Since When Does Getting “Raped” Count As Art?

On my post about heroicism, a commenter posted a picture of the “rape victim” with her mattress, and the commenters of course cracked all sorts of jokes in true dehumanizing fashion. It was kind of beautiful. For those of you who haven’t heard, a college art major is carrying around the mattress she claims to have been raped on as her senior art thesis project. Her rape has been a great event to unite the community, and everyone in the photos looks like they’re having a gay old time. Being a rape victim looks like so much fun!

The word “art” is from the Latin “artis”, meaning “skill.” It referred more to weaving than to painting at the time. Still, what we think of as art within the last 500 years has generally involved skill. Now, though, anyone can be an artist with the right funding and media attention.

The Value of a Liberal Arts Education

In my state university aesthetics class, we spent a good deal of time making fun of Thomas Kinkade, and although I wouldn’t call him creative or original, at least what he did had a large amount of skill involved. I certainly couldn’t paint pictures like that.

The other thing we made fun of in that class was modern art. Our go-to term was “shit on the wall.” Never has a truer statement been uttered at a secular-liberal college. We discussed such fine works of American ingenuity as Tilted Arc, Elegy to the Spanish Republic, and Fountain, and finally we took a field trip to the school art museum. The work there was so lacking in substance that any painting that was vaguely traditional was championed by the students. The great centerpiece of the exhibit was a line of lipstick in various shades. In the front corner was a light shining on the wall with an “Ask” price-tag. American education at its finest, no doubt. Where should I send my tuition check?

The Ubiquity of the Decline

This lack of talent has affected all areas of contemporary art, not just visual art. Take, for example, all the hip-hop artists who are considered to be musical geniuses. Degradation in music is nothing new, comparatively speaking. Yes, cheap pop has been celebrated by the masses since man first crawled out of the mud, but I doubt it’s always been considered high art. Again, we see change with our fancy 20th century Eurocentric liberalism. Consider John Cage or Schoenberg. I’ll grant that “4:33” is a cool idea, but what did Cage do beyond that? Perhaps Cage and Schoenberg took a lot of effort in planning their compositions, but was any of it enjoyable? The great masters of dissonance—Stravinsky and Thelonius Monk—are widely influential because they are entertaining, but listening to Schoenberg is a chore. I’d rather hear my mother prattle on about the dangers of smoking than listen to his material.

Historically, most poets have been men, and good female writers have been few and far between. Yet today poetry is considered feminine, as is art in general. Men avoid poetry like they avoid Curves. Do you know why? It’s because in high school, they showed us the worst pedantic dribble they could find, or at least, if they showed us something worthwhile, they told us it can mean whatever we want it to, regardless of the artist’s intention.

I was told “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening” was about life choices, just like how we were about to make a choice about college. Obviously, I thought the poem was shit. Some time later, a friend made the argument that the poem was about suicide and could be about nothing else, and suddenly it became one of my favorites. A dopehead felon had taught me more about literature in a moment than a woman with a graduate degree in English did over a full year.

The Impact of the Decadence

So is carrying a mattress around campus art? There is such a thing as performance art, and silly as it may seem, it generally involves some kind of physical suffering or negative social consequences beyond sore muscles. Art, more than anything, involves creativity. This has been an ontological part of the word’s definition throughout its entire history. As fun as it looks, what’s creative about carrying around a mattress? Even if she really was raped, and even if she is going to bring major social change for the betterment of all mankind, is this really art? Keep in mind that this is her major. She went to college with the intention of learning how to carry a mattress. I wonder if she actually learned to paint during her time there.

I understand that words evolve over time, but at what point does it break so much from the original that it’s lost its essence? That is to say, the state of the arts today are a Theseus’s Paradox. This is true not just for the high arts, but also for the low. Consider country music. Is Taylor Swift or Brad Paisley really country? Does overdubbing a subtle banjo make a song country? True, genres morph over time, but to quote Kris Kristofferson, “If it sounds country, that’s what it is.” I have much the same gripe with fusion being labelled as jazz, but at least fusion artists are truly creative and enjoyable.

Francis Schaeffer pointed out that art historically has reflected the worldview of the time. Art today is so fragmented and relative because society’s philosophy is fragmented and relative. Western society is lost in an identity crisis, and so our mode of expression is broken. Compare this to the optimism of the Renaissance and the beauty they produced then. If art is the diary of humanity, then you can track the history and decline of a civilization based on its art more than anything else. We are no exception.

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215 thoughts on “Since When Does Getting “Raped” Count As Art?”

  1. The feminization of poetry is odd, now that you mention it.
    Most people don’t know that Odin, in addition to being the god of war and death, was also the Norse god of poetry. And that dude kept ravens, wolves, and a beastly eight-legged steed. So clearly poetry was manly for some.

    1. Art and poetry has been infected by two of the worst liberal impulses, hatred of authority and relativism.
      By “hatred of authority” I don’t mean a healthy criticism of those in power. Liberals have a hatred of tradition and the dominant culture, and so they revel in their attempts to undermine dominant culture and its authorities/prominent figures. This leads to “deconstruction” style art in which rebelling against traditional standards for the sake of rebellion against those standards is considered high art.
      The second impulse just leads to art that is emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually small. No more need to grapple with the profundity of the human condition, no more need to inspire or teach. Just do what every you feel and your art will be special, because you’re special. (Insert barfing noise here).

      1. About modern art, the only performance piece I have ever enjoyed is Chris Burden’s “Shoot.” It’s a shame the marksman didn’t aim higher, though.

      2. Make it short, just say Jews lol I’m afraid that the goyim are too naive and can’t see through these tactics used to gain power by the old divide and conquer technique.

    1. Somewhere out there is some young girl who was actually forcefully raped… I wonder if she is now more confused than ever.

  2. Only solution at this point is to cut all funding for liberal programs in college that don’t teach students any valuables skills that will contribute to earning a living, and separate colleges for men and women. Men in college are under constant threat because of cunts like this pulling stunts for attention.

    1. And make no mistake about it, this cunt will be showered with cash for the rest of her sordid career swanning around various seminars, academies, cultural institutions, charitable galas and so forth, spewing her poison to the clink of champagne glasses.

      1. They’re getting her ready for 2016. She’ll be the “heroic” Poster Child the left will use to proliferate their manufactured War on Women/ Rape Hysteria.
        I heard Hilary mention this -unt several times already.

      2. She’ll be paid because she’s furthering the agenda. Then she’ll be discarded when they’re done with her.

    2. “Men in college are under constant threat because of cunts like this pulling stunts for attention.”
      What if I tell you there are (male) higher-ups in the academic hierarchy who enable and abet these women in their attention whoring endeavors? Who sell male students out in favor of pandering to the lowest common denominator? Whose actions wreck the educational system and rob promising men of a future all for cash and prizes (grants)?

        1. Mom and dad divorced when he was an infant. Got punted to live with grandma at age 10. Im not seeing where his dad is part of his life.

        2. I can’t speak to his relationship with his biological father. What I am saying is that your first statement is not true.

      1. Boy you nailed it. Look at what’s happening on College Campuses right now — any male merely accused of RAPE is immediately thrown out of the college and is not afforded the opportunity to present facts which prove it’s FALSE all thanks to . . . TITLE IX.

        1. You file a lawsuit immediately against the college(and list as many administrators and the female as you can) in Federal Court alleging violation of your civil right and conspiracy to violate your civil rights.In Fed Court you can also put the injunctions on the complaint. eg. Preliminarily and permanently enjoin the defendants ..(whatever you want them to cease doing like expelling you from college) because it is a violation of the equal protection clause to the 14th amendment of the US Constitution blah blah blah
          Now, as I said as many defendants as possible from the President of the college to every member of the feminist tribunal to the female who accused you etc because the judge won’t allow them to have the same lawyer and they’ll end up having to use a dozen law firms to defend the complaint :o)
          This will get very expensive and when a 100 men do this they won’t be able to afford to defend the lawsuits. You? You’re a poor student and can file the Complaint in forma pauperis while they have to pay the few hundred filing fee. Then you start annoying them with Motions which their lawyers will have to waste time and money replying to or lose.Demand oral argument on each one too.If you don’t know how to proceed try to get some law students to help you, they should be good enough for most things.

