An Ode To The Millennial Generation

Generations are typically defined as those born during a certain time span and usually sharing certain common experiences, values, and aspirations. Historically, generations have been binned into 18 year intervals: the Greatest Generation (1910-1928), the Silent Generation (1928-1946), Baby Boomers (1946 – 1964), Generation X (1964 – 1982), and the Millennials (1982 – 2000). The start and end points of a generation are often chosen to coincide with major historical events, e.g, the Baby Boomer Generation began with the end of WW2 and ended with the start of the Vietnam War (Gulf of Tonkin), and the end of the Millennial Generation is generally chosen to coincide with the bursting of the dot-com bubble and 9/11.

Pundits are fond of heralding the arrival of the Millennial generation onto the national stage. Every week or so, some Legacy Media columnist or contributor swears the Millennials are on the threshold of seizing the reins of political, economic, and cultural power. However, despite these assurances, there are major indications that the Millennials represent a stillborn generation that will leave behind no lasting legacy.

Misleading Name And Deceptive Statistics

First, “Millennial” was a very poor moniker for those born between 1982 and 2000. Before “Millennial” stuck, this cohort was referred to as either Generation Y or Echo Boomers, either of which would have been more apropos. The term “Millennial” really should have been reserved for those born after the new millennium, e.g., after 2000.

The oldest Millennials were born during Reagan’s first term and were partying in college when they rang in the new millennium. Moreover, Millennials lived a good amount of their childhood prior to the widespread availability of the internet and nostalgically remember frustratingly slow dial-up. Those born after 2000 really have grown up in a totally different reality, never knowing a world without high speed wireless internet, social media, and smart phones.

Pundits are also fond of emphasizing that the Millennials represent the largest generation (in terms of cohort members). However, that fact belies certain discomfiting realities. Most Millennials are children of Baby Boomers. If Boomers reproduced at replacement level (meaning 2 children per couple), then it stands to reason that they will give rise to a generation at least as large as their own. Many Millennials grew up as only children or with one sibling. Consequently, their situation growing up was one of familial isolation, being spoiled by doting helicopter parents, and a lack of a need to share or compromise.

Late To The Party

People often succumb to the logical fallacy of believing all generations will exert equal influence. Whatever one’s view of the Baby Boomer generation, it cannot be denied that they have exerted massive influence on the national culture and did so from a very early age. Even before they were old enough to vote, they were changing history, fighting for Civil Rights and protesting the Vietnam War (“Hey! Hey! LBJ! How many kids did you kill today?”). The Baby Boomer generation has been setting the direction of the country for 50 years.

In the 2016 election, the American people were presented with two candidates, both older Baby Boomers (Trump born 1946 and Hillary born 1947). A Baby Boomer will be at the helm for the next 4-8 years. Assuming younger Baby Boomers will exert similar influence as their older Baby Boomer counterparts, we can expect the end of Baby Boomer influence to come in approximately 25 years, at which time The Baby Boomers will have set the nation’s course for 75 years!

The oldest Millennials are already middle aged. When the Baby Boomer influence is finally over, the Millennials will be 40-60 years old. Historically, a generation peaks early. The Millennials have not made themselves felt to any comparable degree. The Millennials were late to the party and may be early to leave if a subsequent generation is more assertive (and there are indications that non-PC views in general and Alt-Right beliefs in particular are more common among those in the Generation Z cohort) and pushes them off the national stage.

Lack Of A Generational Voice

The Baby Boomers had their own sages and prophets trumpeting their arrival on the national stage: Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Crosby, Stills, and Nash. Ask yourself: Are there similar generational voices for the Millennials? Lady Gaga? Miley Cyrus? Katy Perry? Are there similar ballads and anthems of the Millennial Generation? What about cinema? The Baby Boomers had movies with counter-culture, anti-authority themes like The Graduate, Easy Rider, 5 Easy Pieces, and Alice’s Restaurant.

What do the Millennials have? Big-budget CGI remakes. A remake of Ghostbusters. A reboot of Jurassic Park. Another installment of Star Wars. Now, think about the heroes and icons of the Millennial generation, those who have had a profound impact on how Millennials live their lives. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs? Both born 1955. Both Baby Boomers. PayPal’s Elon Musk? Born 1971. Barring the creators of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) and Snapchat (Evan Spiegal), there are very few Millennials who have influenced other Millennials in any major way.

The Millennials have come of age in an era of globalism and open borders; consequently, the Millennial voice is being muffled though massive immigration from Latin America and Asia. Millennials are being squeezed from both sides: from the bottom (Latin America: poor and uneducated) and from the top (Asia: wealthy and well-educated). The previous generations were marked by exceptional ethnic, cultural, and lingual homogeneity. While whites still constitute a majority of Millennials, the Millennials as a whole are a much more mixed group with large numbers of Hispanics and Asians—groups that were almost non-existent in America when the Baby Boomers were coming of age.

The American economy was also much stronger in earlier generations: Baby Boomers could pay their way through college working summer jobs as a lifeguard or burger flipper. Not anymore. The rise in the cost of tuition has far outstripped the pace of inflation. Additionally, there are many more wealthy people from other nations that are willing to pay the exorbitant tuition at American universities. In the 1960s, countries like India, South Korea, and China were backward and frantically trying to modernize. Now these countries have huge numbers of middle and upper class families eager to send their children to prestigious schools in the West. Back then, American schools were for American students. Now, American schools are for whoever can pay the admission fee.

Millennials have a grin-and-bear-it mindset. While earlier generations would have set up barricades in the streets or taken the out-of-touch elites to the guillotine, Millennials are perhaps best characterized by their seemingly endless ability to absorb one punishment, privation, and humiliation after another. They are seemingly unwilling to stand up for their own interests, not resisting the elites’ efforts to bring in an endless stream of poor Central American migrants, foreign students, foreign professionals on H1B visas, and rich foreign nationals to buy up all the prime real estate.

The Millennial response to being unable to make ends meet? Become a part-time Uber or Lyft driver.

Lack Of A Generational Vision

Perhaps as a result of encroaching globalism and a lack of ethnic, cultural, and lingual hegemony, the Millennials seem to lack anything amounting to a collective vision and seem content to adopt a YOLO mindset that spurns long-term thinking and legacy formation in favor of hedonistic consumption and materialistic pursuits.

To whatever extent the Millennials entertain ideas beyond self-indulgent base pursuits, they are derivative, ersatz facsimiles of a previous generation’s aspirations. Landing a man on the Moon was a paradigm-shifting first for earlier generations. Now Millennials are clamoring to get a job at SpaceX. For some reason, they are excited to try to duplicate the accomplishments of an earlier era. Witness the congratulatory tweets that followed Mission Juno’s successful insertion into orbit around Jupiter. Even Google offered up a celebratory Doodle.

No one found it the least bit odd that they were celebrating a duplication of accomplishments of the Pioneer and Voyager missions from 35-45 years ago. Look at all the teams competing for the Google Lunar X Prize. No one finds it odd that they’re trying to duplicate what the Soviet Union accomplished with the Lunokhod 1 rover in 1970! The Armenian engineer Alexander Kemurdzhian, born a hundred years ago, worked on planetary rovers over half a century ago! A combination of woefully poor history education and a lack of formal master-apprentice relationships to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from the previous generation to the next has left the Millennials in a state of total ignorance, not knowing what’s been done before and what hasn’t.

Health Problems


Regardless of one’s opinion of the Baby Boomers’ politics, it can’t be denied that they aged fairly well. The same cannot be said of Millennials, the oldest of whom are now in their mid-30s and the youngest of whom are now graduating high school. It is more common than not to encounter a Millennial male who appears prematurely aged with a receding hairline, prematurely graying hair, or is even completely bald. The number of oral cancers among young men is also rising dramatically. We can expect the Millennial generation with their hedonistic lifestyle to be decimated by HPV-related cancers.


When you watch footage of the 1967 Monterey Pop Music Festival, the 1969 Woodstock Festival, and life on hippie communes, you’re struck by the number of babies and young children. You see women breastfeeding their babies. You see parents playing with their young children. At least one child was born at Woodstock and who knows how many were conceived there. What’s on the cover of Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy album? Naked children.

Think you’ll ever see a parent bringing a baby or child to a Kanye West or Miley Cyrus concert? It’s not because they’re overly protective parents afraid the content is unsuitable. After all, Woodstock is infamous for its unabashed drug use, nudity, and profanity. It’s because those who attend these concerts don’t have children. They are childless.

A good number of hippies—while spurning a lot of traditional things—still opted to have children and have them at a young age. The same cannot be said for Millennials. For the first time in history, people are opting to remain childless. This is unprecedented. People continued to reproduce even under the most adverse conditions: during the Ice Age with prowling saber tooth tigers, during the Bolshevik reign of terror, during World War Two with the Red Army drawing ever closer. In a time of unparalleled abundance and amazing safety nets, people have convinced themselves that the world is too challenging and foreboding to bring a child into.



Despite frequent claims to the contrary, the Millennials will ultimately merit but a footnote in the annals of history. There will be no grand epitaph on their generational tombstone.

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273 thoughts on “An Ode To The Millennial Generation”

  1. What a totally sad… but completely true article. None of us are willing to give up our hedonistic pleasures and plow our life energy into something that still stand the test of time.
    I want to get through to the “end of pleasure” and find my life’s purpose, mainly where I can invest my energy for the future generations — I’m heading there, given myself one year, with or without you, I’m getting my ass there.

    1. Save up some money, go to mexico, thailand, or amsterdam and get yourself alot of drugs and hookers. You will be all hedonismed out

      1. Already on my list to do… try doing all that while holding down a professional 9-5. Good thing I won’t be having one to hold down in 2017 and get to the fun stuff full time…

        1. I’d agree. Thailand and Philippines are 2nd tier for gaming women. Cheaper than SA though

  2. I still have some hedonistic tendencies but it’s from being raised by baby boomers. I thoroughly exhausted them working a night club some through my own personal trial and error and others by watching other’s. I often think of the current state of america as somewhat paralleling Rome’s later stages.

    1. A hangover symptom of so many single/childless older millennials is that they are still going to clubs and whatnot in their mid 30s.
      They are otherwise at a loss of what to do on a saturday night since they have no family and very few peers they can just “hang out” with at that juncture in life.

      1. I got heavily into reading and writing and actually made a career switch into the military to get away from it. I had gotten to know many of the in crowd for that scene where I lived and saw it was a blackhole so I did what i could to get out.

        1. The single 30 something anti-club crowd is at least saying “thank god for Tinder”

        2. Don’t know about all that, tinder was good about a year or two ago but unless you look good in pictures it’s mainly land whales

        3. Tinder is good depending on your Geography. Miami is insane for instance while Jacksonville would be horrible. Fit Latinas versus fat rednecks in the same state

      2. “they are still going to clubs and whatnot in their mid 30s.”
        Funnily enough, I remember when I first went to college bars and there’d usually be a few sad 35ish washed-up Gen Xers with popped collars trying to pick up girls my age. I never thought my generation would be that pathetic…

  3. Let’s face it guys, whites and northeast Asians by and large opt to not have children if they cannot afford them and don’t want to be multi decade burdens on the welfare state (which would only maintain a just – over – broke lifestyle anyway).
    With so many 1st world Millennials everywhere unemployed or underemployed (Japan, Korea, Taiwan included), dysgenics has taken ahold of the world.
    The low IQ, non-innovative, and “babies just happen” races (blacks, meso americans, muslim arabs, etc) are reproducing above replacement levels and are poised to inherit the Earth.
    It’s a combination of “Idiocracy” and “Elysium” where the less capable have taken over the planet, and It’s turned into a trash heap.
    It’s hard to blame many wiser yet cash-strapped Millennials for going childless. Who wants to voluntarily bring a child into the world where those offspring are guaranteed to have a substantially lower standard of living than their GRANDPARENTS did?

    1. Here in the US taxes play a HUGE role in this problem.
      They tax Mr. Whiteman over 40% to pay for Shaquanda’s nine wel-fay babies, as well as Juan and Maria’s 12 anchor babies. It has to stop!!! I hope Pres. Trump get the ball rolling!!!

