5 Well-Paying Jobs For Men Who Dropped Out Of College

It’s no secret that more and more men are opting to avoid colleges and universities altogether. With false rape accusations at an all time high, SJW indoctrination posters surrounding every square foot of your dorms, and the value of a college degree plummeting, a lot of men are deciding that it simply isn’t worth it.

But what are you to do without a college degree, then? Surprisingly, you can do a lot. Not only are there a lot of decent paying jobs that don’t require a college education, but due to our digital world, there’s endless opportunities for self-employment.

Here are five of the best options for college dropouts.

1. Tradesman


As has been said many times before on Return Of Kings, attending trade school is a better option than 85% of the degrees that they offer in college. Anthropology? History? English? If you’re phenomenal in your major, and plan on getting a doctorate or becoming a self-published author, then sure—by all means major in non-STEM related fields.

But, if you’re a typical man who is looking for someone to employ you, I would urge you to look into trade school. Becoming an electrician, plumber, or carpenter is almost guaranteed to land you a job when you’re finished getting certified. Compare this to the average unemployment rate of current college grads which is roughly 10% (according to liberal skewed polls), and it’s clear that trade schools are the better option.

Even if you can’t get a job at a trade school, often times you can work for companies that will pay you $15-20 per hour and train you, paying for your trade school. If you follow this route when you turn 18, you could easily be netting $55,000 to $70,000 a year by your mid 20’s. And if you decide to start your own business? Forget about it—you could easily earn six figures and beyond.

Plus, as an added benefit you’ll be working in an environment that is almost guaranteed to be 100% men. No woman that I know is willing to work in trades, which means that there are no HR departments to deal with. Having an environment where men tell it how it is and don’t pander can NEVER be underestimated.

2. Las Vegas VIP Host


Will you have to deal with vain, slutty girls? Yes. Will you have to deal with snobby clients who aren’t satisfied with anything no matter how hard you try? Of course. But, if you take this as a chance to develop some emotional resilience, and look beyond it, you’ll see that being a VIP host has a plethora of lifestyle benefits.

First, let’s talk about the pay though. Starting off, you’ll be a street promoter—expect to earn $10 an hour. This isn’t meant to be a permanent position, however; there’s plenty of room for growth if you do well. Within a year, if you’re calibrated and know how to talk with charisma, you can work your way up to a sub-promoter, and eventually to a promoter in under a year.

Once you reach this point, you’ll probably earn around $1,000 a week. Beyond here, there’s plenty of room for growth; some of the most successful promoters earn millions a year, especially after they build up a list of high-rolling clients.

But, the true benefits of club promoting come from the lifestyle that it affords you. Being a good promoter is easily one of the best jobs to get pussy. Period.

As a promoter, you have the power to let anyone into your night club, past the red rope. You have the power to give people free bottle service and discounted tables, and you have all of the connections in the club.

So, when an eager young club slut sees this, what do you think she’s going to do? If you know anything about female nature, the answer will be obvious: she’ll sleep with you to get the benefits that come with your lifestyle.

Plus, if you know how to pull club girls from open to close, you’ll be able to game in the top nightclubs in the world…while you’re working. What could be better for a young lad? You’ll sleep with women, gain razor sharp social skills, and make connections with high end business owners.

3. Blogger Or Writer


As many of you know, having a job can have benefits and detriments. One of the major drawbacks of having a job is that you can’t say anything too controversial; any mentioning of 90% of the things we talk about here on ROK, and you’ll get called into an HR department for a talking to.

With this in mind, many men choose to start their own blogs. Sure, it doesn’t make much money at first—but after a year or two of hard work, you can expect to make a livable salary. After three or four, if you know some basic internet marketing skills, you can be netting six figures.

Bloggers typically make money three ways. First, they write articles for other, more prominent blogs (like LifeHacker or Bodybuilding.com) and get paid per article. This is great, but it isn’t passive income, so many bloggers only do this at first to get by.

The second way that bloggers make money is through affiliate advertising; this is where you get paid to recommend products that you use and like. I’m not going to name names, but I know of one blogger who recommends certain penis enlargement devices, and makes a cool $500 per week just from this.

The real money, however, is in eBook sales. Learning how to write and sell eBooks is what separates the amateurs from the pros. The reason why is that eBooks are a major source of passive revenue; in other words, you invest a lot of time at first, and then make money every day afterwards.

This allows bloggers to focus on writing great content, networking with other bloggers, and expanding their social media reach…all while making $300 per day in passive revenue. If you do decide to start a blog, I recommend you look into niche marketing—a lot of markets are super saturated nowadays, so it’s important that you learn to differentiate yourself.

4. Trader


This is definitely one of the more difficult professions in this list, but if you can master it, expect to make seven figures per year, sometimes eight. This won’t happen at first, of course, but if you’re willing to put in the time required to understand the market and its fluctuations, you can expect to make some serious cash. In fact, some traders frequently triple their investments in a matter of months.

Typically, traders choose to specialize in one area of interest. For example, precious metals is one area that I’m fairly familiar with. Another field might be the agricultural industry, or the Forex market. Regardless of what you choose to specialize in, it’s important that you become a master at it.