    3. So imagine this girl, multiply her by X amount and that’s how much time (and money) that is being wasted. Colleges have found a “need” for these types (to make money).
      That’s it; no real education involved or required.

    4. Its about time we established (or re-established) male only schools and colleges. Here men and boys will learn real skills such as car maintenance, plumbing, electrics, carpentry, along side higher level skills such as math, (real) science, computers, etc.
      Of chief importance, will be daily fitness conditioning, unarmed combat and firearms training. Men will be taught to be men. Depending on your level of skill you will be streamed into vocation. If you are a great plumber and you like it, you do that. If nuclear physics is more your thing, then you do that instead.
      But everybody learns to fight. Everybody.
      Everyone’s graduation gift is a lady of the night, for the night. No one leaves our school a virgin.

      1. All of that stuff was done by prep school boys like myself in the past.Most boys knew how to use tools even the wealthy ones(got to make those emergency repairs on the yacht :o) )No, we didn’t have whores but there were plenty of willing girls around.

    1. YEAHBUT…. if she says she was raped, she was raped. Feels = incontrovertible proof.

      1. She woke up like, “I never ASKED to be walking funny this morning. RAAAPE!” Someone should have told her a pillow would have been more practical and easier to carry. “Rape Pillow” just doesn’t have the same ring to it, though.

  3. Must be nice to be in an easy major where she has a lot of free time to engage in such publicity stunts.
    Most of us who went to college had no time for frivolity like this. We either were studying or working.

    1. Speak for yourself. 90% of college students have nothing but time for shit like this. College is nothing but a big, expensive, adult day care.

      1. Funny you say that, I recently started referring to the academic lab I work at as show-and-tell.

        1. Not really. Harvard and the other top schools are still excellent, and even many of the lessor schools. it’s just some faculties that are crap.

    2. “Most of us who went to college had no time for frivolity like this. We either were studying or working.”
      When was this? The 70’s, 80’s?

        1. Engineering has always been that way and as far as I know still is. I got my BS ME in 1977.

  4. If she had a video of her getting ass fucked on that mattress I would consider that art, until I came and put the lotion back up.

  5. With a name like “Sulkowicz”… whowuddathunkit?
    Oi gevalt! It’s a Shoah in my cut-off jean shorts!

  6. I hope even beta males find her damaged and do not support her actions. I find this fucking disgusting and I think she should be put in her place.
    I bet she’s using this as an excuse to find an idea helping her to graduate. Without this “rape” she wouldn’t probably graduate…

  7. “Collage Education” from modern universities. Ugh. A colossal waste of money. Liberal “Progressives” have a pathological need to destroy everything that makes civilization possible. It’s like they have a fucking death wish.

  8. Rape is her identity. It makes her a victim. I’m sick of this shit. A man can bust ass In College and study hard and be ignored while a whore can give it up to a man while drunk and get popped in the ass and and then cry rape, tell everyone what a slut she was and get money and attention showered on her. . Women used to be shamed for admitting to being whores now They are supported and victims. What did this girl do? She is a used up slut unworthy of marriage and I feel sorry for the beta simp who marries her. She is so lazy she can’t even carry her own mattress. And gets beta losers to do it. Why try anymore? as a man you get no respect. A slutty young girl is more valuable to society than a man who has actual value and skills. No wonder men are dropping out.

      1. She’s a martyr. Carrying the device of torture like Jesus carried the cross.Until her fragile frame succumbed beneath the burden and the merciful cross bearers lifted it from her shoulders. Her ordeal is epic.

        1. The Stations of the Mattress:
          1. The “victim” imagines the crime
          2. The “victim” carries the mattress
          3. On-looking do-gooders help the “victim” carry the mattress…
          4. …

        2. That looks like some sort of stage mattress made out of foam or something lol I have to use some muscle just to turn over my queen sized mattress and couldn’t carry even that twin sized one she has around very easily.

        3. And the mangina Simon Cyrene a hipster seltzer drinker from Brooklyn popped out of the crowd and helped her.

        4. I use no muscle to turn my mattress. I order my woman to do it after she’s finished ironing my shirts. After that, I honor her efforts by bending her over said mattress and hitting it from the back.

        5. haha OK that’s just what they call a certain size in the US.
          A single is a very small kid’s mattress you don’t see very often now
          A twin is a usual mattress for one
          A Queen is double the size of a single
          And a King is double the size of a twin
          A full size which you don’t see anymore was like from 50 years ago and was a bit cramped for a couple.
          A King is really large and too big since you’re not letting the slut stay over permanently
          So a Queen is ideal, big enough for occasional stay overs but not gigantic

        6. You must have someone like Obama’s wife with field hand arms if she can turn over a King by herself.
          And who the hell needs a female to iron shirts? You put them in one of those devices that men invented called a washing machine. I buy Brooks Brothers 100% cotton that don’t wrinkle and all you do is hang them up. I don’t iron knit shirts.
          Even with the shirts I have that require ironing I still wash them in a machine and it really isn’t worth having some maid around to iron a few. Besides, I wouldn’t allow the average female to iron anything and believe me I’ve had a number who were dying to do them, one had a PhD, to get their foot in the door lol I don’t need iron mark burns on my $300 Turnbull & Asser shirts either.

        7. and here i thought i was the one going nuts. maybe it’s because they don’t have to wear the clothes they iron? maybe it’s because they don’t need clothes period? maybe it’s because short-sightedness lets them forget that if their man looks good, their status will raise one way or another? for whatever the reason, too many women truly can’t iron. but despite their miserable ineptitude, they still think themselves the shit.
          i remember watching my mother iron for years, but until i had to look close enough and iron myself, i always believed she knew what she was doing. that was so wrong, words cannot describe. she certainly ranted on about being overworked enough…
          protip: though non-iron/wrinkle-free fabrics don’t require ironing, they still look better with a finishing touch. when you have the time, that is.

    1. Women were barred from the arts by Christian (and other) societies for a long long time. They invariably turn to their sexuality and use their liberty as a cloak for vice. They invariably prostitute themselves and turn art into pornography. Art is perhaps the greatest tool for spreading moral degeneracy. Think about it: you can do almost anything you want in “art” and get a pass from censure. You can make women prostitute themselves, play with your own feces/menses, you can make a 600 pound statue of a vagina, you can insult and ridicule anything that most people find sacred/honorable, you can propose the most dark inhuman lies imaginable, and just call it “art” and get a free pass. Look at artists. They are a bunch of vermin. Addicted to sex and drugs, they commit murder and suicide, they are out of touch with reality and humanity.

    2. I once read a post regarding decadence.
      “Decadence is not physical. Decadence is a
      moral and spiritual disease, resulting from too long a period of wealth and
      power, producing cynicism, decline of religion, pessimism and frivolity. The citizens
      of such a nation will no longer make an effort to save themselves, because they
      are not convinced that anything in life is worth saving – Sir John Glubb, The
      fate of Empires”

      1. Powerful.
        I mentioned the exact thing in the article “The Western world has an addiction problem” about how it all correlates with one another.

