Is Forced Monogamy Causing The Emasculation Of Men In Western Societies?

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I’ve noticed in most non-Western countries the majority of the men are unapologetically masculine. Most of these men were taught by their fathers (or other male mentors) the true nature of women before they reached puberty. For example, some cultures in Africa give their young male child to the grandfather for him to raise until he reaches puberty. This is done so the child can learn about their culture, himself, as well as women, from the teaching and guidance of an elder.

This was true somewhat in the United States (regarding men teaching their sons about masculinity) until a little after the suffrage movement. Before then, most married men were very masculine and did pretty much what they wanted to do, granted they provided for their families. It was not uncommon for men during this time to care for more than one woman and their children in some cases. Women just accepted this as the norm. Why? Because men left them no choice! These men understood being married just meant being responsible for her well-being and the well-being of the children, but not giving up their manhood. However, in today’s western societies the roles have flipped. Women are doing whatever they want to do and the men are ether accepting it or going MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way).

Are The Men The Real Problem?


I had a conversation with a former co-worker of mine (from Panama) who once said that he believes the problems with women in the U.S. are not the women; it is the men! He said his father taught him that men must have two faces when dealing with women. One face is the provider and protector, while the other face is the lawmaker, disciplinarian and enforcer. He also stated that as long as a man is being true or just being a man, most women would follow that man almost anywhere and will forgive him of just about anything. This co-worker also had a small side business towing cars and a mistress his wife knew about.

I also met a man from Africa at a car auction. He was buying cars to take back to his native homeland to sell. During our conversation I found out he had many businesses in Africa as well as many wives and children! I jokingly asked him if he fell in love with ever woman he saw. He then explained to me that his wives were introduced to him by his other wives to help them run his businesses. If his wives saw a respectable woman who was hard working like themselves (that is, looking for a husband) who they all could get along with, they would ask him to accept her as his wife so she could help expand the family business if there was a need to do so. If he approved, the woman was then accepted into the family as his wife. Now, it’s a little more complicated than what I just explained but that’s pretty much the gist of it.

“No Respect Or Loyalty”


I then asked what he thought about the women here in the States. He said women in the U.S. do not seem to have any respect or loyalty to the men here. He also said he does not see any of the men demanding that respect or loyalty from women either! He said in his country when a woman is disrespectful or untrustworthy, it shames her family and the word goes out to everyone in the community. When this happens, every man will ignore her and will never call on or accept her as a wife!

Now I do get it; the reason polygamy works in his country is the culture, as well as the solidarity among the men there. However, if we were to take into account the nature of women in today’s western societies, these two men should be broke, in a nut house, or both, but instead they appear to be more sane, financially stable and in control of their own destiny! Unlike men who practice monogamy in today’s Western societies, these men have a more implicit view of marriage because it based more on their own integrity or religious beliefs, not reality (aka true nature of women). So they tend to focus more on being just a provider and protector, ignoring their roles as the lawmaker, disciplinarian and enforcer, for fear of being called an abuser. Developing a form of implicit bias is one of the many ways (I believe) monogamy leads to the emasculation of men.

However, in a society were polygamy is the practice, a woman knows she is not the only lady in her man’s life. Therefore she has to compete with the other wives for her husband’s resources and attention. The more support they give to him the better they will do. It thus benefits her to contribute more to the relationship so she can get more out of it for herself and her children. In this system, a man is more confident in himself and his mind becomes freer. This allows him to be more creative as he concentrates on how to become more successful in providing for his family who support and respect his efforts.

But in the U.S. it’s the complete opposite. A man is pressured to still be a man that provides for and protects his family, while the woman is encouraged to keep her independence and not be supportive of her husband while at the same time extracting his resources. In short, what’s hers is hers and what yours is hers!

The History Of Monogamy


Now we will take a look at the history of monogamy which began in Greece. It was introduced into their society to stop the wealthiest of men from hoarding all the women. Now I am more than certain this was done to insure that all men would have access to a woman, to avoid civil unrest among the men, not that all men should give up their masculinity to be with a woman.

This is what our younger men growing up today do not understand. The basic hunt and fish skills passed down from father to son have been diluted mostly by the feminist movement or are completely non-existent if he was raised by a single mother. This has caused most young men to believe they will never get a woman unless they agree to this feminist ideology.

But when this ideology fails to place them in an intimate relationship with a woman, some of these young men become violent; because they believe somehow they will never become a man (have sex with a woman) and remain virgins all their lives! However, if these young men had a male mentor around who understood and was capable of explaining the true nature of women to them, they would have known this was not the case.

A Motivation For Violence


I believe many of the mass shootings by some of these young men could have been avoided if they had this understanding. That’s right! I was shocked to learn that most of these young men who committed these shooting wrote letters days before expressing their disdain for women. There letters showed they were very frustrated with trying to figure out women. This is why I believe men who have loved and lost can give great advice to other men who have loved and lost.

But for the young man who has never loved at all, he needs to learn the basic hunt and fish skills needed to understand women, so he can learn how to court the right woman or women! Most young men want and biologically need to intimately experience women on all levels (mentally, physically etc..). The Greeks felt this experience was important enough to create laws to ensure it.

