Girls Who Lack Fatherly Discipline Become Broken Women

To a mature man, the idea that growth must come from pain and suffering is a given. Although traditional rites of passage for young men are on the steady decline, most are still faced with enough external and internal stressors to adapt to become well-adjusted men. Consider the following excerpt from day 296 “Growth” of Deng Ming Dao’s “365 Tao”:

We only grow when we are challenged. Muscles do not strengthen without resistance. Mental faculties do not sharpen without critical thinking. The spirit does not soar without something to excite it.

Taken in the context of opposition to disapproved social norms, a young woman’s burgeoning personality and worldview today is tainted not only by external stimuli, but also by the complete absence of opposition to how this stimuli manifests itself. A generation of young women have been raised on Disney movies with a deep-seated princess mentality, yet once the appropriate age is reached to be exposed to the harsh realities of the world, the veil is not lifted. In fact, extra layers upon layers are thrown over her head, further blinding her to natural social and sexual dynamics. The trend continues on, perpetuating itself as young women are encouraged to cherish once insulting terms like “slut” and “bitch” as they revel in the depravity that is their lives.

At best, they remain emotional children, a toddler fiercely attached to an entitled princess lifestyle, stuck in a grown woman’s body. At worst, a manipulative, deceitful, and sadistic murderer. Consider the following two women’s stories, and how they reflect back on our culture of unwillingness to discipline women.

Elizabeth Wurtzel


Born into a middle class family in New York, Wurtzel was raised by her mother and only had brief contact with her father from time to time. In 1994, her memoirs “Prozac Nation” were published, written about her major depression during her childhood up until her time spent at Harvard University as a journalism student. As to be expected, the book deals with her largely self-imposed prison of depression, as she seeks refuge in drugs, alcohol, meaningless sex, and general rebellion.

Despite the subject matter, her book was subsequently turned into a full length motion picture in 2001 to critical indifference. Following this, Wurtzel managed to find work as a music critic, while writing a few more mediocre books including “Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women.”

Regardless of her extremely low LSAT score, she was accepted into Yale Law School. By her own admission it was due to her “…other accomplishments,” perhaps implying her notoriety or mild celebrity status.  After receiving her J.D. in 2008, Wurtzel failed the New York bar exam. Despite her lack of credentials, she controversially  presented herself as a lawyer in several interviews during the years that followed. Upon finally passing the bar exam in 2010, making her legally able to practice law, she then proposed publically that bar exams be abolished, but not before penning the ultimate post-wall tell all at Elle magazine.

Unlike many feminists, Wurtzel had the brains (post-wall albeit) to finally bring into focus some misunderstood truths, as she states:

“Whoever said youth is wasted on the young actually got it wrong; it’s more that maturity is wasted on the old.”

Simply put, Wurtzel is another woman who was raised in a broken home, in an environment with little to no boundaries to stop her from drowning in her own sorrow. She then became defined by the very things she pretends to hate: attention seeking and diving into complete self-absorption, substance abuse, and promiscuity. Her later years were filled with writing more books about her regrets of those decisions. She’s another woman whose value plummeted with every passing year, but she never became self-aware of this fact. Wurtzel sums up her entire adult dating career with this gem:

“I attract (and seek) bottle throwing, foot stomping, door slamming, pot clanging, hair pulling, and, above all, a lot of loud screaming and walking out in a huff—usually leaving me crying, wondering what just happened, or, more often, too astonished to cry.”

Karla Homolka


Notorious rapist and murderer Karla Homolka showed early signs of mental instability. Born to a Czech immigrant father and Canadian mother, Homolka’s early life was marked by a drunk and emotionally absent father and indifferent mother. As a young girl she was known to abuse animals (foreshadowing sociopathic behaviour) as well as being bossy and domineering.  As she grew older, constant fights with her parents became the norm. As she and her sister hurled insults at her alcoholic father, he withdrew into the basement to escape a house full of overbearing women.

During her high school years, she dabbled with alcohol, drugs, and surprised friends with detailed sexual encounters which included bondage, rape fantasies, strangulation, as well as her supposed suicide attempts.

Soon after, she began dating and eventually married Paul Bernardo, her accomplice in the infamous rape and murders of three women in the early 1990’s, one of them being Homolka’s own sister. Homolka had stated early on in the investigation she had been abused by Bernardo and was a forced accomplice in the rape/murders of the three women. She pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter and served 12 years. Shortly before being released from prison in 2005, videotape evidence was found showing Homolka had lied and that she was a very involved participant, leading to nationwide outrage at her pending  release.

