An American Beta Male Story

Everything seems to go smooth in the beginning of most new relationships. Almost even too smooth. You wanted a girl that you desired, and you obtained that desire. It made your confidence rise much higher than normal. The relationship flowed the way it wanted to, until one of you decided to put the water into a canteen. I mean, she cooks for you, licks things the other girls wouldn’t, and surprisingly this one “isn’t” really into that drama stuff.

Fast forward 6 months

As time goes on, you start becoming a little complacent. Your car gets dirty, your hair becomes more greasy, and you smell like Hot Pockets. You pretty much text your girlfriend the same shit each morning. When you get off work, you go to her house, watch Netflix together, and then have sex. This is your new life, but it only sounds bad on paper.

You guys were having sex almost everyday for the first 6 months. Now It’s dropped down to about 3-4. You say to yourself, “Damn, I thought this girl was chill.” Maybe the “infatuation stage” is starting to fade. Whatever, Naomi Russell would never do you wrong.

That month you guys get in your first argument. You’re both laying on her crooked mattress. You try to follow a specific blade on the ceiling fan while it spins, because your life is boring.

She randomly asks, “Why did you favorite Samantha’s tweet?! You know she’s a slut!” You say, “Baby, I only liked it because I thought it was funny. I’m sorry!”

She glares and then rolls over.

“Baby, I’m sorry. Why’re you mad at me? I won’t do it again…”

You try to kiss her. She pushes you off, but you keep persisting.

She says, “Okay, Okay! It’s fine, just go to bed.”

She forces herself to give you a quick kiss, and then you both go to bed.

Fast forward 2 years

Everything seems to be going good for you. You guys have had your ups and downs, but it’s all worth it because you love this girl. She might even be your “soul mate.” No girl has ever made you feel the way that she makes you feel.

Whenever a girl flirts with you in public (while you’re with your girlfriend), you overtly reject the girl in an exaggerated manner to prove to your girlfriend that you’re loyal. Most of your paycheck is spent on opulent restaurants and miscellaneous gifts for her. Her happiness is your happiness. You’re always the one to initiate sex. A lot of times she’s stressed out from work, and would just rather sleep, but she agrees to it 38% of the time. You rationalize that “It’s almost a good thing that we don’t have sex as often. The wait makes it much more enjoyable.” The thought of marriage and kids with this girl makes you smile with tears of joy. You’re the luckiest guy in the world.

Fast forward another 6 months

You went into the relationship feeling like a king, but now your confidence has started to become a bit shaky. How did this happen? It’s probably just all in your head.

You’re laying on that same crooked bed. She’s in the shower while you’ve refreshed your Facebook page for the umpteenth time. New notification?! Nah, just a rave junkie who sent you another invite to his glow in the dark basement party. As you scroll past all the pictures of the pregnant Hispanic teens, you eventually come across a picture of some douchey guy who went to your school. He’s showing off his four pack abs and his new garage tattoo that he just got on his chest. It says, “Shane” in cursive. That’s his first name.

You look at the comments on it, and notice your girlfriend posted a heart emoji on the picture. Shane responded, “u sexy girl.”  Your girlfriend “liked” it and said, “That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me, Shane :)” Your cortisol levels rise, your face turns red, you’re about to go ape shit.

Your girlfriend opens the door to her room. She’s wearing two towels. One on her body, and one on her head wrapped up like a turban. In an insecure tone you say, “Why did you post a heart on this Shane guys photo?!” She becomes defensive and says, “Do you remember in October when you favorited that slutty girls tweet? Now you know how I feel.”

You: “That’s fucking different. You’re actually flirting with this guy. Do you think he’s cute, or something?”

Girlfriend: “No way! He’s ugly. I honestly just liked his tattoo.”

You: “It’s his first name on his chest. Are you kidding me?!”

Girlfriend: “What, you don’t trust me?”

You: “Of course I trust you, sometimes I just feel like you do stupid things.”

Girlfriend: “Well it doesn’t seem like you trust me. All you ever do is bitch and complain. It almost feels like you’re not even trying in this relationship anymore.”

You: “Baby, I love you more than anything in this world. I would die for you, I would sacrifice anything for you! Please, it just makes me upset when you do those things. Promise me you won’t do it anymore.”

Girlfriend: “Fine, I didn’t know it would upset you. I won’t do it again.”

You heard the mainstream advice that It’s good to communicate in relationships. The more you communicate, the more everything will work itself out is what you tell yourself. Your baby would never intentionally want to hurt you. If you have an issue, or if something makes you feel uneasy, you will address it with her and talk it out. This makes your future with her feel even more promising. You’re still the luckiest guy in the world.

Fast forward 3 weeks

Everything’s going good. The sex is still as frequent (38% of the time you ask for it), and strangely she has had an unusual pep in her step. You don’t really think much of it. You whisper to yourself, “I love my baby so much.”

Fast forward 2 days

It’s 5 p.m, Friday evening. You haven’t seen your baby in two days. It felt like a month. You put on your favorite shirt, some slacks, sprayed on your favorite Usher Raymond cologne, and went over to her house to take her on a dinner date. You pulled up in the driveway, and noticed her car wasn’t there. You texted her, “Where are you?” No response, so you call her. Still no answer, so you call her again. Forty minutes later you get a text from her, “On my way sorry!” Fifteen minutes later she pulls up. She hops in your car, smiles, and then kisses you.

You: “Where were you? You were supposed to be ready by 5:30.”

Her: “I was with Suzy, she wanted me to do her nails. I’m sorry I made you wait, baby.”

You: “Oh, It’s no worries. How’s she doing anyways? Play some music on your phone, let’s roll.”

Her: “Sounds good.”

She plugged her iPhone into the auxiliary chord, and asked what song you wanted. You said, “I don’t know, you choose.” She sighed and then put on The Weeknd’s new album. You wondered if she was just pretending to like it to seem cool. She probably was, the album wasn’t that good. You can’t help but stare at her while you’re driving. “You look absolutely breathtaking tonight. You never cease to amaze me, baby.” She smiles and says, “Thanks, baby.”

Her phone vibrated extra loud from the pennies in the console. You look down and see a message that reads, “Shane: here’s da vid ;)”

Your heart sinks. You forget that you’re driving, and almost swerve into oncoming traffic. You grab the phone quicker than she does, she tries to fight you for it. This bitch might kill you. In the midst of the cat fight, you accidentally play the message from Shane. You can’t see anything, because she’s still trying to grab her phone. But the audio played through the speakers. It was your girlfriend’s voice, moaning louder than usual. The voice in the speaker said, “Oh my god, Shane. It’s too deep.” It almost made you puke.

She freaked out on you. It was “your” fault for never “trusting” her in the first place. It was “your” fault for not being “emotionally supportive” enough through the hard times. You wept, and apologized. It started to make sense, maybe it really was all “your” fault. You were willing to continue the relationship, because she was your world. It was too much for her though, so she broke up with you that night.

You laid there in your bed. Thinking of what you just lost—how your whole world just dissolved into nothingness. You tell yourself, “This all could have been resolved if I was more nice to her. If I communicated with her more, and just loved her better. I’m such an idiot.”

The night felt cold, even with the heater on. You lamented with tears into your pillow and popped a Tylenol PM so you could sink into oblivion. The next day, you googled “How to get my girlfriend back.” After twelve hours of straining your eyes, and a thousand shitty Yahoo answers later, you finally came across a site that introduced you to the red pill. It looks like you may be the luckiest guy in the world after all.

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287 thoughts on “An American Beta Male Story”

    1. When do we get to read part two, where “girlfriend” leaves beta for Shane, gets knocked up, discarded, then goes back to beta where she gets upgraded to “wife” and he gets downgraded to “beta cuckold?”

        1. he lost half his in the divorce, she went thru her half of the money and now she wants to cut it in half again.

      1. I had to pause get up and walk away at 2 minutes when this slut was actually smiling that these two betas hated each other. She was stringing these saps along when that baby is her problem and hers along for being such a slut.

        1. The impossibly moronic, astounding shit I’ve seen thirsty dudes do… from sloppy seconds to sloppy suicides, nothing surprises me anymore. Watching maury is like watching a G rated documentary now.

  1. This has got to be one the best articles of the week, Excellent writing of the common blue pill relationships. This story might have been made up but it summarizes what happened in essentially every blue-pill relationship.
    In this particular case, the guy lost when he apologized for liking Samantha’s tweet.

    1. I’m gonna guess it’s not as made up as we think. Good to have you with us, Mikey. Life gets as good as we choose to make it for ourselves.

    2. Exactly this right here. Every relationship comes to a point where the line gets drawn on who really is the boss. In the infancy, everything is great, all is well, and everyone is happy. That very first argument is where a woman really finds out what kind of man she has on her hands. If the guy buckles under the pressure, and turns into an apologetic little bitch- it’s over. He’s displayed his character, the relationship can continue for a long time, but she knows what kind of guy she has on her hands- a little bitch.
      How it should have been handled:
      Girl: Why did you favorite Samantha’s tweet?! You know she’s a slut!
      Guy: Because I wanted to– hit the lights, let’s get some sleep.
      Girl: OMG you think she’s hot don’t you!
      Guy: It would be too easy; I only pick the highest and sweetest fruits- which is why I’m in this crooked ass bed with you right now.
      Girl: YOu want to fuck her!
      Guy: I could favorite a tweet from the dog that played Beethoven, doesn’t mean I want to stick my dick in him. This is done- turn off the lights, we’re going to sleep.
      Leave if she can’t get ahold of herself. Her watching you walk out the door like a stone cold killer and not saying where you’re going will drive her crazy… you could be going to Samantha’s house… the slut… to get your butthole licked while she jerks you off… the girlfriend will freak out and be texting within 10 minutes of you being gone.

      1. Spot on. That’s the key…your answer should always be “because I felt like it or I wanted to..”. Never apologize for any of your actions and let her know right away you won’t put up with any games (walk if needed).
        The moment you start to back pedal or apologize is the moment you’ve lost ground.

  2. Sigh…I heard these stories played out a thousand times across a thousand places…all because the beta thinks he’s won the girl and life will be perfect. To this I quote the roman saying “If you want peace, prepare for war”

      1. Man can’t rest his laurels in any aspect of life – not in business, women, friends, himself. That’s why there has been a tale of the heavens because it is man’s only consolation for a life of struggle and that is eternal peace.

