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Return Of Kings has been open for 27 months. What started out as a modest group blog now reaches 1 million people every month and is on its way to becoming an alternative news source for men. But now we need your help.

ROK has been extremely difficult to monetize because mainstream advertisers do not want to come near our politically incorrect content. At the same time, we just got a rash of complaints when we allowed an “internet marketer” to sponsor our pages, saying that it damages our reputation (I don’t wholly disagree on this point). We’re caught between a rock and a hard place since we can’t get mainstream advertisers and also can’t comfortably use advertising from sponsors like PUA companies who have deep pockets. I’m also not a fan of promoting six-pack abs affiliate programs.

ROK has an operations cost of about $2,000 a month, which includes a roster of weekly columnists, an editor, hosting, various paid site apps, system administration, and also PHP/wordpress programming. This cost will increase as we improve our hosting infrastructure and seek to commission more timely news articles and features. I’d like to cover at least 75% of our base costs with monthly reader donations so that we don’t have to depend on advertisers to operate the site.

Become a monthly patron

Have you been receiving decent value from ROK? Have we made a positive impact on your life? Are the articles you read worth at least $3 a month? If yes, we kindly ask that you consider donating at least $3 a month using Paypal on a monthly recurring basis. While one-time donations are nice, it’s hard to plan for the future based on them. If we know that several months from now we’ll have our basic costs covered, we can better plan for more growth and better articles.

To become a monthly patron, select from one of the six options in the drop-down menu below and click Subscribe.

Donation Options

If you change your mind in the future, you can cancel your monthly donation at any time within Paypal.

We appreciate the help that everyone has given us so far and hope that you’ll begin to see an increase in the quality and impact of the articles we publish in the upcoming months. Thanks for the support.

90 thoughts on “Return Of Kings Donation Drive”

  1. Done deal – decent value and a positive impact on my life is a massive understatement. This should be no problem to achieve with the incredible base of regulars around here. Keep up the good fight.

    1. Done here. To think how much I get from this site versus moronic and dated “conventional-wisdom” from places like esquire.

    2. Agreed. Not only do I enjoy most of the articles posted here, but just knowing that this site exists gives me hope for the future of masculine values.

  2. Roosh, is there some particular reason to avoid premium content as a source of income?
    I suppose most readers will be reluctant to start paying for the kind of info that they are used to getting for free (Although it is undeniable that you people have done an excellent job at keeping this site relevant, regularly undated with good quality and an agreeable interface). There is also, of course, the problem of the free rider: yeah, donations, cool, let the others do it.

    1. Premium becomes exclusionary, and keeps the news from going out to many people who might highly benefit from it.
      Donations are cool, I’ll click on the link and see what this is all about.

      1. Yes, a pay wall, but there can be many things behind it: extra content, books, forum privileges, special deals with advertisers, etc.

      2. A RoK book may work very well.
        If you want it to be done fast, it could be like Captain Capitalism’s top shelf (a compilation of the very best articles, in a book). It worked for him and you have a bigger audience.
        Or it could be a big summary of the redpill mindset and principles, it would take more work but reader would pay more for it as well.
        Also, monthly donations will be done mostly by regular readers, but books can be bought by new readers as well. And Amazon recommendations may add a few extra sales.

        1. Amazon recommendations are a great idea.
          There are probably a number of things the Kings find worth reading; catalog ’em into a “Must Reads” section
          I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d enjoy more book reviews, discussions, perhaps even a reading club to examine some of the best classic and contemporary literature. I’ll also submit my first book review for your editors’ consideration.
          A forum where we can virtually hang out and virtually discuss those books regularly would be an interesting offer indeed.

    2. I fucking hate paywalls and there are many ways to get around them. Its a great way to turn people off. Its a nice idea on paper, but terrible in practice.

  3. is there a way to do this without paypal? paypal has never worked with my bank account or cards.

  4. I’ll gladly donate because the forum showed me that I wasn’t crazy, and alone in the world. I’ve gotten a lot of value from your sites.

  5. I’ll donate if you get rid of the popups that started appearing oh about two days ago. Lolz

  6. Accept Bitcoin and I’ll throw some your way. Some of us just prefer it for online donations.

    1. Paypal takes about forty cents off of each of those $3 donations. With bitcoin, they’d be getting the full amount since there are no fees.

      1. For now. There are always “no fees” for any start up (just my experience with different things). Sure, I would like to see a little diversity with the payment system (maybe coming soon?).

  7. A few bucks a month for the knowledge you gain is much cheaper for using that knowledge than having to go without that knowledge and end up getting used as an economic mule by some fat slob bitch for 22 years.

