Feminist Laci Green Is Trying To Censor Youtube Without Consent

Social justice warriors are at it again, this time on Youtube. With the pretext of a “sexual assault” video uploaded by Sam Pepper, they are attempting to purge the site from men they don’t like by spreading denouncements, pressuring advertisers, calling white men racists, and disseminating rape accusations. It has reached a climax today whereby a woman has come out to accuse Pepper of raping her after a concert in Spring 2013. She eagerly spilled the beans of the rape to Buzzfeed in spite of the fact that she never called the police.

One of the ringleaders of this purge is Laci Green, a feminist who has sought professional help for mental disorder. Pepper’s video network dropped him thanks to her efforts, and she—along with her SJW friends—just might be successful in removing him from Youtube entirely. They have named other male youtubers who are being targeted for their purge, all in the hopes of making Youtube free of men and ideas that they disagree with.

In the following video, I detail why Green is the absolute last person who should be censoring anything:

I’m sure that digging into the backgrounds of other SJW’s would yield similar results.

Right on the heels of #GamerGate, it’s clear that SJW’s won’t stop until they silence and censor all that they dislike. While our efforts to fight against them may seem futile, it’s clear from the comments on my video that intelligent people in the middle can be swayed with rational arguments on how SJW’s are immoral and unqualified to act as cultural censors. Some people may agree with the SJW cause, but they will be much more hesitant to go along with a purge like this if they realized that a small group of damaged individuals want to decide what content they are able to see.

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321 thoughts on “Feminist Laci Green Is Trying To Censor Youtube Without Consent”

    1. Her fan club of manginas is fucking huge. The comment section on Youtube is filled with them, with the stupidest comments getting hundreds of likes within mere seconds.

      1. Indeed. Unintelligible drivel gets upvoted fast, while a well thought-out, articulate argument quickly disappears into the digital abyss, barely getting any upvotes.

        1. Yeah, because usually the well reasoned argument has a dick attached!
          The drivel comes equipped with a vagina. At least the little blue ballers have some of their priorities straight. Like maybe 3%?

        2. There’s a cost-benefit analysis to be done here, though. On the one hand, there’s the poisonous miasma of her mental landscape; inadvertent glimpses of the transparently desperate prostrations of her would-be white knights; and her likely affection for the attentions of Mr. Marcus. On the other hand, she’s cute enough. Okay, too close to call.
          Oh, wait, I forgot one thing, which really IS a deal breaker. The woman doesn’t come up for air, (even when her mouth isn’t full.) Still, if I were both desperate and profoundly deaf, maybe.

        1. You’re mistaken. They just want the white and Asian and Latino men to be women. Unless the Latino men are gangster.

      2. Ah, I used to talk to manginas (by the way, I was one of them). Talking to them is in vain. Just flood the comment section with some links to good articles from ROK (or another good pro-male site) and let them find the “red pill” by themselves. It’s more effective than try arguing with them.

        1. Manginas are just biding for time. The minute they say or do something that women can find a offensive the public lynching will commence. Women especially feminists despise men like this more than you or me.

      3. Which sucks for the manginas following her sex advice. It’s a guaranteed way to never get laid.

        1. Speaking of YouTube bots, I still remember when 3rd parties actually offer bot sales to inflate view counts, and that was just 2006!

      4. No great surprise; she’s catnip for manginas and white knights. An obviously damaged, emotionally needy, and attractive young woman. Better yet, one whose entire affect is off-the-wall crazy. Kim Bassinger on a bridge crazy. A wild ride, personified.
        Just feed her ego. This one’s Daddy quite clearly did NOT do his job.

    2. Surely I can’t be the only one to notice how these crazy, SJW type gals always seem to be not only enthusiasts of, but advocates of every kind of sexual perversion out there?
      The weirder it is the more they seem to gravitate towards this and for some reason it’s strongly correlated with social justice crusading.

      1. SJW girls also end up being incredibly aggressive when they can’t get their fix of feeling like they are saving the world. I worked with a SJW nutball and she would literally go from room to room in our school (way inappropriate) in order to find something to rampage against. A fellow teacher leaving a messy desk on Friday afternoon etc. Imagine a neighbor busting into your house and calling you out for wasting a few ounces of milk in order to understand how petty and inappropriate this was. These are totally hollow people after a youth spent chasing internet pseudo emotions. I’m not surprised that they gravitate towards the shocking, extreme range of sexual behavior as you say. They are so numb that good old petting would mystify them with boredom if they haven’t labeled it as ‘patriarchal objectification’ or something.

    3. You know most people like this don’t see anything wrong with dictating what’s acceptable or what isn’t. It’s a lot like the little white girls on playgrounds complaining about what’s mean or what isn’t, and expecting people to care. Some of them never grow up.

      1. Stop with the White girls stuff because although many are bad the most dysfunctional are Negro females in the US 80% of whom are unmarried and they’re always looking for fights at the slightest provocation.At least you don’t see even crazy white girls pulling each others hair out, or should I say fake hairhats.

        1. What’s more destructive, ghetto black chicks contained in the hood or white chicks who control millions of dollars through the cuckholding of their men, with impunity?

        2. What about the cuckolding of the White male taxpayers who pay 3/4 of all taxes that go to pay for the upkeep of these ghetto hairhats and their thugettes? They are a complete liability and worth less than zero.They contribute nothing and all they do is take like bloodsuckers. Their kids are liabilities and each one of them costs $20k a headper year just to pay for their schooling. Who do you think pays for that, not to mention every other benefit you can imagine plus affirmative action preferences for colleges and then gov’t jobs they can’t perform. Doesn’t that count?
          And stop taking about things you know nothing of.Apparently you only know the bottom class white females who do blend a bit into the typical negro US lifestyle. We don’t know or even see these types and 9 out of 10 of our women are an asset to us.
          Don’t judge white females from what you know about them in your very limited little world or what you read on blogs that attract the malcontents of the world.If I were to use questionaires or interview the boys who post on blogs and these “alphas” answered honestly you’d get a really good picture of who is writing these comments both here and on the psycho feminist blogs. As it is I have to read betweeen the lines and I’m very good at it to collect data.
          Who’s more destructive? Negro females in the ghetto who act and want to fight like men that’s who. This is rare in snowflakes above the trailer park level and they will rarely challenge a man and certainly never physically.
          Se that nutty hyperactive female Green in the video. I’d straighten her out in one day and wouldn’t have to argue or even raise my voice. She’s a sex starved little girl which is why she talks about sex all of the time and is probably afraid of men which is why she surrounds herself with Homos, a fag hag.I can put 99% of females at ease within a few minutes and once she gets a dose of the magical ingredients in my semen she’ll quiet right down and forget all of this other crap she spews.All she needs is a good shagging by a real man and not some millennial mangina with some rubber on his dick.

        3. Dude, stop simping for white women. Do you really think they’d defend you when push comes to shove? Personally, I support NO women…. regardless of color.

        4. This post above me is the current reality. Period.
          The problem this guy mortsubite has is that he’s forcing something in a pedestal and doesn’t know it and selectively removes them from the picture when we discuss women on RoK. *sigh* bluepills…

        5. Hmm well let me think about that.In one area where I have a house about an hr. north of Manhattan in N. Westchester the negro population is listed at 1% although I’ve never seen one in the area which covers about 30 sq. miles, although there are some wealthy Asians (Japanese)
          In my other country place it’s more ordinary, perhaps upper middle class, and you rarely see a negro although there are some Sikhs who run the gas station and some Caucasian types from south of the border who generally run some businesses in the actual town in the last 10 years.
          So I’d estimate that the % of White girls I know is like 100%.
          The problem with blogs like this,MRM blogs, feminist blogs etc is that 9 out of 10 people on them have some axe to grind and really don’t represent the normal man or female.They are people who have problems in life and especially people who have problems with the opposite sex. If you put all of these blogs together, both the men’s and the feminist crap, they wouldn’t represent 1% of the people and you’re getting a skewed picture of life.
          If you were to go to Tumblr who do you think is on it? It’s mostly unstable girls between 15 and very immature 20 somethings. The other feminist blogs are the same with the usual unbalanced 20 somethings, lesbians and those who can’t figure out what sex they are, with a few crazy grandmas and spinsters left over from the 60’s thrown in who managed to learn how to turn a computer on. These are the mutant females that you waste your time arguing with not the norm. Most of the men bitching on here have shall I say “problems” and feminism is only exacerbating them but is not the cause of them. If I were able to turn the clock back even a short time to the 80’s when 90% of your gripes didn’t even exist you would not suddenly become alphas and would still have the same problems that you have today. Come to think about it you would even have bigger problems back then because the AVERAGE millennial mouse today would be equivalent to the biggest wimp nancy boy back then.
          I’d really like to do a study on who comments on blogs but I know that I’d never get accurate date.Everyone would claim they were alpha millionaires and resemble Jon Hamm lol
          Any honest boys here who want to volunteer info?

        6. You talk like you’re from the Nineteenth century. Negros?Caucasian? Really?
          So all you know is a small sub-section of white girls. Trust me, they’re not all the same.

        7. Look at how you got your panties in a bunch?! You assholes are fucking pathetic. Are you gonna cry because the negro is talking about white girls?! You know his large cock is fucking them while you earn those big bucks, right?! Oh man! This is too good! I love this site!

        8. Race is not class. You should venture to West Virginia for a sampling of that fine, fine white poontang. HAHA. And within your class you have to know the women enjoy a good mucking about with the coloreds who outperform you guys. There HAS been a study about that. You are teeming with bizarre insecurities and that’s very un-alpha-like.