    3. In my day we just made fun of stupid girls and even wrote songs about them

      I’m not talkin’ about the kind of clothes she wears
      Look at that stupid girl
      I’m not talkin’ about the way she combs her hair
      Look at that stupid girl
      The way she powders her nose
      Her vanity shows and it shows
      She’s the worst thing in this world
      Well, look at that stupid girl
      I’m not talkin’ about the way she digs for gold
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      Well, I’m talkin’ about the way she grabs and holds
      Look at that stupid girl
      The way she talks about someone else
      That she don’t even know herself
      She’s the sickest thing in this world
      Well, look at that stupid girl
      Well, I’m sick and tired
      And I really have my doubts
      I’ve tried and tried
      But it never really works out
      Like a lady-in-waiting to a virgin queen
      Look at that stupid girl
      She bitches ’bout things that she’s never seen
      Look at that stupid girl
      It doesn’t matter if she dyes her hair
      Or the color of the shoes she wears
      She’s the worst thing in this world
      Well, look at that stupid girl
      Shut-up, shut-up, shut-up, shut-up
      Shut-up, shut-up, shut-up
      Shut-up, shut-up, shut-up, shut-up
      Shut-up, shut-up
      Like a lady-in-waiting to a virgin queen
      Look at that stupid girl
      She bitches ’bout things that she’s never seen
      Look at that stupid girl
      And she purrs like a pussycat
      Then she turns ’round and hisses back
      She’s the sickest thing in this world
      Look at that stupid girl
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  9. Brad Paisley’s definitely at the outside edge of country music’s sound, especially with respect to his singles. The subject matter, with the exception of Online and a few other songs, is pretty consistently small-town America.
    Taylor Swift is much more pop than country, for sure. And Shake it Off was a cacophonous abomination.

    1. Paisley is quasi-country. He tries to stay away from the mainstream stuff, but doesn’t make anything they’d play in a dancehall, either. He specifically said he never wants to hear one of his songs in a mall or elevator, which I think he’s achieved so far. Most of the rest of the ‘artists’ I see are wannabes who figured it’d be easier to make it in country than some other genre, evidenced by the fact that all the songs are about nightlife now and nothing else. God bless Willie, Johnny, Merle and King George.

      1. Country music is dead. It died of beta disease many years ago. Too many cheesy love songs sung by pussy ass men.

  10. The word “art” is from the Latin “artis”, meaning “skill.”
    It can also mean “method” or “technique”.

    1. So basically if I went to the mall and started masturbating on a Versace bag… that would be art right?

    2. This is a very important meme especially with the our modern culture that denigrates men as not having the balls to do what’s best for society (i.e. pay exorbitant taxes to support the Feminazi State, marry washed up sluts etc.). And if we refuse we’re misyogynistic selfish bigots. It’s the womynnnnnnn who are the caretakers and peace keepers, the softerrrr sex. Yet this shows the complete opposite.

    3. This is a very important meme especially with the our modern culture that denigrates men as not having the balls to do what’s best for society (i.e. pay exorbitant taxes to support the Feminazi State, marry washed up sluts etc.). And if we refuse we’re misyogynistic selfish bigots. It’s the womynnnnnnn who are the caretakers, peacekeepers, It’s actually the opposite.
      Customarily great western art required years of training and discipline, wealthy or papal patrons to achieve notoriety, and most importantly STUDY AND IMITATION of the masters. This is how the vocation was once regarded with esteem (now it’s laughed at). And so great art always referenced other great works with of course the artist’s own interpretation. The artist knew that it was DUTY to make it honorable and eternal.
      It was MEN who made art for a higher purpose, a religious purpose, or a civic purpose (the Trevi Fountain supplied water to Romans). We used art to elevate the collective spiritually. ALL great works of art and literature talk to each other across time.
      Men knew they were going to die one day, art was a way to keep talking to each other.
      Why does everyone hate modern art and walk brusquely by it in a museum? Because it’s narcissistic and SELF-REFERENTIAL. All I see in the right photo is a commoner “expressing herself”. It’s about about me, how I feel, how I shit, what I shit, what I ate, how I look in the photos being taken of me, me, me, me, me, ME, ME ,ME.
      There’s no appeal to history, to God (whether you believe in him or not), or to the future. It’s simply all about her.
      She does adds nothing to the conversation that is our tradition and our heritage, only men can do that.

    4. That is some sad but funny shit. Sad because of what society has degenerated too but funny because of how pathetic feminists are.

    5. Or that great artist Yoko Ono
      But you youngsters on here shouldn’t make fun of Lennon because it can happen to you so take it as a warning. He either went insane or took too much acid or heroin. Poor guy. Who knows? Perhaps he came up with the idea so that he wouldn’t have to look at her body when he fucked her.

  11. Sulkowicz says, “I didn’t report it at first because I didn’t feel like dealing with the emotional trauma.”
    … so I let an allegedly dangerous predator remain at large, and only reported it once I could no longer procure proof against him! Because I didn’t feel like doing it at first.
    Sounds legit.

    1. Classic millenial female response; Don’t concern yourself with solving the problem (reporting the criminal in this case), just make sure you have facilitated the emotional payout for yourself and put yourself in the spotlight. Solve the problem? Why do that? If you solve the problem then the emotional/pseudo hero jackpot payout is gone.

    2. The crazy bitch eventually reported it to the cops, a female detective handled it. The bitch never cooperated with the detective and I guess all she thought she had to do was point a finger and make an accusation. The school thought she was full of shit as well.

  12. This is somewhat off topic, but you mention how awful poetry is nowadays. There is an antidote to all that: Kipling.

    1. “It is the white man’s burden to help poor black people out of poverty.”
      I texted that to a girl one time, and she was absolutely horrified. Yes, I said rich white people should help poor minorities. I must hate blacks so much.

  13. America has a deathwish. Even with America’s military technological edge, Silicon Valley and Finance Capital, a nation won’t exist for long if it’s dead spiritually. America a nation founded by Protestant heretics and Freemasons is really starting to show the fruits of its glorified rebellion. This whore is the poster-child of modernity and makes me believe why companies and the government continue to promote estrogen inducing edibles in our food-supply (soy, hops, beer, flax etc), is to keep any testosterone fueled male backlash chemically repressed before its violently suppressed. I celebrate nothing about America anymore, anymore than an inmate would celebrate his captivity and/or captors. The ‘stars and bars’ are exactly that, BARS into a prison that has become the United States. My generation sans a few, are extremely soft and coddled, the men with voices resembling the women, the women with voices resembling the men. Degeneracy and feminism rule the day.

      1. In other news, good news, American men are getting the message. Millennial men aren’t getting married. More modern men even if they haven’t taken the red-pill are realising that they’ve been given a raw deal in regards to whatever it is the West calls ‘marriage’ and are reacting accordingly. What HuffPo and the other MSM outlets won’t tell you or admit is the culpability of feminism and feminist law more importantly in destroying marriage.

        1. Good to see the early signals manifesting. For me its like – of course they should be getting the message…for fuck’s sake already. When the atlantic has it on the front page, basically, stating men are inferior in the same manner that the Jews were…well that was a few years ago you would have thought we’d wake up back then.

        2. Except the men who make real money or have professional careers. Everyone in my med program is already shacked up. Same with my friend’s law program. The basement degenerates aren’t marrying but their academic achieving counterparts are.

        3. Civilization depends on the “degenerates” being productive, if they aren’t you start to see cracks in the foundations of civilization. Governments have to spend more than they take in from taxes. At first they can raise taxes, then they cover this spending by borrowing and debasing the money supply. Eventually they come to some really hard choices. Of course it would be better if all men refused to marry typical western women. It would be better if men said “we don’t get the benefits of patriarchy, great we don’t have any of the responsibilities either.” And elected politicians who will remove those obligations. Sadly there will always be white knights so the whole thing has to crash before anything can be fixed.

        4. I don’t even think ‘Luke’ is a male. I’m going to infer this is a woman using the name Luke. No real man unless he was beta to the 10th power could possibly utter anything remotely like that. Even beta simps have limits.

        5. Its like that in my “professional” setting at work. And these men are run by their women. Its amazing the amount of bullshit these men will tolerate from their battleaxes… er wives.

