How Girl Power Is Ruining Western Culture

Girl Power is ubiquitous. Whenever you watch a commercial, go to see a movie, or enjoy your favorite sitcom, you’ll almost certainly be exposed to some form of a Girl Power message. Professionals tell us that it is a harmless way to boost the self-esteem of girls. In reality, it is indoctrinating our children with a feminist message that is undermining our entire culture.

What is girl power?

The Alien series was groundbreaking in that it featured a female heroine. All the males in the series are weak or evil.

Girl power is the feminist message that whatever boys can do, girls can do better. The idea is that women are underrepresented among the ranks of corporate CEOs, soldiers, and scientists because they were oppressed by the patriarchy while growing up. Feminists theorize that if girls could just be told that they were powerful, we’d gradually see patriarchy rolled back.

Now, the idea that women are oppressed by the patriarchy is pure nonsense. The patriarchy has been under attack since the French Revolution. By the 1970s, most of the vestiges of true patriarchy were gone. The fathers of today are not patriarchs, but weak, permissive versions of the real thing.

So if the patriarchy is not keeping women down, what is? In truth, nothing is. Women are inherently different from men. Whereas men are naturally wired to be providers, women are naturally nurturers. The reason there are not more female CEOs is because most women are not willing to sacrifice the good of their families for the good of some globalist corporation or for a fat paycheck. Rather than bemoaning this, feminists should celebrate the fact that women are free to do what really matters to them.

The Programming starts early

Nick Jr.’s show “Princess Knight” involves a princess who is also a knight in shining armor. No need for a hero, the girl can rescue herself.

Girl power programing starts early. I have a four-year-old son who sometimes watches Nick Jr., a network targeted at children ages 2-5. All of the shows carry some girl power content. One of the most popular shows in Nick Jr.’s line up is “Paw Patrol,” a show about puppies who go on rescue missions to help people. My son’s favorite puppy is Marshall, a Dalmatian puppy who drives a fire truck.  Like the other boy puppies, Marshall ends up making a lot of mistakes. He’s clumsy and falls often. On the other hand, the girl puppies never make a mistake.

Nick Jr. has shows that are specifically targeted at girls. “Shimmer and Shine” is about a little girl and her two friends who are genies. Male characters play a very minor role in Shimmer and Shine, if they do at all. The show is filled with cutesy things and even the color palette is in pastels—something that would more likely appeal to girls.

On the other hand, there are no shows that specifically target boys that don’t also have a huge girl focus. “Blaze and the Monster Machines” is a show that teaches math and science. The main character is a boy, but he has a female side-kick who happens to be a mechanic who can fix anything. How many female auto mechanics do you know? In the popular “Peppa Pig” series, children are taught that fathers are kind but hapless. The “Daddy Pig” figure does something in almost every episode that makes him look stupid. The overarching message of these children’s cartoons is that girls can be anything and they will do a great job. Boys might be good but they will make mistakes, unlike their female peers. And when boys grow up, they can look forward to being bumbling fathers.

The girl power drumbeat increases once children become school age. Schools have programs that have the goal of getting more girls into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). The US soccer organization has a special program called “SheBelieves” intended to “inspire young girls and women and encourage them to accomplish their goals and dreams, athletic or otherwise.”

Do I even need to mention that there is no similar program to encourage young boys? Girl power gets pushed through comic books that are hell bent on turning every male super hero into a woman. Finally, girl power is pushed by Hollywood by such movies as Star Wars: Rogue One. They couldn’t even leave Tolkien’s Hobbit alone. Director Peter Jackson felt compelled to add a girl power elf to the movie that didn’t exist in the book.

Sorry Lefties. Your dream of being ruled by Hillary Stormborn were derailed by the Trump Train.

And girl power messages do not stop once women become adults. Commercials aimed at women frequently have an underlying message that women are “tough.” It is a cliché to see a commercial where a young woman is throwing a punch or a kick to demonstrate how “independent” she is. But the most flagrant example of girl power came during the last season of Game of Thrones. The Game of Thrones writers, being fully aware that Hillary would be the prospective Democrat nominee, crafted their storyline to accustom viewers with a powerful female ruler.

The script had the white-haired queen, Daenerys Stormborn, whose chief advisor is a dwarf, cementing an alliance with a Lesbian princess (Yara Greyjoy), whose servant is an emasculated man (Yara’s brother Theon). Thus we had the ideal girl power utopia: powerful women ruling over weak men who have had their balls cut off rendering them permanently subservient.

What’s wrong with girl power?

The problem with girl power is that it doesn’t actually achieve its goal of turning girls into happy, well-adjusted, confident women. The reverse is true. In reality, girl power hurts girls by making girls feel obliged to do things that are not in line with their natural strengths or interests. Girl power pushes girls towards STEM subjects, but while some girls have a natural aptitude for the sciences, most of them will be more attracted to liberal arts. This is as it should be because in the natural order of things, girls will eventually grow up to become mothers, and mothers are responsible for handing on the culture to the next generation.

Girl power also hurts girls by setting unrealistic expectations. Girl power leads girls to believe that they train hard enough, they can be just as good as boys at sports. Sadly, the vast majority girls will never be able to perform at the same physical level as boys. Even the US Women’s national soccer team, some of the best female players in the world, were easily beaten by a bunch of high school boys.

Girl power also hurts boys. Boys who are growing up today are subjected to a constant barrage of messages telling them that they are not as good as girls. There are no self-esteem programs for boys. Boys are not singled out for awards and honors when they do well in math. Even when boys watch a movie, they realize that they can never be heroes because girls can save themselves.

Encouraging the transgender epidemic

But I can’t help but wonder if girl power is not having an even darker influence on boys. The past few years have seen an explosion in transgenderism: boys wanting to become girls, and girls wanting to become boys. While there are some girl-to-boy transgenders, most of them are boys who want to become girls. What could be driving this disturbing epidemic?

One cause is mentally ill mothers. Our society has created women who care more about virtue signaling than they do having a healthy family. These deranged women begin dressing their sons as girls from a young age. Children are very impressionable. The sick designs of an insane parent can set a healthy boy on a trajectory that will leave him actually believing that he is a girl.

But the other factor that is driving the transgender epidemic is girl power. Imagine being a boy and being told your entire life that you are second rate, but that girls are always special and magical and perfect. Is it possible that some boys, especially boys with weak or absent fathers, begin to wish that they too could become girls?


Girl power is social engineering and it is being done on a scale never seen before in history. But how do we stop it?

The answer to that lies with men. Men must have the courage to raise their sons and daughters in such a way that they can feel comfortable to embrace their natural masculine and feminine roles. For too long, fathers have delegated decisions about raising their children to mothers and “professionals.” The result has been a disaster.

Of course, the best way of being a good father is to embrace your own masculinity. Everyone who is reading this has been subjected to massive programming that guides men along the path of weakness and passivity. Dropping these disempowering traits and adopting strength and action will help our own lives and the lives of our children.

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445 thoughts on “How Girl Power Is Ruining Western Culture”

  1. Funny how feminists complain that Barbie enforces unrealistic beauty standards on young girls but they say nothing about the fact that she’s a teacher, scientist, astronaut, safari guide, deep sea diver, and still has time to go shopping, play at the beach, babysit her niece, and date Ken….just saying!

        1. That’s Conchita Wurst! (Wurst means sausauge in German)
          The tranny anthem:

          Ahh…. there’s a Russian meme for that…

          the caption says girls, in Europe, the USA and in Russia…
          The first two are the end goal for Globalism, the last a demon from the oppressive parts, back then when standards did not allow women and trans-women to shine!

        2. probably the same as the contents of lois’ stomach when she gets it pumped as a young girl (tried, couldn’t find the family guy clip)

        3. It’s only partially correct, the European is actually a dude and the “American” is Harambe’s sister.

        4. When I read the Barbie comment I instantly thought “hmmmm, Barbie… This calls for Uncle Bob’s artistic talents!
          A few lines down the thread…. lo and behold!!

        5. Also a dude. Nothing female about the Williams ‘sisters’.
          Morphology all wrong (ie 100% male).

    1. Or the unrealistic societal beauty standards for men to achieve. Of course, as men, we don’t complain because we aren’t so emotionally weak.

      1. 10 minutes reading RoK would disabuse anyone of the notion that men don’t complain!
        I think it’s fairer to say in terms of social acceptance if a man tries to complain that in the event he gets *any* audience it will be brief and swiftly followed by “suck it up” or “man up!” or similar. Contrast with when a woman complains – we are expected to drop what we are doing, give her our full attention, share her emotional unburdening, agree how simply awful the villains (usually men) of her tale are, and immediately organise to solve her problem for her and in all and every way seek to remove her complaint, the causes of her complaint, and the causes of the causes of her complaint from existence…

        1. Especially if the woman happens to be attractive. Then yes, how unfortunate her life must be and how sincere we men must knuckle up and overturn the unfairness of her current oppression.

        2. It is very difficult to speak up for yourself when you are effectively alone and live in a society that tells you to shut up. RoK gives men a forum to speak.
          A big part of the problem is that other males are brainwashed with the same insane shit. I find it impossible to talk to most men about the ideas or thoughts I have. In fact, I don’t dare. If I do that, I will be marked as “that crazy guy”.
          It is very lonely out here.

        3. I understand, but look at it this way – it is a *good* thing…
          Yes you are alone, but that also makes you a *leader*…. you have a true vision that the brainwashed emasculated men around you lack… don’t be afraid to share it and thereby demonstrate your leadership.
          ZFG is the right way, most great Men were ‘lonely’…

    2. I read an article written by a self proclaimed feminist how she was disappointed that her little niece was more concerned about being pretty than learning math. I think she said the girl was 5. It’s almost as if girls have a natural inclination towards wanting to be pretty.
      Any woman who says she’d rather be smart than pretty is a grade A, class 1 liar!!! They know what’s what. The worst thing that can happen to a woman isn’t rape, as evidenced by the existence of rape fantasies and that many women, in the case of date rape, continue to date their rapist, but pre maturely losing her looks.
      A 13 year old girl committed suicide by jumping off a highway overpass a couple years ago because her father made her shave her head as punishment. A very tragic situation indeed, I’m sure the father is wrecked by guilt, but can you see a boy or man contemplating suicide over having his head shaved?

  2. Imagine being a boy and being told your entire life that you are second
    rate, but that girls are always special and magical and perfect. Is it
    possible that some boys, especially boys with weak or absent fathers,
    begin to wish that they too could become girls?

    To be honest, I was one. I was overexposed to female company between my sisters and my mom, and my dad worked pretty damn hard. When I got in trouble, I got a whuppin’; when my sisters got in trouble, I got a whuppin’ (well, they should have been in trouble – pussy pass starts young, I guess). I took up to three baths a day because I apparently was filthy and stinky. Fighting was always wrong, I had to take it on the chin whenever a woman slighted me, the whole world was dangerous, all the usual noise.
    I spent a lot of time reading, and all the books were either about boys who sucked at everything or girls who were the best at everything (Harry Potter is really both at once).
    Put it all together, and you get a kid who sometimes prayed he’d wake up and it’d all be a dream.

    1. That’s all an unpleasant memory at this point, though. My dad started to pick up on it, and he made a serious effort to be with me more and keep me from all those toxic influences.

      1. I got four boys and two girls. I tell you, it is something you need to consciously check yourself as a parent. Boys tend to rough house more. Girls tend to make more messes, but do so quietly. One of the boys flips off the couch and runs over the baby, he will get yelled at immediately. One of the girls leaves her scattered mess of crayons, and you don’t notice that she walks off. Once you notice, you yell at them to clean up their mess, and they whine that the boys aren’t cleaning, so you make them help 50% of the mess that the girls contributed 80% to.

        1. Close, boys clean up 80% of the mess that the girls contributed 80% to.
          “Honey, I accidentally backed into the garage door and it fell down, can you fix that? Also, the rear fender has a dent in it. Can you take it to an autobody place on your day off? They treat guys better than girls at places like that.”

        2. and they whine that the boys aren’t cleaning, so you make them help 50% of the mess that the girls contributed 80% to.

          That didn’t fly in our house. You did it you clean it.
          I also never started that idiotic “You MUST share YOUR property” bullshit either. You share meals, you share stories, you share love, but if you bought yourself a new toy rocket with money you earned, or you got a Christmas present, those were *yours* and it would be wrong to force you to hand it to other people to “be nice”.

        3. Yup, but the ideal and what does happen aren’t always the same. Often the boys portion of the mess overlaps the girls mess.

        4. I got lucky, my kids worlds rarely intersected when it came to that kind of thing. Where there was overlap, it was clear whose was what, because of habits they had and what they “left behind”. With two it wasn’t so bad but I imagine with more it could become a problem.

        5. Doesn’t happen with six. The girls will drag out craft type stuff, and still be around it, but go on to something else. The toddlers will drag it around and the oldest boy will tumble through it all. he girls will then bring out more crap. The temptation to let them zone out in front of the computer is real, but in the long run, I think dealing with messes and them tearing up stuff is easier than dealing with media created SJWs.

        6. If you don’t get control of that, then your boys will be conditioned to do that for everyone, not just females.
          And your daughters will also be conditioned to do the same only to everyone around them. Not only that they will end up only respecting men that treat them like garbage.
          If anything, it would probably be better to reverse it against the girls.
          A woman that cleans up 80% of her mans’ mess is a prize, a man that cleans up 80% of a womans mess is a slave.

    2. The first books I remember reading were the Hardy Boys. Those dudes had it together. Then at age 8 I started reading Louis L’Amour books. I think those two series insulated me from the girl power. L’Amour always had a very alpha male protagonist and I always wanted to be like them.

    3. That story sounds like psychological conditioning to associate masculinity with pain. I’m sorry man.

  3. Yup, girls can save themselves alright. That is until they totally fuck up their life and are single moms with two kids from two different dads, have credit card debt out the ass, and have crashed into the wall so hard they need peeled off of it. Then they need to come looking for a nice guy to sucker in to help them out.
    There’s nothing like it when good old reality slaps somebody in the face.

