Taking The Red Pill Destroyed My Family

Indians and tribalism go hand in hand, whether it’s in ethnicity or even within households and extended family. Personally I can count the number of guys who are red pill and Indian on one hand. I am sure there are plenty out there but I’ve yet to come across them, in fact I have found that most Indian guys my age are just standard betas who bow to the will of their fathers and wives.

The psyche here comes from Indian families and how they work. By the age of 23-24 your parents/uncles/aunts and practically everyone in the generation above you is on your ass about getting married and finding a girl, constantly hooking you up on pointless blind dates. Most Indian guys easily succumb to that pressure and fulfill the wishes of their parents.

Asian family hierarchy is traditionally set in stone. Once a man marries and has a child, he automatically ascends to alpha in his household, even above his own father, who still tries to remain top of the perch but inevitably falls. If you don’t follow this ‘natural course’ that being an Indian seems to dictate then inevitably that alpha male in your household will project his vision on you and do his best to make you do what he wants (get married and have bloody kids!).

I am still a bachelor at the grand old age of 28. According to my old man and my old dear I am past due and will soon find no-one to spend my life with. This was a conversation with my dad on my birthday when I turned 25:

Father: “Don’t you want to get married son and settle down? You can’t be a bachelor forever you know? ”

Me: “Not yet, I’m fine, just want to have fun with as many girls as I can.”

Father: “Son there’s only so many holes you can poke into the wall!”

Me: “I know dad but my wall is the Great Wall of China”

He laughed and of course even I bloody did. Inside though he was rueing it, he knew it and suspected his downfall. My brother at that time had also been waging a war path in the house asserting his authority. I was the oldest son, having not lived under his roof for 10 years, so he had already lost his authority over me. He was not accepting that his time to rule his tribe has gone, and that neither of his sons would be getting married and having children.

On a fortnightly basis my very traditional mother did her best, ringing me to ask if I had a girlfriend and why I wasn’t looking. She’d know of  ‘some girl’ who is ‘only’ between 26-29. At 25 I had just started ‘game,’ but as that year went on I immersed myself more and more into the real reality of dating and what my value as a man was. Now I started to understand what I needed to do, with marriage nowhere on my list. Slowly I started to find more women interested in me compared to my barren years in my early 20s.

I got tired of my mother’s bitching, the woman whose siblings’ children were all getting married and having ‘fairytale’ Indian weddings. I knew that my mother wanted a wedding for herself in Indian culture, a status-showing occasion more for parents than an actual celebration of the marriage. She wanted to buy all the glamorous sarees, jewelry, and clothes. She wanted to pretty up a couple of banquet halls and show off my old man’s wealth.

My dad soon increased his badgering:

  • “All your friends from school have got married now!”
  • “Son you’re getting old, all the good girls are gone!”

I couldn’t believe he was shaming me. I snapped. I told my mother in plain simple words to stop harassing me to do something that I didn’t want to do, to stop trying to set me up with women I didn’t want to see, and to stop shaming me into getting what she wants at my expense—a wedding. My mother told my father, and he promptly disowned me over the phone. He was appalled that I would talk to my mother like that and not take their advice. He was appalled that I was not doing what they wanted and said how he was ashamed that I was his son. He told me I should not bother to phone or contact them. That was it, the end.

My father held sway not just over his own household but also over his brother and his sisters. Suddenly I found myself ostracized by my whole extended family, too. He told them not to speak to me and not to let me in their houses. Indian culture ingrains heavy involvement with your extended family as natural order—my friends were my cousins, the places I’d hang out were their houses, and a lot of my social life was heavily integrated with this extended family. If I fell into hardship these were the people I could rely on to help me, but no more.

Six months months later, my father phoned me. He offered a half-arsed apology and said he wanted to talk. I agreed but felt there was another motive behind it.  I made the journey back home a few weeks later to see what was going to happen. I walked into a warzone.

My brother had decided that if my parents would disown me for not listening to them then he would take preemptive action and disown them first, which he did. He told me he lost all respect for them, and had not spoken to either of them despite living in the same household. At the same time, my mother had been at my father’s throat because he wouldn’t let her call me. She felt she had lost both her sons because of him and wanted to leave and move to her brother’s house. My father was on the verge of giving up. After working his ass off since the age of 16, he was wealthy enough to retire and live a relaxed life. He wanted a ceasefire.

One day I sat them all down and sternly explained why I made the choices I made. I told them I would not yield. My father reluctantly accepted what I said while my mother put on a strained smile that showed her pain in having to let go of the magical wedding. My brother? He was just happy I was back and now “in charge.” I’m in charge? Yes, somehow I’m now king of my tribe. My mother is pacified and my father is going on about he’s happy if we’re happy. I thought taking the red pill caused me to lose my family for good, but the values it taught me helped me get them right back.

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  1. Does your father know that the enemy is not you, but the feministic/matriarchic social structure of the country you’re living in?

    1. Adam, its neither feminist nor matriarchal. Indian women suffer under this culture as much, if not moreso than men. Please read my comments below about our “joint family system” as well as “arranged marriage system”.
      Family values are all well and good but the way we Indians do it keep both men and women perpetually like dysfunctional children – for life.
      While the USA may be at one end of the spectrum, India is at the far other.
      What we need is a middling balance.

      1. they only “suffer” if they are handed a abusive like any other women when thy bitch at him(indian women are very mouthy and dramatic)

      2. the guy just becomes some work horse for some women hes not even into
        she gets the easier part by gettin a qulified male by the parents that western women wish they could find.only things the parents leave out is perhaps the mans apperance and your capapbility.(even the guys wind up marreid to some hog since pickin of women are slim since men severly outnumber women

      3. haha these commenters have no clue.
        yeah dude i got an indian family even though im white. long story. anyway man i fuckin feel you i know exactly what you are talking about. that cultural hang up shit is so fucking frustrating i can barely handle keeping up with family anymore. i recently became big boss with my dad too even though he groans now and then i can see that im in charge. i never realized it would ever happen and then it did.

    1. my father’s indian and mother’s irish (making me half caste hahaha) , there are a ton of red pill indians around, but they exist mostly outside the motherland.
      the race trolls that frequent rooshv are usually FOBs or people with immensely low self esteem since the stereotype of indians are omega style weaklings.
      i don’t blame them, i feel pity for them. they grew up in a society so rampant about tribalism that they actually forgot man can transcend his circumstances. so they think that they’ll never get with a ‘white girl’ because of their race. this desire to get with white women stems mostly from after effects of so long colonial rule. (british white women were daughters of land owners and lords, treated as aristocracy, fair skin was the epitome of beauty and still is regarded as such, hence the asian obsession with skin bleaching to seem ‘white’ enough.
      i accept that i wont ever have a traditional indian tribe (due to my mixed nature) so i make my own tribe, with men who share the same goals and motives as me, as we build forward in all directions of improvement of our lives.
      indians, listen to me. transcend your circumstances. stop whining, stop bitching, be good to your parents (something that is largely lost among newer generations) but never take their advice above your own.
      stop talking about what you don’t have (crappy accent, dark skin, fears about having a little dick, whatever issue you think you have) and start working on yourself.
      be shamelessly arrogant, and confident. swallow your mistakes and failures and become better for them.
      stop thinking that the manosphere is an equal opportunities place. Success is achieved through merit alone. respect is earned, proved over and over again, through struggle, achievement and success.
      take the best of the manosphere’s ideas and reject that which doesn’t apply to you. Be fucking men for God’s sake. stop whining and create your own destiny’s.
      So endeth the lesson.

      1. “be shamelessly arrogant”
        Anon1, that’s the LAST thing Indians need to hear. Our reputation worldwide is that we are arrogant and think we are better than everyone else.
        The best advice to Indian men is to stay away from the refined carbs, work out and build muscle, grow their hair long and learn some social skills.
        And to stop thinking its necessary for their parents to make decisions for them past the age of 20. That’s the biggest thing blocking Indians, male and female both.

      2. ……and grow a stubble, learn some basic fighting skills and get a bloody motorcycle.
        Just look at what white guys who want to look tough, badass and outlaw try to imitate: Hairy, dark, unshaven guys on bikes. Harley Davidson made an absolute fortune catering to this obsession.
        Most Indians are already there, without even trying. But instead of reveling in their Gurkha genetics, almost every one of them seems dedicated to be all the domesticated homo/metro sexual that they can be.

