4 Ways A Good International Matchmaking Service Can Help You Find A Wife

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Return Of Kings readers are well-acquainted with the difficult predicament of wanting to settle down in western society. Though many men opt out of the marriage market, there are still a large number who desire a traditional marriage but do not know how to find it.

As has been written about extensively, dating foreign women who have not been exposed to our culture is one method of maximizing the chances of a more lasting partnership.

If you think it won’t happen to you, consider this: I too was a swinging bachelor for 12 years in Eastern Europe, and as I approached 40, I began to want just one good woman. I knew that if I waited too long, the quality of girls I could pull would slowly start to decline. Just ask the 50 and 60-year-olds trying unsuccessfully to find a 20-something Ukrainian wife.

To that end, here are four ways the right matchmaking service can help you to find a suitable partner if you desire to get married:

1. By preparing you for the reality of dating a beautiful woman from a different culture

Karina square close up

Too many men think finding an Eastern European bride is nothing more than look, choose, point, click. It doesn’t work that way. A lot of men also believe their consistent lack of success with American or Western women will disappear when meeting ladies of the East.

The reality is that meeting, dating, and courting a beautiful Ukrainian or Russian lady can be even more challenging. If she speaks English, she’s probably successful in her career, has a high degree of intelligence (having two university degrees is common), and she is a truly feminine sexual creature.

She’ll expect you to act like a man, take the lead in all situations, be extremely confident (both in and out of the bedroom) and never display indecisiveness. Can you handle all that? If you can, then you will be truly rewarded.

2. By offering a personal touch

One problem with large dating agencies is that they don’t care about verifying the ladies using their site. For them, more available female profiles equals more product on the shelves they can sell to masses of men. No one knows if the photos they post are truly them or not.

These women are never interviewed in person, as with a personal matchmaker, nor do they sign a contact, or show proof of identification and proof of having single marital status. The bottom line is that professional scammers, who have a significant presence on the big box agencies, will have a very difficult time ever registering with a reputable matchmaking agency. Most will not even bother to try.

Good matchmakers know their girl’s background, personal story, and romantic dreams inside and out. For the man it’s so much easier to ask this “friend” the really hard or potentially serious questions and get the honest answers.

3. By giving you good value for your dollar spent


A serious problem with big agencies, besides not producing results, is that they nickel and dime men to death. Some agencies charge for every single email or chat sent and received, some charge translation fees on top of that, and some push men to buy expensive “gifts” for the ladies like perfume, flowers, chocolate, or even English lessons, which we know is a bad precedent to set.

A good matchmaking agency will do one thing and one thing only, and that is connect a man with the most compatible women specific to him.

4. By wearing many hats and doing more than just matching


Perhaps the absolute biggest advantage to using a matchmaker over the free social networks and dating sites is the mindset of the women you find. You see, the women who have joined a matchmaking agency have made a conscious and definitive life decision that they are READY for marriage.

This, as compared to the mindset of the others which is “hmm, I’ll put myself where everyone else is and just see what happens.”

A true matchmaker will get to know a whole lot about you first before helping select the women to contact. He or she is able to sit in on your video Skype dates, translate if necessary, and evaluate the progress being made. They’ll make suggestions along the way to steer things in the right direction.

Even if you opt to make calls or send emails in private, your matchmaker can do follow-up interviews with man and woman and read between the lines to understand if things are working. They can even quickly perform damage control if you inadvertently screw something small up that would otherwise end the relationship.

If things are not meant to be with a particular individual, the matchmaker will save you time and money by suggesting some changes in your conversations or to just move on to the next candidate.


Professional matchmaking agencies offer the kind of one to one service that those big online dating sites will never be able to offer. Many thousands of high achievers and professionals still prefer them over the on-line solution.

So if you consider yourself a high achieving man, or at least believe you deserve the same results in life as one, then bringing a beautiful foreign bride to your doorstep is certainly within reach in approximately a year or less. Click here to find out more about our service and begin the process today.

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225 thoughts on “4 Ways A Good International Matchmaking Service Can Help You Find A Wife”

  1. NO! NO! NO!
    I have emphasised on so many occasions, and must do it again:
    There is simply no benefit of entering into the establishment known as marriage. I don’t care what part of the planet a woman is from- do not get married. The price is too high and if anything, it should be avoided like the plague. Marriage is no longer considered as a spiritual union, but is now perceived as a business contract not only by government, but also taught by women and indoctrinated into the minds of other women. Look at the following information:
    -Divorce rate: 60% (70% initiated by women)
    -70% of 18-34 year old men not getting married
    -Men constantly being raped up the ass by the government, with desperate men even having to flee the country.
    Women (regardless of which geological position they are from), are hypergamous and dysfunctional by nature, and eventually time will get to them to the point where, when they are not happy, the woman will start to react in a very crazy manner and will blame you for all of her problems. I have seen it happen on so many occasions.
    Eventually, the woman will take you to the cleaners and will rape you for everything that you have. After hearing all of the horror stories from men do you still want to get married? Don’t do it. You are better off living your life single, financially viable and not having the burden of dealing with family courts and the other insane drama brought into the lives of men.

    1. Even if the above were not true, who the hell wants to be a mindless wage slave plow horse for a woman anyway?
      Women will never ever look at you as something more than a resource to be tapped.

