What I Learned About Women From The Worst Book Ever Written

I have a confession: I’ve read Fifty Shades of Grey. I’ve carried that embarrassing secret around inside of me for far too long now. It’s time to clear my conscience.


I was embarrassed not so much because the book is hardcore chick lit and I’m a man, but because it is arguably the worst novel ever written in the English language and I wasted some precious hours of my life reading it.

I’m not alone among men who have admitted to having read the novel and been dismayed by how poorly written it was. Salman Rushdie read it (or at least part of it) and gave this review: “I’ve never read anything so badly written that got published. It made Twilight look like War and Peace.”

Lesser-known novelist David Llewellyn tried to read it but couldn’t get past page four. He did, however, write a brilliant criticism of the novel’s opening paragraph. “I’m not judging the type of novel 50 Shades sets out to be,” wrote Llewellyn, “What I object to is bad writing.”

Bad indeed. Each time I sat down to slog through another chapter, I would wince at the poor grammar, overtly contrived plot, and the predictable, trite dialog.

The pain caused by reading Fifty Shades of Grey was far beyond anything I’d ever experienced in the reading of a book, even when I made the long march through War and Peace during my college days.

Llewellyn’s criticism went right to the heart of the matter: “The problem with 50 Shades is one of mechanics, of the basic engineering of almost each and every sentence. The reason I haven’t read past page 4 is because it hurt my eyes.”

Accepting the Fifty Shades Challenge


Why on earth did I waste my time reading such rubbish?

The only plausible answer I have is that I’m surrounded by predominantly women at work who talk a lot. One week, all conversations were focused on Fifty Shades of Grey. All the ladies in the office were reading it at the same time as though it had mysteriously attached itself to their already synchronized menstrual cycles.

You should read it,” one of them suggested.

“Sounds like it should be titled Fifty Shades of Gay,” I said.

“It’s sooo good,” another countered.

“Alright, I’ll read it,” I said for shock value, not fully comprehending the horror I was committing myself to. “But you’ll have to bring me one of your copies. No way am I spending money on crap like that.”

They were all a bit too giddy about my accepting the Fifty Shades Challenge and a copy was delivered to my desk the next morning in a nondescript manilla envelope.

That evening, I slid the worn copy from the envelope and began reading:

I scowl with frustration at myself in the mirror. Damn my hair—it just won’t behave, and damn Katherine Kavanagh for being ill and subjecting me to this ordeal. I should be studying for my final exams, which are next week, yet here I am trying to brush my hair into submission. I must not sleep with it wet. I must not sleep with it wet. Reciting this mantra several times, I attempt, once more, to bring it under control with the brush. I roll my eyes in exasperation and gaze at the pale, brown-haired girl with blue eyes too big for her face staring back at me, and give up. My only option is to restrain my wayward hair in a ponytail and hope that I look semi-presentable.

Yeah, that’s it. Do you feel it yet? It begins as a tremor deep inside the vitreous humor that builds into a tsunami that eventually erupts from your eyeballs in tears of blood.

The entire book reads like that—well, except for the dialog, which is worse. I found myself speed-reading to try and outrun the bad writing and mitigate its ocular torture.

“Well, what do you think?” the ladies asked me at work the next morning.

“It’s the worst novel I’ve ever read,” I told them. “Each word is like a tiny dagger stabbing into me. It’s going to be a slow and agonizing death-by-a-thousand-cuts.”

“Oh it’s not that bad,” one of them said. “You must not be to any of the juicy sex scenes yet. That’s when it gets real good,” she said and bit down gently on her lower lip.

She was right. I hadn’t made it to any of the “juicy sex scenes.” (I’d barely made it past Llewellyn’s record.) In all truthfulness, I was dreading those parts. Don’t get me wrong though; I love sex just as much as the next guy.

What I feared was that the horrific writing contained within Fifty Shades of Grey would destroy that which I loved, that the next time I was making love to my wife the act would begin to be uncontrollably narrated inside my head in a Fifty Shadesesque monologue: “Pulling off his boxer briefs, his erection springs free. Holy cow!” (Yes, that’s an actual quote from the novel.)

And when I finally did get to the sex scenes they were all totally lame like that. They struck me as 2-dimensional caricatures of what sex—even kinky sex—was actually like.

Fifty Shades of Grey v. The Holy Bible

This got me wondering what all the hubbub was about. Why did my female co-workers think the book was “so good” when it was clearly so bad? How did such a poorly written, untitillating novel outsell the entire Harry Potter series?

To date, Fifty Shades of Grey has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 52 languages. The only book that has outsold and been translated into more languages than 50 Shades of Grey is the The Holy Bible, which has had a considerable head start in the marketplace.

This past Valentine’s Day was the release of the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, which, according to Variety magazine, grossed $81.7 million on day one. Interestingly, the only February-released movie to out-gross Fifty Shades of Grey was Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ (2004).

Were the sex-lives of the women I worked with really that bad? Were their husbands failing at more than not being able to pick the kids up from school and rinse off their plates before putting them in the dishwasher? I didn’t ask, but imagined that probably wasn’t the case. Their husbands were regular guys like me and regular guys like to fuck regularly.

While these women probably didn’t have a BDSM-themed “Red Room of Pain” in their homes like the one depicted in Fifty Shades of Grey, they probably didn’t have sexless “dead bedrooms” either—or if they did, it probably wasn’t of their husbands’ choosing.

“What Women [truly] Want”


As I made the painful slog through Fifty Shades of Grey, I began to understand that it wasn’t the salacious particulars of the story that these women were drawn to, but the broader narrative of what women truly want in their lives.

Women want a strong and dominant man. Not necessarily dominant in a BDSM sort of way, but dominant in knowing who he is and where he is going in life. Women want a man with direction, which is more important to them than a big erection (though that’s an added bonus).

Women want a man who will provide for them, who will hold them when they need to be held and bend them over when they want to be bent over. Women want a man who will respect them but discipline them when they get out of line. Women want to be submissive but not totally enslaved to a man.

In short, women want real men, the kind of men who are dependable and take care of shit, the kind of men who are insanely confident and take risks, the kind of men who tame the jungle and build civilization.

These are the kinds of men women truly want, and by want I mean the type of men they truly desire. Even the staunchest feminist steeped in decades of gender studies’ dogma knows this fundamental truth deep down. The female mind can perform all sorts of mental acrobatics, but vaginas never lie.

Women know what kind of men they really want and the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey is a cultural indictment that those kind of men are becoming extinct. Women have become so desperate for real men that they’ve embraced a perversion of them as embodied in the fictional character of Christian Grey.

The Greatest Perversion

The word perversion has two meanings. The first, and perhaps most common, is “human behavior that deviates from that which is considered normal.” Most often this definition is applied to human sexual behavior. In its broader meaning, a perversion is “the alteration of something from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended.”

Amidst all of its overt sexual perversion, Fifty Shades of Grey brings to light a deeper, covert perversion that’s been slowly eroding the cultural and social fabric of modern Western civilization.

In our quest for gender equality, we’ve distorted and corrupted male-female roles and relationship dynamics from their original course, meaning, and state. We’ve become so focused on gender equality that we’ve ceased encouraging women to be women and men to be men.

It’s become taboo to talk about such matters openly and honestly. The last time I brought up this cultural phenomenon of reversing gender roles in conversation, I was labeled a “misogynist.” For the record, a misogynist is “a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.”

While I’m not a misogynist, I do dislike, despise, and am strongly prejudiced against people who misappropriate the English language. A man who loves, appreciates, and judges women fairly based on their character and their actions cannot be a misogynist. To label such a man a “misogynist” is prejudice and leads to its evil twin, misandry.

The Fifty Shades phenomenon addresses this general cultural perversion in a specific and sexually perverted way. Its popularity among women comes not from a modern need to be tied up and probed by technologically advanced sex toys, but rather from an ancient need to be paired with a real man.

The fictional character of Christian Grey is a perverted caricature of the real men that women desire and need in order to fill that otherwise unfillable hole in their lives (figuratively and literally). This is why Fifty Shades of Grey is the most widely read novel in all of human history.


Women have been conditioned to believe in the popular and self-propagating cultural myth of gender equality and to do the mental gymnastics it takes in order for them to believe that they don’t need men to be happy, that they are not only equal to men but better than men, that they can “have it all” (career, marriage, motherhood, Christian Grey) by the sheer will and resolve of their feminine powers.

But they’ve been sold a fiction and there is nothing sadder than a woman who has allowed that perverted narrative to drive her life decisions and actions in a fantasy-fueled Eat, Pray, Love manner until she eventually slams head-on into a wall of unforgiving truth. She becomes broken in the same way that a man who lives in a blue-pill fantasy world is broken.

Men and women are not equal—they are complementary forces of Nature who, together, have survived and thrived in a hostile world where they could just have easily perished and the human race become extinct.

There is no grey area here. Any other interpretation is a perversion of reality just like Fifty Shades of Grey, which I’m still somewhat embarrassed to admit I read cover-to-cover, but am glad I did.

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  1. “In our quest for gender equality, we’ve distorted and corrupted male-female roles and relationship dynamics from their original course, meaning, and state. We’ve become so focused on gender equality that we’ve ceased encouraging women to be women and men to be men.”
    If men were encouraged to be masculine that would overpower the feminine and women will never succeed over males. It’s in their nature to attach themselves to a strong masculine figure.

    1. Gender Equality is a liberal’s wet dream in certain areas, ONLY.
      It’s a focus on Air Condition Positions as the left & feminists only endeavor for Gender Equality in TECH and CEO positions.
      You never hear these people speak out regarding how completely Male Dominated Sanitation, Roofing, Coal Mining, Moving and Paving jobs are.