      1. ‘Shaquanda’? . . . haha . . . A fat welfare breeding mare wouldn’t be named Shaquanda. They would be more like ‘Bella’ or ‘Eeebeetaycarda’. A Shaquanda sounds liks some black drag queen
        “I’m Shaquanda but you can call me brown shooga. You lookin fo some company senator?”
        Just once I’d like to see some genetic testing done on one of these black drag queens. Cities have so many of them it seems. What on Earth part of Africa and which tribe did they come from? There has to be commonality with a specific gene.

      2. I agree with you completely on this. Our other tax problem is much more significant, though. We also allow tax breaks on companies to research foreign and install themselves on foreign lands. This enables the non-white foreigner to thrive and reproduce, allowing their quest for population dominace to be fulfilled.

        1. Yep and not a single upvote on my awesome joke. Just gonna have to give myself a pat on the back for that one. Haha.

    2. I like your comparison to “Idiocracy” and “Elysium”! Hits the nail on its head.

    3. It’s remarkable how someone could “inherit” something that was stolen from them… I’m very much better off than my grand parents and my children are better off than theirs. Sounds like a you problem Hubie.

      1. That is true, especially if you are now middle aged or better. However, a longitudinal statistical study has recently shown that today’s 30 year olds are worse off (economically) than their parents were at 30. I am now old, but when I was 30 I was spending a much higher proportion f my income on housing than my father did at 30. This was born out as statistically true on average at that time. If you count the availability of electronic toys then no you are better off than your parents were. It all depends on how you measure quality of life.
        I have children (actually they are adults) and I advise them to leave the rotting corpse of the west as soon as they can. I fear my sons’ lives will be much worse than mine, and I have been divorced twice. I am not so worried about my daughters as they will be taken care of, and probably pampered beyond reason, by the matriarchy that the US has become.

        1. I too would advise anyone to leave this place and when I can afford to I will too. My situation is more similar to a second generation emigrant. My being from the inner city put me in a position of the only place to go is up. I was born on the ground floor but not wanting for anything because of credit and ingenuity on behalf of my parents, a butcher and school teacher. Lived in an apartment, never had a car… I had to pay for lessons when I was finally ready in my early 20s to learn to drive and get a car. Now my children are the next level. Cell phones at 9 and whatnot. I worry too, that they don’t have the savvy and smoothness not having bestows upon the survivors of the conditions. I believe immigrating is good advice for anyone who will listen. Just from the aspect of having a struggle to fight against and overcome. Language barriers, learning new terrain etc

    4. Before even getting to that stage, millenials have to find a girl to trust enough to marry in this current environment. You think finding a job is hard? Try finding a girl you would consider marrying. That ain’t happening in the US.

      1. They’re self entitled ball busters who will financially and emotionally destroy you at the drop of a pin. Go to Eastern Europe or East Asia to carry on your genes

    5. I think there is different reasons why the Western world and East Asians have such low birth rates. Feminism hasn’t really taken root in East ASia. The overcrowding probably has a lot to do with their birth rates. Fortunately for the East Asian countries, a population decline over a few generations won’t hurt much as their culture and ethnicity remains in the overwhelming majority due to sensible immigration policy. They will have more space and natural resources and can simply bide their time until automation improves.
      Western Europe’s future on the other hand is depressing to think about. I only hope the EU breaks sooner rather than later so at least some countries like Italy can save themselves.

      1. Feminism can never really take hold place in Asian society. East Asian society is VERY based on hierarchy and age. Also East Asian society is shame based culture and very collective. Therefore females in East Asian society tend to behave more in tune with the society because they do not want to be shamed.
        You have to really tear the Asian society by its root core and tear away the culture to really infect the western garbage modern day liberal feminism crap into their society.
        Also many Asians don’t really give crap about hurting other people’s feelings and they don’t really care for political correctness and they don’t have “white guilt” or “Asian guilt” so they are not going to feel shameful for having a successful, industralized country.

        1. Asians are more diverse than the Europeans. Poles have a lot in common with Germans (cooking, religion) and even with the Brits (working class values/attitudes) and Spanish (religion).
          But Asia? It’s all over the map. Put an Indian and Japanese in the same room and see if they’re from the same continent, so to speak, as compared to a South American and African.
          Generally, I get along well with the Vietnamese (very working class/likable) and many Chinese. The Japanese are rigid (kind of like the Germans, sort of why they were allies) but at least honorable. The Koreans are weird and I often don’t get along with them, but they are also honorable. And the Indians: a people unfettered by manners, honesty, decency, cleanliness or good taste.

        2. Interesting points I never thought of Asia that way but you are right it is very diverse but homogenous within each country.

        3. While the immunity in Asia is higher, its not invulnerable. India and Japan have both been infected with the Feminism virus and are spreading rampantly. China might be able to hold out for a while until Feminism consumes itself.

        4. India —- yes, the biggest beta male characteristics come from Indian men. Not to mention, they are awkward with women and put every white women in pedestal.
          Japan — sort of. The only real issue is Japan’s low birth rate and their men preferring to live herbivore lifestyle (hikikomori) and refusing to have sex and preferring robot handjobs. Japanese women are not abrasive type with bull dyke persona from my experience. They do tend to be passive aggressive though. Japanese women don’t go on some sort of stomp march disrespecting their men. Japanese people are very nationalistic and they do not have the self hating mentality like Germans.
          Chinese women can be different story however just like Indian women. Their women have capability to act real bitchy, try to boss their men around, get in your face type attitude, and could easily absorb the worse traits of hardcore American feminists.
          I heard Korean women are similar to Chinese women in their attitude issues.
          Compared to China, South Korea and Japan easily absorb modern western culture but Asians don’t accept every western concepts.
          For example, western atheists try to argue about their viewpoints and get in your face about it. Asian atheists just don’t give a fuck and usually don’t bother wasting time arguing. Liberalism is quite different in Asia since Asians don’t have that ‘guilt’ like white liberals do.

    6. “It’s hard to blame many wiser yet cash-strapped Millennials for going childless. Who wants to voluntarily bring a child into the world where those offspring are guaranteed to have a substantially lower standard of living than their GRANDPARENTS did?”
      I’m from Gen-X and opted not to have children for the exact reason Hubert mentions. That, plus now that we can see the elements of a pending WWIII, followed or acvompanied by an economic armafeddon with the pending collapse of the dollar falling into place I’m even more sure of my decision – I simply do not want to bring a child into this World of shit.
      That said – I agree that the populations from the lower IQ retread cultures are reproducing like houseflies, yet the handful of elites will be having children, with proper education and encouragement to be innovative – leaving the rest of us to simply loot what we can.
      It’s kind of a catch 22 situation – the elites want to destroy and discourage whites from reproducing, ( ) yet for any rationale thinking, sane white man he knows his offspring would have less opportunity and be living in an Orwellian existance. The movie “1984” would literally no longer be science fiction, but rather fall under the category of “realistic drama”.

      1. Same, no children ever for me. Don’t want to pass on the short & bald gene anyway. (not that any 10 would let me)

        1. As a parent who knows the joy of having children and a family of my own I would urge you not to deny yourself this great pleasure. Forming a loving family is more satisfying than anything else I have done or accomplished and as my children grow older they have become my friends. We are not rich, kids need love, security, your time and commitment , your interest in them as human beings far more than lots of stuff! Who cares if you are short and bald? If you have a woman who loves you what difference does it make. I know some really ugly parents in the physical sense who have beautiful looking children. It’s more a concern to not pass on hereditary disease. Having a family gives you a stake in the future a sense of belonging and it’s fun. Kids can be hilarious and their stages of growth are amazing to watch and be part of. Now go spread those bald short genes! Be happy

        2. Why would you want a spoiled 10, find someone with strength of character and loyalty, that would be better wife material.

        3. Good point. It is much better to find a 7 or 7.5 that has a sweet personality, knows how to cook, and is less maintenance. Make your babies with a woman like that.

        4. I’d bet that there is a strong connection between your atheism, and the fact that you don’t desire to have children.
          It seems like more religious people tend to have far more children than less religious people do.

        5. It is true that because I don’t believe in a god I don’t believe in a purpose, a Master Plan. It is all just accidental to me and I don’t see life as a gift but a burden. Given how life is nothing but struggle and fighting and not everybody receives the same genetic material which favours some individuals over others I really can’t understand how religious people see this as a gift and how you can think the unborn are somehow “missing out” by not being born. It’s not like they can regret it or anything.

        6. That’s kind of an admission that parents have children for their own joy, not for their children’s joy. In a reality where a kid will have to go through 12 years of high school hell (I HATED school and was bullied to no end), after which since I don’t belong to the Elite they’ll have to be another cog in the system with either a shitty job or no job at all (I’m very pessimistic about the future as we move towards the Singularity), I don’t want this to repeat with my own offspring and go through that again, indirectly. Also, it’s not like the unborn can regret not being born and feel they’re missing out. You can regret being born though as I do.

        7. I looked at to see what kind of men I was competing with and was shocked to see some wonderful short, but very successful men that American women were just ignoring.
          I have a daughter and hope she’s short (I won’t put her into sports where she’ll grow too tall) so if she wants a pick of a handsome, but short doctor or scientist, she’ll be set for life with someone who can be trusted to love her and her children.

        8. Isn’t the assertion that playing inter alia volleyball and basketball will make young people grow tall a factoid?

        9. I’m not sure if short women are any more likely to date short men. In fact, they are themselves, consciously or not, afraid they’ll have short sons with a short man and tryto compensate by dating very tall men. Oddly enough some tall women have such small dating pools they date shorter men.

        10. OK I said 10 for maximum impact but I’m still very much a casualty of the Pareto Principle.

        11. I refer to this as hyper-masculinity: Insecure women who want a super male will chase after a super tall guy even if she’s short. Or… tall men who are insecure (although that’s becoming rare) will date a short woman.
          That being said, short women who are generally well adjusted date short men without issue. I know because I married one 12 years ago.

        12. Maybe you don’t see life as a gift because you have forgotten how to enjoy the small things. When my 30 year old sister in law was dying she loved looking at the stars, feeling wind on her face, listening to leaves rustle in trees….when you know that soon you will no longer be here to enjoy these simple wonders, you begin to suddenly realise how special they are. Even if you are not religious the whole childbirth thing is a little miracle, watching my children grow I am amazed at the tiniest gestures that are genetic- the sense of rhythm just like my father , but shared by my daughter? So many things we take for granted are actually very special, depending on how you look at things. My guess is you are hard on yourself because you are not the tall, handsome hero you think you should be. But what you maybe lack is confidence because I know some very attractive short bald men – but they are fun, confident and full of life, which is what makes them attractive.

        13. I have given my child the gift of live and a happy home. But it is up to her to find her own joy in adult life. Life isn’t a bed of roses and I’m sorry you were bullied at school. But school is over now, the bullies are probably working at the Kmart check out …..being popular in school usually means you must be a total ass as kids have such poor judgment. Mostly kids are popular because others fear them, rather than because the popular kid has any intrinsic value. I mean what did the popular kids do that made them so wonderful? Cure for cancer? I don’t think so!
          You are free of that now, so go be the great guy you were meant to be…short or tall,so what? I’m guessing you are in your 20s, enjoy them! Don’t worry so much about the little stuff and don’t give a stuff about what others think of you, what do they know? As long as you think good of yourself, and unless you are a really cruel, unpleasant person then you should like yourself and to hell with what others thought of you in the past.

