A Resource For Hardcore Self-Improvement

Our June sponsor is Good Looking Loser, a red pill-themed resource for goal-driven men who desire to improve their sex life, appearance, self-esteem, bank account, and quality of life. You may have already seen in-field videos of the author on Youtube:

Good Looking Loser discusses a wide range of topics including getting laid, performance enhancing drugs, style, personal finance (largely passive income), health and fitness, and male enhancement. Here’s a sample of posts you will find on the site:

One thing I like about GLL is that it gives you a game perspective from a guy who already gets positive female attention and invitations to approach (a solely cold approach game system is not necessary for all guys). Learn more about his system over at Good Looking Loser.

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51 thoughts on “A Resource For Hardcore Self-Improvement”

  1. Thanks a lot Roosh.
    I really appreciate you guys letting me be the sponsor this month and your overall mission to pump some masculinity back into our endangered gender in an intelligent, non-caveman way (which I do to – to some extent).
    There’s an incredible amount of talent here.
    I don’t know where you guys stand with women in your life (our site is about much more than that) but here’s a few posts that ROK might be particularly interested in-
    30 Things I Wish I Knew in My 20’s – Lifestyle by Good Looking Loser
    Get Girls By Bossing Them Around (CEO Frame)
    Your REAL Odds of Getting Laid From Cold Approach
    “Pickup Videos” from aggressive to nervous guy are here-

    I appreciate your support, this community and the forum have been wonderful to us and I’m not afraid to say that I’m a fan of ROK and your community.
    – Chris

    1. “This community and the forum have been absolutely wonderful to us and I’m not afraid to say that I’m a fan of ROK.”
      Huzzah!!!!!!!! big fan of your material mate.

    2. There is no amount of positive spin that one can employ to being a loser. To be a good looking loser is no compliment to oneself. Being a good looking winner, on the other hand, is a much superior mindset to adopt.

      1. I don’t think you see the irony.
        It can be tough to realize these things.
        “Good Looking Loser” and Self-Improvement.
        Myself and the guys on our site don’t actually think we are “losers”.

        1. I like your site and I go there often. Your series of college articles was really good and I am giving my nephew the address before here goes to college. I was looking at your site long before RoK featured you, good info, solid advice. Stay up man.

      2. We are all losers. Every man is. Look at Roosh. He has a great time, but he still hasn’t achieved his goal. He has repeatedly said he wants to find the one. He still hasn’t. We aim for perfection. You never hit it so you make the best of the situation.

    3. I remember stumbling across one of your videos (below) a few months back. You showed some serious composure with the chick you had to deal with. Glad you’re part of the community.

      1. Thanks, yeah that one doesn’t make me look good because I don’t “get the girl” and she’s a whale. But it was too funny not to upload.

        1. I think it actually makes you look really good because of how composed you were the entire time, as OG said. Thanks for the laugh, I’ll check out your other videos.

        2. Yeah @goodlookingloser:disqus, it doesn’t make you look bad at all. There’s no way you could have known she was going to have a meltdown and you completely flipped the script at the end too. Kudos.

    4. I’m a fan of your work as well. It’s cool to see an ROK sponsor whose stuff I already learn from.
      GLL is one of the best resources in the manosphere. Definitely check it out.

        1. Yep I am already a member of your forum under another name and the work you guys do over there is super helpful. I’ve said it many times before but you, victor and mike cover basically the whole gamut of what it means to be a masculine independent man. I come to ROK for news and stories of great men, and I come to you guys for directly actionable info, that I have already started to implement and find success with

        2. Thanks Anon1 — I always appreciate your nice words. It means a lot.

    5. I recently found your website when I clicked the link from Matt Forney’s blog, and never looked back. It’s an indispensable source for good information on everything, from game to day to day life as a man. I also appreciate how you showcase not only your successes (with pickup as a main example), but your failures as well, and that seriously resonates with guys on a human level. It shows that you’re not infallible, nor are you afraid to be rejected.
      Anyway, I’m a huge fan of your work. Keep it up.

    6. Hey. I’ve found your website last month, funny you’re on ROK, hope it brings you viewers.
      I haven’t tried – yet – your Game material but your nutrition articles are AWESOME. Cutting is way easier and healthier using your Weight Loss Program, and I have learned a lot more from you than all “conventional wisdom” bullshit. Hat tipped.

  2. What state is the first video recorded at? it says she has a semi automatic handgun, sure is not NY or California.

      1. If it is Florida she is armed. I live in Fl and I carry , so does everyone I know.

  3. Very good site. The Approach Anxiety Program is the best thing out there to transform your personality in a controlled way.