      1. You can tell a lot about someone by listening to what they talk about. I’ve found it highly enlightening that feminists only care about the discrepancy in jobs at the top. Politicians, CEO’s, etc. They only care about the jobs and positions that have the most power.
        Which confirms what everybody here already knows. They want power, not equality.

        1. More specifically they want special rights, non-responsibility and women to be front of line for the goodies.
          The whole fretting on amount of women in congress I find interesting considering congress already pretty much does nothing but vote in favor of the feminist agenda. I don’t see why more feminists women in congress matters considering congress already keeps passing legislation to ensure Daddy Government stays well funded.

        2. Right. You’ll never see a march (by women) on the unfair hiring practicing by a mining company or oil industry (rigs). It will only be the white (some blue) collar jobs that are in an air conditioned office with HR down the hall.

    2. Agree. Anytime I hear that shit pop up at work (gender equality) I ask one of the women to go pick up a heavy box in the corner.

    3. This is why we need to have children. Teaching boys to be men and girls to be women must be done at the parent level. The governent will never do this. In fact, they do the opposite.

      1. Just like the owners did to the slaves, beating the males and putting a woman in charge, the government tries to pussify the male population and grant more power to women.They are easier to fool and control.
        Having kids???pffff the gov makes sure that women have the upper hand, and it’s an uphill battle to raise a man. Not impossible, but dare to think what the future will be like.

        1. True but what about the next generation of Red Pillers? We need to think on strategies for dealing with this issue…

        2. It will be hard and get harder and harder as the time goes by. Red pill has to be distributed to the masses and then the work begins.
          I don’t know risk free methods. Do you?

        3. Life is risky by definition. Best thing you can do is to reduce the risk to a level you can accept while still obtaining your objective.

    4. Y’know, I don’t want the pressure to “be masculine”.
      I just want to be myself, if I am naturally that way then so be it, but I don’t want to have to modify my personhood to suit someone else. If they don’t like me the way I am, again so be it.

    5. LOL, its grossly ironic. Women have taken over universities. All the so called good jobs are now becoming majority women. Women are now the majority of most programs including law, except the hard sciences and math heavy ones they still stink out (engineering, mba, stems etc.). Even medicine and stem and business they drop the standards for them with affirmative action. What is the result of this? Too many lawyers, too many doctors, too many etc. Too much feminist indoctrination in the schools so they drop out. Then they start their own business and women whine that they aren’t getting hired as executives in the business the male dropouts started but where they never wanted to work the long hours and now pay.

  2. “to do the mental gymnastics it takes in order for them to believe that they don’t need men to be happy”
    If its easy for men who have 10 times the sex drive of women to give up after doing the actuarial statistical risk/time/reward and conclude MGTOW, than imagine how easy it is for women to avoid men

  3. Mr Grey makes women’s panties wet not only because he is a real man but rather because he is the “whole package”. He embodies everything that women dream about: money, success, looks, lifestyle, genes, authority, attitude, sexual dominance. This guy is basically Mr Prince charming meeting Mr Bad guy. If you remove most of those characteristics, a man who tries to do bsdm shit on a woman will be put to prison for rape. Women love these kind of books because it makes them feel they can finally accept their secret sexual fantasies without being labeled as sluts because of the popularity of the book. I saw the movie out of curiosity and without surprise it was a piece of shit. Even those 90’s erotic film on cable TV are better, where you see terrible actors simulating a sexual encounter with their pants on.

  4. “I scowl with frustration at myself in the mirror. Damn my hair—it just won’t behave, and damn Katherine Kavanagh for being ill and subjecting me to this ordeal. I should be studying for my final exams, which are next week, yet here I am trying to brush my hair into submission. I must not sleep with it wet. I must not sleep with it wet. Reciting this mantra several times, I attempt, once more, to bring it under control with the brush. I roll my eyes in exasperation and gaze at the pale, brown-haired girl with blue eyes too big for her face staring back at me, and give up. My only option is to restrain my wayward hair in a ponytail and hope that I look semi-presentable.”
    Actually, that’s called good writing, for the simple reason its a written with its readership in mind. There’s a difference between good writing and good prose. This is bad prose but good writing, because its intended for a readership that wants narcissistic soft porn guff that they can relate to. That readership wants stuff that will rot their minds, and it sounds like the book delivers in that respect. That’s not to say she could write better than she has, but its no different from say Dan Brown novels where each sentence is written to achieve an effect in the reader, which in this case just happens to be erotic zombification. I wish I’d written it

    1. That’s a valid point, but it’s still awful. A colleague had it work one day and I picked it up. I tip my hat to the author of this article as I literally couldn’t get past 2 pages. The writing is cringe worthy, even for the genre, which is pulp fiction. It does serve a purpose though. It’s a great shit test for women. Ask around, women who haven’t read it are who you want to date. It doesn’t matter if they all secretly want to be dominated, those who lap this book up are retarded.

      1. “Ask around, women who haven’t read it are who you want to date.”
        Err, I think they may all have read it, or at least seen the film. I take your point though

      1. To be honest I think they’ll pay more for shit than quality. Low brow always sells better

        1. What makes it worse is that many feel they are ‘rebelling’ against some elitist ‘bourgeois’ standard of quality and get an additional thrill out of it. This is very common in the Anglosphere, particularly among trash culture fanatics.
          It truly is a race to the bottom all on fronts.

  5. The book is very good in what it does. It is female porn.
    What big tits and a nice ass are for men, Mr. Grey is for women.
    As a feminist writer recently stated on TV: “Mr. is as close to the perfect man as it gets.”
    Mind you she was around mid 50s, ugly, short hair and feminist author.
    Her life was the exact opposite of Mrs Steel but even she did say that Mr. Grey is “Mr. Perfect” for her.
    ALL women want that, feminism is the strategy of old/fat/ungly women to get a man closer to Mr. Grey than what they could otherwise get.
    Btw women know that, it is just beta-white-knight-pussy-males who dont get it.
    No woman wants a no muscle, no money, no spine, male feminist. Guys, if you think beeing like a woman will get you laid better -> forget it; its not going to work.
    The film (book) is full of red pill truths.

    1. “The film (book) is full of red pill truths.”
      Yes, in spite of being atrociously written, it can serve that function.

    2. It’s not nearly red pill. I’ve read all three books. Gray is not a red pill man. He has no self-control at all where the bitch is concerned. He is pathetic without her, tells her so and displays it over and over. Many of his actions would turn most women’s stomachs because he’s such a total pussy.

      1. Hehe about #2 and #3 i know nothing. But in part #1 he is not a pussy at all.
        As you describe it, it is one more facet of the “perfect man”.
        Women want to “tame” us – turn the strong and wild alpha man they fell in love with into a soft beta boy.
        This is part of female nature. They want to alpha to fuck them and get a baby from and the beta to take care of her and the baby. Until the next baby is due after 2-3 years and the cycle repeats.
        Women dream of such a man who can switch between these 2 sides according to her needs. In real life it means serial monogamy in most cases.

    3. no, howard roarke of ‘the fountainhead’ is the ideal man. i figured that out a couple days ago when i realized his girlfriend spent most of her efforts shit-testing him, his friend peter was a beta, and his enemy ellsworth was the epitome of all that is petty and unattractive.

  6. I thank you for diving on that grenade for us. I fall firmly in the “puked during the first paragraph” camp, so I would otherwise have no insight into this garbage.

  7. And then we have Outlander. Andy Nowicki complained about it because it romanticizes infidelity. But it romanticizes a Scottish Highlander as the ideal man, and you can’t get much whiter than that.

  8. Only in the first world do women have it so good that they can derive pleasure from the kind of depravity that a lot of third world women would do anything to get away from.

    1. I agree, but in the end they are all the same and they all desire it to some degree be it third world or first.

      1. I understand that (most) females lean toward masochism.
        And the root reason is hypergamy.
        But what I’m saying is that 1st world women are SO spoiled that anything close to actual oppression is nothing more to them than a titillating fantasy.
        Feminists today think men crowding up a subway car is oppression for Christ’s sake.
        There are probably women in Saudi Arabia that would kill the author of that book if they thought they could.

        1. “I understand that (most) females lean toward masochism.”
          What I read somewhere “Women give themselves to God when the devil has no use for them”
          Women’s first choice will always be to want to fuck Satan.

    2. What’s fascinating is if the exact same sexual acts and demands portrayed in this book were performed by a guy who is near broke and lives in a ’88 Itasca, it’d be a Law ‘n Order episode followed by commercials running to: “End Violence Against Women”

  9. Is that book written entirely in the present tense?
    That’s middle school hack territory!

    1. Though to be fair present-tense prose can be done gracefully and wonderfully.
      If I remember correctly, Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See, which has a lot of present tense style but also a lot of beautiful imagery. It won a well deserved Pulitzer Prize, and the present tense is remarkably graceful

      1. Present tense is also utilized on screenplays as well. Its use as a literary tool is for immediate impact.

  10. Think of your college proffesor when you listen to his lecture you get a picture for his beliefs. He reveals to you what his life is built upon little from here and little from there. You can trace ideas, fifty shades of grey falls from a man marquise de Sade, Sadism is his baby. But what else was he into homosexulity, the eating of excrement, pedophelia. one must wonder about the great philosophers somehow in all their wisdom decided that young boys where better than women. And a man could only truly love another man. It just shows where we are headed.

  11. I haven’t read this book. But wasn’t the female protagonist a virgin? Maybe it not only showed the female perspective of what a woman wants in a man, but also the male perspective of what a man wants in a woman as well lol.

    1. I don’t think so about the virgin part. That’s what these women want of themselves. Women do not think of anything else except themselves.

    2. Yes, she is a virgin. I say that’s a big reason the male model billionaire falls for her. Especially because she’s isn’t a frigid virgin but quickly falls into becoming “his slut” and is skilled at it right away.