        14. geez this is a ridiculously pessimistic outlook on life! do you not find joy in simple things like good food, sunshine, comfy jammies, music, hobbies..? the complete and utter joy my 13 month old daughter displays over finding lint on the floor or being spun in circles shows me that she IS grateful for the life i gave her. she is the most innately happy person i have ever met, as are most other babies and children. its unfair to say parents have children only for their own selfish reasons. that doesn’t take into consideration the immense responsibility it takes to raise a child. is it selfish to get up multiple times in the middle of the night for a year+ to feed a crying baby? to work tirelessly and spend that hard earned money not on ur own hedonistic desires but on the needs of a small child? is it selfish to cater every aspect of your life to your children until they are fully self-sufficient?
          i bet you’ll be grateful for the younger generations when you are an old man being cared for by a young person.
          my daughter was an accident, and was not conceived out of selfish desires on my part. i am a millennial too (25) and was thinking id be at least 30 before i had kids. but you can’t always plan these things. and as it turns out, even though we were terrified, nothing has brought my boyfriend and i more joy then raising out daughter, witnessing her growth, and doing our best to help her reach her full potential. yes, we are happy. but selfish? no. HER happiness and health if our priority. and we will try to raise her to make this world BETTER, even in a small way. and we’ll do our damn best to make sure she doesn’t have the same sad gloomy mindset that you do where we are all doomed and happiness is impossible… maybe you shouldn’t procreate after all if thats they kind of “wisdom” you would pass along…

        15. Thank you red pill female! Yes to all you say. Being a good parent though joyful involves a lot of sacrifice on the part of parents. The sleepless nights, spending all your money raising them rather than on yourself. I am older than you so had children later, but also the first was a very wonderful accident. I already loved my boyfriend of the time and we have now been together for 25 years. I have two girls and wish I’d started younger and had more, a son like my wonderful husband would have been a real joy! Having children forces you to grow up, you have to be responsible if you are to create the right environment for your child to thrive in. Like you I feel I have a stake in the future of the world now and work to try make it a better place, in my own small way for them and their children. When you have children life stops being just about you, which in a strange way can be quiet liberating.
          Good luck to you with your family and your positive attitude, there will be hard times as well as good, but there would be hard times even if you didn’t have kids. What you will have is your own unique ‘little world’ that you have created with your child and partner where you ‘belong’.

        16. You can’t compare the innocence of a 13 months old with all the responsibilities and problems that will still come her way later in life. She’s still got her 12 years of jail time school to do! Yes I am pessimistic and I can’t help it. I’m the product of my past experiences and bad genetics. Those little nothings you mentioned aren’t a “reason to live” and don’t compensate all the flak of having low SMV, little to no money, struggle after struggle, being reminded 24/7 that my SMV is low etc. It’s not like I’d miss out if I was never born. Taking the Red Pill for me wasn’t liberating at all, it merely meant being disappointed that all the Blue Pill lies were just that… lies. Nice Guy won’t finally get the girl, not because he is nice but because he has low SMV (height, money, status, etc) Girls don’t love bad boys because they’re bad, they love them despite them being bad because they have some sort of status and high SMV. I tried to learn game and PUA etc but it can only go so far when you have slightly autistic and nerdy traits. Being short for a man is real torture. It’s not just because girls think you’re invisible, it’s also how you relate to other men who are all taller than you. You can’t command easy respect when you always have to literally look up to other men. I hate it when I go out and I’m lining at a queue and even 13 year old boys girls tower over me. I feel inferior af.
          Yes, life is a living hell for me and I won’t regret it when it will be over.
          Last but not least, if I had kids there is a very high probability that they’d inherit my bad genes, it’s a lottery already staked against them before they are even born. They’d probably inherit the traits that make me depressed (it is in fact inheritable) and prone to addictions too. Why would I even take such a risk when I know the odds are against me from the start? So yeah if you have good genes, go ahead and have kids, they may even enjoy their high status life but don’t blame me for not wanting to play a game that’s rigged against me from the start.

        17. Those small things are available to everyone and the problem in life is that you still have to deal with other people “Hell is other people” and it is always nicer when you have high status and you’re the one making or breaking other people’s lives than when you’re the underdog. Having rather low SMV totally sucks too. One of the things that red pill made me aware of is the existence of an all powerful Elite who has it all while everyone else has a shitty mundane life of obligations created by the Elite. I don’t believe in a god but that Elite is definitely there and it sucks that I’m not a part of it. I have never seen any god create/destroy things but the Elite do this on a daily, massive scale, for all to see.
          Most ROK readers seem to either want to destroy/boycott the Elite or go minimalist. My grief is rather that I’m not part of that Elite as it sure seems to be a wonderful life that they have. The red pill actually only aggravated my bitterness and awareness of this situation.

        18. Yes you have a point about the elite and yes they live the ‘ good life’ materially. I’m not sure they are actually happy and fulfilled though,because they are not satisfied with their wealth, always wanting more, the likes of Soros plotting how to destroy us. Doesn’t sound like a happy man to me and if you were one of the elite think of the awful company you would be keeping? It’s all just stuff at the end of the day. Power to be ones own master and not a cog in the wheel would be better than being part the elite for me., with better company. The elite are not nice people and I would find their company contemptible.
          On a more personal level, the bullies at school did a real number on you, robbing you of your personal self worth. Don’t let their view of you become your view of you. A man is not defined by his height or hair follicles !

        19. Ok I must admit I had to look up SMV, but I get it now. Rather low SMV can be improved upon. Maybe never to a 10 but certainly enough to make you approach life feeling more confident?
          I am one of the genetic lucky folk, but born into poverty and a dysfunctional home life, so didn’t have it all on a plate either. But being a good looking , kind hearted female was an advantage in my ability to attract the opposite sex and I suppose I pretty much took this ‘gift of nature’ for granted. I had plenty other problems to deal with however.

        20. Problem is that a man in western society faces so many obstacles to actually raising a family. I am speaking of course about rampant divorce laws and misandry against men. My own situation. I had a beautiful daughter, mother was already infected with feminism (should have seen the signs) and she felt she wanted to be free of my oppressive male self. Worst experience of my life and that is of course when I realized I had little rights as a father in this society. Now I might get to see my daughter once every 3 months for a few days. I don’t get any say in how my daughter is raised and choose to send money every month because I don’t want her to suffer. A man must be infinitely careful now. Feminism is the cause of western collapse and men’s white knighting for it!

        21. As a parent who knows the joy of having children and a family of my own I would urge you not to deny yourself this great pleasure.”
          This falls into the “I love my kids and you would love yours too” trope. Some people want and love kids, others not as much. But most parents I have met when we talk frankly, will put it like this “I love my kids and wouldn’t trade them for anything, but….” That but is usually followed with “if I knew then what I know now I would have never had them.” Kids, while a blessing in one sense, are a lot of work and stress. While they may have their moments of joy, the very real hard work of raising them properly is too often glossed over.
          This also doesn’t really touch on the whole marrying the right girl. The kind of girl that won’t take said kids from you and force you to pay to not see them. These are getting increasingly harder to find.

        22. When “be fruitful and multiply” and “any sex outside of marriage is an automatic eternity of burning” are preached from the pulpit weekly, then yes religious people have more kids. But religion is dying just as fast as an institution as is faith in marriage.

        23. Raising them is hard work, but you get used to it…it then becomes easy, if you are disciplined and not afraid of responsibility. Kids are stressful but so is work, many things in life are stressful but a kid gives you something back – trust, love, shared moments and a stake in the future. I never wanted kids, ran a mile when people brought babies to work, but had a real ‘conversion’ when I found myself pregnant. Partly I decided I was going to be a great parent as this child never asked to come along and I like to do a job well, partly instinct took over- the instinct to love and protect my own flesh.
          The real difficulty is as you say, finding someone decent to have kids with. Now that is a tough one! You need someone prepared to make sacrifices, who is realistic and not too spoiled that they take off the minute things get tough or aren’t exactly as they want. People are so demanding, expect so much and have no staying power or loyalty, that it’s no wonder relationships flounder so easily. We need a big change culturally and legally to preserve family life before having kids becomes a ‘safer’ option for men. I can understand why men don’t want to get married or have kids if they have to live in fear of losing their kids and homes.

        24. I’m sorry for you and your sad situation, that is so unfair and agree entirely with what you say about the obstacles for men in raising a family and the need for caution. Men love their children just as much as women do, I don’t know how you cope with being kept from your daughter? Your poor daughter is also missing out on having a father present and will be infected with your ex’s feminist beliefs. But don’t give up, daughters and dads have a bond, when she is older she may well prefer to be with you.
          I had a lovely father myself. He faught for custody of me when I was 9 and won. He is the reason I get men, value them and am not a feminist. Girls with good relationships with their fathers have a head start in forming successful relationships with men in later life.

        25. Yeah, I was 9 as well when my mother divorced my father. I was lucky because my sister was 14 and we both told the judge we wanted to stay with our father. That’s pretty much the main reason he won custody. I was very fortunate.
          Not being able to raise my daughter has been rough, I won’t lie. It felt like my soul had been ripped out of me, raped and then shitted on for years.
          It took me over 3 years to really get out of a deep, festering hatred towards many women and feminism. There were nights that I would actually cry myself to sleep. I lost almost 20 pounds in the first year because I stop eating enough. It turned into a serious depression.
          ROK actually helped me allot to get rid of my victim mindset and get back on self mastery. I had a few good red pill brothers as well that I have know for many years who broke it down logically for me. I had only really two options. Get on my grind or wallow in self pity. Been a long road but I realize that pity is poison for a man.
          I know that waging a fight for custody will take more money then I have right now. Perhaps in the future. I have decided too opt for being a mental ninja and that navigating my daughter’s mother’s psychology is the ideal option. At least this way I can see my daughter and have some influence over her.

        26. Having watched my gf and other friends of my generation raise kids, they seem to never have gotten used to the daily drudgery of children and it certainly never became easy no matter how much discipline they had. The kids I have known are all good though typical kids. There hasn’t been a hellion in them as of yet. As to whether they give back trust, love, and shared moments equal to the stress, financial burden, and constant diligence of parenting, I have not observed that to be the case (and most of the parents I know agree after a glass of wine or two.)
          You are a female if I read your comment correctly, so your biology and hormones give you an innate connection to your offspring that many men don’t have and often don’t develop. So while your observations are valid, they are naturally biased in this regard. I truly believe that women have instincts that are “switched on” when they have children, that men do not possess or only have rudimentary versions. Men more often develop a sense of caring for their offspring as they grow and develop, but it always seems behind that of women till they become adults. This is not to say that men don’t care about their children, they do and quite a lot usually, but it takes time and isn’t as instinctual. Males tend to bond over doing things with others. That is part of the problem with divorce and children, removing a father from a child’s life weakens that bond since the children and father are not in as close of contact any longer and can no longer interact to strengthen that bond. So many men (who do not have an innate desire for children) observe that in the current legal and cultural climate it’s not safe, indeed dangerous legally and subsequently financially, to marry and have children. If we live to see a cultural and legal turn to valuing family life that once again gives men a place in the family as something other than a buffoon tht manages to get a paycheck somehow then maybe men will look again at marriage and fatherhood. Until then more men will simply skip marriage and kids and work fewer hours with less stress and maintain gf’s and lovers as they see fit.

        27. Been there, believe me, it gets boring as hell. All you do is to yearn for the days when you were pumping and dumping hotties, sure, there’s lots of drama and bullshit to put up with, but… settling down with an average woman below your standards is a big MEH

        28. I empathize with your frustration, and I rarely empathize!
          SMV is a difficult thing to overcome, especially in a dating market that is heavily looks-based. Game can only go so far when you’re short and ugly. Try not to worry so much about your failure with women. Ultimately, they are the buyers, and it’s a buyers market! Dick is cheap, and most women have men above their SMV trying to date them. Your SMV is ultimately not in your control-it’s the collective opinion of women. I’ve been rejected by so many women for the most trivial reasons that I just can’t take the concept of SMV incredibly seriously.
          What you can control, is the rest of your life. You are intelligent. Are you in shape? Are you aggressive and risk-taking in business? Are you always striving to improve yourself intellectually or superficially? Don’t let women dictate your life’s outcome, but don’t give up on the process entirely.

