7 Basic Life Hacks Men Shouldn’t Ignore

“We are what we repeatedly do.”
– Aristotle

There are simple things you do every day that make you happy… And there are simple things you do every day that undermine your happiness.

The trick is being able to identify your habits, and then be able to determine which support you and which are bad for you.

However there are some habits that are universally beneficial for our confidence, happiness, and overall well-being. And, by the same token, there are some habits that are universally toxic.

In this article I want to share seven small hacks that, if applied daily, will have a large impact on your happiness, confidence, productivity, and all-around well-being.

1. Read 30 minutes per day

Reading is like an active meditation.

It allows you to focus completely on something outside of your head, and it allows you to learn valuable information at the same time.

However, with all of the video games, TV shows, movies, social media, and smartphones that exist in our culture, there’s a large barrier that prevents most men from ever picking up a book. Fight past this barrier and find 30 minutes to read every day – you’ll feel far more enlightened, happy, and motivated for choosing reading over browsing the internet or watching TV.

2. Stop watching porn

Porn is unsatisfying and detrimental to your mental health

Porn is unsatisfying and detrimental to your mental health

There are many negative side effects to porn addiction. However the worst are probably sexual dysfunction, reduced motivation to have real sex, and the pedestalization effect it has on over-valuing women and sex.

There is no down side to quitting porn. You can always jerk one out without watching other people have sex – and really, this is what makes porn so pathetic. Go have your own sex.

3. Make fast decisions

Indecision is so dangerous because it leads to more and more indecision. And indecision almost always creates intense anxiety, that’s usually coupled with a decrease in happiness and self-esteem.

Stop overthinking things, follow your guy, and practice making small decisions quickly. Choose what you’ll wear, where you’ll go, what you’ll order and when you’ll meet up with hesitating. You’ll waste far less time and be that much happier for it.

4. Don’t eat shit

Shitty food will make you tired, lethargic, and fat

Shitty food makes you tired, lethargic, and fat

The only upside to eating “junk” food is the pleasure of chewing it in your mouth and swallowing it.

Once it’s gone, it’s almost always followed by a decrease in energy and motivation. By simply avoiding shitty food throughout your day, you’ll be operating on a higher plane of existence than the masses of men who eat cheeseburgers, pizza, and ice cream every damn day. And you’ll look a lot better than them, too.

5. Stop watching the news

The news is just a big mish-mash of miserable happenings and depressing stories.

The only thing you gain from watching the news is “knowing what’s going on in the world.” And I don’t believe this is really that valuable after all. It’s certainly not worth the added anxiety and stress that hearing all of the other bullshit causes you. Stop wasting your time and stop watching that garbage.

6. Breathe deeply

Deep breathing is one of the reasons you feel so good after working out

Deep breathing is one reason you feel so good after working out

Focused, conscious breathing is, in my opinion, the absolute most effective way to cure a bad, depressive mood. It’s essentially a meditation in mindfulness.

When you catch yourself feeling anxious, depressed, or shitty – stop and focus on breathing deep breaths through your nose and into your belly. This opens up the front side of the body, where we tend to hold most of our stress and tension, and it calms us down.

7. Work out

The fact that working out is beneficial to our health is now common knowledge. It prevents chronic disease, makes us feel better, and makes us look better.

There’s literally NO REASON you shouldn’t be working out every single day. It doesn’t matter if you lift weights, run, cycle, practice a martial art, play a sport, hike, or do anything else physical – but do something. You’re subjecting yourself to shitty moods, a shitty body, and a shitty life expectancy if you don’t.

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112 thoughts on “7 Basic Life Hacks Men Shouldn’t Ignore”

  1. “5. Stop watching the news”
    Yeah, I stopped watching the news quite a while ago. It mostly seems like its people yelling at each other, but hey that attracts eyeballs and that means more ad revenue.
    Better yet, stop watching TV altogether. Try abstaining for a month, and see how much you miss it after that. Hint: you probably won’t miss it one single bit. You’ll have more time for reading and lifting, and you’ll save a load of cash by not having to pay for cable.

      1. the news is just propaganda these days….. read zero hedge instead….
        the biggest problem with TV, is aside from the propaganda and constant advertising, is the even more annoying, disruptive and repetitive advertising they run for their own up and coming shows…..
        the whole TV experience just programs your mind for ADHD and OCD.

