Twitter Is Partnering With SJWs To Prevent Women From Facing Consequences

As of Thursday, Twitter has begun partnering with a nonprofit organization known as Women, Action, and the Media (WAM) to handle online sexual harassment. [Author smirks at his own Twitter trolling.] Investor place wrote:

The WAM website now has a comprehensive form where you report ‘gendered harassment.’ The organization will then ‘escalate’ relevant reports to Twitter within 24 hours.

One-time offenders may not be subject to any action from WAM because one tweet may not be considered as harassment.

The Atlantic does not believe this measure is extreme enough. The two employees of WAM can only flag abuse reports for Twitter to view more quickly, but they cannot actually moderate comments or users. It is planned to only be a temporary partnership. The Atlantic claims that delegating this large task to two nonprofit workers is a negligence and that more attention should be given.

Dodgy Claims

The Atlantic claims that the internet is not “a safe space for women,” considering the force of “threats” from Gamergate and Pew’s finding that 25% of women have been sexually harassed online and 26% have been stalked.

I can understand that threats of plausible and specific violence against known feminists should be considered unsafe and should not be tolerated, but the implications of the statistics are laughable. “Sexual Harassment” and “Stalking” have become such vague terms, and if it is only done on the internet, how does that make it unsafe? If I look up a girl’s Facebook page, in what way is she in danger? If I post a picture of a hater with a “Would you bang?” caption, does she need to flee her home for fear of rapists?

Another issue is that the Atlantic only wants to protect women from sexual harassment. But how many men on this site and others have been accused of having a small penis? To give the female equivalent, I’ve never seen a man on the internet tell a woman she has a loose vagina. Sure, a man may call a woman ugly, but that is just from what he can visibly see, not conjectures about her genitalia, hence the term “private parts.” It seems that the people who most cry for love and acceptance are always the most hateful. Men slut-shame, and women small penis-shame, and there will always be a double standard.

The Atlantic states that Twitter is an extremely open forum. Anyone can send a message to anyone. That’s the beauty of Twitter, though. It puts everyone amongst each other. Sure, women will be made uncomfortable, but one will notice that it is almost always only if the women provoke the men to insult them. I doubt a single reader of ROK searches for completely random girls on Twitter for the sole purpose of ruining their day, because most human beings just are not that sociopathic and sadistic. What the leftists refuse to admit is that we hate on them because they first hated on us. I believe that’s in the Bible somewhere.

Internet hatred cuts both ways. Why one ideology gets a pass and another does not is beyond me, because an open discussion is necessary for any kind of societal progress. If our ideas were truly stupid and irrelevant, feminists could leave them alone, knowing we would die without ever breeding. But not only will they not leave us alone, they rarely confront us on our own talking points. They dance around the issues and mock us like they schoolyard bullies they are, because power for them ultimately about control and not about betterment.

GG comic

This comic from Friedman herself is telling concerning her motives and specific aims. We see a woman drunk on what modicum of power she has, perfectly exhibiting the modern woman. You could put her in a glass case in the American Museum of Natural History.

Leftists never attempt to counter our claims about journalism or sexual ethics, because at heart they cannot think of a solid reasoning. For example, if you were to tell me that it is in the best interest of mankind to gather up some specific subculture on the internet send them to the sun, I could easily counter your argument with some kind of soft Kantian ethic or history lesson. Perhaps you would still disagree with me, but at least I confronted you head-on and had a conversation. However, the leftists will not confront us on our beliefs, because they cannot think of any halfway-decent counter based on logical reasoning alone. Tell me my fallacies, give me a syllogism, but do anything except throw an ad hominem, a tu quoque, or a strawman.

I especially like this comic in how they admit that our ideology is extremely contagious. I wonder whether or not they did that consciously. You can feel the panic and impending doom, as though we actually are something dangerous and powerful. I have always said that you can tell the most about a society by its literature and art.

Nothing New Here

Twitter is enabling WAM to attempt the ultimate feminist goal from time immemorial: a world without consequences to women. This is not so different from the “Find someone who loves you for you and won’t try to change you” ethic they tell girls, even though I have never met a man who tried to change a woman beyond her moral flaws.

Executive director of WAM Jaclyn Friedman would seem to disagree about women opening themselves up to verbal assault on Twitter. “I see this as a free speech issue,” she claimed, believing that without such measures, women and other types of minorities will feel uncomfortable speaking their opinion.