This is why I wrote The Basic Instructions Before Loving Eve: A young/all man’s guide to understanding women. The eBook is currently available on Amazon and Smashwords and paperback is currently sold on ebay. Now the book has nothing to do with polygamy (because Western societies practices monogamy), but instead it gives young men a basic understanding of his place in a relationship, the myth of male abuse against women, the many different types of women he will meet, the challenges he will face as he goes through life and how to deal with or avoid them.

I realize my book is not the cure all to end all, but there are a lot of male social groups out there with their own views on how to combat this extreme feminism. However, when you put all of our experiences together; what you have in the end is a complete picture on how to resolve this problem. With that said, men need to understand that we are the prize in a relationship! Women crave and desire the strength of an unapologetically alpha male, the same way men want a beautiful domestic goddess on their arm. It’s the reason why “50 Shades Of Grey” is the bestselling women’s book of all time and not “A Room of One’s Own!”

But when you allow a woman to turn you into a SIMP, she will lose respect for you the same way men have no respect for women who do not carry themselves in a dignified manner. Women want two main things from men, which are to be provided for and protected! On the other hand, men want two main things from women, which are respect and loyalty! Monogamy is not synonymous with provide and protect but respect and loyalty is! A man needs to know the family he is providing for is his, while a woman only cares about being provided for!

Women’s souls are screaming to us “HEY GUYS! START BEING MEN AGAIN!!!” All we have to do is listen and comply. Learn how to do this with my book, which costs only $5.99 and will give you some ideas about how to improve your life and your relationships with women.

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132 thoughts on “Is Forced Monogamy Causing The Emasculation Of Men In Western Societies?”

  1. I have often thought about polygamy in modern life. My wife (a Mormon) has several polygamist ancestors (I am a convert). This was in the early days of the church when there was a skewed female to male ratio. For some, it worked out well. Others, not so much. I suppose it would be up to the man if he could keep more than one woman in line or not. One of her (4th?) great uncles had five wives and over 30 children. I suppose the cattiness would be a challenge, but at the same time, there would be obvious advantages.

    1. At this level in my life, I can’t regularly entertain romance with more than one girl. I can’t imagine the level of upkeep for 4 or 5.

      1. Exactly. A woman that wants to have sex with you will demand more than you can handle. If she doesn’t want you, you get diddily squat. You don’t need multiple wives, you just need one that actually wants you. In the majority of long term marriages in the west, the woman no longer wants her husband, and sex disappears. In the old days (my parents time) the wife would tell the husband to seek his comfort elsewhere, and the family continued intact. Now they divorce rape their no longer wanted husbands and make him into a slave to support them while they fuck the man they want at the moment.
        I shudder at the thought of having to deal with the shit of multiple women. Dealing with the shit of one woman is more than enough (often way, way, more than enough). The pussy you get is definitely not worth the shit you have to take.

  2. Just spank her bottom and she’ll fall in line. lol
    No one is forced in monogamy. I am married with plenty of children and yet I have additional affairs. Pretty sure the wife senses that I am not exclusive to her and damn sure she likes the thought of that so long as she does not feel her position is under a threat.

    1. There has to be an understanding. For a lot of families (granted, third world) this works. But without an understanding, you’re pretty much a liar and that flaw likely contaminates all that you do.

      1. By understanding you mean like an open marriage? They never work, because once the woman tastes another man’s sperm she’s gone forever. Whereas I can have ten extra women and still care and respect my wife.
        You can call it whatever you want but it reveals your lack of experience. Men do need a variety of women to keep them in the competitive spirit and to keep them fit.
        Once a man dedicates himself to one woman, he’s dead to her and it is reason number one why women initiate divorces now more than ever. Men in the past would frequently visit the whore house for a bit of top up.

        1. Bravo. It’s a shame that the few enlightened posters like yourself have to keep repeating this fact of human nature. For a redpill site there are an unacceptable amount of blue pilled manginas floating around.

        1. Rule number one – you never admit anything even if you get caught. She would throw a fit of course but eventually she’ll respect you more.

        2. Exactly what I just started to write. An open agreement is a joke, then you become “roomates who fuk sometimes”. My point is simply that lying is lying.

        3. A woman who still kisses your ass when you lie to her face is really not worth keeping. How can you respect someone like that?

        4. She respects you BECAUSE you cheat. Most men are not ABLE to cheat. Women want men who can score, they dont mind sharing. That is your first Red Pill truth son.

        5. It’s dead simple – if you’re exclusive to one woman she’ll start wondering if you a low tier man that nobody wants and she’ll lose her own interests in you.
          Lying is irrelevant, if you’re a desirable man, you can lie all you want, they don’t care.

        6. I agree with that to a point – she respects your ABILITY to score, but I think your CHOICE not to do so speaks to your character and the level of your commitment, resolve.

