When Abortion Is The Best Option

My natural inclination has been to oppose the promotion and spread of abortion and birth control for reasons familiar to other traditionalists: they undermined the growth of the traditional family structure and, in the case of abortion, constitute an immoral early end to human life. For most of my youth, I stood staunchly in this pro-life corner.

As I grew older, however, the subtle nuances surrounding this debate began to dawn on me, and I started to soften my position. I came to realize that, while I still saw some value in the traditionalist views I’d held, many humans were not willing or able to live in accordance with that model. It became clear, in fact, that many humans were actually quite inept at any kind of family formation, and perhaps shouldn’t bother with it at all.

A recent article reminded me of why I had decided to soften my views in this way.


Isabella Dutton, 57, says she wishes she had remained childless

My son Stuart was five days old when the realisation hit me like a physical blow: having a child had been the biggest mistake of my life. Even now, 33 years on, I can still picture the scene: Stuart was asleep in his crib. He was due to be fed but hadn’t yet woken. I heard him stir but as I looked at his round face on the brink of wakefulness, I felt no bond. No warm rush of maternal affection. I felt completely detached from this alien being who had encroached upon my settled married life and changed it, irrevocably, for the worse.


What kind of mindset does it take to view your own offspring as “alien”? I don’t know, but I will argue that anyone with such a view ought to avoid reproducing.


I was 22 when I had Stuart, who was a placid and biddable baby. So, no, my feelings were not sparked by tiredness, nor by post-natal depression or even a passing spell of baby blues. I remember asking myself, ‘Is he really mine?’ He could, quite literally, have been anyone’s baby. Had a kind stranger offered to adopt him at that moment, I would not have objected.

Two years and four months after Stuart was born, I had my daughter Jo. It may seem perverse that I had a second child in view of my aversion to them, but I believe it is utterly selfish to have an only one.

This woman views her own children as aliens and cares little enough for them to support the idea of giving them away…

…yet she feels the need to have more than one, because having an only child is selfish (though despising that child for hampering your ability to dilly-dally around for a while longer is apparently not).


Sheer stupidity, insanity, or both? You be the judge.

I felt precisely the same indifference towards her as I had to Stuart, but I knew I would care for Jo to the best of my ability, and love her as I’d grown to love him. Yet I dreaded her dependence; resented the time she would consume, and that like parasites, both my children would continue to take from me and give nothing meaningful back in return.

To some, my life before I had the children may have seemed humdrum and my job as a typist was, it’s true, not much of a career. So what was the great sacrifice, you might think? What I valued most in my life was time on my own; to reflect, read and enjoy my own company and peace of mind. And suddenly that peace and solitude wasn’t there any more. There were two small interlopers intruding on it. And I’ve never got that peace back.

Selfishness is not having an only child. Selfishness is finding so much comfort in time spent with yourself that you begin to view your own flesh and blood a hindrance for being unable to contribute to that. Selfishness is valuing time spent sitting on your own doing absolutely nothing of import over the joys of guiding your own flesh and blood into adulthood. Selfishness is knowing that you are this way and still choosing to bring those children into the world because you’re afraid of how others would perceive you.

I have never hidden the truth from my husband Tony, now 62. After a couple of years of marriage, Tony began to ask whether I was still adamant that I didn’t want children. In the end I relented because I loved him and felt it would be unfair of me to deny him the chance to be a dad.

Of course there is a beta involved in this sad tale. Had he avoided entering union with a woman whose goals were so diametrically opposite to his own, he could perhaps have saved two young souls from living with the knowledge that they are hated by the person who brought them into this world. That kind of knowledge has to do a number on your psyche.

But there were provisos: if I was going to have children I knew absolutely – illogical as it may seem in view of my feelings – that I intended to raise them myself without any help from nannies or childminders. This wasn’t a way of assuaging my guilt, because I felt none. It was simply that, having brought them into the world, I would do my best for them.

Well, ok…

And here, perhaps, is the nub of it: I would not take on the job of motherhood and do it half-heartedly. Unlike so many would-be mums I thought hard about the responsibilities of my role, and, I believe, if more women did before rushing heedlessly into it, they might share my reservations.

Ok, sounds fine…

I was acutely aware that a child would usurp my independence and drain my finances. I felt no excitement as my due date approached. I had no compulsion to fill the nursery with toys, nor did I read parenting manuals or swap tips with friends. I focused on enjoying the last months of my freedom.