The benefits of trading the market successfully are, aside from the wealth, very rewarding. First off, you’re your own boss—you don’t have to answer to anyone, but yourself. Second, you can work whenever you want, and if you know how to set up automated trades with triggers to sell and to buy, you barely even have to work.

The greatest benefit of trading, however, is that you’re location independent. You can work anywhere in the world, so long as you have a WiFi connection. This is why many traders frequently travel the world, staying in different countries for months at a time, while trading the Foreign Exchange market.

I would not recommend that you make this a career choice, at first. In my experience, trading should be a hobby until you gain some proficiency in it. Start off by putting $10,000 or so into a brokerage account, and get used to placing trades and observing predictable trends.

Watch the news VERY frequently, and you’ll be able to capitalize off of panic and greed in the market. Again, this is one profession that takes years to master, but the benefits are extremely rewarding if you’re willing to put in the work.

5. Real Estate Agent


Plenty of men have become fabulously wealthy through real estate investing. From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Robert Kiyosaki, countless men have proven that with a good work ethic, some charisma, and a little bit of know-how, you can make millions through savvy flipping.

Many men choose to get into the real estate development industry, but I wouldn’t recommend this at first—start off as a broker. You’ll have to get your license, first, but this won’t take very long compared to a college degree. Look for a major agency in your area to employ you, and try your best to get one of the studs of the office to mentor you.

After several years, with plenty of experience under your belt, consider going into business for yourself. Still take the connections and knowledge that you got from your agency with you, but now it’s your turn to keep 100% of the profits.

There’s a few methods to real estate investment that men usually employ. The first is to flip; this entails buying a house that the owner needs to sell quickly. Because of their desperation, you can frequently get the house at a fairly low cost. Then, simply flip it within a few months and earn yourself a good $20,000-30,000.

The second method of real estate investment is buying and holding; this would be where you buy a broken down house when the market is bad, fix it up over the course of a year or two, and then sell it when the market starts to come back up. This can make you some great money, but the real key is in method #3.

The third method is to buy a house, and rent it—although this does require you to maintain the house, it’s by far the most passive. Think about it. Imagine that you have 5 duplexes, and you rent out each room for $750 per month. That’s an easy $7,500 per month!

Sure, you have to pay the bankers, replace the water coolers, and so on and so forth, but this takes very little effort—maybe 5-10 hours a week at the most. The rest of your time you can focus on investing in more real estate and creating other streams of passive revenue.


All in all, there’s plenty of options for men who didn’t go to college. In fact, some of these options are far better than being an office drone—not only in terms of income, but in terms of emotional health.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be a self-employed, independent man, or work alongside a team of men, than be stuck in an office where Machiavellian politics and micro-managing policies consume every waking hour of my life.

If you have any advice, tips, or guidance for men looking to make it big in the world without a college degree, be sure to leave them a note down below.

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146 thoughts on “5 Well-Paying Jobs For Men Who Dropped Out Of College”

  1. Keep in mind The Apprentice School operated by Newport News Shipbuilding. They pay you while taking classes and guarantee a job when finished. I only wish I’d known about this option when I was discharged from the military. Check it out: http://www.as.edu

    1. Really awesome. I suppose this is what happens when an industry is hurting for qualified workers.

    1. Correct. You may only get $10 when you start out as a Gigolo like (((Rob Schneider))), but ya gotta start somewhere.

    2. I was making six figures as a college dropout in a real career long before it was vogue to drop out of college. SOFTWARE is still a business that provides opportunities to earn mad money, but you gotta do it right. Stay away ffrom software jobs that are commoditized, such as pure coding, and aim to sell your expertise in consulting roles, such as web and wordpress for small businesses. If you don’t have the expertise, you’ll have to spend some time gaining it to where you can show your accomplishments to potential clients. You run your own consultancy, either as a solo act or hire other to work with you. But beware, managing people and running a business is a completely different skillset from the technical. You’ve got to get good at those as well. That’s what I did, until I retired in my mid-30’s.
      Now, if you’re set on a stable and secure job, then I’d say’ you have to become a federal guberment employee. It’s a job for life in an organization where it’s tough to get fired, virtually unlimited options to move around the massive organization, great benefits, and the security of knowing your company isn’t going out of business and will never run out of money to pay you. The federal guberment doesn’t work in a real business environment, and can give raises when the economic conditions mandate that other private companies cut and downsize. Federals have the largest contingent of current and retired employees who fight light wet cats to preserve their benefits, now matter what the cost is to the taxpayers. Movement up the organizational ladder may be slow, but you’re going to be there 10, 20, 30 years or more. So just dig in and keep going.
      To add one thought on the trades. As a real estate investor, I’d say the most profitable and in-demand trade is plumber. Those guys are always in demand, and have much more opportunity to for work than say and electrician. Of all the emergency repairs I’ve needed, plumbing is one that can’t wait. Leaks and floods cause more damage more quickly than anything but a major windstorm. Second would be heating/cooling specialists who are called in emergency situations of extreme cold and heat situations. Down here in the south good AC techs are in high demand. Up north, I would assume furnace and heating techs are in as much demand. Of course, demand is more seasonal, and and outage is not a property threatening situation like a plumbing leak. So it’s plumbers FTW.