      3. @ stuki damn right
        @ indian woman, arrogance is required for confidence to develop. i’m not talking about the cheap tight as shit indians you see in business,
        i’m talking to the young earnest indians that are so incessantly needlessly nice, calling everyone sir and madam, and behaving like they were still under colonial rule even now.
        As to your second point about indians and how they are percieved, as i mentioned before, worrying about what others think of you (on a large generalised and stereotyped level) is meaningless. work with your friends, on yourself, and lift yourself up first. prove you’re not just another running stereotype.
        the more we bitch about how weak we look, begging to be respected, the weaker we become.
        Every single time i go to india, i’m treated like royalty. why? because i’ve got fairer skin. I’m not complaining (take advantage of every edge) but i can imagine what white girls have to go through when going over there.
        Indian history is awesome and bloody, we had wars and kings, tyrants and saviours, holy men and harems, the whole gamut. and what are we now? weak baseless needy men, constantly needing and seeking the affection of other populations who won’t give us the time of day, unless we actually start empowering ourselves.
        so please no whining about reputation and such. if you’ve got practical advice to go around specific shit tests, and how to deal with extended families and such as the bojangles mentioned, please share.
        but if you’ve come to bitch about how hard you got it, move on.

  2. Awesome post man! While not Indian, I also grew up in an Central Asian family with the same cultural expectations and I’m also constantly being pressured to getting married. Now at 32, seems that they’ve finally gotten the message and are not bothering me that much, but I’ve had to fight hard for it!
    Fuck what society/cultural/feminists morals want you to do, it’s your life, and you’ve got only one shot at it, so live it on your own terms!
    Thanks for posting and sharing your experiences! I can totally relate to it!

  3. This will be an increasing problem as men become red from blue pill seed. Unfortunately there’s no easy solution, but it’s great you got it to work out.

    1. Roosh, “This will be an increasing problem as men become red from blue pill seed. Unfortunately there’s no easy solution, but it’s great you got it to work out.”
      How so?
      This meddling of parents into the personal lives of their grown-ass sons is a South Asian phenomena.
      I’ve not seen any American, European or other parents behaving this way with their grown ass sons.
      Have your parents “disowned” you and torn the family apart because you are not married yet?
      Come on.
      This is a Desi thing.

      1. not just a desi thing middle easterners behave very simialr as well as traditional africans

    2. I really don’t see how any of this has anything to do with the red pill/blue pill paradigm. I thought it was about seeing the truth about western women and feminism. This guy just wants to have fun it sounds like. I would advise him to marry soon. White girls won’t give themselves up easily for ever.

      1. I don’t think the point of the article was about him having fun (if it was I’m sure he would have spoken more about all the girls he slept with and the wild times he had), it’s about personal freedom which (to me) is the whole point of the red pill/blue pill.
        “Waking up” and seeing the world and it’s occupants as they truly are allows you to also see yourself for the first time. Your place in the world and who you are as a person. What can be more liberating than having that sense of realisation and recognising your personal power.
        This article is about bojangles recognising this power, using it to create a life he wants, regardless of who tries to take that decision from him. He fought for his freedom and (temporarily) lost his family in the process!!
        Jon: “white girls won’t give themselves up easily forever”. You, my friend are living in a world where women are the ones who make the sexual choices. In your world, they have all the power and you will gladly accept whatever scraps they throw to you. In my world I make the choice. I hate to say it, but you are swimming in a world of blue. It sounds like your freedoms, your choices are limited. Come to my world when you’re ready.

      2. “I don’t think the point of the article was about him having fun (if it was I’m sure he would have spoken more about all the girls he slept with and the wild times he had), it’s about PERSONAL FREEDOM which (to me) is the whole point of the red pill/blue pill.”
        Matt nails it. And that is precisely the attitude that Indian culture as a whole is missing.

  4. 18 y/o Indian who just moved to the USA here. I took the red pill last year and haven’t told anyone. In Indian society, being a blue pill white knight isn’t rewarded, its expected (I can picture this in America in another 5 years). I still remember being beaten black and blue in high school for teasing a girl I liked.
    Indian men will always be the worst at game (on a whole) because they come from a society where they are told to reject their masculinity for their entire lives. As a matter of fact, I began discovering my masculinity a few month ago when I got here.

      1. Google “eve teasing”. Its Indian-speak for “sexual harassement” and its rampant on the streets of North India. It can get pretty gruesome.
        The problem is that we have no dating culture. Most of our marriages, even in “modern” urban India, are arranged.
        Indian men do not know how to act around women who are not their family members.
        We are a severely sexually repressed and perverted society.

      2. The problem is a lot of the really bad things associated with India is largely based around the north of India.
        The south of India is generally better off and with more modern attitudes.
        If you’re willing to accept a broad ass generalization of course.

      3. “The south of India is generally better off and with more modern attitudes.”
        Not that much better off.

      4. @indian woman
        sexually repressed and pervertedness is what made the kama sutra didnt it?
        well indian women wont know hot to act around men either. But at least theyre wont be any games behind it.its all out in the open if they are interested in each other or not

    1. Jax, that’s because Indian masculinity, as well as femininity, is constructed within the paradigm of “family duty” only. An Indian son is coveted because he is expected to live with and “take care” of his parents forever. Even before they reach old age, and even if they are not sick or poor. You are never allowed to individuate.
      An Indian woman’s femininity is constructed as “mother” only. Not as lover. That is why sexual compatibility, even love, is not considered in our arranged marriage system.
      It doesn’t matter whether or not we are “turned on” by each other, nor if we ever fall in love or become sexually satisfied by our spouses, what matters is that your bride fits into the culture of your family.
      While “family values” are a good thing to have. We Indians take it way too far.
      Our relegating to the back burner authentic sexual attraction and interaction between the sexes as resulted in our extremely repressed society which has in turn resulted in “eve teasing”.
      All of this could be corrected if we introduced dating and the choosing of our own spouses, as well as the nuclear family household in place of the joint family.

      1. ya if that was the case india will be like the west overtly picky women and birth rates will go down,population aging then population decline

      2. “ya if that was the case india will be like the west overtly picky women and birth rates will go down,population aging then population decline”
        And that’s a problem…………………. how?
        For goodness sake India is exploding at the seams already with a population of 1 billion plus! We are in no danger of running out of people any time soon.

      3. You are in very grave danger of losing out on soldier age people, while your immediate neighbors are not. A billion shriveled up geezers concerned about their “sexual compatibility” are no match for young, virile and fertile “barbarians” at their gates. The future belongs to those who take the old religious dictum of going forth and multiply seriously. Not mealy mouthed dweebs concerned about progressive nonsense.

      4. “The future belongs to those who take the old religious dictum of going forth and multiply seriously. ”
        Then the future is already the present in India. We have gone forth and multiplied ourselves so seriously that we are 1 billion and growing. That too in a geographical area that could fit comfortably within half of the United States.
        This extreme population coupled with small land mass has resulted in one of the most filthy, dysfunctional nations on the planet.
        What use is a large, miserable, parasitical population?

      5. A friend of mine was messed up by an Indian guy who pursued her, and entered into a relationship with her THEN told her he marry a woman picked out for him that was a suitable caste match, etc. He thought he could keep my friend as a bit on the side to amuse himself with when he felt like it. He could not understand that she did not like that idea. She cared for him but realized he was just using her

    2. This is fascinating. I assumed Indian men would be more alpha because they live in a patriarchal society. I had no idea they were so beta. What are the women like in India? Do they like white American men? I would like to know what gender relations are like in India.

      1. India is more of an “elderarchry” than a patriarchy. Its all about our parents and elders. That’s why both Indian men and women remain stunted.

      2. It depends. There are Westernized girls in the larger cities who are open to relationships with Western (and non-Western) men. But the average rural (or urban) Indian girl won’t even be allowed to speak to any man outside her family.
        The problem is that Indian media is much more supportive of feminism than American media is. As a result, your average Indian feminist will be as bad or perhaps even worse than your average Seattle feminist. So words like ‘patrarchy’ and ‘male domination’ will be thrown around freely in liberal circles.
        We are seeing Indian society shift from an super-conservative society where no one can get laid to a super-feminist society where you can’t get laid. If I were you, I’d try to get with Indian girls in the United States or Great Britain (both are super tough but easier than India).

      1. Hahaha, love these two comments, it’s a picture I pulled off the internet, that’s some rich canadian who’s getting married, as you can see I’ve not taken that poorly thought out route yet!