        9. Problem is, back when we white folks mostly knew enough about what had gone before, because we’d seen it with our own two eyes and heard it with our own two ears, there was an opening to do some real good at raising up the benighted.
          Instead, the Progressives, white and black alike, preferred to keep the underclass around, so that their own idiot children would have nice jobs where they can wear their fancy suits. Somebody had to look out for kids who were too lazy to learn math, like our heroine of the day.

    4. Agree. Laci Green is yet another example of an attention whore. She’s not getting attention “the old fashion way”….so she uses a different type of platform (social) to stand on that soap box and say “everyone look at me”.
      I’m not sure what happened to her in the past, but obviously there are some “issues” with her. The more people (men) call her out (and the women like her) the better off we will be in the end.
      and when did I move to the former Soviet Union?

      1. She needs a good shagging every day to cure her of her silliness.
        The magical chemicals in semen will do the trick by changing the chemical balance in her body.
        Ever notice how pregnant females change? Same thing, the change of chemical balance puts them into a more natural state.She’s now concerned with being a mother which is what nature intended for the female and she feels normal.

        1. The rise of the use of condoms is preventing that magic elixir from reaching her bloodstream and brain. And secondly, the rise of the use of certain psychiatric drugs like the SSRI’s from practically 0 in the 80’s to what we have today is causing emotional and personalty problems.

        2. Believe it or not, there is considerable validity to his last post. In both cases.
          Similarly, an unknown, but not negligible, part of the observed differences in I.Q. and criminal activities, which were profound for an entire generation or more, almost certainly had to do with lead poisoning from stagnant, exhaust-laden urban air and leaded paint dust in older housing.

  1. This attention whore needs her internet privileges taken away. Also she claims to be a “pansexual” girl, whatever the fuck that means.

      1. Seriously though, from my experience browsing tumblr I’d say it means she feels the need to be anything but normal, so she picked a minority gender position for herself as a victim identity. It’s very common for white girls in the movement.

    1. Ehh, besides being an obvious attention whore, I stopped watching Roosh’s “take down” of this feminist about the 5:30 mark.
      The “evidence” of her instability is really weak. So what, she had suicide issues.” Or she got fat. She obviously lost it. Her issue is with a guy who had a special shirt, and touched random women’s asses. I see no problem with it other than that she may not have checked to see if he had actresses allowing herself to be grabbed.
      If this was to garner outrage, it will most likely work. However, in order to really draw out rage, you would need something akin to her abandoning her kids she had with several random men, and video of her publicly voicing their humiliation out of feminist pride.
      I guess I found nothing extremely damning about this.
      If feminists were going around grabbing men in the crotch, then calling the cops on them for false rape accusations; that would be outrageous. If she beat up, and stole the sign of a female protestor on campus like the one moron in California, that would be outrageous.
      This damning list of her hypochondria is nothing newsworthy. Yet even an hypochondriac can see that grabbing the ass like a weak beta with a trick jacket is bull shit. Unless of course it is the reverse!
      Besides, you should be grabbing her ass as you are taking her home of her own volition, then posting a video about it to this attention whore. You know, to see what her opinion is, then have a good laugh at her inevitable reaction.
      That would have been a better hour, or several, spent than making this video presentation.

    2. We let girls like Laci Green ride on the short bus to school. That bus held all of the crazy kids (see Chris Rock standup for details).
      “All of the crazy kids went to school on a little ass bus and had class at the end of the building. They got out at 2:30 (later) so that way if they went crazy they only hurt other crazy kids. ”
      Our society has done way with the term “crazy” and placed everyone back into one big group.
      Laci Green is one of those kids who needs to be put back on the short (crazy) bus.

    3. Boys. Girls. Goats. Transsexuals. Bicycle seats. Incubi and succubi. Clever-tongued devils with twinned sexual apparatuses. Hannibal Lecter.

  2. These social justice wankers even managed to get 4chan censored. Not due to pressure but insider corruption.

    1. This is not sarcasm. This is a real woman and she said this ironically. (i could tell by her other comment.

  3. They aren’t Social Justice Warriors.
    They are vigilantes.
    Social Justice Vigilantes
    Doesn’t have the same righteous ring, does it?

  4. “She eagerly spilled the beans of the rape to Buzzfeed in spite of the fact that she never called the police.” I think it’s deeply offensive and insensitive when people say Buzzfeed used to be funny but now all they do is focus on all of the SJW topics. I mean really, Buzzfeed was never funny.
    Joking aside, I’ve been much happier not paying attention to the cycle of fake outrage created by the Left. Get angry at something for like 2 weeks, rinse, and repeat. There’s an inverse relationship between my level of happiness and how much I pay attention to these types of people. Roosh is absolutely correct that these SJWs are deeply damaged people that not only should have no legal rights over him or anybody else, but should not be held with any social regard above anyone else. It’s those times where you really have to ask, do I want to listen to men who are successful, hard-working, good with women, and friendly? Or do I want to listen to miserable, angry, passionless, hypocritical, and hypercritical people who are going nowhere? Your choice.

    1. You nailed it. If you can’t watch/read this shit without getting personally invested, stay away. It just makes you miserable.

  5. Wow, Laci Green is still around? A while back someone found a 4-year-old video in which she used the word “tranny.” She was harassed and even received death threats. I thought the SJW mob had run her off the internet for good but there she is and a hypocrite no less.

  6. Feminazi logic:
    *Constantly attempts to censor people in a effort to destroy free speech like all tyrannies do.
    *Then have the nerve to complain about being called feminazi even though their actions pretty much matches the actually Nazi’s themselves.
    I wonder how feminist are able to deal with that much cognitive dissidence?

    1. Are you kidding? When do they ever deal with cognitive dissonance? The emotional buzz kicks in long before the logic gets sorted out. The thinking stops on a dime when the emotional payoff is attained. Cognitive dissonance? That never comes into play.

  7. This won’t be popular here but:
    I’m not a fan of laci greene, sjw or censorship, but how those dudes invaded somoeone else’s personal space really crossed the line. If they did similar things to another dude they’d get hurt. I might not agree with laci greene’s tactics but something SHOULD be done to stop those dudes.

    1. That’s when a girl can slap a guy, not because he says something doesn’t like. Actually some fag grabbed my ass one time, but since I’m not electrified by a man’s touch I didn’t have much of a reaction. If he kept at it I guess I’d have to decide whether to risk getting HIV through skinned knuckles, chicks would be justified in using pepper spray for such occasions

      1. from
        “The Way of the Gun”
        Parker: Don’t you think it’s funny that if I grab a woman’s ass and she punches me, she’s fighting for her rights, but if a faggot grabs my ass and I punch his lights out, I’m a homophobe?
        Employee: Let’s just move on.
        Parker: Are…you…a faggot?
        Employee: Any trace of mental illness in the family?
        Parker: It’s not what you say anymore, is it? It’s all in how you say it.

    2. Maybe it was staged.
      If not, the crime is between the perpetrator and the plaintiff. It’s not Laci Green’s business. She’s being a vigilante.

  8. The fact these SJW types have so much influence is entirely due to the army of enablers and appeasers behind them, akin to a dictator being dependent on an extensive state security apparatus. People these days are scared to death of social ostracization, especially millennials, who, in general, seem to put a huge stock in the approval of others. It’s almost like the most logic-defying ideas are the quickest to spread and are most likely to resonate with a particular kind of people.

    1. that’s only because they resonate with a bunch of idiots in a fairytale land filled with happiness and people of all backgrounds and minorities performing ring around the Rosie well unicorns gallop through fields and rainbows rain skittles from the sky. that shit spreads quickly because it doesn’t require any actual work. and the people who lead these things? Just out for attention. I think Lowtax once called it, “increasing the size of your ePenis.” obviously, you need to replace the word penis with vagina…

    1. Agreed. Her teeth creep me out worse. This is the type of chick that would never get to suck my cock. And what’s up with that screeching voice she’s got!?

      1. Yeah her voice sounds like she just finished crying or is about to cry very soon…its kind of depressing to listen to for a long time.

  9. Ok, so now SJW:s are trying to promote a suicidal attention whoring nymphomaniac with histrionic personality disorder as the new role model for young girls?

      1. How many of them are starving beta feminist men who think that chubby attention whoring nymphomaniacs are the only type of girls they have a shot with?

        1. They really do hope against all hopes, gotta give them that. Im not trying my luck anywhere where the men-female ratio is a million to 1.

        2. I’m not convinced her large number of subscribers is primarily fueled by male thirst and desperateness. This goes beyond the sexual. These SJW propagated opinions, ideas, memes, vile they are, must resonate on some level with these people.

        3. That guy went full retard. He spents too much energy into spewing this feminist nonsense for it to be just a strategy to get poon. He’s a zealot.

        4. If you are patient and scroll down a bit you will see his tweets from over a year ago and older. He retweets porn pics and tries to hit on teenage girls by telling them he likes Justin Bieber

        5. Most of them are indignation addicts. They click onto upworthy type stories of pseudo heroism and get an actual physical buzz from their indignation/sanctimony. The internet is approaching heaven for females. They can fire off all of their emotion receptors daily, even hourly, all while falling even further in love with themselves and their social greatness.

        6. He looks like Corky (that boy with Down Syndrome) from “Life Goes On”
          Remember him anybody?

        7. Holy Heysoos why did I look at that?
          There is no way in this hell or the next that guy is doing this for any other reason than getting laid.
          Worst part (for him) is, he’s not going to get laid.

