The Manosphere Is Approaching A Tipping Point

In December I stated the following:

This prediction wasn’t exactly a leap of faith, for anyone who follows the manosphere could feel the wind filling our sails, but I didn’t expect for it to start the very next month. Consider these recent events:

1. Taki Mag article: A Sex Tourist Swallows The Red Pill.

2. First appearance of the word “manosphere” on Wikipedia (see Norway section).

3. Viral explosion of Top 9 Ugliest Feminists with rage unlike anything I’ve seen, which culminated in an article in Australian media.

4. Article in The Independent suggesting that game is borderline rape.

Next up is a hit piece in the Daily Kos titled The New Misogyny.

The community that characterize this misogyny call themselves the Manosphere, an interlocking network of blogs for “men’s rights” activists (MRAs), pickup artists (PUA) and some online gamers. Unlike the mainstream conservative conceptions of women, the views espoused by the manosphere harkens back to what can only be described as a proto-fascist, and surprisingly, is becoming more popular on the internet.


What’s odd isn’t just the intensity of the regression but also the completely apolitical nature of it. Unlike conservatives who view women’s roles in a context of a broader political project, MRAs only interest is in women themselves, with little regard to politics insofar as it doesn’t affect men’s power over men. Indeed some of the hot button issues regarding women in American politics, from abortion to birth control are generally superfluous if not outright ignored by the community.

What strikes me in manosphere criticisms is the shock that our ideas are actually being accepted by men. I see many comments that go along the lines of “I don’t believe this part of the web exists!” and “Why are people following this?!”

It’s very simple: we provide answers for men. We help them get laid. We help them make money. We help them with travel. We help them enter relationships with feminine women. We help them lift heavy weight, become healthier, and improve their appearance. We help them navigate a rapidly changing world where men are being pushed aside.

I don’t understand why our critics are surprised that men gravitate to a community that gives them advice that works. In the end it simply comes down to value—the manosphere provides value for Western men who are increasingly being portrayed as privileged brutes that must be controlled like zoo animals. Astute men realize that complaints about the “gender wage gap” or “street harassment” are used as pretexts to assert female superiority through policies that only benefit women. If critics want to destroy the manosphere, all they have to do is provide the average men with value (they can start by having great sex with all the betas and white knights). But of course they won’t do that. They refuse to yield in any fashion.

Soon a tipping point will be reached, where the beliefs that are already shared here and on hundreds of small manosphere sites and forums will boil over the pot and reach other people who don’t even know that we exist. And when that happens, there will be no stopping progress for men. We’ll see a return—if not an outright celebration—of masculinity. They can attempt to shut down individual sites, or make a law against “female hate speech,” but they can’t destroy the ideas that help men lead better lives. I hope you now understand why I chose the name for this site.

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128 thoughts on “The Manosphere Is Approaching A Tipping Point”

    1. I wouldn’t worry about it. Learning game and getting in shape takes a great deal of time and effort. If every modern man out there learned about these concepts tomorrow, how many would actually have the discipline to follow through? 10%, maybe 20%? I think these ideas will best serve the next generation of men who read them in their formative years.

  1. There’s a small part of me that wants to see the manosphere go mainstream. But, there is another part of me who thinks the inner workings of the manosphere should be more like the Sith, Illuminati, Quantum, and the Wind. An invisible, influential force that is felt, but not seen.

  2. Any valuable idea will be hated by it’s opponents. The manosphere provides more value than the average politically correct article by the main stream media. Fuck those feminists.

    1. My Latin isn’t great, but I think “Reddo Regum” is the closest to Return of Kings. ‘Revertere’ is vocative, as in, “Return!” Like you’re shouting at a bunch of kings.

      1. Actually, if you assume that men are kings who have been exiled from their rightful position, that exhortation works perfectly:
        Revertere Regum!
        Assume Your Throne Once Again, O’ Kings!

  3. While I can understand that some guys may want to have weaker competition, if all guys had balls and game, girls would act more feminine as a whole and pull less shit, and simply be easier to work with.

    1. Agreed. Throwing others under the bus to improve your chances doesn’t speak too well to the quality of ‘Alpha’ said thrower really is…..

    2. A very good point. Even if less likely to have casual hookups in such a world, the women you do have sex with would be a better pleasure overall, and more relationship potential.

      1. See, I don’t get it. If American women are so bitchy and only want impossibly alpha guys, how come I know literally dozens of nerdy FOB Indian guys who are married to them? And going by their blogs, these women are nice, well educated, sane and appreciate the “family values” of their Indian husbands (though they don’t like the in-law baggage).

      2. “If American women are so bitchy and only want impossibly alpha guys, how come I know literally dozens of nerdy FOB Indian guys who are married to them?”
        Do these American women have children from someone else that these kind Indian betas are raising? Are these kind Indian betas likely to put up a fight when it comes time to give up 2/3 of their life equity to divorce court? Are these kind Indian betas likely to put up a fight when the State garnishes 40% of their paycheck before they even see it?
        American women see Indian men as ultimate harp seal.

      3. These Indian men, who are born and bred to accept their fate (caste system redux), and to accept their marriages that their fucked up parents give them, are now expected to compete in the shark tank with the rest of the trained fish that have had to compete to breed for many many centuries. Indian men are minnows, and the sharks will have their way. It’s not pretty.

      4. So you “know” literally dozens of these men, but you are going by their blogs that their women are nice, well educated etc etc?
        OK then.

    3. On an individual level, as an Alpha,you take control of your woman’s sexuality. She goes from being the pursued to pusuer.
      If as a society the general default for males becomes Alpha, we would see the same effect in the aggregate. Women would be more likely to conform to our desires.
      In other places and times when the average guy was a Man, the women followed them and were Women. It’s happened before, it can happen again, but it won’t be easy.
      In the meantime, enjoy life as one of the select few.