  8. I’m on it. ROK has been a breath of fresh air. It let me know that I am not alone in my worldview.
    If the Huffington Post can reach 100 million readers per month with its bloody poison, then I think at least a few thousand of us could help support a site like ROK!

  9. Roosh – can this be done anonymously? Some of us are in deep undercover within the feminist-industrial-complex. I’d hesitate to make a donation even with a “vow of secrecy”; not knowing if and how RoK is legally registered and what it may one day be forced to report is just a level of risk I can’t afford at the present.

  10. Thanks for the great articles. Also, the patron setup was the easiest I have ever experienced. That may be true because my passwords are all up to date. Either way, you have set this up candidly and professionally.

  11. well I may have to cancel my subscription to amnesty international, which i keep hearing is CIA funded anyway

  12. Done. Thanks for turning my life around and teaching me to slay asian poon as was always my destiny

  13. just threw a little something in for roosh . thanks to all the writers at R.O.K. been wanting to do this for a while now, money well spent. lets show some appreciation people !

  14. Done. This site has really changed my life and outlook in so many ways and allowed me to navigate more easily in these uncertain times of ours. Keep the good stuff coming.

  15. I’m in from Australia and now an active monetary contributor. The state of the pathetic MSM and the white and pink ribbon bully brigade here down under, has tipped me over the edge of the “fair and reasonable debate” bandwagon. Its time to push back against these pathetic harpy shrills. Two notable pain in the arse “feminists” here in Australia are Melinda Tankard Reist and Clementine Ford……give me a freaking break ladies. You have hijacked the narrative to the extreme and have the mindset of a hammer.
    Keep up the good work men…..I’m reading

  16. I’m in.
    Best three bucks I’ll spend every month…I couldn’t even get through the first variable in my cost-benefit analysis before laughing.
    Still, I kind of enjoyed dropping a fifty in the tip jar every now and again, but I see Roosh’s point about budgeting and cash flow.
    Roosh, staff writers, Winston (editor), and the occasional contributors and commentators earn my highest praise and support–I suppose I’ll still drop a fifty from time-to-time.
    Keep up the great work.

  17. I would totally advertise on here if I had a business that I thought would attract. Ill definitely think about a donation. Ive gotten a lot of mindset revision from RoK.

  18. One way you could think about monetizing the site would be to use your own native commenting system. People could make an account for commenting purposes. Then for a fee (like $30 a year) you could add features, such as avatars. I’m a member at and that is how they do it. Only members can have avatars, sigs, and such, but anybody can post. You could also have a ‘clubhouse’, a forum exclusive to RoK. Just some ideas.

  19. I cannot put a value on the change ROK has brought into my life; what ROK has provided is not mere knowledge such as in a history book, but the will and tools to improve myself as a man to the fullest extent possible.
    Only $3 a month? Done.
    Thank you Roosh, for ROK, your forum, and your books.
    You are fighting the fight no one else can or will, and I am forever grateful for your efforts.

  20. Ask, and ye shall receive. Here’s to hoping this site will be around for many years to come.

  21. This article should have the most comments. Now it’s time to show red pill attitude and support the cause

  22. Spending $3 a month will save you hundreds…if not thousands in the long run. Will happily donate

  23. Roosh, you need something like a Patreon. I think you could easily get around 3-5k a month off of that and I would be more than interested in contributing. I’d like to see more of your videos as well, I thought the content in your travel vids and commentary videos were fantastic.

      1. I haven’t read any of your books, but your social and political commentary is more that insightful. The ROK articles on self improvement are amazing but the commentary on the perils facing the west are for me at least, the main attraction. I especially appreciated your critique of multiculturalism. For someone of Iranian descent, it took courage in my opinion to point out the major flaw in modern society. People on the New right are quoting Roosh, which just goes to show the influence you have had on the non PC.

      2. that’s true, but there are a ton of websites for crowd funding. It would be nice to see what total we are raising every month.

      3. That’s cultural marxist gynocentrism because they allow Zoe Quinn on the site who bullies and doxxes people.

  24. Do like NPR.
    I’ll buy an overpriced t-shirt, bumper sticker, totebag, keyring, or bracelet.
    Make the stuff unmistakable but tasteful and discrete… so only we brothers recognize when we come across one another.
    It doesn’t even have to carry the Return of Kings branding, but perhaps another kind of imagery or message that appropriately expresses the philosophy.
    OK fellas, now share your creative visions and we will vote with our dollars.

  25. Next step, a “kickstarter” platform for politically incorrect endeavors.
    Hey Cathedral, we have our own dollars and dreams. We won’t stay silent.