    1. Yeah man its a classic story. Sad part is the Shanes will be like “leave him he is a loser” and the actively boast about conquering another man’s women to a point of ridicule (think I am lying read those pua fourms). Its sad how the brotherhood has disappeared.
      I remember when I was cheated on and yes I was a pussy, but the women was literally trying to pit me against the man she cheated with. If cooler heads didn’t prevail somebody could have been sent to the hades. Till this day she is PREPLEXED about how me an the other man have become lasted friends. As much as we say civilization has developed , these WOMEN now days are very PRIMITIVE, survivial of the fitness mentality. This is the era of SPERM WARS that is bordeline DANGEROUS

      1. You don’t have to lament for the loss of “the brotherhood” – when women themselves invite, cajole and pursue men even when these sluts are supposedly “committed”.
        The problem is with the men who try to make these sluts into wives. These losers deserve that. The man who gets deceived by his cheating women is not at fault; but it his unwillingness to walk away from such a slut after he discovers her cheating – is what demeans and destroys his masculinity. Real men don’t bother to forgive and forget a woman’s cheating, once they’ve discovered it.
        Women are the gatekeepers of sex. These Shanes don’t put a gun to the heads of these women who themselves want to be shafted in their asses by the rifles which lie between the legs of these Shanes. If these Shanes chose to become “honorable” – then these sluts would still find the Shawns willing to bareback their asses.

        1. But when you turn into a “Shane” then you are no better than the cheating cunt. You are a cheating cunt enabler. Its better to go without the pussy and retain your integrity.
          Some things you cant put a price on. Women obviously have no morals or scruples.
          It doesnt mean we dont have to have any.

        2. I agree with you women CAN be manipulative sluts or what we call HOES.
          Back in 2010 one of my friends girlfriend tried to fuck me. I refused, she then told my friend that she was the victim and I shouldn’t be trusted. My boy didnt buy her story. Later she hit on me again but this time my boy gave me a pass 🙂 I brought her to my crib and FUCKED the SHIT out of her. Then my boy came out the closet and FUCKED the SHIT of her too. We never seen her again

        3. I used to have those morals. One day i just said to myself “fuck it, I’m going to go for what i want” and have been working on that ever since.
          If I see something I want, I’m going to take it. The bigger the ring the bigger the fling. All’s fair in love and war. Etc etc etc.

        4. In this story Shane had no idea she was a cheating cunt. He probably didn’t waste time trying to penetrate her social network. I am sure many of us had guys come up to us saying we slept with their cheating cunt. In that situation I say “I didn’t know” I would even let a blocked punch or two pass and said”its not worth fighting over its all yours” “if you are looking for a relationship you can do better”. I actually had one cheating bitch get kicked out of the boyfriends house and thought she would just move into my place after just having sex once.

        5. So what are you going to do?
          Obviously, in a civilized society, you’d stone the bitch and shoot Shane and as many of his friends and family as you could get to, and then move on. But since a century of publicly funded indoctrination have turned even self described “men” into sniveling little runts devoid of any abilities whatsoever other than crying for Massa Gommiment that “he is baad, please say something mean to him” or something; chances are few guys in our current Dystopia will have the balls for any of that.
          But that doesn’t mean there won’t be assholes. All it means is that those who chose to be assholes, will always and inevitably come out ahead, since noone will do anything about it. Not because they are particularly afraid of some dumb douche with tattoos; but because they insist on faslling for the idiocy that governments are some sort of useful institutions. For anything more than target practice, that is.

        6. I disagree- having been on the other end as a younger, dumber man. The Shane in the story owes the narrator no allegiance. Had they been acquaintances, maybe a different story.
          FWIW, when I got cheated on years ago, I beat the other guy into submission, spent the weekend in jail, then spent about 15k I didn’t have just to get probation on the ADW (shod foot) charge. That was the dumbest decision ever. No woman is worth having legal troubles. Years later, when the dumb bitch cheated on the other guy, he called me out of the blue to apologize. By then I had wised up, and I said I should be thanking him, for stopping me from wasting additional time with the wrong woman.

        7. This is different from banging unmarried attached women. While you owe the husband no allegiance, it does venture into scumbag territory… and it’s worth noting that the ideal response for a MARRIED man who gets cuckolded is both dump the wife and place a foot on the neck of the 3rd party.
          I dunno. I’d never ruin my future for the sake of my past, but I also know that you can beat another man half to death with your hands and not do time for it if you’ve got good representation and don’t make a habit of it. Just doesn’t seem worth it.

        8. Shane, his friends, and his family deserve no aggression because of this incident. Shane’s actions were neutral in the story.

        9. It’s not about “deserving.” Noone deserves anything a priori.
          For a society to evolve to units of corporation exceeding every single man in a cave for himself, men have to be able to trust, or at least have reasonable certainty, that other men are at least minimally trustworthy. Which means culling those whose behavior endangers such trust. Along with all those who may, if sufficiently motivated, have been able to influence the bad seed to not have turned out so bad if only they had the right incentives.
          It’s not like there is som magical rule in the sky saying cheating wives “deserve” to be stoned to death, either. It’s just that stoning them works. It reduces cheating. That’s all that counts. Whacking Shane would accomplish the same thing. Hence make said society one where men could spend more time and efforts doing important stuff; rather than having to worry about everyone else banging their wives.

        10. Lame. If my hypothetical brother-in-law killed my sister for cheating on him, I’d kill him. The appropriate course of action for him wouldn’t be murder, it would be severing ties to her (& possibly her children) and not providing any further resouces. Hopefully he would spend more time and effort doing important stuff rather than murdering my sister and running & hiding from me.
          It might work to reduce underage drinking by stoning teenagers who are caught, but that doesn’t make it wise or just. There would be repercussions beyond the stoning.
          Even if such strong punishments for normally non-capital offenses was condoned by the community, they wouldn’t apply in the case in the article: “It’s not like there is som magical rule in the sky saying cheating wives “deserve” to be stoned to death, either. It’s just that stoning them works. It reduces cheating. That’s all that counts. Whacking Shane would accomplish the same thing.” 1. She wasn’t a wife, just a girlfriend. 2. Shane might not have even known that she was somebody’s girlfriend. 3. Even if he did know, it doesn’t matter, a girlfriend isn’t property.
          Unless they are agreeing to do some business, the only thing that Shane owes the character of the story is respect for his property rights. Shane didn’t violate the guy’s property rights, end of story.

        11. What demeans and destroys his masculinity is that he considered “commitment” in the first place and when that failed, didn´t just go find some other women to have fun with, flirt with them right in front of his “wife”.
          The real alternatives are the slut and the gold digger. Both you can get sex with but one is going to cost much more than the other, latter can be “comitted” but that is going to cost even more. Neither of them will make you into a man.
          Even if you have a wife, that doesn´t make you a man. If you served in Iraq for a few year, be in the firebrigades, then you are a man and you even get paid for.

        12. So? Why is that bad? Oh right, someone´s precious feeeeeelings.
          The amoral thing to do is not take advantage of the opportunity.
          Cut out the feeeeeelings, they are the liability and they are what destroys one´s integrity.
          A woman not having sex? Sad reason to feel validated.

        13. Beside, if a woman sleeping or not sleeping around is so damn important to that hypothetical brother in law, then he would already be a pussy.
          He would have Bitch Dependency Syndrome withdrawal, sure he would be killing someone would still make him a pussy since he did it out of butthurt emo raeg. That would not be a man, only a child throwing a tantrum in reaction to the deeds of another child.

      2. I would never conceive of stooping so low as to try to take another mans girl from him even if I had the chance. What kind of low life scum can do that, brag about it like its some kind of “alpha dog” move, and feel good about himself I dont know.
        Id be ashamed to consider that guy a fellow male I guess, and wish him the fuck Karma comes back ’round to pay him a visit someday.
        We guys gotta set some standards of decency and morality for our fellow men.

        1. Most modern men are such cuckolds they love to mop up the cum pockets of other men. While I agree with you 100% the vast majority of men will fuck another guys girl without hesitation.
          All I have to say to the “alphas” that do this is “how do I taste”?

        2. You’re missing the point.
          The point is to exonerate men from the crime of dicking another man’s woman, and putting the entire responsibility of sexual access on women.
          Modern men often use “excuses” of other men pursuing them to justify their own lack of self responsibility when it comes to sexual cheating.
          I wanna ask you: Who’s got the pussy, dude? The man or the woman? To whose body is it attached? So who controls access to it?
          If you’ve got the goods(pussy), and I keep cajoling you to give them to me, and you then give them to me (sex), am I to be blamed? What about your power of judgment? Are you so weak when society itself has empowered you with protective laws? I asked and you gave. It’s not like I stole it from you (rape).
          Women have always blamed men for being sexual – while acting like they don’t have any rights when it comes to sexual cheating or sex itself.
          Your argument of refusing to bang cheating sluts because of “honor” then puts the responsibility of granting sexual access on men – which these sluts themselves want to do, to exonerate themselves from any moral responsibility when it comes to sex and cheating. It’s not that she cheated; it’s because Shane took the opportunity which she offered him, that she cheated – so Shane is to blame.
          If she willingly cheats on her man with a stranger, it’s the stranger’s fault – because he was not honorable to reject her. Again she bears no responsibility for sexually pursuing the stranger. And fellow men blame the stranger for not having “decency” or “morality” for rejecting the slut’s sexual overtures. Isn’t this what we are seeing in modern world?
          Why can’t men act like it’s TOTALLY the woman’s fault (which is the truth) when she willingly chooses to grant sexual access to another man, and make her WHOLLY responsible for it, instead of blaming the man whom she cheated with? Are the men who criticize the Shanes then not becoming as solipsistic as feminists who claim that men are not honorable enough to choose whom to have sex with, while exonerating sluts from all moral responsibility of sexually pursuing other men?
          If men didn’t hesitate to bang sluts, then the concept of male brotherhood would actually be strengthened. A fellow man won’t blame his brother if his woman chose to fuck with him; he’d put the blame completely on her. She had the cave, and it was up to her to choose whether to let him in or not – no matter how “Alpha” he was. Let men leave no opportunity when a slut offers to fuck, because when it comes to consensual sex, the responsibility solely lies on the woman’s shoulders. When society realizes that, then men will not be reviled, and women will be viewed inexorably when it comes to consensual sex.

        3. As an older handsome man I must inform you that during my life dozens of married women and women in committed relationships have come on to me. Had dozens more openly flirt with me in front of their consternated boyfriends. In the first case I was decent enough not to do it and in the second would not play along with slut’s game to humiliate her lover. I have also endured a lot of asshole behavior from other men (on the job, usually) who hovered around to make sure I wasn’t macking on their bovine wife or some 5.5 co-worker they fancied would someday frolick with them.

        4. I hear you. Justin Wayne the Pua sleeps with ALOT of women with boyfriends and people (SIMPS and feminist) thinks he is the biggest scum. They almost never blame the women. But one thing I like about Justin is that he doesn’t ridicule their boyfriends.
          As fucked up as it sounds me a my boys have codes where we try to fuck each others women to TEST their loyalty. Shit, You will be suprised that the biggest threat to your relationship isnt the Shanes but the Brads in your social circle. THEY KNOW YOUR WOMEN INSIDE OUT and she is quite comfortable with them

        5. A real Alpha wouldn’t know. Because he doesn’t kiss or go down on sluts. He just bends them over and fucks them like a dog.

