The Redstockings Manifesto Was The Blueprint For Contemporary Feminism

In many ways, 1969 was a pretty cool year, but it was also during a wave of crazy radicalism that made today’s upsurge of rent-a-mobs seen like a croquet match. During that year, a group of New York feminists dropped a bomb on civilization. They called themselves the Redstockings; the color red was a reference to Communism.

They’re a bit obscure these days, but back then, they were big enough to have a few chapters around the USA. Ellen Willis and Shulamith Firestone co-founded it; the latter having been a co-founder of New York Radical Women a year and a half previously. Soon after, some lesser lights (or dimmer bulbs) of the Sisterhood joined them. Firestone was one of the co-authors of their Redstockings Manifesto, before abandoning ship later that year to co-found yet another outfit.

This document became quite influential. For example, it’s in a list of essential feminist manifestos, along with other items by Valerie Solanas (number one, bless her heart), Andrea Dworkin, and another by Firestone herself. Since the Terrible Trio wrote four items on that top ten list, consider them a fair sampling of what feminism is all about. Remember that if anyone tries to tell you that those types don’t represent at least a significant part of feminism.

Despite their influence, this is not to say the Redstockings started it all singlehandedly. Still, their manifesto gives a capsule summary of what radical feminism was at the time and would morph into later. Although it’s a Second Wave document, it contains kernels of the ideology by other varieties in recent times. This foundational text begins with a preamble about the “final liberation from male supremacy”. (Okie dokie…) Then:

Item 2 – Class consciousness

Co-opting one crazypants ideology for another

Women are an oppressed class. Our oppression is total, affecting every facet of our lives.

This whopper shows Firestone’s inclination—one shared with many others—for taking Communist rhetoric and adapting it to feminism. This makes it—big surprise—an instance of cultural Marxism. The considerations of economics and actual social class that orthodox Communists were concerned with get left behind. This was, in fact, one of the reasons for the schisms in New York’s feminist scene.

No argument supporting the notion that all women are oppressed is made. We’re just supposed to take it as a given that this article of faith is true, one of several extreme and unsupported assertions in the manifesto. By this peculiar form of logic, a female celebrity is oppressed, and a male Peace Corps volunteer is an oppressor because he has a dick. Are all of us really that bad?

Item 3 – All men are oppressors

Only with the “Superior Virtue of the Oppressed” can you get your victim card

Leftists talk a great game about treating others as individuals, yet make sweeping generalizations about groups of people they don’t like. Here we have the kernel of the “patriarchy” conspiracy theory, and today’s privilege rhetoric rationalizes this. It begins:

We identify the agents of our oppression as men.

After this is more Communist-flavored rhetoric, stating basically that men have always run the world. Likewise, all institutions are controlled by men. Oh really? “All institutions” includes countless ones run by and for females: NOW, the League of Women Voters, foundations for women-only scholarships, convents, the Girl Scouts, and so forth, even Redstockings itself. How are dudes running all those? Actually, most organizations include both sexes, and male-only institutions have fallen out of fashion.

As for men being in absolute control of the political system, that conveniently leaves out all of history’s ruling queens, beginning about 5000 years ago with Pharaoh Merneith. (The Redstockings were as bad at history as they were at logic.) Feminists still won’t let go of it, even now that there have been several female Prime Ministers worldwide.

As for the US Presidency, Eleanor Roosevelt was basically running the show while FDR was recovering from a stroke; normally the Vice President’s job. Pharaoh Hillary was a serious contender, but lost the election in good part because of considerable baggage. For that matter, she would’ve won the 2008 Democratic nomination if the media hadn’t anointed The Lightworker as our great savior.

In reality, the American political process is inclusive; the 19th Amendment was passed in 1920. Did the Redstockings forget about that one? Thus, the assertion that women are deprived of political power was baloney. Those who still say that are handing us a 97 year old slice of baloney.

This item concludes with the following:

All men receive economic, sexual, and psychological benefits from male supremacy. All men have oppressed women.

This assertion is invalidated by the fact that I (part of the “all men” category) have never done stuff like that. I can’t think of any friends of mine who go around oppressing women either, or lord their alleged male privilege over anyone.

Again, none of this patriarchy stuff is explained or backed up by facts. If they’re putting forth a conspiracy theory, where’s the damn theory? I’ll give them one—the patriarchs must have a secret tree fort where they decide how they’re going to be a bunch of dicks.

Item 4 – Shifting the burden of guilt

Guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty GUILTY!!!!