        7. Sure but you have to show your muscles once in a while. You do it by at least flirting so she knows other women are interested. Sick but that’s how it is

        8. It’s just damn hard to pull off in a western country though…here women have all the power …

        9. If I was spinning plates, I’d agree with you. I won’t treat a wife like a plate. To each their own.

        10. Everyone has their boundaries. Sure you might get bitched out a little for “flirting” but c’mon….WE know what’s going on.

        11. I am not spinning plates, my wife always comes first and I always tell my mistresses from the start that I am happily married.
          I might invite them all for a dinner one day! LOL

        12. I guess there is no “final” truth…everyone has to find his own way. If you try to fit into a stereotype it might end badly.

        13. Telling a girl you’re happily married is not the same as telling your wife you’re going out stickballin’!
          But the penultimate Pimp’s Banquet you describe sounds like a hoot.

        14. Believe it or not, I never have to explain myself and she never asks me. The key is to show her that she matters to you and she comes first.
          She’s your queen, but all kings have mistresses.

        15. Get them all drunk and rubbing each other down with baby oil. You might find the muslim heaven exits in this lifetime.

        16. Wow. Maybe some women would respect a man more for cheating on her but that says a lot about that kind of woman. I can pretty much bet that the vast majority of women won’t. Who the fuck wants to be cheated on? Who the fuck wants to share their man? That’s not red pill that’s just delusional. I dare you to say that on a first date or to your current girlfriend or wife. Let’s find out if that theory holds some truth;)

        17. That’s true. It’s attractive when you know other women want your guy and it motivates you to look your best etc but if it crosses the line to the guy cheating that doesn’t motivate you more. That’s hurtful.

        18. come on do you really think that a woman who is with a man who isn’t cheating on her is going to think less of him? Really?? What kind of women do you date? Perhaps you’re speaking from your own experiences? Yes it’s hot when other women like your guy but no, no you respect him more, and are more motivated to please him when you see that he isn’t sticking his dick into random, women when he easily could.

        19. I think you’re full of shit. Sorry. I don’t believe your story about being married and having a wife and mistresses etc and the wife is ok with it and it’s all good. It’s so easy to create a persona online. It’s entertaining though.

        20. You’re cute. I can see by other people’s reponses to your posts that I’m not the only one who disagrees with you. Should they all go away too?

        21. Personally I don’t. She would lose ALL respect for him if he cowered and begged for forgiveness, as it is you seem to be totally ignoring the point that he made regarding her coming first. Sup with the slut shaming ?

  3. There’s nothing ‘forced’ with monogamy.
    We already have Polygamy for the richest most powerful men.
    If that was forced all the beta and gammas would crash society fighting those taking all the women

    1. Actually what we have in the US is serial polygamy/polyandry. Only a tiny fraction have one sexual partner over the course of their lives.

  4. The problem isn’t monogamy: the way I see it, the problem is traditional Western cultural norms have been hijacked by progressivism which are reinforced throughout school, Disney movies and the media. Marriage is no longer a legal contract as per the law.
    As an example, the one thing I always found unusual was the guy gets on his knee to propose to his future wife with a huge diamond ring. This puts the guy in a compromised position from the get-go. I’m not sure if this was always the way (probably it’s a tradition with roots in chivalry), but I find this insulting to the man in this day and age.
    Back in the wild East, it’s the other way around with the girl’s side of the family giving the guy a dowry (a lump sum of cattle, clothing, cookware, cash, etc.) to accept the girl as his wife.
    In Asian countries, monogamy is the norm with polygamy extremely rare. I don’t know of anyone in a polygamous marriage back home although they do exist.
    Marriage is not a union of two equals. Any man that thinks so is doomed.

    1. Polygamy used to make sense in old civilizations like those in Asia where you had 95% of society being rural and poor. Men understandably died off in droves to overwork and warfare. Women couldn’t do heavy labor and if their families couldn’t support them what better option than to marry her off to be a rich man’s concubine? That way she’d at least get food and shelter, and have some security for her kids.

    2. In all countries it was this way until very recently. There always was a DOWRY. Fathers would PAY YOU to take the daughter off their hands.
      Now the nanny state takes care of it for the fathers, and forces them to pay for it through taxes, and then even forces the one who used to GET paid to pay for the daughter even more in the form of alimony.

      1. Not quite true. Some cultures have dowry’s (father pays you to take the daughter), while other cultures have a “bride price”, where you pay the girl’s father for her.
        Personally, I believe the bride price system is much preferable.

        1. Yes, the virginity price. If the guy gets the woman, her virginity, and the money, he could just walk away with money and leave the woman will less value. Bride price is far superior

    3. Wow, great post. My dad loves to tell me the story of how he proposed to my mom. Still happily married. It goes something like this, “yeah, your mother and I were dating and one day I said to her, “what are we doing here, we should get married.”” No getting down on one knee, no planning, no Disney story.

