Differences In IQ Between Men And Women Can No Longer Be Ignored

The Australian government recently changed hands, as the conservative Coalition swept back into power after six years. Led by one of the most conservative leaders Australia has ever seen, Tony Abbott, the new government installed a grand total of one woman in its new cabinet, out of a total of 19 ministers. The reaction was predictable—he was called “misogynist pig”, “right-wing bigot”, “sexist dinosaur”, and so forth, attacks coming from every angle.

I am no fan of the new government, but this was one move made by the Abbott government that I applauded, not for restricting the number of women in cabinet as such, but rather, for having the courage to make appointments based not on gender but on merit, knowing full well they would be on the receiving end of feminist venom from all corners of Australia for doing so.

This is the same old story we’ve heard a million times over — the great injustice done unto women when the heads are counted and they are not equally represented in the upper echelons of society. I’ve remarked in the past that it is the height of arrogance and immaturity to work an average of ten hours less per week, retire nine years earlier, take time out for child-rearing, and choose the path of least resistance, yet demand equal outcomes as those who grind out the hard yards. What has been neglected, however, are the innate biological differences between men and women in terms of their natural abilities.

The Intelligence Quotient

Take I.Q., for example. Despite the noise trotted out by those with lower-to-average intellects about the validity of I.Q. tests and scores, I.Q. remains the strongest single indicator of financial abundance, vocational prestige, academic success, and a host of life’s other achievements. On average, men and women have roughly the same I.Q., give or take a negligible point or two. The glaring differences, however, arise in how this average is distributed. Compared to women, who tend to flock towards neither extreme, men deviate from the average far more, and thus fill out most numbers at both the top and bottom ends of life in general.

It is for this reason, perhaps more than any other, that the majority of outstanding achievers are men, and have been throughout history. The vast majority of scientists, philosophers, musicians, academics, inventors, writers, political leaders, and so forth, are men. But men also comprise the bulk of society’s shit heap. The homeless, long-term unemployed, criminals, drug addicts, mental health patients, alcoholics, and degenerate gamblers are also, overwhelmingly, men.

The I.Q. variation between the genders is considerable. Mensa International High I.Q. Society, for example, is composed of a membership in which  men outrank women 2 to 1 — roughly the same representation of men to women in Australia’s homeless populations. This sort of imbalance goes a long way to explaining why an even fifty-fifty split between the genders in every area of life is both impossible and misguided.

The Feminist Response

Oddly enough, I’m yet to hear a feminist complain about the disparity between genders when it comes to prison populations, or drug rehab centres, or the impoverished unemployed. But when a new government installs only one female in its entire cabinet? Outrage! When yet another report hits the papers of only a handful of female board members in blue-chip? Patriarchy! When women are outnumbered by men in award nominations in almost every field? Misogynist conspiracy!

We don’t live in a world where logic and reason are the best tools for policy making. Rather, we are forced to place feelings above truth, and political correctness against hard evidence. Ideas like this are instantly discarded as some type of evil misogynist propaganda to be ignored or ridiculed. Indeed, history has shown that those who speak this truth are at risk of censorship, character assassination, and dismissal from the most respected positions of influence.

In 2005, the President of Harvard University invoked the consistent gender discrepancies of cognitive tests to explain why there were far less women in high-end science and engineering jobs. The shit-storm that followed led to his resignation a year later, and Harvard pumped $50 million towards recruiting women into these industries. Deny the truth, silence the man brave enough to speak it, and follow it up with millions worth of funding the “even out the playing field”. This, from an institution supposedly created for higher learning.

Surely the strength of any argument or idea, especially one put forward by the president of one of the world’s most prestigious research institutions, should be able to stand or fall in the face of public scrutiny or debate. If it was so inaccurate, it would be torn to pieces. This was not the case. When the empirical science around our biological make-up didn’t fit the demands of the feminist “empowerment” brigade, then science was told to just shut the f*ck up.

What To Expect

My prediction is that the nonsense will resume after the fall of the Abbott government, just as it persists throughout the rest of the fem-centric Western world. Governments will continue to push and leverage and squeeze for another generation or two, trying in vain to get the social alchemy just right, struggling in vain for that elusive gender balance. Expect to see more affirmative action, more quotas, more female-only scholarships, education curricula favouring the female gender, more female-only recruiting drives, and a whole host of measures we are yet to imagine. It is clearly in a government’s interests to do so — the political potential to curry favour with half the country is just too strong to resist.

But after all these futile efforts have exhausted us, and we still don’t see the numbers women demand in their ideal world, the voice of reason will start growing stronger. Eventually, we’ll have to wake up to ourselves and admit that human beings are complex and diverse creatures, that biology dictates far more of our behaviours and lives than we’d like to admit, and that the sun does not revolve around the Earth — no matter how much a social trend stamps its feet and demands that it should.

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214 thoughts on “Differences In IQ Between Men And Women Can No Longer Be Ignored”

  1. There is talk in oz of bringing in affirmative action at board level for companies. Can you imagine busting your balls at some company for ten, fifteen years only to not move to the next level because they don’t have enough women on the board.

    1. Its a lesson not to expect anything for busting your balls at some company that you don’t own. Even without affirmative action, nepotism and cronyism are mainstays of business. With affirmative action and and out of control welfare state that discriminates in favor of minorities and women, in the West, white, heterosexual men need to recognize the ever-increasing disadvantage that they are working under and plan accordingly.

      1. I’ll go one step further. The world is becoming more and more unequal. Those who are extremely intelligent or lucky will have a disproportionate share to everyone else. The person who really gets screwed is the average male. Women can effectively be thought of as property, so resources will be relatively more equal among them since women mainly exist for having kids. The guy that’s left out is the average male. I’ll even come out and say that average males are usually idiots.

        1. I thought they feared intelligent red blooded males, so they usually favour the average IQ people nowadays – smart enough to run things, but not too smart where they would usurp their boss.

        2. As George Carlin said: smart enough to run the machines, dumb enough never to question it.

        3. I’m not desi. And I’m not a nerd, whatever that is. Do you even have two brain cells to rub together?

    2. And that’s why I would never , never invest money to start a business in Western’ Democracy ‘ . Have to deal with Feminists and Unions . No thanks.

  2. Many intelligence genes seem to be located on the X chromosome. It has been remarked that brainy men tend to inherit their IQ from their mothers. But this would also explain why men have a wider IQ distribution. If a woman has one “smart” X chromosome with a combination of genes that would give high IQ, she is also likely to have a “stupid” one which would cancel out its effects. But if a man has the “smart” one (or the “stupid” one, for that matter), there’s nothing to balance it out; the woman would need to inherit two “smart” X’s, which is less likely.

    1. Is this assuming Mendelian inheritance? Typically a wild type and mutant gene don’t cancel each other out.

        1. X inactivation affects equal numbers of the X chromosomes in the body, randomly deactivating, say, “smart” ones and “dumb” ones (if a woman has both), so it doesn’t change my point at all.

    2. Err. I have yet to see any studies that indicate how precisely intelligence is inherited, particularly the mechanics of it. Intelligence is a very complex phenomenon and would be a combination of various genes at work in a specific kind of environment. I have a specific interest in Autistic spectrum since my son has got this condition – years of study has not been able to pinpoint what exactly causes the condition, though a genetic factor IS indicated. Autistic spectrum is an intellectual condition that affects language and cognitive abilities so it scientist can work out the mechanics of cause and effect, then the cause and effect of general intelligence is not too far off.

      1. “I have yet to see any studies that indicate how precisely intelligence is inherited, particularly the mechanics of it.”
        How is intelligence definitively quantified?

  3. Women are retarded as fuck.
    MEN built everything that you see. The computer and internet that you dumb bitches use to criticize men was CREATED BY MEN.
    Society has to collapse first before people will wake up. Modern society has bred a class of weak beta men, who in turn allow women to get out of control.
    The betas have to be exterminated. Only the strong should survive. And in this way, the Illuminati is doing God’s work by sterilizing people thru GMOs, vaccines, fluoride in the water, etc. Only the INTELLIGENT and WEALTHY who are either smart enough or rich enough to avoid GMOs, vaccines, fluoride water, and other chemicals, DESERVE to survive and reproduce.
    Praise LUCIFER, the glorious Light Bringer!

    1. You know that plastic container of pills with your name on it, the one on top of your fridge? Start taking them again.
      You are correct about this world having been built by the design and action of men though. Sadly this is changing, and the emasculation of Canadian society is fostering the thought processes which lead to government-mandated third bathrooms for queers, genital mutilation (sex change surgery) and sex hormone blocking chemicals for children, etc.

      1. Right? RoK needs to fire this guy. Quality has gone down since John Doe was brought on board.

    2. Man John your responses are getting too predictable. I just know what you will say. I’m a pretty predictable manossphere spambot myself, but you take the prize.

