The Value of Leisure

From my and many other people’s observations of the world today, it would seem that the full-blown flaky chick has become widespread in the female population — an accepted way of being, on an ever-increasing basis over the past couple of decades. You can now even download an ‘app’ questionnaire from iTunes called “Is she a flake?” as a litmus test to apply when you meet a girl. So why the huge rise in the Flaky Chick Phenomenon? There are many reasons for this — social, psychological and historical. These aspects are developed in full in the unabridged version of this article (link given below). But here in this extract I want to ask the question: Can a flaky chick be fixed?

Flaky Plasters

Many men think that they can “fix” a flaky chick. This is a huge illusion. Any man who becomes emotionally involved with a flaky chick is setting himself up for a great deal of misery. The flaky chick can make herself seem very appealing at first. She is often intelligent, attractive, creative and engaging and manages to seduce many people into being friends with her and admiring her. But if a man becomes intimate with her, he will begin to notice little things which ring alarm bells. This will increase until he realises that he has become involved with a monster from whom he cannot walk away unscathed. If he is a very weak character, the two of them can get stuck in a relationship of co-dependency and feed off each other’s destructive pathological patterns. Many marriages and partnerships exist in that “flaky chick/weak male” state for years.

Flaky Chicks Fear The Alpha Type

An interesting observation is that flaky chicks can hardly bring themselves even to catch the eye of the more alpha type of male — the very one who would most likely be able to “fix” her in the best kind of a way. They find such a man so catastrophically threatening that flaky chicks almost pretend that those men don’t exist. This is because of the possibility of rejection or abandonment either due to his ability to see through them (which he does) or because they fear that such a man will not be interested in them (which he won’t) or, if they were to embark on a relationship with him, he would soon reject and abandon them for another (which he most certainly would!). Flaky chicks will look right through such men. They will even cross the street to avoid them.

Some of the more new-agey type of flaky chicks will say such trendily amusing lines as: “That guy’s got really dark energy” to conceal their fear. What they really mean is that they are frightened stiff of him because he’s no fool. It is interesting that many flaky chicks are attracted to the new-age scene, mainly because they can disguise their inner terrors behind a smorgasbord of “spiritual” jargon, hypnotic chanting, “transformational energies” and supposedly “higher consciousness activities”. I know quite a few Reiki Masters, Aura Therapists, Life Coaches, etc., who are among the most flaky chicks of all in their personal lives — who’ve left a mountain of abused male wreckage in their wake — yet who manage to pass themselves off to the public as enlightened beings! The perfect cover.

The more conventional, less hippy type of flaky chick will hide her fear behind an assertion to her friends and anyone who will listen that the more alpha type of male in her vicinity is a shallow womanizer and therefore should be shunned. Whether or not this is true is completely irrelevant to the flaky chick. She is not interested in truth —only in surviving intact from threats to her ego; so she will invent any story which assists that goal. The reality of course is that she is frightened to death (literally) of anyone who she feels will see beyond the external image she presents to the world and right into her secretly broken, messed-up, strung-out little heart.

Flaky Chicks Exist As A Bid For “Girl Power”

Flaky chicks are massively on the increase in the present era. This is due to a number of social and psychological causes. It has almost become the norm for a girl to be flaky in some circles — something to be cultivated, a sign of some sort of zany “Girl Power” and a way of “resisting the patriarchy” in a social setting. The female must always be seen to have the upper hand to right the balance which has allegedly gone all the way of men for thousands of years, etc. This kind of skewed thinking has made a contribution to the flaky chick phenomenon, and she is construed by many women as an independent and liberated example of women who don’t need men.

Most women will not tolerate any criticism of a woman or groups/categories of women. Indeed, there is almost a conspiracy to keep this behaviour out of view or shove it under the carpet and claim it doesn’t exist because to discuss the very idea of flaky chicks is deemed by them to be “sexist”, offensive to women and patronising — misogynist even, a symptom of patriarchy putting down women — even though many of those same women would have no problem spending their time putting down men.

