Stop Worrying About Specific Game Tactics And Learn To Be “That Guy” Hot Girls Love

Too many guys are obsessed with becoming great at day game, or brilliant at night game, or amazing at Tinder game, forgetting that it is not the method but the results that really count. Rather than wasting valuable energy focussing on perfecting a particular game “craft,” men should instead simply focus on becoming “that guy”—the man who is “sexworthy” as a result of his being prepared to hit on women under any and all circumstances.

The Cult Of Day Game

As most readers will be aware, game is a discipline that is really as old as time, but which has been documented and studied seriously by men since Eric Weber’s How to Pick Up Girls, and then some two decades later, Neil Strauss’s The Game. Since then there has been a whole plethora of game material released, some of fine quality (such as Roosh’s Bang and Day Bang guides), and some less so. Nevertheless, it is fair to say that game has become a legitimate area of intellectual inquiry.

Most early game books focused on ways to talk to women in traditional pick up environments such as nightclubs and bars. What we’ve seen in the last few years, though, is a schism within the pick-up cognoscenti, with some men producing content largely related to night game, while others concentrate solely on day game. I am not sure that this is wholly of benefit to men learning pickup.

Does day game work? Yes, absolutely. Are there techniques and tactics to be considered that you wouldn’t use in a night game situation. Again, yes. Is day game therefore worthy of books and articles dedicated to it solely? Yes.

An issue arises, however, when guys begin to fetishize classic street day game above all other types of game, and treat is almost as something religious, where to run any other type of game feels sacrilegious. For there are day game writers and content creators out there who disdain online and app game, and will sometimes disparage night game as though it were little more than a matter of securing the best table in the club and buying the most champagne.

These men have websites, You Tube channels, books and other products all solely dedicated to day game. Some of it is of a very high quality. But there is a danger that guys who are impressionable will come away with the idea that day game is the only way to meet girls.

Day game, we are led to believe, is somehow purer than other forms of game, more authentic. Simply a superior way to get laid.

Now, if you are pulling 1+ new young, hot girls a month consistently through day game alone than good luck to you. If you’re not, though—and a great many guys, even those who go out a lot, aren’t—then perhaps you might be well-advised to supplement your day game with other methods.

The overarching problem with the cult of day game is that it encourages a fan base of guys to run around the streets of major European and US cities attempting to out-do one another in imitating their YouTube heroes. In London when the sun comes out you will see loads of guys in their identikit black leather jackets and tight jeans and boots—some of them well-groomed, many not—hitting on young women out buying terrible clothes in Primark. In many cases these men would be far better advised to keep in mind the endgame—actually getting laid, rather than imitating YouTube videos—and working up an efficient strategy for accomplishing this.

Far better to practice “always on” game. Far better to simply become “that guy” who always hits on women regardless of his surroundings.

Who Is “That Guy”?

It is often observed that alpha males get away with far more than their beta male counterparts when dealing with women. This is because when a women meets you she will automatically, within a few short minutes, put you into a box, or category, in her mind. Once you’re in this box then it’s very hard to climb out, and if she sees you behaving in a way that suggests you’re trying to then she will get freaked out.

If she sees you—like most men she comes into contact with—as a pleasant but unchallenging beta—then you will soon be consigned to the friendzone box. What that means is that while she may like you, find you funny and enjoy your company, she will never, ever have sex with you.

If, though, when you first meet she finds you cocky, arrogant, funny, challenging and a little inappropriate then she will put you into the ‘potential lover’ box. Once you’re in this latter box you’ll be able to get away with a lot more—rude comments and jokes, sexually suggestive lines and so on—even if you never end up hooking up with her. 

As an example, there is a guy at my workplace who I’ll call Jamie. Jamie has reality TV show looks and dress-sense, is a lad who likes a drink, a football game and a joke with the guys, and is loved by a bunch of the girls we work with. He’s what you might call a natural at game.

To my knowledge he has only actually had sex with one girl in the office (the prettiest “good girl,” funnily enough), but because he is “that guy” he is able to get away with the most outrageous flirty banter with the others, even in an environment ruled over with the iron fist of a a female-led HR department

Does “That Guy” Care Where He Meets Girls?

The teacher at my weekend physics class

Do you seriously think a natural like Jamie cares where he meets the girls he sleeps with? Of course he doesn’t. The office, the street, the pub, the club, Tinder, Bumble—it’s all the same to him. Girls are girls and he is ‘that guy’ who flirts with girls wherever he finds them.

In fact, I suspect if you told Jamie that there are men who make it their business to meet girls only by approaching them while out shopping during the day he’d find it more than a little odd. After all, where is the sense in limiting yourself to only one source when there are so many other there.

How To Become “That Guy”

‘That guy’, yesterday

It is possible to learn a hell of a lot from naturals simply by watching the way that they operate in the sexual marketplace. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with learning game, if there are men out there, who—like child prodigies expert at playing the piano at an extremely young age—“just get” how it should be between men and women then why not emulate them?

So how do you become “that guy.” Well, a whole book could be written on that subject (in fact, I’ve already written it) but in short, that, the first thing you need to do is to start viewing women everywhere as potential conquests and approaching them as such.

As with most forms of behaviour, if you start “doing” first then the “becoming” will follow on quite naturally afterwards. So why not pick out a natural like Jamie that you know and start copying some of his behaviours. As you now view girls as potential sex partners rather than “that girl in the bookstore,” or “that girl in the lift in my building” or “that girl standing by the cigarette machine in the restaurant or hotel lobby,” then when you speak to them this will communicate itself naturally, and you will find that these interactions are more sparky and flirtatious.

