Why Men Need The Same Reproductive Rights As Women

In the West, when a couple finds out they are going to have a baby, they—or should I say she—have three options, keeping the baby, giving it up for adoption, or getting an abortion. How many options does the man have? You know the answer: zero. He has absolutely no rights, no say in this case, at least not in front of the court.

This has led to a de-dramatization of the act of abortion, leading to an increased number of voluntary terminations. In some cases (most cases?), women may not even tell their partner about their pregnancy and get an abortion anyway.

The white population is decreasing. Do you want to save it? Forget about it until we have true reproductive rights. Today, men are nothing more than witnesses to sinking ships that women are captaining.

“No Means No”: No Abortion If One Of The Parents Says So

Abortion has a huge impact on the personal life of men. For all three main Abrahamic religions, abortion is considered a sin and a crime and it has always been forbidden. As a religious person, I personally agree with the fact that a fetus is already a human being and that it should be treated as such. But even for atheists, abortion is a very painful experience. A child—or at least the possibility of one—is being killed and that doesn’t leave you without some grief.

We have been told relentlessly about how women suffer after having abortions. But what about men?

Such a serious act can have very important and deep health consequences afterwards, such as depression, guilt, and possibly suicide. This is what emerges from research done by Dr. Kaeleen Dingle, who presented a study on the connection between young mens’ depression and abortion. Corrine Barraclough, a journalist for the Daily Telegraph, says she was absolutely “stunned” by this discovery. Really? Was it so surprising to discover that men have feelings? Surely yes when it is all about women.

However, she doesn’t forget to conclude with, “Of course, this isn’t a blame game. And, of course, this has nothing to do with pointing a finger at women who, rightly, have control over their bodies.” Of course…

I am sorry to disagree with you, Corrine, but I am going to point the finger at women. Firstly, women do not have control over their bodies. Even here in France, abortion is illegal after three months, and a woman who has passed this point is required to keep the baby. Secondly, if a woman wants to keep the baby, nobody can force her to have an abortion. So, if a man wants to keep the baby, he should be able to do so, regardless of the woman’s opinion. That’s basic equality.

My Story

I experienced this scenario when I was 26 years old and my girlfriend was 23. We were living in Paris and had been together for five years when she got pregnant accidentally. I will not comment on the reliability of contraceptives, but after a fairly long period of dating and the large number of sexual relations that come with it, the chances of pregnancy are no longer negligible.

However, everything seemed to be going fairly well in our relationship and I thought we were ready for a stable family life. After all, we’d spent five long years together and we’d talked about having children several times before. So, when she announced the big news, I didn’t hesitate long before telling her that I thought we should keep the baby.

I was very excited by the perspective of a small child coming into our life, one that we would be raising and teaching to have his way in the world, the normal joys of normal parents. Also, coming from a Christian background, life was sacred to me and abortion was not really an option. At first, she agreed with me—or at least that’s what I thought—because she looked pretty happy about it too. I couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Some days later, she told me without tears nor trembling that she had decided not to keep the baby. I argued with her, trying as best I could to convince her to change her mind, but to no avail. No way she was going to sacrifice her youth and body, no way she was going to commit to a steady situation so early in her life. Damn, how did I fool myself so much for so long!? I was blind, I should have understood, I should have seen that she still had countries to visit, people to meet, and dicks to fuck.

Actually, she was always worried about her fertility wondering whether or not she could have children, and I guess this news quite reassured her about her womanhood. That was the only reason she was so happy, not because of the kid that was going to come into this world, not because of the perspective of a family life, but the confirmation that her uterus was working well.

She didn’t give a fuck about the baby, she didn’t give a fuck about me, all that mattered was herself. I could not imagine anything more selfish.

From the day she told me she was getting an abortion, my world turned black. I was over-thinking what was going to happen. Was I letting my own child be killed? What could I do to save him?

After one week, she had her abortion simply by going to a physician and taking two pills. Did the doctor ask what the opinion of the father was? No way. Did he even ask whether she told him? Absolutely not. That’s how easy it is today. No questions, no problems.

The pills were taken and the pregnancy terminated. The baby was five weeks old.

I regret it each day of my life.