        1. You always have to remember journalists arent out there doing gods work. It just a business trying to make money and if they get it right every so often well then that isnt so bad. I watched in person the massive transformation of colombia from violent hellhole to prosperity. Its like they had had the news stories all prewritten ten years ago..murder kidnapping danger-meanwhile actual murder and kidnapping rates had dropped 90 percent(yawn).

        2. I love the cynical realism you find on zerohedge. They really don’t believe the official government lies. Granted, it is not a comprehensive source of news, but for the subjects it does cover, it covers well. Although I think if the entire country read it, American society would collapse overnight, because people would no longer fall for fed fake money printing tactics to “stimulate the economy” as if that can be done by fiat.
          I used to have a full satellite TV package with every channel, which was fun. And there’s some entertaining stuff on the premium HBO/SHO channels. But I haven’t had tv for years and don’t miss it. I go over to a friends once a week and we have dinner and watch a show. Bittorrent is great for films. TV is mostly garbage. The news is blatant propaganda and distraction. I particularly despise how they try to turn local issues into a nationwide news story (Hurricane 800 miles away from you is coming.. lets talk about it for 2 hours with live coverage)

        3. The biggest lie in American media is not what they tell you (North Korea, Soviets would actually make stuff up that is not true, like hey we produced 500,000,000 bushels of grain, record production, when it was really a lie) but what they DONT tell you. Lies of omission. And remember the next time you see some fluff piece on (hangon.. checking cnn).. people arguing over same sex marriage.. it is to distract you from not discussing or hearing about real issues that are important and affect your life.
          A good book on this is Into The Buzzsaw, written by journalists.
          So the news will say “unemployment rate drops half a percent to 5.5%” but they won’t say what that government definition of “unemployment rate” means, and they wont tell you that in that same month, we reached record low employment with 92 million Americans out of work, which is exactly the opposite of what their story would lead you to believe. But it is technically not a lie, just incredibly misleading.

        4. Any comment on how ZeroHedge gets its info? Do they just scour publicly available data more deeply or something?
          Just discovered it reading your and Ray’s comments just now.

        5. ZH was THE go to site 4 or 5 yrs ago- the best commenters there were more informative(and hilariously batshit crazy) than anything else on the web IMO.
          Sadly, the old timers went n gone away, because theres nothin left to say…

        6. holy mackeral, a friend gave me “Into the Buzzsaw” yrs ago…
          the UE rate was changed either in the bush one or clinton era, its totally a joke….look up hedonics if you want more horse poop…

        7. I like how they consider people who quit looking for a job to no longer be unemployed! Done problem fixed im not looking anympre!

        8. “the news is just propaganda these days…..”
          And Tweets. When did those become a legitimate news source, especially when coming from the rabble who have nothing to do with the story and are just volunteering their emotions?

        9. From what I understand ZeroHedge is run by the techno-libertarian types, of which I included myself at one time. Young talented people who went into the field of finance, because that is the socially unproductive area that our system is telling our best and brightest they should go into. (There is a great Frontline episode where they discuss the “F9 monkeys”–F9 monkeys put in a couple of inputs on their computer and then hit F9. That priced the derivatives for them and then they hit the road. Star traders could make $10-$15 million a year, a heady sum for a young twenty something.) These guys realize that it is complete bullshit that someone should make hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars for doing something that is unskilled and contributes no value to society, so they do it, get rich, and then rant about how it can’t be sustainable.
          A good source for economic data is shadowstats.org and I think ZeroHedge grabs info from that. They show the real rate of inflation and unemployment, if the government measured it the same way they used to in the 1970s, using their own metric. Instead it is redefined every few years.
          I am just speculating, but I think they pick up on things in foreign media that just isn’t covered here (Like how Greenspan just said there is a huge event coming to correct the big financial bubble we are in now). They likely look at Russia Today, BBC, The Guardian, etc. I say that because it’s the only place I see such issues covered. Infowars does this domestically. I basically don’t believe anything American media says anymore. None of them (except multi Pulitzer prize winner Seymore Hersh) questioned the silly and childish BinLaden raid, but you go to a site like ZeroHedge and they will literally laugh at such a ridiculous proclamation and demand proof of an extraordinary claim.