Perhaps there is some merit to this argument, considering that women who write provocative feminist rhetoric on the internet are often verbally assaulted. However, that does not compare at all to how often and (generally speaking) how rudely anti-feminists are assaulted. The sole differences lie in ideology and sex organs (unless one had them removed, in which case it would get a free pass). It appears as though WAM is using sex-neutral language to describe their Twitter policies, but realistically, you can bet money that they will report almost entirely against men.

The cold reality of the world is that life really is that difficult. People really are that brutal, especially in a place without consequences like on the internet. Being gay, colored, or female is only maybe 5% of the reason why life is that hard. It would be wise to learn to game the system instead of kick against it.

Future Consequences

The great question is, “Will this make Twitter unsafe for men”? In the short term, I do not believe so. Two female employees of a non-profit cannot police the whole world. They can jump at the big scandals, but many of the other isolated incidents will be unnoticed. One wonders whether they will have enough hours in the day to even report all the big scandals. Another issue is that it may cause Twitter to neglect reports not given by WAM.

However, this outcome still represents bad tidings. With every civil rights decision of the last 100 years, at first there was a great controversy and laxity, but as time went on, people demanded even more rigor. Eventually, other major websites will be pressured into working with these kinds of activists, and then they will be pressured into have a large and permanent in-house staff to guard against “gendered harassment.”

Then you will find that it will be unacceptable for the small internet companies to go without such a staff, and women will refuse to be on any social website without a man behind a computer in an office to protect her from other men. They cycle of patriarchy continues.

Twitter’s decision is not innovative. Reddit and 4chan have blocked comments about Gamergate, and Youtube cancelled Sam Pepper’s partnership because of his sexist videos. Twitter themselves have previously white knighted against Red Pill men. However, with this new partnership, Twitter is the first large company to enact this much of a unilateral and broad-sweeping measure.

The SJWs, a small minority, are making their screeching voices heard, but how long will the masses put up with it? Perhaps the masses will eventually come to accept this new way of life, or perhaps the SJWs will eventually fly too close to the sun and fall into the sea with melted wings—as when they pushed gamers too far in Gamergate.

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120 thoughts on “Twitter Is Partnering With SJWs To Prevent Women From Facing Consequences”

  1. I love when women claim that men don’t like them “playing their games.”
    Anyone who has played a multiplayer game in the last decade knows it’s damn near impossible to tell what the gender of the person you’re playing with is. Everything is done online now, and even if there is voice, that high voice could just as easily belong to a boy. The only time you would know for sure if you were playing with a girl is a 2 player game where both players are present (couch co-op or versus), and in that scenario, you presumably know the girl and invited her (or are her guest).
    So to review, in multiplayer there’s no way to know (unless you’re told, and they could be lying) that you’re playing with a girl, and in singleplayer there is no one else to interact with… so… how exactly are all these women being hated on, again?

    1. Good point but I think they are whining about the way children speak to one another on the internet & blaming men for it – like it’s our responsibility to raise them….. Although I don’t play any of these online games so I may be misinformed.

    2. That’s just an excuse feminists use to play victim, just like pretending anti-feminists hate all women. The dumber ones actually believe it, but the leaders are only using it as rhetoric.
      I’ve never met anyone who cared whether or not girls played games or that games had female characters. The problem arises when girls expect to be treated nicely, or be “represented” as an obligation. They don’t get that people can, and should be able to, say, do, or create whatever character they want without some shitwit starting an activist witchhunt. They view the freedom to suppress freedom as equally admirable because they don’t value freedom.
      The idea that feminist feelings are more important than freedom is a manifestation of unchecked female entitlement.
      If you’re different, you’re gonna get bashed.
      If you’re on the other team, you’re gonna get bashed.
      If you suck at something, you’re gonna get bashed.
      If you’re gonna complain about getting bashed, you’re gonna get bashed. Even “normal” gamer guys and top players get bashed.
      This is precisely why gaming is such a great segment of social space. The feminists just can’t handle the friction.

  2. Social media trends toward higher F/M ratios but if they can achieve a tipping point where men start exiting in mass (see Myspace). If that happens twitter will be relegated to the dustbin of history. This is because unlike a site like pintrest the females that use it do not tend to have high amounts of disposable income.
    “Then you will find that it will be unacceptable for the small internet companies to go without such a staff, and women will refuse to be on any social website without a man behind a computer in an office to protect her from other men. They cycle of patriarchy continues.”
    This is nutter by the way. The only thing it takes to attract women to a social network is to make it for men. They will want to join in as sure as the sun will shine. They will invaded and a time they will succeed in destroying what made it attractive to men and the process can start all over again.