      2. Think about the genes your kids need to have in order to have a life worth living:
        1) High technical aptitude-This will be essential in the future economy which is destined to be ruled by robots and software
        2) Good looks/height/strength-My daughter’s marriage value will be at least three quarters of her beauty and anti-aging genetics. My son’s romantic life will most likely be directly correlated to his looks, height, and potential athletic prowess. With looks-based online dating, apps, bars, I don’t trust “game” enough to overcome a 5’6 height with an unsightly face.
        3) Amiable personality with minimal psychotic problems-Heres where the technical 130+ IQ gets difficult. There are “jocks” and “nerds” in school for a reason: highly intelligent people are less likely to relate to others and succeed socially. A 130+ IQ son could become a software engineer making 100-200k, but what good is that if he is a social outcast, permanently incel?
        #2 is most likely to be successful for me, #1 is iffy, #3 is probably going to be a problem. I’ve been blessed with a pensive and introspective mind, but it has cost me socially. I have very few friends and women appreciate me solely for my looks.
        There are too many men who will not be able to piece together this puzzle representing a successful life.
        My plan is to accumulate enough cash so that my future offspring will beat this system. If your offspring has no debt, a condo paid off, and dividends flowing for life, there’s no need for them to bust ass as a cog in the machine. Their life would be devoid of money-chasing drudgery, freeing them to pursue mating and creative interests.
        $400k per child, give or take, minus child-rearing costs. A $200k mortgage paid off, $200k cash giving them roughly $1,000 monthly at 5% interest.
        It’s achievable for me.

        1. “My plan is to accumulate enough cash so that my future offspring will beat this system”
          You made some good points but the above statement has its drawbacks. Giving your offspring a trust fund may not be the best. There is something to be said of the feeling of fitting into society. And fitting in means the satisfaction of being able to be self-sustaining and generating one’s own means of survival – producing something others need where they throw money at what he does. This type of satisfaction does not come from just sitting back and living off of interest.

        2. I understand that aspect, and I certainly would not recommend that they “sit back and live off the interest,” but there are a few things to take into account:
          1) Certain passions such as music, writing, teaching, performing, etc don’t pay enough to live a comfortable life. My creative writing skills happen to be prodigious, but I will most likely not be able to monetize or even fully pursue a career in writing until I have a more favorable financial position.
          2) If the child is business inclined, there is very little benefit for him to work a 9-5 at a traditional corporation. Without living expenses burdening him, he can take more chances with high-risk, high-growth startups. Look at Zuckerberg and Spiegel. Both of them came from a financial position that was favorable enough to allow them to drop out of Ivy League schools, fund a startup, build and maintain their companies for years without revenue. When did Facebook even start making money? It was years before they started the advertising program. Startups are too risky for me at this point because if they fail, I’m out on the street.
          3) There are no guarantees that we will have anything resembling a functional economy down the line.

    7. The post-WW2 global baby boom has pretty much stopped, except for sub-Saharan African countries
      Nigeria projected to have 440 million people about 30 years from now- no way, something’s gotta give

      1. The Western world ceasing care packages and medical aid would be be a good start. They’ll take our food and antibiotics but refuse condoms and birth control. To Hell with them.

    8. “It’s a combination of “Idiocracy” and “Elysium” where the less capable have taken over the planet, and It’s turned into a trash heap.”
      I think many people have a bias towards believing that higher intelligence is somehow preferred by evolution.
      Their is however no good reason why it should be so.
      If high intelligence means to much inhibition on behaviour, resulting in too few children, then natures verdict will be extinction.

      1. Evolution doesn’t care at all. The survival and reproduction circuits that were selected for (and are in us today) are totally amoral and uncaring (e.g. Female Hypergamy). All that evolution “cares” about is that genes are passed on. High intelligence is a desirable trait to have, but only if it helps pass genes on.

      2. For thousands of years now, the species has been the victim of infantile, noncontributing, amoral leeches breeding offspring to validate their own illegitimate existences. It’s no wonder that needy, dependent women raise needy, dependent children — but this is the insanity of religion’s “marriage”. Men who refused to be highjacked into paying for a toddler whore Until Death Do Us Part simply denied them, leaving less intelligent and more desperate beta cucks to fill the world with broken children.
        Boys for war, girls for sale.

        1. I think that any superimposing of “morality” misses the mark here.(although I can agree with some of your remarks)
          The point is that there is really no morality as such, there is only survival, or not.
          It`s always very tempting to assume a certain direction towards something better, or ethical guidelines when it comes to evolution,
          but there really is no basis in science for doing so.
          In other words, survival is a dirty business, and if being a pathetic white knight beta is what get`s the job done, then that`s the men who will breed offspring.
          At least until harder times comes along.

    9. It’s unfortunate that we (white folks) will be wiped out soon. The less fair races have made population dominance a priority at any cost. Feminism was the enabler for this. Everywhere in the world that has declining white populations and an increasing “brown” population can look at the evidence of this. Look at countries infected by feminism. Look at countries with cuck male leaders. Look at countries with feminist female leaders. Germany, Canada, and the USA are a few obvious examples.

    10. I’m catching Elysium right now. It’s frustrating because I’m a scientific guy and this is so silly. Instead of paying millions (even billions a person) to build a space station to simulate earth, why not just build a colony on the ocean (or even under the ocean similar to the plot of James Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me”?)
      A floating venice like city wouldn’t be cheap, but it would cost a lot less than a space station and would have an unlimited supply of (filtered) water and air.

    11. Check out the film “Dark Star” about what a typical job in outer space would be like. It would still be better than the high tech sweatshops that are being made now.

    12. I hate it, but you are right. I’ve been saying the same thing for a decade or more.
      There’s a pop song from the early 00’s with a line that goes: “Been around the world and seen that only stupid people are breeding, the cretins cloning and feeding…”
      And every qualified, intelligent, independent, hard-working couple I know is having 1 kid, 2 max. Some have opted for none.
      On NPR Radio, we’ve got “La Raza Chronicles” telling all Latinos to keep on breeding, and with no exaggeration they do say lines like this — “to populate ourselves into majority and reclaim Aztlan!!!”
      I’m 100% dead serious…they really say this shit and believe it. Mental patients, taking over the asylum.

  4. Since Vatican 2 its only taken us 2 generations to go completely down the toilet.

    1. I’m Catholic so I can say this.
      The Church has massive f’ing problems.
      It can be easily fixed:
      1) Let Priests marry. In fact, encourage it. That will weed out the f*gs and pedos overnight.
      2) Encourage the use of birth control. There is nothing “holy” about 3rd world savages reproducing like an ant heap. In fact, encouraging these unfit degenerates to make babies is evil. Pure evil.

      1. I’ve wondered if the hardline stance on birth control(and paradoxical lack of any sort of shaming/judgement) makes parishioners take other bits of church doctrine less seriously. A person experiences cognitive dissonance after being told that birth control is a sin and then seeing that half the families at church magically stopped having children after the second or third child came along

        1. My own personal belief is that the female anatomy was created for male physical relief. Children are an undesired side-effect. Like tumors….But that’s just me…

        2. Another ignorant statement. The very first law God gave the first family was for them to breed like rabbits (i.e. “be fruitful and multiply”). Sex was just an incentive to engage in the reproductive exercise so that the species does not go extinct. The same way pleasure derived from food is just an incentive to eat; pleasurable meals are not necessarily better for the body than bland ones. medical science regularly feeds patients through tubes for days on end.
          If you had listened well in catholic church you probably would have learned that much.
          Your personal ignorant belief means squat.

        3. You need to read the rest of that biblical directive, “and take dominion over the earth.” It seems to me (also a Catholic, at least raised as one) that that directive has been fully completed and further fruitfuling and multiplying will harm our stewardship of the earth (also a command in the bible.

        4. World overpopulation is a myth. Everybody on earth can comfortably fit into the USA. Some say Texas. Yep. That is 7.4 billion of us.

        5. “Another ignorant statement…”
          Now who is being ignorant?
          God commanded the birds, beasts and fish to “be fruitful and multiply”, not humans.

        6. Keep believing that, Sandeep….
          Sure you want to believe that in order to justify the foul and vile overpopulation of southern Asia that your country is committing.

        7. “Everybody on earth can comfortably fit into the USA. Some say Texas. Yep. That is 7.4 billion of us.”
          And Meh-Hee-Co sure is trying, isn’t it???

        8. Until you begin to use your own brain, you’ll continue to be a pawn of the elites, and keep doing their bidding, even when you thought you’re acting independently, and going “MGTOW”.
          Google “Georgia guide stones”; you’ll quickly discover that the globalites want to get rid of 93% of the world population, of people who are mostly like you, and have been planting the thoughts of not having kids in your brains since kindergarten days. Why do you think they promote gays? Encourage promiscuity and abortions? Attack traditional marriage? Make divorces super easy?
          The ultimate goal is to create enough instability in society to discourage procreation. And what do you care when you have no offspring? And who wins when you don’t care? (Hint: it’s not you).
          Imagine what will happen to the good old USA when highly intelligent folks, in their millions, refuse to procreate, for many years. This country either becomes a desert, or it gets overrun by foreigners who don’t care about it.
          And, guess what? You are making it super easy for the invaders. Keep up the good work by becoming a genetic dead end.

        9. Seriously?
          Here is the passage in Genesis. Read and understand.
          Genesis chap 1:
          27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.
          28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.
          Dude, you should get off this site and do some studying. Your ignorance is making you look foolish.

      2. First, your ignorance shows very clearly. Before you prescribe a treatment, at least try to understand the disease and why it occurs.
        1. Priests used to marry and have kids until the 12th Century. The Roman Catholic church (Pope Gregory the 7th) banned it to reduce the temptation of priests to seek material wealth for their families and offspring. It is universally known that childless MGTOWs can survive on minimal material things. This protects the church’s properties.
        2. When was the last time a Roman Catholic member went out preaching to convert nonmembers? Never. How then does the church increase its membership? By encouraging members to breed like rabbits. Asking the church to encourage birth control will cause a precipitous decline in membership.
        In other words, your proposals will cause both material and membership harm to the Roman Catholic church, so they will no be adopted any time soon.
        Lastly, calling folks in the 3rd world “savages” shows you are far more ignorant than you ever thought you were. Do you even know what the term means? Ever engaged a “third world” person in an intellectual conversation?
        (BTW, I am from the so-called 3rd world, and I am obviously better informed than you are).

        1. A 1st world divorce raped dad lives like a third worlder in the minimalist sense. There are a few camped out by the river. What needs to stop is the priority being placed on collecting blood money from them. I’ve always found it inappropriate how fed goons will come to arrest student loan impropriety as if it were tax evasion. ‘Dead beat dads’ are forcibly segregated into a slave caste apart from their clan by elitist judiciary operatives and are hounded state wide unscrupulously and jailed like no other legitimate default collection process is allowed to exercise. Third worlders would readily take machettes to contingencies that attack their families but first worlders have to dry out awhile from the tiring processed foods and MSM brainwashing.

        2. Hey moron. I am an IT contractor! I “engage” 3rd world savages EVERY DAY!!! I have to deal with you vile, BO infested, third world hindu and muslim, inferior intellect savages on a DAILY BASIS!!! You have no business being in my country, screwing up computer systems, stinking up elevators, and stealing jobs for coolie wages every chance you get. Get the HELL out of my country, you inferior, job stealing WOG!!! Our New POTUS will see to it!!!
          1) Yes, Priests used to marry. And there was no faggotry in the church. We need to return to that.
          2) The Church has NO NEED WHATSOEVER for 3rd world inferiors!!! Galileo, DaVinci. MichealAngelo, Raphael, Mendel, Copernicus, Pasteur, Curie, Marconi, Tesla, Fermi, etc… We have done just fine without you 3rd worlders, thank you.
          Lastly, if you are “better informed” than me, please GO BACK TO INDIA and make that country better!!! That HELL HOLE needs you! We most certainly DO NOT need you here!!!

        3. Again, your ignorance is astounding. I guess you don’t even have the faintest idea what the term “third world” means. In your warped and limited worldview, it all means Indians, Hindus, and the like. Maybe if you get off your pale behind, and visit the library for once, you’d get better educated. O, you won’t; your ego is too big to fit in the door.
          And, BTW, I am an American citizen, originally from the so-called “third world”, where your forebears came from. And if you got the hint you’ll know that “third world” does not necessarily mean “savage”.

        4. Um…no.
          I am quite proud of my Catholic heritage.
          I want it reformed to weed out the bad elements. It needs to be reformed.

        5. My “forebears” are from Europe.
          Albania and Bosnia are the only 3rd world countries in Europe (and the only Muslim ones as well). And I am not Albanian or Bosnian.

        6. Of course you’re not. But Albanians and Bosnians are Hindus and Indians, you see. Because “third world” = Hindus and Indians.