Every year dozens of articles and books are written about the rise of the sociopathic male which, in many ways, is true. Yet no one denounces those works as sexist, offensive or misandrist. It seems today that one can say anything derogatory about men (even if it is patently untrue); but to make reference to unwholesome developments in the realm of women is anathema and must be airbrushed instantly from the world of letters. This is reminiscent of totalitarian dictatorships such as one finds in George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, where to criticise the regime even in the most constructive of ways means instant denunciation and ostracism by “the Party”. Whatever happened to the equality allegedly sought by women today?

Is The Flaky Chick Concept “Sexist”?

Many women would go so far as to deny that there is an issue at all, claiming that the flaky chick phenomenon doesn’t exist and that it is a sexist concept. The issue, however, is not whether the idea of the flaky chick is “sexist” but whether or not it is true. Obviously, it would be wrong to malign women in totality, or any gender/social/racial grouping. But it is not wrong to expose behaviour or phenomena — regardless of what grouping it is in — which undermine social cohesion and good relationships.

We don’t expose flaky chicks because they are women but because they are flaky. It just so happens that by far the majority of flakes are female. (The same is true of Borderline Personality Disorder, where it is officially recognised that about 75% of sufferers are women). I love women as women, when they behave like real women, but the huge and growing number of flaky chicks out there — ranging from teens to forty-somethings — are a blot on the map of life today and are letting down their gender, not to mention the wrecked relationships and vast number of men who have been damaged by them.

Flaky Chicks Exist Because Many Women Do Not Value Men

Another factor in the rise of the flaky chick phenomenon has been because a very large number of women simply do not value men anymore. Men are seen as the enemy, the competition, potential rapists to be used for sex or money and even abused and ignored but never respected, admired or adored. This is not an exaggeration. As proof that men are not valued in society to the same degree as women, consider this: how often, in media advertising, do you see the men portrayed as incompetent, subservient idiots and the women as calm, in-control problem-solvers? This is a way of devaluing men by social engineering.

As another example of the way that men are no longer valued, if a woman cuts off a man’s penis and throws it in the garbage it is treated as a huge joke. Snickers all round. He must have done something to deserve it. The woman is almost celebrated as a courageous heroine who has acted out what many women secretly desire to do while the man is shamed forever. Newspapers write jokey columns about it and they compete with each other to create the wittiest headline. Videos about it become a viral frolic on social media with many women cheering them on. However, if a man cuts off a woman’s breast and throws it on the fire, there would be international outrage. A day of mourning would be declared. Minutes of silence would be held everywhere. Special ribbons in honor of the mutilated victim would be designed and worn across the world. Newscasters would feel obliged to wear one. Using a specially-supplied educational kit containing a picture of the amputee, schoolteachers would hold sessions for their classes on women as the victims of male violence.

The same kind of process happens if a woman kicks a man in his testicles. In spite of the potential for serious injury, it is treated as something to be snickered at. Not very serious. Bit of a joke really. Guffaw, guffaw. She is congratulated (“You kick ass, go girl!”) and there is a sense of victory and payback among many women. Yet if a man kicks a woman in the crotch, he would be immediately arrested for serious assault and held up before the world as a disgraceful example of male violence and part of a “rape culture mentality” by attacking a woman in the most sacred area of her anatomy. One can say anything about men today and it is completely acceptable. But to make any kind of criticism of a woman is deemed to be sexist and misogynist. It is this kind of imbalance in the failure to value men to the same degree as women in society today which has prepared the ground for flaky chicks to feel that they can abuse men with impunity because they “kick ass” too. Kicking men’s ass today is the new cool. Whatever happened to the oft professed notion that all women want is equality with men? (Rhetorical question, no need to respond).

Flaky Chicks Exist Because Of A Downgrade In Politesse

Coupled with that, there has been a general downgrading in politesse during the last couple decades. People in general just do not feel the same desire to be courteous and respectful to others, or to have a sense of duty and honour (remember duty and honour?). This has had fallout in the sphere of man-woman relations, as gallantry or courtliness are frowned upon as prehistoric, while showing favour or courtesy to a woman are often perceived as being the signs of a philanderer, or “grooming”, or even as a case for a sexual harassment lawsuit!