        10. Yeah, haven’t read it but heard the authors interviewed and they were amazing. I’m pretty sure both Clinton and Bush redefined the UE rate. And the inflation rate is underreported so it can look like we have a “growing economy”. IE Household costs that were last year $10,000 now cost $11,000 and they say inflation was 1% ($100) and the rest of the increase ($900) was due to an “expanding economy”. When in actuality the economy is staying the same size or actually shrinking, and all the increase is due to inflation (10% in this example).
          Also when something in the CPI gets too expensive, ie steak, they just drop it from the list of items they track and now track ground beef instead, which of course is far, far cheaper.

        11. Thanks for the legit response spicynujac. I asked a day trader guy I know from the gym today about it and he said he gets a lot of his info from there.
          I told him I was reading some ZeroHedge and said “Seems like there is some conspiracy theory talk going on on that website.”
          He replied “Haha yeah, and they’re usually right!”

        12. No prob. I should say that Frontline is one of the best shows on TV (news / documentary related). I started watching it after seeing the Al Pacino / Russell Crowe film The Insider, which is based on the true story of the tobacco insider who broke the story that tobacco was indeed addictive and the execs knew that, but were just lying. The news guys who broke the story formed Frontline, which has been producing great stuff ever since, and is pretty much the only form of investigative journalism that exists in the US, outside of foreign media. FYI the F9 monkey story was here:

        13. TV is propaganda as well. All these cop shows teaching you that cops are “good” and cool, that police brutality is OK and the government knows best.
          And then there is the military propaganda, sometimes combined with cop shows.
          I do wonder why there are so many cop shows which almost universally cops are detested.

        14. yup.
          in a few yrs, the dow will somehow be at 25,000. UE rate will be zero, and the labor participation rate will be zero as well lol

        15. the only thing is you don’t want to get caught up in these libertarian finance gurus like Peter Schiff who sound like they know what they’re talking about but are really completely full of shit.

        16. most cops really are good guys though. Sure you can dig up an infinite number of videos of police brutality online. But no profession is 100% full of ethical people. When someone watches a cop shoot a dog on the internet they go around making blanket statements about how all cops are dog killers

        17. I agree that most cops are likely decent guys who are just doing their job. But the police as an institution is a corrupt one. Primarily their job seems to be rob people at gunpoint to provide financing for the local municipality. In a perfect world you would speak to a cop as often as you speak to a fireman. Probably never.
          By police brutality I don’t mean beating the crap out of handcuffed women on YouTube. I mean the casual violence meted out to suspects and informants on TV. This conditions the mind to accept this behavior in every day life.

        18. I think most of the cops who have been on the force a few years are probably good. But the new hires today…. scary. And the future cops will be the ones who were raised in this authoritarian society where cops execute people without punishment and they must be obeyed.. it will not be pretty.

      2. Its not just cable either, its pretty much all TV and movies. I don’t even have a television, or Netflix.
        The Powers That Be would rather have you fat, happy, and slow-witted than focus on improving your mind and body.
        If you improve yourself, they can’t control you so easily.
        Homo Sapiens showed up around 200,000 years ago; from that time up to about the mid 50s, the species got along quite well without the idiot box. We can do it again.

        1. I think that certain movies are works of art and I appreciate them as such. I don’t have a Netflix account either but my projector and sound system are setup for the full movie experience. To each his own.

        2. Older films and foreign movies tend to be better than most of the garbage produced by Hollywood today. Believe it or not, some of the old movies from Soviet cinema are worth watching.

      3. I think I could do without, but I would def need the MLB channel. I wonder if I can get that a la carte or over the web?

        1. Check out some of ESPN’s options. If it’s not ESPN then go straight to the MLB website. I have a buddy who has some minor subscription and he watches all the games, pitch by pitch plus all kinds of stats, no commercial breaks etc. He’s obsessed with baseball and watches through one of those options. Don’t get cable just for baseball. There are ways around it for sure. Plus you could be watching the games in far less time. Pure action.

      4. Thinking about dropping it myself. I work second shift, so I don’t watch much TV at all now. Netflix and a DVD player are all you really need.

    1. That’s the one point that jumped out at me.
      Dwelling for too long on politics is pointless. If you really care you can join a party or movement.

    2. you dont like watching the news? are you retarded? You know how much Ive learned from watching nine people in a Brady Bunch/Hollywood Squares grid scream at each other, all within a 3 min segment prior to a cutaway to a commercial break?

