How The Homosexual Takeover Of The West Was Predicted Forty Years Ago

One of the main practices men are encouraged to take up on this site is the nearly forgotten art of reading. While many will tell you that only non-fiction will do, it doesn’t hurt to catch up on works of fiction as well. Science fiction in particular can give you a unique glimpse at how we got where we are, and where we are headed.

H.G. Wells predicted today’s world of socially oblivious, barely lingual lotus-eaters in his 1895 novel The Time Machine. Isaac Asimov predicted the isolation wrought upon us by smartphones and laptops in his 1957 novel The Naked Sun. In that same vein, Joe Haldeman predicted the LGBT’s hijacking of the West in his 1974 novel The Forever War.

The Plot

The story’s main protagonist is a physics student named William Mandella, and the entire story is told in the first person perspective. He’s conscripted into the United Nations Exploratory Force (UNEF), which is waging a war against a mysterious alien race called Taurans. To reach their objectives, Mandella and his brothers in arms must travel through wormhole-like phenomena called “collapsars,” which allow them to move thousands of light-years in a matter of seconds.

There’s a catch, however: inherent in this mode of travel is a substantial time dilation effect, which means as days pass for those who travel through the collapsars, months and even years pass for those back on Earth. The bulk of the story deals with Mandella’s back-and-forth travels between Earth and the front lines. Each time he comes back to Earth—which occurs every few decades in real time—he is leveled by an almost overwhelming culture shock:

“But to Tell you something about this world, I’m going to turn you over to Captain Sin, who just arrived from Earth. Captain?”

“Thank you, General.” It looked as if there was something wrong with his skin, his face; and then I realized he was wearing powder and lipstick..

“I’m twenty-three, so I was still in diapers when you people left for Aleph [a planet thousands of light-years from earth]…to begin with, how many of you are homosexual? Nobody, huh? That doesn’t really surprise me. I am, of course. I guess about a third of everybody in Europe and America is. Most governments encourage homosexuality—the United Nations is neutral, leaves it up to the individual countries—they encourage homo-life mainly because it’s the one sure method of birth control.”

That seemed specious to me. Our method of birth control in the army is pretty foolproof: all men making a deposit in the sperm bank, and then vasectomy.

At this point in Earth history, crime is rampant due to lack of jobs, and health care has become such a highly-politicized racket that the entire system has basically collapsed upon itself. Mandella comes home to see his mother, only to find that since his father’s death, she has taken a female lover.

Disoriented and disillusioned by the world he’s come back to, Mandella goes back on active duty, only to receive another shocking revelation when he gets to the other side and meets with a temporal orientation guide tasked with catching him up on current events:

“I want to prepare you for meeting your Strike Force.”

“What, they’re all cyborgs? Clones?”

He laughed. “No, it’s illegal to clone humans. The main problem is, uh, you’re heterosexual.”

“Oh’ that’s no problem. I’m tolerant.”

“Yes, your profile shows that you…think you’re tolerant, but that’s not the problem, exactly.”

“Oh.” I knew what he was going to say. Not the details, but the substance.

“Only emotionally stable people are drafted into UNEF. I know this is hard for you to accept, but heterosexuality is considered an emotional dysfunction. Relatively easy to cure.”

“If you think they’re going to cure me–”

“Relax, you’re too old.” He took a delicate sip of his drink. “It won’t be as hard to get along with them as you might–”

“Wait. You mean nobody…everybody in my company is homosexual? But me?”

“William, everybody on earth is homosexual. Except for a thousand or so; veterans and incurables.”

The temporal orientation officer goes on to explain to Mandella how Earth’s population has stabilized at just under a billion people, and that humans no longer reproduce by conventional means: they’re incubated in artificial wombs and “born” in a matter of days, to which Mandella derisively responds, “O brave new world…no birth trauma, just a billion perfectly adjusted homosexuals.”

During a conversation with the ship’s doctor and several other officers, our protagonist also learns that decades prior to his arrival, an aversion to homosexuality was deemed a crime, until it was later deemed a “curable dysfunction.”

Where We’ve Been, Where We Are Now, And Where We’re Being Dragged Off To


Anybody over age fifty is probably experiencing culture shock akin to what William Mandella did throughout Haldeman’s novel. Think about it for a moment. Forty years ago, the Sexual Revolution was about men and women experimenting with drugs and free love with one another, and the LGBT was a nascent, fledgling offshoot of that revolution that people rarely heard from outside of the Stonewall Riots.

Thirty years ago, the LGBT started to get more media attention and special interest groups began to dredge for dollars, as AIDS and AIDS research became the issues of the day. Homosexuals had started to garner sympathy, but even though the American Psychiatric Association was pressured into removing homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, people at large still deemed the gay lifestyle to be largely abnormal and detrimental to society.

Gays didn’t seem to mind operating on the fringes of society back then: in fact, they would oftentimes derisively refer to heterosexuals as “breeders” who would never know the “joys” of life with multiple sex partners and no responsibilities.

Then, in 1990, three homosexual couples attempted to obtain marriage licenses in Hawaii, and sued when their requests were refused. Oddly enough, the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund–one of the LGBT’s leading legal pitbulls–declined to represent them, as it reportedly debated the importance of marriage itself and whether taking the matter to court was a wise strategy.

The Supreme Court of Hawaii held in Baehr v. Miike that the state legislature had the right to restrict licenses to mixed-gender couples, and the Defense of Marriage Act was passed in 1996 in large part due to the events surrounding the case.

It seemed like the issue could finally be laid to rest, but then, in 2003, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its Lawrence v. Texas ruling, which prevented states from criminalizing homosexual sexual activities. Armed with the government’s first official sanctioning of anal sex and coprophilia, a plethora of legal measures began to fall like dominoes. All of a sudden, gays, for the first time in decades, suddenly realized that the states had apparently been denying them certain “rights,” even though they hadn’t sought or even cared about these “rights” in the past.

Civil unions began sprouting up all over the place. Adoption laws changed. Before long, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” was a thing of the past, and DOMA was eviscerated. Liberal jurists, armed with a warped interpretation of Loving v. Virginia and the chant of “gay is the new black” in one hand and payoffs from pro-LGBT businesses in the other summarily trampled on the 10th Amendment rights of the states.

All of this set the stage for the Obergefell ruling this past June, which made a prominent addition to a long and ever-lengthening line of U.S. Supreme Court blunders. Now, we’re facing the prospect of living in a society where gender and sexual orientation are legally treated as “fluid” concepts and men can walk into women’s bathrooms anytime they feel like it, no questions asked.

Welcome To The Dystopia


Brothers, we are only two steps away from finding ourselves smack-dab in the middle of the world anticipated in The Forever War. Forty years ago, the American nuclear family–consisting of a strong, level-headed man, a faithful, dutiful wife and respectful children–was not only considered the gold standard in terms of familial structures; but was in fact the ONLY standard.

Now, every five minutes, from Campbell’s Soup commercials to Wells Fargo ads, the mainstream media is bombarding us with a torrential downpour of ultra-liberal propaganda. Just about every show on television nowadays either has a gay, lesbian, or trans-something character or actor on it (Transparent, Sense8 and Orange is the New Black immediately come to mind).

ANYTHING is a family now, and all types of sexual activities (except heterosexual activities conducive to stable relationships, of course), are encouraged. And if you don’t agree, you’re charged with committing thoughtcrime and are ostracized at best, and economically steamrolled at worst. And as the LGBT’s staunchest allies will tell you, they’re just getting warmed up.

All of this took place in the space of a generation. How long before forced reeducation camps are set up to re-program those who aren’t willing to don pink tutus and declare that “gay is okay”? For that matter, how long before being heterosexual in and of itself becomes a crime? That’s not as farfetched as you may think.

As the concept of “family” continues to be warped and contorted, gender roles continue to be redefined, men and women continue to be placed at odds with each other by those who would love nothing more than to see millions of single people wandering around, disillusioned by failed heterosexual relationships and ripe for the picking, and every act engaged in by heterosexual males ranging from “man-spreading” and speaking to women on the street to exaggerating about having a new car or job is deemed a criminal offense, can we really say we’re far from that reality now?

And just like in Haldeman’s novel, we’re seeing this thing spread like wildfire all over the globe, so those who think they can just go to a remote island, kick back, and enjoy the decline are in for a rude awakening. Gentlemen, it’s time for us to take back the pen, take back the sword, take back the mike, and start drafting the future we want to see ourselves and our families living in, before it’s too late.

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176 thoughts on “How The Homosexual Takeover Of The West Was Predicted Forty Years Ago”

  1. Interesting fact: The modern gay rights movement started in Germany and founded a certain socialist party.

  2. Get ready for polygamy and incest. How can you legally say no? The precedent has been set. The precedent being the state can’t get in the way of a person’s happiness.

      1. Agreed, I always roll on the floor with amusement when people even dare to group polygamy in with other social and sexual perversions. It was and in many ways still IS the norm since the beginning of human existence.

  3. I am mildly curious as to what this gay mafia plans to do about Muslim fundamentalists who have other plans for us.

    1. Yes, that’s an interesting fault line, besides, I think this argument between extreme leftists and extreme right wing fundamental Muslims is a “dialectical” conceit that’s been constructed by those invisible hands that seem to what everyone at each others throats.

    2. They aren’t even thinking about that. They’re incapable of thinking outside of their agenda. When have you ever heard a gay, lesbian or trans person anywhere talk about patriotism, how they love America, national security, black lives, white lives, women’s lives, children’s lives, or anybody else’s well-being? That’s the problem with reprobate, screwy-minded people. A Red Dawn-style invasion could take place right now, and you’d still have homos trying to hold pride parades and skip around naked in the midst of bullets and mortar shells flying.

