How I Avoided A False Domestic Abuse Charge

A couple months back I hooked up with a girl I met at an auto parts store. I mentioned her near the end of this article then gave a little more detail in this RVF post when talking about the application of abundance mentality to move her back in my rotation when I added another chick a couple weeks later.

Even though she was an alcoholic (she drank seven days a week), she treated me quite well from beginning to end. She cooked for me, bought me cigarettes, provided me with great sex, and was actually pretty good company.

Despite the fact she did this every day, she treated me quite well

I never even considered making her anything more than a fuck buddy on account of her alcoholism, tattoos, and the fact that she was almost too easy to fuck. But I did spend a fair amount of time with her, which caused her to become more and more attached.

After a while I decided it was time to cut her loose. Normally when I cut a girl off I don’t do it in one fell swoop. I usually just gradually reduce my time with her until she’s completely weened off of me, which makes for a smooth and painless ordeal…unless, of course, she’s crazy…..which this chick absolutely was.

The Gambit

Never bought it for a second

I started my “time reduction” process when she texted and asked what time I was coming over a couple of days earlier than she normally does. I figured then was as good a time as any to start letting her down easy so I texted her back and told her I was going to have to take the next couple of weekends off.

Predictably, she started frantically texting me and giving me the third degree about why I’m “doing this,” if there’s another girl, if I’m getting tired of her, etc. I texted back and told her it was none of those and that I just had some things I needed to take care of which required a little more focus and time, and that we’d pick up right where we left off.

Of course, the plan was to hook back up in two weeks, then two weeks after that, then slowly fade out of her life. Most girls know a brush off when they see one and will simply move on to the next dude on their phone to assuage their fragile egos.

But “Jennifer” was having none of that, and attempted an all-too-familiar scheme to keep me around for just a little bit longer by calling and telling me she was pregnant.

The Counter

This isn’t the first time a girl has attempted to lock me down by faking a pregnancy, so I didn’t freak out. I calmly and coolly told her to sit tight and that I’d be there in a bit, then drove to a drug store a few blocks from my place and purchased two pregnancy tests.

I’d was sure she was lying but it would be disingenuous of me to say I wasn’t a little concerned. Although I wrapped my dick each and every time I fucked her and never let her handle my condoms, slip ups can happen from time to time.

Jennifer had no idea what was coming next when I walked into her house, which was exactly what I wanted. I instructed her to take the pregnancy test immediately. She was surprised and hesitant but she obliged lest she sees her plan blow up in her face less than an hour after hatching it.

Pro tip: Make her take it TWICE…it’s worth the extra coin

It was negative, as was the second, which exposed the lie she was trying to perpetuate. Realizing my exit was imminent she turned on the water works and started the drama. I, of course, was a stoic as a statue and let her cry and ramble and apologize to me without a single word back.

When she was finished I told her I was leaving. But once again she upped the ante by picking up the phone and calling the cops to report a domestic disturbance.

Now I’ve been in some pretty sticky situations with women, but this was a first for me. I hadn’t laid a hand on her but I knew that leaving her house was as good as admitting guilt in the eyes of the gyno-centric laws. So I kept my wits about me, calmly sat on her couch, opened an audio recording app on my phone and waited for the police to arrive.

Self Incrimination

It didn’t take long for the cops to get to her house but during the fifteen minute wait Jennifer went on a verbal tirade that would be the difference between me going to jail and going home.

Long story short, she yelled and screamed and said she was going to tell the cops I had choked and slapped her and that they would believe her story without question. She even went so far as to say “even if you don’t get convicted you’ll be locked up for three days anyways!”

I immediately saw an opportunity to strengthen my case and pounced. I calmly said to her: “Why are you doing this? I haven’t laid a hand on you.”

She took the bait hook, line, and sinker and frantically said: “Because you’re being a fucking asshole!” To which I replied kindly with a hint of genuine concern, “What can I do to stop this?”

“Just stop with all this bullshit,” she said. “I’m sorry I lied about being pregnant but it’s the only way I could get you over here to find out what was really going on.”


I looked at her with faux concern on my face and said, “That’s all this was about?”

“Yeah,” she said softening her tone.

“If you wanted an explanation all you had to do was ask. There’s no need to lie about me beating you up because what good am I to you if I’m in jail, right?”

“I know,” she said. “I’m sorry, Donovan I just freaked out. I didn’t want to lose you in my life.”

“No big deal,” I said kicking my feet up on her coffee table. I was far from relaxed but I wanted her to think I was to dilute the extremely thick tension in the room. It seemed to work because she followed my lead and loosened up a bit…

…until we heard a knock at the door.

Exhibit A(udio)

Jennifer’s eyes were as large as dinner plates as her hands covered her mouth. She had forgotten she’d called the cops.

“I’ll just tell them it was a big misunderstanding,” she whispered. I shrugged my shoulders and gestured to the door hoping against all hope my phone’s audio recording app was as advertised.

Jennifer walked to the door then turned around and ran back where she whispered, “What if we just don’t answer the door?”

The cops knocked again but this time it was harder.

“They’ll break down the door because they think I’m in here beating your ass. If you don’t let them in, they’ll let themselves in. Just answer the fucking door.” By this point we’re both on edge but I kept my cool on the outside.

Finally (and reluctantly) Jennifer walks to the door and let the cops in. My heart hammered against my chest as they asked Jennifer if she was alright and a number of other bullshit loaded questions they throw at her to make me look guilty, regardless of the answers she gave them.

Lies upon lies

Jennifer had painted herself in a corner and she knew it. She told the dispatcher I had choked and slapped her, so she had to stick to her story with the police, which sounded less than convincing when she repeated it in front of them. Reading the body language of both cops (who were both men) made me extremely nervous even with the ace I had up my sleeve.

After what seemed like an eternity of Q&A between Jennifer and the cops, they turned their attention to me. I was extremely careful not to show aggressive or guilty posture, and not to interrupt them during the time they interrogated her. I had been on the couch with my feet on her coffee table the entire time and stayed completely silent until they asked me what my version of the story was.

I didn’t say a word. I simply reached for my phone on the coffee table, opened the app, and played the recording silently praying to every God I could think of that it audible enough to get me off…

…and to my extreme relief, our conversation rang through the speakers on my phone as clear as a bell. With the exception of the whispering between her and I when the cops were knocking at the door, those officers heard every word.

Jennifer could do nothing but stand there with a horrified look on her face. A few minutes in she attempted to say something but was quickly shushed by one of the officers.

After the recording finished playing, Jennifer was in tears. When one of the officers placed her in handcuffs and read her her rights as she was being arrested for false accusation, she began sobbing and apologizing. Neither myself or the two cops said anything as she was led out of her house and into their squad car.

Her water works didn’t faze any of us

One of the cops stayed behind and asked if I wanted to take out a restraining order. I declined because a) Jennifer didn’t know where I lived and b) I knew a restraining order would be useless and unenforced on the off chance she actually tried something. I just wanted to get the fuck out of there and out of her life.

The officer shook my hand, apologized for what had happened and said “If more people do what you did and record these domestic disturbances, we’d probably be arresting a lot more accusers.” I just nodded and left.


I could sit here and say that game saved me that night, but that would be far from the truth. If not for my phone recording what really went down, I’d have gone to jail that night regardless of the amount of game I had. And that’s a fact.