      1. Full-contact news would be even more fun!
        Tag team cage match to the death: Bill O’Reilly and Chris Matthews vs Kayla Tausche and Kelly Evans.
        Now THAT would be entertaining!!!!!

        1. dont know who kayla or kelly are, so bill n chris could be the wrestlers, the women could be the “managers”.

        2. “news chick” means they are nothing more than humanoids/ham n egg’ers

        3. There is always the Naked News, and the Japanese variant where guys go all bukkake on the female anchor. Eat some Taco Bell while you watch and violate three rules simultaneously!

        4. Bobby the brain Heenan, wrestling “manager”, would insult the crowd by calling them humanoids and ham n eggers

    3. Women presenting news is occurring way too much. I see it in my gym. Also, any story with the question about ‘feelings’ related to an issue are total bullshit. I want facts. Period. If feelings are mentioned, I know I am being manipulated.

      1. Its all about eyeballs. Most men would rather look at a pretty face than a wrinkled old man. I sure as hell would.
        When you are watching the news you are being manipulated whether or not the newscaster mentions feelings.
        Someone like Bill O’Reilly may not say the actual word, but he is using feelings and emotions to manipulate you. He is highly opinionated, an aggressive questioner, and dominates the guests. His presentations make liberal use of outrage and reprobation. Men typically respect other men who come across as strong, and so as a man you are more likely to agree with someone like that, no matter the validity of his opinions.
        As for facts, TV news is probably not the best source. When you consider that so much information from so many sources is available on the Internet, its hard to see TV news as anything other than obsolete.

        1. There was a great documentary about Fox News that came out a few years ago called Outfoxed (I think). It showed how Fox pulled ahead by becoming entertainment vs informative and had several former producers who revealed some of their tricks. One of the biggest ones I remember was the anchor making baseless comments by stating “Some people say…” when actually no one was saying it. Example… “But some people say the statistics showing declining rape levels are underreporting the crime”
          Once you are aware of their tricks, you hear it in almost everything they say, and realize it is all lies and misdirection.

    4. 5 years no TV.
      When I came to korea I notices within 48 hours I was much happier because I wasn’t listening to the mindless shit on the radio or TV. I didn’t have a computer at the time either. I was also happier because I couldn’t hear or understand the shit coming out of Everyone’s mouths.

      1. I felt the same way in China with YouTube being blocked. Missed out on some things, but it forced me away from getting sucked into the entertainment vortex and all of the negative shit that I usually listen to on that site.

    5. When it comes down to it, the biggest life hack for men in general should be to stop caring what other people think of you (plain and simple).
      I have a subliminal here if you guys would like to try it.
      It’s called: “Don’t Care What People Think of You.”
      50% off for the Return of Kings Community. Just type in “idontcarewhatothersthink” as the coupon code.
      It’ll be some of the greatest freedom you can experience.

  2. This is good advice. Especially reading and avoiding porn. But porn does not cause pedestalization of women– quite the opposite in fact. In that aspect porn can be quite an antedote.

  3. Not sure if these are “life hacks”, but great points none the less. All men should follow these as basic tenants. Changing my diet had a huge impact on me. I was always fit, but eating unprocessed foods has made a huge impact in my life.

  4. Good article. I think #5 would be better if you said “pick your news sources carefully”. With the internet age your choices are limitless. I agree with the rest. I also find playing video games is a good way to meditate and unwind after a long day of work (mind you, it doesn’t replace reading!)

  5. The only news worth reading/watching is things related to science and business/finance as you can potentially learn something useful. For me at least. But you don’t get that on TV.

  6. Traditional wisdom tells us that deep breathing is the best as it is
    thought to provide the most oxygen. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide
    and the conclusion that is drawn is that oxygen is good for us and carbon
    dioxide is harmful. It is the ratio of carbon dioxide to oxygen which permits
    the release or retention of oxygen from the blood. Without carbon dioxide,
    oxygen is bound to the haemoglobin of the blood and simply does not work. When
    we over-breathe or hyperventilate, we lose valuable carbon dioxide.
    Man is the only animal on earth who has not developed a correct way of breathing. In fact, only one in ten people breathe correctly. Those who are sick breathe much more than those who are healthy.
    Ideally at rest an adult should breathe lightly, superficially, and only through the nose. A healthy person can perform light exercise and still breathe lightly, whilst a sick person requires deep breaths almost all of the time.