  4. This is just to brilliant to pass up, women’s tendency to contradict themselves in the same paragraph displayed:

    Daily Life is a proudly female biased website with content tailored to women. We encourage lively debate and conversation around our stories and while all opinions are welcome – we also have some guidelines to make sure everyone is treated with the respect they deserve. We love comments that articulate a different point of view, a witty insight, some humour or a shared experience. Our moderators will reject comments that personally attack the author or other commenters. We also won’t publish comments that are aggressive, sexist, racist or in any other way discriminatory or derogatory.

    We accept any opinion as long as we agree with it.

    1. It’s just a feel good ‘safe space’ circle jerk. There’s plenty of them in the Australian sphere. For a taste of more of the same go to
      The ‘neutral’ battlegrounds will be the mainstream news sites. I see more and more red pill truths being spoken in the comments every day.

    2. Hahahaha. Women always revert to being schoolmarms, trying to control the class.

    3. Exactly. They’ll review the comments and if they don’t like them or agree with them, then it won’t get published.
      So much for a lively debate (all opinions are welcome)…why even bother (lol).

  5. I’ve said it for a long time now…the Manosphere is just plain fucking interesting. There are explosions in ‘research’ into all kinds of things heretofore off limits…controversial things are said…things like ‘Women are more ruled by their sexuality than men will ever be’…hell, to most men the idea that women even have ‘manipulation hooks’ just like men do is a revelation.
    And the political stuff is making headway in ‘news’ media too…just sayin’.

    1. The three R’s and countless commenters have had insights I’ve only rarely encountered in other corners of the ‘net. The Manosphere offers bodybuilding advice to rival any fitness site, political commentary to rival most pundits, economics, culture. I’m still unknown but downright honored to be a small part of it.

      1. I know you as a member of the set of valuable authors of comments. I can’t say that a blog you might write wouldn’t be valuable, but I can say your reactive comments in various blogs on the net add value and insight.
        And it is the collective of comments that often expand the insight that original article offered. I don’t think of the manosphere as so much a movement as it is a community that shares.
        I think this whole Return of Kings concept will add to the growth of the manosphere in that it is more of a “one stop shopping” and a place for emerging authors to be found and read.
        It is a more structured idea like the “Linkage is good for you” pages that Solomon and others had kept.
        Men might be slow to turn and collectively move but even the smallest snowball under the force of gravity will turn into an avalanche of enormous power.
        If could make a historical analogy it would probably be the Reformation. The historical change in circumstances and conditions had been simmering, a new communications technology comes into being, a Luther lights the spark, and the men took it and ran with it. And nothing was the same ever again.
        We all can’t be Luther, but it is valuable in being or having a Martel.

    2. “the Manosphere is just plain fucking interesting.”
      This. I’ve found the most well humored and interesting people in the Manosphere, and that is really what drew me into it. I’ve found Roosh’s books to be fucking hilarious and enjoyable read after read. I love reading Heartiste even when it isn’t stuff I need or can directly apply to my own game. Nate and VK’s workout info is the most down to earth and non-douchey stuff I’ve ever found on the subject.
      I think I really got drawn into the whole Manosphere thing because Roosh was the only guy talking about game and not claiming you needed to spray on Ed Hardy shirts and look ‘club’ to be successful. The growing culture around here is enjoyable and supportive and filled with smart guys with great ideas.

    1. Hey Iggy, I saw that article today and posted it for people to look at as well. Good job on getting the word out.

    2. Iggy,
      if boys are failing so badly in schools why don’t some well meaning men set up online schools for boys or even local schools for boys and open them up as a paid for business?
      Men are BY FAR the best teachers….so TEACH!!
      And offer to teach children online or in person the skills they are going to need as a service to parents.
      If there really is a market for teaching children then men will find it. Once I get all my money from all my cases I will be opening up schools for boys whose fathers committed suicide from the murder by proxy of the family courts. I am a BIG believer that one of the MOST important projects there is are new schools for boys. Schools that are in no way tied to ANY guvment policies and therefore do not get ANY guvment money.
      Next. One of the interesting things I noticed recently was a mangina moron offered to be my “coach” for AUD150 per hour. I mean, PLEASE, like I need a mangina moron to coach me? But I thought, hey, I wonder if any other young men out there would like a “coach” such as myself….a man who has been around the block more than a few times.
      So I put it out there….no takers yet but I have only been talking to MRAs mostly…and they are all too pussified to want to be coached to be successful…they have the guvment to teach them how to be successful! LOL!!
      One of the things I find with young men is that they do not even know where they lack life skills. The vast majority of young men are almost clueless about the world. Most young men are so over-occupied by getting laid that barely ANY of them are thinking about starting a business and being more successful in business. It is quite strange.
      Of course, I started out with my wife/gf when I was 20 and still at uni so I was NEVER in the “how do I get laid, where do I find a woman” state of mind. I was “single” for about 2.5 years between 17 and 20. In that time I dated only two women. Both of whom I had known for years…neither worked out so I moved on.
      I was VERY clear from the time that I was 15 that if I was to have a wife and family then I needed to be successful in BUSINESS. So I was MASSIVELY focused on business success from the time I was 15 and I was injured and it became I would never be a SPORTING success as I has hoped I one day would be. Starting at 15 I really knuckled down to work on my academic proficiency and to look forward to how I might do in business.
      That I was the guy who designed the source code management system for the international space station as a “boy from wagga wagga rural australia” tells you how far and how fast I rose. I wrote the book for IBM on source code management in 1990. I went on to lift myself up by my bootstraps to become one of the top few people in Australia in my area of expertise.
      In 2001 I relocated to Ireland to work with the best and brightest in the world in my area of expertise. The #1 man in the world in my area is now a good friend of mine. He is 69 and I will likely inherit his position when he retires soon. I have been blessed to have him as a friend these last 11 years…talk about get lucky!
      My advice to young men is to become BUSINESS focussed and to work at creating a great BUSINESS in the future. If you have money you can always find a woman for company. What you then realise is that they are not such great company unless you find that one in a million…and the reason they say good women are one in a million is because that is true.
      So…who is going to start the first education business for boys? That might be a very, very good business for some enterprising man.

