Elderly Feminist Is Preparing Young Adherents For A Life Of Little Sex

Earlier this year, “pro-sex” feminist Betty Dodson, “the godmother of masturbation,” stated that the recipe for a long life is: Masturbation, Pot and Raw Garlic.


Author of the 1973 book, Sex for One, she’s been relaunching her masturbation “masterclasses” in New York. Now 85, Dodson wants to help the post-Sex and the City, post-Girls generation of women that she believes are not nearly as liberated as they think they are. Her comeback has caused excitement among a new generation of American women, many of whom are seeking inspiration from the feminist thinkers of the 1970s in the face of supposed renewed attacks on women’s rights.

So in other words, according to her:






Where do these go?

Leads to


in the end.

Nevertheless, the response by young feminists was favorable.


Masturbation workshops were organized to educate about and promote masturbation to feminists, to which young feminists flocked in large numbers. Which led to feminists…



raw garlic

And of course…


 …which ended for some of them in….


…considering some attending didn’t even know how to masturbate and pleasure themselves, according to her.

“They’re usually too shy to attend the bodysex groups and opt for private sessions; she had a 25-year-old in yesterday for a lesson in self-love. “Poor girl had no idea. Never masturbated as a child.”

Even if some feminists didn’t end up like this at the end of the sessions.

old age

 Meanwhile, manginas—the perennial white knights of feminists—probably also didn’t lag behind, so…




Which probably led to…


And also…


for some.

In short, the future of  such feminists’ over-masturbated pussies would probably look… disfigured. Some examples of those can be found here, or more clearly in the NSFW real life versions here.

Not that we care. Jokes aside, a few points came to mind after reading the article:

“She says the “best sex of my lifetime” was in her 70s when she was “training” a twenty-something called Eric. After 10 years she decided to let him go. “You have to let the young ones go. You don’t want to be Hugh Hefner.

*Yawns.* Seriously?

First: did she let him go, or did he leave all by himself?

Second: what’s the difference between an old man fucking a 20-something woman, and an old woman “training” a 20-something man to fuck her?

Oh…we forgot. She was “training” him. That itself exonerates her having sex with a man younger than half her age, even when she’s still having sex with him in her 70’s.


Acceptable for feminists, as it constitutes training

Whereas Hugh Hefner is an example which shouldn’t be followed, because he doesn’t let young ones “go”—even if that the young ones might be with him out of their own motives and free will.


Is there an age limit for sex for men? What if an old man doesn’t want to masturbate, and instead wants to fuck to get sexual release inside a consenting young woman’s body, even if he might pay her for consent? Should he then too be ridiculed for the consent of the young woman?

This social hatred and exemplifying ridicule of senior men having sex with younger women is preposterous, and so is the absurd ridicule of consenting young women who choose to be with senior men. The fact remains: why the fuck should anyone care if a senior man wants, fucks, or even pays to fuck a young woman who’s willingly accepted to sleep with him? Feminists are hypocritical on this point: even if she’d voluntarily accept to fuck with him even if may be for cash, she’d still be a victim because she’d be doing it for the money, or he’d be dating “out of his league.”

Whereas if an old woman cavorts or fucks around with a young man, she’s “training” him instead. Riighht. Sounds like modern feminist mature women are imagining themselves to be medieval courtesans ‘training’ young men. Marijuana or pot smoking can also contribute to and worsen such delusions among feminists especially if it’s long term, and definitely not contribute at least to the ‘longevity’ of sanity.


‘Training’ in progress….

So, according to feminists: cougars are acceptable; “sugar daddies” are not. Sugar daddies need to let go and marry their hands when they’re old, to become like invisible old feminist hags. This hatred and social ridicule of old men with young women is possibly also motivated by the fact that feminists know they can’t be as fertile as men throughout their lives.


Was Eric “trained” to learn how to do this efficiently?

The modern culture of masturbation promotion

Masturbation is a common human activity, and even more in the modern world, and increasingly being promoted in modern oversexualized societies. Whether it may be through healthcare, porn, media, modern pop culture, or modern social conditioning, masturbation is gradually being increasingly accepted, with more men and women already indulging in it.

A scantily clad Miley Cyrus on stage in LA, hand on crotch

Female masturbation is increasingly promoted by modern pop music culture. Read more about it here.