Wait a second. We’ve just finished reading this woman’s discussion of the necessity of commitment to children and raising them as well as one is able. She has essentially spent half of the article patting herself on the back for doing this. And now, suddenly, we learn that she didn’t show that commitment herself. She made little effort to prepare herself for the rigors of parenting beforehand and didn’t even bother creating an ideal environment for the kids. Is it me, or do I sense some ongoing mental gymnastics at play here?


I never wanted to hurt Stuart – I only wanted him to prosper and thrive. There is no doubt I grew to love him very much, and indeed still do. But I always wished I had never had him.

And we wonder why so many kids are growing up and turning into fuck-ups. Hard to keep sense when you know that your own parents could care less if you existed, and might in fact prefer that you didn’t.

There’s no surer way to mess up a kid than to let it know openly how much you despise its existence. I can’t even imagine dealing with that. My parents, aunts and grandparents all cared for me unconditionally, and me them. They made tremendous sacrifices for me, and continue to do so now. There’s no question that they wouldn’t have it any other way.

I don’t know what I’d do if it came to pass that these people not only didn’t exist, but were instead replaced by relatives who actually regretted my coming into this world. I realize now how lucky I am. Knowing that women like this exist and are selfish enough to value “spontaneity” over the existence of their own flesh and blood, I really appreciate the women in my family, along with other good, family-oriented women out there who love their children. It also softens my attitude towards birth control/abortion.


I’m generally quite conservative on that issue, but this is part of the reason why I’ve moved left on it. These people just shouldn’t have offspring, and anything that prevents them from doing so ought to be welcomed.

I suspect that those two poor souls this woman birthed have some serious issues. God help them. If greater access to abortion and birth control here in the west allows for fewer of them to be brought into this world, then I don’t think I can bring myself to stand in the way.

What was my point with all of this? The lessons here are clear to me…

1. If you find yourself not inclined to have children then, please, don’t have them. Get snipped or tie some tubes. As much as I hate abortion, even I’ll back it in support of the anti-child crowd remaining childless. Many of the dysfunctions we complain about in this society are caused by fucked-up sons and daughters who all too often are the product of just these kinds of relationships. We’re only doing ourselves a favor by reducing their number.

2. If you’re a young man inclined towards family formation, be very careful about the woman you choose. There are plenty of females like this one out there who will undoubtedly harm any offspring you are able to create.

As UGK said:

UGK - Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You) (ft. OutKast) (Extended Version) [DVD]

Dump-dump in the gut, raw from the giddy up
Better choose that right one or pick-pick the kiddies up

Watch where that seed goes—there’s a lot riding on it.

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100 thoughts on “When Abortion Is The Best Option”

  1. I usually agree with your posts but must disagree strongly with this one. We have ended over 50 million young lives since Roe v. Wade. Adding more to this number because some people are less loving parents than others does not make sense. Killing people because those people _may_ grow up unhappy or poor or not cute or tall or… is only a few steps away from aborting humans because they may grow up to be human.
    I have noticed that the more strongly a person supports abortion, the more likely that person loooves animals. Here’s a quick abortion consistency test: if animals were aborted as frequently and as callously as humans, where would you stand?
    Before you decide, look at these graphic pictures of aborted humans and ask yourself what your reaction would be if those were puppies or kittens:
    The ultimate goal of feminism itls to remove blame from women. Supporting the taking of inconvenient life supports this goal. Where do you stand?

    1. Dude, the human race is a fucking virus. ONLY 50 million babies were killed through abortion in the past 50 years in AMerica? Now THAT’s a tragedy. Now let’s try to increase that number to 500 MILLION babies being aborted, THEN we’ll be making some progress.
      I salute Bill Gates, for promoting vaccines (which sterilize women) and for promoting GMOs (which also have sterilizing effects).
      Heil LUCIFER, the glorious Light Bringer
      Heil the ILLUMINATI
      Heil David ROckefeller
      Heil the Rothschilds
      Heil Henry Kissinger
      Heil Roosh V

      1. Do not forget God dude, around 20% of all pregnancies end in a miscarriage, with a total of around 130 millions of births in the world every year, that makes around 25 millions babies killed yearly by the Almighty.

      2. so you are a fucking virus then huh? that level of self hatred must be unbearable.
        speak for yourself man, im fuckin awesome.