I haven’t seen or heard from Jennifer since. I’m not sure exactly how much time she spent in jail but I’m fairly certain it wasn’t long.

Fucking with crazy girls is a mathematical inevitability. The number of emotionally damaged females in this country who can and will pull this type of bullshit is growing by the second, so it stands to reason that there’s a pretty good chance you’ll encounter a woman like this at some point in your pussy plundering lives.

Do yourself a favor and RECORD EVERYTHING. Otherwise you might find yourself on the wrong end of a false accusation, and that’s a no-win situation for you whether you’re guilty or not.

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220 thoughts on “How I Avoided A False Domestic Abuse Charge”

  1. Not only the recording saved his ass, but being calm and and keeping frame was key. It showed the officers that he was not belligerent.

    1. YES : RECORD EVERYTHING…. your phone has 32GB… and even if it’s not admissible in a court, it can save your ass in so many ways before you ever get to court….. False rape accusations go straight out of the window – police, employers, university / school staff, other law enforcement, plaintiff’s lawyers, etc. etc. etc. You have an audio record of WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED… unless you have someone that really wants to frame you up… AND really knows they can get the recording thrown out of a court – you are home and clear.
      Even if the recording is made inadmissible, you should be able to submit a transcript of the conversation that went down, as per the recording.

      1. In my (no longer professional) opinion, the only way it would not be admissible is if you staged it and tried to present it to a jury, or if it was obviously edited such that it risked being misleading (which is why it is very dangerous to rely on main stream media reports that include selected sound and video bites about controversial incidents).
        The catch-all legal test is whether it is relevant, material and whether the probative value outweighs the prejudice it creates. A contemporaneous and unedited recording of an unstaged incident should meet that test.

        1. Or if you live in a state with a two-party consent law that makes it per se inadmissible to use a private conversation recorded without all parties’ consent.

        2. True. My understanding of Canadian law is that there is nothing illegal about (audio) recording a conversation as long as one party consents. In terms of video, we had a client come through our office who put the lie to his ex’s accusations of anger and threats by surreptitiously taping his supervised access time with his young kid. He would have been completely screwed because both her and the other woman present (I can’t recall if it was a friend or nanny or whatever) were concocting stories or creating incidents that they would spin as him being in the wrong.
          There is a grey area in the law about filming sexual encounters because every guy would then be claiming it was for “defensive” purposes.
          Even with two party consent would drive feminists batty. There is a phone app where a couple can video and archive themselves agreeing to have consensual sex and the SJWs are livid about it. The next step of recording the deed itself will drive them even further over the edge.

        3. Regardless of whether it is admissible in court or not, it will prevent police and prosecutors from ever taking you to court, because it will be clear you didn’t commit a crime.

        4. There is a difference between rules of the court and evidence and a cop trying to figure out what is going on. If I tell a cop something about a crime that I heard from another person, that is technically “heresay” and couldn’t be used in a trial, but the cop can use it to track down the suspect and investigate further. Likewise, video evidence of a crime, even if it can’t be used in a court trial, can allow cops to identify a criminal to arrest, and then they will have to use other evidence, confessions, etc. to prosecute the crime.
          I’m not a legal expert, but generally when illegal actions are involved, the rules are different. For example a written contract for purchase of illegal drugs is not enforceable. So if you are taping a bank robbery or a false accusation or something illegal, I wouldn’t think that is against the law.

        5. Even if the recording is illegal, they have no leverage. What are they going to say: “He was illegally recording me making up a false accusation”? No way that holds up.

    2. I think it also shows the officers that they can’t push around the guy into false confessions.
      I’m reminded of the Chris Rock video “How not to get your ass kicked by the police”. Hilarious stuff. A lot of lower class people in the states simply aren’t educated to know that yelling at the police or appearing crazy doesn’t help you.

    3. Now, if you record in a two-party consent state like Florida without her knowing, they’ll lock YOU up too on that charge too.

      1. Most state’s allow you to record as long as you are one of the parties in the room, as long as you do not post it or share it publicly. However, everyone else’s comments are correct… you’d rather get a slap on the wrist for that than a domestic violence and assault charge against you.

        1. I haven’t checked the latest count, but that’s irrelevant if you’re in a state like mine that requires 2-party consent.
          I can see from the comments that most here have never been arrested nor dealt withe the prosecutors office. Well, I’ve been there, done that. The prosecutors Modus Operandi is to dig up every possible charge to throw at a defendant so as to pressure him to take a plea deal should the prosecutor decide to press case, but not want to really do the work of proving beyond a reasonable doubt.
          In the context of OP’s story, he DIDN’T get arrested because he could immediately make his case to the cops that he was innocent. What I’m saying is that in my state, he may have avoided a sexual battery arrest, but nonetheless been arrested on the lesser charge.
          My point is that if you’re going to record without the other party’s consent, just make sure you’re not in one of these states if you want to avoide a possible arrest on another charge: California, Connecticut , Delaware, Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Washington
          Also, a tough prosecutor may move to strike your evidence from the record if it was deemed to be obtained illegally, in which case you’re back to square one, he-said, she-said.

        2. I understand exactly what you’re saying, but in most places, those recording laws do not cover your personal home, your car, or anywhere else you cannot reasonably expect privacy (you can record her in your home). Further, while they may charge you with recording (and there is a lesser chance the evidence may not be admitted) you at least have a shot of not getting the charge of domestic battery, which is much more severe. You could always just record it and not tell the police but then let your lawyer know you have it and let him advise you on whether to present it.

        3. you can’t expect privacy in your home? That’s the very definition of the American legal definition of privacy. I’d cite you cases but it’s such a basic proposition that I’m not going to bother

        4. what I mean is, if you take her to your home. You are 100% correct if you go to her home. But your home, any car, your office, or even a hotel you cannot expect privacy. If you go to her house, then she can expect privacy, but if you record it anyway, and she makes false testimony or a false statement to the police (even before the trial), the DA can still press charges on her for making a false statement even if the recording isn’t allowed into your trial (the DA can use it when evaluating her sworn statement)… and while you may catch the misdemeanor offense of recording her without her knowing, she’s going to get a felony for making a false statement and then would likely not be willing to keep the lie going in your trial for fear of perjury charges.

        5. It doesn’t work like that. Depending on the state it is the “objective reasonable expectation of privacy” that controls NOT whose home it is. For example, in Washington, a conversation between two people in a car while it is traveling is considered private, but when a police officer stops that car, that is public as no one would expect a conversation with a uniformed officer to be private.

        6. Yes, but courts have ruled there is not a reasonable expectation of privacy in someone else’s home, primarily due to the incredible percentage of people that have home video surveillance camera systems, web cams, and other similar monitoring systems. This is the same reason you can install security cameras in your home (with audio) and not inform guests of their presence. If you are really worried about it though, just put the nice little sticker on your door that says, “this home is monitored by a security system”. Then they can’t argue reasonable expectation.

        7. Do you have a case citation from a two-party consent state which holds that un-warned recording in your own home is not protected by the other party’s reasonable expectation of privacy?

        8. In your own home or someone else’s home? I specifically said, in someone else’s home in my statement… but you said, “in your own home”.
          If you mean is there specific case law or statute in a 2 party consent state that says you can record in your own home without fear, yes… I do, the best one is colorado which is Colo. Rev. Stat. § 18-9-305.
          California courts ruled that such recordings are admissible unless “gross violation” was found but even then, the max fine for first offense is 1500 dollars…. which is a little cheaper than a rape charge lol… .and that’s if you’re actually charged, which I’m sorry, but I doubt any DA would ever charge you for recording such an event in your own home and using it to defend yourself against false testimony for rape.