Also, porn is increasingly taking over as the most common mode of sexual release in the modern world, and usually serves as the primary visual stimulus for masturbation, further complicating the situation—especially with rewiring human brains. The end result is that masturbation (worsened when coupled with porn) is gradually being preferred over actual sex in modernized societies (especially men), which could not only cause problems to the mind and body, but also to relationships and, most importantly, birth rates. Modern media also increasingly and casually promotes masturbation both for men and women. Public masturbation is also being accepted in some feminist societies.

which would give a lot of manginas and betas a lot of social condonance and relief…


The only benefits of masturbation are sexual or orgasmic release in: voluntary celibacy, absence of a partner or incelhood (involuntary celibacy), sexual reproductive problems for both genders where sex cannot be performed, and a possible protection against STDs in this age of promiscuity. Certain modern cults promote masturbation as a ritual, while other religions condemn it, or would condone it only if it serves to protect chastity and guard against sexual immorality. In these cases, where sex cannot be performed, masturbation can serve as an effective substitute solution for these individuals.

Health-wise, longevity from masturbation could result only because it may provide orgasm health benefits in case of lack of a partner, and could protect against life-threatening STDs from partners of unknown sexual health status (though mutual masturbation could still carry risks as much as sex could). But masturbation again cannot beat the health benefits of actual sex. For example, even oral sex, where ingestion of semen has been shown to have immense benefits for women. But again the benefits of sex are devalued with sex with STD stricken individuals, for both men and women.

But again sex holds more benefits than masturbation for men, especially older men when they have sex with younger women when it comes to longevity. Read more here. Similarly, polygamy has been found to have positive effects on male longevity, irrespective of age.

Thus men—and especially senior men above 50’s—need not have to let modern feminist social shaming condition them to act unnaturally by “letting go,” against what science and nature tells them to do. Sex with younger women, preferably in a polygamous model, has positive effects on male longevity as seen above. Men don’t need to be married to their hands in old age. Feminism’s promotion of  masturbation over natural sexual intercourse as the elixir of longevity seems too contrived, considering that regular sex beats masturbation in health benefits. In fact, long term masturbation without real intercourse could possibly affect both sexes negatively.

Is masturbation in fact the only “sex” feminist incels would actually get, and is thus being superficially promoted as a longevity cover?

While raw garlic may indeed have health benefits, the dangers of marijuana (and more here) are well known to affect both longevity and sanity. However, the real gist of her interview suggests that masturbation is often the only sex most feminists get—and more so after they’re in their senior years. Maybe that’s why masturbation is being possibly promoted for feminists as a recipe for longevity, while actually being a ploy to deflect social ridicule for their celibacy. Since masturbation is already being furiously shoved down the throats of people living in modern feminists societies today, the increasing acceptance of masturbation as a natural part of modern human sexuality would thus help to provide cover for aging feminists whose sexual market value has bottomed out.

While younger feminists will often waste away their eggs in their fertile years simply touching themselves or slutting around, traditional women in other parts of the world will have their eggs being fertilized by men in relationships to produce children. A generation of bisexual masturbating feminists and choosy post wall 30+ sluts looking to get wifed up are just a few examples of  the dysfunctional breed of modern women feminism is producing to further contribute to lower birth rates and an eventual cultural collapse in modern societies. So most of these feminists would then be organizing more masturbation workshops for the next generation of women, to eventually share their own fate. Anyways, with these trends, feminism would likely die away by itself due to low reproduction rates and an obsession with self-love. But again, irrational feminism (worsened by pot smoking) would never accept that.


But we’d encourage feminists to masturbate. Considering that’s the only sex they’d most likely to get.

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  1. Unless you are 7/10 + ur job is to spend ur life supporting women and alphas
    women have no use for guys that are -7/10, your job is to help build society and maintain the fantasy for women to prance around in while keeping their eyes open for 7/10 or even 8/10+ guys
    that means that you have to:
    build the bridges for them to drive their luxury cars over on their way to fukkin their alpha hfs
    design the wiring for them to turn on the lights in the bathroom while applying their mascara
    maintain the sewage system that runs under their feet while they walk around in their high heels
    teach their alpha-spawn bastard kids in their public /private schools
    serve them Starbucks or at other expensive restaurants
    design the iPhones for them to message their alpha fuks

    1. There is a door number 2 as well. If you can’t somehow meet that 7/10 scale, then say fuck it and walk away. Work only enough to support yourself and your needs. Betas may be despised by modern western women, but they need them like you said, it isn’t like women are suddenly going to learn how to make that pesky internet thingy work, or are going to start building bridges.