Attempts have been made to shift the burden of responsibility from men to institutions or to women themselves. We condemn these arguments as evasions. Institutions alone do not oppress; they are merely tools of the oppressor.

This is invoked in today’s arguments that all men are responsible for X, even the vast majority never did X and strongly disapprove of X. Note well that “collective guilt” is a leftist narrative so worn out that it’s threadbare, but is still endlessly used to browbeat the opposition. It’s rhetorically dishonest, since it’s unjust to hold people responsible for things they didn’t do.

Evasions of responsibility and due diligence have become commonplace today; to name just one example, after hooking up drunk results in morning-after regret. (If you’re responsible for your actions if you drive drunk, you’re responsible for your actions if you have sex drunk.) The same goes for hooking up with random strangers.

The most slanderous evasion of all is that women can oppress men.

Tell that one to any guy who’s lost a job from office backstabbing by a spiteful female colleague. I’ve had that happen twice, from a manager and someone who thought she was my manager. I’d say that depriving someone of his livelihood without due cause is oppressive. Also, ask any guy who had a bad relationship with a BPD case or other Cluster B type. That’s happened to me twice too, before I knew the signs. I realize that all the above were nuts, and I do not project a few bad experiences onto the entire opposite sex.

Item 5 – Projecting bad experiences onto the entire opposite sex

No need to mince words, tell us what you *really* think.

We regard our personal experience, and our feelings about that experience, as the basis for an analysis of our common situation.

This is more fully developed by the slogan “the personal is political”. Carol Hanisch wrote the essay for that about the same time. The original document did mean something specific. In present usages, though, it approximately means that society is a toxic miasma and anything bad happening to an individual woman (dandruff too, I suppose) is the patriarchy’s fault.

Item 6 – Identifying with all women

Apparently they think female genital mutilation means getting too many piercings down there.

This is an early precursor of the intersectionality idea. Basically that means that all oppression is bad and originates from the same “hegemony”. In practice, that reifies several more personal attributes into Marxist-type classes. This includes the “essential characteristics” often referenced in leftist academia—race, sex (see item 2), sexual preference, and socioeconomic status (what social class really means).

Lately, this privilege/oppression rhetoric has been expanded far beyond that. For just one example, if you weigh 400 pounds, it’s society’s fault you can’t get laid. Worse, this took the far-overblown claims of oppression at face value and weaponized them. So really, intersectionality amounts to an elaborate justification for more cultural Marxism, giving it rhetorical ammo and encouraging them to keep their rifles pointed the same direction (at people like me).

In the manifesto, that did sound a lot more well-meaning:

We identify with all women. We define our best interest as that of the poorest, most brutally exploited woman.

We repudiate all economic, racial, educational or status privileges that divide us from other women.

Unfortunately, this is one item where today’s feminists fall short. In certain cultures far abroad, some truly horrible things really are commonplace and really are tolerated, well beyond having to wear a burqa in extreme heat or not being allowed to drive. It makes me sick even thinking about these atrocities, but they seldom get any mention from most big-name feminists. They could use their media access to publicize these problems, which might actually do some good for women abroad who really are oppressed, but all that only gets a tiny fraction of attention by feminists.

What are they doing instead? Feminists find ever tinier things to get enraged about over here: “manspreading(stop looking at our crotches), video games (play something else), and “zOMG someone tried to talk to me!” (it’s called free speech). Still, there’s another reason for this. If feminists campaigned against real outrages happening abroad, they’d look awfully silly complaining about their own First World problems. Also, telling the truth about their oddly-chosen allies would contradict their “Western culture is evil” meme. So they choke on a gnat but swallow a camel whole.

Item 7 – Call to struggle

After we burn society down to cinders, everything’s going to be super duper awesome!

We call on all our sisters to unite with us in struggle.

We call on all men to give up their male privilege and support women’s liberation in the interest of our humanity and their own.

In fighting for our liberation we will always take the side of women against their oppressors.

Sorry, but “The Patriarchy” forgot to send me my privilege card, so I can’t turn it in. Anyway, I’m not really down for this revolution. A male feminist is basically like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.

Logic time again. Regarding the quote’s last sentence, recall that the manifesto explicitly defines all men as oppressors. That’s bullshit, of course. Still, this means that all women should side with all other women against men—no matter what the issues or circumstances—because all of us are allegedly oppressors. So what’s this about feminism being against sexism?

In summary

What was going through their minds?