Because the thing you need to understand is this: it’s not just girls who put guys in boxes, guys put girls in boxes too. Think about it for a second. “She’s a shop assistant—I couldn’t approach her,” “She’s working, selling programmes at this theatre—I won’t approach her,” “She’s working on the cloakroom at this restaurant I’ve come to with my client—I won’t approach her.”

For a gender who supposedly wants to get laid all of the time, men pass up a hell of a lot of opportunities. It’s almost as if we don’t really want to have sex, given the number of women we will mentally label as off-limits.

From today, then, stop thinking in terms of day game, night game, Tinder game or whatever. Instead, keep your eyes open and remember that every woman you come into contact with could equally be moaning with pleasure in your bed and behave accordingly towards her. Limiting yourself to one type of game makes no sense. Becoming “that guy” and creating opportunities everywhere will give your sex life a much-needed boost, though—so stop shooting yourself in the foot.

Want to find out more about how to become ‘that guy’? Check out Troy’s book The 7 Laws of Seduction and follow him on Twitter.

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186 thoughts on “Stop Worrying About Specific Game Tactics And Learn To Be “That Guy” Hot Girls Love”

  1. Troy, this is one of my favorite articles of yours. I was telling this story to a friend today, but I think it is a good addendum here because what you say is legitimately important and last week I saw people fuck it up (to my benefit) in a big way.
    I am a natural. My mom used to call me “The Little Man” when I was just a kid because at 5 I would talk to women like teachers and life guards and, in her words, it would never have occurred to someone that I was just a child. She also said I always acted like I was going to totally succeed
    Last weekend I was on vacation. While standing at a beach bar in St. Martin I noticed a bunch of guys looking off the railing at the water so of course I looked to. It was a legit HB9 young, tan, French hotter than any woman has a right to be, by her self, in a skimpy dress, dancing ankle deep in the Caribbean sea. I took a few seconds of video to send to some friends (guys on this site). I was looking at 5 or 6 guys watching her and lusting over her. I was taken a back for a moment. wtf why was no one talking to this girl. I quickly snapped out of it. This bar is famous for making this ginger rum homemade and you buy it by the bottle. I immediately order a bottle and two cups and jump down into the sand, right up to the dancing, beautiful woman, hand her the glass, fill it for her and the two of us just walked a few feet and sat in the sand. I poured mine and said “cheers” (this was the first word…everything else non verbal) She had that singsong French voice. I fucked her that night. Never got her name. She said it was more romantic that way. That I was able to pull a hot, drunk and probably on E French girl on a beach outside a bar on a Caribbean island isn’t even remotely special….fun yes, but not special. What strikes me are the guys who just stood there looking for god knows how long and never saying a word. These were young, attractive men who by any standard should have been able to get this girl as easy or (given they were much closer in age to her) easier than me and I secured that lay before I said a single word.
    This girl was quite literally doing a mating dance. Yes, I am a natural. Yes, I would have turned being slapped in the face into making myself the hero of the bar and making friends and parlaying that into getting laid by someone else. But what I did wasn’t difficult, took very little in the way of confidence really, I didn’t know anyone, could have just left the bar and went to one of the other dozen or so bars there in the worst case scenario. All I did was see a super hot girl dancing by herself, grab a drink and go and hand it to her….the reason I got laid wasn’t because I was terrific, it was because I was better than everyone else….In your words, I was THAT guy but what made me that guy was simply the ability to walk up to a girl and hand her a plastic cup full of rum. Little things baby, little things

    1. They say you’re not competing with the world; you’re competing with the rest of the room. In your case, you were competing essentially with nobody.
      I’ve got a mate who is more “that guy” than I am. Together, eight times out of ten, he’ll get the girl over me. Alone, eight times out of ten I get the girl over the rest of the room. And (in the US, at least) nine times out of ten we go home alone by choice.
      Such is the way of the world. Cheers to you, lolknee!

    2. The lesson learned here for these guys is fortune favors the bold. They probably could have stood there for hours watching her and thinking of something cheesy but not overly cheesy to say.

      1. It seems like I recall a PUA instructor who used to make his new initiates walk up to women and say something like, “Hello, I am Melvin from the planet Mars. Take me to your ducks.”
        All to simultaneously break the fear of rejection (because, hey, you were a total spaz and she didn’t kick you in the groin) and break the analysis paralysis that comes from overthinking your intro.
        (I think I got laid after opening with something similar, once.)

        1. Several years ago, a buddy and I were at a bar and he caught me eye balling some chick. Like a good friend, he encourages me to go up and talk to her. I shoot the idea down because I can’t come up with anything to say. “Walk up to her and tell her you make the most money out of anyone here and you have the biggest dick in the room.” I shot him down again because that seemed like such a dick move. That one stung a little because the last time I saw her, she was chatting it up with some dude wearing flip-flops and jeans, with an extra medium Affliction shirt.

    3. “il nous faut de l’audace, et encore de l’audace, et toujours de l’audace” (We need audacity, and yet more audacity, and always audacity!)
      Georges Danton
      Even when he was a proto commie, the quote is spot on.