    1. Totally agree! If that’s his mom he made a mistake posting her cause I’d bag and stuff that bitch then hang her head on my wall like a trophy

      1. she looks rather manish..but aged well for an indian woman..and smosther..and better shape(typically they have theri 1st kid they blow up bigger than husband sometimes)
        i wouldnt touch with a 10foot pole

  5. Awesome and inspiring post. I am extermely lucky that my father (married for 48 years) is very much “red pill” and supportive of my life choices. I don’t know if I could have sustained the transition to “awareness” without his support.
    Good luck.

  6. Its much much worse for us Indian women.
    The problem is our “joint family system”. That means that sons never move out of their parents house but bring their brides home to live with them. We young Indian brides then become the slave to our bitchy in-laws.
    So Indian sons are never allowed to individuate from the their parents while us Indian daughters are raised to leave our parents home and go straight into the homes of our…. bitchy in-laws!
    The sooner this “joint family” system can be destroyed, the better.
    Advise to all young Indian boys and girls:
    Do whatever it takes to individuate from the Big Fat Indian Family as soon as possible.

      1. Yeah because not wanting to live in the same house as one’s in-laws constitutes “feminism”.

      2. exactly..they always bitchin besides if anything the mother in law runs the drama with her mouth(like wise from the daughter). itll be hell too for the boy cuz hes caught in the middle and whos side he has to take(even thogh hes the new alpha male of the house)
        slaves the guys here become abused but always swept under the rug just to show “defenseless female”
        guys become heavily abused from these marrages like here

  7. It’s funny that a feminist could have written this exact post about herself. Indian culture isn’t perfect but I envy it. Your woman is loyal to you and only to you. She won’t be seen out and about in slutty clothes with a constant opportunity to dump you. Her body is not god the way it is here. Her psychological issues are not national policy issues. I really have little in the way of sympathy for you. You sound like just another spoiled liberal brat who wants to have sex with all those “hot” guys/girls with no sense of purpose or family. Do you ever want to get married and live like a normal human being? Just a question.

    1. I know several Sikhs and Hindus. I’m not sure the Indian way is a good model for how things should be…

      1. It’s certainly rather messed up in certain ways. But it is, like every other culture at every time other than this one, culturally conservative. Do you have a problem with cultural conservatism?

      2. Indians are responsible for some of the oldest recorded civilizations in history, and have endured every trial and tribulation under the sun by sticking together the way they do.
        look where the western way of doing things has gotten us; first we let them choose their own husbands, then we let them divorce the spouses they just chose for no reason, and thats why we are all here in the first place.
        Sure there are some losers in the Indian way of doing things. There are losers in life no matter which rules your culture plays by, and their existence does not prove whether a way of life is good or bad.

      3. Turbo, as a proud Indian woman who loves much about her culture, I say don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, but we must find a balance between the high divorce rates of the West and the control freakness that passes for “family values” in India.
        Besides, if someone is an abusive marriage, he or she needs an out, and divorce is it.
        India’s low divorce rate does not correlate with happy marriages, it just correlates with a society that stigmatizes divorce, even legitimate divorce.

      4. @turbo
        youre right freedom may sound great but the western way is not the best way wspically after the feminists movement
        o lil trivia for ya in the west 200yrs ago arranged marrage was the norm
        well unhappy marrages can be the same here as well but as awhole id say the indians are winning the marrage deal againsts us

      5. “o lil trivia for ya in the west 200yrs ago arranged marrage was the norm”
        Huh, yeah, that’s kind of the point here – TWO HUNDRED YEARS AGO.
        Time and civilization marches on.
        I’m not entirely against arranged marriages. Shy and socially awkward as well as physically unattractive people can benefit from it. Those who otherwise are unable to compete in an open sexual market. Even now some Indians abroad might opt for arranged marriage after trying their hand in the dating scene and failing. Fine.
        But seriously, if a certain percentage of Indian abstain from marriage and having kids, we are in no danger of dying out as a race. There is over 1 billion of us in India alone.

      6. @indian woman
        dont worry they can move to europe whom are not havin kids so it evens out
        fertitly must always been in the posistive once it goes below it aint goin up it seems but who knows
        arrange marrages arent all bad at least it kept the natural order on finding a good mate

    2. Jon, the funny thing is that he thinks living like an adult male and making his own decision to marry or not, when and to whom, is “red pill”. Actually it is NORMAL.
      Only in India (well the whole of South Asia to be precise) is parental involvement in the lives of grown adult children this pronounced.
      Only in India do we consider normal adult responsibility for one’s own life to be “red pill” or something abnormal, even “radical”.
      I’ve been called a “Feminazi” simply for not wanting to live in the exact same house as my in-laws!
      Yes, there are many good things about India and its cultures. Parents treating their grown adult children like they were still 10 year olds is not one of them.

      1. Only in India? You’ve clearly never set foot in another country. It’s rampant throughout the entirety of the Asian continent.
        You might think that the Chinese are any liberal but that’s because you’re thinking of Chinese-Americans, not the millions of middle-class families living in China. Where do you think the “Tiger Mom” stereotype comes from?

      2. AC, in China do the majority of Chinese men live with their parents their entire lives bringing home their wives to live in their parents house?

      3. Your analysis that “only in India and South Asia” do parents intervene in their adult children’s lives reflects your ignorance. In China, the middle east, Africa, Latin America today and the west before industrialization this was completely normal. A major liberal tactic is normalization, making things seem normal and making their opponents seem “radical.” Adults choosing their marriage partners is portrayed as normal, anything else as “backward.” Now I know that there are problems with both systems, but I think that, after seeing this society and it’s affects firsthand I think that cultural conservatism (not just hating on faggots, I’m talking real, blood red cultural conservatism) is the better system in most respects. We talk about red pills and blue pills, I have taken the red pill of not assuming all the problems of our society are just normal and started to ask the most threatening questions of all “what’s up with that?”

      4. “AC, in China do the majority of Chinese men live with their parents their entire lives bringing home their wives to live in their parents house?”
        For the peasants the answer is often yes for the simple reason that they cannot afford to build a new house every generation.

      5. Jon, “A major liberal tactic is normalization”
        First off, what gives you the idea I’m a “liberal”?
        Second, yes, while other cultures do have big families and extensive parental involvement, we South Asians take it to whole other level.
        As a very proud, unapologetic Hindu who is very much involved in her religion, family, community and culture, I know of what I speak.

      6. a good conservative girl thats marage material is more likely to live at home(even from a western eyes)
        u ra feminazi for lotta complainin and turnin to womens issue then guys perspective
        asians like koreans japanese chinese etc along with latinos arabs an africans live together aswell….even whites way back in the day….in fact eastern europeans still continue this practice and they are more marraige material then any other european girl
        totally agree

      7. “u ra feminazi for lotta complainin and turnin to womens issue then guys perspective”
        Well, from our (the guy’s) perspective, both Indian women and non-Indian women that we may date or marry find the Indian son-mother bond to be excessive and a major sexual turn off.
        Just read all the websites where women dating or married to us are blogging about what mama’s boys we are.
        I don’t think over involvement of parents is good for adult children. Love and respect should always be there, but its true that we desis take it to an extreme height. And its not hot.
        So if we want to improve our game with women, Indian or otherwise, we are going to have to work on that.

      8. In any society without open frontiers, parents will be involved in the lives of their offspring. After all, they control critical resources that the kids generally aspire to later on. American culture was unusually shaped by the availability of open space that allowed the young and restless to go out and make their own lives and fortunes. It was an anomaly amongst whites back then, and amongst everyone these days. But, due to the extremely low birthrates in the west over the past 50-100 years, as well as aggressive redistribution of resources away from haves and towards willing votedrones, children can again be relatively unconcerned about their parents wishes, since parents have noone else to bequeath their wealth to. Besides, Obama has probably taken it all and handed it to Goldman Sachs anyway.
        Regardless, healthy cultures are those cultures that are fertile. And absent open frontiers of some sort, I know of no fertile culture where parents do not play a large part in shaping their children’s lives.
        All the mumbo-jumbo about who feels what is just that, mumbo-jumbo. Basis drives culture, not the other way around, as Marx, in one of his few moments of brilliance, figured out. Trying to turn that around, will never lead to anything but extinction of those trying.