  4. Girl power…
    That’s the big lie, demonstrated in only two words!
    The big lie is the inversion of the Platonic noble lie*, the first is something that observably is false and designed to hurt a whole people or in our case a whole race and the second is designed to keep a race or a people from degenerating, and that lie is not observably wrong, only rationally (i.e. it doesn’t deny daily observation).
    Girl power is not though the basis of our system, nor it is the big lie itself, just a mere extention of it. The real lie is that people are equal, it can be refuted by daily observation but nearly all believe and it’s belief holds NO benefit to our society. It only feeds the narcissism of it’s enablers and provides nutrition to it’s recipients and gives some value to the character’s that are far too low to compete or see and understand the real world.
    The religion that it is based upon is that of humanism, the non-theistic religion that puts man in the center of everything and as such provides the moral compass for compassionates and equalists. It enables the lie that acts as fuel to all our modern idealogies. Without humanism also we would have been able to judge the human condition and see it as-it-is and try to improve on it rather than to deify it and consider it holy. Seeing as humanists the diferences between humans, we in the end equalized every human to that of the lowliest being to that of humans with negative worth (i.e. criminals, like murderers, drug lords, thieves etc) and as much as their life worths that is as much yours is worth too… and your loved ones.
    The previous world’s orders (considering Europeans) religion was Christianity, it’s center was the tri-partite God (made up from the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit) with the double nature (The Son is Human and God simultaneously considering his essence, nature and energy), the noble lie here was Christ’s revival (as a Christian I believe it, LITERALLY that means in an as-it-is, so-as-said way, and so SHOULD anyone who calls himself a Christian) and through it the morality of the European man and the system that governed him and made him was based upon. At the start of the fall of that the modern world was starting to born and the NWO (really the Current World Order) started to rise destroying all of the European man’s achievements out of pure humanistic, equality based hate. In Europeans(-descended people) they that lower parts of humanity they so much admire.
    *(Plato’s example was that of the men and women of the city rising from the ground, containing different metals inside them, to justify their social strata and no only the gold class lived as socialists the average person could be told that lived under a libertarian regime with a strong mania to defend the laws, the reason for the rising though was to keep them in that place, as most people back then were nomadic).

    1. You sound like an anarch, someone that doesn’t believe in religion & yet he follows the noble lie knowing that if he doesn’t bad things will come about.
      Your adherence to christianity seems to be based on the fact that it brings ease to you &/or u must originate from a traditional family.
      Is there anything else that makes u believe in the revival of Christ?

      1. Well you know what they say that every law has an exception? That and Faith, real Faith not the type of which one simply writes or wants to hear every two seconds the word God or Jesus, or that gets levelled to the ground because a guy did found natural selection etc. It is a conviction of mine that I consider it cannot be challenged by whatever that I can find, no scientific truth can detect things that are immaterial and so everything finds how the World is made and Run by the immaterial being the highest and most important is the tri-partite, double natured deity.
        I come from a conservative Greek family but they’re not traditionalists and while growing up religion did n’t play that much a role to me one day though after a lot of thought I came to the conclusion that the World cannot make sense without God, and that the Christian is by far the most rational (not the Jewish Yahweh). My conception of the Noble lie is that of the necessary lie that leads to truth without a lengthy tiresome and boring explanation. It simply gives to the masses the reason for belief in the deity the closes to it’s immaterial form the better it becomes.
        For me no lie is noble, but only that which leads to the Truth and the noble lie is exactly that. For it, also, to work the elite* must believe it whole-heartedly. A mathematical example is that of rules that through repetition and action we find them to stand true even if we cannot produce a theoretical affirmation of it, it simply stands true but cannot be proven. The lie that makes us believe that which cannot be true but is true is a noble lie. At least in my conception, building over what Plato said.
        Interesting you mentioned the Anarch I am flattered (I have Eusmeswil but haven’t read it yet), but no I want to think of me as a modern-day aristocrat of the soul, politically I am an extreme traditionalist and for a political system I’d support that of a pan-European ( you may say white) empire that’d rule over the world…
        Lastly, thank you for your intelligent comment and query!
        *(it is a general term and think not of those who manipulate our governments, I ‘d personally say an aristocracy as the word means the rule of the best, what we have is the rule of worst a kakocracy. Their inefficiency is that of morality and excess, their reign that of an anarcho-tyranny a “system” that wants to make sure that a system will not develop, it simply maintains chaos)

        1. Kakocracy is a natural phenomenon, its manifestation suggests that something new will come about, its role is to eat away the credibility of the current institutional power.
          I’m afraid that I can’t foresee true aristrocracy on the horizon, I guess this is a moment in time when christianity can try to reposition itself & try to become what it once was.
          You are a greek then u must know The Eumenides, whatever choice you make you are still damned.
          Patriarchy means putting a lot of things in their rightful place, for the western society to do so christianity must step aside & permit the western men to do their violent duties. Will the Pope & its bishops(I know u’re greek, but western society is mostly catholic) give their blessings, I doubt it. Westerners must fight against their own religious leaders while being led by women(see France & England) that don’t want to be seen as too anti-islamophobic & don’t for women to become housewives again.
          I believe faith is irelevant in this situation cause whether we(you, me, the alt-right, anyone that is against the establishment) choose christinity or not our destinies are set in stone furthermore we should ask ourselves can we reach a higher place when what we leave behind on the material plane is a hellhole?

        2. for me working for creating a material, or contributing to that, hellhole is one of the faster and surer ways to go to hell in the afterlife.
          Most modern Churches do not care for their survival and the Pope cares more for Muslims than Christians.
          I know nothing of the future, even being a pessimist I believe that the white race will survive although not all of it. Still the nations that contributed more to the creation of that hellhole will be done for… by themselves. The rest, for the survivors can be explained as a reaction to the modern world. By that I mean that as we have matriarchy they ‘ll be patriarchy, aristocracy due to kakocracy, monarchy due to democracy etc.

        3. “Still the nations that contributed more to the creation of that hellhole will be done for… by themselves.”
          I’m blown away by how a country as miracolous as France(every house in France holds a story) can reach such low-levels. This is the sort of stuff that makes you give up on life.
          I guess u believe that the surviving whites will be the remaining christian enclaves, from a christian standpoint we are now entering the end times.

        4. I held no respect for the French, they have some good characteristics but they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Utopist that this far outshines them. See Germany they got also a Muslim (migrant, third-worlder etc.) problem, not as serious as France but close still they manage to keep their country relatively safe and able to run, the French? NOT.
          Actually I consider that Chrstianity might give in time birth to an even better religion. Also my end times is the death of the universe… I believe the surviving whites won’t be on enclaves but will reinstate imperial states. The end times by the Christian definition were also the late Roman times, for me today it is only the changing of the paradigm. If we will manage as a species to keep civilization or not that requires something far far far more strong than enclaves.

        5. Patriarchy means putting a lot of things in their rightful place, for the western society to do so christianity must step aside & permit the western men to do their violent duties.

          Not at all, see Middle Ages. The modern Christianism is in its current state partly due to the fact that it lost its own compass and in the case of the Catholic Church, it was infiltrated and poisoned from the inside, to the point that there is no pope (sedevacantist position and I think it is the truth). The next years will be interesting indeed…

        6. I ask you what is true christianity? The hellenistic christianity of Saint Paul is a reformation of the original sect of Israel. Islam is also a new take on the christian sect, the muslim religion is built upon Tora & The New Testament. Neither religions are true expressions of what Christ wanted.
          All I know is that there’s gonna be conflict in the western world & that the catholic bosses will stand against its native people.
          Catholicism will either be assimilated by the muslims or it will be destroyed. It’s impossible to guess who will be the victor, but my guess is that some new form of christianity might arise from the ashes just as mister Varonos predicted.

        7. Islam has elements of Christianity, but in the end their God is not the one described either in the Old or the new Testament anyone who has read the Koran or other Islamic texts can attest to that, regardless of the claims of Muslim scholars. Muslim God is irrational and whimsical, follows no laws in contrast to the Weltanschauung of Christianity represented in a benevolent God with a Universe governed by all sorts of laws… Islam might be the greatest heresy of Christianism but it hardly preserves anything from it besides some anachronistic references, it seems to have absorbed some elements of Nestorianism (another Christian heresy) that were present in Mohammed’s lifetime. Moreover the thesis of a “Paulinist” Christianity as a departure from the original message of Jesus has been debunked by many thinkers already, there is no gap between what happens in the Gospels and what Paul preaches afterwards beyond the fact that Paul is preaching to Gentiles completely unfamiliar with the Jewish religion. Unless you want to imply the Gospels are falsifications, a la Muslim, then that’s a whole new game.
          By the way you seem to ignore that Islam rarely assimilates, rather destroys other beliefs it encounters. Hence even though they have occupied Orthodox lands for centuries, the Orthodox are the ones who have been erased by pogroms, mistreatment and taxes designed to promote conversion; all of this without assimilation of any aspect of the Orthodox Christian religion. I think in the future the very believers are to change the religion to fit their spiritual needs in a collapsing world. In my view the most likely candidate for “mid-wife” religion is Catholicism, after a purge…

        8. You realize Islam protected orthodox christianity from the catholics.
          If the ottomans wouldn’t have conquered EE then the catholics would have & I guarantee you if that would have happened the only place you would have ever heard of orthodoxism are hystory books.
          If islam is as intolerant as you believe it is then why is Middle East the place with the oldest christian churches in the world?
          The orthodox christians have hesychasm, the muslims have sufism, the catholics lost their mytical traditions, the masons were the last bastion of western ezoterism. Catholicism is a religion with no spiritual prowess. You can’t build a religious society without hermits & mystics.
          Sorry to have been so brunt.

        9. most of N. Africa was Christian before the mohameddans appeared. Now what is it?
          What about Lebanon, who suffered a sudden influx of mohameddans after 1948 (hmm why is that)? What happened to that majority Christian nation that once boasted Beirut as ‘Paris of the Middle East? What is Lebanon’s majority religion now?
          Interesting how things change… Paris is now the Beirut of Europe.
          Thanks again mohameddans for all the diversity and vibrancy you bring wherever you go.. well that, head chopping, clitorectomies, enslaving Christians, killing apostates, killing gays, and stuff like that.
          In the end I say Fuck Islam.
          We don’t need them. Their ideology is 100% antithetical to Western Values.
          Numbered of Mohameddans to Make America Great: ZERO.

        10. French have had islamic population much longer than Germany, thanks to Algerians being automatically considered French citizens.
          I guess for some, colonialism wasn’t all that bad.
          What’s interesting is that the 2nd and 3rd generation muslims in France are more radicalized than their immigrant parents and grandparents.
          If Kebab is not removed by any means necessary, Europe is finished.
          If Kebab establishes here we may be finished too.

        11. Islam to be controlled requires:
          1) To conquer Islamic land
          2) To humiliate it’s people
          3) Have them live under you in their place as subordinates
          4) If they rebel kill them all
          Now let’s see what France did:
          1) It considered them as EQUAL citizens
          2) It recognized their religion and respects it as EQUAL to theirs (today higher)
          3) It allowed them to mix into France, hence taking the space of French.
          4) When they rebel the French try to console them.
          I think France did something wrong… I cannot see what that wrong was…

        12. Don’t worry my skin is not thin. Now, on your response…
          Yes, Islam is so tolerant that the Sepulchre Church has been desecrated numerous times, its priests and religious people slaughtered and at least twice demolished, so tolerant that the construction of new churches is forbidden to this day in practically all the countries where Islam prevails and that from a region that once upon a time was mostly Christian, now only two countries in the Levant (Lebanon and Egypt) have significant Christian minorities. Yea, so tolerant that in most places the life of dhimni is one of a 4th or 5th class citizen, in many cases with less rights and opportunities that a Muslim woman (Saudi Arabia…)So tolerant that modern Turkey, once upon a time a Greek dominion and place where the first steps of Christianity were taken and millions of Christians used to live for centuries is now 99.9 Muslim after multiple pogroms and expulsions.
          I can go on but I am sure you catch my drift. Moreover if Catholics attacked Constantinople and the orthodox Greek it was after centuries of betrayal and backstabbing. So there is no right to complain. You made your own bed as Americans say so lie on it. BTW the monastic tradition in the West was as strong in the West as it was in the EAst if not stronger on this side, at least on Vatican II.

        13. Syrians hate the franch for their atrocious occupation, palestianian french-speakers are seen as slave minded people(similar to the house nigger concept)
          Up until recently when the ISIS crisis started, Syria was filled with orthodox churches, syrian churches, armean churches, not even the lazarite missions from the interwar period were destroyed.
          During the Umayad Caliphate the muslims ruled over pagans as well, enven till this day you’ll find yazidis in Irak & Yarsani in Iran.
          Most jews actually consider the Ottoman Empire as the greatest host they ever had. In the past muslims didn’t hold much contempt over the people of the book, they focused their wrath more on the african animism & the hindus.
          Most of the current problems in lebanon have a lot to do with the wahhabis & the jews.
          The greatest problem of the 21st century is the loss of the moral compass that the monotheistic religions once had.
          I don’t believe the muslims will create a new caliphate in Europe & I don’t see the catholics regaining their past glory.
          Their time is over, either a new religion will be born out of them or the atheists will create a new state ideology.

        14. There was never true tolerance in humanity’s past & it will never be, I’m not worried about the muslims(hell this site is run by one), what happens happens no need to worry about it.
          But the “you make your own bed” statement is amusing, the americans bear the most blame for what is going on today in Europe.
          With great power comes great irresponsible abuse of it.

        15. But the “you make your own bed” statement is amusing, the americans bear the most blame for what is going on today in Europe.

          I am not American, and you are right the damage of their intervention but in the End is our fault.

  5. Is girl power the result of social engineering or is girl power something that appears naturally in a comfort-based society?
    Isn’t what we call as social enginnering nothing else but the natural artistic expresion of soft men?
    Is Soros causing this or taking advantage of the situation?
    Does having weak cucks as enemies says anything about us?
    Is this new right wing wave the precursor of a new masculinity era or are we nothing but chickens pretending to be dinosaurs?

    1. Yeah we’re not allowed to physically beat or seriously debate the cucks and degenerates or else we all go to jail or disappear….

      1. All masochists will receive what they truly desire, the question is who will be the ones that will deal the blow to them?
        Liberals need severe punishment, I don’t think christianity and traditional values will permit the conservatives to do to them what is necessary to make them stop, this is what I mean by being soft.

        1. Essentially, we have standards, morals and rules. They don’t.
          I will say though, that I’ve noted a significant subculture of Christians who are tired of taking the left’s shit. I don’t think the left will know what to do if the right ever stops playing nice.

  6. “The Alien series was groundbreaking in that it featured a female heroine.”
    Indeed it was.
    “All the males in the series are weak or evil.”
    Nonsense. Regardless of Ripley being the protagonist and heroine, there are plenty of courageous, principled, honorable male characters in the first 3 movies.
    Alien – all men (except for the android, Ash) display courage to varying degrees as well as flaws (they’re balanced characters, not perfect human beings).
    Aliens – there is 1 evil man (Burke) and the rest show courage and heroism. Only Lt. Gorman and Pte. Hudson show cowardice early on before later redeeming themselves. Ripley kept alive by male protection (first Hicks, then the android Bishop).
    Alien 3 – a variety of evil men and good men of varying strength. Ripley is kept alive due to male protection.

  7. I was discussing this observation with my wife about a week ago. Has anyone else noticed the fire in children’s eyes have been dulled in recent years? This is more prominent in boys, who seem to be absent in spirit.
    Michael, as you probably already know (or done so already) your son needs to either (1) stop watching TV before that fire is extinguished or (2) teach him how to he is being manipulated so he can defend himself.