Want to know the cherry on top? She was Irish, and in Ireland, abortion is illegal. Too bad she didn’t stay there; in France, the degeneracy had begun long long ago. Thank you, Miss Simone Weil.

Reproductive Rights For Men

When it comes to the life of your own baby, your opinion should always be taken into account. That is a fundamental right that is not granted to us today. Whether or not you think that a fetus is already a human being, your voice should count.

Aborting a baby is a very tough experience for both parents, who might regret it for the rest of their lives. For that reason, it should require the consent of both of them.

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87 thoughts on “Why Men Need The Same Reproductive Rights As Women”

  1. Most women, like your girlfriend, are mostly curious about their fertility. Once reaffirmed about that, they lose interest. So I say women should have no rights whatsoever about such an important matter. They do not have the moral faculty as men do. Their animal instincts kick in only when they start feeling the baby inside and the bonding hormone “oxytocin” starts to flow then.
    A piece of advice. If a girl tells you that she wants a child as she needs to love someone else beside herself, do not be fooled to think that she’d make a good selfish mother. It most likely mean that she’s actually a low energy and is going to vampirize the baby for energy.

    1. An interesting set of statistics I came across last week.
      In 1907 a child in the USA had a 10% chance of dying before adulthood.
      In 2015 a fetus in the USA had a 20% chance of being aborted.
      So a fetus conceived today has 10% more chance of premature death than one conceived in 1907.
      (taken from child mortality stats, combined with birth/abortion stats in 2015 4 Million births and 900,000 abortions in the USA))

      1. Thank God, can you imagine how much of a shithole this country would be without abortions? Do you realize that many of those getting abortions are women like the ones in this picture, or another black woman who screwed her 1,000th black dick. We wold literally be an overpopulated, non-white, socialist shithole if not for abortion. The world would probably be 10 times worse off without abortion. Plus, women would only find another way to abort….they already have drugs for the first trimester that will abort.

        1. Disagree, but here me out:
          The people who we think shouldn’t have kids, are the ones getting PAID by our tax dollars to have kids. Welfare creates crime and poverty by incentivizing young women to BECOME single mothers. Then, they are rewarded for having more babies, and encouraged to raise those children in the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country.
          A very high percentage of abortions are NOT inner city black or latino women, but white women who want careers.

    2. Excellent comment about the oxytocin kicking in. A woman can’t function against her biology. Women weren’t biologically designed to manage options. They were designed to be managed and commanded by a male patriarch man – – otherwise their body is starved of its crucial production of ocytocin. Screwed and glued is a happy woman.
      The Anabaptist Amish give their women zero options to abort. Their divorce rate too is zero. The Anabaptists explaned:

      It might seem impossible to enforce rules and restrictions on your woman if you live in open society, but as we see with the Amish, only a few immediate clan members surrounding the woman have power over her. The clan members surrounding her are an integral part of her daily life have the power to limit her options. Her fingers will never touch a phone to call a women’s advocacy help line and she will never coarse through the yellow pages looking for a divorce attorney.
      SHE’S GLUED to her assigned and annointed duties with a patriarchal support member behind, in front of and to her left and right. That’s all it takes to trump the insideous bitch backed system that grants options to a woman. It’s the next best thing to going all out and sniping row after row of enablers and enforcers of women’s empowerment who lurk and hover outside your clan. You don’t have to go to war with the system unless you’re alone. With clan members surrounding you, the system will attack the non supported standalones first before they ever try to take on a whole clan.
      It is clear women must be kept this way – CONTAINED. It is tragic that the author lost his child but he was alone against the system that criminally empowers women and gives them options so as to depatriarch and atomize the populus. He may have been on the culling end of their depop agenda too with a white on white pregnancy and his woman was singled out and advised to abort. All it would have taken is one single pat on her back by a community member that they have her six and are vigilant and ready to hurl carcasses of the enemy aside so as to clear her avenue to BREED, to TIT FEED and to SERVICE her patriarchal master. The Amish have similar tribal clan support systems NAILED. Yeeeah buddy!!

  2. Agreed 100 percent+, Gonad. Also, abortion doctors/baby murdering sociopaths are completely evil to the core. Any and all means (“Dr.” Tiller, anybody) that are taken to discourage others to become baby killing bastards should be taken in a just society. Most women are to cowardly to murder their innocent babies without the help of a second party abortionist to oblige their disgusting desires.

