It’s the only area in which we’ve “progressed”.
          It’s like our new god.
          Evola speak of the “demonic nature of the economy”.

          We’ve become terrible at arts, at spirituality, at moral, at philosophy at everything that distinguish us from baboons.
          But God have we become stronger at producing stuffs and living long boring lives.
          To give you an idea the modern world is like a man entirely focused on filling his belly (and getting his genitals wet).
          For example in the name of progress the food industry has destroyed the ancestral link between the cattle and the farmer. The farmer used to care about his beasts, and give them a confortable life in exchange of its food.
          This contract between future food and farmer had been going on since the neolithic until the Enlighted came, thinking they knew better.
          “Humans will do what humans have always done”
          The problem is I think we’ve stopped being human at some point, and decided to become soulless walking bellies, and we’re going to pay for it, maybe through bullets from jihadists or from shortening of water supplies, probably both.

        8. This a million times yes!
          I strongly encourage you to submit an article on this.
          If taking the red pill has taught me anything, it is that one must throw out strict ideologies. One of the worst effects of capitalism is that it puts a price tag on everything. If a hamburger, auto, or camera is cheaper, it is always better in the eyes of capitalism. But be damned with how it tastes, whether it contains nutrients, whether it kills you, how long it lasts, if the product is stylish or reliable. Just make it cheaper no matter what. At the expense of slave labor. At the expense of environmental destruction. At the expense of a working man’s wages. At the expense of our souls.

        9. You are on spot on this one. It seems we have lost our humanity and pushed the boundaries that shouldn’t have been pushed.

        10. Of course, personally, I have no doubt that all of the effects of 6
          billion people living, breathing, shitting, and consuming, and factories
          around the world, that this has some impact on the environment. That
          seems obvious to me, but again, sort of irrelevant.

          Well, I guess the Vikings and Byzantinians from the Middle Ages must have been great polluters, so much that they got warmer temperatures than us…Look, if something is certain with the Earth’s climate is change. However, the effects of human action do more harm to us than to the planet.

        11. yeah basically modern crony capitalism puts profits above everything….single bottom line thinking. There is a concept out there called triple bottom line which takes into account social, environmental, and economic factors. Unfortunately most CEOs aren’t too keen on the triple bottom line idea.

        12. Really, link? Even oil companies are fine with “climate change” as it limits coal and other sources of energy that helps keep oil prices higher.
          The fact is unadjusted atmospheric data has no warming for 20+ years despite 2x increase in CO2.
          Furtheremore, even if you believe in AGW:
          1) What are you going to do about the fact that we only control the US? How are you going to get China, Indian, Brazil, Russia and other developing countries to stop using it?
          2) Warming has historically been very good for the economy (more plants/crops, etc)
          3) Are you willing to accept a 40% reduction in everything you do every day and everyone else in society because according to these horsecrap projections thats what you’d need to do to meaningfully reduce temps?

        13. That’s because there are 7+ billion of us now on the planet. Back in Roman times there was maybe two hundred million and as low as 10 million 5000 years ago. Do you have any idea how much harder it is to create food for 7 billion people on the same planet (especially given that calorie consumption is probably 2x per person), not to mention all other consumables?

        14. My point was that far more radical changes in weather in ancient times had nothing to do with us and now it´s pretty likely the same thing, though this time human stupidity will worsen the situation (destruction of the rain forest, mass pollution of the rivers thanks to corporate greed and government opportunism, etc)

        15. 1) I don’t know that I’d accept Greenpeace as an unbiased source of information. In fact I’m 100% sure I don’t and 2) that article doesn’t allege what you said. That article says the funding was from the companies for their opinions or studies which is a far cry different than paying them to publish bullshit data. In fact, that’s virtually no different than government funds going to research grants (which is 99% of money in this arena) since the govs want global warming since it greatly increases their power with a crisis.

        1. Noah’s flood wasn’t that effective. Maybe a little nuclear holocaust will do the trick.

  7. its 1030 AM over here…..and I already need to get drunk. fucking hell we are fucked.

  8. Nope!
    I firmly believe all the wealthy are going off- planet in the next decade or so. But where to? Dark side of the moon? Mars?

    1. I didn’t believe any of the end times stuff about 2012, but I did enjoy that outrageous film, and the part where all the elites had a secret place in China full of luxury boats to keep them safe in the coming floods.

      1. It was a buncha arks filled with all the important people like scientists, NBA players and teen pop stars

  9. Since “gender” (really a grammatical term) is a “social construct”, why would anyone (let alone a toddler) “identify” one way or the other, and even if they did, why would it be worth a thought?

    1. Right? Logically, none of this works unless you (i.e. society and liberals) accept that biology plays a significant role in gender. You can’t be born opposed to something that is learned. That’s why I don’t buy surgery as a solution. I have no problem with people just acting/dressing/partaking in whatever gender norms they enjoy most, but surgery and hormones to match your sex to your gender is just ludicrous.

      1. Someone like Caitlyn Jenner will never experienced woman stuff like menstrual cramps or childbirth.

        1. The name is bruce. If you call him that they you’re letting him tell you what to do.

        2. On the other hand he no longer deserves the name Bruce. He disgraces Lee, Banner, Willis, and Springsteen.

    1. poor baby monkeys….all sad they are born the wrong sex. damn mother nature making sad monkeys and not giving them to brain to have corrective sex assignment surgery!!!

  10. For anyone here who has seen me comment you will know that when I say this it is really say something:
    I am speechless.

    1. I wish I could say the same thing. Evil is an undeveloped amygdala (which my spellcheck does not recognize – gg), times hundreds of millions.

      1. As is often said in Germany, especially at this time of year, “same procedure as every year”
        or another favorite in german: wovon man nicht sprechen kann, daruber mus man schweigen

  11. Why the mentally ill leftists want to sexualize children is beyond me. Calling your kid Jackie when he’s three because you are projecting your own pathetic mental illness onto your kid is unacceptable. It IS child abuse, it IS horrible, horrible parenting, it IS ruining someone’s life because you believe some RETARDED shit.