        9. No, they’re separate. Colorado is a 2 party state that specifically allows for home security.
          California (separately) found it has to be gross violation of privacy… For some reason I can’t paste the link here, but if you google abc news consent its the court case that comes up. It seems that in all states as far as I can tell, that if you have a simple sign or sticker on the door of your house that says its under surveillance that you’re covered regardless because then there is no expectation. Also, in several instances, as long as you place a recording device in clear view (ie… your phone) a person no longer as reasonable expectation of privacy.
          I would still argue that all of that considered, you should still ALWAYS record, because you can always show it to your lawyer and he/she can advice you on whether it’s useful and is in your best interest to use it, but if you don’t have it your at the mercy of he said/she said.

        10. You know that google results are different depending on one’s use history right? That doesn’t bring up anything for me. I need is the actual legal citation, not a link. Anyway, never trust a news agency’s interpretation of a court decision. Shit, I don’t even trust Lexis or Westlaw headnotes. You’ve got to read the cases yourself.
          Colorado isn’t a two party consent state. Further, that statute has no language that could be construed as a “resident exception”.

        11. lol. Okay…. well… you can read the colorado statute and you can read the california ruling saying that notice can be given… so i guess like i said in one of the post, put a sticker on your door that says these premises are monitored by a security system. Then you’ll be just fine…. and even if you’re not, you’ll still be better off without a rape charge.

        12. Right, because a girl isn’t going to consider it creepy as fuck to see a sign on your door telling her she’s being recorded.

        13. actually my alarm company sign has been in my front yard for about 10 years and I’ve never had a word said about it…. although I’m not in one of the few duel consent states anyway.
          simple little sign or sticker on the door….

          But if you’re in a state like mine, you should just get one of these 🙂

        14. looks like there are actually only about 11 states that require both parties to know and of those the majority give allowance for your own home like Colorado… so i doubt it is an issue for most guys to record regardless wherever they do the recording.

    4. Could have been worse. She could have said that she was raped. Perhaps she just had some slight sense of decency. I know college girls who would happily scream that they were raped just to be the center of attention.

    5. I know I would’ve have done a happy dance right there on the spot after the cops left with the bitch in the paddy wagon!
      SOMEONE BUY THIS MAN A BEER!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. That’s wrong pal-I too was falsely accused of assault and holding a weapon on a woman I was living with. I called the cops to get her out of my business place where she came, drunk, and began to threaten damage to my autos, my work and then physically attacked me. I admit I grabbed her by the throat to push her away after she came up to me, spit in my face and kicked my leg several times, but that was it.
      I demanded she return the keys she had to my warehouse(we also were living together) where she also parked her car. She refused which is when I called the police(mistake1). After calmly explaining to them the situation, she asked to speak to them so I handed her the phone(mistake2) where she promptly turned on a frantic voice telling them I was hitting her and had threatened her with a weapon.
      I was dumbfounded to say the least but remained, seated, in plain sight. 7! police cars pulled up and I watched them cautiously approach the open overhead door. They yelled inside for me to turn around and get on my knees. I did, they rushed in, handcuffed me and began the interrogation as to WTF was going on.
      When my turn came, I patiently explained she was drunk, showed them the blood running down one leg where she had kicked me and told them she had come to my place and had threatened me. She knew I kept a weapon on the premises but couldn’t tell the police where I had put it after the supposed threat I made with it. I showed the police, it was under a bunch of boxes(yeah I know) as I was just moving into this space and obviously she would have seen me placing it there and covering it up if things had gone down as she said. Which I pointed out. And aside from some red marks on her throat she was untouched after she told the police I was beating her. Which I also pointed out. None of that mattered a bit.
      Believe me I was quite calm throughout but she played her part well, sobbing and shaking. I was arrested and again believe me, that’s another nightmare you don’t want to get into.

  2. Ironically, where I live, recording the conversation without her knowing is a felony. The “violence” he was accused of doing would be a misdemeanor. Know the law of recording conversations in the state where you live.

    1. Preventing yourself from going to jail for a false accusation is a perfectly good reason to “illegally” record someone.

      1. I can only talk about the state where I live. All I’m saying is know the law in the state where you live. Where I live, “preventing yourself from going to jail for a false accusation” is NOT a good reason to “illegally” record someone. I’m not arguing with you. I’m just telling you the facts as I know them where I live. There are other states where Donovan can do what he did, and maybe your “reason” is acceptable in the state you live.

        1. Everything I have said is with the caveat of “where I live.” Where I live, surveillance cameras are fine, but an audio recording of that depiction is illegal. I have no idea why the law is this way. In my state, if you are stopped by a police officer he will advise you that “everything you say is being recorded.” You can say “I don’t want to be recorded” but I don’t know what happens after that.

        2. I’m reminded of a scene in the film “Disclosure”. Michael Douglas’ character was being sexually harassed by Demi Moore (it was a bit silly of a film, but in many ways entertaining about silicon valley) and Demi’s character was grabbing at Douglas’ character’s crotch and he was telling her to stop touching him. This had happened just after he had dialed a friend and forgotten to hang up so it went to an answering machine.
          In those days, an answering machine usually had about a 4 minute limit before they switched off so that amount of time was sufficient but in theory, calling someone on speaker phone and leaving it on may be sufficient “disclosure” to comply with wiretap notification laws. The other party would have heard you making a phone call and leaving a voicemail and ass-umed you hung up. That may be their problem.
          Of course, call a lawyer to check and see if this has any chance of working.

        3. It’s usually all about notification. If one or both parties are notified according to the law, then it’s usually ok.

    2. In my state, you can record a conversation as long as one person in the conversation knows it’s being recorded. IE, as long as you are part of the conversation, you can record it. You can’t use secret bugging devices to a record a conversation between other people, unless you have the consent of one of those other people. This is very common but some states require that all people involved in the conversation give consent.

    3. Not many states left like that actually. I believe even Illinois folded, eventually. Most states are “one party consent” and if you are recording yourself then obviously you consent.
      Recording phone calls falls into another category entirely, for some reason I’ve never quite understood. At least in some states.

      1. According to the article I posted, 11 states require “two party consent” including the biggest state of California. Then again, according to the article, Illinois was one of the 11. Like I said, I am only advising people to know the law in their own state.

    4. May I ask if anyone knows the legal status of recording conversations without the other parties knowledge or consent in Australia? (Husband’s bestie is about to separate from his wife, she is, to put it kindly, less than stable.)

      1. I broke up with a crazy ex (full story above) and got her on recording because I said something that inflamed her and then turned my phone off. It went straight through to voicemail and since I was a good half hour drive away and therefore out of reach of immediate rage, she vented all her incriminating anger into voicemail.

    5. I’m not sure what the laws are in my state but I’ve got my lawyer looking into this to see if there’s a defense, or even a precedent we can use if the cops should decide to charge me with this “crime.” What state are you in?

      1. I suspect that if they were going to charge you they would have arrested you on the spot. Now they have no actual way of proving anything, especially once you erase the recording off of your phone. I doubt they’re going to go all forensic analysis on your iPhone’s memory for a minor thing like this. They don’t like extra work for little payback any more than any of the rest of us.