    1. I saw the spark evaporate from many a poeple’s faces. I think that is the effect of the programming they receive from T.V. daily. I stopped watching T.V. 10 years ago to the point that my friends are baffled that i don’t know what this superstar or that whore or whatever , did recently. I recommend everyone to stop watching T.V. , you receive absolutely NOTHING worth a damn from it.
      How can kids have sparks in their eyes when all they see is death , tragedies and degeneracy ?
      They lose all hope when they think that what the media feeds them is reality all around. It saddens me …

      1. I ‘d add only that maybe everyday life has become too cumbersome with new non-problems arriving every day while real-problems are ignored it started to really tire people. For example in Greece I got a months to see people smiling on the road…
        Indoctrination led to the situations that caused the loss of the spark of the want of life. What is there to want or await for?

        1. Sad to see Greeks going with the flow of the Globalist agenda. When pedo-merrage was legalized in Greece, I couldnt believe it was Greece it happened in. Greece! That gave Russia its foundation in Orthodoxy, Arts, and Science…

        2. Actually homo-marriage wasn’t legalised, they just extended cohabition contracts to homosexuals, it’s lower than political marriage, they wouldn’t be able to do it otherwise, the thing is no one really believed that the government would do it.
          The problem in Greece with globalism is centered in two things:
          a) Enabling the migrant crisis. ’nuff said.
          b) Overt materialism and erotomania, honestly most Greeks my age (23) think only of sex.
          The only good thing in months was that people started to get pissed of with migrants! the reason was that they threw to police spinach-rice because they were not satisfied with that food… which could be said to be halal, even diehard leftists started to speak against them.
          Still I don’t hold any hopes for the future…
          Anyway it is more than sad that Greece that gave the light to two civilizations is in it’s modern state.
          For more in Greece read my article, published in returnofkings:

          How Did The Situation In Greece Get To Be So Bad?

    2. I have noticed and have tried to combat it, at least locally, by getting some wooden swords out to the boys on my street. They need to get off the gaming systems where they make heroes swing digital swords and get into their backyards while swinging the real thing (well, as real as a wooden sword is). Battling each other or even imaginary hordes of the undead will put more fire in their eyes and in their bellies than gaming or tv ever will. I admit, I am a gamer and I like my games, but no game can match the feeling of walking into the backyard with six feet of red oak in the shape of a massive sword and swinging that thing around for a good twenty minutes. The only thing better is breaking out the shinai and going it with another person willing to spar.
      Lately I have taken to dropping of smaller swords at the parks near my home, but I am quickly running out of money. Trying to sell them doesn’t work well, as most adults view a wooden sword as ‘too dangerous’ for a young boy, and it probably is, which is exactly why they need it. Nothing a like a few good knots and bruises to build character! I may start a Patreon or something to get some additional funds, I dunno.

      1. I like how you leave the swords.
        Instant recall to “sean connery” picking swords category on celebrity jeopardy

        1. Ah yes, Connery and Trebek. Classic SNL skits….
          “This is the sound a dog makes. Sean Connery?”
          “No, no a dog does not say moo.”
          “That’s not what your mother said last night….”

    3. Not engaging children is one problem. I see Moms and Dads on their phones while the poor kids are losing precious time for human connection.

  8. Rogue One (I read the book) wasn’t as big on girl power as I thought it would be. Sure one of the main characters is female but she has to be bailed out by her male companions several times. Shoot, at the end of the book she almost failed but was rescued by a man. Her mom tried to be a strong woman and got killed for it. The main influences in her life were her biological father and the man who raised her.
    It raises my hopes that maybe we will get, if not totally red pill stories, at least stories that are not all grrrrrrlll power.

        1. Three words, and you made the perfect retort.
          Well played sir.

      1. There are plenty of those. I was just pointing out that in this particular instance a series that had just went all feminazi was actually portraying a fairly realistic story.

  9. I’m noticing a pattern developing among the top female stars in Hollywood…purely coincidental, I’m quite sure –
    Angelina Jolie – Has adopted children of various races and nationalities; rides the cock carousel; is openly bisexual; is outspoken about social justice issues to the point of activism; believes there is a global epidemic of violence against women.
    Jennifer Lawrence – Has pets; rides the cock carousel; has played bisexual women in films; is outspoken about social justice issues to the point of activism; believes it should be illegal to call someone fat.
    Charlize Theron – Has adopted children of various races and nationalities; rides the cock carousel; has played bisexual women in films; is outspoken about social justice issues to the point of activism; believes in strict gun control.
    Scarlett Johansson – Has pets; rides the cock carousel; has played bisexual women in films; is outspoken about social justice issues to the point of activism; believes monogamy isn’t natural.
    Natalie Portman – Has pets; rides the cock carousel; is openly bisexual; is outspoken about social justice issues to the point of activism; believes in gay marriage.

      1. they showed YOU tit. They showed (and did) a lot more than that behind the scenes.

        1. wow, they look so mortified at being mentioned for something they willingly did and were paid for like it is a big secret.

        2. I mean MAYBE if he was singing about the people whose phones were hacked and didn’t intentionally put it out there, only incidentally through stupidity, but he is talking about movies that were like huge fucking blockbusters and they all look like he is revealing a big secret.

        3. its interesting that the shaved head sends them to the “would not bang” basket – for me.
          Is it me that’s shallow Hal, or them?

        4. Well he called them out for being ho’s. That’s where the shock came from. And even Jennifer Lawrence was grease painted in X men.

    1. It’s as coincidental as my neighbor’s kid becoming a crackhead commie faggot after 2 periods of “social studies” in some shady college.

      1. It’s not a (((coincidence))) there, no he just saw the (((truth))) and realized that becoming junky loser was the true path to (((enlightenment))).

        1. And the worst part is, he’ll probably get some teaching job and pass the ideology ahead.

        2. My undergrad recently opened a “center for diversity interfaith and inclusion.” I have zero desire to donate to a multicult doubleplus lefthink indoctrination mill. Wish more graduates would stop donating to colleges that have gone full leftoid. It’s not like the grimy hippie grads in my generation have any money anyway.

        1. I grew up with a guy named Bob Smith. He used to get drunk and randomly pick fights with people. But we all loved him.
          Bob… is it you?

        2. Could be. I’ll bet if that’s the case, the guy in the photo who was slurping “her” equipment got a hell of a shock (or…maybe he liked it).

      1. The Hippies have a enormous amount of blame for the current degradation of today’s society. This is why it is so important to take down the current batch of SJW’s and FAR LEFT Extremists before further damage is done.

        1. What you really mean is it is important to take us all back to the 18th Century at the very least so men are not forced to see women as equals…. DON’T you?

    2. It’s fucking weird because I’m an ice cold rational guy, but I’m starting to truly believe some conspiracies in the world. Specifically the media as a weapon to demoralise and atomise the people.
      There’s no other explaination for what I see

      1. “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”
        Stone cold rational here too, and I’ve also come round to the conclusion at least *some* conspiracy theories must have something to them. And yes, the media agenda is palpably overt and must have something behind it.

        1. I’m convinced that about half of conspiracy theories are completely bogus. Of the remainder, some fraction are partly true but overblown to make conspiracies seem ludicrous, and the rest are real.
          What conspiracies belong in what category, it’s really hard to say. But it’s in the best interests of those who do conspire to make any accusations seem crazy, even if only through brainwashing rhetoric.

        2. The Mitrokhin archive cures the craziest conspiracy thinking. The soviets were actual conspirators and things went sideways all the time. To believe in conspiracies past a certain point is to overestimate some men as being supernatural.
          Past a point mind, because conspiracies do exist, just not like we picture it. I suspect most of those that do are more like the NICE in That Hideous Strength by CS Lewis. Small men with small ambitions being lured into increasingly shitty behavior by only a very few with real power.

        3. Case in point: DNC has been packed with conspiracies. Between now-deceased whistleblowers and massive incompetence (who runs a conspiracy with the password “password”?), we now know.
          Some of their conspiracies panned out pretty well, it seems. Some failed dismally, but so long as no one knew things were okay. And most were small ambitions of small men.

        4. No need for conspiracy theories. Humans are able to destroy themself – there is a lot irrationality in their mindset.
          Usually described as “sinful beeings”

      2. That conspiracy was exposed the moment this site was attacked last year for promoting rape specifically when meet ups with men were about to happen.

        1. One of the final pieces in the puzzle for me too! The same day I stopped lurking and started posting…

        2. LOL indeed!
          But poking libtards is *always* fun! I take every opportunity… Even got myself a “Make America Great Again” cap, despite living in England, to wear out and watch the fucking lefty twats froth…

        3. I’m pretty sure England is fucked beyond repair, although that there was enough of us to vote Brexit gives me a small hope.
          For the most part though our population is now loud, obnoxious, snotty, slutty womyn, and emasculated low-testosterone 90lb hipster manlets… The country also reeks of cultural Marxism and lefty insanity.
          We used to be pretty fucking great though, and you can still see glimpses of That here and there…

        4. Just checked in on the U.K. Currency. It is almost dollar to pound in exact measurement! U.K. Has fallen greatly if the specs have it at 1-1.25.

        5. I think Similar to the States in that the Leftists congregate in the big cities.
          You should totally visit Bradford! It is quite beautiful and there are remnants of masculinity in Yorkshire!

        6. Thanks for the info. My family comes from there and there’s a certain Hall there that is my ancestral home. One of my ancestors was a soldier with William the Conqueror and was given that land as payment.

        7. Consequence of the Brexit we are told. Although hard to square with the uplift in our economic growth (best in Europe) since we flicked the finger at the faceless spineless cucked Eurocrats last year!
          I am hoping our dreary PM, Theresa May(be) will keep courting the Donald and make Anglo-American Relations Great Again!

        8. Of course when Marinne Le Pen is elected President in France soon, and the EU collapses shortly thereafter, and the Euro plummets down the satanic black hole of the Eurocrats collective arsehole… We’ll see how sterling is doing then Old chaps!

        9. You know the last time I was in London was when the debate about busing the euro was going strong. I got to my hotel room in Russell Square and I was watching tv and they had a commercial with hitler doing the famous rabbit dog spit screaming “ein volk, ein reich, ein fuhrer” but they dubbed out “fuhrer” and replaced it with “euro”
          I guess this was like 2000 or ’01 and I remember thinking how fucking bad ass the brits were

        10. Gross overstatement, but it seems like the two most common flavors of Englishmen are elderly crank(of all ages) and Evil Bastard.

        11. Ironically the Brits used to have the freest newspapers in the world, freer than ours. They were open about political alignments and in vicious competition (not just 1-3 giant mono Dailies being collegial). They were metal as hell.

        12. You are really awesome. I want to get Nigel Farage hat and we are it in Buffalo NY. Brexit maybe?

        13. Not sure such things exist! But what a great idea… I’ll have a look and let you know…

        14. Yeah, really slim pickings…
          Best I could find was some Brexit T-shirts on Amazon (UK… Maybe reached .com) and a Nigel Farage mug…

        15. For sure, though sadly there are steadily less of us as the next generation are apparently mainly estrogen-filled 90lb hipster manlets with ironic beards and bull-dyke girlfriends telling them what to think, do, and purchase…

        16. Have you seen that extended advert for “women can” – paid for by the national lottery – its pure sexism.

        17. I try not to watch that shit, but have seen similar. The whole culture in the UK is pussy pedestalisation on steroids….

      3. Women emulate those female Hollywood stars. Which explains the epidemic of SJW behavior among women. Coincidence? I think not.

      4. Im my gym they play in a loop “Modern Family” and “Ellen DeGenerate” show. In my apartment building there’s a display in the elevator on which they show some charity commercial about helping third-world – non-stop. So damn annoying. Of course it is planned.

        1. Yes! At what point did TV’s get introduced into the gym anyways? Some of the best workouts I’ve had over the last 25 years have been when the music wasn’t even playing… just the sound of iron clinking around and everybody puttin’ in work.

        2. Ronnie Coleman said he never trains with music. He wants to hear the weights. That’s his music

        3. I have to wear earphones at my gym. For some freaking reason, all they play is that crappy millennial garbage music nonstop of nothing but either black guys, black girls, or white Illuminati females whaling stupid lyrics such as “call me on my celll phonneee”. It’s not even music, I had to ask the person at the front desk why they play that garbage. It’s not music a person can even workout to. But I did notice none of the music features any white male singers.

        4. I live down the street from where Ronnie Coleman trains. He’s a Monster of Mass muscle, for sure!

        5. Sure is: and a humble and decent man too. I’m a big fan of his yeah buddy

        6. Yeah I don’t understand people that wear big clunky headphones while they train. If you need music to get you through your work-out that’s a problem.
          Not only that, you need your ears. They provide balance and valuable feedback information about your body’s position in time and space. Why deny yourself one of your most important senses? It will limit what you can do.

        7. nah man, he is making his come back. I follow him on Instagram. He is working hard…he will never compete again but he looks great for all he has been through.

        8. You don’t have to wear earphones. You can’t hear that shit if you choose not to. Mind over matter my brother.
          Btw. Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake were white guys last I checked 😉

        9. I don’t get it either. I have the jaybirds which I love and when I deadlift I put on a hoodie to kind of block out everything.

        10. It’s great. I just went back to the nice gym. The talent there is absurd.

        11. the guy is an 8 time MR Olympia he isn’t competing in the handicapped division. Also, I think he is out of the chair now. I just saw a video of him doing leg presses with 8 plates like it was cotton candy. Granted, that isn’t what he was doing before injuries by a long shot but still.

        12. Depends on whether he is handicapped doesn’t it? And how much he wants to compete. Plenty of professional footballers play in Master’s leagues after they leave the pros. They like the competition and like to stay active.

      5. What’s great about that theory is it doesn’t even have to be a full-on conspiracy. You create a system with extreme power over other people, and you can expect to attract people who want (but don’t merit and can’t be trusted with) that power.
        Some of them even admit they see their jobs as telling people what to believe. How much of that is the result of various conspiracies and how much is just assholes with power, who can say?

        1. I’m not even sure it’s necessarily a conspiracy, more emergent phenomenon, with flavour of conspiracy. It’s about an elite’s quest for power

      6. “media as a weapon”
        The media is what brought me to discover the Red Pill, not women like most guys. For my 10th birthday, my parents got me MAD magazine. I loved the jokes, but over the two years that I had that magazine, I realized that they were conditioning you to be a leftist. Every single joke was making fun of the traditional American lifestyle, and supporting the SJW narrative.

        1. As mentioned before, my “awakening” began about the age of 12. It occurred to me even then the multitude of double-standards that existed and that while making fun or being critical of men was deemed funny and socially acceptable, doing the same to women was shouted down as sexism.

        2. See, that’s the miss. Make fun of EVERYBODY, because we are all funny. I have old cracked and mad magazines from the 60s that are brutal to everyone.

      7. MSNBC host admits that controlling what people think is “our job” (the media’s job) – and not Trump’s; which is why they object to Trump screaming about all the fake news. 44-second clip, watch it to the end. Wow. She just admitted what the media’s job is –

        1. Exactly. Somebody’s going to get a paid six-week vacation. And a refresher course in Appropriate Media-Employee Behavior.

      8. It’s not a conspiracy. Liberals are just being liberals. The problems come when they are given power. Which they can’t help but abuse.

      9. The Children of God believe that the evil that we see is a direct connection to Satan himself and that we are living in the last days..There’s no going back and it will only get worse.