      1. I use it frequently. Fair play, I first heard it from George C Scott in Patton but later on read the contest and yes, it is what it called for

        1. I’m right now starting Oberon and Titania’s Wedding. I’ve been an intellectually lazy Joseph Curwen in the last weeks. I travel Saturday and come back Sunday, I’m taking the book with me anyway but…you know…

        2. Sounds good. I read it on Easter in one sitting so you have time

      1. So, basically, you’re indicating that you lack the balls to pull off such a thing.

      1. She was legitimately hot too, I saw the video.

    4. “Simple things” you say.
      You don’t realize for a lot of people, as evidenced from the limp-diks pining from the bar, approaching a girl is not a simple thing. The man not paralyzed by self-doubt is the
      exception, and therefore due the spoils.
      You can’t start a story with “I’m a natural” and variations of “I’ve always had confidence” and then be surprised by people who lack the ability to act as boldy as you do. If everyone naturally had it in them there’d be no need for all the ‘game’ and ‘PUA’ advice out there.
      You said yourself that you’re a natural. Whether that’s real or not, having confidence at a young age is key. That early confidence leads to success which reinforces confidence, etc etc…
      A great many shlubs don’t realize what they don’t have or
      much less how to remedy it until after watching you ‘rakes’ make off with the best slash. Some never get it, and they’re
      doomed to spend their lives watching from the bar….

      1. I am of the opinion that all those slubs need to go is take enough at bats until they wind up hitting the ball. I tell people the same thing always…if you are standing arms reach from a woman you would fuck make conversation with her….every single time. It gets progressively easier. How did you learn to swim or ride a bike? My guess it was similar to me…being thrown in water and being brought to the top of the hill. Once you learn that the bitches have no real power and when they walk away or roll their eyes it doesn’t hurt that bad it gets easier to do, as it gets easier to do you get more confident and as you get more confident you get better at it. Whichever cycle a guy is on will be self perpetuating. To not speak to a woman who is standing right next to you and who you would very much like to fuck is bat shit insane. What is she going to do?

  2. Day game, night game, social circle game, and all the other variants are concepts we should be ready to discard from the PUA ideology. At the end of the day, all of these boil down to a few basic principles:
    – Get your life straight. Always Be Improving.
    – Stop investing your self-worth in others. Your quest gives you purpose, and working on the quest gives you worth.
    – Learn to see women as just other people. Sure, they’re pretty and good for sex, but aside from that they’re just people.
    – Surround yourself with positive influences, and remove negative influences.
    These things make you the sort of man women desire. At that point, it’s all about taking risks (which are lower risks than most think – you know better once you don’t place your worth in others).
    Git Gud at the game of life. The rest will take care of itself.

    1. 100%
      The logic of the PUA starts out sound but then gets all mucked up
      A) Women like hooking up with guys
      B) Excellent men get the most opportunities
      C) Therefore, pretend to be or signal that you are excellent
      Bzzzzzz sorry guys, you lose.
      Change C to “become the most excellent version of yourself you can be”
      I get that some guys are very much helped in the beginning by PUA tips. They are valid and play on basic psychology and will work but at most should be used to get over innate shyness to prove it can be done and never made into a lifestyle.

      1. It’s not unlike playing a game with cheats. On the one hand, you get to the credits, but on the other you didn’t get anything of value out of it. You learned no new skills, you failed to expand your potential, and you trap yourself in the mindset that you need the cheats.
        Again, git gud. Be the best you, and to hell with trying to be anyone else.

      2. My logic is that women are star fuckers… proceed accordingly.
        With the exception of an ulterior motive, you can’t fuck a woman who does not feel you are her superior.
        Becoming the most excellent version of your self is great life advice, but it’s not going to get you laid.
        Signaling that you are above her is what gets you poon.

        1. I agree. I used to call the “local celebrity game” but I feel my thinking has grown a bit.
          Yes, signaling superiority over her and other men will get you poon but I am telling you that actually being superior over her and other men will get you more and have all sorts of other benefits

        2. There was at least one case of some kids convincing security that one of their party was a celebrity (on YouTube, I think). He managed to wrangle an escort, and it all sort of spiraled out from there.
          I reckon that if he’d gotten sucked by one of the girls who eventually crowded around, she’d have turned around and cried rape after he was outed as a fraud.

        3. I remember that video, but I think being that over the top is only necessary to get groupies, not laid.

        4. I agree: If your going to put in the effort to pretend to be rich you may as well put in the effort to actually be rich.

        5. It’s not about pretending… or acting rich. I always start with physicality and command of space to show superiority… everything else flows from there.

        6. Right. They both get you the girls but only one will buy you cool stuff too

        7. Most of you don’t have the ability to get rich no matter how much effort you put in. This idea anyone can get rich is SJW egalitarian BS. The world is full of drones, accept your place.

        8. You have it closer than most in the comments here.
          She needs to see you are the superior choice among what she believes is available to her.
          Females do not decide in a vacuum.

        9. This idea anyone can get rich is SJW egalitarian BS.

          I thought it was the American Dream, the thing that SJWs and their hippie/Progressive predecessors were hellbent on destroying?
          IMO, the SJW egalitarian BS is more like “When the vaults are empty, everyone is rich”

        10. “Signaling” Superiority isn’t going to do jack shit. Demonstrating it will go very far.