    3. The gays (and Jews) should stay off of rooftops to avoid being tossed by the followers of the religion of peace

  4. There is a link between social engineering to have men and women the same and LGBT. Especially the narcissistic transgenders and FOrtune 500 promotion of the full array of sexual degeneracy. The point is to make reproduction the ultimate commodity. A consumer item to be patented and controlled by the corporate enslaved government. Which aims to have NWO zombies cloned and implanted and controlled like a Borg hive mind.
    Heterosexual sex and reproduction is one of the most important areas of control of free humanity living in harmony with nature and spirit.
    In the middle ages, we spent over 1000 years of reflection on the reconciliation and balance between nature and spirit. Whether it is contraception, GMO’s, cloning, LGBT, gay marriage etc,, we are faced with an attempt of social engineers and biotech scientists to gain full spectrum dominance over life and reproduction.And throw us all in a synthetic controlled totalitarian hell.
    These social engineer academics and scientists are controlled by financial oligarchs. And I would not be surprised if the finainciers were controlled by a black priesthood.
    The latter is pure speculation, but it appears to be a possibility according to my interpretation of various ancient prophecies. But here the rabbit whole becomes too deep for the intellect to go any further.
    Reach the limits of logical analysis.

    1. When you say black priesthood I immediately thought of the Black Nobility. The problem with logical analysis of humans is that humans behave, as Spock would say, illogically. I have found the only way to go any further down the rabbit hole is to turn to occult sources like H.P. Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled or…hell…even the bible.

      1. there is indeed an occult side to this. ISIS is indeed in the process of being unveiled.

        1. depends which ‘that’ you’re referring to.
          If the first sentence, then my point is that alternative, transgressive sexuality and sexual practice has always been favoured by many in the occult, although it is only with Crowley that that has come out into the open. Re. ISIS being unveiled, ISIS Unveiled is the name of one of Blavatsky’s – the founder of Theosophy’s – most famous works – and refers to the goddess worship at the centre of much occultism. I presume though that you were wondering whether I thought ISIS the terrorist movement was being run by gender bending occultists? Who knows

        2. Yes I meant ISIS, and I just wondered what you meant by them being unveiled. I thought you were going to refer to the CIA connection.

        3. well, thanks for confirming the CIA connexion.
          I doubt anyone in the islamic world would think to name ISIS after an egyptian goddess – indeed the name itself sounds idolatrous, but they obviously didn’t feel that way at the time. Maybe if they’ve received funding by third party? Well it would be like naming a hospital wing after a benefactor wouldn’t it.

        4. yup! and it matches the death cult of the Left…what is Abortion and how they DEMAND that it be unlimited, if it’s NOT part of a massive Cult of Death?

        5. It’s nothing new for the CIA. It’s interesting that the Russians were bombing them when the CIA… uh I mean Turks shot down their jet.

        6. I thought it really was Erdogan. I guess maybe he was covering for his bosses.
          Either way it did them a fat lot of good

        7. There is an OLD conspiracy theory that says the Elites worship the devil. (Satanists per Anton Szander LaVey, set selfishness as the primary virtue. So, not the same as these devil-worshippers.)
          Consider the tenets of Islam: Lying is a virtue. Greed is a virtue. Blind obedience. Fanatacism. Saying the words, even without knowing you’ve said them, makes you a Muslim – Conversion without intent or change of heart. Apostasy punishable by death, as is singing, dancing, and being with a non-related woman (and often that’s death for her alone, including in rape.)
          Islam worships the devil.
          Our Elites have been in league with the destroyer for longer than our country has existed….
          We deal with it by killing the servants… They’re trying to do it to you….

        8. There is indeed an interesting contrast between modern satanists and the traditional conception of the devil. All of those traits are pretty dire, particulalry when they get amplified to the point of lethal absurdity as with ISIS. The origins of ISIS though remain murky though, and our elites / governments don’t seem to have done much to discourage its rise

        9. Dude lying and greed are not virtues in islam. The five pillars are faith prayer, charity, fasting and journey to Mecca

        10. Google Taqiyah.
          Read the Hadiths.
          Take them at their world, they want to kill you… They feel their numbers are enough now they can be open about it.
          So they tell the truth about the end game….
          But no individual Moslem will tell the truth… (WTF, I know…) Because one on one, you might resist.

          No individual raindrop is responsible for the flood.
          No single snowflake for the avalanche.
          But the flood, the avalanche, still happened.
          We’ve had beheadings in the US already. WTF is required for you to understand the enemy is within our home? The cancer is growing in our body (politic)?
          Do you REALLY want to wager your life? Mine? Your son’s or daughter’s?

        11. Best check again. Primary objective is to ensure all the world is in the Dar Al Islam, house of islam. To end the House of War.
          To that end, all means are permitted. Lying, murder, etc.
          It’s there in black and white.
          And since converting the world is goal #1, all things that support that goal are in fact honorable and good, logically.

      2. Speaking of dark priesthood, Rudolf Steiner predicted, I believe, 100 years ago, the development of artificial intelligence and people having to merge with machine. And people working to force the process. It is a long passsage, but I think it is important. Remember, this was written by a psychic 100 years ago.
        “…from the earth there will spring forth a terrible brood of beings, a brood of automata of an order of existence lying between the mineral and the plant kingdoms, and possessed of an overwhelming power of intellect.
        This swarm will seize upon the earth, will spread over the earth like a network of ghastly, spider-like creatures, of an order lower than that of plant-existence, but possessed of overpowering wisdom. These spidery creatures will be all interlocked with one another, and in their outward movements they will imitate the thoughts that men have spun out of the shadowy intellect that has not allowed itself to be quickened by the new form of Imaginative Knowledge by Spiritual Science. All the thoughts that lack substance and reality will then be endowed with being.
        The earth will be surrounded — as it is now with air and as it sometimes is with swarms of locusts — with a brood of terrible spider-like creatures, half-mineral, half-plant, interweaving with masterly intelligence, it is true, but with intensely evil intent. And in so far as man has not allowed his shadowy intellectual concepts to be quickened to life, his existence will be united not with the Beings who have been trying to descend since the last third of the nineteenth century, but with this ghastly brood of half-mineral, half-plantlike creatures. He will have to live together with these spider-like creatures and to continue his cosmic existence within the order of evolution into which this brood will then enter.
        This is a destiny that is very emphatically part of human evolution upon the earth, and it is quite well known today by many of those who try to hold humanity back from the knowledge of Spiritual Science. For there are men who are actually conscious allies of this process of the entanglement of earth-existence. We must no longer allow ourselves to be shocked by descriptions of this kind. Such facts are the background of what is often said today by people who out of old traditions still have some consciousness of these things and who then see fit to surround them with a veil of mystery. But it is not right any longer for the process of the earthly evolution of humanity to be veiled in mystery. However great the resistance, these things must be said, for, as I constantly repeat, the acceptance or rejection of spiritual-scientific knowledge is a grave matter for all mankind.
        I have been speaking today of a matter upon which we cannot form a lukewarm judgment, for it is part and parcel of the very texture of cosmic existence. The issue at stake is whether human beings will resolve in the present epoch to make themselves worthy to receive what the good Spirits who want to unite with men are bringing down from the cosmos, or whether men intend to seek their future cosmic existence within the tangled, spider-brood of their own shadowy thoughts. It is not enough today to speak in abstract terms of the need for Spiritual Science. The only thing to do is actually to show how thoughts become realities. Dreadfully abstract theories are hurled at men today, such, for example, as “Thoughts become things,” or similar phrases. Abstract statements of this kind altogether fail to convey the full and concrete reality. And the concrete reality is that the intellectual thoughts evolved inwardly by men today will in time to come creep over the earth like a spider’s web wherein human beings will be enmeshed, if they will not reach out to a world lying beyond and above their shadowy thoughts and concepts.
        We must learn to take in deepest earnestness such matters as were indicated at the conclusion of my lectures on the nature of colours, when I said that the science of colour must be lifted out of the realm of abstract physics into a region where the creative fantasy and feeling of the artist who understands the real nature of colour go hand-in-hand with a perception of the world illumined by Spiritual Science. We have seen how the nature of colour can be understood, how that which modern physics, with its unimaginative charts, casts down into the Ahrimanic world, can be lifted into the sphere of art, so that there can be established a theory of colours — remote, it is true, from the tenets of modern science, but able to provide a true foundation for artistic creation, if man will only receive it into his being.
        And there is another thought, too, that must be taken very seriously. What do we find today all over the civilised world? Young students go into the hospitals or to universities to study science, and the constitution of the human being is explained to them. By studying the corpse they learn about the bones and the rest of the organism. By a series of abstract thoughts they are supposed to be able to acquaint themselves with the nature of man’s being. But in this way it is only possible to learn something about the mineral part of the human organism. With this kind of science we can only learn about the part of man’s being which has a significance from the time of the separation of the moon until its return, when the shadowy thoughts of modern times will become spidery creatures having a concrete existence.
        A form of knowledge must develop which produces quite a different conception of the being of man, and it can be developed only by raising science to the level of artistic perception. We shall realise then that science as it is today is capable of grasping only the mineral nature, whether in the mineral kingdom itself or in the kingdoms of plant, animal and man. Even when applied to the plant kingdom, science must become a form of art, and still more so in the case of the animal kingdom. To think that the form and structure of an animal can be understood by the means employed by anatomists and physiologists is nonsense. And so long as we fail to realise that it is nonsense, the shadowy intellect cannot be transformed into a living, spiritual comprehension of the world. What is taught to young students today in so abstract a form in the universities must be transformed and must lead to a really artistic conception of the world. For the world of Nature itself creates as an artist. And until we realise that Nature is a world of creative art which can be understood only through artistic feeling, no healing will come into our picture of the world.
        In the torture-chambers of mediaeval castles, people were shut into what was called the ‘iron virgin,’ where they were slowly spiked with iron teeth. This was a physical and more tangible procedure than that to which students in our day have to submit when they are taught anatomy and physiology and are told that in this way they are acquiring knowledge of the nature of man — but fundamentally it is the same kind of procedure. All that can be understood of the nature of man by such methods derives from an attitude of mind which is not unlike the attitude of those who were not averse from applying tortures in the Middle Ages. Students learn about the human being as he is when he has been dismembered — they are taught only about the mineral structure in man, about that part of his being which will one day be woven into the network of spider-like creatures extending over the earth.
        It is a hard destiny that power should lie in the hands of men who regard the truest thoughts as absurdities and who scorn the impulses that are most inwardly and intimately bound up with the well-being of human evolution, with the whole mission of humanity in the world. It is a tragic state of things and we dare not shut our eyes to it. For it is only by realising the depth of such a tragedy that men will be brought to the point of resolving, each in his own place, to help the shadowy intellect to admit the spiritual world that is coming down from above in order that this intellect may be made fit for the conditions of future times. It is not right for the shadowy intellect to be driven down into an order of existence lower than that of the plants, into the brood of spidery creatures that will spread over the earth.”
        – See more at:

        1. Fascinating! I’ve been thinking along similar lines. At a few points in human history science had that artistic perception but it was fleeting, men like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michaelangelo were profoundly spiritual men in spite of all their physical innovations and accomplishments. I think its going to take a group of enlightened men to lead mankind out of the second dark age.