      10. I’m still skeptical, here’s why:
        Since i work in online advertising, I know that headlines are what garner clicks and make money for the news sites. The freaky or furious headline makes the most money. (That’s why the liberal media were idiots. They got tons of ad revenue putting Trump in the title, but also made him more famous each time.) We also know that ratings are measured and dictate the amount an advertiser must spend for a spot during a tv show.
        Now we know that women spend an average of $900,000 more than men do in their lifetimes: They spend a lot more money than men do. Advertisers know this.
        So now that we have liberated women and set them free on the economy, they are directing their “clicks” views, and voting with their dollars on what they want: female stuff. Female products, female headlines, stories, narratives, commercials, etc. I’ve worked on shows that were written specifically to build a female audience to attract specific advertisers!
        So I just believe it’s a snowball. Movies, media, products, news, college classes and music will just be more and more geared toward that enormous buying power that women now have.
        The only thing we can do is stop enabling them. Or Red pill the whole society. Show the ugly loneliness of the cat lady syndrome.
        Or maybe convert everybody to some hardcore christianity or something.

        1. “Show the ugly loneliness of the cat lady syndrome.”
          In my opinion, this is the only solution to this slut culture. Just like how they take young, arrogant punks into the prison to “scare them straight”, young, vapid sluts need to see the endgame of the cock carousel. I know several extremely miserable (former) sluts who didn’t know how their story would end. I’m sure in retrospect it seems obvious but they just simply didn’t know. I’m not sure how to get the word out but if more young girls could see the outcome, I’m sure they would be willing to settle down with the first quality man they meet instead of waiting out for the “best they can get.”

        2. My prediction is that unless something major happens that wipes out a good portion of the population, 20-30 years from now, there will be an epidemic of depressed 50 and 60 year old females that traded “careers” for children or thought they could put off having kids until 45 only realizing they can’t get pregnant. You’ll have a depressed population of females that will realize that they missed out on motherhood and will never know what’s like to have a biological child. They’ll realize they “took the bate” when the mainstream media hollywood outlets brainwashed them into thinking it was trendy to ride the cock carousel and not have kids and pretend to be like “jennifer aniston”.

        3. I am a hardcore Catholic and think the Pope is a cucked Masonic Commie Fag….but that’s just me….

      11. once you know what cultural marxism is, a simple look on the behaviour of media, hollywood, NGO, politician is enough to convince one that there’s a conspiracy

      12. there was a movie with Mila Kunis where aliens harvested the population to extract a secret ingredient for longevity….. perhaps we are all just farm animals. I find it hard to believe that the technology for anti gravity engines, FTL, teleporters etc. is really that hard to put together. It is a prison planet.

        1. I don’t have children. As long as there is a crop of 18-28 year old girls with daddy issues I’ll be fine

      13. Totally; this is no delusion. What you mention is but one key reason why I came to ROK (and other rational sources) 13 months ago (not for confirmation bias, but for balance/fact/reason)…and why I dumped my new York Times subscription after 20+ years.
        I have completely “reset” my media diet. The larger truth is being buried in the mainstream press when it comes to white western males. I consider myself to be well-read across the left/right/center press (and US/International press), and the agenda is clear, and stands out in sharper relief than ever before.

      14. Welcome to the club. Just keep in mind three things
        1. A lot of disinformation out there, some intentional by the conspirators, some by morons, some accidental, some by charlatans trying to make a name, etc.
        2. This is complex, there are many players, keep an open mind, have good friends, don’t let it get to you. Some of the really real stuff can drive you into a psychotic rage, make sure you have outlets. This is a marathon, not a sprint.
        3. You have plenty of allies. We are all targeted for slavery and/or extermination. Contrary to WN speculation, there is no one master race in charge of anything. Good people are everywhere.

      15. Look at the Matrix-style coordination of the media against Roosh’s meetup. Dozens of outlets around the world all printing a virtually identical story.

        1. thats just because some jewish clubs own the hollywood productions companies.

      1. Jolie looks like some member of her family has to be a part of the tribe also. That alien look is a dead giveaway

    3. Women in general are more prone to bisexual tendencies than men by far. And it is related to female hypergamy. Since women evolved to share men as part of a harem, it is theorized that women engaged in sexual relations with one another as a kind of social bonding with their sister wives to keep the peace and to signal to the man availability for sex. Women who had close bonds with the other women in the harem had a better chance of their offspring surviving as the other women would be willing to help look after her offspring. This also was in the case of an absent father, say if the woman bore a child via rape and the man moved on or if he was killed or whatever.
      You’ll notice that women are much more open to homosexuality than are men. I’ve always thought that a woman could be considered straight even if she has engaged in sexual relations with a woman or even if she does it from time to time as long as her primary sexual attraction is towards men and she prefers emotional relationships with men. She doesn’t want to marry a woman or be in a LTR with a woman.
      A true bisexual woman is usually distinct by preferring emotional relationships with either sex, rather than just the act. She could see herself “marrying” another woman or being long term with one and is more or less equally sexually attracted to both sexes.
      Lesbians are distinct because they have brain structures and arousal patterns similar to straight men. These women, for lack of a better word, are normally masculine, even in appearance

    4. Oh no not Natalie Portman too…
      Interesting the article mentions Game of Thrones. The books are nothing like the series. Brienne is nothing like the superhero she appears in the show. In fact, while looking for the Hound (she never fights him) she gets royally fucked up by an outlaw.
      More to the point, Theon and his lesbian sister pretty much disappear. His sister shows up from time to time but she’s not the “‘ard man” she appears in the show.
      The constant homosexuality doesn’t appear in the books.
      Speaking of which, Vikings turns homo in the fourth season. There is a constant effort through media to convince us that women are men and everyone is bisexual. The Vikings show teaches us that women fought in battle alongside men. Nope never happened ever. Viking societies had strictly defined sex roles and you didn’t cross the line if you valued your life.
      Beside which, a woman fighting a man in battle is like you fighting a chimp. A bad fucking idea.

      1. It permeates everything these days – sitcoms, original cable series, network TV series, movies, books, news articles. Must just be a coincidence though. Or no, it’s what the people want. That’s it. Heh.

    5. North Korea would be doing the world a favour if he let one of his nukes off over Hollywood!
      Hollywood is the biggest threat to this planet cause everyone is plugged into the TV. These brainwashing shows such as ‘Sex and the City,’ are on year after year for a reason…

  10. it began well.
    my first sexual experience:

    you young guys don’t know what it was like back then

    1. Ripley at least, in Alien and Aliens might have been an “empowered” woman but she also was the “mother” of the crew she was just a strong and resolute and loving “mother” to them and later to the soldiers, there she also adopts a child. Alien 2 was when things started to go out of hand… and Alien 3 was a disaster into which everyone is a terrible human being… literally.
      That strip scene was also my first sexual experience and need to point out that Weaver’s body is… uninspiring, as her face is also too manly but oh boy she was full woman!

      1. I’m so lucky my first memory of that type was Tatiana Romanoff in From Russia with Love. Cause sigourney weaver in that is…not great.

      2. I loved her more in Alien, where she was basically viewed as the diversity hire taking up precious oxygen. Set her up as totally ineffectual, then watch her struggle to remain the only survivor of the Nostromo. Bonus points for offing the action hero captain and macho mechanic types, making it look more like luck that anyone survived at all.
        That’s how you make a scary alien. Unstoppable machine of death defeated primarily by luck.

        1. What freaked me out is the whole facehugger impregnating stuff. The thought of some kind of space spider grabbing my face and sticking its schlong down my throat. *shivers*

        2. She of course doesn’t survive in the original script. The Alien rips her head off and posts a log entry in her voice. 😀

      3. I think the series builds her character to not spoil the suspension of disbelief though. In the first movie she’s one of the more logical people in the room but is hardly an action star. In the second she’s again one of the more logical people in the room but she learns how to operate heavy machinery. She can “drive that loader”. It isn’t like Black Widow who randomly runs up to guys with guns and wraps her legs around their necks to acrobatically take them down. It isn’t like Denise Richards playing a “Nuclear Physicist”. Weaver, being somewhat masculine and deadpan herself, can sell being able to sound like a logical person. At the end of Aliens, yeah, suspension of disbelief. Taping a machine gun and a grenade launcher together and single-handedly killing lots of Xenomorphs was kind of a stretch. The movie obsessively built up to this by demonstrating every piece of equipment up until then and then fired everything for the finale. Because that’s how James Cameron does movies. Build-up. Pay off.

    2. Sigourney’s character in Alien isn’t a repulsive feminist because she still retains female character traits…like having to save her cat from the monster which is a motherly trait.
      In addition to that, she gets emotional at times which makes her a real woman, unlike the female characters you see nowadays which don’t have any womanly traits.

  11. Simple solution is to not let the messed up “Girl Power” themes become profitable. Spend your money on themes that reinforce traditional roles.

  12. If anything the risks from this disastrous social engineering experiment are understated.
    Imagine, if you will, the armies of the West in the not-too-distant future comprised of these brave, strong, empowered(™) young women. Remember that by now the socially engineered Beta Manlets have all been programmed to accept girls as the fighters and protectors of society…
    Invading armies will have not the slightest hint of a problem dealing with the brave empowered(™) armies of the West… just imagine the shock on the faces of the you-go-grrrrrls as they discover their hardest blows make the Invaders laugh, and the even bigger shock on the faces of the flaccid, emasculated, testosterone-free 90lb Manlets as they realise their empowered women(™) are not going to be able to protect them from the brutal arse-raping they are about to get….

    1. i just don’t think people understand biologically how much stronger men are than women. Steven Crowder just did a video on this where he had the typical pussy looking scrawny guy arm wrestle a women that did cross fit and the man beat her at both arms. I mean Ronda Rowsy was the figure head of this girl power thing, and she is only 135 pounds, im just your average guy and i outweigh her by 60 lbs.

      1. That’s right. People used to, in fact it was stating the patently obvious, but we now see the strength of the social engineering brainwashing where an entire generation is growing up to think women have the abilities of ‘the Black Widow’ in Avengers and that nonsense character from the latest Star Wars.
        Anyone who lifts, or does Martial Arts, sees how absurdly outgunned women actually are physically and as a fighter…

  13. Excellent article. So much truth in it , i’m glad that there are other people in this world that see social engineering even in cartoons , starting at a young age. Many people don’t see this , they accuse you of paranoia if you point it out.

  14. I wrote a blog post a while back that basically broke down to “The badass girl meme has been overplayed. Where it used to be an uncommon and ‘cool’ thing with Ripley from Aliens and Samus Aran from Metroid, but it’s no longer an uncommon thing because its EVERYWHERE. And like anything, when you get too much of it, it becomes worthless.”
    Now every TV show and movie must have it’s prerequisite bad girl who can take down guys double her weight and triple her strength. In some cases it can be believable if they are talking about a super-powered human or cyborg, but in some cases its just too much to take in (Agents of SHIELD suffers from this with it’s Agent May).
    Game developers and movie producers that dare create female characters that need the aid of a man are instantly derided and harassed for not being down with the struggle to bring down the patriarchy. It’s ridiculous and its even more ridiculous when these companies cave to a small pocket of whiny people who will likely never play their game or ever see their movie.
    And I only need to know about one girl mechanic…..

    1. The sexy girl mechanic from Final Fantasy of course doesn’t exist in reality. Are you saying that she is an example of girl power? I was under the impression that she was considered to be an example of the game’s “problematic masculinity” with “women as background decoration”.

      1. Ha, ha, nope, just a good example of digital eye candy, as none of the other girls mentioned in the article exist either. Interesting that all the’ girl power girls’ only exist in imaginary worlds, yes? I just think they did a really good job on this particular bundle of 1’s and 0’s.
        It’s disturbing, though, that originally Square-Enix had fought back against the SJW’s that complained about FF15 having only the men as playable characters by saying the story is about brotherhood and they weren’t going to change it, but they are now considering adding female playable characters as well, which looks to me like they are caving. As a side story it would work, as it looks like they are doing side stories for the three fiends of the main character, but if they integrate the ladies into the main storyline I will be highly disappointed. I’m only into the game a few hours but it is VERY masculine and reminiscent of movies like Stand by Me and The Sandlot. The interaction between the four main characters reminds me very much of my time in high school when my buddies and I would go camping near the river and do stupid things like swing swords and snipe targets with our bb-guns. It also does a great job of nailing down guy-to-guy banter that REALLY reminds me of my time in high school.

  15. girl power is an oxymoron aimed at turning the world upside down so that it is no longer an oxymoron
    The baphomet has breasts. The above must become the below, and the upward pointing triangle denoting the fire of the male gender must rotate until it points downwards and denotes the opposite. A downward pointing triangle symbolises the vulva, the yoni, the material or earthly realm, and that is where we are supposed to be going.
    Until you appreciate the above you cannot understand the nature of the social engineering programme undertaken by the elites

  16. Another example, the walking dead. Carol, the skinny cancer survivor who used to have her ass whooped by her husband is now the baddest ass in the whole show. Living like a super-hero with a conscience crisis (she kills but doesn’t like it, is there anything less than super-perfect about her?) she still is the most love character of them all and who doubts she’ll rise from her perfect white picket fence, eating her king cobblers, only to lead the army that Rick is assembling against the Saviors? Heck, I wouldn’t doubt if she singlehandedly finds a tactical nuke and send it to Neegan’s fortress, to kill all the meanies without losing one single good guy.

    1. The first season and a half of that show was good. After that it became Team Diversity, All Evil People Are White Males and Grrl Power. I stopped pretty soon in. If it had stuck to the premise and outline of the first season it could have been a hell of a show. Too bad.

    2. Yes. Theure all begging for her help because shes so much tougher, smarter, and just better at killing anything than several dozen men.
      True leap from reality

    3. To defeat Neegan, all they need to do is move 100 miles further away from his base. Stupid program!

  17. I still remember the first time I noticed crap like what was mentioned in the article.
    Being a fan of He-Man, I watched the first couple of episodes that introduced the adventures of his sister, She-Ra. In all the episodes He-Man, who had never been defeated on his home world was shown as foolish and incompetent. Even my six/seven year old self called bullshit back then.

  18. This is where we’re headed.
    “The main complaint from Israeli men is the fear that too many women are using accusations of sexual harassment and even attempted rape as an instrument of manipulation and intimidation. If a woman makes false accusations of sexual assault, it’s up to the man to prove it’s not true. Accuse a man of theft and you have to prove it, accuse him of rape and there’s no presumption of innocence. A woman who fabricates such allegations faces no legal repercussions, and so risks nothing, while a man’s life and reputation could be irrevocably destroyed.
    RT Doc meets Israeli men who have been victimised by malicious falsehood. The accusers may be total strangers or former partners but these men learned the hard way that innocence alone is not always a defence. Even though the laws may have been designed to promote equality, there will always be people willing and eager to take advantage. Lady Justice is meant to be blind but in Israel, she’s no stranger to female solidarity!”

    1. Not just rape accusation. The whole workplace harassment scare going on has guys being fired on accusations while less deserving women stand in line to get promoted to the guys old position. While no legal proceedings took place, it has some serious financial consequences.