        1. Of course. I don’t consider web design software per se. It’s one of those jobs that became a commodity in the mid 2000’s, along with many pure coding jobs in the major languages, Java, C++, C, PHP, etc. The higher value is in knowing how to build software using solid methodologies with project teams of various technical specialties, getting things built correctly the first time, on time and on budget.

        1. True, but every job for someone else will swallow your sole, in whole, or at least in part. I did qualify it by saying if someone is after security then that’s the place to go. However, I counsel younger men to make their own way in this world, as it’s part of the character of a strong, independent, but most importantly free man.

        2. Yeah but living off of stolen money. Money stolen from good hard working men like you and me.

        3. The feds will swallow your soul in a different way. Namely by bringing you into the very machine that is chewing up and spitting up good honest men. You can’t work undercover for the mob and maintain your integrity.

        4. I try not to think about it….
          I have a friend who’s retiring from a gov’t agency after only 20 years! Then it’s
          a fat pension and medical coverage for the rest of his days, while he
          undoubtedly becomes a ‘consultant’ of some sort so he can double-dip….
          The best part is, he’s further right-leaning than Attila the
          Hun– always complaining about people ’living off the government’…’government
          programs wasting HIS money’…’taxes are killing us’ and all those popular conservative
          tropes. Yet never does he consider that
          his whole CAREER is a failed government program! Sometimes I want to shake him and scream “HEAL
          THYSELF, LOOTER!!!”

      1. Plain fact. I’ve had work while most guys sat around. In view of what’s coming, that’s something to think about. You can use the toilet in the dark, you know😂

        1. Yes. You can use a toilet in the dark. It’s that wiping in the dark part afterwards that’s going to bring females to their figurative knees.

        2. Like my Father said….”People have to have certain things. That’s what we want to do.” Water before electricity 🤓

  2. I have a young nephew you just got an associates in Instrumentation. He is making great money. You can work in many different industries. If you cant make it through real Engineering school, this is a great alternative.

    1. Any trade Qualification in Instrumentation is worth it, different types of Instrumentation out there, I did a trade what was called over 20 years ago Electronic’s-Mechanician, basically an Electronic certification with some Electrical and Mechanical skill set thrown in, so you could fix almost anything and read all schematics, diagrams and do microprocessor control programming, etc.
      Everyone branched off into their area of interest and expertise, you can become an agent for a supplier / manufacturer or contract your services out depending on the industry your involved in.
      Me, I went and did additional IT certifications which puts me in a good spot to move around and sort-off pick what I would like to do, because I am the guy everyone calls to fix when modern technology breaks down.
      By all means do a trade, just don’t stop there, get more education afterwards, also look for Employers that will send you on additional training, lots of quality certifications you can do without exposing yourself to college or University SJW BS….

  3. Great article Jon. I would highly recommend learning sales/copywriting/marketing. The closer you get to making someone else money the more money you will make for yourself. None of the above require a college (hell even a highschool) degree and yet are incredible lucrative and huge money makers.

  4. Tradesman is a good idea.
    TradER significantly less so. There are variables and … well … fixes that Joe Sixpack can’t possibly know anything about.
    It’s a good way for old Joe to blow his own head off after spazing his kids’ inhertence

    1. Not to mention it’s a highly anti-social and stressful job, was responsible for a few workplace shootings a few years back.

      1. Can you make money doing this anymore? Can a human out maneuver the robots?

        1. I have a friend who claims to. However, half the time I ask him he said he didn’t make money that day. So I think it’s essentially like flipping a coin. He supposedly has a strategy and spent a ton of money on some training that’s supposed to allow him to “beat the market.” I have a standing offer where I will pick stocks at random for a week and compare to his results, to see if there is anything to his strategy. He has yet to take me up on it.

        2. I day-traded for about a year, but gave it up. I made about $100k. That sounds good; but after taxes it was about $70k, which broke down to about $30-$35/hour. Definitely not enough to compensate for the time, stress, and risk.

        3. Always makes me laugh when people say how awesome they are at trading right out of the gate. I’ve been a trader/broker for 20 years since my early 20s. I suck at it. So I protect myself to the point where I can realistically target 20-30 percent a year. Yes, there have been the odd years where I have made 50-100% and those are awesome. But they’re more than offset by the bad years.
          My first trading account was $30k of inheritance and six months later it was worth, I shit you not, 17 cents. That’s when I started to learn.
          I once watched a client take a $25,000 account to NEGATIVE $10,000 in less than a week using leveraged futures contracts. Yes, he had to pay the $10,000 back. You do not want the Chicago Merc crawling up your ass.
          I’ve seen an established, respected money manager with a quarter billion dollars in AUM lose 80% of it in one fuxing trade.
          So people think they’re going to come in and compete with me, let alone the guys who are actually any good? Give me a break.
          But, of course, I laugh because I know they will. That’s how the markets work. The lure of those dollar signs is magnetic. Just remember money flows from the dumb to the smart. Guys like me fill in the gaps on the way.
          But chicks do dig it. That’s one nice thing. When you’re a 25 year old broker it doesn’t matter how much money you have, chicks are into it. When you start to get some money in your 30s and 40s, they’re still into it. Who knew girls like money

    2. (((They))) love to crash the market, and get bailed out on your tax dollars, so there’s that element too.