      3. You are a complete f’ing idiot. Do the world a favor and put a bullet in your skull. Or let me do it for you. Moron.

      4. You are a complete f’ing idiot. Do the world a favor and put a bullet in your skull. Or let me do it for you. Moron.

      5. You are a complete f’ing idiot. Do the world a favor and put a bullet in your skull. Or let me do it for you. Moron.

    2. As long as it’s in the womb of the dog then it’s fine. If it’s out it’s murder/animal abuse.

      1. if you think into it logically the religious ideal that a life is sacred was valid 200 years ago when the population was small and life was hard.
        these days unwanted children brought into the world by parent(s) that have neither the financial, social or psychological means to give the child a decent start in life, is just breeding tragedy.
        forcing children into the world to grow up in inner city slums…. THAT is immoral….
        aborting them also immoral, but clearly a lesser of the two evils.

        1. Did you forget that fetuses never force themselves upon their parents? That none of them begged to be conceived? That if the parents do not engage in activities that NATURALLY lead to pregnancies, not one fetus will be conceived? Ever thought about that?
          And, throwing babies away after the fact is one of the most heartless and the most irresponsible act anyone could do? That even the lowest animal wouldn’t do it?

    3. Actually, a fetus looks more like a shrimp than a human during the first trimester. And there aren’t many surgeons who would perform an abortion after the pregnancy has lasted more than 12 weeks.
      Also, abortion should be legal. Saying you’re against it is saying that you value a shrimp-like thing who’s life hasn’t even started over a life that’s already contributing to society. Abortion is bound to happen anyway (for example if the pregnant woman was raped), and by having doctors perform it before the life actually kicks in, these women don’t have to kill or hurt themselves to the point where they can’t have kids at all.
      Of course, if they just “forgot” to use protection, she should at least give birth to the kid and then put it up for adoption. But then again that’s just what I would’ve done.

      1. you are just repeating some shit you heard on tv and are nodding your head in agreement because your social structure has pressured you into accepting and now that you have nodded your head to it hundreds of times it becomes a knee jerk response.
        have fun living life.

      2. There are some humans who look like land whales, some look like a tub of lard, some look like Boogaloo Shrimp, others look like Jabba the Hut; all are entitled to live. Civilized people do not terminate people based on looks.
        I value a shrimp-like human being whose life kicked in when someone climbed into the sack and got knocked up more than I value the convenience of a self-entitled, hamster-like human who refuses to see the connection between sex and pregnancy, and pregnancy and childbirth, and childbirth and toddlers…
        Actions have consequences… a fact that feminists would like to erase for all women.
        I value giving all human beings a chance to contribute to society. Even deluded ones who equate inconvenince with killing, and manage to ignore 100 pictures of dead babies and instead hamsterize visions of human shrimp into existence.

        1. I pointed out that fetuses look more like shrimps, because of your propaganda. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, it’s the webpage filled with dead babies.
          The human life don’t actually start before 12 weeks. At least that’s what the law says.
          Also, don’t ever think that abortion is an easy choice. I’ve never been affected by abortion myself, but I have never met anyone who would take this decision lightly. As you said yourself, actions have consequences.
          (And there is a difference between feminism and misandry (google it). Feminism is about having the feminine aspects of life being equal to the masculine sides. Not women vs men.)

        2. If life begins at 12 weeks, there should be no need to terminate it before 12 weeks. Oliver Twist: “the law is a ass – a idiot.”
          I’m going to ignore the rest of your propaganda which has been addressed extensively on this site.

        1. Maybe pro-choice should have been terminated at that stage of her miserable life before she could grow up and start spewing nonsense.

    4. It’s a mathematical fact that 16 years after Roe V. Wade a crime wave that was due to happen, never did because all the criminals were never born, because the single and under privileged mothers that breed messed up kids aborted them instead.
      life is not sacred. it can only be sacred when it’s valued.
      if it’s not valued it’s better dead as a fetus than in a gas station robbery shoot out aged 18

      1. “life is not sacred. it can only be sacred when it’s valued.”
        So, if a crazy dude puts two bullets between your eyes for no just cause, other than that he simply does not value your life, he would be justified? Or, the fact that the Nazis did not value the Jews’ lives, and condemned many of them to death through an incinerator, made it OK?
        You wrote garbage, and your arguments fall flat. The only life that is not sacred is the one that threatens the existence of another life.

        1. The getting shot two times thing is correct, but I support abortion because fetuses are non-sentient and it is better to kill it when it is non-sentient than when it is able to think and feel by itself.

        2. Have you ever seen a sick kid? Really sick kid? Or an adult on ventilator? Well, many of them can’t feel. Would it be OK to kill them at those times? Really?