      1. Yeah, that’s what I figured. I just don’t see why a guy like this would settle for anything less. Hell even the most die hard feminist recognizes it’s inherent value.

        1. Various analysts have stated that if you look at the protagonist’ attributes she is no more than 14. She is a school girl reporting for her high school paper. They just stated her age as older to avoid charges of pedophilia.

        2. 1. I question the legitimacy of anybody who professionally “analyzes” terrible literature
          2. I see no reason why we as a society have attributed virginity to children. As if to become a fully fledged adult woman you must take it in every orifice and squander your beauty on the men who respected you the least, instead of only deeming one man worthy of both your heart and body which will help to eternalize his respect and love for you… That seems like a pretty adult decision
          You know?

  12. While I appreciate the article and thought you made some good points, you let a bunch of women dictate how you spent your leisure time?

  13. I found myself speed-reading to try and outrun the bad writing and mitigate its ocular torture.
    This is what 50 shades is not — good writing.

  14. The problem I find is that women no longer want affection. They want attention. The same applies to men too.
    Escaping into a pseudo-reality (Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, Fifty Shades of Grey, etc…) allows them to explore what could be, while helping them escape what is. And while they do so, they are “validated” by “likes” and comments encouraging their behavior. This pushes them further into a world where they believe they are more important than they really are. And that’s exactly the problem – they are using these mechanisms to avoid the harsh truths and reality of life. These tools are really a bandaid to a much deeper wound, one that is exposed every time by false narratives and a reversal of gender roles.
    In the grand scheme of things, nobody gives a shit about them, or you or me for that matter. And this is a harsh truth to swallow. This is what the red pill really is. And when one takes it, only then do they realize that in order to be significant, to be powerful, to be wanted, to be loved, and most importantly, respected, that they have to be the best of what they can be. If everyone were to embrace this truth, only then do I believe that things will start to look up for the better.

    1. Indeed. Tinder is a great tool for a woman to get validation while lying about her attractiveness. Plain Jane with her makeup, photofilter and perfectly contemplated photo’s is not only a lie to men, but also against herself. Sometimes the profile shots are also 2-4 years old (-25 pounds that is) Internetdating for women really is a tool to escape reality, just like playing videogames is for men.
      You know this is true when you’ve talked to a woman on Tinder for a couple of days and then ask her phone number. Things for her suddenly start to feel too real, and that was not the initial idea. Surely I got phone numbers on there. But actually calling them and talking is something they weren’t prepared for, let alone making an appointment to meet each other in real life. That’s scary shit for most women on Tinder/internetdating. More so because the batch of possibly “better deals” is endless.
      You ever went to a restaurant with a girlfriend? You surely must have hated the ordering-part. I just choose something while the waiter stands there taking my order. But give a woman a menu cart and you’ll get Indecisiveness. Their hypergamous nature counteracts them in the most common day to day situations. From buying a simple pants to making split second decisions in traffic to the ultimate question if that good man is actually good enough.

    2. I disagree with that. Well, agree and disagree.
      You’re right – the modern female is more interested in Facebook likes and Instagram than a serious relationship. She just fucked Dave the tattoo artist, and last night Johnny the All-American football jock. She “likes” them both, but not to stop going on Tinder dates 4 nights week.
      That said, when you set the dynamic right and become that strong masculine presence in her life, that completely changes. Just this morning I’m getting “Hank, can you come cuddle?” “Hank, can you stop doing work and come in the shower with me?” “Hank, can I lay on you while you work?” “Hank, I’m not wearing underwear.”
      Once the male / female dynamic is set, she becomes a subservient feminine creature vying for your affection and attention. She’ll clean your house, climb mountains to see you, and gratify you sexually at will. You won’t worry about where she’s at and how she’s doing it with, because she’ll be hitting you up constantly. It’s pretty amazing.
      This means constantly “running game”, which is just my natural personality now. I flirt with other hot chicks in front of her openly, never apologize, and all her beta orbiters talk about how “I’m not right for her.”
      Once they are chasing you, and believe you’re the object of their hypergamy, it’s an entirely different dynamic.

      1. You’re both right. But I don’t think that was the point of regan’s post. The thing with technology and social media is that it plants the notion in the back of her mind that the next guy, who may only be .5% better than you, could only be one swipe / click away. Now you MAY be the best there is in her eyes, and she may “love” you in what way she can, but it’s not going to change the fact that there’s still the POSSIBILITY, NO MATTER HOW SMALL, that Prince Abdul McAlpha might hit her up on instagram and shit on her for ten thousand dollars.
        Hypergamy is designed to replace and seek out better mates, the technology of recent years has made this exponentially easier. That and you have the shaming of male sexuality, slut culture, ect.

  15. Men and women are not equal—they are complementary forces of Nature who, together, have survived and thrived in a hostile world where they could just have easily perished and the human race become extinct.

    Two of far nobler shape, erect and tall,
    God—like erect, with native honour clad
    In naked majesty, seemed lords of all,
    And worthy seemed; for in their looks divine
    The image of their glorious Maker shon,
    Truth, wisdom, sanctitude severe and pure—
    Severe, but in true filial freedom placed,
    Whence true authority in men: though both
    Not equal, as their sex not equal seemed;
    For contemplation he and valour formed,
    For softness she and sweet attractive grace;
    He for God only, she for God in him.
    John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book IV.

  16. “Good writing” is entirely subjective. If you communicate a thought to another human being in written form and connect with them, it’s “good writing”, even if you didn’t use proper pronouns or a prepositional phrase. Consider that most modern academic works are virtually unreadable, though grammatically perfect. I’ve never read 50 Shades of Grey, nor do I intend to as I’m not gay, but you can’t really accuse someone of “bad writing” who has connected with so many people.
    That aside, I suppose I can understand why a frumpy housewife in her 40s finds the thought of a dominant, fit, rich guy into BDSM so appealing. She spent all weekend bitching at her live in boyfriend because he didn’t clean well enough and forgot to pickup her kid at soccer.
    Sometimes I think every woman secretly believes they are a special snowflake, entitled to be swept off their feet by a dominant male. If they just wait long enough, that guy will take notice in her. Sure, she has blue hair, two kids, could stand to lose 20lbs, and a pack of cigarettes a day has taken its toll on her skin. But she’s strong and independent, witty and sarcastic. A catch, truly.
    It’s not porn for women. It’s the great hope for them.

    1. “Sometimes I think every woman secretly believes they are a special snowflake, entitled to be swept off their feet by a dominant male. If they just wait long enough, that guy will take notice in her.’”
      Hypergamy is one of the largest problems for today’s society. Because it disrupts family’s from emerging and continuing.
      A man now is never good enough, and women postpone settling in their early twenties to complain later at 34-40 they can’t get pregnant. Then society has to pay for their testtube baby. All women? No of course not. But thousands of them are like this. The others also rode the cockcarrousel and settle with a sucker (beta provider/ alpha to be turned beta) on time that never get’s to know how many dicks she rode. He better not know, or he would start packing a.s.a.p
      I sometimes read on a Dutch Internetforum for women. The stuff they talk about there confirms what we men here know: that women have countless pump ‘n dump dates. (now with Tinder it’s gone berserk) Most of those women are pretty content with it, but hate it when they find a male they want for a relationship that doesn’t want to commit to them. How cute huh?

      1. Yep.
        There used to be societal and cultural norms that kept families in place. At least then the beta male had a fighting chance that a woman would be willing to sacrifice Facebook likes in favor of committing to a family.
        My observation is women idealize a guy for awhile, and then move onto the next once he “gets boring.” First it’s the tattoo artist, then it’s the skateboarder, the Wall Street executive, and then the rugged construction guy. If they want kids, they’ll even settle down with a beta, but then leave him after a few years for the guy who plays in a band. Many women have this void in their soul, which they think a man with purpose can fulfill. That’s why degenerates can do well with women – they seem to have a purpose.
        The good news is that this plays both ways. If you’re interesting for one reason or another, you can basically keep a revolving door of poon going at all times. Just don’t expect any real commitment – as soon as she feels that she has you, she’s on to the next.
        The best a man can do is become completely independent, and allow women to compliment his life when it suits him. This is the gift and curse that third wave feminism has given us.

        1. The best a man can do is have enough money to do it all and have a rotation of pussy. You cannot find a woman who will settle down unless she is from some village.

        2. My gorgeous wife was a 25 year old virgin when we married, and, yes, she grew up in a village of 1,200 people in the Philippines.

      2. “women postpone settling in their early twenties to complain later at
        34-40 they can’t get pregnant. Then society has to pay for their
        testtube baby.”
        I read an article in the local paper about this a few months ago.
        Women, at 33 and 34, having an egg freezing party.
        A quick search of the web would show they shouldve done this by 26 or so, but hey, what do I know?

    2. “Good writing” is entirely subjective.
      No. Simply no. You’re wrong. It is damned awful writing. You cannot know how bad it is until you subject yourself to it. People devour tasteless garbage every day. In TV, movies, music and food. Hell, garbage is the majority of everything consumed these days.
      And it is total porn for women. It hits the same sort of pleasure centers and fulfills the exact same function. It’s what women go to when there’s no one fucking them good and hard.
      A friend said “Every woman I know that likes that book seems unhappy with their sex life.”
      I have to say the same.

      1. is it worse than twilight, though? i once read some kind of letter from inside the twilight universe and thought it was poorly written fanfic by a 12 year old. turns out it was an original excerpt.

      2. “A friend said “Every woman I know that likes that book seems unhappy with their sex life.” ”
        Females with unhappy sex lives are probably women who don’t take care of themselves and don’t look good. Somehow I envisionan office full of blue-haired fatties with their noses in the book during their lunch break.

      3. Of course its porn, hard penis this, rough erection that, those books are hardcore written porn.

    3. I don’t know… I think women connect with it because its written like the author texted it in on a smartphone…

      1. She did. The publisher told her to flush the vampire crap and he might be able to get it published. It was Twilight fan fiction.