  12. And CPS hasn’t been called on these parents?
    Sex surgery for an underage child is sexual assault.
    People get their kids taken away when they are caught smoking pot but give them hormones and mutilate their genitals and everything is okay.

    1. It’s California, they will end up being given some kind of award. Then little jack will will the Grand Marshal of the next local pride parade.

    2. These days it’d be more likely for CPS to be called on parents who deny their kids the hormones and surgery they need to cure their “gender dysphoria”

    3. What kind of disturbing and screwed up society we are witnessing. Is it any wonder that our enemies call us decadent and depraved?
      Perhaps that kind of society is deserving of sharia law.

      1. I think that we, who have taken the red pill, should start to think about using some of the Moooslems as “useful idiots” to clean up our society and then take it back once that they have removed all the degenerates…


  13. Encouraging children to be straight is homophobic. Encouraging children to be queer is celebrated. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  14. Let your kid run to the park in a safe neighborhodd and CPS comes knocking your fucking door in and putting their boots in your neck. Sexualize a toddler and set him up for a life of mental illness, confusion, and probable mutilation: “Hey, we’d love to run a hit piece on you!”

    1. you know this comment puts all into perspective…..smoke fucking pot around your kid? life in prison….circumcision aka mutilate your boys dick, give your boy sex changing hormones, cut of your boys dick….and parent of the fucking year!!!

      1. also if a parent educated his son or daughter about sex and let them explore their sexuality (if the girl/guy is 17 years old) and lets his daughter date an older guy (4 years gap), the government can take away the kid and put the parent accomplice. And the guy goes to prison. I mean we are criminalizing a natural behavior and rewarding unnatural shit like sex changes for kids….

        1. its a sad truth really. the world has gone mad. though this is the same country that mutilated the infant dicks of most new born babies….its hardly any wonder we have no clue what healthy sexuality is. our health textbooks have virtually scrubbed foreskin from existence.

        2. I thought the same thing. If a 17, 18, 19 year old girl is involved dating/sexually with an older guy, she’s not qualified to make that decision because she’s not mentally mature enough, doesn’t have life experience, etc. And of course, it’s creepy or gross, even if it is legal.
          But apparently a 3 year old is mentally mature enough and has enough life experience to decide on a sex change.
          The double think is strong.

        3. A 3 year old boy does sex change is seen as courage especially “good parenting” to the parents for letting the kid choose. But a guy who dates a girl 3-5 years younger than him, he is a pervert, pedophile, potential rapist… smh

      2. What I dread is that hospitals will be controlled by the government and force all newborns to get a sex change at any sign of tranniness. Parents that object will go to jail for transphobia. The way government funds sex reassignment surgery using tax mone and imprison anyoneith transphobia this isnt far from the truth

        1. well hopsitals are already mostly government controlled via regulation. and toddlers are already being given hormone therapy…so we are nearly there as insane as that sounds.

    2. This is THE comment.
      Think of things that would get you in hot water
      Giving an out of hand child a good whack in public
      Letting a 16 year old drink beer in the confines of the home
      Teaching your child it is ok to fist fight at school, but only to defend yourself

      1. I have nearly spanked kids of strangers. As it is I’ve tuned up a few with an ass chewing. Today I heard a hilarious story on NPR, some Mexican hipster was complaining how many years it took to get their little daughter to “celebrate herself” by speaking Spanish in public again, after some stranger in public told her “This is America We speak English here.” I think I’ll start doing that too!

        1. My favorite line is always “discipline that animal before I discipline you”

        2. I tripped some brat at a store once. He was running around being a fucking nightmare, his ghetto bitch mom couldn’t care less, she did nothing to stop his behavior. As he came running by me (for probably the 4th time) I stuck my foot out and tripped him and he landed right on his gut, forearms, and elbows and didn’t say a peep. Then he started to cry haha and nobody saw me do it. I immediately walked away laughing. He wasn’t a baby, he was at least 9 years old, and I hope I taught him a lesson.

      2. There’s an old joke that if you ever have to spank your kid , just go up to the nearest liberal ‘no spank’ state, Ca, Ny, NJ, Md, and walk your kid into the front entrance lobby of a K-Mart where you have at least 10 cameras on you. Then ”WALLOP” the kid’s ass a few times in front of the cameras. Shoot the finger into the camera and then leave. Get in your car with the kid and make sure you have plenty of gas filled up and buckets of nails to dump out the window for all the knee jerks and ‘no spank’ mobs and papparazi that come hounding and chasing after you. With their screams and shrieks and camera flashes in the rear view mirror behind you, dump the nails on the roadway and laugh as they fumble for their spare tires.
        The point is that children aren’t being disciplined like they desparately need to be but instead they’re being doped and emasculated. Instead the state punishes parents that discipline their kids in lieu of medically sedating them with ritalin, adderal and assorted ADHD crap. You’re forced to dope them but never allowed to physically discipline them. No ear twisting, no nothing. It is fucking insanity that you’re forced to dope your kids and wipe out their brains with the kosher pharmaco crap. A paddling is more time proven and effective and a good ol’ butt whooping doesn’t wipe out their brain or their liver like excessive meds do.
        It’s the free lance squealers and ‘see something say something’ idiots that pose an obsticale to disciplining a child. (or the women’s advocate nit wits that enable women to go fully ballistic with their ‘crazy’ shit. The ‘advocates’ sic the bitch mob on any man who corrects woman or child. They want to prevent any woman from being corrected by any man). Bitch on bitch spanking is ignored. Bitch mama spanking child is largely ignored, but a man dishing out any discipline triggers the sirens like a terrorist was in the vicinity. When a man deals the discipline he has to wear pins and badges and be a state licenced jack boot where he deals out discipline in the capacity of a state mangina. Otherwise, without a badge, he is seen as a vigilante for personally spanking his child and obstructing the bitch police state from stealing the father role away from him. The state wants to do the spanking exclusively. The man literally has to be prepared for a colossal lunchroom ‘food fight’ with libtards at every turn. You have to take them all on like a batman scene with music, rope swinging and exclamations. I always liked how popeye made log cabins out of the bad guys.
        To ‘trip’ a kid in a supermarket is just what he needs. It’s probably the only thing that might snap him straight. Paddling would also work, but to paddle him right there would stir up the knee jerks hovering around and they would whip out their phones and camernas like crazed papparazi. How could you deal with the adult sjw snitch mob? It would be a brew ha ha of school lunchroom food fight proportions to tackle the lot of snitch shits in many libtard areas. At least you’d draw out the enemy. Same with spanking your woman in public, but moreso with kids. But SOME women . . eeh . . they’re as grown up and developed as they’re ever gonna get. Run some discipline game when they rampage and if all else fails, then I guess it’s meds down the hatch. They’re not likely going to discover a cure for cancer or fly the space shuttle. They just deal with their nagging rage and their meds.