        8. Yea I agree, I want to know how many of her followers have fucked 10 women in their lives. I’d be willing to be that most of them are under 5.

  10. If Laci Green wouldn’t get all that attention from making videos on youtube she would instead be making false rape accusations in order to garner attention. Be aware of this type of girl.

    1. “If Laci Green wouldn’t get all that attention from making videos on youtube she would instead be making false rape accusations in order to garner attention.”
      Ain’t that God’s fucking truth.

  11. i gotta be honest, watching a few of her videos made me cry. i couldn’t help but think of my grandfathers who fought and lost friends in ww ii to help build this country up and looking at this sick individual is one thing, but to see that people actually support and agree with her is another. there are always damaged people, i see a lot of mentally ill folks talking to themselves on the street but rarely do i see a crowd gathered around them validating their theories. her peanut gallery of supporters are doing her and her kind no favors. your courage is admirable roosh, keep it up.

    1. “If it wasn’t for us, you’d all be speaking German!”
      “Would that really be so bad?”
      Think about it.

      1. yea i hear ya, reminds me of philip k dicks ‘man in the high castle’, don’t want to ruin the whole thing for anyone who hasn’t read it but he begs the question what if germany and japan had actually won wwii, how would we really know?

        1. Uhhhh, we would all be either small dicked Japanese-Russian-American on the West coast. And/Or Nationalist, limped dicked pussies on the East coast, with women ruling over both halves of the country.
          So basically, it doesn’t matter. LOL

        2. Ball-busting women doesn’t strike me a staple of the nationalist right, but I’m not an expert on the matter.

        3. I think about this all the time. Both world wars precipitated the decline and and eventual fall of Western civilization but WWII was the nail in the coffin.
          The occident remained patriotic and religious following WWI but when World War was repeated twice within two decades, understandably the West abandoned their Christian faith, along with any sense of nationalism and began to embrace an odd type of secular cosmopolitanism.
          Today, Western European indigenous populations, cultural and religious, dwindle as Muslim populations continue to expand. Pair that with a weak, pacifist ideology that has left Western European armies hallowed out and marginalized, ensuring mobilization is virtually impossible to meet a serious threat and you have a recipe for disaster.
          What’s truly insane is how the general public has been so thoroughly demoralized that the majority has yet to fully grasp what has happened to their cultures and how it effects the future.
          Also, nice avatar.

        4. I’m not interested in debating that point either way, but why do you automatically link nationalism (devotion to one’s nation) to totalitarianism/fascism?

        5. Theres a difference between nationalism and patriotism.
          Nationalism doesn’t allow for diversity. It’s unity at all costs. Study the unification of Italy for example.

        6. With so many strong people destroyed in battle the weak were left to grow in the contaminated soil.

      2. I think about it and I think it’s bad. Nazism is a racist ideology and defending it on ROK is not helping the manosphere. Think about it.

        1. incorrect. National Socialism is connected to racial eugenics, but can be operated indepndently. Nazi economics, while completely incompatible with modern banking, are excellent for individual nations and have been applied successfully in smaller, bankrupt countries with reasonable success.

        2. 6 million people dead in concentration camps and there are people defending these monsters. I guess humanity will never learn a lesson.

        3. Oh get real, if 6 million died in camps than WHY THE HELL is it that people are in jail in Europe for asking questions about how 6 million died in camps ?
          Anytime an Emperor, King, Prince or Pope has made it a crime to question a proposition there has ALWAYS turned out to be something very wrong about that proposition.
          If you want to talk about monsters then talk about the Communist butchers the Germans tried to save Europe from.

        4. Get real? So you know better that the historians community? Theses guys with PhD in History know less than you?
          Communists see all human being as equal while Nazis think Black people are subhumans. Don’t expect any support from me here.

        5. Firstly, 6 million Jews disappeared. We do not have evidence as to how many died (some of the reported dead are showing up in America and the Middle East, showing how some clery escaped) and, regardless of that, total casualties are 60-80 million. The allies and the axs killed as many as each other, as happens in war. The jews are no more and no less significant than any other dead body or missing person.
          If it’s the concentration camps you have a problem with, then the French, Americns and Russians kept more people in camps, often in worse conditions (a lot of the starvation in Nazi camps was because we’d blocked food supplies; their soldiers in those areas were also often malnourished) and, to boot, none of those got any compensation, they were just chucked back out into general society, propertyless, to survive a post-war world where their nation hated and doubted them.
          Their economic policy was the main reason the war started. No single nation opposed the Nazis concentration camps which they knew nothing of, racial eugenics which they approved of, or antisemism which they sharesd. The two big reasons were fear of German expansionism, especially into territories taken from her in WWI and Germany leaving the gold standard which brought them great financial success, invited other nations to follow them and promised the failure of the world banking system. If you oppose the Nazis, you must bear in mind that their global and racial philosophies were shared among western nations. If they had won the war, the world wouldn’t have actually been uch different in terms of racism, separatism or eugenics. The experiemnts, sterilization and racism continued unabated, Nazis or no Nazis, until it had run its course.
          Finally, if you believe that economic, social and immigration policy should be disregardd because you disliked a specific regimes war policies then you probably should keep out f politics.

        6. I won’t stay out of politics and I won’t let people like you put us back 80 years ago.
          Are you a professional historian with a PhD specialized in WWII or is it bro-science (so to speak).

        7. As I said, the world has been like that for far longer than the Nazis, their racial beliefs were pretty universal at the time (extending acros the states, india, russia, east asia and south america) and history still ran iyts course without the Nazis – that was plain to see.
          Also plain to see are failures to mention jews, concentration camps or war crimes in the official documents of every allied country for the course of WWII (only being brought up in the trials at the end of the war, which were a violent attack against people who were mostly civilians with no options, may I add), as well as the memoirs of the headfigures, such as churchill. What they do mention, jowever, is a fear of expansionism, anger at the germans economic policy and the decision as to whether Nazis or Communists presented the greater threat. The dissolution of Prussia and loss of E Germany was even part of an attempt to appease the reds and stop WWII from continuing under a new guise. Everything I said is plainly offered to any layman who doesn’t get hs information exclusively from highschool or wikipedia. You don’t need a PhD to read the actual documents from the time. Far from bro-science, I am sure.
          And periodically raising the burden of proof is a dirty liberal tactic which shows nothing will ever be enough for you. You are emotionally invested in the veracity of historical events. There is more than one red pill, dontcha know? Maybe we can talk when you have taken a few more of them.

        8. I still don’t see your credentials (degrees, peer-reviewed publications, etc.) so I don’t see how you can make all these statements.
          Jewish people are strong because they have a real sense of community just like Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Russians)
          Besides, they have an efficient network thanks to their diaspora in almost every major country in the world.
          I think we should learn from them instead of trying to revive some primitive racist instincts which will get us nowhere.

        9. Haha. I think you should learn modesty and understand that you need qualification and peer-review to make scietific statement – even in the case of social sciences.
          I think I’ve taken more red pills than you’ll ever do.
          RoK is a great website but it’s being hijacked by keyboard heroes who think they know better than pros.
          People like Laci green will use that to label us as “fascists”.
          We have to come clean and focus on helping men to get back their masculinity.

        10. So why, if 6 million died in camps, is it that people in Europe are in jail for asking questions about how 6 million died in camps ?
          Anytime an Emperor, King, Prince or Pope has made it a crime to question a proposition there has ALWAYS turned out to be something very wrong about that proposition.
          Actually it was Americans who believed Blacks to be sub-human, segregation remember ?
          Jesse Owens was free to eat in any restaurant in Germany during the 1936 Olympics but not in his own country of USA, SILLY.

        11. History is written by the victors.
          Michael Parenti wrote “The Assassination of Julius Caesar.” He brought up and interesting point. What we know of Roman was written by the wealth and elite classes from the start to the present. Their is almost zero perspective of the average Roman citizen or slave. It is basically true regardless of the era.
          So if history is written by the victors and filled with propaganda favorable to one side. What exactly is the PhD in history offering if he isn’t presenting each side without bias? If people are studying it and opposes the generally accepted view they are ostracized or imprisoned.
          Civil War was about freeing the slaves. Germany Killed 6 million Jews. That’s it. Nothing else really happened. Nobody else but the jews and negros suffered. That’s the distilled version we hear. If I disagree, I’m a bad person. It’s okay not to believe in Jesus just don’t question Global “whateverthefuck it is called now” a historian or anyone. Just accept it.
          Bush II (Electric Bugaloo) made the right decisions during his time in office. He was FUCKING PRESIDENT. You just don’t get to that office without being super fucking smart and worthy. Why argue? Just accept it. His office, his career and his family made him right. Being an authority, he should have never been questioned, on anything. We should never accept dissenting opinion or challenge the historical narrative given to us. They are far smarter.

        12. “If people are studying it and opposes the generally accepted view they are ostracized or imprisoned.”
          Many people opposes the general view and even participated in a holocaust denial conference in Iran a few years ago. Stop playing the victim.
          “Nobody else but the jews and negros suffered.”
          I am a Black person not a negro, thanks for not insulting me or my family. Plenty of ovies described the suffering on both sides of the war.For new, people like you are just keyboard heroes. Unfortunately, your opinion will become mainstream and the west will go bakwards. Don’t you understand that the “establishment” you are criticizing is the reason you are not in a war-torn country?