    4. Women like most men have gender myopia. Men in game are different. men outside game are not much better. Men think being good looking and having a bunch of muscles will get women falling all over you because being a good looking female with a hot bod does. Women think being independent, witty and sarcastic and charismatic will get you a good man because a man with those traits will have lots of women.
      Neither is looking at what the other gender finds attractive, they are looking at what they find attractive and emulating it. Most women are grossly deluded into thinking acting like a douche will get them the guy. But that is because they go for the douche..

      1. You nailed it. This explains why they focus on their careers so much, because a man who improves his career DOES have a better chance with women.
        That being said, having muscles doesn’t *hurt* your chances with women, while being sarcastic, witty, and having a graduate degree hurts your chances with a lot of men. Working out is good for self improvement, being witty and sarcastic has no redeeming qualities, unless you are really skilled at it, like Mark Twain / Tom Lehrer levels.

        1. Having muscles is good for a lot of reasons, being fit is good for a lot of reasons, but it does very little for getting you women. From a game perspective, I’d rather speak like shakespeare than look like hulk hogan.

    5. “Good writing is entirely subjective.” So is what constitutes a “good restaurant,” so I guess if someone says McDonald’s is the “best restaurant in New York,” we’ll just have to take them at their word and agree. Yeah, right. But, you do make one great point: “I’ve never read 50 Shades of Grey, nor do I intend to as I’m not gay.”

  17. I’ve heard one part of the BDSM contract in the book was that the submissive must work out and not eat junk food, and it seemed to the heroine one of the most sadistic things ever. Lol, so American.

  18. This book once again is just a product (stack of paper) sold to women with the premise that other women like it too, so it must be good. I’ve seen it working for a fitness clothes brand. Women are emotional spenders. They are willing to buy everything they know they’re not going to use, as long as the purchase makes them feel good. And that’s why I know that 1/3 of all the sold 50 shades books aren’t even read word for word, cover to cover.
    This book fits in the list of mediocre movies like Titanic or those awful Twilight movies. “The notebook” anyone? All cheap little love stories that when rationalized are nothing more than piles of shit.

    1. I regularly go to the weekend flea markets where I am and I see the 50 Shades and Twilight books in a pile all the time.

    2. It’s the herd mentality. You could take a pile of shit, film it and then have one women tell the others how good the new Shit movie was she saw last week.
      Women would run to the theaters like cows.

    1. Really?
      I’m at least slightly impressed when I meet a girl who has actually picked up a book. It means there were about five whole hours where she wasn’t on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

  19. I’ve noticed from seeing the covers of romance novels on display that they have a past bias. Apparently the writers, who know their readership, play into the idea that today’s men suffer in comparison with the allegedly stronger and manlier men in the past, hence the illustrations of pirates, Scottish warlords and 19th Century cowboys on these novels.
    These writers might have a defensible point. Given the shitty living conditions until fairly recently in many countries, only the hardier boys managed to make it to adulthood. Now a lot of the weaklings can survive as well, and that results in adult “men” like Obamacare’s Pajama Boy.
    I have to wonder if this trend will continue. If women still write and read romance novels in, say, the 23rd Century, will they feature as heroes those tingles-worthy real men in the early 21st Century who put the men in the 23rd Century to shame?

    1. Jesus.. how much lower and beta and feminine can we go from from Pajama Boy ?? Can you imagine the gelded manlet from the 23rd century that would put Pajama Boy to shame?? I would rather not.
      I loved roissy’s descriptions of him:
      “Can you look at that swaddled manlet for more than two seconds without laughing? ”
      “A male in a onesie. There’s your ruling elite running the country into the ground.”
      “A soft, neutered pale Ewok as the representative of America’s bold march into a progressive, humanist future.”

  20. There is a lot to commend about this article, but the author is essentially trying to universalize his own sexual proclivities:
    “Its popularity among women comes not from a modern need to be tied up and probed by technologically advanced sex toys, but rather from an ancient need to be paired with a real man.”
    The fact is, MANY women want both. Many, many, many,MANY women want to be sexually dominated, tied up, “raped” etc. The extent to which this is true makes “perversion” one of those misused words the author hates.

  21. Typical “chick book”— all centered around “I”. If a woman reads a classic, it usually means she is taking a course that requires it.

  22. Women always want their men closest to their perfect ideal. But what do they bring to the table except for a loose hole that can be leased for 2 bills an hour.

  23. I read the first two chapters.
    When she meets Christian Gray, she insinuates that he a homosexual, and that he has parental issues. Instead of kicking the bitch to the curb, he is fascinated by her insulting manner, and he has to learn more. When she is exiting the building, he tracks her down, gets her phone number, and begins the relationship.
    Essentially, she uses a “neg” on him, which arouses his interest. This is a classic example of equalist delusion – assuming that what attracts women to men should be the same for both sexes. In reality, men are attrated to sweetness – as much as this pains the feminist army to admit.
    What billionaire is going to pursue a relationship with a woman who insults him twice, right out of the gate? Very few, I would imagine.
    Essentially, the book is feeding the worst aspects of Western women – it lets them know that they can be insulting cunts, and that tier-one men will still be interested. Of course, this is rarely the case. These women will have to accept that the best they can do is their beta shlub boyfriend – the only one willing to take their abuse.
    “Fifty Shades of Delusion” is a better title for this one.

    1. Chicks using negs is just annoying. My favorite reply:
      “…that’s not very feminine.”

      1. That probably send them into a tizzy. Most Western women feel that men have no right to use the word “feminine.”

        1. Well, I think that many women want societal expectations removed. They should be free to have 8 tatooes, blue hair, sleep around, and not have any consequences for theri actions. These modern behaviors contradict the traditional definition of femininity. So if they can erase a standard definition of that word, then they are feminine, regardless of how they behave.
          It would be equivalent to me dressing up as a woman, and insisting that you still refer to me as masculine.
          That was the impetus of my comment, essentially.

        2. i understood your comment. i was mocking the notion of “feeling” an idea.
          but since you brought it up: once you start living in the real world and not in fantasy and all caught up in your head, it doesn’t really matter how you call things anymore. call her feminine or call her fat, it doesn’t change what she is. it’s unfortunate for the fact that people lose the ability to communicate these ideas, though. which is ultimately a smart goal, if you think about it. a man growing up today actually doesn’t understand that the word once had a precise meaning. he will not know who is telling the truth. when another man then tells him women should be feminine, he will logically wonder “but who defines what feminine is?” it’s a fucking conundrum.

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        4. Years ago when seeking a room 3,000 miles away and seeing womyn in AD, I had NO clue what that meant.
          I met the feminists princess from AD at her place and asked a question to which she had look I’ll always remember. Like in disbelief someone would ask such a question to someone who clearly had WOMYN in AD.
          Well now I know what Womyn means.
          The only ones who would put it in a CL Title are Women’s Study Majors who have to re-spell words, find 79 different “genders” and declare we live in a misogynistic hell hole being women’s bathroom signs still occupy a female in dress.

        5. That’s true…they want all of the negative ones removed but they want to keep all of the benefits. That’s the rub.
          I laugh at loud (at women) when this discussion pops up. It’s too obvious and in your face so they can’t deny it. They love and hate me at the same time (and it’s funny as hell).

        6. Who give half of half of a fuck what they “think” we have the right to do? Do what thou wilt!

        7. havent seen humyn yet, but i propose we petition congress to officially change it. afterall we must have equality and nothing says equality better than changing the spelling of a word thousands of years old.

      2. How about, “I see the charm school lessons are really paying off”
        That is from one of the earlier articles.

      3. My favorite response to a female ‘neg’ is a deep, silent, disappointed stare. They more often than not will try to ‘fix’ the situation, that’s always a good thing.

    2. What’s also delusional is that when a guy tracks her down and gets her phone number, said guy is a stalker or creep in real life. Women typically don’t start a relationship with a stalker and falls for him.

    3. I was hoping for more of this in the review and less of the rape fantasy stuff. as this paragraph here is even more telling and more subtle than the more obvious point of “women want to get raped”

      1. There is a whole industry out there dedicated to selling women lies. Dr. Oz anyone? It’s all built on the premise that they lack the character/inner strength to deal with the truth. So why not just turn a quick buck on them, telling them lies and draining their checkbooks?
        It’s messed up. But then again, if these women are too weak to accept the truth, then fuck ’em.

        1. Agree. Many of those TV shows in the past dealt with real issues (both sides) and finding a solution.
          Today, those shows are filled with nothing but women looking to find a solution on how to fix the man (not the woman, not a relationship..but the man).
          I stopped watching TV a long time ago. Too much propaganda (shit that we used to blame on the Soviets and China).

    4. exactly right, that fascinated me to no end in the movie.
      he says he has had 13 mistresses. yet he keeps chasing this wall flower who treats him like a disposable toy.
      as i grow more “red pill”, i am more and more fascinated by the fact that girls actually think everything is about them and that their “wittiness” and brat-like behavior actually excites you – while you are just annoyed and feel like you want to fuck and trash her for punishment. but i know where that conviction must come from; i was myself a guy who actually thought that it is all about making them happy and admiring their emotions and confidence and cuteness. rough sex? sure, if SHE likes it.
      stupid cunts.

      1. I have no problem with the movie’s blatant hypergamy, being a woman’s biological response. It’s her meanness, her lack of value, her non-existent sweetness that is so nauseating.
        The message? Ladies, keep being a horrible human being and you will be justly rewarded.

        1. Remember when fat women and ugly women had to have a personality or “be nice”? That’s been removed by today’s culture and you’ll see a fat girl have the same shitty attitude as the 9 or 10.
          I shake my head thinking “how can this fat ass have such a shitty personality?” Standards have definitely fallen off.