  6. Add me to the ranks of the selfish. Although more Americans should swallow the Red Pill when it comes to politics.

  7. Me’s thinks your beloved “manosphere” is being taken over by Indian dudes. Already on AVfM there have been 4 different articles written by 4 different Indian guys in the last month.
    Their mothers are not far behind.
    Be ready.

    1. This idiot only uses the site as a platform to attack Indian men with sleazy stereotypes, even in completely irrelevant articles. She is the same as any feminist, a whiny entitled bitch who is so convinced she is being oppressed. I’ve heard this “Indian Women’s” rant I and still don’t care. I bet she isn’t even Indian. Go back to The Nation.

      1. Deep down she probably know her entire life is little more than a trashy disappointment to anyone who ever cared one whit for her, which keeps her hamster busy attempting to rationalize her worthlessness by blaming those she’s disappointed. Encouraging this kind of “racial rebelliousness” in minority women is (at least was as of 10 years ago) a highly productive way of gaming them, if you were/are a white dude without much in the ways of mores.

    2. Yeah, how dare those Indian guys talk! About their own country even! The assholes think we might be…interested (shudder). Don’t they know they aren’t even white?
      On the other hand…maybe some people don’t share your hatred of them…and some of us gape in open mouthed horror at the anti male society that is India… Heck, I’m the first to admit Indian women can be hotter than hell…but almost every one of them is so bitchy and entitled they make American women look like….er…Europeans.
      Ergo, my interest (and sympathies) for the stories men in India have to tell. Whether you like it or not.

      1. ya indian woman,savita and paki girl need to get lost
        they like the typical feminsts(its in liberal circles and very casual about in south asia) always complaining..they bitch more than western girls and they are usually the upper society ones too.(the privlaged..dunno why rich girls complain the most).
        indian women hot?…they hit the wall after the first kid and become bigger than the husband..also known 3 indian girls hairer than some white men(comparable to me an iim almost as hairy as roosh)
        if anyone wants a brown women chase latin girls …seeing the case here even in bc…2 of my desi cousins are with latin girls
        sick of these indian trolls.. i only log in indians when these bitches troll or to clear the mess indian race troll guy did…..indians in uk and canada are not like this

      1. Seriously, Indian woman, why are you here? I don’t want to come across as harsh and all but it just doesn’t make any sense.

    1. Dude.
      the courts are going to throw you some bones. If you are stupid enough to fall for them that is YOUR problem.
      I PROVED three years ago that alimony is voluntary. I PROVED that paying court orders is VOLUNTARY. I have a court order from Ireland from 2007 and another from germany from 2012. I have not paid either. Neither set of courts even bother to send me letters about these court orders.
      If any man would like to not pay alimony or child support then I can do that for him. Of course, since the guvment are criminals, they might then assault said man which is why he needs to get his assets away from his guvment. I created all these services…I am just waiting for men to be awake enough to use them.
      I laugh at men paying alimony and child support….they are morons. They fall for the “dead beat dad” shaming language stick. When women talk about dead beat dads or alimony and child support the SINGLE VOICE AND UNITED RESPONSE from men should be
      “these things are VOLUNTARY and I DO NOT VOLUNTEER…now…call me all the names you want.”
      Just remember….what you just called “good news” has been an established FACT for THREE years…….that puts you a long way behind the curve dude.

  8. Anyone who thinks this is a good thing is missing the point. If all men know the alpha tips to scoring with women, that’s fine. Fair play to all. BUT if every women also knows that we know these tips these tips will stop working. It’s like watching a magician where you know how he does all his tricks – it’s fucking boring and far from impressive.
    As for the politics and other stuff… that’s not a problem. Share the wealth.

    1. Do you mean openers and routines? If so, that shit went south years ago. As for the rest, don’t worry. Aloof asshole behavior will always work. There is just no defending against it.

      1. No, honestly never used an opener in my life besides, “hi.” Seems to work pretty well. No, I’m more talking about articles like, “16 commandments of poon,” I read just yesterday on CH. And, yep, also talking about aloof asshole behaviour.
        Anyway, can tell I’m only digging a hole…

      2. Aloof and asshole are really quite distinct things. A fair degree of aloofness is probably a universal marker of someone who has his shit together. Being an asshole is only useful in dystopian shitholes, the kind where some Massa Gommiment prevents decent people from casually shooting those who behave as assholes towards them. In any society where being an asshole pays off, more and more people become assholes. Leaving society weaker and weaker, until taken over by more civilized competitors.

    2. The basic blueprint for scoring with girls has always been the same and will remain so, there is nothing magical about it. The main difference is that many of us now know why things work the way they do.

    3. I disagree. Women want to be taken. Alot of guys will parrot lines and they will get blown out but guys who internalize the game will make girls tingle.
      What I learned coming into this game is that the words you say are almost meaningless it’s the frame that you set. Hell two guys can use the same material in the same venue and get divergent results b/c of their frames.