    1. You can’t just make a statement like that and not back it it up with anything! If everyone is breathing wrong I’d really like to see where you got this information, seems important to know how to breathe right.

    2. There’s a Maharaja in northern India who has conquered breathing by stopping the diaphragm from moving at all through intense meditation. In a complete state of rest, carbon dioxide is expelled and oxygen absorbed by diffusion alone. He is 700 years old.

  7. All seven are excellent common-sense “hacks.” But of course, “common sense” has become notably…uncommon.
    I would add one of a financial nature: If you want it but can’t pay for it in cash — i.e., without borrowing a cent — do without it. That includes the purchase of a house.

  8. Typos bro:
    Stop overthinking things, follow your guy, and practice making small decisions quickly.
    Choose what you’ll wear, where you’ll go, what you’ll order and when
    you’ll meet up with hesitating. You’ll waste far less time and be that
    much happier for it.
    ‘follow your gut’
    ‘without hesitating’

    1. I thought maybe “follow your guy” was equivalent to “women’s intuition” or something like that!

  9. ,,Stop overthinking things, follow your guy (gut), and practice making small decisions quickly. Choose what you’ll wear, where you’ll go, what you’ll order and when you’ll meet up with(out) hesitating. You’ll waste far less time and be that much happier for it.” There you go, dear sir.
    Have a pleasant evening.
    Nice article, good read.
    Will be reading it again tomorrow morning to understand it better.

  10. In defense of pornography, while it may have deleterious affects, it can also yield benefits, such as (1) increased athletic performance and (2) new techniques and ideas to improve your own sex life – provided, one does not masturbate. Unless and until you are able to watch porn without masturbating, then, emphatically, you ought not view porn.

  11. ROK 101 in the list. Good list.
    “5. Stop watching the news”
    Also stop reading the news. Reading the news is not much better for you.

    1. I always figured reading the newspaper was a good thing. Vocabulary goes up depending on the paper and you are up to date on current events.

      1. The best writers I see now are in magazines. Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Chris Hitchens, Matt Taibbi, Jeremy Scahill, etc. There are still a few good papers out there, so read one if you can find it, but they cut daily delivery of my local paper and replaced most of the reporters with journalism school graduates at $20,000 a pop (mostly female too) so it has turned into a news tabloid hybrid.

  12. If you really need to knuckle down and accomplish something, then it’s all good advice: live healthy, clear your head, avoid unnecessary distractions.
    However, life is meant to be enjoyed and expanding your knowledge can be worthwhile and enjoyable in its own right.
    Reading is only as good as what you are reading. Other, newer media have no particular advantage if you take a structured approach. Surfing the net for 30 minutes to get a better understanding of the Qing Dynasty of China is probably a better move than reading Danielle Steele for half an hour. Knowing “what’s going on” is worthwhile in itself and allows you to speak intelligently with others on such topics. Scan the headlines, skim the business/politics/sports articles and choose a few to read in their entirety.
    Some decisions can be savoured, like selecting a fine wine to have with a fine meal. Others require consideration in proportion to their importance.
    The fundamental reason why you shouldn’t work out every single day is to allow your body to recuperate if you are in fact seriously working out.
    Everything else in moderation: shit food, shit movies, shit video games, tweet shit, whatever.
    And then there’s porn. Watching porn is not the same as porn addiction. At the extreme opposite, one can argue that sex itself is largely a waste of time and energy. Some tantric gurus estimate that it takes the body from two weeks to a month to recover from ejaculating. More than about twice a week will sap your energy to do other things.
    Again: everything in moderation. So get that Double Whopper take out, crack open a beer, and – given that most women are less interesting than either Tia Tanaka or your left hand – log onto Red Tube and enjoy yourself. But don’t make a habit of it.

      1. I’ve mentioned before that it is increasingly hard to find a women who is more interesting than your left hand. Porn doesn’t give you shit tests nor STDs. Porn is free on the internet; it doesn’t expect you to buy it a steak dinner. When you want it, it’s there; when you don’t, close the window and it will STFU. No one ever paid child support to a porn site. The list goes on. The list goes on.