        13. I suppose almost everybody believed in racial hierarchy in those days and many still do today.
          However, Nazis (and neo-nazis) want to make it official. De facto racism is just not enough to them. That’s why they are a threat to what was nuilt these 70-80 years.
          “Jesse Owens was free to eat in any restaurant in Germany”
          Nazis are not specifically a threat to black people. They are a threat to the established order that has all protected us from these last 70-80 years.

        14. My advice to you: stop reading theories and travel the world. As much as I love the concept of red pill, I understand that we should preserve some aspects of the Matrix if we want to keep our countries safe from war.

        15. In the 60’s using the word Black when referring to a Negro was insulting and was like using nigger. Some genius (and I’d bet it wasn’t a negro) decided that Black was going to used. It was like taking an offensive word and then trying to switch it to have a positive meaning.btw, Yankee was originally sort of offensive but then people turned it around to a positive thing so that calling yourself a Yankee was now good.
          Personally I think that using negro is better.It’s a foreign word meaning black but when you use it everyone knows what you mean and it doesn’t have any alternate meaning. People know that it just means a person from a certain group, like using Caucasian or Mongol for the other groups.
          But using the word black in English can mean a number of things while negro does not. Black can mean a group but it can also mean a lot of other things that all have negative connotations in the English language and have existed long before anyone even saw an African.Here are some of the meanings of the word black in English outside of a person with dark skin:gloomy, foul,dirty,sullen as in black glances,evil wicked as in black deeds,disgrace or
          error as in getting a black mark, black magic. Black is even associated with clothes worn at funerals.
          Use Negro it’s better or invent a new word like Afamerican for the US. Americans are like their own race anyway due to mixtures of Caucasian and Indian blood. I always have to laugh at the American Negroes who decide to visit their ‘homeland’ and find their roots because the people on the west coast just look at them as Americans or call them white men.hahaha ‘who’s this asshole who thinks he’s one of us?’

        16. The NSDAP wanted jews out of Germany and for Germany to remain German. Now if there were only going to be Germans in Germany a racial hierarchy would be impossible, SILLY.

        17. I’m not really arsed about that nonsense. Politically correctness doesn’t matter s long as i have factual correctness. Which I do. Simpering and pleasing isn’t my style.

        18. Why all the assumptions I’m an anti-semite? Historical facts and unbiased opinions on political movements mean I’m a racist now? Leftist crap at its finest.

        19. PS: I have mentioned what they are. They’re almost every military document and memoir belonging to every allied powerhead from the times. Try Churchill’s war records firs. Then move onto the military papers. Maybe the Nuremberg docments next. After that the interactions between USA nd USSR post WWII. It’s all out there and it isn’t exactly obscure theory stuff, just the documents from the time.

        20. Sure. Pushkin’s grandfather was Black. I had 2 russian gf so far and noody was shocked to see me with them in the street of Moscow.
          Lenin was eurasian and Stalline was from yhe Causus. One of the head of the Soviet Sapace program was from the Causasus.
          I think Scandinavia is much more racist than Russia. Besides, I don’t think equalty will last forever in the West.
          My friend, travel and see the world by yourself.

        21. I stopped reading when you used the word ‘negro’. Talk to me with due respect and I will pay attention to your opinion

        22. Fon’t call me silly thanks.
          If you guys want RoK to be shut down because of neo-nazis comments, keep it coming.
          As for me, I’m moving on from this thread. bye.

        23. Is that a threat to close down a website because people express non-PC thoughts ?
          Nice way to confirm jewish stereotypes, SILLY

        24. The word negro started its decline in 1966 and was totally uncouth by the mid-1980s. The turning point came when Stokely Carmichael coined the phrase black power at a 1966 rally in Mississippi. Until then, Negro was how most black Americans described themselves. But in Carmichael’s speeches and in his landmark 1967 book, Black Power: The Politics of Liberation in America, he persuasively argued that the term implied black inferiority. Among black activists, Negro soon became shorthand for a member of the establishment. Prominent black publications like Ebony switched from Negro to black at the end of the decade, and the masses soon followed. According to a 1968 Newsweek poll, more than two-thirds of black Americans still preferred Negro, but black had become the majority preference by 1974. Both the Associated Press and the New York Times abandoned Negro in
          the 1970s, and by the mid-1980s, even the most hidebound institutions,
          like the U.S. Supreme Court, had largely stopped using Negro.

        25. Even if you were born in the 60’s it would take you another 20 years to become conscious of anything outside of your little world.Just as the 20 something boys on here are barely aware of anything. hearing something about the past or seeing some film is not the same as actually being there and seeing people every day and how they behave. Just because there were the Black Panthers in the late 60’s and they chose a name to make themselves look tough does not mean that Black was in common usage.

        26. So what are you? Like a 30 something who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow? You’re as conditioned and brainwashed as the females you own age are.

        27. I’m not saying you’re wrong. Black was an insulting word until the liberals conditioned everyone to say it.
          They also used coloured but to my mind that implies what would be called mixed race today.
          I didn’t think that these boys would get it or understand the language part but every time you’re referred to as Black there’s a negative subconscious connotation in an English speaker’s mind.Negro just means an ethnic group.

        28. EVERYONE believes in an hierarchy even today. The ordinary Kenyan likely believes he’s superior to the Masai (he’s not). The people who live near the Khoikhoi or Hottentot (a tiny group) think the females look funny with their butts that poke out and the Hottentot men are a local joke because their dicks stick out even at rest.
          And btw, Jesse Owens was a big star in Germany at the ’36 Olympics and there were German girls who wanted to marry him.Don’t believe that crap about Hitler shunning him because it’s not true. He shunned Max Schmelling for losing his 2nd fight with Joe Loius (Schmelling won the first fight)

        29. Jewish stereotypes? What planet do you live on.
          RoK is one of the best web-site for men who don’t want to be victims of feminism and should remain a such. I think people who have a far-right agenda should stop jeopardize its existence with antisemistic and racist comments. That’s my only point.

        30. I live in the 21st century, a time when ‘negro’ is consdered as racist slur. When you use it you are insulting me and my family.

        31. Stop living in a fantasy word. In the real world, ‘negro’ is an insult. That”s the only thing that matters.

        32. I don’t believe in social hierarchy and my friends and reltives don’t. Stop generalizing your own opinions.

        33. I was merely giving you the historical perspective. You remind me of the left wing Thought Police who embrace victimhood and use words to bludgeon and label people. I never insulted you or your family. In fact I feel sorry for you. Whatever potential you may have you are making yourself appear incredibly shallow intellectually.

        34. Fuck credentials. Some of the greatest achievements in human history are the work of those without “credentials.” What academic credentials does Roosh have? What he does have is credibility among his peer group. Credentials do not always equal credibility

        35. ‘Racist’ is a Hate word.
          Anybody who is opposed to jewish supremacy is called an ‘antisemite’.
          ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        36. I have. Germany, Korea, Panama, Mexico to name a few . Your soapbox is too low. Little higher…. Don’t make assumptions. It makes you look like an ass.

        37. In your opinion. Maybe you should start consider that you are no beholder of the truth.

        38. OK. I think I’m going out and chat some girls. That was the real purpose of the manosphere at the begining. Good luck to you in your quest for justice.

        39. OK. Thanks for the advice.
          I think I’m going out and chat some girls. That was the original purpose
          of the manosphere at the begining. Good luck to you in your quest for

        40. So why, if ‘truth’ is so important to jews, is it that people in Europe are in jail for asking questions about how 6 million died in camps ?
          Anytime an Emperor, King, Prince or Pope has made it a crime to question a proposition there has ALWAYS turned out to be something very wrong about that proposition.

        41. Sure the nazi killed jews, but russians, americans, brits, french and belgians were killing just as many if not more than Hitler. The Hitler-phobia and nazi obsession is really exploded to comical proportions.
          Hitler did to East Europe, what the western european states america, canada and white australians were doing to the rest of the world. The only difference was instead of native indians, blacks aboriginals, or east/south asians it was slavs and jews. It is notable that Hitler and most Germans and west europeans didn’t consider these groups to be white at the time. In fact in World war 1, white americans were still calling germans asian hun invaders and you can see the anti asian hun propaganda if you look through old posters. I use to work in a pawn shop and old guys would bring in old posters like that all the time.
          It is really silly when the other white groups complain about Hitler. If you add up all the mass murders and genocide from 1800 to 1960, Hitler wouldn’t even be in the top 10 in europe. I fail to see how hitler is worse than french, english or belgian dictators who murdered far more and enslaved and genocided far more. The biggest butchers are the colonialist brits, french, portuguese, dutch, belgians and spaniards who went around the world butchering people from argentina to zimbabwe.
          The Germans are the only ones who ever compensated their victims. The french never compensated any african or carribean or asian country that they ruined and genocided.

        42. There might not have been such a big difference in quantity but there was in quality. You call Brits, French etc. “butchers”. The Nazis weren’t butchers, they were professionals. They built factories for killing. It wasn’t simple violence as world history has seen it since the pleistocene. It was some new, perverted way of destroying humans, more like modern-day factories for killing than anything else.
          Also, all the genocides you mentioned happened over quite long period of time. The nazis killed 6 000 000 Jews (and quite a few more Sinti, Roma, disabled, homosexuals, eastern Europeans and political opponents) within 4 years (most of them in only 2 years). That is an indeed unique “achievement”.

        43. Most the people the nazis killed were not in concentration camps but through simply starvation, look in the mass holocaust graves, they people are skin and bones. They were starved to death or alternatively worked to death. Rarely were they gassed. And the Brits routinely wiped out large amounts of people in short periods. The brits didn’t win WW2 with America by not bombing civilians

      3. Might be speaking Arabic which would be a pleasant change. The English language is corrupted with new “gender neutral” terms.