    2. (regardless of which geological position they are from)
      Are you trying to say geographical location?
      You boys are hilarious, like a barrel full of monkeys

      1. Gee you must be smart. You pointed out a typo on an internet discussion board.
        We are all impressed.

        1. That’s a bit more than a typo. It goes more to brain function and defective thinking.

  2. A dutch rudder every now than then is much easier than dedicating yourself to pleasing another person, people are never satisfied anyway
    it’s all too much of a headache

    1. Even if you did want to get married and lock down one woman… the point missed in this article is that there is NO SUCH THING as a quality woman.. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME… only options are OK, bad or worse.
      You are thus much better off with a practically illiterate peasant from the ghetto with traditional values, who you keep as a wife for breeding and child rearing purposes.
      Mothers are only necessary for the first 7-8 years, wives are only for breeding and you want the most passive, easily dominated and GRATEFUL, mother you can find. Then you can be man of the house…
      Don’t go hunting unicorns, just get yourself a donkey or a goat, you can thank me later…

      1. 3.5 Billion of them on the planet, and not a single one of them rises to the level of “good”?

        1. Unfortunately, there’s no part of the female anatomy that can be removed to make her “good”.

        2. So there seems to be an issue of red pill vs. total cynical bitterness, huh? As most of the contributors on ROK will mention in their articles, there are quality women, they are simply few and far between. They continue to dwindle with today’s societal implications.

        1. Surely there’s someone on this site who can trace his IP? And once that’s done, surely there’s someone who lives near this cunt who wouldn’t mind paying him a visit.
          Note: if his IP is traced and he lives near me I will do the honors. Serious. So if someone here with the tech know-how would be so kind…
          edit. Note, I’m talking about the spammer, not Heisenberg.

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      2. My personal experience with women may have been more favorable, but I think they’re great.
        It seems that men get into trouble when they expect women to be men, which they can not be. Women will never be as rational, logical, truthful, courageous, decisive or fair, and that’s fine. We prefer them as they are.
        Women can be extremely enjoyable, helpful and dependable, and no one else will drag your heirs around in their bellies for nine months at a stretch, so show some appreciation. Just acknowledge that women are fallible, limited creatures (as you are), and never, ever, ever get married.

        1. “We prefer them as they are.”
          i dont think youre a frequent reader here ))
          “no one else will drag your heirs around in their bellies for nine months at a stretch, so show some appreciation.”
          yeah and when they feel like taking the child away from you, i bet you`d really appreciate that. how is following your function to be appreciated anyway? do we get praised for our seeds that are needed to make a pregnancy possible at all? nope. besides, woman do NOT get pregnant for their man. its for their own joy.
          “Just acknowledge that women are fallible, limited creatures (as you are)”
          yes, acknowledge and treat accordingly.

      3. Fuck man, there are good women out there. Sure, maybe 1 in 10,000, but considering there are over 7 billion people on Earth, and more than half are women, those are fucking good odds. You just have to be persistent.
        My Uncle found one. Sure I have 7 uncles in total, and he’s about the only male figure in my life who seems to have hit the jackpot, but saying there are NO good women is bullshit. Utter bullshit.

        1. Religion aside, there have to be sufficient numbers of patriarchal based gangs not affiliated with the state to counter the swamp of roving mangina and enabler gangs. The custom and common law patriarchal order can trump cannon law with sufficient numbers. Patriarchs will have to exhert extra effort to ally with other patriarchs in their communities to preserve the natural order. With a few wins, the order will grow exponentially.

    2. Instead of getting married, just find some wholesome EE girl who has become a Westernized, haggis ugly, tattooed, blue haired fattie with a selfish attitude and buy the pig a new house. Because that is what you will end up with.

  3. My God…this is exactly what my husband did. He banged selfish and entitled white American sluts and then married a decent black non westernized woman at age 38. My husband’s family gave him the side eye for marrying a black woman but they also comment on how content and well taken care of he is. They also talk about how well groomed I am most of the time. My BIL married a white American and she keeps their house like a pigsty. She also doesn’t shave her armpits. YUCK.
    I believe that any American man should not marry an American woman who isn’t first generation American. First generation American women often have the influence of more traditional cultures which make them better wives. Failing that, an American man has a better chance of a happy marriage if he marries a foreign woman.

  4. This is a sponsored post.Most of these Russian/European sites are filled with scammers. Please don’t waste your money here.It would be better to visit these countries if you can afford to. ROK should avoid such posts.I can make donations if ROK is in need of money.

    1. ROK is a red pill environment and shit like marriage agencies do not belong here, period.
      I don’t know why marriage agencies still even exist now that social media has become the means of which parasitic females can scam men directly. That, and it is a known fact using agencies IS A MAJOR WASTE OF YOUR TIME AND MONEY. DO SO AND YOU DESERVE WHAT IS COMING TO YOU.

    2. So instead of a middle man connecting you to the scammers you should go directly to the source ? 🙂

      1. No brother.There are agencies that take men on tour to Europe/Philippines etc.They arrange dating events and you get to talk to women.It doesn’t guarantee that you will come back with a wife.These events are mainly for older men/divorcees/businessman and not for the average joe.Services are personalized and will cost a lot.I was born in Philippines and know this very well.You cannot compare these services with what you get from dating sites.

    3. If you can’t afford the airfares, which are dirt cheap compared to the Boomer days, then you are a complete loser and no high quality female would even talk to you. Look around you at the area and females where you live and that’s the sort of female you qualify for whether in the US or Europe. Stop having pipe dreams and delusions of grandeur.

      1. “That’s the sort of female you qualify for…”
        Ehh, I think that’s more of a starting point, the basic sort of female that qualifies for his injection. When his injection becomes solid bronze, silver, or gold, then he can receive proper applications in due order.

