Bangable Women Can Still Be Gross

I’m not a hard alpha. I don’t stroll into the club and fire my finger guns off and have super models bouncing over with heaving bosoms on high heels. If I had to give an average of women I banged a month, I’d have to say that currently it’s about two – though in my own pathetic defence the few I get I find extremely plowable so the sex is good (usually, most of the time… on average). During the two warm months in Canada I can usually get up to three or four, but during the four sorta cold months and six deep freeze ones I’m stuck with one or two since women tend to hibernate and it’s nigh impossible to game them outside of club situations, and I’m sick of sex with drunk women (a few reasons why will be become apparent below).


I spent 10,000 hours learning Game for this?!

Still, I get laid fairly consistently and by women I’d probably date if they gave me any reason to respect or trust them. Apparently I, and men like me, are a minority of the population. I personally was not aware that most guys had problems picking up women until my university years. For the most part during high school the bangable girls dated, and very few normal guys seemed to be without a snuggle buddy. There were few harems going on, although I freely admit this might be vastly different in high schools located in large to mega sized cities.

I do believe however that despite how the popular media of today portrays them the vast majority of high school chicks are not (yet) part of the hook up culture. They may act skanky and give it up easily to their boyfriends but there’s still enough innocence and actual self respect there to make having random sex with strangers a despicable… okay I couldn’t keep typing that. We all know the real reason high school girls aren’t hard into the hook up culture is because they live their mom and possibly their dad (whom they still feel shame around, even if they don’t respect them) and they have no easy access to the booze and drugs needed to numb their inner sense of shame like they do once they turn eighteen and flee the house to become society’s mobile sperm banks.


Bye mom bye dad I’m off to university don’t look at my facebook or Redtube!

Still, it seems like there are a lot of dudes who just aren’t getting any. There’s no easy answer as to why the majority of women seem to only have sex with a minority of men. Far superior writers then I have written excellent thesis’s about this phenomenon and what propels it, so I feel little need to posit my own theories and assumptions. And for every theory on the symptoms, there are an equal number of suggestions as to what the average Joe can do to alleviate his sexual difficulties.

One near famous theory is that Joe Average’s main problem is that he’s ‘putting the pussy on the pedestal’. He’s overvaluing women to the point of worship, feeding their already inflated egos with his desperation and belittling himself in the process. Simply because he desires sex from her, beta men automatically assume and treat women like they’re better then him by default. And while this theory is wide spread, the solution to it is almost always the same: Joe Average just needs to take the v off the p. I think this is sound advice but like many things beta males mostly go about this in the wrong way. Often the beta male who takes this advice thinks that he must ‘ascend’ to the level of the vagina he wishes to enter. This is flawed thinking for two reasons; very few men who lack confidence with women in the first place will be able to attain said confidence through bringing himself ‘up’ to her level. And two; he still views the woman as a superior being, even if he ‘matches’ her level.


Gosh Miley in 2010, you’re so pretty and classy you’ll always be so much better then us slobs

Women are not superior begins. I’m going to draw more flak than a B-25 bomber and go so far as to say women are not inferior beings either. They have different strengths then men, and are far less rounded, but that does not make them inherently inferior. For the most part we’re all of equal value; we just excel at vastly different things. Women are people just like men are. Both sexes do the same things, for the most part feel the same anxieties, have the same embarrassments and suffer the same setbacks. Men just have the bad luck of being enslaved by a near psychotic need for sex, while bangable women seem to be able to turn their horniness on and off like a tap – unless they’re drunk or high of course, but hey that totally doesn’t, like, count; that’s like, rape or whatever.


Its about to get gross

And since both sexes do the same things, as a man, think about what you do. And not the noble stuff. Think about all the dirty, rotten, gross, despicable crap you do. Now think of the hottest woman you can imagine… and realize she does the exact same things. Look at all the Victoria Secret models (like you weren’t already). Every single one of those super models have had and will have diarrhoea so fierce she won’t leave the bathroom for forty minutes. It’s entirely possible that right now, at this very moment, Gisele Bundchen is sitting on a toilet, a grimace etched onto her face, as her butthole blasts out stringy rabbit turds that are getting stuck to the underside of the rim while she’s groaning and wondering why the hell she risked eating that spicy slice of lamb at the fundraiser. That hot woman you saw walking around with perfect C’s and an ass worthy of an epic bongo drumming session? Right now she’s looking around to make the cost is clear, and now she’s picking her nose and eating it.

leggings ass crack

God that thing is HOT – and poop comes out of it every single day

Women who are 9/10 have crapped themselves, have pissed their pants, have let farts out in front of royalty, have eagerly wolfed down food prepared by someone who picked their ass and didn’t wash their hands. For every gross act you can imagine, a chick you would mutilate yourself to be with has done or been subjected to it; often with some of them. Some have kinks that’d make you want to swallow a bucket of bleach after watching them do it. One friend of mine had a girlfriend who used to love to pop his pimples and zits and blackheads; apparently it made her… ’excited’… so he let her. Back in the day Mischa Barton was worshipped by several guys I knew; hard to think of her as a fairy tale princess when you can Google pictures of her walking around in white pants during her five day flowering.

So for those of you who’ve not already realized it, remember; just ‘cause she’s hot does not mean the chick you adore ain’t the bad kind of nasty. It’s hard to keep a woman up on the pedestal when you know that at some point the last 24 hours she’s wiped a big wad of poop out from between those butt cheeks you’re salivating over. Odds are the toilet paper ripped because her carefully painted nails sliced through it and she got shit finger and had to spend five minutes carefully cleaning out the underside of her nails (and still, unknowingly, didn’t get it all). With knowledge like that in mind, you’ll find it’s a lot easier to approach women. If you even still want to. You’re welcome.


*Sniff sniff* She thinks: “Dammit, still smells like crap. Oh well.”

And as a grotesque bonus here’s four semi-brief anecdotes about the grossest hot women Billy’s encountered!

The Bank Depositing Gold Digger!

Super hot girl I was into during my senior year in high school sat beside me in a lot of my classes. Looked over one day, noticed she put her head down on her desk with one arm curled around it. Thought she was sleeping at first, thinking to myself: D’awww, look at my cute princess, all tuckered out and headed to nappy town. Then, while I was day dreaming about giving her a kiss to wake her up, I noticed the other arm was shuffling around in front of her lowered face. She shifted for whatever reason and I got an eyeball full of her index finger up to the knuckle in her nose. She pulled it out with a pea coloured wad on the tip of it, stared, and ate it. After that I couldn’t help but notice her doing it all the time.

Who Needs A Fridge When You Have A Bed?

Around the same time, my senior year of high school. I was hanging out at a girl’s house watching a movie in her room. I noticed a spicy sour smell. Assumed it was just lingering stink from her mom’s cooking. After a bit my gal pal excused herself to the washroom (probably to do nasty stuff). I noticed the smell was really, really bad in the space between her bed and the wall. Not even thinking about it I rolled over and peeked underneath. The stink of rotting food hit me like a fart fired right into my nostrils. There were three plates underneath with green meat on them. As confused as I was about why anyone would build a mould factory under the bed, I was equally confused about why she ate in her room in the first place. Interesting tidbit: apparently Marilyn Monroe also stored food around her bed. Perhaps this is a universal symptom of some kind of mental illness. Or perhaps hot girls are just too lazy to scrape their plates off in the garbage – probably leave it around the bed so that a man will come pick it up and get rid of it for her after sex.

Not The Squirt I Was Looking For

Picked up a smoke show of a girl in the club. She was pretty drunk but hey, so was I – it was our first year at university, so it was pretty much mandatory that we spend it in a drunken haze. Went back to her dorm. Having a great time mound pounding. She climbs on top, everything’s going great…and all of a sudden feel my peener get really wet and really warm. First three seconds I proudly thought it was a simple orgasm. Next three I thought it was a squirt – having known about but never giving a chick one previously, I had no ability to judge. It took an embarrassing long time for me to figure out the awful truth before I squirmed out from under her and stumbled out of the bed. The room smelled like a big bucket of ammonia, Gatorade and vodka was all mixed together. To this day I have no idea who should be more embarrassed by the situation. Sure, she peed her bed – but she also peed on a man. I’d say that’s +1 for feminism.

Needless to say, we continued to hook up after that.

Snow Ball? Snow Boulder More Like

I worked security in a club for awhile. Got to see all sorts of nasty women but this one took the grand prize of grossness. Boss calls us into his office after close one night, big grin on his face. Shows us video of a super hot regular really fooling around hard with a guy. Nothing new or special or even outrageous compared to the one or two girls a night we usually caught screwing in the club, knowing that many more did so unnoticed. Boss rewinds camera to ten minutes earlier. In a dark, hard to see area of the dance floor, same girl can be seen on her knees really pumping a guy’s flesh minaret with her mouth. And then a second guy. And then a third guy. Camera and angle too crappy to tell if she debited or credited those future Nobel prize winners into her gut or onto the dance floor but immediately after the third she got up, stumbled to the nearby shooter bar where the fourth guy buys her a shot and begins to make out with this hot chick less then five minutes after she thoroughly cleaned the skin off of three drum sticks. I sure hope she at least swished her mouth out good with that shot.

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316 thoughts on “Bangable Women Can Still Be Gross”

    1. You should do a Top 10 worst female moments article…
      I’m sure we’ve only touched the top of the iceberg here…

    2. This article plus the various items excavated from the net are vivid reminders of what happens when you let women off the leash. They are like children, and now we have an entire generation of shit females.

      1. She had no shame….
        Brothers, Vagina is an overvalued natural resource. All you have to do is be born female to have one. The world will not end if you don’t get a chance to stick your penis in a woman you have a thing for.
        Women are like buses, you miss one, and there’s another one around five minutes later that wants you to get on her. And if you pass her by, ten minutes later there’s another one that wants to ride you. And because it’s later in the day, you might actually get a chance to get a seat. And a half hour later, that same woman who said no to you is rolling back around asking you to get on her. So a man never has to chase a woman.
        When a man is patient the women will come to him.

        1. “When a man is patient the women will come to him.”
          After he has become a patient, due to gross women. Or if he is patient to tolerate women’ grossness.

