2 Masculine Autobiographies That Are Often Overlooked

There are great lessons to be learned in the biographies of prolific men. Contemporary masculine biographies are somewhat rare considering the massive pussifcation that’s taking place. Luckily, the manosphere provides an outlet for men looking to escape the horrors of clown world a place to study the plights of modern-day alphas who live a masculine lifestyle despite a demonstrably feminized culture.

Within the biographies highlighted below are lessons in game, SMV, determination, life, and success. Before reaching high status, both of these men spent time at rock bottom.

The Rock

The manosphere is stocked with content about turning betas into alphas — but what about those of us who were born physiologically alpha? How do we enhance our alpha game? How do we stay engaged in the game when we’re given a genetic advantage over most competitors? Overlooked in the manosphere no longer is Dwayne Johnson’s 1999 autobiography The Rock Says.

A physical specimen by the age of fifteen, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson discovered his alpha game early.

“I was fifteen years old and looked like a grown man. And I was constantly in the weight room, jacking iron for two, three hours a day.”

Alpha Game

The Rock is a man who has checked man-a-buttcheek into the Smackdown Hotel. Equipped with an alpha mentality fueled by lifting, dedication, and competition, the power of confidence and charisma came to The Rock naturally and his game was deduced to a simple rule:

“If you acted confident around girls, they naturally assumed you were mature and experienced. It was all a game, and I excelled at it from a ridiculously early age.”

Charisma is a key component to enhancing one’s alpha game. The flashy, 270-pounder known as “The most electrifying man in sports-entertainment” is a case study in charisma. If you want to study charisma, study The Rock. There is nobody else that needs to be studied in this subject. Observe:

An element of charisma is the art of talking shit. An artform The Rock perfected while playing football at The University of Miami and later as a professional wrestler. Talking shit increases alpha status to prolific levels and is a skill reserved for advanced alphas only.


When Alpha game charisma is combined with status, a man becomes a force of nature. The Rock acquired his status via fierce determination despite devastating setbacks.

While at The University of Miami, The Rock was beaten for the Defensive tackle starting position by NFL legend Warren Sapp and later suffered a catastrophic injury during his senior season. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was overlooked by the NFL and decided to take his talents to Canada where he was “playing professional football for approximately $250 in U.S. currency. Take-home pay? About $175.”

A far cry from the uber-celebrity we see now, The Rock remembers a time when  “None of us could afford a car, we had to borrow a teammate’s truck. We all piled and headed off on a glorious quest for bedding. We had no intention of buying anything. We were counting on the kindness of strangers. After a while we found a crappy motel that was in the process of replacing all of its mattresses.”

“And that’s the way we lived — four grown men sleeping on piss-stained mattresses in a small, unfurnished apartment.”

In 1995, when The Rock had $7 in his pocket he claims he “Knew Two Things: I’m Broke As Hell and One Day I Won’t Be.” He was correct. His alpha mentality could not be shaken by the coldest of Canadian football winds or the dampest of used mattresses. He later left Canada and began a career as a professional wrestler like his father and grandfather. 

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Anthony Kiedis

Few men will reach the arena of rock star game. Anthony Kiedis, lead singer of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers did in a big way. For men, Scar Tissue offers a lesson in SMV and for those looking to take the Rock Star route — it doesn’t seem like a bad play.

Personally, I’ve fallen victim to rock star game when I lost a model girlfriend to a short, fat, techno DJ. The neighbor I grew up with is a bass player in a metal band and is now accompanied by a 12 out 10 IGthotmoodel girlfriend. Rock star game might be the most elevated of all. Few can match the SMV of a wealthy, high status, risk-taking leader with a massive following.

The confidence of Kiedis is paramount and he seemed to have total clairvoyance in regards to long-term relationships.

“At that very moment, my destiny became clear to me. She was my new girlfriend. As she walked into the room, I whispered to every dude who was near, “Back off. That’s my girl.” Then I walked straight over to her.

“Hi, my name’s Carmen,” she said. “I’m visiting from San Diego.”

I introduced myself and told her that we’d be hanging out for the next year or so, and she seemed amenable.”

Rock star game is fruitful, although there are some dangerous pitfalls. Scar Tissue works as a cautionary tale for aspiring rock stars. There are tons of drugs, and I mean TONS of drugs bought, sold, and consumed in this autobiography. Seemingly pleasant songs like “Scar Tissue” and “Under the Bridge” are about heroin. The amount of junk in this biography makes a man feel naive. Anthony’s father was a notorious Southern California drug dealer named “Spider.”

“If Keith Moon or the guys from Led Zeppelin or Alice Cooper was in town, they’d be sitting with Spider, because he was the coolest guy in the house.”

The only thing that curves Kiedis’ insatiable appetite for hard drugs are the beautiful women he draws inspiration from.

Muse Game

Scar Tissue introduced me to a new concept, the muse. The muse, or divine feminine inspiration is used by Kiedis throughout his career. He is not purely a hedonist, rather, he falls in love frequently. For a truly red pilled man it is wise to draw inspiration from the feminine versus the black pilled incel who sees women as a point of frustration and despair.