  5. The second way that bloggers make money is through affiliate advertising;
    p=1440 😉

    1. CDL average $51k/yr without much hope for advancement. Is that good money to you?
      There is a damn good chance that we’ll see a huge reduction in the number of these jobs once the whole robotic driving thing is figured out. It’s fine to be skeptical about this, but I sure as well wouldn’t plan on a career in driving. There is too much money to be made by the company that figures out how to remove drivers from the equation.

  6. As a control system/industrial automation engineer, I can tell you that there is a huge, growing demand for good maintenance people (mechanical, electrical). Any thing mechanical and electrical requires maintenance. These systems break down sooner or later and require trouble shooting and repair. You hear all the time about how robots are going to take all of the jobs. What you don’t hear is that robots and other automation system require on-going maintenance and support.

    1. Do you know what specific training you would need for industrial maintenance? I have a B.S. in Industrial Technology but I’m not sure if that would be enough.

      1. As far as I know, you do not need a college degree for this kind of work. A good background in mechanics or electrician training ought to be good. The work is rather demanding though.

  7. I’d say computer coding/ programmer. It is a highly paid job even if you are only starting up.

        1. To be a coder nowadays you also have to have patience and people skills, with fluency in Hindi being a massive hiring bonus.
          As Americans are only hired in STEM nowadays to teach remedial computer skills to the H-1B indentured servants, the dregs of Indian’s “intellectuals”, who are paid <=1/3rd of what an American worker gets.
          The lucky few Americans who get hired into coding jobs that aren’t teaching jobs in disguise are, because of the H-1Bers depressing the wage, paid far less than they aught to be.

  8. 17 year old here. I’ve been strongly considering military up until the last month or so. The pay and benefits sounded great, but my first 4 years out of high school I would be living in barracks with a bunch of dudes not getting laid and not partying like I want. As of the last few weeks I’m looking into becoming a skilled tradesman, plumbing, carpentry, or welding. Id be setting myself up for a lucrative career within 7 years and I’d get paid a livable wage while training. I’m still thinking about military, but IF AND ONLY IF TRUMP IS ELECTED.

    1. If Clinton is elected we may be going to war with Russia, I would suggest staying out of the Military if the cunt becomes President. Let the women, transgenders, and fags fight the Russians.

      1. But they will arrogate the power to draft you by force or you go to prison. The right course of action will be, if clinton is elected, GET THE HELL OUT OF THAT COUNTRY!

        1. Well they won’t draft me I am too old and already did my time in the Military.

      2. Maybe put all the fags with aids in the army. They could rush into battle. The Russians would turn and run

      3. I’d have a hard time fighting for her interests abroad. Already lost a brother fighting for Halliburton’s interests last time around…

    2. I’d recommend the military under the right conditions. It IS a federal job, which has premium benefits and almost unlimited upward mobility for advancement — if you can stand the slow crawl up the bureaucratic ladder. There are a couple of military jobs I’d recommend.
      1. Musician. Yup. The military branches are rife with opportunities for accomplished musicians. You have to endure some basic training and usual military BS, but end up in a cush job with cool uniforms and truly do get travel to do gigs. It’s also a job where you regularly bump into and work with FEMALES, not lesbians per se, but some actual cute girls with some musical talent, and generally greater sexual appetite than the average woman. Logistics are simple, albeit the anti-fraternization policies a bit of a minefield.
      2. Quartermaster/Logistics Be the guy that gets other people stuff they need and want. It’s mostly mind-numbing work, but you’re the important guy if you control the supply of toilet paper, which never goes out of style.
      Of course, you’re still better off in a good ‘ol federal guberment job than the military.
      Now, if you’re really up for adventure, consider joining a foreign military, perhaps in SEA where you’ll have greater instant status than here in the US and without all the PC bullshit policies you’d have to deal with in our modern feminized military here.

    3. I would recommend finding any other way you can to pay for college. While I understand the “soldier spirit”, but today’s military takes orders from the very domestic enemy that is undermining the Constitution they unironically swear to defend.
      Face it. The American federal government has become a communist regime. Volunteering to take orders on their part, and makes you complicit.
      Wanna “defend FREEDOM?” Stay home and mind your own business instead volunteering to take orders from the same group of psychopaths that robs, cheats, lies, and steals as a way of life.

    4. I could give you a story about all the enlistments pre 9/11 that thought they were going to join a peace time army, get free college and get to play with tanks etc. Look how that worked out. You may not know this but Iraq saw a lot of forced deployment for 2-3 additional tours beyond the enlistment period for anyone with training.
      Anything with training beyond first class mop pusher, and your more like 6 years minimum.
      Only join the military if you want to be military and can handle having no don’t long term relationships.
      If your plan is college + military go ROTC, it’s a way better deal.

    5. I did 20 years, what I tell everyone who asks is that the military is not a straight pay for work gig. Either you’re taking advantage of the Man or he’s taking advantage of you.
      You can get plenty of benefits, learn a skill, work experience, medical, dental, GI bill, tuition assistance, etc, but be aware of what you’re getting into.
      Unless you know for sure what you wanna do, I would only recommend the Air Force. Its run more like a corporation and there’s better looking women. The Marine Corps is more of a cult, the Navy is for chubbie shut-ins, and the Army is for hillbillies. …and I’m saying that as a guy who was not in the Air Force.
      …and yeah, NOT if Hillary wins, no pride in smoking more illiterate desert rats just to distract from Hill-dog’s Parkinson’s or whatever.

