How To Spot An Angel Of Death In The Wild

A well-accepted idea in the manosphere is that the fewer men a woman has been with, the more likely she is to be a loyal partner. There are divorce statistics out there that support this theory but until you’ve actually encountered an “Alpha Widow” in the field, you may not fully understand just how damaged some women can become from just one experience with a man.

In fact, many women are devastated so thoroughly by their first “alpha” it can actually have terrible psychological effects on them. I will give a couple of in field examples from my life to illustrate a common form of psychosis women develop that I call “Angel of Death Syndrome” or “ADS” for short.

Angel of Death Syndrome

What is ADS? The basic breakdown of ADS is women attempting to play out a trauma in their lives and reverse the roles—in the original circumstance she played the victim role and her “alpha” played the role of heartbreaker, in all her future encounters with men she consciously plans to play the role of heartbreaker.

Women with ADS pride themselves in not being able to bond with men; they wear this as a badge of honor. The reason for this is two-fold:

1. By never moving past their devastating “event” they are able to perpetually play the role of victim, which is much easier than growing up and accepting life’s difficulties.

2. By not bonding with other men they are able to remain faithful (emotionally) to their original “alpha,” which is a far better narrative in their minds than accepting any man they view as less than ideal.

The Fantasy

Women with ADS often concoct fantastical narratives in their minds that center around their victimhood. It is a form of extreme narcissism. These women truly view themselves as a beautiful angel who was wronged so severely by a man that all men must pay for the crime. I became aware of these fantasies through two real life encounters with ADS girls:

1. The out of town f buddy

I had a gig where I would travel out of town one weekend a month and met a gorgeous bartender. We had sex the first night and pretty much agreed to meet up for the next few months whenever I was in town. Things went well for a couple months after that, she even made a trip to my neck of the woods.

Although she grew more and more affectionate and sweet I kept my guard up. Finally I broke frame for an instant—I texted her first. The truth is, it was a conscious decision I made because I was growing fond of her and she seemed to be growing fond of me. She went silent on me and then the next time I was in town gave me the infamous “maybe”.

I moved on with my life. By chance we ended up running into each other a couple months later and had a brief conversation. I felt comfortable enough to ask her what flipped the switch in her brain? After all she had been so sweet and affectionate… Her response:

I am like sweet cherry wine laced with poison, I taste so good but I’m only going to hurt you. It’s just what I do, I spend time with people for awhile and then fade away as a memory

Of course I didn’t let her say something so melodramatic without making fun of her but nonetheless it was chilling to know just how unstable this woman was and that I had been dealing with a sociopath the entire time.

2. The friend

I became friends with a woman (I know, not really friends) at work due to the fact we were the only mid-20s people in the office. I had no sexual interest in her and she had none in me.

I learned she had no interest in me because I found out all her “secrets.” This girl had a unique sexual fetish—she preferred to sleep with married men. She would actively pursue married men then do her best to get them to fall in love with her and then simply stop seeing them. Her favorite thing to talk about was how she could sleep with men, never develop feelings for them, and toss them aside. She was truly proud of her behavior.

How to recognize an ADS girl

1. Look for common signs of mental illness in women

This includes tattoos, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, eating disorders, and a strong stance against family. Both the women mentioned above had these issues to various degrees.

2. She will let you know she is a victim

At some point in your relationship with an ADS girl she will speak of her “alpha.” You will notice that she views herself as having two different lives; her life with her “alpha” and her life after him. In her before life, she likely wanted marriage and family.

3. Her “Alpha” was a loser

It sounds like a stereotype, but there is a reason the stereotype came about; if she talks about having had her heart broken by a loser then you are likely dealing with an ADS girl. The bartender’s “alpha”  was an unemployed pill addict who lives with his mother. The friend’s “alpha” was an aspiring rapper who works part time in fast food.

4. She is over 25

If she is single and over 25 she is most likely damaged goods.


In the current culture ADS is spreading like wildfire, so watch out for the signs in a girl. These women are suitable for short-term sex only and are dangerously unstable.

It can be tempting to try to have a relationship with one of these girls due to the male protector and provider instinct, so learn to keep that in check—you are not dealing with anything worth protecting or providing for.

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202 thoughts on “How To Spot An Angel Of Death In The Wild”

  1. ‘These women are suitable for short-term sex only and are dangerously unstable.’
    Why stick your dick in dangerously unstable? Emotionally damaged women no matter how wild can’t be good for your short and/or long term physcial, mental, and spiritual health.

    1. Well if it’s for short term, fine but don’t date her because she is an unstable nutcase.

      1. If that movie were set in 2014, after she tried to stab him to death and he fought her off, she would’ve called the police and told them he raped her.

        1. Well, if you look up some of the alternative endings they filmed for the movie…

        2. That’s why the Anne Archer put two in her ten-ring. Put the bitch down and keep her down.
          I was in college when this film came out and all the embryonic 3rd-wavers were up in arms about how badly this film portrayed “career women” vs. married women with kids.
          I am NOT making this up.
          It’s the sort of thing that made me wonder about what they were hiding in their scary little brains…..
          À bientôt,

    2. Exponential scarcity. Eventually everyone fucks crazy at some point, you just didn’t pick up on the red flags or got oneitis or were blinded by her sexuality. The level of crazy can vary greatly as most have it. I basically screen by the method: if 1 major thing doesn’t add up early on, I never fuck her. If a minor thing or two are there, I’ll probably fuck her. If many things minor and/or major are wrong early on, game over.

  2. New breeds of psycho-bitches cropping up everywhere – taking pride in her ability to walk on a carpet of dicks with her heels. Our forefathers knew exactly why it was better for them to be virgins and go straight to marriage – no reason to feed that crazy hamster.