        7. Calm down, slim.
          Remember that the Catholic Church is now 40% African. Either Cardinal Turkson or Cardinal Arinze may very well be the next pope, and they’re Third World Africans.
          Mind blown yet?

        8. Like the rest of the West, the church (you know the actual real church, Catholic) is doomed. The decay as gone too far to be corrected. That there will be an African majority or an African pope is inevitable, and he/she will preside over a rotting corpse.

        9. So what does third world mean to you? I bet dollars to donuts that you do not know the original meaning. The first world was the western democracies allied against communism (mostly NATO members). The second world was the Soviet Union and it’s satellites (mostly the Warsaw Pact). The third world was any country not in one of the above two groups.

        10. Already have.
          Been to Korea 4 times.
          May even get married within the next couple of years…hard to believe it myself!

        11. Although I have had very limited contact with Albanians or Bosnians, I have to believe they stink FAR, FAR less than Hindus and Mohammedans from India & Pakistan.

        12. If true, then disgusting…simply disgusting.
          The same Africans who most likely think that raping babies cures them of AIDS.

      3. greatguy99 is correct on the first part. However, the whole point of Priesthood celibacy is to have the priest be available to the church and his flock 24/7. If he is married, he wont be able to do that.
        Birth Control is often times kills fertilized eggs, thus an abortifacient. In fact, birth control denies life and is mortally sinful. I am not the most elegant writer, so I will leave it up to writers and catholic answers podcast to explain it better.

        1. I went to Catholic grade school, high school, and college. I was an altar boy for 5 years. I am more qualified than most to comment on this subject.

        2. Most BC is not abortifacients. They prevent conception, not end a conceived life. I have problem with the social effects of BC, but let us at least argue starting from the facts.

        3. That is kinda of a fallacy you just stated. Just because you did x doesn’t mean you are an expert on xy. Homosexuality is a mental illness/disorder, as declared by the church and scientists prior to 1970s. The communists infiltrated the church in the 20th century, and much of the dysfunctions of the church is due to that and Vatican 2.
          In terms of birth control, science shows that it messes up the hormones of women when they take it. In terms of condoms, it activates the part of the brain that uses tools, and thus indicates that the man who bangs his wife is “using her”. The church thus doesn’t want men to use their wives, but to love them. Another thing about contraception is that you are not fully giving yourself to another person when you use contraception. To fully love and give yourself to your life, you must be willing to be open to having life come from sex.
          Finally the church offers an alternative to birth control, called Natural Family Planning. This is a way to have sex without worrying about having children, via having sex when the women isn’t fertile (around when she has her period). This allows you and your wife to be open to life (since you ejaculate into your wife during sex) but at the same time knowing your wife has a 99% chance of not conceiving. You are both open to life and letting god work
          Hopefully that helps explain why the church teaches priestly celibacy and contraception. If you have anymore questions hit me up.

        4. I might have remembered it wrong. I thought most BC would act as an abortifacient if the egg was concieved but would not connect to the uterine wall due to the BC.

      4. You’re not a Catholic if you deny dogmas of the faith. That is the teaching of the Church.
        As for your suggestions those are all in the spirit of Vatican 2 which has decimate the Church. Before V2 Catholicism was vibrant and growing. Now the Novus Ordo can barely fill a quarter of the pews. This is because if the clergy do not even believe in the faith how can they expect the laity to? The whole concept of apostatizing from our beliefs in order to attract people has flopped right on its face, because nobody is going to follow a masonic religion that doesn’t even believe its own catechisms.
        But as for your suggestions individually.
        #1. Letting the priests marry will do nothing to prevent gays and pedos from being in the clergy. Allowing priests to marry will not make all the sodomite priests magically go away. Sodomites are allowed to marry in all societies and guess what they are still Sodomites. The solution is to not allow them in in the first place.
        #2 Birth control is what allows for feminism, feminism can not exist without birth control. Just remember that population control is about control not populations. While growing populations may pose a problem having a stable family with the man as the head of the house gives us a better solution than giving away condoms and the pill. One way provides for virtue, the other reduces us to little more than animals driving by our base instinct, savages in other words.

        1. “The solution is to not allow them in in the first place.”
          – What does that even mean? Gas them? Good luck with that. Encourage manly priests. That is what I am saying. Many religious men would become priests if not denied females. And the gays/pedos would disappear from the priesthood very quickly.
          – Birth control is what allows for feminism, blah, blah,blah… So you want blacks and browns overrunning this world like a termite nest? Birth control and sterilization are the only things that will SAVE the civilized world from being overrun by rabid animals! Grow up and step into the real world!

        2. Sodomites, if by that you mean gays, were let in because the church had a huge deficit of priests. They found if very difficult to recruit new priests when demanding chastity as part of the package. So, they turned to gays and still demanded chastity. They thought that since the gay priests would be chaste, they would not be a problem. Both assumptions were wrong. But now we have a huge proportion of the holy orders “manned” by gays and fellow travelers. I know that we should hate the sin and not the sinner, but this is harming the church. My home parish has ceased to exist and was recently sold for secular development. The proximate cause , and final nail in the coffin, was a pedophile priest. I don’t support the current apostate church. Vatican II was the death knell for the church.

        3. Defrock them. No need to kill them, just remove them from their offices in the church so the laity can start to trust the church again.

        4. You have it somewhat backwards, Vatican 2 set up a false church to which very little people inclined for holy orders wanted to join. That is why there is such a shortage of priests and why this novus ordo takes in so many sodomites. Also because the NO is extremely non-judgemental. The teaching of the Church is that sodomites go to hell. Once we get back to that this problem of sodomites priests will go away.

        5. The Church has every ability to control who enters it and if some slip by the gates we’ve had the inquisition in the past to root them out.
          Tons of countries have birth control and high birth rates. Over population is not the result of a lack of condoms. So rather than destroy famies, kill babies, and promote feminism we should instead enforce the Catholic teaching of Chastity, mortification and temperance to deal with our sexual urges.

        6. ” So rather than destroy famies, kill babies, and promote feminism we
          should instead enforce the Catholic teaching of Chastity, mortification
          and temperance to deal with our sexual urges.”
          With low-IQ, no impulse control blacks and browns??? Good luck with that!!!

      5. “2) Encourage the use of birth control. There is nothing “holy” about 3rd world savages reproducing like an ant heap. In fact, encouraging these unfit degenerates to make babies is evil. Pure evil”
        My impresion is that the elites want the smart, critical thinkers to become extinct, while encouraging the lower primates to reproduce like houseflies – the elites will still need manual laborers.

    2. There are less than 70 million Catholics in the U.S. That’s slightly more than 20% of the population. You overestimate the effect of papal policy upon U.S. culture.

      1. Yes while papal policy would not have a direct effect on us the Church has always been the lighthousefor the world and a dam against liberalism. When the light was eclipsed by V2 the world lost its guiding light and the deluge of evil which the dam held back poured forth over the face of the earth because there was nothing left to resist it.

  5. Has there been any prominent Millennial inventors and innovators yet beyond those creating deviant websites and apps? (Facebook, Napster, etc).
    From the 1700s to the 1970s there was always a plethora of new innovators in each new generation who discovered or created amazing shit by the time they were just 30.

    1. You’re forgetting that ingenious kid Obama invited to the White House, that mulatto Jimmy Neutron whiz. He took parts, PARTS I tell you and he laid them on the table. The lights dimmed and the cabinet members went silent and held their breaths. Not a creature stirred, not even a mouse. The boy focused his eyes on the pile of ‘parts’ as he stole his snuff container with his slight of hand from his ruffled vest pocket. He took a whif of kratom dust AND HE BLEW LIFE into the pile of assundry parts that then came alive and rang the halls along with with the cheers. HE GAVE LIFE to a clock radio. LIFE!!

    2. I apparently knew a kid who invented those Spyder bikes. It’s a three-wheeled motorbike with the two wheels up front for increased stability.
      Not as big as the integrated circuit, I’ll grant you, but an achievement nonetheless.

  6. The older generation has condemned the younger generation ever since Adam and Eve had Cain and Abel.

    1. Historical cycles always have a golden age then a decline afterwoods. Perhaps it is true that generations decline to a certain point until they shoot up to become great again.

  7. Millennials are the last generation to grow up with a belief that the media and the government is on their side. Anyone born after 2000 has access to the truth through the internet. Call me an optimist, but I think we will see demographics change for the better in a decade

    1. “. Call me an optimist, but I think we will see demographics change for the better in a decade”
      Good point – but this access to the truth, or at least alternative information channels are slated to be shut down via various legislation – access to the truth could be a temporary thing.

      1. Their anti alt right speech legislation comes across as loose and garbled like Hillbag’s voice came across as garbled and had digital stutter every time her head bobbled. The neck screws must have been working themselves loose. Now the entire interdependent and colluding triad of shitlib MSM, academia and theater Judiciary is exhibiting the same unravelling and garbled incoherency. They’re all falling apart at once. Count on it. They’re broken. We didn’t break them as much as we tipped them with our finger at the moment when their rotten spines were withered down to a hair diameter and they topple sideways. They bobble downward like an accordian folding up into a heap that gets mistakingly stepped on in the street.
        I remember a story of a lady living during the depression of the 30’s. Her son in NYC wrote of his upbringing during the stock market crash and he told stories of well known NYC bankers who would get regularly mugged and attacked on the streets. He told a story of one day when his mother had taken him out for a walk in Manhattan and they came upon a banker lying limp on the sidewalk. Other pedestrians ahead stepped directly on the banker as he pleaded for help. His mother stepped directly on his chest as the boy walked to the side. I’m presuming the lady’s family had lost their investments. I guess that’s not very ‘Christian’ by the big box church standards but neither was the banker.

        1. ” I guess that’s not very ‘Christian’ by the big box church standards but neither was the banker”
          And I suspect we will see the same sentiment again seeung how the international banksters will be resoonsible for the next collapse.

    2. There are just as many lies on the internet as there were on network television. New boss, same as the old boss.

      1. Yes and no. Yes there are plenty of lies on the internet. But no, the impact of those lies is not the same. The difference is the internet lies are not all biased in the same direction. With the internet it is a diverse set of lies, and the truth is out there. You know you have to sift and think about what the internet tells you before you accept any of it. With the old models (MSM) we were told they were dispensing the unbiased truth and we should just accept it. Also, there ware few ways to cross check what TPTB were pushing.

      2. Granted, there is a lot of crap out there, that is why I avoid Netflix and Facebook. But there is lots of truth as well. At least there are a few sources out there

    3. Your comment resonates with me
      Im a 30 year old female. Part of my ‘deindoctrination’ process & ‘existential crisis’ at 23/4 was going through the internet and realising my suspicions and much more, were real. Society is mostly based on lies.
      This is why the internets days are numbered. Then the dark web will become the ‘new’ web.
      My partner is a start up marketing guy gen x. He has done well enough. But he knows that the tech game is not going making money anymore.
      I am encouraging him to proceed with more realistic, slower growth but always making money, businesses then sexy new tech. Its all controlled by the elite and if you aint down then your biz will especially hit hard when it all gonna burst.
      I’m keen on having as many kids as possible but three is probably the max. May have to train in something not high incomed but always needed and feminine like midwifery to help out as i have a feeling hard times will hit hard, was an event manager prior to baby, but i wanna home school so its annoying. I hate seeing all these women around leaving their babies in day care 😣
      We shall see.
      I am hopeful for the next generation. The ones who are about 7 and younger. They are goong to observe and then shovel the shit of the baby boomers and their prizes pensions, the gen xs nihilism and the millenials and post millenials insanity…
      The one between 9 and 21 right now are 😩⚰️

  8. I’m on the old end of the Millennial spectrum and I’m never sure whether to agree with or argue against Millennial-bashing. I mean, a guy who fought in Iraq or Afghanistan doesn’t deserve to be tarred with the same brush as Obamacare pajama boy.
    One thing I’ve noticed is that Millennial-bashing articles are always framed around our utility to Boomers. Why haven’t they given me a grandchild yet? How come no one wants to buy my McMansion? Articles often openly say something like: “Millennials are hurting (industry)”. Guess you shouldn’t have outsourced jobs to save a buck and helicopter parented us. Suck it down.

    1. Give waldemar pabst a break. Its not easy being omega male giving alpha male lifestyle advice. ROK aint what it used to be.