      1. Door #3: Work your ass off in the West, live well under your means, and vacation in Pattaya 2-4 times per year. Of course, that only works if your heart, if you happen to have one, is well locked away and you’re not stupid enough to fall in love. You’ll also need a job/business whereby you can take a minimum 4 weeks off a year (Alberta oilfield-related jobs are good for this).

        1. I vote for full expatriation. If 10% of the Alphas expatriated, the gals of the US would meltdown. Already, a good percentage are starting to freak out that they are unable to find a tier one dude to pick up the tab for their three screaming brats and her daily addiction to Starbucks milkshakes. Might as well go for the knockout punch while we have them on the ropes.

        2. If you stay, that’s one more beta male for American women to cheat on. Have at ’em.

        3. i have to wonder where 90% of the men on this site meet women. do you cruise your local trailer parks?

        4. approaching, ever heard of it? maybe you don’t know how the real world is considering you don’t have life outside the internet

      2. All it would really take is for the following to collapse from the betas having had enough and checking out:
        Safety (police)
        Boom! There’s your Mad Max scenario right then and there.

        1. they can. and they do. and they always will, ensuring a never ending supply of “betas” and more fatties and minorities, and anything else you consider sub-par. so shut the fuck up and go set up your own little utopia somewhere (if you can find enough “perfect” women to go along with your asininity). i’m sure everyone else will do just fine without you.

        2. That’s why you’re still here, you can’t live without us!
          @hammerstrike : rok advises men to settle down with eastern european and asians chicks because most western women are unworthy of commitment. maybe it’s just me but I don’t fancy asian at all, so i’ll keep banging western girl.
          My current gf is a 19 y/o, solid 7, blond jewish american feminist and I can tell all the bitches trolls on this website that she likes rough sex and being dominated.
          And I’mnot even black 😉

        3. What a curious coincidence, I have the exact same feeling toward subhuman maggots such as yourself.
          Disgust and amused contempt, lol.

    2. Yes. Especially the iPhone. Those over simplified-1button-fisher-price-easy-mode phones don’t make themselves.

  2. Women have won just about everything feminism is going to give them and they still aren’t happy. I am sure that no one on this site is surprised by that. She isn’t using that vibrator because it gives her tingles. She is using it because someone gave her tingles that didn’t show her any interest.
    Stay in your lane, stay in your frame and feminism doesn’t do anything but make women easier to pump and dump.

    1. Women….getting everything they bitched about (for years) and they’re still unhappy (surprised?).
      Women….holding each other back and blaming men for the problem for years.
      Women getting less pay versus a man (that’s because other women are waiting in the wings to take the job for less pay). Women seem to be shitty negotiators (or they are being back stabbed by the “sisterhood”?).
      Women are the problem for other women…not men.

  3. American men are pathetic beta males who can never revolt despite the fact that they have guns. I would take a Taliban any day, at least they have the will power not to put up with bullshit from women

      1. That and the ongoing and incessant “war on drugs” needs fuel for its continued funding. Otherwise, all those government agents would need to find real jobs that actually benefit the community in some way.

        1. The Americans may buy the drugs, but the Columbians still wilfully grow and sell it. Any producer of nefarious substances utilized for vice trying to blame the customer for him choosing to enter this business in the first place has no sympathy from me TYVM. And I say this notwithstanding the harsh living condition of your average Colombian peasant.

  4. Welcome to the new Fapopolis: Next stop, Herbivore Japan!
    I think it might be where we’re heading, it seems inconceivable now that we might end up like them but I think in 10-15 years, especially as the younger generation always around computers and porn since they were 4, we will move towards this conclusion. Men are going to be just to used to internet shit. There’s not much anyone can do to stop this change, and honestly in some ways I welcome it. Less thirsty orbiters propelling a galactic-sized sense entitlement of females. Men simply looking at the playing field and saying, nope. I think it’s inevitable, and some point most men will realize the Game is rigged, unconsciously mind you, and choose mass non-participation. Also less men willing to go for these post-wall women would be a nice change as well.

    1. Dont hold your breath for that to happen. Conditions havent really changed last 10 years so I dont see any reason why they should change in the future.