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    1. They are ALL psychos…..some just a bit less or a bit more than the rest.
      These are creatures that will KILL their own babies….(56 million since Roe v Wade in the US alone)….would yo trust someone like that?
      The secret is just to keep your guard up at ALL times:
      1. NEVER get married.
      2. NEVER cohabitate.
      3. ALL women are “Potential False Rape Accusers”.
      4. Avoid exclusive long-term relationships at all costs.

      1. Not only in the womb, but they kill their own young children and claim they were “depressed” (as in, kid came into her life and partying and whoring had to stop cold turkey). I’m looking at you, Susan Smith! Postpartum depression is a myth and a joke. Don’t sign up for a job you aren’t even willing to do in the first place, then!

    2. I will add another sign of mental issues. A woman that suffered sexual abuse as a child. This fucks them for life. Usually you will find that if you hear something like this from a woman it will immediately put you off. Not always but these women will use it as their badge of victim-hood.
      Its a sad thing but you have to think carefully before making a woman’s problems your problems.

      1. “suffered sexual abuse as a child” is also one of the biggest cop-outs there is for women. 90s pop culture pushed this garbage to an extreme with Twin Peaks etc.
        How do you know it fucks them for life? I know a mentally stable, positive woman that is great to have around who is a paraplegic due to a car accident when she was 8. Her body integrity and trust in people who should have ensured her safety was violated more than that of most (actual) sexual abuse victims. Yet she developed a healthy psyche.
        My guess as to why:
        nature effectively told her “that’s the way it is, no matter of post-hoc story bending will change that, live with it” – so she made the most out of what she has left.
        With sexual abuse victims however, the world keeps telling them “it is psychological damage, but you can get psychological benefits (attention and softer boundaries) depending on the way you tell your story” – so they build their lifes around their victim narrative, when they could long have left it in the past.

        1. It’s also because of feminists and the gynocentric government. They want to make women victims and men predators as a way of advancing their anti-male agenda.

        2. Ridiculous to equate sexual abuse with a car accident. Children aren’t entirely dependent physically and emotionally on cars during their formative years nor are they liable to form psychological attachments to Fords and Chevys. I imagine your friend doesn’t suffer lingering feelings of betrayal, confusion or guilt towards Chyslers because even at age 8 she recognized that the crash car wasn’t moving & steering under its own agency.
          >”How do you know it fucks them for life?”
          Many medical professionals have studied the matter and generally agree that childhood sexual abuse irrevocably warps a person’s ability to trust & relate to others which often leads to various maladaptive behaviors. I understand that such damage can be managed with continual conscious effort but one is never the same.

        3. These many medical professionals might just as well be looking at the problem from the perspective of the feminine imperative.
          You will also always have enough experts (who might just be really intelligent people) agreeing on how women are treated worse career-wise, how they are paid less cents on the dollar than men etc. …
          Holding the damage that sexual abuse does (and I agree that it does a lot of damage) up to much more than what it actually is, is part of the feminine imperative, because sexual abuse is something that will affect women more than men.

    3. this article gives previous ‘alphas’ far too much credit…. most likely the previous alpha was just a circumstantial alpha, because she was an easy lay…. she invented up a whole lifetime with him, but it faded pretty fast because it never existed….

      1. I agree. Women are master dissemblers and they’re psychotically good at making up shit-stories to give their lives some sort of meaning.
        I’m sure these ‘alphas’ were really just one night stands that nobody would care about but of course she blows it out of proportion to get attention and fuel her histrionics

    4. Ya see this is WHY the “nice guy” trope pisses me off so much.
      What about the “nice girl”? Yaknow, the type of girl who is a goddess, all-loving, beautiful, powerful, princess, yet scratch the surface and she resembles something more akin to that painting “the Scream”. You know the type.
      Or what about those “bitch grrrls”. Yaknow the type who leads you on for social status, ego, attention, or just shitz and gigglez….. or maybe she just hates de Menz.

  3. Agree with all points but not so much the tattoo part. Some women with tattoos are cool and are pretty much sane for the most part. Yeah I’ve met some of those in the past and they are crazy.

      1. I’m saying some but yes, the vast majority of them have issues like all other women. Plus most women these days have issues anyways.

    1. Yep, most women have issues, some more than others and only once in a blue moon a sane one.

      1. Yeah, but it isn’t just from being crushed from an alpha. It could be their soul was crushed from the sheer number of dicks they encountered and an ever increasing amount of validation from male toadies would equate. An extreme amount of entitlement and no regard for anyone’s feeling but their own.
        My advice, be alpha ,know their game. Hit it and quit it. You know what, fuck that. Just quit it. Head cases aren’t worth the trouble. Regardless of how many make up ‘the fairer sex’.

        1. The carousel is ruining millions of girls each year. Like the author said, until you to know a really damaged girl its hard to explain. The tricky part is that many are good a hiding it so it yakes some experience to know the signs.
          I dont know how an alpha widow differs from a carousel retiree though. Crazy either way.

        2. If one man can ruin them, then they were damaged goods from the start.
          If they’re riding the cock carousel, they’re broken before they hop on.

        3. i.e. if they lacked a masculine father presence while growing up. This alone explains a great deal….

        4. So if it’s expected of respectable gentlemen like yourself to bed dozens of women, but it’s sacrilege for any woman to not be a total virgin(or at least be able to count the number of partners she’s had on her hand, if we’re being EXTREMELY lenient, fellas), how are the numbers supposed to add up?
          Unless you want to kill off a bunch of men, chances are the average guy isn’t going to be able to float through life and dozens of women and still somehow magically get a virgin bride of the same culture/area.