    4. Back in the 50s, it was not uncommon, so I heard, for a man to spank his wife with a belt to discipline her. To men today, this is considered heresy. But the reason a lot of men get cheated on by their wives is because they treat her too much as an equal.
      Women have a need to be submissive, but only to a dominant man. A lot of men are shy about telling their woman what and how to do it. If you notice , women tend to stay with and be loyal to abusive and controlling men because there’s no doubt on who’s the boss.
      Not saying to be abusive. No you don’t have to beat and fight a woman like she’s a man. In fact, I only would use my fists against an equal to myself, another man. But I see nothing wrong with making her bend over, expose her butt cheeks and spanking with a hand or belt. And physical pain isn’t the point. It’s that the act puts her in a submissive mindset and she knows you’re the man and you make the rules.

      1. I spank all my girlfriends and even the one night stands. It even became a point of jealousy with one of my ex’s when she asked me, “did you spank your other girlfriends?” They love it. Believe in it and believe in yourself, no playing around. Recently I had a one night stand with a chick who texted me later, “I need more discipline.” It’s essential.

        1. When they inevidebly start provoking you into sexually rewarding them for poor behaviour and you put them out rather than give them a spanking…. The look on their faces when they get cut is priceless.

      2. Oh do they love being made to bend over, slide their panties down around their ankles and than stay there obediently while you turn their arse a shade of lobster red with the palm of your hand. They LOVE it…

    5. I can’t stand it that a man kneels and the wedding day is considered the “bride’s day”.
      I was pointing out a beautiful Asian newscaster to my friend and noted the huge diamond that was on her finger. He pointed out that when he sees that he is measuring “what it cost to have that woman. “That is her price”.”

      1. The engagement ring was a marketing scam by the diamond company Debeers in the early 20th century. Masterfully done, in my opinion, as it changed society for the benefit of their pocketbook. In the 19th century dowries were common, and monogamy was also the rule of the day. In places like India dowries are still the rule, and engagement rings few. You’ll never get polygamy to catch in the USA, and you probably wouldn’t want to. Can you imagine having to pay two divorce alimony payments for one divorce? Best solution, is to avoid marriage. Even if you find the “right one” who is respectful, dutiful, and loving.. that can change in a heart beat. Women’s personalities can change drastically throughout life, especially via the hormones of pregnancy, and after and just general hormonal aging (even way before menopause). Eddy Murphy RAW had a funny rendition on this… “I want half, Eddie!”

        1. Give me haaf, Mr. Fuck You man. Suck my dick, Eddie.
          Pretty much a nutshell commentary on Western conditioned females.

    6. Heres an interesting one for you…. in WW2 the allied fighter pilots had a life expectancy of about 90 days. With that in mind they’d sleep with each others wives parly to reduce stress and also to know the wifey had somewhere to go if they went down in a ball of flames over Germany. This is the origin of the term ‘swingers’.
      If men are in short supply (ie high male death rate from war) – obviously makes sense to have multiple wives. The downside of course being that it only works if the male death rate is high and logically single men will eventually create that scenario to balance the books. Cull the males so to speak. – So have your 3 wives if you like but beware of the consequences.

      1. Interesting.
        I’m not too sure about WW2, but back in medieval times, wartime convention was that the King wouldn’t have sex out of fairness and respect for his fellow troops as they would be out stationed in their cantonments and fighting the enemy and therefore, not able to have sex.
        This would also make them considerably more aggressive against the enemy as well, giving them an edge needed in face-to-face combat.

      2. U have figured why war exists.
        Old men.send young men to die in order to monopolize power and women.

  5. Who is K.A. Peoples, and what makes him an authority on marriage let alone anything?

  6. Monogamy/polygamy is one thing but, keeping a mistress is another. When you get married you give your word as a man, that’s supposed to mean something. Don’t break your word, we read here all the time about women cheating,lying and conniving, one of the things that should set men apart from women is men aren’t supposed to lie,cheat and connive like women. Be a man.

    1. If your a chump; your words means nothing. The mistress isn’t about you. Its about here incapacity to deal with your monogomy.Your making the issue a “mans” but “A man’ isn’t the problem. This little butterfly is likely to go feral on you without competition. You make it sound as if you were just a little “nicer” and more forgiving; than she would come around. Fat chance.

    2. woman lie cheat and connive because they are emotion based. Words are pretty much meaningless. If you can keep her hampster wheel spinning by being a “nice honorable guy” – have at it. Far as I am concerned, woman have no honor on any level.

      1. I didn’t say anything about being the nice guy, I just said men should be expected to keep their word. It’s a generalization.

        1. Women have no honor therefore a man shouldn’t be expected to keep his word to them. They will never consider themselves obligated to fulfill there end of the bargain so women don’t deserve it from men in return. A man’s word should always be kept of course to other men, since they are the only ones that matter anyway.

      2. Women have loyalty and decency towards their kids whereas men have it towards their family, society..and a sense of general principles. Women are programmed to protect their kids and their kids only. To hell with everything else.

      3. The only hamster wheels that I see spinning, are of the men here that constantly rationalize their cheating.
        Bullshit. A man’s word is sacred. If you can’t keep it, don’t offer commitment. Let her know your intentions from the start. And if she can’t accept it, then find someone who will. Cowardice and lack of honor are not the traits of a man.