  8. “AC, in China do the majority of Chinese men live with their parents their entire lives bringing home their wives to live in their parents house?”
    You probably live in a shit state like Bihar. Either that or you’re one of those ignorant NRIs. Most of my friends have always had the nuclear family deal going. My parents and their relatives never lived under the joint family system either. The joint family system hardly exists in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa and other urban areas.
    OP’s parents were angry with him not because he didn’t want to live with his parents but mainly because he didn’t want to get married in his early 20’s.
    There’s a stereotype that women have it the worst in India but that’s bullshit. *ONLY RURAL WOMEN* have it the worst, the women from middle-class and upper-class families are placed on a pedestal and treated as if they’re goddesses who can do no wrong…

    1. “There’s a stereotype that women have it the worst in India but that’s bullshit. *ONLY RURAL WOMEN* have it the worst, the women from middle-class and upper-class families are placed on a pedestal and treated as if they’re goddesses who can do no wrong…”
      Most Indians live in rural villages, towns and second tier cities. Joint family is the norm in Delhi. Less so in Mumbai and Banglore.
      Its the overwhelming majority norm throughout the villages and towns in India where the aam admi and aam aurat lives.
      I understand its usefulness for poor people, and it also has some practical use for the non-poor (such as free childcare), but it also comes with problems.
      I encourage all Bojangles to man up and cut the umbilical cord.
      India gives Freudians way too much material to work with.

      1. “Joint family is the norm in Delhi.”
        Maybe in the slums where your family lives.
        You seem like you’re one of those Indian women who got arranged married but cheat behind the backs of their husbands with white men.

  9. You weren’t that bad off. Most men in the world are Betas anyway. But honestly though, I never delved too deeply into the Indian culture, but I thought that Indian men were natural Alphas. I honestly believed this.

    1. Indian men are mama’s boys.
      In fact “beta” literally means “son” in Hindi! And Hindi speaking Indian mothers refer to their sons as “beta” all the time. LOL!
      If you want to know how deep that rabbit hole goes, google “indian blogs”, “indian relationship blogs” “marriage and family in india” and “gori blogs”.

    2. I find the terms a bit overused. Indian men do know how to command respect from their wives. However some people here use the term to mean “short, quiet, nerdy, and unable to flirt with women.”

    3. its a combo of both
      u can get a surrey jack thatll pound any guy in the street or in prison but be a total mamas boy at home.only alpha when he has to be and when mama aint around.hes only alpha at home when he dthrones dad but will be mamas boy still…passive control
      daaku novel by ranj dhaliwal portrays that pretty well

  10. I’m Jewish and my family is the same way. They want me to get married. My extended family who all happen to live within a 5 block radius also say I should and that I’m next b/c I’m now the oldest unmarried man.
    The funny part is Im still 4 yrs away from finishing school.
    I actually do want to get married and have a huge family but not until Ive sown my wild oats as the cliche saying goes. And not until I turn 25 or 26 (22 currently) so I’ll be more accomplished in all aspects (game, high pay job, great physique & other things) and will have my pick of the girl I want to settle with.

  11. Your parents are right in their own way.
    Taking the “Red pill” does not mean not getting married/starting family/having kids. It merely means being aware of the dangers.
    The mistake of not making the most of their “high value” years is not exclusive to women. Many men fall for it too.
    28 is still young though.

    1. Agreed. Red pill means making smart decisions that usually go opposite of the BS media driven feminist crap. Once this guy turns 30, he should head back to India and search for a wife.
      His family is right but doesn’t understand how much Western women generally suck at life. Go traditional, just stay away from modern women – they are used leftovers.

      1. “His family is right but doesn’t understand how much Western women generally suck at life”
        But his family was not telling him to marry a Western woman.

      2. I would love to “go back” to India if I came from there, so I won’t be “going back” anywhere.

  12. Lol hilarious that beta means son in Hindi. I just never thought that waas the case.
    In fact, a guy who usually comment on my site is an Indian living in the UK. His thing is that racism is very prevalent against Indians in Britain (from white women). I never knew that also, and I don’t know if it’s true.
    So I don’t know if that stems from the beta culture that turns women off.

    1. Poles and Punjabis are dating and even marrying at ever increasing rates in the UK now. Its probably more like he’s an unattractive guy and the women he wants to date don’t want to date him so he plays the race card.

      1. “Poles and Punjabis are dating and even marrying at ever increasing rates in the UK now. ”
        More like:
        Polish MEN and Punjabi WOMEN are dating and getting married at ever increasing rates in the UK.
        Dating prospects suck for the average Indian guy. Their own women don’t like them and would rather marry a white guy.

        1. Punjabis like to think they are special little Indian snowflakes, different from other Indians, while the truth is they have the worst of the indian neuroses that the world hates

      2. Punjabis are also generally paler than say Tamils (Exceptions abound of course), so that has something to do with it.

      3. “Dating prospects suck for the average Indian guy. Their own women don’t like them and would rather marry a white guy.”
        If that’s true then they need to improve themselves by eating right (lay off the hi-carb rice-roti-aloo), hit the gym, grow their hair long and and gain some social skills. Its not rocket science.

      4. “Its probably more like he’s an unattractive guy and the women he wants to date don’t want to date him so he plays the race card”
        Genius. I like you already.
        Some of the biggest players Ive met have been British-Indian; personally, I think British-Indian women are some of the best looking women in the world. Unbelievably hot.

    2. @gentlemen slut
      some guys say that but look at the obeisty data survey south asian women(praiculary bengali and pakistani women) have higher obesity rate than white britiish women
      indian women and british women were about on par….but brit girls would be better lookin if they stopped drinking…makes em loo older

      1. heard the best lookin women in uk now are the polish and the spanish girls showin up….kinda the case here in bc…the latin girls comin here are way finer then the indian girls..plus less body hair more curves an no drama
        2 of my cuzins are with latin girls now….funny that they look very indian lol

      2. Half Caste, being mixed you must have an exotic appeal to both Indians and non. Do you clean up with women?

      3. @savita
        me in particular(though slowly improvin) …nope not all mixes look good know one guy, white dad punjabi mom ugly as hell…lotta full blooded indians from (typical punjab)india or (usually south indian origin or mixed indian)fiji or where ever typically do quite well though
        my 2 cousin their mom is swedish an french all they clean up with hoes
        they like the biggest players i know

  13. “More like:
    Polish MEN and Punjabi WOMEN are dating and getting married at ever increasing rates in the UK.”
    Statistically, Indian men in the UK, USA and Canada are far more likely to marry outside their race than Indian women. It’s true however, that that says nothing aboutrelations outside of marriage.
    The Polish/Punjabi thing in the UK is largely between Punjabi guys and Polish women. I think you seriously overestimate Polish men.

    1. agreed
      look through the data and thats typically the case
      its like 150 desi guys marry out to 100 desi girls marry out
      think the polish women are more popular since they are sterotyped to be better wives than native british women(which i totally agree)

  14. I am Indian as well, and though I sympathize with you, I agree with your father.
    I see myself first and foremost as a reactionary traditionalist, then as a manosphere lover, and I think disowning your parents is simply disgusting. Filial piety is the building block of patriarchy and civilization.
    Plato once said that a father should have perpetual power of life and death over his son, since he was the one who had given him life in the first place.
    Any family is a give and take between generations, and the view of the ancients, in Greece, Egypt, India and China, was that your debt to your ancestors was paid in full only when you begat your own children and grew them to adulthood.
    One of my friends underwent a similar experience recently, and I felt nothing but pity for his parents. This sort of unpleasantness is hardly the right reward to your parents who worked their asses off in a dead end job so that you would be fed, clothed and educated. It is a slap in their face.
    The Buddha tried this sort of nonsense before, seducing young men with promises of wisdom and “peace”, provoking them to dump their families and wives to join his band of wandering ascetics. It was considered disgusting then, it is to be considered disgusting now.

    1. ” I think disowning your parents is simply disgusting. ”
      First off, he did not disown his parents, they disowned him.
      And he’s not even their only child!
      At population 1 billion plus it is not necessary for every single Indian to “repay the debt to their ancestors” by having kids. For gods sake. Our ancestors will be better paid when we STOP having kids.