        5. Any man hoping for a virgin in 2015 is delusional, but most of us want a girl that hasnt given all of herself away before settling down. I hope to meet a girl with less than 10 partners, even though i think 10 is too high but Im trying to be realistic. Sex is different for men and women, and its tough for females to accept this. Men arent attracted to slutty women and women arent attracted to virgin men. Its in our biology.
          I havent met a girl with 20+ sexual partners that was not an emotional wreck. Once a girl loses the ability to bond through sex and intimacy she is ruined beyond repair. Bonding with your significant other is an important part of our lives and its thrown away for shallow nights of casual sex. By the time she finds her husband she is cold, bitter, and emotionally empty with no love to even give her children.

        6. I was a virgin still 24 men always respected me about other women were cruel, like they would try to bring it up at college parties
          Curiosity and just the weight of being a virgin in modern american society was to much for me. I lost it to a nice beta. I did not want to be a 25 year old virgin it was pragmatic move i guess. I am 27 and never been in love or had a boyfriend
          I never viewed my Virginity as gift just thought it was loving to my self to protect my heart. I also vowed it not have sex till I could 100% deal with the consequences even a .05% chance of becoming pregnant before having an education was not worth it I am prolife.
          I suffer from bipolar disorder I take medication I am very proactive about my health. People are shocked when they hear I have never had a boyfriend. I am relatively pretty fun personality but quirky dyslexia, adhd and really high iq.
          I am incredibly upset I went manic this year I lost my support structure when my siblings got married and no longer had a best friend. So I missed the signs and went manic and was a total slut I am so upset I worry I am ruined, I have crazy sex drive and no outlet the human body is smart since my fertility is declining and girls with bipolar Usually have crazy sex drives like when manic it is more like mans. I have never been in sexual relationship just encounters. I worry I have ruined my ability to bond or I am damaged goods. I feel so behind my peers. When I was younger I thought I never pictured a man in the future was never into fairy tales, maybe thought I would be single for life but that is not very realistic I think I need a man, I am vulnerable by nature need to be taken care off and have an outlet for my crazy sex drive
          Sorry for the rant that last comment just triggered it and woman give horrible advice about this stuff :/ i guess just getting off my chest

        7. Sweetheart, every woman that I know that is diagnosed as BPD has turned out to be the other BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) wrongly diagnosed because of the Bipolar Disorder frenzy. The biggest difference between the two is the inclusion of a risky behavior, promiscuous sex, gambling, self mutilation…

      2. Totally. A good friend of mine is seeing a clinical psychologist. I reminded him that he needs to watch his back since she’s versed in the darkest methods professionally. While she holds a position opposite the Angel of Death, 100% of all female psych majors are their own greatest never ending case study. He’s smart enough to beware, but walking a tight rope with this one.

        1. I agree. I met this girl who was a psych major and a counsellor – she was one tedious little bitch who always tried “getting to the deeper me” to analyze me and everything I did. Even in polite conversation – God, was she an idiot!
          After a short time I had to cut her loose. I still wonder sometimes in my quiet moments if there’s some deeper meaning to meeting women who are idiots and psychos.

      3. I’m not sure I believe there are sane ones, it’s just that some girls can pull the wool over my eyes.

    2. Nah – this is something different, as she is practically unable to form bonds and LOVES hurting men who even show the slightest bit of emotion to them. Those women existed before, but were rare.

    3. Society enables it today to an extent that was unimaginable in generations past. It’s not that women were any different underneath, women will always be women, but they had an established place in society, as did men, and everyone knew and respected that. Today that is all gone.
      Seriously, can you blame Muslim men for refusing to integrate into Western culture?

    4. You have to get them young… 18-22.
      My observation is most girls get burned by the alpha love of their life no latter than 2 years out of college.

      1. But Roosh, isn’t this group age specific? Could you realistically run that game in your mid to late thirties? Or later?

        1. Sure you can. That’s what Roosh and a whole lot of others do on a daily basis. I have occasional success and I’m far from a PUA.

        2. Can you run game on 20 year olds in your mid-late 30’s? You don’t even need to. Just take care of yourself and as soon as their pimply broke boyfriend is having a guys night out she will be slurping your cock…assuming you stay aloof.

        3. I’ve noticed that the richer a man is, the longer he can pull this off. If you are worth at least10 million at age 45 it is not hard to attract 20 year old women. My buddy has them beating down his door and he is 44 and owns a 3 million dollar penthouse and drives a 458.

      2. I was starting to think this as well… That most women after 25 are probably alpha-widows.
        I’d be willing to bet they were the cause of their relationship dying as well.
        Young girls (<25) are often quite dumb because they manage to function in society purely on instinct…
        But the lack of introspection gets them into trouble with the alpha they are with.
        No alpha eagerly wifes up a broad after he sees enough of her true nature… And a lot of these blue-pill girls didn’t develop the awareness to control their outward behaviour… or understand how a man would interpret it.

    5. Call me a crazy-cat-loving-feminazi-misandrist-devil-worshipper, but don’t most redpillers fall into this criteria?
      It encourages guys to sleep around rather than develop serious LTR’s or (gasp) getting married, but it has no problem vouching for guys to use women as “pump in dumps”.
      I’m sure you’ll be tempted to deliver a riveting monologue on totally fool-proof gender differences, but take a second and look at just the action being described: having sex without developing serious attachment to your partner, and having sex with absolutely whomever you desire(assuming it’s legal).
      Females who do this may look like “sociopaths” to you, but what is it they’re doing that’s so different from the dictionary-definition redpilling-PUA image, upheld throughout this site and others similar?