        2. It is as if technocratic mindset undermines the collective consciousness and alienates the individual soul.
          I step into an art gallery with paintings of the late middle ages and Resaissance. Raphael etc. Paintings were superior from the point of view. Captured human feelings, religion, philosophy and also high technical school. All faculties were engaged.
          And then, I look at so much modern art. The point often seems only an interplay between texture, coler etc.
          There is no point in addressing the wider world. It is only for a small community of artistic geek technicians.
          Through their training they learn NOT to engage the entire soul or being.
          Psychiatry is now about pills, art technocratic. Each field is becoming insular.

        3. “I think its going to take a group of enlightened men to lead mankind out of the second dark age.”
          Isn’t that what theosophists / some occultists think too?

        4. I’m not sure about that. Honestly I think most theosophists and occultists pursue knowledge for its own sake. Honestly most people are probably too spiritually bankrupt to care about a second Leonardo Da Vinci.

        5. Yeah, their used to be a balance between the secular and spiritual realms of thought and when secularism took over most fields, the holistic approach to addressing the, i guess, the human condition became divided into scientific fields. The spirituality and the whole man is shelved and ignored.

        6. maybe, but the idea of ascended masters certainly used to be central to some in and around theosophy. Since one can progress spiritually (arguably what you describe as pursuing knowledge for its own sake…which I agree is no bad thing) then you can also aspire to attain enlightenment. With respect to ascended masters the idea was that such “enlightened” beings – mortal or otherwise – guided the thickos in the less spiritually enlightened world below

    2. The world is not blind to their ploy. The forces of darkness think that by operating in the shadows they can bring their plan to fruition without resistance. Also, they expect that if resistance does crop up, it will be easy to silence it because the majority of the world will be too afraid and turned off to what is going on to react with a strategic decisive counterattack.
      They are in for a rude awakening when this demon-worshipping brigade gets the unhesitating blow back from those who are extremely pissed off at how fucked up they are making our world. They may run the government now, but everything is just a matter of time. Do you really think the police and military will side with them for money against their own families? They overestimate the buying price of men’s loyalty.

    3. Another piece of the puzzle falls into place. This is a brilliant analysis, and explains many things beyond LGBT bacon cheeseburger.
      It explains why the definition of rape is ever expanding, why women are being pushed into forgoing families, and why most men are already being forced out of the sexual market (80/20 rule.) It’s also why men are being replaced by the government, and why the sexes are being forced into becoming increasingly alike.
      It’s easy to see by making sex so rare and reproduction nearly impossible forces are at work to make it a commodity, to be centrally planned like everything else in a beauracrat’s wet dream.
      This is incomprehensible evil, and it must be stopped.

      1. It’s also one of the only sane political policies of islam…women can’t vote. From the time we enabled enfranchisement from men to women, the State became the replacement of men for women voters. What we really need is a structural change of who gets to vote…if a Constitutional Republic is the best form of government for humankind, the basis of its strength must be emphasized by who gets to exercise the vote for our representatives. You must have real “skin in the game” to exercise a Right to Vote. Since this is about a book written in the SciFi genre, this voting structure is explained by Heinlein in his “Starship Troopers” novel. Frankly, it works for me. If you’re on the public dole, you shouldn’t have a right to vote.

        1. With the advent of audiobooks, I don’t read as much as I used to. Even then, I rarely read fiction; I tended to read history, philosophy, politics, strategy, and such things. In the past decade I have only read two physical works of fiction: Terry Pratchet’s ‘Good Omens’ (on the insistence of a friend) and Robert Heinlein’s ‘Starship Troopers’ (on my own volition).
          The movies regarding Starship Troopers are complete blasphemy and they seek to satirize the original work. They are fun to watch but always keep in mind that the message they try to convey is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the original author wanted.
          The thing that pisses me off most is the libertarians who trot out the idea that required service is slavery. In this scenario, it is not required but you don’t get a vote unless you spend a few years serving the machine that you want to have a say over. SJWs are pseudo-pacifists who will not stand up to any foreign threat but have not problem with mob violence on their home turf if it serves their purpose.
          Having said that I oppose, on philosophical grounds, disenfranchising felons. The reality is that they are a small group. More importantly, the best way to silence someone is to make them a felon and then they have no future say.
          I am on the fence as to whether welfare recipients should be disenfranchised. I guess you have to consider human nature. Will they malinger and vote themselves more welfare? If they can’t vote will people cut them off so they die a slow death?
          The simple solution is public service. Welfare should not be free money, but you have to work for it. I don’t mean that you have to go to the Middle East and fight terrorists, there are lots of jobs here at home. Do you know who opposes this? The leftists public services unions. It would be simple as pie to force welfare recipients to clean garbage off the streets while they look for a real job, but the public service unions scream about this and only want their $25 an hour members to do that job.

        2. DEFINITELY disenfranchise those on the dole.
          But only while on the dole.
          However, expand “the dole” to include ALL government positions, from POTUS to the lowest janitor. State & Local, also – not just Federal.
          I’m unsure how to deal with the military there. They’re federal employees, but they also have THE MOST skin in the game. And they’re paid incredibly badly, even when you know they’re being used for evil ends. No reason a military family should be on food stamps.
          But how to make that work….? We might have to roll back the cadillac health care coverage for our poor indentured overlords, Congress, POTUS, SCOTUS, and their staff… 😉

        3. I am actually in favour of a basic income that gives everyone in the country enough money to get by. Will there be malingerers? Absolutely! But the thing is that you save billions by not having to pay gatekeepers. By and large North Americans want to make something of themselves and not be welfare parasites.

        4. I spent a decade in the military and put “skin in the game” . As it turned out I never got posted although several of my buddies did multiple tours n Afghanistan. The Canadian government did not take good care of me and now I live in China, working for the commies who may in the future invade our shores. Life is kind of fucked that way.

        5. No the Military should be allowed to vote…in fact, they should be guaranteed absentee ballots BY LAW, no exceptions.

        6. Milton Friedman supported that idea…I think it’s in Wikipedia under “Reverse Income Tax” — I support it as well.

        7. He abandoned it later because as a practical matter it would only be introduced on top of all the other bull shit socialist programs rather than as a replacement.

        8. Case in point is the teachers in Ontario. They mobilize to elect the politicians who will give them more money and power. . . to election the politicians who will give them more money and power. . .etc. It’s a fucking travesty.
          Actually, today’s military has a fairly good deal. I served from 1985 to 1994 when the pay was shit, the benefits were fleeting, and – for half of that – we worried about the “Fantasians” coming over the arctic rather than fighting jihadis in the desert.
          After I left – so in the mid-90’s – the pay and benefits improved drastically. Buck privates still make shit but what do you want? You are a trainee. A trained private makes about $48k a year, a corporal makes about $60k and a sergeant make $65k+ Food and lodging tends to be cheap and if you are married with children there are other perks. If you actually do a tour in a place like Afghanistan there is additional pay as well.
          I miss the army. It was a great time and it was part of my job to keep in shape. I thought about going back but the clock is ticking and I only have 22 months before that window closes (the maximum age is 50). I have my thing here in China and have no idea WTF I would do for a “real job” if I went back to Canada.

        9. “Having said that I oppose, on philosophical grounds, disenfranchising felons. The reality is that they are a small group. More importantly, the best way to silence someone is to make them a felon and then they have no future say.”
          …and now you understand the criminal justice system and enforcement as it is applied to the Black male population

        10. Well, I have to invoke Chris Rock here. Sorry to say that niggers belong in jail but many black men do not. Similarly, in Canada, the fucking Indians are disproportionately represented in the prison population. Look bitches: stop fucking up other people’s shit! Put down the malt liquor, stop beating your women, stop fucking without condoms, get a job and represent.

        11. Most People in.prison are in their for created crimes.
          Drug possessio, firearms possession
          Neither of these ‘crimes’ are real crimes.

      2. The nuclear family is self-sustaining. Take a man, a women and a piece of fertile land and that is all they need. The state is unnecessary and, frankly, other human relationships are not necessary for the most part. The “Powers That Be” tm hate the idea of anyone being self-sufficient and therefore not under their thumb.
        The goal is to destabilize the institution of marriage, turn it into a token gesture that fags and dykes can get the ribbon for, get women out of the house and away from their kids, encourage women to take kids away from their fathers, make anything a guy says or does criminalized as “rape”, prevent heterosexual unions generally, control who has kids, strip away independence and make everyone a client of the state.
        As an aside, I think the 80/20 rule is largely bullshit. If anything you have 20% of the women who fuck anything with 3 legs and self-proclaimed players who have a notch count that includes those skanky holes.
        I have been out of Canada for 3 of the last 4 years and the last few years I was there I was actually dating Chinese women. I haven’t fucked a white chick in over ten years. So just how bad has it become in the last decade?