    3. Cmon, lets be honest here. WHITE MEN , built it. Stop trying to divide white people by somehow putting black men above white women. U sick bastard.

  4. The differences in IQ can be ignored, because paying attention to those with lower IQ cry about not achieving as much is as silly as trying to comfort someone who is crying about the weather. It’s better to ignore anyone who whines about their station in life rather than quietly and methodically rising above it, not only for your sake. When whiners get attention, it rewards those who would seek attention rather than results, which in turn trains other people to seek attention rather than production. Because whining about a problem was successful for someone else, why not them?
    In this regard I prefer most asian cultures, who treat whining with all the respect it deserves, that is to say complete indifference.

    1. It’s not the differences in IQ that makes the difference. It’s the difference in the variance of the IQ between men and women.

  5. They talk a lot about trying to get more women in government, business and higher CEO positions in Australia. This has to be earn’t on merit, and most females wouldn’t be able to do it on brain power alone. We are starting to see lots of token women appearing in roles that are far beyond their capacity……

    1. *earned. earn’t isn’t a word. if you’re going to insult the intellect of an entire gender, at least have the intellect to back it up.

      1. That you could only attack his spelling, despite your intense and obvious white knight hate, tells the story of a very small brain.

      2. You are a girl, huh, Joe? I am calling you out. The half-cocked emotional response gives you away. Either that or you are a mangina and not even half-cocked. Ha.

      1. Mate nothing concludes a woman’s stupidity. If you read closely, men are more likely than women to be “stupid”. They are also more like to be “smart”. Women are more likely to be average than men are.

        1. congrats on your ability to be average. We really need that in this world. Yea we do. Nurses, daytime caretakers etc are all average. Good that you finally have found your place in the universe.

      2. I know this was two years ago, but your response to Jessica puzzled me. She stated she thought the article was great. Why didn’t that make you happy? Isn’t it the point of websites like this to empower yourself as a man and to teach women of the limitations of being a woman and that they won’t ever be able to compete with you intellectually or physically? Doesn’t the article try to point out that women are daring to take away men’s rightful place and keep it for their own when women should realize that men will always out perform them? Women should take that as a cue to stay in the place in society where they belong which has already been dictated to them by their own biology. She admits to her stupidity as a women. She agrees with you. You should be jumping up and down exclaiming “A woman finally gets it! Spread the word! The more women get it, the more women will go back to the roles they never should have left, and men can reclaim their proper place in society!”
        Instead, you tell her she is dumb for liking an article that concludes her stupidity. That can only mean one thing: you don’t believe women are stupid. You may even recognize this article as a hate article otherwise Jessica’s comment would have validated you.
        Try reading Jeff Feldhahn’s “For Men Only”. I never saw a man put women in their place faster than him.
        Also, from reading Jessica’s posts, it seems doubtful “she” is actually a woman.

  6. Oh my God, Roosh is so fucking sexy, I want to ride his cock and I want him to blast his semen into me and impregnate me with his golden babies!

    1. To be honest I don’t think he’d shoot his muck up your cooch. I would imagine he’s more of an on your face/tits kinda guy.

      1. Isn’t he trying to avoid getting her pregnant (don’t want baby momma drama and wants to raw dog), so he would go for up the @rse?
        Contraception and masculine dominance as a hole in one, that would even put Tiger Woods to shame.

    2. Are the guys replying to that troll actually believing he/she is a real woman or a real character? LOL!

  7. I’ve said this before on this page. The reason there are more men in MENSA and other such groups is BECAUSE THE VARIANCE IS HIGHER! The mean is, for all effective purposes, the same between men and women. Men have a much, much higher variance, which means that men will dominate the tails on both extremes. I also hope that people do recognize the logical equivalent, which is that the bottom 90% of women are more intelligent than the bottom 90% of men.

    1. Yawwwnn.
      So then what you are saying what everyone here at RoK has always known.
      That at best, women are gloriously average.

      1. Yes, average just like most men. There are more dumb men, though. And some more extremely intelectually intelligent men, but that are at the same time totaly emotionally retarded.

    2. “The mean is, for all effective purposes, the same between men and women. ”

        1. “First give some credible info”
          How much are you willing to pay me for “credible info”?

        2. Sometimes short comments can be misundersatood.
          The good catch was yours, the misdirection was from the one you replied to.
          First put out the info of the studies that men’s intelligence exists in a broader spectrum with a larder std, make the credible argument, and then insert the info that the mean is the same…

        1. Psychology is a totally bogus science. And the reason IQ scores have changed and womens have risen is that they altered the IQ tests to increasingly favour women.
          Here is a fact. Forceps were invented by a man. Women were left to attend to the birth of babies for all of human history. Men reasoned that if there is ONE THING that women should be better at then men it should be the delivery of babies, right?
          After all? No man has ever had a baby. Pretty much EVERY woman has a baby. So women should know more about birthing babies. That would be a very reasonable assumption. But it was not true. Women were not even able to innovate the tongs, one of the oldest inventions known to man, in to forceps. By being unable to do so women condemned countless hundreds of millions of women and children to needless excruiantingly painful deaths.
          Along comes a man and he notices that the child is often stuck in the birth canal and he innovates tongs into forceps to grab the child by the head and pull it out thus saving the life of both the child and the mother.
          He was so sensitive to the stupidity of the women he actually gave the credit to a woman.
          Here is a fact. While women were unable to innovate tongs to forceps men were circumnavigating the world with little more than a sextant and a compass.
          Tell me again how women are of similar intellectual capacity to men. I’d like to hear your explanation of why women could not invent forceps with all that brain power they have.

        2. It is always a pleasure to read Peters writings and insight into female nature, thanks to his stays in the East. OF COURSE psychology is a bogus science, it is the same as much of the nonsense pushed on this very website. These distinctions hold something in common, and it begins with a big, fat, rat-nosed, J. There is a group of cunning degenerates at play in public places, such as this. My friend, you will also find that all legal roads lead to Rome, where they saught influence over the Western world in less recent times. The grandest of all deceivers, yet losing ground fast, for it is time that all lies be revealed.
          Indeed, I see one using standard tactics below this!

        3. Thanks Uber,
          and yes…where every I go I have my own little band of ASIO trolls following me. This is one reason why I name Bill Toal and Michael Toal and Jennifer Toal so often in my comments.
          I know ASIO is following me on disquss. They follow me everywhere.
          So I am going to denounce the Toal Family far and wide until such time as the entire family makes remedy for their crimes.
          6 years ago all that needed to happen was for Jennifer to withdraw her perjurous testimony, withdraw her attacking case in Ireland, and accept what Bill Toal called “a more than generous offer” to say “irreconcilable differences” and to simply move on.
          But that was not my fate. My fate, it seems, was to produce the book Living Free in the Femnazi World as an honest man of honour and integrity whose character could not possibly be questioned. That was my fate.
          Living Free is the step by step guide for men to live in freedom DESPITE the world around them being Femnazi. That is the name I was told to use. The entire book was dictated to me by an entity unknown which is why I do not ask for money for it. It is not mine. The story in it is mine but I say right there in the book it was dictated to me.
          I now believe that whatever dictated it to me has the best interests of that small percentage of men who want to live in freedom at heart. I am now very certain that “many will perish and this is as it should be”.
          Most men in the west are going to perish, I believe. Those who follow the advice in Living Free might survive. Those who follow my advice might survive. I don’t know. I am not told these things. I can only say what I know and express opinion where I do not know for sure. It is up to other men to make their own choices.
          But I do not think that there is any man on this forum who does not know that places like he USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc are now soft police states being lined up for totalitarian police states. Any man who has not figured THAT out over the last three years is a complete idiot and deserves to die.
          So yes…I am very well aware of the global situation. I really am one of the best informed people on the planet…shame most men will not listen to my advice. Their loss.

        4. I never said women are of the same intellectual capacity as men. They’ve got different skillsets. For example, women are much better at social skills. Women also gravitate to the mean much more so than men.
          My first two years in college, there were two girls who were a couple of years older than me that were always in my classes. We used to go out all the time. They literally showed me how women manipulated men. There were several occasions where they’d get some sucker to buy them drinks and they’d hook me up. They’d hook me up with all sorts of shit. I remember they used to talk about how stupid men were all the time. These two chicks were cool as fuck and I even dated one of them later on. I can’t honestly say that the average woman is dumber than the average male. Most guys are fucking idiots.

        5. “For example, women are much better at social skills.”
          Total bullshit. If women were “better at social skills” they would know not to commit the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in the family courts.
          Women are total crap at social skills. They don’t even know it should be socially unacceptable to commit crimes against men.
          And women are far more vicious to other women than men are.