    2. So am I, born in 89. There is a massive difference between old end Millennials and newer millennials. Perhaps its just the difference in say 5-7 years of maturity, but these younger kids seem extremely misguided and they act like not giving a fuck is the greatest thing in the world when it comes to paving their way to a career.
      I dropped out of college a little after a year of graduating high school. Went to a tech school and didnt like it and then my parents lost both of their jobs. Finishing up my degree this spring and I’m pretty confident I will be able to find gainful employment post college and limited my debt to less than 15k which is almost unheard of to attend nearly 5 years of state school. Most millenial kids will blow a shit ton of money to live the college life and graduate with $50,000 worth of debt. I suffered at home and sacrificed my dating life to limit student loan burden. Many millennials are very short sighted in this regard, some don’t have a choice they have to live on campus if they want to attend a four year school.
      I wont blame boomers completely for the economic situation I am in, but there is no doubt in my mind that our generation would be held in a higher regard if we had the same economic opportunities that the boomers had. You might say that well no shit sherlock, but there are many boomers who actually believe that millennials are afforded the same opportunities boomers were, it’s simply not true.

      1. I agree 100% with this one. I myself was born in 92, and experience some of the same feelings as you regarding this whole scenario. It makes me chuckle as my dad is telling me that millennials are “entitled” and “lazy”, when this is the same generation that was basically given everything and more. That era was the best one for guy’s dating in the U.S. (before the false rape crisis), affordable college, when a guy actually had career options and move from one good job to another in the blink of an eye. My intention here is not to complain like the SJW’s out there, but there is so much more to this scenario then that often meets the eye.

        1. I was a mid boomer. My older siblings were early boomers. The difference was huge. I graduated college in the midst of stagflation. Finding any kind of job was damn difficult. When I bought my first house the interest rate was 13% and the monthly payments were 50% of my take home. My oldest sibling went to college in the early 60s when every college graduate, including those with underwater basket weaving majors, were actively recruited by the mega corporations. They sat around in their senior years discussing which company and career to accept. Huge differences.

      2. There used to be a segment called Generation Y; they born in the eighties. Anyone born in the 90s was considered a Millenial. Perhaps we should make this distinction again.

        1. All good stuff guys. I dont know whats going on anymore. I guess ill just be happy to leave campus soon and get into the real world and use the knowledge I’ve gained via unplugging and try to fit into this crazy chaotic world where it seems like you cant even approach girls anymore without being labeled a predator or a creep. I tried to get dates from a handful of girls at my school and you’d think I was sexually assaulting them the way they reacted to me asking for their number to hang out. Definitely something Boomer generation never had to face.
          One of the significant issues I faced is that I did not really have a masculine presence growing up. My dad is a really masculine man and very alpha to his credit. The problem was that he worked 70 hours a week and we rarely ever talked growing up and definitely never talked about things like women and social issues. That was left to my mom and my mom coddled me and raised me to be the typical beta that everyone talks about on this site. I grew up thinking being nice and genuine with girls was the way to go and it wasn’t until I was about 21-22 that I began to wake up. So I have a lot of conditioning to break through and it isn’t easy, but im hoping to see the fruits of my awakening very soon. But modern society and girls being conditioned to hate traditional relationships has not helped much unfortunately.

        2. Similar deal with my dad. A 5 AM – 6 PM workday was pretty normal for him. Though mine was alpha in some ways like helping a cop subdue a violent criminal but pretty beta with my mother(the really distinct alpha/beta gulf seems to begin with younger Boomers, older guys often strike me as alpha/beta hybrids). He never redpilled me about gender relations and I got a lot of non-advice of the “be yourself!” variety from my mother.

      3. I think the biggest distinction is those who grew up connected to the internet their whole lives, even it it was shitty dial up, and those older millennials who remember the world before it. It really seems to be the pivotal point. Basically Gen Y for me is 82-92, after that something changed.

        1. These kids will never know what its like to be jamming a sweet cd on your sony walkman and then it skips because you scratched it all to hell or the batteries took a shit.
          Or when your dad threatens to beat you because you got into an AOL chatroom and trolled some kid and they reported you so AOL’s response was to suspend your internet service temporarily. Those were the days lol.
          But in all seriousness I think the thing I understand that young women refuse to understand is actually having to pick up the phone and call somebody. I used to have DEEP and REAL conversations with women on the phone if I wasn’t going to see them in person for a while. Now they think its weird or “too much” if you call them up and want to talk for even just a minute. I overheard an attractive girl at my work who is around 20 say she wasn’t sure if she was going to accept a date offer from a guy who “snapchatted” her and asked her out. I shook my head and walked away.
          The problem with this is that they have normalized this behavior and think that the more time a guy invests (even just a simply phone call) that they are coming on too much and are creepy.

      4. Trade pacts, outsourcing, and mass migration destroyed the middle class job market in America. Millennials are voting for more of the same. Your generation got dealt a short hand but are making it worse.

        1. True. But I will say in their defense, and the defense of my ignorant of their own interest voting children, that the indoctrination they have been put through is maybe 500% worse than what I got as a boomer child. I hope they will be able to overcome this as individuals and as a generation, but my expectations are that they won’t. It is a very steep learning curve to climb out of the pit the educational system has put them in.

      5. I was born in the dead center of the baby boom. We had our problems; which I am sure you don’t care to hear about. However, I have children and am well aware of the shit storm with which you all have to deal. Your opportunities are many fewer, and your obstacles are much high. I wish you all well, and am damn glad that I am at the end of it and will probably not see the tribulations that are coming.

        1. I do care about them as someone who is typically fair and not completely hellbent on blaming someone else for the issues that plague my life currently.

      6. I’m gen x and I think it has gotten harder and harder for young people in the west to get a good job, afford a home and marry, than ever before in my lifetime. I’m old gen x

      7. Was going to post something quite similar to your opening paragraph. I’m 31, and I feel as if the younger half of Gen Y is a completely different generation to mine. As a general rule, I find there’s a big difference between Gen Y’s born before 1990, and those born throughout the 90’s.
        The older half (that I know) remind me more of our grandparents: often serve in the defence force, get a traditional job like a trade, marry reasonably young and kids follow soon after. When I look at the people from my grade at school, I’m definitely in the minority as a single guy with no kids.
        The younger half are more like our Boomer parents: hedonistic, self-centred and way too concerned with “muh feels”. These are the ones needing trigger warnings, getting worthless degrees and demanding you show tolerance to the 15 new minority groups created by them each week. Plus that sense of entitlement they have…don’t even get me started.
        I’m not concerned about the older half of Gen Y. I have faith that (while there will always be a reasonable amount of left-wing moon bats and useful idiots) for the most part we will get the important work done, procreate and raise the next generation. Indeed, I think we’ll raise a more conservative generation as a direct response to all the nonsense we’ve witnessed over the past 20 years. Commonsense is beginning to prevail and the 34- 27 year olds are saying “Enough with the bullshit!”
        It’s the younger half of Gen Y I can see demanding we pick up the tab for them economically, socially and politically. Trick is to marry a girl from the younger half before she becomes rotten from third-wave feminism and train her up into a replica of the sweet, loving women our grandfathers had access to in abundance…

        1. i was born in 91 and definitely fall on the more traditional side (daughter at 24 with my college sweetheart, he works a trade, i work parttime in a feminine while my mom babysits, very frugal, etc) my sister who was born in 89 is the total opposite (single, career obsessed, feminist SJW, spendthrift, etc)
          maybe us mid-millennials can swing either way. i’d say your general assessment is right and that the younger millennials are wayyy out left but i meet A LOT of 30 year olds like that too. but what weird me out the most is that all the other moms at playgroup with new borns are 10-15 years older then me

    3. “I’m on the old end of the Millennial spectrum and I’m never sure whether to agree with or argue against Millennial-bashing. I mean, a guy who fought in Iraq or Afghanistan doesn’t deserve to be tarred with the same brush as Obamacare pajama boy”
      Agreed. I think there exists social differences within each generation.

  9. Millennials were the first to bring the Federal Reserve’s inherent theft to the attention of main stream Americans. They were the first to abandon mainstream news, the first to join the alt right, and we are the generation that will be expected to pay for the many ponzi schemes created by the supposed greatest generation.

    1. I will tell you all the same thing I told my sons in our argument on this topic. My sons bitch that they will pay into the system and it will be bankrupt by the time it comes for them to draw from it. The demographics show that the social security system will start being unable to pay it’s full benefits in about 20 years, but it could be slightly sooner. The Social Security Administration estimates that they will be able to pay 75% of “guaranteed” benefits out of current income (current payroll deductions) during the worst period. This shortfall should be corrected within a few years, ~ 5 to 10, after the impact is first felt. What this means is that I will be the one screwed, as it will hit when I will be on SS and too old to work no matter how desperate I might get. For my sons in their twenties this demographic driven crisis will be long in the rear view mirror by the time they have to worry about SS.
      I do appreciate that you are correctly assigning the blame for these Ponsi schemes. They were put in place by my grand parents in the 30s not by the baby boomers. They were made untenable in 1964 by LBJs war on poverty and Great Society “improvements”, which we can lay at the greatest generations feet. Most Millennials assign blame for everything negative in todays culture, from the welfare system, to AA, to feminism, to the immigration crisis (an effect of the 1964 Ted Kennedy immigration bill), to no fault divorce at the feet of the boomer generation. All these things were put in place before the boomers were born, or while we were children. The “greatest” generation (boy do I hate that term, having known them and witnessed the effects of their stupidity) has much to answer for. Unfortunately, in the eyes of most generations after the boomers, it is we that are responsible for everything.
      I will add that I can’t lay the blame for feminism at the greatest generations feet either. That started with the Declaration of Sentiments, Seneca Falls Conference, in 1848. And yes, that is not a typo, 1848 and not 1948.

  10. Well said…
    but us boomers did some damage, as well. Turned into greed.
    I speak from experience.
    There are some great people (babes) out there…it just takes a keen, sober and relaxed approach…as a potential friend (lay). Give it one minute. She might deserve it.

    1. Exactly… Divide and conquer is the fav tool of the elites. Keep everyone at each other’s throats so they don’t see the bigger picture. Create a constant state of cog diss so people become paralyzed with apathy and get confused as fuck.
      Best way to combat this is to become your own Mind-Bender. Focus on tangible reality while observing and updating your thought process as often as possible. Most of the information we consume are lies and bullshit sprinkled with a little truth.

  11. True dat on the Baby Boomers (speaking as one myself). Consider, for example, that we will have had THREE presidents born in 1946 (!!!) Clinton, Dubya, and Trump.

    1. I voted against Dole strictly because he was a generation past his due date. The political process better get it’s collective shit together before the next election cycle. Even as a baby boomer I am sick of these out of touch old farts (of both genders and both parties) as our political leaders.

  12. I can’t see hard line differences with the 18 year cutoff points with 20th century generations due to the technological upset. A generation could be clearly definable during a 15 year stretch. Humans reach full maturity at 15.5-18.5 years but can reproduce at any time after puberty. The generational pools overlap up to 50% it seems. An ‘era’ describes a cycle of four repeating periods of ‘idealist generation’, ‘reactive generation’, civic generation’, and ‘adaptive generation’.
    A cyclical ‘era’ may last 50-100 years so its generations can span 12.5-25 years.
    OF NOTE the best generation had to be during the 1840s-1880. This would be the period of the ‘Missionary generation’ beginning in 1860 preceded by a reactive generation of differing names if it has one. It wasn’t ‘silent’ by any stretch. The rundown of this period:
    Wright Brothers: born 1867, 1871
    Max Planck born: 1858
    Nikola Tesla: 1856
    Pierre Curie: 1859
    Marie Curie: 1867
    Henry Ford sr: 1863
    Thomas Edison: 1843
    Alexander Graham Bell: 1847
    Guglielmo Marconi: 1874
    Dmitri Mendeleev: 1834
    Albert Einstein: 1879
    Louis Pasteur: 1822
    The time span for the sharper image gen prodigies of the 19th century has roughly a 50 year spread taking into account the outliers, but most are concentrated within 1-2 decades. The most concentration is the 1850s-1860s. The so called ‘missionary generation’ beginning 1860 would be a ‘civic’ generation preceded by a ‘reactive’ time period (1850s). The real intellectual and innovative powerhouses appear to be birthed either at the intersection or within the nearby regions of time periods between the recurring ‘reactive’ and ‘civic’ generational periods within each era. Look back another 100 years and you have Ben Franklin, Eli Whitney, James Watt (inventor of steam engine), George Stephenson (invt. of locomotive) and others.
    ALSO OF NOTE a ‘man’ generation can equal three ‘woman’ generations since a man has lifelong fertility versus woman petering out around 35 after 22 years of fertility. A BIG DICK DADDY CLAN MAN can trade down or addend thrice within his lifetime for younger breeders thus extending the time span of HIS generation (progenationally that is) to 60 years.