        6. Justin is REALLY GOOD with seduction. I am not sure about teaching to people though. One thing I like about is that HE IS VERY SCIENTIFIC based with his teachings and he shows PROOF

        7. I see and understand your points. To be honest, I think that its up to each man to make his own decision. I wont think less of a fellow man that chooses to tap the ass of the cheating cunt.
          However, that will not be me. I will not allow my actions to result in any man to be cuckolded.
          In the final analysis, the only person a man answers to is himself.

        8. Justin Wayne is a freaking scam artist. I mean the dude paid 10 toruist girls money to make a vid of him running successful daygame.
          He is excellent in marketing.

        9. Exactly. That other man has no arrangement or agreement or anything with the boyfriend. Only the woman does. She is the one stepping out of bounds, not him. He owes nothing!

      3. There is no brotherhood. There is only you and whatever loyal pets you have. Even your friends you’ve known your entire life will do you in if you or them. There are no friends only temporary allies and temporary enemies. Its a cold world. Stay strapped and trust no one.

        1. There is a simple compromise.
          It doesn´t matter, some woman sleeping around or not is no reason to feel validated in the first place.
          If you have purpose in life, don´t reduce it to a wife and nothing else “beta” bullshit.

      4. I don’t see manginas as brothers because they are like women mentally and will backstab you just as readily.

    2. This story almost made me laugh because how exact it is to a friend of mine going out with this one bitch for forever, who cheated on him with this dude, Shane(lol) in high school. He even made a huge scene in graduation practice and left. I tried to tell him she was a snake but no one listens because they are always like “you don’t know man.. She’s different. Blah blah”.

      1. and his name was really shane? Wow. Yeah, you gotta learn this stuff early…

    3. It’s obvious this kind of stuff ends in tears, but what is a guy to do in this day and age? Sometimes, all a guy wants is to be able to pursue his interests and also to have a reliable girl on the side without having to go through all the drama of the hookup scene. You know, like our dads and granddads did. A guy’s time is more important than shit like this. It seems that such an arrangement just isn’t possible anymore, except in a few special circumstances.

      1. “reliable girl”
        Ha ha. Oxymoron. It’s not 1950 anymore, homes.
        Keep several hot spares running at all times. This is what social media was made for.
        Swap on failure or boredom or excessive bitchiness.
        Problem solved.

      2. The answer: Uncommitted, unrestrained POLYGAMY.
        Women are so incomplete that they can’t even complete a fraction of men today. Even by having a few girls on your side, you’d assort a buffet for a balanced diet of nutrients ( sex/support/etc.). Just don’t kid yourself that this buffet nutrients are non-perishable. Don’t hesitate to replace with fresher, and better models. The trick is to be non-complacent with the desire for better variety.

        1. And….yeah, that’s what I was starting to do before I found one who is capable of meeting my needs. I’d recommend that you just date around while keeping an eye open for a decent woman on the side.
          They do exist, but they’re rare enough in America that if you don’t enjoy the ride while you wait you will go crazy.

      3. I dunno….I’m pretty sure I’ve got one like that(she’s proven her loyalty and dedication to me every time it’s been tested), but I really wouldn’t know what to tell you if you want one.
        It was winning the proverbial lottery on this one, but I found one who was raised from an old-school, religious, large(one of 6 kids) Midwestern family where dad was the breadwinner and mom took care of the house.
        I’m proof that they’re out there, but I don’t really know what to tell you when it comes to finding another. This is the first one I’ve met that’s both sexually passionate and a decent woman…and it’s rare enough that(like in the Rocky article) the only sensible thing to do was get to her first and take her off the market.

      4. In tears only if you are a “beta” pussy.
        Yes yes, a guy should have better things to do that getting beat up over what some woman did.

  3. Just reminded of a similar real life situation. “Friend” who is like Shane wrote on this chick’s Facebook wall wishing her and her beta bf a happy 1st anniversary. He jokingly said “hope you get knocked up as well” with the usual emoticon. She replied by saying “yeah, my bf will make a good mum”….I was cringing in horror at how this chick openly mocks her bf on Facebook with the alpha. Worst part is that loving beta bf just meekly accepted it and is taking her on a holiday overseas…a mini tragic comedy in action…

    1. At this bar on Friday, I saw this cute blonde where we both know of each other but have never spoken. I know she has a LT bf but she was hovering around me and my friend when we were talking outside. When she finally does leave, she passes by me and slides her hand from hip to my ass, to which I grabbed her ass without looking at her or turning back. This happens every weekend I kid you not, especially from “committed girls”, so guys out there your dolled up blonde will be subtly seducing guys while you hold her jacket and purse.

    2. breaks my heart to see that. though it’s not like I didn’t let girls I liked disrespect me before. though that was years and years ago. Being called a woman isn’t something I think even then-me would take.

  4. Great article. I’ll admit to having gone through a variation of this shit. Fuck it, I need to be honest. I don’t blame her, I blame me for putting up with this shit. I was involved with a complete moron and was too much of a beta to take action and get the hell out of that shit. I’ve gotten better but I still labour to combat those tendencies. I guess the good thing is that I’ve realized this and have been taking initiative to eradicate this flaw in my character. I’ve noticed something strange however, in my efforts to fight these aberrant tendencies I’ve noticed that women have been flirting with me more often. I’m not going to let that shit fuck up my efforts at self reform though. I give them a blank expression and move the hell on and handle my own personal business.

  5. Take no woman on as a girlfriend unless she has something to offer you. Sex is not a reason to commit to a woman. She needs to lift your social or financial status.
    Even the best women in the modern world are sluts that will not suppress their desire to explore new cocks. Don’t expect them too. Get something out of the relationship worthwhile to your life. Dating a 6 with a rich daddy that owns a beer distributership is much more advantageous to a mans life than a 9 with nothing to offer but her pussy. In the end they will both disappoint so reap some advantage along the way and without question ALWAYS try to fuck every piece of ass you get a sniff of along the way.

    1. You know what sort of women will cheat on you with Shane?
      >Trashy, low class women.
      >Bar sluts.
      >Professional, over-educated white collar girls.
      >Over-religious, self-righteous girls.
      >Prudes who only like it missionary.
      >Kinky girls into monogamy.
      >Girls who want to wait.
      >Girls who want families, and feel their biological clocks ticking.
      >Girls with XX chromosomes.

      1. Correction:
        >Prudes who only like it missionary – Anal.
        But the ones who’d cheat unfailingly are:
        >Girls with XX chromosomes.

        1. Haha, I forgot about those girls, even though the first girl I slept with was one of those self-righteous Christian party-girls. Want to hear how we broke up???? Nah, I’ll let you guess.

        2. I just landed one of those on Friday. I’m curious to hear about the rest of the plot.

        3. My fondest high school memory is when I convinced my pastor’s daughter to ride my dick in the trunk of my buddy’s Durango while he received (what sounded like) a wet blowjob from the apple of our senior deacon’s eye.
          The funny thing is that both of those hookers had boyfriends.
          Self-righteous Christian party-girls are God’s gift to young men, unless you make the unfortunate mistake of committing to one.

        4. if you’re interested I have a somewhat related story to this, except I won’t pretend she was a self-righteous Christian party girl. She was a girl that actually made it pretty obvious she was a slut, but since I was in my Captain Save-a-Ho days from 15-17 I chose to ignore the signs. This story actually shows how, at the time, I went into full mangina rather than the guy that would be a beta when trying to court a girl, but an alpha when it came to calling her out on her mistreatment of him.

          26 More Signs She’s A Slut

        5. I read the entire thread. Your homeboy is a piece of shit. I have a standing rule to run a train on any woman who tries to play me against my comrades. That way I show them see firsthand how women actually operate without sacrificing finishing on her face.

        6. Ah, coincidentally enough he’s actually in jail now. Go figure. A probation violation because all he had to do was stay away from some bad people, but he went to a party with them and the pictures ended up on facebook, and that’s how The Man found out.
          I wouldn’t exactly consider him a homeboy though, and that is quite an interesting rule. But it’s true, women will use their sexuality to turn friends against each other.
          The part that I left out of the story was that when I yanked her back and it was clear that I’d hurt her, that what amplified my guilt was the knowledge that she’d been raped 5 times, as she’d said during a sort of “confession” session before that happened. Today, I think she may have been lying about that though, especially considering the aforementioned tattoos. But if she wasn’t, then that was why I felt guilty for what I’d done (yanking her back towards me for not talking to me). That part of the story is uncomfortable to talk about so that’s why I always leave it out when I tell it.

      2. With “religious” girls, the ones to watch out for are the hyper-religious ones who want everyone to know how “religious” they are.
        The ones who are “religious” but have a mature attitude towards sexuality usually make better decisions and (my observation) the most loyal class.

      3. Any woman who:
        1) Considers Shane above her man in the food chain.
        2) Doesn’t fear getting caught.
        3) Shane wants to fuck.

  6. “You heard the mainstream advice that It’s good to communicate in
    relationships. The more you communicate, the more everything will work
    itself out is what you tell yourself.”
    So true. And what horseshit it is. It’s like trying to communicate with a used car salesman. You can communicate all you want. At the end of the day, they will still try to sell you a lemon.

    1. You can `communicate` with a street walker all day long but she will still go ahead and fuck the next customer in line…

  7. Hitting close to home for me and I’m sure a lot of others around here as well. Nicely done Mikey.

  8. 1. Women will leave their husband who is supporting their 2 children for a man who is great at sex and has an alpha frame of mind. Fuck her good and prescreen your girl for a whore past if you want a relationship. By the way, Facebook has ruined dozens of marriages and relationships, from teens to couples who have been married 20-30 years.
    2. Never apologize – the mentality to keep is “if you don’t like it, leave.”
    3. Always have other girls lined up, or at least don’t forget how to seduce. I’m sure it’s hard after several years of a relationship and complacency has kicked in but it’s like being only invested in Enron stock. Sure it’s price is expontentially rising and sure it dips like other stocks (i.e. relationship) and then one day…
    4. Dominate without being domineering. When your girl gets out of line, you check her. When your girl asks for money, you check her. When a your girl makes plans without consulting you, you check her. Subtly let your girl know you’re dominant. You don’t yell, cry, beg, apologize, or hit. A man’s voice, strength, and independence should keep your girl’s cunning and subtly in check.

    1. too bad we can`t smack them anymore…..
      Maybe that`s why God made men stronger than women…to simply smack them.

    2. Does it count of the hymen was still intact when I got with mine for the first time?

    3. Tolstoy captured the first point excellently in “Anna Karenina.” Women like Anna Karenina would’ve been to death in Arab societies and should. The problem with proposition number 4, is corporal discipline is a necessity and it’s hard to psychologically keep a bitch in check, day in and day out. In true societies, there were consequences for shit. A man came home, and expected his food to be ready and no shit from his wife. Those days are gone, because there would consequences for either offending party. Societies always operated from a basic principle: 1.) Woman sleeps with many men, shame her and confine her to the brothel 2.) Woman disrespects husband or interferes in the business of men, physically discipline her, short of using fists 3.) Woman cheats on husband, put her to death.
      A society is only as good as its incentives. This was thee model for all societies. Hell this is in nearly every religion. It’s funny how modern day faggoty Christians selectively pick and choose what they want to follow.