        2. My brother told me about two different instances when he told a bitchy fat girl in a bar “Listen here, in this world, you can either be fat, or you can be a bitch, but you CANNOT be both!” Truer words were never spoken!

        3. The Western fatties believe that, in the goodness of their heart, they will allow Matt Damon or Tom Brady the chance the date them.
          It is unbelievable.

        4. As least the actress wasn’t fat. I figured for sure, in feminist fantasy land, we’d have a powerful rich man who’s turned on by negs and other female characteristics chasing a fat blown out whore.
          I think I should write that book, that would likely outsell the holy bible.

        5. Totally. I can’t believe what I’m seeing sometimes. And there are guys out there that’d tap that. But most of the guys you eventually see with them are total geeks and creeps you wouldn’t trust with a box of matches. But the women act like they’re the greatest thing. Total blindness and stupidity.

      2. Well observed. I’ve known a few players. Hell the guy who taught me most of what I know about “game” was more of a player type who’d keep a harem around than a PUA going for stands. He had as many as seven women at once that he’d put in a rotation.
        His philosophy: “If a bitch ain’t choosin, she’s loosing”. Knowing him if a girl tried to come at him with that kind of attitude she would have been verbally checked hard and then never seen again.

      3. I hear you. I used to chase after hot girls and put up with their abuse. Other guys and I talked about the “revenge sex” we’d take out on them. But now I don’t put up with any crap. If I approach a girl and she’s a bitch I’ll pester her just to piss her off, and let her know that she’s getting the worst end of the conversation (becuase I literally couldn’t care less. At that point I’m not in it to bag her, just to make her feel foolish. And she’s in it to get some pride or something which never happens.) And about getting around “negs” and into their panties. . .no. Because if she can’t treat a stranger with decency then I’m not interested. I end up trying to have conversations with women and I’m not going to waste my time on an air head.

    5. I haven’t read it but it sounds like a feminist fantasy too me. A rich good lookining sexually dominant billionaire decides that she’s the one. Basically it confirms what we say on here that women like men with options and the ultimate female game is to tie that man down.

        1. That is SO, oppressive, you misogynist bastard! Sure, the Julia Roberts character had to give out 12 knob shines a day to anyone who had $50–or to that bum with the 8-ball–but she was happy and empowered. She was living outside the oppression of gender norms. So what if she’s wearing partials because one of her johns knocked her front teeth out so he could get a better skull fuck? She knew that some day, a handsome billionaire would swoop in like a white knight and save her worn-out snatch from the vagaries of getting a real job mopping floors once her marginal attractiveness had faded.

        2. The orginal premise was darker until Disney got a hold of it. Could have actually been a good film.

    6. Agree. A billionaire doesn’t (or shouldn’t) have to put up with negs or shit tests because too many vaginas are trying to get in his pockets, anyways.
      Too many plates (women) to spin, no time for the bullshit.

      1. Hell no man does. I had a chick trying this with me the other night. Eventually I got tired of her bullshit and went to talk to some other girls. I turned back and noticed she had literally fled the club.

    7. I had a woman imply I was gay for not responding to her… overtures. Conversation… terminated.

    8. I agree with you completely. I remember reading a study where guys prefer direct women who are into them/nice to them. Negs only work on women in certain situations.

    9. Good point. Another example of equalist delusion is women getting tattoos. Many women find men with tattoos attractive because it’s “edgy” and “rebellious” and denotes a man who does what he wants. So, women extrapolate the logic that ” I find men with tattoos attractive, therefore, men will find women with tattoos attractive”
      Nothing is further from the truth. Women with tattoos are more unattractive , less feminine looking, and quite frankly trashy. A man wants the beauty of uninterupted young smooth female skin the way nature intended. Not splattered and printed up with ink.

    10. “Oh, this boring bitch with no interesting physical features insulted me, a billionaire who could get 5000 of them tomorrow by snapping my fingers! I am sooo intrigued by her! I can’t stop obsessing over this stupid, boring girl!”
      So its basically Twilight all over again, boring girl gets dude who is superior to her, only in that case his superiority is super powers or something.

    11. Indeed men are attracted to sweetness, gentleness too, characteristics that denote a woman who would make a good wife and mother.
      Masculine traits in a woman, like those of the butt-kicking heroines depicted in the Jewish fantasy land of TV and movies, are as welcome in reality as an inside leg measurement from an effeminate tailor.

  24. (chuckle) Well, yes, the book is bad. But have a brief vignette about a previous cultural fad.
    When the HBO movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding was first released, I worked in an office that was, shall we say, oversupplied with young single women…and the movie was all they talked about. But that’s not all: they made a practice — nay, a commandment — of hunting down the young single men in the office, of which there were a reasonable number, and quizzing them about whether they’d seen the movie and what they’d thought of it.
    Many of those young women were attractive enough. All of them, with only one exception, were engineers, and so must be presumed at least moderately intelligent. But never before have I seen so many young single men, who would otherwise have been “on the prowl,” struggle to avoid the attentions of young, single, reasonably attractive women.
    Have we seen anything like that with 50 Shades?

  25. Women also love this book because they think that, being a 6 at best, they can pull a handsome and successful multi millionaire. They all think they’re special little snowflakes.

  26. So what “Plan 9 from Outer Space” was to film, this is to the written word?
    The waitresses at my local haunt were all reading this a few years ago; they let me read a few chapters. I dunno, I’ve been more turned on by the boxscores in my local newspaper…

  27. Dumb bitches.
    They’re so stupid that when they do have a dominant man in their lives and he starts calling her on her bullshit, she initiates a shit test in the form of calling the state to remove said man by way of the authorities because she felt bad. A lone man can’t win against the state, who has a monopoly of the use of force. Women have no clue as to what they want in a man, we have to tell them. But the majority won’t listen anyway since they’re so poisoned by the femcentric society. It’s unfortunate.

    1. You are right. Except that the state has no monopoly of the use of force. They wish they had but it aint true.

  28. If something like Fifty shades of grey (a porn fantasy of a nobody woman) became a “best-selling”… that does it say about that country? Not that United States had any morality to begin with. The only good thing about the United States is making money. That’s all.
    Food = horrible (checked)
    Women = ugly and bad attitude (checked)
    Men = Most act like pussies and backstabbing faggots (checked)
    Society = fake and superficial (checked)
    Making money = GREAT OPPORTUNITY.
    This is EXACTLY WHY illegal immigrants from the South of border cross into United States…
    Naive and gullible Americans think that foreigners are coming here for freedom? LMAO
    No they are coming here because America is STILL the Number ONE BEST place to make money… A Juan or Jose knows that he can make a lot of money and get free benefits coming to the United States… They don’t come here to learn English or contribute as they don’t give a shit.
    Chinese students still come here because they want to learn from American university. Do you ever see Chang Chong or Duk Wo taking a liberal arts class? NO
    Nor do you see Vishnu the third or Kumar taking psychology class? LMAO
    What are they taking? ENGINEERING, or Computer Science… why? So that they can learn these skills, possibly get a job (to steal high tech security clearance shit) or obtain skills, go back to their country and have American companies offshore it and hire these guys instead…
    What do White Americans do? Yup like the idiot white Goyim, they argue about feminism, equal rights, and other bullshit… and taking useless college courses like women’s rights and liberal arts.
    Fortunately the high top CEO positions in the USA are still owned by white Americans (thank God) but we also been stupid to hire women at the same time.. .
    America is doomed!

    1. Food Thing. No doubt. This country has become nothing but utter CRAP big box food chains everywhere.
      A major reason why the obesity is so out of control is everyone’s eating processed junk that’s readily available and cheap along strips which (already) lazy asses drive to and receive via a drive thru window.
      I lean center right but what is undeniably great about liberal cities are the wholesome food obsessed junkies who live there and open up great restaurants and brew REAL beer. I’ve lived in Portland, OR and Seattle. Two cities with ridiculously far-left politics but hold a plethora of great eateries and breweries. I’m now back in Maine and Portland, Maine is the same way — magnificent little city with breweries and real food obsessed restaurants everywhere. But this is certainly the minority in the U.S. I’ve been in 40 U.S. States and found in many places the only joints in town are places like: Applebee’s, Chilis, Church’s Kitchen, KFC, etc.

    2. I have been working abroad for a long time and worked for several international companies that has allowed me to travel extensively. From Madrid to Moscow and from Helsinki to Cape Town. I have met the competition and they are going to eat the current American generation alive.
      American univeristies have stopped teaching and became a business enterprise suckering clients/students to go into long term perosnal debt via student loans, which cannot be dispatched, to keep the pseudo-academic pyrmaid scheme going.
      Currenty US student loan debt is topping $1 trillion dollars. Watch for “debt forgiveness” to be a poltical issue to cull votes. Whats going on in Greece is going to spread “unexpectedly.”

      1. college is a scam. I would say more than 90 percent of so called “studies” or any major that is not practical for the real world is a waste of time. Any major that has “studies” attached to it is probably load of bullcrap.
        The only ones that are actually worth for is Engineering, Law School or I.T Business (the degrees that foreign students enroll in; Not some bullshit like liberal arts, psychology or women’s studies) … and if one graduate, he better have good connections ready with ability to “woo” your interviewer. And then good luck selling your soul to a company.
        In fact, what young Americans should do is study today’s market, find what is missing in today’s market and fill that void…. supply and demand and try to learn some business tactics, skills and startups from successful businessmen and entrepreneur. It’s hard but rewarding. If that is not viable option, the young American probably have better chance with trade schools like plumbing, auto mechanic, or even construction.
        Another option …. buy bunch of lottery scratch off and hope you will make millions and millions.
        If one doesn’t mind losing embarrassment, dignity, and privacy… just be a professional panhandler.