  4. I admire your stuff GLL but from a marketing standpoint, you might want to drop the “hardcore” qualifier to your self-improvement advocacy. With the quality and character of Western Women dropping by the year, more and more guys are wary of the cost of obtaining pussy and the “hardcore” theme only reiterates the amount of cost involved.
    Who wants to put in countless hours of hard work tocompletely change themselves, hardcore-style, just for an adult child with a smelly vag?
    Just my two cents, otherwise keep up the good work. I l ike the practicality and realness of your advice.

    1. Thank Ruckus – the Hardcore is more of a reference to the male enhancement stuff and the forum that is loaded with naked pictures of girls. I see what you are saying though.

      1. Ahh I see. Lolz! That being said, for some guys male “enhancement” would be a detriment if you’re past a certain size to begin with.
        Good luck with you biz!

  5. Not sure but seems this sponsorship, while a good thing, has bogged down the bandwidth over at goodlookingloser.com… hopefully they will get it fixed soon… looks like a great site.

    1. You are actually correct, we get a decent amount of traffic and ROK put the server a little over the edge at times. We are working on this as we speak. Good looking out

      1. Have your hosting set you up with nginx instead of apache, apache will spawn too many processes. Get more bang for your hardware buck.

      2. Have your hosting set you up with nginx instead of apache, apache will spawn too many processes. Get more bang for your hardware buck.

  6. My pride is too high to frequent a website with the name loser in it. It’s probably decent, but not really targeted at me

  7. Great site, just visited, liked the post on Kratom.
    Superb site, keep up the great work man!

  8. 4 wheelers are gay.
    3 wheelers rock.
    You aren’t a real man until you’ve had a 3 wheeler crush your face.

  9. The advice given here is IMPOSSIBLE to take!
    I am expected to go up to a perfect stranger and
    attempt to ingraciate myself to her and expect that
    she is going to remove her clothes at some point
    and allow me to put you-know-what, you-know-
    where? That’s NEVER going to happen! Why
    SHOULD it happen?
    There’s a reason why the site is called “Good
    Looking Loser.” Being good looking is 90% of
    the battle!
    Today, you have to be black, bad boy, or a
    combination of both to even have a shot.
    Hope springs eternal. That’s why “Game Sites”
    even exist! PUAhate where are you when we
    really need you?

    1. You can just tell people you are black and then act like a bad boy. In this modern day, you can be transgender, geek, bad, biker, airsoft military badass, whatever you want. Why not be black too? If anyone tries to tell you that you’re not black, call them a racist intolerant bigot. This works with girls. As soon as you call them a bigot they remove their clothes.

    2. its called “talking to people” – its been happening since before 3041 BC.
      its not for everyone though

  10. Very good videos (even if I’m skeptical to the authenticity of some of them). The blog needs some fixing up though, it looks like a bit of a mess. Good stuff though. Thinking of trying the jelking.

  11. Who you trying to kid? Nobody does the things
    with a girl that I see on T.V. Just like nobody really
    wins the Lottery.
    Girls come from the cabbage patch. The stork brings

  12. I trust any dude that can blog a picture of his own dick. He ain’t holding anything back.

  13. There needs to be a compliment in there, early on. Just a simple “you’re beautiful,” no matter how many times you think she’s heard it before. Otherwise, it’s awkward small talk like you’re about to sell her something. Women appreciate it if you are real and honest about the fact that you’re interested. Not to mention, if she has a boyfriend or is married, she can let you know up front so you aren’t wasting your time.

  14. Also, never take it personally if a girl says she has a boyfriend or is married. She might be lying, but don’t even think about that and assume she is telling the truth. Plenty of hot girls are taken, and she’s just being a good girlfriend by telling you she’s taken; she’s doing exactly what you would want YOUR girlfriend or wife to do if some dude hit on her. Treat her like a human being. Just smile warmly and thank her for the chat–you never know, in the rare case that she lied or is on the verge of a break-up, that gentlemanly, understanding response could trigger her to have second thoughts: “wait, let me give you my number…”

  15. Does anyone know of a blog site that is the closest
    thing to PUAhate? It’s NOT that I “hate” PUA or
    anything else for that matter, it’s just that I know I
    will die a virgin. I’m not blaming anyone else for this
    fact. It’s kind of like “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.”
    I saw a drawing of an Indian Fakir. His hand was held
    aloft, and birds created a nest in his palm. His arm
    became like a piece of petrafied wood, and he could
    no longer lower it because the blood circulation was
    cut off. Likewise, I am dead, though most of my basic
    body functions continue. I need folks to comiserate
    with. Any ideas?

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