      1. You nailed that whore but good. And I can attest that often the strong, disciplined, productive male doesn’t even have to leave the job anymore. As more women are put in leadership positions, and as other women are hired to fill the rank and file jobs, the very principles that lead to success get completely tossed to the wayside. It used to be that a manager would say, “Give me someone with drive and ambition who takes pride in his work and is willing to put in the time it takes to become great”. But that mindset is disappearing, at least from my corner of the private sector. Now it’s more like, “Give me the most passive aggressive, the most effective backstabber, the person who can collect the most office gossip and pass it on to me”. Now is a better time than ever to move into a skilled trade, or hone your entrepreneurial skills and try to go it alone.

  19. The Alien series was groundbreaking in that it featured a female heroine. All the males in the series are weak or evil.

    Going to have to disagree here. Carrie Fisher predates Sigorney Weaver in the first Star Wars movie (chronologically the first one I mean). She was a gun shooting, rope swinging, smart alek type. Also, some of the females in the original Bond films were no pushovers (although a lot of them were only there to be bedded).
    I also believe that Alien had plenty of solid male leads. Yes, the robot was programmed wrong and turned bad in the first one, but most of the other male characters were strong in their own right. This was an alien for God’s sake, it was the “bad guy” and given as the Aliens seem to reproduce similar to bees (eggs, servants, a “queen”, etc), likely it was female as well. Further, RIpley (in the first one) didn’t succeed by Girrrlll Pwrrr, she won because she was good at sneaking, hiding and being scared until the point she could unhitch the air dock and blow the fucker into the void.
    Aliens (note the s) had a slew of strong male leads, and a couple of wimpy ones too. In that Ripley was a strong woman, but in a traditional sense, insofar as she was working off of her mothering instincts trying to protect the child and didn’t posses these amazing “super powers” that all women in films have these days. If not for that exoskeleton (engineered no doubt by men) she’d have been toast.
    The rest of the article, totally agree.

  20. Hey, how about a list of older cartoons (I’ve plenty of children’s books, such as ‘The Smalls’ and ‘Miss Suzy’ that promote traditional gender roles) with great male role models? The Batman animated series, Gargoyles, and Golden Age Disney are the only ones I can think of.

    1. Samurai Jack didn’t seem to have a lot of time for Grrl Power. It focused, as I recall, on him acting with honor, dignity and quiet contemplation, but also being a bad ass when required. He was a very good role model for young boys if I remember everything about him correctly.

      1. I heard Jack is coming back to wrap up the series. No cable here so I’m not positive this is true….And I wonder how adult swim will treat it following the MDE fiasco. Too bad they have so many whiny bitches on their payroll.

    2. Hey Rachel.
      Not just for kids, but they’re fun for adults to watch too!
      Go to youtube and check out “wolf and rabbit”, “bolek i lolek” and popeye.
      I also liked The Masters of the Universe He Man because that show never took itself too seriously but often imparted meaningful messages and enjoyed traditional masculinity without going gay.
      I remember fondly playing with “GI Joe” action figures and didn’t think of them as dolls. My sisters and I could play with them. Fond memories and there was no hostility between the genders back then. Just kids playing with the same toys, often, but in different ways.

      1. Could you imagine? Asking for the Ghostbusters and instead getting a fat chick, a gorilla, and a washed up “comedian” dressed in sanitation suits instead.

        1. Hey man, without getting too personal, what part of the state are you from? And are you still here? Too bad the meetups failed last year, I would have liked to know more of my Buckeye allies.
          I’m in NEO. Feel free to leave it that vague if you wish, or ignore me altogether if you wanna be a dick about it XD

  21. To paraphrase Samuel Johnson: Nature has already given women so much power the law dare not give them any more.

    1. In a welfare state, women appear to have tremendous power because the abillity to bear children is immensely powerful when others are responsible for the burden of providing for them.
      Out in the forest, being a doe taking care of offspring is a liability. The buck can run off and hide if a pack of wolves appears but the doe strives to protect her young.
      The beta male is the foundation of modern humanity and evolution. When men participated in raising their young and had a stake in helping to protect their offspring, spouse and tribe, they developed tools to fight other men, to improve their living conditions, and to even appreciate life (art).
      No wonder the modern leftist media is such trash. Just as with everything else that’s devolving, art is no exception.

  22. Off topic, but is anyone else having ridiculous problems lately with unwanted redirects to those spammy “YOUR ANDROID DEVICE MAY HAVE 14 VIRUSES” pages damn near every time they try to open an article here? I honestly don’t know if it’s my phone, or if ROK is just getting hard up for cash…I hope it’s just my device. I’d rather go back to the old Deus Vult insanity than this horseshit.

  23. it is ridiculous how much they throw around the pay gap at school these days, i always have to be the bad guy that is telling a room 65% of women that it isn’t real and that affirmative action is some bullshit as well as saying obama is a scrub. Its something their ears have never even heard before, pathetic and alot of men as well are too blame for being the pussies that push this drivel.

    1. A good question to ask is this…
      “If there is truly an unfair wage gap, why dont you see business get ahead by only hiring women?, Surely, if they pay a lower wage for similar work, they would be ahead of the market”
      Then watch them stammer and try to change the subject.

      1. exactly i brought this up, a company that literally will move to a different countries because the labor is cheaper will pay men 23% more just because they are all sexist, sorry the argument doesn’t add up. Of course they bring up the bls stat that at the end of a work week men make more, so you bring up the same source that says men also work 42 mins more a day. They have no arguments after that because they are used to just bringing up those points and then have a choir of people backing them up.

    2. We homeschool so we don’t have to deal with this crap, but I would teach my kids that should anyone whine to them about they pay gap myth, that they should immediately report the discrepancy to the EEOC, as it is illegal, and to continue to insist on that remedy should the person continue whining.
      Usually that shuts people up quick.

      1. i went to a high school that was really rural and never honestly heard of any of this bs, then i went to arizona state for college and was just lambasted with this crap, i couldn’t believe it.

    3. I used to be that guy. Women were bemoaning that men make more in the workforce (due to sexism natch) even back in the 90s and I pointed out that women drop out of the workforce for years to have and raise kids is the main reason. Silence. NO! It’s sexism! I also once shared some of my experiences in the middle east regarding the status women there and those snowflakes did not want to hear any of it (the pinacle of victimhood is a coveted spot). I was “obviously lying” claimed one.
      No one is so blind as the ones who refuse to see.

  24. I’ve been seeing this in popular culture for awhile ,since my childhood was spent in the late 80’s where girl power was in it infancy so I grew up on less PC cartoons like GI-Joe and the real Ghost-Busters. I think a major solution is showing you’re boys the old 80’s cartoons. That were more masculine!

  25. The more single mothers who raise children with out fathers I believe will result in a huge spike in male transgender children. Why would a boy want to be a boy when his mother trash talks his absent father, rides the cock carousel and has no respect for men. Also, when the boy looks out into the world and notices how hard it is to be a man vs a girl, girls who get all the freebies like – scholarships for having a vagina, favorable divorce settlements, sympathy from everyone etc. Ya, we are going to start seeing a lot more tranny’s in the future.

    1. Not to mention the medias favoritism of “alternative” lifestyles. Single parent children spend lots of time being brainwashed by those electronic gadgets.

    2. Basically they will grow up to become defective, inferior males.
      Those males who can redpill can still save themselves, but most simply will not.
      I can only conclude that this is a form of genocide. An attempt to use social controls to cause a large portion of the population to break down psychologically and self-exterminate.
      The goal of Fabian socialism as opposed the more ferocious forms of Global socialism (commies) and the National socialists, was to implement the economic and social controls over a long period of time, whereas the other two forms intended to do the same rapidly and brutally.
      The torment and pain is the same however, regardless of how they dress it up.

      1. For the most part it seems like men who grew up with no fathers end up hating themselves and other men. They then idolize women and put them on a pedestal where they can do no wrong. I wonder what the stats are for trans men who grew up with no fathers? I bet there is a correlation if I had to guess.

  26. Guys, it’s just a bunch of movies, are you sure you aren’t just being insecure about all of this? I mean, I have a lot of insecurities, especially pertaining to like culture and stuff. But it’s just a bunch of movies and popculture. There aren’t even a lot of girl power movies, and if there are, they tend to be low budget compared to most action movies starring white guys.

    1. It’s the never ending twat-yapping about “women need to stick together” bullshit that you constantly hear. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    2. Observing trends and noticing them is not “being insecure.” Calling them out for what they are is stating the truth.
      And Rogue One was NOT low budget.

    3. Back when the films were targeting teenage boys, they turned out better. Nearly all the films now for a general teen audience are total ***. Action films overall have larger budgets because it costs more to blow up things than film some 7/10 daughter of Melanie Griffith getting groped in an elevator (ok, Grey’s helicopter cost perhaps $200 an hour to shoot.)

  27. There is no such thing as girl power. It’s a pipe dream of a mentally unsuitable gaggle. Hundreds of years down the line, those who survive the gradual degeneration of the human world will call this the true dark ages. I know some will survive, because humans are clever, and this oligarchy of banks and synagogues of satan will not exert influence over human creation any further. They will be destroyed, consumed in the fires of diversity that they sought to wreck the world with. The only peace they will know will be when their physical bodies expire after the long agony of their death throes, and even then for some it will not be peaceful afterwards.

      1. Not at this juncture as i do need to speak to an attorney. My boss (female) and the HR twat (female) wanted a “conference call” with me the morning after my security was pulled. I have ghosted them but wonder should I have taken the call or wait until I receive some legal counsel. Understand at this point I have no idea why I was shit canned so suddenly. I felt storm clouds on the horizon and my spidey senses were definitely tingling.
        Any opinion(s) you smart RoK guys? Would appreciate honest feedback especially if there is an attorney or two out there. Sincerely, Miss C. Ella

        1. Hopefully you’ve gotten an attorney. It will depend on the state/jurisdiction. If you’re working ‘at will’ they have a lot of discretion in firing you, don’t really need a reason. I think you would have to be able to prove they were firing you for a prohibited reason- i.e. because you’re in a protected class and that class (disabled/female/minority etc.) is why they’re firing you.
          If the firing is legal, the next thing is what they tell any other potential employers you interview with. They’ve got to be very careful what, if anything they say, as that can provide you an opportunity to sue. Its why most employers now will not give references for ex employees, just confirm that they actually worked for them.

        2. Just spoke to an attorney. Bigger meeting tomorrow.
          Appreciate the advice, truly I do.

  28. “Girl power” that’s a laugh. Nothing is more destructive to the power that women have than the feminist agenda…..
    “Since the beginning, a woman’s first and most important role has been ushering into mortality spirit sons and daughters of our Father in Heaven.
    Since the beginning, her role has been to teach her children eternal gospel principles. She is to provide for her children a haven of security and love—regardless of how modest her circumstances might be.
    In the beginning, Adam was instructed to earn the bread by the sweat of his brow—not Eve. Contrary to conventional wisdom, a mother’s place is in the home!
    I recognize there are voices in our midst which would attempt to convince you that these truths are not applicable to our present-day conditions. If you listen and heed, you will be lured away from your principal obligations.
    Beguiling voices in the world cry out for “alternative life-styles” for women. They maintain that some women are better suited for careers than for marriage and motherhood.
    These individuals spread their discontent by the propaganda that there are more exciting and self-fulfilling roles for women than homemaking. Some even have been bold to suggest that the Church move away from the “Mormon woman stereotype” of homemaking and rearing children. They also say it is wise to limit your family so you can have more time for personal goals and self-fulfillment……..
    ……I gratefully acknowledge the devotion, optimism, faith, and loyalty of my own eternal companion, Flora. She has been a constant source of insight and inspiration to the family. Her congeniality, fine sense of humor, and interest in my work have made her a pleasing companion, and her unbounded patience and intelligent insight made her a most devoted mother. Gladly losing herself in service to her husband and children, she has shown a courageous determination to magnify what she knows is the divine and glorious calling of being a worthy wife and mother.
    – Ezra Taft Benson – 1981 “The Honored Place Of Women”

  29. My friend decided he didn’t want his children watching too much TV at all and largely unplugged. He bought DVD’s of films they wanted to watch and as an added bonus, no commercials. My friends do the same with youtube downloads of classic cartoons such as Bugs Bunny, Popeye, Bolek i Lolek, Wolf and Rabbit, and others that are clever and thought provocative.
    The current children’s media is a word I hesitate to use: retarded. It actually regresses and stunts intellectual development and instead programs children to either buy mass produced crap or learn BS social justice messages which won’t improve their chances in life whatsoever. In the past, the cartoons were a lot more wholesome with the commercials being necessary evils (remember “Baby alive” and “cabbage patch dolls?”) But at least kids parents had the choice to opt out of buying the sponsor junk. Now, the whole shows are “commercials” after a fashion.
    eff ’em. Give your child exclusively DVD and other controlled content.

    1. I’ve had a little time off work lately and one day found myself watching cartoons from my childhood (early 80s, I’m old). I used to think it was a more modern thing, the TV-show-as-marketing-vehicle gimmick. But as I watched those old 80s cartoons and thought back on the toys of the time, I realized that it was just as bad back then. There were really only a small few shows that didn’t exist strictly as commercials for Hasbro or Kenner or whoever. I guess that probably began with Star Wars in 1977 and caught on like wildfire.
      However I will say that even though they were just hawking toys, at least the messages for young boys or girls were kept along traditional lines.

      1. Even at the time, I thought about popeye and how it provoked thought about gender roles. Let’s review: Popeye is this working class guy earning a living while his girlfriend is a b*tch who flirts with a bad boy because he’s exciting and even picks on Popeye for the fun of it (and she goads the bully on). Then, when the bad boy is sexually assaulting Olive Oyl (in kid terms, “kissing” her), he runs to her rescue and she appreciates him (for now.)

      2. Wait, were the Banana Splits subliminally selling me Bananas?
        Now I’ve got the damn theme music stuck in my head!

        1. That’s a few years before me…But I’ve heard it’s the same tune as Bob Marley’s “Buffalo Soldier”, so may e they were trying to sell you copies of Legend.

      3. “cartoons from my childhood (early 80s, I’m old).” No you are not. My children are your age.

        1. Thanks man, I appreciate that. The abuse I put my body through in my 20s though… I feel like I’m 100 sometimes.

  30. “Even when boys watch a movie, they realize that they can never be heroes because girls can save themselves.” Huge lie coming from the media. Only the rare woman could save herself from a raping ne’er-do-well without a weapon. We’re talking a martial artist at the very least.

  31. “embrace your own masculinity” Absolutely! I started working out in the gym 2-3 years ago. Now if I miss a week, I really miss it. I love the workout and joining my fellow men in bettering ourselves.

  32. “I have a four-year-old son who sometimes watches Nick Jr., ….”
    Aside from the gender role thing- I noticed back in the late 90’s that all the Disney shows portrayed the parents, both parents, as clueless, behind the times, mildly prejudiced and dumber than the kids. Always had the kids portrayed as smarter or more aware than the adult role models. Other networks were almost as bad, cut the cable and never looked back. Just a bad message to send to kids- heh! at 12 you’re much smarter than folks with ~40yrs of experience in life.