      2. Life is not only sacred when it is valued. The thing I like about your comment is that you said “it’s better dead as a fetus than in a gas station robbery shoot out aged 18”. I agree with that.

    5. Yeah, cuz we really need another 50 million mouths to feed on an already overpopulated planet…

      1. Got news for you Einstein, the world isn’t over poplulated. You could fit every person on Earth in a city the size of Jacksonville, Florida. The ‘overpoplulation’ lie serves to keep people in fear of losing resources and need the government to save them.

      2. Got news for you Einstein, the world isn’t over poplulated. You could fit every person on Earth in a city the size of Jacksonville, Florida. The ‘overpoplulation’ lie serves to keep people in fear of losing resources and need the government to save them.

      3. Got news for you Einstein, the world isn’t over poplulated. You could fit every person on Earth in a city the size of Jacksonville, Florida. The ‘overpoplulation’ lie serves to keep people in fear of losing resources and need the government to save them.

    6. I wouldn’t care if animals were aborted. I stand up against animal cruelty, but I don’t LOOOOOOOVEEE animals. The reason why I support abortion is because sometimes someone cannot afford to have a child or another. Killing it while it is basically non sentient is better than not being able to support them when they reach the age of being think for themself and feel things or giving up on them when they are able to think.

    7. The difference is that a dog or cat can’t consent to abortion whereas a human can. If a dog or cat had the ability to think that way and chose abortion, I’d be fine with it.

  2. In my country, when I was young boy, si, I had a little brother Juan. He was big pain in my omblingo all the time! Si! He tell me I ugly and estupido, and other mean thing, si. One day he go to me and he say “Roberto Vincente, porque sus pene tan enorme?” Which mean “I think you’re a terrible person.” And so I abort him! Now I have no little brother Juan no more. Si!

  3. “Myson Stuart was five days old when the realisation hit me like a physical blow:
    having a child had been the biggest mistake of my life.”
    10% of women suffer from post-partum depression ( feel anger or disgust towards
    their child).

    1. Those women are not evil people, they are victims of a natural change in their brains gone wrong and need treatment. Post partum depression can last for 3 months to years.

      1. But did she like babies to begin with? Back in the day most women would already have a lot of experience caring for their baby siblings, and in general they were used to the nurturing role; wouldn’t be surprising if most modern careerist women are unprepared and no longer capable of taking on the role. They make good catladies though.

  4. Why not infanticide? She found at 5 days she should have put the child up for adoption but didn’t. Sometimes the realization isn’t until a few days after birth, but somehow putting the child with a couple that actually wants the child and will raise it properly is somehow far worse than killing it?

    1. Why not indeed?
      Not that I personally condone killing people of any age, but honestly, neither do I condone keeping a gaggle of government stooges employed to prevent others from doing to their own children whatever they darned well fancy. In the big scheme of things, and with very few exceptions, parents care about their children. Government stooges care about growing government for the benefits and aggrandizement of themselves. Hence, empowering the former is good fr children, while empowering the latter is good for noone, other than those leeches themselves.

  5. There are many anti-child people who are childless – they pass laws and try to control the family. Allowing them abortion says it is OK to murder another human being to attain happiness or another goal. Don’t shrink from that.
    If you allow abortion – you should allow murder of any other human being for the same reasons you allow abortion. That innocent humans should pay for the errors of the guilty.
    Instead of healing those who are damaged by such people, you simply wish to kill them. Your version of obamacare is euthanasia if you don’t like suffering from anything inconvenient. You would imprison and not execute fat women for some reason I cannot fathom. Why attempt to heal or cure anyone? Just be Darwin’s avenger.

    1. I agree with you. I don’t judge a woman for not wanting kids, but I’ll judge her if she is not a mother for her kids.Abortion is not the best option, the best option for these women is prevention.

    2. Christian, hey?
      Look around your for a second. Go to the mall, maybe check out Wallmart. Eutopia, isn’t it. Thank god those people weren’t aborted.

      1. you know, while you watch people walking around walmart thinking about how fucked up this is, remember that you too are walking around walmart.
        do you wish that you were aborted? if you do i feel sorry for you. that level of self hatred must be unbearable.