      2. Thank you for replying to my comment Donovan. I am sorry to say that I will continue to hide behind the anonymity of the internet. One time I revealed who I was on another website (some left-leaning liberal rag) and I have regretted that ever since. What I will say is if you have your “lawyer looking into this,” you should get an answer pretty quickly and easily. Any reasonably good criminal defense attorney will know the answer.

        1. Understood about your anonymity. And yes, my attorney advised me that in my state, recording a non-phone conversation does not require two party consent if someone’s life or freedom is at stake and sent me close to 2 dozen cases backing it up. So I’ve got the statute, and precedent on my side. I can rest easier.

  3. Expect feminists to invent “recording rape”.
    I must also ask: is “getting laid” worth letting crazy people into your life?
    BTW: EVERBODY should have fast recording capability ready. If it’s not some cunt using the state as her personal weapon in arguments, it’s going to be some dindu or other “protected minority” using HR as their personal weapon.

    1. The problem with crazy is that sometimes you don’t know she’s crazy until long after you’re past the “get laid” portion of your relationship. If they were required to wear a sign on their forehead with “Bats in the Belfry!” we might all be better off.
      Heck, I wonder, maybe a ratings website where men review the women in their community, kind of like product reviews on Amazon?
      “Candy – 2 stars: “Well, Candy seemed like a nice, decent wholesome girl, and she put out on the third date. Hot lay, totally recommend for a ONS with no name exchange. Downside is that when we broke up she hung my dog by a rope up a tree, set my house on fire, and sent all of my personal information to ISIS. Would not recommend.”

      1. Funny thing is, there is already some sort of site but only for women to rate men (how telling, eh?)! I am sure the usual “creeper” and “douchebag” are repeated ad nauseam on there all day!

      2. As one of my psychology teachers once said: the eyes are the windows to the soul. Thus the 1000-cock stare.
        Women are best described in this little tune:

        1. American Indians considered heterochromia to be a link with the spiritual.
          Eyes do tell a lot. Whether you listen or believe them is a different matter all together.
          Trust your gut.
          But my gut tells me to be a feudal-type warlord. Silly gut.

        1. It’s amazing to me how many men have seen that. It was a back page, B movie that never got air time in theatres, that I’m aware of anyway, and I have met so many men who saw it.
          It actually wasn’t bad either. And yes, quite prophetic.

        2. How did I not hear about this movie until now?
          “If you think it’s tough to meet the right people now… Wait til you go looking… for a Cherry 2000.”

      1. Until the sexbot pass through some kind of singularity, and then you need Game to make them put out for you.

    2. Not sure of the laws, but isn’t it funny how recording someone unbeknownst to them is illegal, UNTIL, that person tries to falsely accuse you of a crime, especially a violent one? If a girl catches you recording/filming her during sex for instance, if she can prove the recording exists and gets her hands on it as evidence, or the cops get a hold of it, you’re fucked. But if she falsely accuses you of rape, and you have a time/date stamped recording, it too will be your ace up the sleeve. If filming anything (and I’m not suggesting you film sex without all parties present knowing), but film your phone’s date time, and carrier information, or any device synced and dependent on a clock, before rolling tape. That way, it coincides with their false claim.

      1. “If a girl catches you recording/filming her during sex for instance,”
        Sp put one of those 4” x 4″ CCTV stickers on your front door (maybe after the fact). Walmart records you. Have they ever asked you to sign a consent form?

  4. Good job Donovan.
    I personally hope to never be in that situation, but I’ll keep my voice recorder app in my favorites on my phone. You just never know.

  5. >Do yourself a favor and RECORD EVERYTHING.
    I’ve mirrored this same advice since the old days where personal recorders still used tiny cassettes. I’ve never had to defend against a woman lying about an assault, but it’s saved my job a number of times when dealing with lying customers in retail positions… and at least once saved my employer a hefty extortion-settlement when some Dindunuffin-American fabricated an encounter involving rayciss crackas and some choice slurs that were never uttered in an attempt to extort free product in exchange for “not going to Al Sharpton bout it…”
    I record all my phone calls, too. There are apps for that, though some phones need jailbreak/roots to record both sides of the audio. (This is a one-party state, so the only person that needs to give consent is me.)
    Digital recorders are so cheap and space is so plentiful in the modern era, I’d recommend a tiny recorder going all day every day. Dump the audio to a folder on your PC nicely organized into dates, and forget about it for a while.
    (Video would be even better, but battery life is a problem. Cops carry external battery packs for their body cams and radio. Audio can record all day with something smaller than your phone.)

    1. Haha. I was banging a crazy that I thought might pull some shit on me one night, when I started a small stereo digital recorder and put it under the bed. We banged, I stayed there, and let it run. Left early in the AM. It went on about 24 hours recording, or until either the battery ran out or space ran out.
      I was talking on the phone with her the next day about the same time and she says:”Something keeps beeping in here and I can’t figure out what it is..” I convinced her it was a power strip stopping a surge (giving audible beep warning) and to not worry about it. 2 days later I retrieved the recorder and listened to it and discovered what I suspected, among other things besides saving my ass if she flipped out. And that was she was a pill addict. I listened to her trying to acquire Aderol and opiates on 3-4 phone calls to dealers, etc.

    1. Actually he just poured out a bit of Kratom the phone. The rest, as they say, is history.

        1. The two go together like PB&J, so I figured that the average reader here would make the assumption that it was included.

      1. No, no – he should’ve mixed some kratom into her drink/blow, she would have become his obedient flunky from then on instead of pulling this hate shit on him.

  6. “If more people do what you did and record these domestic disturbances, we’d probably be arresting a lot more accusers.”
    I have a better idea you shit head cops. STOP believing the talking vagina every time they play victim! Get something called EVIDENCE. Fuck, how hard is that?

    1. That’s what the police was rather advising. They know they can’t break rank and just not arrest men on a domestic abuse call (imagine the firestorm in the media), so informing a man to record his convos or congratulating him on being smart enough to do so, is rather a tip of the hat on his part.
      There are no winners with our feminized society. The man can get accused with no evidence and if the cops don’t cuff him they are reprimanded or even brought into an investigation. All the while women smirk and cackle at both parties.

      1. That’s why I look forward to the world burning and most of the feminists hooked up to milking machines for some warlord.

      2. Cops are being outfitted with body cams. Makes sense to sport the same gear, it’s how they cover their asses, we might as well do it too.

        1. I’m actually in support of putting cameras on police, as long as they don’t have control over stopping them. And if “something accidentally covers the lens” when there are questions of officer accountability then the officer should be presumed to have covered it on purpose.

        2. If I were a cop I would insist on wearing a body cam. A ton of police have had their asses saved against accusations by women due to the dash cams that have been standard for cops for a while. I believe that most police officer associations have started supporting and advocating for body cams. If things get much worse we might all have to start wearing them; as we know that in the legal system anything a man says is automatically assumed to be a lie.

        3. Good luck paying for that. Unless the department shells out for a system for everybody it’s not going to be cost effective to do so.

        4. Facile comment. Lots wrong with our system, but blowing it up and starting over? Too much to like about anglosphere legal principles

    2. And these idiots wonder why they’re being killed at an alarming rate by members of the public and riots keep happening. Or, maybe they don’t!