    4. That’s kind of like saying that breast implants will stop attracting men if more men realize there are lots of fake tits. If their doctor does a good job and I can’t tell the difference, I don’t really care. A perfect boob job is a perfect simulation of what I’m attracted to, so there’s no practical difference.
      At some point, the tricks stop being tricks. You fake it ’til you make it, and eventually it’s real. Game becomes charisma. If you’re genuinely charming, no woman is going to care that it took you five or ten years practicing nerdy internet tips and tricks to do it. They don’t care how the sausage got made. All they see is that you’re charming.

      1. The line between “Being Charming” and not, does not occur at a fixed level of “charming behavior.” Rather it’s relative. By the time everyone behaves the same way as someone who is considered charming today, behaving that way will no longer be considered charming. Leading men to focus more and more effort on being “charming”, which implies less and less effort on other things, like defending their darned serves against aggressively expansionist cultures who have built societies where focusing on furry hats and “controlling the frame” in silly barroom conversations with banged up sluts is rather irrelevant.
        I’m not disparaging learning game for the individual. But, as Heartiste hints at, all it really is, is a catfight for the most comfortable poolside seats on a rapidly sinking Titanic. Plugging the holes in the hulls takes something entirely different.

    5. attraction isnt a choice. its not up to them its up to us whether they are attracted to us. some women’s tastes we cant help but for the most part its true.
      And you dont do it with openers and lines. they help but you do it by bettering yourself for yourself.

    6. Read the replies and, for the most part I agree. My magician analogy was bad, I admit. Here’s more what I mean:
      Over simplified example: if a girl doesn’t get her way and starts pouting or crying it used to work on me (high-school days) but doesn’t any more since I know it’s just a tool she’s using. Likewise if EVERY guy waits 5 days before calling the girl will laugh to herself and say, “Oh look, he’s using the 5 day call routine. Isn’t that sad.”

  9. That shock expressed reading the apolitical nature of the manosphere is telling.
    Feminism has infiltrated and subverted all the institutions and structures of society. It has taken over the things that men built for the good of all humanity and used them to beat down men, boys and increasingly women and girls.
    Now that the old institutions are of no use to men, we have simply moved on. The discussions, debates and solutions that men used to hold in the old structures are now being held on the internet. Men are increasingly living their lives in ways that avoid entanglements in the very institutions that the Feminists control.
    And men are deciding the path they take on an individual level. There is no ‘Men’s Organisation’ that the old, Feminist-corrupted monoliths can fight – they have enormous fire-power but men have moved out of range.
    This is the reason for the shock. For what use is control of all the institutions when they are increasingly irrelevant to your ‘target’?

      1. “Feminism is just one of the many ugly heads of cultural Marxism and communalism.”
        Damn straight. Sounds like just another throw-away line that feminists would smirk at? But it’s not. It’s true!
        “The new set of contingencies through which women were obliged to see the story of their lives provided fertile ground for various strands of feminism. Neo-Marxism underwent a revival, and then morphed into a strange new way of thinking about disadvantage, and about men-women in particular. This, along with other varieties of feminism, had an impact on sustaining the ‘great disruption’.
        The feminism derived from the ideas of these writers went beyond the idea of destroying the family, to destroying any separateness between the sexes, and promoting the displacement of men in favour of a ‘matriarchy’. Once again this was taking the cue from Marx in his notion of ‘a community of women’ (as outlined in “The Communist Manifesto). With the abandonment of the workers, the largest constituency of the supposedly oppressed was deemed to be women.
        This revolutionary social programme, originating in the Frankfurt School of cultural Marxism, is now usually referred to as ‘political correctness’.
        – Steve Moxon
        “Our problem now is to do away with the household and to free women from the care of children.”
        – Anatoly Lunacharsky
        Soviet Commissar of Education in the early 1930s
        From Steve Moxon’s “The Woman Racket”

    1. An analogy…Feminism is a giant, powerful cannon. The Manosphere is a horde of lightly armed infantry….

      1. Factory,
        Firstly. I assume you are THE factory.
        You MRAs are so stupid as to be barely believable by men like me. Truly. From where I stand pretty much ALL men are so stupid as to be barely believable. And the most amazing part is that men are so stupid that they actually think they are smart in their stupidity and ignorance.
        Really. I find it very difficult to express just how stupid men are. It is like listening to five year olds talk about how smart they are because they learned a new letter today. I am not kidding. THAT is how stupid most men look to me. It is very cute to see a 5 year old proudly show you how they learned how to write a capital letter Q and that should be encouraged.
        But when a 40 year old man does essentially the same thing? He is to be rebuked.
        It is no wonder to me that men have made so little progress over the years. Men are almost solely motivate by getting laid and money. I know less than 30 guys who are are truly motivate to make the world a better place for others and are prepared to actually LEARN how to do that. So all the Illuminati has to do to subvert what you are doing is use women or money. And like a pack of pavlovs dogs your behaviour is entirely predictable.
        Example? To take your analogy one step further?
        Men have been handed NUCLEAR WEAPONS by yours truly.
        And what are you men doing? You are running around with bolt action rifles saying “How does splitting the atom help me? You can’t even see them! You are stupid. Bullets have LOTS of atoms in them and I understand how bullets work! Don’t bother me with that new technology shit. Do you think I have time to learn new technology?!! I have a war to fight!!! Now…were is that other bag of bullets?”
        Really…that is how stupid you men look. Handed nuclear weapons you are choosing to refuse to even learn to understand the weapons handed you in favour of bolt action rifles.
        The “nuclear weapon” you have been handed is the ability to rescind your consent to be governed and thereby not be subject to ANY legislation.
        You are even more wilfully ignorant than feminists! LOL!!

    2. The DKos guy may not have noticed our politics, but he sure as hell has to know our political implications. Even the awakened who still consider themselves to be on the Left or are apolitical see through the feminist BS, and without feminism, the entire Left comes crumbling down.