        1. “In fact, what young Americans should do is study today’s market, find what is missing in today’s market and fill that void.”
          And hope that automation doesn’t replace thoses niches.

        2. Scam is a good accessment of the current universities in the US.
          “The only ones that are actually worth for is Engineering, Law School or I.T Business
          Law school is a waste of time in the US… to many of them chasing fewer bucks hence why suing everyone sight is deep in US culture. Try to get legislation to cap pay outs in lawsuits? Oh hell no.
          STEM (science, technology, engineering, medicine/mathmatics) and business/finance courses are the only reason to enter a university. Would include some western civiliation, foreign language and history courses to round it off, but good luck finding anything in the humanities departments these days that has been corrupted.

        3. not to mention you have idiots in hiring department or whatever giving you a call for interview… these fuckers who are not even engineering major to begin with work in HR in engineering company giving calls for interview as they shift through engineering resume… When I clearly listed the project that I worked on, the bitch calls me and says “So when did you quit working in this place” and I”m like… You know that is clearly listed under the PROJECT section not work experience section…
          clearly the engineering HR hires stupid worthless females like her to do the calling procedures who have absolutely no idea.

        4. Thirty years ago I had sent in my resume for an engineering position at a major corporation. They had replied to me and asked me to interview on the opposite coast. When I got there I was sent to the HR department and they handed me a form to fill out. I started to fill it out but soon recognized that it was the same form they asked the guys to fill out that were applying to be janitors. I turned it back into the HR old lady and told her that I would not fill out the form; everything they needed to know was on my resume. She frowned, looked up at me, and said, “They will hire you. They always hire guys like you.” And she was right.

        5. wtf, wow…
          some incompetent people they hire at HR. Did you tell her that the form was for the janitors?
          So you flew all the way to the opposite side of the coast to get some bullshit answer from a stupid bitch who shouldn’t even be hired on the HR.

    3. Please, write an article on this. You nailed it. Every single word. The comments on this article are stellar, particularly this one and the one that outlines how democracy is overrated and leads to degeneracy.
      I have 2 reasons for living in the US: It is still the number one place to make money, and my family lives here. As soon as the economic edge the US has is gone (and inertia is the only reason I can see for it still existing) I’m outta here.

      1. thanks for your words. Glad you liked it.
        Yeah America is still great when it comes to economic opportunity and that is why it attracts a lot of foreign businessmen, international students, and even illegal immigrants.
        The coastal places like the west coast and east coast of United States as well as major inner city plays a role in attracting those who seek economic opportunity whether that be domestic Americans or international foreigners. I mean non-Americans come to America to live off of the current “American dream” and try to get a high paying job in a city or learn some technological skills that they couldn’t learn back in their countries. They don’t come here to live in some random farm places in midWest; that’s for sure.
        Everybody is trying their best to get a taste of the American apple pie (in reference to job opportunity). As much as economy is going bad, that also goes to a lot of different countries not just America. America still happen to have more opportunity than mos other countries (which we take for granted sometimes) but cultural wise, America is fucked.
        This is why it’s important to accept concepts like geo-arbitrage and always seek much greater chance by seeking internet job that pays well. The possibilities are endless and the reward is greater if you earn in first world income and spend it in third world countries where food and living cost is cheaper; not to mention third world countries (while it may be shithole) they still have the human social connections and not everyone is glued to their iphones. Although that may all change in the near future and the changes are actually happening as I type this.
        Entrepreneurship is the answer as we all may know it.
        I just hope that white Americans wake up to all this instead of being blinded by it. Sadly the media has done a “great” job in dividing people. Now all you see in the news is mostly some “terrorism” in the middle east to get people scared, some stupid celebrity gossip news and mostly race baiting articles. We get all distracted without knowing why.
        Even in college for example, a lot of useless events like gay parade or liberal human rights argument tirade is held by liberal whites and naive college students.
        If those same white students can use that effort to take engineering class and computer science and seek job that promotes science and technology….
        Facebook stats, worthless tweets, instagram selfies are all waste of time. Most of the videos and stuff online are waste with exception of returnofkings and few manosphere websites. Majority of our time should be spent on knowledge we can learn and apply that will give us greater investment reward like financially. Maybe I’m just naive but I think there are people who will want to make money without selling their moral at the same time. Give hopes to younger generation that will be inspired in helping make their own community better place.

  29. E.L. James is your garden variety wall victim, to the point this article helped me reach the conclusion she’s writing out what she missed out.

  30. Well, um…
    I haven’t read the book but thanks for your synopsis.
    I think the book can be used as a Red Pill tool to understand the underlying currents that flow through the modern woman,
    It can also be very depressing!
    I think the truth hurts. I think for many years we guys have known that the main force between our mate selectiveness has been whether or not she is sexually attractive or not.
    For a women, it means that as long as you are “hot” or relatively attractive, you will always have a plentiful supply of men looking to give you the bone. It doesn’t matter what other flaws a woman may have that are not attributed to her looks. She could come from a family who has more issues than National Geographic, have no career, and be a dumb as a box of rocks. But it is fair to say that most men would throw themselves at this person just to have the chance to get a morsel of attention. Want to prove this theory check out a porn cam site and see how many desperate betas throw money at these whores.
    On the flip side, FSOG reinforces the red pill truths of what women truly want. It is WHAT THEY HAVE ALWAYS WANTED. It’s just now it is more in the open. I reading an article about Peter O’Toole and his sexual exploits. He was an alpha and had the traits that led him to bedding over 1,000 women. Sinatra was the same type of player.
    The depressing thing for the brainwashed beta is to know that there are a select few men who have the means to be a Mr. Grey. You need to have an alpha frame, be attractive, have money, status, and many other categories. Having one of those category doesn’t GUARANTEE you crap nowadays. I made a comment in another thread about the “Waiting for Superman” syndrome that I coined- where women in the 30’s all seem to be hitching up with the same type of men. These men tend to be a)wealthy b)come from affluent backgrounds c) either physically muscular or thin (no men with any type of body issues) d) work in the golden triad of professions ( Doctor, Lawyer, Fame/Finance) Having only one of these traits WILL NOT qualify you. You need all of them. Another reason fellas why it is much easier to be an attractive woman nowadays,

    1. “Another reason fellas why it is much easier to be an attractive woman nowadays,”
      Do you think this was the rationale that Bruce Jenner used for his transformation?

      1. I think Jenner is an egomaniac. I think deep down he couldn’t stand the fact that his wife and daughters we’re stealing his spotlight. I think he couldn’t take the fact that the “former Mr. Olympian” was nothing but a punchline.
        I think he took the view, “if you cannot beat them, join them”. He had all the attributes of an Alpha. I guess that he gotten eaten up by the machine and felt that the only way he could get the upper hand was to emasculate himself and become a woman.

        1. He has problems (needs counseling). Take a look back at his personal history growing up with his family (some really fucked up things going on). I saw an old movie about it and then read about it. His family did a number on him growing up…now he’s fucked up.

    2. Good points. I find it funny has hell that the author (a woman) knows how a man should act and what would (or should) give a man the hard one. How the hell would she know?
      That’s when you know this shit is jumping the shark or the FI is being used in movies, books, etc…Any red pill man will be able to see the bullshit and call it when they see it.
      A billionaire is going to chase after some chick because she tries to call him out (being gay), shit tests, negs, etc…??? No fucking way. When you have money you have too many options (too many women – not even counting the pros).
      This is how you can tell (in any book or movie) that the FI conditioning is being used. They drop what would really happen in life (or rewrite something) for the fairytale that fits the FI. I call bullshit.

  31. 9 1/2 Weeks was big in the 80’s. The Story of O. Women’s romance novels have always been filled with spankings, women being tied up, etc.–the only difference is that they were usually in the context of the story and “real”. Female fantasies of sexual masochism have always been so prevalent that they can’t really be called deviant.

    1. And thats the irony of it man, they profess to be princesses but deep down all they want is a man with a firm hand to put an end to their bullshit.

  32. Its the ultimate shit test, they say they loathe the very thing they love, and only the bravest of men will be willing to figure out the truth.

  33. Gender equality is a falsehood. Women want a dominant man.
    Got it.
    I would never have read the damned thing anyway. Thanks for taking one for the team. You have confirmed my opinion, and I am capable of inferential learning.

    1. Those are two mutually exclusive. A dominant man does not do what people want him to do. In other words, he doesn’t exist.

  34. I guess I am one of the few females who has not had any desire to read “Fifty Shades of Spank and Abuse Me”. I do enjoy sitting back and waiting for my species to yap about violence against women and then I ask them if they read this trash.

  35. Westernized women want to role play rape with a man who has the wealth of an arab prince and the looks of an ambercrombie and fitch model. Take away the money or the looks, and its not “role play” anymore, its criminal.

  36. “‘You should read it,’ one of them suggested.”
    I’m willing to bet that none of those ladies would’ve been nearly as receptive if you’d suggested they watch or read sexually-suggestive material. Don’t find out the hard way.

    1. i once jokingly suggested a male colleague of mine to come visit me with the bra a female colleague had left at his home so that we can sniff at it. everybody laughed, but i eventually got my “misbehavior” cited to myself by my boss.

    2. Another example of how equality is bullshit.
      These women will openly talk about this shit at work (and throw it in the face of a man) but don’t let a group of men talk about the same material (short trip to HR).
      We all have to work but we can choose who we work for (or self employed). I don’t give two fucks about talking about it openly at work because women have no shame and they’ll do it out in the open. I figure “hey you want to talk about it, let’s do it”.
      Again, they all hate me and love me at the same time. So much truth going on (their behavior) and they don’t even know it.

    3. I’ve seen females say outright sexual things to a male superior, like “Do you need anything? Like coffee, or a blowjob?” just for laughs. Then the same slut called the same man creepy because on another occasion he complimented / flirted very discreetly with another female colleague. Mind boggling.