      1. We can’t base future assumptions based on the past entirely(because really there is no past model). I mean looking at women in decades past, you’d never think it would get this bad. I never think we’ll get to the same extent that Japan is at, but it will definitely accelerate rapidly. Of course it’s all AWALT anyway, worldwide.

        1. Agreed. Even in the past five years I have observed profound social changes take place around here that would have been almost unthinkable as recently as ten years back at most. It is as if the system has steadily reached normally-aspirated top revs, only for the turbo and kompressors to kick in and violently boost it past that point. I shudder to think what will happen when the nitro gets injected into the cylinders as well;)

    1. In a gist: The old crones are attempting to condition the new upcoming batch of fresh hotties into hedging against the possible consequences (incelhood due to repulsiveness) associated with adopting their sex-positive, empowered ways by teaching them early on the tools of the trade usually reserved for aging hippyish cat herders. This was seconded by a diatribe about how masturbation is bad but may end up the only thing left for a lot of people, given heavy social programming and validation. Really convoluted and messy “article” though – I agree.

        1. I’m gonna take a wild guess that these women want dick, but they don’t get any so they do a little circle jerking and say that all women in heterosexual pairings, and in some lesbian relationships, are being raped and just dont know it. That way they can feel good about their incell lifestyle.

        2. y’all just keep deluding yourselves. maybe some day a return to reality will happen and you’ll stop feeling so fucking sorry for yourselves for being screwed over by women. pussies.

    2. I dunno, but I scratch my ass like that too and I have the skid-marked white briefs to show for it. I’ll have to start using bleach.

  5. You cite webmd and “drugfreeworld” to try and claim definitively that marijuana is a health risk? Come on man. If you’re going to be making claims like this there needs to be legitimate, unbiased, scholarly articles or studies on it, not the first two google results you got. Lazy.
    The truth is we don’t really yet know for sure about that, and you should be much more careful about the claims you’re making in this post. A lot of those links are suspect.

  6. Looks like the next breed of feminists will get themselves out of the gene pool with self stimulation,thanks to fapping old feminists teaching young feminists how to creatively get themselves out of the gene pool. Feminists hate people having sex, and now they’re indoctrinating women for self love. With rape laws, birth control and all other factors strategically placed to reduce folks from reproducing, fap promotion is just the icing on the cake of falling birth rates – setting the perfect stage of self-destruction.
    Sexbots in the west seems a distinct reality in the future. Women ain’t gonna reproduce. What options do men have? If you want to reproduce, you have worthless sluts or fapping and ball busting feminists. The options for men to reproduce increasingly lie abroad outside the fucked up west.

    1. Child trafficking is already legal in the U.S, under the name of “adoption”.
      Don’t worry, they’ll reproduce, they just will buy their daughters from India or Thailand, just like the faggots who want to play daddy-momy because it’s “their right to have a child”…

      1. Fapping feminists, and redefined rape laws.
        You’d now need to have an unambiguos declaration that the chick wants to have sex. What happens if she is dumb? Dumb people would now give or have little to no sex.

      2. Good fucking point! Human trafficking only applies to a man seeking a prostitute for refuge from his feminist wife – not for his feminist wife seeking to rob a child from a Guatemalan family.
        Yet another example of feminist hypocrisy in action.

    2. Designer babies will be an option within the next 10 years. Of course those options will be available to females as well.

    3. Proof that they’re The New Nuns. Unfortunately, like nuns, they might not be in the gene pool, but that gives them extra time to poison the minds of other people’s kids through “teaching” — a profession that I’m hoping will become obsolete as we learn more and more from the Internet.

      1. To be frank, there are hardly any women worth LTRs in the west.
        You either have whores, or sluts, or sluts or whores who pretend to be madonnas. Now you add fapping bitches. Looks like all they want to do is to restrict resident men’s options even more, both when it comes to women and reproduction, and now with recreational sex. Foreign women seem the better option – both for short term and long term.

  7. I just finished my third week without fapping by the way.
    Glory to me.
    Long live the Emperor.

    1. Fapping sucks. Not only does it fuck up self-discipline and can kill the drive to chase women, but it can affect your mood and motivation in the long run. Most of my buddies are guys from FSU, anf in their culture most men and women usually don’t masturbate, but they do it rarely. The fapping craze in the west is now slowly spreading there too. It’s only in the west that fapping is acceptable and glorified. Some of the post-sex talk I had with most of the chicks I banged from FSU and EE, often had them telling me that dicks were for a woman’s holes, and not for the hand.
      Fucking beats fapping any time. Femcunts can wipe themselves out with fapping though. Women who fap too much also tend to have hideous looking labia and distended clits, not to mention smelly cunts as well.