  10. All we need now is the return of some manosphere greats (Solomon, Ferdinand Bardamu, etc) to launch the final attack and twist the digger into the heart of feminist liberaldom.

    1. Not final attack, first attack. So far we’re just guerillas raiding the occasional warehouse and supply line. We’re developing an arsenal, but we’re still underground. Soon, we’ll be attacked far mor viciously that we have been, and how we respond will determine everything.

      1. Typical stupid man….handed the ability to be free and have no need to fight any more he prefers to remain a slave while “fighting for his freedom” because he is terrified of ACTUALLY BEING FREE.
        This is the typical comment of a man in platos cave.

  11. I think its Roosh who’s approaching a tipping point;
    Another article hot off the press!
    “The “techniques” deployed to overcome a woman’s disinclination to have sex, arguably in some respects, have elements indistinguishable from date rape. One famous PUA known online as “Roosh V” was even placed on the Quarterly Intelligence Report of the Southern Poverty Law Centre, a long-established civil rights organization which monitors and litigates against hate groups in the United States, after promoting in books and articles the notion that what no really means is, well, yes. According to Roosh Vörek (his real name) who says that the SPLA had to “partially retract their list by stating those on it are not members of a “hate group.”, “women need to understand that men aren’t robots who can suddenly stop at the drop of a dime with all that testosterone pumping through their system”.
    “Therefore”, he asserts, “it would be prudent for them not to enter situations where the average man can’t stop due to his innate weaknesses as an animal whose entire existence depends on him successfully mating”.
    Bastardised evolutionary biology crops up repeatedly in this strange world. Men and woman do not apparently make decisions influenced by their surroundings as well as by their biological drives. No, the way they behave in the sex game is entirely “hard-wired” – a belief which conveniently absolves men of all responsibility when they “can’t stop” due to their “innate weaknesses as an animal”.
    And there was I naively thinking self-help was about personal responsibility.”
    More here;

    1. Well at least your trolling efforts have improved, however you can do better than citing a homosexual mangina’ opinion, as if the opinion of a person like him, detached from reality counts

    2. Wow, that is so brilliant! Great find Indian troll.
      Oh wait, Roosh already linked to this Independent piece in the article. Try again

    3. Probably shouldn’t be feeding this particular troll; but the exact same behavior from a guy, in response to the exact same verbiage from a girl, will be considered either “exiiiiiiting, shades of color of the month blah, blah” sex, or date rape; based entirely on whether the woman, upon sobering up the next day, thinks the perpetrator is”alpha” or not. Or, even, whether her friends think so, after she calls them to tell last nights story.
      Do you honestly not know this? Anyone either a natural; or with half decent game, and almost any experience with women at all, observe this all the time. And if you’re rapstar revels of alpha, even beating the broad into submission isn’t date rape. At least not until a few days later, after you realize he’s not calling you back and your lawayer tells you you can buy a whole closet full of Birkin bags for whet he can take the guy for in our dystopian so called legal system (Cue Mike Tyson.) Please grow the heck up and look at the world we live in, instead of spewing canned lines learned at some fembot indoctrination camp.

  12. I find it interesting that everyone is trying to equate “game” and such as “tricks,” equivalent to a magician or something.
    It’s not that difficult. Most game/PUA material (most of the real and substantial material at least) is nothing more than men improving themselves and becoming “cool and interesting” in the process. Women have always been attracted to cool and interesting men, and the manosphere merely tells men how to do it.
    e.g. Get a hobby, exercise, practice martial arts, make money, don’t be socially retarded, etc.
    This isn’t really anything new, its just an old mantra that has been ignored for some time finally receiving some light.

      1. If “Game” is to have any meaningful connotations at all, it is better defined as “all those things that attract women, ASIDE from those things that also improve yourself in other respects and generally.” Defining “Game” as all good things, simply renders it yet another feelgood crutch for a society of people too inundated with such babble as it is.
        In other words, per above definition, “Game” are those things you do only to attract women, and would have no reason to do otherwise. Keeps it specific, and challengeable.

    1. What exactly are the arguments against the specific things in the ‘sphere? Who would argue against dressing better, reading and traveling?
      Its telling that most of the complaints are general not specific.

      1. Some yahoos argue against working to reverse female suffrage, despite it having been nothing but a disaster anywhere it has been introduced. Others of a similar persuasion argue in favor of stripping men of half their income to keep some whore in greater splendor than she could if left to “work the street alone.” While yet others, of robbing third party men to pay for an army of cops, judges and prison operators for no other reason than to make it nominally less risky for women to act in complete defiance of any common sense whatsoever with respect to their own safety.
        There are plenty of other examples.

  13. Call me paranoid but there’s the risk of certain organisations using security and anti terror laws to suppress dissent. They’ll use the media to make you seem like the next Al Qaeda. The recent spate of shootings in the US is not going to help.

    1. We discussed this in the forum. They did this with porn in the 1980s. It backfired. Americans saw it as a repression of freedom of speech and backed the pornographers. Americans might be complacent, but they don’t take well to people out to suppress freedom of speech.

      1. After the anti-Islam youtube video maker going to jail for a year, that sentiment seems to have changed. Yes, it was on a technical violation of his parole, but if the guy had made an anti-southern-white-christian-fundamentalist video, the New York Times would have screamed bloody murder and the ACLU would have rushed to his defense.

      2. “Yes, it was on a technical violation of his parole, but if the guy had made an anti-southern-white-christian-fundamentalist video, the New York Times would have screamed bloody murder and the ACLU would have rushed to his defense.”
        I don’t think so. Its considered politically correct and progressive to not discriminate against Muslims in the United States. While it is considered politically correct and progressive to discriminate against White Christian Fundies.