        1. Until you try to learn German.
          Um…no thanks, I don’t want to have to add the past-tense verb particle to the end of my sentence, thanks.

      4. would that really be so bad? I guess not, but that whole concentration camp work ethic: work and starve you to death, beat you to death, do vivesections on your twin kids, rape your wives and daughters and then put you in front of a pit they make you dig and then riddle you with machine gun fire, not so much….. Ubrigens, ich spreche ganz gut deutsch, u.a. lesen u. schreiben.

        1. The guy was talking about Germany, not the Soviet Union so why did you bring up the gulags of the Soviet Union ?

        2. I did not mention the gulags. I did mention concentration camps. where did you get the idea that I mentioned Gulags from. I also closed my comment in German, as it is a language I am fluent in.My mother’s side of the family suffered over 120 deaths in Dachau and Auschwitz, therefore the heft of my comments devoted to their systematic destruction of millions of innocent lives.

        3. Did you know that jews were disproportionately represented among the people running the Gulag system where the true atrocities occurred ?
          Germany fought a desperate battle in an attempt to save Europe from the Communist butchers that were supported by jews.
          In the end due to Germany’s sacrifice half of Europe and 2/3rds of humanity remained free of the Communist butchers.

        4. And my peasant jewish ancestors were slaughtered and decimated by the nazi party why? The nazi party did no one any favors. True atrocities? You have no fucking idea. Go to Arlington and Normandy and tell it to the tombstones of the Marines and the Army! Why isn’t Israel supporting the regime of kim jong un, or the oligarchy of Putin? Germany started a war by invading Poland, and between the Allies and the Russians were stopped, and defeated before THEY came up with an atomic weapon. Grateful to the scientists, to the nazi party and the SS not so much.

        5. None of that changes the fact that jews were disproportionately represented among the people running the Gulag system where the true atrocities occurred.
          In 1932 the NSDAP received 1/3 of the vote in Germany. The German Communist party received 1/6 of the vote with jews disproportionately voting for the Communists.
          It was well known at that time that Communists in the Soviet Union were sending people to their Gulag system of concentration camps.
          Jews overwhelmingly voted FOR concentration camps and forced relocations, and they got what they voted for, only this time it wasn’t jews deciding who was going to be sent to camp.

        6. Oh get real, jews overwhelmingly supported Communism in Europe during the 20’s and 30’s.
          In fact 85% of the members of the Soviet Union’s first Soviet (Congress) where jews.
          Truth is truth, get over it.

        7. People are more interested in a fabricated history to support a political or ideological agenda. The real danger we face is self induced ignorance. Ask 10 people on the street what the Civil War was fought for and the majority will say “To free the Slaves.” Which factually isn’t true.

      5. Who cares about speaking german because those evil nazis would have forced us to speak german

      6. I think people say that because it has to do with the fact that the Spanish took over South America and now they all speak Spanish (except Brazil, which was Portugal’s prize).

    2. Social media like youtube and twitter are made for sick individuals gathering together reinforcing their beliefs. Tumblr is not to be forgotten either. That’s the problem, before internet these people were to scattered to be able to gather and form a movement, internet made it possible.

      1. So too was the men’s movement in all of it’s forms!
        You can’t get to any of the good, without going through the bad.

      2. Hey, I don’t care if these idiots want to get together. The problem I have is when these attention whores get together and then tell me what I can and can’t do or post online.
        Who the fuck are they…the “internet police”? lol
        I won’t have any of these little attention whores telling me what I can or can’t post, say or write. That’s just bullshit.

      3. You’re correct. There are now a Billion people on the Net and it’s pretty easy to find a few hundreds freaks like yourself who have nothing to do but harass others and push perverted feminist agendas.Most people have real lives including real jobs and don’t have the time for this stuff. Go to any demonstration and you see the usual loser suspects like that march in NY recently.It looks more like a social event for freaks.Once computers and then higher speed Net began to become cheap 15 years ago you could almost expect what was going to happen when the common mindless proles that are always with us got some publicity.The few powerless freaks in your town who never opened their mouths in public and who people would ignore and just thought weird or sick were now going to become warriors.Most of these people who set up these feminist and mangina sites are mentally ill. Look at Fruitloops Futrelle who’s been running a blog for a few years but despite spending 24/7 on it has never been able to attract more than a few dozen freaks like himself.A fat ugly fuck who now lives with mangy cats and apparently has no real job and doesn’t get a penny for anything he does even if he manages to con someone at NPR to get him a few on air minutes that no one even listens to where he turns out looking pitiful.Don’t take any of these freaks seriously or argue with these wacko females because they all suffer from mental disorders. If they become too annoying use other tactics to knock them off the Net.If wacky feminist blogs have advertisers then go after them because even losing 1% in sales is a very big deal for a co.Write a letter to the Chairman of the co. informing him that you intend to boycott his products and the reason and tell every person you know to do the same and send it certified mail. E-mail are a waste of time and aren’t read and a million of them aren’t worth one letter.

      4. They are also doing a whole lot of good, exposing corruption, helping to improve the quality of the food we eat, the removal of carcinogenic
        ingredients from the things we consume on a daily basis. The individuals you consider ‘sick’ are the ones you have some innate prejudice towards, and a discrimination based upon race, creed, sexual orientation, or national origin. Change is inevitable. Evolution is unstoppable. get with the time, or move to a cave in Waziristan.

      5. I’ve thought for years now that social media is fueling a narcissistic sickness in society and have had a feeling that nothing good will come of it. I can’t define it, but its there and its evolving rapidly. Much more so than any type of social construct that’s come before.

    3. Mr. Friendly’s comment deserves a dedicated post, what say?
      And like many here I’m definitely of the opinion that fighting WW2 was very definitely NOT worth it.
      If the Nazis had won there might still be a feminism today but it’s quite difficult to imagine that THOSE feminists would turn out anything like the spoiled, whiny, entitled princesses we have today.

      1. More thoughts on this issue of WW2 vets turning in their graves.
        I recal back in the 90’s one of the news outlets at the time coming under some heavy flak from the Bush (Sr.) Administration because they covered one of Bush’s speeches with a split screen.
        The other half of the screen covered some funeral for a soldier or some such (can’t recall any details).
        It gave me an idea for an anti Social Justice Enforcer video.
        A split screen with Laci Green or some other SJE on one side and on the other side, a montage of the graves at Arlington or the Normany cemetary in France.
        Just imagine Laci Green blah, blah, blah-ing away while a camera pans over rows and rows of crosses.
        The videos title: “What They Died For” or similar.

    4. And this, Mr Friendly, is why every good man should leave the country to rot if there’s another war.
      Let the women be drafted and let them die by the truckloads in the battlefield. Let them enjoy the same privilege that men have enjoyed for thousands of years.

    5. You’re taking these little girls too seriously and all females are little girls emotionally regardless of their ages.Millennial boys behave more like a mouse than men and are making females worse.The female subconsciously knows she’s weak and unstable and can sense if a man is weak himself. This only makes her nervous and unstable and her mind starts inventing ways in which she can take over and be strong enough to survive but she gets in a muddle of confusion and starts clinging to anything, like a drowning man grabbing a straw to save himself.She’s afraid and will listen to the craziest things like feminism, witchcraft, new age garbage, vegan nonsense etc to get a feeling of control and power in order to survive.If a man is confident he will control the female because it will keep her calm and feeling secure.He can be a complete Mr Nice Guy too, and usually is.You’ve probably seen in films where the wife is upset about some big crisis that day (usually some trivial crap) and she’s unloading it on the husband and every once in a while he says ‘yes dear’. He’s so unfazed and blasé that she just calms down and returns to normal.If you tried to talk to her and reassure her you may make her worse rather than acting like it’s all nothing.

    6. and she is just one of the many “crazies” out there making these vids.
      People watching her videos are exposed to a seriously damaged person who is trying to take a ‘moral high ground’ position when in fact they should use their god given common sense (this bitch is crazy).

  12. It was STAGED! Do these people go watch a rendition of Hamlet and then demand that the main actor be arrested for murder? It is total bafoonery.
    Here is the link for those that are interested. In the beginning of the video, he shows two of the actresses that he grabbed. All the evidence points to ACTING.
    The real lesson here though is a warning to these manginas that support these feminists. This guy tried to start a discussion about sexual assault, what you would think these harpies would support, and this is the thanks he gets.
    He for she? No I think I will stick with he for he, or even me for me.

    1. “It was STAGED! Do these people go watch a rendition of Hamlet and then demand that the main actor be arrested for murder? It is total baboonery.”
      i got a great laugh out of that, reminds me of the naked gun….
      Mayor: Drebin, I don’t want anymore trouble like you had last year on the South Side. Understand? That’s my policy.
      Frank: Yes. Well, when I see 5 weirdos dressed in togas stabbing a guy in the middle of the park in full view of 100 people, I shoot the bastards. That’s *my* policy.
      Mayor: That was a Shakespeare-In-The-Park production of “Julius Caesar”, you moron! You killed 5 actors! Good ones.

  13. Laci’s videos advocating female masturbation, female orgasms, hookups, sexual experimentation, etc., demonstrate why women who live for their own hedonism turn their lives into trainwrecks. If Laci had gotten married with no premarital sexual experience at age 18 to a man of good character and bore him several healthy children by now, she would have become an asset to society instead of an annoyance and a parasite.