      3. This is a call to arms. Blogging about it isn’t enough simply because the internet is exporting perversion at an exponential rate to all the corners of the earth. Perhaps the ROK meet up on February 6th can be the beginning of the turning of the tide?

    4. Excellent comment. Check out this “synchromystic” chance from today’s NY Times … it’s a short video of a minute and half, but pay close attention to what the degenerate and scoundrel photographer is saying: talk about revealing an entire occult worldview by just a few statements:

      1. First, there’s a “free form” of style occurring in fashion for “men.” OK, I’m into the beauty of aesthetics; Art can be beautiful. Especially before the advent of the Deconstructionist movement, and the concurrent grab of the definition of artistry by European Collectivists at the turn of the 20th Century.
        However, to say that “we don’t see these styles on Wall Street” as though it is a put-down is just pure bullshit. Naturally, you won’t see these styles on Wall Street (even though the CEO bankers on the Street are a bunch of collectivist assholes), the guys who work in the trenches in the financial world are by and large realists, and mostly conservative. We wouldn’t do business with this type of jerk-off…unless his styles were making a lot of money, of course. Still, how many pink coats will men buy, globally? Not many.
        The ONLY way you make this crap “mainstream” is by legislating it and then forcing them down our throats at the point of a gun.

        1. True; true indeed. However, with respect to your last point, and it’s a crucial one: the tactic used to “normalize” such degeneracy and depravity is an extremely powerful and effective technique, one that requires neither coercive legislation nor any type of force: exposure and repetition.
          They’re aware, i.e. the hidden hands behind the scenes, that through a variety of Pavlovian type of operant conditioning, eventually 90-95% of a given population will succumb to whatever it is they’re pushing … that’s really the most crucial tid-bit of “occult” or ” esoteric” knowledge i.e. depth psychology and affecting someone’s Will through “alchemy”, which is neither force nor any other form of coercion. How do you think so many men have become manginas? This type of behaviour has been neither pushed by force nor legislated by laws; most men, without even knowing, “choose” to be manginas after having been “alchemically” transformed. And so it will be this grotesque fashion … people, err, manginas, will organically and “naturally” gravitate toward this stuff without the slightest clue as to how, because they’re not aware of the alchemical transformation.

        2. Yeah, maybe. However, when your employer says “you must attend a sexual sensitivity class,” or whatever in the hell it’s called, you are REQUIRED to attend, regardless as to your personal behavior. We used to think it was pure bullshit, but we’re still employed in the industry, I can guarantee you, when required, we do “toe the line,” because unless we’re willing to be uncivilized, or leave the industry, we’re powerless. What we end up doing is undermine the system via quiet, untraceable ways. It happens all the time.

      1. But surely an obese person will take up the same amount of space as a man doing this? I bet fatties aren’t arrested by the transit (thought) police because that would be discrimination. Of course, the real reason it that it’s a typical relaxed and confident male posture, which is no longer allowed and tolerated in our feminized public spaces.

        1. Not quite as large well built men shouldn’t be charged more, they should be given discounts as a reward for being muscular and not a fattie.

        2. No, weight directly correlates with fuel expenditure. This is true for all forms of transportation of course, but far more so for flight than anything else.

  5. Thank you for the article. I totally disregard fiction literature, but it is interesting to know how human mind can fatally predict the future sometimes.

  6. In Europe, the pendulum on this issue will swing back the other way within a generation as that continent will be overtaken by Islam. At which point, any person who does not think gays should be killed will be risking his own life.

  7. They’ve actually created phenomena very similar to collapsars at CERN last year, except they only lasted a few nanoseconds.
    This story is structured like the TV program Quantum Leap from the 1990s in which the concept of hopping from parallel and alternative earth-worlds is similar to Mandela’s disorientation caused through returning to different versions of the same world. I’m not sure about the premise and the credibility of there ever being an entire “human” planet made up of 98% homosexuals. It’s possible of course that in the remote future we’ll discover that sexuality means different things on any non-human civilizations we discover, although, I would say that sex and sexuality would verge more towards the asexual variety. On earth, we’ll never get near 98%, in reality, 20% would be the max, besides, I’d imagine that preserving the sperms and eggs of every person will be mandatory in about 20 years. Although we might not accept it, the story does highlight the need to curb the overall population of the Earth relative to the resources that we have. Currently most of this comes from the third world and China who’ll eventually be compelled to take over the first world countries by force or through sheer numbers unless this issue is addressed. However, the notion that if you turn the citizens of Uganda and China into homosexuals then we’d have the problem solved is pretty incredulous to believe.
    It seems the west is intentionally making room for all these refugees from other countries by reducing its indigenous populations through abortion, the gay agenda and unfettered mass immigration in the fullness of time. Maybe, it’s time we all went through the magic wormhole.

    1. “However, the notion that if you turn the citizens of Uganda and China
      into homosexuals then we’d have the problem solved is pretty incredulous
      to believe.”
      I wouldn’t like to be the Ugandan politician who tries to get that item on the agenda

  8. Lgbt people used to become clerics see japanese and greek mythology,now without that control I fear the worst for society.

  9. I’m no hippy but I do believe when man fucks around with nature it will come back to bite him in the ass. As the saying goes “nature abhors a vacuum”. With lower birth rates due to women believing the “having it all” lies of feminism and the promotion of the degenerate homosexual lifestyle as something aspirational, there is a deficit in western society. Society is slowly breaking apart and no amount of technology or government spin will keep it together as long as it is careering into a wall.
    As was mentioned below the present invasion from the middle east, Africa and parts of Asia will have dire consequences for western societies in their present form in future if not curtailed. Personally I don’t want to live under Sharia, but if it stops the degeneracy around us….???
    Anyhoo a poster put this link up on the forum. Link to a site with pictures from the 2015 “Up your alley” festival in San Fran. You’ll need a strong stomach and a bottle of eye bleach. You have been warned!

    1. You won’t get to be part of Islam. They want to kill us and rape our women before killing them too.

    2. The fact that you had to provide the disclaimer “I’m no hippie but…” is a result of this very same propaganda machine that we are discussing here. Suggesting that “hippies” are socially awkward people while in actuality they are mainly people who prefer to respect and live according to the laws of nature.

      1. Where did I suggest they are “socially awkward”? I was inferring that I don’t espouse all hippy beliefs. If anything I implied they “prefer to respect and live according to the laws of nature”. Hippy……😁

        1. Ah so we’re not in agreement that there was a propaganda campaign to tarnish the reputation of people (mainly in the 70s) who preferred to live life more in accordance with the laws of nature.

    3. Remember AIDS is not a gay disease, gays should donate blood, and heteros are all guilty. The early to mid 80s was the turning point when we were brainwashed to think gays had nothing to do with AIDS.

  10. Its difficult to know what the real endgame here is. People, or at least ‘progressive’ people are primed to accept incremental change as part of the moral trajectory of history, a gradual improvement of the world where rights that were previously unacknowledge get ‘worked out’, within society and law, and then those same progressives move onto the next big ‘rights issue’ (leaving aside the fact that to the rest of us it looks like they’re a plague of locusts devastating crop-field after crop-field).
    The population problem is a tricky one. The human population explosion simply does not exist in the west, so why is it in the west that we have so many strategies designed to reduce population. The fact is there may well be major resource issues, of the like that could produce catastrophe along a range of indicators, but that’s only obviously the case to the extent that we are counting human populations as a whole. This little caveat suggests that however much there may be truth in population explosion concerns the real agenda may be something different, or alternatively that there are mixed motives here.
    The fact is we don’t really need to worry about “before long heterosexuality becoming a crime” because we are already there in terms of ideology: heterosexuality is considered a pathology, men are considered to belong to a criminal sexuality the signature mark of which is violence, and specifically rape – those same elites worrying about the population explosion worry more about the continuing cycles of violence that are caused by ….guess what…male violence… Yeah, not bankers funding wars, or the military industrial machine, or neo-cons pushing colour revolutions etc – but plain ol men – because we have testosterone.
    Then of course there is the inevitable suspicion – which I believe is probably very justified – that the elites want to neuter men in order to ensure a more compliant population. More gayness, more gender fluidity of course means exactly that. The bastilles of tomorrow are not going to be stormed by a mob of Caitlyn Jenners.
    But there are still other factors that rarely ever get discussed in the mainstream press, except outside of this kind of context: there is a transhumanist agenda which appears to be intimately tied to the feminist / queer notion of gender neutrality. Gender neutrality doesn’t actually sound that bad on the surface – insofar as it might suggest something like live and live, except that’s to misunderstand what it is at a fundamental level: gender neutrality is about abolishing gender; abolishing gender difference, abolishing any kind of gender roles, including sexual roles such as men and women naturally assume in relation to each other. The transhumanist and gender agenda may be justified in any number of ways – in terms of resource issues, in terms of technology pressures, or opportunities to make ourselves better than we already are and have a better life (live to a 1000?) but at root it is about men or women or whatever the correct replacement noun will be, taking over the business of creation.
    The people who want this want to create something anew, repair the world, the sinful, violent, murderous world of testosterone fuelled masculinity (or rather the fiction they have inside their heads with respect to the reality) and re-make the future in their own image, as Gods have always been minded to do. This is partly why there is a deliberately and sexually transgressive side to this. All that was true and real and sacred must be turned upside down, on its head that the new order, and the new pantheon of almighties can wank their vision into reality.
    Is it going to be whollly homosexual, equal parts homo and hetero. Probably the aim will be to become post-sexual in any meaningful biological sense, to become truly fluid, in identity. There must be no limits. Already the new feminist director of Shakespeares globe is talking about any gender playing any part – gender would simply not be a factor – and some in the press have suggested this is the progressive future – gender will simply be a thing of the past, a simple irrelevance. They want this to come to pass, and many, I think more than some, are prepared to change any and every variable necessary to make that happen.
    This then is or at least may be the elite plan for our ‘collective evolution’. They would be gods and priest kings; they anticipate living long, prosperous gender fluid lives, in which the gender of their sex partners (it seems unlikely that the term life partner will apply any longer) will be as significant as the flavour of icecream – and no doubt there will be as many flavours – for the point isn’t to stick to gay or straight, but to create a multitude of flavours. What good is a rainbow with two or even three colours. A rainbow is a spectrum.
    Of course all these man-gods bowing down before the great goddess will fuck it all up, and then we get to clean up the mess.