    3. She looks more like a cow fertilizing the surroundings of the nightclub, with her freshly prepared manure. The poor cow seemed desperate to get into the club, so as to use the toilet.

    4. I appreciate the immense knowledge i gain from this site and occasionally ripping on some who deserve it but I’m glad I live in the sticks and have never been to clubs where pooping and BJs are prevalent cause that’s depressing and I can’t stay away so please Ban me. I don’t want to know this sh**.

    5. Twenty-odd years ago, one of the truck-drivers where I was working said over the CB radio at lunchtime: “Great, I just came outta the lunchbar to find some woman having a shit on the footpath. She asked me if I had some toilet paper.” There was a lively discussion and not many people felt like eating after that’n. Broad daylight, busy road, dozens of cars and trucks going past.

      1. Also a year or so ago a girl who had to have a piss on the grass at a friend’s party – in front of half a dozen of us. Couldn’t be arsed going to the bathroom.
        A couple years ago had the same thing, at a relaxing spa-pool soak on a cold weekend. Couldn’t be arsed going to the bathroom. At least she didn’t piss in the spa pool.

        1. Lol.
          The spa would then have to name that pool as, “Golden Pool” – had she pissed in it.

    1. “‘There need to be clear messages to men about the inappropriateness of any type of sexual aggression, said Dr Norris. “-About a year ago when I was at a bar, I was talking to a woman, and another came right behind me and started kissing my neck and caressing my junk, so there goes that myth that men are only the sexual aggressors at a bar.

      1. Way abck in 1986 when I first lived in Sydney I would go out to bars in Sydney. Because I was a very handsome young man women would grab the family jewels to feel up what might be inside when you were carrying your beer back to your table.
        Obviously with both hands full there is little to be done. Just recently a female reporter grabbed David Beckham the same way while he was giving an interview.
        When a woman sexually assaults a man it is “funny”.
        Now…imagine if a woman was giving an interview and a man grabbed her tits to see if they were “real”? Who would be laughing at that? No one.

  1. If you have been living under the fantasy that women don’t poop, no amount of game or advice is going to help you in life.

  2. Only four guys in one night – that you know about. One girl “confessed” to me that she had six, and that she had a fantasy of being gangbanged.
    I firmly believe that girls who like anal have a poop fetish. That’s most girls, given that I’ve never run across one girl who didn’t enjoy at least some form of anal play. Preferably unprotected.

    1. True, I believe too. The girls I knew, who liked anal, had a poop fetish (coprophilia). They liked to lick assholes and goo off it.
      But porn does play a part in it (especially after watching a Rocco Siffredi video. He often pulls his finger or dick out of the girl’s ass, and says to her, “C’mon baby, lick it, it’s only poop.” And she licks it up.) Anal porn has to play a part in poop fetish among women.

      1. That is absolutely disgusting. I’m not a conservative, and I’m not religious, but that is sordid.
        A bit of clean rimming or anal is one thing, but an actual shit fetish?
        How did they get that far?
        Seriously, bang a foreign girl. My girl thinks she’s ‘slept around’ because I’m her 3rd. That is women in their natural state, without The American Disease.

        1. Rocco’s girls, in his extreme form of porn, are mostly all Central and East European.
          (Hungarian, Czech, Ukrainian and, some German and Russian),
          Poop love among women – does have a nationality. A foreign girl who loves anal is no different from an American girl who loves anal – when it comes to poop fetish.

        2. if you’re smart you’ll shame her for even those prior two dicks. keep’em on their toes man..

  3. I worked as a bartender in the golden days of my yoot. Anybody who thinks even the most beautiful of women is somehow dainty and better and cleaner and more refined than the average man has never cleaned out the womens restroom at 3:30 am after the bar has closed. Talk about an eye opener. Men, while messy like any human being, are powers better than women in that department. Yikes.
    On the other hand, it really helps you stop putting any woman, of any type, anywhere near a pedestal.
    Great piece, author. You’re a bit beta still, but you’re on the right track, and this method of taking chick-woman off of the pedestal is fantastic.

    1. Whilst one half of bangable women desire alpha males and look for the bigger better deal, the other half of bangable women have no class and will go for the most unattractive men out of insecurity, for the men are a reflection of the women’s patheticness.
      +1 for the ‘ i learned 10000 hours of game for this?’ comment. Learning game is pointless. You are chosen by women from either being hot (looks), violent, famous, on a whim (solipsism) or based on the women’s insecurity issues. Self-improvement is like masturbation, because you have improved and the women haven’t, so they will reject you out of insecurity and an inability to connect with someone who strives in life. Instead of working hard to maintain society, women have put incentives in to just be a guy who f*cks, so all western men should spend all day long trying to get laid and not work any more.

      1. >>Self-improvement is like masturbation, because you have improved and the women haven’t<<
        You think self-improvement is only for women’s benefit?
        Wow,you are a sad man to think that there is no life beyond bedding women.Bet you think all that Casanova ever accomplished was pole jumping his way through various Euro clits. Perhaps you are ignorant of it but he enjoyed several other pursuits as an accomplished writer,playwright ,businessman,lawyer,clergyman,military officer,gambler,con man,mathematician,philosopher,dancer etc.
        Catching your fill of bearded clams is but a small part of what awaits a man who is dedicated to continuously improving himself.Indeed considering the low quality of women these days,it would hardly rank high in his list of goals and accomplishments.

      1. If some guy is bold enough to bury his face between her legs, trust me, he will notice.

      2. I just read that article, and there are more and more women out there who shower weekly, and the sad thing is some of those commenters are married. You know you’re beta when you put a woman on a pedestal that hasn’t showered in a week…

        1. Was banging a 5’9”, 120 lbs girl with a tight body…
          Problem is she told me she hates showers because she’s LAZY, her words not mine.
          You can guess where my boner went after that comment.
          I won’t care if she never comes by again…

        2. I can’t understand how anyone can hate showering. It’s bloody lovely. It’s one of the most wonderful perks of modern society. Can’t imagine the olden days when they most often only bathed on saturdays…

        3. Yeah I know….my jaw dropped when she told me that..
          Women need to start shaming these lazy “ladies”.
          All this “You Go Girl” crap women are feeding their girlfriends is out of control and needs to stop.

        4. Ask and you shall receive…
          Ke$ha drinks her own piss, isn’t she a “role” model for young girls?

        5. It’s after I started reading a bit of the articles here that I came to the realization that some women might tell other women untruths to spare their feelings, but that many probably do it to sabotage them.
          I have been naive. Probably because I have viewed the world and people based on my own intentions, thoughts, and behaviour. I have never callously told lies to further an agenda and therefore didn’t think others did that, unless they were psychopaths.

        6. 5’9″ and 120lbs? My boner would have never arrived. Some of you guys kill me with these skeletor obsessions.

      3. Ok, washing hair every 3 days or even once a week I could agree with… but I simply cannot understand not showering for 3 days… Unless camping, and even then one feels the urge to sponge bathe… Not showering for 1 day would make me feel uneasy… Not showering for 3 days is just…

        1. I wash my hair when it’s dirty, after a workout it’s mostly dirty/sweaty enough to need a washing.
          I’m sorry, did I write washing my hair is “too much”?
          The only excuse for not washing your hair is being sick. Having a fever and washing your hair is not a good combo.

        2. Well sweetie,
          when I was little my mother used to regale me of stories how when she was my age she got to bath once a week whether she needed it or not. She said this to encourage me to be thankful I could shower once a day.
          Are you not aware that the tradition of a bouquet of flowers for the bride was to hide her smell from the man?
          It has only been in recent times that we have running water inside the household and that showering each day has been viable.
          Now that I live alone? I actually shower 2x a day because I have the time to do so. Once in the morning and once before bed. When I was a slave….ooops…I mean married…I could not shower in the morning since I had to go do my slavery for my “loving wife and children”….you know…the ones who did not care I was suicidal.
          Western women are such evil people. I am so glad I do not live among them any more.

        3. I wrote this here text an hour ago, bringing up the very same things:
          “I can’t understand how anyone can hate showering. It’s bloody lovely. It’s one of the most wonderful perks of modern society. Can’t imagine the olden days when they most often only bathed on saturdays…”

        4. In the so called old days people would still wash. If they didn’t take a bath they would use a sea sponge and wipe their body down with cologne which was weak and really just like an alcohol rub down in a hospital for bed ridden patients.So their bodies were clean from the alcohol.

        5. No wonder Russian women often smell like spurious vodka after sex. You probably still use your pajama soaked with spurious vodka as a sponge for your “bath”.

    2. I honestly think women have gotten worse, more feral. They are not socialized to the same level as men are, that is pretty scary considering men are not being socialized that well either.

      1. Men civilize women, not the other way around like they want you to believe. Women have gotten worse partly because of spineless, thirsty men who don’t dare to say ‘no’.

  4. And here’s the lovely Mischa Barton now….
    Aren’t you glad you DIDN’T put a ring on it?
    Extra Large Pink Taco

    1. Let’s be honest here. The OC power rankings were always Rachel Bilson > gay kid’s hot blonde mom > Mischa Barton

      1. Still Mischa was considered a sex symbol in her heydays…
        She was a 8.5 easy, missing the big tits to get to 9.
        Now’s she’s a 4 at best.

    2. She’s probably still stuck up and bitchy even through she looks like white trash now.
      I don’t really have an issue with girls that become fatties except that they act like they are still hot. Strike that, they act worse than when they were hot because they are trying to overcompensate.
      Unlike men, women can’t simply act high status and have it any type of tangible benefit from it because we can see your value right in front of us. It’s not like we have guess how hot you are.

      1. She’s holding her $10 “health” juice in between her 1000 calorie snacks…
        Man I used to dream about having a girl like that, what a WAKE UP CALL!

        1. I think he fucked the the ugly maid to get back at his wife.
          It’s my understanding that a number of women applied for the job, and that nasty Kennedy woman Arnie was married to sent away all the hawt women so Arnie wouldn’t be tempted. Well, Arnie showed his ex that he’s a true alpha. “Think I wont’ fuck her? You watch me.”

        2. Agree. His wife was one ugly hag. I bet he used to pump her exclusively in the dodgy style position (to dodge looking at her ugly face).