  6. And when Euthanasia is the only answer. When your parents can’t live independently. Take care of them? Children were the original form of social security and medicare, but we’ve come so far. Who needs to suffer, if you expect the child to suffer, just kill them. If you expect your mom or dad to suffer, just have them drink the hemlock.
    When life is not in and of itself the highest value, but only for what it can gain or some arbitrary idea of happiness, which usually means pleasure and no pain, we are all better off dead as we are only lucky and living on borrowed time.
    You will suffer. Why not just kill yourself now, or at least when you find convenient in the next few days and SPARE YOURSELF the suffering – you’ve already stated these others should have been murdered – it wouldn’t even have been voluntary suicide. That they weren’t even entitled to live to fight for happiness.
    If you really, really, believe what you are saying, drink your own hemlock before forcing the cup on others.

  7. I’m strongly disagree with abortion when there is no risk for the pregnant woman. The child has nothing to do with the mistake of others, let him live and grow up. Fucking killing a child that cannot defend himself is something corruptive and repulsive. There is no honor in that shit.
    I’m my country, Brazil, people who do that, without medical health porpouses, are sent to jail. The doctor, the woman and who ever help with the abortion.
    Fuck that shit, I’m out!

    1. Actually,it is much worse to the doctor than to the woman…read your laws,kid : 1 to 3 years in jail is the penalty for a woman,while 3 to 10 years is the doctor’s penalty,that besides saying goodbye to his license

  8. “After a couple of years of marriage, Tony began to ask whether I was still adamant that I didn’t want children.” Tony is an idiot. NEVER marry someone with different wants for a family than your own. If you want kids and they don’t, then DONT GET MARRIED. They’re mind won’t change and neither will yours.

  9. Abortion has unleashed a lot of evil upon the world. If you kill those most vulnerable it won’t be long until a society kills indiscretionally.
    Even if the mother is terrible…that doesn’t mean the child should be allowed to die cruelly to prevent suffering. Nobody gets an easy life in this world…and we all have demons. Even people who have two loving parents and a great family, even though the risk is less, can still have many problems

  10. Of course abortion is a good thing (pre-3 months into pregnancy), especially if the parent(s) are fucking retarded cunts who live in a trailer park or the streets. Especially if they’re genetically un-superior. We should ONLY be allowing the most genetically elite to breed. Hate Hitler all you like but eugenics was an accepted theory among most intellectuals pre-WWII (Einstein was a proponent, as was Winston Churchill and a whole bunch of famous faces).
    If you think eugenics is wrong you’re a short-term thinker. Imagine the long-run of selective breeding: smart, athletic, good-looking guys, and smart, athletic, good-looking women.
    Nah, that’s just dumb, right? Whole lot better having the maternity wards filled with children of the scum.

    1. Fine then…who decides who is the cream of the genetic crop?
      Even humans with good genes are flawed.

      1. True. But they got this little thing called DNA. Ever seen Gattaga? Pretty much that. Good movie.

        1. gattaca was a good movie. despite all the major plot holes, you know, the “nobody notices your face or accent” thing, it was rather great. it was good enough that it was easy to overlook these things. and thats extremely hard for me.
          but the ending… i couldnt get over the ending. the wheelchair guy kills himself? why? thats stupid. but more importantly…
          he turns the furnace on from the inside. you expect me to believe that this thing is stupider than a microwave? what engineer puts the “burn your dead skin beyond repair” button INSIDE the furnace? isnt he worried about the liability he would incurr if somebody accidentally DIED? ever slipped in the shower? that shit is bound to happen.
          for a race of genetically perfected superhumans, that guy must have had a major brainfart when he was drawing up the plans.

    2. Imagine the long-run of PC selective breeding: herby, politically correct, sensitive guys, and sassy, strong, martian-looking women
      We’re going to need a tzar for this. I hear Biden is now available.

      1. What? Where did the PC come into it? If anything this is the definition of un-politically correct – relying on logic rather than emotions and/or dogma.

        1. You imagined one outcome of selective breeding and I imagined another. Which do you think is more likely?

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if more women in the future were unwilling to be mothers. With women out-earning men, these ‘motherly instincts’ are gonna start to disappear just because they won’t get the provisioning they’re looking for from a man.

    1. you, sir, are retarded. and by retarded i mean that you do not have the mental scope to grasp the concepts you insist on discussing. which essentially makes anything you say “verbal diarrhea” of sorts, and irrelivent.