    1. Well said. I would say that evolution itself takes millions of years. The pace with which these “man-gods” are trying to propagate these changes is their one weakness. They want to see the fruits of their experiments in their lifetime. Mistakes will be made in their rush to sap the testosterone from our veins. As you mentioned “we get to clean up the mess”.

      1. transhumanists like Ray Kurzweil, who for the last couple of years has been ensconced at Google (I don’t think he has anything to do with the gender agenda as such) believe that there will be a singularity at some point in the future, something which he describes I think as a point where human evolution (usually understood in terms of computing / AI) starts to progress exponentially i.e. the whole evolutionary biology idea that we’re all cave men and will remain as such for the forseeable future suddenly goes out the window.
        Its a very controversial and much disputed idea, but the important thing to take away is that there are many people who take such ideas very seriously, and what’s more the futurism that we once saw in terms of AI etc, now seems to be focused on upgrading gender.
        I do think though that these people haven’t thought this through very well.

        1. Yes it is. From reading that it seems to be quite a good way of observing how so-called ‘exponential’ evolution may actually involve spurts of growth followed by plateauing etc. i.e. it isn’t the kind of explosion of progress kurzweil seems to have in mind

        2. Moores law breaks down at a certain point. You can only miniaturize so much before you start getting wacky results. So far they are dealing with the problem using more advanced mapping techniques, but that is only going to take you so far using the materials we have tiday.

        3. Interesting.
          I wish I knew more about computer science.
          Do you know anything about quantum computing? Is that science fiction or actually possible?
          Instead of further miniaturizing is it possible to create distributed networks? As in to break a process down into different components and have them calculated at different nodes over a cloud?
          Just random thoughts.

        4. I thought it was every 18 months.
          The problem is that people are lazy and inefficient. We put a man on the moon with a Commodore 64 and now have phones with more processing power that click selfies for fuck sake.
          The revolution was when dynamic ram (ie small capacitors) became viable so static ram (ie small transistors) got sidelined. I am pseudo-techie at best so maybe you get this more that I do.
          But back to my main point is that Windows suffers from “bloat code”. Memory banks get bigger and programs get bigger but not in proportion.
          If you can code assembler language, it is blazing fast. Unfortunately the mish-mash of components and interfaces makes that all but impossible to do for a mass market.

        5. It remains to be seen but I want front row seats when Moore’s Law meets Planck’s Constant.

        6. So WTF are you actually studying and WTF can you do with that? We have met so you should know I am not being sarcastic but really want to know.

        7. Digital design and tech.
          Mix of software and hardware but not as hardcore or linear as a computer science degree.
          My goal is to combine my background in neuroscience with digital design. I want options. My hope is that this combo will allow me to do projects ranging from data-analytics, product design, UX research, mobile & web dev, information visualization, entrepreneurial pursuits, and as I gain some experience do more traditional CS programming jobs.
          I basically want the combo stack of designer + scientist + fluency in tech.

        8. You might want to chat with my brother. He did the Sheridan/York Design program and then a Masters at Parsons College in Manhattan. His job now is to program interactive displays at the Guggenheim. He previously worked for the Museum of Natural History,

        9. That’s exactly the kind of stuff I want to do.
          So far it seems like there is opportunity in this area.
          By the end of my degree I should be able to quickly whip up prototypes on different platforms if you ever have some project ideas to share.
          I wont nag you but if the opportunity ever comes up to meet your brother and talk with him about his experience I would appreciate the opportunity.

      1. there are always goals, provisional or longer term. They are rarely monolithic, and it may be presumptious to see planning, order and direction where there may be none, but equally it doesn’t take much research to find information about people and groups who are very oriented towards the kind of future described above

        1. He got into trouble for revealing their secrets I think. It goes back further than that probably: Hellfire club, sabbateans, and pagan cults all seem to have favored transgressive sex etc as part of their mysteries. Remember there was a time when such things could get you into trouble with the authorities

    2. Conservatives have never been afraid of change or progress or whatever you want to call it. We just need a damn good reason to change what has worked in the past.
      Liberals have no compunction. Here is a test: consider the term ” precautionary principle”. As far as I can tell, this is only invoked by leftists to stop development. Conservatives never invoke this explicitly and when they do in passing they are labeled as homophobes or some such thing.

      1. I’ve only recently started hearing that phrase. You’re right, its a mistake to align oneself against progress, because progress is simply what societies aim for. The problem is the left and the marxists have claimed and have taken over the idea of progress for themselves. I rail against ‘progressives’ all the time, but in fact I know that to do so is in part to accept their terminology and to risk losing the battle of rhetoric.

        1. To go forward while you stand on a cliff is suicide, but this is what “progressives” want us to do: go forth beyond the precipice.

        2. A lot of what progressives want is in fact regression: bum sex, single mothers and a fascist state? I mean, come on these are things from 50 or a hundred or a thousand years ago.
          To be specific about the precautionary principle, it gets invoked incessantly about global warming and GM foods with all the bad things that MIGHT happen. However, few people seriously consider the long term effects of children being raised by two moms or two dads. There is no serious opposition based on the fact that this MIGHT damage kids during their upbringing. We don’t really know and this is a social experiment with kids as guinea pigs.

        3. Leftists are fucking lemmings and that is their great advantage. Conservatives actually pause to discuss shit and disagree with each other. Leftists form a “consensus”, throw dissenters under a bus, and then march forward.

        4. good points. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. Time and again we discover that the greatest risk to society and human life is this same blinkered and totalitarian commitment to pushing the far left agenda, including bizarre and at root entirely ideological (rather than ‘compassionate’)social experiments. Yet the left still gets to claim exclusive rights on the word ‘progress’.

      1. The rich have always had their anything goes orgies. Not sure whether it’s planned for the hoi polloi though

        1. In the past, that IS the way it was. But how else do you explain the push over the past eight years for same sex marriage, transgender this and that, gay everything on television, and now bathroom bills? And every other day, you hear a news story about yet another woman being caught either having sex with a high school student or with one of her dogs. It’s like the rich are trying to bring their decadence into the mainstream, and are trying to indoctrinate the hoi polloi by degrees. Kind of like slowly turning up the heat on a lobster until it boils, with the lobster being none the wiser. I think they’re going with a “more the merrier” philosophy; in fact, it seems like they’ve always dreamed of a world that’s just one big pride parade/Fire Island orgy, but it’s only in this generation that they’ve had the money, technology, and other resources to erode moral safeguards, buy off socio-political watchdogs, and spread their doctrine on a grand scale.

        2. yeah, the elite certainly do seem to want to spread the love: as long as it’s not heterosexual or limited to the institution of (non-gay) marriage. They’ve done a lot to destroy that institution, and the lower orders suffer a degree of disarray as a result, but nonetheless the kind of ‘anything goes’ sexuality that you see portrayed in that article is likely to remain the preserve of the rich, particularly if there’s an alternative ‘spirituality’ aspect involved. While there has been a lot of damage to the traditional hetero-sexual / normative eco-system (all of it intentional) the norm still men and women, doing and living vanilla sex and relationships. Will be interesting to see if it can last another decade of social engineering

  11. In the future there will only be one gender orientation, pansexual. All other gender orientations will be outlawed as bigotry.