  3. I heard about it from the guy called thunderfoot. The so called SJWs or feminists are a movement for the establishment to lead society into the age of complete depravity and perversion, to advocate the censorship of free speech and to supress people who dont meet the requirements of the thought police. Thats all one need to know about these inhuman pigs. Their motivations are bad and tyrannical and to me they are enemys. Not just random people on the I-net. Enemys outthere who would let others kill you if they had the power to give out those kind of orders. Be sure of that. These people are evil.
    And i think that twitter and facebook are both the modern day pillorys where everyone can make up things about you, maybe post some picture of you as a bonus and then giggle behind the screen while others go crazy against you…even… even they never knew you or ask the relevant question what is the true motivation of the one who instigated this modern day man hunt. In the future i would advice any man to be more carefull about what details he shares with any of those big social media networks.
    And it´s telling that ISIS people and pther radical islamist can spread their hatred without any problems but we man in the west are being targeted. That is telling!
    We white man in the west of course is the target only!

    1. You know why?
      ISIS is acting like alphas in a big way. Trashed an entire beta military and are taking whatever they want, when they want, including women. If you don’t think that the femi-nazis masturbate themselves to sleep dreaming of being taken by an ISIS man instead of a pastel wearing Western manboob, you’re crazy.
      It’s also why they’re mostly silent on Putin. The gays squawk a bit, but women by and large remain silent on him.

      1. Yeah, you can’t help think that the whole leftist-progressive-feminist band wagon is but just a giant shit test.

    2. SJWs are spoiled teenage girls with too much political power. Their fathers should’ve kept them in line.

  4. You see how these people operate: their project won’t really change anything, but it’s “symbolic” and it makes them feel good. They try to run entire countries like this (into the ground).
    Make scores of fake female and male accounts, have the male accounts troll the female accounts, have the female accounts go into frothing sperg mode seeking help and all that. Tie up their little system.

    1. Make scores of fake female and male accounts, have the male accounts troll the female accounts, have the female accounts go into frothing sperg mode seeking help and all that. Tie up their little system.
      I don’t have a Twitter account, so that’s probably affecting my view, but that sounds like too much work.
      Do nothing. Ignore Twitter. Let ’em have their little tweets where they can hashtag each other into the ground with no one saying anything in return.

  5. After the catcall video where the bar for harassment was set so low at, “Hi. How you doing?”, I just sort of assumed all women everywhere were being harassed constantly. There’s no other expectation given that strict requirement, but it also means I don’t care anymore.
    It’s impossible to care about every female who fired off a nasty tweet, got called a bitch in return, and immediately had her strong, independent feelings hurt to the point of needing assistance.

    1. Go tell a cop you saw a woman being called a bitch in public and most will laugh it off and say;”So did she walk away? We don’t have the time or resources to respond to that..” What it boils down to is every negative comment made about someone, since it’s on-line in writing, the “victim” want to open a case of defamation against like it’s an officially PR’ed press release about someone. It’s not. It’s just people making comments based on their beliefs.. or better yet, just trolling.

    2. Where do women draw the line and call something harassment? I believe it’s based on looks. If a man approaches a woman and she isn’t attracted to him then it’s harassment but if he’s attractive then he’s ‘assertive’ or some other such adjective.
      How can you police something so subjective? SJW agenda in a nutshell. Policing the subjective and inventing causes to give their lives some trivial meaning.

  6. This is how genocide is enacted.
    How is the advanced species to reproduce or keep up a replacement rate in the face of this sort of sensitivity? This surely is the end of Twitter.

    1. Frankly, I’d like to see a world wide population decline gradually happen, for convenience of my own quality of life. 7.5B is not sustainable. However, I’d rather it didn’t happen this way.

  7. I’m so disconnected from this type of shit. The only time I hear about it is on here. I don’t use twitter, hardly use facebook, only use netflix and amazon video for my tv. I don’t read newspapers or watch the news, maybe to a fault but it hasn’t harmed me yet. Life is much more pleasant when you let go of all this fucking terrible bullshit. Concentrate on yourself, make money and be happy. These dumb cunts aren’t going to accomplish shit except to piss me off and that’s basically their end goal. Fuck em, I’m not listening. I do like this bastion of manhood that ROK provides as well as other spots in the manosphere though. Thanks for that guys.

    1. I’ve been disconnected from mainstream medias for 10 years now. I’m still pretty well informed of what is going on in the world.