      3. @beta plus
        u can also go to jail for questioning events in the holocaust
        normally u research but instead u goto jail

      4. By the 80s, almost a century of progressive indoctrination had already beaten it into the heads of the rabble that “seeeeeex is exciiiiting” and only “baaaad, baaaad republicans-fascists-nazis-whatever” would be against that.
        Much more meaningfully, there is very little support amongst the drones for protecting speech regarding bomb making. And as anyone ever involved with crypto currencies, remailers, and anonymizing technology in general could tell you, the well-indoctrinateds are quick to back away from freedom of speech once the thugs starts babbling about facilitating child porn, “money laudering”, “terrorism” funding and other code words for “we need the power to control you for your own good.”
        The BitCoin/SilkRoad brouhaha does indicate that the same clowns who gets all hot and bothered about styling themselves progressive about “sexuality”, now extend the same favor to drugs. Which is one step forward, I guess.
        Now, let’s see if 3D cutfiles for silencers, armor piercing bullet caps, perhaps entire firearms, detonators, robots producing explosives and toxic gasses from commonly available ingredients; and blueprints for cheap autonomous drones with attack potential, is extended the same implied “protections.” ‘Cause they are coming up on the horizon. If they are, I’ll scale back my skepticism regarding progressively indoctrinated Americans’ fervor for free speech.

  14. Cultural-Marxism is to Communism what Neo-Nazism is to Nazism.
    It’s horrible that the bastard-son of Communism – an ideology that led to the killing of over 20 million+ people – is now strangling western institutions rendering them useless.
    Just look at the Universities. These degrees used to be worth something.,today, with the control of university departments being taken over by Cultural-Marxists, degrees at even elite universities have become economically worthless in the real world.
    Who is John Galt? MEN ARE JOHN GALT.

      1. And the deserved to be dead too. They were too gutless to stand up and be counted when they could have made a difference.
        Do you men realise that Solzhenitsyn documented the fact that in St. Petersberg the city of TWO MILLION PEOPLE which would mean 500,000 men were terrorised by 2,000 MEN acting as police…
        Let me do the math because you men are so stupid.
        500,000 / 2,000 = 250.
        That is MEN outnumber police by 250 to 1. And the men walked off to the camps quietly and in total complete and utter compliance.
        Most people do not realise that when armies are slaughtering men the men actually walk up to the edge of the mass grave to be shot in the back of the head so as to save his murderers the trouble of carrying his body to the grave.
        THAT is what you men here are really like. You talk all “tough” about “fighting back” but what you actually DO is walk to the edge of the mass grave and say “shoot me in the back of the head and let me apologise before I die if I get blood on your shoes.”
        Don’t believe me? How many men pay alimony and child support because they were “threatened with jail”? TENS OF MILLIONS!!
        What did I say when a family court judge put it to me that if I did not pay his court order he would send me to jail? I told him “if you do that you had better lock me up longer than mandella because when I come out I will kill you.”
        Result? I was NEVER jailed….duh!
        Most of you men are like the men who go to the edge of the pit to be slaughtered. I am like the man who said “back off or I will kill you” and was allowed to walk free. It really is that simple. As soon as men say “back off or I will kill you” you will be left alone. I am the best example of such.
        Remember…the MRAs have been predicting my “imminent demise” for these last three years. Well? I am still here. Still free. And I do not plan on that being any different any time soon.

  15. While most of the other links are filled with the trademark condescending snark that defines the modern p”progressive”(with the exception of Takimag), I think I detect a hint of genuine concern, perhaps even a dash of fear, in the Daily Kos article.
    Good. They should be afraid.

  16. While women were complaining about the lack of women in tech, men created another revolutionary technology : 3D printing.
    I am working at a startup designing something like a bar-code scanner. A tricky piece of optics and mechanics, and I am no expert in either. The one other engineer besides me and the founder has been talking about 3D printing. I was at the bookstore and bought a magazine on 3D printing products. All the photos are of nerdy guys fascinated with 3D printing, and one token female.
    It occurred to me that we could get the parts for our scanner 3D printed, and test the concept for a few hundred dollars before we spend $20K on our design assumptions. My boss thinks that’s brilliant. Was not really possible even 5 years ago. You can send your drawings out and get the part in a few days, or even buy a 3D printer, of which there are now a few dozen models for $500-$2000 or so.
    Awaiting an essay from the Femo-sphere on how men are conspiring to limit women’s opportunities in the lucrative new 3D printing market.

    1. Keep at that!
      I see a strong potential in 3D printing and other upcoming technologies that could bring about a new industrial revolution. 3D printers are already becoming very affordable (see Makerbot and similar printers) and will hopefully soon be as common as the desktop printer.

    2. 3D Printing has actually been around quite a long time, at least since the eighties. It’s just now that it has become so economically viable and diverse in the kinds of technologies that are available.

  17. “I don’t understand why our critics are surprised that men gravitate to a community that gives them advice that works. In the end it simply comes down to value—the manosphere provides value for Western men who are increasingly being portrayed as privileged brutes that must be controlled like zoo animals.”
    it’s the typical female stratedgy. if you disagree with thier views, then they have to vilify you. i completely ignore feminist rants and respond. “ok.” then walk away. NOTHING makes them crazier. interestingly enough women ages 18-26 will readily admit they like guys that know game.
    i LOVE nuking feminist by asking if they had a daughter. then tell them, t”here’s an 80-90% chance she lost her virginity. because when i was in jr. high and high school, i was banging the chick you thought was the sweet girl next door. and that was 20 years ago. NOW girls are even worse. so thanks mom.”