  33. One thing that could have been added under the “Transgender Epidemic”, is the new (first) transgender doll on the market – Jazz Jennings. Leftist fake news like the NY Times have been promoting it with front page headlines. Sick.

  34. Girl power ain’t so bad, so long as the girl is realistically portrayed e.g. nuttier than a fruitcake (I think “Hancock” did this kinda well). Characters with flaws make ’em more human and interesting, but the mainstream media seems to be tacking “MarySues” onto a lot of big-name franchises.

  35. I always thought a girl should be able to defend herself and – if it’s necessary – other people. I never wanted to be a damsel in distress. It doesn’t mean I’m a tomboy or that I lack nurturing features. But even now, being a grown woman, I love all these fairy tales about strong, resilient and resourceful lassies.

    1. Except the fairy tales aren’t about being self sufficiency. They are about cultivating an “I don’t need no man attitude.”

        1. What are you mumbling about? MGTOW isn’t a movie. And the amount of strong men in films is very low. Hollywood writers are flaming liberals.

    2. What are your thoughts on hooking up with a passive/submissive man with an average financial income?

        1. Nope, nice leftist style strawman there. I was genuinely curious if a strong independent wymyn would be into a beta if she genuinely believes the hollywood bs of strong females, if she still craves an alpha, then that disproves the propaganda.

        2. The problem is she’s a woman and she’s dumb as shit and she isn’t going to be conscious of what she truly desires. No doubt she’ll say, “Well, if he’s a nice guy and not bad looking…” and then 2 years later she’ll cheat on him with a roid head and divorce him and rob half his shit. Don’t ask stupid questions to stupid people or you’re a stupid person.

        3. I picked up on it at once. But I decided to troll you. I’m surprised you didn’t pick up on that.
          As for AWALT, it’s obviously bullshit. Mostly MGTOW fags use it as an excuse to not look for a girlfriend because all women will eventually rob them. I’ve been married 10 years and divorced her myself, and I know she wasn’t like “that”. It’s BS. So how am I naive?

        4. ‘Troll” huh? Yeah my dog ate my homework too.
          Nope, AWALT is basic biology. Every woman seeks out a man with higher financial and social status, plus good looks in order to pass on good genetics to kids. Unfortunately, ever since the sexual revolution and the rise of social media and dating apps, women have lost control of their hypergamy and are basically on an endless journey of cock hunting until they hit their biological wall due to completely destroying their ability to pair bond with another man. If somebody like Johnny Depp isn’t immune from this, then most non celebrity guys arent.
          Divorce, alimony, and child custody laws are all biased against men, especially liberal places like Canada where I live. Thanks to no fault divorce, women get a free get out jail card, almost 100% of alimony payers are men, and more than half of divorced women get to spend more time with their children than the father. People are waking up to this, and this is why the amount of millennials who are ignorant enough to pursue marriage are a shrinking minority of like 20%.
          So…yeah, I really dont see the benefit in pursuing anything long term. I make great money as it is without having a nag with her hand on my wallet. There is always a woman around the corner for getting off, and If im going to waste my money on one, might as well be a high class escort, women today are pretty much only useful for short term pleasure nowadays anyways. So remind me why I should get married again? Because your belligerent tradcuck rhetoric is certainly not convincing.
          Cited facts:

        5. Guys use AWALT to describe all sorts of things though. Not all women are the same.
          As for hypergamy, what’s wrong with It? Why shouldn’t women strive to get the best man they can find? You’re whinging because girls don’t want to marry you. It’s fucken appalling. Man up and face the world and try harder.
          I’ve been married 10 years and divorced her and the only money I pay child support is what I choose to give her. Now I’m engaged to a new Filipino hottie. I’ll have plenty of wives and kids and never be dragged through court. Why? Because I’m a real man and I work hard, whereas you sit down and cry and it’s so ugly you DESERVE to be divorce raped

        6. All Women Are Like That, but their governments and legal systems differ. Once you get your Filipino girl back to NZ you will be taking the same chances of divorce rape as everyone else. More in fact, as she can play the “foreign abused child sex slave victim” card.

        7. It’s not a game of chance. Surely you realize girls prefer some men over others, and thus are less likely to divorce some men over others? How is chance at all involved?
          I don’t get the “abused child sex slave” comment. My fiancee isn’t a whore.
          Maybe all women are the same if you’re talking about hypergamy and the desire to divorce losers, but that’s not something I’m afraid of. Nor do I disagree with how girls want to improve their station through mate choice. In fact, hypergamy (or a desire to have an Alpha) is the main reason I’m so successful with girls. I rely on it.
          Men need to stop crying about being such losers and get to work, because their station isn’t going to change by itself.

        8. It absolutely is a game of chance. Sure some girls prefer one man over another ….. but for how long can you be that one …… 1 month? 10 years? Then you’re gone.
          You are an adult (30+) marrying a child (18), everyone in NZ will already be thinking you are some sort of child molester …… they are just waiting for their chance once she makes an accusation. It may not happen today, or this year, but one day it’ll probably happen.
          You can protect yourself a little bit, rent a house, don’t buy. Work cash in hand, don’t ever have a traceable income. Keep you bank account secret from her, no paper records at home. Don’t inherit direct, but in a trust fund for your children. But most guys believe theirs is different, and get easily taken.
          As for me, I’m staying out of the west, my women will never be given access to my country or my countries legal system. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

        9. I’m 30 exact, but honestly I’ll be going after teens when I’m 50+.
          I’m actually sad you’re so pessimistic about this. Perhaps only because you’re a fellow expat, but I liked you.
          For one, none of the guys I work with think I’m a molester for being engaged to an 18 year old. I don’t know about randoms on the street, but fuck them. I think you’re paranoid here. The age of consent in NZ is 16, and that’s what I aim for. It’s hot to have girlfriends that age.
          I don’t get how you think she’ll accuse me of molesting when I never even knew her before she was 18. Again, chronic paranoia. Yet even if I did know her as a child, being afraid somebody will accuse you of utterly random shit is only a reason to avoid social contact if you’re a paranoid schizophrenic.
          Actually I was out of the blue accused of odd shit once before… by a man. You can’t avoid it, as I say, and it’s truly paranoid to hide from life because of this.
          Anyway, how long will I continue to be “the one”? Well, for as long as I continue to be me. Yeah, if I lose my job and become an alcoholic then I doubt I’ll be her one anymore. Luckily that won’t happen.
          I honestly can’t be fucked having this conversation again for the millionth time. There’s a lot I could say about it, but when somebody thinks getting divorced is completely chance then it’s starting to become hopeless.
          A major problem is guys think AWALT or whatever is a reason to give up, all the while they fail to realize that this quitter attitude is the reason they’re so divorceable to begin with.
          As I keep saying, I’ve been through one marriage and come out completely unscathed. I’m not afraid of any others… and I’m only growing more ambitious with it. I’ve already talked my fiancee into a threesome relationship and we’re planning a trip to Ethiopia to find a nice chocolate teen to join us.
          I suppose you guys would fret that’s double trouble, but I’ve come to realize that the more ambitious I become the more arousing I am to girls, and this is as it should be – the girls want an Alpha, and the utter confidence I show in telling them up front what I want and how it’s going to be screams my status like a lion’s roar.
          After all this, they aren’t going to fuck with me, both because they don’t want to and they’re also afraid of me.

        10. “I’m actually sad you’re so pessimistic about this. Perhaps only because you’re a fellow expat, but I liked you.”
          It’s more because I’m much older than you and seen it happen too many times. The women in the west are truly toxic, they’ll talk her into it if she gets the chance to mix with them. You’ve actually picked the nationality with the best chance of success Filipinos travel well, almost no Thai girls are any good outside of their own country.
          Anyway, good luck to you, I really hope I am being overly pessimistic.
          I wouldn’t consider taking any of my foreign girls back home. I’m not brave enough. I certainly am a quitter when it comes to a woman (of any nationality) in any western country. I’m staying out her in the developing world.
          As for having women afraid of me, not my thing, but having them be afraid of living without me (or my money), I’m fine with that.

        11. Well, you could always just keep your girls in the West on tourist visas and such. That doesn’t give them much rights, I don’t think.
          I don’t actually have any plans to get my fiancee Residency right now. Part of the reason I’m going to Ethiopia is to see if the country is worth investing in – build a resort or such.
          If so then I’ll keep my fiancee flying back and forth between here and there on visitor visas until things are set up, and then retire there.
          This shit does cross my mind, though moreso out of control than fear. I like to have them under my thumb not because I’m scared they’ll rob me, but by taking away their options lets me force them to do more awesome shit, like threesomes and much more

        12. Surprisingly, an accusation of domestic violence gets them immediate residency rights. Which is why so many of them make that accusation. There’s actually some husbands admitting to such acts to bypass the waiting system for residency. They get back together after the citizenships are issued.

        13. “Because I’m a real man”
          Real men never use the term ‘real man’.
          Nice try fem sockpuppet.

        14. I’m logged in with my Facebook name. Same name. Same profile photo. Unlike the small dicked fuckers here, real men don’t hide and aren’t afraid.

        15. Paranoia again. Can we take a time to reflect that she’s an 18 year old dumb as shit Filipino girl who doesn’t even know how to book and appointment at a radiology centre let alone read fine-print technicalities on Residency loopholes.

        16. All the Filipino’s she meets, and all your white relatives will be eager to tell her what she can get. Unless you keep her away from them.
          Not to mention a few white knights hoping for a victory shag.

        17. This is insane, man. I’m sorry, but you’re completely crazy. Her friends are as stupid as she is – you can tell from the brain-dead visa advice she’s been relaying to me – and the locals I live with here don’t know the first thing about visa laws (again I can tell from conversations with them). I don’t have any “white knights” in my circle either. Yet even if she did find that out, there still remains the question as to WHY she’d want to leave me. There’s no sensible reason for it. She’s not going to find a man as physically attractive, in as good shape, and as well-employed as me in fucking Invercargill. I’m her everything, as she keeps telling me like a mantra every time we chat. You’re nuts, man.
          Shit like this is why I’ve turned into a troll at RoK. I honestly can’t stand men with a defeatist attitude. Yes, there are risks in life, as there is in everything. Yet what does a real man do when faced with risks? He weighs the odds and throws his dice. Soldier on with the word “Advance” ringing like a battle-cry in your mind.
          I think of the Vikings in their fjords before setting sail. Some wanker stands there and points out to all the men boarding the dragon-boats, “Don’t you know you can be killed on raids? Is it worth your life for gold and slave girls?” Of course he was right, but he was the miserable loser cunt who never amounted to anything and lived a shit life, and no doubt when he died the man who had to dig his grave spat on his grave and cursed him for it.
          Here’s RoK: “There’s a risk involved in getting a girlfriend?”
          “What risk?”
          “Never mind that! Run away! Run Away!”
          “Quick! Quick! Quick! Before somebody thinks we’re brave!”
          Fuck me. I’ve never seen such an elaborate collection of thoroughbred pussies and wimps.

        18. *Yawn* you resort to the tired old tradcuck cliche of “man up”? Lmfao you didn’t even read a single fact I cited. Try harder next time.

        19. Philippines,
          You can turn up and stay for 3 years before you have to leave. Then after a couple of days out, go back and do the same again.
          Why would she want to leave you …… you live in Invercarkill.
          As for the Vikings ……. sign me up for a bit of rape and pillage!
          (Not keen on the sea voyage bit though)

        20. Hypergamy and women striving to get the best man they can find is a good thing, right up until we get the entitled bitches of today. Now, they want the best man they can’t find or get. A 5/10 with a lousy job, tons of debt, and maybe a womb turd or two from previous best men she could find thinks she is entitled to a guy with George Clooney/ Bra Pitt looks and, Bill Gates money who at the same time will devote every waking moment to serving her hand and foot. She will settle for nothing less. Assortative mating is no longer an option in the west. Well over 80% of the women think they deserve the top 5% of men.

        21. I have to agree with you on the Filipinas being the best choice. The lifetime divorce rate for Filipinas marrying American men is 20%. That is less than half the chances for an American man marring an American woman, but it is not a guarantee. I have been married to my 27 years younger Filipina for about 9 years. A lot of the risk reduction is in the very intense Catholic upbringing. But I also encourage her to associate only with other immigrant Filipinas. They pretty much look down on the white bitches of America, with good reasons.
          I also have to tell this guy that he should send me some of what he is smoking if he thinks the age of consent has anything to do with western perceptions of a big age difference between a man and woman. I get hate stares constantly from white American women when I am out and about with my wife. I have been called a pedophile to my face on too many occasions to be able to count, and my wife was 25 when we married. Part of that is she is slim and only 5′. To most Americans any woman that doesn’t weigh over 150 pounds must be a child.

        22. I don’t agree. Yes, hypergamy exists, and women will leave a man if he loses his job or does something stupid and receives a blow to his reputation/status. However, from what I’ve seen, a lot of men ARE given a chance. If you gain a girlfriend and lose her then there’s probably a reason. It sounds like you’re blaming her for leaving you for a better guy, but why shouldn’t she? And why shouldn’t you have BEEN that better guy?
          I honestly don’t think 80% of women think they deserve the top 5%. It’s more like 80% of women will only give the top 50% of men a chance, but about half of those men will experience varied success.
          Anyway, my point is why complain about it? So this is the reality we’re faced with. Are you an Englishman or not? If you are then you’d have a plan to win and be moving forwards. Complaining and whining shouldn’t be our way.

        23. None of the facts you cited irk me or bother me in any way, so why would I bother reading them? It’s like me posting a link saying testosterone causes chest hair. Did you read it? DID YOU? Fuck me. I just don’t give a fuck. I accept a lot of the things you say are true. The difference between us is our reaction to the same reality. Your answer is to tuck your tail between your legs and run away. My answer is to raise my shield and advance.

      1. Indeed, if you believe in equal pay but you refuse to date any man that doesn’t make more than you….you might be a feminist.

    3. But you aren’t strong and you aren’t resourceful, almost every man you encountered could force you, if he wanted.

        1. I once participated in a stun gun test, mostly painful, but nothing that wouldn’t stop me kicking the shit out of you, after you had used it on me. They just don’t work like you see in the movies, and the ones the general public can buy, often don’t work at all.

        2. Bear mace works pretty well. I have a small one on my keys 😉 or the penis shredder inserted into the vagina would do the trick too. Would you take that risk? 😉

        3. That’s why women should carry firearms. Any firearm/ammo combination that will meet the FBI penetration minimums. When your life is at stake, you do what it takes to stop the threat. The typical woman is at a physical disadvantage and needs to keep distance between her and the threat if at all possible. Stun guns have too many failure modes and are worthless in winter– barbs won’t penetrate the clothing.

        4. Asking the wrong crowd, there aren’t any rapists here.
          A 9mm with hollow points is a far better option than mace.