        6. Women do hate each other. It just makes sense too. They compete with each other for the best males. There is one thing men and women have in common: they both don’t trust women.
          I’m not defending the feminist culture of the courts, but you seriously can’t deny that women have much more skill in social situations. I can’t even describe it; it’s just their instincts. It’s almost like an innate sense.
          I agree with you that the feminist culture of the courts is a horrible thing by the way. I’m NOT defending feminism in any way. Feminism is a bankrupt ideology.

        7. “but you seriously can’t deny that women have much more skill in social situations.”
          Not only can I deny it. I know they don’t have more skills in social situations. All they have is lies and deceit.
          Now…if you claim women far more OFTEN use lies and deceit in social situations I would agree. But they are not even better at lies and deceit than men. The best con-men are all men.

        8. We all use lies and deceit. Yea, women are cunning and manipulative by nature. Men are power-hungry, ego-maniacs by nature. It’s human nature. Everyone lies and puts their best foot forward; it’s common sense. What’s the alternative? Are you actually gonna tell people your problems off the bat? Of course not.

        9. “We all use lies and deceit. ”
          No. We don’t. Men like me do not need to use lies and deceit. We find that unnecessary.
          Think if it this way. I delivered the remedy that, if used, would release millions of men from unlawful incarceration around the western world. It would get rid of all the problems of family courts. It would get rid of the problems of false allegations.
          But because most men are liars they projected that on to me and concluded that I was lying and being deceitful about the strawman recapture process. As a result more than 200,000 more men have committed suicide, tens of millions of men live in fear and poverty. This has gone of for 4 more years because “We all use lies and deceit” is the standard position of most men.
          In short? Men are getting exactly what they deserve for not showing me the respect I have earned. It’s pretty simple. If men trusted me as the honest man of honour and integrity I am? Most of their problems would have been solved years ago.
          Instead who do you put your faith in? Who do you petition? Politicians? And they are one of the dis-honest groups of men of the lot. Right? Not…very…smart.

        10. If what you’re telling me is true, then our society would be a much better place if more men were like you. You’re a man of character; a man that’s willing to fight until death for what he believes in. From what you’ve told me, I have to rethink some of my own beliefs and ideas. The main problem that’s missing in our society is men that aren’t in it for stupid shit like money or women. Our society lacks men with true character.
          I’ll end this with one little sentence: I think you’re right on a lot of the things we argued about.

        11. Casinobox,
          among other things….when I was about 14 my step grand father (Frank Trainor) sat me down and and told me about his war experience in WW II. Not to make it “heroic” but to give me a message from the men who died next to him. Many of his mates died in arms reach of him.
          Example? When they were retreating from singapore there were not enough places below decks on the ships. So they were mostly above deck. A japanese fighter pilot spotted his ship and decided to straff the decks. There was nothing to to but lay down on the deck and take your chances so that is what they did.
          When the japanese fighter pilot had left Frank got up and dusted himself off. The man either side of him was dead. He had tears in his eyes as he told me that story as I have now recounting it. He said “Son, you see stuff like that? It really fucks you up.”
          His message from his comrades to me was simply this. That they died such that my father and mother, both small children then, might have a good life. That is what they died fighting for in their eyes. And Frank said to me “Your mum and dad have had a great life, and I hope you have a great life too, just remember, if it ever comes your turn you must not dishonour my fallen comrades. You must defend the children of your land as they did. It was your parents they were defending. It was your life they were defending.”
          As a result of these men? I have had a great life. Only one of my peers from my school could reasonably argue he had a better life than me. Mark Taylor, Australian Cricket Captain. He’s a really nice man too. I will concede he has done better than me. He worked hard to do so.
          I never thought it would fall to me, of all people, to defend the children of my land in the way that I have been “chosen” to do. I am uniquely qualified to defend the children of my land.
          I can assure you that I shall do that until my death. And I can assure you and all readers I am just as willing to kill australian born traitors who wish to enslave the children of my land as Frank Trainor and his comrades were willing to kill japanese men who might wish to enslave the children of their land at that time. Many men from the USA fought and died in the pacific too.
          I do not look at skin colour or place of birth to determine the enemy of the children of my land. I look at their actions and I deal with their actions.
          So yes. For these last 6 years I have been “chosen” to defend the children of my land. I am one of the most dangerous people in the world for the Illuminati. And they know that.
          If you or other men think I would ever betray Frank Trainors fallen comrades by not stepping up to their level when chosen to do so? You would be crazy. I have tolerated years of slander, lies, abuse and criticism from the very men whose children I am working to defend. How disgusting is that?
          So yes. There are some men of character who are harder than granite, who have been forged and hardened through the battles they have fought, who do not wish to kill but will do so in order to secure the future of the children of their land.
          Sadly? We are few.
          Even more sadly? Most men do not even understand what we are doing let alone give us a hand. How disgusting it is that other men can not even relate to the task of securing the future of the children of their land…can not even relate to the task of defending their own children.
          I am not aware of any other man like me who comments on RoK. If you know one? Point him out.

        12. ONE man invented it. That mean that very man was more intelligent (or had more time in his hands, more money, etc,) than most other men and women.
          I would like to know about the lives of the women in these times, though. Could they study? Were they accepted in the outer soceity by doing bussiness, working, etc? Were they motivated to do so?

        13. I support your message and I’m working on myself so I can contribute more to the knowledge gains in our suffering white male population.

    3. Exactly my thoughts after reading this. The average is practically inconsequential. What matters is the variance above average. Men clearly dominate the higher levels of IQ while females have the majority of their population huddled around the average.

  8. The reason that societies like MENSA have more men than women is because MEN HAVE A HIGHER VARIANCE! The mean is, for all practical purposes, the exact same. A logical equivalent of what this article is saying that the bottom 90% of women are more intelligent than the bottom 90% of men. The higher variance accounts for why the top 10% include more men than women.
    This article combined with the comments below show a complete ineptitude and lack of understand of mathematics. I always hear people on this site discuss philosophy and literature, but completely ignore math. I find all of this rather surprising since it’s the laws of probability (by that, I mean playing the odds) that really make the difference.

    1. By the way, IQ is designed to be distributed on a standard normal with a mean 100 and standard deviation of 15.

  9. Of course, all those pro-women policies will fail, but that was never the point all along: feminists and their suggar-daddies want to see men marginalized and in that, they will surely succeed 🙁

  10. You’re buying into their propaganda about equality, but what they really want is redistribution from the haves to the have-nots. They recognize that force will likely be required to take what others have earned, and are openly calling for the government to exert it. These aren’t performance quotas we are talking about, so there is no reason they can’t be filled. Wouldn’t be surprising if Mensa eventually comes up with alternative ways for women to qualify to increase their representation, and any organization could be instantly 50% or 100% female by simply ordering the selection committee to make it so.

      1. Why are FA’s (fat admirers pushing women to gain weight in order to fulfill their own sexual fetishes) overwhelmingly western white males?
        Google key words BBW, SSBW, FA, Feeder, Funnel Feeder and Growing Fetish and you will see for yourself that this sub-culture (which is fast becoming mainstream) is largely comprised of western white males.

    1. 80 percent of all women in human history have reproduced; only 40% of all men have: there is more variance among male performance. Men make up more of the drivers of humanity, but they also make up more of the retarded, insane and degenerate: being a male is much more Darwinian, more risky, but in return theres are greater chance of being blessed with extraordinarily abilities. Women regress to the mean, but achieve their goal of childbearing.

    2. Men skew to the right (smarter) of the IQ distribution more often, though MOST men and women are roughly the same.
      Still IQ is a poor measure of intelligence/skills, and I would say if you go out and look at essential services (mechanical, engineering, plumbing etc..), most are done by men. Also, men are forced to improve themselves cognitively, whereas women do not feel the pressure to do this so much.

      1. My IQ is 135 and all I want to do is stay home and have kids. I don’t think careers are for women. Most career women end up on mood altering pills for chronic depression.

  11. Brain chemistry is fascinating. Left-handers also deviate from the norm — both ways — more than right-handers.

  12. I don’t see what the political situation in Australia has to do with IQ. Most politicians have very average IQ’s (some are rather stupid…George W. Bush to mention one example). The reason women shouldn’t work in high level leadership hasn’t got much to do with IQ. The problem is simple…hormones. Women are extremely unstable creatures: mood swings, erratic behaviour etc. People that unstable should never occupy leadership positions. Also understand that IQ isn’t static. Circumstances, environments etc. can temporarily affect IQ negatively. Thus, the problem isn’t necessarily IQ itself but the emotional nature of women and the negative consequences that come with it, like….having low stress resistance. Which is crucial in positions like that.

    1. Don’t be fooled. George W. Bush is probably smarter than you. He went to Harvard, and you have to be pretty smart just to gain admission to a school like that.

      1. “He went to Harvard, and you have to be pretty smart just to gain admission to a school like that.”
        Or have a lot of money

      2. Education is not intelligence. And ff you gave me 2-3 weeks to study and prepare, I could have been a better president than George W. Bush.