      1. The reason that women are so touchy and jealous about cheating is because they want to guard the mans resources for themselves. Obviously two or three women can share 1 wealthy man more easily and logically than 1 woman could have three husbands (although i suppose 3 holes are available so it could work – the paternity – historically would always be doubtful).
        Whereas 1 man provided he has the resources to deal with all the children can cope with many wives. Divorce in a sense is beneficial for men. Look at some of the wealthy Trump is a good example. Moving from one to the next younger and younger kids with all three. Same thing really. Cut the old model lose and replace.

    3. Absolutely. We can’t very well complain about women cheating when we’re doing it ourselves.

      1. Why is that ? It ruins women, it simply doesn’t do the same to us. All of this talk made some hung clear. Men who cheat don’t leave their families, women who cheat usually do. Men have mistresses and are loyal family men, women who cheat always seem to destroy everything around them and can’t bond to their man.

    4. Well the promise “to death do you apart” is not YOUR promise. it’s completely over the top. what if she gains 200 pounds, what if you go completely broke, what if you suddenly like someone else ? You cant just continue living a hopeless life because of promise. They should ask you , what do you promise, and then you can try to keep that. Not extreme demands like “to the death”

      1. There are circumstances where it would be necessary to put her ass in the road such as cheating,lying and conniving. I’m just saying that men shouldn’t be doing what females are known for.

      2. My Old Man used to say that the “until death do you part” bit had to be invented when people were only expect to live to be 50 or so….

      3. When I have a girl who is obsessed with my commitment, I always have this dark thought of: What if I was doing 25 to life? What if I couldn’t provide? What if I had horrible debilitating illness?
        “I’ll always love you” doesn’t apply, and that’s a tough truth to swallow. Plenty of women don’t like me, but for women who do, I know that they like me for the education, money, hours I put into the gym, reading diverse topics, developing my personality, etc. If I was the same beta aspie that I was in middle school, I could never get a girl to like me.

    5. You would cheat on your woman if you neglect her or leave her for another one. But if you just practice your game with another woman, it will only make you marriage better – as strange as it sounds.
      You falsely assume that men and women are equal and the same.

        1. Well, don’t blame me you said that sleeping with another woman is cheating on your wife.
          Btw, no where in the marriage vows does it say that you’re going to be exclusive partners. This is what it says:
          I, ____, take you, ____, to be my (husband/wife). I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honour you all the days of my life.

        2. True in good times or bad.
          If you knew half of what you think you do, you would be dangerous.

        3. Depends on *which* vows you quote. Many do say “faithful.” And what part of the ceremony you quote. (You seem to have quoted a very modern, watered down vow up above.)
          These are Presbyterian:

          “I, ______, take you, ______, to be my wedded wife/husband, and I do promise and covenant, before God and these witnesses, to be your loving and faithful husband/wife, in plenty and want, in joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health, as long as we both shall live.”

          And nearly all of them have a question before the vows, the famous “I do” part. That question varies with denomination, but this one (Methodist) is typical. Notice that “faithful” part?

          “Will you have this woman/man to be your wife/husband, to live together in holy marriage? Will you love her/him, comfort her/him, honor, and keep her/him in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, be faithful to her/him as long as you both shall live?

        4. So lay it out. Personally, I am understanding this “if women can’t then men can’t either” argument to be making a big assumption regarding he equivalence between men and women.

        5. I’m not so much talking equivalency so much as the simplicity of giving your word and keeping it.
          In the unlikely event that a 21st century man finds a woman who loves and sticks with her man through thick and thin along with raising his children deserves the respect of her husband who gave his word.
          On the other hand if a man married a manipulative whore he would be better off putting her ass in the road than anything else.

        6. I did Buddhist wedding vows, I promised to protect and care, she promised to serve. The whole world is not Christian, not even most of it.

    6. Here I agree. I am all about the bachelor life. I don’t want a partner or whatever the fuck a widen is going to be. However, the one time the knee man mistakenly ventured into monogomy he did not cheat. Even without the marriage pact: if you say you will be faithful and are not then your word means nothing and that is a true affront on masculinity.

      1. If a mans word can’t be trusted he’s useless.
        A lot of hamster wheel turning goes into reasons to cheat.
        It’s a shame how men talk about how bad women cheat then turn around and do the same thing. They have probably been wearing female underwear that are too tight and now thier mind ain’t right.

        1. Correctamundo. I have said before and still believe that a lot of the problems men see in women would be resolved if men started acting like men. You can’t blame a woman for acting according to her nature and you can’t expect a woman to be a “good woman” without men being good men.
          Monogamy and relationships and kids are not for me but I think if they were I would be living a much different lifestyle rather than enjoying myself waiting for Barbara Eden to pop out of a lamp.