  5. There are ways to reduce odds of divorce through statistical analysis.
    A youtuber named spawktalk has two videos on i.
    The second was a response to MGTOW guys who got mad at the first. Not for terribly good reasons mind you.

    1. “There are ways to reduce odds of divorce ”
      Yeah, there is: don’t get married.

      1. Yes that would. Abstinence also reduces the spread of STDs.
        You can make that claim about every activity with a risk.
        Low time preference is how you win, absolutely.

    2. If someone has taken the time to figure out how to reduce the odds of divorce through statistical analysis then fuck it anyway.

      1. I agree. But it’s not that hard and the option is available.
        People seen to think I am saying “GO GET MARRIE NOW!”

  6. everything is great until they pump out your first baby and expect a new Dolce & Gabbana purse every month soon after.

    1. I dont know the baby part but every single Lithuanian bird wants D&G for some reason. They’re demanding

      1. remember, we encourage women to marry us for our “status” and “resources” , so we should also expect them to want a piece of it for selfish reasons.

        1. Hahaha yeah that’s the one! Even better to go China and buy wholesale, move to Vietnam and sell them online for 60% of price in the west. That way you don’t get caught by the po po.

        2. Ain’t the same. You know they’re fake, the bitches know they’re fake, and everyone who sees your bitch walking around with one of those ridiculous bags will snicker at you and her.

        3. OK I was just joking about the 10 bucks. But the copies that are made to the standards of the originals are expensive, just not as expensive as the originals and are sometimes even made in the same factories( factories make different brands to certain co. specifications), only the trademark and logo are really fake,the quality is superb but may be 1/3 the price.A $2k Celine handbag may still cost $500.Sometimes even bags like Celine or Hermes are limited runs so as to not overproduce and lower the brand value and the excess is destroyed (unless the guy destroying them keeps them and sells them himself :o)) Of course there are also top brands made by people that are identical to the higher priced brand name including the brand name markings and these can be identical and are not cheap.These bootleggers are trading on another name and of course are saving on advertisement and promotion of the product that is built into the price of a Hermes bag.

        4. Try to just match your shoes to your belt first, kid. Then I’ll give you more style advice. Females think boys who can’t even match the belt to the shoe are clueless proles and never fuck them. These are the same inexperienced nerds who can’t get their dick in her pussy and hit her butthole instead. Then she accuses you of rape lol

        5. If you can tell the difference between a real and fake designer purse at a glance, you’re a fag. JS

  7. This is basically promoting prostitution.
    “No game? Don’t worry! We’ll hook you up with a woman who doesn’t care about your looks, money, or status—so long as she gets a green card!”
    No thanks—-any RoK reader has all the info he needs to go abroad and find a wife without hiring some agency, if he so desires.

    1. That’s what I used to think, but it turns out that’s not the case.

  8. Very Very Very VERY Bad advice. It’s not the woman, it’s the system. Marriage is and always will be a very bad decision for EVERY man. Just because one guy won the lottery is no reason to throw away your life savings on Quik Piks!

  9. Glad the commenters are all on the same page.
    This kind of article is just adding insult to injury.
    Of course many of us would have been content to have a wife and kids, and over time build wealth around the foundations of a family.
    Even if I found a NAWALT from a traditional culture today, a girl that seemed absolutely perfect for me and my future children, I’d always have in the back of my mind the fact that the state is breathing down my neck. A legal system that is overjoyed to offer my wife the illusion of a life of easy luxury every time I hit a bump in the road.
    Sure some men manage to succeed in marriage but there are many factors at play. 50% of marriages end in divorce, and how many of those “successful” marriages have men who are withered to the bone with grief and confusion?

        1. It’s easy when it’s your nature.
          P. S. A happy slave is a loyal and productive slave. That more than likely explains your “exception”.

        2. Are you suggesting he is a slave or she is?
          I guess your point holds water in either case.

        3. Uh huh. Does this include those situations where the dude is beating the shit out of his wife and fucking her girlfriends? Those do exist ya know, I’m not sure I could call those guys slaves. Abusive maybe, asshole, perhaps…but slave? No.

        4. Yeah, I’m sure their numbers are equal to or greater than the men who are not only subservient but financial plow horses to their wives or in many cases ex-wives.

      1. Female game doesn’t bother me as much as white-knights who harm their fellow man for a blink of female attention.
        Gaming women without outside interference is exactly what it sounds like… a game.

        1. yeah honestly, how did this article even get published? it’s a ‘sponsored’ post so… was a dump-truck of money unloaded into the back-yard of RoK headquarters?

    1. It’s true that traditional marriage was/is a status sign, but that just means that it’s our responsibility to change what society views as signs of status. Marriage is now 100% a beta male trap.

      1. This basement boy can’t even change his tighty whities but believes he can change society lol

        1. He changes your whities and got us both reading, so I’d say that’s a change so long as Misses JD/MD doesn’t find some legal exemption.

    2. Yeah, I’m sure that the woman who divorces you will be living in the lap of luxury lol

      1. So long as she milks the payments to support horse feed at the ranch… Then she will have everything she needs.

    3. the 50% figure is apocryphal, but your point is well made. Legal marriage is a very bad idea for an American man, as it brings the loathesome, odious, sacrilegious American government directly into one’s personal life.
      A document is not binding on the heart. If you want to keep your woman for life, you must continually win her over until you are dead.
      As the man, you define the relationship. Want to be exclusive? Great. Want to have a commitment ceremony to emphasize your monogamous intent? Double great. Want to give her children with your last name? Triple super great.
      Women want children – even more than they want you. They claim to want marriage, but what they really want is a sense of security and a nice party in an expensive dress. You can provide all these things without jabbing the fork of marriage in your own eye.