      1. Maybe, but that’s exactly my point. Intelligence doens’t seem to be a major criterion when holding public office. As i said before most politicians aren’t intellectual high-flyers. Problaby also the reason why most of them have a non STEM background (but law).

        1. LOL! Women and humility? Now THAT is funny.
          Women constantly trumpet the smallest of non achievement while failing to show respect to men how have done 1000 times more than them.
          Try again.

        2. Bad American women, but you shouldn’t judge woman’s ability as a sex from a sample of only her worst. Women aren’t taught to be good people here, in general. But there is the rare 1/1k or 10k in America I’ve seen, and a few I’ve spoken to online from other countries, in addition to the evidence presented from men who have traveled and met women from around the world saying the same thing.
          Broads aren’t so bad. It’s just really easy to forget that when you live in the USA.

        1. Just because its what they do BEST doesnt mean they are the best at doing it. Capish ?

        2. Oh…so how many women do you see cleaning up oil spills?
          When I was at ground zero in NYC in october 2001 guess how many women I saw working to clean up the mess of the buildings?
          How many women are cleaning up at Fukashima?
          Sure…women might clean up spilt milk….but they will not clean up oil spills, fallen buildings, or radioactive materials.
          Women are total crap at cleaning up a REAL mess.

        3. If you haven’t seen them doinf that how would you know they are crap doing it? lmao. The butthurt is strong in this fat guy.

        1. You certainly have.
          Women are better at having babies and breast feeding. On those two points I award them highest marks. No men can compete and neither would we claim to compete. But apart from those two things? No one has ever presented me with an activity that women do better than men on average let along better than men at the top of the performance tree.
          The closest anyone has come is free form gymnastics. There is a case that can be argued that a 12-14 year old girl can do gymnastics better than a man simply because a 12-14 year old girl is so small and so flexible. But apart from that? No one has even forwarded a sensible argument as to anything a woman might do better than a man in ANY area.
          So go ahead…see if you can find ANYTHING where women consistently do better than the best of men.

        2. All men built civilization? All men invented shit? And all women did nothing? Okay, buddy, keep dreaming. Are you building civilization right now, and much better than the women around you?

        3. Women have had under 100 years to prove themselves whereas men have had hundreds of years, the fact that you delve to hundreds of years ago really isn’t fair because back then women were rarely allowed to even speak. So yes, men have accomplished more but they’ve always had the chance to and even now women are still pushed into sectors they don’t want to do, their arguments on internet discussions aren’t taken seriously yet when they present themself as a man and give the exact same arguments their word is taken a lot more seriously. I also know a girl whose family tried to discourage her from going into games design due to it not being a “girls” subject and to go into childcare, yet she is the most outstanding pupil in the class.

      1. Women are better at manipulating people. It’s not really an IQ thing, but an EQ one. Also ballet. Men have trouble staying on pointe for some reason.

        1. LOL! Nope. All the worlds greatest manipulators are men. Just look at things like the american revolution, the Irish revolution, the french revolution, the Indian revolution, the russian revolution, the south african revolution.
          All these were orchestrated by MEN in the Illuminati to transition from overt oppression to covert oppression.
          The worlds greatest con jobs and revolutions are almost exclusively orchestrated by men.

        2. And women were totally exempted from fighting in any of them, (Except maybe the South African one).

        3. Oh wow, never knew about all of that. So all those historical events were orchestrated solely by manipulation? So glad to be reading all of these informative and insightful comments; I’m learning so much!
          I thought the Illuminati was run by lizards though?

        4. ((read some other comments by PeterAndrewNolan…man, is he unhinged. Maybe he’ll respond to me with something about divorce and child custody LOL))

        5. Yes. The vast majority of “world events” are orchestrated.
          “I thought the Illuminati was run by lizards though?”
          We all have what is called an “r-complex” in our brains which is short for “reptilian complex”. We have tails and vestiges of gills as embryos……..the main stream science literature even suggests we evolved from reptiles.
          So are there some “throwbacks”. Maybe.
          Once thing is for sure. If you go onto the web and read the comments by women? If you are going to try and argue to me that women are the height of evolution on this planet? I am going to argue that there must be a more evolved species here than that! LOL!!

        6. I wasn’t trying to argue that women are the height of evolution on this planet.
          World events are orchestrated. Things are manipulated. I get it.

        7. I find it hard to take your points seriously when you keep throwing in the illuminati into every sentence. I’m sorry but it makes me laugh that you say that you are superior not only to females but to males too yet you believe in the illuminati, and that you are a threat to them. This make me believe that you perceive yourself as a superbeing, if that’s the best way in which I can describe it without you getting all confused on me. You say you are smart but you are bound together with a group of twoofers who are generally in the age range of the teen years, getting grades either below or on average, that believe usher rules the world in the illuminati with their triangles. This leads me to believe, seen as you are repeating the same things and never really giving a real example, that you don’t really know what you are on about.

      1. Well, they are pretty good at basic bookkeeping. Fuck I hate that shit. That’s just bean counting. Beancounters aren’t real business people, they just record what real business people do.

    1. Women are not smart, most women-or women in general- are either psychopaths, narcissists, borderline or histrionic at best. So even if they were smart (or are smart), what´s the point? I mean, with all the pathology that most of them carry these days, how much good can they do to society? NONE.

      1. Those are some astounding figures you cite. They’d be a lot more credible if you pointed to some supporting evidence. Not that I don’t believe what you said with 100% certainty.

  13. “A plus size woman is the epicenter of femininity”. The guy is clearly smart and articulate, but can we truly say “intelligent”? I don’t see any women creating online shrines to “curvy men” do you? This fat fetish fenomena is growing, both literally and figuratively. And the ones behind it are above IQ, fit and healthy white western men. How would you explain that?

    1. Having intelligence is one thing, having the wisdom to use it well is another. It’s the difference between owning a tank and knowing how to operate it.

        1. Their own. They want men to have no options so they can have their pick of the lot. That guy is kind of good looking. Too bad he’s sick in the head.

  14. women are cute. they don’t need to be genius-grade- they just need to work the pussy. the only chicks who need brains are the fat and the ugly.

    1. Genuine question: what sort of intelligence is valued in a woman? In the manosphere it’s frequently considered to be associated with feminism, but what about a woman who can see past that BS? Isn’t that the sort of intelligent woman who is valuable wife material?

      1. Not really. Women should be pretty and smart enough to run a house and raise children. That is all they need to be.

        1. What you described IS seeing through the feminism BS, as the feminist stance seems to be career over children. An intelligent woman who sees through that BS is indeed extra valuable, but I agree that what men want in a woman is pretty simple really. Just be feminine and let a man be a man. I’m of the opinion that men should deal mostly with anything related to tangible matter, whether it be house building/selection, furniture, appliances, city-building, etc. while women should focus on building of social networks and raising of children. Men build civilizations, so we should have most say in it. Women build children, so they should have most say in the “building” of children from birth to late childhood.

        2. I don’t agree. I mean, that would return us to the old days, sure.. but that also saddles men with 100% of the work. Women will then get to sit around and do zero of the dirty jobs, and flip through TV channels to their hearts content, never working very hard, even if they have to raise a few kids. My mother, for example, stayed at home with me and she spent maybe 3 to 4 hours a day.

      2. Seeing through – obvious – feminist BS doesn’t necessarily say much about intelligence. The most important form of intelligence in a woman (particularly women) is emotional intelligence. 99.9% of men aren’t going to reject you if you aren’t any good at math, but many will if your attitude is less than desirabe.

        1. Having actually read emotional intelligence (it’s a book), it’s a way for feminists to guilt trip without being called as emotionally manipulative. People who actually read the book know it’s based in *drum roll* child educational psychology, a terrible book and only good as fire kindling.
          Attitude is more social psychology, and there are no studies on femininity because it would make academics look bad to tell the truth about feminazis.

        2. Emotional intelligence is more than just a book, or six. It has nothing to do with feminism. It is not child psychology. The book you read might have likened some aspects of emotional intelligence to child psychology. EI has gained substantial favour among both psychologists and industries’ human resource management. EI measures your ability to react to situations in a mature and intelligent manner, e.g. not responding with posts that are heavily laced with insults and expletives.
          People have been criticizing the standard IQ tests for 50 years or more. For one thing, there are too many factors that can prevent an accurate score. For another, some can be unfair to people of different cultures or countries.

      3. A Woman who can see through the bs of feminism isn’t just smart, she is wise.
        A Woman that knows her role in life will go further in life as she takes her role and runs with it like a football player with a football.
        A female however who sees life through the opaque lens of gender equality, will forever chase an abstract goal that she will never meet, because there can never be true equality in a society where too many variables exist that deny theoretical beliefs and suppositions of outcome based equality.
        Feminism, like marxist communism is an intellectually adolescent fantasy for people who prioritize feelings over facts and symbolism over substance. To these people only the ends matter and the means must be artificially stacked in order to reach those ends.
        It’s the equivalent of trying to force the numeric system to make the statement “2+2=5” accurate.
        It’s a comorbid effect of the rampant mental disorder we call modern day liberalism.