      1. Lemme guess, three cats. Two black, one grey.
        Anyhow, I’m just going to reply to what you earlier started. I’m not going into a long debate.
        One, if you don’t think that there are specific gender differences that manifest in specific behaviour that are acceptable or unacceptable within societal or social spheres, then it is YOU who is the fool. Just because your lifestyle may be fluid, does not mean the world’s outlook on it will be likewise. Girls that are promiscuous tend to be labeled skanks. Just the way the world is. Accept it. Throw a tantrum. I don’t care.
        Red pill yields a man that is more intellectually grounded,well versed and rounded as well as more masculine. I’m sure there are men that use this knowledge for less than honest intentions. Women do the same. Your comment probably only shows the type of man you may be attracting into your life. That is neither our fault not our problem. Try to be the best you. But know that there are predators in the woods.That is red pill.
        But someone who is red pill is dedicated to the improvement of a specific area in their life, not the pandering of a woman and her capricious whims. But once a man has gotten his mind, body and world together, the bar for a competent woman is raised.
        For most girls, it could be to be hot, have a modicum of class and some bedroom tricks and their good–they could be living with their parents. And these are the ones demanding that the man has a car, place, Lots of money, be physically fit, not boring, tan,etc.
        Then the guy asks ‘well, what do YOU bring to the table?’

      2. Lemme guess. Three cats. Two black, one grey.
        I’m keeping this brief. Red pill encourages men to be their best. This means smarter, stronger, wiser and more masculine. This also means being wise to the games women play. Some guys will use this knowledge for unscrupulous purposes. Most women do the same. But not all are ‘pump and dump’ type guys. You may have to question why you may attract or be attracted to these types yourself. This is neither our fault nor our concern.
        LTRs. Let’s take into consideration that a guy has entered this discipline of bettering his thought, fitness, looks–he’s gotten all his houses in order. Do you think he’s going to consider just any old girl just cuz they’re ‘a nice person’ or whatever. Do you think a woman that would have her act together would think similar? Hell no! She would be looking for alpha and more together than herself. Anything less will be used and thrown away.
        So , as above so below.
        If a guy has his stuff together and its just at a higher level, he is more critical of what a woman brings to the table. Being hot and good in bed just don’t cut it.

        1. Save the personal insults, unless you want the comment section here to be further compared to that of Youtube.
          “Red pill encourages men to be their best. This means smarter, stronger, wiser and more masculine.”
          It encourages men to embrace the societal and biological imperative of what a “masculine man” is, and to sleep with as many women as their little hearts desire, but it doesn’t place much emphasis on morality. The focus is on encouraging you to implement a specific, traditional “brand” of manliness that’s projected as a one-size fits all method to happiness.
          While I agree that qualities like self-discipline, living on one’s own terms so much as possible, etc. can bring fulfillment, living as a misogynist, and condemning the women who you convince to give in to your impulses isn’t a path to happiness, unless you have a mental disorder.
          You’ve yet to make any clear points differentiating the behavior explained in the article from that encouraged for average bachelor PUA/redpiller on this site.

        2. Fuck off with your threats, troll. I was being nice and playing on your comment. Where does anything in my statement say anything about denigrating women? Nowhere. Because it’s in your head.
          But you continue to insist that the red pill is some new wrinkle in the pua community as means to sleep with more women.
          Has it ever occurred to you that there is more to a man’s life than the pursuit of pussy and dealing with girls like you, that probably have mental issues and delusions of persecution.

  4. Obviously impossible but another great article would be how to spot a BPD girl. From a safe distance. So many lives that could be saved.

    1. You have no idea, I would also appreciate an article on BPD girls. I think the phrase “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorned” was quoted by someone that experienced a girl with BPD. Although I have to admit the honeymoon phase of being with the girl with BPD cannot compare to any other woman, it just comes with a heavy pricetag.

      1. Yea, and that gay ass phrase has been literally adopted as a mantra of BPD cunts. I’ve heard a half dozen girls quote that saying this year, and each of them who uttered the words are total garbage women stuck in their own self-inflicted cyclical redundancy error. delete them

  5. “She would actively pursue married men then do her best to get them to fall in love with her and then simply stop seeing them.”
    one day evil stuff like that will legally be a crime

    1. Not with the stupid cuntocracy! They’d probably side with her if ever she accuses the guy of rape! The government would indulge this bitch only because she has a pussy pass! Next thing you know, she’ll be used up as she ages (plus the crack, alcohol and other drugs she’s done) and she can no longer seduce the men she wants. These bitches are unstable nutcases who’ll die alone.

      1. no, its not going to happen under the cuntocracy. Still they’ve starting making psychological violence into a crime, so maybe they’ll get trapped in their own logic

    2. For sure. Already/still is, in civilized parts of the world. And as long as civilized women remember to “go forth and multiply”, while cuntocratic skanks pride themselves on having alpha gommiment kill the few children their hormone drugged, saggy, worn out old hag bodies otherwise could have produced, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who will inherit the earth….

    3. Yeah, but only men commit crimes.
      Didn’t you know that?
      Women are nurturing, and smart, and kind, and simply better. They’re all daddy’s little angels.

      1. “…They’re all daddy’s little angels.”
        Angels from Hell!
        And Daddy can KEEP them!!

      2. Hey, only “White” men commit crimes… get it politically correct…

  6. Most fall under the role of “The Fantasy”. Even those under 25 without the rest of the “issues”.

  7. You need to replace “alpha” in your article with the more precise term “omega”. The two men you mentioned were not alpha males, they were omega males that learned to emulate a few alpha traits but couldn’t hold the persona forever. A fat food rapper and a momma’s boy pill popper? That;’s not what I think of when I hear the term “alpha male”.

    1. I think the author uses the term alpha in the context of the relationship these guys had with the girls. A successful wall street executive could be a spineless beta to his wife. A dude that flips burgers could be an alpha to his wife. But I guess everyone has their own interpretation to the term ‘alpha male’ so its hard to get a concrete objective definition.