Flaky Chicks Exist Because Of Poor Parenting

Another cause of the rise in the flaky chick phenomenon is that we are now reaping the result of at least one whole generation of poor parenting. Girls who have been “spoiled to death” and/or “princessed” by their parents (especially the father) during childhood are almost destined for the role of “Entitlement Princess” in teenage years and adulthood. That, coupled with other forms of defective parenting, such as sexual and physical abuse or abandonment and rejection, often generates that heady mix of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder — the foundation of the full-blown flaky chick.

Flaky Chicks Are Inwardly Terrified Of Rejection And Abandonment

What is it that lies at the heart of the full-blown flaky chick’s pathology? What is it that fuels her shockingly selfish behaviour and feelings of entitlement? My own researches have shown me that a very high percentage of flaky chicks have been in repeated abandonment/rejection scenarios at a sensitive age or they have been physically or sexually abused. One of the principal motivations for the flaky chick’s comportment is a fear of rejection or abandonment. Her whole world is concentrated on keeping these two elements out of her life.

The ordinary way of dealing with those things is to take action after they have happened. But the flaky chick lives in such a state of subliminal terror that she takes action before they have taken place — and in very drastic ways. This is one of the reasons for her huge anger if her strategies are uncovered. The façade must be maintained at all costs. The front must be preserved, whatever it takes. For the flaky chick cannot ever fully give herself to a relationship for fear of being rejected or abandoned. Most people know that rejection or abandonment is possible in a relationship but they still take the risk anyway. They reckon it’s worth it.

For the flaky chick, however, any notion of rejection or abandonment is akin to death. Her game is control and she has mastered the art. That is why she breaks off suddenly and inexplicably during text messaging. That is why she will disappear for days on end. That is why she reneges on appointments. That is why she tells lies to put people off the scent. These are all strategies to avoid commitment, to avoid being there for the other person. They are all strategies to deny love — to obstruct relationships.

She cannot give herself completely to anything or anyone for fear of rejection or abandonment. So her scattiness and unreachableness, in her own mind, keep her safe. She is “all over the place” so she doesn’t have to commit herself to one place alone. She manages to garner enough admiration from casual observers, general friends and acquaintances, so she doesn’t need to act out with them. Therefore they are often fooled by that façade and will never believe that she is the wife or lover from hell. But those who have been most intimate with her have tasted her terror and the bloody wrath which results from it.

So when you bring together that acute terror of abandonment or rejection with the narcissistic elements of being unable to withstand even a hint of criticism and an obsessive horror of being put down or having the narcissistic bubble burst, you can begin to understand the desperate interior pathology of the flaky chick, disguised behind her cool and engaging exterior.

Flaky Chicks Are Actually Rapists

The flaky chick is not some relatively harmless womanly aberration about which we can have a playful chuckle. The full-blown flaky chick is the female equivalent of the male rapist. Rape of any kind is an appalling crime. It is a violation of the whole human being in all senses. But if we think of rape merely in its physical aspect, then we are failing to understand the meaning of violation. Even a woman who has been raped will tell you that the experience was a blow to much more than merely her body.

The flaky chick violates men. It may not be rape in the technical sense of the law or in how most people think of it; but it is the equivalent. To deny this would be a staggering act of willful ignorance. A man who has suffered at the hands of a flaky chick in a lengthy relationship will feel just as violated as a woman who has been raped. In fact, such a man will feel as if he has been repeatedly violated rather than having had just a one-time experience in a park or alleyway. Many men have been completely broken and permanently traumatized by the women referred to in this paper as flaky chicks. I have spoken to many of them and much has been documented elsewhere too (see here for example). These are urgent words and are not to be taken lightly.

Epilogue: Flaky Chicks Cannot Be Rescued

Knight on Knee

Please do not imagine that you can play the dashing Knight and rescue the full-blown flaky chick. No matter how much compassion you may feel for her, no matter how much you think you understand her or can help her or redeem her, she is a law unto herself and she will never let you get near enough for her to be helped. She has no conception (or, rather, cannot allow herself to have any conception) of the full extent of her condition and will do everything she can to convince you and everyone else that it is you who is the deranged one.

Walk away and preserve your sanity, your integrity and your dignity. That is the only counsel I can give. This woman is beyond help or redemption, as too many men have discovered to their cost.