  37. I can never hear about “50 Shades of Grey” again without thinking about Delicious Tacos’ hilarious and brilliant review of it:
    Basically, women fantasize about being so irresistible that a handsome, wealth, Alpha-like billionaire will pursue them.. take charge of them.. dominate them.. but ultimately will put her emotional needs before anything else.. and “worship” her. It’s the standard Harlequin romance novel trope: the alpha, “bad boy” rogue .. who deep down wants to be “tamed” by a “strong,” “independent” woman and will accept her just the way she is. Women want to be dominated.. but also worshipped at the same time. Only “hawt” alpha, rich and successful men though are allowed to dominate them (within the boundaries she decides of course).. Short, balding, unattractive and broke men are “creepy” and perpetuating “rape culture” if they’re assertive and dominant with women.
    The other thing you need to understand about female sexuality is that women are a lot more degenerate and “kinkier” than men are. They have done studies that demonstrate that.. women find all kinds of sexual activities physically arousing.. and sometimes, they aren’t even aware of what they find arousing. Or perhaps they just don’t want to admit they find those things arousing. They did a study where they measured blood flow to the genitals for both men and women, showed them all kinds of sexual images and video, and then asked the men and women to report whether they found the images and video they were viewing to be sexually arousing. In almost all cases, straight men were NOT aroused by things like images of gay men having sex, or images of baboons having sex, and they truthfully reported as not being aroused by those things, and the blood-flow measurements to the genitals of the men confirmed that. Straight women on the other hand… found those things arousing (lesbian sex between females, gay men having sex, baboons having sex, etc) based on the measurements of blood flow to the genitals.. even if most of the women reported those things as not being arousing.
    Check out this episode of The Nature of Things on human sexual desires that describes the above study:
    Basically, women are fucked up sexually. They are truly feral whores.. and are aroused by a far more broader spectrum of sexual activity and kinks. And most of them aren’t even aware of what they find sexually arousing.

    1. Less than 5% of males are gay. But 15% of females feel same sex attraction. The most common search term for women looking for porn is “lesbian”. Women are much more likely to have 3 way sex, use sex toys, start having sex at younger age, post slutty pics on the internet, etc. Women under-report their number of sex partners to not diminish their social value, hand jobs and oral sex aren’t counted as “real” sex. Vacation sex isn’t “real” sex etc. Most men would be disturbed to know how many cocks their wives or daughters have swallowed.If a woman complains about being “objectified” for sex it really means the man was too beta to get her interested. If he was alpha enough for her she’d be on her knees.

    2. What is the problem with this? the human race wouldn’t be here if women didn’t love sex more than men do, obviously women have to love sex more then men if they are the gate keepers of sex.

  38. Women want AF/BB wrapped up together. Christian Grey: billionaire, nice looking, fit, take-control kind of guy. Without the looks or even the attitude, if you are a billionaire then (a certain species of) women will be lined up around the block. Same-same if you are a basement-dwelling, broke-ass, Gen-Y grad student if you happen to look like one of the Hemsworth brothers.
    The latter, when portrayed as a “nice guy” can be the subject of rom-coms or other stories of the heart and overcoming adversity, but without a sound financial footing, that does not give women the FTE (“Full Tingle Experience”).
    I suppose the third category is the rebel – the bad boy – who, setting aside their looks or wealth, is perhaps a dangerous criminal or artistic type. Christian Grey even embodies this to a point as heavy BDSM is actually illegal in many jurisdictions. But again, there will always be a breed of woman who will hang with you and give you sex if you carry either an electric guitar or an unlicensed handgun.
    The final component, which I suspect is largely a result of half a century of feminism, is the female desire to “top from the bottom”. Sure, there is the natural instinct to be dominated but culture has told them that they must be catered to, all of their desires met, and that they must always have the last say on things.
    Google the term and the Urban Dictionary or some fetish glossary can give you their definition. I haven’t read the novel but I have seen the movie and my take-away was that Ana wanted to top from the bottom, Christian would not allow that, and so she gets on a elevator and gives up her billionaire bad boy boyfriend with the washboard stomach because of it. On searching the term, apparently there is mention of this right in the text of the novel:
    The quote given is:
    “You know, you’re topping from the bottom,” he murmurs against my lips.
    “What?” I don’t understand what he’s talking about.
    “Don’t worry, I’ll live with it,” he whispers, amused.
    The conclusion I drew was that “live with it” meant “manage it” rather than conceding to it and he would not change his basic nature (rather damaged as it is IMHO) to suit her so she left. The alternate theory is that he broke frame and when he gave her an inch she took a kilometer and then dumped him..
    The writing may have been shit (I don’t read novels) but the narrative is ingenious as it takes a woman who you would barely notice if you had to scrape her from your shoe, and she TURNS DOWN the AF/BB as a symbol of female empowerment, after getting her tingle-on and such.

      1. It’s box office earnings are impressive. I personally didn’t like the movie, but I could see why women would want to see it, and perhaps drag their BFs along.

  39. Has anyone see the fucking tavern beast of a pig who was beaten with an ugly stick who wrote this ridiculous tripe? Good god, she’s hideous. Moreover, the ONLY kind of sex she has ever had is furtive, perfunctory 2 minute missionary sex with the lights off with her long suffering husband as he struggles to keep the bile in his stomach and not projectile vomit all over her from fear and revulsion.

    1. “Tavern beast”? Fabulous word. Can we get a list of RoK commenter words . You know, those descriptive terms that are just so perfect.
      The best one of last week was “dune coon”.

  40. The female mind can perform all sorts of mental acrobatics, but vaginas never lie.
    TRUTH. Well done sir.

  41. “it is arguably the worst novel ever written in the English language”
    I know it’s bad bro, but it’s can’t be nearly as awful as anything written by Shawn Wunjo. Shawn writes books like “The Vagina Ass of Lucifer Nigger Bastard” and “Gay Ass Moon Nigger Songs (In The Key of Kike)”. Of course, I suppose those aren’t meant to be taken seriously like 50 Shades is….

  42. But they’ve been sold a fiction and there is nothing sadder than a woman who has allowed that perverted narrative to drive her life decisions and actions in a fantasy-fueled Eat, Pray, Love manner until she eventually slams head-on into a wall of unforgiving truth.
    Shakespearean in its poetry.

  43. That one of the worst books ever written is also one of the most commercially successful ones is proof that Democracy does not work, as women vote themselves money they did not earn, only to spend on things that appease their primate hardwiring….

    1. that’s nonsense. the so-called “democracy” isn’t perfect – but it’s the only system that works so far. all the rest are much worse.

    2. It’s very difficult to accept this when one is raised in the west, indoctrinated by public schools, and only taught positive attributes of Democracy, Capitalism, Socialism, etc. and never exposed to alternatives, but you are absolutely correct. Monarchy was the best system so far. I’m glad the founders of the USA tried democracy but it has proven to be a failure.

  44. I hope you don’t need therapy to deal with that mental-emotional scarring. Most therapy is utterly useless.
    I am happy to state that I never read a word of this tripe – barring what was quoted in this article. From what I read here, and in the comments, the novel’s storyline skips around about as badly as the thought-processes of the average modern ADD-addled girl’s brain.
    I see that there is a new variation of this novel out there. It’s called “Grey” and is apparently the same novel as recounted from the perspective of Christian. Bets that it is basically the same and that Christian is filled with female twaddle-and-angst?

  45. Women ruin everything; the latest example being BDSM. Though to be fair to the authoress who penned Fifty Shades, Madonna ruined it first with her Sex book.

  46. Sorry you went through that.
    I disagree though on the conclusion. I think the ultimate fantasy every woman wants is to have that man that all the other women want. Women want women to envy them. It feeds their narcissism when they feel all their friends are jealous of their life.
    Grey is a trophy for the main girl. She is nothing desirable. Nothing to envy, like most women.
    However, she gets the guy all the women “want” by doing nothing at all.
    This is the ultimate female fantasy. Grey is not important. When women fantasize about Fifty Shades of Stupid, they aren’t fantasizing about meeting a man like grey.
    They are fantasizing about how jealous everyone would be of them in “perfect” love. Oh, how everyone would realize they were specialize inside if they had a man like Grey willing to do anything to get them.
    Women don’t wear make-up and fancy clothes for men. They wear it to get envy from other women. To claim their status as above other women.
    Even if they find a “perfect” guy he’s useless to them if he’s not making their friends jealous of them. I’ve seen in more than a few times.
    A couple goes on a date so she can introduce “him” to her friends. Except he doesn’t act the role of “perfect” and her friends stop being envious of her. He’s not the “soulmate” she built him up to be.
    Now her friends aren’t envious.
    Guess who’s going to be chucked like last’s week garbage.
    It’s a show. Christian Grey is the trophy that the MC carries around that draws a sea of “envious” women.
    Millions of women envy the MC for having this perfect trophy and fantasize how if they had it, millions of women would envy them.
    When women read a romance, they envision themselves as that female. But it’s more than that. They are the “female” in a romance novel. That means they are the female that millions are reading about just as they are.
    It’s all about women’s unending need to be “envied”. Men are a tool to achieve that. None more so than Grey.

    1. nope.
      women want to be with a man who makes them happy to the point that other women envy their happiness. they don’t necessarily care if other women want that particular man.

  47. She does have one thing which is powerful enough to catch the interest of the male model good-looking billionaire guy…she is a virgin. Despite being attractive and early 20s (I believe) she is a virgin and not only that but not a frigid one averse to sex as she quickly becomes a skilled slut for him. Although probably not enough to make up for the bitchy attitude and overall vapidness of her personality and intellect, the fact that the purity of her past combined with the willingness to become “his slut” is such a rare and highly desired trait that it almost makes sense that the billionaire would fall for her. That aspect was probably overlooked by millions of readers in a culture where women are taught that getting around and getting experience is empowering and will lead to guys really falling for them.