        3. Arnie probably starred in “Predator” m to use as a rehearsal for his marriage with her. And he just probably hatefucked her to spawn children, just because he couldn’t kill the original Predator with his dick in the movie.

      1. Why is the world all over Gisele Bundchen?
        She has NO TITS. Zero. Zip. Nada.
        WTF is that?

        1. “Why is the world all over Gisele Bundchen?”
          The US and her country of origin are hardly “the world”.

        2. That’s not been my experience travelling. She may be the highest paid in the world because her employers are paying her a lot but that doesn’t mean she is employed, or even known, in ever country.

  5. What kind of BS is this article? Everyone KNOWS hot, sweet girls don’t poop or fart. It’s biologically impossible!

    1. The real reason why guys pedestalize hot, sweet girls (or for that matter women in general) – is because they think women only have a pussy, and no asshole to poop or fart. And these guys – even if they discover that women have an asshole – think that it’s only for anal. Women need to poop and fart too. They just do it when guys are not around. If guys learnt to realize that, they would realize that women are humans – not Goddesses.

      1. Do you poop when females are around? lol And stop with the anal nonsense it’s abnormal. You must have picked that up from constantly watching jew produced porn.They seem to have a shit and bunghole obsession, a sick perverted people.You must also have a micro-phallus and are insecure if you want to fuck a female up the arse. Only homos and slut porn girls who perform for money would even do this and they all have an anal prolapse from paedication.It not normal sex so turn off the abnormal porn crap boys.

  6. I can see the tweets now…
    “I’m not gross or damaged, I behave this way to spite my father.”

  7. When I start my own Men’s Rights website I will make sure that the writers know the difference between “then” and “than”.

    1. To be fair, people were screwing up “then” vs. “than”, and “to” vs. “too”, even back in Elizabethan times.

    2. The icing on the cake is where the mistake happened to occur: “Far superior writers then I”
      Still a decent article.

  8. girls are much, much dirtier than guys. To the naked eye they come across as put together in public…but behind closed doors…watch out. To really see how clean someone is if you visit their house go directly to the bathroom that they use the most…not the one for guests…the one they use every day. I’ve been in many girls’ apartment bathrooms and they are a pig pen. Then look at her closet…another pig pen. Also go look into a woman’s car…pig pen. they only keep it together with things that the general public might see like say the living room or their current clothes they are wearing. Everything else behind the scenes like an atom bomb went off. they just hide it better

    1. I don’t understand how anyone can relax or feel good in an unclean home, especially if the kitchen or bathroom are dirty. Or any room for that matter.
      I hate being a guest in someones home and feeling soiled and dirty the whole time, when washing my hands in their bathroom makes me feel dirtier than before I washed them…

  9. Any time you speak with an attractive woman, remember:
    1. It takes her a good hour to look the way she does. The real her is the face you see when the morning light shines through the blinds in the morning.
    2. That same face has been graced with some man’s dick pudding.

      1. Great idea for my next date…
        Come in the black light room for semen inspection…
        I’m sure I’ll find 10 different strains on her vag…

      2. LOL..hysterical. I love the comments on this site….sometimes the comments are better than the article!

  10. On nights that my buds and I didn’t feel like partying in college we would drive around the known campus wild spots looking for girls in the public urination crouch stance on sidewalks. We take a bucket of water balloons with us and light up any public urinating female with a drive-by water ballooning. Reactions were priceless and the stories last a lifetime.

    1. You say “drive-by water ballooning”, I say “public cleanliness campaign” …
      Your krewe helped keep those sidewalks clean, I say.
      I remember what an old guy who used to clean out dorms at an American university told me — he didn’t mind cleaning dorms for guys because aside from some dirt, maybe a few beer bottles, there wasn’t anything disgusting.
      He then said, without batting an eye, “You would not BELIEVE the sick, disgusting stuff I’ll find in the women’s dorms. Holes in the walls? Hell, just patch those up with tampons.”
      I didn’t ask if they were used.

      1. I’m a landlord myself. And I only accept males to rent. Females have very bad habits and they let in so many different dudes in their rooms often times with terrible character. I suggest that noble men should invest on real estate and be landlords and only accept males to rent. In that way, females are forced to stay with their families wherein they are guarded.

  11. So I was dating this preppy, goody girl once. She comes over and she was wearing an all white underwear. She must have gone to the bathroom earlier and forgot to wipe twice because when I took off her panties, a small chunk of dodoo was stuck on her thong. I didn’t see her the same after that. Yuckk!!

    1. Oh good lord! I was once fucking a chick doggy style and I realized she had a ring of shit around her asshole. What a fucking filthy pig. I jumped off her and told her to get the fuck out.

      1. LOL.
        Ring of shit. She could start her own “fashion” poop jewelry collection, with her asshole.

        1. ‘Ring of shit’ sounds like the potential title for a grotesque horror movie .. lol

      2. And here I though it was customary to adhere to a hygienic practice of cleaning the anus, especially after defecation.
        I have to say, growing up in a family where everyone was expected to not only wipe but WASH their butt after deucing, it was a bit of a shock to start school and making friends and realizing most people hardly even wipe properly after going number 2. I am still shocked and repulsed. I cannot understand how anyone would wanna come anywhere near that.

  12. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Billy Chubbs, you’re a genius. And a great writer – though I am a fan of Quintus, Roosh, Jefe, Emmanuel Goldstein, Tuthmosis and Christian McQueen’s posts too.
    I sent this to my buddies and they all busted their guts laughing!
    My personal favorite sentence, from your article – is:
    “Women who are 9/10 have crapped themselves, have pissed their pants, have let farts out in front of royalty, have eagerly wolfed down food prepared by someone who picked their ass and didn’t wash their hands.”
    True, modern women have become like filthy sows in fancy clothing. The picture of the ass – and the comment below it – was a perfect gem of hilarity.
    I knew a +9 who used to do that. She became a -9, in my mind, though.

  13. LOL this literally could not have come at a better time. Recently asked this girl who works in my building for her number — first time I’ve ever done that (thank you 30 Days of Discipline + NoFap). She said yes and gave me a number which turned out to be a fake. I was somewhat dissapointed and was waiting to see her. I finally see her again yesterday after about a week as I’m going to use the bathroom. We say a few words; she gives me the key to the bathroom. I unlock the door and lift up the toilet seat and lo and behold, this bitch didn’t flush. I don’t know exactly what was in there because I flushed it very quickly. All I remember is laughing maniacally and thinking, “this is the chick I was swooning over? The bitch who doesn’t even flush?”

  14. I know what you mean. I am finding that getting sex is easier, but it’s exactly the “gross” factor that makes me hesitant. One case in point: this image of a high profile skank who is a known walking biological contaminant. OK the female pictured is not a perfect “10” but even if you stumbled across the best looking chick you could find, one has to ask himself if one day of a sleazy romp in the hay it is worth walking around with a permanent itch on your dick for the rest of your life.

  15. Women can be as nasty and as disgusting as we can be, which is why I don’t put them on a pedestal. Note to men everywhere, if a chick is kissing you after buying her a shot, chances are you’re going to taste four to five different varieties of Pale Ale.

    1. In the immortal words of GBFM:
      “Would you drink from a coke bottle into which a thousand dicks jizzed their loads? Then why are you kissing your wife to be? lolzolozlozlozlolz!!”

  16. I can see why MGTOW is popular.
    Screening girls, it can quickly remove whatever it is that drew you towards them. One girl at work caught my eye. I broke the ice yesterday. She qualified herself while making me look at her chest – so it’s an easy win with accurate play. Today I am not even bothered in the slightest. Paid no attention to her existence.

  17. During my younger days, I knew a guy at college who was a real player, and a hit with the ladies.
    When we all used to go out with him, most of the guys used to feel shy to approach the women, but this guy was a master at making approaches, and picking up the chicks. Around 10 years back.
    One time, I decided to ask him , the secret to his confidence with women (both around normal women, and especially the beautiful, stunning ones).
    He said, ” It’s a mind frame thing.”
    So I asked him on to explain to me more about it.
    He replied, ” The next time you see a hot or sexy woman, just imagine the face she’d make when she’s seated on the toilet, taking a poop. Imagine her grimacing on the toilet seat as she’d push the hard poop out, had she been constipated. Or the look of shock she has on her face, if she were to blasts the toilet can with diarrhea, from her uncontrollable ass.
    That’s how I visualize the women in the first one or two minutes when I am talking to them. I imagine how their beautiful faces would look like, when they’d be taking a shit. The thought of their face while on the can, immediately throws them off the pedestal in my eyes. Suddenly, they appear as ordinary humans – who need to poo and piss as well, as men. And suddenly, you’d feel comfortable and confident around them. The reason why guys feel uncomfortable around beautiful women – because they think these women are superior to them.
    Remember, even the most beautiful woman needs to take a shit. She’s at her most helpless state at that time. She’d fall from her pedestal in your eyes, if you’d ever see her shitting. But you just have to imagine all that – while – you’re talking to her in the first one or two minutes, for the first time. “

    1. That is such a good story. Thanks for sharing.
      When I was younger I was somewhat intimidated by women that I found really attractive. The usual thing being “one thing on my mind”. When I did the Landmark Education program I brought this up with my coach and asked his advice. He was a much older and wiser man than me.
      He gave me an assignment. He told me to go on dinner dates with the 10 hottest woman I knew and when I was distracted by their hotness just let it be and get back to the conversation at hand. This seemed like good advice so I did it.
      The REALLY funny thing was that this assignment I had got around and the women were all wondering WHO I was going to select for my dates. These were just dinner dates as I was married and I was faithful.
      Suddenly the tables had turned. Suddenly every woman wanted me to choose her for a dinner date so she could brag to all the others she made my top 10 list. I had women approaching me with not so cryptic comments as to whether she would be one of the women I selected. It was a new experience for me to be the one being so openly and aggressively pursued for a dinner date.
      One of the things I learned from these women that I considered so beautiful is that they were very insecure within themselves. I was quite surprised to just sit and listen to what they had to say and really listen to them. They were definitely taken off a pedestal for me at that time.
      Some of them were very surprised and flattered that I chose them for a dinner date as one of my top 10. It was, all in all, a great experience since our society drums in to us “sugar and spice and everything nice”

    2. ” She’d fall from her pedestal in your eyes, if you’d ever see her shitting. ”
      That’s why mothers always teach their princesses to never take a shit in the vicinity of a man.