    1. That time period is marked with unprecedented freedom in the history of man. Unless there is another revolution like the us had, I doubt we will see it again

  13. I’d like to say that I agree with you, Pabst, that egoism and selfishness are so high because of smaller generations…single child families.
    As for why are we, the Millennial, so ridden with apathy…HIV&AIDS, Chernobyl, fall of Berlin Wall, Depression 2008…thanks to the Boomers we are faced with countless restrictions from the start. We inherited a dying and degenerate planet and society…and are pushed back as we try to make it better (no jobs => no paying taxes => no voice in the government).
    What Woodstock generation had to worry about…nothing.
    Cold War was getting very hot, no HIV&AIDS, gas was cheap, jobs were plenty.

    1. Oh for God’s sake, stop it. The world has always sucked. Jesus, grow a thicker skin. It’s not like you were born staring down Panzer divisions or watching your cities razed and burned and your women and children taken as slaves.

  14. In Eastern-Europe, defining Millannials born between 1982 and 2000 does not make sense.
    For me, a Millannial is someone born after 1989, they are the young people who did not live a second under Communist regime. They are a different animal altogether.
    The real fucked up generation is mine, who lived their childhood in Communism, and were adolescent during the system change, and became adults in the New World Order. We are the lost ones.

    1. I tend to agree as most eastern european guys I know are bat shit crazy, especially Romanians for some reasons.

      1. Well, I am Hungarian. Which means Romanians are my arch-enemies. When I was an adolescent boy, I was daydreaming about being a soldier, hopping on a tank, and invade Transsylvania in order to liberate it and my people there from under the Romanian occupation – like my grandfather did during the 1940s.
        Still dreaming of it up to this day, but maybe it will only be done by the time of my great-grandchildren, who knows? Be that as it may, one thing is for sure: peace in this neck of the woods is always temporary…

  15. ” they’re trying to duplicate what the Soviet Union accomplished with the Lunokhod 1 rover in 1970! The Armenian engineer Alexander Kemurdzhian, born a hundred years ago, worked on planetary rovers over half a century ago! ”
    But in all fairness the rover is just a tool for exploration – the USA gas put a rover on Mars – the russians did not.
    Nonetheless this is a good article about the milienials – generation “get nothing done”.

  16. The scales will re-balance. Politically, it appears that they’re already starting to. The coming generation is poised to surf a massive wave of conservative nationalism.

    1. I really hope so, but it’s so hard to get those of my generation to see past the cultural fog. Hell, I might be right with them if I didn’t decide to get the fuck out of the country right before the 08 crash. Best decision I ever made, but left me with an inability to live in this country without feeling jaded.

  17. The Jean Genie lives on his back
    The Jean Genie loves chimney stacks
    He’s outrageous, he screams and he bawls (Jean Genie)
    Jean Genie, let yourself go, whoah

  18. I think you are being a bit unfair to the millenials on this. They are simply inheriting what is left and did not invent the social norms (eg. feminism, gay rights, de-masculatization, single-mom households, etc…) they are forced to live under. The Boomers enjoyed the fruits of what the WWII generation built and had a good run of it, but will be leaving nothing behind but a lot of debt and a (divided) country on the decline.
    There is also a dark side to the Boomer “free love” and leftward generational drift and you can see the wreckage in every slum or trailer park. Eg. I noticed you linked to the “Mamas and Papas” — one of the members, John Phillips, had incestual relationships with his own daughter.

    1. Yep, that’s what I was saying (though the Millenials are a pathetic bunch).
      The Baby Boomers squandered their
      patrimony: they spent all their parents’ wealth, then spent all their own
      wealth, and then spent all the wealth of their children and grandchildren,
      which is why most countries are up to their eyeballs in debt that will never be
      repaid. They handed their kids a world with massively inflated education, real estate and healthcare costs, a world where the husband and wife both have to earn an income to even have a chance of staying in the middle class, a world
      where pensions are a thing of the past, retirement is pushed back and
      where globalism has put western workers at a distinct disadvantage. The
      Boomers got lucky: America was ascendant when they came of age because
      half of the world was still recovering from the destruction of WWII and the
      other half was still primitive as hell. Even a moron could be successful
      under those circumstances.

    2. sooooo true. my mom was born right between boomer/gen x and has lived the cushy life supported by my dad who owns a business. she spent my
      whole life drilling leftist ideas into my head and basically telling me that christian conservative white men or any traditional and masculine men are the devil. she tried HARD to indoctrinate me to her retarded opinions but unfortunately for her i’m smarter then her and think for myself. she just about had an aneurysm when she found out i love trump. but she can’t grasp the fact that it’s her generations fault that my boyfriend and i have to live with her and my dad despite working a combined 80+ hours per week.

      1. I know women like you mom and it isn’t surprising they all tend to be full fledged lay abouts who never worked a day in their life. Their love of leftists enterprises is nothing but virtue signalling, fed by the MSM, to give themselves some smug satisfaction to bollster their lack of selfworth. That stems from having little real world experience which gives them a pretty narrow worldview. I noticed they may claim to “care” for others, but will never left a finger for them nor do they know how to resolve any of the problems afflicting them.
        If you want to send her over the edge, tell her that “she drove you into the arms of Trump which is probably the best thing she has ever done.” Bring popcorn.

  19. Born 87, I own my land and work it hunt it, fish it… and if it gets taken away I’m still sitting pretty on wheels. finances are tight… tighter than my dads (thought hats off to him for raising me). No problem gaming and I’d settle but navigating a sea of feminism, birth control and divorce rape ain’t exactly charted.
    I also only post here when I’m being paid! So don’t throw every millennial into the same basket just yet… I will leave out my opinion of other gens for your sake… fatties

      1. Yeah don’t worry I avoid my own gen like the plague… bunch of druggies, 30 year olds still playing video games and baiting to boarderline incest porn. its a shitshow, I just get it hard from some older men (the fatties with da diabetes) for no wife and kids.
        I also didn’t realize my own degeracy until coming here so thanks community!! Hard works ahead and it’s good to know I’m not alone anymore… just in the closet lol fack time to hunt more furry critters… merry christmas

  20. Every fourth generation changes History, for better or for worse.
    Millennials are “It”.
    “Gott Helfe!”

  21. Interesting article, but I think it’s a bit early to say millennials will do nothing historical (and I say that as a Gen Xer, so I don’t care one way or the other).

  22. The baby boomer generation’s voice has been heard and it’s very unfortunate. They have devastated the country and the state of the the country is a direct result of the lies they were led to believe, rockefellers, pop culture etc. although it appears the hippie movement was organic it absolutely was not. They were sheep led to the slaughter of feminism and leftism. Also the moon landing is seriously questionable, I find it much harder to believe that actually happened all the time. Millennialis are a result of their failure to lead.

  23. As a Gen-Xer myself, I am getting sick of millennials, especially the ones in their early 30s, blaming the baby boomers for their predicaments.
    The baby boomers built on the Greatest Generation’s victory in World War 2 and transformed the USA into a financial and technological superpower. No other nation in history has the kind of wealth, power and sheer excess that we do and the boomers are the ones responsible for building that up. The boomers handed to their children unimaginable wealth, potential and promise. These children had the world as their oyster.
    The only thing I fault the boomers for is perhaps bad and overprotective parenting, but at some point, people need to grow up and make their own destinies.

    1. Sorry, but BS. The Baby Boomers squandered their patrimony: they spent all their parents’ wealth, then spent all their own wealth, and then spent all the wealth of their children and grandchildren, which is why most countries are up to their eyeballs in debt that will never be repaid. They handed their kids a world with massively inflated education, real estate and healthcare costs, a world where the husband and wife both have to earn an income to even have a chance of staying in the middle class, a world where pensions are a thing of the past, retirement is pushed back and where globalism has put western workers at a distinct disadvantage. The Boomers got lucky: America was ascendant when they came of age because half of the world was still recovering from the destruction of WWII and the other half was still primitive as hell. Even a moron could be successful under those circumstances.

      1. Hardly BS. And the idea that you need two incomes to have a middle class lifestyle is nonsense, as our idea of what is “middle class” is far more inflated than what was middle class in the older days.
        Most millennials think that having a big house, 2 late model luxury cars, the latest and greatest tech toys and other such things are “middle class,” and should be affordable on the kind of menial jobs that a useless college degree can provide. That’s simply unrealistic expectations on their part.

        1. No millennial with a brain thinks that about what you described as middle class lifestyle. One can barely get a decent apartment and cover cost of living with an entry level job of $30k after the government takes “their” piece. The way the housing market is today you basically need to have both spouses working to get just a crappy fixer upper house.
          I’m lucky as I will inherit a piece of land by great grandpa purchased in the early 20s, but if I didn’t have that, I’m not sure I could build a house in my lifetime. My dad had no problem building a two story house on private property making $50k a year back in the 80s…

        2. The irony of course is most millennials cheerfully vote for politicians which take more of their money for “their” piece.

        3. You might be on to something. I do live very near “the belly of the beast” and as such my perspective is skewed. The urban millennial types are definitely mostly like that.

    2. basically yes there were some very inventive boomers that created some amazing things. the rest of the boomers are leaches and corrupt and just toed the line as tyranny was ushered in by the globalist. my mom is a millionaire and all she did was teach elementary school. she was happy to bring in the socialism and got paid handsomely for it. any freedom loving individual gets slammed down by the tyranny that the boomers allowed to happen.

  24. So many good points here. I’m 30 but I still feel like I’m in some form of extended adolescence. I’ve been getting these urges the past couple years to settle down and procreate, but my urges aren’t gelling with the changes in society (That are, of course, going against our biology).
    One major thing that our generation has had to face has been obstacles slowing us down on our life paths. This was never more evident when myself and my high school/college classmates graduated college and there were no jobs for us. Instead of jumping right into the workforce we had to either be on the dole or take internships or crappy entry-level jobs that would lead to nowhere. Even when we got employed the pay was usually shit. Very few people I know are even in a position to be able to buy a condo, much less a car. Of course I blame this on the college system, which says we HAVE to go to college to find a goof job. Meanwhile, there aren’t enough jobs for the graduates of Grade 13 that college has become. In fact, the most successful people around my age I know are those who got into trades and public service such as cops – They get paid well, have benefits, and even retirement plans.
    I’m very interested in music and culture from the 50s and 60s, and I’m amazed at how young many of the innovators of this time were when they did what they did. Nothing like reading about some businessman or music producer who did all this amazing shit before 30. Today most people don’t even try until they’re at least 30.
    I could go on and on, but my generation is functionally worthless. And I’m worried about kids born in the 90s, because they’re on a whole other level of worthlessness. If you thought the feminization of men was bad for those in their 30s, check out these kids in their 20s – Have you ever had a guy do basic bitch texting games with you while trying to see if they want to hang out? Because I have.

    1. Not sure what your degree is but I think lots were lied to that they say any degree helps some are a complete waste

    2. I have sons in their twenties (and other sons and daughters in their 30s). They are not as you have described. Mostly they have been dealt a shit hand and have been dealing with it.

      1. They know how to play the hands they’ve been dealt because someone actually taught them how to play poker.

  25. That is the real hymn of the milennials:

    As a millennial I can say that he hit the nail on the coffin he sadly hit me on the millionaire part…
    Hopefuly, NOWHERE ELSE!!!

  26. That is the real hymn of the milennials:

    As a millennial I can say that he hit the nail on the coffin he sadly hit me on the millionaire part…
    Hopefuly, NOWHERE ELSE!!!