  15. “Gender” is a “social construct.” That is unless you’re “a man born in a woman’s body” or vice versa. Woe to him/her (hir) whose body doesn’t have genitals to match their “gender.” But how is that possible is “gender” is a “social construct?”
    Never mind that. Bring out the knives.

  16. Personally I don’t care if men want to become women or vice versa. However, my stance towards the subject is the same as for other subjects like baptisms or circumcision. It should be left to the individual and the parents should not jump to conclusions. Just because I played tea time or house with my female cousins when I was a little boy doesn’t make effeminate. If parents go that route with the subject. They will destroy their children’s lives, ergo the commandment that orders children to honor their parents becomes null.

  17. 10 years ago this would be horror movie material. Now it’s depicted as a good thing. Why is our society declining at such high speed? I am speechless aswell.

  18. You really should read some recent college textbooks on human sexuality to see how corrupt the fields of sexology and sex education have gotten. They show nearly complete nonjudgmentalism on just about every kind of broken sexuality short of rape, sex trafficking and child molestation. Oh, and they completely ignore the incel phenomenon, even though an incel succumbs to existential despair every few months and goes on a shooting rampage. (Sexual eviction from society can do that to a man.)
    I mean, seriously, calling male homosexuality a form of “intimacy”? When many gay men seek out anonymous and dehumanizing sexual contacts with strangers in public restrooms, seedy gay clubs and on sex tourism trips to the world’s shit holes?
    No wonder the girls and young women subjected to this absurd propaganda would entertain the idea that they have a “transgendered” toddler on their hands who needs to choose his or her “gender” at such a young age, despite what the child’s genitals and chromosomes indicate.

    1. Heterosexual males and females are becoming indoctrinated into a homosexual lifestyle without even realizing it. That’s what the hookup culture is in a nutshell.

    2. The Left is full of the worst hypocrites, sickos and degenerates you can possibly imagine.

      1. Conservatives haven’t come up with an effective alternative to this because they still accept many of the assumptions held by the Left. I don’t know of any conservative woman writer for, say, The Federalist, who has acknowledged that women can’t use their sexual freedom responsibly, and that they should seek advice and permission for their sexual choices by talking to the responsible men in their families first.

        1. I’m having a hard time with just people in general…I can’t see how normal people can actually find this to be a good thing. And all the perverted sex too…you go to the mall and observe everyday people and have to realize that these common folks support “trans”, could they be persuaded to support pedophilia?

        2. could they be persuaded to support pedophilia?

          Oh I’m sure that’s coming soon. Meanwhile, being a totally normal white, heterosexual Christian male is somehow evil now. Up is down. Good is evil. Light is dark. Everything is so backwards now.

        3. Yeah, part of me agrees, but then again, this is just so outrageous and evil…I think they will try to push for pedophilia but I think that will be the last straw and a huge backlash will occur. A much needed backlash. The recent story of a 50 year old man saying hes a 6 year old girl who was “adopted” by another couple who uses him as a sex object and, by the way, the tranny man left his former wife and kid…that story didn’t go over so well and I feel people are starting to question and push back.

        4. No matter how they try to dress it up (how about that pun) I can’t see how pedophilia can ever be “accepted”. I think for the lemmings even homosexuality is still a fairly remote thing, although, its encroaching on us more and more. And it does seem like they may attempt to move with pedophilia, but, if they do, not only do I think the backlash will be huge it will also be the start of a reversal of, essentially, the sexual revolution. People will likely be so disgusted and scared that such a horrible thing could come this close to mainstream they’ll not only denounce but ask questions like “how did this happen?” And that will lead them to critically look at homosexualism.

        5. Twenty years ago the same thing was said about gay marriage and gay adoption.
          I can remember sitting in bible class in 8th grade and my teacher talking about how shows like “My Two Dads” and “Full House” were conditioning us to accept gay marriage and gay adoption and thinking to myself “whatever, they are just stupid tv shows, that will never happen.”

        6. A casual, and i mean casual, friend liked a post recently(good ol facebook, I can somehow see what my friends “like” on people’s pages who I dont even know).
          Anyway, I click on the post, its a couple with 2 small kids who decided to take them to gay pride parade.
          This pic is one of the parents, i forget which, pushing a stroller with two guys in assless leather chaps in front of them.
          It got more than 100 likes…

        7. Its in times of plenty that the unthinkableness of homosexuality became normalized given that it was just as atrocious as paedophilia back then. But when there is shortage and violence then people will draw the line.

        8. Bingo! Morals are objective, and I think we all agree that murder and pedophilia are objectively WRONG. But THAT will soon be eroded away and Pedophilia will be seen as “another choice”. Sadly.

        9. Gay adoption led to one little boy being pimped out to a global pedophile ring by his two gay dads.

        10. The ancient Greeks were pedophiles and did not hold high regard for family like the Romans did…they raped boys and turned them gay..

        11. Greeks were pederasts not pedophiles. And yes their immorality led to their demise. But such disgusting practices were unheard of in Homer’s Time when he wrote the IIliad and the Odyssey.