        1. Spoken like a true cow.
          The female pig that you are would come out into the open – if you’d admitted that you ate what you clogged the toilet with.

        2. What does that even mean? Come out in the open, go hyper logical and do me a favor.

  18. I got a friend who is 43 now married. He had problems getting women, even though he was good looking and had a good job. Instead of being rightfully bitter at women, he seems to have become a mangina now that he has a wife.
    I am only 31 didn’t start having regular sex until 29. (I had to learn escalation to get laid, I took society at face value when I was told no means no.)
    I am very bitter at being denied regular sex when I was at my most horniest. I am bitter being denied relationships being freindzoned, when I craved intimacy.
    Just because I can have sex now, doesn’t mean I am going to forgive these gaslighting cunts.

    1. Do you think arnold Schwarzenegger had problems getting laid in his 20s?
      Blame yourself. It was not women who made you a beta looser with no passive value.

      1. It was a feminized society that made him ashamed of his own masculine sexuality and discouraged him from aggressively pursuing women. If you think you have to be as jacked as Arnold to pull hot women, you are a moron. Sure appearance helps, but even a handsome guy who has been conditioned to accept the lie of feminism has a piss poor chance of getting laid consistently or, if he so chooses, maintaining a relationship.
        So yes, it WAS women (via bullshit feminist propaganda) who made him a “beta looser”.
        Oh wait, you can’t even spell “loser” correctly…

      2. No I don’t blame myself you fucking idiot.
        I was gaslighted and given wrong information you dickhead. I managed to find good information and fixed the problem.
        I was never a beta in the sense you use it. I had women hitting on me passively all the time. All I had to do was escuate and be more forceful.
        Also I have turned down offers of relationships and insane women wanting to get knocked up.
        Men who can’t get sex are not lower forms of life. It is not like women communicate with them clearly. You are putting the blame on to men, when the blame lies with female dysfunction.
        Arnold Schwarzenegger is an extreme outlier.
        You come across as a hyper macho wanker to me mate.
        Mentally ill female mate selection used to play almost no rule pre modern era. Women where paired up and that was that.
        Game is not relearning to be a man, it is adapting to a dysfunctional modern feminist society.
        Thinking female acceptance means anything in regards to manhood is a losers train of thought. I have female acceptance, it means nothing to me.

        1. “Game is not relearning to be a man, it is adapting to a dysfunctional modern feminist society.”
          – Perfectly said, you hit the bull’s eye there. That’s what game is all about.

        2. Sexual “scavenger”? That means taking whatever rotting leftovers you can get if you can get that. lol
          You aren’t even a beta. You are an omega. You don’t get ANY pussy at all. LOSER

  19. Speak for yourself chubbs on the whole men and women have equal value horseshit. I can look at the hottest woman walking down the street and immediately I know how superior I am to her. I know that I have accomplished immensely more feats, done more taxing work, and through sheer force of will have changed things about myself which I deemed neccesary because I can actually think for myself and introspect. On a more primal level I know that I am more powerful than them not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well. I can wrap one fucking hand around their throats and choke the goddamn life out of them if I so please.
    I know through my years on this earth how absent those qualities are for all the women ive encountered. Aside from spreading their legs and squirting out bastards they serve no functional purpose at this point in time besides attempting to be ball busting snarky cunts in need of a swift and righteous left hook to their fucking jaws.
    Women of today’s age and perhaps from time immemorial are completely fucking worthless and any man that thinks he “needs” one in any shape or form is one sorry sack of SHIT. Go out into the world and climb some mountains, fight some battles, build something. All men who have ventured forth into the dark unknown come back and realize how fucking retarded, base, superficial and devoid of any true spirituality that women are.
    This is no secret but wisdom that men have written about for thousands of years. Only now in our modern “progressive” age have these well known truths slipped down the memory hole. It was said in the bible written thousands of years ago that a king has looked far and wide for wisdom and found few men…..and ZERO women.
    You fucking get that chief? There isnt one single goddamn wise woman on this fucking earth thousands of years ago and you think there is one now? HUH???
    Society works when men as a whole keep women where they are supposed to be. IN THE FUCKING KITCHEN. Give em rights, freedoms etc and you have the dystopia of our modern age where productivity must give way to endless “feels” and all the useless jobs which entitled women now “work” in.
    It was eve that ate from the tree and adam was just a fucking bitch that couldnt smack that goddam whore into place.

    1. If you had to spend the rest of you life with only one person a desert island, would you pick a man or women?
      I would go without sex, so I would have decent company and someone who would pull their own weight keeping the desert island going.
      Women only remain good looking 20 years max, then you realise what rotten personality they got.

      1. The guy, definitely.
        You think Mizz Bitch is going to get off her fuckin’ tuffet to help build the escape boat?

    2. To quote from the bible and thus implying that anything depicted in it is truthful or real pretty much disaffirmed everything you just boasted about yourself regarding intelligence, mental strength and superiority.
      By the way, aren’t pride and wrath cardinal sins?

      1. Oh look its another idiot female denigrating literary works by men much wiser than herself.
        I guess if I quoted the Illiad or the Odyssey you would say the same thing? You are a shit stain of a life form. Stupid fucks like you stood among the masses while hitler told you to throw books into the fire.
        And your dumbass couldn’t wait to throw away the wisdom of centuries.
        Holy shit wheres your mother? I should smack that whore for not aborting your fucking stupid ass.

        1. No, the Iliad and the Odyssey are great epic works. One mayor difference – no one claims them to be true or the stories they describe to be real.

        2. Ok idiot first off you dont have to believe in the infallible truth of it that believers of the mono theistic religions which you hate claim to in order to glean wisdom from its stories.
          This fact alone seems to be lost on you.
          Very doubtful you have even read the entire bible. In which case you have no “logical” reason to denigrate it. Now I will assume for your sake that you have read maybe one chapter of one book. This does not account for knowledge of the original languages the books were written in and also the idiomatic form in which the writers of the time used to convey meaning in the stories. For that you would need to study the cultures and customs of said in order to understand just a tiny bit of what is going on.
          Leaving all that aside the fact that you disparage THE MOST COPIED LITERARY WORK of entire written human history shows what kind of an utter MORON you are. You may hate it for whatever reason yes, but mankind as a whole has suffered torture, death, starvation and many other horrors just to be able to possess a copy of this work.
          So get off your high horse you pseudo intellectual cunt. And for fucks sake grow your hair out…no one likes the miley cyrus skank look.

        3. G T F O
          Stop spewing your garbage on a men’s website.
          Didn’t you read the rules? No women allowed! (Comments section)

        4. “Holy shit wheres your mother? I should smack that whore for not aborting your fucking stupid ass.”
          – Epic comment.
          Female solipsism is poop coming out of a female’s mouth.

        5. I have read the bible. Many of the good parts have been stolen from previous religions, belief systems, philosophies and cultures.
          I can appreciate some parts of the bible, but to the most part it is not a nice read. At least not the Old Testament and the debauchery that goes on there.
          I am also aware of the meetings where it was decided what scrolls and which part of the scrolls should be included in the bible, whether or not Mary was a virgin and what should be doctrine and canon. I am also aware of the rewritings, the misinterpretations and the misleading “translations” of the ancient scrolls.
          My hair is halfway down my back. A fringe does not short hair make.
          I think you need to learn some decent parlance. Every other word is detrimental spiteful sewage.

        6. Ok so lets get this straight. In an above reply to me you stated this
          “To quote from the bible and thus implying that anything depicted in it is truthful or real”
          Now here you say “I can appreciate some parts of the bible”.
          Do you mean to say the parts which you previously said there was no possible way were true?
          LOL do us all a favor next time you think you have something to say and shut the fuck up. More people will think you are intelligent then.

        7. You know what? With that sort of ill-bred behaviour and crude manners I think you deserve “the American Woman”. As commonly birds of a feather will flye together.

        8. You’re no different from “the American Woman.”
          First: You disobey the official rules, to continue spamming the comments section with your posts.
          Two: You disregard the Bible. At the same time, you harp that a political treatise like “The Prince” has “spiritual” meaning to it. Looks like your spiritual teacher is Nicolo Machiavelli. Enough said. What’s your religion? Machiavellism?
          Three: You choose to disregard your own solipsism, and keep replying comment to comment.
          A wise man once said, “Women always have the last word in every argument. Anything a man says after that, is the beginning of another argument.”
          In short what the poor guy meant, is that core female nature is never to shut up, during an argument, even in the face of logic. A dilemma every modern man faces – even when confronted with the so-called traditional, homely women.
          A (feminist) woman would grow a third boob in pride considering she’s silenced a man. I wonder whether you’re trying to achieve the same, here.
          So, you just can’t shut up, can you? Nevertheless, we’re not surprised. As we know, you can’t betray your core nature.
          So continue trolling, and posting. Don’t consider yourself different from American women, as you’ve shown you’re no better than them, yourself.

        9. “You disregard the Bible. At the same time, you harp that a political treatise like “The Prince” has “spiritual” meaning to it. Looks like your spiritual teacher is Nicolo Machiavelli. Enough said. What’s your religion? Machiavellism?”
          I was being sarcastic, as reading the bible and pretending it’s a good book is equivalent to holding “The Prince” in equally high esteem. Have YOU read the bible? What do you have to say about all the condoning and inciting of genocide, rape, slavery and child-murdering that goes on in there?
          “You choose to disregard your own solipsism, and keep replying comment to comment.” Throwing rocks in your glass house I see?

        10. Female solipsistic cunts will always disregard the Bible (or monotheism for that matter) simply because it preaches patriarchy.
          Feminism actually has its origins in the occult and witchcraft, as these mediums have the concept of a Goddess – which a feminist embraces as a “Divine Feminine”. No wonder you see more and more women becoming witches and dabbling into New Age shit cults which talk about the concept of the Divine Feminine. Feminists are the biggest proponents of witchcraft.
          Nevertheless, the next time you see a godless woman deriding the Bible, you know you got a feminazi talking.