        1. Is your brain ok? In my 16 years of female life I have invented an ultrasonic cane for the vision impaired in 8th grade, launched a high powered rocket on weather balloons, and now in 11th grade I’m writing a research paper comparing biological and artificial neural networks in order to help those with cognitive limitations. Maybe it will help you. I also just recently collected computer electronics to donate to children in Ukraine, and started a club to battle the under-reported injustices around the world. Ever since I was a little girl I wondered of the endless infinity of the universe and read the physics books of Stephen Hawking at age 14. Don’t you dare say I have less of a mind than men. Don’t you dare. I won a bronze medal in the Canada Wide Science fair, and many more on the regional scale. Don’t you dare lower me to a breeding object that requires a man to function. I pity you, and I hope your brain manages to catch up to the level of at least a descent human being. I’m going to keep pasting this into the illogical comments all over this gastrovascular level of development comment section.

    2. ” they just need to work the pussy”
      Says the guy who apparently can only get sluts to have sex with him – slutfucker.

    3. HAHAAHAAA, wow you really blew me away with that one. In my 16 years of female life I have invented an ultrasonic cane for the vision impaired in 8th grade, launched a high powered rocket on weather balloons, and now in 11th grade I’m writing a research paper comparing biological and artificial neural networks in order to help those with cognitive limitations. Maybe it will help you. I also just recently collected computer electronics to donate to children in Ukraine, and started a club to battle the under-reported injustices around the world. Ever since I was a little girl I wondered of the endless infinity of the universe and read the physics books of Stephen Hawking at age 14. Don’t you dare say I have less of a mind than men. Don’t you dare. I won a bronze medal in the Canada Wide Science fair, and many more on the regional scale. Don’t you dare lower me to a breeding object that requires a man to function. I pity you, and I hope your brain manages to catch up to the level of at least a descent human being. I’m going to keep pasting this into the illogical comments all over this gastrovascular level of development comment section.

  15. If this is not going to wake the viral feminist dragon, I dont know what..or perhaps they will try to ignore it, because it’s too embarrassing..you never see them talking about the two divisions in check..male and female..:) xD (passive/aggressive smiley)

    1. Even worse (more pathetic) than writing racist articles is demanding someone else (even the prolific Megaphone) write them. I’ll save Megaphone the trouble:
      But in all seriousness, what an insightful comment! I can hardly think of a more profound contribution to this article than “Now do the same post about darkies.” Thank you for providing this nuanced intellectual substance.

  16. Great article, but your assertion that the majority of mental health patients are men has left me wondering. Are you talking inpatient or outpatient? I ask because a former security detail I worked required us to check all incoming/outgoing packages, purses, backpacks, etc – and the number of women who I noticed to be on mental health meds was SHOCKING. Literally every other one was on some kind of prescription drug (NOT birth control), usually antidepressant, anti-anxiety, or mood stabilizing in nature.

  17. Men and women are not equal. never have been. never will be. There is no such thing as equality. Almost all women act on emotion which when it comes to decisions affecting society is always bad. Most men act on logic…which has almost always been good for society. This is why men have always ruled the world….its logic based…..no room for feelings.

    1. Most people use both to make decisions, regardless of gender. The only difference is that women, sure, use their emotional intelligence to balance out the outcome of their decisions, taking into consideration the well being and emotional security of everyone, making them also great rulers, just like you can see about the female Presidents of many Countries tight now.
      The MANY decisions of MANY men have screwed us up and are screwing us up right now. No emotional intelligence and no room for feelings is the worst way to rule, ever.

    2. and despite this clear fact, we live in a society in which equality is the law of the land… I wonder what can be done about this?

    1. Yah. Aus is the biggest desert island in the world, with women almost as bad as those in the British Isles

    2. The Brits who wound up in Australia had to make their own milk and honey through the power of their minds. Australia’s history reminds me of science fiction stories about how humans have to colonize a marginally survivable exoplanet and make a go of it because they have nowhere else to go.
      And the Australians seem to have done remarkably well in the area that matters the most: http://visual.ly/worlds-healthiest-countries

  18. I remember learning about this in university. It was actually one of my first Red Pill moments. I’ve met plenty of intelligent, and few highly intelligent women, but the most brilliant people I’ve met have always been men. I think it also has a lot to do with differences in aptitude for creativity. My very brilliant evolutionary psychology prof told me this difference was due to human male “peacocking”, which would make sense. I’ll probably write an article on this soon.

    1. People believe in evolution, in every aspect of evolution, but then when one mentions intelligence, suddenly evolution has bended down in front of equality of sexes for millions of years, and you’re a sexist pig.

  19. I don’t think IQ is the highest determinant of financial success as this article claims. It has more to do with drive, ambition, and persistence. IQ certainly helps, but is not the most important. Secondly, he states that men have been the inventors, poets, and generally the top dogs in creativity throughout history which is true. But his premise is wrong…it’s not so much that it’s because men are lopsided in their intelligence ( due to there being really smart guys at one end and really dumb ones at the other and women are more towards the average mean in terms of their IQ ) I don’t think that’s the reason why there’s so many more men who are the creators throughout history. The reason is…TESTOSTERONE. The reason is BIOLOGY. What I mean is that it is the woman’s natural biological role to be the homebody, be the nurturer. It’s her job to raise the children and…..be a traditional woman. Men have always been the go getters…the hunter gatherers…etc. So, it’s only natural that men are the ones who go out into the world and create master works of art, discover the calculus, introduce equations which explain our physical world, find cures for diseases, write great works of literature, etc etc. Because the women are doing their more biological function and the man is doing his.

  20. I have a T-shirt which says,”Man’s mind is woman’s basic tool of survival.” Because, frankly, women don’t have the cognitive abilities to do a whole lot beyond the complexity of maintaining the home camp of hunter-gatherers.
    For example: Men had to develop veterinary medicine and gynecology because animals and women share a common denominator: They respectively couldn’t invent their own health care.
    And can you imagine the state of astronomy if we had to depend on women? We would still view the planets as mysterious lights in the sky which move randomly.

      1. So are you saying that the societies where it’s people still live in grass huts are of females only?

    1. Actually, they do, and that is proven over and over again. Now show us YOUR research that proves what you are saying.
      Women are inventing new health technologies right now, buddy. They couldn’t invent anything once because they couldn’t even study, only the few rich white men could. In fact, learn that: it wasn’t “men” who developed anything, but some, very few and rare men and women. You didn’t create anything.
      Keep telling yourself all of that, though. Maybe that is the only thing that makes you feel any kind of self-esteem? The delusional feeling that you are part of a “better” gender and that you also should take the credit for what other men did? AHAHAHAHA!

    2. Completely agree brother. The facts are clear about male and female inequities and yet we live in a society in which we all claim to believe females are equal to us.

  21. It’s true. The majority of retards and geniuses (like 80%) are men and the rest are high-T (as in Testosterone) women with stubby index fingers. (Yeah, yeah– manjaws gonna manjaw, I know.) Testosterone (either in utero exposure or having testicles) does it, baby!

  22. When I brought up my Mensa membership (it was relevant to the topic at that time) I was informed by a feminist that joining Mensa is a sign of a lack of intelligence. I think it’s because they conflate emotions with intelligence.

  23. Excellent. I am of the opinion that success also takes a high amount of emotional intelligence. But academic intelligence remains a key indicator because without it you are unlikely to develop a high degree of emotional intelligence. You won’t take control of your emotions if you don’t have the logical capacity to understand them.

  24. Personally, I don’t think we’ll start to see an end of this sort of behavior unless a major shock hits the system. If the untold material wealth we have now continues, I expect only more of the egalitarian zeitgeist, although there may be some more red pill deviations in the future.

  25. As black male, I feel that there is a difference between equal opportunity and affirmative action. Don’t give me anything because of my race or gender, just give me the same shot you’d give the next guy if I have the talent, skill and determination to do the job.
    Asking for special privileges does not help anyone. It puts unqualified people in places they don’t need to be and it generates animosity towards the recipients as well as undermines the confidence in their ability to do the work effectively. It also arouses anger in those who feel justly or unjustly displaced.
    But of course these views aren’t popular in the black community or with women so it’s only places like this that I can even express them and that’s pretty sad.

    1. Spot on. THIS needs to be trumpeted loud and clear in order to shame the entitlement brigade into submission.

    2. I understand and respect your views here, but about this site being one of the only places you feel you can voice your opinions seems…off. Maybe there aren’t a lot of forums/sites out there with like-minded people for you, in which case, that does suck and I’m sorry. But what are your thoughts on gu’s comment here that says “Now do the same post about darkies.”? I’ve seen enough racist comments made on this site (with considerable support signaled by upvotes–for whatever that is worth) to make this sort of sentiment seem like it’s not that much of an outlier here. But who knows, maybe a certain level of racism is to be expected in any comment section anywhere on the Internet and whatever racism that’s on this site is just par for the course.