      1. Good catch. It is perfectly possible to be alpha in one area of life and beta in others. The Momma’s boy just happened to rock relationships well.
        My main is this compulsion to jump on losers. Every man who ever lost a woman is a loser to her. Whether if he dumped her or not. Women are always the heroine/princess in their narratives and agreeing to the ‘loser’ narrative only puts you in the soon to be beta role of savior. You don’t what the man was like or what she was like completely so all judgment on his status as loser is erroneous.

        1. Exactly that. What woman don’t understand when they label their ex-boyfriend’s as losers is that they essentially are losers. If your ex boyfriend is a loser and you dated him, it makes you a loser

        2. Absolutly!I have never understood how women continue to date losers and not be a loser themselves.I can always tell the sanity of a woman by looking at the pictures in her phone or on her Facebook wall.No I don t have a Facebook but a buddy of mine does and women that are just remotely cute leave it public making it easy to figure them out.

        3. Great insight bro. Never give weight to any woman’s portrayal of her ‘loser’ ex boyfriend / husband. Women are the ultimate spin doctors when it comes to making themselves look good and someone else look bad.

    2. They’re alpha losers. Alpha because they got the women hooked on them. (Although if the women are fugs, they could very well be betas who had enough self-respect to walk away.)

    3. Yeah those guys sound like omegas to me too. A pill popper living with his mom is not even close to being a beta and so is a fast food worker trying to be a rapper (though he’s closer to a beta than the other one since he can get money if he succeeds).

    4. Considering that the men these women blame for their problems are a red herring, and most likely victims of these women, it’s moot.

  8. There seems to be a common theme on Facebook with these types, incredibly easy to spot. Some telltale signs in the forms of quotes/images/etc.
    “She was a beautiful mess, wild in every way”
    “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best”
    “Her soul was a beautiful thing, messy, full of chaos and on fire for all the things she loved”
    Marilyn Monroe’s quote about being selfish and impatient. Or any of that trollop’s quotes for that matter.
    The common theme seems to be celebrating the “damaged” part of their soul and or personality and them somehow morphing that into something beautiful, a la some sick and slanted goth production.
    Through my personal life as well as business, I’ve met or had to be face to face with many of these women who post garbage like this to their FB wall. They all, and I mean ALL have a serious personality disorders such as Histrionic Personality Disorder as well as a variety of insecurities and mental disorders. Now when I say disorder, I’m not talking about a bit damaged, I’m talking about GONE in the head. The good news is that they have a bullseye on their back when they post stuff like this so you can spot them easily and avoid like the plague.

    1. “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best”
      If a bitch tries handing you this bullshit, laugh in her face. That’s just someone justifying being shitty to you, and don’t good your breath on the best. Probably some shit test.
      As far as Marilyn quotes, she’s immortalized cuz she was hot not wise. She was a pill popping head case that was getting railed by jfk and joe dimaggio. Typical alpha fucker.
      I’d quicker take wisdom from the town drunk. As least it has some basis in reality.

      1. All true except for Marilyn being hot. That is just more fem noise. Marilyn was a 6 tops…and that was when she was all made up

        1. Marilyn had a lot more surgery than her fans will admit to. You can see the difference below and I’m not that into her in the after photo either.
          She was also known to be a ‘House girl’ at the parties of some lunatic (can’t find his name at the moment) that fled europe and went to Hollywood and lied about being royalty. He’d throw lavish parties to ingratiate himself with the locals and employ ‘House girls’, basically waitresses/hookers that were obliged to join any guest upstairs if they requested.

        2. I never really thought Marilyn was as hot as many make her to be. She only looks good dolled up plus she had a shit ton of issues and eventually died in her sleep.

        3. Surgery? In the 1950’s? What, eyelash extension surgery? Modern plastic surgery techniques invented in the 1940’s and were rather scary looking for a long while, and she came not much afterward the war.
          What you display is a matter of lighting, hair coloring, airbrushing and angle of shot with the photograph. That was the old version of “plastic surgery” and “photoshopping”.

        4. Marilyn is not even close to hot. All dolled up she is, at best, fuckable assuming a few drinks and 0 effort.
          Women are the ones that hold her up as hot.

      2. A while back I called out this girl who posted that, I said something to the effect of “No man worth a damn has to handle a woman at her worst, he can simply slide right on over to the next bitch with blonde hair and a set of tits”.
        The women who read this went apeshit. Most did, some were just like omg, did he just say that? Then after some back and forth, most of the more reasonable ones ended up agreeing with me, and only a couple loonies remained butthurt about it, their sense of female entitlement raging away.

    2. Sugar and spice and all things nice… I thought it was an Aileen Wuornos quote originally 😉

      1. remember how many male groupies she had? Oh wait, nevermind, thats a female thing…

  9. The day will come that we need to controls these bitches by force I tell ya. All girls are becoming either this type or the Dark Triad type who are out for blood.

  10. Gents:
    Do not attempt to “fix” broken girls. Leave that for beta orbiters with one-itis. No matter how hot she is or how insane the pussy it (b/c when the pussy is insane, the girl who it is attached to will also be insane), you need to remember these three words: Run.Like.Hell.
    À bientôt,

        1. Yes. I love my daughter, though i am concerned about if I’ll actually have any control on how she turns out.
          My ex- still wants to get back together and make it work. This after she totally cleans out my house and tries to limit my contact with my daughter.

        2. Sounds like she’s trying to leverage you for resources. I know, obvious.
          I’m assuming you don’t have custody of your daughter. Having physical custody is almost the only ay you can control how your daughter will turn out better behaviorally and emotionally and to keep her from being fucked up by her mom.
          I thank God every day I won custody of my two boys.