      1. I’m sorry brah I can’t hear you when you talk about ‘mental scope.’ The only verbal diarrhea here is coming from you. Even if I was retarded, you still wouldn’t measure up. Now stop following me around and keep it moving
        Your parents must have twins to produce someone as dumb as you

    2. nah…more likely that their hamsters will tell them to delay the kids until the fertility window closes

  12. Why is it that 50 years ago it was difficult (if not impossible) for most women to get abortions and the birth control pill had barely been invented but there were fewer unwanted children and children raised in broken homes? If you had told a person in 1960 that in the future any woman could get cheap birth control pills and condoms would be free at any clinic, and abortion would be widely available, would that person think in 2013 there would be more unwanted children and children raised in broken homes or less?

  13. Isn’t it considered common knowledge in the Manosphere to not trust what women say?
    While this women claim she does not love her children, according to her description of her behavior, she did go through the motions of a mother who loved her kids. Which is rather indistinguishable from actually loving them.
    Guessing from the above average masculinity of her face, she may never have “felt” as strongly as marketing materials and Disney propaganda have told her a mother “should” feel to be a “good mom”; but who cares; all that really matters is whether she did a decent job raising her children. Which she seems to have done. At least compared to the myriad of whoring single moms who feel all kinds of stuff, in between exposing her kids to one degenerate “boyfriend” after another.

    1. Yep. She’s the female equivalent of a red pill taker who is stuck in a loveless marriage – but refuses to get divorced – and has tried their best despite the lack of “feeling.” Or, another analogy, someone who hates their 9-5 job but still does their best at work since it’s what they’re paid for.

  14. I resent other people forcing me to pay for their worthless kids’ education, medical care, etc. I won’t have kids in order to better enjoy the decline. Also, men’s minds turn to idiotic mush when they become fathers, esp. of daughters.

  15. The really sad thing is that these kids will spend the first half of their lives denying to themselves all the subtleties of the relationship with their mother that lets them know she doesn’t love them all the while trying subconsciously to “earn” her love. The second half of their life will be spent coping with the effect these wounds have on all of their subsequent relationships. Hopefully their dad and other family members can mitigate this somewhat…

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    1. hahahahahahahahaha dr abu huh? hes a doctor that casts spells? let me ask you is “dr” an honorary title (read: self applied bullshit title used to generate false credibility) or does he have a doctorate? if so, a doctorate in what?

  17. Whether the issue is moral or immoral, it is not your problem. It is not your moral cross to bear, it is not guilt you must carry. The impact on demographics may affect you, influence markets, eonomics, job growth. But as a moral issue, it is not your problem. The issue was long decided by the Supreme Court of the United States of America and nothing short of a constituional amendment will change that fact.
    The belief I brought to the manosphere, and this belief has been dampened after listening to many of you, was that marriage was a stupid and incipid way for men to spend their lives. Married men are slaves to women, enforced by society, and by laws, the police, and the courts. They have no choice but to work that job, to put on that yoke and pull that plow, to be a slave, day in and day out, year in and year out until death.
    As that women in this post looked down on that child and saw it as the instrument of her loss of independence, you may also look upon a wife as the same thing, the instrument of your loss of freedom, of choice, of options, of being anything else other than the support structure for a woman, her legally appointed and legally enforced slave.
    You cannot and should not worry about the civilization, about the society, the nation, anything other than about yourself. A thing is in your best interests or it is not. And if it is not and you buy into as a good thing, then you have been conditioned to act in manners other than what is best for you.
    This society, this civilization has proven to you over and over that it does not give a fucking shit about you. And you owe it nothing.
    So whether birth control. or whether abortion is a moral thing, whether the both are good or bad for civilizaiton, both have two consequences in that they both have probably saved your ass from the stupidity and slavery of marriage.
    And both have are freed you to live a life on your terms, not as slaves as my father who had 6 kids slammed on him, after returning from being sent off to war, or my grandfather who 11 kids slapped on him, and raised them in the teeth of immense poverty in the rural south during the depression only to die in his 60s from being worked to death. Those men were compelled to work their asses off, to shit resources where none existed, to be used up, marginalized, to spend their lives in service to others and receive little acknowledgement for doing so.
    Yes, it has had consequences on the behavior of women. Yes, it has minimailized the importance of men in the lives of women.
    But today, to twist on a Red Pill phrase, “men with options”, that women prefer “men with options”, each of you are “men with options”, options that no men before you in history have ever enjoyed or been permitted.
    And you have a final option, your final trump card that each of can play today is that you may, in the end, take or leave women. That you may truly evaluate her for costs, the impositions, the aggravation, the expense, the loss of freedom, …..
    And today you can sa, as men before were completely unable, …
    “No, thank you. I don’t care for any”.
    And live free. And not have that choice rammed down your throat as my father did, as my grandfather did, as my great grand father did.