    3. I’m black and I wholeheartedly agree. I got it into a few ivies a few years back, but I chose Uchicago because they don’t do affirmative action. Their numbers even show it. We have half the percentage of African Americans than schools like Yale or Columbia- and 60% are actually just the kids of Nigerian immigrants. It’s sad that merit works that way, but it shows that we have a lot of improvement in our communities to do. Regardless, it shows just that the school doesn’t give handouts. When someone sees my school’s name on my resume, they know I worked harder than the white kid with it just to get there…especially with my ghetto high school sitting right under it.

      1. Why should you be given equal opportunity when you don’t produce as much as a man?

    4. Why should we give you the entitlements we feel our people are entitled to when you’re not a member of our group?

  26. Frankly I would like to see this idiotic progressive ideology shatter against the hard rock of reality. Progressivism can’t work because it conflicts with human nature. And I find it interesting that some people have started to question democracy after 200 years of pro-democracy indoctrination and propaganda. Hasn’t it struck you as odd that despite all the bad things we’ve heard about aristocrats and kings in our conscious, waking lives, noblemen and monarchs still dominate our dreams and fantasies? They even dominate women’s silly fantasy lives. Just look at the aristocratic images and titles on the covers of many romance novels.
    Otherwise how can you explain the popularity of LOTR, the Narnia stories, Dune, Star Wars and Game of Thrones?
    The progressive project to control the human mind with democracy programming has clearly failed, because unconsciously we still think about social relationships in non-democratic ways. And that will make the restoration of traditional social structures easier than we expect, because it will put reality back into a more harmonious relationships with our natural minds, not the artificial, ideological minds progressive democrats have tried to force on us.

    1. Let’s hope that progressive ideology along with Marxism,feminism and alike will be banned and buried forever and will be shamed as much or more as the world Nazi.

    2. I’m not an expert in romance novel cover artwork. From memory, my conception of romance novel covers is that there’s a Fabio-like guy…which isn’t normally what I associate with aristocracy. (Notice how I cited this statement as personal anecdote, accounting for the limited level of credibility).
      I didn’t actually know that women made up the majority of the fan-bases of those titles you mentioned…maybe I’ll actually investigate that claim when I have more time.

  27. Fantastic. The word for those looking up the research is “variance”, men have greater variance in all cognitive test results and life outcome and it does matter. A lot.
    I don’t think paper counts unless you do something with it. They’re saying more women are going into STEM when they really mean getting degrees, instead of doing the f-ing job. In the real world.
    Yet education is already feminine, that’s why it’s slowly destroying itself with bitchy politics.

  28. When I moved to New York City a year ago, one of the things that intrigued me was the fact that this city has the highest average IQ in the country. I was thinking maybe I could find a woman in such an environment with a brain. Nope. They are just as dumb as anywhere else.

  29. Besides the stuff about Australia’s current political situation, this article could’ve been written over 10 years ago and nobody would be able to tell the difference. Nothing here expresses any new ideas or information. I’m pretty sure all of the following are from before 2010:
    And here are some from after 2010:
    Ok, I’d find more but I gotta work in a minute.
    So what was the point of this article? It could’ve at least directed people to other sources that have more in-depth information. I realize this isn’t a scientific journal, but a little bit of evidence should be provided to support any statement in any article…in order for it to be evaluated on its merit.

  30. Great article Megaphone. You wrote:
    “Compared to women, who tend to flock towards neither extreme, men deviate from the average far more, and thus fill out most numbers at both the top and bottom ends of life in general.”
    This. We don’t hear this often enough: Men’s IQ doesn’t follow a classic “hump” bell curve. This is why economic inequality exists and the gap will continue to widen. And I say, hallelujah.

    1. Until the whole populus of Planet Earth has been tested I shall remain unconvinced.
      The author fails to take into account that women have generally been kept from education, most professions, work and/or positions of power for at least 2000 years when he “proves” his point of women having a ‘lower intelligence roof’ with this statement: “It is for this reason, perhaps more than any other, that the majority of outstanding achievers are men, and have been throughout history. The vast majority of scientists, philosophers, musicians, academics, inventors, writers, political leaders, and so forth, are men”.
      I was offered membership in Mensa at age 14 but decided against it, as I saw it as merely a club for intermutual admiration. I bet a lot of men and women who could be members of Mensa are not. Perhaps due to where they were born, not having the possibility of even taking their tests, not feeling any inclination towards them, or simply declining/leaving. Not all humans that could be part of Mensa are in fact members, therefore the Mensa membership statistics cannot prove or disprove anything.

  31. Maybe “the Sun does not revolve around Venus” would have been more appropriate :p

  32. I disagree with this.
    Not entirely, but I feel that the full picture has been left out. Women are capable of being as intelligent as men and the reasons provided for their mental subordination are erroneous.
    As a U.S. citizen I am not aware of the political arena of Australia, and I will give the benefit of the doubt that unlike with American government, there is a hierarchy of merit in ministry appointments. I can sympathize with the misgivings of governments changing hands also, too much has happened lately as example of what can go wrong. Perhaps the problem seems to be one of a lack of women in senior government leadership as opposed to the sources cited that believe Abbot to be misogynistic.
    However, I do not believe that the number of female ministers in a cabinet, nor the response from critics who support an active role of women in government can justify the position of a women’s inherent lack of intelligence. Before we were born and long after we die there will be women and men with intelligence, in all fields of art and science, greater than our own.
    It is true that the majority of the famed scholars, artists, and politicians in history have been men. But this is important to keep in mind that in Australia, the colonial governments had all voted for universal male suffrage by 1858, not till 1902 did Australia grant universal suffrage to women as well. If it took until the turn of the 20th century for women be be allowed to participate in the democratic process, not even run for office but participate, then can one reasonably expect women to play a comparable role to men in any sphere before the 19th century? Beyond Australia these patterns are prevalent across Western Civilization, women were delegated to a selective sphere of work and life and changes in history have proven that they choose, and are capable, of living beyond the bounds that were set for them. The disparities between men and women existed because assumptions and misconceptions about the capabilities of women existed; and the fact that in the political sphere alone women have proven to be competent politicians states to the contrary the ideal that women are not as intelligent as men.

  33. I already liked the Abbott government for a few reasons. Now I have another reason. Thanks.

  34. Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal, who is also known for being a libertarian and homosexual made this compelling statement in a 2009 essay:
    “Since 1920, the vast increase in welfare beneficiaries and the extension
    of the franchise to women — two constituencies that are notoriously
    tough for libertarians — have rendered the notion of “capitalist
    democracy” into an oxymoron.”
    It may be sexist, but its true. Giving women the right to vote (and Australia was one of the first I think) was probably the stupidest thing men have done in all of history. Personally, I think only land-owning men and maybe land-owning widows should be able to vote. That would solve a lot of the problems in society. Women still deserve to be protected, but full democracy protects no one.

    1. I strongly agree with your message here. The question I have to ask myself as a man in the parlance of our times is, what are our females doing with their freedom? And I’ll tell ya something, I don’t like what I’m seeing…

  35. Feminists always focused on the glass ceiling while ignoring the glass floor, thats why feminism is for promoting women, not promoting equality.

  36. Feminists always focused on the glass ceiling while ignoring the glass floor, thats why feminism is for promoting women, not promoting equality.

  37. My girlfriend is hot, AND she’s smart. She’s aiming on getting a degree in nanotechnology, and she has an I.Q of 145. I love her so much.

  38. Just on the Mensa thing- what was the ratio of female to male applicants? Could it be that women don’t feel the need to validate and advertise their intelligence?

  39. It becomes evident that men are smarter than women, when one thinks that in those fields traditionally reserved for women, it is ALSO men who excel and become the best of the best.
    Cooking: all the best chefs in the world are men.
    Clothes: all the best fashion designers are men.
    Giving birth: all the best ob-gyn doctors are men.
    Then in everything else, men have always excelled while women enjoyed the fruits of male creativity.
    Men are intellectually superior. Who in his right mind can be blind to that most obvious fact???

    1. You meant SOME few men are great in what they do? I agree with that. Don’t make that a generalization, though, as the dumbest people are also men.
      These men are old hags, though, and women their age where still pretty much taken back. Give it some more time and shit will either equalize or turn upside down.

  40. I believe in science to a point but there is no such thing as science fact and even an IQ exam is unreliable. There are so many variables in this story that all supposed reasonings behind facts are flawed also what we may call the facts themselves gained through scientific studies. Most “studies” today can be conducted by anyone and reported by news media and Sheeple will believe anything. Oh btw the earth is square, it’s only an optical illusion that makes us see it as round due to our spherical Cornea. That’s a total BS theory but if you get enough scientists to sign off on it, we’ll it then becomes “science fact”.