      1. Isn’t the [ch]Air Force the most liberal branch of the military by far nowadays?
        Most every time news breaks of some new ridiculous PC endeavor in the military, like spending taxdollars on pandering to wiccans or blasting someone for an innocuous bible verse, it’s the USAF doing it.

        1. Dude the entire DOD is a cesspool of progressive social program experiments. It is absolutely as bad or worse than every PC horror story you’ve ever heard. I’ve had formal documented counseling because a minority fee-male didn’t like something someone said TO ME. That’s why I say, if you’ve got an angle, try your luck, but its 1000x worse than any college White male privilege seminar.
          …but I imagine the Air Force gets the press because these are smarter, more photogenic people; nobody gives a shit if Army Sergeant Bobo Jones gets in trouble, he looks like he shoulda been in trouble anyway.

      2. Why does everyone always forget about the Coast Guard? I was able to get an education in hydrolics, diesel engines, outboards, plumbing, navigation, crane operation and law enforcement. Ultimately decided for a career in law enforcement as a Border Patrol agent. Eight years in and I’m earning over 100,000 a year to hunt people.

    6. Lots of good and bad. Much of your time will be what you make of it. Like one of the other guys said, join Air Force (not an airman).
      Personally, when my brood gets to that age, I’d give them a good notion to reconsider if they start showing interest. The military is really sliding down hill. I’m pretty sure if we ever faced a real enemy outside of rag-heads and starving commies that we’d get our sh*+ pushed in.

    7. Add locksmith/door hardware expert to your list. Modern scrutiny systems have made this a very sophisticated specially. Highly sought out and well-compensated.
      Beware welding – it pays well, but you’ll destroy your eyes.

    8. Stay out of the military. Don’t become a voluntary slave playing with a ticking bomb that may take your limbs, your mind or your life.

    9. Simply put…..go get a job as a Plumbers helper. You want to work as much repair as possible. Thing is, Plumbers are smarter than most people. They have to be. Service Plumbing is where the money is, and where the work is. But, as I said, it’s a lot more complicated than new construction. I do both. I can make more repairing a toilet than working all day on a rough in (the ground work) for a building.
      Service Plumbing can’t be outsourced or roboticized. You are young. You see, when I’m getting dirty, I’m making good money.

    10. Coming from a family where my cousins and uncle were in the military (army, navy, cadets), I can conclude that going army man is quite viable. To this day I regret that I wasn’t fit for service because my weak lungs.
      As for: “I would be living in barracks with a bunch of dudes not getting laid and not partying like I want.” so will you in college. You will see the real difference after those 4 years.
      A totally emasculated 21 yo feeble mangina with a useless degree vs a strong and skilled masculine army man. Chicks will definitely dig the second plus the added secured financial benefits, not to mention travelling and relocation included. Of course, Hillary winning isn’t an option for that.

      1. Emmasculated, dorky, nerdy (and educated) men get immaculate amounts of puss. Women love a guy whimpering about his lifelong plight of being emmasculated by meatheads and jocks. Especially if they dress like hipsters. Just sayin!

  9. General contractor – residential construction. Just get into an entry-level job in one of the trades and work your way up from there. You’ll have to learn not only construction but also the monetary/financing side of things. GCs are making $20k, $30k, $40k on a new spec single family home right now and a good GC can easily juggle 6+ projects at the same time.
    If I knew in high school what I know now, I would have skipped college and gone this route. I would have retired in 15 years or less, easy. For anybody that thinks about this, be sure to pick a city/state where new construction is going to continue to happen over the long-term.

    1. Fortunately for every prospective homebuyer, the illegals are going back home in the near future.
      That means properly built houses, for the first time in ages. It also means that these unethical GCs can kiss their ~$40k in ill-gotten gain per house goodbye.

      1. I agree with that sentiment and wouldn’t be surprised to learn that’s true in many parts of the country. The only market that I know is Montana. Here illegals are less than 10% of the construction labor force.
        As somebody who pays the GCs, I see lots of quality-related problems in construction, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good profession to get into. I’d say that it means the opposite – anybody that can deliver quality is going to generate repeat business and prosper over the long run.

    1. As a bail bondsman, I can tell you this is NOT a good time to do that. The clientele is society’s shit, and they don’t have any money. And as this economy gets worse, they have less money to fight over.
      Bail Bonds sucks.

  10. HInt on the trades. Always try to get into union apprenticeship program. It is always the best training an it pays the best. Their apprenticeship programs are the most respected. And avoid the trades that have the highest number of immigrants them. The pay will not keep up with the trades that do not have many in them

    1. Local 3 electricians in NYC will pull between 150-200k a year by the time the overtime and the scams are done. It is hard to break into the union but those guys make serious fucking bank. Forget about the X-Ray welders in Local 1 (plumbers) Those guys get down to do some welds on gas lines at the airports and make money that would make investment bankers cry.