        11. This is absolutely true. The ancient goddess worship and fertility cults of old have not perished but morphed into a different shape but retain the same form.
          Vanity of vanities! The horror the horror!
          These imbeciles believing in their progress. There is nothing new under the sun.
          I say burn em. Burn these witches, these medusas and jezebels. Righteously burn them to death with your words of contempt, truth and hatred for their evils.

        12. Jezebel was the queen of Israel who chose to worship Astarte, a “goddess”, instead of the God of Israel.
          And modern feminists have embraced that godless woman as a role model. No wonder American women (born and bred in feminism) are godless, satanic women. With more influx of occult into media, our culture is becoming even more satanic and less patriarchal. The repeal of the witchcraft act in 1951 in the UK , coinciding with the beginning of feminism, set the stage for destruction. And leading to? Modern women are now nothing but feminist satan worshippers. The ignorant among them do not know that they are pawns in the hands of these satanic cults.

        13. The prince IS a great book and the advice given is sound back then and today.
          Not all can be shepherds; sheep have no use for such wisdom.

        14. According to the story you cannot say it “condones” any of those things as if the creator of the universe somehow needs permission from his creation to destroy, or cause any sort of harm to it. If a potter makes a jar of clay and then wants to throw it against a wall because he doesnt like it, well the jar of clay cant really do anything about it.
          And just because YOU think thats wrong, immoral….not FAYRE, really means squat. You dont make the rules and you never will.
          But OH you will lust after those men who do.

        15. We do not reply to the females anymore here.
          Please follow the rules guys.
          Be Kings.

        16. Yes, The Prince is a good book, but when I wrote “good” as in the bible being seen and called “The Good Book” I meant good as in morally sound and benevolent. Neither of them are these things, although they might still be interesting and great literary works.

        17. No, I don’t lust after slave owners, genocidal maniacs, child murderers or rapists. Maybe you do.

        18. Is that a rhetorical question? I would be surprised if you were truly in any way interested in my opinion or thoughts on the matter.

        19. It would not be either illogical nor unbelievable if we were at some point “genetically engineered” by aliens, and our belief in a creator god is an evidential residue of this happenstance. Improbable, but not impossible.

        20. I don’t believe in a goddess either. I respect, revere and appreciate nature and life. What the bible labelled as witchcraft was mostly herbology and an ancient knowledge of medicinal herbs and their use. New Age fluff and cults are not in any way something I am into. I disregard the bible because it is anti-science, anti-knowledge and all about blindly following a leader, without questioning anything. I am equally against both patriarchy and matriarchy.

        21. Doesn’t really matter if the bible is the most copied literary work of human history, still doesn’t make it good or even relevant. Mein Kampf is pretty popular too, doesn’t make it something anyone should adhere to.

        22. No it’s not a rhetorical question.
          I want to hear a woman’s thoughts on this subject matter.

        23. American women one the ones raising the boys. If the boys are coming out ill breed, who is making them that way?
          Need to get women under control and stop them driving fathers away.

        24. “Modern women are now nothing but feminist satan worshippers.”
          Very well said, glad I’m not the only one seeing that trend.
          Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Madonna, KeSha, Riahnna, Miley Cyrus etc.. are ALL Satanic pawns with their brainwashing music videos all representing satanism.
          Look Kesha drinking her own urine, a satanic ritual most people don’t even know…

        25. mmhh……still no answer heh Cheri?
          Where is your wisdom Cheri?
          Did you drop it in the toilet this morning after wiping your ass?

        26. Christian feminist women are no different from Occult feminist women.
          It’s pathetic to see how the Bible is misquoted and misused
          by some Christian feminists to justify sluttiness and cheating.
          The story of Jesus forgiving the fallen woman is fodder for
          sluts and hoes who say “let the one who didn’t sin first cast the first stone”.
          What they forget is Jesus saved the woman, not because he condoned adultery, but because he hated hypocrisy. The people who were casting stones at her were the ones who actually committed adultery with her. But this is a point
          neglected by Christian feminist women – who use that story to justify slutting around.

        27. Don’t forget that He also said, “Go and sin no more.” Something that hypocrites (such as feminists and their mangina/White Knight tools) conveniently ‘forget’ to remember!

      2. Sweetie,
        the Illuminati wrote the bible to be on two levels.
        One for the sheeple who are taught that the stories are allegories.
        Two for the shepherds who farm the sheeple. Hell, they even called Jesus “the good shepherd”…..what does that make people.
        The Bible is an instruction manual to those who are able to comprehend it properly. And the story of adam and eve and the apple tells those who understand it that if you want to subvert and destroy men then you sell the woman a dummy and subvert her and the manginas will follow her to their own destruction.
        That is why the Illuminati subverted women with this garbage about “womens rights” and “equality”. No man would be stupid enough to buy such garbage. But just like the apple women will take a BIG BITE out of that idiocy….and then they will make the men follow them to their own destruction because men are such manginas in the main.
        Well done….thanks for being here and giving me the chance to point out how women can be so easily subverted and men are so stupid as to follow.

        1. Sir, the bible was written to be used as a tool in order to control and subjugate the masses. By fear, by threats and by making people believe they are inherently bad and need to pay rich men to save them from themselves.
          One would encounter more spirituality from reading “The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli, than by reading the deluded and downright horrid contradictious garbage that piles up into and constitutes the bible.

        2. I said:
          “the Illuminati wrote the bible”
          “The Bible is an instruction manual to those who are able to comprehend it properly. ”
          You said.
          “Sir, the bible was written to be used as a tool in order to control and subjugate the masses.”
          Talk about trying to tell a man something he already knows. Your level of knowledge and understanding strikes me as infantile. When you can tell me something I do not already know? Get back to me.
          Rather than trying to sound erudite? I would recommend that you read/listen to “How to Be a Good Wife” and you get millions of other women to read/listen to it too.
          You obviously need the lessons. You are obviously terrible “wife” material.

        3. You see the bible as an instruction manual, I see it as a tool written to control the feelings, fears and lives of the masses. Very similar yet slightly different viewpoints.
          What is infantile is your boastful and condecending manners.

        4. G-d is real. The afterlife is real. The Pharisees (illuminati) subverted all religions for their (satanic) aims. The Bible and christianity as well had been subverted as truth mixed in with lies. But they did not write the Bible. They couldn’t hide the truth of Christ, so they sought to change many of the teachings to distort the message to their own advantage.

        5. All religions are tools to control the masses. Religion is false. G-d and the afterlife are real.

        6. ” But they did not write the Bible. They couldn’t hide the truth of Christ”
          LOL! The bible is put into hotel rooms all around the western world. Who do you think puts them there? The tooth fairy?

        1. This is free and it is to teach women how to be better wives.
          If you think free and teaching women to be better wives is “peddling” then you are welcome to think so. And all the men will realise that women do not want to BE better wives.
          I did not have to sit down and write that book and put it into audio sweetie. It is a genuine gift to western women to teach them lessons they so obviously need. If they do not learn them? Then they can not expect to ever find a man of my quality and character to have as a good husband.

        2. My mistake. You didn’t try to sell an e-book. This time.
          Looking over the names of the chapters in your audio book I really don’t think I need your advice. I have been with my man since I was 20. I already know how to cook and clean, I have known since I was maybe 10 years old and I do it several times daily. I always try to be physically attractive, through healthy diet, exercise, clothes, make-up etcetera. I am friends with my man. I don’t steal, I don’t lie. Ok, sometimes I lie, when I have been ‘bad’ and bought new shoes or fabric to sew a new dress and feel guilty about it because he doesn’t like it when I ‘waste’ my money on such frivolitites. I cannot lie with conviction though, as I can’t stand being deceitful, so he can always tell I am lying… I don’t expect anything from him that I don’t expect of myself. I would never turn my back on him when he is in need. I flew to Sarajevo to see him even though I am extremely scared of flying and even though we had some difficulties at the time and I was disappointed with him, just because he asked me to. I accept and respect his opinion, wishes and feelings. No matter if he laid a thousand women behind my back would I ever keep our children from seeing and being with their father.

        3. And you need to stop peddling this site with your bitch comments, you cunt of misery.

        4. You are right. I came here to try and understand and please my man better, as he deserves it. Some of the articles have given great insight and I have learnt a lot. The comment field however mostly consists of spiteful, bitter, angry and resentful name-calling and uncivilized men and women. It is a waste of time for anyone who have come here to learn something, and not just throw metaphoric poop at others.

        5. You can’t teach women to be good wives. The only time women a women will be good, is if her options are limited. It takes a harsh environment to reign women in.
          In a safe modern environment most women will act up.

        6. Stop buying shoes you shallow cunt!
          I hate it when women spend money frivolously.

        7. Yup.
          Peter-P.A.N is back spamming these boards with his rhetoric and selling his crappy wares. I don’t understand why he hasn’t been banned.

        8. I’d bet money that this “guest” comment is Perter P.A.N. himself masquerading as some random visitor.

        9. I’d bet money you are Kurt, Creep shamer, Holy shit, masquerading as preppin.
          Disqus gave your game away, you devil advocating bitch phaggot.

        10. LOL! On my first day at school when I was 5 another boy called me names. So I hit him like 5 year olds do. For this I was caned. So that night I asked my father what this was all about….why should I be punished for hitting a boy who was calling me names?
          So my father told me that in my life people will call me names. These are small people with small minds. He told me “sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt you”. He said that the best way to think about people who call you names is to be sorry for them because they know they are not as good as you are and they have to live their life knowing that.
          45 years later? His words are as true today as they were then. People who descend to name calling when they have no argument know they are lesser people and they have to live their life knowing that. Bad luck them, eh?

        11. Sulla,
          “You can’t teach women to be good wives”
          I would actually disagree. My mother was a good wife and she was taught to be so by her mother who was also a good wife.
          I have presented some lessons women can choose to learn such that they would be good wives. If they do not wish to be good wives then they can just ignore me. Then the fact they have ignored these very simple lessons will be obvious to men and the men will know not to marry and woman who has not taken these lessons on board and proved they will keep to them for the remainder of their lives.
          The book is a two sided coin. Women who do not take it on board will mark themselves as unsuitable for marriage to quality men. The losers, betas and bad boys don’t care if a woman will be a good wife. But the quality men do. Now the quality men have a very good tool with which to qualify if a woman is committed to being a good wife or not.
          Both sexes can gain a lot from getting women to read, or not read, such a book.