    1. Why don’t you get off your ass and go save them all. You are just another emotional idiot like the liberals. Muh, all babies are precious…no…most babies are the by-product of failed men who shouldn’t have had the opportunity to breed but did because women today worthless whores, and they are also the by-product of trashy women in the first place, like the ones pictured above. If enough of these poor bastards were born the liberals would just have more socialist voters, and we would be a shithole.
      So, unless you are willing to fight to the death, slaughter liberals, take women’s rights away, and do this so that some piece of shit can breed than fine, go do it….but until then, just shut the fuck up.

    2. Probably modern civilization has become too complex for all but a small percentage of women to deal effectively with it.
      Possibly, if some history is accurate, the original ancient civilizations may have been.
      At best women in general are likely just capable of living effectively in proto-civilized preliterate neolithic towns.

  3. THIS is why societies used to repress a woman’s rights…because left unchecked they will run out and kill their babies without a second thought. She is a murderer and will burn in hell for her evil choice.

  4. This won’t happen. what we need equality is rights of newborn so we can take it home on a flip if both parties want custody of a newborn. Currently women always get this 99.99% of the time when parties are not together. This would change the game!!!! Men will never get equal custody later when women have the bond with it. We will never get equal divorce, alimony or custody when they get the baby at the start. THATS THE CHANGE WE NEED. Women will stop reproducing with thugs in an instant if they think he would get 50:50 to raise it.

    1. The abortion one there is no chance to win and, if you look at the babies being aborted its clearly the worst ones. Thats a battle that cannot be won outside of southern united states.

    2. Raising a child is like a stake in society. Men only get this by maintaining relationships with women, where its a right of all women regardless. When she gets the first year of the child they’ll never then give men the baby after this as she has the bond and the record. Women without careers have things to live for but men really don’t unless in a religion. Women would fight that harder than you could ever imagine to stop this rule.
      The problem is that you have traditionalists on the right wanting to restore patriarchy who don’t advocate this since they want something from history, and then weak men on the left who accept any conditions since they are literal cucks without nuts. This is what we should fight for. Don’t think that it wouldn’t draw many women back to traditionalism also as they would hate equality. They love their privileged positions and want to pick and choose where they are equal to men.

  5. Girls should be treated as children. They need someone to take the important decisions for them. They might argue and scream, in the end they are happy that their man has taken the decision, otherwise they go crazy wondering why they did this or that.

    1. Saudi Arabia is the third most happy country in the world if you google it. Women are treated like Queens. They boss the home rather yap around as miserable carousel feminists raising unhappy broken children in single parent homes whilst the men get wasted in the street.

  6. In my presently lousy country of birth, Sweden, if you get a child with a woman you aren’t married with all you get as a father is a bill in the mail for the child support. No authority will step in to make sure that you get your right to see the child. The above is what happens nothing. In today’s society where women are “liberated” and can make their own money I think if they choose to keep the baby against the fathers will they should have to support it themselves. If not they should accept us to have the rights in the article that it takes to parents to agree on the abortion. But in general I’m against abortion.

    1. Basically men had all provider rights in the work place that went. Women had all motherly rights which they retained. Its a sick society feminism is creating where we are the lower class humans who have few rights to have a family, only pay for one.

    2. I’ve recently bumped into this attractive Swedish girl, late 20s. Checked her twitter feed later – oh, my, oh, my, what a crazy loony lefty. Always be checking women before you get serious with them, especially from the West. Most are broken.
      I would only procreate with a Swedish woman if I could take her on desert island. LOL

      1. Swedish women they are the most divorce hungry in Europe as they get the same level of providing if together or not. Look at the stats. The men there are some of the most effeminate leftist “egalitarian” cucks, hows that working out for them? The men are ( relatively speaking ) loyal AF then get their ass handed to them.

  7. Wow… This is a very strong story and sorry that happened to you. Have you brought this case up with a lawyer or politician yet? You have an incredible argument there.

    1. He has no argument by the standard of arguments of modern society. Abortion is an argument that could only be won AFTER a massive return to religion. Religion will return as they have the children so in the long run feminism ect is a dead duck/wrong side of history but for the next 25/50 years sucks for us it may get worse. Eventually creeping anti-abortion laws will return at least in Europe such as requirements for male consent and to prove who is the father. Pity this will be too late for us.