        6. i was there (on the med side). the men didn’t make those choices insofar as the women did. quite an ugly and vulgar display.
          but it doesn’t matter really, they’re still screwed, they just can lie to themselves slightly longer. a convincing lie, when everyone is doing it. but once you step outside of those crumbling feminism conquered cathedrals, it the lies rapidly reveal themselves. so for god’s sake, if you’re still there now, don’t let the bubble get to you.
          to do med today (or law) means (for most) massive debt borrowed on crushing interest (amazing what a few more percentage ticks does), moving goal posts of year requirements (increasing specialization driven by lack of pay), exponentially declining reimbursements, and next to no authority or independence. all a recipe for doctors to be the opposite of skilled and trustworthy, which is precisely what i am witnessing. that women dangle themselves in front of these desperate men and said entrapped children bite the snare, isn’t itself discordant with the setting.

    1. Tell me more about these estrogen inducing foods. I’ve heard bad things about soy, but what about these other items?
      I had no idea that hops, beer, and flax were estrogen inducers. I drink beer daily.

      1. Its true actually. Beer gut and beer boobs… the fat goes where the estrogen tells the fat to go.

        1. Beer: Good for Women. Bad for Men.

          In many women, alcohol increases sexual arousal and desire although it does lower the physiological signs of arousal. Women have a different response to alcohol intoxication. Studies have shown that acute alcohol consumption tends to cause increased levels of testosterone and estradiol. Since testosterone controls in part the strength of libido in women, this tends to cause an increased interest in sex.

        2. Cool. I also find chicks react to marijuana different than me and guys I know.
          When I’m stoned I just wanna chill out… if you get a pothead girl stoned she wants dick.

        3. It’s just fat from and the beer only adds more to it. Plenty of fat men never drink and still get manboobs.

        4. Females always want dick no matter whether it’s booze or drugs they’re on. They just don’t want the dicks of the average poster on here lol

      2. There is what I call the “narcotic triangle”. Sugar, Grains, Alcohol. They all have aspects of each other. For example, beer is made from grains and is loaded with sugar (carbs). To avoid estrogen, avoid these three things along with anything, excuse me ANYTHING, processed.
        To improve your test, high protein, high fat food, such as real dairy, eggs, meat. Eat like a carnivore and you will start to look like one. Eat like a herbivore and well… same rule applies.

        1. Yes. I recently quit sugar and CANNOT BELIEVE how much money I’ve drained on that garbage in my life. That makes it sound like I was some diabetic sugarholic. Not the case. Just a normal sugar consumer, not overweight. Still, the expenditure is a heart-breaker. Again, I was normal and it was nothing out of hand but over the years…wow. Next up…alcohol. That won’t be easy but the nightcap has to go.

        2. I am a recovering sugarholic myself. Good news is, once you cut out grains, cutting out sugar and alcohol becomes much easier. My favourite cocktail these days? Sparkling mineral water on the rocks with a slice of lime. Can’t stand beer or wine any more.

        3. Humans are different from other animals and have evolved to survive on almost anything.There is nothing that I know of in a diet that will naturally raise T.Of course eating like a vegan and these stupid macrobiotic diets from the hippies will make you look rather pussified so that’s no good but it’s really caused by weight and muscle loss and not getting the right balance of nutrients.You can’t eat like a carnivore because humans are not strictly carnivores like cats or dogs.Even the cave men would eat certain grasses to get vitamins or end up with scurvy from vitamin C deficiency.There’s no C in milk so just drink a glass of juice a day or some fruit. The grain we use for bread today is enriched and has nutrients added to whatever is in the grain.They used to give growing kids cod liver oil esp. during the war when food supplies were limited.
          Too much Heavy exercise like these guys who body build will actually age the body faster.We know this from the past where some men doing gruelling work all day (like the body builders today) would look old at 40 not to mention the aches and pains you will get when older.

        4. All animals are different to other animals. Surviving is not thriving. It’s a shame you don’t know of any foods that will naturally raise test. You could that knowledge to your benefit. The grain is not enriched. The bread is but that is bullshit. Better to eat real food. I have been doing intense exercise for 20 years, I don’t look old for my age, just the opposite. You can get aches and pains from doing no exercise.

    2. Even with America’s military technological edge, Silicon Valley and Finance Capital, a nation won’t exist for long if it’s dead spiritually.

      Well said. This reminds me of a quote from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn:

      Over a half century ago, while I was still a child, I recall hearing a number of old people offer the following explanation for the great disasters that had befallen Russia: “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.” Since then I have spent well-nigh 50 years working on the history of our revolution; in the process I have read hundreds of books, collected hundreds of personal testimonies, and have already contributed eight volumes of my own toward the effort of clearing away the rubble left by that upheaval. But if I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous revolution that swallowed up some 60 million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”

      1. True and I have read this quote from Solzhenitsyn. Many people think that the world order changed when the Reichstag fell in Berlin, 7th of May 1945. The real collapse of civilisation happened when the ancient monarchies of Europe collapsed. The Hohenzollern in Germany, Hapsburgs in Austria-Hungary and the Romanovs of ‘All the Russias’. Man not only questioned God, but the natural order of governance in regards to man. The real 20th century started when Sverdlov and Yurovsky ordered the execution of the Romanovs in Yekaterinburg. Tens of millions of young men from every single continent were dead on European soil. The extirpation of feminism won’t happen without the extirpation of democracy which if you believe it or not is a distant cousin to communism. The same ideological precepts exist, the same seeds of civilisational decay exist with both.
        The ‘vote’ allowed, nutured and fostered feminism. Solzhenitsyn was, as am I, a vehement monarchist and advocate for restorationism (particularly the Romanovs). There needs to be more questioning on this site, of the Western males ideological and spiritual commitment to democracy and if it’s time to finally sever the cord as we have already done with feminism. Most do not see the connection between the vote and feminism and how democracy nurtures the most self-destructive movements inside its body-politic. P.S. I noticed the picture of the man wearing the pickelhaube and the German name. I also speak German fluently if you speak it, if you ever wanted to switch.

        1. Well written. I’m from Croatia, people here still remember Austro-Hungary as the best state we ever had.

        2. My German is mediocre at best though I appreciate the offer. Coincidentally, I am in the process of working on my proficiency for a potential move abroad. My handle is a homage to Helmuth von moltke, one of my favorite military strategists (after Carl von Clausewitz).

        3. Allow me, even for argument’s sake, to retort that democracy was established in the extremely patriotic, militant and religious cities of Ionia, where each and every free man (=citizen) was a heavily armed and armoured lifelong drilling combatant and women were (exclusively) wives, mothers, sisters contained in their homes. Don’t compare monarchy to modern degenarate “democracy” but to its earlier, man-centered, “hardcore” original…

        4. Von Moltke is one of my favs too. No battleplan surviving the first encounter of combat is definitely true. However, Clausewitz in many respects reminds me of the modern red-pill man. Having to endure his native Prussia being occupied by an alien force (Grand Armee-Napoleon, in our case Cultural Marxism) and going to Russia to serve under Tsar Alexander I’s Russian Army to later reenter Europe restoring balance and the Ancien Regime. One can only imagine how many little Clausewitzes will arise from the decadent and feminist West to serve under foreign rulers. There are scores of Spaniards, Germans, Frenchmen and according to the media one American fighting with the Ukrainian separatists in Donetsk.

        5. Lance this observation absolutely right on. It would make an excellent article. The democratic experiment has gone on long enough for everyone to see the results.

        6. Prussia produced an absurd number of Red Pill men; Generations if you think about it. Carl von Clausewitz, Otto von Bismarck, even during WWII, Prussian aristocracy dominated the German high command which gave us great military minds such as Erich von Manstein and Heinz Guderian. Honestly, I haven’t figured out ‘how’ but your projection about Western men fighting under foreign rulers may happen just yet. Just google Jordan Matson.