      1. Please. I was talking about the author’s brother, not the author himself. The brother disowned his parents. After his dad had disowned his older son. Effectively punishing his mom for something his dad had done.
        And do you understand the concept of replacement level fertility rates? Unless we are planning on having more than 2.1 kids per couple, our population problems will solve themselves.
        I noticed you seem to wear your hindu cultural conservatism on your sleeve. How is that going to work when you stop breeding, while Mulla Ahmadulla next door makes his wife pop out her 8th baby?
        Check out the history of Lebanon to see what happens when a posh elitist culture (in this case, Maronite Christians) decides to take a pass on the breeding issue, when they are surrounded by a posse of semiliterate muslims. Civil war happens. And the elite culture gets its ass kicked.
        We are not like Japan, where even a shrinking ageing population will remain a Japanese population. Every Hindu who does not reproduce is eventually contributing to the destruction of Hindu India and its replacement by Islam.
        The Pope may claim he is against contraception for some fancy-shmancy “life” related reason, but the actual reason probably has more to do with the fact that demography is destiny in an age of democracy. He is smart enough to know that countries with widespread contraception have seen the sharpest falls in fertility in the last half century.
        It is in the interest of the collective that Indian boys and girls keep their heads down, swallow the blue pill and keep getting married. Things are nowhere near as bad for Indian men as they are for Western men. Divorce rates are still a generation or two behind those in America, thank God.

      2. @klarde
        dont care too much for the islamophobic comments…but totally agree with the issue of fertility.its the natural order of things.when women started chosing reproduction their countrys age and decline.women gotchoice for 60 yrs and are fucking up real quickly.india and other nations should not copy the western thinking.
        a conservative women would have at least 2 0r 3 kids.
        it would be a spit in the face to our ancestor if we didnt carry on our and theri genetic history

      3. “It is in the interest of the collective that Indian boys and girls keep their heads down, swallow the blue pill and keep getting married. ”
        Not everyone is a collectivist.
        Even then, it is not in the “best interest of the collective” for every single Indian citizen to have kids. Our country is splitting at the seams with 1 billion whom it can’t even accomodate as it is.
        The world will not end if we don’t make it to 2 billion.

      4. “It is in the interest of the collective that Indian boys and girls keep their heads down, swallow the blue pill and keep getting married.”
        Dude, a Manosphere/PUA blog is nowhere to be saying that. (I mean did anyone else here catch that?!)
        Keep your heads down and swallow the blue pill!?!?!
        Uncle-ji, this is not the place for you.

      5. Uncleji? I’m 25. Being young doesnt mean you need to be stupid and shortsighted about life and your goals in life.
        And the PUA community is part of the wider reactionary web space, so I doubt there is anything incongruous about what I said. Cultural conservatism is the common thread that unites them all. Just a few days ago this website carried an article saying that marriage is quite acceptable in non Western societies. I doubt Roissy or Roosh want the player lifestyle to become popular in traditional societies where feminism is yet to make any significant impact.
        And I should be asking you WTF you’re doing on this blog, which is supposed to be “for masculine men”. A hysterical woman who is trying hard to fit in, be edgy… are you the online version of the girl who tries to be “cool” by accompanying a bunch of guys to a strip club?

      6. “And I should be asking you WTF you’re doing on this blog, which is supposed to be “for masculine men”. A hysterical woman who is trying hard to fit in, be edgy… are you the online version of the girl who tries to be “cool” by accompanying a bunch of guys to a strip club?”
        Edgy? What’s “edgy” about this blog? According to you its “part of the wider reactionary web space” and “cultural conservativism is the common thread”
        Is that what you call “edgy”?
        “And the PUA community is part of the wider reactionary web space”
        Actually you are wrong about that. PUAs are not cultural conservatives. PUAs want to get laid. Either by lots of women or at least one.
        What happened is that some years ago a few “mens rights” bloggers happened upon PUA blogs and from there some blogs combining combos of the two sprouted up. However the original batch of authentic PUAs such as Eric Von Markovic, Ross Jeffries, etc, never got on board and they distance themselves from MRAs today.
        Also, not all MRAs are “cultural conservatives” either.
        On some blogs there’s an overlap between MRA, socio-political conservatism, religion and racism which they like to call HBD, but real HBD researchers want nothing to do with them.
        Actually scrap my use of “MRA” above and replace it with “manosphere”. Because the actual Mens Rights Movement has never entertained any of the bloggers in the manosphere. A few of the Manosphere bloggers attempted to ally with the MRM and they refused.
        Roosh is no “cultural conservative” – he’s travelling the world trying to bang as many women as he possibly can.
        We’re still waiting for “Bang India” to be Kindled, pun intended 😉

      7. I stand corrected. You are Wise and Perceptive and clearly one of the major Thinkers of our time.

      8. Klarde ji, “And I should be asking you WTF you’re doing on this blog, which is supposed to be “for masculine men”. A hysterical woman who is trying hard to fit in, be edgy… are you the online version of the girl who tries to be “cool” by accompanying a bunch of guys to a strip club?”
        Only an Indian would consider growing up and moving out of mom and dad’s house and forming a nuclear rather than joint family once you do get married, as “edgy”.
        But here’s an example of a dorky Indian trying too hard to be “edgy” to impress the goras. I give you PUA “Jesse” (Jaswinder perhaps? Maybe Jaspreet?)

    2. Well if by Islamophobic you mean I fear what Islam will do to my culture, yes I am Islamophobic.
      But if you mean Islamophobic = I hate Islam, I certainly do NOT. I admire and respect Islam, and I realize that their current state of backwardness hides a most glorious and accomplished past. It is also the purest patriarchal red pill religion.
      On the other hand, respecting your adversary does not mean he is no longer your enemy.
      The civilization of Western Europe burst forth over the past few centuries and its flame burned really brightly, but I think it is on the slow downward spiral. It is the law of nature,civilizations are born, grow, die, and come back again. But India, which was just starting to recover from its last spiral, is imbibing the very ideas that the West is spewing at its time of decline. So I expect India is going to spiral back down again unless some strong steps are taken.

      1. “But if you mean Islamophobic = I hate Islam, I certainly do NOT.”
        Oh great, another “all paths lead to the same destination” type Hindu.
        ” I admire and respect Islam, and I realize that their current state of backwardness hides a most glorious and accomplished past.”
        Like destroying our temples.

      2. Babri Masjid, that’s all you got? 1 measly masjid?
        Islam forbids religious iconography. Idols and even pictures of gods, goddesses, divinities, saints, sages, etc are forbidden. Forget about offering them incense or any other items worship.
        This is why one of the main programs of the invading Muslims was to smash and destroy the temples and idols throughout South and Southeast Asia.

  15. North India = Indo-European (specifically Aryan) people, culture and languages. Internal diversity is similar to differences between say Finland and Greek cultures (although both European).
    Generalization of 500 million Indo-Europeans == retarded. The closest Aryan culture comes to is ancient Norse, since the holy books are the same (both Hindu and Norse books are called the Eddas)
    South India = entirely different people, culture, language (although Hindu as well, due to spread of religion). Dravidian people, not Indo-European. Generalizing of 500 million Dravidian people == retarded.
    Not to mention the 100 million or so aboriginal people and another 100 million or so Asians in India.
    Curry is not Indian since there is no Indian word for it, in any North Indian language. You cannot order curry of any kind in any indian restaurant, unless it caters to a foreign audience. The word curry comes from 14th century French (“curie”) and invented and eaten only in England, using spices from India and other places.
    Any other questions ?

    1. “North India = Indo-European (specifically Aryan) people, culture and languages. Internal diversity is similar to differences between say Finland and Greek cultures (although both European).
      Generalization of 500 million Indo-Europeans == retarded. The closest Aryan culture comes to is ancient Norse, since the holy books are the same (both Hindu and Norse books are called the Eddas)
      South India = entirely different people, culture, language (although Hindu as well, due to spread of religion). Dravidian people, not Indo-European. Generalizing of 500 million Dravidian people == retarded.”
      Genetic studies have proven this British colonial Aryan/Dravidian divide myth to be false.
      Curry refers to the kadi patta. What some of us Indians also call in Hinglish “curry leaf”.