  13. 1. Read.
    I took to reading last year. There is nothing more liberating than learning, what you want, when you want.
    I read some philosophy and history but it’s mostly all science. There is something about knowing how and why our world and the universe operates. It is incredibly humbling, mystifying, awe inspiring and thought provoking. Whether it be cosmology or psychology, it is the study of LIFE.
    And you would be surprised at how ignorant the majority of people are about their surroundings. Most people do not even stop to think, or look at the stars and contemplate. I am so glad I have found something that puts it all in perspective for me.
    Many times have I looked up at the stars cried, filled with emotion and gratitude. It is understandable how people because so depressed living in this bubble we call society. We are incredibly small and most the things we do seem incredibly stupid when things are put into perspective. Attaining all this knowledge has made me appreciate life a whole lot more. And I imagine everyone else who has indulged in such feels the same way.
    There is no bigger “life hack” than to truly educate yourself about yourself, and to see the bigger picture. To look at life objectively, with no ego and just enjoy existing, although be it be for a short while.
    I genuinely feel sorry for people choose not to at least try and find comfort and happiness through education and meditation. And instead try and buy it with money or validation.
    Just take a look at the most recent picture taken of the Andromeda Galaxy here: http://www.spacetelescope.org/images/heic1502a/zoomable/
    Keep zoomin’ in..

    1. My thing now is audiobooks and lecture series. They are more convenient if you can’t get a seat on the bus or you are walking, exercising or otherwise doing something with a low cognitive load. However, I also have gigs of PDFs on my tablet.

        1. It doesn’t matter if it ‘counts’ or not. But if you have that kind of imagination why not expand upon it? You should think about reading the original Conan and Tarzan novels, for starters. Then you can shift into Sax Rohmer and some of the other older, fantasy stuff. If your mind is entertained by comics then you have a lot of places you can go with that. It’s probably not a bad idea for you to shift away from ‘image=entertainment’ and call on your own brain to form the images as you read. That’s a deeper experience imo.

        2. LOL, not on a page for page basis. Personally, I don’t read any sort of fiction; for me that is what movies are for. However, if you actually appreciate it as pop culture and pop art and engage with the material, why not?

  14. For the life of me I can’t figure out what enjoyment people get out of TV. I haven’t had tv since I moved out of my parents house and don’t even notice not having it. When I go to friends houses and see what kind of shit is on it makes my head hurt. Even channels like discovery and history that used to have interesting documentaries have been bogged down with staged drama bullshit reality shows, gold hunters, croc hunters, Bigfoot hunters etc. none of them lead anywhere and the focus is not on the task at hand but on the constant bickering between characters that any idiot should know we’re made up by producers, it’s like the whole world of TV has turned into wrestling and nobody is willing to admit that it’s fake. I’m sure I’ll get shit on for this but I feel the same way about sports, i guess I can see if you have money on the game but otherwise you gain nothing when “your team” wins. I’ve seen grown men cry when a team from a city they have no connection to loses a big game, talk about living vicariously through others. Excuse the rant but it just strikes a nerve with me, I have way too many friends who watch life instead of living it.

    1. I have a few series that I download and then watch at my convenience on my computer. Otherwise, I don’t watch TV.

    2. “it’s like the whole world of TV has turned into wrestling and nobody is willing to admit that it’s fake”
      Very, very insightful. That’s a great quote!
      Wasting your life sitting on your ass watching sweaty dudes on roids playing with balls is moronic. I’ve found that the biggest sports fans are often the fattest laziest slobs around. They just loooooooove sports, but apparently not enough to go out and socialize or exercise by actually playing sports!!!
      “They shed their sense of responsibility long ago, when they lost their votes, and the bribes; the mob that used to grant power, high office, the legions, everything, curtails its desires, and reveals its anxiety for two things only, bread and circuses”
      –Juvenal, Satire 10

  15. ROK clearly has problems with porn. Is this about obsessive / compulsive use of porn? Has it occurred to ROK that lots of women look at porn?

    1. Some guys view it and jerking off as simply a waste of time. I’m not sure if is the MGTOW types, or (with a bit of hypocrisy) the PUAs who think fucking a disposable chick every other day is concretely better.