(This article was extracted from “The Flaky Chick Phenomenon or Entitlement Princess Syndrome”, by Alan Morrison. Click here for the complete article)

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  1. This is the reason I save all my vacation to take one nice long all encompassing vacation. No random 3-4 day weekends, I’m talking 3~4 consecutive weeks. It feels so good

  2. Nice article. Another quote you’ll probably like, that I’ve always found very perceptive, is from Bertrand Russel: ” To be able to fill leisure intelligently is the last product of civilization, and at present very few people have reached this level.” This inability of people to deal constructively with leisure time is also a theme in Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”.
    It’s interesting how man almost seems to rebel against leisure. For all the automation and productivity tools” we’ve developed we really don’t work much less than in the past. We aren’t the “naked ape”. we’re the “crazy ape”.

    1. Outstanding observations. Labor saving devices used to be seen as giving us more free time to enjoy life, but in fact they’ve become “productivity devices” that keep us chained to the grindstone doing ever more work for very little gain. And it’s our own damned fault, as you note. Just try telling some corporate beta that he needs to stop taking his cell phone on vacation and working, thus setting the expectation for everybody else to do the same, and he’ll spit snarky rage at you and you’ll likely find yourself out of the company in a matter of time. The slave mindset is strong with most.

    2. Not really. Hunter-gatherers like the Khoisan work around 4 hours a day – maybe 6 at most. In the past, before the Industrial Revolution and the invention of electricity, farmers and indeed pretty much everyone had the entire wintertime for leisure. So, not all of us are crazy. But the ruling ideology of Universalism, aided by modern inventions which were initially meant to increase leisure, is insane and also trying to drive us into insanity.
      The rot of the soul-crushing capitalist economic system is examined in detail at some of the political red-pill sites – and from a rather different angle than that of the tiresome leftists who are in fact supporters of capitalism (after all, Obama got donations from the major US corporations and banks). So, to quote from an essay posted at More Right:
      “Monarchy allows for tremendous decentralization between the auspices of the Royal House, the Nobility, the Houses of Government, and the people. Even the life of a serf is something that a modern worker would envy. A serf labored only during planting and harvesting under the agrarian system, the rest of that time was free-time for the serf to pursue his own interests. You had festivals that went on for months among the serfs, and a noble could be imprisoned for letting his serfs starve if they were old or sick. The ruling classes were accountable not just to their superiors, but also to those lesser than them. They profited from the serfs, but the serfs also profited from the use of the land and worked far less than people do now under the plutocratic tyranny of industrialism. Who is the bigger slave, the serf or the wage-earner? I am certain the wage-earner of modern times would envy the serf.”

      1. Oh man, what a fantasy world you live in.
        You think farming is an inactive activity except twice a year, or ever has been? You been smokin’ dope or something son? Do you have any idea how hard a farmer works each and every day a crop is in the ground (rhetorical question, you don’t)? Do you understand that farmers keep animals as well, especially “back in the days before the industrial revolution” when all of the family’s nutritional needs, not to mention income, derived from not just crops but also obtaining meat, milk, eggs and other items from their own livestock?
        And then there was death by minor infection and sickness. Catch a cold and you may well get a chance to die, weeee! Stumble in a field, get a minor infection by today’s standards, and lose a leg…or die! Weee!
        Good googley moogley, Leftists live in a completely fantasy based world. You can keep your fantasy based utopian view of both the past and present, I’m quite happy to enjoy life and get by on my own merits in the real world.

        1. On a long enough timeline, the survival rate of everyone drops to Zero.

      2. Interesting that you mention the Khoisan. You should look into the effects that becoming settled and having more leisure time has had on these people, incidentally, genetically, the “oldest” human group in the world. For various reasons the governments of Namibia and Botswana have long tried to get them to settle in camps, rather than hunt and gather, where they are provided for to some extent, and therefore work less than they used to. The effect has just been brutal. Rampant alcoholism for a start, and a general atmosphere of torpor in their villages. As a rule they do not respond well to having nothing to do.

    3. Rebelling against leisure is more of a cultural thing. In workhorse cultures like America it’s like that, but go to southern Europe and the mentality is totally different. Inactivity is less burdened by guilt.
      America is the protestant work ethic writ large.
      Weber was right.

    4. WADR, saying that a theme of Brave New World is dealing with leisure time is like saying that a theme of Laurel and Hardy is weight loss.