        12. Pedophiles rape prepubscents. And they are just as disgusting even more so that they destroy the youth and innocence of children.

  19. Jack is merely reacting to the blatant bias shown towards girls in his school. The girls get all the treats and the boys get all the tricks, so it is only logical for him to want more treats by being a girl. His father should put his foot down and put Jack in a different school but he knows that if he bucks his PC wife she will divorce rape him. The future is bleak and is only going to get worse.

  20. A lot of liberals cheering in the article’s comment section. Damned freaks.

  21. Absolutely fucking NO! This is total insanity. And you know what liberal if you support this shit you are a fucking monster.

  22. This is sick I dressed in girls clothes when I was young yet I am not A tranny!

  23. This is a direct result of the “normalization” of homosexuality in pop culture. (BTW: notice the corrupting of the word “normal”, if homosexuals make up 1-2% of the population, then homosexuality is not “normal”, it is a known and relatively common deviation). Homosexuals tend to make everything about their sexuality. There are a number of theory’s why this is ranging from the idea that it is because they denied their urges for so long that they become obsessed about them to the idea that it is because they are constantly recruiting new sex partners, and everything in between.
    No, 3 year olds are not sexual beings, nor are they competent to make medical or legal decisions. To think or act otherwise is perverse, it is the same line of thinking that NAMBLA uses.

  24. I think Darwinism might take care of this. If the parents’ lunacy relates to a specific gene, then the children of such lunatics have the same lunacy gene as the parents. So, similar children’s 20X increased chance of suicide might remove the gene from the gene pool over time. Even if it’s not gene-related, the children of the parents won’t be able to follow in their parents’ footsteps by pushing this on another child since they will most likely kill themselves before they can adopt or somehow give birth. I’m not saying this is a good thing or “wishful” thinking. I wish social services would put the poor child with a sane family; that would be a good thing for the child.
    Of course then, the parents would sue social services based on their 14th amendment right to raise their children. This would eventually go to the Supreme Court. Assuming the political makeup remained conservative, of course there would be a ruling not permitting such upbringing. This would be a precedent for the courts/government to control parenting. That could then lead to more such decisions, giving the government more and more say in parenting generally, over time.
    So whether social services gets involved I guess is a cock in the arse from either direction. Literally for the child…. I really hope Darwinism isn’t the only way our country might return to sanity.

    1. It’s a common mistake to think that since leftists don’t reproduce they will disappear over time.
      The truth is they don’t function like us.
      They reproduce through indoctrination of fragile young minds in public schools/colleges and through medias.

      1. Agreed.
        The left appeals to and rewards the worst in humanity, therefore it will always be around.

      2. Spot on.
        If this couple didn’t have kids they’d still be poison dripping this nonsense to anyone within earshot.
        One “wise” college professor can do mass scale damage to malleable minds.

    2. You are mistaken to think the courts are conservative. They haven’t been conservative since 1936. For proof, in 2008, 7 out of 9 USSC justices were Republican appointees yet Roe wasn’t overturned, the gun laws weren’t overturned, and non of the federal branches of governments added/expanded/empowered in the prior 40 years were overturned.

      1. Yep! And now the most conservative guy on there-Scalia-is murdered..

  25. When I was six I played jump rope and hopscotch with the girls. Not because I didn’t like sports, I did, and I played those too. Sometimes I just didn’t want to play football. I never went through the ‘girls are gross’ phase, so I developed the ability to speak to girls pretty easily, and that later translated to speaking to women. Nine times out of ten, the boy playing house is a player in the making.

  26. And I thought the Nazis were crazy in their view of ‘Race’ but the liberal view of ‘Gender’ of which we have an example here goes much much further down the line of the deranged the insane and the extremely very very bizzar.

  27. Holy shit, after today’s headlines I need s bottle of Maker’s.
    First, let’s blame men and not the fact it was 3rd World pigs openly attacking women on New Years.
    Second, this clear violation of letting s child be a child before growing to adulthood and bring capable of making his own decisions.
    I never thought I’d say this, but the West needs a catastrophe on a biblical scale to flush out the idiotic and foolish.

    1. well i suppose there is a reason every prophecy about the end of the world seems aimed at our day. guess its coming.

  28. Stupid woman was probably desperately searching for any such signs of gender indeterminacy in her son. She’ll get her come-uppance when he realises what shes’s done, but by then it may be too late for her.
    As for the rapidity of the gender agenda, the gender quake, the destruction of gender as the abiding principle of gender neutrality, its not just feminism, or lgbt or the trans movement: this is part of the cultural marxist attempt to create a communism of sex to go with the communism of economics that was the melding of marx with freud in the earlier part of the century, and beyond even that it may reflect an underlying and centuries old occult agenda to bring the above to the below and the below to the above – the hermaphroditic principle itself. The principle of gender is also the generative principle – as with the little G in the masonic square and compass. Oh and the baphomet has tits don’t you know.
    Or maybe its just fashionable and I’m reading too much into this….and it’s just happening of its own accord

  29. Another example of a child with no chance of living a normal life. This disgusting mother has ripped any hope or chance of Jack being able to think for himself.
    Tragically, the early poisoning of this boy’s mind will ultimately lead him into a depression and possible suicide due to gender identity confusion. These parents belong in prison.

  30. This made me recall the recent “Pride of Germany” Tim Petras insanity (born in…Cologne).
    I was gonna make a tie-in comment, but then I found this, folks like the person who made this “response meme” are what we are up against:

  31. Exactly why men need to be the head of the family. Everytime I hear about trans kids, its the mother pushing a boy (usually) to be a girl.

    1. I’m guessing Jack’s father was OK with this because at 3, Jack was already more of man the he was. What kind of man would let someone do this to their son?

        1. I swear to God, if she was my wife I’d kill her to save him. I’d rather be in jail then watch someone do that to my son.