      1. Funny you should mention that, I’m triyng to quit the urge for fucking as well (tires to waste my time selling my dick). The longest I’ve ever done is 9 months without fapping or fucking.
        I’m trying to replace the need for sex with adrenalin inducing activities and ambitious goals.

        1. Oh yes. And when I will rule France, I won’t make the same mistake twice : I will ally with the Russians.
          Then crush England, and kick your NATO out of Europa.

        2. It’s foolish to put fapping and fucking in the same boat though. It should be one or the other. Fapping will seldom bring the kind of Armageddon into your life that you risk when you go fucking (getting falsely accused of rape, ending up married, etc.) unless you go fapping in a public park or something.
          The trouble with not fapping is, the testicles have a physical need for it. This is why all male mammals fap. Sperm cells have a shelf life, and the nurse cells that travel among the swimmers can’t purge all of the defective ones.
          I think the problem that stems from fapping is not so much the fapping itself but the use of porn around it. If a fellow can train himself to knock one off without become a porno head, he’ll be OK.

        3. His mum’s a pretty fine milf. I think he’s made a substitution of a (much much) older women for the older woman he wants in his unconscious mind. The guy needs to get a job at a funeral parlour

        4. I literally laughed out loud when I read that piece of news. The expression of semi-disgust on his mom’s face in this picture is hilarious. I don’t know whether his mom’s approval is to allow him to cleverly con cash out of these old women, or just that she’s given up on him. And I wonder how he’s gonna perceive his mom if she ever reaches the age of those women.

        5. When you don’t jerk off for a very long time like I did, your body bust your nut through wet dreams, generally, once in a month.
          And no, for me, fapping prepare my mind for real sex, it doesn’t really appease me.
          It also cause a mood swing after ejaculation, that can ruin my day.

        6. Remove the makeup, the $150 hairstyle, and the clothes; then you’ll see just how fine she is.

        7. As long as it keeps feeling good, I’m going to keep doing it. Draining the prostate regularly helps eliminate toxins from the gland; that’s my excuse, anyway.

        8. I thought so too. He’s dating four old bags at the same time.
          Whatever may be the motives, but the thirst (either for prospective cash through inheritance, or simply for ‘older’ women) seen here is ridiculous. He’d put American gigolo’s Richard Gere or Don Jon’s Joseph Gordon Lewitt to shame. Speaking of Lewitt, he’s another self confessed ‘feminist’.
          What role models do young men today have in a culture which idealizes hippyish celebrities?

        9. Probably the sex he had with the oldies did not only involve mutual exchange of bodily fluids, but also wrinkles as well.

        10. lol – well if its a choice of her or the nonogenerian I can overlook some imperfections

        11. You would be surprised what people are ready to go through for a nice pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow. On the other hand, if it truly is only out of thirst for “older women”, then f_______________ck, that is some real nasty “fetish” he’s got there if there ever was one (they DO exist in fact).

        12. Yup. The male body needs to purge the balls now and again. That is why cultures that prohibit male seed from touching the ground, such as the Bedouin for instance (they practice buggering and even camel-love when no suitable human “recipient” comes along), are responsible for many sexual illnesses arising, not from sticking it into unclean orifices, but rather from actually holding it in and sometimes even forcing the ejaculate right back down into the balls where the escaping sperm dies and causes severe infections.
          And now with that lovely image in mind you can finish your lunch in peace.

        13. Gordon-Levitt’s probably done the same too. I’m sure he was banging oldies too – considering he’s a ‘feminist’.

        14. Umm, they usually go for the poop chute to combat the “hotdog thrown down a hallway” syndrome. Didn’t get any more details though, and sure as hell didn’t ask for them.

        15. Both cold showers and morning runs have increased my sex drive…
          Do y’all do this stuff in the real world or just type about it?

        1. I have. I could see the difference in the labia of fapping Americunts, and that of EE or Soviet women.
          Plus the EE and Soviet women always told me that a man’s dick is for his woman, not his hand. Maybe that’s why their men tend to be alpha like and aggressive.