I have to wonder what kind of people would come up with a rant like this, and why. Just the “all men are oppressors” line alone tells us everything we need to know about the Redstockings and the ideology they helped unleash. From this assertion lacking a scintilla of moderation, you’d think not a one of them had ever met a guy they considered at least okay. I pity anyone with a social life that pathetic. Even so, compared to some other feminist writings I’ve seen, this manifesto actually isn’t so bad.

Another explanation is that this hyperbole is exactly what you’d expect a group of Communist-influenced feminists to write. The purpose of cultural Marxism is to stir up as much division as possible within society. Turning women against men is a pretty efficient way of doing that. So they stabbed society in the heart in the name of their cultural revolution.

Finally, Shulamith Firestone’s own troubles might have played a role. In 1970, she wrote a book which expanded on the patriarchy conspiracy theory, advocated the abolition of the family, and endorsed Brave New World style artificial reproduction. Soon after, she dropped out of politics and took up painting. Several years later, she was institutionalized for paranoid schizophrenia and wrote her final book about the experience. If her attitudes reflected an early onset of the characteristic delusions, then the Redstockings Manifesto qualifies as tinfoil hat stuff. The early stages begin like this:

Before any acute symptoms are apparent, people with schizophrenia habitually become bad-tempered, anxious, and unfocussed.

Consider this speculative, but make of it what you will.

So the Redstockings Manifesto laid out the major foundations of radical feminism, the only variety getting much attention. Unfortunately for them, these talking points are largely illogical or just plain wrong. Since today’s feminism is intellectually bankrupt, its followers should just cut it out and find something constructive to do. Society would be far better if men and women could just get along again.

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207 thoughts on “The Redstockings Manifesto Was The Blueprint For Contemporary Feminism”

  1. What was going through their minds? A bunch of women who were envious of men found a way to make men’s inventions and innovations appear as “oppression.” And people believed them. Men aren’t oppressors; they’re liberators. They liberated women with countless modern conveniences and technological advances. They liberated women by creating civilization. This is apparently too intimidating for some women to deal with, so they invent lies to cover it up.
    A day without women: No school and no HR dept.
    A day without men: Civilization ends by about 4:30 p.m.

    1. A day without women 😱 But who will make me sandwitches and do my laundry? Tell me when there is a day without scotch.

    2. Though I agree completely, in a way, I can almost see how you this appeared rational. For basically all of human history, running the house was an enormous chore, and it was important.
      Then suddenly, you have dishwashers, washers/dryers, vacuums, microwaves, – any kind of device you can think of to cut your work time by 75% – you have it. On top of that, the responsibility of raising kids is shifting to schools, and kids are spending more and more time there than in the home.
      In such an environment, with so much time on her hands and none of the traditional work to occupy her, I can see how a woman starts to think of it as a prison. But this reveals one of the things that is generally true about the nature of women – the vast majority of them need direction or they are lost. If I found myself with hours of free time every day, it wouldn’t take me long to find ways to occupy it and make it productive. Women generally view themselves as victims of circumstance, and until a man provides direction about the proper use of that time, she’s going to sit around whining about how she’s bored with nothing to do.

      1. I guess that’s why it’s so easy for them to fall under the spell of pimps and strip club owners. Ever notice how, with all this harping about women’s rights and women’s abuse, you don’t have an army of strippers and prostitutes protesting about how badly they’re being treated?

      2. The running of a household is still an enormous chore and it is still important. Appliances didn’t make less work, they shifted the work elsewhere. If you don’t have to wash your clothes in the river, you have more time to drive your kids to sports, bake, rake the leaves, do your nails, etc.

        1. BS. I was a single parent to 4 kids from the ages of three to 16 while I was working on my PhD. I raised them on my own for years. Housework is nothing. I did everything, except cooking and cleaning up after dinner, on Saturday morning. All were in band orchestra or some other arts program as well as sports. During that whole time I was working full time. It was not burdensome, and I had exactly zero assistance from a partner. When I was teaching college a female PhD student came to my office hours and tried to play the single mother card on me to get more time for her assignments. She said, “Woe is me. My ex only helps out every other weekend.” I replied, “Golly. My dead wife never helps out.” She then said, “It is so hard taking care of a 5 year old.” I replied, ” I have 4 kids and the youngest is 4.” She stomped out of my office totally pissed at me because I revoked her victim card.

        2. That’s pretty impressive. What was your secret? I could always use some tips on how to keep all the plates in the air.

        3. Organization and discipline. Kids did for themselves everything they were capable of doing. Mostly they took pride in being able to handle some responsibilities. This is the way Grandma used to work things. Kids didn’t lie around while their mothers and fathers worked around the house/farm. If they could work they worked. Good for em.