        12. And do you publicly call for women criminals to be held equal before the law? And are you willing to sit on an all womens jury in an all womens court to make it so?
          If so? You can register to sit on such a jury on the womens site for your country if you live in one of these 7 countries.

          Just by the way? Most women sing their own praises, but they do not insist on women being held equal before the law.

        13. You said: “I ever keep our children from seeing and being with their father.”
          I presume you meant never. But you see Li Cheri, women are blatant liars about these things and the other women do not denounce them for being so.
          Let me quote Jennifer from May 2007.
          “I know you feel the relationship with our children is secondary and I have always made you wrong for that. I want our relationship to be complete freeing you to be a father to them. Will you be their father? No amount of mother love can compensate them for the loss of you. I am also standing in the possibility of our children attending the teen forum. I see how I have enrolled them in my stories about you to their detriment. I want them to have the loving relationship with you I know is possible.”
          And some how, just 6 months later, I am a monster who had always been a bad father, under oath, in court. And ALL THE OTHER WOMEN SAY THAT IS OK.
          Li Cheri. It is not enough to say you are a good woman or a good person. You can not be a good woman or good person if you know that a crime has been committed and you remain silent about it. All the people around Jennifer know she committed perjury on 2007-11-09. The perjurous affidavits have been published. No one questions that Jennifer lied about me to steal from me using the state.
          And yet what these people do is say that I must accept these crimes because, apparently, women are above the law. Well? Are women above the law? And if not? What are you going to do about all these women who have committed crimes? Nothing? Something?
          So you can stop attempted to sing your own praises until AFTER you deserve such praise. And you are many years behind me in being willing to defend those less able to defend themselves.
          After all? The real purpose of my work these last 6 years was to do my best to stop WW III or at a minimum to minimise the number of dead in Ireland and Australia from the planned war. And the very people whose lives men like me have worked to save have fought us every inch of the way. And then they get upset when I point this out.

        14. “I came here to try and understand and please my man better, as he deserves it. ”
          “Ask your husband what you can do for him today that will have him be happy and then do it if you can.”
          That is what you can do to be a good wife. I said in my book that when both people do this in a marriage they have a very happy marriage. I also noted that 90% of women refuse to take that advice despite the fact it is good advice.
          When I told my fav#1 that was all she needed to do to make me happy she was shocked my wife would not ask me that and then do as I asked. I put some examples of things I really like into the book. Such as laying on her lap looking up and talking to her and having her run her hands through my hair. My mum used to do that with me when I was a little boy. So it is no surprise I like that, right?
          Fav#1 was shocked that Jennifer would not do such a small thing for me. Indeed, when I was getting to know prospective wife 2.0 I asked her to do that. She asked me why I would want that. I told her because I like it. She asked “do you think I will do things for you just because you like them?” I was pretty surprised by her question since she professed to love me. For me, of course, the answer is yes. If you love someone and they ask you to do something for them that they like then you do it if you can. But not western women.
          Fav#1 was only too willing to ask me every time we were together what I would like to do and then follow up on it. The same with my fav#3. Our arrangement was that she wanted me to teach he to be a good wife as her mother was a bad wife.
          I can tell you I was bitterly disappointed when we (fav#1) split in 2010. I remember the day very well. After she gave me the news we just relaxed and together for a while. She thought I would just want to turn and leave but I was quite ok with her decision. We were talking and I told her that I fully supported her decision and that I wished her well and hoped that she would have another baby with a man she was deeply in love with and that all would turn out well.
          I told her “I will be the second happiest man in the world if you find your new husband and have a baby. And I will bless your marriage, your husband, and you baby. I really will.”
          I will never forget the look she gave me. She smiled and said “You really mean that, thank you.” I pointed out that it was me who was refusing to agree to another baby so I had absolutely no hard feelings that we were splitting. I had tried my best to convince her of no more babies and I had failed. Such is life. Funny thing is she never did find that man and never did get that next baby and she has given up now.
          Some women would make really good wives Li Cheri. Sadly there are not so many of them…..and it is not that hard to be a good wife Li Cheri. Women just do not want to be good wives…especially in the west. Such is the way of women. It is sad that they have lied to us men so much. There are a lot of men who are now willing to lie back to women. Just ask men here how many of them think it is ok to lie to a woman to get her into bed. Especially in the light of how much women have been lying about men to steal their children of late.

        15. PS. A couple of years back a female work colleague came to me and asked my advice for her fiancée. She is Indian. We often ate dinner together because we were working so late. She asked me about my family etc and came to realise I was very good in relationships etc. This is why she asked my advice.
          She wanted to get her fiancee a valentines present. Anyway. I gave her my advice. She took it, in a most remarkable and inventive way.
          After valentines day she came to me and told me that she had been told by her fiancee that she must buy me dinner and thank me. She had a little speech all worked out from her fiancee. He told me (via her little speech) that he was ever so grateful that a man like me would be willing to advise his fiancee how to be a good fiancee and how to treat her man. He said the valentines gift was the most wonderful gift he had ever been given and that he now knew in his heart this was the woman he wanted to raise his children because of her act of love and kindness.
          He told me that he did not know any other man whose fiancee had gone out of her way as his had done to seek advice from an older and wiser man and put it in to practice. You see, it was her act of seeking advice and then putting it in to practice that impressed him the most.
          I actually cried. I had to wipe away a tear or two. What she did for him was amazing and wonderful. My wife never did the same for me. Not ever. I was so pleased for her and her fiancee that she was willing to take this sort of advice and act on it. She is a good woman.
          They later married but I think not yet blessed with children….at least she has not written to me and told me.

        16. Your mother lived in a different environment culture.
          You can’t teach a women in this culture to be good. It is a waste of time and like banging your head against a brick wall.
          Women have the power of the state to back them up. Women don’t respect principles, it takes a limited and harsh environment to reign women in.
          Even so called Christian women are sluts, that will divorce you first change they get.

        17. Hi Sulla,
          “You can’t teach a women in this culture to be good.”
          I did not say that I could teach women anything. I said that I presented some lessons from which women could learn. The onus is on women to learn to be good wives. If a woman does not want to learn how to be a good wife, and it is laid out in this book, then I recommend quality men simply avoid the woman.
          The book is positioned like this. Any man who is a quality man who is approached by a woman can give her the link and say “If you want a quality man like me as a husband these are the lessons you have to learn”
          It is not positioned as “I want you in my life and I am going to teach you these lessons to make you a good wife.”
          As far as being good wives go the initiative to be so must come from the woman. All the man can do is reject any woman who will not rescind her opportunity to screw him over in the courts.
          Then, when women wail “where did all the good men go” we can simply point to the book and say “Well, there are no good wives out there so we are just playing the field.”
          Men who are players, liars, thugs, bad boys etc? They will not care about this book. And women deserve to be used and kicked to the gutter by such men. But it is WOMEN who are wailing “where did all the good men go”….and quality men who are willing to be husbands are going to be in VERY short supply in the west pretty soon….already the marriage strike is biting.
          So, the remedy is for men to put the screws on those FEW women who want to be good wives and get good husbands to say “you have to be willing to learn these lessons, you have to be willing to denounce other women, and you have to live up to this your whole life, or I will not marry you and I will not have children with you, I will just play you and move on after I am done.”
          The book is positioned perfectly. It is just a case of young men understanding how it is positioned so that the young men repeat that positioning to the women. The women can then choose what they want to do. If the do not learn these lessons and apply them? They can not complain so many men have decided to become liars and players. Right?

        18. So what should she wear on her feet? And don’t worry about how other people spend their money because it’s none of your business. You sound like some dumb yokel who goes around in cheap dollar store flip flops because you waste all of the little benefit money you get on ammo for your squirrel gun.You’re the one who spends money frivolously as it all goes up in smoke.

        19. Good lord, I thought maybe I had missed a post or two along the way when you mentioned this ‘Jennifer’ person. Didn’t realize there would be a melodrama going on in the comments section.
          But that last paragraph…*low whistle*

    3. The problem is not women. The problem is us men.
      What you describe matches how many males you know?
      Consider yourself lucky if you know ONE such man. The path of the true warrior is one almost no one walks these days…THAT my friend is the root of our trouble.

      1. Men do have to fix themselves. We have to fix ourself individually, that is what self ownership is. You can’t control others only yourself.
        You can’t stop bitches acting up, you can only refuse to tolerate it and put up with it. Focus on what is in your power to control.

  20. I run a tailors shop in the NYC metro area. I get my fair share of hot young women who come in and bring in their clothes before they wash them. Since my line of work requires me to use an iron, the steam releases any dormant stains and odors on the clothes. If someone brings something in that’s obviously dirty, I turn it away. But I always iron with my hands stretched out to avoid any unpleasant surprises.
    The majority of women that bring in dirty clothes for me to alter are under thirty and/or unmarried. My theory is that women’s reputation for cleanliness comes from the fact that they become self-conscious when they shack up with a man long term, so they keep clean to avoid shame.

  21. I remember one time in college i was coming back from a house party and got on the
    dorm elevator and saw a blue pair of panties with shit stains,hair and blood on it. I threw up in my mouth.

  22. That article is quite funny but I’m going to have to call BS on the first pic. I find it hard to believe a dance club would allow two women to fall down drunk and then let them be photographed by onlookers. The BJ story with sex in a dance club also c’mon, no.

    1. Every time RtechT posts on this site fellas, remember that is the RETURN OF THE BITCH.
      Fucking cunt of misery.

    2. Why is this goofy cunt, whose Facebook profile describes her as:

      Birthday 1914
      Relationship Status
      In a relationship
      Religious ViewsOriginal Vampire

      Allowed to post?

      1. She’s the real Bella Swan (from Twilight) seeking her Edward Cullen here, who chose red pill to dump her sorry fat , crapping, toilet clogging ass.
        She’s on the wrong site. She should be on “Return of the Vampires.”