        3. A father getting primary custody, in my state anyway, is ridiculously hard. Even after my ex was arrested for an OWI with my child in the car. Of course, I went about it all wrong. I should have been video recording for months prior to leaving her, while documenting everything.
          At any rate, I guess she now realizes that life is “hard” without me. I’m just waiting for her coming collapse. My guess is within a year. Hopefully my daughter won’t get to screwed up too bad emotionally. This BPD crap unfortunately is cyclical between mommies and their dear little girls.

        4. Same here…very conservative county and county court system in a very red state. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but conservative judges tend to defer to mommy, because they have that She’s A Princess mentality about women. I’m very traditional and I hate the way other traditional churchian men always put the poon on a pedestal.
          My ex made it easy though — she walked away and left them with me. Tried to get them when we finally went to court, I was easily able to demonstrate by that point that they had an established routine with me, and that I made sure they went to school, all docs appointments, integrated into church and other activities etc. I did not have to say one bad thing about my ex, simply showed that I was the more fit parent.
          The ho has to pay me support, not that she does. She plays that victim card “Im a girl, I shouldn’t have to pay support”. Total loser. She’s a shit mom too, unfortunately for my boys. They deserve a good mom who’s involved in their lives.
          My boys see right thru her though, and they know that Dad takes good care of them.

    1. I’ve got this friend dating a girl who likes to be strangled while fucking.
      Is this a red flag ? Because I surely told him that it is.

      1. Depends. The neck and throat area are an erogenous zone for women that men often neglect. A little neck/throat play goes a long way. Very often girls I’ve been with dig it when I put a hand on their throats accompanied by a firm, but not painful grip that does not impede their breathing. It’s actually natural behavior for many mammals–male cats (whether domestic cats or jungle cats) will bite the back of the neck of a female cat when they mount her. It is a control mechanism, and the more submissive the girl the more she’ll dig it. Erotic asphyxiation (whether auto or not) apparently intensifies orgasm, which is how David Carradine wound up with a rope around his neck in Thailand.
        Maybe I’m just jaded. I’ve known (and banged) some girls who like really freaky shit in the bedroom, and that’s fine by me. Some people can be total freaks in the bedroom and perfectly normal outside of it. However, if your friend’s girl is a pure ‘gasper’ then I think that’s at least a yellow caution flag at least. She merits some further observation with a bias toward ‘nutty’.
        Also, very clearly, he, or anyone else who is banging a gasper needs to be careful in how they do it so as not to cause death/permanent damage.

        1. In my mind, strangling is still revelator of self destructing behavior and rape fantasy, as well as passed slutiness.
          It’s funny one night, but dating is an other story.

        2. Sound analysis. I find young “career” women tend to like to be dominated. Or those with really, really messed up father complexes.

        3. Excellent points. Show me a girl with Daddy Issues and I will show you a Wildcat in the Sack. And women with responsible jobs often want to give up control in their private lives also.

        4. Alll the girls with tattoos and piercings all over love being choked and roughed up.

        5. The tats and the “shrapnel” are about sharing their pain with you. They can’t verbalize it, so the ink and the metal go in.

    2. I know a guy who´s still going to his ex-girlfriends parties although she broke up with him 10 years ago. He had no sex since then and he had no sex before her either.
      All this because she was telling him: “Maybe we can be together again later. Right now I want to be free.”
      Talking about one-itis.

    3. Better advice is to never get close enough that ya need to run. Too many men let hope and hubris guide them. Crazy is not subtle, it’s crafty. It’s not that we don’t see it, it’s that we get close enough to allow crazy to play us. Hope and hubris, man. Hope & hubris.

      1. It might not be readily apparent and some girls afflicted with “crazy” are good at hiding it. But once it is revealed, head for the exit.

        1. My problem was all the religious and nice guy rescuer bullshit I had to rid myself of before I would rid myself of crazy. By the time I was ready she had already “accidentally” gotten pregnant…

        2. I can relate to that, tried once to fix a raped girl. Most unrewarded thing that happened. Helped the girl get great grades, helped the girl with the papers, helped her with family, made her make the money so she could kick me out of the house. Now that’s true friendship if I ever read about it. None the less I had a few benefits but they fade in comparison.
          Never help women for free.

    4. You give “blue pillers” to much credit – they only think they can fix them – then if they have a modicum of wisdom, they realize futility and start on the red pill path – goodbye broken girl.

      1. To be clear, I don’t think betas with one-itis are going to be successful, either, but they’re going to do their damnedest, and should be left to the task, while RP men should move on to greener, and saner, pastures.
        À bientôt,

      2. Blue pillers will have no luck with these gals in the long run, and will be positively miserable trying, but you just cannot convince them otherwise. They insist on bashing their head against the wall, just let them to it.

    1. Of course, because it sets their relation to you up in a manner that they can write off to their friends, you were just another loser or asshole. It’s really just the cornerstone of the justification monkey, that high 5s the rationalization hamster (my 2 favorite terms from BANG per Roosh).

      1. That’s correct making themselves the victim absolves them of taking responsibility. I also think it’s a wider societal problem that in the west we reward the victim mentality especially in women.

  11. First… I have never met a female bartender that wasn’t damaged goods. They may not be as obviously damaged as strippers, but they are only a burn or two from getting to that level. This even applies to girls bar tending at fine drinking establishments.
    Second… The description in point number two is spot on. I dated a ADS girl in college. I never heard the end her abusive ex. She had been engaged before him, and was considering marriage with him. However, when I was dating her she was purely along for the ride.

    1. Bartenders and waitresses…dated both…. great sex and good time but leave it at that…. the thousand cock stare isn’t just from all the cocks she has had ploughing her orifices and cum shots in her eyes but the amount of alcohol, coke, mdma, and other psycho drugs she’s done. One waitress was so highly strung used to call me every time she got drunk with some fuking problem…. ditched her then one night met her out with friends… went home alone…. in the morning had 47 missed calls from her…psycho bitch….