        1. Canada will survive I am almost sure but Europe? Slavis men are being screwed by the new sexual replacement Islamic men in western europe taking all their women and they may rise to civil war with the pain ( nationalistic right ) and then it may survive but I wouldn’t count on that. Rest of Europe is just dodo island and too scared to say shit against oppressive leftist governments..

        2. The racially red-pilled East Asians see whats happening and shut shop soon. Russia will survive and learn thanks to one clever little Russian man. Russians know how the racial mix of a country is the biggest factor in civilization/society building/continuity and how certain races/religions don’t fit modern western/liberal civilizations. You gotta be cruel to be kind.
          Weak Eurocucks deluded themselves into sexually replacing their own men. The Idea of the lies was removing natural self-sustaining anti-c*cking xenophobia preventing Nazism2.0 situation but instead they’re having this bizarre cuck-death where their men get out competed for chicks at home which their women beckon in whilst they watch silently.

        3. Reply to wristcel:
          Is what’s happening in the EU some sort of BBC/cuck porno fantasy? Sometimes I wonder.

        4. spot on Former Cubicle Drudge. The most multicultural cities white men are mostly getting left over now. You’ll see 2 or 3 ethnic men with white women for one in the other direction as Muslims and black women don’t date in the reverse direction much. America smartly balanced it with Asians for white dudes. Governments main aim is to keep it suppressed whats going on. To say white Euro men are suffering a sexual holocaust is an understatement.

    2. Men will never have this right unfortunately. Not because of screaming SJW or feminist. Its because of biology. I think abortion is wrong and men should use condoms EVERY time. But imagine forcing a woman by law to carry a baby full term for 9 months…that she doesn’t want anything to do with? That alone is the reason men won’t ever have this right. Yes it takes a man sperm to create a child but the mother carries it for 9 months and no law is going to force a woman to carry an unwanted child. Or what face prison time? They need to just outlaw abortion. (Even though abortion can protect a man for 18years from a batshit crazy bitch too)

      1. Either the want-to-be-father and/or government funds/subsidizes the mom for nine months. Its basically the same as single motherhood for nine months instead of eighteen years.
        Progressive political theory would tell us that men already have this right because all people are born with the right to do everything yet government either restricts or permits those rights to be practiced (i.e. the law). The current political climate is that everybody should be able to practice every right making the government unjust and “oppressive.”
        Outlawing abortion is a good idea but we have to take steps and this certainly appears to be one of those steps.

        1. Sometimes I read feminist magazines. Men are earning more than we deserve; we are shagging them all without permissions; running all of businesses and banks; control science and politics; we even run a ten thousand year brutal patriarchy. There is too much doom and gloom around here at least feminist magazines are optimistic about the state of men-kind!

    3. No. In France, they are so proud of their right for abortion that any debate on it is impossible. Almost no politician question it today.

  8. Nope, the reproductive rights should only belong to women, for the simple case that, if the man decides to fuck off, she’s the one stuck with child expenses AND the stigma of single motherhood, which means zero personal life until the child grows.
    OR, if you want the same reproductive rights, you leave WITH the child.

    1. “… if you want the same reproductive rights, you leave WITH the child.”
      That’s pretty much what the author was getting at.

    2. Dude have you not seen the white women actually chase the dudes who are most obviously going to fuck off. They laugh at decent low earners. They want to be single mothers in most socialist states.
      Feminism fights against the idea of families and therefore men being allowed to raise children. Give men a 50:50 chance to take it home from the hospital and get the government flat + maintenance from women and they’d no longer want families either.

  9. If a woman even contemplates the possibility to kill your child with abortion, that means for her you are a big BETA.
    She has no respect towards you.
    She does not want you to use her body for continuing your DNA line, she wants to preserve it for Chad.
    Kick her out then, automatically, on the spot.
    I hope you kicked this bitch out soon as, Alex. Tell me you did.

    1. Although there is some grain of truth in what you’re saying this is no longer the case with modern women. They are very childish and incapable of making any decisions.
      When a group of young girls comes to my bar, they never know what they want and keep asking each other: What are you going to order? What are you going to order?