  16. Oh what an interesting way of Roosh to attract his audience. Have an Indian guy write a blog post about his life to show everyone he doesn’t dislike Indians.
    To be honest, the Indians on Roosh’s forum are highly delusional. I can bet right now both the writer of this blog and others (Torontokid) have not come close to sleeping with that many women outside their own communities. See there are really three kids of Indian guys:
    1. FOBs = obviously not getting laid
    2. Douchey guido Wannabees that hate other Indians and try to act hard to get laid = ironically don’t get laid, unless it is by their own women (best example would be guys you see on the roosh v forum)
    3. The normal Westernized kind, an example would be Sendhil Ramamurthy, Keiran Lee, Jesse from Simple Pickup, Kal Penn, or Sanjay Gupta = living every Indian guy’s dream when it comes to getting laid (sleeping with pretty blondes, friends of all communities, etc.)
    Problem is, ONLY 5 percent of all Indian guys are like the guys in category 3, the rest are the ones that have single handedly fucked it up so bad for Indian men in countries where they have a lot of Indians. It is no secret, White British, White Australian, and White Canadian women do not want a thing to do with Indian men because they are so exposed to these beta cringeworthy ones that occupy numbers 1 and 2 on the list. The guys in category 3 have to work a lot harder, what is worse is they have no help, even their own cockblock them.
    Now Bojangles, it is interesting that you write this blog yet stomp down on your own fellow Indians trying to make it big in the game, you are a joke and don’t lie, you haven’t been with that many women outside of your own race.
    All we can hope for is we get more and more Indian men falling into category number 3 as time moves on. I can say this though, the most alpha Indians are going to come from the USA. I mean Jesse from Simple Pickup can kill it just about ANYWHERE in this world, even in Canada or the UK where Indian men have a bad reputation.

      1. look its the faggot sexyback, from mark’s forum to roosh to naughty nomad, you really have no hope in life you old dirty creepy stalking fuck, you need to be locked up in a mental ward

  17. I’m all for pickup, but I’d disown my kid if he came back and announced he wasn’t going to have children too. What’s the point? He might as well be gay, spending his time humping the asses of other men… whether he’s shooting sperm into a condom in a girl’s vagina or a hairy anus on another man’s backside, he’s effectively neutered himself.
    I’d be pretty angry at him for having wasted so much of my resources on raising an offspring that will ultimately fail to pass on my genes. Cut your losses while you can and kick him out of the house… the father here knew what he was doing. Hopefully he has some daughters who will carry on his lineage where he can put his hard-earned resources to better use than a son who’s become a genetic dead-end.

    1. Brian, Bojangles parents are nothing more than control freaks like all typical Indian parents. They have more than 1 child, already at least 1 grand-child, but they still want to force their other children into marrying (a spouse they choose for them of course) and having kids even though India is bursting at the seams with population of 1 billion and growing. Our poor don’t have toilets to shit in but they’ve got cell phones!
      And for those who will say, “he’s not in India, he’s in the UK (or wherever)” ALL these Indians and their kids eventually make their way back to India to drain our resources.

      1. “Drain OUR resources”???
        As in, draining YOUR resource of English speaking educated young people, by offering them employment opportunities?
        India isn’t Arabia, where some case could be made that Westerners have been literally sucking resources belonging to locals out of the ground.
        The fact that 1 billion+ Indians do manage to live in such a “small” space, is a pretty good testament that their way of life is pretty darned functional (As well as that their small space contains rather fertile soil.) Throwing away all the knowledge and tradition encoded in social structures that has managed this, in order to sound more hip to progtards in free falling western dystopias or whatever, will surely lead to nothing but either self destruction, or destruction by neighbors not so afflicted.

    2. ya but a son will carry on your name good to have like 2-5 kids tp be safe if you can afford it or more

    3. Dear God Brian, you really think your genes are that important? You sound like a neurotic prize schnauzer

  18. the author has a chance for a 1.0 marriage many men in the west can only dream of. A virgin traditional wife and an automatic alpha status. My Moroccan grandparents had a big patriarchal family. Lots of people (8 children and many extended family), lots of love, but yes, also no privacy and everyone interferes in your life. Also sex is within marriage in such societies. There is both good and bad in the traditional families. There is a price for every deal. family is never just me me me.
    My grandfather, who was actually a very gentle man, had status without any MMSL or other game. In contrast, My mother, who became an ardent feminist, continuously undermined my father, and later divorced him, took the house, and he later lost his shop, alimony jail, etc. growing up basically alone most of the time and separated from my father was imo worse than the problems in my grand parents home.
    If you want a family, you have one of the best deals, (until feminism will destroy the Indian family, which will happen eventually). If you want individualism and ‘free sex’, go for it, but you couldn’t play the field without feminism and the sexual libation. Many men today are forced to your choice since family became such a bad deal for men in the west (all western women are whores by traditional standards, divorce rape, etc). You still have the choice for marriage 1.0.
    Be grateful for that.

    1. “If you want a family, you have one of the best deals, (until feminism will destroy the Indian family, which will happen eventually). If you want individualism and ‘free sex’, go for it, but you couldn’t play the field without feminism and the sexual libation. ”
      There’s a middle ground between the two extremes. Such as the nuclear family sans meddling parents and in laws. Parents and in laws should live in another state, at least another town, and keep a respectful distance.
      Plus, Bojangles would not marry a virgin. By the looks of the photo his family are well to do Punjabi-Brits. They don’t remain virgins into their 20s.

      1. according to articles summarized by 3rd millenuim men.com…marrying a virgin is better since the girl is more likley to be more loyal faithful an be able to bond with and not have emotional bagage an dream bout past dicks…plus what kid wants a slut of a mom….u know what i agree

  19. Love the responses. Right just so you all don’t go running off making assumptions and wasting your breath, some pointers for you: –
    1 – The photo is not me and my family, that is some rich Canadian industrialists and as you can see the fella in the middle has his GROOM indian wedding suit on, I’ve not yet got married.
    2 – I am ethnically Indian but I am British. I am a 3rd generation British Indian, my father was born in this country and we are no way near traditional in comparison to other families from the subcontinent.
    3 – I did not say I will never get married, so Brian and Klarde who wasted many a word getting their pants wet about seed spreading – HA HA
    4 – I’m absolutely honoured that the number one IRT has made an appearance and commented, the loser that he is.
    5 – It’s nice to see comments from more red pill Indian guys, you guys need to comment more and take a path that seriously deviates from aforementioned IRT.
    6 – Where’s the feminists?
    7 – Indian girls in the UK are no different to any other ethnicity in how many cocks they’ve had dropping sperm in their mouth/tits/ass in their late teens/early twenties.

    1. Bojangles – where’s the feminists? Right here, sweetie!
      I found your tale amusingly similar to my mom’s – minus the desire for sexual adventure. She was a nice Catholic girl from the rural Midwest who had no intention of becoming a brood mare like her own mother. She basically ran away from home, put herself thru college and the family rift was not healed until the birth of the first grandchild.
      It also reminded me of a nice young man – I think his name was Pransanth – once of the many young male Indian programmers I used to manage on various projects. At one point he told me he would be going home for two weeks to meet his intended bride for the first time. I asked ‘ But what if you meet a nice girl here that you want to marry?’
      he smiled sweetly and a bit sadly and said ‘I must surrender to my fate.’ !!

    2. On a fortnightly basis my very traditional mother did her best, ringing me to ask if I had a girlfriend and why I wasn’t looking. She’d know of ‘some girl’ who is ‘only’ between 26-29.
      Does she know their cock count too?
      Past the age of consent you can be sure they’ve been riding the carousel.
      And Asian women have a sweet deal going for them, if men ask about their past they get very hissy and bitchy, and may interfere with his job or community.