      2. With all due respect to Solzhenitsyn, I’ll offer a different perspective. Since I’m from a non-religious background, I would say that all this is happening because of two things: 1) narcissim; and 2) short-term thinking leading to the need for instant gratification. The modern western media encourages this kind of behaviour while corporations feed off it. Coupled with technology like smart phones and an excessively liberal approach to education and you have the result that we see here today.
        If the Abrahamic God was the answer to all the ills of modern society, then the Islamic State must be the most perfect place to ever live in. Ironically, the fundamentalists all think that that is true. But I don’t think we need to state the price of what would happen if violent religious fundamentalists take over the world. Instead, as Aaron Cleary I.E. Cpt Capitalism, pointed out in one of his vids. We need secular values in our society. Instead of imposing religion, the two values that we can inculcate in society are a more compassionate and less egotistical mindset and a long term approach to managing one’s life and family as well. Its not going to be an overnight cure for sure but it will be a start.

        1. With all due respect to you sir, I’m more inclined to believe a respected historian and novelist than a stranger. I recommend you research Rudi Dutschke and the “Long March Through the Institutions.” Then you’ll begin understand how “secular values” has more to do with cultural conditioning than compassion.

        2. Historical evidence suggests otherwise. There hasn’t been a successful society that didn’t base the cornerstone of the family and private property upon the foundations of religion, particularly patriarchal religion. The first time these little secular/anti-church experiments were tried, resulted in mass human death and misery (Revolutionary France, USSR, Cambodia, North Korea, Maoist China etc). Name one country that is legally atheistic by law and ask yourself would you want to live there? Most people cannot handle freedom, because the concept to most people especially many women is ‘complete licence’ to do as you please. Now that the West has outright secularised religion out of everyday life and faggotised the remaining remnant of water-downed Christianity we are starting to see the full effects of it including the complete evisceration of Western Patriarchy.

        3. Swash, when you refer to narcism and short-term thinking those are precisely the things that the practice of religion holds in check. Worshipping God directs people outside of their own egos, and does so in the context of tradition. Yes, there are all sorts of absurd religious confer-examples. But they are always in the minority. Rather than thinking about religion in ways that don’t make sense to you, try thinking about it in a way that’s consistent with your world view and you may come to some surprising new perspectives.
          Sadly, the church has been taken over by feminists and proglodytes, just like our universities. It’s no accident that the church is in decline post Vatican 2 (1979 in the Episcopal church). But traditional religion worked. I’d love to see it return, but I’m not holding my breath. The Orthodox revival in Russia is encouraging.

        4. Or perhaps people just go crazy at times for no reason we know of.
          It’s not like my mother is a maniac or a raving thing. She just goes a
          little mad sometimes. We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven’t you?
          Norman Bates

        5. Thank you, I really get sick of hearing how religion is the cure for all that ails us. Religion is not the answer, religion is the cause of most of our problems. The conservative insistence of shoving religion at those who do not want it just creates more liberal and feminist voters.The religious riech is the democrats best friend.

    3. Have you read the history of Kellogg? His agenda was to remove testosterone and HGH inducing foods such as dairy, meat and eggs from young men’s diets and replace them with estro-foods such as cereals. He really wanted to reduce the virility of men.
      Know this men, if you are eating breakfast cereal you are eating faggot food. More importantly you are increasing the chance that your grandson will be a sterile man-woman. Get a fucking steak in you and grow those muscles.

      1. Dr. Kellogg in my book ranks right up there with Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem. He was absolutely evil and his tombstone and casket worthy of desecration. He was one of the first Judaized gentiles to promote circumicision amongst gentile newborns. He was one of the first wave of Americans to promote the chemical castration of men through our food-supply. Anglo Protestants especially in America and the UK have always had this penchant for circumcising men or lowering their libido. In fact it goes back to the Judaizing that the early Protestants had did to the perfectly normal Catholics in Northern and Central Europe at that time. The first battle was the Beer Purity Law of 1516 (Beer produced only with hops, barley and water with the aforementioned two being testosterone killers). Before then, beer in Europe was ‘gruit’ and gruit increased the libido of both men and women and was extraordinarily popular in Europe, especially Latin Europe before Martin Luther.
        I would say this long march started with the Protestants who did in fact live up to their moniker of ‘protesters’ thus the name. The protested against the normal world order that united the continent religiously and in addition poisoned men through the vice of beer for centuries. The weakening of the Protestant denominations has been a justice they are completely deserved of and had coming for a while. Homosexuals getting married under the alter of menstruating female priests is a ghastly abomination, one that would make Luther turn over in his grave, but one completely deserved of his little revolution. I can only think the foresight of my parents for not having circumcised me and recognising the poisonous diet society tries to foist upon us.

        1. Your interpretation is a bit lamebrained. Circumcision in the US and in a small part in England had nothing to do with Jews. It was based on a false medical belief called “masturbatory insanity” where they believed that if a person masturbated that he would then become compulsive doing it and it would lead to insanity.There were all sorts of diets and devices to prevent masturbation and reduce sex drive like Keloggs corn flakes and Graham crackers. I doubt if any of this had any effect on their own and they were part of a lifestyle with exercise to wear you out and probably some drugs. Let me add that this was at a time when doctors still didn’t know why females menstruated. It was only in the 1890’s that an English surgeon finally proved it.
          Beer purity was just about keeping it from being adulterated and had nothing to do with sex. Gruit was just sort of a generic word for a variety of herbs that were used before hops became popular and the purpose was just flavouring and to preserve the beer.None of the things they used had any effect on sex drive.
          Ale was the common drink and it was mild and meant to be drank fresh.When the lighter and much stronger in alcohol Pilsner types beers began about 200 years ago they had to be lagered(aged) to smooth them out and hops became more extensive in use likely as a preservative, and just a flavouring.

  14. Excellent article. This is the type of reading that raises up minds. I recall that in college I never like the English courses because like you said, we were told that the things we read could be about anything. Something in my mind rejected the very idea. I know now that is called relativism which is a major part of cultural marxism. And you can see the direct effect in that it causes rational minded people to reject even great works like the Robert Frost poem you mentioned.
    On a side note, if the men here have an interest in poetry, the site is a good resource. They have a breakdown of “Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening” that comes to the same conclusion as your friend.

  15. Interesting post. The current condition of “art” in the west, namely, the u.s. is, believe it or not, a very powerful measure of the true situation at hand. Don’t be confused, that art today, for instance, is anything you want it to be, indeed, means nothing, so, what could nothing possibly measure. Well, it measures the decay of what should be a sophisticated society. Art of the masterpiece level is entirely original, yet from emperor to commoner the underlying meaning of the piece is, more or less, understood by all and if one person’s part of the thousand word description is unique it is their own personal connection exerting itself. Hence, we all sense the same thing but interpret it differently, alas, we all transcend. Art that last the ages, when you really learn to appreciate it, must exceed near impossibly high standards. To emphasize the point these are things that spoke to invaders without talking in the midst of blood thirsty rage …somehow they knew to spare a masterpiece. Why? Sadly, that institution is, for now, a relic. If art can be anything, if there are no boundaries than it is nothing. And that is befitting, because, culture and society today seems as though it is nothing…we all seem to wallow in a nothingness caught somewhere between reality and virtuality.

    1. This is why I hate the term ‘democratisation’, and the general concept of ‘democracy’. Humans are born with and develop unequal talents, intelligence and physical strength. As much as I may want to play centre for the Los Angeles Lakers, I’m only 185 cm tall (6,1), hardly the appropriate height to play the position, thus is my lot. Art and artists are similar, no matter how many leftist professors tell this whore she’s an ‘artist’, we know otherwise. She’s a degenerate. Democratisation implies that humans can achieve equality in nearly all things, even where biology tells us no. Democracy is the golden calf of our times, and is the sewer pit with which all this bile emanates from, vis-a-vis feminism and other said movements. Monarchy is the only natural form of government for humanity and art as you’ve mentioned generally follows the ideals and psychology of the culture. America and the West is in a death spiral as denoted by the culture and ‘art’ it chooses to laud. The chickens will come home to roost in the near future.