  3. Among many good writers here, your articles resonate most with me. Another 9th inning home run here. Excellent work, and my best regards.

    1. What if you enjoyed it at the time but regret it later? There are lot of things I did in the past that wish I didn’t waste my time on (watching the television for one).
      I think the important thing is to make sure that whatever you are doing on your free time is attune with your values and not something you do to simply fill your time or to distract you from dealing with the real world.

      1. “What if you enjoyed it at the time but regret it later?”
        Then it is certifiably rape. And should any man be audacious enough to question that this is rape, we shall henceforth confer certifiable rapist status to the questioner. Ankle bracelets and misandrist judges and presumption of guilt before innocence shall await this criminal (aka, man).

      2. To make your free time in tune with your values, you must first have values. To have values, you must know yourself. To know yourself, you must question everything.
        The Red Pill places us on the path to questioning everything and to seek answers outside the Matrix. Minimalism, Fight Club, 4HWW, Game… all lie outside the Matrix and help us use time wisely.

    2. C.Contrary is the best writer on ROK. This guy brings the kind of value that only Roissy does. Needs a blog of his own.

    3. even better if you love what you do… then you make money while you play…

      1. Sounds like I have to find a way to make money by drinking Scotch at motorcycle rallies!

        1. Yeah, I’m not sure how to structure a business plan centered on walking my dogs, surf-casting and fly-fishing. Hmm.
          Other commenters have said it but the first step is to eliminate irrelevant material crap in your life and be strong enough not to care other’s opinions.

  4. Thanks to a sizable FU fund, I haven’t had to even look for a jobby job in over a year … after a decade on the corporate grind, I feel like a totally different person …

    1. The “FU” fund is grossly under rated. I don’t know how anyone can go year to year without putting these funds aside, much less spending 109% of their net income, like most everyone I know does.
      I chose to live well beneath my means and it has given me great freedom to enjoy leisure, while so many that I know are like shivering rabbits, petrified of losing their degrading jobs and having their unnecessary and excessive mansions foreclosed upon. Better them than me.

      1. Very true. I’ve gone from being like the rest of the morons in our society (spending 109% of their income) and living paycheck to paycheck circa 2010 to having absolutely no payments whatsoever, and focusing on cash flow, cash flow, cash flow in 2014.
        I’ve shifted to living a minimalistic lifestyle, and all I can say is FREEDOM baby FREEDOM.
        It’s now time for me to chuck as much as I can into my own Fuck You Fund and take a year off as soon as my contract expires with my current employer.
        There is so much more to life than being another corporate drone, that is, if you are a man with a modicum of intelligence and self-respect.

    1. Contemplation does not prescribe the method by which you contemplate. I can quietly contemplate the philosophies of life while lying on a hammock on a beach, just as I can in a chair by the fire in my house on a cold winter’s day. It’s even possible, I know this is hard to believe, to contemplate reality and philosophy while taking a nice long 5,000 ride across the nation on a motorcycle.
      Aristotle would approve of all such manner of contemplation.

  5. Great piece. We spend so much time chasing that dollar that we never get to enjoy the life we’re trying to afford.

  6. I hate to give props to the Socialist but I think state funded vacations may have some merit. In Scandinavia they have about a month of state supported /funded vacation. A month!!! There is a lot of scientific data that employees that take vacation are better, more productive employees.

    1. No thank you, I’ll pull my own weight and make it such that I can do these things on my own. The last thing I want is to be beholden to a government for my leisure. It’s mine by right of my earning it, and nothing else. And it’s motivation to become independent as well. Not everybody is cut out to be a farm animal.

      1. Quote: “The last thing I want is to be beholden to a government for my leisure..”
        Well said.

      2. People sure love “free” handouts at other people’s expense don’t they? Losers.

    2. I would agree with Ghost on this BUT I will say that companies are very stingy with vacation time and that needs to change. Some have started offering unlimited vacation(within reason). 2 weeks or so is hardly anything over the course of a year. Plus you end up using days for other reasons other than trips.