  10. Wow, wow, wow. I am quite pro-life but all these comments about evil and immature women in need of control make me sick. Do you feel aroused when posting this nonsense?

        1. Watch out Karolinka!
          Gonad will get you preggers and then you will have to abort his BETA genetics into the Planned Parenthood Satanic Bonfire!

    1. European men are fcked as they are importing mostly men, and the groups ( black, muslim ) which even when equal in numbers out compete the men by rating ratios. White men out compete asian men but they import the men whose women don’t want them much, and who their women want. Europe’s death will be a lesson to the world in the toleration of feminist c-ckoldry and its weak beta male enablers.

  11. ” For all three main Abrahamic religions, abortion is considered a sin and a crime and it has always been forbidden.”
    There are much variations and nuances in this respect. Judaism does not have a singular outlook on abortion, and the Torah does not deal with this subject in much debt, including an in-depth discussion of what life is. From a historical perspective that is of course a consequence of the level of material development and other contextual factors.
    Neither does the Quran, but a general guideline is that a complete human being is formed within the span of four months. Islam offers a more gradual and “cumulative” view of the creation of humans, whereas traditional Christanity – Catholicism in particular – may be considered as more absolute. In simple terms Christian teachings have taken certain parts of the New Testament (in particular) and created a universal dogma which forbids abortion.
    As for Israel, the abortion numbers may regarded as moderate from a global perspective.

    unless we repeal the 19th Amendment; USA
    and Western Civilization will die in 2024.
    But the 19th Amendment will NEVER be
    repealed. So prepare for the invasion
    of Chinese and Russian “peacekeepers”.
    …It will be more pleasant than the Nuclear
    War with North Korea, which is more likely.

  13. An honest question: If you really thought that abortion is murder; and that your girlfriend is murdering your son by getting one, then why didn’t you do anything? You could have kidnapped her and chained her to a radiator for 9 months if you really wanted to stop her.
    I have a son. If someone planned on murdering him and told me so I’d do ANYTHING to save him. If law enforcement wouldn’t step in then I’d simply take the law into my own hands. If that meant having to grab my AK-47, being tried for an unlawful killing, and being sentenced to death then so be it. At least my son would live.
    Social conservatives love to talk about how abortion is murder. I don’t believe it. I don’t think they believe it either. Otherwise they’d act very differently. The only other explanation is that they lack the courage to stand up for their convictions.

    1. Few men stand against any regime when it has the people lifted by their short-and-curlies. How many men stood against Nazism, SJW-ism, Communism or the rapefugees?

    2. I hope your exaggerating Mike. If not you seriously have some screws lose. Chain anything even a dog or cat to a radiator is insane. If you had an ounce of religion (I only bring this up because this is a semi religious topic) you need to realize things are not 100% in your control. Yes the bitches who have multiple abortions is wrong. Yes mass shootings is wrong. But you sound just as nuts as them.

  14. Dude its very sad what happened but you can’t blame yourself for murder committed by somebody else. At 5 weeks old there was no way in the world you could have kidnapped her for 8 months and delivered the child and no legal avenue you had. You can have another child with a different women and you sound like somebody who would be a great father.
    I would advise if this happens to somebody else to contact the womens family, friends and even work colleagues to see if they can dissuade her from the murder. If you believe in life from conception and that intelligence doesn’t make a life e.g. even a mentally disabled life is worth the same then you consider this murder. The modern feminist view that a few months inconvenience is worth taking that kids life can only be taken as an atheist. Somebody else will adopt every child so the view the woman is stuck for life is not correct. Babies will always be adopted unless the regulation is too strict as there are so many Christian families who would make sure of that to see abortion finished.

  15. Rather give women the same reproductive rights as men. It’s either wrong or it isn’t. If it’s wrong, both parties being in agreement about terminating a pregnancy doesn’t suddenly make it right. If it ISN’T inherently wrong, then it kinda stands to reason that the decision lies with the party who bears the burden of gestation. I don’t see much way around that.