  32. Jack/Jackie’s dad looks like a giant wimp with serious gayface going on. I doubt this would be happening if he had any semblance of testosterone in his body.

    1. That’s the answer…. Jack’s “dad” is a female to man trannie. All makes sense now.
      Espectially the attention seeking

  33. You know what this is?
    It’s a pathway to pedophilia.
    If a child can be allowed to decide on a sex change, well then, they can be allowed to decide to have sex with an adult.
    Wait for it.
    Unless God has mercy and lets Putin nuke the fuck out of this degenerate civilization.

    1. I would accept a good EMP burst over every major population center on earth. A good, sort of, book about this is “30 Seconds After”

      1. A Polish guy I worked with would say “Take away Americans electricity and credit cards and watch the whole country crumble”.

    2. When my last child was born the hospital sent us home with a pamphlet about what to expect with kids. I remember one item on there about infant masturbation.
      Infant Masturbation
      The logic will be that, just like sex is always natural and never dirty, shameful, or harmful, and that since children are “sexual beings” then they are fair game.

      1. whats sad about your link is…..if i was in the adult film business and decided to film infants masturbating I’d be a pedophile….but give me a PhD and say Im doing it for science and suddenly its okay to watch infants masturbate.

      2. Children sexual beings? What sick fag pedo wrote that?
        This children indoctrination to homo, tranny is nothing short than hidden pedophilia, it’s the beginning process towards homotranpedophilia

    3. My background is advertising, and I have watched trends and the media’s influence on culture for longer than most of you have been alive. My family thought that I was crazy for some of the things that I have been predicting for awhile… Now they see that I was right and are starting to believe that the phrase that is used in a public service message “love has no boundaries” is preparation for acceptance of pedophilia.

  34. This shit really makes my skin crawl. To me the entire sex grievance alliance (s.g.a), i.e. homosexuals, bi’s, pedophiles, trannies, are just repulsive people. It sickens me even more to see normal and otherwise good people fall for this massive lie and trick that the s.g.a’s pull on them. The propaganda says sga’s are fun, loving, cuddly stuffed animals…just little mockingbirds that bring color and gaiety to life. Once that image is established its very easy to extract sympathy and pity from the normal community. But the former is a huge fucking lie and the later is taken advantage of people by playing on their emotions on making them feel guilty when they have nothing to feel guilty about. The truth about all these freaks is that they’re everything they say they’re against. They say they’re against oppression, when they are the single biggest source of new and innovative oppression – try baking a cake in Oregon for instance. As far as the cutesy stuffed animal…these are people who leave their family to act like a 6 year old girl while being a fuck toy for two other perverts who have young children living with them. These are people who do things like have sex with aids patients, bug chasers, eat shit, rip each others assholes to pieces, so, they’ll lose bowel control. Etc, etc, etc, etc.
    For years the s.g.a “community” screamed and cried about being left alone to live their lives how they want too. I’m not one to interfere with other people, but, to engage in such defiling, disgusting and dangerous acts, I can’t say that I object to people dissuading others from this path. But, alas, its not my life nor can I really care about them, HOWEVER, if that’s how its going to be I AM STILL WAITING FOR THE SAME CONSIDERATION OF LETTING OTHER PEOPLE LIVE HOW THEY WANT TO TO BE EXTENDED TO ME. BECAUSE I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THESE FUCKING FREAKS AND THEIR FUCKED UP CULTURE, LIFESTYLE AND “WORLDVIEW”!

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. They are starting to push too far, but their mental illness prevents them from realizing this. They will reap the whirlwind.

  35. Of course when they do end up swinging from a rope by their own hand it’s society’s fault for not accepting their particular mental disorder rather than them admitting they are cuckoo and looking for help. The crazies have been let out on the street and now we can’t put them back in the nut house.

  36. If you were to ask my son at age three what he identified himself as, he would have said “fire truck”.
    So, like any decent parent, I had his skin changed to bright red, and had a ladder grafted onto his back. Who am I to say he’s not a fire truck?

      1. haha….firetruckphobic…..soon firetruck-human subsidies will be provided and anti-firetruck-human discrimination laws will be passed!!!

    1. I’m a doggie!
      Child gets surgery to be a dog
      At least as a child I said I wanted to be a knight

  37. If this is indeed a photo of Jack’s family, there is NO WAY that Jack’s dad was born with a penis.
    That would explain everything, particularly the attention seeking.

  38. If this is really a photo of Jack’s “family”, there is NO WAY Jack’s “dad” was born with testicles
    That would explain the whole thing… especially the attention seeking.

  39. Any thoughts on private christian schooling?
    Not worried about public school playground bullies. More those mid thirties short-haired hag bullies with a chip on their shoulder and a message to preach.

    1. Send him to a private Christian school. That’s were my kids are headed. Its an excellent education, plus, its very cheap. Also, it will be easier for them to go to a Catholic High School (again excellent education) and easier to go onto College like Notre Dame.

    2. Homeschool using the Robinson Curricumlum and Saxon Math. At, Gary North has many articles on that.

  40. There is a girl power site running this story as “brave”. Brave of whom? A 3 year old who thinks he is Batman one day, a dog the next, a girl the next? A mother who clearly has a pathological view of men (not uncommon these days)?
    I am sure of one thing. The father who now misses his son is a coward. There is no bravery on display at all in this story.
    I congratulate the author for voicing his sane perspective. In our present time, this is true bravery.

  41. This is the result of women living vicariously through their children, projecting their own desire for special snowflake status onto their kids while signaling their ’empathy’ to other women
    A masculine father figure in each household will cut this bullshit out overnight


        1. Never mind him, the hospital no longer does this surgery. In fact it was decided on back in the late 70’s.

        2. Sadly, it probably has more to do with the sensibilities of their rich Arab donors than anything else.


    1. I’m so sorry for everything Karen. I wish I could write something compelling to help ease the angst, pain and confusion you are likely experiencing. But, all I can say is be strong and vocal. You are not alone, although you may not agree with everything in this community, we very much sympathize with your situation and beliefs. Thank you very much for sharing. God Bless.