        2. If she pops out of the lamp, call me, I would really like to see that and maybe she could give me a wish on the side?

        3. Listening to John Prine album called Sweet Revenge this morning. Recommended listening.

        4. Do so. I have a feeling you will like it. Start to finish that album is just right

      2. Exactly. It’s funny how so many guys here talk about how bad it is when women lie and cheat then praise and encourage each other to do the same thing, calling it masculine and red pill. It’s like people just want to validate their crappy behaviour and excuse future crappy behaviour, which is a lot easier than just being a fucking man and sticking to your word and being honest. Tell the girl you don’t want to be exclusive if you really don’t want to. Of course that takes guts and the risk of rejection which scares some guys so they would rather lie and potentially hurt someone. It’s that kind of hypocrisy that can make red pill look like a joke and it’s no different than the hypocritical crap that hard core feminist spew out. Everytime I read stuff like that I see how similar it is to extreme feminist thought.

        1. Here’s the problem: being in a relationship with a woman at all creates an implicit promise of monogamy (in her mind, at least), even when you enter into it explicitly declaring your intent to continue dating other women. To be truly honest, you would need to remind her of your non-exclusivity upon waking every morning, like the Dread Pirate Roberts’ daily promise to kill Wesley. To do so would be not only sadistic but futile, as she will still regard you as rightfully exclusive. What I mean to say is: you can’t win.

    7. A certain ghost seems to have an issue with this one.

      To be fair, my knowledge of the inner workings of their marriage is minuscule.

  7. “He also said he does not see any of the men demanding that respect or loyalty from women either”
    How would you go about doing so in the west??

    1. Exactly, its a cultural problem and also, the women in those other countries want to be submissive. There is not much resistance from them. I’m not really sure that the men are more masculine, the women are much more feminine though. I’m sure that Asian girls are obedient to their husbands and how masculine can you average Chinese guy be? I’ve seen few alpha Asians in my day, but their wives submit because the culture still expects them to. Plus, what good is it to constantly discipline an American slut? She gets off on breaking the rules and being punished.

      1. I am married to an Asian woman who was a virgin at marriage. They are not naturally submissive. That is a myth. However, they are trainable, which western women are not. You have to be the iron willed patriarch that their fathers, uncles, and brothers are back in their home countries or they will walk all over you. Iron frame is essential, but with it you reap many benefits.

    2. When my first child was born I simpy refused to have anything to do with feeding, nappies, nightime panics etc. I did this for everyones benefit because I was the bread winner – a household with two housewives is going broke fast. It works you just have to put your foot down and establish boundaries – without it becoming sociopathic or passive agressive.

      1. Go and look at some parenting sites for the modern women, there’s a very well known one-can’t mention it by name as it may be seen as advertising so I won’t. Anyway, it’s full of women who are not in employment as they have babies moaning that their husband who works full-time does no housework or night feeds. Of course, they get validated for this view in their echo chambers. Any women of the older generation -say 50-plus- who say ‘but he is working!!’ soon get shouted down. I know babies are tiring but housework can be fitted in at some point like when they are asleep. There’s no real ‘deadline’ with the laundry and dishes and a slightly messy house never killed anyone, anyway.

        1. I’ve browsed some of these “moaning Myrtle” SAHM sites and believe a lot of their discontent is down to first world “happiness culture” coupled with beta lockdown victory evolving into beta lockup blues. Moreover, as you noted, anyone who weighs in on these sites who doesn’t obey the narrative is electronically burned at the stake, which is not exclusive to “mommie blogs”.

      2. I agree, I believe in Tradition where my grandparents where married for 50 years cause they stuck to their roles. My parents are coming up to their 50th soon… Sticking to your traditional roles is a big reason why a relationship will work out long term and boyh parties happy.

  8. i dont give a nickel about men being emasculated and i couldn’t care less about poor bastards who throw themselves in a sad monogamous life with a nagging woman. I reached high status and swallowed the red pill thanks to modern media in the internet. Guys like Paul Proteus prolly made my life so much better than it would have been if i had kept on chasing the pussy.
    Keep it easy this is just a mediocre text advert.

    1. Enjoy it while it lasts but one day the pussy will win, it always does. Case in point – our own Roosh.

  9. I see feminism in today’s Western society as being blind religion. These young ladies will stick to it no matter how much unhappiness it brings them as well as the detriment to their careers with the degrees they are spending huge amounts of money on. I’ve even seen some of these young women absolutely spit on their fathers and grandfathers that raised them in a safe clean affluent lifestyle. Fathers that were respectful to their wives and the mothers are happy and feel loved and secure. They scorn their mothers that love and respect their husband. Almost to the point that they would burn their father at the stake.
    I think they would literally ‘cut their nose off to spite their face’.

  10. Marriage in the west is all set up for the benefit of females. What can you do about it?

    1. No the government! Lawyer costs, child support, brainwashing women to work (tax), broken people who are easier to control whom spend money to fill the endless void instead of finding it with family and within! No wonder 70% of middle age single women suffer from depression!

      1. It really is that simple. The drastically dropping marriage rates since the inception of His-Fault divorce and the sky rocketing divorce rates in the 70s are just men waking up to that reality. Women in their twenties are now the ones putting off marriage. They want to have fun while their youth and good looks get them everything handed to them on a silver platter, and they bitch constantly that the platter isn’t bigger and even more silver. But they all intend to get married, just not yet. They plan on getting married when the fun is over. Sounds like a great deal for us men, doesn’t it? Men in their 30s are now waking up and noting the open statements by women of their AF/BB strategies. They know they will get only enough sex in the marriage for her to get her womb turds, then he will get divorce raped and enslaved to serve her needs. She will be fucking her new man of the moment in the house he pays for and with his kids in the next room while he lives in a cardboard box in an alley.