  12. Check out ‘the playbook’ gay activists have used. Written by 2 sociologists/marketing activists in 1989.
    From the 1989 book, “After the Ball – How America will conquer its fear and hatred of Gays in the 90s.”
    by Marshall K. Kirk and Hunter Madsen (Google these guys to see their essay “The overhauling of Straight America)
    Lefties don’t want to admit there was a concerted effort along with a strategic playbook behind the demonization of nuclear families and forced acceptance of ‘alternative lifestyles’.
    This excerpt can be found around pages 147-57 (depending on the edition)
    Pushing the right buttons: halting, derailing, or reversing the “engine of prejudice”
    In the past, gays have tinkered ineptly with the engine of prejudice. Is it possible to tinker more favorably? We present (in order of increasing vigor and desirability) three general approaches [which are vastly better than what we’ve tried in the past].
    These approaches, once understood, will lead us directly to the principles upon which a viable campaign can be erected.
    From the point of view of evolution, prejudice is an alerting signal, warning tribal mammals that a potentially dangerous alien mammal is in the vicinity, and should be fought or fled. Alerting mechanisms respond to novelties in the environment, because novelties represent change from the usual, and are, therefore, potentially important.
    One of two things can happen: (1) If the alerting mechanism is very strongly activated, it will produce an unendurable emotional state, forcing the tribal mammal to fight the novelty or flee it. (2) If, however, the novelty is either low-grade, or simply odd without being threatening, the alerting mechanism will be mildly activated, producing an emotional state that, if other environmental circumstances militate against it, will be too weak to motivate any actual behavioral response. In the latter case, the mammal may peer curiously at the novelty for quite some time, but will not do anything about it, or to it.
    As a general physio-psychological rule, novelties cease to be novel if they just stick around long enough; they also cease to activate alerting mechanisms. There are excellent evolutionary reasons for this: if the mammal either has no good reason to respond, or is for some reason incapable of doing so, it is actually hindered in its normal activities if its attention continues to be taken up by an irrelevancy. You’ll have noted this in your own life: if you hear a protracted, earsplitting mechanical screech, you’ll either be so alarmed, or so annoyed, that you’ll be forced to take action; if you hear a softer–though, perhaps, nonetheless annoying–sound, like the ticking of a clock, and can’t shut it off, you will, eventually, shut it out, and may cease to hear it altogether. Similarly with a rank odor, smelled upon entering a room; if you can’t get rid of it, you eventually cease to smell it.
    Franz Kafka wrote a delightful fable (“The Animal in the Synagogue”) that might almost have had Desensitization in mind. His story–never finished-deals with a peculiar animal, the only one of its kind, which has been living, since time immemorial, in a synagogue. The elders take a dim view of this state of affairs; though quiet, the animal emerges from its nook during services and distracts the women (who sit at the back) from their devotions. Moreover, there is no telling, with so very odd an animal, what its habits might eventually prove to be. Suppose it bites? There is talk of mounting an expedition to catch and kill it. But the synagogue is very large and very old, with a thousand bolt- holes in which the animal might hide, and it is capable of climbing high and running fast. Any such expedition would be difficult, and would run the risk not only of failure, but of damaging irreplaceable artwork. The upshot is that the elders call the whole thing off; and, as the animal never gives anyone the least trouble, they get used to its presence, and eventually cease to think about it at all.
    Apply this to the problem of homohatred. If gays present themselves– or allow themselves to be presented–as overwhelmingly different and threatening, they will put straights on a triple-red alert, driving them to overt acts of political oppression or physical violence.If, however, gays can live alongside straights, visibly but as inoffensively as possible, they will arouse a low-grade alert only, which, though annoying to straights, will eventually diminish for purely physiological reasons. Straights will be desensitized. Put more simply, if you go out of your way to be unendurable, people will try to destroy you; otherwise, they might eventually get used to you. This commonsense axiom should make it clear that living down to the stereotype, a la Gender-Bending, is a very bad idea.
    We can extract the following principle for our campaign to desensitize straights to gays and gayness, inundate them in a continuous flood of gay-related advertising, presented in the least offensive fashion possible. If straights can’t shut off the shower, they may at least eventually get used to being wet.
    Of course, while sheer indifference is, itself, vastly preferable to hatred and threats, we would like to do better than that. We turn next to more difficult, but also more vigorous and rewarding, tactics.
    2. JAMMING
    The engine of prejudice can be made to grind to a halt not only by Desensitization, in which it is simply allowed to run out of steam, but also by the more active process of Jamming. As the name implies, Jamming involves the insertion into the engine of a pre-existing, incompatible emotional response, gridlocking its mechanism as thoroughly as though one had sprinkled fine sand into the workings of an old-fashioned pocket watch. Jamming, as an approach, is more active and aggressive than Desensitization; by the same token, it is also more enjoyable and heartening.
    Jamming makes use of the rules of Associative Conditioning (the psychological process whereby, when two things are repeatedly juxtaposed, one’s feelings about one thing are transferred to the other) and Direct Emotional Modeling (the inborn tendency of human beings to feel what they perceive others to be feeling).
    Turning Associative Conditioning and Direct Emotional Modeling against themselves, we Jam by forging a fresh link between, on the one hand, some part of the mechanism, and, on the other, a pre-existing, external, opposed, and therefore incompatible emotional response. Ideally, the bigot subjected to such counterconditioning will ultimately experience two emotional responses to the hated object, opposed and competing. The consequent internal confusion has two effects: first, it is unpleasant– we can call it ’emotional dissonance,’ after Festinger–and will tend to result in an alteration of previous beliefs and feelings so as to resolve the internal conflict. Since the weaker of the clashing emotional associations is the more likely to give way, we can achieve optimal results by linking the prejudicial response to a stronger and more fundamental structure of belief and emotion. (Naturally, in some people this will be impossible, as prejudicial hatred is the strongest ) element in their beliefs, emotions, and motivations. Without resorting to prefrontal lobotomy–ah! sweet dreams!–these people are more or less unsalvageable.) Second, even where an optimal resolution does not occur, the internal dissonance will tend to inhibit overt expression of the prejudicial emotion–which is, in itself, useful and relieving.
    The ‘incompatible emotional response’ is directed primarily against the emotional rewards of prejudicial solidarity. All normal people feel shame when they perceive that they are not thinking, feeling, or acting like one of the pack. And, these days, all but the stupidest and most unregenerate of bigots perceive that prejudice against all other minority groups-e.g., blacks, Jews, Catholics, women, et al.–has long since ceased to be approved, let alone fashionable, and that to express such prejudices, if not to hold them, makes one decidedly not one of the pack. It was permissible, some forty years ago, to tell the vilest ethnic jokes at the average party, and, if the joke was reasonably well told, the joker could expect to receive applause and approval from his or her roistering confreres. (Should you find this hard to believe, read 2500 Jokes for All Occasions, a popular 1942 compilation by Powers Moulton, which will surely stand your hair on end.) With the exception of certain benighted social classes and backward areas of the country, this is quite generally no longer the case.
    The trick is to get the bigot into the position of feeling a conflicting twinge of shame, along with his reward, whenever his homohatred surfaces, so that his reward will be diluted or spoiled. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, all making use of repeated exposure to pictorial images or verbal statements that are incompatible with his self-image as a well-liked person, one who fits in with the rest of the crowd. Thus, propagandistic advertisement can depict homophobic and homohating bigots as crude loudmouths and assholes–people who say not only ‘faggot’ but ‘nigger,’ ‘kike,’ and other shameful epithets–who are ‘not Christian.’ It can show them being criticized, hated, shunned. It can depict gays experiencing horrific suffering as the direct result of homohatred-suffering of which even most bigots would be ashamed to be the cause. It can, in short, link homohating bigotry with all sorts of attributes the bigot would be ashamed to possess, and with social consequences he would find unpleasant and scary. The attack, therefore, is on self-image and on the pleasure in hating.
    When our ads show a bigot–just like the members of the target audience–being criticized, hated, and shunned, we make use of Direct Emotional Modeling as well. Remember, a bigot seeks approval and liking from ‘his crowd.’ When he sees someone like himself being disapproved of and disliked by ordinary Joes, Direct Emotional Modeling ensures that he will feel just what they feel –and transfer it to himself. This wrinkle effectively elicits shame and doubt, Jamming any pleasure he might normally feel. In a very real sense, every time a bigot sees such a thing, he is un- learning a little bit of the lesson of prejudice taught him by his parents and peers.
    Such an approach may seem much too weak to work, yet bear these thoughts in mind: (a) the procedure is exactly that which formed the prejudicial complex to begin with; (b) the majority of casual bigots do not, in fact, see themselves as unpleasant people and would hate to think that others see them as such, let alone that their hatred has caused suffering and death; (c) there has, in fact, been a major turnaround in the acceptability, in this country, of prejudice against other minority groups, due, in our opinion, in no small part to exactly such counterconditioning and linking; and (d) such an approach has actually been used in TV advertisements, most memorably in an antidrinking ad showing a teenage boy drinking at a party, but not meeting with approval: indeed, as he gets more and more drunk, his behavior becomes more and more obnoxious, and he is regarded by the other partiers with disgust; ultimately, his head turns into that of a heehawing jackass. One can readily see how this sort of thing could be adapted to our own purposes.
    Note that the bigot need not actually be made to believe that he is such a heinous creature, that others will now despise him, and that he has been the immoral agent of suffering. It would be impossible to make him believe any such thing. Rather, our effect is achieved without reference to facts, logic, or proof. Just as the bigot became such, without any say in the matter, through repeated infralogical emotional conditioning, his bigotry can be alloyed in exactly the same way, whether he is conscious of the attack or not. Indeed, the more he is distracted by any incidental, even specious, surface arguments, the less conscious he’ll be of the true nature of the process–which is all to the good.
    In short, Jamming succeeds insofar as it inserts even a slight frisson of doubt and shame into the previously unalloyed, self- righteous pleasure. The approach can be quite useful and effective — if our message can get the massive exposure upon which all else depends.
    Desensitization aims at lowering the intensity of antigay emotional reactions to a level approximating sheer indifference; Jamming attempts to blockade or counteract the rewarding ‘pride in prejudice’ (peace, Jane Austen!) by attaching to homohatred a pre-existing, and punishing, sense of shame in being a bigot, a horse’s ass, and a beater and murderer. Both Desensitization and Jamming, though extremely useful, are mere preludes to our highest –though necessarily very long-range–goal, which is Conversion.
    It isn’t enough that antigay bigots should become confused about us, or even indifferent to us–we are safest, in the long run, if we can actually make them like us. Conversion aims at just this.
    Please don’t confuse Conversion with political Subversion. The word ‘subversion’ has a nasty ring, of which the American people are inordinately afraid–and on their guard against. Yet, ironically, by Conversion we actually mean something far more profoundly threatening to the American Way of Life, without which no truly sweeping social change can occur. We mean conversion of the average American’s emotions, mind, and will, through a planned psychological attack, in the form of propaganda fed to the nation via the media. We mean ‘subverting’ the mechanism of prejudice to our own ends–using the very processes that made America hate us to turn their hatred into warm regard–whether they like it or not.
    Put briefly, if Desensitization lets the watch run down, and Jamming throws sand in the works, Conversion reverses the spring so that the hands run backward.
    Conversion makes use of Associative Conditioning, much as Jamming does–indeed, in practice the two processes overlap– but far more ambitiously. In Conversion, the bigot, who holds a very negative stereotypic picture, is repeatedly exposed to literal picture/label pairs, in magazines, and on billboards and TV, of gay- explicitly labeled as such!–who not only don’t look like his picture of a homosexual, but are carefully selected to look either like the bigot and his friends, or like any one of his other stereotypes of all-right guys– the kind of people he already likes and ` admires. This image must, of necessity, be carefully tailored to be free of absolutely every element of the widely held stereotypes of how ‘faggots’ look, dress, and sound. He–or she–must not be too well or fashionably dressed; must not be too handsome–that is, mustn’t look like a model–or well groomed. The image must be that of an icon of normality–a good beginning would be to take a long look at Coors beer and Three Musketeers candy commercials. Subsequent ads can branch out from that solid basis to include really adorable, athletic teenagers, kindly grandmothers, avuncular policemen, ad infinitem.
    The objection will be raised–and raised, and raised–that we t would ‘Uncle Tommify’ the gay community; that we are exchanging one false stereotype for another equally false; that our ads are lies; that that is not how all gays actually look; that gays know it, and bigots know it. Yes, of course–we know it, too. But it makes no difference that the ads are lies; not to us, because we’re using them to ethically good effect, to counter negative stereotypes that are every bit as much lies, and far more wicked ones; not to bigots, because the ads will have their effect on them whether they believe them or not.
    When a bigot is presented with an image of the sort of person of whom he already has a positive stereotype, he experiences an involuntary rush of positive emotion, of good feeling; he’s been conditioned to experience it. But, here, the good picture has the bad label–gay! (The ad may say something rather like ‘Beauregard Smith–beer drinker, Good Ole Boy, pillar of the community, 100% American, and gay as a mongoose.’) The bigot will feel two incompatible emotions: a good response to the picture, a bad response to the label. At worst, the two will cancel one another, and we will have successfully Jammed, as above. At best, Associative Conditioning will, to however small an extent, transfer the positive emotion associated with the picture to the label itself, not immediately replacing the negative response, but definitely weakening it.
    You may wonder why the transfer wouldn’t proceed in the opposite direction. The reason is simple: pictures are stronger than words and evoke emotional responses more powerfully. The bigot is presented with an actual picture; its label will evoke in his mind his own stereotypic picture, but what he sees in his mind’s eye will be weaker than what he actually sees in front of him with the eyes in his face. The more carefully selected the advertised image is to reflect his ideal of the sort of person who just couldn’t be gay, the more effective it will be. Moreover, he will, by virtue of logical necessity, see the positive picture in the ad before it can arouse his negative ‘picture,’ and first impressions have an advantage over second.
    In Conversion, we mimic the natural process of stereotype- learning, with the following effect: we take the bigot’s good feelings about all- right guys, and attach them to the label ‘gay,’ either weakening or, eventually, replacing his bad feelings toward the label and the prior stereotype.
    Understanding Direct Emotional Modeling, you’ll readily foresee its application to Conversion: whereas in Jamming the target is shown a bigot being rejected by his crowd for his prejudice against gays, in Conversion the target is shown his crowd actually associating with gays in good fellowship. Once again, it’s very difficult for the average person, who, by nature and training, almost invariably feels what he sees his fellows feeling, not to re-spend in this knee-jerk fashion to a sufficiently calculated advertisement. In a way, most advertisement is founded upon an answer of Yes, definitely! to Mother’s sarcastic question: I suppose if all the other kids jumped off a bridge and killed themselves, you would, too?
    We’ve now outlined three major modes by which we can alter the itinerary of the engine of prejudice in our favor. Desensitization lets the engine run out of steam, causing it to halt on the tracks indefinitely. Jamming, in essence, derails it. Conversion– our ambitious long-range goal–puts the engine into reverse gear and sends it back whence it came.
    These modes are abstract–we’ve only hinted, here and there, at how they can be harnessed and put to work for us in a practical propaganda campaign . . .
    Our goal, being high, is also difficult. The bottleneck in reaching it, however, isn’t lack of knowledge of the psychological principles . involved, nor lack of efficacy in the methods available; the principles are known, and the methods work. The bottleneck is purely and simply achieving a sufficient scope for the dissemination of our propaganda. Success depends, as always, on flooding the media. And that, in turn, means money, which means man-hours, which means unifying the gay community for a concerted effort. Let’s be blunt: those who aren’t with us in this effort, either because they have better ways of wasting their time, or because they think we’re politically incorrect, are most decidedly against us, against unification, and against the best interests of the gay community as a whole.