In an article detailing the letters Homolka had sent from prison to author Stephen Williams, journalist Christie Blatchford went on to say:

“What is particularly compelling – and telling – is how radically different are the faces she presents”

Homolka’s lack of strong guidance during her formative years led to sociopathic and deeply narcissistic behaviours  as an adult. She was a broken woman, shifting from one personality to the next in an effort to evade reality. Increasingly becoming detached from it, she found solace in the arms of a man as charismatic and strong-willed as she needed, but it was too late. The strong hand she was seeking was in fact that of a madman, and the intimacy she craved was distorted and corrupted, manifesting itself in violent sexual tendencies.

While only one of these stories is an extreme example of a woman gone wrong, they both share one important factor: the lack of a strong father figure in their lives. While it would be unfair to attribute all of their shortcomings on this, the commonality begs certain questions. How important is discipline to a young woman? What effects does a lack of fatherly discipline have on women? What can we do, as fathers or not, to prevent this type of behaviour?

Just like a winemaker controls the vigour of his vine to create a more pure and elegant vintage, or the blacksmith tempering steel to construct incredibly strong objects, women must be checked in order to avoid uncontrollably adverse behaviour. If the world shapes a man, then women must be shaped by us.

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  1. I am surprised that you stopped at just 2 examples, Ephemerae. There are so many examples of the mal-effects of fatherless households that multiple books could be written.
    In my personal experience of dating a fairly large number of women, there are predictable behaviors that result from each woman’s family background. The women from stable families are not quick to have sex and are generally stable. The women that are from broken households are insecure and quick to have sex. The women that had their fathers entirely pushed out of their lives are often bi-polar, extremely unpredictable, and/or sociopaths. This latter class of women also have the least respect for their bodies and essentially ask to be raped during sex.
    I am sure that this data is not hard for a good researcher to uncover. It should be used to SHAME family court judges that are so cavalier about pushing fathers out of the lives of children. After the age of about 2, having a father in the life of a child is even more important than a mother.

  2. Father figure is one of the most important, if not most important factors, in determining a girls mental stability/qualities and attitude.
    Notice with the Homolka case she didn’t take responsibility. It was my boyfriends fault, it was my alcoholic fathers fault, it was somebody else’s fault even though I drugged, raped, and murder MY OWN SISTER on VIDEO and I was taking PLEASURE in it.
    If there has been one law about women I’ve learned on my journey to learn is that they rarely take responsibility for their actions.

    1. Leftists freak out and wet the bed over the very concept of a father figure.
      One of the early German sociologists actually equated paternal discipline to fascism. This idea that everything should be “accepted” and nobody should be judged has carried over to modern times and is constantly being propagated by the academic left.

    2. “What is a woman? Take a man, then remove reason and accountability”

  3. There’s an excellent book on this subject: Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters by Meg Meeker. Meg and Esther Villar are the only two women I know of, that understand the dangers of modern culture.

  4. As someone from Karla’s neck of the wood’s you’ve got the fact’s wrong. The video tape evidence mentioned wasn’t found out later but during the investigation. The white knight/mangina Toronto cop’s never even considered her as anything but a victim and as a consequence gave her a sweetheart deal to testify against her husband. Her crimes? Poisoning, and drugging her own sister, so she could go down on her with the husband. Her 14 year old sister, on Christmas eve. Who died two days later. Kidnapping two other teen girls and aiding in their rape and torture and dismemberment. All while video taping the crimes. She turned rat when her husband liked one of their victims a little too much. And for all that she got 8 years. A paid for university degree and release to have kids. Her husband will never see the light of day, she’s already remarried and could be living next door to any person reading this right now.

    1. According to Wikipedia, she’s changed names a few times, and has been living in countries a long way away from Canada. If you live in the developed world, there’s a good chance she’s trying to avoid you.

    2. It is shameful how the white knights of the justice system gave her a pussy pass. Icing on the cake, police said that if Holmolka returned to Canada she was qualify for 24 hour police protection. She and Paul are an argument to bring back crucifixion.