        11. Being “rich” will turn you into one of those dweeby looking guys getting literally dragged around from one expensive store to another by their wives who are visibly not attracted to them (and probably fucking around on the side).
          Meanwhile there’s any number of fat, short, ugly biker dudes out there fucking every hole on bitches that wouldn’t even give those “rich” guys a second glance unless they already knew that guy was rich…..and then would probably cheat on them with the biker dude anyway.
          Grow your game and hustle first, then everything else will follow.

        12. He used to go by “pjClarke”, if you look up his posts you’ll realize that this is not the first, nor last, time he’ll say something stupid.

        13. So simple yet so absolutely true that it’s amazing so many don’t get it. If you own the room and command the space as the “king” of sorts, you win.

        14. I have always been a kind of happy guy. It is just my nature. I find everything funny, I see good times wherever I look and I’ve been this way all my life. I have been very, very poor and fairly well off and have had reason to find happiness…that said….it’s still better with the dough

        15. I had the opposite life for a while. Unlike women, men can turn it all around. Facts, logic, reason, and self improvement. I am living proof. My desire for wealth is surpassed by my desire for happiness now. I have succeeded with very wealthy women from attitude and strength. Despite all the noise, All women desire strong calm men, throw in fun loving, not a care in the world attitude….success. Always enjoy your perspective.

        16. I agree with everything here you say…especially about men turning it around. A woman born totally poor has basically one smart move…make herself beautiful and marry well. I am on my second career and have had more jobs in a variety of fields that is astounding than you could imagine. I know from experience that money won’t make a miserable person happy. But like I said, it will give a happy person more opportunity.

      3. Another thing, NEVER hide the fact that you are banging other women… from other women. They thrive on social proof, and knowing that you have other options gives them just the incentive they need to put you into the ‘potential lover’ box. When you boil it down, the female mind isn’t as complex as some make it out to be. They are mostly children in adult bodies, so behave accordingly.

        1. I used to try and sneak around while I was dating multiple girls at once, but once I finally said fuck it and was up front about how many other partners I had, the damn broke. What a time to be alive… ride the wave of degeneracy while it lasts, my friends.

        2. Absolutely true, my wife always wants me more when I come back from a night with a hooker.
          Had a gf last year, always ‘accidentally’ sprayed her perfume on my clothing when I left for home. Wife always demanded sex when she smelled the other girls perfume.

        3. in response, mr razor……keep in mind, females are constantly conscious what their friends think about who they hook up with… with them away from a crowd, and your odds move up

      4. I look at the PUA thing as training wheels for men who really need that first set of nuts and bolts for getting with women. After awhile though, you don’t need to be encumbered with all that.
        Live long enough as a man pursuing excellence and a whole bunch of truths about women and life become apparent.

      5. Love yourself, treat yourself right, enjoy the chase. Admit you love chasing the ladies and have fun. Success follows as long as you are honest with yourself and your intentions.

    2. From my blog post:
      “Es ist nicht nötig, an Verführungsseminaren teilzunehmen, um beim weiblichen Geschlecht beliebt zu sein. Die Anbieter solcher Seminare sind nichts weiter als geldgeile Flirt-Ratgeber, die es als akzeptabel ansehen, jungfräulichen Autisten ihre Ersparnisse aus der Tasche zu ziehen, indem sie sie mit auswendig gelernten Sprüchen und komplizierten, von Anglizismen überzogenen Strategien füttern. Solche Trainer, die das Geld und die Zeit anderer, verunsicherter, mental schwacher Menschen verschwenden, verdienen nichts mehr als meine größte Missachtung. Sie sind die personifizierte Jämmerlichkeit alles modernen ‘Männlichen’.”
      Short english translation: PUAs are disgraceful pieces of shit who like to squeeze money out of chaste autists by teaching them complicated theories that noone can remember and that don’t work.

      1. Again, I regret that I’m alone in my family in my inability to speak or read German. Das ist nicht gut.
        Passed it through translation, though, and it’s pretty excellent. Below is the full translation, missing any variance in meaning or tone implied by the language:
        “There is no
        need to take part in seduction seminars to be popular with the female
        sex, and the providers of such seminars are nothing but flirting
        advisors, who consider it acceptable to take virgin autists out of their
        pockets by helping them With the help of
        memorabilia and complicated, anglicism-stricken strategies, such
        trainers who waste the money and the time of other, unconscious,
        mentally weak people, deserve nothing more than my greatest disregard
        for them, the personified miserability of all modern ‘males’. “

        1. Thank the terrifying people at Google. I am but a humble descendent of Germanic peoples, absent many of the cultural nuances to which my grandparents were privy.

        2. The Google translator works so well because Google uses the magic of calculating black females with hijabs.
          Of course I could write my articles in english but I don’t see a reason for that. There is reddit/redpill, rooshvcom, returnofkings, therationalmale, chateau heartiste – I would be just one of hundreds. But the redpill is pretty much absent in the german alternative media (with the exception of Redpill Germany on youtube and Esther Vilar’s trilogy which was originally written in german). So there is a big gap for me to fill.

        3. Well done. It makes me wonder whether similar niches exist in places like China and Japan.
          I mean, we’ve all heard about the plight of the beta Japanese men, but is there a market for upping their game?

        4. Probably. Redpill Germany has a jap waifu. He could publish videos or blogposts in japanese someday.
          Black Pigeon Speaks also has a jap waifu. He could also release his vids in japanese.
          Or maybe japs could start learning english which would also make it easier for me to fly to Osaka and bang jap waifus.