      1. I would say that men need to just tell women to shove off. I would say that men need to separate and make their own Twitters or make their own Gaming Journalism. But that would be ignoring the fact that this is exactly what men have done, and this is exactly what women attack. Women will not permit men to have their own male space. Women will come after you with everything they have, which includes their white knights and their power of sexual persuasion. It is nothing more than the girls crying that no girls are allowed in the clubhouse and getting the parents to force the clubhouse to permit gils. The women will not permit men to have male space under any circumstances. There is nowhere to run, so people like Aphex simply unplug entirely. They will come for him eventually. He says he likes to make money. Well, if he’s a cis white male, even that will eventually be forbidden by women.

        1. I don’t even understand what the whole issue with GamerGate is. If women want to bitch and complain about how women are portrayed in games, then should go develop their own games, not tell men how to do their job.
          These developers should have simply said “fuck off, we’ll portray women in games any way we want. You’re more than welcome to go make your own games and portray women how you see fit”

        2. Well the problem was that those women were fucking men at game review sites to get more positive publicity for their games. So when unsuspecting readers looked at what was being reviewed, they weren’t getting objectivity in the journal’s assessments. Imagine if actresses were fucking Siskel and Ebert for preferential movie reviews and that is kind of the situation that was happening with Zoe Quinn.

        3. There is no getting rid of them. They do not understand the phrase “you are not invited.” To them it is a violation of their human rights. They demand to be involved in everything and anything. And if you believe in equality and especially if you believe in Civil Rights you agree with them in principle. They will come for everyone, no matter where you hide they will come for you to feminize you and make sure you mouth the right platitudes about politics, sex, and their religion. They will use pressure, force, and coercion to get what they want.

        4. I wasn’t really all too familiar with GamerGate, but I just looked up Zoe Quinn….she’s ugly as fuck, why would a guy want to fuck her in order to give her positive reviews? So many thirsty men out there.

        5. That wasn’t GamerGate. See, they’ve successfully moved the goalposts so that you think GamerGate was about something completely different.
          GamerGate had **NOTHING** to do with the portrayal of women in games. ZERO. It is a case which barely had a feminist bone to pick at first: It was about journalistic integrity and influence peddling. When an example was made of Zoe Quinn, she TURNED IT into a feminist issue. It had NOTHING to do with feminism, and everything to do with her using undue influence.
          And THIS became the broader scandal of GamerGate. That she basically accused her critics of some kind of online sexual assault to shield her from the very valid charges of using undue influence on journalism and game reviews.

        6. Oh, but you see, it’s not just women, it’s all of entitled cunts who can’t make their own games. So instead of learning how, they do what they do best – which is bitching and whining about it. Most of it is appeal to emotion anyways and is easily debunked.

        7. Welcome to the lies of GamerGate. It has been widely disproved that Zoey Quinn (and many other notable female *GAME MAKERS*) have slept with these men. The accusation was originally made by Quinn’s jealous ex boyfriend who was trying to destroy her reputation and career.

        8. You’re all just ignoring huge issues. Quinn did NOT use undue influence, the fact that this accusation was hurled at a woman, that she used sex for gain IS a feminist issue. It is an accusation often faced by women in the work place that the only way they can reach the top is by using their sexuality. This is feminist because, as usual, it is men reducing female agency to solely being a sexual object used by men, and then manipulating that situation to their advantage.

        9. There is no way that that could have been widely disproven. That’s very suspicious kind of talk. Do you even have a source?

        10. No, sites like Gawker tow the SJW line and hate on actual gamers and ran stories like “gamers are over.”
          Zoe fucking “my vagina” Quinn is not more important than GAMERS in gaming.

        11. Yes. If anyone wants proof just look at the movement to allow women to go topless in public.
          If men were asking women to go topless in public women would be filled with rage and self-righteous indignation. Just look how bent out of shape they get at even fully-clothed models in a SI swimsuit issue.
          But tell women they aren’t allowed to go topless and they’ll form angry groups demanding that they be given this “right”, same one they would have eschewed had it been freely given.
          They’ll fight like mad to be granted access to something they don’t even want access to.
          Tell men we aren’t allowed at women-only conventions or whatever else and how do we react? Couldn’t care less.

    2. Unplugging was a huge component of the red pill for me. Once you unplug, you begin to notice leftism media-controlled zombism that our culture has become. It really is everywhere.

      1. Everywhere. It’s crazy to watch how it affects people all around you when you’re from the perspective of the observer and not personally invested or involved.