    4. “Facebook has ruined dozens of marriages and relationships, from teens to couples who have been married 20-30 years.”
      No, it’s allowed people to see what kind of weirdo they have been dealing with all along now that they have a template to analyze the other’s behavior, can’t read someone’s mind, but when you look at what they write, you figure them out. We make beta excuses for why the person is an idiot, because we want to feel we’ve achieved value in someone, a relationship can ONLY work if you are in DENIAL of the other person’s mentality and true self, However when it’s clear and in writing we can no longer lie to ourselves and the relationshit dies.
      I find the alpha mentality is not needed in daily affairs, you just need to fuck her really good and dominate her in bed where it counts, fucking her like you will never see her again puts her in line , than instead of being a brutal “alpha” just go and continue the cycle and juggle as many women as you have time for. The most alpha thing you can do is ignore her unless she is giving you sex anyway. So you can be nice so long as you ignore her, fuck her, and hit on other women, Sounds simple?

  9. Man, I doubt I’m the only one who just got hit with some PTSD here. At least she had the “decency” to try to hide her behavior. A lot are far more cruel and will flaunt this behavior to their poor chump guys. At least the guy (though who knows a week from now) didn’t agree to counseling and accept it was his fault because he didn’t meet her emotional needs… And if he ever expects an apology or closure from her in any way it will never happen. I think that’s what makes it the hardest for guys. While we at one point in our pre redpill days actually had the ability to truly love, women lack this ability to reciprocate. They are only able to love what a man can do for them. Nothing more, nothing less.

    1. Epilogue 3 : she transmits herpes to him before she even knows she is infected.

      1. You’re right! What better way to remind yourself of that disaster than the gift that keeps on giving. Nicely done.
        Though even if she knew she was infected, she really wouldn’t care anyway if she infected him.

        1. Ok, I’ll give it a try. He should have maintained fitness and style throughout the relationship, and taken her to random exciting dates without mundane Netflix.
          Should have ignored the liking at Facebook, and instead liked and flirted to some hot chick at Facebook without his girlfriend knowing that he had seen her like to Shane in the first place.
          Shouldnt have apologized for the Twitter thing, and should have told to her that she is acting crazy and not tried to kiss.
          Should have ditched her to the nearest bus stop with a cool manner after finding about the cheating.
          Comments are accepted 😀

        2. I think acknowledging the Facebook incident (in a calm way, something like “I saw that post you made on Shane’s picture. That’s interesting” and then not giving in to her when she starts yelling at you) and then flirting with some other girl would have been the way to go. There’s that slight chance she doesn’t see your flirty post with the other chick right away and you don’t want her to think she got away with anything.
          Also he should have been flirty with other girls in front of his girl instead of pushing them away. You have to let her mark her own territory. If you shy away automatically there’s no challenge for her and she gets bored.

        3. Should have fucked another slut while still in the relationship….
          pussy always senses a man with options,always.

  10. Super true.
    I’ve felt like this guy – in my life around 5 years back.
    And then swallowed the red pill.
    And like “Mikeyangelo” – probably am destined to die from swallowing too many red pills.
    It’s like Mikeyangelo did some clairvoyant thing or so – to write this story.
    I wish I wasn’t that guy in this story.
    But what every man must realize that for every girl’s man, there is a SHANE waiting for his girl to sleep with, to cause the man eventual PAIN.
    But don’t wholly blame SHANE; for it’s the woman who eventually causes the PAIN.

  11. There are just too many truths in this article, this story is happening up and down the Western world as we speak The worst thing is, some of these women end up pregnant and the beta man will think how lucky he is to have a beautiful child, when in reality its not even his.

  12. Anyone else notice that more and more women are into more and more extreme BDSM? Hair-pulling, slapping, choking, get spit on, tied up, et cetera? Personally I suspect that women know what horrible little beasts they are, and they hate themselves for it, but they can’t stop doing it.

    1. Also more and more women are admitting that hybristophilia gets them wet. That the men that turn them on are child murderers, rapists and violent thugs.
      When I asked what it was that fascinated these women to love men who are like this, the reply I most often received was that these men were outside of society, rebellious and therefore exciting.
      Women are instruments of chaos, pure and simple. They have no business at all in positions of authority in a civilization.

      1. I will have to look up hybristophilia…
        There is a shocking amount of gals that correspond with and then marry DEATH ROW INMATES. Disproportionate number from Scandinavia….

        1. Serial killers and rapists like Ted Bundy and Richard Ramirez of ‘night stalker’ fame used to receive *bags* of female fan mail. A bunch of girls made a fan website in honour of the surviving Boston bomber. The list goes on and on.
          On the other hand, the countless men who work silently and diligently to make our civilization possible, and make these precious princesses’ standard of living possible, go unnoticed. The only time they are noticed is to be called boring, creepy, nerds and losers.
          Ungrateful fucked-up bitches.

        2. To be honest the so called red pill is a little hard to take.
          Recently I moved cities from a ~300k to a ~1.5m size. The difference in women’s attitudes between the two cities is interesting.
          I get approached a lot by women asking for random things like “directions”. To be honest though, after knowing what I know about women I am not sure if I can even be bothered to try to initiate anything with them.
          I’m 28, do I try find a 19 year old checkout girl that is hopefully naive enough to have missed the feminist indoctrination camp that is University? Or do I take my chances with these so called mid 20’s “professional” women who by far seem to be worst.
          I am not sure if by attempting to sleep with and indulging what these women want on a whim is really helping anyone except making men more bitter and jaded as time goes on. At the same time, who wants to be the beta loser who is left always holding the pay check and being the emotional tampon? I know, because I’ve been there.
          It’s a no mans land, a kind of limbo and I don’t know the best way forward for men.

        3. here`s my advice…
          FUCK as many bitches as you can…and when you think you found a good one…fuck her sister.

        4. What’s the point in that though? What good does fucking as many women as you can do? I tried that shit and it doesn’t make me feel like I am more manly. I already feel great and confident. I don’t need to fuck bitches to be happy or to enjoy life. However, it seems that’s what we should do because that is what defines us as men. Yet isn’t it kind of playing into what women want anyway? Don’t they stereotype us as only wanting sex and not commitment? What good does fucking as many as you can do? For me, it made me a ruthless asshole. I’d rather avoid all relationships and build my empire than be a ruthless asshole for no reason. Now if there is a reason, that is different.

        5. You would be better served by a change of perspective.
          Right now, you still worry about what women think of you.
          In the future, only worry about what you think of you.
          When you let a woman share in your life, if only for one night, you are doing her a favor. She wanted to be there, she got off. No matter what she thinks, you don’t owe her anything else.
          The amount of fucking you do or don’t do is your business. Scratch the itch and move on.

        6. That’s what I was trying to say. There must be a kind of golden mean between bitter hate filled beta and pussy chasing alpha(woman’s toy).
          It seems with success women start chasing you naturally but do you act on this or remain detached?
          Is it even possible to have a relationship and take it seriously for those who have seen too much? I seem to approach each female interaction with a sense of disgust and I wonder if I am too far gone to actually feel anything for a woman anymore.

        7. Coming to an understanding after The Red Pill is proving to be a fun challenge.
          I don’t care what women think of me, or men for that matter. My focus has always been on my life and getting what I want out of it.
          I agree when you let anyone into your life you are doing them a favor. Not just women, your brothers too.

        8. The reason for this supposed conundrum is very, very simple:
          All those “countless men who work silently and diligently to make our civilization possible” are not, in fact making “our civilization possible.” Quite obviously in fact, since the West hasn’t been civilized for a century.
          Instead, the only thing all these countless men are doing, is propping up the scumbags that benefit from a world where all their potential challengers are degenerate destitutes so incapable of anything, that they believe they need their “leaders” for “safety”, “health care” and whatnot. Dilligently working your ass off to make sure some Goldman Sachs scumbag or politician is well fed, is hardly contributing to anything resembling a civilization, after all.
          Civilizations arise out of cooperation between men who individually recognize that they are better off putting differences aside to achieve things they could not achieve on their own. And the way to ensure that this condition holds, is to make leaving as easy as possible. IOW, if anyone doesn’t particularly agree with the rest anymore, he can leave. Once the option to leave is closed, and those it is closed for has degenerated to the point that they do nothing about it other than accepting their imprisonment, there is no longer a civilization.
          In America during the civilized era, the Western Frontier gave everyone an out if they didn’t feel like communing with the rest anymore. And as long as the frontier was open, America wasn’t such a bad place. Btu man, did it quickly turn to suckage once it was closed.
          Similarly, in medieval towns in Europe, the worst punishment one could receive, was to be kicked out. As were and are common in more civilized places in other parts of the world throughout history as well.
          Only once a place degenerates into a totalitarian Dystopia like the former Soviet Union, and contemporary US, is the ability to simply opt out, shut. Since in such shitholes, pretty much anyone with any wits at all, would choose to do so if given even the slightest opportunity.
          So, in conclusion; drones willingly supporting the ruling Junta, while professing to be some sort of “pillars of society” to boot, have only themselves to thank for whatever evils may beset them. Whether Shane banging their whore today, or some slightly less useless Mujaheddin warrior just casually gunning them and their family down for kicks tomorrow.

        9. What does “worrying what women think of you” have ANYTHING to do with that readers problems?
          He is disgusted by the nature of women.
          But you say he’s Really tired of that trope, it’s a very lazy answer that barely scratches the surface of a more profound question.

        10. You should view the world as a buffet for you to enjoy….if you see a girl you want to bang go ahead even if you`re in a relationship.
          If you want to do something and your gf is it anyway.
          That`s what I meant.

        11. “Having a job” and realizing one is simply trying to make the best out of a hellish situation, is one thing. Believing that merely having one makes one somehow more deserving of some whore’s attention than someone who don’t have one, but still gets by (like Shane presumably) is where the problem lies.
          If women prefer Shanes to people with a job, it’s not their “fault.” They’re just women, what the heck do they know? Instead, the problem is that the guys with jobs are so mealymouthed and indoctrinated, that they refrain from altering the society they claim to be irreplaceable pillars of, to favor themselves (and by extension valuable activity), rather than favoring Shanes (destructive activities.)
          If Betas collectively don’t feel they get laid enough, it’s betas fault. For any individual beta, the opposite can be argued, but as a group, if those with the ability to be productive enough to take care of themselves and theirs, instead acquiesces to build and sustain a society geared solely to force them to take care of Shanes; so that Shanes can spend their days in leisure banging betas’ wives without fear of consequences, that really is the betas “fault”, isn’t it?

        12. I stopped approaching a month ago. I feel disgust when I see an American woman. I literally turned down the advances of a cute blonde the other day because I couldn’t bring myself to have a desire to bang her. I look at women and shake my head now instead of talking to them. I don’t think it is unhealthy, but I’m not a doctor. Even if it is unhealthy, I really don’t give a flying feck.