      1. I don’t think 50% is apocryphal at all. Don’t fall for the “Of marriages in 2014, only 22% have ended in divorce” trick. Give those marriages a few more years and check in. It’s a weird statistic and can be played with quite easily.

        1. unfamiliar with their laws, I can not speak for them, but minimizing one’s interaction with government is a generally a wise policy in general.
          “There’s one consolation, Mrs. Farnum: for every unwed mother, there’s an unwed father.” – Cary Grant in That Touch of Mink

        2. Couldn’t one unwed father have a dozen children by a dozen women? The calculus is off a little there.

      2. There is another factor to wanting marriage and children (for women), it’s to make their friends jealous, or to not be the last bridesmaid standing.
        I dated this chick and all was good… then her childhood friend got engaged… things started going bad… then her younger sister got engaged… I had to dump her.

    4. Good point. It’s not the game of avoiding this type of girl and finding that type of girl and ‘maintaining frame’ or some such. It’s the legal clout she has once you’re into that boring fourth year of marriage for both you and her. Once she hears of one of her compatriots (via internet, very easy) who falsely claims abuse and gets an easy green card, a house, and a monthly check from both you and the government, then you’d best watch out the next time she gets a bad bout of PMS. The legal environment is extraordinarily unfair. I had a buddy nearly jailed via simple, evidence-free, police record-free lies by his wife (now his ex-wife, natch). The whole system has greased rails for those kinds of unbelievable miscarriages of justice in the favor of women. My go-to answer when I get back home and get the inevitable “When are you getting married?” half-question/half-indictment is going to be;
      “Sorry. I’m not getting married. I’m not insane.”

      1. Exactly.
        When an LTR falls to shit it can be difficult enough on its own but you can cut your losses and move on with life…
        Throw in divorce lawyers, alimony, child-support and cuckoldry, false-accusations, being banned from seeing your own children, social stigma… And you have a recipe for disaster.
        Your entire life after marriage is sitting on a knife’s edge, and all it takes to tip over is the whim of a modern western woman.
        Seems like almost everyone on ROK has a story of a married guy we know who has been put between a rock and hard place.
        Marriage? Yeah. Right.

        1. The only answer is to get married in a country with few marriage laws and stay there.

        2. I know I am late in commenting but after spending a month abroad (Brazil) I like it more then I hated it so I am going back for a longer stay 3-6 months. Are these foreign agencies geared more for a foreign that wants to live abroad or finding a wife for eventual return to the USA or another Anglosphere nation?

        3. The ones I’ve dealt with (at least in US or Canada) are more geared to bringing her to the man’s home country via the K-1 visa (most agencies advertise help with this).
          In my opinion, bringing someone from that kind of culture to the cultural sinkhole that is the Anglosphere is beyond stupidity (I plan to move closer to my current relationship if it goes well), but I think the age of the woman would also be a factor.

        4. Not always in many countries such as Brasil divorce is still frowned upon and the women for the most part stick with their man. Outside of Rio and São Paulo women tend to be more traditional minded but more difficult for ONS but decent Portuguese is needed…

    5. Well said although I would not characterize it as insult. Some men are prepared to take the risk. Of course it only addresses one side of the equation. And you note the biggest problem here. The Evil Eye of the State.

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      1. Wait, I don’t get it…maybe I get it.
        Am I drunk or did you go back and edit your post to read “creak” instead of “crack?”

        1. No. I incorrectly quoted your (your very good) question.
          And indeed, this article is fucked up because it go against the common sense of red-pill men here.

  10. The next time I feel like getting married I’m just going to find a Belarusian woman I don’t like and buy her a house.

  11. The more I hang out here, the more I see that ROK is about the $$$$$ and keeping the visitors and thus the sponsors coming. Author = “Sponsored Post”

    1. Roosh’s old gig is on short legs and he’s looking for new revenue streams, hence RoK. I understand that and don’t object, but it might be nice if he could keep the old gig and the new one a little more cleanly separated.

    2. Soon you’re gonna have Mike Chang telling you about how your mail-order-bride can get six-pack-abs by following these 3 easy steps.

    3. I know right. Why can’t I just have high quality content with no ads, no requests for donations, and no subscription fee.

      1. I for one, would GLADLY pay a subscription fee for an ad-free, “Sponsored post”-free website.

    4. And a large fraction of the user base is just religious simpletons who will fall for anything.

    5. one out of 10 is like this, I think that’s pretty acceptable. And yea, it’s ALSO about green, mans gotta live. I see no problem at all.

    6. Honestly I normally ignore “sponsored post”. They’re not frequent and I don’t begrudge Roosh the attempt to make bank.

    7. This place doesn’t operate for free. Roosh has to make money somehow.
      He’s running his own business based on what he likes and what he believes in. That’s worthy of hell of a lot of respect, plus its gotta be more satisfying than cleaning toilets or performing abortions for a living.
      You obviously like it here; so do I. Do what I do, click the sponsored posts and turn off your adblocker for this site. Its really a minor inconvenience for what you get.
      If you want this place to continue to function, then you have to support it.