        5. Tokyo, I hear, is hot spot #1 for gaijin to get it on with Jap waifus. Personally, I’d like to live somewhere like Kyoto for a while, if only to remind myself that pretty girls in traditional garb still exist.
          And, from what I hear from a military buddy, tail is abundant in South Korea. He used to just stand around when school let out, and attractive girls would drag him into the bar to buy him drinks. Usually he’d have a nice romp with one of those girls and never see her again, without spending a dime or doing a damn thing.
          Sounds like easy mode to me. There’s fun in the game, as well.

        6. I want to go to Japan in the future but only after I learned some japanese. English level of the zipperheads is piss poor even in Tokyo and in Osaka which seems to be a great place to live and fuck it’s even worse. There are many threads on rooshvforum mentioning Osaka and David Bond (that PUA autist with yellow fever on youtube) has a few videos on Osaka. If even he can get laid there it should be easy.

        7. LOL I just realized they paid 8800 yen for that love hotel so if they split the bill that’s 40$ for him. Ouch. You can just get a hooker for that price in other places.

        8. There are a couple of books titled “Making out in Japanese” that I found extremely useful. It’s mostly just conversational lingo that you probably wouldn’t learn in a standard course.
          But the best phrase, I found, is “Eigo umai ne!” Loosely translated, it says they speak English like a native. If they speak any English, that phrase alone can switch the conversation to your wheelhouse.
          And, even with minimal Japanese, it’s not so hard to get along. I went with my family, and we ducked into a noodle house where the owners spoke absolutely zero English. A few simple phrases got us well fed, and I think the owner commented on how polite I was (I was the only one who spoke a lick of the language, but I knew enough).

        9. I and the girls used to split. They are not poor so you can share equally.

        10. It’s still pretty expensive. But on the other hand the genuine experience with a lovely japanese woman is worth the money and much better than just fucking a used up hooker.

        11. If the woman was german, I would get the Thai hooker instead. Only ukrainian, russian, japanese and korean chicas are worth that amount of money.

        12. The only difference is that sometimes I pay for the hotel, which is my own so to speak, while love hotel is typically a shared experience – also monetary-wise. That can happen both in poor countries like the Philippines or in wealthy countries like South Korea (even Filipino girls can stress that they “also want to pay” in order to showcase that they are not hookers, although they might very well be so every now and then, i.e. amateur hookers or semi pros). On the other hand, if a Korean girl knows that I pay for the hotel she will compensate it with dinner, events or some other thing.

        13. Met a few German girls here and there. They travel a bit, go to Sweden etc. Cannot say anything in general from my own, limited experience in this regard. You definitely know more.

        14. Well, traveling german girls are a different story. If they are traveling they are actively searching for foreign cock. They will treat you kindly.

        15. From what I hear, S. Korea is almost impossible for white guys once they are outside the capital. And I know plenty of Koreans.

        16. Met a cute German girl in a gym in Sri Lanka. She added me on Fuckbook the minute after.

        17. I’m guessing the respectable Japanese girl was the one who suggested that unusually expensive love hotel……….. they pay commission.
          Your $40
          $20 for the hotel, $20 for the respectable girl.
          It’s a great game played on the mugs.

        18. I can only speak for myself but for instance one girl that I met in Shibuya. We went to a love hotel in Shibuya which was close but very expensive (and which I suggested), so went to a much cheaper place in Ueno instead. I have also followed girls to their apartments in Japan. Girls in first-world countries implies that you share more or less equal. Same thing in Sweden.
          There are of course hookers here and there but it’s not them that you hang out with.

        19. Osaka is awesome. Kansai is my favorite region in this country. I’ve also consistently heard good things about Fukuoka (highest per-capita population of single females in Japan, I think…).

        20. Love hotels with really nice furnishings can be stupid-expensive, especially on weekends. But a grimey place off the beaten path, on a Tuesday? I was banging a pizza delivery chick from Tinder who only had Tuesdays/Wednesdays off. It was ~2500yen for 3 hours at a low-tier place with crappy sheets and the stench of cigarette smoke. Split the price, fuck her two or three times in those 3 hours….it worked out to $5/dollars an orgasm.
          Most luxurious love hotel I’ve ever been in was in Taipei. I forget the name but the place had neon signs from blocks away so I’m sure it’s one of the city landmarks. The room was amazing. Marble bathroom with LED mood lighting in the jacuzzi, gilded hardwood furniture, 60″ TV, canopy bed….it was about $100 for the night but the chick (another Tinder match) was paying.

      2. I do not disagree with your judgement– a pickup seminar sounds like hell on earth to me, the place you land when you hit bottom and really are crying for help.
        But, I think we all owe the early PUAs a lot, especially Mystery, Style, and Roosh. There would not be a Red Pill without Game. The fact that it worked and worked with such demonstrated reliability was key proof of the “pretty lies” of the gynocentric narrative. Game was the thread that, when pulled, caused the whole tapestry to unravel. And for that, we have the PUAs to thank. With their false value displays, and peacocking, and goofy clown game, and sad-sack seminars, and all.
        Thanx, PUAs.

        1. i enjoy watching the RSD stuff on youtube even if Owen rambles on a bit, but fucked if id pay for it. The grass is always greener so fuck it ey.