        13. We all feel that way. There is no correct answer. Treat each individual situation separately, just each woman on her own merits. As has been said so many times here before, watch what they do, not what they say.
          When Lucifer returns to Earth, they say he will start with the women.

        14. “Right now, you still worry about what women think of you.”
          How did you come to that conclusion?
          I feel exactly the same way about American women.
          I feel they have gone too far, for so long with their childish bullshit games that even when a hot chick smiles at me I just give her a cold look and ignore her. Whether she is sincerely interested or not makes no difference. There is just no point at all in smiling back or saying anything.
          They made their bed – let them sleep in it.

        15. “He is disgusted by the nature of women.”
          Because he cares what they think.
          Are you disgusted by the nature of cats when they methodically torture rodents to death? Cats will be cats.
          Just as women will be women.
          Furthermore, “Indra” has unrealistic expectations for women’s behavior.
          If you are consistently upset by someone else’s behavior, you are at fault. You have misjudged their nature or capabilities and have to realign your expectations with reality.
          If they have power over you, you must free yourself from their influence. Unfortunately, as Indra alludes, this makes having a family in the west a losing proposition.

        16. Buddhism speaks about the “middle path”.
          I encourage all men to take these stories with a grain of salt. There is an unknown variable in this story. How well was he fucking her the 38%of the time that she did let him. That is key IMHO. Also they were together for 3 years. In today’s world successful marriages happen within the the first 18 odd months at the very most. 3 years in a relationship…..iffy sex….i dunno what personal ambitions the dude had…..its a bit of a stretch expecting her to be loyal…..of course shes gonna be attracted to someone else. It goes without saying.
          The other thing id encourage guys to do is read up in david deida’s work. He speaks about the masculine and the feminine essence of human beings, which is independent of your gender.
          If you are kinda beta or kinda feminine id suggest accept it. Don’t try and fight it. You will always fall short. Accept reality and move from a masculine place (like New York or LA ) to a more feminine place ( like Hawaii). Your inner self will resonate with the environment you are in. Knowing your inner core is the most powerful tool you possess. You dont have to share it with anyone. You can pretend to be whoever you wanna be…alpha dog…czar putin, no nonsense investment banker anything you want, but deep within you know your reality. Don’t bullshit yourselves . Ever!! Somehow we always always know within ourselves wtf is going on. We are just afraid to see it eye to eye. I can
          All in all don’t beat yourselves up too much about this. FInd your feminine in art, in expression, in music , in surfing, in kayaking, in snowboarding. Feminine energy is everywhere. You don’t need women to fulfill more than 50% of it.
          All in all quit whining. Every generation has had to deal with its own shit. Famine, war, plague etc. If all we have to face is feminism id say we’ve lucked out.

  13. And women say that men have commitment issues. Yeah right. Talk about projecting your problems onto others.

    1. In the movie matrix the hero had a choice to take the red pill to see a harsh reality or take a blue pill for a false comforting narrative. By taking a red pill you are willing to accept reality even if its not what you would like. Blue pill is also associated with being politically correct.

  14. I just needed this sort of information 10 years ago! Feeling so pathetic, when looking back to my early twenties…

      1. Just imagine if sites like this existed 5-10 years ago. Imagine all the ruined nights, crushed self esteem, and bitch drama that would have been dealt with in a manly way.

        1. no fucking kidding….some much money wasted on bars sluts taking them to dinners for no sex…..
          Jesus Fucking Christ!!!

        2. It always felt even worse to me when it seemed like the same case but with supposedly “good girls”, you know the ones who allegedly wanted “nice guys.”
          It’s a rare feeling indeed to be a valiant, honorable Nice Guy then have a girl who’s not even a bar slut shit all over you. Been there, done that. Lessons learned.

        3. Your right the worst ones are the angel faced double sided whores who could pass for a Catholic raised woman but is instead a high class prostitute in disguise…

  15. I was in a relationship with this girl once and Shane was her most recent fuck-buddy. He didn’t even like her enough to have a relationship with her. They would constantly talk. “He’s my friend!” I let my frustration show and it did no good.
    Simultaneously, I had this girl who’d wanted to sleep with me for a long time, but the timing was never right. Her messages on my Facebook wall were cryptic and suggestive. My girlfriend hated her with a passion. Always took digs at her.
    When we broke up, she said, “Promise me you’re not going to do anything with that slut.” I said, “Okay…so long as you and your ex never do anything. Date whoever you want, but not him.” She agreed…with slight hesitation.
    We both went on living our lives and one day, she reached out to tell me that Shane kissed her. After going to a baseball game together. “Why are you telling me this?” Fucking women, you know…My guess is she did a lot more than that, felt guilty/ wanted me to wonder forever how much they did. The vagueness still disgusts me today.
    I got in my car and called the “slut” who’d always wanted me. She told me she was in San Francisco and when I found out she had nothing substantial planned for the weekend, I told her to meet me at Lake Tahoe. We fucked up there for three days. I swallowed the red pill that day and haven’t looked back since.

    1. “My guess is she did a lot more than that, felt guilty/ wanted me to wonder forever how much they did…”
      – That’s the sadistic, dysfunctional, neurotic mentality of modern women.
      They all want men to first show territorial instincts by arousing male jealousy (which delights the sadist in these women), and then want to simultaneously shame and hurt men for showing this territorial jealousy. If you don’t show this jealousy, then you are a wimp. If you DO show jealousy, then you are a greater wimp.
      When that ex of yours told you that Shane kissed her, you should have asked “How was anal with him? Did he make you crap on his dick?” instead of “Why are you telling me this?”.
      It’s far more effective in deflecting the pain they want to cause you by talking about other men, while making her look like trash at the same time. Anyway this retort from you shouldn’t bother you as she’s already your EX at that time.

      1. Why are you telling me things I should have said to some bitch 10 years ago? If you want to regale us with a tale, do it. The site needs more of that. What it doesn’t need is another Monday morning quarterback telling me what a more alpha response would’ve been in a situation they never set foot in.
        I’m saying I suspected she and the guy would get together, but it wasn’t enough for her to do it; she had to tell me about it. A reminder for the uninitiated that women can be cruel. Here endeth the lesson.

        1. I don’t think he’s questioning what you did so much as he’s making suggestions for further down the road. Don’t think he intended any disrespect, either.
          If not for another perspective, we’d be at a loss sometimes as far as what we learn here.
          Believe me when I say your lesson does not go unnoticed, and what you’ve written definitely causes me to pause and think deeply and I’ll be better prepared in the future thanks to your comments.

        2. I know he meant nothing by it. It’s okay. I didn’t kick my dog or anything.
          It’s just such an individual instance, very unlikely to be repeated again. It’d be like someone saying their grandmother died and someone chiming in, “You should have gotten her yellow roses…”

    2. “My guess is she did a lot more than that, felt guilty/ wanted me to wonder forever how much they did. The vagueness still disgusts me today.”
      I think you summed up the number one thing wrong with women today.

  16. Great article. Never make the mistake of thinking your latest girl is somehow different from the rest and you can relax, you will get careless and sloppy and make mistakes. It’s warfare and it never ends. If you let a girl think they have you, like when the guy apologies in this story, it’s already over.

    1. True. But the problem is that thinking of it as ‘warfare’ sounds extenuating. Who wants to be in war mode all the time? A relationship, whether a fling or something long term, should first and foremost recharge you. Otherwise why have it if it becomes just another shitty job where you have to be on your toes all the time?
      That’s why the abundance mentality and a bit of indifference are so important. As long as you are having a good time with her, than good. The moment that changes and the relationship becomes a liability, that’s good too. No hard feelings. Next.
      This attitude requires not identifying yourself – your worth as a man – with your relationships.

      1. Agreed. Another way to say it is never get complacent, not in your business, not in the gym, not with learning new skills, and not in relationships. Always be ready to walk away at a moment’s notice with not a single shit given. If you feel yourself getting attached to one girl in particular you are in dangerous territory and should probably look to add another girl into the rotation.

      2. Great piece of advice, that’s exactly how I was feeling reading this. Why take up such a stressful job like that if you’re not even getting paid for it? Monogamous relationships not even once…

      3. “That’s why the abundance mentality and a bit of indifference are so
        important. As long as you are having a good time with her, then good.
        The moment that changes and the relationship becomes a liability, that’s
        good too. No hard feelings. Next.”
        Alpha. Accept only satisfaction. Drama is for bitches and betas.

  17. Mikeyangelo, is this how your red pill journey started? In other words, is this a true story?

    1. It’s mostly fiction. However, it was inspired a lot by my sister’s boyfriend, and just by observing a lot of relationships in my life. Like everyone, I’ve gotten sloppy, and have had moments of beta. I’ve put women on pedestals, but never have they been higher than the one I put myself on.

  18. a friend told me this a long time ago:
    “dump them before they dump you”
    if things arent going well or you suspect something is off(and this is guaranteed to happen at some point, 2 months,2 years, doesnt matter)
    and regardless of how hard it may be, tell them I need a break from relationship and get your power back, (very alpha btw)
    once your alone you can really reassess whats going on, this also empowers you in ways you cant imagine
    the perfect time to do this,when she brought upthe fact he was not into the relationship )even if he was,its a major red flag from her,
    should have said your “you’re right Ineed a break to think about things”
    very powerful move to keep yourself intact, emotionally,etc

  19. This speaks volumes. I can relate since this happened to me plenty of times in my blue pill days.
    Beta backsliding is the cancer of all relationships.

  20. Off topic: South Korean drama synopsis (
    Cunning Single Lady – 앙큼한 돌싱녀
    Could she have been a little too rash in divorcing her husband? Na Ae Ra (Lee Min Jung) marries the nerdy genius Cha Jung Woo (Joo Sang Wook) but divorces him when he fails to achieve the success she wants. Although a little self-absorbed, Ae Ra learns that life is not that glamorous as a divorcée and learns to live on her own through sheer hard work. But when Ae Ra finds out that her ex-husband went on to achieve success after their divorce and is now the president of D&T Software Ventures, a venture capital company, she schemes to win him back. But can Ae Ra carry out her plan when Gook Seung Hyun (Seo Kang Joon) has his eyes set on her and his older sister, Gook Yeo Jin (Kim Gyu Ri), also vies for Jung Woo’s heart? “Cunning Single Lady,” also known as “Sly and Single Again” and “Devious Divorcée,” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Go Dong Sun.
    Why would he take her back? I’m assuming that no one here would.

    1. If I wrote the script for the ending, Cha Jung Woo would take her back, and then blow her to smithereens with a bazooka in slow motion – with doves flying all around – as in a trademark John Woo action style flick. All Cha Jung Woo has to do is to transform into John Woo.