      1. I was actually hoping that enough of the regular readers/commenters would become ‘sponsors’ so that I wouldn’t have to look at bloody scalps or four-eyed freaks on the sidebar.
        After your comment, I hope you’re at least a ‘sponsor,’ not just a ‘clicker.’ I’m not hip to internet adverts, so maybe your ‘click’ method is better than my ‘sponsor’ method or occasional ‘tip jar’ support?
        I’m not being cheeky; if yours is better, I’d much rather click than pay. What kind of revenue for the site are we talking about here?
        I’m interested in supporting it, but if I can give more support by clicking “bikini clad drunks,” or various optical illusions, then I have enough time at work to click and repeat–I keep this shit on refresh when I’m in the office.

        1. “I was actually hoping that enough of the regular readers/commenters
          would become ‘sponsors’ so that I wouldn’t have to look at bloody scalps
          or four-eyed freaks on the sidebar.”
          Are there enough ROK readers to make that possible? I admit I don’t know how much it costs to run this site, but it doesn’t exactly have a huge readership.
          As for which is better, I don’t know. Some of us are tight on cash. I can manage one donation every 5 or 6 months, and so I give to kusc.org because I listen to them more than I read ROK. That’s not to say ROK isn’t great, it is….there are some really great posts here….but you have to make a choice, and since I use kusc.org more than ROK that’s where I send my cash.
          I do what I can–turn off adblocker and click through the sponsored posts. Yeah it ain’t much, but that’s what I can handle at this point in my life. If I had more money I’d give more.

        2. “Sponsors” pay a flat per-post fee, not by click. This guy’s blowing smoke out his ass.

        3. Cool. I think we’re on similar donation schedules.
          Aside from the “$3.00/month,” I pretty much donate some considerable sum every 6 months. And it’s to ROK since they’re my main site… Now you have me wondering–what’s ‘kusc?’

        4. Classical music. Its a radio station out of L.A., but you can stream from their website at kusc.org.

        5. I haven’t checked it yet, but you just brought back a flood of memories of me rushing home from work to catch the Pomona College Orchestra, the Pacific Symphony, and even the LA Phil (actually saw Dudamel’s first production of Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring.”)

        6. Haven’t heard “Rite of Spring” but heard Aaron Copland’s Appalachain Spring for the first time live and it was incredible.

        7. Of course I’m going to recommend that you check out Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring (Le Sacre Du Printemps)–it’s one of my favorite compositions and it’s an absolute classic of Modernism (it’s informative regarding the meaning of Modernism; at least it has been for me).
          I can’t guarantee that you will like it, it is certainly not for everyone (it purportedly caused a riot during its debut in 1913).
          I’ll try to keep my spiel short.
          Some things you should know are that it is a ballet, so there are scenes and an accompanying plot, which you will need to research a bit before listening if you want to know what’s happening (I highly recommend this, at least scanning the title of each scene as is begins). My one sentence summary: it depicts a pagan ritual involving the sacrifice of a virgin girl who must dance herself to death at the end.
          Even though it is a ballet, the music can stand on its own; there’s no need to scrounge up the actual ballet on YouTube, unless of course you want to (I’ve actually found an excellent version, by the Joffrey Ballet, which was intended to mimic the original production with Nijinsky’s choreography and the original stage design and costumes).
          I recommend both Stravinsky and Karajan as conductors (both are available on YouTube, although I am having trouble locating the Karajan version that I own and adore). You really can’t go wrong with either; both versions are excellent (Stravinsky’s is with the Columbia Symphony Orchestra; Karajan’s is with the Berliner Philharmoniker… apparently Karajan revised the version that I have, which is also with the Berliner Phil). Over time, I have come to prefer Karajan, but Stravinsky’s version can legitimately be viewed as definitive (I generally prefer Karajan’s tempo among other things).
          My preferences being stated, I would also say that there are some parts where Stravinsky clearly shines. Take the fourth scene for instance (Spring Round Dance)–Stravinsky’s use of the Tam-Tam here is extraordinary, and I might add that you should keep your speakers at a moderate volume so as to prevent any damage. Also, I prefer Stravinsky in the final scenes – Ritual Of The Ancients and Sacrificial Dance – especially the final moment of death at the very end.
          Stravinsky on The Rite of Spring: “I have tried to express in [the] Prelude the fear of nature before the arising of beauty, a sacred terror at the midday sun, a sort of pagan cry.”
          From another source: “The opening bassoon solo to Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring is a haunting prelude to the work. The bassoon’s distinct sound is perfect for the solo; it has been likened to the earth moaning as it awakens from its winter slumber.”
          Spiel over.

        1. Ok, so email Roosh and tell him that, along with your alternate suggestions for increasing revenue.

    8. I hope he makes money, this is one of the best joke sites. I can’t figure out where all of these manginas come from because in real life I’ve never seen or heard of this.

      1. If you’re using this site as an example of “manginas,” then you are queen pussy–gracing us with a wide chasm to be fucked.

    9. Actually, my biggest complaint is the quantity over quality. There are so many articles released every day. I considered writing here but not under the current release schedule. Sometimes I feel like there are more stories covered here than CNN covers in a day.

  12. No wonder you lot at ROK shame MGTOW all the time. You’re a bunch of fucking female worshippers in disguise proved by this and other borderline white-knightery articles about the “decline”. Fuck each and every last one of you.

    1. I sympathize with your comment and I generally appreciate your comments here–I hope you’re not completely serious.

      1. Maybe my comment was too harsh but this article is right out of left field. Where is this shit coming from?

        1. I don’t mind, so long as it’s identified as such, which it was. The bills don’t pay themselves…

        2. What do you care about the decline of western women?
          If women returned to traditionalism pua would die. All those articles take on a “we must save women from themselves” tone in my opinion.