Click here to view Scar Tissue on Amazon.


Masculine biographies are like studying a playbook. A blueprint is provided for a successful masculine lifestyle. It’s beneficial for men to study the plights of other prolific men as a way to guide their own life. Perspective is a valuable tool. 

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53 thoughts on “2 Masculine Autobiographies That Are Often Overlooked”

  1. Nothing beats “being a billionaire game” though….
    I mean you can reduce even the strongest of alpha with your negotiation skills.

    1. Nothing beats the “fame” game. Rock stars are the top of this list.
      A billionaire can pay for anything, but women generally don’t flock to them for sex.

      1. so you enjoy being cuckolded by drug-addicted narcissists with “talent”?
        lol cuck lol
        I think it’s time to change ur degenerate culture.
        and rockstars are so last decade.
        ur boomer is showing

      2. “billionaire can pay for anything, but women generally don’t flock to them for sex.”
        I would have to disagree, I’ve never seen a yacht without beautiful young women on it.

      3. Rock stars are not destitute. So the women flocking to them have motivations similar to those flocking to billionaires: Access to a luxurious, exciting lifestyle. You think billionaires have no fame? ha. John is right again, you will not see 7s or below on the hundreds or thousands of yachts dotting the Mediterranean ports. There’s way more rich mo-fos than rock stars. And rock stars are as likely to marry beat-up junkies than supermodels (Curt Cobain – Courtney Love anyone?). How about all the rock starts who passed around the used beat-up Sheryl Crow? John Bon Jovi’s wife was a 6-7 at best in her nubile prime. Who gets to bang the thousands of 9-10 Russian beauties, rock stars or the oligarchs?

      1. Yes, I can confirm this.
        ROK bans just about every comment I make.
        Regardless of how innocuous or extreme.
        Free speech is free speech isn’t it?
        Yet ROK is really big on censorship.
        Too afraid of goung too far right and scaring off muh $ponsors perhaps.

        1. “Too afraid of goung too far right and scaring off muh $ponsors perhaps.”
          More like removing the obvious nutjobs IMHO!

        2. What’s wrong John?
          Do you get triggered by other people’s opinions,
          necessitating censorship to protect your fragile feelings, coz you can’t defend your opinions, like a man??

        3. Either way Burner, if you can’t defend your opinions without censorship it lays more about your dishonesty than anything wrong with the other guy.

    2. The (((forces))) that have been brainwashing, social conditioning and pushing women to go for blacks and other primitive archaic relict races like arabs, are also conditioning women to care about swagger, fashion, bling bling and other trappings of “GAME”.

    3. I always considered ‘The Rock’ as mildly retarded.
      His movies are all shit (straight to video), what has he ever done worthy of admiration?

      1. None of his 30+ movies, except for “Empire States” went straight to video. They have all been huge hits at the box office. Some of them exceeding 500+ million dollars domestic and a billion world wide. We can argue about the quality of his movies, some straight up children’s comedies to action movies like The Fast and Furious franchise. He’s an action star after all and very good at it. Don’t expect him to do a remake of The Shawshank Redemption.

  2. The Chili Peppers story is classic and common — you don’t even need to be famous to get mileage out of being in a decent band. Female interest and your SMV guaranteed to rise if you’re in any kind of polished, original band with a work ethic, especially if you know how to present yourselves in concert. It’s automatic; young women are looking for that escapist fantasy shit all the time. If you are already alpha in nature, the music thing is like alpha on turbo. It almost makes no sense.

    From age 22-25 I was in a legit “almost famous” alt-rock band with full management that got signed, toured, sold a decent amount of records, received press coverage and charted top 10 on college radio for a little while. Aside from headlining our own shows in venues that mattered, we opened up for major acts in the US and UK. All 5 of us were charismatic and good looking, and our front man could nearly hypnotize women in the audience with his stage presence (no exaggeration whatsoever). I took full advantage and did more cheating on girlfriends during this bad-boy phase than all of my other active years in the game, combined. I was in two other, less-successful bands after that project (late 20s and early 30s), and still noticed a huge boost in attraction. Even if your band never takes off, it builds worth and confidence that women can sense straight away. Even if you tell women “we just came out of a studio session” they get tingles and want to hear your tracks; doesn’t take much! It’s weird and illogical, but so is modern society. I’ve become successful in other areas of “real world” adult life now, but “professional musician” still sounds pretty sweet to lots of women. It made me realize how difficult it is to just be a regular guy, and how difficult it was for me to go back to being a sorta-regular guy after my “15 minutes” were up.

    1. Well said. Making it into wrestling was easy for The Rock (after being a football reject) because he’s part of the Anoa’i family, a dynasty in the world of wrestling.
      Mick Foley is a self made man who had a dream, did everything he could to make it come true and achieved it.

  3. black pilled incel?
    incels are plugged in precisely because they think women are divine, and without one in their lives, they lack purpose.
    Finding out women are a waste of time is true liberation.

    1. “Finding out women are a waste of time is true liberation.”
      Now that’s a golden piece of wisdom. Well said.