      1. That’s true, the trick is to build up your skills such that you can command more than 2 weeks in your employment negotiations. You start at 1-2 weeks when you’re new to your field, but as you build experience you command more money and vacation. It’s not uncommon for many people to command an easy 4 weeks a year, along with a nice salary. The problem isn’t so much stingy companies as it is that people don’t know how to negotiate properly, or don’t realize that you have to put in your time in your field and build a “must have this guy” set of skills.

        1. It is by design that most don’t negotiate well. Companies want the cheapest labour possible, and most employees lack hand.

        2. Yes, but corps will sometimes promise you 4 weeks and then make it difficult to take it via use-it-or-lose-it policies together with scheduling runarounds. And then when you do get a vacation, they expect you to check e-mail and do other stuff while you’re away.
          Screw that. I’ve found that to get a real vacation, you often have to just quit and then find another job later. Either that or work temp jobs.

    3. I think someone dropped some maryjane in those biscuits brother because if you think it through, it’s a symptom of the disease not part of the cure.

  7. Very well said, and I completely agree. Unfortunately, humans naturally being such social creatures susceptible to peer influence are indoctrinated and socially-conditioned to a shallow and jaded life of base hedonism. Take your view of Western civilization at face value and apply it to how a person is born and raised in this society. Everyone and everything around you tells you what is supposed to be valuable – even a lot of the people of this community who consider themselves enlightened were delivered here by the influence, thoughts, and opinions of others.
    That being said, there are a core set of things that make people deeply and intrinsically happy and fulfilled in a completely biological sense independent of what they were taught to chase by those around them. Things like personal growth and peer bonding. These are gifts that keep on giving, but depending on a societies cultural development and focus, people can waste a lot of time and effort chasing other aspects of life that do not elicit the type of of deep satisfaction that these naturally intrinsic values do.
    Break from the pack.

    1. Our existence may very well be pointless and grim, but it’s one that we never asked for. Our only recourse is to rebel against the void and pursue our fancy.

  8. I should rather believe that time is life..
    You couldn’t have stated it better or more succinctly!
    Money is worthless without time to enjoy it. Assets are not always a good thing to have, as each one has a cost associated with it, time being one of those costs. Money comes and goes, as do possessions. But time is here now, and then gone forever.
    Do no squander time, for time is the stuff life is made of
    Benjamin Franklin
    After nearly 50 years on this planet, my goal is to learn to live with as little as humanly possible, yet still enjoy the lifestyle so many people slave away for, hoping one day to retire to it. By the time you get there (65, or beyond) you might as well saved yourself the time and trouble and just bought a pine box coffin, using the rest of your money to enjoy the fleeting few years you have on this planet with the people you care about.

  9. Time is for yourself to do with as you wish. That many of us spend it pursuing material goods and women is our choice – it hones our social skills. Even the playing of games shows what our priorities are: we have decided that that is a better thing to pursue for us.
    Choices have consequences, of course. Playing games gets us good at playing games. Chasing women gets us good at chasing women. Improving our mind/soul/self gets us wisdom and deeper thinking.
    Enjoy your leisure however you choose to.

  10. The Real Currency in life isn’t USD, Euro, or Yen….it’s Time. The man who controls how he spends his time is truly his own master; he who does not is a slave.
    À bientôt,

  11. Why the hate against videogames again? As if it were the absolute opposite of reading books (which, at the exceptions of non-fiction books, and articles such as this, I find boring and useless.)
    There are videogames and videogames. Not all videogame players spend their time playing Call of Duty and League of Legends, just like all book readers don’t spend their time reading Dan Brown and 50 shades of grey.
    Some videogames are masterpieces, just like some books are masterpieces. Don’t dismiss a whole type of activity because you have preconceived ideas.

    1. You raise a good point. A few assignments ago I was tasked with managing a small team of ubernerds that were gamers of the finest kind. I quickly developed a deep respect for just how fast and how creatively these guys can think!! Social skills were weak but who cares, we live in a specialist economy. So long as a person is reasonably competent in some area or trade.

  12. A man should have work that he loves, that provides a high standard of living, and allows him to indulge on himself. He should spend most of his time either doing that work or thinking about that work.
    If you have never experienced this, you are either doing work that you do not love, or you are a lazy dog.