  16. I work out regularly. It makes me feel good about myself. However I recently had to have my appendix removed and the doctor told me to take it easy. No working out for 3 weeks to give my body proper time to heal up. Being away from the gym and my weights for the past couple of weeks has made me feel miserable and fat. I’m actually looking forward to getting the all clear sign from my doctor so I can start up again. Just taking away a simple joy of lifting regular and replacing it with just sitting around can really have a negative impact.

  17. 8. Save your money. There’s a huge difference between going to work because you’ll be homeless if you don’t vs. working a job you like with no financial stress. Your goal doesn’t have to be to retire young. It could be to just accumulate enough fck you money to smirk and laugh off petty work issues because you know you’ll be OK if the job goes bust.

    1. Victor Pride says you have to invest your money in money-making endeavors. You can’t get f-money just saving unless you work to 80 or so, but then that’s not so fun having to wait so late.

  18. Stop watching the news??? I take it that by saying ‘don’t watch the news’ you mean more than not watching some blowhard on a 24 hour news network spew his opinions (not facts), but to not follow the news at all. And that’s fucking absurd. Being educated and understanding the world is what every man should pursue. It’s even somewhat conflicting with your #1 point, which is to read every day.

    1. I think that part could have been better written as “Don’t watch TV news because you won’t really learn jack shit, and there’s more info about current events online.”
      But otherwise, yeah, its mostly people yelling each other. Infotainment, if you remember that term.

      1. Yes, that is a very important distinction. TV news, in America, is terrible. That is not necessarily true in other countries. In U.S., you’re better off with print or radio news.

  19. I thought you were supposed to take one day off a week. From working out, I mean, not jacking to porn.

  20. Besides all the other obvious problems with the new, it gives us a distorted view of other countries. We never hear about Thailand until they have a flood. We never hear about Japan until Fukushima. We never hear about Iceland until they have a volcano eruption. And we hardly heard of France until the recent shooting. The never show us the beauty of those of those lands on TV.
    Even the most messed up middle eastern countries have nice, clean civilized areas with more “action” and night life than the more “civilized” western cities, but that’s off limits for media.

    1. That’s why Americans always believe their country is “#1” in everything when we are actually and provably around number 20 to 30 in most issues that really matter, and more importantly than our rank, is the direction we are moving–downward.
      Especially important to ROK readers–think about how the powers that be don’t want you to see the positives of Saudi Arabian society, a stable and prosperous one, or of many Latin and Asian feminine worlds. They want you stuck with the shit that we have in the west. So the only way such countries are covered are when it is something negative, or when they implement something we see as progressive (Hey look South Africa finally got rid of slavery.. Look, women can now vote in local elections in Saudi Arabia).

  21. I cannot advocate lifting weights & reading enough.
    Go to bed a little wiser and a little stronger every single day – with each passing day you’ll be one step ahead of average. It adds up.

  22. I agree with everything except watching the news. I think it is important to remain current and have clear insight/perspective into daily events. Knowledge is power.

  23. Take a cold shower everyday. I live in a region,where we have had below zero tempo every night for 1.5 months, this is no deterrent for me. So cold temps should not be an excuse.

  24. I watched some food documentaries recently, just to remind myself that more than 2/3 of the stuff you can buy in the supermarket is crap. Aisles and aisles with products made from white flower, sugar, artificial ingredients and trans fat. US or Europe, it doesn’t matter. Western countries are hooked on sugar.
    I stopped drinking soda, alcohol and milk-products. Ok, I like milkshakes, and chocolatemilk and cola and all. But when I drink that stuff I get bloated. So just water and tea. That already helps a lot, and after a couple of weeks you will not have the feeling of missing something. It’s better for your health, and cheaper. Vegetables can be expensive. But you should buy seasonal. You can stock potatoes, freeze fruit like berries. Buy in bulk. Eat green vegetables like broccoli and kale. I think your diet should be #1. It determines your mental and physical state (like libodo). You can’t workout when your diet is bad, you can’t even concentrate when reading.

  25. I differ on two points.
    Watch the news but make sure it is BBC or Al Jezeera. You will learn much about the world.
    Porn is okay for a few free minutes and then use that energy and mental picture in your real sex life.

  26. “5. Stop watching the news”
    Man I stopped watching TV for 5 years…did not even know who Ryan gosling was until a month ago cause work buddies teased me for it.
    Fuck TV, it is like a vagina with an antenna.

  27. The only news worth watching is where to make money(business news like CNBC) and where to spend it (travel news, movie releases)

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