  18. There can be backlash and criticism, but at the end of the day, women (including feminists) are choosing to have sex with guys who have game. The manosphere will have come a long way if that is said in a commercial newspaper/site.

    1. THIS is their biggest weakness and can be used to destroy them. The PUA takes the raging contradiction of feminism, magnifies it for all to see, and cums in its face.

  19. Roosh I submitted an article twice to ROK but I received no acknowledgment whatsoever. Could you send me an email saying you’ve received it or not? (If you’re not going to publish it, that’s fine, I don’t even ask for a reason, if it’s not suitable it’s not suitable)

  20. It’s going to be interesting when they really try to go after it. There is no real leader or organization to attack. It’s just ideas. Any realistic action done on those ideas involve not doing things. Not working hard (or at least not working hard to make it easily taxable). Not dating fat chicks. Not holding doors for entitled women. Writing effective laws forcing men to do those actions has never worked and won’t work this time either.
    You could jail Roissy, Roosh, Rollo, and WF Price, and it would barely cause a blip. The genie is now out of the bottle.

    1. 1. Media offensive equating game to rape, violence against women, and racism. We’re seeing the start of that already.
      2. Doxxing and harrassing employers.
      3. Bully WordPress and Blogspot into banning manosphere blogs.
      That cuts down the manosphere to guys who can’t lose their jobs and are willing to use paid hosting.
      It wouldn’t be fatal, though.

  21. the tipping point is when people realize how freakin’ stupid roosh and his acolytes are. grow up. you all act like 14 year olds.

  22. Now that the community has largely divested itself of actual, systematic pickup advice, it has more to do with beta grievance than alpha success. The overflow of bitterness is the only real tipping point I see, and it essentially confirms everything the feminists accuse us of.

  23. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you…
    I still hold that what we’re doing is fun, but still a circlejerk. There’s no game “theory” and if we were to start a real movement it should be more about laws and rights and not helping men get laid.

  24. @Arred Wade <— that’s exactly what I’m talking about. There’s no more “actual, systematic pickup advice” left. Read Roosh and Roissy circa 2008. If you feel more adventurous, hell, try status chapter from “Improv”. 60 years of challenge is pretty good. But that’s it. Enough to start approaching.

    1. You become like the people you interact with most — who are we interacting with right now? We have a sphere where approaching has nothing to do with what we talk about. In the mASF days, there was probably a 50% KJ rate. What is it today? 98%? I did a cold approach at Chipotle 30 minutes ago. How many other men are out there doing the same?
      Getting laid is not the ultimate goal here. But becoming a guy who gets laid is, and this has turned from a subculture that teaches you to stop being beta into a mass movement championing beta rights. It is becoming a grievance ideology virtually identical to feminism, but for men this time. And that will Never, Ever succeed because nobody cares about betas. They never have and they never will.
      So what laws do you want to pass? What beta rights do you want guaranteed? This is it, man. Liberalism started hundreds of years before you were born and it’s a one way street. This is what the dead end looks like — the revival of biological law and the collapse of complex civilization. You can not fight it, you can only accept it and join the winning side. Ever wonder why you don’t hear alphas complaining about misandry? Because we don’t experience it. Women love you if you know how they work. You’re either swimming against the current or buying a speedboat, and just because there’s a critical mass of dispossessed betas swimming the wrong way doesn’t mean the water’s going to change direction.

      1. OK. I hear you on who you interact with etc. Yes, some field reports, pointers to good spots and little tricks like the bathroom classic from Bang would be nice. I agree with you there and rather would see that than “theory” too. But. Guess it’s true what they say about today’s PUA being 10 years later MRA. There’s tons of shit that needs to be fought against. Alimony to support lifestyle accustomed to (rather than private form of welfare), alimony at all, child support as percentage of “earning potential”, pro-woman custody rules, de-facto co-habitation “marriage”, etc etc.
        But even all this is noise. Most important issue you touched is “betas get fucked”. Well, the rule is “show, don’t tell”. Proper man’s response is to refuse getting fucked, not change who he is to avoid it. You’ll never win at someone else’s game.

  25. The manosphere advises non-compliance. It is bound to draw attention as it gains more mass. I suggest Roissy, Rollo, Roosh and all the others to make regular XML backup exports and distribute them via bittorrent. It is only a matter of time before someone cooks up a rationalized excuse to prevent your speech.

  26. Manosphere memes entering mainstream;
    Latest family guy episode Peter specifically picks out the clearly labelled feminist section in a library to puke in a Betty Freidan’s ‘The Feminine Mystique’ and then places the book back on the shelf with a smile. Later, the plot revolves around Quagmire’s attempt to prove the wife he doesn’t want to stay married to that he is gay so she will give him a divorce so he will avoid unjust draconian divorce laws which overly favour women.

  27. Most people are conformist but there will always be a percentage of people who think forbidden thoughts and question the taboos of their day.
    The Manosphere and HBD are in no danger of taking over the U.S. But the fact that they question prevailing orthodoxy makes some people very insecure. And that is why you have attracted the attention of Big Brother.