  13. Pretty much every law around, aside from the useful ones handed to Moses from above, are designed to make it harder for most people to enjoy leisure. The most egregious being bans and professional licensing laws, making, in particular, medical care, an order of magnitude more expensive than it would be if anyone, anywhere, any time, for any price agreed upon, could prescribe whatever to whomever. And operate on their brain with a meat cleaver as well. Only full tilt progressive retards could be so naive as to believe that to restrict the supply of a good, somehow makes it more affordable for people.
    Another horror, is zoning laws, making the price of a simple roof over ones head, another order of magnitude more expensive than it’s cost of provisioning. Simply because well indoctrinated progressive drones are almost universally dumb enough to believe governments, neighbors and other useless busybodies should have some say in what you choose to do with your property. Take that nonsense away, and shelter prices would rather quickly approach construction cost, massively reducing the need many have to toil away on nonsense, simply for a place to live. And then there’s the related idiocy of banning people from sleeping in their cars or other portable shelter. All designed for no other purpose than to make the lives of those not willing to stay chained to someone else’s treadmill as unbearable as possible.
    Of course, you have the obvious ones, like taxes, and limits on people’s ability to provide for their own defense as they see fit. All so that a bunch of useless leeches can live well without producing anything in return.
    The “Red Pill” really need to include this basic insight as well.

  14. Brilliant article. I retired at 39 by living minimally. Filling the time constructively is important. Also, learn how do do nothing – you might like it.

  15. But…but…but…what about the American “dream” (that has been so deeply perverted and twisted and is largely – if not completely – a myth)?

  16. Great article! I feel like there roughly three kinds of people 1. those too lazy to work (or hate work) 2. those who work too much (so much overtime there isn’t much time for anything else) and 3. those that work just enough to enjoy all the simple free things in life. That’s how I try and live. The only improvement I would make is to include relationships (God, family, and friends). For if we only spend time with ourselves building skills etc we will die sad and lonely. But perhaps you have covered that in another article.

  17. The ten unofficial commandments of Montenegro,
    Nr.1: A man is born tired and lives entire life in a desperate try to rest.
    Nr.2: One shall love his bed as himself
    Nr.3: Rest during the day, so you can sleep at night
    Nr.4: Do not work under any circumstances – work kills!!!
    Nr.5: If you see someone resting, help him immediately!
    Nr.6: If you must work – work as little as possible. If there’s any chance, always give your work to another person.
    Nr.7: Salvation comes in the shade, nobody died yet of resting
    Nr.8: Work brings all sorts of diseases; make sure you do not die young
    Nr.9: If you, out of the blue, feel the need to work – sit down, it will pass in a moment
    Nr.10: If you see people eat and drink – move closer. And if you see them working, make some space, so you don’t interrupt

  18. A great article indeed. Its amazing how my life has come into focus over the last year, thanks to RoK, this entire community, and most of all myself. Ive always enjoyed playing drums and guitar, and had a side hobby of making beats on my computer.
    I feel like I took my gift, the gift of a musical ear for granted. Now, I value and nurture my talents, and believe in myself enough to keep at them everyday.
    I got rid of mindless TV over a year ago, and spend most of my free time now making beats, jamming the guitar, and playing the drums.
    I am so close to commercial success with my beats I can taste it. Sure, it never was my intention for the last 8 years, but I can DO it. Why wouldn’t I?
    The only thing preventing me was me. I love pooring everything into my music, and I take myself seriously now. My happiness has reached new heights, I believe in myself and treasure my passions and talents like never before.
    Thank you all,
    – a college kid

    1. If you want to double this new found willpower, create a blog to write.
      This is pattern which all wise man did. A place to write and create a pattern in chaos.

  19. Excellent article. Reminded of the quote by Cicero, “If you have a garden and a library you have everything.”

  20. Hi, this is Tina. My free time is good for steaming my slacks and my minivan upholstery. This is Tina.

  21. Great read. I know many successful people who work their ass off all year with no breaks. While I respect their work ethic I often ask them… What would you do if you had 100 Million in the bank? Most just stare at me with a blank look… They have no idea. They have no hobbies. No life. No interests besides the occasional football game on TV. You need to spend time to get to know yourself and what you truly want. Do what you enjoy and there is a way to monetize any hobby. Reminds me of that Alan Watts speech.

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