    3. It’s great you put the post up man, but honestly 95% of the comments on here by indians (we knew it would be a little indian-baiting ) are whining in some kind of way or another.
      I agree with all of your points, but you’re not going to find consensus. there is such a small man complex instilled that it’s difficult for many to get past that.
      they can’t accept that learning to speak eloquently confidently and charismatically, looking good and keeping fit probably would solve 90% of their ‘race’ problems.
      yes there are some western girls that will bitch you out simply for being indian, why in the world would you want to fuck them? go fuck the intelligent hot ones, work on your game or leverage your credentials in places where being indian will atleast be neutral (scandinavia) or an advantage (get bang ukraine).
      it’s almost like people are looking to fall at the first hurdle.
      i commend you, because its rare to find an indian red pill role models, and younger kids growing up can learn much from wisdom of the red pill life.
      but the thing i hate more than anything is when people just pick a person to support just cause he happens to be of their same ethnicity, as if somehow they overcome this self percieved barrier or inferiority, or somehow ‘tricked’ women into getting past the indian ‘issue’.
      lets look at three guys who would be called ‘alphas’ or greater betas in red pill terminology.
      1) matador 2) kal penn (fame + relaxed confidence= pussy magnet) 3) jesse from simple pickup
      none of them are particularly indian in the sense that they use their culture to get pussy. they are just good at getting pussy. That is to say, they may have just gone and internalised the thoughts “you know what who gives a fuck about my background or whatever, if i want someone i’ll get them” and then got success out of that.
      sure you could use the whole “have you ever been with an indian” schtick and get the exotic bang (works best on women that are EE etc), which also subconsciously or consciously opens them up to other asian men to bang in the future.
      sidenote: my black friend does this all the time. a lot of the girls he’s fucked, he was the first black guy they had, then through the act of fucking, a whole new race of men they didn’t initially consider themselves attracted to becomes attractive. the whole girls basically fuck versions of their ex boyfriend type thing, but i digress.
      So coming full circle i would say this to most of the indians reading this:
      1) ignore the colour/race issue. you’re not good enough at game yet to benefit from a competitive advantage or mitigate and turn around women with biases against you. just treat all the women the same, and follow bang and day bang, get yourself well dressed, well spoken and get fit, to develop that confidence that you are successful with women.
      That one step would solve almost all problems. For indian men with game under their belt and eager for more of a challenge go to step 2:
      2) make opens and approaches, deliberately using the being indian thing as a novelty. find what works discard what doesnt. if you’ve been laid enough, you can piss around a little bit with this, and see if you can find a niche to hack.
      3) stop moaning. for God’s sake stop fucking moaning.

  20. Indian woman, could you explain why Indian women LOVE white guys, particularly the well-spoken, well-educated ones.
    Someone above was saying British Indian women are tough vbut as a white male I have not found that the case at all. In fact I frequently get chatted up by British Indian girls in bars/shops/etc.
    The only exception is when they are around their ultra cock-blocking Indian men and they pretend their not interested, then as soon as the men leave they pounce. Indian men cb like mad, they break down in rage if a gora man is railing one of their women.
    I always thought it was bcos they want a good time b4 settling down to an Indian guy, but maybe it’s because they are desperate to escape the culture from what you’re saying?

      1. this is a stupid comment if ever i read one. so what if he is? does it even fucking matter?
        your username is TheSpoeakr. Does that mean you’re an illiterate retard?

    1. Yakob, its because in Indian culture our men never individuate from their parents. So if we get with Indians guys we can expect that our in-laws will be breathing down our necks 24/7, even living with us!
      Please google “Indian joint family”.
      Now, as a non-Indian man, you don’t have to worry to the same extent if you get involved with an Indian woman because traditionally in our culture the girls are raised to go from our parents home to our in-laws’ home at marriage. The men are not expected to live with OUR parents and our parents do not have has much pull over our husbands as our husbands parents have pull over us.
      Indian women actually prefer other Indian men. We just don’t like the baggage (in-laws) that come with them.
      The great thing about getting with white guys is that we do not have to live with our in-laws. Heck, we barely even have to see them, what – a few times a year? Talk to them on the phone maybe once in a month?
      Its paradise.

      1. Sounds similar to why desi guys marry out……no drama from the girls side of the family.known guys tht got stressed by the drama…huge disputes..family nearly or will break down…personal experiance on my part as well..limit the girls time with her family thyll conspire against u

      2. HC, Desi guys who get with non-Desi women to avoid the family drama from Desi women just bring their own family drama to the non-Desi world with them.
        So now the non-Desi women have to deal with Desi parents and that’s not fair to non-Desis.
        Now, if you are half caste with just 1 Desi parent, its not so bad. Especially if your mom is not Desi because Desi moms see themselves in competition with their daughter in laws for the attention and affection of their sons. Rather than get attention and affection from their own husbands, they want attention and affection from their sons.
        Its borderline ince*tuous.
        I wish Freud could’ve come to India and written a book about it.

      3. Im desii from moms side were all the drama is.same story grom friends whom sare desi or have desi moms…one white guy online admitted regret marryng a desi girl.the guys marryin out didnt really bhave that problelm since they aleady have the libral mindset of hettiin away grom parentts.or at least use ttheir white girl ewife to chase the inlaws off lol….me comparin the 2 cultures mainly indisn style…id marry non desi…even my indian mama doesnt blame me…better happy thsnn miserable

    2. Yakob, short answer: a history of colonialism, where Brits where seen as superior.
      long answer:
      Indias only just over 60 years of being independent, we still have hangups, white guys seem attractive because throughout so much of indian history british men were to be loved and respected, they were the upper class, the business men, the landowners the gentry, girls parents respected this men. fair skin in india is still seen as the epitome of beauty.
      If you went back in time to the 19th century, and asked black guys in america 60 years after the civil war what they thought was attractive i’d reason to say more than a few thought the white daughter of land owner was hot. if you always think and were taught to think someone was desireable or superior its hard to let go of that. It’s why centuries later, brilliant orators like malcolm x and muhammed ali first advocated racial seperatism. now i dont agree with this at all, but they were just trying to get pride in themselves their culture back again, instead of always seeing themselves as inferior to others

      1. “Indias only just over 60 years of being independent, we still have hangups, white guys seem attractive because throughout so much of indian history british men were to be loved and respected, they were the upper class, the business men, the landowners the gentry, girls parents respected this men.”
        Wrong. Never in the history of India has it been seen as culturally beneficial to allow one’s daughter to marry outside of her ethnicity, caste and religion.
        The reason why some Indian women today (but not all) prefer to be with non-Indian men is because of the perceived freedom such a relationship would allow her.

      2. @savita
        true they may percieve freedom but theyll be in simialr ristrictions when marryin out.only difference is our culture is set in stone others are not but theyll fight an argue over the same shit

      3. anon1, Anglo-Indians are an extremely small minority of people precisely because it was never seen as culturally beneficial for Indians to marry out castes or no castes. The goras were always considered barbaric and lacking in culture and dharma.
        Even today these Anglo Indians are discriminated against in India.

      4. why would they(angloindins) still be in 3rd world india when they can easily goto uk australia canada(some have but not all) india wont be a significant country in another 50 yrs…some parts are worse than ethopia
        besides ango indians are the bi product of british rules an follow british culture better of in uk for them

  21. Wherever the West has gone, society is crumbling

    Arab guys may not be as crazy as you think

    1. Precisely. The joint family set-up, wherein young men are not given space and time away from their parents to individuate as men, and wherein a newly married couple is not given space and time away from the husbands parents to bond as a couple and form their own unit, is precisely the root cause of these issues.

      1. ya tell me about it….havin indian mom breathin down your back…so hard to FUCK OFF…we need space to grow and make our own mistakes

  22. Had something similar when I was younger – of course not being Indian the “disowning” was over something else. My response was that I never wanted anything, nor had accepted anything in life since I was 18, and wasn’t planning on starting, so it didn’t matter to me. They could call or not – it was up to them. About 8 years later I got a call from my Mom because my Father was obviously sick and wouldn’t go to the hospital.
    I flew in, drove up to the house, after having talked to a lawyer friend and having all of the paperwork in order. My interaction with my Father on that day was one of two things were going to happen, he could come with me to the hospital, or I would have him declared mentally incompetent and haul him to the hospital against his will. I told him of the two options the second would be more fun for me, but it was up to him. He came to the hospital, and afterwards, we got along fine.
    Live your life the way that you want. Parents have to learn that you don’t care what they do, you’ll live as you wish. Eventually, they will get the message.

  23. IRT? What IRT?
    You mean the guy who has the whole forum turned upside down and has his name posted even when he doesn’t post there?
    Look man, quit the stories. You aren’t dating anybody or have even been with any girls. The best you have probably done is been with a girl that is Indian like you and can’t get any other man. You aren’t one of those guys, you just don’t have it.
    Now Jesse from Simple Pickup, he has it, I wouldn’t want to compete for numbers at a club with that guy. That guy has made it in life, he is the role model for all Brown guys out there looking to do good with women.
    You are a nobody, quit the red pill blue pill garbage, you haven’t had any success at all.
    You post on a forum that insults Indians on the regular and yet you have the guts to attempt to give Indian men advice and put up your story about being Indian?
    Dude just beg your parents for an arranged marriage, you are too screwed up by the Roosh V Forum mentality that revolves around blaming a given area on your lack of success instead of your lack of game and the fact that you just aren’t an attractive guy.
    I have no issues with Indian men posting their stories about having family problems and dating but the problem is you. Your family is worried you will go berserk and start hurting people due to lack of sex in your life. Beg for that arranged marriage man, you aren’t Jesse from Simple Pickup, you aren’t the Indian guy from Lost, you aren’t Sendhil Ramamurthy, and you aren’t Sanjay Gupta.
    You are one of those Indian guys that can’t make it here in the west man. Arranged marriages were built for men like you. You can’t compete with the others so quit posting this bullshit.