    1. >> “Whether the issue is moral or immoral, it is not your problem.” I disagree.
      I’m all for living free, being a man with options, avoiding marriage like the plague it is, and slaying pussy without end. But I am not for killing the weakest innocents to make it happen nor am I for the moral relativism that emboldens others. If I screw up and she gets pregnant, I will sack up and deal with the fallout, I will not countenance the destruction of my issue.

  18. If someone wants to abort their child I couldn’t really give a shit. If someone wants to kill another person I couldn’t give a shit either. As long as it doesn’t get in the way of me – having a kickass time and banging women – I don’t care at all.

    1. You are what’s wrong with the world, you are a brainless zombie, living like an idiot. You stand for nothing, have no virtue, no morals and you sure as fuck aren’t a real man. If anything you are anti-man, you are closer to an animal (I really shouldn’t compare you to an animal, that’s a discredit to them). You need to put a bullet in your head, seriously. We don’t need fools like you in this world, you are worthless and have no value. None. You are trash.

    2. You are what’s wrong with the world, you are a brainless zombie, living like an idiot. You stand for nothing, have no virtue, no morals and you sure as fuck aren’t a real man. If anything you are anti-man, you are closer to an animal (I really shouldn’t compare you to an animal, that’s a discredit to them). You need to put a bullet in your head, seriously. We don’t need fools like you in this world, you are worthless and have no value. None. You are trash.

    3. You are what’s wrong with the world, you are a brainless zombie, living like an idiot. You stand for nothing, have no virtue, no morals and you sure as fuck aren’t a real man. If anything you are anti-man, you are closer to an animal (I really shouldn’t compare you to an animal, that’s a discredit to them). You need to put a bullet in your head, seriously. We don’t need fools like you in this world, you are worthless and have no value. None. You are trash.

  19. Abortion is a non-issue. I don’t get why it’s even political. Abortion’s been legal in China for ages and Chinese society overall is still nationalistic as hell, so what’s the problem?

  20. Lol, someone getting mad about an article in the Daily Fail. Did you miss the one a few years ago about the mother who didn’t love her kid (also complete with pictures and full names)? I think they took it down because of the outcry.

  21. So let me get this straight: single moms are evil, women who have abortions are evil and women who don’t have abortions are evil? Guys. Stop.

    1. So let me get this straight: single moms are evil


      women who have abortions are evil

      No, as this article makes clear.

      women who don’t have abortions are evil?


      Guys. Stop.

      Troll better, bro.

    2. Singles who carefully choose their mates, and have kids in the bounds of marriage, are great. Women who use contraceptives to prevent abortions are great; careless ones are evil.
      Getting pregnant is not exactly an accident. It takes deliberate actions, sometimes repeatedly, to get pregnant.
      Not ready for a kid? Prevent pregnacies! OC is almost 100% effective.

  22. abortion gets beside the point on this one.
    early on in her relationship with what was her soon to be husband, one of two things happened. either she was deceptive in her discussion of children with him, or he was deceptive in his discussion with her. either way, i must admit, this woman deserves a little commendation. as does the man. i will explain.
    if the man has convinced his wife that she should do something she doesnt want to meet his needs, something as big as raising humans, he has to have a pretty good grasp on how to keep a woman in check.
    most women view their children as hinderances to their freedom. despite the love they may have for them, this thought is on their mind, especially when things arent easy. they always have and always will. most women however delude themselves into thinking they can have it both ways, and as a result, they fuck their children up by raising them as single cock hopping moms. they wind up with a step dad, a bitch of a man who is willing to raise another mans offspring just for some snatch, and that cant be a good role model for a growing boy. ive met some step dads which were strong good men, but in most cases they are not.
    this woman on the other hand, is being honest with herself, not deluding herself into thinking she can or should have it both ways, not trying to convince herself that children are better than freedom when in her case it isnt true. she is giving her husband children because she acknowledges that this is her duty to him, that she has commited to this, and will now do it. she has also acknowledged that she has a duty to her children, whether she likes it or not (which she doesnt) and decided she would keep that commitment as well.
    she seems honest with herself, honest with her husband, but also completely comitted to doing everything a mother and wife should do, albeit reluctantly.
    it seems here that the only real qualm a person can have with this is that this woman doesnt see it as her favorite thing in the world. its a disagreement on how one should emotionally feel about their children. a small petty disagreement to have really.
    plenty of crackwhores and bar hopping alcoholics who spend child support money on booze while the kids are at dads genuinely love their children. im sure they tell themselves they wouldnt have it any other way.
    how someone feels emotionally shouldnt be the main focus of someones action and decision. in fact, this is the number one thing that we here give women shit for. so long as this woman (i dont know her, you see) isnt cold to her family and doesnt constantly tell them that she blames them for taking something away, she will raise good, clear headed, honest and not self-deluding children. she is a good mother and a good wife, even when she would rather not be.