    2. Funny that. I used to fap once a day, almost on a schedule, and compartmentalize the “urge” such that one fap in the daily shower and I spend a total of 2 minutes on the topic of sex.
      My reason for this?
      I did not want hormones fucking up my judgement. Having already been cuckolded (though not married) and then spent 4 years in an LTR that, at the time, I was still having nightmares about, I knew that any power the little head had over me was sure to be trouble. So I gave the little nazi is daily due, and put women entirely out of my mind.
      And then one day I stopped doing that.
      Then I ended up married. To a cougar. Ended up with a wrecked life in the end with thousands in debt that took years to pay off.
      I have seen, on self help forums, young fellows wanting to get castrated or get their hormones blocked (bad idea to be messing with the endocrine system for any reason) and I would chime in how I did it and I have averted them from doing something drastic as they were so traumatized or tormented by whatever happened to them they were ready to risk stroke and cancer or self-mutilate.
      That’s how fucked up things are. But you know what? I would totally understand. It’s like when people complain about teenagers doing little more than playing video games. Well we have made just about everything a teenager could or might do a felony or some kind of offense, so we can’t blame them for staying home and playing video games. So if we see a trend of young fellows getting their chicken bags emptied out we can be as alarmed as we could at such measures but we’d be fools to miss the point that such drastic measures come out from a drastically fucked up system that turns out drastically fucked up women.
      I hardly fap these days, but I’m also in control. Heck after what I been through I think the little nazi finally caught on and decided that, being attached to me, it’s self preservation to let me concentrate on not getting fooled again.

        1. Imagine the possibilities had we humans evolved external mandibles much like the Predator creature in the Schwarzenegger movie (with finger or tentacle-like appendages instead of the canines). Going down on women would be akin to them receiving a full-on cuttlefish massage.

      1. Moral of the story? The Johnson is you best friend and your worst foe all at the same time. If you fail to strangle the trouser snake on a regular basis, it will eventually take over and invariably plug you into a flesh socket from which there is no escape, save accepting a very heavy price to pay for freedom (I say this notwithstanding the fucked-up society that is largely responsible for severely exasperating these problems in the fist place).

    1. Gone the way of the dodo bird sorry to say, save a few retrenched pockets of resistance. This place and a few more like it are some of the last remaining bastions of reason and honest dialogue left in the veritable Orwellian nightmare most Western countries have devolved into or are rapidly devolving into as we speak.
      It is quite unbelievable, isn’t it? And in such a short time too.

  8. Her picture was all I needed to know what this was about. Dried up, butch, old woman living on fantasies and half-truths. My guess is that she is a lesbian who uses these “workshops” to fondle young women under the guise of “training.”

    1. “My guess is that she is a lesbian who uses these “workshops” to fondle young women under the guise of “training.”
      – Probably true. Just found an edited clip of a 46 min documentary of hers on youtube.

    2. You have to love the “equality” here. A women doing it is “training”.
      A man doing it is considered “creepy”….call the police.
      Ah, yes….equality.

    3. holy shit, people get old. what’s the problem? think it’s not going to happen to you? when you’re in your 70’s, there’s not enough estrogen left to give a shit about fondling young women for chrissakes.

  9. Not all orgasms are created equal. The semen composition is different when one masturbates and during partnered intercourse. The sperm count is lower in masturbation because of lack of skin contact with another person and the lack of pheromones from another person. The sperm count is also lower in monogamous sex compared to other partnered sex.
    Masturbation is not recommended for men at all. Avoiding frequent ejacualtion in general is advisable. A typical masturbation session isn’t really healthy for the skin of the penis.
    In women, masturbation is not so bad as there’s not much loss of sexual fluid. As for this old woman, it seem masturbation was the only option for her. Who would fuck that old bag?

    1. idk bout the other stuff you said but “The semen composition is different when one masturbates and during partnered intercourse.” was spot on for me. With a woman there is a lot more, it is thicker, it is whiter. That is why I love giving facials to chicks, it is fun.

      1. The Peruvian root Maca, when taken daily, will increase both libido and semen volume; gelatinized form is best (Nativa Naturals). It’s crazy, but it works. Reminds me, I have to start prepping for a “session” next week. Heh heh.