    1. I’m no Indian and have no sympathy whatsoever your kind, just indifference but unless you have known this guy from real life or somewhere else in the INTERNET, yours is the worst case of projection I have ever seen in my 29 years of life on this planet. It seems that you are all the things that you are accusing this guy of, just the Brittish and english peoples in general are all the things they accuse the Germans and peoples of.

      1. exactly. he’s likely a 19yr old kid, with an obsession with simple pickup, because they PROOVe their skillz by youtubing it.

  24. To all Indian guys reading this, learn from Jesse of Simple Pickup. That guy has real life experience and proof that he has been with quality women, this guy Bojangles is a nobody.

    1. Spoeker, don’t know where you’re writing from but Indians have been in Britain for several generations now and they don’t have the nerdy reputation that they do in the States. There is more inter-cultural and inter-racial dating and marriage there also.
      If the gori blogs are anything to go by, even some Stateside FOB Indian guys are managing to get non-Indian girlfriends and wives.
      Not all women want a tough macho “alpha male” and most ordinary gals enjoy the romance and sentimentality that FOB Indian guys supply them.
      However, again, the main problem these goris are complaining about is the MBS, mama’s boy syndrome, of their Indian boyfriends/husbands and the fact that he is unable to say NO to his parents and even moves them in the house with them!
      That right there is the main stumbling block for Indian guys.

      1. @barrani
        lol ya they pretty much are. But difference is the indian boys take over the house and become head of the family while the italians still are children
        @indian women
        lotta of the indian guys i know (i myself included) hated being mamas boys..its freaking forced and guilted into us by our moms..you should know that.indian mothers are the most over bareing mothers. the whole point of getting a gori is to use her to shut our moms up
        i got the shit lectured outta me for even just mentioning that one day movin out on my own to the point i fucking teared up for like 20 sec(till i quickly got my barings) for being a”bad son” and “torturein mom” and shit then i walk out the room an i think what the fuck was that(wanted to honor kill them so bad after that..or at the least why didnt i just snap and start punchin) im fucking half caste why am i being raised primarly by indian cultre…my dad isnt indain he like a fuckin hindu wannabe
        my friends that have indian moms get the same shit.
        the ones with indian dads an no desi moms no worrys as long as their not living with his parents.(in laws …oyy,…but worst on moms side since women always gossip and conspire and shit breaks loses with her family an affects u)
        warning to all guys wantin to chase desi women….thyell chew your brains out like no other women…maybe more loyal….but ull be runnin to a divorce lawyer faster then a white woman would

    2. Jaswinder/Jaspreet tries to hard to sound “edgy” in an effort to impress the goras.
      Nobody’s really impressed anymore that Indians can use words like “jizz” or “face fuck your dog”
      Oooooh edgy Indian guy. Not funny. Not cute. Not hot. Try-too-hard. However if he’s actually managed to come out from behind his mother’s pallou, then that’s something I’ll give him credit for.

    3. Who the fuck is Jesse, and what do I care what he thinks? You’re always coming in talking about “Simple Pickup”
      They’re clowns.

  25. 39. NEVER getting married. it’s a deathtrap now-a-days. knowing game provides me with all the female attention i need. and since i’m 39, i only need to “feed” once a month or so.
    need validation that the red-pill works for blue pill married men: Deti.

  26. We have this in the Med too, where I come from I see both systems in parallel. For all you Americans extolling the virtues of having an extended family breathing down your neck, no it is not the right alternative to the atomisation of your society. It only suffocates and makes you want to rebel against it. Keeping in touch with your kin is important though, just maintain that respectable distance and assert your right to having privacy in your household. It is generally far better to rely on them for help than to ask the state.

    1. I agree Barrani. The problem in India is that we are not given choices. For women that want to live with their in-laws (what – 1-3%), hey, go for it. For adult men that want to remain boys in their parents home forever – go on with yo’ badass self!
      But like in the Med where your from – we should see “both systems in parallel”.
      The solution to the lack of family values in the West is not go to the opposite extreme like India.

  27. Very boring.
    (Being completely honest here. Also, reading about this backwards culture is depressing–considering the numbers of them.)

  28. So what you’re saying is you’re super rich father wants you to marry the daughter of one of his super rich friends so your children will be disgustingly wealthy and you’re all butt hurt about it , Have some fucking respect for your parents. They probably think you’re gay.
    This is not unique to indians just more pronounced and codified , If you don’t think there is a systematic family forming culture at the upper echelons of ever race and culture you’re ignorant and blind.
    Marriage is not about stifling your ability to get strange, or love, its about the accumulation of wealth and power. that’s the red pill on marriage.

  29. Most people commented here are 20s to late 30s guys. I am a 51 YO guy who lived the player life and practiced game (before it even had a name) since the 80s when many of you were just being born. l lived all over the world (Costa Rica, Brazil, Italy, and Japan) and slept with well over 100 women from many countries. That was fun while it lasted but eventually it became a chore and a bore. When I was 48, I ended up marrying (gorgeous 35 YO Filipina with a good job, education, cultured, world traveler, etc.) a woman who ended up being a total nut case after she bore our son. I am divorced now, my son is 3 years old and I have a great two year relationship with a Japanese woman who has lived in the States for 10 years and has the best of both worlds in her…she is sexy, funny, cultured, fashionable and totally supportive and non snarky. I have never once seen her not dressed to the nines even when we travel. No she is not perfect and neither am i and that is my whole point. Life is not black nor white. When you players age as you all will you will have to make some tough choices. Mine came out ok. I did not get raped at all in the divorce, pay no alimony and reasonable child support. My ex gives me even more access to my son than our divorce decree stipulates and we get along fine and agree on almost all major issues. So mine is neither a cautionary tale nor a happy ending. Life is like that and you see it more and more as you get older.

  30. Congrats on sticking to your guns and being the bigger man.
    Good to see the sibling support, too.
    Just goes to show that Alpha values are important for more than just pickup.

  31. This guy is able to entertain all this nonsense of out-alpha’ing his own father, primarily because it is society which is supporting him now, by giving him the impression of ‘standing on his own legs’.
    Put him in a third world country, and he would be on his knees, begging his dad for food.
    Ungrateful bastard. I hope the likes of him rot here on earth.

  32. Hey man, I started the game by 25, though from a long time I never wanted to settle down or do the one girl thing. Ever since I’ve travelled the world, met great men and ravished beautiful women and ever looking for more ways to live an abundant life. I am 29 right now and unlike what I see the main problem with other Indian guys, I dont see parental pressure or societal pressure limiting my happiness. I have overcome that long ago. Most probably because I have men who are great mentors who live in the Western world and when I see their life, its just a matter of unearthing my limiting beliefs, crushing them and taking the world by the horns. No big deal. As to other Indian guys, I think the next 20 years will bring more of them. I hope so. Ever glad to help

  33. Yup. My experience is similar to your own. I noticed the same pattern in my father, who just backs off when i start (unlike my childhood and most of my teenage). This is common across our race and doesn’t depend on context, cause unlike you i’m actually indian and brought up there. Interestingly though, i make it evident how red pill i’ve become and it’s my mom, who seems to understand it (i suspect on an intuitive level) more than my beta dad. Women are women, no matter which race. Environments and circumstances only refract fundamental truths, they don’t change them. Red pill still applies.

    1. Women understand the red pill and live a red pill life but don’t want to be told about it. Beta men will never understand it until they open themselves up to it.

  34. What makes most Indians beta? To all of the things you say, I’ll add this: Indian parents never plan for their retirement. Or, their kids (sons, primarily) are their retirement plans. This sets up a whole guilt trip game when Indian men enter their twenties. My own family was destroyed by just having to look after parents (both sides).

    1. I suppose all those status-whoring expensive weddings that the women browbeat the men into funding might have something to do with it.
      Patriarchy doesn’t work if the patriarch himself is a beta male.

  35. and thus like that, the red pill men that need to become fathers dont, and the betas who do not need to be fathers breed like rabbits. one ideology will succeed and the other due to misplaced pride will fall

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