        1. Have you watched those shows hahahahaa!!!! I wasn’t sure what happened but thanks as I saw number 1 but i know theres more. I like Dracula 2000 where he just kills everyone. I like to kill stuff too 😀 you’re probably a Bambi loving bunny humper. Ohhhh but the wildlife and don’t kill bears ohhhh noooo. You guys aren’t men.

  23. Wtf is it with girls and popping acne? Back in high school I had several girlfriends who couldn’t stay away from my acne, and they got excited from popping that shit… Vestigial monkey grooming instinct?

  24. Maybe this is the subconscious reason why i have been in a sex drought for six years…

    1. No, it’s because you are a omega loser. Quit blaming women for your inadequacies.

      1. You are the biggest Omega loser around here. Quit blaming men for your inability to attract them, debate on a mature level, accept your own faults, etc…

    2. This is a sweet tip and your welcome as I know you can’t reply but if you cowboy up you can look like Shrek and get some. I’m pretty sure the city gals enjoy the cowboys also. Honestly without that hat I may not have even looked at that guy. Tis true.

  25. Why does every discussion on these boards turn into some racial
    bullshit. This site is about getting pussy and understanding how easy
    it is yet you fags would rather argue with one another like a bunch
    middle school girls instead of trading pertinent information. Get a
    fucking grip….

  26. Bwahahaha bunch of pedestalizing beta virgin boys who have never been around a woman longer than the 30 seconds it takes for you to cum after she kicks you in the balls for being so creepy.
    You’re nothing but a bunch of lunatic, porn-addicted, doll drilling faggots. You are PATHETIC lol

      1. Hamster much? Yeah I’m “projecting” because inexperienced incel faggots like you still think women pee out of their butts.

        1. You should care. Women fart, poop and wipe their boogs in between the couch cushions when they’re not too busy being grossed out by weirdoes like you, dontcha know?

        2. Got nothing to say as usual, so you resort to the usual little child name-calling and mudslinging. Too bad you are such a hurt little feminist.

    1. You couldn’t debate anything in the past so you now resort to trolling like the pathetic individual that you are. BahahahahahahAHHAh.

  27. Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww.
    They’re all gross. That’s why I ONLY want to see them when they’re tolerable, and bang them without having to see gross places, their gross bathrooms, their gross habits. And hell if I want to see them the morning after. Eeeeeeeeeeewwwwww.

  28. The real reason for nail polish is to hide what’s under her nails. Google ‘french manicure’ – clear polish over the most of the nail, and a strip of opaque white at the end so you can’t see the goop.
    It’s all illusion, people.

  29. lolzolozloz!! This is one of the most entertaining articles ever. Thanks Billy 😀
    All true as well. Chicks do all the gross stuff everyone does and worse. Don’t think of them any more highly than they deserve.

  30. A lot of men can’t get causal sex but they can get a relationship.
    I would rather have a relationship than scavenge the odd bit of causal sex but there are no women worth having relationships with.
    The legal system has made relationships too risky. The culture has made women too entitled and spoiled.
    Why do I want to tie myself down to a empty worthless human being?

    1. There’s always robots. Better than a “worthless human being” eh creepy Uncle Incel?

  31. This reminds me of a 40+ single slut from the FSU with whom I worked before.
    Perfectly groomed, clean in the max. And she had the habit of picking on other men and women for “uncleanliness” and “uncouthness”.
    If you’d ever meet her, you’d probably think she was a bastion of femininity left in this world (remember women from the FSU are great players, they are closet feminists and social sluts).
    However, being the social prostitute that she was (a trait common in women from the FSU, who’d still prostitute themselves even if they have a normal job), a lot of my colleagues who worked with me had banged her (for money, she often prided herself on her sexual skills which she offered for cash).
    And told me that she was the filthiest slut you could imagine in her private and sex life. Ass to mouth, anal, licking poop off your ass, drinking golden showers – you name it you got it – she loved it all. The irony is that you wouldn’t believe it if you saw her, you’d rather believe if someone told you that the sun rose in the west.
    One of my friends who was 10 years younger than her, told me how he exclusively and only kept fucking her in her “pink asshole” (as if she had no pussy), and the way she used to squirt/piss on the bed when he was buttfucking her. And all the filthy things she did with him later.
    Even though knowing all this did permanently change my impression of her, what actually changed was my perception of women in general. I realized women are more gross than men, even though men are commonly derided for lack of hygiene. I realized the most docile and Cinderella like woman in public – can be the filthiest bitch/slut/hoe on bed and in her private life. In public, she might complain about people who forget to flush or let the toilet seat down for unhygienic etiquette, but ironically won’t hesitate to hungrily lick her poop off your dick, after you’re finished anally humping her in private.
    Women indeed are the original gross bundles of contradictions.

    1. That whore didn’t bang you though did she? As filthy and gross as that poop eater was, she still wouldn’t fuck you even if you offered to pay her. Who’s the gross one now? It’s you my friend lol

      1. No way would I even choose to bang her. Older women (and older whores) are for desperate men.
        Sometimes you can guess a woman just by her contradictory nature.
        A too perfect woman in public is always a red flag.

        1. You sound like a naive little virgin blanket boy to me.You have no idea that any of what you were told about her by rejected losers is even true anymore that the crap you read on this site is true. You’re some little prude who’s probably religiously deluded as well who thinks that a female who has a sex drive is somehow sinful. Perfectly respectable clean chaste females desire sex. Just not with creepy boys like you so you make up all of these stupid stories about how vile they are and disease ridden. It’s all sour grapes with you creepy boys so you point to some respectable woman and call her a shit eating whore to make yourself feel better about being a loser. You’re not fooling anyone.

    2. Great comment.
      To corroborate, I too once knew a FSU (Russian) woman who had a similar tendencies (ass to mouth sex, and a poop fetish.) Just opened my mind to the reality – even a feminine Russian woman can be a nasty gross bitch in bed.
      The downside is: you don’t want to kiss her “beautiful” exotic face anymore.

  32. Return of Kings? When you virgin celibate fags don’t even know women poop and pee out of two different holes?
    Stick to drooling, porn, and saving up for those Japanese robots. That’s all you’re ever going to get.

    1. Creep Shamer? When you juvenile self-absorbed feminists don’t even realize that your arguments are nothing more than warmed-over poop?
      Stick to ranting on Jezebel and save up for more batteries for your toys. That’s all you are going to keep. (same goes for those that think posts like your’s are “funny”.)

        1. Sheep smasher is perfect site. Omega losers galore. You and your neckbeard and anime creeper pictures.

        2. I didn’t know I was a “site”. lol. You are making even less sense than when you started trolling here.

      1. I’m troubled. Why are you the sheep masher? I’m not a feminist but I also know that women’s arguments, discussion, thoughts, breathing or anything besides being a whore for the men who frequent this site is all that is within your narrow scope of thinking. Oh also control, you must have all the control and its the ones who scream the loudest that are scared the most about loosing it. Fact remains, you have NO CONTROL and never will and it’s fun messing with narcissists cause if you can get them to see such a reality and stop being big lonely, sad, dateless complainers, hey job well done! 🙂 I can’t fathom you wasted so much energy on an argument about stats. We all know you can’t trust any study.

        1. What does it matter what one’s name is? Semantics? You’re the typical online feminist warrior regardless of whatever label you want to use. It is definitely you that has a wholly narrow scope of “thinking” (it’s not really “thinking” as much as it is just regurgitation of feminist mantra).
          You are also projecting your need to control others by presenting no arguments, but trying to silence those who you cannot argue with feeble attempts at shaming them.
          The fact remains that you know you have no case. What argument on stats? Where have I argued anything on stats? You are truly delusional.

        2. Ok we’re done (4 plus myself). I’ve changed the password and Head Cheer Girl is deleting her account as well. I showed them “INCEL”, plus all that rape talk and the FB creeping creeps sunk in too. You guys either have heads in your freezers, are 12 year olds mentally or physically, or are dirty old geezers with computer knowledge and access. Um no offense but OMFG.

        3. Ok we’re done (4 plus myself). I’ve changed the password and Head Cheer Girl is deleting her account as well.

          You quip that as if anyone here cares if you are here or not. In reality, your behavior is the best way of demonstrating to the general audience that the “you go grrl” feminist crowd is largely populated with self-absorbed juveniles who delude themselves into thinking they are intellectual equal to those they oppose. You declare your withdrawal since you need to believe that you have control over the situation.

          I showed them “INCEL”, plus all that rape talk and the FB creeping creeps sunk in too.

          You “showed them”? Lol. Please.
          Like all of your feminist heroines that have preceded you, running away with your tails tucked behind your legs is hardly being victorious. Not only is your engagement void of any logical basis, your involvement here consists of nothing but the expected name-calling and childish insults that one would expect from an angry little grade school child.
          If you feel that your Online persona was off-limits in this discussion, then you might have avoided trying to disparage the characters of your opposition so flagrantly. That oversight is often seen when feminists attempt to do battle with who they see as “inferior”.
          Just where is the “rape” talk outside of the false accusations of the typical feminist. Anything they cannot debate is automatically “misogyny” or “rape”. The level of immaturity of the typical feminist never ceases to entertain us.

          You guys either have heads in your freezers, are 12 year olds mentally or physically, or are dirty old geezers with computer knowledge and access. Um no offense but OMFG.

          There is nothing in your “game” but insults and name-calling. You truly are the poster-child of the self-aggrandized “equality warrior” of the Internet. Do you even hear what you actually say?

        4. Um why are you talking to us when we just admitted we are in HS. Durr. Are you guys mad cause we were totally f-ing with you. It was fun but not anymore. Don’t be a creep.

        5. The guy is not talking to you, dumbazz. He’s talking to everyone here. It’s only people like you who think it’s —all about you— durrrrrr. You’re mad because you thought your leader was so bright when she obviously got her azz handed back to her. It’s still fun… just not for you, loser.

        6. Rape talk is all over that feminist article post. You all talk like it’s totally acceptable. Yes, you bet we’re scared and don’t want you creepin on our FB accounts.

        7. Citation or else it’s just purely biased conjecture. Who’s been “creeping” your FB accounts? I don’t even have an FB account.