        1. Yea, it’s definitely changing people, especially women’s attitude. This is their quasi-support-web when other herd members aren’t standing by their sides in person. Even when running typical passive day game, I’m noticing a much snarkier attitude developing, like I shouldn’t speak to them unless spoken to, or unless they’re preening in my direction, don’t even bother opening a casual conversation. Ultra-bitch mode 24/7 is the new fem-centric standard.

    3. “These dumb cunts aren’t going to accomplish shit except to piss me off and that’s basically their end goal. Fuck them, I’m not listening.”
      Good shit

    4. I never said unplugging for me was to battle feminists. I choose to unplug because all this shit functions to evoke fear and anger. I choose to live my life in other ways that promote happiness. Other people as well felt that was what I meant. Trust me, when it comes down to it I’ll always stand up for myself and our rights as men against these twisted fuckhead troll feminists when the time comes but I’m not going to join twitter to get into a words war with a bunch of dumb bitches and white knights. It’s a waste of my precious time and a drain on my happiness.

    5. Unplugging won’t solve the problem. If they control the media and all the outlets of mass consumption then laws will be written against men and you’ll feel the unintended consequences of apathy when it hits your wallet and potentially your freedoms.

    6. “when it hits your wallet and potentially your freedoms.” Properly ordered it would be your freedom first, then your wallet. Like Obamacare, first force healthcare, then watch it cost everyone more. This is why it’s so important to stomp this shit out at the earliest levels of freedom loss. It’s double enslavement like double taxation. Take away freedom to live freely and enjoy what’s been open and free, then take more freedom by stealing you money. Money=time. Time=life. Less life = more death. Destruction is their MO. And that’s just fucked up.

    7. Very true, sir. I’ve been disconnected for around 5 years now. My life has change dramatically for the better since day one. I’ve more time for self-development, hobbies and travels, and much, much less stress in my everyday life. I’ve also realized something – as we know, most women are pathological exhibitionists desperate to join any form of social media platfrom where they can tell others about themselves and post countless self-made photographs. Attention seeking 101% time of the day. Glued to their phones, tablets, laptops like flies to shit. So disconnecting was my red pill. Almost immediately, I started to see much more clearly the nature of a modern western society, Moreover, it made it easy to notice valuable women in the sea of shit devouring flies.

  8. It’s not just twitter
    Britain Poised to Muzzle ‘Extremist’ Speech
    In Britain, if you have extreme views on anything from Western democracy to women’s role in public life, you might soon require a licence from the government before you can speak in public. Seriously.
    It won’t be long before these laws are applied on the internet and this site gets shut down.

    1. Britain has problem with radical mosques preaching revolution, hiding behind freedom of religion.

      1. Yawn, just accept already the Church of England is on its way to ordain Gwenhwyfar into a PATRON SAINT of Anglo womanhood.

    2. I assume returnofkings is based outside of the UK’s borders, so the best the UK can do is block access to it.

  9. It doesnt matter. If they try to make twitter into Hufftington Post, we will just create our own twitter.

  10. I haven’t used Twitter in years. The best way to deal with a gossip front like Twitter is to completely disengage. Nobody needs twitter, it is just a means of validation and attention seeking.
    Unplug, disengage, and spend more time ignoring those SJW avenues of engagement. I’d love Twitter to go under. It is just a front for people to be hateful to one another and to forment SJW vigilantism.

    1. “Nobody needs twitter, it is just a means of validation and attention seeking.”
      This needed to be repeated. Carry on.

      1. I use twitter as a source of news not gossip. I follow my local news stations and cherry pick what I want to read

        1. I use twitter for business reasons only, as a younger guy on here, I’ll say that it’s a powerful tool. A hammer doesn’t turn a torx screw too well though… use your tools right boys.

        2. I totally agree with you from a marketing aspect that it is amazing. You can have an unknown product and within minutes everyone can know about it if a strong presence mentions/recommends it.

        3. Even better, I’ve been able to meet the social media reps from companies and received the good word from the rep in order to gain instant social proof with the owners — as in I’ve slept in their home instead of paying for board. #winning

    2. American men will disengage and go somewhere else. Only to find the feminists harassing them over there.

  11. I heard twitter still isn’t profitable and is kept afloat by unsophisticated investors who believe in its “potential”. It seems like it would be really simple to create robot accounts on twitter to post and message to other robot accounts to pump up web traffic stats.
    Twitter has HQ in SF, the most politically correct culture in america. I never understood how internet companies would want to cluster in that kind of social environment. Seems like they’d want to migrate out of there to place that’s lower legal risk from the thought police.

  12. “More patriarchy !!” they cry out so many times – like a critical review of the “yesallwomen” hashtag shows – more and more cries for “More Patriarchy!!!”.