      1. The police are only doing what they’re told. It’s the court that decide if you’re guilty or not. The time between the arrest and trial and verdict is what is the pain in the ass.

        1. Hey that’s very exciting – what I DO know is that what you referenced yourself about “having to” make an arrest for no good goddamn is complete and utter bullshit. Perhaps their corrupt and inept masters should rewrite some laws to actually reflect reality instead of bias, non?

        2. Joe is correct. When the police are called on a domestic, they are coming for an arrest as prescribed by current law. It isn’t the cops, it’s the laws drawn up by politicians and the people in black interpreting the law. Sucks all around.

      2. The Police only follow the Law, the Law is created by politicians, the people elect the politicians, the People are responsible for who they elect and thereby responsible for the laws that Govern them, if your going to be angry at someone be angry at every Leftist and Liberal who has ever voted.

    3. I know a police detective with a lot of experience in these types of situations. Unfortunately they are bound by law to make an arrest when responding to a domestic violence call. This is intended to protect the victim from being further harmed, but in many cases it leads to people being unjustly arrested.The police really have no choice in the matter. And just because you get arrested does not mean you will be convicted.

      1. Then just arrest the woman for once. And I don’t care whether or not they have a choice. The “just following orders” excuse is no excuse.

        1. That’s what the Nazi concentration camp guards said. “Just following orders.” So again, no excuse. Easy or not.

        2. I understand what you’re saying. But remember that arresting someone in a volatile situation who perhaps DID commit a crime, who wont necessarily even be convicted, is in no way comparable to torturing and killing people wholesale.

      2. No but you’ll have to answer “Yes” an job applications that ask if you’ve ever been arrested.
        I had to to explain my 2 x arrest (though I’ve never been convicted) when applying for a secret security clearance for the Army. I’m also in the process of applying to the FBI and will again have to explain my arrests sans convictions.

      3. There’s usually a very limited “credibility” threshold before mandatory arrest kicks in, but yes, that’s low.

  7. You have my sympathies, Donovan, and I can’t deny the value of your advice…once you find yourself in that situation. But wouldn’t it have saved you more than merely an uncomfortable moment with the police not to have dipped your wick in a tattoo-covered alcoholic in the first place?

    1. Yeah. As I was reading the article I saw the word alcoholic. Then I thought, “strike 1”. Then I saw the word tattoo. I then thought, “strike 2”. I would have been way out of there the minute I discovered either of those.

    2. He mentioned that she was good company. I know a few girls like he describes, and yeah the warning signs are there, but they are genuinely fun to hang around with on a lazy evening, on occasion. Sometimes a guy just wants to chill and finds a chick who can and it kind of blinds him to the other flags. Happens to a lot of men, regardless of what those flags are. Kind of like how some guys will go to any length for a beautiful woman despite her having no other redeeming qualities. Most of us have an Achilles heel.

      1. Well said GOJ. Sometimes you have to take measures to mitigate these red flags…especially if she’s hot…which Jennifer absolutely was (but won’t be for long on account of her drinking….the girl is 26 and looks closer to 30).

    3. chill213 is spot on. Sure, I could have avoided her but in 2015 if you want to get laid on the regular you’ve gotta make some concessions. Trust me, there are girls out there with no tattoos that don’t drink at all who are every bit as capable of these kinds of shenanigans.

  8. “…and to my extreme relief, our conversation rang through the speakers on my phone as clear as a bell. With the exception of the whispering between her and I when the cops were knocking at the door, those officers heard every word.
    Jennifer could do nothing but stand there with a horrified look on her face. A few minutes in she attempted to say something but was quickly shushed by one of the officers.”
    This part was so beautiful that I cried a little. I have a massive justice boner.
    Great article.

    1. I would fund a Paypal account $20 min to have seen a video of the look on her face as the recording was played. Remember gents, men built all this technology, women are NOT logical, and forget we can use it against them as they do us.

      1. I still have the recording and was going to put it in this article but was strongly advised against it by the editor and for very good reason(s). I had the same thought you did my friend.

    2. This happened just a couple weeks ago (which is the main reason I didn’t have an article for last week) and I’m only just realizing how delicious that moment was haha.

  9. Smooth Donovan your one lucky guy, I know a cop who said a woman led him on a wild goose chase involving domestic violence, the woman accused her BF of abuse, beatings, etc etc, this went on for awhile and long story short it was all false.

  10. Another one is, “I haven’t got my period yet” , I had one text me that who’s backdoor I was in most of the night, Not sure what she hoped to accomplish or how well she thought that out.

      1. I had a girl I dumped this year say “I haven’t gotten my period.”
        I said “when were you due”
        Her “I’m due within 1 week where I’m keeping the baby.”
        I texted her 2 months later and asked if she got her period and was happy she said yes.

        1. I think it takes an uber slut to pull a prego scare on a dude. This chick was not experience in man trapping.

  11. Hehehe. I recall a similar situation in dealing with the police in such a situation where the cops tried to get me to implicate myself by feigning sympathy: “If I were in your place, I’d have shoved her even gently. Did you do that?” If I had said yes, they would have slapped the cuffs on me in seconds. It wasn’t just in a DV incident. The local cops seem to be trained to do this kind of entrapment. When I was on jury duty at the Los Angeles courthouse, I gave the judge and DA a piece of my mind about how the police gathered evidence (and got a fast dismissal I wanted.)
    Anyway, in a similar situation, I also was with a woman throwing up red flags: Had stood me up for a first date. Then a second. At the third, she stopped playing “hard to get”. Found out later she had a bipolar disorder AND smoked (a big turn off for me). After a few fights over her entitlement attitudes, I said it was over.
    Now here’s the difference between myself and Donovan: I didn’t show up at her place when she drunk dialed me. Someone crazy enough to fake a pregnancy test could have done anything. Not just call the police. She could have pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the back as he was leaving. Instead, I told her that this was too much and I was off. She tried to redial me.
    I sent her straight to voice mail.
    Now NOTHING sets off a woman more than sending them to voice mail. I knew that she would flip her top just as Donovan knew the other woman would blabber on audio and I let her vent to voice mail how she was going to slash my tires and kill my cat. I called her back, when I knew she wouldn’t be there, and said on voicemail that I wouldn’t go to the police with what I had, but we were done. And that was it.
    It’s interesting that during my younger years, I had two DV encounters with the police with crazy women and had to use level headed thinking to get out of it. It helped that I had taken as much as the red pill at the time to have a clear head (not clear enough to avoid such psychos but yikes, dating in the states now almost makes it unavoidable!)
    But yeah, absolutely know the recording laws in your state. I wish Donovan had told his side of the story, without audio, let the cops start to strong arm him and then release the recording and get a REAL apology from them but perhaps by him not letting the cops show their bias, he gave them an easy out and hopefully enough incentive to respect men in the future. Also, I think he should have gotten the restraining order to send a political message.

    1. The local cops seem to be trained to do this kind of entrapment. When I
      was on jury duty at the Los Angeles courthouse, I gave the judge and DA
      a piece of my mind about how the police gathered evidence

      When police ask you questions they are looking for you to say something that will help prove your guilt and not your innocence.
      This video is one of the most important on the internet and should be mandatory viewing.
      Never talk to the police

      1. Changed my perspective a ton when I stumbled on this vid yrs ago.
        Youre nervous, you say too much/too little (I did A,B and D- they find out later you left out C- now they jump all over you).
        Keep your mouth shut- they arent your friends.