    2. One option is to filter out the right kind of girl out of your dating pool and get prenup. You find one that has functioning brain and just wants to have kids and be a mother. Another option as lolknee said, don’t get married.

  11. It’s not monogamy that’s the problem. Women are taught from a young age men are useless and can’t look after themselves by their mothers and the media, so they must take charge. Start inviting a gf/wife or two to your guys’ outings and it’s not long before you’re all doing what THEY want.
    Men have been taught nothing- like you said, in many cultures boys get taken away from mothers and taught by males for a time. Now, the women ‘teach’ the boys everything from day one to adulthood, and we get beta, submissive males or psychopaths.

    1. Yes its quite easy for the bossy mother figure to take over and since all men were once boys with mothers – men tend to cave in. You can also see it in offices. The relationship between husband and wife then begins to look more like young mother and her delinquent teenage son.
      At the same time many men dont even get to the girl friend stage they simply go into full fagtard mode and start sucking eahc others dicks.

      1. Can’t relate to this because I didn’t grow up with my mother, but it does make sense as I am the total opposite of what you describe.

  12. On another hand, maybe our civilisation became ‘great’ in power because we had to discipline our desire for women, and one of the reasonable way to control this desire was monogamy, on a societal scale.
    The frustration was sublimated by work, war and research.
    The situation was far from being perfect, but the imperfection worked as well as the structural side.
    In fact, things began to sour when we tried to perfect the system. ‘True’ equality gave more power to women wich ‘submissive’ status was balancing the inner privikeges…

  13. You had some good points in the article, but you glorified the people you met from Panama and Africa. Those are not civilizations that I want to emulate.
    Polygamy is only successful for the level of men who can acquire multiple wives.
    We don’t even have monogamy on a wide-scale basis anymore. Most marriages are from different generations or broken by divorce, affairs, or financial problems. Dating is ruthless with the amount of options women have, so you have to keep your options open. Girls with multiple previous sexual partners are claiming they are not sluts-and they are correct if you grade them on a Bell curve.
    Polygamy is way too ambitious for where we are at right now. We’re mostly fighting for functional monogamy. Polygamy could only work if the gender ratios were skewed-perhaps if Trump changed his immigration plan to match his supermodel pageant.

    1. Since almost all the terrorists are male, I feel a 100% female immigration policy is justified. We can later add in the Miss Universe standards to the screening.

  14. I agree about many things on th8s article but u should understand that the game is changed we live in a differnt world than our ancestors . Today women dont need a man the will provide and protect them they have it from the goverment and hers job so there hypergammy nature skyrock .
    We men need to understand the playground changed so the need to change no more monogamy it dosnt benefit for the man cause women have the power in the relationship plus u can find sex easy if u know to deal with women or visit thiland ir go to a prostitute . U dont need 1 women to provide u sex like in the past , u can have more .
    Men can take back there power by changeing there wishes no more1 women for the rest of yr life … instead a causal sex with lots of women and when u feel like u are done with it u can always find u a divorse old women to be friend with but never live with her never merry and never bring kids and yr life will be osammm

  15. It’s true that women would rather share an alpha male for part of the time than be with a beta 100% of the time. It’s actually quite stressful pretending to enjoy sex and the exasperation level is exhausting with a beta; constantly wishing he’d man up etc. Better to have a man that she is crazy about for part of the time and be left to her own devices the rest of the time. I see nothing wrong with a man having a select few women; the women provide support and friendship network with childcare etc while the man gets on with other things like supporting them. They are not lonely and frustrated like those trapped in monogamy with a beta male are. Each woman would in her own way provide his needs-older woman for wisdom and understanding, younger ones for lust etc. Good idea if a guy is rich enough.
    It’s strange but I think women only really fight over betas-‘he’s my simp, not yours’. There’s an implicit understanding when two women find a man alpha. In some cultures, when a man who has a wife and a mistress dies, both women seem quite happy to talk at the funeral.

  16. Would love to know what African country the car dealer guy came from cause that’s sure as shit not the Africa I recognise. I’ve been to a few African countries. Sure African guys like women and sex but I wouldn’t call it polygamy. The women are left to cope with the kids alone and there are incredible rates of HIV infection. In countries like SA, Zim the places are awash with guns from wars in Angola and Mozambique – an AK47 can be had for less that $50. These are dangerous places. Further north like Nigeria and Cote D’Ivoire most of the population are Muslim – is that the kind of polygamy you are into? I honestly think you need to take your rose tinted glasses off.

    1. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. This guy was straight up bullshitting you. Africans lie like crazy.

  17. All good on paper but in reality of the modern western world – government handouts, divorce rape, women with jobs add in a lot of thirsty men – if African and Central American women could get this then those men mentioned in this article would be in some serious trouble.