    1. It’s not that easy of a black and white issue.
      One can make a strong, reasonable sense without invoking religion that abortion is clearly “wrong” in the moral sense. The child is human life.. not matter what state of development it is in. If allowed to gestate, it will develop into a fully formed human child. What gives the woman the intrinsic, moral right to terminate this potential life? Can you actually call her decision moral ? One can make a reasoned argument that there are 3 stakeholders in this decision: the mother who has to bear the burden of pregnancy, the father of the child, and society itself, which has a stake in promoting life-affirming values and practises that make society demographically stronger and viable. Why is it in the feminist, liberal West that only one stakeholder, i.e, the woman’s, in this complicated and difficult moral decision is valued.. while the other two aren’t?
      The thing is though.. like many issues in society, sometimes we have to allow freedom for people to make immoral decisions because the alternative is worse. Abortion is clearly murder.. and immoral.. but if a woman really doesn’t wish to have the child, the West has decided she has the “right” to terminate the pregnancy and it is a better solution than what we know happens a lot.. which is that she jeopardizes her health and well-being as well if she really is intent on not having the child and tries to access underground options like “back-alley” abortions.
      My problem with the current feminist paradigm in the West is that women have all the reproductive rights and men have none. If a man gets a woman pregnant but decides he doesn’t want the child, he is still stuck with the bill and child support payments even if he didn’t want the child. How is that fair?

      1. The whole idea of “fairness” in this context is a bit absurd (talking about men vs. women when there is another human life in the equation), although I think I tend to agree with what you’re getting at.
        Men and women in this culture have equally bought into the idea of gratification without cost or consequence – consumption without production – and that is the heart of the matter. The way I see it, you make the decision to copulate, you’re risking pregnancy. Don’t like it? Don’t do it.
        I’m not a huge fan of child support laws either, but the idea that relative financial burden should be the determining factor in who is or isn’t allowed to dictate the termination of an unborn child strikes me as missing the point.

        1. Yes, I forgot the most important stakeholder of all, which is that of the child itself.. which is a separate entity from the mother and father.. even if nature and biology functions such that a new human life is brought to term by the mother. So the question of morality and fairness is appropriate actually.. when you consider the actual right of the human child to live. Of all the stakeholders I mention above, the child itself and its right to life is of course the most important one.
          As I tried to explain in my comment above, I believe abortion is fundamentally an immoral act. I think a strong case can easily be made for that which is why I can’t stand the left and feminists.. who instead of making a nuanced and honest case like I lay out above instead pretend abortion is some trivial thing and that a fetus isn’t human life. However, sometimes given what we know of human nature, and how things play out when we try to restrict human behavior through laws, I think there is a case to be made that despite abortion being an immoral act, it is the lesser of two evils in some cases and that as a society, we have to sometimes give people, and in this case, women, the freedom to commit immoral acts if they are fully intent on doing so anyway. We know from past experience as a society that if women are intent on killing their unborn child, they will do so even if it is very unsafe and ends up jeopardizing her own health and life.
          So I come to the conclusion that abortion is probably a necessary evil.. but not one that should be taken lightly, and certainly not by claiming that the woman isn’t doing what she really is dong.. which is murdering her unborn child. That should be made clear to her, and if she or both she and the man who got her pregnant are intent on aborting the child, let them do so with that fact fully weighing on their conscience. Feminists claim abortion is trivial and women shouldn’t be shamed for doing it.. I say as a society, we have the right to shame people for making immoral decisions even if we allow them the freedom to do so.
          What I don’t care for also is the very one-sided debate and power women have on this decision. Even if we decide women have the right to abortion, as I said I do for the reasons I already stated, we can make reproductive rights more fair so men don’t always have to pay the price for the risk that both the woman and man took together when they decided to have sex. As I see it, in the West, the men have zero reproductive rights. They cannot force the woman to carry their child to term if they want the child and the woman doesn’t. They cannot stop the woman from having an abortion and killing their unborn child. And if they don’t want to have the child, but the woman does, the man is still somehow stuck with paying for it. I don’t believe that is fair. You can argue the man shouldn’t have copulated with the woman if he didn’t want to face this problem but that’s not really a reasonable argument. .and I can easily say the same for the woman.

      2. Problem is that in all debates about male custody you only get angry feminists saying “women need more help! Women need more stuff!”. By modern laws they own all newborn children so what more rights exactly can they possibly expect!
        There are no men fighting for mens reproductive/custody rights in the public square.