    1. Feminists are pissed because silicon valley is 80% male, its a conspiracy that women aren’t good at math.

      1. Unfortunately the saying if it ain’t broke don’t fix it does not apply where feminist are concerned.

  13. Twitter is the absolute dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve never used it, never will. I just don’t understand the appeal of if.
    I downloaded Instagram once to check it out and see what the hype was all about, and that’s equally as stupid. Just pics of people in the gym, slut selfies, food, and just a bunch of other stupid shit I don’t care about. I uninstalled it immediately afterwards.

    1. an unconfirmed post on twitter about a fire at a saudi oil pipeline, caused crude oil to spike up $1 a barrel in about 30 minutes…. back in the day, real journalists would have lost their job for posting that kind of rumor… even the stock market can be made to crash on twitter gossip…. it’s not only garbage but detrimental garbage.

      1. which begs the question, at what level is it worth controlling it. Shit, every time a new contorted form of social media pops up, everyone jumps on that shit, then it slowly fades and becomes used more and more by the masses. MySpace to FB to Twitter to Instagram… they’re all formats for the exact same BS. The ‘information age’ has mainly brought more clutter, not more progress. Partaking in it all requires a massive filter on constantly to extract the value from the opportunity costs.

  14. Hey guys,
    From a recommendation by RoK poster truth I am watching this movie called “Divorce Corp.” Just wanted to give my upvote for it.
    It spells out the legal process of getting divorced. What it boils down to is… MONEY. Getting your and your ex-wife’s money. The system doesn’t give a flying fuck about your lives.
    The movie does not paint a pretty picture. And portrays the system as far from fair or socially responsible.
    I recommend it. Even if just to see what is involved with the legal process of divorce, and how divorce court (or, court of equity) is structurally different from courts of law.

    1. Family court should be called “Misery Court”, b/c that’s what it is. That movie is a 93 minute documentary explaining why any man who agrees to get married is out of his mind.

    2. Okay, so this calls for some talk. So, if I talked with family decision maker (butt boy), complimented him to induce his need for complementary invocation, stated a fact about my intelligence to intimidate him then invited him to hangout with gay people that I know… would I win him over? I think yes, to me… this is just another game. We are all about game here, with one’s women, one’s bosses, athletic activity, etc. So, if you can provide the bait to the fish you want, why wouldn’t you? I believe that most men here, if you truly are alpha, can defeat the family court system and make out better than when you were single. Prenups, a journal of transgressions by your wife, journal of your positive parenting skills, involvement in volunteering in the community, fellowship with: friends, co-workers, clients, etc (to be used as a defense). I think rather than lament on the ugliness of marriage’s dark side, we can come together as a community to develop a guidebook for marriage so that men might enter it without accruing substantial loss.. Are we here to simply be on a website, reading and talking… or are we all destined to be something greater? It is time for a new order of the masons; it is time for the red pill order. We can compile the lessons of the manosphere greats, the blogosphere greats, the commentor greats. If anyone has interest in this project, hit me up.

      1. Read up about the Carnegie Deli Heiress who has been ordered to pay her soon to be ex a monthly upkeep amount of $11K. Mr. Deli was smart enough to drain $10 million out of the accounts and move to Florida. He knew the bitch would be pissed about him shagging the waitress and he proactively covered his bases.

    3. “The system doesn’t give a flying fuck about your lives.” My mantra for 15+ years now.. and everyone I explain this to still doesn’t get it. Once in the system, the system’s #1 goal is to keep you IN the system. YOU, are their customer. THEY are a business predicated on extracting $$ from you. Go park in front of a court house and watch those entering and exiting. Cops, Lawyers, and poor bastards having every last dime extracted from their lives.

  15. I think at this point we need to start our own version of twitter and facebook ,Alex Jones has done it and thus we can further the creation of our own media and they weren’t afraid of losing their power.

  16. Lol there’s a business idea in here somewhere. Create a twitter that doesn’t mod for SJW’s.

  17. Daily reminder that 99% of what feminists call sexual harassment turns out to be nothing
    Unless it carries over to real-life consequences, there is no such thing as online harassment, bullying, or whatever faggotry these shitters come up with to play victim
    Oh no somebody insulted me on the internet muh feelings this must be what slaves felt like
    White women in a nutshell

    1. I don’t know what you mean. Most of the SJW retards I see are mixed. Of course, I am all for less competition over my race’s females.

  18. A good experiment would be for mat Forney to turn all his twitter death threats by women into WAM and see how many of them got their accounts shut off.