      1. And you see this everywhere. Truth is, apropos to your comment, that their is a quality spread in athletics as much as their is a quality spread with being original, most people’s personal “art” or self expression sucks, hence, there are only so many Channels or Monets. That’s what I think when I see the “trans” people, skillrex (sp) hairstyle or huge piercings etc. My disgust is mostly due to how these people carry themselves acting as though they’re legit and worse, exposing their lie all the more, by demanding acknowledgement versus having it stand on its own (which original things do effortlessly) for their “unique” style or persona. And this is really what they’re after (unique = original = special as in special little snowflake) and so its an extension of the ego. Where as others can accomplish this through acts and deeds, these people, do so through “self expression”, which requires no real effort or sacrifice, although, it will compromise their own identity and even sexuality, again more contradiction. And they end up doing the opposite of their intention (to be original) by conforming to popular trends reference “hipsters”…they all look the same by trying to look and be different. Why? Because not everyone is equally original, the ultimate proof is seen with the extreme “self expression” promoted today, which has only resulted in new, and importantly, very bad trends, fads…conformity.

      2. today, yes. but yesterday? is it not more complete to say all systems are dependent on the people involved?
        a democracy of soldiers is functional, a democracy of children is but a tempest, though both are democratic. a monarchy of czars rises when peter the great fills it’s highest rank, but falls when nicolas the second is there instead. if the civilization has but filth to draw upon for its ranks, i wager the system rapidly becomes irrelevant: the outcome appears the same.
        less thought otherwise, i again don’t disagree with your assessment of democracy or monarchy today. provided that the king isn’t obama or george boy jr.

  16. Rape art………a whole new genre.
    Rather than criticize this woman for celebrating the uncelebratable, praise her for her strength and creativity.
    I look foward to my next time in NYC and plan a special trip to MOMA in hopes the mattress will be on display.
    You people are sick. I was raped too………I think…….. in my 06′ corvette. Well I was attacked by a horny woman, does that count?
    And like that brave college woman, I take my corvette everywhere,
    It’s my rape car
    By the way, if you look at her shorts close enough, you can almost see her labia.
    I repeat, brave, brave woman

  17. The mattress girl is half east Asian and half Jewish, so I’m not sure how she’d feel about this, but there is something very passion-of-the-Christ ish about carrying a mattress around

  18. ugh lena dunham recently revealed in her book that she was “raped”. I’m wondering if that has anything to do with the fact that she wants to sell books and make money/get attention.

    1. So in her case, the true victim is the poor loser who allegedly raped her. Gross.

  19. Pretty soon college and university campuses will have to have rape mattress parking spots next to the bike racks.

  20. the degeneration of art in the twentieth century is a complex phenomenon
    On the one-hand expressionism and iconoclasm may have seemed a fitting response to the madness of the first world war, after which romanticism must have seemed twee and sugary. On the other hand the iconoclasm of composers like schoenberg and the idea that music could be in some sense ‘democratic’ (atonality, or later through serial composition) linked that sense of a post-rational world to political and revolutionary impulses.
    Still Schoenberg, however awful sounding his work, was at least a substantial figure with a vision. The cultural marxism of the frankfurt school (adorno etc)on the other hand indirectly promoted art as something that should be in the service of a very dodgy kind of politics. The critique of art does seem to have involved its destruction

  21. This website is truly disappointing. It is very hard for me to believe that women actually like men like you. All of you. Maybe some women do fake it to get attention, but why on earth do you think that someone would actually want to be raped? Or at the very least, admit to it? For me, as a woman, that would be very shameful to admit to, even if it wasn’t my fault. You are all very disrespectful.

    1. Women are not permitted to comment here, and men are not permitted to respond to them. (except to tell them they are banned) Now go away, this is a male safe space and we don’t need your womansplaining

  22. For a website that calls itself “Return of Kings” the content is of a dissappointing low quality. Instead of standing above the girly feminism and providing quality content about and for men, the editors here can’t seem to get enough of rattling and ranting their childish frustrations about the women they say they so utterly despise.

    1. Did you know that hate is not the opposite of love? If men hate women it is not because they do not love women. Many men hate women because they love women. Why do you think so many article here are about chasing poonanny and seducing women? It is because men love women.
      We hate what women, and by extension ourselves, have become. Women are the gatekeepers of sex, and sex is one of the great directors of human society. Also, nearly everyone hates modernity. That’s why books and movies about more romantic times get the highest profits. Besides modern medicine, EVERYONE knows how degenerate and inhuman we are becoming. Everyone can feel this intuitively, but cannot speak to the intuition, because that is forbidden, and we all have been told that what came before us (kings, churches, fathers) was much, much worse.
      “The modern world, the world in which you and I live, doesn’t work. It’s fundamentally broken.” ~Alan Roebuck

      1. Well said sir, well said. Sometimes a person cannot know how much they’re really loved until they see that person that claims they love them riled into a state that’s beyond comprehension, a state that only love and hate can induce. Sadly, this is beyond modern woman’s comprehension, and she’d quickly dismiss it as weakness. We are at the point of no return. The entire edifice of modern civilisation will continue to rot and wreak until the authors who created and promote it won’t even be able to stand it, and then the collapse will happen.

    2. Masculinity and femininity are defined in context of one another. That is to say, you can’t tell someone what masculine is without commenting on what is feminine.

    3. Agreed.
      From what I gather (from ROK and MRA) everything wrong with society is centred on women.
      THEY give them so much power, it’s actually incredible.
      They must have some severe cognitive dissonance.

  23. Pop from the 1960s (arguably the golden era for that kind of music, though I do love the 80s too) practically IS high art next to most of today’s dreck. Compare “Good Vibrations” with “Poker Face”. The former might as well be Mozart in comparison. Vibrant, dynamic and expressive.

    1. Dude, you’ve got to check out the Beach Boys’s later albums. Smile, Friends, 20/20, Surf’s Up, etc. I don’t think someone who isn’t from a surf-and-sun culture can appreciate (or perhaps even like) the band’s days without appreciating their later days.

  24. I hated poetry in school. Then one day I flipped to a Frost poem the class didn’t talk about – “Out. Out-” I grew up cutting wood with my Dad. That poem was like a giant gut-punch.
    Then I started reading real stuff like Kipling.

  25. I’m of the opinion that deriding this girl’s work on the grounds of it being “bad art” is pointless. I disagree with the author that art’s quality should be ranked primarily on how meticulous the process of creating it is… IMO art is fundamentally human self-expression… I’d even classify Roosh’s lifestyle as his form of art. In his case there was courage and skill involved… But I’d still classify Duchamp’s “Fountain” (which was basically just putting a name-tag on a urinal) as art due to the cleverness and relevant social impact it had at the time.
    My point is… the reason this girl’s “Mattress” is fucked up is not because its easy to carry around a mattress… the reason its fucked up is because she’s taking a very serious issue and making a joke out of it. All the sudden rape doesn’t seem like such a big deal… Hell, if I rape a girl, she can get a scholarship and throw a party! Good times for all!
    Somehow she has completely side-stepped the other important issue of whether or not what she experienced should even legally be classified as rape at all. If this young man she was having sex with gets labelled a rapist, his entire life could be fucked over. He could get a criminal record, he could be socially ostracized, he could be professionally screwed… all because he was having sex with this girl and she realized she didn’t have any ideas for her 3rd year art project.
    Even if she made a groundbreaking stylistically incredible art-piece rather take the sheets off her mattress and bring it to class, it doesn’t change the important fact that the message she is spreading and the huge political response she is getting should be seriously questioned on its own merits.