        3. You’re obviously a little boy or a nerd, and I don’t mean a cool nerd like a hipster but a pimply faced puke with a peach fuzz neck beard who never leaves the cellar.

        4. Oh so you’re a hipster that explains everything. How’s your grandma’s old ass pants fitting you?

        5. Yeah, well it’s better than the “YOU MUST DOWNLOAD ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE NOW YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED” popup ads with sound that used to run on here. I have server-level ad blocking and somehow that one got through.
          If you see “sponsored post” just don’t click on it and read, simple as that.

    2. I used to be against MGTOW, but it’s grown on me, I like how it rejects thirst, I’ve found there is more to life than pussy, More to being a Man than Pussy, when pussy controls a man he is no different than a dog circling his cage after the bitch in heat, I Respect that aspect of MGTOW. When a Man tames his thirst he can see and appreciate other God given opportunities in his life, Constantly being thirsty is a horrible Burden.

        1. Wouldn’t you say that the general philosophy on ROK is MGTOW who date?
          That is kind of how I see it.

        2. What is the distinction?
          Perhaps the PUA needs women to some capacity whereas the MGTOW does not?
          Don’t you think there are MGTOWs out there who are really involuntary celibates but use MGTOW as a handy moniker?

        3. Now that you mention it, the differences between MGTOW and PUAs isn’t night and day but I do believe PUAs focus more on honing their game whereas with MGTOW they’re not 100% focused on that. This is just my opinion. There doesn’t seem to be as much discussion about game and getting laid among any MGTOW whether they date or not. It does seem like PUAs do need women as many tend to shame MGTOW for wanting nothing to do with them.
          I don’t personally believe on “involuntary celibacy” because anyone can get sex for a couple bucks. All men pay for sex in some form or another with rare exceptions. But I don’t doubt there are those who won’t pay for sex and have trouble getting women who do use MGTOW as a label. I’ve seen other disingenuous uses of the MGTOW label from tradcon types and others.

        4. Actually when I was a boy I received an 800 on the verbal and an 800 on the math SAT’s

        5. That’s fantastic, I’m sure you caused quite a stir on the short bus home with all that excitement.

        6. They’re virgins who are afraid of females and can’t get any pussy and then rationalise it by saying they’re going their own way.

        7. No real excitement about it at my prep school because 1/2 the boys could do this.

      1. Don’t have much experience do we? It’s usually the female in heat who’s begging and gagging for a shagging. Well, I guess just not with you.

        1. Marcus you are trolling me hard, what gives? I’d rather remain an honorable God fearing Man than one who gives into the immediate needs of a whore.

    3. They’re gray knights with still a bit of mangina in them. They still want to breed a child and raise it which sounds beta to me.
      Being married shuts down your manhood. It’s women that need men not the other way around.

        1. Your mama told me that she needs him…
          I’m not sure what to make of that, but I think Joe’s gettin’ some sand-dune pussy tonight; and you’ll be up late listening to that weird ass, old-person ‘chaffe’ until he turns her around and finishes in her mouth (shout to Kent).

        2. But I’m being paid for what I do versus Joe paying for what he’s doing. The VD is free.

        1. That means that you’ll be out wilding with the other nignogs while your mama smokes crack and turns tricks.

        2. And you’ll be here on disqus famished for attention. Hey doc, how did you manage to examine and diagnose the polyps in your own colon?

  13. Why would I want to marry again in the current environment? I married in the “old days” but today? Hell no. Marriage may work, but only if you move to HER traditional country.

    1. Whatever people may say about Communism, it was very socially conservative. Stalinist social policies would make modern liberal blow a gasket. Stuff like: bans on homosexuality, bans on abortion, encouragement of traditional family structures through propaganda, etc. The Communist/Stalinist “New Man” was a man that was a soldier, blue collar worker, and general alpha male. The Communist “New Woman” was tasked with marriage to the New Man and raising his offspring for the next generation of Communists.

      1. just because they banned something, didn’t mean those people didn’t do it anyways or found underground methods to steal, cheat, defraud, etc… hell most white collar criminals from the 1990s were from the x-USSR.

      2. Russia was the first country to allow abortion in 1920. Stalin banned it briefly in the 1930s, but it once again became legal in the 1950s.
        Women were encouraged to work man’s jobs…etc.

    2. “5 Ways To Avoid The Bottom Of The Social  Hierarchy”
      And even then there will always be a risk that her country will westernized. Perhaps if you are dealing with a serious busted third world country that the current zeitgeist has very little chance of ever reaching that it will not modernize and feminize, but then there is the issue of having to scrape out a living in such economically oppressed shit holes.

    3. “Marriage may work, but only if you move to HER traditional country.”
      – THIS.

  14. Marriage? Nah, I’ll pass.
    For most men its just a bad idea. It might be fine if you’re a part of a super conservative religious community like Orthodox Jews, where women would never even consider divorce, but under current conditions you’re just asking for trouble.
    The old days where a girl got married at 19, could sew, cook from scratch, preserve vegetables from the garden, and already knew how to take care of babies because she grew up helping mom take care of her siblings in a big Catholic family, are long gone. Those types of girls existed in my parents’ generation, but that time has passed.
    Its a nice sentiment, but unfortunately not realistic anymore.

      1. Religions existed so that queer lazy monks and rabbis could live a nice easy life by conning gullible females into giving them their husband’s money.