  26. Done. This site definitely deserves it. I wish I could donate more but I’m already struggling with my business. I am sure I can donate more in the future. Thank you ROK for the value you provide.

  27. This is a great idea. It is difficult to acquire advertising anyway, and even if successful advertising can easily make the site less attractive and easy to read.
    There is a long history of patrons who paid for political pamphlets, leaflets and publications in the past to spread new ideas and politics. These were produced on small printing presses and were distributed at the time of the French Revolution and to spread other new ideas in Britain and the US. Often ideas that were not popular with the establishment and ruling classes.
    If you’re like me I take a look and read ROK every day. So on a readers level I like many will be quite happy to pay and contribute something for the entertainment and knowledge I receive from the site.
    But there is also a deeper level to this. As a patron you can support the idea of a free press that has the ability to investigate and talk about issues that the established press avoid. You can genuinely finance a media site that can reach out to millions of readers and present an alternative view of reality and what is going on in the world today.
    The articles during the last few days about the terrorist incidents in France are a great example of this. Those articles gave a completely different view and analysis of what happened there. A view that the established Main Stream Media did their best to avoid.

    1. …..please think seriously about what you can contribute, whether it is $3, $10 or $20 a month. Remember most sites that provide such volume of daily content would be spending $2000 a month on expenses, coffees and dinners.
      And if you become a patron be proud that you are following a tradition of financing an alternative viewpoint of the world we live in.

  28. Hey i could donate without problem. The thing is i live in Venezuela and we have a currency exchange problem because the socialist/comunist/drug lord’s/thiefts/corrupt/authoritarian goverment has ruined eveything. The goverment is actually running out of USD, we don’t produce anything, as the goverment nationalizated the oil company and expropriated many companies that produced food and other basic products. It’s stupid how a rich country is really falling down, people are making lines for food, diapers and TP like in east germany, the poverty and inflation index is really high. Our culture is really the shit. So i can’t donate. People from the first world don’t belive in this. The little USD i made can’t be wasted on things like this. Actually the minimun wage is 4000 VEF and the exchange rate is 185VEF/USD.

    1. I take it you were not one of those holding a candle outside the presidential palace when Chavez went to sleep lol

    2. Just spread the word, for now, and do what you can (on the ground). You never know what “change” will bring and men are the ones who bring about that change – in reality.
      Tell more men to visit ROK.

  29. Donated my money this morning, hey when yall making shirts with the new logo. Ill buy one

  30. I’m in.
    I suspect the site’s influence will continue to grow and big pocket sponsors won’t be able to ignore the market impact for too long. Money talks after all and the PC crowd above all bows to this altar daily.
    Keep fighting the good fight Roosh et al.

    1. I didn’t know there were like minded men out there, I thought I was all alone on this island.

    2. I didn’t know there were like minded men out there, I was under the impression I was all alone on this island.

  31. I just opened a PayPal account and put a decent amount in. 5 to 7 working days until it goes into my account. I will be donating. Definitely value for money.
    Our writers in the manosphere and on other politically incorrect sites need our financial support. An alternative form of media is needed and unfortunately it cannot be done on penny’s.

  32. done!
    i have been through some tough times in my life where turning to ROK has keep me sane in an insane westernised world!
    what are we suppose to turn to for REAL news… the media???

  33. accept bitcoins, then you can convert them into US Dollar and send the money to your bank account with bitpay.

  34. I signed up, glad to do it! Since the churches have all abrogated their mission on earth, I feel you guys are one of the only places left that do God’s work. That’s right, I said it!

  35. Done.
    But you took down the green meter that showed how far along the $$$ drive was. If I could see it I might donate more

  36. Please incorporate Bitcoin donations on here its easy and will help some of us donate easily… i dont have a paypal anymore cuz its terrible.

  37. Again, I’d LOVE to contribute to a “membership” program, which allowed donators to go without ads and seeing this shitty “Sponsored Posts” that are filled with mis-information and that promote products that aren’t good for you. (Kratom, I’m looking at you.)
    I respect the hell out of you, Roosh, and your work—but the direction the site is going—it’s just a pro-men Huffington Post. How are we different from “The Verge”, other than our topics? You could argue that we actually believe in our cause—-but so do the feminists at Jezebel (God bless their poor, fucked up souls). They do it for one reason—the money. When you go from doing it for the cause, to doing it for the money, you’ve started going down a bad path, and it won’t be long until we’re just a pro-men Huff Po. I really want to support RoK, but I don’t want to throw good money after bad. I’m not a web designer, but if you can manage a membership login to RoK, similar to your forum, and have a subscriber package for x dollars per month, no ads, no sponsered posts, I’d subscribe the fuck out of that.

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