  12. I’ve stared the ADS demon in the face and lived to tell the tale. The aftermath was a huge come to Jesus moment. The rose-shaded glasses I wore when looking at women were forever shattered.
    Long story short: me – 29yr old purple pill guy looking for a good girl in a new city. her – 27yr old divorcee (later discovered by yours truly) who made a new life for herself in a new city.
    Problem: her ex-husband, a high school first love, dumped her for some broad he met at the college he was taking night school classes. According to her, after 3 years of marriage he said, “Well, the thing is…I don’t really love you. So, I’m leaving.” He didn’t bother to contest anything. Just left her all the shit they’d acquired and headed for the coast with night school girl.
    Flash forward 4yrs and my poor gullible ass walks into the hurricane! “No, she’s nice. She’s pretty. I think 4 yrs is plenty of time to move on with life.” Oh the conversations I had with myself!!
    It imploded in less than 5 months. The shouting matches, the drama, the frustration. The sex, albeit great, was not enough to keep it afloat.
    Lessons learned and warning signs:
    1.) If you have sex in the bathroom and she stares at her own reflection the whole time…you got a problem
    2.) If she cancels plans you made days or even weeks in advance because it “doesn’t feel right”….you got a problem
    3.) if she sends you odd pictures of herself (close up of her mouth, close up of her eye, shadowy silhouette of her own nude shape on the wall, etc etc)….you got a problem
    Run…do not walk……to your nearest bomb shelter.
    ADS – Angel of Death Syndrome. very well put.

      1. A blue piller in his cocoon phase before accepting the red pill. Almost there, but not quite.

        1. I thought it meant someone that had a mix of blue pill and red pill beliefs, but whatevs

    1. I actually also dated a 25 year old divorcée. She was definitely nucking futs. I know that feel

  13. An article about my ex wife.
    Should I rant or should I hold off and spare our younger readers of nightmares?

  14. I don’t think you guys realize how many dicks women go through. Think about that girl you met at the bar, or on Tinder, that you had sex with on the first day. Don’t think you were the “special” one with good looks and game. Girls nowadays give it up easily.
    You know how they say to take the number of partners a girl says she’s had and multiply it by 3 for the actual number? Now you’ve got to multiply it by 10.

    1. Actually you multiply by 10, and then add 20.
      That’s the lower end number.
      I know the true number of several women. It’s disgusting.

      1. And as a former “best friend”-orbiter, i can tell you that the realization of the true number, is possibly the most painful stage of taking the red pill.

      2. Most girls will state a single-digit number, but just think about her 4 years at college and all those spring breaks and frat parties. They’ll get into the double digits within the first few months of their freshman year.

        1. Are you neglecting to take into account all the dicks that they had in high school?
          In some places, they’re getting started in middle school.

        2. That was my experience exactly. There were girls that were sluts in 6th grade, no shit. The hanky-panky started even earlier than that, and they would initiate.

      3. Very true. If men only knew what women’s true numbers are we wouldn’t think of them as people – we’d think they are some kind of rabid animal.
        When you asked her how men guys she’s been with and she tells you ” only 1 or 2 or 3 or even 5″ you’d be a cunt to believe it.

      4. Most couldn’t tell you half of the names, they simply do not know, and never did.

    2. ‘Used pussy’ personal care products comprise a multi billion dollar industry. Look past the cold and flu products aisle in the pharmacy and a whole section is stocked with racks of cremes, oils, antibiotics and products to keep a wild active pussy smelling kosher and fresh, disinfected, collous free, soft, supple and rubbery.
      The typical carousel queen’s road beaver pussy would become like a cement masons hands without gloves, red and oozing with puss without these products. It is assumed that women will use their pussies like a craftsman uses his hands and young impressionable girls grow up seeing the ads depicting what the industry expects of adult pussy owners.
      I had an LTR where we survived without any of these whore products. A little dab of hock-tooey was the only lube I ever needed, and the girl remained stable and fine so long as she never had a cell phone.

      1. Yeah those products are useless. Pussy is naturally self-cleaning and lubricating if neither partner has a disease. They don’t get callouses from ‘use’ lol. Pussy has a natural pussy smell that shouldn’t be bad. But once it’s diseased, no amount of spray or lotion is gonna change that. If it smells bad there’s usually an infection or worse, don’t go there.

    3. One time I took a cute young chick with an extremely hot body back to my place and she was actually shy as a person. I thought to myself ,,I will take at least a month before she gives it up”. I told her up-front that I’m not looking for anything serious at which she answered ,,well then I guess we can be just friends, unfortunately”. Fast forward 2 more days and we’re fucking like crazy. She was extremely cool a 10 of 10 with a small sprinkle of mental instability. I took advantage of the post coitus moments to talk shit to see how far she’ll let me go and I ask her how many guys had she slept with. Remember she was 19, extremely shy, mildly retarded socially and weird and she let me have it : 9 dicks. Of course that stunned me so I asked to give me the guys names, and she answered like a robot without hesitation : A, B, C, ect.
      If that’s a number before college what numbers do girls over 20 now have ?!
      Oh good lord !

      1. You think 9 is alot?? Several girls have told me they have had 20+ like it wasnt a big deal…

      2. Completely awkward chicks being woken up in the middle of the night to come and suck the neighborhood guys dicks in the garage, no introductions needed.
        By middle school, many girls were being passed around…after school, during school… This and many other stories are just all too common growing up, even in mid-west country christian areas.
        Don’t be surprised guys.

    1. Careers have become the proxy-alpha. Unfortunately it provides no tingles and it certainly doesn’t fulfill them the way they want, but then again the vast majority of career women probably couldn’t hook a real alpha in real life, so they have to take what’s dealt to them.

        1. they cant submit to an alpha and be Ms. Empowered Office Slut at the same time. They find that wont try to dominate them.