        1. One of the most disappointing Beta endings to a supposedly alpha action flick was in “Top Gun”. After Maverick (Cruise) chooses to dissociate himself from his instructor girlfriend (McGillis) to get his wits back around him after the death of his friend Goose (Edwards), he actually displays true alpha characteristics to destroy enemy warplanes after regrouping himself with the help of a man – chief instructor Viper (Skerrit). His instructor girlfriend walks away from him (the end of the relationship) when he wants to be left alone during the emotional crisis he suffers.
          But in the end, after glory in the air after the climatic warplane dogfights, when he returns to the Top Gun institute to be an instructor himself – he accepts her back when she wants to reunite with him (now that he’s again “the best of the best”).
          A feminist concept propagandized to American men, that they should reunite with women who have either walked away from them or women whom men have themselves chased away. Maverick’s spineless act of choosing to reunite with her is to propagandize that the fickle scum of American women can still reunite or should be accepted by the alpha “best of the best” American men – if these women choose to return.

    2. My wife loves Korean dramas dubbed in Viet. She enjoys me to call her “Princess” when I rudely rogure her, because the princess would never let a crude man defile upper class woman.

    1. He should’ve cut that bitch’s throat, and threw her in a ditch. On second thought, a bullet to the back of the skull. She’s not worth all the effort and blood on a nice suit.

  21. As a decent good looking tall guy I can tell you 100% that most cute girls are nothing but whores bf or not don`t matter….
    The constant eye fucks is enough to make me a believer….

    1. Word up, as a 6 foot tall Russian gangster looking motherfucker who has been described as gorgeous, beautiful and anything in between – I simply do NOT trust women.

  22. How he should have handled it…
    Stop the car
    Take her phone
    Watch the whole video of her fucking Shane
    Slap the bitch
    Throw out her phone
    Leave the bitch on the street

    1. It would be much more interesting if he knew her facebook password and her phone was a smartphone.
      Stop the car
      Take her smartphone
      Throw her out on the street
      Log her into facebook account through her smartphone
      Share the vid as “public”
      and then change her security questions and password.
      And dump the phone.
      And comment on the link after some time (after others have already commented on the link) : “Hasta La Vista, Baby. Adeus”.

  23. Yep. Been there, done that, got the bumper sticker and the child support court order… First step back from the bottom always seems to be the biggest, and each step seems bigger than the last, you know?

  24. A story I’ve experienced one too many times, but not as drastic… Fortunately my game at the time wasn’t that great enough to enter a relationship and get cheated on that harshly.
    There’s a reason why ambition is so attractive to girls. It’s not because of the potential to make wads of money. But the fact that your goals and lifestyle should be more valuable than what any girl in this world can ever offer you.
    The minute I stopped needing girls in my life (Through a combination of actively meeting loads of them and genuinely having stuff going on) the more I’ve started to notice girls stick around.
    They crave the attention and would do anything to get it. The trick is to keep this going even when in a relationship. Give it to her sparingly but never give up on your number 1 priority, which is to keep shooting for your goals and working hard towards them.
    It will increase your value and keep them chasing after your attention relentlessly. You’ll be surprised as to the extent of what they’ll do in order to get it. Try it and see 😉

    1. You can’t fake having a passion or an interest that consumes you more than thinking about your relationship with your girl.
      Only when a man finds a purpose greater than himself, his girl or his family can he truly dominate.
      Yet if that passion doesn’t include her, her future or anyone else then it’s lifeless and will eventually lead the man into ruin.
      The key is to find that balance of selfishness and contribution, different for every man though.

    1. It’s still a wash whether the red pill even benefits men or not.
      l know naturals with women who have grown avoidant or detesting of women after reading this material and essentially traded a life already-full of sex with desirable women for a solitary one. While the benefit of red pill on the SURFACE seems alright (they’re very calm men after learning), they all are unhappier as people.
      I was never a natural because I’m caught up in my own head but I too did better with women before learning the red pill.
      Ignorance MAY be bliss for men who are already successful with women.
      I will offend many with this, including myself, but The red pill still seems like an informational tool for losers by losers over WHY they are losing (why women / the world is messed up the way it is) and here’s why I say this:
      *No genuine help is never given by Red Pill bloggers.*
      Think about it. We see day in and day out blogs of why women suck, why women have gone feral, ETC., and it’s TRUE, but what does the red pill man do next himself? These bloggers surely don’t know. They can barely advise themselves, much less a small population of men trying to navigate a new way to succeed in a new sexual market.
      This is why the only substantive game advice is VERY basic – you can learn it in 1-2 months, the difficult part for many is just going out and doing it.
      But once you get past this rather rudimentary advice, there’s nothing left for young

      1. 1) Typo, no genuine help is *Ever given.
        2) nothing left for young men except nonhelpful fantasy “how-to”‘s which serve as more of a brag sheet / lay report than a helpful blog.

      2. Yeah, well, the red pill stuff is definitely better than begging and pleading. And the attractiveness and wealth stuff is good advice for you whether or not you are successful with women or not. Cant hurt you.
        BUT regardless I am 100% sure that every man deep down inside wants a perfect and loyal marriage with a good woman, whether they admit it or not. Every alpha is a beta hiding his inferiority. And this information wont make it perfect anymore even if you would acquire that situation someday.
        I guess the only perfect relationship with a woman is the high-school sweetheart kinda thing which lasts for life. At least IMO those are the only situations where I see innocent love and loyalty between a man and a woman with the sense that the girl wont go to a carousel regardless of her hotness. Sounds really beta, and dont know why it is that way, but it seems like that from personal experience. Example :,Jpeg/jpeg_q/90/resize_w/604
        If you dont have that, you are more or less screwed.
        But red pill has taught the good lesson that improve yourself and dont give so many f***s. Time will tell how that will work out.
        At least when I’ve had the most success with women, was when I just went and took a woman. When I started for some reason to think about class and guilt and whatfor, everything went spiral.

  25. Even before I found this site, even when I was in my teen years I was never what’d you’d refer to as “bluepilled” or a white knight, or beta. I felt like I was alone in my beliefs and mindset, then I found the manosphere, sites like Return of Kings, people who post here who share the same views that I’ve held my entire life. I have to say, it’s a damn shame to see men reduced to scenarios like in the article. Just glad that I’m not alone is all and would like to thank all of you. Slightly related, a few months back I broke up with an ex, why? Because after dating her for 6 months (It was all fine up to that point) she suddenly “makes” me choose, either stop hanging out with my best friend, or break up with her. So I dumped her. Bro’s before ho’s. I’m not throwing away over a decade of friendship for a broad who wants me to have no friends or life.

    1. You chose wisely. That kind of ultimatum is the ultimate “cut your sack off” type of move, and a woman who would demand that kind of thing would be the worst kind of woman to be in a relationship with if you complied. Well done, sir.

    2. I probably would have just started hanging out with my friends twice as often and see if she supplicates before dumping.

  26. This story reminds me of when i was 17 years old. I was dating my 2nd gf. We never had any any arguments (well she talked to a guy who bullied me as a child. I didnt like it but she said she found him annoying and honestly I believed it). We dated for 6 months. Near the end i got sick and stayed at my house for 4 days (Serious case of strep throat). My cousin cuts peoples hair at his garage. One of the customers shows him a porn video. It was my gf in a gangbang (happened the 2nd day i was sick) with the guy who bullied me as a kid and his 2 buddies. I confront her about the gangbang. We argue and she tells me to get over her. She tells me if i had any balls to beat up the exbully. Sadly i never did since I felt my chances of winning were slim. She was innocent but turned mean and started makes sex jokes. She was telling her friends how good David (the exbully) was in bed. All her female friends laughed at me as well as her white knight supporters for the cheating. I dropped out of high school 4 weeks later because of it.

    1. God almighty that is rough. Well, think of long term goals. I’m sure you can come up with something.

      1. The only good thing that happened was I was able to convince my parents to go to another school in another town the next year. I was kind of a quite kid in the new school i went to. But since i had about 4 cousins in the new school nothing serious happened.

        1. Well, if he’s no longer a factor in your life anymore then I say just let it go.
          However draw a line in the sand. From now on you’re a man and nobody fucks with you. Nobody. And live by it.

        2. Well I stayed at my aunts house when I was attending the new school. And my older cousins got me into bodybuilding the summer I graduated high school. But idk if that wouldve helped me in my old school..

        3. I understand. Unfortunately it’s the past and there’s not a lot you can do about it now. I know it’s incredibly painful and something that nobody should have to go through and it feels terrible.
          Women are unbelievably vindictive and cruel, something we’re never told in this modern society. Everything is inverted, right is wrong, truth is lies. . .
          Like something wrote here recently, the best way to treat them is like a diseased dog in public and a filthy whore in the bedroom. Sadly that’s all there is to it. Don’t try and look for any profound connection and meaning from a woman, don’t buy her anything either. Nothing.

    2. You should have slapped the mess out of her for being a bee-yatch. She is a stupid whore. I kind of feel bad for you. You should have fought that bully cus he basically disrespected you in the ultimate way. I can’t believe your GF was getting gangbanged at 17. I don’t advocate hitting women but this girl seems like she deserved it.

      1. Im not tryin to put myself down but I was 5’7 115 lbs. David was a 5’10 190 lbs fatass. Realistically my punches probably wouldntve been very effective. Yeah i wanna kick his ass but more because of all that shit he did as a kid than the cheating. Also i dont live in the town where this happened.

        1. 5’7 and only 115lbs? What are you anorexic? Dude hit the weight room and start eating.

        2. Dude i said this happened when i was 17. Im 21 now. And those were my stats at 17. They arent the same as in the past.

        3. Dude dont be a dipshit. You should have done something else besides punch him to fuck him up.
          You could have let the air out of his bicycle tire for starters.

        4. Davids 2 buddies usually followed him around. (My friends werent really friENDs after all) During and after school. Even if I couldve matched him blow for blow these 2 scenarios would likely happen.
          1. When it becomes obvious that David is gonna lose his buddies step in to help him.
          2. There is no fight: His buddies pin me down while he delivers punches and kicks.
          I couldve fought him at his house but i didnt wanna get shot by his dad. My life isnt worth used up pussy anyway.

        5. Well too late now. I just got through saying that I went to another school the next year after having dropped out of the first one.

        6. Regarding one of the comments I made in the previous post “My friends werent really friENDs after all” I did wanna fight David when I found out what he did. I asked the people who I thought were my friends to help me but they refused. One of my supposed “”friENDs”” told him. I dropped out soon after.

    3. That sound pretty bad. Can you now at least have the decency to not support the Junta when they make up all manners of retarded “laws” preventing guys 12 and up from packing? Pretty much the final solution to the bullying problem right there; without a single tax dollar spent.

    4. you really expect us to believe that cuckold fetish fantasy Mr. man?
      fucking lol’d

  27. let’s be real about being a beta alright? we all have been there. true alphas even have been smitten with some dumb girl once in their life. However the real thing now is being a beta has many more consequences now than it did 40 years ago…child support from aggressive feminists, alimony, restraining orders not allowing you to own guns to protect yourself, jail time for defending her for mouthing off as a “strong woman” when you fight other men for her. Let us share the dire consequences for being a beta in this country only once in this country now…it is a life sentence. The rules have changed for screwing up with the wrong woman if you’re a man in this country. If you’re a woman…screwing around with the wrong man gets you sympathy, welfare, child support, the full support of the military court system…basically no consequences.