    1. Lucille in 1977 would have been a boomer. The boomers were the first generation to begin divorcing and abandoning their nests en masse, especially their women, beginning in the late 60s throughout the 70s.

      Like the iconic ‘Lucille’, the majority of 70s divorcing women were mentored and radicalized by the works of a handful of silent generation feminists who were judas goats that acted like big sisters and encouraged divorce rape and whoring. Feminists like Abzug, Friedan, Steinem and Solonas were hailed like mother hens to the younger and less wise boomer wives who made up the bulk of divorces throughout the 70s, divorcing within their first 10 years of marriage. It was a craze and a leming flock of divorcing young mothers that followed one after another as they herded themselves along with their X-er children off the cliff.
      NOW WHAT ABOUT today when these boomer divorcee whores are getting old, surpassing middle age? What do they do? Where did they go?
      TO THE CLUBS they went. These vile old bitches became the old mother hens that cocbblock for their younger set of millennial ‘sisters’. The handful of wretched old silent generation gurus begat many thousand fold boomer whores that continued the tradition of corrupting as many females to become unattached whores, mudsharks and leftover carousel refuse.
      NOW the post 2000 (Z generation) lives under unfathomable whoredom from their complete wipe out chart topping percentage of whore moms while the divorce rape industry holds fathers at bay, conscripted to pay blood money to the cabal. The divorce rape industry (DRI) is as as much full of secular jews as is the MSM and the broadcast entertainment industry, perhaps as much secular jew as the handful of silent gen feminist gurus; Steinem, Abzug, Frieden and Solonas with Valerie Solonas (born 1936) being the only non jew in the list. That’s a whopping 75%. I believe Solonas had Catholic in her family before her parent’s divorce.
      X-er moms were the least likely to tit feed being perhaps the laziest women ever and who shoved the most amount of kosher corn sweetened goop powder gmo soy formulas into their young milennial and z babies.
      The z gen would have ended up totally devistated, a total wipe out if it had not been for the advent on internet communication circumventing the mainstream liars. The z-gen has had nearly 100% smartphones since birth. Most Z’s even teethed on an old flip phone in the playpen. Four year olds can navigate a screen and play youtube and by the time they can read, they too see the lies that the alt media and red pill exposes. The boomers and millennials were already such a wipe out that it’s amazing we see any home borne and grown z offspring coming out of non state assisted two blood parent families. The z’s and younger millennials will rebel, resist AND REVOLT like we’ve never seen. They never had to ‘wake up’. They were on the web while in diapers and and they can smell what the patriarchy is cooking. They can taste the shitlib head chopping party that’s about to commence like Mardi Gras with confetti and kazoo horns. They were born to rumble like the Romans who passionately loved battle.

  27. Again with the shitting on the millennials… is it really our fault?
    Since we were born we had the leftest “diversity” agenda shoved down our throats, grew up with “girl power” while boys who showed any signs of masculinity had Ritalin shoved down their throats. Many grew up in single parent households and we’re coddled our whole livEs and told college was the only way to go from parents, teacher said and the media. While all this is happening while the ethnic horde is slowly but surely invading, then we get out of college thrust into the worst recession ever and told its time to grow up and get a job, buy a house? Get married?
    Please, the big difference between the millennials and the boomers are the generation that came before them boomers parents actually gave a shit about the country and handed it to them on a silver platter. The boomers handed their children a failed experiment.
    Welcome to the diversity utopia

      1. One other point, Tech Crunch is a platform listing almost all the successful I.T. start-ups on the face of this planet. A huge fraction of those start-ups were started by the millennial generation, it is not just Zuckerberg and Spiegel who founded the most notorious tech companies.

        1. Very good point. One thing we can be thankful for form the boomers is the internet and computers. They are really the ones who brought the technology into its own even though most boomers can’t even send an attachment in an email.
          The millennials were really the first to internalize it and there’s are lifestyles available to the motivated today that even 10 or 15 years ago would have been unthinkable.
          No way if we can only figure out a way to shit done the huffpost and those god forsaken buzzfeed cat articles…

    1. This site consists of a large number of millennials so you’re right they deserve much credit for rebelling against the whole bitch schtick. Aside from the millennials on here are a number of dedicated ‘uncles’, some bearded and some not from the X-er and boomer years, the now bearded founder himself hailing from the late X-er period.

      1. True. I think we owe a lot to the x-ers. The tail end of their generation were the first to have to go through with a lot of this bullshit. It’s since been amplified since they went through it, but at least some of them had the insight to say “wait something’s not right” and warn us younger guys.
        As far as millennials go, I’m glad more and more of us are finding site like this, but I still think guys on here are such a small segment of the population. I only know of two other guys IRL who know of Roosh and ROK, both of whom I met overseas. I always thought something was off here in the US and I myself might have ended up a blue pillar had I not got the fuck out of the country in 2009. Had a bunch of revelations while living in Asia and Latin America like:
        Holy shit! there exist women who actually act feminine!
        Holy shit! it’s actually ok for a man to look at a woman who is more than two or three years younger than him!
        Holy shit! There are actually societies that respect and appreciate the achievement of white and don’t expect them to be self deprecating beta schlubs!
        Holy shit! Men actually acknowledge their masculinity and women appreciate it!
        The list could go on, but I actually didn’t find this site until I was living in Colombia and wanted some advice on how to pick up Colombian chicks. Ran into an article on ROK and liked the tone, so I started reading some of the articles and HOLY SHIT I couldn’t believe some of the other guys here were having the exact same thoughts I was thinking but would get ostracized for saying in public.
        Since coming back to the US a year ago I can’t help but see right past the bullshit. I get a lot of blank stares or even scowls when I reference it. I remember thinking it was hard to get laid here in the US before I left, but now I can’t walk out of the house without falling into it. I’m not bragging or saying that pussy is the most important thing in life (I really don’t care all that much anymore), but internalizing some of these concepts definitely has an effect on how you carry yourself. On the flip side it makes it much harder to make male friends…since many just don’t see it or don’t want to…
        All I can say is how appreciative I am for this community of like minded guys. We need to keep up the good work and spread the word. This isn’t about generations. This is about reclaiming what it is to be a man after years of being neutered and marginalized by the system.

    2. That’s a good fucking statement. Got to admit its easy to dislike the millennials and sorry to say, but I fucking hate the very liberal millennials. But you’re right about being brought-up on all this shit and having it forced onto you. When I see a real died in wool liberal I actually feel sorry for them. In the same way I suppose you have to feel that for the millennials. Not you and others like you, of course, but for the ones that really got caught up in this. It’s the same sort of shit they pulled in other socialist/communist countries. Cambodia comes to mind. It does make me double-plus mad as fuck about the people who propagandized these young kids. So, might as well trace the whole fucking thing back to its source and, speaking of generations, it’s the boomers.
      I propose a new narrative that the Neomasculine community should originate – contempt for the boomer generation.

      1. yeah, now that all the information is out there, all the liberal millenials can now make an informed decision. so no more “plausible deniability” for them. either take the red pill or get lost.

      2. the positive side is that a good chunk of these born and raised liberal millennials are actually quite open minded but have never been exposed to different opinions. (i was one if them!) i work as an assistant manager at a food shop with a bunch of 17-26 yr olds (im 25) in uber-liberal san francisco and have subtly (and successfully) red pilled several of them by simply sharing rational opinions that oppose the lunacy their parents and schools have shoved down their throats. im never preachy about it, just calm and confident. i get a lot of responses like “ooohhh i never thought about it that way! that makes so much sense!”
        its worth a shot if you have any liberal millennials in your life! many of them are honestly good people who are just really misguided.

  28. Millenials are odious, but let’s not mistake the boomers voting block size for their own ability.

  29. I find you attractive Maxine.
    I would like to have vigorous, somewhat violent sex with you.
    Are you available for that?

  30. One thing I must disagree with is associating a group of people (negatively) with a certain look. It’s not much different from racism. Some guy could look like a bitch but be a complete bad ass and the other way around.

  31. I’m a millennial. But my god do I hate that term. It sounds so weak. The word its self sounds whiny.

  32. I don’t think mills are any different than any other gen. They are being socialized by the feminist left so they are basically a”weak” generation as a whole. They may become adults later in life once they figure out the leftist matrix ideology….and I think they will be furious at society for leading them astray.

  33. Some thing I disagree with would be the premature aging. Only pussies with a weak frames look like that, and male pattern baldness can’t be helped. I still have all my hair, own my own home, and am in my mid 20s. Most millennials still live with their parents and work shit jobs lol

  34. Silly, hating ass article, we inherited the by products of all the excesses of the previous generation. look at the social breakdown of things today, when did feminism and free love really take off? 1960’s rights?

  35. “The previous generations were marked by exceptional ethnic, cultural, and lingual homogeneity. ”
    So I guess, black people didn’t exist in previous generations either? This narrative is not surprising because ROK is riddled with blatant alt-right casual white supremacist ideology. Arguably, black people easily contributed more to culturally to Generation X than white people. This so-called economic prosperity that existed in “previous generations” cannot be applied to black America. The inner city poverty of the 70’s and 80’s compounded with Reaganomics and the crack epidemic helped fuel Hip Hop which was the last huge cultural phenomena to be birthed in America. White Generation Xers were still milking the stolen cattle of Rock music which was originally created by blacks decades earlier and appropriated by white musicians like Elvis and the Beatles. And is it any surprise that Rock music is largely dead today while Rap music is still doing numbers. It’s so bad that Country music has replaced Rock music for white people and you have millions of fake country wannabe suburban redneck white folks nowadays.
    “The Millennial response to being unable to make ends meet? Become a part-time Uber or Lyft driver.”
    The Millennials did protest in futility for a short time. Remember the Occupy protests? Some of the Occupy protests got ugly in certain cities like Oakland where protesters were being shot with rubber bullets and sprayed with tear gas.
    Millennials grin and bear their dire circumstances because the Boomer generation runs everything. Millennials are unable to get jobs because their parents won’t retire. So white millennials are living with their parents in record numbers. More black and Latino millennials are used to scraping by on lower wages and this shit economy is nothing new to them. Many Latinos fresh off the border have a leg up because they end up learning skilled trades in doing hard physical labor that white Americans are refusing to do. White Americans have gotten exponentially fatter in the last 25 years for a reason. Every white person wants to go to college and get a desk job getting paid a comfortable middle class wage doing nothing all day. This is unsustainable. There are not enough desk jobs for people with college degrees who lack real marketable skills. College doesn’t teach job skills. College is just a four to six year experiment of the effects of alcoholic drinking on a 20 something year old’s body for millions of Americans. And no one is willing to train millennials when they can hire Gen X and Boomers with decades of professional work experience. This is why the the DC area is one of the last bastions of pre-2008 American upper middle class because of the plethora of do-nothing non-essential federal government jobs.

  36. The biggest symbol of this generation is probably a smartphone. It’s the first full cyber generation; integrated with computers and the network for all everyday activities, as well as in job.
    Things you write about lack of movies or TV shows are irrelevant, as these are not the media of this generation. Good plots are found in computer games – look at playthrougs of them (eg. Mass Effect, Witcher).
    On the mental abilities front – years of intelligent reproducing with intelligent and stupid reproducing with stupid produced previously not found diversity, with a wide range of both geniuses and idiots. It’s actually a fault of conservative style marriages – if in the past we had an IQ-BASED HYPERGAMY instead of assortative mating as described above there would be few if any people on the dumb side.
    When it comes to health we see a group of health maniacs, biohackers on one side, and clueless junk food eaters on the other side. Rather than a single common tradition like in the past or in the Mediterranean countries still today. The solution is to move most of the people to the modern health maniacs and biohackers category, rather than to try to reinstate traditions. The health symbol of the generation is a nutritional supplement.

  37. I am millenial who hasn’t anything common with millenials described here. Maybe that is why millenials in Balkan area are a bit different then their West counterparts.

    1. They appear to be a distinct race, like with blacks or asians looking alike. Some people think the Duck Hunters look alike.

  38. “The number of oral cancers among young men is also rising dramatically.” …are you suggesting this is from sucking too much dirty dick?

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