  5. Bingo. Modern society suffers because we have thrown out an essential truth of society: for a country to succeed, it’s children require BOTH parents to be present, active, and competent in the household. The woman needs to nurture the children and teach them when they’re young, and a strong father will teach them the life skills they need to become self reliant, sane, productive adults.

    1. The Disney princess movies do have their places….there are lessons to be taken from them about how a girl needs to be feminine, and kind and nurturing. What doesn’t happen is that as she gets older the “beautiful, entitled princess” part of that needs to be lifted while the virtues the Disney princess exhibit should remain.
      In modern day society we do the opposite. We strip away the virtues those movies preach but keep the attitude of “I’m a princess”.

      1. Snow White is pretty good. You can tell a princess by her feminine virtue.
        In Frozen, the virtue it to Let It Go and embrace your inner lesbian once you come of age after years of unfair closeting because ignorant society was afraid you would negatively influence your little sister. The male love interests are an untrustworthy player and a buffoon. Disney stopped preaching traditional virtues some time ago and is poisoning the minds of children.
        I think you have to write off anything Disney in the last 40 years that doesn’t deal with animals and even then you need to check what message each movie is pushing.

    2. Exactly. Women who grow up without fathers become hardened sluts who can’t keep a good man and usually become single moms. Men who grow up without fathers do not become masculine men.

  6. Peaches Geldof anyone? Father Bob Geldof pushed out of his family by the courts and his ex (Paula Yates who herself was brought up without a father, and later died of a drug overdose), left to pick up the pieces, then she dies of a drug overdose leaving two young children motherless. Fucking tragic.

    1. Maybe, but she’s a complex case though. She went off the rails in her youth, which is kind of when you would have expected her to ‘trainwreck’ and overdose. When finally she married and became a serious full time mother, she described everything as perfect, but at the risk of reading too much into her overdose, couldn’t seem to cope with the stability and happiness this offered (that’s speculation). There was some kind of self-destructive script she couldn’t overcome. In the right kind of family up-bringing (as above) I’m sure that wouldn’t have happened

  7. I only disagree that woman cannot learn after reaching adulthood. Women can learn just fine after reaching adulthood, just like the men. It is on us single guys to show the misbehaving women the consequences of their behavior. Granted, the legal environment in the developed world makes that difficult/precarious, but it is still possible.
    – Lead a girl on if you know she’s easy, then abandon the act just before she gets any validation and say you don’t sleep with sluts.
    – Expose slutty behavior to the herd early, often, and brutally, use social media when necessary, but in-person is best.
    – Document the crazy ones, ABR, ABR, ABR, then YOUTUBE.

    1. I disagree. I think that in general in this particular climate of shielding women from all negative consequences of their actions, most women do not grow mentally or emotionally once they are fully into adulthood. Without negative consequences, people do not learn or grow.

  8. I was wondering if Karla would be one of the examples when I read the opening paragraph. Having spent 5 years in Ontario, home of some of the world’s most spoiled women, while I am sure even worse examples could be found, to me she is the poster child of an entitled princess with attitude.
    It probably did not help matters that growing up in a city with such profoundly ugly and fat (not american fat, but still fat) women would mean ultra-thirsty Toronto men would accommodate her every whim.
    Put a bitch in her place. You may be saving someone’s life.

  9. When it comes to absent dads and crazy girls, correlation doesn’t imply causation….but it definitely nods suggestively towards it while winking and elbowing you in the side.

    1. That’s the analogy I was looking for. I was thinking the second slag had the eyes of a feral predatory cat, but snake eyes fills the bill much better.

  10. The problem with women is that they don’t face adversity until they are past their prime years. However, by that time around their thirties, they are too old to change their behavior. The hamster becomes set in its ways. Any action they take to change is done begrudgingly, because they have no choice (such as marrying a beta).

    1. Bingo. You just nailed it. Excellent analysis. Women never have to develop any sort of quality of character when they’re young. If they are even halfway sexually attractive, the world caters to every whim they have. Then when they age out, instead of improving themselves, they just become bitter and irrationally spiteful. They usually never develop any sort of concept of honest self-reflection, which is needed for self improvement. Essentially, their capacity for emotional growth is stunted permanently during their slutty party years where they are treated by men as the most important person in the room.

      1. I think you really nailed an issue on it’s head. I was wondering the last few months why adversity made American women so much worse, while improving the disposition of 3rd world ladies. I was thinking it had to do with expectations. But first age of real adversity is probably a better and more consistant predictor of character development.