  28. “Baby, I love you more than anything in this world. I would die for you, I would sacrifice anything for you! “

    well, that one struck a nerve…

    1. Get use to it buddy. Shit will most likely end, this is America and you’re no different from the other guys who’ll get shitted on. Treat her like shit and start fucking other women to soften the landing. I guarantee if she has a password lock on her phone, she’s already keeping other guys as options, if not fucking them already. The only thing that made me feel better about my last relationship was the fact that I slapped that bitch whenever she got out of hand, fucked her brains out, and cheated on her (but not nearly as much as I should’ve). And if she ever comes back (not that I’d take her back), she’d come back for the asshole in me. Take her off the pedestal, start getting other women’s numbers, arrange dates, fuck them and always prepare for that bitch to say “I think we need to have a talk.” If you beg or even call her back to get in the relationship, you’re a faggot. “Thems the rules son.” All women if they aren’t virgins are whores. If you’re not her first and only one, she’s a whore.

      1. Lance, You speak the truth. I was with a virgin for the length of this beta story, but now she is a WHORE. I feel sorry for whatever simp is going to have to deal with my sloppy seconds after i stretched her ol batwings out, which made me feel pretty good about her leaving, also i was a prick, god only knows how much sooner she’d have left if i was ever nice, i was a natural asshole with women thank god before i stumbled into this “manosphere” seems i did my job right, did have quite a few close calls with beta-ness where i almost gave a shit when she wrote me a nice love letter, paid for various things, ETC kinda softened my heart at times but not really, You can’t trick a fox with his own tricks!

      2. Agree, your last two sentences are without a doubt true, with the exception of widows and abandoned wives. Spreading your legs for anyone other than your husband is ‘whore’ by definition. The problem these days is that women all over the world accept and understand this definition but Western women. Females in de Anglosphere – openly – ride the cock carousel six ways to sunday and still demand respect. They hate stating the obvious: no single mom, fat, whore shaming.

        1. Oh yes, not only that you can tell a virgin from a whore by a mile. There are distinct and noticeable personality traits of both. Generally, a virgin respects male authority, somewhat innocent, seeks to be lead and has the propensity for fidelity and obedience to her husband. The whore is by nature a corrupted being, she’s simply had too much cock, to ever respect one man. Her willingness to use the power of her vagina to extract coin and penis, ruins her for one penis. This type of woman generally loves attention whoring, hypergamous and has 0% moral character or personality outside of “selfies,” vogue magazine, liberal causes, abortion and looking at the mirror or a reflection of herself every 3 minutes. This latter type, makes up oh let’s say 99% of Western women. Go to the Middle East, Persia or a decent South American country and the women are by far different. You’d think they were two different species.

  29. IMO though, I feel as though there are some times where you HAVE to be a beta. Work, for example. Take today for instance; while on a task a girl with kids (and a boyfriend with his own kids) asked me did I have a girl. When she asked me why after I said no, I explained that while I was in college (this is pre-“red pill”) I tried; most of the girls I knew already had kids, or were engaged/married, or both married and had kids. Single girls were few, far in between, and were not interested in a boyfriend (and assuming only one of those was telling the truth, really means they weren’t interested in me).
    She starts saying that “women that maybe made a mistake and chose the wrong guy and now have kids, they deserve love too.” So I told a half truth to avoid any conflict and said “I agree, I personally am just not ready for kids yet.” The full truth is yeah, I do think a woman with kids should find love. But that sucker will not be me; I want my own kids, I’m not raising another man’s kids. I do still want my own kids in the future, I’m just not sure how to go about it what with my knowledge on these lame (understatement) laws.
    I wasn’t going to be stupid and say this type of thing, risking an HR nightmare. It’d be different if I were still in school but this is income we’re talking about here. In school they can’t kick you out just because you said something they didn’t like (YET!) In work, it’s not so certain.
    Pick your battles.

    1. Everyone needs to watch this video because it is spot on (regarding where we are at with women in the western world, today).
      The husband in this video is probably too beta for the woman (watch the video and decided) but the judge cannot believe the actual reasons why the woman is leaving the man.
      He says he loves her, cooks for her and treats her very well. The judge is really at a lost for words (an educated, black female judge – btw).
      In disbelief, the judge asks the woman “why?…just why are leaving this man?”

  30. “It’s your fault I fucked him.”
    I’ve seen that hamster run sprints before. Emotional blackmail. The bitch 99% actually convinces herself of this. Then goes for the new thing.
    Being reliable, dependable, trustworthy, supportive, communicative to a woman – that shit just never pays in the end. No good deed goes unpunished. If you are lucky, she will fuck you up before you agree to get married. If you are unlucky, she will fuck you up after marriage; in which case, all of those nice things you did end up resulting in more money that the divorce court says you owe her.
    It is bewildering to experience. There really is nobody there to support that beta man. Not even his “friends.” If he has good enough insurance, he might be able to go to a hack shrink to get it off his chest. But that hack shrink will not tell the beta man to take the red pill. In fact, the shrink will probably make excuses for the bitch’s behavior.
    Don’t be that guy.

    1. “If you are lucky, she will fuck you up before you agree to get married. If you are unlucky, she will fuck you up after marriage; in which case, all of those nice things you did end up resulting in more money that the divorce court says you owe her.”
      Powerful truth right there.

  31. I’ve fucked married women. Felt bad about it. Didn’t know until after. I’ve also been the beta male in this story. Men realize what females actually are through a brutal process much like mine. It happens. Move on. Half the people in the world are women. When I was younger I thought every new love interest was the one. Now that I’m older I’m more realistic. The love you grew up with in Disney movies doesn’t exist. So what’s left? Enjoy life. Make love to beautiful women. Eat good food. Take joy in you’re hobbies. Never compromise yourself though.

    1. Damn right….view women like fine dinning….try out a new culture once in a while…

    2. I’ve done that too, and felt bad about it at first. But if she doesn’t respect er marriage, and he was dumb enough to marry a treacherous slag, then why should I lose sleep over banging her?!
      Take steps to make sure some angst-ridden beta can’t gun you down in your driveway, but otherwise, if marriage is nothing but a disposable joke to women and the courts, who am I to not jizz in this chick’s hair?

  32. Lol I have a beta douchebag friend who walks around in fucking sandals at the age of 27, constantly tries to belittle me for being “too controversial” and a dick, is constantly attacking me for putting up offensive twitter messages about women, and lives and breathes the lines “NAWALT” and “it’s not as bad as you say it is.” He’s boning this hot chick (or at least he was, I’m guessing sex has decreased) recently; this bitch has other guys constantly messaging her, she disappears for days at a time, showed up an hour late for the dude’s birthday party, constantly screams at him and says that he’s not a man, says that he doesn’t spend enough money on her, etc.
    I haven’t had the heart to tell this fucking faggot that his girlfriend is probably taking alpha male cock every time he is at work. He says he loves her and that “there are good women out there.” Okay, dick, I’m probably married to the only good woman on the planet, otherwise I would never have gotten married, and I constantly remind her of the behavior of other women.
    Then this faggot gets mad at me for attacking other women on twitter, saying “you’re pretty much saying that (you and your wife) are better than everyone. you just sound like a dick.”
    No, faggot, you are the dick. A little dick who’s love of his life is getting fucked and nutted in every 28 hours.

    1. Why even be “friends” with a man such as that? Why even let someone like that into your inner-circle? English speakers have a bad habit of abusing the term “friend,” when they should be using the terms, “acquaintance” or “associate” in its place. A friend is a sacred concept, a brother in arms. Women don’t understand true friendship, and thus abuse the term. Every fucking cunt and beta is a “friend” when they are in-fact associates. He will drag you down with him and sap your energy. It’s better to be an island of steel than a continent of putty. Find new friends.

      1. “It’s better to be an island of steel than a continent of putty. Find new friends.”
        I like that line.
        I used to think your comments were too long and rambling, couldnt hold my attention long enough to get through ’em. Looks like there are some gems in there.

  33. “It is better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all.”
    Judging by the story, which by my estimation, more than a score of men can attest to…..whoever uttered the above quote, never had his heart ripped out, shat upon and flushed down the toilet like so many pieces of fecal matter.
    It’s enough to make you want to give up on the whole notion of “LTR’s”, let alone marriage. I see these poor bastards have their whole world shattered as they soar on the wings of promise like Icarus did. All I can muster under my breath is, “There but for the grace of God, go I.”

    1. “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. Whoever came up with that saying should be shot. It’s equivalent to saying that “It’s better to have driven off a cliff than to never have been in a car!”

  34. I normally don’t talk about PUA or game but here we go comrades. American men on average are of extraordinarily low quality and such fucking pussy worshippers that they’d stab any one of us in the back for even the slimmest chance at fucking a 3 out of 10. The concept of “breaking a woman” use to be a Pan-European ideal and now is strictly an Eastern European and Black American pimp phenomenon these days. I’ve learnt in all my experience with these deadly creatures that women love force. My ex, that bitch knows who she is, if she ever reads this, I don’t ever regret putting you in your place, no man ever did it, and you’ll always fucking love me for it. Always make your position firm, and refuse to apologize. If you were wrong, never say “sorry,” always say something akin to “well I’ll be sure to watch out for that next time.” If she demands an apology even with the threat of breaking up, don’t fall for it, the apology itself will cause her to break up. If she demands an apology, simply say “not happening” and hang up, and my God, that will work wonders. Don’t pick up for a few times, and when you do, be sure to remind her that you won’t put up with her shit. She’d worship you.
    Never ever make a woman feel as if she’s achieved any mastery over you. First of all, why even bother with relationships in America? But if you must, take a page out of the Slavic male book on dealing with women; you must “break them” (no Rocky pun intended). There’s a reason why women shit test men, and that is to test your mettle, now in the days of old, when society was organic (based on the natural order), men could adjudicate this the old fashioned way vis-à-vis bringing the hand of God down on her, whether by slapping, spanking, paddle or a belt. Nowadays your methods, must be completely psychological with an occasional slap here and there (due to the numerous co-conspirator beta male police). Let me put it like this, the way most women want to be fucked is how they want to be treated. They’d never ever admit any of this shit, why? Because women feel an eternal shame about their nature but are extremely attracted to men who shame them.
    Make a woman feel equal with all the faggoty ass care-bear love in the world and she’ll chew your fucking heart out and feed it back to you. You must keep the jackboot over the snake at all times as if you’re marching through Poland a la’ 1939. For all my fellow comrades on here, I normally don’t give or comment on PUA advice, but all that you need to know, is not from some modern age co-associating establishment male PUAs but from history. Learn how great men of repute in the past treated women and treat them accordingly. If she breaks up with you, I mean this, with my very life, never beg or ask for her back. It is supremely vital, you walk away with your dignity and pride as a superior being. I don’t care if you see her walking down the street 9 months later with a baby in tow and a beta male behind. Harden yourself, I don’t care what she’s ever done for you, she’s a woman and a Western woman at that, and if she’s an American, treat her as cold as ice. Remember women are a dime a dozen, your legacy is eternal. Live for your legacy. As a man, most of us of have until about 60 to procreate, she’s has until 35 on average. Remember she’s a fucking woman, and low quality at that, in these days and times. No woman can ever define you as a man, so quit your fucking whining and remember, she’s a bitch and will always be a bitch. My point of coming to this site, is talk with fellow comrades about the societal ills infesting a once great civilization. A lot of women find me handsome, some don’t, I don’t give a shit. Pussy will come. I care about perpetuating my seed, my family name, my progeny and ensuring they will uphold the pride of being my a “Christopher.”