      3. I haven’t seen a difference in translation like that outside of a Woody Allen film.

      1. I got by for a long time with some advice from Chase Amante: “Girls are silly and cute.” For some reason, that made me think in terms of children, and all of a sudden I was able to see them for who they were.
        (Not a paedophile, get that nonsense out of your head. I mean that it cast my mind back to a time before girls were hot, and I realized that the dynamics were much the same now as they were in my childhood.)

        1. We get it. This is Red Pill community, we know what you mean when you say women are like little children. Nobody would ever have made the assumption you have just written about, totally unnecessarily.

        2. The shocking thing is, nearly everybody who did not came into personal interaction with the Red Pill and the Manosphere, thinks that we are raging lunatics intent on evil, and full of hatred towards women, gays, colored folks, and, naturally, that we are anti-Semites. Sad!

      2. tip : imagining her WHEN she’s taking a shit is more effective
        (and you can add indian and mexican food)

        1. Imagine her taking a shit in your open mouth after the Mexican dinner. C’mon that’s what you were all really thinking, no need to be shy. We’ve all dated Japanese girls.

        2. lol please. i said that because the situation of her taking a dump is more ridiculous and more effective to put her down her pedestal.
          I have more refined fetishes than you think lol !

    3. Yep. This article, and your comment, are what I have been BEGGING for this community to realize for years.
      The major problem with the PUA mentality on here is that the reason women don’t like you is usually because you’re a nerd…..too much smarts, too little balls. Doubling down on tricks like memorizing strategies for certain “game types”, stacking memorized lines in order, and trying to follow a defined conversation script all are doubling down on that problem. What’s actually needed in most situations is better active listening skills and more control over body language.

        1. Butthurt that I called out your shitty PUA game?
          Sorry. I’m very much male and sexually successful, as other posters on here who have met me in person can attest.
          And it’s not just “women” telling you that. There’s a reason that a lot of the PUA gurus still in the business have shifted towards what they call “inner game” and have started using more common sense advice about what normal people (e.g. people who have a life outside the internet) call active listening skills….things like what PUA’s would call “scanning for active IOIs” or some shit like that.

        2. And that says more than I could ever say right there. Don’t shit on the rest of the guys here that are trying to improve their life skills because you’d rather just pay for sex.

        3. You mean, the guys too poor to pay?
          Not many options when you’re over 60, you want a 20 year old in your bed, you gotta pay. I think Roosh is also encountering this problem at age 40.

        4. So you think you’re hot shit because you have the moderate level of income required to use a hooker?
          Sorry. You’re what’s called a “trick” in the profession……the way you’re viewed in that community is just a chump easily separated from his cash. There’s a regular poster or two on here who have girls heads so mindfucked that they’re able to get girls to go out and sell their asses to bring them home the dough, and it’s legal where they live (e.g. Canada).
          That’s not a kind of power you can buy with money.

        5. And yet, you have no experience in that area and I do.
          I’ve never directly paid a white woman for sex, I consider what they have, not worth purchasing. I’m thinking you’ve never had anything else …… and probably not much of that either.

        6. No, I think I’m a normal guy using women for his pleasure as nature intended.
          And I think you’re a hopeless western cuck so deluded by feminists, Hollywood, Christian morality and cultural Marxism that you never knew what was real, and what wasn’t.
          Men outside the western world, know women for what they are and what they’re worth (essentially $20 a fuck).

        7. Yeah… I’m done here. You’re a moron who thinks anyone who disagrees can only do so because they fit into the imaginary box you’ve built for them.
          Hint: your guesses about me are VERY far off base, and your posts on here (mostly shit talking with no value added).
          Nobody gives a shit that you buy time with hookers and nobody here will think you’re cool because of it…..and that’s not “using them for pleasure”, its them using you. The guys who are actually using women for pleasure are the guys on here who regularly get Asian pussy without paying a red cent, or better yet have the women paying their bills.

        8. Also why the fuck do the weirdos on here always have an anime avatar? Same damn way with the idiots I see on FB. The nutty ones almost always have an anime or comic book profile pic.

        9. Christian morality compatible with cultural Marxism?
          Also, many of the central beliefs revolving around our community is based in Christian morality.

    4. …and while you’re here, go to Amazon and give this guy’s book a review. He is one of the best writers on ROK.

  3. Stop game and play computer game instead. Then all will score.
    Day game: You can play all day long.
    Night game: Have a zip of your Jolt Cola and then bang. To approach is easy.
    Online game: Meet other like-minded individuals and play together before you meet.
    Social circle game: Circle jerk with your friends at your respective computer until you meet your oneitis.
    Or a combo.

    1. I am so grateful for video game culture. I encourage all young men to play addictive video games. The massive advancement in video games is why at the ripe age of 44 I have a date this weekend with a 19 year old blonde
      Another whole generation of girls sexualized in their early teens walking around looking for a man who knows what to do with a pussy

  4. Sorry, but day game is essential game and that’s why it is so revered.
    95% of the time when you run into poon, you are just out and about.
    lunch, car rental, airplane, meeting, beach, standing in line… etc.
    And those situations are very different and way more common than ones in loud clubs and online.

    1. Plus youre sober! So if you can be fearless sober, you can be a super hero at the bar.

  5. I’ve seen this pic somewhere before.
    It must be a good pic to go viral on articles and memes like it has. I wonder how the two boys in the background made out with the three. They look kind of like Malcom (in the middle) and his wingman buddy. Ask yourself “what would you do?” eeh . . maybe stop them and say you have to write them a too beautiful/sexy in public ticket. Then the wingman plays good cop/bad cop and tries to get them off the hook. Once opened and chatty, the goal is to all navigate and walk in the same direction towards the same venue.