  18. Sexual self discipline is to men as submission is to women. Not easy, but beneficial to the spirit and character. Still, if you can’t or simply don’t wish to, why marry at all? Social penalties for remaining single are almost nonexistant now. I understand the desire for freedom and multiple women. I don’t understand the rationalizing

    1. Me neither. It’s not easy in this day and age to let your guy lead in a marriage. If the reward is going to be having him cheat on you then why the fuck even bother? Seriously if this is the message being sent to women by some of these guys is it any surprise that they can’t find their unicorn?
      If a guy wants to live his life as a fuck boy then do it. Don’t drag someone’s feelings and a family into it. Stay single.

  19. The problem is family law as written to encourage women to divorce.
    Monogamy insures most people are likely to find a mate since women will always try to marry the richest and most powerful man they can. Thus rich, important men will have all the highest quality females in their harems — and a quantity of lesser ones — leaving many men without mates.

    1. Married betas are the happiest with a simple woman. Not too pretty, no compitetion, a simple hole to pop raw after work and kids are consequential. Msm and pop entertainment preys on the female who must be vigilantly kept simple and loyal. No phone, no pets, no cigarettes.
      But a large family farm justifies several sisterwives as we can see in the failure and mass abandonment of family farms in the US. Empty grain silos adjacent to long foreclosed 19th century homesteads litter the countrysides from sea to sea, save the polygamous pockets in the west. The ‘American Gothic’ portrait of one sterile, post wall old woman and an arthritic man could never singlehandedly operate a farm without outside migrant workers or negro slaves, thus the ‘southern belle’ pedestalized monogamous plantation queen bitch in a garden swing of the 1820s. A frontier being settled or colonized requires at least two breeders per man. The ‘American Gothic’ image when critically viewed looks like impending doom, sterility and death:
      ‘American Gothic’ portraits that include arable tillable land in the background should logically look more like this:
      At least TWO WIVES and you can keep your farm! Conversely, the standard ‘one wife’ farms from the early 20th century especially became dysfunctional and notorious for producing the teenage boy who plays with goats. Doesn’t happen when you have two mommies who are on the ball and who are kept where they belong.
      A city worker can manage optimally with one wife though. Unless he has bigger dreams than remaining a mail clerk or assembly line crewman, a city factory worker living in downsized housing may reach capacity with one wife and replacement level offspring . . . but a farmer, enterpreneur, family businessman or a king dick daddy man with a big farm or chunk of real estate to manage requires MORE.

  20. “He said in his country when a woman is disrespectful or untrustworthy,
    it shames her family and the word goes out to everyone in the community.
    When this happens, every man will ignore her and will never call on or
    accept her as a wife!”
    Let’s just focus on this, okay.

  21. Feminized Christianity is to blame for a lot of this mess. You aren’t a real man if you don’t marry, according to them. Plays right into the hands of the Hypergamists

  22. Absolutely…
    Men’s heroes of this time are not really even heroes
    Our philosophy of masculinity is being drowned in SJW soup each and everyday.
    Sure, we are holding strong but, what about the kids of the future? That is their real target at the end of the day
    Not us the thinkers of men who grew up with a different cloth and certain way of dealing with life but, the kids
    They don’t give a fuck about us. Death is on their side when it comes to us and they are just waiting until we are out the way so they can effect the kids
    Its mental. All mental and spiritual

  23. The emasculation comes from men’s own self respect being so low that they would accept women disrespecting them in public all in hopes for getting some pussy. That itself is a pathetic behaviors. Until men learn to walk away on their own term and stop with the thirst behavior, this will not end.

  24. Whichever local you will enter & look for toilets ?? Women toilets will be always on your right side ?? .. Why ??.. Because women are always right !

  25. An only wife is like an only child – PEDESTALIZED. A solitary monogamous ‘only wife’ who shuns or rejects polygamy becomes spoiled and entitled – just like an only child. She thinks she has the only voice in the house. She commands over some beta without offering compromise and she leverages her jealousy against him at every turn. She gives nothing and promises only to consume him and eventually cut him off. She won’t share the dick fair and square with anyone, and once she’s done chewing up and using the dick, she spits out the guy AND she spits out his dick like it was a stick of chewing gum that lost its flavor. Then she prowls for another man. Men NEVER let yourselves be dominated by one single woman.
    And as for the women – if you’re not in the mood? That’s fine for you the sisterwife but it ain’t gonna do for Mr dick. If Mr dick wants to roll and #1 sisterwife is too tired for it, then at least help tether the wagon sweetie before you flop and take your nap. You’re part of the clan too ya know.
    When MR DICK stands tall and commences to thunder his sermon on the mount, ye wives GATHER ROUND like the calling of Sunday church bells.
    If ye third wheel be too tired for the occasion but mama primas clock hands still toll in synch with the patriarch, it is still the duty of the other sisterwife to assist for the moment in being a lapmaiden and to help wet, guide and deliver MR DICK into the willing wife. The chords that bond the women’s souls to the patriarch must be strummed together and will guarantee the continuation of goodness in awakening from a good snooze.
    Thenceafter her rest she may continue to twerk it.

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