    1. “Lefties don’t want to admit there was a concerted effort along with a
      strategic playbook behind the demonization of nuclear families and
      forced acceptance of ‘alternative lifestyles’.”
      No, progressive or gay rights supporter will ever admit to having read that book. Its quite possible it hasn’t been widely read at all, but it does seem likely that the book is the inspiration for many of the ‘its no big deal’ type arguments that were used to sell lthe issue to the general public. Its also a nice companion piece to Alinsky’s rules for radicals

    2. Thanks for citing that. I’ll have to check it out. Check this out, though: it’s right in line with what you were talking about: Sure, the original writers of the ‘Gay Manifesto’ said it was supposed to be satire, but as you will see, the author does a good job of breaking down just how everything stated in this “satire” has become or is about to become reality.

    3. A technique currently being used to manipulate and guilt shame the West in to accepting the poor helpless “refugees”

    4. The question I would have is who published these books, supported the authors’ research, and implemented their practices in media? The authors themselves are useful idiots, so you must go a level or two higher.

  13. I guess I just don’t hang out with the left. I think that the majority of what we hear about this nonsense are the few loud ones. Most people won’t let any of this actually slide. We are, as a society, reaching a line and I think the left agenda is overestimating how much they can get away with.

  14. Roosh, I love your call to arms for the sake of men and humanity as a whole. But it won’t work. The jack booted Nazi thugs of the police state will gladly kill you if ordered to. The military will not fire on its own people, but the Neanderthal cops will. Be careful my friend, or one morning you are going to wake up assinated. Can anyone spell Brazillian death squad, boys and girls?

    1. The PC tirants are too busy right now, with Trump, Le Pen, Órban, the economic crisis, PEGIDA, etc
      It’s now or never. If we keep pressuring, the dam might explode and the flood will be unstopable, then.

    2. You don’t think the military won’t fire on you, too? There are plenty of Neanderthals in the armed forces, you know.

      1. I base that opinion on the actions of the Red Army when the Politburo sent tanks to blow Boris Yeltsin out of the Russian White House in 1989. They parked their tanks and turned the turrets outward in defense of Yeltsin and his citizen supporters. But then again, Dwight Eisenhower fired on his own citizens in dispersing the WWI bonus army from Washington in 1931. One never knows.

  15. I guess in the future when a man asks you if he can hang out in your “man cave” he really means it.

  16. I always thought Brave New World was the standard bearer. All of these books were on to something…..

    1. I read The Forever War back in 1978 as a young Marine in Okinawa. The book was so good it actually piqued my interest into reading more of Joe’s work, ie, All my Sins Remembered and other short stories, not to mention the work he’s done for the Star Trek series of books. Eventually I read the classic, A Brave New World probably around 82.. When I was in high school, 1984 was required reading. Thanks for a great article about a great book.

  17. Remember gentlemen, history is cyclical. You have the honor of being part of the first wave neo masculinity. Think about your grandchildren and the stories you will have to tell them.

    1. Grandchildren? That’s what I call wishful thinking. Most of us won’t ever have children, let alone grandchildren.

      1. Well now, that is a pretty telling comment.
        “The wisest can not see all ends.”

      2. I need to thumbs-down you while upvoting you.
        You’re 100% correct – hence the thumbs down, as a “frownie” instead of a smiley. 🙁

  18. Brendan Eich getting fired from Mozilla was the turning point. It sent the message that citizens are forced to think a certain way or face severe punishment. With this move, I think, the LGBT movement jumped the shark. A lot of people are prepared to be tolerant. But when any set of beliefs proves to be this rigid, it’s not about “tolerance,” but blind obedience and conformity. Which is not something most thinking people will support. Not even Milo.

    1. I snarked at work about TransJenner and (facetiously) claimed I was an oligarch in my mind so everyone should give me money to make my external reality sync to my internal reality. A co-worker indicated that wasn’t it great we lived in a country where he could do this. I agreed. He’s red pill so I took his lead. Some animals are more equal than others and this is not “South Park”. Ironically, elevating people and granting them special status and class-based immunity “because teh feelz” brands them as teacher’s pets.

  19. Part of this insidious wave was the elimination of the term “sex” to describe individuals to “gender”. Whenever we complete any type of application or form we are now asked to check our “gender”.
    It had always been a grammatical term. Consider the current stylish condition of gender identity. All too convenient and another leftist manipulation of the language.

  20. I saw this posted on twitter, itself copying and pasting a comment left on an internet forum, it was so concise and so startling in it’s simplicity, in articulating how everything that we based our civilisation on has been turned on its head and the ruthless way in which those who resist are targeted, I took a screen shot myself.

  21. “Now, every five minutes, from Campbell’s Soup commercials to Wells Fargo ads, the mainstream media is bombarding us with a torrential downpour of ultra-liberal propaganda. Just about every show on television nowadays either has a gay, lesbian, or trans-something character or actor on it (Transparent, Sense8 and Orange is the New Black immediately come to mind).”
    All three major children’s television networks (Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon) are also inserting homosexuality in children’s entertainment. Yes, even kids shows are no longer safe. There are also commercials that depict two men adopting a baby.

  22. Heterosexuality is already being criminalized and otherwise punished by law. Gays swapping partners every couple of weeks are lionized by the media, while a poor working bastard trying to rent some pussy because he’s been forced out of the sexual market is public enemy number one. Virtually anything passes as rape if it’s a heterosexual man making the moves. Marriage is rigged so the woman can walk away with cash and prizes anytime she has a mood swing so that’s a no go for the straight man, too.
    Beware this human trafficking bullshit, too. The real purpose behind this latest PR move is to turn every whore into another victim of the evil patriarchy.

    1. I live in China and have all but wifed up a beautiful, young, slender, pleasant girls here. I will bring her to Canada to meet my family but otherwise I want to keep her the fuck away from the west.

  23. “the “joys” of life with multiple sex partners and no responsibilities.” This is not exclusive to the gay lifestyle, it’s basically what (heterosexual) Game is all about, isn’t it?

  24. I think I remember a Bob Hope line in the 1970s: “They’ve just made homosexuality legal in California. I wanted to leave before they made it mandatory.” Seems like the comedian had some premonition as well.