  12. I have a relative who tried this on her boyfriend. She called him and claimed to be pregnant and he said: “Congratulations!” and hung up. They later got back together.
    It’s astounding how much of this drama I see in the states and hear about from other people I know while it happens a lot less in other countries. It begs the question: Why are men going to war to defend this place?

  13. Be prepared to defend yourself when necessary. You never know when you are going to meet Mrs Insanity. Every teenage and young adult male should read every word of this. This could be you.

  14. So it turns out the US actually has something called “Innocent until proven guilty”. So if there are like no marks on her or evidence you hit her you actually get to walk. But enjoy acting like victims!

    1. No man, correction here. For guys in domestics like this, it’s usually the accusers word over yours, however, often they’ll arrest and take both people down to the station if you both claim there was abuse against one another. And it has nothing to do with “humans harming one another, as an inhumane act of violence,” but rather “tax paying entity endangering another tax paying entity’s ability to pay taxes, to the system that funds the police and courts.”
      Many states anyways now operate that way, unless it’s clearly obvious with a recording, or there’s all marks on one person (the accuser), and none on the accused. I’ve seen girls intentionally scratch themselves to make marks so the guy gets hauled off. I was giddy reading this, that the girl got hauled off. That’s just poetic justice for men right there~!

      1. No. Some states say they have to take at least one person away, but that would be in effect whether there was a recording or not.

    1. Nah, once it goes to court, it won’t be valid cause she never approval to have her voice recorded.
      I don’t know if this is true but it wouldn’t surprise me and she is left free.

      1. Yeah you just have to check which state you are in, many states only require consent of one party. Even if it were illegal, I would have done the same as you, at least it gets you momentarily off the hook and out the door. I’m sure cops get real sick of drama chick false accusations.

  15. The article first states “she texted and asked what time she should come over ” then later states “Jennifer didn’t know where I lived ”
    So where was she asking to come over to…a hotel? This just a cute fable?

  16. I’m not necessarily in the MGTOW camp, or whatever it means to stay away from women as much as possible, but this is kind of a good case for it. It only takes one to totally screw up your life.
    On a side note, at least they actually arrested her.

  17. The soiling of clothes from fecal seepage is a problem for many homosexuals. Goldstone mentioned a study where 25% of homosexuals that practiced anoreceptive intercourse and 50% of AIDS-afflicted homosexuals had a nal incontinence compared to a 3% rate among heterosexual men.(6) Miles et al. compared 40 male homosexuals (all practiced anoreceptive sex) with 18 male heterosexuals.(7) Only one heterosexual but 14 (35%) homosexuals had frequent a nal incontinence.(7)

    1. Uh, yeah, OK. I agree the guy was probably shitting his pants because of the whack job he was dating, not from anal sex.

  18. Its common, not rare today. So many broken women in the west.
    Seriously, once you start seeing a nutcase (many red flags), get her drunk and start asking questions.
    “have I ever hurt you before”
    “have we ever had sex without consent”
    “why did you lie to the police about…. ”
    Remember women are stupid emotional beings and they will go nuts and you have it all on recording.
    I went through this about a month ago, she was blind drunk and I put my phone between the pillows on my bed. She started to break a couple of my things. “please don’t hurt me with that.” etc…
    Next day, I said I need some space and then told her I’m going overseas for 2 months and I didn’t want to tell you cause it would upset you. I blocked her number and ignored her social media messages.
    Social media, sms, etc… Just look at yourself as a lawyer protecting yourself from jail time.

  19. Great story. Ive had my share of crazy. The first real episode was when I tried to break it off in person with a fuck buddy. When I tried to end it This nut job vacillated between saying some of the craziest cruelest shit she could think of to wanting to suck my cock and everything else repeatedly through the night/conversation. I just said o.k whatever just fucking leave!Luckilly i kept frame until she got violent when I tried to physically remove her from my place.Then she started wrestling with me trying to keep me from getting her out. She went to grab my balls ,I covered up and she hit me in the face. Right then and there I realized the bitch needed to be neutralized. I thought quick and gave her an uppercut in the bread basket. That was enough to take her down and buy me a second of time and roust my roomate out of bed to get a witness on how crazy this bitch was.
    She left almost as soon as I had someone to see what a psycho she was. I then went down to the police station and file a report and get the process of a restraining order on her and “beat her to the punch” so to speak…In case she decided to go to the police.
    The coup de grace was to pay extra and get her served her restraining order papers where she worked and have her served in front of all her co workers and really rub the salt in her wounds with an extra dose of humiliation.
    It wasnt long before she violated the restraining order and made an appearance at the bar I frequented. She even had the balls to act all sad puppy doggy and try to patch it up. I had none of it and warned her of her proximity violation and to leave me alone. It wasn’t long before I heard she moved out of town.
    The lesson I learned was to ALWAYS stay cool and try anything to avoid escalation where shit gets really crazy with a bitch. ALWAYS get a witness also even if it means calling a friend over to have backup with a story or beat the “my word against your word” factor. That one worked really well with another girlfriend that was insanely jealous and tried to imprison me and keep me from hanging out with friends who happened to have a famous porn star girlfriend but that’s another story. Never under estimate the potential insanity that is inherent in every girl.

    1. How did you avoid the situation that could have happened with that punch?

      1. If I understand you correctly…I didnt avoid the situation so much as rectifying the situation I was in at the time. If I kept wrestling and her hitting me she would have kept it up thinking I was going to be a punching bag. I proved her wrong. I dont think guys should hit girls but if its in self defence, all bets are off. Most chicks think they can get violent with a guy only thinking it’s justifiable because they’re a girl and “the weaker sex”. Bullshit. Put them in their place and that’ll nip that in the bud and they probably wont do it again anyone. I didnt avoid the situation but I tried every other option to get her to leave.After hours of her talking shit, it was the only option. Just like women have no way of spotting red flags when they meet a bad boy, I think most guys ignore red flags when they meet a chick unless they know game and have abundance mentality. I didnt at the time. My lesson was to get a witness and avoid shit getting physical at all costs.

        1. Actually I wasn’t quite clear. I agree with your entire post. My question was how was it that she didn’t run right to the cops after that? That seems to be the default behavior these days with women, even if you never lay a hand on them. And the White Knight PD is more than happy to arrest you and bring up charges on her behalf even if she changes her mind later. I was just curious what compelled her to not call the cops, really. She doesn’t sound terribly bright, so perhaps it just didn’t occur to her? Just curious.

        2. I think it was a combination of her not being bright, realizing she was a cunt and deserved it and probably had to mean getting the cops when she was probably still drunk.

    2. Jesus whata story. Mine weren’t as bad but I definitly learned the “never dump a broad at your place” lesson the hard way. I’ve dumped the last couple in public now, coffee shops, prevents them from going crazy most of the time but like Donovan said, the gradual fadeaway is probably the best way to go these days.

  20. The insanity we’re living under.
    It’s terribly sad now one has to record every human interaction to prevent law suits. We’ve lost something along the way.

    1. Not permanently. This same mentality existed in the former USSR during the days of Stalin. They snapped out of it, eventually. The human soul is immutable, we can suppress our best parts, but they end up outing eventually.