      1. Iranian father? That would make her half Persian. No wonder she grew up with all that drama in her life.

  14. Didn’t she get in trouble with her own PC crowd for using the term “tranny” and being critical of Islam? She’ll look good in a burqa.

  15. SJW are cannibals. They’ll eat each other given the opportunity. I’ll give Laci credit. She’s dumb but she’s a hell of a lot smarter than the emotional twats that conform to her nonsense.

  16. Touching girls like this is juvenile and Pepper brought these problems on himself like a dumbass. Its not his right to grope strangers on the street, he’s an idiot for posting it, and I have no sympathy for him.
    I would rather someone on this forum help our young men not be such a douche in public than waste time with SJWs like Lacy.
    Or, if you’re going to write about how to build your notch count, then consider how to use Lacy’s pro-sex content to your advantage. Connect her with the anti-circumcision movement since she likes foreskin. Or pretend to be a progressive journalist and interview her about butt sex for RoK. Now that might actually be funny.

      1. Don’t be stupid. And what exactly do you disagree with?
        Do you think you should run around grabbing girls asses and posting it because it’s “funny”? I’ve been reading this site from its beginning and that doesn’t sound like the good advice I’ve read here.
        As for Lacy, I would gladly make fun of her material – or parody interview her in a John Oliver style. Other than that, I don’t really waste my time worry about her. But feel free to wage a higher level of warfare against her if you feel like it. Knock yourself out,

        1. knock yourself out? even if its for a comedic purpose, I would never use this woman’s prosex anything to any advantage. Honestly, we have to flush your like the turkey is. You’re right about not wasting time on this dumb empty-headed pain in the ass, so don’t make any damn suggestions for anything to meet it. Just take her out to the back shed and shoot the bitch.
          knock yourself out. What the fuck does that mean? Hit myself with a baseball bat?

      2. Bullshit. Omega males with no job run around grabbing women’s asses as a complete stranger.
        We have so many losers on this site with anal fetishes and omega revenge fantasies who justify rape and violence against women as alpha behavior. You are pathetic… Virgins masturbating to endless clips of porn trying to convince yourself that you are enlightened.
        Real men don’t hate women or abuse them. They see them for what they are and have great sex. Thus they aren’t bitter hateful fuck ups.

  17. I’m no fan of this chick……but this pepper guy she got banned is equally bad……total beta douche who goes around grabbing chicks asses in public under the pretext its a “prank” or “social experiment”….honestly, its hard to separate the good from the bad here……I’m at the point I wish I could shoot both “sides” into the face of the burning hot sun.

  18. Read this guys – crazy shit here. I basically became an atheist around 15 years old. I remember Laci Green when she converted from Moromonism to Atheism about 6 years ago around the same time at 18 years old and started making videos on Religion under her old account, lacigreen18. Ah, the good ol’ days of YouTube. I remember watching her live ustreams as she would discuss topics about religion and I’d agree with here. I then left the YouTube Atheist scene and fast forward years later, I discover she’s now got a new account as a raging Feminist discussing sex as well as the cookie cutter Femintard bullshit, with over a MILLION subscribers. I am so disappointed. It gets worse considering just a couple months ago, I used to be roommates with not one, but TWO Feminists – one of which is a Gender/Sex or whatever you call it Major. She studies the same bullshit Laci talks about in a lot of her sex videos. Anywho, this Laci character went from someone I once looked up to, to someone who is out to destroy my and all other men’s freedom and masculinity. Shit is crazy…..

    1. Religion’s primary purpose was to harness womens’ instability and create standards between the sexes in order to ensure a stable and growing society.
      (old) Christianity, Islam……just different methods of restraining women from destroying society like they are now.
      Although you might not like religious nuts, you need to realize old school Christianity made everyone ALOT happier than ‘liberating’ female sexuality, now we are in the mess liberalism has made.

      1. I really fuck with christians’ minds when I tell them that I don’t believe in the gods, but I like christianity for its strong patriarchal beliefs.

  19. If anyone wished that Laci Green was violently raped in all holes by the LA Lakers, that would be sexist. Therefore I would never wish that. It would also be highly inappropriate to wish that she was dragged down a dark alley by her dad and his friends and savagely violated as part of some sick initiation rite for a secret society. Seriously, what kind of sick assholes would wish that on a cunt?

  20. I first ran across Laci Green back when she was still gogreen18. I’ve always had one question about her:
    What the hell is wrong with her mouth?
    Was she traumatized by a Jim Carrey movie when she was a child or something?
    OK, technically that’s two questions, but they amount to the same thing.

  21. Incidentally, did you ever notice that these SJW types always say that they are “easily triggered”. Well I agree, because I spent my college days triggering the ass off of some them.

  22. I used to follow anti-racism social justice stuff until I started reading the shit on tumblr.
    Then it was a complete 180 from those histrionic, victimizing faggots.
    For people who aren’t familiar with tumblr drama, Laci Green was/is a “sex positive” activist who got into shit with her fellow SJWs for saying the word “tranny” (which is offensive). She also claimed to be not white, supposedly because one of her parents is Jewish/Iranian. This blew up in her face when people found her pics, and she looked white as fuck. There was a fallout, she claimed she was threatened, who knows. Now Youtube is her new home.
    Verdict: Let the social justice scum cannibalize themselves.

  23. Ah, I remember when she had this video being passed around on facebook. Good to see that she’s being pwned.

  24. I say fuck em. We need to start laughing in the faces of these little bitches whenever they try to wield any authority. They are for the most part jokes. When I was going to Uni, I had the misfortune of taking a gender studies course as a elective. I knew the shit would be lacking any real content but I figured “what the fuck, it’s easy credit.”
    I had a Cuban female lecturer who walked around with a hard on for the White man. This little midget bitch would say some of the most ignorant shit and get applauded for it. Everything that came out of this little cunts mouth was derogatory against White males. She would spout the usual shit about “White male patriarchy” and “Micro aggressions” and all this other make believe bullshit. The Suburban White hoes, and the Latinas were the worst. It’s as if everything evil that has ever happened in the world is laid at the feet of the White man.
    Ironically, the Asian females, and the few Indian females in the class were either neutral, or POSITIVE when it came to White men. I remember several instances of Asian females actually defending White males (as a group) from some ridiculous accusations that White hoes would levy against us. That was a huge eye opener to me. I was fresh out of the Marines, but still young enough to be in my formative years. I mostly sat back in the class and just observed. I watched, and I listened to the enemy speak from within their own domain.

      1. I got an A. I kept quiet for the most part. What was I gonna say to the piece of shit lecturer? I knew who and what I was dealing with. I had no illusions about that. Of course I stopped going to Uni and went to trade school the very next year instead. It was the best move I ever made. I was able to relocate to Australia, got married, started a family, and never looked back.

        1. Most every college girl takes a gender course or something similar. They all graduate proclaiming those bullshit ideas they were taught. Its not education, its indoctrination

        2. Australia in terms of gender bullshit and PC culture is worse than the US in my opinion. The only saving grace is the Bogans in this country are so rough around the edges that feminism propaganda hasn’t really got through their heads yet. But the self appointed progressives are trying to fix that.

  25. Attention fellas It’s not just on YouTube but at the workplace . Women ( HR comes to mind) , if you cross them they WANT YOU GONE . DESTROYED . Gals are ruthless…

    1. HR are cunts. Starting your own biz is the only way to go. I think having more women in the workforce via PC hires is causing a drop in productivity in companies who *prides itself* on having women supposedly ‘making a difference’ in their company

  26. what I have to say, it’s quite obvious this woman has no freaking clue on how society should be put together, and how it should be run.because of her obvious depression, what she’s trying to do now is take her negative and turn it into a positive, but she is going about it so incredibly wrong that she honestly thinks unicorns are so much going to pop into existence and skittles are going to rain down from rainbows. What she wants is for everybody to have absolutely no bad feelings whatsoever. I’m not even sure this is about feminism as much as it is her being delusional and honestly thinking that she’s gallivanting in such a way that she is trying to eradicate all bad feelings on YouTube.
    in making sure that she is eradicated all the bad stuff that makes all the people feel bad on YouTube, she’s actually doing far more damage by as Roosh says it censoring the everloving hell out of everything on YouTube. She’s making the moral choices for us because she is been so hurt and so depressed in her life, she knows what the good things are in life. That is a sign of a woman that really needs to get the fuck away from the internet. she also needs to stop having sex, and performing sex in any capacity. She’s using it as a crutch. That’s the sign of somebody who is really starting to fly off the handle and into the deep end.
    people who’ve had emotional disturbances don’t seem to understand that limiting pain by acting like it doesn’t exist actually gives you more of a problem then allowing the pain to flow. Sometimes pain allows us to figure out new creative ways to stop it at the root rather than just cover up its symptoms. She’s trying to cover up symptoms, not the root cause which is actually all in her head.

  27. Not surprising that self-appointed progressives want to silence their opposition. Everyone should have a voice except those who disagree with me!

  28. Feminism from what I noticed has its roots in mental illness. The people who have ideologically devoted their life to feminism
    Are the same people who would set them selves alight before renouncing Jesus or travelled the world trying to convert people because they saw a try that reminded them of the Virgin Mary. With God from in their lives they look to feminised Government for guidance. In my mind this is a war that will not easily be won. But won that’s very necessary to win to save freedom of speech and the right for safe passage against endless prosecution.