  6. whats the obsession with game? how about just being a real man and NOT doing everything you do for the sake of attracting women?

    1. Game is the attraction of women, and a component of being a man. However optimal manliness is the natural use of game. Calling it game itself is an unnatural state, however one of the end goals of game would be the natural integration of it into the personality.

    2. I agree with your sentiments, but game is just a the act or passive act of human interaction in the sexual marketplace. There are people who become clowns and pedastal pussy, these are “men” who lost their way. Pussy is only a side dish at best.
      Shalom brother

  7. It boils down to a combination of money and looks. If you are short on either of these 2 items, it’s simple, you just won’t get laid. There are no exceptions.

      1. True PJC.
        Money gets a guy laid whenever he wants.
        But it won’t make the females “want” you.
        I know it shouldn’t matter, but…

        1. The one I bought, and married 7 years back, certainly wants our son, her monthly allowance and the home loan payments on house we live in. That’s good enough for me.
          Also, about half the hookers I’ve purchased over the last 10 years, have INSISTED on sex, even if I paid them and then just wanted to go to sleep. Can’t say I understand women at all, they all seem completely random and bonkers.

        2. I agree sex is better when she wants you but she has to want you in every aspect, physically , mentally emotionally. Running day game or not game is irrelevant . Ive been opening and closing numbers for decades . 99% never amount to sex . You’d have to run game 24/7 to have a constant supply. Most men don’t have that time

        3. “Money gets a guy laid whenever he wants.”
          Money pays for donkey shows in Tijuana too.
          Getting the women one would like is much different than buying women who haggle away their gashes for cash.

        4. You’re kidding yourself. Every woman is haggling over the price of her gash, some guys are just too daft to notice the price they are paying.
          “Getting the woman one would like” WTF!
          Most men take more time choosing a car than they do a wife/life partner/etc.
          Long term material.
          I want a slim non-white Asian female, 40-50Kg, aged 18-34, fertile, no male children, tits with no droop, good skin (don’t like spotty). That’s about 20% of the female population in my town. I’m on my 3rd so far. If this one buggers off, she’ll be replaced within 2 weeks (estimated using previous replacement times).

        5. They’re usually happy with the money, and free drinks, and sometimes breakfast. Last year one was so happy with the $10, she moved in with me for my entire holiday …… 6 days $10 a day. Was so tired at the end of the week, was happy to come home to my wife.

        6. Same boat here on thr numbers. Thats why im working on my ” polyamory” speech with the hookups. Ill get far more sex if I can convince them to share me.
          So if a girl wants a relationship, I dont shoot it down right away. I let it slide into the unlabeled stage. Then I start going out with “friends.”
          So far no questions asked. Most of these girls are dingbat flakes anyway who breeze in and out of my life.

        1. They close their eyes, imagine i’m Justin Bieber, and get all the ‘feelings’ they want. Then the next day they get to spend the money, shopping feelings trump all other feelings for women.
          Anyway, as I previously stated, explain to me how, after I’ve already paid and said they can go home, (too drunk, too old, too tired, etc.) …… they still stay for sex?

      1. Then one would think mr francis’ books would be best sellers . Then again I’m responding to a man “everyone knows ” ..

    1. yea this isnt true. i know a guy who is ugly as fuck, like REALLy ugly, but he is hilarious and always can talk shit. He knocked up a girl at 13, and has had a string of attractive women in his life and is currently over weight slightly balding gremlin looking mother fucker and he has a girl friend. I havent seen her, but he still has live in pussy he sticks his disgusting cock in. one of the ugliest guys ive ever seen and not rich by any means. Peoples standards for what they expect to get as far as women are concerned are way too high.
      pretty enough, slim enough and nice enough. fuck this HB9 bullshit, you all sound like wankers.

      1. Agreed. Its really just about having balls.
        My old friend in Ohio looked like a damn beaver and he was short. But every girl loved to party with him because he was loud and goofy as hell. He would say and do borderline psychotic shit at bars. Multiple times he got us into weird house parties by bromancing with some dudes… Then the dudes kicked us out for macking on the girls.
        One time we were in Florida at a hotel. He saw some hot girls go into a room. So he memorized the room number. He called them and said they had won a free steak and lobster dinner. To retrieve the prize, they have to come to room 403 (our room.). The girls showed up and thought it was hilarious because we had tacos and beer. After that we had a group of chicks to party with for the weekend.
        I never had half the balls to be like him!

  8. “a football game…”
    Now when Mr. Francis says “football”, does he mean actual football?
    Like the Giants, and Patriots and such?

  9. if its that simple, then Ill have no reading material for when Im taking a shit. Why not read some night pickup material anyway?

  10. David deangelo aka eben pagan jew also preached this real vague theory. Look at his wife: ugly as sin, and he’s a rich shister.

    1. Yeah i consider him a scam artist after seeing pictures of his nasty wife and hearing him talk with a lisp.

  11. Look up john grey owner of spearmint rhino strip clubs. He’s got game , real game , not abstract .

  12. Day game, night game, Tinder game — that is the stuff of Internet hustlers, no different than How to Pick Up Girls mail order ads in the back comic books and girly mags in the 1960s.
    Man up. The getting-women world runs on perceived dominance and superiority.
    She needs to see you are the superior choice among what she believes are her available choices.
    Females do not decide in a vacuum.