        5. If you’re white, you don’t need protection from me, I wouldn’t touch you with a barge pole, let alone an intimate part of my anatomy. I’m just trying to explain how foolish your notions of protecting yourself are. You want protection, you need the help of a white male.

    1. Interesting thing about the Alien franchise.
      In the very first film all the characters were written androgynously. Presumably for the sake of interchangeability.
      Also the film features a glaring error that nobody. Mentions. EVER.
      The alien gets big without eating anything.

      1. Ripley role was written for a man. She is a man many times in the film. Saying it was androgynous is a “convenience” that is not true. It hides the idea that females can imitate masculinity and be like men, because there is no sex, only gender(therefore androgynous)

      2. I actually like that. The alien is a complete mystery, no one even know what it uses for energy source. They never eat humans, only use them to hatch new aliens.
        And the ships captain and the black dude were masculine..if not outright alpha. I really see no SJW in Alien/Aliens.

  36. All you have to do to counter the girl power nonsense is look at sports. Does anyone seriously believe that the world’s best female athlete would last even one series in an NFL game?
    Or that she’d be able to take a charge from LeBron James?
    Or that she’d be able to return Novak Djokovic’s serve?
    Or my personal favorite, box with a US Marine?

    1. Yes. Plenty of women and cucks do believe it. That’s why this indoctrination has to stop.

    2. No word of a lie, I know of a woman who honestly believes that if she had good knees when she was younger she’d have been a lineman in the NFL.
      She’s 5’4″ and around 160lbs. She ‘played’ in highschool and the coach told her that she needed to ‘stop hurting the boys.’
      Her gurl power schtick didn’t allow her to see that he was simply trying to make her feel good for trying out and ‘practicing’ as she obviously never played a down in a game.
      The kicker, she’s actually a decent house league football coach and does indeed know her stuff but she no longer coaches. The reason being is because she decided to openly deride the league’s coaching staff stating that she knew more than all of them combined.
      The staff was made up of one former CFL pro and the rest had CIS experience.

  37. RE: Paw Patrol.
    Several critics have called attention to its unequal gender representation because the team of dogs is primarily male.
    We have a lot of work to do gentlemen. A lot!

  38. I have never met a female mechanic, would think in over thirty years of life I might have but it hasn’t happened yet. A few female race drivers, there was one in the Nascar.
    And when boys grow up, they can look forward to being bumbling fathers.
    This upsets and angers me to be honest the bumbling father or cuck is strong piece of hollywood propoganda, been in their films for so long.
    But how do we stop it? The answer to that lies with men.
    Yes, also we need to join political forces do defeat this and it is no use being offended by or having arguments with, the unconvertible.
    Not to worry, the pins have been pulled out of the hinges, the stings that hold all these lies and propaganda together has been pulled out we just need to relentlessly keep nudging it till it collapses in pieces.

  39. Um… so why does it matter if some people are confused or border-line retarded? Really. It’s not as though your own kids will slip into this average if you home-school them and don’t let them watch this shit. But why does it matter what the douches next door are doing?

    1. Because most of us don’t like like hermits on a mountain top, and actually care about things like culture and civilization.

      1. I recall the comment of Gandhi when asked what he thought of western culture, “It sounds like a good idea.” What passes for culture (popular culture) in the west isn’t even a good idea, it is a map to hell.

      2. Great. So do I. So this is our culture and civilisation. Do you care about is and accept it and respect it? No.

        1. Quite honestly I can say that I do respect what I consider to be civilization and most of the cultures of civilized societies. Since what we do now affects the world my children will live in long after we are gone, to me it is constructive to try to stem the tide of idiocy as much as possible.

        2. Absolutely not, but I think letting women vote was a really really bad idea, as it brought all the problems we currently have. If we remove the vote from women we can and will fix it very quickly.

        3. Why should we remove the vote from women? Disallowing some people to vote because you don’t like who or what they vote for goes against the most fundamental Western values and is a step towards anti-democratic dictatorship.

        4. It’s not about who or what they vote for but what they base their vote on. I have discussed this with many women in person and virtually every one agreed that in principle my position of not wanting to allow them to vote was correct, there are also studies that show exactly the same thing I have seen. Women do not vote on the basis of the message or rational reasoning they vote based on gender and allegiance which is fundamentally undemocratic.
          Voting is not for virtue signaling if you want a functional society. I would also go as far as to disallow voting for men who do not have children or own property.

        5. Yes, you despise Western culture and want to revive the fascism we united to eradicate, as I was suspecting

        6. You have not even properly established the straw man you are attacking, is this your best attempt at an argument? Come on man, even you should be able to do better than this.
          Having everyone and their dog voting is not a fundamental tenet of western culture.

        7. The electoral relationship between the government and the governed has become sacrosanct to Western civilization. These are no straw man arguments. You’re openly advocating over half the electorate be denied political participation so you can jimmy the results in your favour. That’s corrupt, and a direct assault on democratic principles.
          Democracy is the one thing Western countries have in common and you despise it. Yes, you despise Western civilization and want to replace it with a political structure that more resembles an Asian dictatorship. Fuck off, cunt

        8. Lol no. And nope, you are dead wrong. Women have had the vote for 100yrs give or take, in 2000yrs of democratic history that’s a fart in the dark.
          As I said before my issue with their vote is not for what, but why. Democracy only works when voting is done for the right reasons by informed people.
          And no, it’s obviously not corrupt, you evidently don’t know the meaning of the word.

        9. Trying to disenfranchise half the population is corruption and definitely undemocratic. So you don’t like the reason why (or why you think) women vote.
          I’ve seen this before in Thailand. They argued that only those who pay income tax should be allowed to vote because they are the ones who pay for what the government will be doing. It’s a fair enough arguement. However, the real and obvious motive was to disenfranchise the poor not because they didn’t pay for the government but because they kept voting in governments who the wealthier classes didn’t like.
          In the end, the wealthier classes just used the army to take over by force and shot everybody who dissented or sent them to reeducation camps, but whatever. Same thing. They established a dictatorship – which is exactly what you want to do.
          You hate democracy and think you’ve found a valid excuse to get rid of the voters who keep voting in governments you dislike. You have no grudge against the voters (women), you’re just using them as an excuse to get your own way.
          Women might not be integral to democracy, but democracy is integral to democracy and you want to get rid of it. That’s anti-Western. If you were arguing a way to tweak the system to make democracy better then maybe I’d listen, but you’re not. You’re a childish coward sulking because you can’t handle people who disagree with you. A Western man is a man who rises above such emotions and looks forwards to the future for the benefit of his people. You are not like this. You are like an Arab or an Asian who’d rather live in a fascist dictatorship ruled by tin pot dictators. Fuck off

        10. “Disenfranchise”? Hahaha lol what are we McDonald’s?
          And no, by any definition known to me my ideas are not ‘corrupt’, I said before that you don’t know the definition of it obviously, that was a hint to go look it up, dummy.
          I am personally against democracy because I don’t want to give the power over me to anyone, I believe in personal freedom.
          But a republic with a constitution that as a base protects our basic rights but is put into practice by a legislature and a congress and senate seems to be the best we have come up with sofar.

        11. Yes, you don’t support democracy – the unifying theme of Western civilisation – which is what I was saying

  40. I still think we all owe our thanks to Joss Whedon for accidentally revealing that the secret to a “badass” female is just to cast a female for a male part.

  41. This issue is actually really hitting home with me. Virtually every single solitary form of entertainment has been hijacked by this nonsense and they’re not even attempting to hide it anymore. I took my nephew to see Star Wars: The Shitfest Awakens and every single check on my ‘fuck this movie list’ was ticked.
    – All bad guys are white males and there was an obligatory reference to Nazis because the only history that simple-minded leftists know is literally Hitler. Only female bad guy is commander of the storm troopers because gurrrrl power. Only black storm trooper turns good.
    – All good guys are a meticulously engineered mix of every major ethnic group, 50% female, and led by a “strong”, single, spinster female.
    – Lead roles are white girl and black guy to appeal to muslim/black men that fantasize about colonizing the West and fucking white women. Notice how it’s NEVER the other way around.
    – Han Solo, the only traditional alpha male in the movie, is constantly berated and outsmarted in his own ship by the female lead that has no experience whatsoever (pushing the women in STEM agenda), his gurrrrl power wife divorces him but still leans on him for his usefulness, ends up dying as all amazing alpha male characters always do in modern high budget movies/shows.
    – Female lead Rey (man’s name and boyish looking to push gender fluid agenda) is Godmode and gurrrrl power throughout the entire movie and destroys a sith lord with decades of experience her first time using the force.
    I can’t deal with this absurdity anymore. I was never a huge star wars fan to begin with but I’m never dropping another dime into the franchise on behalf of the kids in my family. As we’ve seen with the femme Ghostbusters, Hollywood is trying to use our childhood nostalgia to brainwash the masses through positive association. I’m thanking all the stars in the sky that the kids in my family are cool and my sisters are generally as redpill as females can be.

  42. Oddly enough, a big example of this actually comes from Walker Texas Ranger, specifically the later seasons. I’m do watch the show on Grit regularly and at times it does smell if multiculturalism, feminism, among other things SJWs love. They did have a female Ranger who was skilled at martial arts, but the ease at how she whooped male ass was borderline ridiculous. Although there was the episode where Walker finally marries Alex the attorney. Ranger chick happens to catch the bouquet and begins moping on how she’s 32 and still not married. I don’t know if that was an intentional habits at feminism but it is gold.

  43. Big deal these days in the Italian women volleyball second division championship cause brazilian tranny player (TiFaNNy, was Rodrigo) is too strong for female players.
    The net for women volleyball matches is about 20 cm lower, therefore (s)he has now a great advantage in jumping and smashing the ball that female opponents can’t stop [him/her…/it]. This risks to alter the outcome of the whole league, as other teams are now claiming “what if we get 3 or 4 like her in our team!?”.
    It’s quite amusing seeing opponents whining, nit-picking about her testosterone level and finding excuses like “She’s too strong for us… she should play in higher divisions!” and never really admitting the truth.
    some link:

    1. Trannies will be the death of all women’s sports. The Olympics will be male competition and once was male competition.

  44. Kid’s TV is terrible, totally normal for girls to hit boys. Even saw some show my kid watched about girl coders (Game Shakers) where there was an episode when two boys were dressed as girls – dresses, makeup, etc. and one of them flirted with another boy on the subway. WTF.
    There was a kid’s movie out about two years ago – The Good Dinosaur. Red pill messages all around and I was shocked. It was about family, strong father figures, and you need to earn your trophy. If you have a kid, watch it with them.

  45. Funny that the article mentions the Alien movie franchise. A couple of the movies were on cable a few days ago, and never having watched them, I tried to maintain interest and failed. But one thing that really caught my attention was Sigourney Weaver’s butch hair cut and the fact that she was clearly a prototypical Girl Power® programming meme … back 30 years ago. (And anyone who grew up watching “The Brady Bunch” may remember several episodes in which Marcia supported the Equal Rights Amendment and proved she could out-man Greg in any number of tasks).
    In fact, if you have access to Turner Classic Movies, you will soon realise that Hollywood has been promoting subversive messages for as long as it has existed. They put more lipstick on the pig in older days, but the pig was still the elephant in the room (to mix cliches).
    Stefan Molyneux has an excellent video on this topic on his YouTube channel, called “The Truth About ‘Frozen’”. If anyone enjoyed this article, they will definitely enjoy Stefan’s withering satire on the utter stupidity of the Girl Power® myth.

    1. I honestly don’t think Ripley was that bad. She was an uncommon chick in outter space being attacked by aliens. There was nothing normal about her, thus she could never be said to represent what normal women were capable of – and there is such a thing as an exceptional woman. Ripley was that. We got to watch her long before feminism was a real problem in the front of our minds, so we got to enjoy her. It’s a harmless movie, unlike Fury Road or Star Wars where it’s just gotten ridiculous.

    2. Popeye the Sailor works on a whaler ………… you can’t get more politically incorrect than his cartoons. Thy’re still worth a watch for laughs.
      PS. I’m assuming Stefan is a ‘molly’.

    3. I had 6 children. I watched tons of Disney, mostly the older classical stuff. We wore out two sets of Disney classics VHS tapes. When the more recent batch of Disney stuff came out I boycotted it and still do. Do not put a penny in Disney’s pocket, please.

  46. Girl power …………
    I’m a keen cyclist, I like to cycle up the Doi Suthep mountain road with hundreds of other cyclists. There is a huge Vegan Strada cult following to this track. My mate and I were cycling up one day and a girl (early 20s) pulled in between us and paced us for about 1Km before she ran out of steam and dropped back. At the top she met up with us and told us she was nearly in the top ten female riders …………….. I’m 61, girl power can’t even beat an old man.

    1. Yeah, but we don’t watch chick sports for performance. Last Olympics, the only events I watched was chick events. Fucking long distance running was hot. Skinny black chicks running in circles for hours. I wouldn’t beat them in a race. Wouldn’t want to. Just run along behind staring at their asses.

      1. those field hockey and volleyball girls have me looking forward to the next Olympics already

  47. Fuck that Ghostbusters photo at the top is the most appalling thing I’ve ever seen. The cancer patient at the back is just completely forgotten as the actors try to squeeze their fat asses in front of the lens.

    1. I didnt even notice the cancer patient until I read this and went back up to look at it. Shameless attention whoring is a sport now.

    2. Worst thing about it was– it was well prior to the movie being released. Look at how young the kid is, they probably had no idea what Ghostbusters was at all. It looked like it was far more about hyping the movie than actually reaching out to cancer patients.

  48. If I may….the purest expression of womanly power is embracing our God given gifts.
    A woman who is feminine, submissive and nurturing knows the value of soft power. Feminists want to strip women of our natural inclinations to make us into defective men.

  49. “The problem with girl power is that it doesn’t actually achieve its goal of turning girls into happy, well-adjusted, confident women. ”
    This is it here. Unless they are lesbians, they will eventually NEED a man in their lives . After they hit the wall and realize NO ONE listens to an unattractive woman, they will wish they had a man, children, and family to keep them company.
    That is becoming extremely difficult for these masculine women we have here in the States.

  50. “The idea is that women are underrepresented among the ranks of corporate
    CEOs, soldiers, and scientists because they were oppressed by the
    patriarchy while growing up. Feminists theorize that if girls could just be told that they were powerful, we’d gradually see patriarchy rolled back.”
    Yes, of course.
    And blacks built the pyramids and flew around in airplanes 5000 years ago.

    1. “blacks built the pyramids”
      Never tire of sharing this.
      Funny as hell.

      1. hahaha!!!
        The Shoe!
        The same “the shoe” that got thrown at El Presidente Jorge Bush and hit cute little Dana Perino by mistake.
        And the rest…Funny as hell!!! I could watch this 1000 times!