  41. “On average, men and women have roughly the same I.Q., give or take a negligible point or two.”
    That is an illusion. IQ tests were specifically developed to iron out any differences between the genders. That is, tests that showed a difference were rejected in favor of tests that did not. This is the only reason men and women have “roughly the same IQ”.

  42. Folks. what do you make of the fact that women in the U.S. have now been shown to have higher IQ’s then men? A new era of women-dominated businesses and women in power in government? Or maybe the IQ tests were just stupid all along?

  43. Well, this makes sense to me. There’s also biological evidence that exposure to more or less testosterone in the womb affects certain behavior and personality tendencies developing in people. I read about that here ( http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/275922.php ). Which could lend further to credence to why males tend to succeed or fail more spectacularly more often.
    All evidence should be considered impartially. That this is not happening is kind of baffling to me (coming from a US citizen, ha)!

  44. Just makes me feel shit about myself, like no matter how hard I try my cellular arrangements make me not as smart and strong so I’ll never be as good. I hate children and nurturing, it’s boring and I wouldn’t feel accomplished at all, so what am I supposed to do? Just keep failing I guess.

  45. Yes, my god, type “men have higher IQs” in Google search and all you’ll get are article crowing that some flawed test claims that women are smarter than men, and I mean there are pages of links trumpeting the erroneous results. Whenever a test finds men are better than women at something, particularly IQs it’s buried and rationalised to death with a myriad of caveats.
    The misandry in the media is shocking.
    The IQ distributions in all major IQ tests are markedly different between men and women, on average men and women are roughly equal but women’s IQs are more grouped around the middle whereas men’s are more spread across the spectrum, meaning there are more stupid men than women but a lot more highly intelligent men than women.
    This is because the bigger the difference between men the easier it is for women to select the smarted mates and the best selected from an evenly spread group is going to be much more intelligent than the best selected from an average group thus humanity’s intellectual evolution advances more rapidly via natural selection.
    This a distinct statistical distribution that cannot be ignored.
    Now I’m about to drop a knowledge bomb. This is the reason for the surge in misandry and feminist bias in the media:
    The reason that the globalist elite (comprised of a financial Oligarchy that controls the western Governments) have been pushing feminism is because men are the biggest threat to their control of the populations. In every takeover or suppression of an enemy throughout history the men were taken out first. Men are more likely to view totalitarian authority as an alpha male threat whereas women are more likely to view it as a protector (related to women liking the ‘bad boys’). Men are thus more likely to challenge authority and are physically more dangerous.
    It’s also about divide and conquer. They need to destroy the social fabric to make it harder for familial relationships to form particularly between men and women as families provide cohesion and resistance against tyranny. So pushing women to abandon traditional nurturing female traits and to pursue male qualities creates friction as men have evolved to protect and compliment women not compete with them. Relationships have become harder to form between men and women, divorce is at an all time high, marriage at an all time low as women abandon their biological natures in favour of pursuing masculine traits, ending up with internal conflict and they are often unhappy.

  46. Truth is, according to statistics, is that the IQ increases with learning. The average college graduate has an IQ of 110, while a high school graduate is 100. Since women populate colleges by a 60 to 40 percent as compared to men, it would seem that they would have higher IQ’s. But that’s just not happening. The culprit is estrogene, which causes women to be more socially IQ’d. Oh wow! Men have higher brain aptitudes, yet women are more socially smart. There we go! The two balance each other out.

  47. Men are smarter than Women. This isn’t some sexist statement, it is a fact verified by biology and reinforced by real world examples.
    Intelligence however is not the end all be all to life. If intelligence is raw potential then wisdom is knowing how and when to apply that potential in order to maximize your abilities and standing in life. This is why even intelligent guys get screwed over (by females usually) because they lack the wisdom to make the most of their intelligence to keep from being emotionally manipulated by emotionally duplicitous females.
    When society reflects this immutable truth everyone in society benefits. Women’s emo-instinctual need to dominate Men are kept in check, and males are taught and raised to become everything society needs them to be: forward motivated spiritually centered Men who are critical thinkers and leaders.
    No society has benefited from a matriarchy or benefited from it for very long. Either they get stuck in a time warp from which progress is neither made nor encouraged, or they simply disappear from the gaze of history as they are replaced with far more effective social constructs, such as the patriarchy.

  48. In the Western world, feminism is simply racism with a nice new dress on it. Any sentence with “gender” in it is about women. The last thing feminists want is equality. Memorize this.

  49. IQ isn’t necessarily the best indicator of ability in many fields, like leadership. Men and women evolved together, and both are needed for any group to function effectively, including groups of leaders. Some studies have shown that women even make more effective leaders than men.

  50. Women couldn’t be scientists or philosophers or academics or inventors because men wouldn’t allow us to learn to read or write. Considering what women have had to overcome just for the right to learn to read, to get an education, to be allowed to dance, to be allowed to act, to be allowed to be athletes, to be allowed to write, it is amazing that women have made history at all. Women had to put a man’s name on her own work for it to even be allowed to be published. I don’t think men realize what women have overcome and how special that makes us. Men are always trying so hard to dominate us because they have convinced themselves that the only way they will be happy is if women are completely submissive. People don’t like to be completely submissive. Women are people.

    1. ” I don’t think men realize what women have overcome and how special that makes us.”
      Actions matter more than words. We’re still waiting for a woman to come up with something that wasn’t already mostly built on the sweat, blood, and tears of men chiefly for the benefit of women.
      As for the suggestion women couldn’t be scientists or philosophers, dear, you need to consider the examples of Marie Curie and indeed the entire order of oracles at Delphi — the priestesses who basically could decide which way an entire war should go based on their decisions.
      We have more geniuses than you by several factors. We have more courageous people than you. We outrank you physically and intellectually, and the only way a woman is ever equal to a man is if a man is actually doing her fighting for her.

      1. ” Built on the sweat, blood, and tears of men chiefly for the benefit of women” For the benefit of women, really? Give me examples with references I can check out for myself. I would love to know how men have benefited women.
        Oh, let’s be real. Does it matter anymore? As you said, men are intellectually and physically superior. Women are obsolete and are not needed anymore. The gendercide proves women are incapable of defending themselves as individuals or saving themselves as a group. India has whole villages that are populated with only men. India doesn’t have enough women to replace their current population. What does it matter? They are overpopulated anyway.
        China has 36 million more men than women. 600 women in China kill themselves a day out of despair for being female or grief from having their female infants murdered. Who cares! Again, they are overpopulated anyway.
        In the Middle East,there are the increasing numbers of women killed in honor killings or enslaved sexually until they expire which is also contributing to the loss of the world’s female population.
        And, in the West, sex selection abortions have created a concern that in the next few decades we could see a ratio of 6 men to every 1 woman.
        As more and more women disappear, men have little or no access to women. This is the reason the sex trafficking of men is on the rise. When there are no women, attractive men become a valuable commodity. Belarus is the top nation for the sex trafficking of men.
        There is no need to despair. Scientists in Sweden have been trying since the 1980’s to find a way to make men pregnant. They now believe they are only ten years away from accomplishing this. All of this you can research yourself and you don’t even have to go to the library to do it!
        You are right. We aren’t equal. We don’t have the right to live. All you want from us is complete submission. All you needed from us was to grow you inside of us and give you life and bring you into the world. Men have never valued that and have actually told us that the strength it takes to be pregnant and give birth pales in comparison to your ability to make us pregnant. But, now, you will be the ones giving birth. You don’t need us anymore. The world will be a better place without women.