      1. wtf are you talking about? willsandfates is referring to the character of Anastia Steele in “Fifty Shades of Grey” who is indeed a young 21 year old virgin before she meets Christian Grey.

  48. I would say the writing style actually helps sales.
    Females want to be purely solipsistic and to have everything done for them. So the stream of consciousness style appeals to their solipsism and the bad writing appeals to their sense of demand. *Why* should the narrator have to bother with proper grammar and logical sentence structure when that’s a man’s job? *Why* should sentences have to be finished when her mood is going to change by time the thought is completed? *Why* should paragraphs be well thought out when the narrator doesn’t know what the hell she wants anyway?
    A better written book would have sold the fraction of the volume that the poorly written version did.

    1. You might be on to something here. Maybe that kind of disordered writing does indeed appeal to women because it reflects their own disordered thinking, so they can identify with it.

  49. Don’t feel embarrassed that you read that rag. A while back there was an ROK article about the movie of the same name, and the author esentially said that you don’t want to see the movie, YOU GOTTA see it simply to get an insight to what’s going the minds of today’s hormonal driven beasts. You saved me the hassle of seeing the movie, yet I have the takeway that benefits me as a man.
    Thank you, good sir.

  50. Women are a hive mind, especially when it comes to shitty art and making it incredibly successful.

    Anthony nails it: “You bitches like some stupid shit!”

  51. 2 cents:
    1. Dominant male is what women mean when they say they want a man who is confidant. He knows what he wants, who he is, doesn’t allow himself to be browbeaten or shamed by her, doesn’t sponge off of her financially or emotionally and occasionally reminds her that he notices/desires her without ever becoming her “whipped eunuch.”
    2. Women want the man to allow them to be “sexually liberated” in that she can let go in their sexual interactions, but at the same time want to avoid the stigma they know comes with admitting they enjoy being taken, especially out of the confines of privacy. It’s irrational, but look at the popular culture and social media, they naturally seek attention and external validation, they crave and feed off of it, so it stands to reason they will try to avoid public outing even while posing outrageously, suggestively or outright doing something sexual.
    It’s all plausible deniability, they want to be able to tell other women that no, their man doesn’t dominate/own them in an empowered feminist-narrative kind of way, but secretly they enjoy fulfilling the feminine (and usually submissive) role they are naturally geared toward.

  52. Women want a strong and dominant man.

    Funny I made this precise comment earlier today on another article. This conclusion I have drawn rather from personal experience than from books but it is valid nontheless.
    I have also drawn the conclusion that women are not that fussed about what you do to them in bed as long as you are dominant. This bullshit on TV where you are constantly seeing men in the submissive position giving a woman head is to convince you should literally do anything to satisfy your woman. Rarely, do you see a woman pleasuring a men this way unless it is a negative fashion (like from a hooker).
    Frankly, woman value your dominance, ability to provide and protect, and your ability to keep them in line, far more than your abilty to get on your hands and knees and give them an orgasm.

  53. I also read the whole damn book and, yes, it was painfully tedious.
    I suspect that women have a higher tolerance for bad writing than do men, but I also suspect that the author here is correct in attributing the popularity of this book not to its sexual deviance or writing or even its plot, but to its long-awaited recognition of the unfulfilled needs of women in modern times.
    Women want to be “taken,” and to be thoroughly dominated, psychologically as well as physically. They want to be used for the pleasure of their alpha male. But women are not free to verbalize these desires in any moral framework, whether secular humanist, feminist, baptist or islamic.
    I believe that women were driving the popularity of this book and discussing it openly in the hope that some men would read it and openly discuss the hidden message therein, which some of us have now quite heroically and selflessly done, at great cost to ourselves.

    1. You really believe if the male wasn’t a billionaire, or looked like a male model, that women would respond the same way? Being “strong” and “dominant” without one of those qualities ruins the fantasy for women.

        1. it’s not a good example. did you see those women? prison guards? i suspect all his “women” were just a bunch of dogs.

    2. ” They want to be used for the pleasure of their alpha male”
      i like this sentence. i always keep wondering what women value more: being sexually pleased – or knowing they please someone sexually like noone else.

      1. Men invest so much thought, time and energy in pleasing women – they don’t realize that a woman’s greatest desire is to believe that she arouses such passion in a man that he loses all control and does whatever he likes with them. They essentially want to be a crazy puppy’s favorite squeaky chew toy. They don’t want to know what’s going to happen and they frequently won’t even be able to tell you what happened after the fact. They want to surrender themselves completely to be used for your pleasure. Of course, in reality, it is too quick, easy and boring for you to get what you want, so you should play your part, ham it up, and act like they have driven you to the point of madness with desire.

  54. I hope you washed your hands after reading that shit. Probably got da herp virus on it along with some nasty old dried out female juices. Probably been passed around all the old office hens more than once, ya know…

  55. “The female mind can perform all sorts of mental acrobatics, but vaginas never lie.” Going to borrow that one.

  56. No offense, but I couldn’t even slog through your commentary. Not that you aren’t a good writer, it’s just too painful to read a commentary about a painful book. I did read the conclusion and that was good enough for me.

  57. Never take a woman seriously who reads and craves after nonsense like 50 Shades. I read a few pages and could not believe that grown women fall for crap (for lack of a nicer word) like that. I know them well. They watch soapies and romcoms and read ridiculous books in bed, but forget to pay attention to the men in bed with them. Don’t judge all women by the success of 50 Shades, some of us are actually in touch with reality.
    As for your observation, yes women do want strong, dominant men who can handle themselves, but all the twisted nonsense in that book does not describe what a strong man is. The strongest men are usually the gentlest, men who are secure in their manhood and don’t need to show-off or act like a porn-star.
    Men need to ask themselves why their women have to find satisfaction in nonsense like the book in question, just as women have to question why they fall for such drivel.

    1. Feminism is the answer to your question. The roles have been reversed. As a result, men need to stand up to women & put them in their place. However, the woman has big daddy government in her corner ready to “assist,” and as a result, this makes the mans job difficult.

      1. Really?! Its the government’s fault that women are so dissatisfied with their relationships that they escape through stupid fantasies like 50 Shades of Gray. Feminism is as good/bad as any ideology, it has its time and then it fades away, but you cant honestly tell me that it stops you from being a real man. The government and intellectual concepts don’t make peoples relationship, people do. This book is a sign of how big the disconnect between real men and real women has become. Don’t look too far for someone to blame. Its us women and you men’s fault.

        1. You obviously read (and heard) only what you wanted to hear.
          Yes, the government makes my job of disciplining my wife difficult. When she can claim “abuse” whenever she wants, and have the man banished from his own home. The government has been replacing men for decades, & feminism is the root of the problem. I don’t expect you to see that as a woman as you’ve never had to deal with it.

  58. Admonitions for Women, Madam Ban Zhao, Female Confucian philosopher and historian, (ca. 45-116 CE): “Let a woman modestly yield to others; let her respect others; let her put others first, herself last.” “Lay the (girl) baby (at birth) below the bed to plainly indicate that she is lowly and weak, and should regard it as her primary duty to humble herself before others.” “A husband can marry twice, but his wife must never remarry. Just as Heaven cannot be disobeyed, so the wife cannot keep away from her husband.” “As Yin and Yang are not the same nature, so man and woman have different characteristics….Man is honored for strength; a woman is beautiful on account of her gentleness.”

  59. I just had this pillow conversation with my girlfriend after giving her a roller coaster ride of multiple orgasms through liberal amounts of degrading filthy talk , some choking and hard fucking involved. I brought up how women now have turned the tables where they have movies like Magic Mike and Fifty Shades. Total objectification turned on its head. Up until the 90’s guys had no shortage of dumb tits and ass movies.Now it’s totally cool for women to watch Mimbos and take charge alphas to fuck the living shit out of the women in movies where the woman is the objectifier. I told her because women really want guys like Nacho Vidal and Rocco Siffredi to manhandle and violate them (in a consentual way).
    My sexual success has been because I realized this a few years ago. If theres anything to learn from this current trend in the media is women want to be dominated by an alpha man especially in bed. Usually the rougher, the better. Make sure you have a real understanding and perhaps a safe word. Consider smartphone/tablet videotaping the sex also.Not only does it work as instant foreplay when she watches it and gets her wet as a slip n slide but it could also just be your get out of jail card. We just read last week in R.O.K about little snowflakes that actually like getting their brains banged out, then have slut remorse and press chrges when their oxytocin high wears off and have a boyfriend/ husband/ religous guilt to answer to. Have video evidence that women prefer to be man handled in bed to cover your ass if she decides she cant handle the duplicity that is inherent in women..That they like to have the shit fucked out of them but their snowflake conscious can’t handle the truth. Cover your ass. Post coital bonding will prevent slut remorse. Just spend a few minutes snuggling and telling that you respect her after having your way with her. It could save your life.

  60. Probably the only article on this site I’ll ever agree with, at least the “What women truly want” part anyway.

  61. I stopped reading at the exact moment at the end of the chapter where she claims to be a virgin. I wasn’t going to have my intelligence insulted beyond that. Already knowing what the novel was about, this was just absurd.

  62. It’s the same thing as porn. This book’s about as likely to be a piece of literary genius as the average porno movie is likely to win an oscar. Women like it in the same way that guys love porn videos even though objectively they know the videos are crap.

  63. Hold on, this is weird, this is very weird.
    The ironically weird thing about this, is that on this side, the feminists group yearn for “equality” and despise stalkers in real life, at the same time they want a man who would stalk,pursue,and “try again” after a second time being rejected? This article proved it.
    What the f****?
    Where the f***** is the logic?

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