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        5. Bake? Only as a hobby. Commercial baked goods are actually more economical–and they usually taste better, too. And doing your nails is not housework. A few women have come up with a lot of busywork to fill their time.

        6. Men want women to be pretty. Being pretty takes time and effort. No one is born polished, hairless, and painted.

      3. If you found yourself with”hours of free time every day” you might take some classes, look for a way to make some money…and you’d probably wind up working for money. Which is exactly what most women have decided to do.

        1. Assuming you are correct, you overlook an important distinction – wage slavery versus financial freedom.
          If I had complete financial freedom to earn some side cash doing woodworking, or something else I love, sure, those extra hours may be put to use “working for money.”
          What they are not going to be put to use doing is working as a completely expendable corporate drone.
          Most of the women I know who are working are doing the latter, not the former. For those who are doing the former, I think it’s awesome, but most of them have locked themselves into the rat race. Fuck that. I’d rather go fishing.

  2. feminism = equality.
    How many times has someone told you that, or pointed out that that’s what the dictionary says.
    They never let on that the ‘equality’ in question they are referencing relates to marxist class theory, where one entire class is designated as oppressor and the other as oppressed. Now if the class of all men oppresses the class of all women (hence revolutionary feminism as a variety of marxist class struggle) then what kind of equality do you think they have in mind? What kind of re-distribution of power and resources is going to make the world ‘more equal’ in their minds?
    The trick feminism & marxism has in cahoots pulled off is to operate at two different levels: namely to persuade the general public at all times that the equality in question relates simply to fairness, namely equality of opportunity, equality under the law etc. while at the same time working towards the marxist idea of equality as the revolutionary defeat and dispossession of the “oppressor” – men and the institution of equality in the name of the new proletariat (insanely privileged middle class white western feminists most of whom have trust funds and ponies).

    1. Brilliant. I need to read this a couple of more times. That’s fantastic.

    2. Insanely privileged is an understatement….
      If those women who took the day off of work to “protest” could do so and not have it affect their financial/life situation in ANY way, then they are definitely living more than comfortably. I work with an illegal alien woman from Guatemala who barely speaks English and I asked her what she thought of the “women’s day protest”…. first of all, she never even heard of it, her second response was “I have to work, I need money.”
      And there she was, busting her ass alongside me, just like she does every single day.

      1. There really need to be studies done with respect to the class and economic status of women subscribing to feminist principles. It evokes downtrodden women, but always seems to benefit the most elite, the ones who have nothing at all to complain about and everything to be grateful for

        1. Again, nothing new. Marx was a child of privilege, and was supported almost all his life by his friend Engels, the heir to half-shares in two textile factories. The “working class” was supposed to inevitably come to think Marxist thought, but in fact real labor movements were always much more interested in higher pay, shorter hours, and better working conditions.
          “Left” political movements always end up being run by privileged radicals from upper class backgrounds, people who intend to rule once the intolerable present society is overthrown.

        2. “Left” political movements always end up being run by privileged
          radicals from upper class backgrounds, people who intend to rule once
          the intolerable present society is overthrown.”
          Almost 2 centuries on and it’s really quite intolerable that these self-serving charlatans are still getting away with the same thing. The pre-marxist labour movement in the 19th century may have had it’s flaws but no-one could pretend it didn’t address genuine social issues and injustices. Marxism sabotaged that, and ensured that the socialist / labour movement would be inherently elitist in nature. There is a sense in which all movements must have elites and leaders to function, but elitism is built into marxism – there has to be a vanguard – a truly conscious, political class – which in the case of marxism (unlike say working men’s trade unionism) requires intellectuals, educated people who will always be likely to come from the upper rather the lower classes. All these socialists and revolutionaries see themselves amongst the leadership of the brave new world to come – none of them ever sacrifice their money or property or careers, because in the last instance their creed is self-serving in practice. Phrases like ‘champagne socialism’ don’t being to describe the hypocrisy involved

        3. Yes, and the Marxists hated the very idea of free labor unions. During the Cold War, the Labor Unions were bastions of defense – look at the ‘hard hats’ reaction to protests about the Vietnam war, which were really demonstrations in drag against the USA. Look how the vanguard left conducted a successful putsch against the Democrat party in 1972, and kicked Labor to the curb. This elite has never forgiven the way the Unions first supported Nixon and then Reagan against them. In contrast, the current national administration is the first one to have done anything for Labor in decades.