        1. ” Built on the sweat, blood, and tears of men chiefly for the benefit of
          women” For the benefit of women, really? Give me examples with
          references I can check out for myself. I would love to know how men
          have benefited women.”
          – Birth control pills (invented by Gregory Pincus)
          – Tampax (Dr. Earle C. Haas)
          – Disposable sanitary pads (Johnson and Johnson, the original patents were made by a succession of men.)
          – Hormone replacement therapy, to stop the symptoms of menopause: (John R. Lee and Jonathan Wright)
          – Vaccination against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which causes cervical cancer in women (Ian Fraser and Jian Zhou)
          – The vacuum cleaner (Hubert Booth)
          – The dishwasher (Josephine Cochrane invented it because her servants were chipping her fine china. She never washed dishes herself. But it took a man — William Livens — to invent one for domestic use.)
          – The washing machine (Alva. J. Fisher)
          – The clothes dryer (J. Ross Moore)
          – The vibrator (Dr. J. Mortimer Granville)
          – Lube for sex (Frederic Kipping, who invented silicone-based lube, and Robert Chesebrough, inventor of Vaseline)
          – Lipstick (Maurice Levy)
          – Concealer (Max Factor — yes, there was an actual guy by this name.)
          – Foundation (Max Factor again)
          – Mascara (Max Factor again)
          – Women’s shaving razors (Colonel Jacob Schick)
          – Women’s suffrage in the UK: brought in (and indeed everywhere else) by male politicians, rather by definition. But in the UK: Keir Hardie, George Lansbury, Winston Churchill, Lloyd George, Sir Edward Grey. Votes for women could only occur, politically, when working-class men got the vote — something they didn’t have until 1916.
          – Gynaecology, also known as the reason many of you don’t die in childbirth, eclampsia, or suffer a shitload more stillbirths than you do — but let’s also include the first successful treatment for vesicovaginal fistula, the first gallbladder surgery, and the introduction of antiseptic principles in all areas of surgical treatment. (Dr. J. Marion Sims, known as the father of gynaecology)
          – Oh, and let’s not forget the item you get your information and most of your validation from: the mobile phone (Martin Cooper).
          We could go into police forces (mostly male), militaries (overwhelmingly male in the combat arms) that keep ungrateful wenches like yourself safe, but that’s a quick look at inventions chiefly for the benefit of women. I could find a hundred others easily that women benefit from as much as men, and by and large they are all designed, invented, maintained, and built by men.
          “China has 36 million more men than women. 600 women in China kill
          themselves a day out of despair for being female or grief from having
          their female infants murdered.”
          Interestingly, women in China are the only place on the planet where they kill themselves more than men do. And unless you had a post-death exit survey, your histrionics about why they kill themselves are amusing, but no less baseless histrionics. Everywhere else, and in particular in the “liberated” West, men kill themselves more than women do. But then women in the “liberated” West, where they’re all independent and free and stuff, attempt to kill themselves at four times the rate of men and a good 25% of them have a mental illness of one kind or another. And fools like you call this an improvement on the patriarchal model.
          “All you needed from us was to grow you inside of us and give you life and bring you into the world.”
          Given the rate of single motherhood in the West, and in particular the fact women initiate divorce 75% of the time — in cases where domestic violence is not involved, I might add — that’s all the responsibility you seem to want to take on, too. Shall we get to the appalling failure rate of single mothers as parents, and the actual superiority of single fathers as parents when you look at educational and societal outcomes?
          Women are needed. But not for the purposes feminism declares you are. Feminism, and its slave master consumerism, turns you from a mother into an economic unit. Patriarchy gives you an identity; feminism gives you a collar and chain and tells you to proudly put it on.

        2. I had no idea men actually shed blood and cried actual tears as they created lipstick, mascara, birth control pills, lubricant for sex, concealer, all so women could look pretty and have sex with you. Let’s not forget the peril men had to go through to create the washing machine, dish washer, and vacuum cleaner so women can have more energy to have sex with you. I wonder if Mary Anderson cried when she invented the windshield wipers?
          As for the military, women have always had to fight and die in wars. In America during WWI and WWII, we had women fighter pilots. Today, as I type this, Christian women have taken up arms to fight in Syria against ISIS. The true victims of war are the women and children who are caught in the crossfire and are often raped, imprisoned, or forced to join the enenmy’s army. Joseph Kony is the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda and has taken over 60,000 children as spoils of war. He rapes, tortures, and sells them into sex slavery or forces them to join his army. I have a small understanding of what these children are going through. I was tortured by an adult when I was a child. It only happened once. That’s not true for these children.
          Yes, men do kill themselves more often than women do in the west and it is a tragedy, especially since these suicides could be prevented. Read the book “I Don’t Wan’t to Talk About It” by Terrence Real. He has treated men with depression for over 20 years. He wants to save men’s lives and he wants men to be able to live happier lives.
          As for the statistics on divorce, I am aware women leave men more than men leave women. Do you really think women would leave their husbands if their husbands were good husbands? Of course not! No one is going to leave someone they love and who makes them happy. This is a gift for you. Read Jeff Feldhahn’s book “For Men Only”. Jeff explains how women work. He isn’t male bashing at all. Instead, he explains to men this is how it works for you and you understand this. Now let’s compare how you work to how women work. By the time you finish the book, you will understand women on a level other men won’t. They will be scratching their heads wondering why does she do that, but you will know. My husband said he had misinterpreted 90% of what women do and that all men should read this book, if for no other reason than to preserve their sanity!
          As for my purpose in life or my identity, I am the one who gets to choose that, not you and not feminism or patriarchy! Whether or not that includes being a mother is none of your business.
          The gendercide is real. Scientists really are going to make men pregnant. You already stated that men are superior parents. Women are obsolete and cause more problems. The world would be more peaceful if there were only men.

        3. “I had no idea men actually shed blood and cried actual tears as they
          created lipstick, mascara, birth control pills, lubricant for sex,
          concealer, all so women could look pretty and have sex with you.”
          Most women, according to the femtards like yourself who troll this site, take birth control pills to counteract period symptoms. It’s fundamentally for your benefit. If you think of yourself just as a sex object, that’s your problem. I see you also skipped over the fields of gynaecology and women’s suffrage at large, all done by men for the benefit of women. Nice try at reframing the issue: time to admit you lost that point.
          “As for the military, women have always had to fight and die in wars. In
          America during WWI and WWII, we had women fighter pilots.”
          Compared to how many men? As I said, men overwhelmingly serve in the combat arms, not women. Women only go into combat when there aren’t enough men left. Which is why you’ve got the next comment…
          “Today, as I type this, Christian women have taken up arms to fight in Syria against ISIS.”
          As said, because virtually of their men have been shot or taken prisoner.
          “The true victims of war are the women and children who are caught in the
          crossfire and are often raped, imprisoned, or forced to join the
          enenmy’s army. ”
          Ah yes, all those men who just get shot and killed aren’t victims at all.
          “I was tortured by an adult when I was a child”
          So what? You think that makes you special? Plenty of male kids are sexually abused, too. Plenty of male children were taken, raped, and turned into child soldiers by Kony, though funnily enough Michelle Obama only wanted to #bringbackourgirls, not the boys.
          About the only significance of that is that most lunatic feminists — Andrea Dworkin, Catherine MacKinnon, to name two — claimed they were sexually abused as kids as well. It formed a rather significant part of their pathology and hatred of men, which is rather amusing only for the fact they managed to project their anger against one man onto all men at large.
          “Do you really think women would leave their husbands if their husbands
          were good husbands? Of course not! No one is going to leave someone they
          love and who makes them happy.”
          Protip: answering your own question is a poor debating tactic.
          Your problem is that women have a very unrealistic standard for happiness in a marriage. Most of you choose to forget the whole part of the wedding vows that say ‘for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad’. You’re willing to sign up for the richer, health, and good times, but not for the rest. Most of you choose to forget the injured, disabled men (again, we form 95% of all workplace injuries, unlike women) who are left by their wives. Plenty of women leave men for entirely stupid and fickle reasons. That’s why women leave: for their own narcissism.
          “My husband said he had misinterpreted 90% of what women do and that all
          men should read this book, if for no other reason than to preserve their
          We’d rather judge you by your actions: a venal, vindictive and emotional group of eternal teenagers who rarely take responsibility or accept responsibility, even when you do have children.
          “As for my purpose in life or my identity, I am the one who gets to choose that, not you and not feminism or patriarchy!”
          This indeed is part of the lie that feminism has taught you. In actuality, you have a lot fewer choices than you think, and a career is never as fulfilling as they sell it to you when you’re in your teens. When you start learning that and realising how big a victim of consumerism you are, then and only then will you figure it out for yourself and be in control of your own destiny. Not before.

        4. This is what is known as a power play. No matter what I say, you will never agree with me. No matter what you say, I will never agree with you. No one wins a power play. If you find yourself in a power play, you can do one of two things: you can continue the power play which is the same as running around in circles, or, you refuse to continue to engage in the power play and you get out. I’m getting out. I’m not wasting my time anymore. I’m sure you will be compelled to answer back, so I’m changing the setting in the notification settings so I will not be informed of your response. It will still end up on the Returnofkings site, of course, but I won’t know it and will never read it.
          Goodbye and good luck finding a woman who you can subjugate and condition to be what you think a woman should be so you can finally be happy!

        5. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what is known as “flouncing”.
          The final comment I would have made to Nightshade is this: women like her think that men don’t need them anymore. Her real error is this: feminism encourages her to become a man, not be the woman she is.

  51. Well, if it is factual, it is factual. I have no problem admitting the top 3% of people in possession of a high IQ are men, if it be so. But why are men with average to below average IQs constantly ranting about women with considerably higher intelligence than they have belonging in the kitchen, only being good for sex, etc? I don’t believe anyone with the same capabilities as another should be favored over them, for being part of a minority, but when women are capable of achieving great things, they should be allowed and definitely not discouraged to do so. Duh.
    Either way; intelligent people could stick together, to encourage and stimulate one another.

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