    2. Nope, you either choke the chicken once in a while, or your balls will eventually release all on their own during a wet dream (what do you prefer, wet sheets or wet toilet paper?) – though you are correct that it should not occur too frequently and really only be used when no suitable human partner is around to naturally arouse the body.

  10. Glad I’m a nofapper. I’m not ending up like those betas who fap to porn all day everyday.

    1. I can understand not wanting to be a porn addict but you “no-fappers” seem to be taking yourselves a little too seriously – whether you like it or not, you’re just another monkey.

  11. Whether they actually want it or not feminists are ideologically opposed to penetrative sex. Even when they are doing it, even mid orgasm, they are opposed to it ,and that is why they want to encourage masturbation as much as possible. They want single women to do it to promote independence from men, but also mainly to oppose the dominant figure of the phallus. There is a thing that nobody used to pay any attention to, whether men or women, that’s even if they even knew it existed, which it probably didn’t (they’ve probably stapled it on or something) and that thing is the clitoris (in fact the clit ring probably is just a staple holding a bit of gristle in place).
    The whole of modern feminism can be explained in terms of denying the importance of vaginal sex for women and promoting any thing that involves rubbing or stimulating the clitoris. The number of nerve endings will always be cited as the whole thrust of the argument is to convince men that they’re just not that into it, and they could do better by themselves.
    There are tonnes of feminist books promoting the clit. For feminism its intended as the new penis – literally in the case of some of them. But for most its a little bit of gristle that might get stuck between your teeth

    1. “Whether they actually want it or not feminists are ideologically opposed
      to penetrative sex. Even when they are doing it, even mid orgasm, they
      are opposed to it ,and that is why they want to encourage masturbation
      as much as possible. They want single women to do it to promote
      independence from men, but also mainly to oppose the dominant figure of
      the phallus.”
      Yep. That’s the real drift of things.
      I’ve seen this difference while banging chicks in the west and abroad. Femcunts want to self stimulate even while getting drilled.

      1. part training perhaps, but mostly – as with everything I suppose – its a power game that plays out in the bedroom. Its sad but the phrase ‘make love’ no longer applies so long as these girls are playing game of fucking thrones with their pussies

      1. Well, they do hold group therapy sessions where the participants use small hand mirrors in order to carefully and thoroughly become acquainted with their lady parts. don’t know about you, but I don’t know of many men who have that intimate of a relationship with the old corporal (notwithstanding a yearly go-over for medical reasons at most).

  12. Are there really females who don’t know how to get themselves off? I find that hard to believe.

  13. there are a lot of old 60s feminists still working the younger ones like puppets. Glove puppets in this case…right up to the elbow

  14. This post (I can’t really say “article”) has way too many illustrations and not enough text. Imagery is processed by the right hemisphere of the brain, which is associated psychologically with feminine aspects, whereas writing is processed by the left hemisphere, which is associated with masculine aspects. The right brain processes information holistically, whereas the left brain processes information in a linear, sequential, logical manner.
    It is no accident that information is increasingly presented to us in videos and memes rather than in written form. This goes hand in hand with the triumph of feminism in western culture. The internet is making this far worse. Google for instructions on how to do anything, and you’re likely to find videos instead of actual written step-by-step instructions.
    I’m sure the author put time and effort into this article, but it could be improved by removing extraneous illustrations and “memes” and concentrating on text.

    1. Valid argument. The same goes for pictures of pretty girls embedded in the text without any proper relevance to the actual information.

    2. Well said. I too could never be bothered to watch videos or read articles littered with images. Thank you for shedding written light on this matter.

    3. I totally agree with this. The images blurred the focus of this article. A little of that goes a long way.

  15. Western women don’t hate the betas as much as they need their pedestalizing. When beta man ceases to pedestalize, her suportative superstructure is compromised. She seeks another supporting pillar. Women who are hoarders will keep old broken beta appliances heaped in the closet or in the shed or piled in the yard. The ardent housekeeper pedestalized bitch on the other hand calls some beta clean up authority to pick up her broken betas at the curb. The feminist lie is all that lives in her house. But like the architect, the alpha lives on.

  16. I can’t find the link at the moment, but on a related note, I remember reading a recent study that showed that young men and women are having 25% less sex than they were just a decade ago. The implications of such a massive change over such a short period of time are pretty fucking colossal, but nobody seems to have wised up to it yet.