        1. If monks and rabbis lived easy lives, then today you should be living the life of Riley as a lawyer/doctor.

    1. Exactly. It happened so fast. Ten years ago? Okay. But things have changed and the verdict is in thanks to the internet. If you marry now then you are simply asking for a Darwin-style beatdown in regards to the general food chain of life. You’re just being a less intelligent creature that will be bitch-slapped by a predator/parasite. (Btw, are predator/parasite hybrids even found anywhere in nature?). Don’t hold that place in evolution. Don’t be the beta whose own back did the labor for his own demise.

      1. It was still bad 10 years ago. Hell, I could see it back in the 90s when most of my friends in high school had divorced parents, and that was in a somewhat conservative area. And of course, about 75% of those kids with divorced parents ended up with behavioral problems and/or drug addictions.

        1. Well, yeah it was bad then too. But MGTOW and guys simply saying “Fuck it” was less common. The circumstances were nearly as bad but guys hadn’t opened their minds to asking, “Why should I (marry)?” nearly as much as now.

  15. When I do get married, it will probably be to a foreigner, back in the old days fathers would take their sons to prostitutes to let them sow their oats, and then the son’s would eventually find a Nice American girl to Marry, things have changed, the prostitute is no more but the Nice American girl has taken the prostitutes place, so now when a young man has sown his oats with enough american girls , he will settle down with a nice Foreigner.

    1. If you sowed your oats to that many women you have to pay for that many pregnancies. If you meant protected sex then he did not sow any oats to begin with.

        1. Ok look, Che Guevara chimes in. Didn’t you take it up the arse enough from Fidel?

        2. Heh, that’s actually me (in my profile shot).
          Other than that, yeah, I’d like to think that Che took regular rammings from Fidel, that is, before they both got royally butt fucked.

        3. This was established a few articles ago.
          Now we just need to see this bitch banned.

        4. Actually i think I burned him in a previous article when he tried to make a serious point, i guess he went postal after that.

        5. you’re an MD? you want to make sure we know your “glorious title” of HIV faggot doc?

        6. Prove it. I think that the only thing you burned was your arse from trying to light your farts on fire.

    2. “back in the old days fathers would take their sons to prostitutes to let them sow their oats”
      That’s a new one on me…..

      1. I wasn’t around in the Old days but I heard some old guys talking, maybe it didn’t happen?

      1. I’m not saying everybody’s did but I heard some old guys talking about it once, maybe i’m wrong.

  16. The article does not help today’s men. The problem men have to deal with, if they want to marry, is to find a country with a legal system that does not systematically disadvantage men.

  17. The problem is that this is a sponsored post, and as such, is obviously biased in the manner that entails the people who wrote it getting money from you. I don’t blame anyone for laughing it off, even if there is a legitimate point buried in there somewhere (I have no idea, I read the first paragraph, went back and saw the ‘author,’ and then scrolled past).
    But ‘articles’ like these expose a distressing amount of poisonously bitter omegas among RoK’s readership. While I wish them the best, I can’t help but laugh at some of these comments.

    1. putz.com lol
      I began developing these surveillance programs over 15 years ago as a hobby before any of you boys even could afford a cell phone, including a deploy utility that I could remotely install on a pc or cell.I still collect royalties on some of my patents.Cells have a hard drive and recovering info is simple. I also developed an eraser that also overwrites the deleted info so that it can’t be recovered.The other methods advertised and which I also receive a royalty are trade secrets so I won’t tell you how they work.
      But since I’m a Mr Nice Guy I’ll give you a free way of at least tracking her call, sms and it’s destination which isn’t as good as the programs as far as content but it’s easy and free.
      When she gets a cell and of course you’ll know the number and provider,open an online account for it and password protect it so that only you will have access.She may never do this herself and even if she tries she won’tbe able to since you have it all tied up and password protected. Females just forget about it and don’t even bother with it. You’ll be able to see her entire account activity and history.No, it’s not as good as the other programs that do a lot more and you pay for where I get a cut from my patents but it’s not bad if you suspect something.
      You can intercept calls and data like pics etc and listen in with the program but I won’t give trade secrets away. You may want to give her a gift cell (provided she pays the bill :o)) but of course it will be in your name because a guy like me (or even her geek bf) can discover what the cell is doing and you don’t want to be charged with eavesdropping which you can’t be if it’s your cell.

  18. I do a lot of reflecting when I see articles like this one about marrying foreign, or like the one saying that Asian women are the solution. A memory always comes to mind.
    When I was younger I got into some trouble and landed in jail for a week, did not amount to anything, the judge just wanted to scare me. I met a dude in jail, a Korean and Vietnam vet. Guy had a big white beard, was missing most of his fingers due to the wars, scrawny and tough as nails, and smiled a big old smile. He took me under his wing in that short time and told me his life story. The battles he was in, the cheating wives and divorces, and the life that he looked forward to once he got out. He was only in for a short time as well, (was not familiar with the city and fired a gun within city limits when he thought he was outside of the limits). So what did he have to look forward to?
    He lived in the Philippines for most of the year, traveling to the states on occasion. His daily cooking and cleaning needs were met by an older Filipina lady, who cooked not just her own native dishes, but amazing American dishes too. He had a small stable of younger gals who met his every other need for companionship. Some of them more sexual, some of them more for intimacy. Cost money? Some did, others didn’t. Does it matter?
    Back then I was absolutely horrified. That seemed wrong to my blue pill sensibilities I would rather have married a nice American girl and been absolutely devoted and loyal to her. (laughable!). Now though, his retirement sounds like my own retirement plan. One thing this gentleman tried to impress upon me in the short time he was there was how happy he was with his freedom. He felt content. I could not see contentedness without being loved by a woman and that is the core difference between red pill and blue pill.
    Now looking back I realize that being content with your life is far better than being loved or seeking love from a woman. Women can give you contentment because you can control what contentment is to you. It’s a home cooked meal or a fantastic lay. Love in the form of foreign brides or otherwise is a pipe dream because no woman will ever love you the way that you want to be loved. I believe there was a time where men and women were able to come to a very mutual understanding of the other’s needs and this was interpreted as love, but that is no longer the case. Foreign women may be able to make their men happy because they offer far more contentment than the average western bride today, but this is NOT the same as the traditional loving marriage that men feel that they have lost. Even foul water tastes sweet when you’re in the desert.
    I never saw this man again, but I’m certain he is dead, he already had health problems then and it has been more than a decade. My fondest hope is that he passed content, perhaps after a nice meal, a great lay, or an intimate conversation. Really can a man need anything more?