  19. The money interests behind twitter approved, these WAM girls have little to no power on their own. Ask yourself why.
    Internet 2.0 is for women, it’s gossip, attention seeking and shopping. Companies like twitter need these women to keep posting content, without the free content created by the women, they have no business model. Ergo, they create a “safe space” for women to keep women posting all of their lives intimate details, which they won’t do of they don’t “feel safe”. Twitter is telling them what they want to hear, this is a business move. Social media is using women for social media’s own ends, they don’t give a rip about any causes other than making money.
    I’m not worried. Besides, a man of value shouldn’t be wasting his time on twitter, anyway.

    1. Indeed…it’s all about the money, the spending, consumerism, etc. Businesses only care about money and if the women are the ticket then they are going to defend (help) them (for now).
      Once there is another “Twitter” – more competition, then this one won’t matter. They only have an impact, right now, because they are “one of a kind” at the moment.

  20. Twitter is also under fire for silencing political speech on behalf of Liverpool MP Luciana Berger, a Jewish Woman who prosecuted one man for hate speech (for saying he didn’t like Jews) and jailed another man for calling her “a jew”.
    As a result of her actions, Ms. Berger had been receiving legal “abuse” (read: trolling) on Twitter, and after Berger complained, Twitter removed the troll tweets and stopped any new tweets directed at her account with phony and misleading “error messages”.
    In the past, Twitter had refused to protect various international gov’t officials from politically damaging remarks. But they reversed course for Ms. Berger.
    I wonder what Toothmosis thinks about this?

    1. Calling a Jew a Jew is “hate?” LOLOLOL! That basically proves Geobbel’s quotes right there.

  21. This is great because it could spawn a viable Twitter competitor.
    If it is the only place to get politically incorrect, outrageous content, there might actually be a larger Exodus from Twitter.

  22. I know this may be hard to accept, but Feminism/Political Correctness is DYING. 2014 was the tipping point. There’d been some blowback before with Chik FIlet, Duck Dynasty, or JCPenny (you don’t hear so much about that one though), but with Gamergate not only is there resistance against the SJWs, but they are now ACTIVELY ATTACKING SJW STRONGHOLDS/BUSINESSES.
    Part of this is indeed a lot of men play games, but also because gaming has always been, and has definitely become, a very diverse and inclusive hobby over the years. So that’s why there was always blowback from the outset to the likes of Sarkesian, and why you continued to see blowback as they kept pushing these political agendas in their work. We’ve seen the mainstream media slowly die and become irrelevant for the exact same reasons (which is why their joining in on GG is ultimately having no impact and may in fact be raising awareness of the issue).
    Outside of GG, we have European and British nationalist parties making huge strides despite being attacked in the same manner that GG has been by the press. And here in the US, we saw the Dems campaign on SJW issues, and have their asses handed to them by opponents who were pushing on subjects that most people actually care about because it affects their daily lives tangibly, like immigration, economy, and political corruption.
    I’m not saying we can just stop, but people are fed up with this shit. They recognize that PCness is used as a way to try and maintain the Status Quo by trying to shutdown and/or shame people who are trying to press an inconvenient truth or issue. Now that this has happened, they know better than to just trust or take what these asshats say at face value. People are fed up with Feminism/Political Correctness because the real world is closing in, and showing that these things mean nothing in the grand scheme, and as massive changes come in the socio-economic landscape in the coming years, the rest of us will be riding the waves, while the SJWs are capsized and sink into the abyss, unremembered, and most certainly unmourned.

    1. The 2014 Republican victory was the nail in the coffin in the U.S. As similar as the parties are, this change will actually make a difference this time.

    2. Wish I was as optimistic as you but I see the opposite happening. It just grows and grows and grows. SJW take more freedom’s away and feminists crush men’s rights.

  23. The more power they get the bolder they become…they also are less secure and less happy, which provides the fuel for the desire for more power. Eventually, they’re just going to consume themselves.

  24. Reality has always been over virtual world. Feminists have lost the right view on what is going on around the world. Twitter and other social media create a mirage. Things will change, when what is happening in north Irak is coming to us. Rape culture, slavery murdering en masse etc. will wake up them But no white knight will be around then. Yesterday one could read in german newspapers that salafists (i.e. ISIS related groups) have been steeling money and sacred items in churches around Cologne. The feminists idea to eliminate men and to ban them from internet media is fatal.

  25. The fact is is that all of these sites (i.e. Jezebel,Slate,HuffPo, twitter) that are having their comments sections “trolled” would not exist without the initial comment made by said “troll” and the subsequent reactions.
    There is too much money in conflict. Peace and calmness isn’t profitable.