    2. I think it is adversity that really makes 3rd world ladies appreciative of a man that treats them well. Once while in the Philippines, my bank account was frozen for about a month which meant no funds. We practically starved till I got it worked out. Not once, did I hear a single complaint from the girl I was shacking up with. In my younger days, I had American ladies go into a complete screaming fit for hours because I couldn’t buy them a late night snack.
      When I was younger, I never understood the spiritual benefits of adversity. It just seemed like an excuse put out by religious leaders for people to suffer. Now, whenever it occurs, I actually see it as an opportunity for personal growth.

    3. “The problem with women is that they don’t face adversity until they are past their prime years. ”
      True, and after that adversity becomes immense. From zero to more than anyone can handle.

      1. Such as? I mean – what adversity do they face? I don’t think “not being as hot as she used to be” really counts.

    4. Also, to the people below, having experienced racism, and having been bullied in my earlier school years due to my height, (I am androgynous, physically female, but not mentally ), plus what happened in my home when I was younger, I can say safely that adversity happens to anyone. I still face it now due to my religious beliefs, orientation, skin colour, etc. I doubt it’s helped me do anything but tense up when someone addresses me, it’s much less now due to the area I live in, but I still remember it. It did help in a way, my skin is thick, and while I like debating… I just see it as an interesting pastime, nothing more.
      I prefer not to be dependent on anyone though, mostly because I feel guilty about taking money/gifts off others.
      Plenty of women/girls/boys/men/genderqueers etc like me. I’m just using myself as an example.
      Though I have to say, I have developed an aversion to posh people, or anyone who has had a comfortable life, male or female.

  11. In other news, the earth revolves around the sun. Everyone knows that women without fathers turn out shitty. Even hard core blue pillers know this. It’s one of he most readily observable things about women. This article is a bit pedestrian. ROK can do better than this. There is no new info in this article that we haven’t all known for years.

    1. But sometimes it is necessary to state the obvious. Especially when the conclusion is that it lies in our hands to fix the problems of feminism and female irresponsibility.

  12. To be fair, someone like Karla was bound to wind up a troubled indvidual anyway, the same way some girls in good households were bound to turn out OK regardless. Her attitude is more indicative of the absense of her father than her crimes are.

  13. Hey I’m reading a debate between a red-pill guy an a liberal. I’d like to know what people think of their debate? Would somebody be willing to chat with me outside of ROK?

  14. Criminals aside, it’s important to note that this article applies just as well to feminists in general.
    The rank-and-file feminist is an entitled princess, spoiled enough to feel entitled to everybody’s love/respect. The elite, academic feminists are just outright psychotic. Nearly every one has a sob story to tell about her mental condition, a list of her “oppressions”, confused self-identity, persecution complex, and so on.

    1. Hey I’m reading a debate between a red-pill guy an a liberal, as I said earlier. Can I hear your take on it, if you’ve got time?

      1. Post the debate to the redpill reddit. You will get plenty of discussion on it.

  15. Feminism is the symptom, female nature is the cause.
    To all the closet white knights and denialists who put the blame of feminism on everyone but women
    Close your eyes. Now image that there exist 0 women who want to exploit their ex-husbands through alimony.
    Do you think that now the alimony laws would still exist?
    No, they won’t. Conclusion….?
    Now image that there exist 0 women who want to exploit the child custody laws and take away the children away from their fathers.
    Do you think that now men still would not be able to see their children? Do you think that preferential child custody laws would still exist?
    No, they won’t. Conclusion….?
    Now image that there exist 0 women who want to get jobs simply because they have a vagina through gender quotas, affirmative action et cetera.
    Do you think that now gender quotas and affirmative action would still exist?
    No, they won’t. Conclusion….?
    Think really hard now.
    In all the cases above, as well as many other instances, such laws would cease to exist if only there were no women desiring these laws!
    The cause of such laws is women.
    The root of such laws is women.
    The impetus behind such laws is women.
    The reason behind feminism’s existence is women.
    If womenstop desiring these things, these things will cease to exist!
    Stop living in denial. Stop being closet white knights and shifting the blame of feminist tyranny on every-damn-one BUT women. Of course other factors are also valid and contribute toward it. However, the root, the genesis, the cause and the most significant factor is women and female nature.
    Conclusion – Feminism is the symptom, female nature is the cause.