      1. Seattle wadges are almost as high for the Union guys. The highest paying are the hardest to get into. So ask the young guys already there for subjections. And the main thing they test for aee math skills. Know your algebra and geometry cold

      2. Yea I wouldn’t bother with most unions unless your family or close friends with somebody, I weld and work along side of them from time to time and I usually hear that they’ll sell books to people to get them on board for paying “dues” but rarely ever work them. I’m sure in NY and other northern cities where unions have all the work locked down it’s not that bad but I know from the Midwest to California a lot of them struggle to stay busy unless your family or in the click so to speak.

        1. In Cal you need to be in commercial work and preferably in San Fransisco. The state is overrun in cheap labor so you need to be the best.

    2. Avoid labor unions like the plague if your goal is to make money hand over fist.
      The marxist labor unions aren’t about that, they’re about a guaranteed minimum standard…above which only a select few can rise.

      1. You speak in total ignorance. You are taking about skilled trades. To do well in them. To make money in them requires that you learn the craft and learn it well. The union tradesmen are the best trained. To be the best you must learn from the best. No the union is not about any individual getting rich. You need to do that on your own.

        1. No, I speak from experience.
          You speak boilerplate union agitprop.
          Union tradesmen are the best trained? That’s a laugh riot right there.
          “You need to do that on your own.”
          You can’t do that in a labor union, that’s the point. When you are in a labor union, you are not your own man. They own you. You’re a prostitute and they pimp you out to employers.
          It’s like the communist party: some can make it rich, if they play the game and climb the ladder. Anyone who doesn’t want to engage in skulduggery will be kept at the minimum standard guaranteed by unions…until the unions wind up driving all the area businesses into the ground.

        2. If you speak from experience you lost at it. A losers experience. I’m a winner as is my son. At two different trades. That’s right if you want to get rich, you take that training and start your own shop. Or make investments with your income. But no one gets rich working by the hour. But you can make damn good money. And yes the union guys are easily the best trained. Do you think the best don’t work at the highest pay rate? Only a fool works for a lower wadge if he is good enough to command top pay. You just were not good enough

        3. I agree that they aren’t always the best trained. It’s a scam and they fucking hold builders like me hostage. However, of you want a career that doesn’t involve getting a half million dollar degree in pediatric gynecology or whatever, and if you can break into the club, being a union electrician, plumber, carpenter etc gives you a very good quality of living and an actual shot at a comfortable retirement

        4. Oh and yes 100% true about driving businesses underground. I have to pay 70-100 dollars an hour for an electrician where I can get someone just as good for half that. Now multiply that by the 80 electricians indeed for 3 years with their overtime and all the other perks and see what it does to my bottom line. Then I have to do it for every other trade. My current project is estimated at 500m. It would be 300m if we didn’t have a PLA and the work would get done just as well or better. That’s not chump change

        5. Hence your knee jerk anti union tirade.
          You’ll sell your own mother and hire illegal wetbacks and nigs any day of the week

        6. Look, I get that there are great union guys out there. There are also lazy and worthless union guys. I don’t have a knee jerk reaction to anything. The fact hat I can’t hire a talented electrician for half the money of a lazy slob is rank socialism at work trying to undermine the people who are adding value to a city by growing it. The unions are a total fucking scam. In a free market the best would charge more and prove value while the worst would charge the least ad make their value there. Didn’t mean to trigger your socialist tendencies.

        7. My experience with union guys is that they are in fact, on the whole, much better trained tradesmen. Of course there is always a margin of error where there are very talented people who aren’t in the union and, through nepotism, untalented people who are in the union. But that is a big minority. I think that the problem a lot of people have with the labor unions is that they essentially will hold job sites hostage. My current project has a PLA agreement and is all union. It will cost me more. A significant amount more. I will, however, get a better quality of job done. That said, I will also pay for insane excesses, bs overtime and, what is most upsetting to me, I really have no choice in the matter. If I want to make an inferior product on the cheap I ought to have that right. Also, if, in my years of doing high rise development, I have cultivated connections with people who are genuinely talented but have no union affiliation….which I have….I can’t throw them on a job. The unions are there to protect the basic rights of the tradesmen and create a gold standard for quality of work. I understand and respect that. But in doing so they have marginalized a lot of people while, at the same time, made building costs a lot higher. Now I have a 3-4 year long project where I will employ hundreds of tradesmen and laborers. My bottom line cost is 30% more with my PLA agreement. We are talking 100’s of millions of dollars. There are plenty of people who look at that math and simply decide that the investment of building isn’t worth it. We had that discussion here. We ultimately decided to build. A lot of people would not have had jobs if we didn’t. So yes, I can see things from the side of the unions but it is important to realize things from the developers side too. We aren’t sitting here with unlimited amounts of money, twisting our mustaches trying to figure out how to fuck over a welder. We are trying to build buildings that add much needed housing to a city while, at the same time, are valuable and profitable to us. Holding us hostage while we do it is usually a bad idea. That said, this isn’t always the case either and I have a good relationship from people with most of the locals I deal with. But denying that there are abuses is absolutely impossible.

        8. A city like New York City and the unions can be pretty tight. And of course the loser things are the easier it is on the developer. We all understand that. the craft unions get away from doing their actual craft and start talking about anything other then what they do for living things get strange. Union can be a little obnoxious.
          A lot of the smaller crafts people that you’re talking about are Union trained guys. they’ve just set up their own shop. A non-union shop.