    1. great post… ‘being content with your life is far better than being loved or seeking love.’ i’m reading ‘how i found freedom in an unfree world.’ resonates well.

      1. Hmm… that looks like an interesting read! I’ll add it to the list. I appreciate the recommendation.

      2. Can’t recommend that book enough. I remember, when reading it as a blue pill teenager, that although I agreed with the bulk of the book, the chapter on marriage and relationships seemed too radical and weird for me. It was basically advocating what the fellow in jail was saying. I need to give it a re-read now–I’m sure I’d agree 100%.
        Love the real world stories like this, Spurius!

  19. When you marry a foreign woman you must sign an affidavit of support. That’s worse that a divorce. If she splits and can’t find work, you become her “welfare” system. Worse yet if she knows of this, then you pay her “welfare” while she lives but doesn’t marry the next guy. http://www.uscis.gov/i-134

    1. I think in any divorce a man will pay in some way, funny in the age of “Equality” the Man is still dishing out dough when divorced and the woman doesn’t.Personally, if a Man is financially supporting his Ex he should have sexual Rights to her.

  20. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Women from EE and x-USSR don’t love you for your penis they love you for your wallet.

  21. I wonder if the reverse applies, that is, a matchmaking service that matches Russian or Ukranian men with American brides. Given the expectations of the women of their men as described in this article, surely there are male counterparts in the market for something exotic, with a few challenges, easily surmounted, given the competition as easily enslaved as they may be to feminine smoke and mirrors.

    1. No there isn’t.
      Because American women aren’t worth shit, make the worst wives on the planet and foreign men are smart enough to recognize this.

        1. One can always count on a woman to prove a man’s point when it comes to their bullshit.
          And they’re too stupid to even notice.

  22. Wholehearted agreement that most PEOPLE are aimless.
    As a grad student of a chem engineering MS program, I’m outnumbered by men, as you can imagine. Most of my male colleagues spend their weekdays in class/lab, and their weekends getting trashed in clubs on Fri/Sat nights and dayloading, playing video games, and ordering takeout on Sundays.
    If I don’t join in their banal activities, I get shit for it! Where are these driven, self-controlled, hard-working men who take on educational side projects, read philosophical literature, and WORK in their down time?? I want to meet one!!

  23. We are an other cross cultural couple, and matchmakers.
    Yes i know what you think: an other moron who have throw his money like water and bring a girl from Ukraine. LOL.
    In fact in DatingCoachUSSR we are red pill taker from 2007 and we have started the game the same year. To be exact half of DatingCOahUSSR, guess who? We are also matchmakers.
    Is marriage is evil in the west? Yes absolutely.
    The price you pay for a marriage in the west is so high that it’s a no sense to do such thing except in three cases:
    1/ You believe in a religion and would like to make your life accordingly
    2/ You are at the end of your life, old enough, or about to die due to a disease and you want to protect your GF because she has been a good woman for you and you think she desserves it.
    3/ In some countries where the system is less generous than in US if you want a wife totally dedicated to you and to the family, because you want her not working, ironing your shirts and filling your bowl. If you are a real man it is time perhaps to marry her.

  24. The game is helping you to get more girls, yes.
    Is the girl is changing the demeanor of these western girls jaded with five decades of feminism? Not really.
    Guess what? Women abroad have a different mindset, no discussion about this.
    If a marriage is the ultimate gift, do you think that a lady who is leaving her job, her friends, her family, her appartment don’t desserve it?
    Some yes, some no, all depends how you have manage your quest. If you have bragged about yourself and your money, if you have dated out of your court, if you sealed the pack in one week, so you desserve a good divorce with the alimony, 50% of your properties and so on.
    And don’t come to DatingCoachUSSR to cry, we will not even give you a tissue.
    Why coming in the Former Soviet Union to bang is generally a waste of time? (except with pro)
    Because fuck with foreigners for ukrainian ladies is not a project.
    They have at least five years more maturity than western girls and outgame them and you (men) far above.
    So bang with foreigners is not a project because they can do this little thing with whoever they want, easily, without less value, with a guy they perfectly understand.
    It’s why so many foreigners spend their whole evenings masturbating in every ukrainian or russian cities but rarely touch the grail with their dicks
    European Eastern women are project oriented, they try to build something, do it accordingly as a man when you come there. And as a matter of fact the divorce rate is really lower compare to the west, especially if you have not been a fool.
    As 95% of agencies or websites are between “not professsional” and “frauders”, we understand how septic you are, but consider that we don’t belong to such category.

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