    1. “They’d never ever admit any of this shit, why? Because women feel an eternal shame about their nature but are extremely attracted to men who shame them.”
      A – to the- men.
      Female psychology is a whirlwind caught in a hurricane, fighting a tropical depression. Never try to understand it, simply understand that 99% of the time…it is the exact opposite of what it claims to be.
      (The 1% exception are most likely married with grandkids)

    2. Thank you posting, Lance Chris. Once again, insightful and provocative. I left the States permanently a few months ago and now teaching English in the Balkans. The women here (Turkish/Bosnian/Serbian/Hungarian) are both westernized yet eastern, pulled in both direction. I think “hard Alpha” style is the way to go here. Its tempting to go soft cuz when all these chicks are flirting with you (you are an American, after all. Now is their chance!) and you feel like rock star. But don’t believe for a minute they won’t treat you like shit or play you dirty (fuck another guy) if they think you are weak. Keep your pimp hand HIGH and STRONG. Every once and a while, you HAVE to treat them like shit to keep them off balance. And ALWAYS have a back up hoe.

    3. Are relationships really this complicated that you need a “manual” on what to do and not do. My goodness. We all know who will be old and lonely, and it’s anyone who actually reads this site and takes it seriously.

    4. Agree with you on a lot of points. However, I do think you should remember that there are 350 million people in the United States. I grew up here – but I have German blood pulsing through my veins; and I am extremely proud and honored that I do.
      I am also extremely proud and honored that I am an American.

    5. Wow, since you have no conscience about being a woman-beater, why don’t you also tell us how proud you are to be a child molester? Probably wouldn’t bother you to fuck your own sister either. Keep them genes strong while the rest of the jokers on this site praise you and are too dumb to put two and two together.

  35. “She randomly asks, “Why did you favorite Samantha’s tweet?! You know
    she’s a slut!” You say, “Baby, I only liked it because I thought it was
    funny. I’m sorry!””
    Fuck me, this is the kind of thing you people argue about with girls? Seriously? It’s hard to imagine what it must be like to deal with such superficiality. I can see fighting about money, or sex, but a text? Jesus, that’s just silly.

  36. If another man approches my girlfriend and she entertain’s him, then he can have her. I operate a no 2nd chances policy when it comes to this subject, there’s no need because there will forever be a new batch of attractive 19-24 year olds and I don’t mind trading in my current model for a newer (younger with less mileage) version.

    1. Absolutely. I hear these chumps running on about how you gotta “fight for your woman”. Screw that, you wanna go? Then go! …I’ll have you replaced in ten minutes.

      1. if i run a business and a competitor tries to take my clients, he can have them, i can just find other ones.
        BS. if she’s quality you will fight for her. it’s only the whores you let go that easily.

  37. “After twelve hours of straining your eyes, and a thousand shitty Yahoo answers later, you finally came across a site that introduced you to the red pill. It looks like you may be the luckiest guy in the world after all.”
    Couldn’t agree more!

  38. jesus fucking christ can you say PTSD
    It took me 2 major relationships to learn 1 being my first relationship (she was virgin who fucked my best friend at the time). The second was one my most recent relationships where I finally had the balls to tell her to fuck off.
    This article seriously brought back flashbacks and pisses me off. It’s been a few weeks since I visited the site. I’ve realized I’ve gone soft on some alpha male traits with this new girl I’ve been fucking/seeing. That’s changing immediately.
    Here’s the kicker—-she has one of those feminazi female power symbols with the first on the top of her neck that I grab when fucking her from behind.

  39. Like Mr.Man I also had a gf cheat with a bully. Ive said it before, but Id really like for the authors to do an article about bullying and standing up to those pricks. (Martial Arts,Boxing, Weightlifting) and not that bullshit about reporting bullying. Dont trust the government to tackle bullying. Too bad now you can get in trouble for standing up for urself.

  40. you know man at the end of the day, this shit really just a part of the game. one lesson we all gotta go through. I done fucked other ppl bitches, other ppl done fucked my bitches. as you get older you realize man these chicks belong to the game and they love the game truthfully! and you aint gotta choice but to play so you may as well win mane. you can’t hate on the next man or say he has no integrity for smuttin yo bitch… he only did what a man do. you really can’t be mad at the bitch either that’s just how the game go. all you can do is take yo hard knock like a man and be a better player in this great game of ours.
    old head told me once “yo bitch ain’t yours, and my bitch ain’t mine….they’ll have yo ass fooled each and everytime!”

  41. So sad. Ladies and gents… Don’t be in a relationship if your gonna or have plans to cheat. People are so harden enough already. Over dosing on red pills. Seriously…

  42. The hardest part in a failing relationship is to tell *yourself* the truth, and to accept it and act accordingly. There is less shame in breaking up than in being cheated on, lied to and still running after the woman (or, yes, the man). Letting the other walk all over you won’t save the marriage, it will only leave marks.

  43. The most wayward woman craves control: To let a woman have her own way is interpreted by her as indifference. And
    The surest way to fail to please a woman is to let her do what she pleases.
    Taken from Hints for Lovers.. Published 1909

  44. RE: It’s always the man’s fault a woman cheats.
    My ex-girlfriend (was my first girlfriend) said it was my fault she cheated on me, as I wasn’t “showing my love” enough and “supporting her” and “too demanding”. Despite the fact she was unemployed for 1.5 years and me paying for EVERYTHING (including her debts) for that period of time. Funny thing is that I stayed around for another year after that event as I didn’t have the balls to dump her despite being miserable. “Atleast I’m having sex” I said to myself.
    “My life will have no meaning”, I thought. Boy.. was I wrong.
    Hopefully, a lesson learned.

    1. And you didn’t choke that fucking bitch out? You’d paid that cunt’s bills and she turns around and cheats on you and blames you for it. Damn. Yeah…

  45. I have friends whose girlfriends and wives have cheated on them and here’s what I observed. The men were devastated. Yet in most of the cases, the men were cheating themselves. So I found it rather strange. How is it really “cheating” if both of them are doing it? Isn’t it largely an “open” relationship where they are simply both in denial about?
    If the man is committed/monogamous but the woman is not, then he’s basically subsidizing her 2nd boyfriend. He gets “free” nookie while she gets her emotional intimacy and support from her primary boyfriend.
    For men who’ve been cockolded, there’s always the simple option of the revenge affair. If he doesn’t want to break up with his girlfriend, then tell her to dump all of her problems on the other boyfriend and see how long he wants to stick around. Then get a revenge affair either with a hot girl he’s had his eye on OR even go to a prostitute (if necessary, travel overseas to a legal brothel.) She’ll never cheat again and he’ll feel like a king (“cheating” in the open and even getting rewarded is a million times better than sex-begging which many men engage in.)

  46. I am a man in my late 30ies and found me a sweet young christian wife. I used to play away and fuck several girls at the same time.
    My advice is ; if you want to keep them, be the one who take their virginity away. Girls tends to be overly attached to men who do so.

  47. “I have what some scumbag who doesn´t respect women calls Bitch Dependency Syndrome, so I need to get married to feel as if I am a real man…
    Helas, because women sleeps around, they believe I am weak and pathetic beta! How can they be so obviously wrong about me? That is because they are getting sex, mind you, having sex with steroide-abusing jerks while I don´t… they all sluts!
    Neither is my dick small, it their snatches that got too big because of too many cocks! They say that real men don´t cry like kicked puppies? really? that is just a myth, my women´s studies teacher told me so. I shouldn´t beg for their snatches? Of course I should, last time I just wasn´t submissive enough!
    I´ll go find some really young, hot third-world wife. Because she never knew any other man, she will realize how spescul I am, hence never betray me to the familly courts, cheat on me and thus hurt my precious feelings.
    The men who gets raped by the familly courts are so stupid, it will never happen to me, I´ll go to Libya…”
    A prostitute sent to the American ambassador in Saudi Arabia turned out to be a male american tourist who had visited the Islamic Republic of Libya 3 years previously, where he was kidnapped by islamists before being sold to an army brothel on the outskirts of Ryiadh.

  48. As someone who has slept with many women who have BFs, let me tell you right now that they initiate…then flirt with me in front of their BF. Such is the moral of women these days.
    I mean I know I should not talk about morals since I am the guy who bangs girls with BF on the side, but I should be enough proof that women are slutty as fuck..they control the gate to the vag access .
    The beta male should have done what my friend should have done.
    My friend prefers relationship and he has the most poetic way of dealing with a GF that cheats.Now keep in mind that he is top-grade alpha, he is not pushover or chode, but women have such bad morals these days that they will try to have a haram of alphas.
    If she cheats and he finds out, he plays it cool, take a few months to have sex with 3-4 girls hotter than his GF, make a video compilation of him banging the and shows it to his GF on her birthday and says:
    “The best present I can give you is honesty”.
    Now while this looks like he is playing into the woman’s hands, he holds the power by doing this, he gets his respect after she was cheating on him and she cannot do or say much since he says he knows about her cheating on him. Then he goes into suggesting an open relationship and at this point she is generally open even though she is very mad at him because he hold the power. Or he just breaks up…depends on how hot she is. His open relationships never last long though.
    My point is that relationships are pointless for two reasons ; guys like me + women with no moral. The only way to win, as a man, is with sexual power, and I’m not talking higher SMV, I’m literally talking ability get women flirting with you and ability for potentially banging consistently.
    To women, Sex is less about commitment and giving and more about “who ever cheats more or fucks more hold the power in the relationship”

    1. win what? what are you winning at the end?
      even if you bang all the women you want, what’s the prize, what’s left at the end of it that’s concrete and in front of your eyes except memories.
      its like an addict boasting that only the way to win is to be able to get a hit any time he wants! you’re still losing.

  49. That’s almost my story… It’s very hard to remain in the “alpha state” during a long relationship.

  50. Jesus fuck! My reactions while reading this involved many facepalms and muttering to myself, “Could you even fucking imagine?” It’s sad to think of anyone actually “living” life like this. That “twitter” incident would have been a lot different if it were me. Petty bullshit. Fuck that.

  51. Wow ! Never was the Beta male. I pounded some persons who
    i thought might be seeing someone else at the same time but i did
    not care because i was in it for the “….” well you know. i am large so
    they generally go “nuts”. Really would hate to be a “BETA”.

  52. I don’t know what would be a worse beta story, this one above or if she ran off with another woman?

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