  21. What’s especially superb about this particular case, is not ONLY did she try to entrap him with the pregnancy lie – which was disproved – she went even lower calling the cops, and really, had he been a beta schlub and believed that, OR been hauled off by the cops, she wouldn’t have given a fuck. So frankly, her ONLY getting arrested for a false claim is LESS than she should have gotten for sure.

    1. I remember this. Not a very good looking cheerleader. And she was an Iraq war vet? Funny, another instance where women don’t belong in the military. Scary to think my tax dollars funded a women in the military that would come back to the states and act this way. Did she ever get fired from the Cardinals?

    2. This article instantly reminded me of that incident with the cheerleader. Except she was the one hitting him then had the nerve to call the cops for DV against her.

  22. What concerns me is this guy is a grown ass man who is too pussy to tell a woman that he is no longer interested. He’s no different than the piece of shit women that they complain about doing the same thing

    1. Diplomacy really isn’t your strong suit is it?
      If you let a woman down easy, the chance of her pressing false rape charges against you, which stick without evidence thank you anti-man legal system, are greatly reduced.
      Cutting the cord with a grin and a middle finger, in the modern legal climate, is nearly suicidal. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will if you continue to think that your way is best.
      Diplomatic methods always produce better results in the arena of the heart.

      1. Look I’m not down with smart ass Internet comments. So keep that shit to yourself. Either act like an adult or don’t date.
        It’s pretty foolish to suggest there’s a high chance of being hit with domestic vilence accusations for breaking up with a chick

        1. I’ll speak as I wish to whom I wish. Your permission or approval is not required.
          Men get hit with false rape and false domestic abuse all the time. Especially domestic abuse. My brother in law, who is a lamb and nearly a pacifist, got smacked with it when he went to divorce his psycho wife. I’ve seen it countless times. So have many here. The entire fucking article is about a chick trying to do just that.
          The point being that it is usually in your best interest to do things diplomatically rather than snickering and flipping the bird as you run for the weeds. A one night stand, yeah who gives a fuck, but in a relationship you are well advised to take a more measured approach.
          To advise otherwise in cases of relationship break ups is to lead men to the slaughter in the legal system.

        2. Look man please don’t comment on my comments anymore if you’re going to play the whole Internet gangster role

        3. Basically you’ve not addressed my actual point, instead going the butthurt route. I see. Not happy with opposition to your lofty viewpoint then? Quelle dommage, mon ami.
          My policy on my speech is clear. It is as follows: I’ll comment how, where, when and to whom I want, assuming the site owner indulges my whims. You have no say in the matter. If it bothers you that much to see people not bow down to your inane posts, then ignore my posts to you. That easy. That’s not gangster, that’s simply reality. Now, learn to deal, or go comment where you might be more appreciated. Say, for example, over at the “Let’s get men arrested on false DV charges because we’re just going to laugh and throw chicks the bird while kicking their butt out the door, after a relationship” forum, which I hear is humming along quite well. It’s over at Jezebel I think, but don’t quote me on that.

        4. Yes yes, but page not found, so ok, whatever. Now tell me, where was my advice wrong and why was it wrong? If you can stay on point we can have a discussion as men. For example, have you not seen men have cops called on them for false DV? I have, and more than once, in fact enough times to give the notion credence that men need to tread carefully. Why is this imprudent advice? Details please.

        5. Bro… your antagonist Gerry (or is it Geri?) can’t stay on point or have a discussion as a man. No use trying to be reasonable with “him” anymore. He’s a tad too emotional to be on this site.

        6. Yeah, he’s a single digit post count troll. Gone and done and good riddance.

    2. I’ve cut the cord with plenty of women in a blunt way and it never goes well. I’ve had instances where my tires have been slashed, and even sugar in my gas tank. Women in 2015 don’t take bad news well and react poorly when men flat out tell them they’re no longer interested. And for the record, a woman going radio silent on me when she’s not interested in me anymore is standard these days. Doesn’t bother me at all. So the next time you’re with a girl and you want to cut things off, try being “straight up” with her and do it face to face….see how she reacts.

      1. I’m always honest. If this is constantly happening where your property is damaged, you’re either misleading or generally fucking with shitty women. In any case own it!

        1. You’re under the assumption that all dealings with women are black and white. This is not the case. If you don’t understand that’s fine. It takes experience. Most women in this country are shitty and we must adjust as we see fit. This is obviously easier said than done. And if you read my column regularly you’ll see that I’ve owned the fact that I’ve made poor decisions with women in the past. None of us get it right all the time, my friend, no even me.

        2. At least you own up to your mistakes. My only issue is treating people like you want to be treated. I hate it when women pull that gradually disappearing shit. Therefore I would never do it. But I’m also the guy who pulls his dick out if a chick is on the edge about fucking me soooo…..

        3. I’ve never been the “fade away” or “disappear” type until after being done the same way many times before. I’m always a face to face break up guy anyway. But today’s women aren’t straight up themselves, but when you’re straight up with them they lose their shit….ala Jennifer….

    1. I don’t get that either. If men want to stop this then they need to grow some balls and put bitches like her in front of a judge. Believe me, they’re always more than happy do likewise to us.

  23. Well played Don!! From the distancing strategy all the way up to recording her self conviction, you did good man. Real good.

  24. It is unbelievable the hoops one must go through just to live a normal heterosexual lifestyle today. It seems the default recommended position is to avoid cohabitation with the other sex while the media and education preaches to turn gay or adopt a puppy, or go mgtow or even beta and let the females rule the roost at all costs.
    The term ‘DV’ is such a non sequitor, I’m sick of hearing it. It is like saying ‘family-TERROR’ or here’s a good one: ‘parental-abduction’ – wtf? So domestic life (heterosexual that is) is all condemnable as ‘violent’ is it? Screw the social marxist word police. Well most western women DO need spankings, do they not? Why not replace the term ‘DV’ with ‘domestic DISCIPLINE’?
    Why I can remember as a child watching neighbors fight all the time, even brothers and sisters brawling in their yards. My favorite was peering over our fence while eating a chocolate bar and spying on the next door fat lady when she bellowed like a walrus and called her husband names and awaiting the show when they rolled in the grass and he pinned her. Then she’d cry ‘I can’t breathe’ and soon after they’d go in and fuck and barbecue in the evening. This went on every friggin weekend like clockwork.
    Their son and I were friends and once we heisted another neighbors sprinklers and hooked them up to spray when his folks were going at it. The old farts got sogged and we ran and hid and we never got busted of course – for anything haha. Both of us went on to college and we’re all fine as can be. He needs to learn game though. A fat beaner chick took him to the cleaners.
    There seems to have been a purge of self determinant people right under our noses. I visit my childhood town and now I see no kids playing out and single moms keeping their kids inside unseen. The state rules over the home ten fold what it did back then and flashing billboards on the highways put out APB’s for the fuckhead retard snitches to watch for certain vehicle with such and such tag#. I google it and it’s usually some ‘parental abduction’ bullshit, some dad bucking the family court tyranny. I’d be more inclined to give the dude a beer if I saw him. Fuck the snitch culture bullshit. It’s becoming a snitch society in a gitmo nation on a PRISON PLANET.

    1. Well, this is all come about because of this “we need to save everybody” (read: women) mentality. It started as a self-righteous crusade and then became a witch hunt. The government just needs to stay out period. Yes a few people will suffer but it’s better than living in a giant prison.