    1. Nothing criminally is going to happen if the guy’s name becomes known but those other social things could really effect his life.However, knowing how wacky this girl is he should have a response if his name ever got out. Something like this:
      hahaha I never thought that her joke would go this far.We were drinking and talking about all of the false rape allegations these days and I said that I’d bet if she carried a mattress around for publicity and claimed to be a victim that gullible people would fall for this act. I never believed that she’d actually do it since it was just a lot of silly talk you do when drinking.

    2. i’d say that’s the same thing? poor art side-steps importance, revels in it’s mediocrity, races to the bottom, leaving not even the artist’s mark on a wall.
      the only difference contended is the way: the article had to at least accept the frame to begin discussion, whereas you say don’t even do that. agreed, with certainty, but still concluding poor art: no lasting importance, either by being poor by lacking greatness of skill (author’s point), or by being poor by side-stepping greatness of actual important issues (your point).

  26. I know the focus here is on the dipshit coed and her mattress but I’m glad the idea of artistic and cultural degeneracy was brought up. I noticed in my youth that I thought the culture was going in the trashbin. When I was young many of my black contemporaries were into jazz. Seriously into it. How did black music devolve so terribly? It’s only the top of the ice berg. What does Taylor Swift have in common with Patsy Cline? I could name dozens of female singers of the past who could not only powerfully keep a tune but oozed natural passion and sexuality. Compared to them Miley Cyrus is a dirty, mangy feral dog. The Golden Age of Hollywood? Now all you need is enough in your face special effects to go with enough in your face four letter words. The French Impressionists are now the likes of Robert Maplethorpe and beyond. I can’t even discuss this matter with anyone under 40. I get a blank bored stare.

    1. The main difference between now and then is anybody can create art nowadays with the super-tools of the future.
      I could record a 2 hour rock and roll album in my parents’ basement if I really wanted to. I could make a feature length movie with my iPhone and crack a top-notch video editing program if I wanted to.
      I could download the entire anthology of pop music for free if I felt like it right now. We are no longer in the post-modern era (which lasted I’d argue since WW2 to 1999) but in a new era some are now calling “post-ironic”.
      The difference? The “post-modern” culture is thinking we are at the end of history, that we can now look back and see human history objectively only to realize that everything we’ve put so much stock into exists in relative terms… How can a young person growing up in the 90s be a true Christian if he is not isolated from the fact that other cultures around the world have entirely different faiths and ways of life? It inevitably begs the question.
      In this way, the cool thing to do was to live ironically and mix and match ideas and styles without having to take any of them too seriously. I’d say this generation was characterized by moral relativism, but some fundamental traditions maintained their obvious value (i.e. family bonds, virtue, friendship, etc.) through this period regardless.
      In contrast, the “post-ironic” era, which is what we are in now, is characterized by hyper-technology and user-experience. We’re passed the fact that everything exists in relative terms… we already get the joke of history… so what do we do now? Now we’re dependant on technology to experience the most sense of involvement possible. We no longer consume art in the same way, now we want to constantly be a part of the making of art.
      Now we have things like message boards (like RoK) Youtube, Google, Facebook, internet Pornography, all which are user-centred. At every stage of what art you see or what you experience, YOU make the decision. YOU type in that you want to see a giant squid on Youtube. YOU type in your opinions on internet message boards so that everyone will read it and acknowledge your clever writing. We’re passed the communion that acknowledging the ironic relativism of existence brought to you and your friends by sharing the burden of this anxiety… In our post-ironic era… its all about YOU.
      We live in a time where anyone can be an absolute narcissist just by delving into the virtual world which constantly gives you feedback to your wishes. Now the optimal state in which to be is not to question things, but rather to submit to a media induced trance where you are being fed vast mediums of information while maintaining the illusion that you are somehow in control. If people don’t snap out of it, we’re gonna end up isolated and deranged… IF you got this far, thanks for reading this rant 🙂

      1. I read it and always try to give serious consideration to all of your posts. In fact, I was doing just what you said. I’ve been dialing in Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk on youtube while I read ROK. I can’t change the nature of today’s culture but thankfully I can still access what I love, the public be damned.

        1. I do it all the time…
          I’m not even necessarily saying its a bad thing… I just read an article about this topic recently and thought it was worth sharing.
          The bottom line is be aware of yourself and don’t get totally sucked into things without being really mindful at just how quickly technology is evolving…

      2. Very insightful. I was just talking about technology and narcissism recently and came to many of the same conclusions

    2. As much as I agree, for some reason I found the “I know the focus here is on the dipshit coed and her mattress” to be the really funny part of that.

  27. “If art is the diary of humanity, then you can track the history and decline of a civilization based on its art more than anything else. We are no exception.” I’ve been telling this to my closest friends for years. You can see what’s going on in society simply by reviewing its art.. for me, especially its music.

  28. Art is a fundamental expression of human experience, or just expression in general.
    While we might not find it artistic, clearly other’s do.
    What still puzzles me is the campbell’s soup can…
    I just hope her professor, if she can’t rationalize her project coherently doesn’t just give her an A for fear of being scrutinized.

    1. While we might not find it artistic, clearly other’s do.
      Some people actually like the smell of a fresh pile of shit on the sidewalk. That must thus mean that shit doesn’t actually stink, it’s just us imposing our own standards on it unfairly. Right?

  29. The most soul wrenching thought is as you said, this woman is suckling on the tax payer to learn how to carry, well lets make delegate others to carry, a mattress.
    A same article today discusses the crippled founder of 8chan and how he views feminist graduates of ‘gender studies’ as more unfortunate than himself because they have no discernible skills.
    This mattress carrying fruitcake can find no possible source of employment outside of academia. In other words she is going to assess the next generation of artists for us.
    A big part in who is visible and succeeds, and who doesn’t.

  30. The sum of the 21st century so far can be defined with this statement, ‘as technology evolves, the character of humanity devolves’.

    1. I have to say, I think we overstate the quality of the character of people in the past. I think people were far worse historically compared to now by almost every metric.
      I would say this: as technology evolves, the banality of the average person becomes more obvious.

      1. I think we overstate the quality of the character of people in the
        past. I think people were far worse historically compared to now by
        almost every metric.

        Having known and spoken to people born in the late 1800’s, as well as being exposed to a lot of members of the ‘greatest generation’, I’m going to have to disagree with you here bob. They were worse in some ways than us, but they were also better in many ways. The same applies in reverse direction of course. To say that today’s hipsters are better men by almost every metric than the generation of men who charged Normandy is a bit silly, don’t you think?

        1. I don’t know Bob, the hipsters seem to be quite enamored with war when it’s done by the Left. I have yet to see any significant demonstration from the Left over Obama’s “let’s drone the shit out of everybody” policy, for example. And they’re strangely silent on torture and Gitmo now that their man is in office. The only way you’d get them to demonstrate against blowing away 10’s of thousands of people today would be if you threatened to draft them to do it since it would put them out and require them to work (and I don’t advocate for a draft, which I’m certain you can deduce).
          I’m just saying that with bad and good in measure, that my grandfather’s generation whom I knew quite well were philosophically, work ethic wise, family value wise, woman handling wise, skill wise and action-oriented wise, better, by and large, than any given 20-something I talk to today. I do not say this as a monolithic statement, as clearly there are some things people today are better with than they were in their day (racism coming directly to mind).

        2. Well my point is that I think many people today have a present day “bias” to their thinking and are also biased based on their personal experiences with the people we know. Quite possible that people in general during your GF’s day had a better work ethic but if we go back 60 odd years earlier to Victorian times (a time many people seem think was somehow more civilised than today), in London there was a significant underclass who lived by stealing and robbing hardworking people. These people were homeless and lived in sewers or abandoned buildings. There were enough of them to cause serious concern to the authorities that far exceeds any worries we have today of students with Bull Shit degrees sitting on their arse or lazing their way through work.
          Today’s hipsters btw might be considered the spiritual children who worked hard to resolve this problem though the establishment of charity. Like many things however, this became corrupted when the government began stealing from people (as the underclass did themselves) to provide welfare to the poor.