    2. (FWIW, I’m against abortion unless medically indicated/mother and baby will likely both die otherwise. I don’t think it’s likely to see that standard reflected in law any time in the near future, but I think that science, medicine, and technology ought not to be used to mitigate the consequences of irresponsible/degenerate behavior – period.)

      1. Kitty, there is actually no reason for a mother to have an abortion. If her health is in danger, the pregnancy can be carefully monitored, and when it’s truly no longer safe, take the baby out via csection and treat it as a patient. If it dies, then so be it. But at least it wasn’t brutally murdered.

    3. Just wait until a men invents an artificial womb. There will be plenty of crying and lonely women then. I can’t wait until men no longer need women for reproduction.

  16. Father consent required for abortion might be marketable if it were promoted in a way that made it difficult for the feminists to oppose. For instance, if the Father refuses consent, AND forks up big $$ to compensate her for carrying the child to term, it would take some of the wind out of the my body my choice argument. Of course the Father would also have to be willing to raise the child, although we all know that if the father refuses the mother her “entitlement”, and “forces” her to deliver the baby, that the mother will retaliate by separating him from HER child and extorting as much child support from him as she can.
    However, I do believe that if fathers could bite the bullet and get behind such a proposed law, that a lot of media attention would be drawn to the matter.

  17. Not really. The biggest problem of this is that a man does not carry the child in his womb. The woman does. Therefore, I should think she has a much bigger say in what happens with an abortion.

    1. If men carried the baby, women would chase pregnant boyfriends down and try to stab and shoot them to death.

    2. The man usually earns most of the money, so by the same logic, he should have a much bigger say in how it’s spent.

    3. I also view the woman as having the ability to make the decision as to whether to abort or not but I also view that the man should have the right to relinquish parental responsibility without having to pay child support. When the man relinquishes parental rights, child raising is on her dime since you can’t force her to delivery a baby she doesn’t want and can’t force her to abort a baby that she does want. If women realized that she isn’t going to be guaranteed child support, the single mother epidemic would decrease while encouraging the maintenance of the traditional family unit.

  18. I’ve always held the same opinion as the author in this matter. But I go even further, an unborn baby deserves strong legal protections just because it’s an individual human in its own right. From what I understand, genetically, the baby is 50% his or her father so how can the mother make claims about her body. Sure, it’s within her body but the baby itself is a separate entity and should be legally protected as such. Responsibility must be required of all, and they should accept the consequences of their actions. Philosophically speaking, the earlier in life you kill someone, the more of his life you take away. You’re taking somebody’s whole life away, his or her entire future, his life’s timeline from day one to the last, and everything in between. How much life does the statistical 95 year old have left ? It’s therefore a much more grave sin and iniquity to murder an unborn, defenceless baby, than to kill someone who had had a chance to already enjoy life and in some cases may actually need killing, but even then you ought to be ready and willing to do it yourself for justice’s sake, and if you’re not, you have no moral right to pay someone to do it, and the more so, there should be no way for you to do it lawfully.

  19. Another Foolish Article-
    I do NOT support abortion.
    I do NOT hate children.
    I do NOT know a single family right now that is happy, successful, and will have the same in the future.
    -NOT – ONE – FAMILY-.
    The whole system of love, marriage, birthing children seems sacred and profound in the abstract.
    In terms of my life I see it as nothing more than a door to disaster.
    I say this not out of beta fear or immature selfishness but brutal reality.
    To replicate my life (which was not easy or pleasant) I would need a few MILLION dollars and somehow be able to wrangle my wife into supportive non-bitchdom.
    It seems IMPOSSIBLE to cover all the crises that would arise with a son or daughter.
    From the moment of blowing your load into conception you have created a SLAVE.
    The bitch GF can MURDER the child (abortion).
    The medical system can MURDER the child (vaccination, drugs).
    The state can MURDER the child (war, pollution, PCorrectness, LE)
    The banks can MURDER the child (poverty, debt, divorce)
    The churches can MURDER the child’s soul (Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, et al)
    YOU have to stand there and -TAKE IT- when the above happens!
    So its left to a FALSE LOTTERY system instead..
    eg; My child will be the one exception to this planet of BILLIONS OF LOSERS.
    Not worth it.