  45. One of the main goals of the progressive agenda has been the destruction of the natural innocence and purity of childhood. By teaching them about homosexuality at a young age through the public school system; by exposing children to excessive sex and violence through Hollywood; by pitting little girls against little boys using feminism and the idea of “girl power!”; by lowering the age of consent, and now this. Just as the serpent targeted Adam and Eve in their most vulnerable state, forever taking away their innocence, modern SJW’s cruelly indoctrinate children with their filth and work to corrupt their good nature. They must be stopped.

    1. Absolutely. And in the same way they have destroyed any sort of innocent adult / child interaction, especially with children who are not their own. I actually overheard a group of guy friends the other day and one Indian guy was literally afraid of being alone with a 9 year old because of fears of inappropriate sexual contact. I don’t know if it was because he had weird desires or just a (perhaps justified) fear that people would assume if a grown man was with a child they would make accusations of sexual abuse. It’s really sick.
      I stopped volunteering at a camp when they started requiring background checks. I have zero criminal history, not even misdemeanor, but I just think its sick that we have gotten to the point where we have to worry about grown people sexually assaulting children, and didn’t want to be treated like I needed a test to prove whether or not I’m a sick fuck and can be trusted to volunteer my own time helping others. Then again, our society is so sick and evil, I can definitely see a parent wanting that kind of check done.
      But yes, the innocence and purity of childhood has been completely destroyed.

      1. It’s indeed very sad that innocent adult/child interactions have been destroyed. A lot of guys don’t even feel comfortable accompanying their own children to the park, because other parents so often stare them down suspecting they’re up to no good. Our messed up society both makes children vulnerable to being abused, and men vulnerable to being slapped with false accusations of pedophilia.

        1. Which is why its a good idea to buy a house with a decent back yard and playground equipment.

    2. …14The LORD God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this, Cursed are you more than all cattle, And more than every beast of the field; On your belly you will go, And dust you will eat All the days of your life; 15And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, And you shall bruise him on the heel.”

  46. Sick assholes like these parents are abusing children to attention whore: “See how accepting and tolerant I am. Look at me!!”
    I’m looking at you alright. Through my rifle scope.

    1. No different than ravaging their bodies with tattoos or dying their hair blue. These radical broads have fucking lost it!

  47. Here’s an article published online (Jan 4th, 2016) in the Wall-Street journal challenging this issue. Soh argues that kids are too young to make such a life altering decision, which is better suited to adults.
    Here’s a quote.
    “Since then, research has established best-treatment practices for adolescents and adults with gender dysphoria: full transitioning, which includes treatment with hormones to suppress puberty and help the individual develop breasts or facial hair, as well as gender-reassignment surgery.
    But prepubescent children who identify with the opposite sex are another matter entirely. How best to deal with them has become so politicized that sexologists, who presumably would be able to determine the healthiest approach, are extremely reluctant to get involved. They have seen what happens when they deviate from orthodoxy.”
    She’s arguing from an academic perspective, which is a breath of fresh air.

  48. Why are feminists and the LGBT movement so determined to sexualise everything and everyone? Is it not heterosexual men that are supposed to be sex obsessed?
    Whilst they might argue that they are fighting for equality, they are pushing an open door. The reality is that they use the lens of sex to examine every issue in order to retain victim status and maintain their unwarranted privelege. The irony is that they project their privelege onto their fictional oppressors.
    Personally, I do not care about the sexual preferences of other adults. Most men I am sure couldn’t care less about what consenting adults do alone. However, using a 3 year old as a poster boy(?) for sexual “equality ” and/or transexual “rights” is cynical in the extreme.

  49. So, by liberal logic, our sexual preference is engrained in our dna from birth but gender is a social construct? By that logic, how do you know your child isn’t just a future drag queen or homosexual? How can you be sure of their sexual preference if they can barely talk? If they haven’t even hit puberty? I’m not even sure what I’m asking here. My mind is blown. Any thoughts?

    1. Sexual preference is hardwired from birth but early childhood trauma can cause a kid to override that preference or cause the kid to be utterly fucked up about that sexual preference. See: the life history of pretty much every child abuser ever.
      Also, and more relevantly, see: the life history of a pretty solid proportion of homosexuals, both male and female. Some attention-whoring lesbians have said explicitly that it was trauma in a sexual encounter with a male that turned them carpetlicker. Andrea Dworkin and Catherine Mackinnon, both radical feminists, and the flagbearers for the “all sex is rape” brand of feminism, both claimed they were fiddled with as kids. And again note the fact the suicide rate for postop trannies is massively higher: if mutilating your genitals was going to bring you psychological peace at a deep level, that phenomenon should not exist.
      Gender — which I term as a sexual identity at odds with one’s gonads, if you’ve got a cock you’re of the male sex, if you’ve got a cunt you’re of the female sex — is not a social construct. As with Johns Hopkins’ pronouncement on transgenderism, it’s generally a mental illness caused by major psychological trauma in childhood or later.

      1. It used to be that about 80% of homosexuals are abused as young children, which is the cause of their dysfunction. Hormonal imbalance determined by genetics was / is a very tiny proportion of gay behavior. HOWEVER, as more phytoestrogens and other chemicals continue to pollute the food chain, unbalanced hormones and damaged glands are becoming an increasingly greater cause of gayness, transgenderism, asexuality and generally unstable behavior. As of now, I’d guess the following percentages are pretty accurate for gays in terms of causality:
        60% significant child abuse (usually sexual, but also emotional — including being raised by a domineering single mother).
        30% due to hormonal alterations from diet / environment (which are intentionally added) during early childhood.
        9% social pressure to be cool or accepted / curiosity / attention seeking.
        1% genetic abnormality, which can actually be triggered in utero by mother’s behaviors (diet, drug taking).