    1. “plenty of crackwhores and bar hopping alcoholics who spend child support
      money on booze while the kids are at dads genuinely love their
      children. im sure they tell themselves they wouldnt have it any other
      And you actually believe that? Jesus Christ you’re stupid. Some women just have kids for the check, they couldn’t care less about the kids per se.
      You have no place talking about people’s ‘mental scope’ son.You wrote a book saying something you easily could have said in 2-3 sentences. You easily could have talked about people being good workers while hating their 9-5 jobs. But you didn’t, long-winded bastard. Fuck off

  23. It’s a self-correcting mechanism. Kids who are rejected by their parents are going to have difficulty forming healthy social attachments and have delayed family formation as adults. They get outbred by the emotionally healthy, all other things being equal.

    1. Precisely. I’m only suggesting that we accelerate this process by giving those kids the tools they need to continue delaying parenthood. Eventually, I hope, only (or at least mostly) the emotionally healthy will be left standing.

  24. It’s difficult having children, it’s difficult doing anything in life, and if you don’t have the financial and social stability, then basically children can be a burden.
    Nature and hormones often trick people into it and then they do feel messed up and it’s real what they feel, but so are the suicidal thoughts of a guy in a wheel chair.
    one gets depressed and blows his brains out the other wins a para Olympic gold medal….
    its a shame that some parents take the depressed approach, because it’s the children and their children that suffer.

  25. Athlone your posts are always interesting. I don’t always agree but I like the way you think.

  26. With the Kermit Gosnell horror story that the press has chosen to not report on – you have to go to pro-life sites to figure out what is happening – I would not wish abortion on anyone really!

  27. Don’t agree, at all! Part of being a masculine man is to protect those that are vulnerable. This includes women who are only used for sex and unborn human beings. If we cared more about the woman and not just her body then we would take care of her not use her. It is not easy for men but we have to change.

  28. So your argument is that abortion is murder and therefore evil but should be legal because evil people like this woman would be terrible parents and their kids are better off being murdered in the womb?! She could have had an abortion and didn’t so according to your evil utilitarian logic we should force people who are “unfit” to parent to have abortions. This puts you somewhere between Margaret Sanger and hitler on the ideological spectrum. You’re an evil bastard and a cretin.

  29. Abortion is wrong, the babies are innocent, they didn’t ask for this. Chidren are a gift from God and it’s not mans right to take an innocents life. If you think otherwise then you are a complete freaking idiot. Children should be protected and you morons that think abortion is ok are soul less cowards.

    1. Zygotes are the result of meiosis, fetuses are the result of continued cell division and differentiation, children are the result of detachment from the uterus. It is no different or special in the human species than any other. Tons zygotes never attach to the uterus lining in and are flushed out naturally and a good amount of fetuses fail with natural miscarriages. It is kind of irrational to get emotional over it.

  30. Abortion is wrong, the babies are innocent, they didn’t ask for this. Chidren are a gift from God and it’s not mans right to take an innocents life. If you think otherwise then you are a complete freaking idiot. Children should be protected and you morons that think abortion is ok are soul less cowards.

  31. Whaaa? You’re shocked at that bitch mother’s disconnect? She’s obviously NOT DOMINATED ENOUGH. All women would fall into their own voids, their own black holes if allowed to do so. THEIR SOULS ARE INCOMPLETE. They reflect ambient light but generate none of their own. UNDER HER MAN AND MASTER she shines as a mother and in his image as her progenitor. CONTROL YOUR BITCH. In wild nature it is the wild bitch mother who EATS HER YOUNG. What less could you expect then form HUMAN FEMALES given free agency.
    CONTROL YOUR BITCH(s) and man’s magnificent journey propels through space. The male has only the burden of carrying the life force in his transits while the woman LOSES IT ALL like she loses luggage. AND the man(beta) who allows the woman to do the navigating IS A DEAD man!
    Must I say again – CONTROL YOUR BITCH!

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