  28. Hi Roosh,
    most likely you do not know me. I have followed your work for some time. As much as I liked what you were saying personally what you were talking about was not relevant to me and my work until you put your oar in the water about MRAs and the wider man-o-sphere. Your criticism of MRAs was 110% spot on and I decided to take a close look and wait to see what you would say next.
    And here you are…talking about things that are 110% in my area of interest now. The rapidly increasing global awareness of the injustices against men and the reaction of men in the man-o-sphere.
    I did a video about the massive change I have seen just in the last month….I am very sensitive to these sorts of changes. I am not sure if 21.12 had anything to do with it….but I have seen men waking up like light bulbs going off over the last month. It’s really quite amazing to see this after FIVE YEARS of banging men over the head with facts only for them to stubbornly remain in platos cave.
    Here is the video I did in case you are interested.
    As men wake up the NEXT question they are going to ask is “what should we do about this crap”?
    I have been waiting a long time for men to wake up and ask that question. I knew they would wake up and ask it ONE DAY but it seems like the last month has seen the spark of that awakening.
    Of course…the REMEDY is to LEAVE the jurisdiction of any guvments. Just walk away. Lots of men have done it. But few have done it in such as way as to retain the ability to use the facilities of the public sector like I did.
    And once you LEAVE the jurisdiction of any guvment you need new infrastructure to move TO in order to DO BUSINESS. Like contracts, adjudication services, law services, a MAN bank, a-man-zon, man-book, passports, waivers for visas and work permits….
    I say to men…just imagine what life would be like if NO GUVMENT could tell you what to do.
    What would life be like if NO guvment agent could ask you even a question if you did not want him/her to?
    This year is the year that men wake up and ask the question “Why would I need the guvments “help” to do business with another man? Can’t us men sort that out for ourselves?”
    It is one thing to use game to get laid. It is one thing to relocate to a different country and live by that guvments jurisdiction. It is one thing to try and act like an automaton in the office. It is one thing for there to be a marriage strike.
    If you think women are shitting bricks about the marriage strike and “where did all the good men go”? Can you imagine what it will be like when men actually LEAVE THE JURISDICTION OF THEIR GUVMENT and refuse to even TALK to any guvment agent LAWFULLY.
    And the good part about this is that any man anywhere on the planet can do this. No guvment has any jurisdiction over any many who does not consent to it. Their lie that they own the land and you live on it so you are under the jurisdiction of the guvment is just that…a LIE.
    You are going to see MUCH more than just more talk about the man-o-sphere this year…you are going to see the arrival, for real, of the Mens Business Association. Just men doing business outside the jurisdiction of the guvment. It will be run as a business BY MEN FOR MEN.
    The services it provides will be the services men are willing to pay for. So far men have preferred to pay the inflated prices of their guvments for these services.
    For example? How much money did men in the west spend on family law lawyers last year? Why did they do that when every family law lawyer is known to be a criminal acting in concert with his “opposing lawyer” and the judge, eh?
    How much income tax did men in the west pay last year? Why? When income tax is voluntary?
    How much alimony/child support did men in the west pay last year? Why? When alimony and child support is voluntary?
    Oh yes…when men figure out income tax, alimony and child support are VOLUNTARY and we stop paying these things LAWFULLY?
    THEN you are going to see some REAL PANIC from the wimminz and the gvument!
    Gentlemen. You want to REALLY get the attention of the wimminz and the guvment? Leave the jurisdiction of the guvment like I did. Start your own company. Sell a great product or service….and do not pay for any guvment service unless you consent to it..just like you would not pay mcdonalds unless you wanted the burger.
    2013 is going to be a VERY interesting year…I have been waiting for you men to wake up.
    Maybe even the manginas in the MRA area will finally wake up? But I rather think they are going to be late to the table.

    1. And the most effective way to accomplish this is to call anybody who doesn’t agree with you “stupid” like the idiot in Plato’s cave?
      You’re not the first person with those ideas, and if they wanna put you in jail, they won’t give a damn what forms you’ve filled our or how sovereign you’ve declared yourself. Not everone purged by Stalin was a moron who asked for it.
      You make some very good points, but your ad hominem BS means you’ll have no success at bringing others on board with you.

    2. PS: There’s one way in which you are pretty impressive. You make King Matt seem likeable, and I thought that was downright impossible.

  29. “I don’t want people to learn this stuff because then I won’t be able to get laid!!!”
    lol @ all the betas here and their scarcity mentality.

  30. You know when we have a long way to go when hideous beings such as Clarisse Thorn, “a sex-positive activist who has been writing about love, S&M, sex, gender, and relationships since 2008,” gets coverage in Psychology Today and her book is listed on Google News as the sole listing for the word “manosphere”:
    Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser: Long Interviews with Hideous Men by local feminist sex blogger and activist Clarisse Thorn.
    Clarisse Thorn delves into the world of “pickup artists” and “the manosphere.” How does a feminist navigate a world where “the F word” is regularly trotted out as a scapegoat for everything wrong with society? She found that, as with many subcultures, the loudest voices tend to be the least reasonable. She does find some bitter, angry guys using “game” to prey on vulnerable women but also a lot of nice, sincere guys who just want a social pointer or two to help them find a girlfriend. Thorn has an infectious curiosity about her subject and the overall tone is skeptical yet sensitive.
    Fortunately, according to Google Trends, “manosphere” is trending high.

  31. Rush Limbaugh has cusped on talking about manosphere issues a couple of times in the past few months. I think he’ll get to it later on in 2013.

  32. Double standard. Anything (a book, a site, etc…) that shows men on how to improve their lives is considered evil or bad. Even sites with just a slightly different take, opinion or view (by men for men) is considered bad because women don’t agree with it.
    But, there are a ton of books, shows and sites allowing women to discuss whatever they like..out in the open.
    Equality, today?

  33. The bit about having sex with all the white knights and betas is right on. But they won’t.

  34. It’s always interesting to look back on an article written a few years ago and see where someone got it right and got it wrong. Not even 2 months after this article got written Donglegate happened and Feminists have been on the defensive ever since. Yeah, there have been some counter attacks coming back at the Manosphere now but these simply consist of doubling down on the narrative that they’ve been saying by screaming it out even louder than they did before. Which in faoct only causes more people to look and start fact checking
    In short as we write this I can see the trigger event for the entire Greater Men’s Movement out on the horizon now

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