  15. I’m not gonna be ignored, Dan!
    I don’t buy that they’re this way due to a man. It sounds like an excuse. The man they refer to is more likely their first victim. Women ain’t right in the head.

  16. I thought I was going to read a really interesting post here but your examples were way off the mark. The first woman was basically using you for sex and ended the “relationship” when you appeared too interested. The second woman was basically using married men for sex. Nothing new here.
    To me the ADS woman is the one that is desperate for marriage but can’t seem to get past the “alpha” that broke her heart. She’ll be super sweet on the first date, cook you dinner on the second date, cook you dinner on the third date. She’ll be super nuturing when you’re not feeling well. Pretty soon you’ll be doing yard work at her house and fixing her car. All the while though she’s self sabatoging the relationship from the beginning with doubts and insecurities until the relationship becomes a crazy emotional roller coaster. That, my dear, is the ADS.

    1. “… a crazy emotional roller coaster”
      AKA, “drama” — which no Western woman can live without.

  17. It was going to happen so I thought it might as well be me…..” Angel of Death” by Slayer… not the original but with a little banjo twist…I predict 2015 will be the year of dungarees and straw hats!

    ADS is a new one. I’m sure the term will be worldwide buzz within a few hours. Years back I heard a story on the old Art Bell radio show about the paranormal phenomenon of ‘GLOWING RED EYES’. One story told of a woman most likely afflicted with an evil streak who crescendoed in some sort of demonic possession with ‘glowing red eyes’.
    The young lady was in a LTR or marriage with the man and both had jobs, shared the bills, cohabitated but hadn’t yet produced children. The woman began staying out later and later after work and would return home to nag and bitch the man out for not doing menial tasks upkeeping the house. She had been harping for a week or so about installing the new venetian blinds and on one particular night the man was exhausted from work and other fix it tasks and subsequently fell asleep on the recliner. He awoke at 3am hearing breathing and saw that the woman had been standing over him motionless staring down upon him. The room was dimly lit by a nightlight but the woman’s eyes GLOWED BRIGHT RED!! I believe the story ended with the man describing how he EXITED THE SITUATION ASAP.

  19. Jumping from cock to cock for women is like jumping from strength to strength for a man.
    They get some sort of twisted thrill as they pogostick their way into insanity

  20. The most severe mental case I ever experienced was a girl from Tinder. She came over, and we had the absolute worst sex I ever had. She just laid there like a dead fish. Afterward I told her I needed to get up early so she could leave.
    Every couple days I’d get a text from her saying she wanted to see me again, but I just ignored her and never replied. But she’d continue texting and emailing me. Just simple texts like “hi, how are you?” “Wanna get together again?” “What are you doing for Halloween?” “Any plans thanksgiving?”
    Yes, this went on for 3 months! 3 months of her texting me until she finally gave up. I had set her # as spam cause I was tired of getting texts from her, but I’d check my spam messages every couple weeks just to see what she wrote. She’d even say shit like “if you don’t want to talk to me, just let me know and I’ll stop”

    1. I don’t think that qualifies.
      Damn, dude, if she was trying that hard and wasn’t going overboard, you could have at least responded and told her you weren’t interested.

  21. If we were still living in a patriarchal society, we would not have this mess. Now don’t get me wrong, females are naturally screwed up in the head and they seek satisfaction in pussywhipping men since the dawn of time, but women back in let’s say the 1950s and before that knew their role as a feminine woman. And we as red pillers know our role as masculine men. Don’t sit on your lawn chairs and watch the world burn, we have to get the red pill stuck in as many men’s heads as possible. Both in real life and through the internet. Preaching red pill to men in real life (if done correctly) will force them to follow because it sub consciously makes the betas realize that they’re pussies, and therefore destroying their current ego.

  22. Great article. I recently had to kick out a girl that fit most of the stereotype you mentioned here. It was funny because when I did, she didn’t even act surprised or shed any tears. It was more like “ok”, and left. If anything, it was me who felt bad for having to put my foot down and use a rare part of my personality.

  23. “Her favorite thing to talk about was how she could sleep with men, never develop feelings for them, and toss them aside. She was truly proud of her behavior.”
    This is EXACTLY what pick up artists like Doosh V. do.

    1. Project much? Sexuality for men isn’t all tied up in power and manipulation like it is for you broads. Sex for men is about getting our rocks off. A woman with the “pump and dump” mentality is psychologically the same as a violent criminal. Men with that mentality are just being men.

      1. Exactly, a woman has to do alot of rationalizing to have a pump and dump mentality and it usually comes with some serious disorder.

    2. “She would actively pursue married men then do her best to get them to fall in love with her and then simply stop seeing them.”
      thats crazy, sociopathic behavior and you will never see Roosh or any man advocating such behavior. Manipulation is a female sport.

  24. I think I created one of these women years ago. To my knowledge she never got married, stayed single and now probably lives with her aging mother and a couple of cats. Oops.

  25. #4 I see the age 25 thrown around a lot for women. Is there something biological or social to this number?

  26. Reading this makes me think I am a woman inside. After my ex I am unable to bond anymore

  27. Broken women need to piece themselves back together before getting into a serious relationship. It often takes much counseling and introspection, but at some point a woman who wants to heal will choose to be a survivor and not a victim.

  28. 5- Has “bitch face.” I feel that’s a dead giveaway. Just think of Big Red.
    Really enjoyed this article. I’m a sucker for the ADS; great in the sack but pump and gtfo or there’ll be hell to pay.

  29. Fell to the red room because she was there
    A scarlet woman, she got me in fear
    She said, do all those things that you do to me
    You know what I mean, boy
    Do all those things that you do to me
    Love remover
    Love removal machine
    Gimme love, soul stealer
    Love removal machine

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