  50. I think some Transgender people are sort of like some Homosexuals in that they think they can pass a law to use the government to make you accept what they do. Pass a law to reprogram your brain into total acceptance and ignore most men’s natural revulsion to things that go against natural law. Then they call you names. Look, I don’t care what you are into just leave me, children, and animals alone.
    You can’t force other people to agree using laws, bulling, or
    intimidation. People just stop disagreeing to your face.
    I would love to know what they get out of destroying these kids life? Do the think they are the first hairless apes in human history that are going to change society?

    1. Do they think they are the first hairless apes in human history that are going to change society?
      Yes, yes they do.

    2. I told my sister-a flaming lefty-that even some of the people that demonstrated at Stonewall (the big gay riot in NYC lead by a trannie black dude) said they never wanted gay marriage and just wanted to live their lives and be left the hell alone…
      My idiot sister (who is straight) says “well, they lacked the vision that exists today and could not even envision the progress we have made.” She is enabling this LGBTQ_IOU-PDQ-STFU stuff.

  51. Unfortunately this isn’t the only story like this out there, as a quick Google search showed. This stuff is beyond messed up. If the liberals are able to carry on with this horseshit for any longer it’s going to spell disaster for normal rationally thinking people.

  52. Nevertheless, I don’t believe women should ever have “lifestyle” abortions because their son might be gay. Abortion is the much greater evil. How women can live with the fact that they’ve killed a fully formed child is beyond reasonable comprehensive in my mind How icy and selfish can a human being be to actually do this in cold blood.

    1. Don’t worry. No one is born sodomite. The same as no one is born a slut or an alcoholic.

    2. I am Catholic, pro-life, anti abortion and anti euthanasia. We are on the same page I think.

  53. What say ye, Jimmy ‘The New Jay Leno’ Kimmel? This would make an awesome segment, dude–make fun of the guys who question the forcing of transgenderism on toddlers! Soooooo funny, dude.

  54. This stuff is truly sick. The Dr. John Money story needs to be told. It is horrific.
    I once dated a woman with a kid. She said she hopes her kid grows up to be gay. I couldn’t believe it. She turned out to be the worst thing that ever happened to me. Ultimately because of her I took the red pill. Horrible people have these thoughts.

  55. It’s also become the “attention draw of the moment” now that no one cares anymore when someone “comes out of the closet”

  56. When I was a lad I went through a brief phase where I wanted to hang out with the girls and read Babysitter’s Club books. It passed, of course. Kids are weird. Im glad no one decided this meant I was actually a girl.

    1. Holy Bikini your parents were oppressive! They should have bought you dresses and given you estrogen treatment!

  57. Lot of errors and inconsistencies in this article, something I notice often with Return of Kings columnists.
    One example:
    “Walt Heyer, who was treated as a girl by his parents….”
    I’ve read Walt Heyer, he was encouraged doing girly things by his grandmother, which his parents then put a stop too when they found out.
    Just this basic thing makes it seems the columnist is just throwing out names and hoping something will stick. Makes for really bad writing. (I am not judging what is written, just pointing out that much of what he is writing is simply incorrect).

    Those pro trans gender media spin meisters and lefty education sabots must really look down their noses on the people of the world. They want us all culled and dead. Not reproducing. Extinct. They look at humans great and small and they see us as slothful worthless pigs. They hate human achievement. They reject everything human. Their souls are surely given over to something alien, something non human. What a damned death cult they are. There’s nothing you can do to appease them but to go and jump off a bridge. Their only wish is your death. The anti human spirit they possess cannot seem to be separated from them. Their spirit is surely not a human spirit. There are only a few rightful places for these anti humans on this Earth – – fed to the swine, ingested and excreted from the bowels of a filthy wild pig or thrown into the lava pit atop the nearest active volcano.
    Pushing trans genderism on toddlers is going a bit too far. Our species is alive, tribes are alive, people are alive. A great awakening is unfolding by the hour now. Eyes are opening and masses of people can now see the ones that are the pesky scourge. The day nears when the scourge of mankind will be called out, each and every one of them. It will be their time to leave. The anti human death cults will be marched out of every nation, evicted. To the beaches they will tread and then marched into the waters. ”INTO THE SEA WITH THEE” where the sharks and bottom dwellers await.
    Are these words confined to an echo chamber? Are these words coming from little ol’ me? No these sentiments have been stirred in the masses. The feeling I get is greater than just I. I can feel it in my bones. Our species has a collective heartbeat. I feel the disdain our species has for the anti humans and the sentiment towards the detractors of our species is growing, not just here on ROK or the red pill crowd or as far as the eye can see. Our species is awakening, not just in awareness but in life force. Perhaps the brokers of death feel offended. To the peddlers of population control and the engineers of the sexual deconstruction of mankind, our species will VOMIT you out. You offend the core of our patriarchal DNA. You tramp upon the life force of our creed and worse, you bar against our progeny. We are a great species. We, the great and ageless HOMOSAPIENUS ERECTUS, we VOMIT you out. That’s not just me saying that. The sentiment is in the air worldwide if you look.

  59. I checked the comments on the NPR story and most people were not on board with the actions of the parents. Looks like there is just a bit of sanity left in America after all. When the comment threads is fully supportive of this behavior, I will know it is high time for me to relocate…….to the Himalayas.

  60. Consult your Last Psychiatrist on this: most of the time, when parents do stupid shit to their infant children implying the kid’s made this decision, it is in fact the parent indulging their own narcissism.
    As for me, this article has made me decide to stop using the word gender. I will not use a word which is basically Newspeak and which is causing tremendous suffering around the world. From here on, it’s the male sex, the female sex and the deviant sexuality. There really are no other categories when it comes down to it, as medicine prior to John Money knows.

      1. lol. well if this is their idea of style & fashion, the company was not going to barnstorm its way to the top. The LGBT crowd would no doubt love it but seeing this boygirl poonce around in nothing special clothes is not going to win over regular men & women. Is this why so many want to come to america – where anyone can be a star and get rich. Whats his career ambition – to have his own show and clothes range. Sheesh…yeh usa needs more young people with that ambition and drive to dance in the spotlight if its going to be global top dog.