        9. Yes, there is a company I deal here with a lot. They are electricians and basically they are a union shop but they have a subsidiary of non union guys. Often times I can make a deal for when I need a small job done with no bullshit for them to give me a non union rate through that side of the company so long as when something big comes up I remember they took care of me. I have a good reputation of being a straight shooter with the guys and keeping my side of the deal so I can usually deal with them on a handshake and a scotch. Somewhere in the middle of the unions being over aggressive in their self interest and the developers thinking that they should be able to get the best work at the cheapest prices there is a happy medium. Finding and maintaining that medium on half billion dollar projects one of the reasons I have an ulcer.

        10. Not exactly. I am the COO for the company so i do logistical coordination between trades and architects and lawyers and accounts and blah blah blah. There is a significant portfolio which we manage as well. At the end of the day i am essentially one person on a 7 person executive team.

        11. Yeah you you maintain a larger office staff than average. You sound like Turner, your at least that size. I was the owner of a midsize commercial tile and stone company. I’m now semi-retired, basically working with my hands again until I quit. I’m a little young to retire. But close. Not ambitious enough to be doing project after project. As you know there’s about a 5-year investment when you start a new one. From bidding stage to completion.

      2. Pension and job protections.
        Unions are well worth it.
        Compare a public school teacher with union pension vs private catholic school teacher with none. No comparison.
        Your comment is asinine and based on knee jerk bs

  11. A few years ago, I worked abroad in China teaching English and doing Western entertainment and that was great monetarily. The downside is that you are so far from family, the toxic air, and poor quality food.
    Since I’ve been back in the USA, I’ve been doing contract work for my uncle’s business. I think working for your family is a good way to combat all the affirmative action, PC shit that is rampant in most standard jobs. Not to mention its a lot harder to get fired.

    1. Also would add HVAC tech in some place ridiculously hot like Nevada, Arizona, or Texas to be perennially in demand

  12. Fuck off faggot!!your conclusions are niggerish…degrees are what make us capable educated men.

    1. Did you honestly just post that? That was a good idea, when you hit “Post as mando”? Seriously?

  13. Lol. Most trades are low-skilled work. The only reason you get paid a lot and have job security is because most people in developed countries DO NOT want to work that kind of jobs. It’s low-skilled, doesn’t give you status and a lot of women will instantly ditch you when you tell them you’re a plumber.
    Also, a lot of unschooled immmigrants choose trades, because it’s easy to learn, so be careful of that. And why do you want to work that kind of jobs if you grew up in a developed country? You have better options than doing hard and dirty work.

    1. so Its all about being a pussy beggar for you then. How about having a REAL SKILL that the economy needs? Its STEM if you want to get into debt at a college or trades.

    2. There’s are types of pipe welding that require skill and you can easily make six figures in a few years if you take to it.

    3. “It’s low-skilled, doesn’t give you status and a lot of women will instantly ditch you when you tell them you’re a plumber.”
      That’s the problem in the US. People would rather work a job making 30k a year wearing a shirt and tie than get their hands dirty making 50k+ because of the percieved status it would give them.
      IDGAF what women think about my profession. Money is money and the more I have the more I can invest and buy precious metals. Your local plumber making $100k a year doesn’t give a fuck about his status or what women think of him unlike the $30k millionaire who’s lifestyle if leveraged to the hilt and will burn out by 30.

    4. OK, so rather than just bitch and moan, why don’t you tell all of us what guys without college degrees should do for a living?

  14. Profitable trading is btw impossible for most people. You have to compete with people who have been studying the markets for more than 30 years, people who do this stuff fulltime, people who are just extremely smart and you do know that most companies work with algorithms? Even professional hedge fund managers can’t outperform the market, which basically means they’re just gambling.
    The only reason some big companies make a lot of money is because of inside information. They just know more stuff than the common people. They can also manipulate the market by publishing for example negative news, watch how the population acts like sheeps and sells their stocks and voila….big banks can cash on their short positions.

    1. I agree with what you are saying. Sound investment planning still works, but day trading is a good way to go broke in a hurry. I encourage anyone into any form of trading to read “A random walk down wall street”. It’s a brilliant classic mathematical breakdown of how the stock market actually behaves. It will save anyone that reads much money and pain.

    2. This notion that trading is impossible unless you are a quant is a bit overdone. It’s not hard to fade an obvious pump and dump like Twitter stock recently and make a handsome profit. There are many opportunities for the “average guy” to make some money if he is patient and reasonably intelligent.

  15. The world seems full of those stories of bad boys who eventually learned the ‘hard truth’ after they failed at school. Gotta wonder how much truth is in that.

    1. 90% of our grandfathers didn’t have “degrees”. They created the modern world.
      I think that degrees are highly overrated. Some professions obviously require them, but most, not so much.

        1. My go to line most of the time is “What degree did Socrates have?”.

        2. Most people cannot tell you three words stringed together that Socrates said. So I take their disdain in stride.

        3. Oh, I can’t either. In my mind, he’s the kind of dude that keeps questioning everything. And when he gets an answer, he questions that. I am a bit like that, too, but I have learned to keep it in, because it fucking annoys the hell out of people.