  25. Sometimes I don’t feel that bad for being single. I would simply not tolerate that kind of psychologic abuse from a woman. I would probably snap and punch her in the face because she is a dumb bitch. And I would get in trouble for it.

  26. See this woman did a profoundly manipulative and evil thing.
    Far worse than if a man in sudden anger accidentally got too physical with a woman.
    Yet she is excused for her emotions for just for being a woman. This goes on all the time.
    Perversely a man has more risk of being raped in jail than a woman. This woman calculated to destroy him for not acquiesing to her demands. ARe the penalties the same for false accusation of a crime as the crime itself?? They should be.
    Previously wiser generations recognized female forms of evil and were harsh against it. We must return to recognizing that.

    1. Bearing false witness was right up there with killing, stealing and swearing. Manginas and white knights were also a problem in biblical times. The manginas can’t help but covet the leftover scraps even if it’s a beta neighbor’s cuck wife that he has difficulty controlling and keeping corralled.

  27. Had a broad pull the ol last ditch I’m pregnant move when I dumped her as well. I did the same thing, showed up with two tests, first one was positive. Not going to lie I had a panic attack I was only 18 and this broad was batshit but the second was negative. I told her to go to the clinic asap to get a bloodtest regardless to make sure and results were in my favor. Thank fuck. Also great tip I will begin implementing is the gradual breakup. I’ve been doing the rip it off like a bandaid technique and it always ends up in melodramatics and a 3 hour pointless conversation I really don’t want to have. Keep up the good work Donovan and thanks for the invaluable advice.

  28. you have to record everything in a relationship until you establish the girl is not loco. ANY chance of it being a shitty situation and women can turn on a dime.., you better come armed with a recorder and maybe a video unit. I got falsely arrested last year over an assault that like the story above never happened. My recording unit during the original encounter failed !! but the best I could do was record the next days encounter with psycho when she came to gush about how sorry she was for slugging me in the jaw, as I was still sucking on the blood leaking inside my mouth..The recording was priceless and saved my bacon. I sat on the recording-s of the girl and her mother, (her mother admitting she also knew that I never touched her) and further would purger herself in a court of law to keep her precious broken cookie out of jail, not only resulted in assault charges against me going away, but also the RAPE charges against a poor accused guy who sat in jail for over a year awaiting trial by this psycho bitch !!. So while my reputation in town initially suffered, the bitch & the local officers who played captain save a ho had egg all over their faces. Be prepared.

  29. I think you treated Jennifer unfairly. Please note that this doesn’t mean I think her making a false accusation against you was justified, but I see her actions as a desperate attempt to control what is really quite a bad situation. She has probably been pumped and dumped many times in here life (hence the alcoholism) and your mistreatment of her as a sex toy would understandably put her over the edge. Of course, pretty much everyone loses in the current system because the institution of marriage has been completely distorted to the point of meaninglessness, so you’re left with burned out women who rode the carousel for too long and celibates and players who complain how there are no good women left to start a family with.

      1. I figured I’d get a response like this. Admittedly, when I made the comment, I did a double take, and thought to myself, “dang, I’m sounding like a white knight”. But the truth is I’m tired of guys in the manosphere bitching about the lack of quality women available, all while contributing to the problem by pumping and dumping them. If that’s your prerogative, then you must understand that you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

        1. Of the top of my head, I would argue that returning to marriage 1.0 (strengthening the family unit) would solve a lot of societal problems (especially those related to sexual promiscuity).
          Sigh, but that is not going to happen any time soon. Just sounded to me like Jennifer (through fault of her own or otherwise) had a bad life and this is partly due to the dystopian nature of the current sexual marketplace. Perhaps long ago she would have been married at a reasonable age and that would have been that. Instead, the system offers less resistance to being stringed along in sexual flings instead of building anything lasting in the form of a stable family, so it’s not all her fault. I just like playing devil’s advocate because I like to remain objective. Surely you can see there is something pitiful about her life? Shouldn’t red pill be about helping men and women by returning to a more functional model of sexuality, instead of just brushing all issues under the metaphorical rug by proclaiming, “it’s the dumb girls fault”. I’d be interested in hearing what you think.
          On that note, I do admire how the author calmly defused the situation, and there are some very good tips in the article about interacting with the police in such situations that I haven’t found anywhere else on the web.

        2. I absolutely agree that a return to traditional sex roles is the only solution for improving the state of affairs for both men and women in the west. And indeed, I feel much more empathy for the dried up shrewish women than most on this site who are completely fine with pumping and dumping women, using their holes and then just moving on.
          But it is the women that are the gatekeepers to sex, and by quickly and easily making their holes available to men whom they barely know (don’t even know where they live in this story) they shoulder most of the blame. They have done this before with other men, and will go on to do it again and again.
          Remember, game is simply men reacting to the state of the current dating and relationship environment.

          If your argument is that the red pill movement should be tailored towards also helping women in addition to helping men, then I agree. How do we do this? I think like most things in the world, it needs to be lead and directed by men, but don’t we need some women to spread the information to their own?
          In the meantime, when free and easy sex is available, and women are willingly opening their legs, I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect men to not take the pleasurable goods being offered to them at almost no cost.

  30. Holy Crap! You dodged a bullet there buddy! Quick thinking.
    A buddy of mine told me about how his now ex wife banged her face repeatedly against a door frame and then called the police (this was the first time she called them) and away he went to jail for doing nothing. He said about 6 months later she started to pull the same thing after starting an argument with him. He said he grabbed her after she hit her face about 3 times and told her “If I am going to jail again for punching you then I am really going to punch you” … and so he did… several times. He did his time and he said she never pulled that stunt again for the rest of the marriage.

  31. Actually, the odds that you will get hit with a false domestic violence accusation are very high. Nearly all women now know that if they call the police, and there is no absolutely obvious evidence that they are lying, then you will be carted off to jail, forced into court, and 9 times out of 10 found guilty with no evidence other than her lying lie hole.
    Moreover, plenty of women enjoy doing it. Probably at least 50% of them use the DV power play at some point in their life. Maybe higher than 50%. And those that have done it once will usually do it multiple times.
    I don’t know that there is any way to avoid it except to be celibate. It’s not practical to keep your smartphone recording all the time.

  32. Well. Done. And yes, record everything, whether it’s legal or not. Take the hit for any bullshit state law against that, it’ll be better than the alternative.

  33. Not sure I’m so believin’ of this story. It all tucks away a bit too nice at the end, plus there’s plenty of articles to come up with if you’re gonna become a writer of sorts.

  34. You should have filed a restraining order, so, when she does this to her husband/bf a few years from now, they know she is a liar.
    Younger, I did not pursue my complaint about my ex’s crazy cousin! This crazy cousin, who harassed me, ended up marrying a former colleague of mine.
    To my devastation, I met him, he was with her, she was pregnant… and they married two monthes later.
    He told me he had left her, but she “felt” pregnant. I only figured it was probably a paternity fraud when I discovered the redpill, only less than two years ago.
    This chick that married my pal harassed me because I dumped the chick… who was a minor and lied to me about her age… on HER advice. I refused to fuck with her, and they threatened, harassed, etc.
    Filing a complaint against the women NOT only help for the fights, it exposes the bullshit stats used in laws like VAWA, etc… It’s important to NOT LET GO when women wrong us.
    We should beat them at their games. If they wrong us, discriminate us, we sue, file complaint, call the police, etc…

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