    2. “Finding out women are a waste of time is true liberation.”
      Have fun dying alone and watching your genetic line die, MGTOW faggot.

  4. Rock stars are some of the most effeminate men I have ever seen. They are hardly beacons of masculinity. That is probably what has contributed to much of the emasculation of our culture. You would be hard pressed to think of a rock star that does not exhibit androgynous characteristics–long hair, makeup, feminine or unisex clothing, feminine sounding voice, testosterone-reducing drugs and booze, etc…

    1. Anthony Kiedis and The Rock are successful , but they are bad examples of role models for other guys. There probably is some wisdom in their biographies(they probably were ghost written, like most celebs) . Not everything they say is actually true, much is at best exaggerated out of proportion to reality. They are exceptions rather than the rule.
      How many drug fucked musicians are out there that didn’t make a living from their music(some of them are genuinely talented still couldn’t do it)?
      The Chilli Peppers are mega talented, their music hasn’t dated in nearly 30 years. Kiedis was talented and good looking(despite the copious amounts of drugs)
      The Rock comes from wrestling royalty, so he already had a leg up into that industry. He is a genetic specimen, add steroids to that, makes him very bankable(its not just hard work in the gym(his dad took them too).
      Yes he is confident and incredibly charismatic, some of that is transferrable to the average Joe. Behind that there is genuine talent that backs up the high opinion of himself. He has still worked very hard, and made the most out of the opportunities before him. Very much like Arnie, he is a phenomenon of his time.
      The average person doesn’t know the names of Arnold’s competition, despite that they had arguably better physiques. Plenty of nobodies have physiques bigger and better than Arnie now but that doesn’t make them successful in bodybuilding, let alone in broader life.

      1. They are only successful because of the degenerate culture we live in. Degenerate culture creates degenerate economics, whereby degenerate people make the most money. Before the “current year” kids dreamed of being Astronauts, GI Joes, etc….now, they envy drug addicted dibshits whose sole skill in life is essentially acting. I’ll give some credit to the artists in the past some who could actually write catchy tunes and play instruments without the help of computer’s, song writers (usually ugly, nerdy, pip squeaks), etc. No different than all these idiots who idolize low IQ, and in many cases illiterate, retards on the football field.

      1. His daughter is a porn star. DLR must be a proud papa. She couldn’t make a living singing, so she played the flute instead.

  5. Kiedis is about as far away from red pill as you can get. His whole band is like that too. Much of their music is anti male, anti white and anti American. Wtf do some research. And I smell what the rock is cooking and it’s a load of bullshit too.

  6. Do you want solid lessons to man up? Read Arnold’s autobiography. That motherfucker was insanely driven to succeed at everything he did.

  7. Rock admitted once he juiced with his teammates playing high school football. He said it didn’t do much lol. His dad was a wrestler so probably had access and knowledge of gear. It’s easy to have charisma and confidence around women when you have the physique and size that women are gagging for.

  8. How about ‘A Prayer Before Dawn’ ? Or Steve Mcqueen’s? On another note Roosh’s book pop up is driving me to the point of distraction…and what with the increasing censorship,racial tension and dubious nom de plumes, I need some time out…

  9. Look at The Rock’s very first match Survivor Series 1996. He seemed anything but alpha in that match (actually you can make the case for his first 6 months in the wwf, until he reinvented himself towards the summer of 97.)

  10. So how hard did The Rock “work” at becoming 6’4″? How hard did he work at those Samoan genes that impart incredible strength and muscle?

    1. Somoans are fat slobs tubs of lard. The only ‘sport’ they are good for is sumo wrestling. Any good genes Rock may have are caucasian.

  11. Stone cold Steve Austin was always better than the rock. The Texas rattlesnake he’s pissed and he’s striking

  12. Neither one of these extreme outliers has anything to teach the vast majority of men.
    Rock (“The Dwayne”) Johnson is a genetic marvel who was born into a family of professional athletes. He had both nature and nurture working for him since Day One. Sure, he’s amusing and charismatic, but if not for winning the genetic lottery, he would be the most charismatic guy working in the grease pit at Jiffy Lube.
    As for the skinny little rocker, he had Drug Game going for him, pure and simple. Any guy reading this, if he had access to a regular supply of quality cocaine, could be banging out 9’s and 10’s at will. It’s not rocket surgery: His dad was a drug dealer and he’s a drug doer. Gorgeous tramps orbit those types like the Earth orbits the Sun.

  13. you gotta have the Rock’s GENETICS to do what he did. Kiedis ALPHA ?? ugh no this fuckwad is a bitch and so are the RHCP.

  14. The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin were best at talking shit. Not counting old school wrestlers, they were all equally great at talking shit.

  15. You fucking retards don’t know anything about wrestling.Is the hardest sport there is. All the pounding and beat ups on the body would kill any of you keyboard faggots warriors.Most of you have never set one foot in a gym but when it comes to bashing someones achievements , hard work ,discipline and dedication you got your retarded opinion going on. None of you is worth shit. Fucking faggots.

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