        4. Socrates didn’t have a twisted cycle of federal funding pushing the market to forcing more superfluous degrees.

  16. If you’re only making $97.00 an hour, you must be an awful prostitute.

  17. Plus, as an added benefit you’ll be working in an environment that is
    almost guaranteed to be 100% men. No woman that I know is willing to
    work in trades, which means that there are no HR departments to deal

    The pitfall to that is any women who do enter the trades will wreak havoc with the work environment.
    Also, while there might not be an HR department at the company for which you work, there is going to be one at your actual employer-the labor union.
    Labor unions are their own special hell. You’re not your own man when you’re in one, you’re their man, both on and off the job. You work for the union and the company that you “work” for merely rents you from the union.
    Work in these fields is also not guaranteed, labor unions have a proven knack for driving business into the ground. Insult to injury is that the leadership always lives high on the hog, even when you’ve hit the skids.

  18. Learning a trade is good, just make sure you learn one with high entry barriers for illegals. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck competing with clowns willing to work for $10/hr

    1. Electrician and plumbing require good math and reading comprehension which eliminates most illegal labor competition.

  19. I did Nightclub promotion for about 5 years and yeah it’s one of the best jobs for young men. You learn game, social circle, how to really network, dealing with dramatic women, etc

    1. It’s fine if you want to work 6-7 days a week 365 days a year. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights are easier, but in order to move up you are still expected to bring in the numbers Sunday to Wednesday (when the club is open). Also depending on the club (no experience in Las Vegas so that might be different) don’t like it when promoters pick up girls that go to their clubs. That takes away one huge benefit.

  20. With ww3 or civil war 2.0 coming get a trade welding, machining, pipefitting, or drilling rig. I’ve been rigging for 6 years and even with the slow down I made 100 000 a year. Plus there’s no whiny liberal bullshit just men being men working hard and making money.

  21. Retail managers make up to $150k/year and don’t require a college degree and can move into district/regional management as well. Can be long hours, though (most head store managers make $50-70k/yr but larger stores are higher and very small stores are lower)

    1. Try grocery store manager too. Most do not require a college degree although you may have to work as a low level clerk for up to a year before becoming eligible for management track. But, most major chains have great training programs (the equivalent of an associates degree). Salaries tend to start around 70K and escalate rapidly with performance bonuses being the industry norm. You will be required to work early mornings, late evenings, and holidays though. Although, most chains, 50+ hours a week, offer a generous PTO package

  22. As a real estate expert I don’t recommend real estate. It’s hard fucking work. It’s something you really have to love.
    Blogging is a great idea. All you really have to do is talk about what you’re interested in. And we do that all time in the comments section.

  23. In the US Real Estate Agent can be a though one. Expect years of networking, “sitting houses” (essentially doing open houses for a listing agent for little or no pay), massive fluctuations in cash flow and income as you only get paid when the sale closes (but some firms will guarantee you a minimum salary which is essentially a zero interest loan that is paid off by your future commissions), and to be one of the first professions to get hit by an economic downturn and one of the last to benefit from an upswing.
    If you live in a good real estate market area though with decent properties values and are very ambitious you can make it work for you though. Just don’t assume you got your real estate license so you are going to make money.

  24. Is anyone here knowledgeable or experienced about owning a farm/orchard/kettle station business?
    I’ve always somehow looked up to that as hard but rewarding work and a healthy outdoor activity (I’ve been employed in a farm and got way more fun than a corporate job).
    You aren’t likely to get rich but still won’t need that much on the other hand and you get to be your own boss with no sick HR department.

    1. The Dairy Farmers where I live all seem to like it. but the hours are incredible and the amount of land you need. It really doesn’t make it worthwhile to be buying the land. You’re tying up more than a million dollars I n land to make a basic living and will be working about 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Of course that’s Dairy farming which is more labor-intensive. I’m sure in the heart of the country in real farming country you could lease land cheaper. but I’m pretty certain that the economics of it do not work out until you have a large operation. I’ve seen some gentleman ranches , close to cities that do alright in the specialty organic areas. A they always work hard. Those operations pan out Because you might be able to do another job until you have that property bought and partially paid for

  25. Forget trading. You’re better off playing poker. At least there you have a chance.
    Fireman, cop, truck driver, insurance adjuster all are decent.

  26. What’s this “job” thing you speak of? Mom gives me good boy points for tendies and the state gives me Autismbux for spazzing out and shitting myself at the doctor’s office. I spend it on hookers and video games.

  27. If you’re going to choose a trade……hmmmm…….probably be best to choose one that is essential. Fact is, you have to have water and a functional sewer before anything else in your house. Plain fact. Repair Plumbers work when no one else has a job.
    I’ve always had a survival bent. Plumbing is the most essential.

  28. I’m glad that I did the transition to writing. That will catapult me to a nomadic lifestyle once the stars align (they will, believe me).
    Also, I was raised on income made from renting 5 little flats that my mum built during the years. She continues living off it and some day I will inherit some of it.

  29. Train as a barber, then set up shop in some small town giving the same exact haircut every day for $7-10. 90% of people will pay in cash, and the overhead can be nearly nothing. You need a shed with a chair, mirror, sink and some electricity and you’re ready for business.
    And women only show up when their young boys need a quick buzz-cut. Otherwise, they stay in the local salon instead.

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