  29. One thing I was wondering while browsing across the various rubbish she’s written: she poses herself as a “sex educator”, who’s “lectured” on behalf of Planned Parenthood.
    Namely: aside from having glasses and apparently a video camera, exactly what qualifications does she hold in the field of sex education? I can find nothing on her Wikipedia page about her holding any degree or qualifications as a teacher, sex therapist, counsellor, psychologist, psychiatrist, or social worker. About the only qualification she seems to hold is having had depression and having been a member of a church she didn’t like, which seems to me to qualify half of America’s youth under the age of about 25.
    I suspect that’s why she calls herself a “sex educator activist” — because it’s a fucking meaningless title that makes her sound more educated than she actually is.
    Style over substance yet again. It’s a hallmark of her videos, too: for someone who wants men and women to be equal based on the content of their minds, she seems to use a hell of a lot of makeup, lipstick, and tits-hanging-out tops to make the point. Lots of bright colours and mood lighting to make the point, too. There might be an article in this somewhere…

  30. I really enjoyed Laci Greens videos. She has the same kind of delusion as that Duke feminist on facial abuse. If they got her on facial abide I would pay box office prices for that video.

  31. Why are all these feminists these ugly nasty little girls who have no life experience? . It’s like the think they somehow have it all figured out while the entire world is just stupid and somehow missed the truth. How naive and arrogant to think you have the right to shout down others simply because you think you are right when reality shows you are a delusional worthless skank .

  32. As much as i dislike feminists and social justice warriors, I also feel zero sympathy for this Pepper guy and the similar “youtube superstars”. These men are totally worthless, they’re basically male attention whores.

  33. Sam pepper is a total loser though, I don’t condone his actions.
    I would try to knock him out if I saw him in person groping strangers. Subhuman behavior.
    Go ahead omegas, call me a white knight!

    1. Roosh wasn’t condoning his actions. We don’t even know if they were strangers. They are free to press charges. They are free to call the police. they are free to to
      Their own space and defend themselves. That you feel it’s your right to inflict grievous bodily harm in quarell thats not your own to someone who may be doing a misguided joke is beyond me and shows that you may well be a white knight.

  34. brilliant roosh, and your video quality is getting awesome. watching this was like watching a mini wes anderson movie. it was just the right amount of serious and funny

  35. Excellent commentary Roosh. On Laci Green’s comments section I’ve left lots of comments referencing the Rotherham sex abuse scandal while pointing out that Laci has not made one comment about Rotherham on her YT or twitter pages. One would think Rotherham would merit a strong comment from Ms. Green.Yet, not a word. So far, no one has responded to my comments either.
    The lack of response by Laci or the mob she’s trying to incite is quite telling about the priorities of Laci and Feminists.

    1. it’s only gang rape of minors if a white male does anything to
      Touch another consenting adult who didnt press charges.The 1400 white children who some had petrol poured on them just did not desire to assimilate hard enough with the Muslim Pakistanis
      Who racially vilified them.Who when these minors went to police had their stories dismissed because the police want to ensure assimilation quotas are met. And my sympathy becomes less and less because if I was their parent I would have sought Devine retribution.

  36. More truth from the man.
    Spot on!
    Cookie cutter phlegminists like her don’t even surprise me anymore…
    Psychological issues… Check
    Daddy issues… Check
    Fat… Check
    Over-compensation manifested in sexual deviance… Check
    Berkeley… Check
    The only thing unique that could ever come out of her mouth has to come IN her mouth first.

  37. After reading that buzzfeed account, what a supremely cooperative women that rape accuser was, spending the night with him among everything else. Yet she wishes to portray that she was a third-party observer to her own continued presence in the situation. She insinuated herself into his vicinity. Women have two legs for walking. This woman is lying.

  38. In one of her videos she referred to men as “people with penises”….I guess to assuage the sensitivities of the trans-retards and mentally ill fuckers throughout our world.
    It is amazing that “people with penises” rolled off her tongue as easily as the word “apple” or the color “blue”.
    Yes, it is really this bad.

  39. Roosh…outstanding video by the way. Your deadpan wit is excellent….basically murdering her soul with subtlety. Enjoyable to watch, many can learn how to eviscerate the enemy with little blood or emotion, great work.

  40. A bit of thinking. After watching an episode of Vice about a debt collecter in Britain it talked of sexual violence as a key means to ensure men pay their debts often with footage taken as a means of further extortion and blackmail. No one called for Vice to be pulled.

  41. Who guards the guards? Giving NSA types new found powers can only end up in the hands of people like Laci Green who will blackmail them with sexual favours to enact a global feminist agenda that we see is being pushed at the UN.

  42. If there is something online that you don’t want to look at, don’t look at it.
    If there is an illegal act in these videos, let the people who were harmed use them as evidence for civil/criminal court actions.
    Basically ,this feminist is just in favor of cultural authoritarianism. ..and, since she has no other claim to fame than being a slut…
    how about naming her “The Anal Ayatollah”

  43. Here’s the interesting thing, YouTube is a company. Free speech doesn’t apply. They have Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.
    If someone violates them the content (and potentially the uploader) get removed. YouTube makes that decision, not any one user. She has no power other than reporting the offending item. And asking others to do so.
    If there is no merit to the reporting of said content, it stays online.
    Also, if one is going to take the time to post a video debunking someone’s claims, please do better than an abusive Ad Hominem
    argument. Please see:
    The response video to her video is nothing more than a
    personal attack against her. There are no facts to dispute her claims and in the end it sounds like fear of independent women.
    Calling someone a censor of a privately held company’s site
    is ridiculous. I am tired of people using this argument. Privately held companies are not public spaces, and the first amendment only applies to what the government can do. Individuals can’t censor content. The only thing they can do is report it. If the claim is valid, the content is removed. If the claim isn’t valid, the content isn’t removed. Anyone can say or do what they
    like within the law, the idea there are no consequences for actions or speech is laughable. If a person wants to host what YouTube considers “questionable” or “harassing” content on their own servers, they have that ability. YouTube has the right to police the content uploaded to their site. Just because someone flags a video and then makes a video asking others to do the
    same isn’t censorship. It is activism. Everyone has a voice, and they can use it.
    Why this video is an Ad Hominem attack argument:
    How is her weight at any given time a factor in her ability
    to reason? And calling her delusional, what medical experience warrants this?
    Her mental health could only be an issue if one has the
    medical experience to make diagnoses based on watching the videos.
    Her video titles? Without going into any detail regarding
    their content, they are used out of context for sensational effect.
    I’m not saying one shouldn’t post a video debunking
    someone’s stance on an issue. Just that one would be better served using a
    factual, rational argument.

    1. You’re exactly right. The good people at YouTube.com are the ultimate arbiters of what gets taken off that site.
      I am just trying to figure out why this young woman seems to think that she has that authority.

    2. Sure YouTube is a private company. They can restrict whatever content they so please. But if they market themselves as an area of free expression and censor content them one may be inclined to move to another company which doesn’t restrict freedom of expression. 4chan should start up a company to rival YouTube. As YouTube is becoming more and more restrictive.

    3. That fact that YouTube is a private company is irrelevant to the question of whether or not their removing content is censorship. Buy a dictionary.

  44. She’s got nothing to say that I care about, but the combination of those glasses, that curly hair, and those big red lips…son.

  45. Roosh, while I agree with you that lacy green is a disgusting cunt, I have to say that if sam pepper’s videos are real and not scripted, that’s pretty fucked up. If he did that to my girlfriend or my sister even WITHOUT filming, I wouldn’t hesitate to knock him out. I see why people would be upset by his videos.

    1. What If Sam Pepper the girl did that to you? Would you expect your girlfriend or sister to knock him out? of course not. This is how the male drive to protect women hurts men. They have a military state to protect them. White knighting is exactly that. Thinking its your job to protect women.

      1. He said his girlfriend or sister. Not just any girl.
        Frankly, if some guy came up to my girlfriend or sister and started feeling her up I would be giving them shit.
        I am however 6 foot 4 and 16 stone with sod all fat, so considerably bigger than either my partner or my sis. Being the protector kind of goes with the size.
        Same goes if some guy starts on a male friend without justification. I’m not just going to sit by and do nothing cos I’m not a prick.

        1. I think it starts to be white knighting when you inverse the roles. If a man was on the ground being mugged would you help? Yes. Great your a good person. If a woman in the street was rather jokingly pinching men in the bottom with no sort of sexual deviance would you run over and kick their head in? I think most people would answer no. Would a white knight drop his jacket in a puddle for a woman yes. Would they do it for a man no. The vice answered it well. It’s a white knight act if you inverse the gender roles and would not do the same.

        2. “Is that white knighting? Where is boundary between protecting a woman because it’s the right thing to do and protecting a woman because society has conditioned you to do so?”
          I’d say the boundary can be discerned by asking yourself whether you’d protect a man in the same circumstances. If the answer is yes, then it’s the right thing to do. If no, then it’s society that’s telling you to do so.
          If feminism was other than hypocritical, that would be the same test they would demand, since they supposedly only want “equality” — of opportunity or outcome, take your pick.
          There’s also a distinct difference between
          (a) protecting, i.e. physically coming to someone’s aid who cannot physically defend him/herself; and
          (b) “protecting” someone on the Internet or coming out thrashing men verbally for not bowing down to feminists’ demands.
          The latter, if male, is a White Knight. He isn’t needed or wanted by feminists, and he is blind to what he’s doing to his own gender’s interests in the process. If a woman really feels she’s been shamed in some way on the Internet or “offended”, then like any other citizen she has the rule of law to resort to; lawyers sure as hell don’t care whether you have a convexity or a concavity between your legs – they only want your money. Feminism proclaims it doesn’t need or want men, so White Knights are simply useful idiots at best or betray the hypocrisy at the heart of feminism at worst.