  61. I say we men start proposing some deals.
    How about for every boy who gets transed into a girl, a girl gets selected to be transed into a boy?
    Or when a boy gets transed, some female pundit is selected to be disallowed for a month from writing a column blaming the patriarchy?

  62. The only time when I would agree with something like this is when a baby is born a hermaphrodite then it would be a good idea to conduct surgery to make them properly into the gender they are born closest to.

  63. When I was a young kid, I played with dolls and had tea parties and skipped rope. I hung out with girls and up to about grade 3 my female friends outnumbered my male friends. This was in the late 60’s and early 70’s and was not a sign that I was gay or transgendered; if anything I was ahead of the curve in realizing that girls DID NOT have cooties and were people you should partner up with.
    At about age 7 my mother caught me and a bunch of other guys checking out a stash of Playboys that I had found put to the curb for collection. She asked me what I thought I was doing. As a 7 year old, I replied “Don’t you know Mom, guys like to look at this?” I never got punish for that one.
    If, 40+ years later I qualify as a “misogynist” then it certainly was not innate. My opinion of women is the result of 4 decades of observation and analysis and how they have treated me.
    But to refer directly to the point here, thank fucking god my parents did not have their heads up their “enlightened” asses and misinterpret me thinking that girls were rather nifty as a signal that I wanted to be one of the them.

    1. “If, 40+ years later I qualify as a “misogynist” then it certainly was
      not innate. My opinion of women is the result of 4 decades of
      observation and analysis and how they have treated me.”
      Exactly my feelings also.

    2. Played with the same thing too but I also had my toy guns, cars, and action figures. Playing with girls, girls’ toys, and having tea parties =/= tranny or gay. Dumb mom of tranny child needs to back off.

  64. Next to the explosion of homosexuality as the “new normal” in American society, all this nonsense about transgender people is just too much. If you can’t tell by looking which of the two sexes you are then check yourself into a clinic.

  65. Boys in the past use to wear dresses to allow ease of toilet training and because ready-to-wear clothing was not available. Around age 4 to 7 the boy was “breeched”. That is they were placed in pants. This was a coming of age and was celebrated along with the father stepping in to assist with the raising of the male child.
    The type of dress worn and the age of breeching was determined by class and whether the family were working class or aristocrats.

  66. So a 3 year old boy made the “decision” to be a girl because he wasn’t happy being a boy. Yet this is taken seriously and the parents let it happen. This is true legit child abuse. However, they let a 3 year old make a decision but for some reason, a 15 and 17 year old girl/guy don’t have the ability to “consent” when it comes to dating. So if a 17 year old guy dates a 15 year old, is a potential sexual offender or rapist he must be prosecuted. If a 20 year old guy dates a 17 year old girl, it is an illegal relationship and the guy is labeled as a pedophile by society and a sex offender by the law,
    I am sick and tired of this bullshit.
    i read this article and i am fully agree with the author. i am truly disgusted on how we criminalize natural behavior. For example, in the article, a 17 year old guy had consensual oral sex with a 15 year girl and was sentence to 10 years in prison. CONSENSUAL ORAL SEX!!! why are we punishing teenagers for having a sexually activity for something they did to each other with consent?
    But yet the parents let their 3 year old son to have a sex change. I am just scared right now. I don’t want to be alive in 5 years from now.

  67. Notice the mother focuses on whether the child is “happy” rather than asking what made the child unhappy with being a boy. It’s possible he got the message that being a boy is bad. Today’s culture gives us plenty of opportunities to get that message. It’s possible he linked being a boy with not going to school. After all, his older sister goes to school, and she’s a girl. My point is, according to this article, this mom didn’t dig enough to try and find out WHY a child feels the way he does.

  68. So gender (is using that word a microaggression?) is now negotiable, yet the “science is settled” on climate change. Why are so few paying attention?

  69. I think your headlines are a bit melodramatic. I was waiting to read the part about their local doctor going along with it and the other doctors at the hospital all okaying the future surgery & hormones, and the school principal being cool with it and the govt birth register dept and the grandparents. My guess is in absence of some medical condition they are going to tell her to pull her head in, and raise the boy properly. What if the kid is only happy eating chicken nuggets, is she going to raise him on just that, because she doesn’t want to upset him. sheesh
    All we got here is one screwball mother…no major trend. I was waiting to hear what the husband/fathers response to all this is. He better step in. If she was a single mother then the kid would be on the path to tranny land.

  70. “Being a girl is fun! Come on, don’t you wanna be a girl too!” — When you consider peer pressure and the constant media bombardment, I’ll be amazed if men aren’t wiped out (or at least reduced 90% in number) over the next century….probably the goal of the Globalists.

  71. It’s funny how feminists will shriek to no end about say an 18 year old girl dating a 30 year old by saying she’s not “mentally mature” and “the brain doesn’t develop until 25”, yet think a 3 year old boy is perfectly capable of deciding he wants to be a girl.

  72. Thank you for writing this. I am a mother of 3 girls (5yrs, 3yrs, and 2yrs old) and I always feel astonished and sickened by these parents who think their preschoolers or toddlers can determine their “gender”. My 3 year old plays “the man” (meaning the prince) when she plays dress up with her sister and she isn’t a girly girl but she IS a girl and she has zero understanding of what it even means to be male or female beyond really basic stuff. My 5 year old thinks that if she cuts her hair short she will be a boy for goodness sake. They learn FROM US.

  73. It’s mothers that encourage this behavior. A traditional mother that really cares about their son will discourage this transsexual behavior. Children cannot determine their station in life, parents in ways determine the way their lives could be. Children feel and act upon any random influence they come across. Boys feeling rejected by a circle of girls that he just wanted to play with can say something as random as he wanting to be a girl especially in this day and age. Boys could play with dolls if we didn’t laugh and bully them about it. A simple negative vibe to a boy can have him stop acting like a girl in no time flat.

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