    1. QUOTE: “Feminism is the symptom, female nature is the cause.”
      Precisely why female “nature” has to be properly controlled. Pull the leash off of hormonal driven animales and you have a society dying.

  16. The US government investigation of Ana Montes, who spied for Cuba while working for the Defense Intelligence Agency, concluded that daddy issues was the primary factor in her pathological behavior.

  17. Great read, thanks for writing it. Another type of female pathology is the spoiled daddy’s little girls. You know the ones who from a young age get everything that they want, do whatever they want and are protected from the consequences of their actions. Daddy is there, but what he does or does not do is the problem. Part of the problem is that parents find it difficult to discipline daughters as firmly as males, and males have society and experiences to punish them if the parents do not do a good job. Consequences and the female are often mutually exclusive.

  18. I find it difficult to believe that Homolka can be blamed on an absent father.
    Fucking crazy is fucking crazy, father or no father.
    I knew a couple of the older Holmolkas; traveling salesmen; it kind of ruined their lives. It was a real touchy subject with them.

  19. Would the same dynamic apply to girls that grow up under lesbian parents. Something that appears to be more and more common in oz?
    You know that one with the butch and femme dynamic. With the butch being the pseudo-father.

  20. TheGenXFactor made a great observation about blue pill dads being as bad as having no father at all.
    How do you perform as a red pill dad if you have a daughter? My experiences and suggestions below, but if other red pill fathers with daughters have more to add, please do.
    1. Be consistent. In everything. All the freaking time. If a daughter (or even younger son) detects inconsistency they will wield it against you at appropriate times, in their own way. A fully consistent father who does what he says at all times gives them no wiggle room for excuses.
    2. Just as with adult women, be swift with punishment but reward good behavior sparingly. This doesn’t mean don’t reward good behavior, but don’t give lavish praise every time she does something right. Make it understood that good behavior is expected as the norm and only exceptionally good behavior is rewarded.
    3. Be calm at all times, especially when she’s getting emotional. Little girls and teenaged girls are balls of chaotic emotion, don’t take it personally and don’t react or give in to it. My favorite line I use(d) on my daughter when she’d try to pull out the “I’m a crying girl, give in to my demands” schtick was “Turn off the faucets, tears don’t work on me” then I stand calmly until she stops. Fortunately that kind of behavior was successfully trained out of her over time (haven’t seen it in over 2 years now, directed towards me).
    4. Do not ever tolerate her raising her voice to you or treating you or the wife with disrespect. Do not endorse or tolerate cursing or swearing. Do not endorse or tolerate a bitchy attitude, nip it right in the bud. Start this very, very early in her life and as in point 1, be consistent.
    5. Give her chores to do and ask her to do favors. Do not get caught in the rationalizations she’ll throw out of “But, I didn’t leave those dishes/books/clothes there!”, make it understood that everybody in the family contributes towards the family and that she doesn’t get to be the atomistic exception.
    6. Give her a good expectation of what a proper husband and wife relationship works like, alpha style. She’ll pattern all of her future mate expectations on how she views you and how you interact with her mother, so basically you’re training her to respond positively towards a dominant, strong male. Your son in law, who will most likely be a strong, dominant alpha will thank you in the future.
    7. Control what she views in media as long as you can, but do understand that at some point you will lose that ability. Keeping standards high when she’s younger will help her filter better when she gets older and out of your direct control.
    8. Keep expectations on diet and gainful exercise in the picture, don’t let her gravitate towards chips, ice cream and Starbucks caffeine hot milkshakes.
    9. Manners. Teach them, use them, enforce them. Nothing snips the entitled princess mentality quicker than a strong expectation of expressing social courtesies. It’s hard to be a foot stomping princess if you’re conditioned to say your please, thank you and “sir/ma’am”, and aren’t allowed to be bitchy anyway in the home.
    10. Musical education – for some reason it really brings out the feminine side of a girl. My daughter took years of private piano lessons and still sits down to play on her own. It imbues grace and charm, and again I’m not entirely certain why, though I have some theories.
    11. Never fail to pass judgment if you see others doing wrong, and explain why it is wrong. A bit of a moral prophylactic, if you will.
    12. Have and maintain a strong dress code. You will ideally want her to dress like a medieval nun, while she will want to dress like a prostitute, so the ideal middle is to dress conservatively and tastefully. Never give in on this, not even for Halloween costumes.
    13. A strong patriarchal Christian church if you’re so inclined. Screen these carefully, lots of churches are blue pill feminist. Good markers are ones that enforce dress codes for attendance, whose youth groups keep the sexes from public displays of affection, that have strong heterosexual male leaders and demure submissive (to adult males) feminine leaders, and a non-hippy type preacher.
    14. Set the standard of “no dating until the age of 16” very early in her life (from the age 7 or so, forward). It saves drama since she’ll know the whole time. Also ensure she knows that the boy(s) she sees will have to meet up to your standards.
    This is what I’ve done, so far it’s working well, she’s very sweet in disposition, very helpful and nurturing, and in her social circles she’s the one that smooths over problems that the other more dramatic girls have.
    Etc. (more fathers chime in if you have more suggestions).