        8. Cocksure and we figured u too cause I talked about getting sheep and you show up with “sheep masher” so we all freaked out. Understand.

        9. You need to be gone now. Wanna be a frozen head? You have 10 min B4 I come over there.

        10. It looks like there’s a bit of paranoia going on there. Regardless, you should realize that trolls will be treated with even less respect than the little that they afford the targets of their trolling.
          The point is that trolling is a form of bullying. The root of bullying is usually lowered self-esteem. Fix that in yourself and you will see that you really have nothing against ROK.

  33. Bangable women can be gross;but what’s even more gross is to see American (or Western) men (manginas/white knights) pedestalize them.
    American men (or for that matter Western men) are suffering from the effects of feminism, because the average man in the West is being programmed to, and has allowed himself to become and act like a pig.
    Pigs eat anything and everything. We men have allowed ourselves to become like that. We are eating shit (sluts/feminists) because we are allowing ourselves to become like pigs, to create a society dominated by pig-like men. We act like we can’t get anything better than the shit of feminists around us.
    Look at the movies which churn out from Hollywood. Modern movies often show Alpha hunks who have to fight over and manginate themselves over a slutty lead heroine who screws around with them, but yet is the prize. She gets to keep her cake and eat it too. A reel -life ideal which is now being choked down the throats of western men, by feminists as a real life ideal. Gross.
    With the exception of alpha male movies like James Bond (which also pedestalizes sluts with fancy titiles like “femme fatales”), Hollywood pedestalizes sluthood to such a level that women watching chick flicks and romance films think that it is alright for them to embark on a journey of being a mobile sperm toilet, with the certainty that there will be some hunk who’ll still choose to marry her non-virgin cum dumpster slut asshole, the day she decides to “settle down”. Gross.
    And feminist Hollywood often portrays men as hunks with developed bodies, and fighting skills to the highest levels of male perfection – who ultimately surrender themselves to a slut lead heroine who has rode the cocks of their fellow brothers. It seems the goal of every modern man has to develop himself to highest perfection – to surrender it all to first nearest slut in his vicinity. He must even beg her to accept him, even if he is far superior than her in both body and character. You see this concept being choked down the throat of men in almost every action or chick film. A cum receptacle lead heroine is often the centre of a love triangle of every modern film, with perfected men fighting over her. Gross.
    You see the same parallel being adopted in real life – good looking, skilled, educated dudes – who could probably get any decent girl if they ever wanted – fighting to win over some filthy cum dumpster slut (shit), very much like pigs. The analogy of the gym going, university qualified, hunky pig (average American male), ultimately scavenging society for his meal of shit (slut girlfriend/wife) is aptly displayed by the modern American feminist society. He even allows the pile of shit that he has, to complete dominate him. He doesn’t care if his fellow pigs have eaten a piece of that shit before him; all he cares is that he must ferociously defend his meal of shit – without even thinking that he is actually settling for shit – so low has the average American (or Western) male allowed his standards to fall to. Gross.
    Men should rise up and develop some standards. Using a slut as a cum dumpster is one separate thing, but “falling in love” and marrying a friend’s cum dumpster is the nadir of masculinity and grossness to which a man can allow himself to fall to.
    A friend once told me a pearl of wisdom – “When it comes to crime of sluttiness, perceive all women as guilty – till proven innocent”.

    1. Hamster’s strong in faggots too. It’s the slutty womyns fault you can’t get laid eh?
      Pretty sad when a slut won’t even fuck you.

      1. Hamster mind is all you have. It’s delusional feminists that think they are so great Online. Try your shaming and name-calling in the streets of the reality outside of the first world. See how far your boasting gets you there.

        1. nah. You’re need to name call like a little kid says it all. You have nothing, you know you are wrong and resort to this sock-puppet trolling. Go on. Go out and challenge people in person. See how it goes.

        2. Ew you are really creepy, you omega stalker. You fuckers gonna goat. Or sheep. Or robot. Or faggot.

        3. nah. you are really childish and the one who is actually showing “stalker” tendencies since you are the one coming here with nothing but name-calling and insults. trolls are usually all about the cowardice of not facing their own inadequacies.

        4. OMG quit stalking me or I’m going to report you to the police for harassment you crazy faggot

        5. Creepy sheeper. Quit stalking me. Go fuck your doll and leave me alone or I will call the cops.

        6. You’re the one that is coming here. No one is forcing you to post. That makes you the stalker. Go ahead and report yourself to the authorities. Then again, it’s just a matter of time before your ip address gets blocked, so stalk on.

        7. The police are going to arrest you for stalking me and being a goat rapist

        8. Do you have proof that the goat was not a sentient and consenting ungulate? It’s difficult to be accused of stalking someone who is coming here on their own accord.

  34. Enough of this “Equal Value” talk.
    Value is decided by supply and demand, the more demand the more value. Right now in America womens value is plummeting while mens value is increasing. Why? Because they are lowering the expectations of women while raising the expectations of men. Women, just like men, are valued by what they can offer to the opposite sex. Men want sex, women can provide sex. Men want children, women can gestate a child. Women and men have areas that they are better at offering certain things then the other, and they have differing times in their life when they reach their peak as well as different lengths of said peak. A young woman has more value than a post menopausal woman. Men tend to reach their peak later in life and their peak doesn’t decline nearly as fast as a womans does. When feminists say women shouldn’t be valued for their strengths and instead be valued by what men are better at, they are unintentionally lowering womens value. The biggest problem with the value of women is that they are still largely perceived as more valuable then they really are.
    I did not make it this way. Men did not make it this way, Not even the patriarchy made it this way. Nature made it this way.
    Even when it comes to men, we are not created equal. We should have equal rights under the law, but that’s not the same thing. I’m tired of all this “equal value” talk. Value fluctuates over time, and that’s a good thing. It means that there is a chance to increase your value, it’s not set in stone. I think “equal value” talk is meant to reach the ears of those who made poor life decisions or those who don’t want to put the necessary effort to change their life.
    Now this may upset a lot of people and you’re free to disagree if you want to, this is just my world view.

  35. What a nasty article. Just because you have met some unclean, badly behaving girls does not mean we’re all the same! In fact, reading this made me feel quite sick.

    1. NAWALT? No, just reality sweetie. How many cocks has those pretty lips of yours sucked? It’s ok sweetie, your bf appreciates the practice runs you had with other men’s cocks

      1. I’ve had 4 men in my life, I dont know if it makes me a bad woman or good, I dont care. I believe in love, and when there is love, there may be sexual relation too. I dont know what NAWALT means, sorry. -The fact is, we all go to the bathroom, if we dont use deodorant, we dont smell good – this is hardly any news. But most women, being feminine, WANT to be clean and ARE clean too.

        1. NAWALT – “Not All Women Are Like That”.
          What you just said, and what women often say to differentiate themselves from “lesser” women.
          4 men is gross. Your rationalization of using love doesn’t justify anything. Just telling you the truth.
          If you don’t care what we think, then you shouldn’t also care (or have cared) for the content of the article.

        2. I dont say that some women are “lesser” than I am. But it is obvious that a girl who urinates during sex, has some kind of problems. She may be an alcoholic or something like that. It’s a medical condition, I get that. But to give that as an example of how women behave, what they are like – it is NOT fair. Ive seen men doing disgusting things, urinating in public etc. But I dont think all men do the same. They may have been some drunkards or something like that.. Minority, most definitely. Ive never dated a man who’d do that.

  36. Mr. Chubbs: Thank you for this public service article on behalf of betas worldwide. I think you just put an end to approach anxiety forever (you certainly reduced mine – and i’m doing a lot to eliminate the rest. I will never look at hot chicks the same way again.
    Thank you again Mr. Chubbs.

    1. Ukrainian FEMEN attention whores.
      Looks like women (irrespective of race) need an excuse to justify grossness.

      1. Gross women like these need to be taught a lesson by polar bears – as this woman learnt.

        1. It’s hilarious to notice when a woman derides fellow women for pooping in public. Men can’t reach the level of shaming that women do to fellow women.

        2. Lol.
          Russian/Ukrainian women bitches are no better than Anglosphere women public squatters.
          The videos of the Femen Ukrainian pissing bitches and the Russian pooping woman sure knock Russian/Ukrainian feminine women off “the ideal women” pedestal as for now. No different from American bitches.
          Just was wondering whether Putin owned that polar bear.

        3. OK, maybe its just me but when did polar bears move out the white icecap suburbs and moved into the slums of the inner city? Serious what is a full grown polar bear doing in a back ally, trying to toss this woman salad??? I just had to google “do polar bears live in the inner city” this is so random.

        4. I also suspect that woman is homeless. Homeless or a party slut, I bet she will use a gas station from now on!

  37. Thats bullshit.
    Im far better looking than average guys. Im far from being beta male nor a women worshipper. In fact, Ive been called mean, rude, and badboy by many. Yet I still find it extremely diffcult to pick up women from bars and clubs. The simple answer is because the gender ratio. More men, less women. Once again, the feminized society puts women above men in dating.

  38. What country are you from? Oh OK, Canada.
    “God that thing is HOT – and poop comes out of it every single day”
    – In the US that’s exactly WHY men find that thing so hot. Google “brown sports” to see what many American men fantasize about.
    “Next three I thought it was a squirt – having known about but never
    giving a chick one previously, I had no ability to judge. It took an
    embarrassing long time for me to figure out the awful truth before I
    squirmed out from under her and stumbled out of the bed. The room
    smelled like a big bucket of ammonia, Gatorade and vodka was all mixed
    together. To this day I have no idea who should be more embarrassed by
    the situation. Sure, she peed her bed – but she also peed on a man. I’d say that’s +1 for feminism.”
    – Again, its called “golden showers” and its a popular American male fantasy as demonstrated by its popularity in porn.

  39. I once new this cute looking girl who had an STD. She still banged people and didnt say anything about the STD. Scary.

  40. Nice article. I’ll never look at a hot chick’s ass the same way again as I imagine sloppy crap firing out of it like there’s no tomorrow. Thanks for the imagery!

  41. Next time I approach a hot chick, I’ll think of all the dumps and gross things she does in private.

  42. I don’t see the point of this article. What, were you guys under the impression that women shat strawberries and glitter or something?

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