  17. Dude, is there any feminist woman that doesn’t look like a human being that failed at looking like a man?
    Is there any feminist woman that isn’t constantly talking about sex and therefore reducing women to pieces of meat?

  18. This is really ironic considering that if there was a movement amongst men to consider wanking before putting up with women and their crap (and their laws, and their system, and their head games, and their shit tests, and their cops, their prisons, their courts, their armies) and basically take total control of our instincts (instead of them being exploited) and our reproductive rights, imagine where feminism would be now. Imagine what that would do to the inflated agency of women.
    Funny though how the system provides for women various avenues to have control over their reproductive rights, one of which is to suck cocks by the bag backed up by an indoctrination system that “makes it OK”, but men only have one option: stop having sex.
    Now the thought of dried up old cunts fingerbanging themselves makes me both sick and glad. Sick because the mere thought of it, glad because if they get all introspective on their grilled cheese sandwich vaginas they might shut up and quietly fade out like they deserve.

    1. The principle of the pussy cartel relied on providing sup-bar merchandise at terribly inflated prices and severe ongoing pain for those mad enough to opt for the purchase instead of the short-term lease. This model is now collapsing due to the utter insanity to which the system has been driven, together with men finally rediscovering the operating fundamentals and utter needlessness of this racked in great part thanks to the internet and manosphere sites in particular. It is very much like a bunch of old-school mob tough guys feeling their power slip away as the rows of mom and pop stores whom they used to shake down for “protection money” on a regular basis have steadily become replaced with Walmarts, Costcos, and the like. Good luck to Vito an Luigi approaching one of these hangars and demanding the cashier hand over the weekly due if they do not want their place of business to go up in flames (they would quickly get their asses kicked by a professional, SWAT-like private protection firm). Those of them who adapted went into banking, law, and accounting (especially corporate taxation;). The others still hand around the neighborhood projects wit their tattoos and leather jackets and pretend to act all mean and tough (LoL). They have no idea how ridiculous and completely out of date they really look in our modern, wired, technological brave new world.

  19. Forget messing around with a complicated and expensive sexbot when you got everything you need right here on your very own personal frame. Hell, you can even marry it and not risk any kind of divorce rape, alimony or child support:
    Or can you really? Don’t forget you’ve still got another possibly jealous one attached as well:
    I’ll leave this one up to the brilliant & ambitious upcoming attorneys to decide;)

  20. Let the old feminists “train” their younger generation to be half-assed lesbians who have to fap cause they’re too scared to go full carpet-muncher.
    I’m’a groom my nymphos poolside.

    1. She wants to ensure that young women have bad breath and therefor have no option but to masturbate.

  21. With all of these feminists, it’s like, hey, let’s choose the things that are the worst for women, will make them the most unhappy, and let’s tell them to do that.

  22. what is this? fucking tumblr or buzzfeed? enough with the shit-ass gifs holy fuck we’re not 14 year old sloots.

  23. Someone once told me that “lesbianism is more political ideology than sexual preference”, and that same logic applies here.
    The feminists, even if they desire men on the inside, loathe masculinity so much they would rather replace it with masturbation/cats/another woman.

  24. Least coherent ROK article I’ve ever read.. And that’s saying something.

  25. The pics of cigarette sally are absolutely HIDEOUS, and the posting of them may end up causing more harm than good. My advice for anyone who was unfortunate enough to have seen the photos should make sure that you concentrate REAL HARD on the images as you jerk off before bed tonight. This is for your own self preservation so that you don’t end up accidentally having a WET NIGHTMARE and risk waking up dead. YIKES!

  26. I expect an article about all the mothers that blog too. They are everywhere. Anyone who visits blogs or has his own has come across that spreading disease. I did my part on my blog. Do yours…

  27. what’s wrong with women learning self gratification instead of subjecting themselves to jerks like you that consider them cum dumps? what do YOU do when you don’t have a convenient cum dump anyway?

  28. there are two kinds of articles on this website, 1) everything is wrong with women 2) learn how to make them drop their panties. it’s just pathetic.

  29. “Feminists are hypocritical on this point.” Hell, that’s their stock-in-trade. Oh, one addendum here: you forgot the adjective hysterically to modify hypocritical–as in “hypocrisy propagated with screeching intensity.” Their idiocy doesn’t seem to have a volume control. If it does, someone turned the dial up to 13 and then ripped it off.

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