      1. Seriously, this just touched my heart. I had not thought about it for ages, but my dad took the time to spend some quality time with me approaching puberty, also when older of course, and he was keen from time to time on point out what he referred to as the the ‘tramps’ and ‘fat pigs’ when it came to girls a bit older than I was along with pointing out those who looked really nice. Actually, he pointed these things out in women of all ages, meaning the intended message did not end when I grew up and left home. He also had a way of pointing out that being foul-mouthed and stupid was not appealing. Or, he would see the trampy single mother and say something like ‘puppy love is the route to that sort of dog’s life’. And what was appropriate and confident really stuck with me coming from my father. He could be strict without raising his voice nor his hand. I mean, I am so blessed to have still my father in my life as his daughter.

      2. My father was like this too. We’re still very close and he deeply respects my husband for asking for my hand and keeping me in line.

  21. What about “Boys who lack fatherly discipline”? All is maybe known but it’s a story worth being told. Psychoticism, Psychopathy, Success, … and how relevant is the mother in all this. I read about a year ago in a study that I can’t find anymore that a father’s professional successes was a strong predictor of a son’s (successes).
    It’s worth an article. Knowing what I’ve lacked and had too much of should help me and any newly awakend red pill guy go thourgh the transformational process.

    1. He actually covered that in a brief way. Boys turning into men still have disciplining factors in reality to bring them down to earth, whether they want it or not. Women are protected entirely from the consequences of their actions, hence why fathers, while highly necessary for both sexes, are more important for females than males. Lots of young males in history were out and about, in the military or navies of the world, working in the fields or on the railroad, by age 13. Girls needed a lot more tending, and still do.

  22. You don’t know much about sociopaths. Lacking a strong father figure has nothing to do with it. It’s simply genetic plain and simple. At best, a strong father figure would have coached her to be less violent and suppress her desires.

  23. I know how that feels (I first met may father when I was 14 years old and since then we’ve rarely met each other. I was diagnosed as a bipolar and borderline at a age of 20 years old. Awfully slutty behaviour in between). Amazing article. Thank heavens ROK exists.

  24. It isn’t just girls, children in general need fathers. To develop into people of character the father is more important than the mother.

    1. Upshot of that is – the father must be family minded and a man of character.
      Downside: so few men are both these things, it is almost mutually exclusive. And even less women are family minded and choose character over other traits in men.

  25. it’s been proven to cause brain damage by no father figure! u get all these mothers medicating (ADHD, depression) their kids and they don’t know why…

  26. Hey I was just thinking is this site a cover for PAEDOPHILES? Ones who like to use NLP on little kids?

  27. It’s better to have no father than the wrong sort. I can say that from personal experience. Watching what happened in our house, to my mother, to myself, to my sister… is what brought on a four year period of self hatred, shame, diagnosed PTSD and depression. Yes I was on medication. I am in therapy, I am no longer on medication, my life is on track, and having found someone amazing, it’s possible to heal.
    Some people have issues.
    Some are born into perfectly normal families and have psychological tendencies to be prone to mental illness.
    Some experience a lot of things that can make their hearts twist, and warp their perception which can lead to mental illness.
    Some have biological conditions which manifest with symptoms of psychological instability.
    The list is long, the causes are many, some times there is no clear cause at all.
    It’s nice to have both parents. When the family unit gets along fine. But I have had a “father ” and emotionally I can never consider myself his child, but things are looking up. (No, a father figure didn’t help me get back on track. I’m doing just fine now.) I have to say, my mother is one of the strongest and most amazing people I know though, and her help was immeasurable.

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