  26. So Robert Jordan depiction of females as spiteful, petty, and obnoxious was just an accurate depiction of feminists. If these women don’t want to be trolled don’t post.
    Hey, when I post I’m aware I could be flamed or trolled. I don’t pout or cry, “Oh won’t someone save me?” These people are pathetic.

  27. “I especially like this comic in how they admit that our ideology is extremely contagious. I wonder whether or not they did that consciously. You can feel the panic and impending doom, as though we actually are something dangerous and powerful. I have always said that you can tell the most about a society by its literature and art.”

    1. No, they thought they were mocking, but revealed instead. Just like they revealed they really do want to shoot men into the sun. Or blow up children with the push of a button who disagree with climate change. They are totalitarians.

  28. “Will this make Twitter unsafe for men?”
    Nah, men will just invent something new to share stuff until women invade that space, too. Someday wimmens might invent something; I’m rooting for them.

  29. Everything you need to know about WAM :

    This what what MykeruMedia exposes this morning.
    Major as he was himself victim

  30. Please stop bashing leftists. I’m a leftist/liberal. ROK is one of my favorite sites. This article in particular is spot on. We’re not all pussified jackasses.

    1. I agree that the silly caricatures of people with left wing ideals as being illogical fools living in a fantasy land at best to psychopaths deliberately trying to destroy the nation they live in at worst are tiresome.
      I’m a “middle of the road”er and align neither with the left or the right, and the propaganda and character assassinations fired back and forth are just daft.
      Too many people on either side seem to know nothing regarding what the other side is really about, nor do they recognise the bad elements and pitfalls present in left wing or right wing ideology.
      It’s depressing to watch.

  31. God this is such nonsense. Are you seriously saying you’ve ‘never’ seen a man accuse a woman of being ‘loose’? You realise that the word itself, as in the idea of a loose woman, is related to her being promiscuous and having a large vagina? You’ve also probably heard the term ‘bucket’, the idiom ‘throwing a sausage up a corridor’. Women conjecturing about male penis size is playing into male insecurity about their masculinity being a physical, visceral force. Men’s conjecture about female genitalia (inc. the idea that it doesn’t get used, ‘cobwebs’, and other vicious idiomatic phrases regarding vaginas – ‘axe wound’, to name one) is much more pernicious. It clearly relates to female sexual activity.
    ‘It is almost always only if the women provoke the men to insult them.’ this is the reason why you don’t get as much representation as you want. This is USELESS. Firstly, you have no fucking idea what the ‘reality of the world’ is; nobody does, because that is too vast for one person’s perspective to ever come to terms with. All you know is your subjective experience of the world around you and your interactions with it. Pulling imaginary statistics out of your ass to diminish the issues that people face because of discrimination again shows how out of touch you are. You think it’s only 5% harder to be a gay person than it is to be straight? Have you ever read any of the statistics about those who are beaten to death brutally simply because of their sexuality? Or trans people who are stabbed to death in Times square because a man cat-called them and felt ashamed of their being attracted to a trans? Read the fucking news.
    The problem is that you guys don’t see solutions. You simply want things to stay the same, because life for you seems alright. You have problems, but you don’t have the manifold problems of being a minority, and in fact, life is easier for you BECAUSE of these minorities. You are priviledged only in relation to others who are oppressed, and the other whom you can appropriagte. We don’t need to listen to people who can’t see solutions and just think it’s okay for the world to still be a brutal place where kids commit suicide because of bullying and discrimination which is passed down through generations. Change can happen. We don’t need you on board with it either.

  32. Why does the author of this piece want to restrain the extent of backlash against feminism at all ??? “I can understand that threats of plausible and specific violence against known feminists should be considered unsafe and should not be tolerated”
    The western men need to understand the current stacked deck against them in that the vast majority of western women will not do or even think a single thought throughout their life times that would be of the minutest benefit to any man on Earth. Quite the contrary, most of these women will actively work to make lives of men as a sex or individuals a little worse every day of their lives. Feminism and oppressive agendas of the state have created a total state of war, and the men need to finally wake up if they want to preserve their western civilization to some extent…
    You guys should be taking physical action, covert or otherwise, and advocating the total annihilation of feminists, how to ruin their lives, how to make them disappear from the face of the earth without consequences, instead of still trying to be law abiding citizens and writing harmless articles like little teenagers while the system continues to ruthlessly siphon the financial resources and freedoms of the males in the entire western world…

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