        3. Actually that’s pretty spot on. I don’t disagree with any of that at all.
          If only everyone saw it that way. Some people here seem not to.

        4. Yea, I can accept that definition and agree with the sentiment that it stands in the way of real equality. Feminists who promote it are working against their own stated goals.

        5. Feminism is brilliant in its marketing in that uses the males biological desire to protect women to further their ends when required. They call men rapists that’s the last thing that men would identify with on this site. Men desire to protect women from the lowest forms of men. From your sick serial rapist to the common street thug bad boy. They try and harness this fear and say that they are the only means to fix the problem. No different to a government claiming you need to give up your civil liberties to stop terrorism. Don’t allow the feminist industry to take away your rights to protect the women you care about. Because they don’t care.

      2. White knighting is thinking it is your job to protect ALL women, or women who don’t deserve your protection. Protecting the women close to you who you care about is called being a man.
        If someone did that to me, you’re right, I wouldn’t expect my sister or girlfriend to do anything about it. I would handle the situation myself because that’s what men do. Also, if someone did this to me, it might make me angry, but it wouldn’t be as fucked up as a man doing it to a woman.
        If you don’t care about the actual women in this video, try thinking about it this way: touching a woman’s ass and filming it for everyone to see is a fucked up thing to so to the fathers, brothers, and/or boyfriends of these women. How would you feel if that was your sister or girlfriend in the video?

        1. Frankly I viewed it is harmless fun -not that its my style of humor. Every situation is different and to me it doesn’t look like it was some power hungry sexual assault. If it was someone close to me I think I would react cordially. But with so much of the reality tv crap I would react the same to about them all. E.g balls of steel the tv series if someone tried to see how long they could stay on me. I doubt I would react the same way if I knew they weren’t just trying to get online likes but all the same I wouldn’t have him put on a sex registry. Comedy sometimes crosses the line and in this case it may but that’s for those individuals to decide.

  46. Are you guys on Retarted?? Iv seen that dudes videos and borat has more class. That guys antics legit reminds me of people who I unfortunately knew at one point who HAVE raped girls. There’s a difference between being funny. And doing shit that would get you stabbed if there was a mean mother fucker around who didn’t like what he was seeing. These assholes getting removed off YouTube might just save them from a public lynching. Do you remember what happened with the amazing rascist?? He got the shit smashed out of him during one of his pranks. Seriously if you guys think those kinda of pranks are funny then the country your looking for, is Afghanistan.

    1. Funny or not isn’t really the point. What *is* the point is that one person thinks she should be the sole arbiter of what should and should not be on youtube. If I can’t tell you what should or shouldn’t be on youtube, why does Laci Green get the right to choose? Is she some reincarnate, slut-ified version of Mary Whitehouse?

      1. The point is NOT censorship, dude. It’s that he is literally breaking a law, a heated one at that, and has the guts to post himself doing it!!! Illegal no matter how you look at it, and worthy of punishment. Break a law, tell millions, expect a shitstorm- it’s that easy. Get over yourself.

  47. I can’t comment on her videos since I’ve never been able to watch even one. I cant decide which is more grading: her fat face or her shrill voice.

  48. Censorship of ANY kind is STILL Censorship, so where does this “censoring” end ??? Her “censorsip” is just content dictatorship under a “gender equality” blanket………

  49. This is virtually identical to Thunderf00t’s critique of Anita Sarskeeeeezian and her bullshit tactics trying to censor and silence him.

    Most of his own scientific audience was starting to get tired of him railing against Anita.. and he stated that he really wanted to stop doing video’s about her.. BUT.. that if no one stepped up to the plate to challenge her on her bullshit, if she is allowed to just produce her bullshit unchallenged for a long enough time –
    So props to you on calling out Laci Green on her bullshit as well. No matter how tiresome it gets, no matter how often people tell you it’s a dead horse, or even if you’re being told no one is listening.. don’t believe them.
    I’m listening. And so is your ever growing audience.
    Don’t let their bullshit be the final word.
    I’ll leave you with Tyrion’s very apt words:
    “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

  50. It’s that kind of basket-case that screams about being “empowered”. If you’re truly strong, confident, and independent, you have rarely have a need to tell the world. It’ll be manifest.

  51. We should stop using the term “Social Justice Warrior”, and brainstorm new terms that more appropriately describes a very angry, fat, loud women who campaign for censorship on the Internet.
    Brainstorm. Go!

    1. A term “Cunt” comes to mind, but is too easy. Here are some more, pick the ones you like:
      Political Correctness Police.
      Sociology Masturbator.
      Equal Rights Passivist.
      That ugly behemoth that hates her father.

  52. On the plus side… these people will go down in history as the reason our civilization fell. As AaronClarey says

    1. this happened before to Rome, the same people were behind that collapse as this one.

  53. I used too watch Laci Greens videos as they helped me think as a kid. Though, over time her videos have become corrupted with nothing but transsexuals and feminist crap. We are not the only ones who have noticed the shit spewing forth from her and her white knights. Even in the comment sections of her own videos are her ex-subscribers mentioning how her videos have gone from educating younger generations on sex to instead trying to sway the opinions of teens to think of feminists as a good cause. Personally, if anyone should be removed from Youtube it should be Laci herself. She is hurting others jobs and lifestyle and has outlived her use on the air.

  54. Sargon of Akkad rips into her. This is where I first stumbled across this bimbo. Men, please stick something in that mouth!

  55. OMG. “Rape Game: Used for when a girl is acting either difficult or prudish. Drag her to your place and tell her you’re going to have her way with her and there’s nothing she can do about it. Throw her on the bad, rip off her clothing, and do what you promised while ignoring her fake protests. With some girls you need to simulate rape conditions to get the bang, but be careful because rape game correlates highly to unprotected sex. The last thing a girl cares about when getting fantasy raped is using a condom. Also, you might want to use a fake name and safe house when running rape game in a Western country.” http://www.rooshv.com/16-different-types-of-game
    I wrote a loooong response to what you said and went looking online for you. No pint and saying anything more than your own words. You are an active threat and should be maced -at least- on sight. FML. And you said “morality”. SMH. I am not surprised you support Peppers. His antics are mickey mouse bullshit compared to you.

  56. So many male femenists support this twat. Fuck, how deep does the rabbit hole go, alice? Do you even know youre in wonderland?

  57. Whew..she looks nutty. I bet she’s amazing in the sack though. Would bang but would have the whole thing recorded ( film and audio) to protect against a false rape allegation…

  58. Apparently we are not the only ones that think Laci sucks and should probably just do the world a favor and press the shut down on her PC once and for all. But she gets a lot of hate from her fellow Social Justice Wankers too. Sadly, since consider myself a rational human being, I actually expected her SJW critics to have valid points (oh, the naivety). Seeing her image on the monitor of my PC usually invokes

  59. The funny thing is I can just picture her agressively groping me in a bar, drunk out of her mind, because feminism.

  60. Whilst I have no sympathies for Laci Green it’s still quite funny to finally
    actually HEAR someone speak in the paranoid jargon of this site.

  61. This guy is an idiot. According to him, we should support videos where white people are being racist as long as the people within are being paid? That would never fly.
    Regardless of what his opinion is, Sam Peppers career is over and nobody that acts like him can enjoy remarkable success on YouTube. We won. Your view count and percentage of likes speaks for itself. You’re all from a dying mentality.

  62. Sam Pepper is getting accused left and right on sexual assault.
    Recently a girl posted a rape accusation against him: http://youtu.be/L_zhyr3yctE
    Everyone should be very cautious when taking this rape accusation into consideration, Conor Oberst was falsely accused of the same thing.

  63. I’m a girl…BUT I AGREE with this article. Ugh rape is just embarrassing if you’re raped as an adult it’s probably your own fault.

  64. The strongest people have found their way out of dark pasts, and it isn’t fair to label them damaged goods. There’s a lot wrong with this video. Sam Pepper did something illegal and posted it via social media, and that was a big mistake; just as most of you dislike Laci Green, she isn’t doing anything illegal, and people who agree with her are entitled to their opinions as you are to yours. Trashing these people and listing the flaws of a feminist leader is counterproductive, and it is what you have accused the other side of inflicting upon you. I hope you all find peace.

  65. I find it so very ironic the way these man-hating feminist lesbians are trying to take over the Internet and T.V., yet it was MEN who invented television and the Internet! I’m a woman, yet I’m ashamed to be female. I hate women! Is there anybody else on this website who has the cojones to admit they hate the female gender as much as I do? Women hate men. They hate men! How can any self-respecting man marry any woman? In my opinion, a man marrying a man-hating femi-lesbo is like a Jew marrying Hitler!

  66. I usually watch things like quadcopter flights or how to videos on youtube, and I avoid talking heads, so I didn’t know who she was. I took the bait, and got a great immunization against talking heads. First thing, she has a chalkboard screeching voice. Then, she seems to be talking to the preteen to mid teen viewers, and I am a bit outside of that demographic. Finally, she cuts between rapid fire self contradictory statements. Example: She runs her hands up and down her sides pointing at her boobs as she jiggles them, with the camera carefully aimed at them, and talks about how bad it is to objectify her. I suspect she is doing a parody of a feminist to make them look stupid.

  67. @LaciGreen:
    How do you square the Violent Hatred of Rioting and Anarchy by your Own?
    Hypocrite Much?

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