  25. and men can walk into women’s bathrooms anytime they feel like it

    I’ve done this before. Its… different in there.

  26. In terms of media, I may have found a show where men are men, women are women and blacks and whites are black and white etc. Hell on Wheels.
    I am on the third season in and although they just introduced a lesbo (soft gay insertion) its still fairly red pill. Of course, I’m sure by the final season they’ll turn everyone gay like in Hannibal but so far I’m enjoying it.

  27. Except, Halderman’s world entailed both space travel and time travel…we don’t. What we have is the fall of Western Civilization, which will be a repeat of history, and a vacuum will form which will be filled by the dysfunctional “system” of barbarism. This is true whether it manifests itself into the dominance of islam (a cult) or the recognized cult of socialist-nationalism, called fascism. It doesn’t matter, neither system is safe for those who fall outside of the bell shaped curve of normality. The individuals who demand PC behavior for those responsible for the destruction of our civilization will die horrendous deaths, their progeny, if they have any, will follow and the process will usher in another 1,000 years of darkness. (Unless we nuke ourselves into global oblivion.)
    There is no where to hide. No safe place to shelter within.

  28. Man, the Homosexuals are going to end up meeting Islam. Flying lessons! Beheadings! Stonings! That’s what’s coming……Perversion is always destroyed by a strong Barbaric culture…….that has functional males in conventional family units. That means that it produces functional children. After all, that’s the whole reason for society…..the next generation. Effeminate perversion says otherwise. Let’s see who wins……..
    The opinion of Western effeminacy is of no meaning to Islam. In fact, as Western perversions grow more wicked, the more determined Islam will be. For, you see, they truly believe they have a mission from Allah… smite the evil in their necks.
    Yeah, these are serious folks…….and, who, exactly, is going to fight them off?

    1. who, exactly, is going to fight them off?
      The army, navy and air force. You think the towelheads are going to take over the US, the KingKong of the global jungle. As for rising up from within, Muslims are not even 1% of the population. Islamic terrorism is hot political topic in the current political debates, and there has been something like just 160 terrorism deaths of US citizens (many overseas & involving military personal) under Obama’s reign. The wealthy elite of the US are not going to sit back and let Islamists run the streets of the country.
      In 300+ yrs time, who knows.

  29. Motherhood is still sacrosanct. The exception proves the rule in how rare it is that a child will be removed from the mother’s care regardless of how useless she is as a provider or human being in general. China’s one-child policy (technically still in force but there are so many exceptions that it is de facto extinct) really put feminists into a spin. They have no problem with women choosing to kill their child in the womb but heaven forbid the state puts some restrictions on their fecundity.
    If you have seen the movie Idiocracy then you know where we are headed. Or as Harvey Danger sang: “Been around the world and noticed only stupid people are breeding.” The game seems to be to make regular fatherhood for regular guys completely toxic. Dykes will get their sperm donors and maybe lend out their womb so their gay friends can have a baby so Timmy grows up with two fathers or mothers rather than one of each. Meanwhile, stupid cunts get fucked by equally stupid guys, neither of whom can properly use birth control – if it even crossed their mind – and she ends up with a litter of borderline retards and draws a welfare check to raise them after dad fucks off.
    I was chatting with some of the people at AVFM and one sneared that “game is dead”. The thing is, he has a point. About 90% of what Roosh has written in the past will be irrelevant once the transition is complete such that “cold approach” and “kino” have been criminalized. So for regular guys, it is going downhill. And the white knights, manginas and betas are letting it happen, if not encouraging it.
    Given how many males (I shudder to call them “men”) are so fucking useless, it is the sad state of western society that we will have to hope that a critical mass of women will snap the fuck out of it and attempt to renormalize gender relationships.

    1. I also have read AVfM and sleeping with the enemy will not help. My take is, when you choose to overlook your morals just to have “more people on our side” you have lost already. Their focus is shortsighted and they do not consider what the world will look like if they get what they believe that they want using the means that they are.
      If Roosh or RoK posts a blog that is (what they consider) “useful” it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. If the consideration is that it is not useful, then those who comment here are a bunch of “shitwads” as one of their leaders so cogently put it.
      This is what AVfM has done with the LGBT community; they will suck up to immoral/perverted behavior for a larger voting bloc as long as it means more legislation for men. Only legislation for men matters and this is seen as a very black and white “war”, so to speak. There is no need to become a functioning man with proper morals and ethics; there is only the burning need for the laws to be 50/50. How is this any different from the radfem approach of producing only benefit for women?
      There are those that would prefer that there is a war between women and men, between Christians and Muslims, etc. if it will further their goal. There is a larger end game in play.

      1. While I prefer the crowd here at ROK, both sites have their share of douchebags. Still, AVFM has a number of reasonable people, even if you don’t completely agree with them. At some point, neomasculinity has to become political lest it be outlawed and smothered in its crib. So the MRM types have a point there.

  30. Anthony Burgess’s The Wanting Seed (1962) is another example of a homosexual future for population control. “It’s sapiens to be homo” is a slogan in the story.
    That novel also has canned man to eat and men and women fighting each other in contrived battles.

  31. I think this is very telling of the true nature and intentions of homosexualism. You see, these are people who found their “fame” in making an emotional appeal to the masses. They literally cried and whined their way into this current spot. Why didn’t we stop to read between the lines of these oprah moments and just asked what exactly do you mean by “rights”? Not even to others or in a public forum but to ourselves. And why am I being made to feel guilty for these people? Alas, people are mostly dim and here we are. The good news is that homosexualism is unveiling the truth for us. In truth these people never had any noble intentions and as it pertains to “rights”, in fact, they have and have had the same rights as you and me. bruce jenner who represents the “t” portion of homosexualism just proved that this group gets a speedy trial by a jury of peers…due process and presumption of innocence all provided. Not one epsilon of discrimination, in fact, since he ran over a woman and killed her and was found innocent there is evidence of positive discrimination. Meanwhile heterosexual men on college campuses across the country are denied basic due process etc. So, again, what about “rights”? So here we are, after all the sob stories will and grace episodes etc, these people are showing us what their aim was all along and that is domination. There is nothing noble or cute about a small group of people dominating others. And in an act of complete hypocrisy homosexuals claimed and still claim that they are the recipients of domination from other groups.

  32. Never thought I would see an article about this great book. ROK, you surprise me again.

  33. So many paranoid people on these boards. The minorities, the gays, immigrants, Muslims, feminists, everyone is out to get us!

    1. Want to see paranoia…how about naming a building “Lynch”. How about stating the simple FACT that men and women are different. How about stating the FACT that there is NO genetic evidence to support that homosexuality is born in and that there is abundant evidence that its caused by childhood molestation. How about saying that Muslim immigrants just raped dozens of women in Germany.
      Do you see members of this community demanding words be banned? Because, as we all know, words can magically manifest into a real life monsters and attack you. Do you see members of this community recoiling in horror into “safe spaces” filled, literally, with milk, cookies, puppies, kids music and fluffy pillows! Yeah, safe spaces, denying reality, running away from words, banning words…that’s not an indication of paranoia. Sorry, but, here we sell reality, kindly go elsewhere with your crazy.

  34. “Gentlemen, it’s time for us to take back the pen, take back the
    sword, take back the mike, and start drafting the future we want to see
    ourselves and our families living in, before it’s too late.”
    No, gentlemen, this is incorrect.
    It is time to take up the sword, and deal with the cancers – while there is still a body to be preserved.
    Waiting won’t help, killing cancerous “cells” (Literally; and cells means people) is the only way to save the human race.
    We are at the level of “the tower of Babel.” Problem is, we’re at the stage of “just in time” inventory, economic slavery (cube farms of tax cattle), and there are chips in pilot stage for birth control – with diabetes following soon. Not a problem, a great thing – right? Except – what ELSE can be done with these REMOTE-CONTROLLED MEDICINE DISPENSING CHIPS?
    Serotonin dumps when gay couples cuddle on screen?
    Oxytocin delivered when kissing a same-sex partner, and adrenaline and ??? (fear or rage-inducing hormones) dumped when kissing an opposite sex partner?
    At what point do we acknowledge that the system was meant to produce this outcome, has run its course, and MUST be stopped, by any means necessary?
    Waiting only makes the costs greater…
    Disgusting but true.

  35. Speaking of enjoying the decline – Enjoying the decline is the most degenerate thing one can do during a decline. Sitting by the wayside and living for material and sensual pleasures, while knowing full well the truth, is the most anti-heroic and wretched response one can have. This is why Aaron Clarey’s book is poison.

    1. I’m nobody’s savior and I sure don’t look like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. You wanna save the world? Be my guest. Let us know how that works out for you, Sir Galahad.

      1. The opposite of doing nothing isn’t single-handedly saving the world. However sitting on your hands or enjoying the downfall of a society is morally repugnant and the most anti-masculine way to ride off into the sunset. In Western lore often the hero does not win, but dies in a heroic struggle against his foe. He doesn’t capitulate to them or shrug and walk away. Enjoying the decline is a slap in the face to every single one of one’s ancestors.

        1. Again, good luck with that. I’m taking responsibility for my own little corner of this planet. To hell with the rest of it.

        2. Yes, and that’s morally contemptible and makes you as worthless to society as a liberal arts degree. You can do what you wish, but you must understand that you will attain the scorn of better men who are organizing to fight degeneracy, and likely God Himself, as well as your ancestors, forever. “To hell with the rest of it” is the philosophy of a profoundly selfish man, and such a man cannot be trusted to have your back. It is the philosophy of a scoundrel.

        3. Calm down and have a discussion like a man. Yes, opinions vary, and my opinion and the opinion of probably most in the manosphere is that your ideas are basically the antithesis of what the proper course of action is. I see you as a snake in the grass feeding terrible ideas to the entire alternative right, from not saving for retirement to embracing hedonism. Taking Aaron Clarey seriously is essentially following the general ways of the world and the ways that got the West into the mess it’s in.

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