  13. Totally off topic.
    Did anyone else watch the ultra-crappy “Chicago PD” TV show tonight? They featured a “Roosh-like” character and went all out with gurrrl power and white knights and what not.

    1. Just watched it, divorcing slut got a bit more than she asked for, 2 innocent guys (well no evidence to prove otherwise) harassed and assaulted by corrupt cops. I felt sorry for the husband, illegally denied access to his daughter and then threatened and assaulted by the corrupt policewoman. He actually was in the right, “I’m divorcing my wife because she goes out gets drunk, and then back to a man’s apartment where she takes drugs and has anal sex with strangers”
      I would have divorced her too.
      PS. I’m calling Bullshit on the anal damage/bleeding.

      1. The cops would have been hit with at least 3 lawsuits had that episode happened in real life.
        And how about the girl cop beating that guy almost to death? Yeah that would happen in real life.

        1. Typical all men are bad, all women are good, can beat men up, and get away with it. I think they might be right in the ‘get away with it’ part.
          When the police raided the old detective, they didn’t announce their entrance, knock and announce rule, another cause for a lawsuit.

  14. Great post! I’ve started getting more into “lifestyle game” in the past 6 months. A lot of beginner game tips are fine, but they’re more along the lines of faking it till you make it. I’d rather just be a well-rounded person who people want to see and be around then someone who has to pretend.
    On that note, I find that these fake it till you make it tips end up causing guys to focus on game in only one spot or scenario. For me I was really shy and would only try game on weekends when drinking in bars…..When I had the courage to not be a wallflower. For years I just assumed I only had a 2-day window per week where I could talk to girls or get laid, it never occurred to me to try it out the other 5 days, day or night. I’m still too chicken shit to dive head first into day game and really only focus my efforts on Tinder and bars, but I’m working on my confidence and social skills and will hopefully soon get that zero fucks given attitude we all desire.

    1. The biggest obstacle is that ridiculous voice in my head saying: You need something clever to say.
      Its bullshit! Say anything.

  15. What I want to see is a “game” manual for guys who live out in the country 25 miles from the nearest small town. Where the Walmart in said town is literally the only place to see a variety of people in a normal setting. Try gaming that.

    1. I live in a town of 7,000 in rural Eastern Washington. Walmart is pretty much it here too. The hardware store hires cutie girls too for some reason, so do coffee places.
      I drive a bit sometimes to live music events in other towns but I am never lonely. Even at Walmart I talk, flirt and set up dates.
      Cute cashier: “Will that be all for you today sir?”
      Me: “Yep, just the essentials” I bought only some craft beer “you don’t hardly look old enough to buy beer” its a challenge, she bites:
      Cashier: “I’m 25”
      Me: “You should come help me drink some of it, what time are you off?”
      ALWAYS BE CLOSING<—that’s the manual my friend.

      1. Ha, interesting. Well, it would be nice if I ever saw an attractive girl to begin with. Forget about “hot” I just mean “attractive” – there simply aren’t any here and every time I get my hopes up, she’s married, usually to some dude twice my size (I’m 6’1 but thin, usually the dude is just massive)

        1. I feel you. I think sometimes that rural America has gotten so fat and trashy that its almost impossible to find anything date-able.
          You may need to travel a bit.
          If you are able to go on vacation or work trips (pretty much the only “vacations” I can afford) you can use that as a way to find them.
          Travel is good for you though. If its in your budget it may be your biggest hope. Then there’s Tinder and stuff too :/

        2. Well that’s what I’ve done for the past 10 years or so and I’m pretty sick of travel at this point. Been to Russia, China, France, several countries in Central America, St Kitts, Alaska. I work at home so there is never any reason for me to go out anywhere or “meet someone at work” or whatever. So I took to meeting girls online and going and seeing them. None of that worked out very well (I never really had much fun, to be honest) and its extremely expensive to keep doing, so I just gave up and stopped. At some point you have to just cut your losses. I can’t afford to pay $2000 a trip anymore like I used to back when I was making 120k.

        3. Sounds tough indeed. I wish I could be more help.
          Don’t quit though, hope and optimism IMO, are the things that make the daily grind survivable.

  16. Game helped me at first after ending a 17 yr marriage but now I just be myself, a better, more aware self than before mind you, and women are drawn to it.
    I got my 27 yr old personal trainer gf (I’m 41) by making eye contact with her, smiling a little and jerking my head toward the door. I started walking away and reached my hand back. She grabbed it and we walked out, talked a little, made out and now she drives an hour each way to see me.

  17. Also worth mentioning is that you don’t have to be a full-time player / PUA to have basic game and pick up chicks
    Game is a skill you develop and cultivate, but should not be a full time job. You can determine the level at which you’re comfortable and is enough for you, no need to troll nightclubs every weekend

  18. Before you worry about techniques, get over your fears and learn to escalate, and look as good as you can. Once you’re used to it, then focus on ways to improve your techniques.

  19. You are conflating two ideas. One is the “natural”, the other is the guy who actually needs some guidance to begin with girls. I was always a “natural” but Bang! helped me fine tune and really understand what was going on behind the scenes. I had friends who couldn’t even talk to girls they were so stunted. For them, Bang! Day Bang! were invaluable resources. What I find is they start on running game and once they get it down, they become the “natural”. I say confidence is the major driver and these books/PUA community help them get there.

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