        3. You mention the “greatest generation”. To me, this is a propaganda device used by the US Govt to distract attention from the facts behind what was actually an elective war by the US (not a “good” war by any measure) and also to provide futher justification for the militarisation of society.
          While there were undoubtedly instances of personal bravery these men did not charge Normandy for their own good or the country’s good. They did it because they were ordered to. Secondly, these were men who were mostly draftees or who swallowed the propaganda about the war. Thirdly, these men were fighting the weakest units of the remainder of the German army while the remaining elite units were fighting the Soviets (who actually defeated the Germans in the end) and yet alongside the Brits still managed to make hash of the “liberation” of France against inferior German numbers, not to mention the embarassing reversals of Op Mrkt Garden and BotB.
          Look I’m not saying they weren’t brave or that I could do any better. I am simply saying that these people, viewed in context, are not in my opinion necessarily “better” than people today. I think that in spite of everything, if the enemy was coming up the beaches, even the nerdy accountant in glasses would grab a rifle to defend his homeland.

      2. Humanity has always been the same. The only difference is now we have better outlets to be the terrible people we always were.

  31. If the artist is the only one who knows what it’s supposed to be, it’s probably shit.
    If it’s post-structural, “art for the sake of expression”, it’s probably shit.
    All this comes out of modern academia’s memes about how everything is relative, there are no such thing as aesthetic standards, everyone’s point of view is equally great, objectivity is evil, standards are fascist, judgement hurts my feelings, and so forth. It’s like the minds of teenage girls, manifested into piece of shit for public display.

    1. What’s even more is the intellectual cowardice for men who know modern art, whether abstract, structuralism, post-structuralism, etc… is garbage. They are petrified of not being within the ‘in-crowd’. The art critic, Clement Greenberg started all this nonsense of ‘anything can be art’. The truth is, is that the degenerates had the benefit of Nazi Germany losing the war, and because degenerate art was derided and banned in the Third Reich, Western academics post-bellum, felt the need to exalt these lunatics into a new sphere. Because as we all know, if the Nazis were against it, then it must be right, right? The entire edifice of modern art, even modern architecture is bullshit. It’s a reflection of society, and the art it chooses to laud is every bit as shitty.

  32. I went to Columbia. Graduated with very little debt luckily, like $2000-3000 dollars.
    The school is filled with rich sluts, betas, rich douchebags, degenerates, whores, liberals, whores. All fucking each other in a cesspool of self righteous indignation. STD rates through the roof. Scandals every other week. Heavy drug use. But the sluts, man, you have no idea. And this is considered a “top” school.
    What do I do for a living? I barely scrape by.
    Fuck Columbia. They lied to me. Everyone who graduated from there hates each other but they pretend to be chummy for the connections. It’s the biggest crock of shit ever. Phoniest motherfuckers ever.

    1. That’s liberal academia man, the ‘brightest young minds’ lol. Their only goal is to funnel more student loan dollars their way, they dont actually give a shit about your future. Professors spout the big government liberal lie in order to secure more funding for schools, they have a cushy job while your expensive education gets you very little. No employer really gives a shit what you did in college.
      If you want money go work in the oilfield. It’s a refreshing work environment generally safe from the politically correct fag enviro youre used to

        1. yeah that was a really dumb comment.
          deVry is the college scam x100 for really dumb people.
          It’s often more expensive than going to a real college and the degree is worth nothing at all.

    1. Yeah, its a bit like those fucking idiots who put paint on a canvas they didn’t even make. Fucking morons!

    2. In the old days, rap was about artistic things, like how parents don’t understand or killing white people. Tupac’s first cd didn’t have any profanity in it. Today, though, it’s just alpha posturing.

  33. Take, for example, all the hip-hop artists who are considered to be musical geniuses.

    Such as?

  34. Even universities here in Australia are fucking cesspools of degeneracy. Also, to any loser who says poetry is feminine: Fuck off. Just like anything else in the world, men championed it, refined it, loved it, you name it. Poetry is masculine.

    1. sure is mate, stuck @ Melb Uni for another yr having to put up with BS as i’m tryna finish my degree.

      1. You have spirit, bud. Hang in there as best as you can. My best mate graduated with an op 2 and dropped out of aviation and pursued his pilots liscence elsewhere. He couldnt take even 1 year of that bs down at Kelvin Grove Uni (Bris). Good luck.

  35. That girl is the happiest “rape victim” I have ever seen.
    She is promoting the idea of rape. She is saying, “hey, look, I can get raped, turn it into art, get attention, and have fun with it!”
    Of course, she was never raped. She is just smart enough to realize that claiming to be a rape victim is a great way to get attention.
    Parents that have boys should not send them to co-ed universities. That is just asking for trouble for the poor kid. Either send him to university in a country that is not insane. Or send him to a college that is all male (if there are any still left).

    1. They still make all-male colleges. They’re called seminaries and vocational schools.
      Send your son into the STEM fields. He’ll rarely ever see a woman. Although I used to date a girl who had just graduated with a chemical engineering degree. Major slag.

  36. I saw this in person and I have to disagree. This IS art. The skid-marks left by her dirty unwashed, feminine stink-hole were exquisite in texture, color and form. Reminiscent of a young Pollock.

  37. We really need to talk about the value of Art in game. I’ve known some physically hideous artists who pulled like mad.

  38. Great article. I went to the Louvre a few years back and was really inspired by the work. When I came back to the States, I purchased several pieces of work for my place (high quality reprints of what I saw there). Great conversation pieces.
    But seriously, the “art” locally is really terrible.

  39. I just felt I should add that she’s not even a rape victim. She dated the guy on and off for several years, and then tried to get him expelled/reprimanded because she didn’t want him to get voted into Phi Beta Kappa. Her and her friends decided to enact revenge on this poor man for no reason. She started carrying the mattress around to garner media attention because she doesn’t want the “offender” to get university honors at graduation. As someone with tons of friends at Columbia, she’s considered a walking STD, as all of her “friends” are equally slutty and incapable of keeping their legs closed.
    Frankly, I think 99% of all college rape cases are completely, wholly unjustified. The women want an excuse to blame men for no reason, when they’re the ones teasing them by dressing like skanks instead of staying in their dorm room, reading, and knitting. The man is the victim here, not this woman.

  40. Very good point about poetry and literature interpretation in school generally.
    Once read a story about a boy and his friend. The boy likes a girl whose family his friend knows. His friend has good social skills and knows that family. He sets up a meeting. The boy can’t come, but the friend goes there anyway. Had to interpret it. My interpretation was: The friend is a cool guy and knows how to do it. The boy can learn from him. Got a bad grade; something like this would have been correct: The friend is morally bad and despicable because he didn’t consider the boys affection to the girl and acted selfishly. At that time, I honestly don’t remember if I was more pissed or sad because eager to please my fat ugly teacher whale. Come think of it, she actually accused me of sexual harassment, ha! The one person beside my mother I wouldn’t dare to fantasize about.
    Can you recommend good and interesting poetry? I had some English poetry book, but was rather disappointed as much of it was not really clever but rather pseudo-intellectual emotional baggage. I’d really like some rhythmic, witty and harsh poetry. Something one would enjoy marching into a battle to.

  41. My primary goal in college in the 1980’s was find some girl to hop in bed with. But in today’s climate, I think I would take a vow of celibacy for four years until I got out of college. I am afraid of this generation of girls. They are being given the power to ruin your life on a whim. Not worth it. I would look for a girl not in college. I am actually encouraging my son to get married overseas. Thank god for dual citizenship. I am soooo glad I am not single having to meet women in today’s climate. It sucks. Maybe the kids who watch porn and play video games are doing the right thing. You can’t get kicked out of school for that. The lucky ones are the ones with a girl back home they can go see on the week-end away from college.

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