    2. I’ve heard more than once that they also built the USA while Whites sat on their asses drinking mint julips and sweet tea.
      I’ve also heard about this fat guy who lives at the North Pole…

  51. ‘Commercials aimed at women frequently have an underlying message that women are “tough.”’
    You mean they aren’t???
    So the hot, thin blonde on “Criminal Minds” doesn’t really knock out or shoot all those psychopaths? But, of course, she only learned that because the “superman” black agent taught her how…

    1. I hate the writing on that show. The writers must all be in California or NYC where the whole gun ownership/concealed carry is a completely foreign concept. I just can’t stand when the episode is set in a shall-issue state and no one is carrying in a place they logically would be. Large crowded restaurant.
      Worst was the episode where some serial killer is after the lead agent’s ex wife. The lead agent knows the killer is after her, she knows the killer is after her and goes into hiding, with her son. In the shall-issue state of Virginia. And…. she’s not carrying. Seriously– was married to an FBI agent, she knows a dangerous man is after her, she knows that places her son at risk as well, all it takes is an application for a CCW…and she doesn’t get one? Hell, when the killer catches up to her it’s in a fricking home where she wouldn’t even need a ccw. If I remember correctly, the killer is only armed with a knife.
      But there are several like that, people knowing there’s a threat in a state where they could have the effective means to defend themselves but they always act like they’re in CT/MD/MA/NJ/CA (dem counties)/NYC…

  52. YEAH you go girl!
    so can any feminists explain why females still do not want to do machinery job at factories, elevator repairman, auto mechanic, garbage collector, woodmill manufacturing, window cleaning at tall buildings, etc..
    or is it because men are “sexist”?
    You go girl? girl power? Yeah but when life gets “too hard” for her, her tears are her power. I believe in that LOL

      1. “More and more” must mean something different to you than rational people, 1/1000000 ratio is technically more than zero, but a helluva lot less than 1/2 and immensely far from it.
        Every fucking time some freak woman gets into one of these fields, women’s mags all over the world write about it. If it were not so rare they wouldn’t.
        Now get the fuck back in the kitchen and get that sammich done hoe.

        1. I actually have a career. What the fuck have you contributed to society? Besides being a little whinny bitch on a website?

        2. “I actually have a career” Rotfl, so in other words you are almost certainly doing a worse job doing something a man could do much better. Call that a contribution?
          Well, for one, I clearly contributed some humor to brighten up the day of my fellow man just now, heh.

        3. Actually a man couldn’t. They evidently scored lower than me across the board as and my fellow female peers were chosen over them. 😉 just face it. You are all washed up and you are scared.

      2. WE will see the quality of work done in any field afflicted by Affirmative action programs decline precipitously.
        Imagine AA for NBA teams… A certain number of players below 5’8″ required.

  53. Dalrock refers to this sort of “grrl power” engineering as the “massive pumping operation” that makes feminism possible. Just like agriculture in the California desert can’t bloom without massive, constant pumping of water, feminism is unnatural and cannot survive without massive, unnatural pumping up and pushing women into roles that are unsuitable for them. You see it everywhere.
    Yeah, I’m 44 years old and have never met or seen a female mechanic, or known any women who even once changed the oil in their cars themselves. If women had a natural aptitude or attraction to this kind of work we’d see them all the time. The reality is they don’t.
    The irony is the shrikes who push for women in STEM never actually studied or do STEM themselves. They were all women’s studies majors.

  54. “Children are very impressionable. The sick designs of an insane parent can set a healthy boy on a trajectory that will leave him actually believing that he is a girl.”
    Yes. This.
    I have two small children. My wife was fussing over putting a barrette in our 2 year old daughter’s hair, giving her a lot of attention. Our 3 year old son felt left out. Then he wanted to wear a barrette. We told him “No, that’s for girls.” He got it immediately and stopped asking. He doesn’t want to “be like a girl.”
    I can only imagine how a virtue-signaling sh*tlib parent would respond in the same situation. “Oh sure! That would look wonderful in your hair! Look daddy, we have such a pretty boy! Here, try this dress on.”
    The kid would think this is all normal and natural. Then he would be taught about those bad haters in the world who are against “self expression” or some other total bullsh*t.
    My old college buddy’s 5 year old son is “transgender”. He has long hair, wears pink dresses while his twin brother looks like a normal boy. My buddy is a sh*tlib. He and his wife encourage it, so they get more of it.
    This is child abuse, plain and simple.

  55. I have 4 kids; 2 biogical sons, 1 stepson and 1 step daughter. I feel for the future for the boys, with all the insane “girl power” horseshit et al being hurled at them constantly. I have no hope, however, for my stepdaughter (6 years old), and frankly don’t much care what happens with her in comparison. She will do stupid shit, with society’s blessing, and will be bailed out/lionized at every turn. My sons, however, will not be nearly so lucky.

  56. You’re such a whinny bitch. I watched the ‘Paw Patrol’ and you’re just a snowflake. Any positive reflection of girls and you melt into a pathetic mess.

    1. Leftist/feminine response — insults and no argument.
      I started noticing this back in about 2003 when people were first asking questions about WTC 7, and Larry Silverstein’s infamous “pull it” quote he gave to PBS in a documentary about 9.11.
      Never reasoned factual arguments, just insults, appeals to authority, and emotional bullshit. Whereas the ‘other side’ in these arguments is far more likely to posit fact based and eloquently written arguments.
      Anywhere on the web where you see ‘conventional wisdom’ being challenged, no matter what that is, you will see this pattern repeat.
      Over. And Over.
      Since you’re too busy typing to be making sandwiches and caring for your children, here have a red.

      1. I actually watch that stupid kid show ‘Paw Patrol’ and yeah, ya’ll are whinny bitches. There are FIVE male pups to TWO female pups. And a lot more personality to the male pups vs. the female ones. But keep telling yourself you’re the ‘victim.’

        1. “ya’ll are whinny bitches.”
          Are you from the south?
          If not, then why do you talk like a black?

  57. My son loves Peppa Pig. I’ve seen most of the episodes. On the whole it’s a good cartoon for young children. Good values and stories.
    It’s true that Daddy Pig is a bit of a blowhard and clueless. He’s always bumbling around, like not following a map and getting lost. And the all female fire brigade on Peppa Pig is laughable.
    On the flip side Daddy Pig is portrayed as a source of real wisdom in many episodes. His wife and children respect him and don’t mock him. He’s clearly head of the household and makes major decisions. Mummy Pig may disagree with him at times, but she doesn’t challenge his headship.
    Peppa is not presented in a “grrrl power” way. She screws up plenty. She can be self-centered, petty and disagreeable but learns her lesson by the end of the episode. Her little brother George rarely screws up like Peppa. And Peppa has a sunny disposition, takes good care of her brother and is respectful to adults.

  58. What really fascinates me is how did American and by extension all men of European descent (including Australia) allow the western culture to sink to this diabolical level, where every single influence on public opinion, be it movies, government programs, schools, commercials, trending topics, academic debates all revolve around empowering women more and more while brutally oppressing men (and not just with black propaganda and character assasination but also with a very biased legal system and law enforcement) and shamelessly depicting the male sex as 2nd class…
    In certain parts of Italy people would tell you to watch yourself around the mafia and tread very carefully; in Mexico it’s the cartel, in Russia it would be ex KGB men, etc. Every culture has its own brand of a categorical evil that you need to be very careful against… In the U.S. it is the women !! The single biggest threat to a man’s happiness, fortunes and freedom is women. A woman can now cost a man his job, his right to raise his children, his home, his life savings and his liberty. To see that the vast majority of western males have now complacently accepted this state of affairs as the mainstream status quo, defies even the wildest dystopian fantasies ever written about the fall of western civilization…

    1. “how did American and by extension all men of European descent (including Australia) allow the western culture to sink to this diabolical level?”
      Best theory I’ve come across.
      Basically civilized men become victim to their own success.
      Too many mutants kept alive. These mutants eventually outnumber the normal men and take over through strength of numbers.
      As you read think about those skinny Anti-fags and SJW protesters.
      Do they not fit the description?

      1. Read “” He explains it better than anyone. The basic concept is r/K selection theory but applied to nurture not just dna.

    2. Been there, had that done to me.
      Cost me my house, my 4 children, my savings and half my pension. Almost cost me my liberty, but I ran away to a developing country after I was arrested and released (on the advice of my lawyer). My lawyer said, run while you can, cos eventually they’ll fit you up for something.

  59. the common sense…it burns!!!
    seriously…anybody with any sense knows the only power women have is what men allow them to have.

  60. The real dangerous message of the condescending feminist/SJW (but I repeat myself) agenda is that men and women are interchangeable. #hatefacts

  61. “Do I even need to mention that there is no similar program to encourage young boys? ”

  62. Really I think this girl power is more damaging to women. They grow up having these unrealistic expectations of themselves and become bitter as reality sets in that they cannot compete with men

    1. Indeed. I don’t recall a professionally successful woman who isn’t at the very least angry 90% of the time. Is it worth it?

  63. “While there are some girl-to-boy transgenders, most of them are boys who want to become girls. What could be driving this disturbing epidemic?”
    1/ The amount of female hormones in the food and the environment.
    2/ Mainstream Media and Television shows showing this type of lifestyle is the norm.

    1. It’s driven by lack of repression. Western culture has always been wildly homophobic, Loads of trannys in Thailand and Asia, always have been, because Buddhism doesn’t care.

  64. Girl power is not the idea that whatever boys can do, girls can do better, just that they can do just as good as the boys….

    1. I would believe that if female characters weren’t superior to male characters. For example, in Star Wars, the girl power character Rey immediately mastered Force abilities that Luke spent years practicing. And while Luke got his hand cut off in a duel after years of lightsaber practice, Rey had a lightsaber duel without any practice and didn’t suffer any injuries. And she’s the universe’s best pilot, the universe’s best mechanic, and a great melee fighter. Most girl power characters remind me of people playing video games on God mode.

      1. Which actually makes their character pretty boring. Humanity is as much about frailties and failures as successes. Don’t know if you’ve seen the John Wick movies– over-the-top in his capabilities which would be completely unwatchable without the background development about the tragedy in his life.

  65. There are definitely children’s shows that don’t create unrealistic ideals for girls or boys and can help children develop their own sense of self.
    For example, in Steven Universe, the main character is a young boy named Steven. Although he starts out as a child, you can slowly see him grow up to become a kind and empathetic boy who mitigates disagreements in his family. His father is not perfect, but he truly loves and wishes to do the best he can for his son after Steven’s mother died giving birth to him. The female characters of the show are aliens who rebelled against their home planet to protect Earth. After their leader died giving birth to Steven, they stayed and took care of him, taking on the role of his mother. Steven is the main character for a reason: he always wants to help others, he’s kind to everyone, he tries to be the best he can, and he slowly develops over time… The main antagonists are female, if that helps any.
    There’s also Avatar the Last Airbender where the main character is basically this guy who controls all four elements in a world where most people can only control one. However, although he’s a kind soul who really doesn’t want to kill anyone, he needs to defeat the Fire Nation in order to restore peace to the world. There are strong female leads, but there are definitely also very strong male characters. Zuko, for one, was the prince of the Fire Nation who was exiled by his father after speaking out in a meeting. His sister is depicted as mentally ill, and he ultimately defeats her, so no, not all the antagonists are male.
    The best part about these cartoons is that none of these characters are perfect. No matter if they are male or female, they all will make mistakes and they all have fatal flaws. Children need to learn that we don’t always make the right choices. What’s important is that you work together with your friends to make the world a better place for everyone to live in. Success is not based on gender but on friendship and teamwork. Girls and boys alike need to know that power isn’t based on how many people you can kill but on how many people you can help.

  66. Excellent article!
    My opinion:
    Girl power is the ability of females to exploit the infrastructures, technologies, and opportunities created through the hard work and innovation of men, all while blaming men and society for their own female gender failings. It is man-made technologies, consumerism, and the benevolence of men which empower women. If women can do anything men can do, or are superior in any meaningful way, this would have manifested itself millennia ago and we’d see at least one thriving, successful strictly matriarchal society in existence. As parasitic creatures, human females see life as revolving around their wants and needs and have very little regard for those, men, they exploit, hence intrinsic female hubris and misandry. That is why females can neither acknowledge or appreciate all the modern comforts that the patriarchy has afforded them. Females instead gain power through absolute chauvinism, the denigration of men, the demoralization of our sons, and false flag claims of collective victimhood. Man power made girl power possible.
    I’ve also heard that the girl power concept is detrimental for girls because they go into the real world thinking that they are inherently superior to males and are then shocked when they realize that they cannot compete with men. Of course, women then blame society. Boys are damaged somewhat by the steady stream of hateful feminist propaganda but boys are also much more resilient than girls who can have their self-esteem crushed by a random statement.

  67. Brought to you by the Rothschild Cartel , another of their ” destroy from within” and ” divide & rule ” tools.

  68. I spite of all these “powerful” girls who can take out a gaggle of men, the reality is that a girl trying to transform to a boy and shot up with testosterone just won the girls state wresting championship in Texas. Along the same vein, men trying to transform to girls can outfight a girl. So, the girls are being misled here, too.

    1. Interesting thing was she wanted to wrestle in the boys division, don’t know how well she would have done– but it would have been more fair than wrestling in the girls division. The other girls would have been disqualified for testosterone, she was allowed to since it was being used for therapeutic reasons.

      1. Exactly, but she would also should have been disqualified in the boys division for the same reason. No matter what you do, you will have men and woman competeing with each other and we know that in sprots wehre strength is an issue, one will have an unfair advantage over another. We do not have Serena competing with the men because she would get hammered.

  69. Notice how many ads feature female boxers. They don’t even have women doing kung fu, because that at least can be graceful. Boxing makes no sense for women since it is not useful for self-defense.
    Have you ever seen a movie for adults featuring a 9 year-old boy beating up ten 300-pound men? Yet it is common to have movies (see the trailer for “Logan”) showing little girls beating up adult men.

  70. What’s wrong with girl power?
    It doesn’t exist as its own entity. It supports men who carry the day.
    Message to all the true nazis out there: equality does not mean sameness.

  71. Well written, and sharing it to twitter and Facebook now. Also… men are more competitive and that’s why more of them take the risks and compete to get to the top (e.g. CEO’s), but conversely also more fail. They end up at the bottom of the heap… but nobody mentions them.
    p.s. there is nothing wrong with being a transwoman, and I’m happy at last :o)
    However you are spot-on there too and F2M trans are probably motivated by their paranoid belief they are missing out on their “patriarch privileges”.

  72. The article is spot-on. So much energy and resources expended on pushing women into male roles and we still have less than 10 percent of corporate jobs, congressional jobs, and STEM school admissions going to woman. And every woman who takes one of those positions deprives a man of the opportunity he needs to participate in society and support his family. There are no winners here; men lose, women lose, and society loses. Sad…..

  73. Women can’t be as good as males at sports? That’s ok, they’ll just make special women’s-only leagues for popular sports, and then TV execs will be browbeaten into giving them equal air time as male sports. I was never much into watching sports as it is.. and I’m even far less inclined when the participants can’t run as fast, jump as high, kick the ball as far, and generally provide a more boring viewing experience*.
    *Lingerie football and WWE Divas excepted 😉
    The worst part is, all these boring girlie sports are robbing precious airtime from shows actually worth watching. Yet another reason to stop watching TV.

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