    1. Why losers? Because they are poor according to your standards? Because they will face struggles? Because they will have a harder life than the idealistic vision of yours?
      I do not support breeding for the sake of breeding but whenever someone spouts such pessimistic views I feel like puking. Is your life totally worthless? Then go do something useful and help those who have it worse.

  20. As a of three daughters, I have come to realize that a babies life and all life is precious.
    I will teach my daughters the correct morals and values and instill the idea of never having an abortion.

  21. I’ll agree that a lot of women have no moral grounding. Wild women flee from morals. Women go farrel. Sometimes it seems like morality is man’s first. I think about Adam and Eve a lot. How the story mirrors a man and woman griwing up, and what it’s implications are for women and decision making. How old is that story and we’re in the same trouble today. Eve didn’t have a democrat doctor, of course.

  22. I don’t know if anyone ever got the memo, but anti-Christ elites run society and they turned it into a secular society. So when the dopes that founded this country were all for “separation of church and state”, that’s precisely what they left for us…separation of society from religious values. While of course murder and theft is outlawed because any society cannot function that way, there are no Christian values that are upheld by law. Society today is secular and is run from the perspective that there is no God. The atheist communist Soviet Union was very similar. Religion in the Soviet Union wasn’t really outlawed completely. When it came to Christianity, the state basically said that you were free to do what you wanted behind close doors of your state owned apartment. But that’s where it would stay. Out in society in the Soviet Union, all laws were atheistic laws and were fairly the same as what we see here today.
    For men to dominate over women is natural God made law. That’s why it takes human laws to enable women to obtain artificial success because without affirmative action, EEO, and welfare, women have zero power on their own to take control of society the way they artificially do now.
    But this all can come to a complete end immediately. As requested by Our Lady on behalf of Jesus Christ in 1917, the pope in unison with all bishops around the world need to perform the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart. This has yet to be performed as requested. Once performed as requested, all democracies and republics and feminism and freemasonry and affirmative action and EEO will FALL. A supernatural event will occur once this is performed. Before you have the typical common knee-jerk anti-Catholic response as do most people, go do your research on this matter. It’s no coincidence that the further people drifted from the Catholic Church, the more anti-male this society has become. PRAY THE ROSARY!!!

    1. societies where state and church are combined often churches die worse as rather than adaptable private startups they are lazy commie-type bureaucracies.

  23. As long as men don’t die during childbirth, and women do, it will be difficult for men to get a veto over an abortion. But we can reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies by giving the man the right to terminate his parental rights AND responsibilities. If she’s not guaranteed child support from the baby-daddy, she might make sure she doesn’t get pregnant. And yes, I do know that sometimes pregnancies take place even when birth control is used correctly. Perhaps such cases should be handled differently than when birth control wasn’t used at all.

    1. “And yes, I do know that sometimes pregnancies take place even when birth control is used correctly.”
      Do you really believe that?

      1. Sometimes condoms will leak and “The Pill” has a 90% success rate. If two forms of birth control are used then the chances become very slight.
        Nothing is perfect. But these would be a minority of cases.

  24. It’s the hypocrisy behind of all of this that gets to me.
    All right, why should women have the power of decision (abortion) in these cases, why should they have more reproductive rights?
    Answer: Because women get pregnant.
    Translation: Boys and Girls are different.
    But when it comes to soldiery, firefighting, handling chemicals, etc. suddenly there is “no difference” and you are a sexist pig for even mentioning it. Never mind that the decision of the woman will affect the man, it’s strictly up to her- hey, wasn’t an argument for women getting voting rights (actually it’s a privilege since they do not have to sign up for the draft) the fact that government actions affect women too? Clearly it’s all one-way.
    No wonder the Left is making more and more enemies.

  25. Personally don’t think that you could ever force a woman to carry a fetus to full term without her consent. I do believe that a man should have the ability to relinquish parental rights and not have to pay child support when doing so. Becoming a parent should be a choice for both father/mother instead of the father having no say once conception occurs. If you want to be a father then knock yourself out and impregnate a woman who wants to be a mother after careful venting. If you don’t, then you shouldn’t have to pay the support and the child rearing costs are on her dime. Presently, the only way a man can control his reproductive rights is to be in control of his birth control. Never leave birth control up to the woman if you’re not interested in becoming a father and I hope that the Vasalgel birth control method for men meets expectations and becomes available soon.

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