        4. Oh yes, the unions anti-communist, pro-U.S. politics were immensely important and good for the U.S.

      2. We need to really start focusing in on the correlation between criminal behaviour and being raised by a single mother. The narrative is always about the “deadbeat dad”. I think it’s time for equality to move in and start with 50/50.

    3. The Marxist influence in nothing new. Betty “Freidan” was earlier Betty Friedman, and originally Betty Goldstein. And where do I come across her, historically, before THE FEMININE MYSTIQUE? As the girl friend of David Bohm, a Communist physicist who was one of Oppenheimer’s post-graduate students. Betty was a far-leftist herself, as any biography of her shows.
      Reread THE FEMINIST MYSTIQUE sometime, and note the characteristic commie/fellow traveler themes. Very interesting that when it was published, not a single reviewer seems to have noted them.

      1. I read a lot of feminism when I was younger though I never actually got round to the feminist mystique. I think the marxist nature of feminism, or at least of the direction it took from the sixties was always barely under the surface. I wouldn’t say it was universal – is Germaine Greer a marxist? I don’t believe so. On the other hand I thought Mallory Millet’s expose of attending a conscious raising session with her sister Kate back in the 1960s was particularly telling: lot’s of talk in public about equality but behind closed doors Kate Millet & her buddies were plotting to bring down the family and the whole of the bourgeois order. Likewise I attended some courses not so long ago which were overtly pro-feminist, but only gradually revealed themselves to be mostly marxist in their points of view. I think there is a need to bring this stuff to the surface. The left is committed to the end justifying the means, and to lying and deceiving for that reason. There is a need to demonstrate that that is the case with feminism

        1. Agreed, it should be exposed. The time is especially right as the sensible part of feminism (which involved individuals making their own choices, and judging people on their ability) has become part of mainstream culture. Most women today don’t think of themselves as feminists, precisely because they (correctly) believe they can make their own choices as to how they shall live.
          So let’s finish off the Marxist part!

        2. Yes, the more sane parts of the original mission have been absorbed into what we consider to be ‘common sense’ – our “common values” as our government likes to say. It may or may not be a straight-forward matter to separate the ‘marxism’ from genuine egalitarianism, but I think looking at the way modern feminism tends to see women and men in terms of gendered classes engaged in something akin to gender class struggle is probably a good place to begin. I am of the opinion that the more you look at feminist utterances (or should that be splutterings?) in such terms, the more you will see just how much of a marxist movement feminism really is. And all of that will need to be identified and rooted out for the toxic poison that it is

    4. Trust funds and ponies? You were almost making sense, then you had to go and get ridiculous.

      1. Most feminists had to work, borrow, and/or get scholarships so they could get decent-paying work so they wouldn’t be a financial burden to a man (or have to commit the “divorce rape” you guys are always complaining about.) Most feminists don’t believe in being a burden or in being idle. The mid 20th-century homemaker realized that technology had put her out of a job, at least once the kids started school. So she–and especially her daughter–found other productive things to do.

      2. well the serious point is that it is often the most privileged women, by birth and by class (who often to have trust funds and ponies) who become feminist firebrands. In England Harriet Harman is an obvious example – these women are people who could have played the victim by identifying primarily with women as an always and already oppressed class. Fortunately intersectionality is screwing with them these days

    1. Anyone who points out the dominance of Jews in most institutions is an antisemite.

        1. Arabs are Semites as well (look it up). They are sons of Abraham just like the Jews, only through Hagar the Egyption, and her son Ishmael.

      1. That’s because anyone who points that out IS an “anti-Semite”, i.e., a Jew hater. Jews are 2.2% of U.S. population, and they do NOT dominate “most” institutions.
        But fact and logic never stops Jew haters.

        1. Is it racist to point out that African Americans have a higher crime rate than other parts of the population? No. Most Jews are involved in government and education, institutions that are crucial for change or development. Pointing out statistics or the obvious isn’t antisemitic, it’s just that pointing out. Take it from the Jewish Milo Yiannopolis

        2. Not only are all Jew haters nuts, they’re cowards.
          Note how the claim was the about ” the dominance of Jews in most institutions”, and now there’s the retreat to “the banks” and “the media”, and “vastly disproportionately represented,” which isn’t the same as dominance.
          Jew hatred: the infallible sign that someone is a fool and a scoundrel, as well as inferior. Nietzsche had your number fourteen decades ago.

    2. Why can’t women and nonwhite people become Hitler? That exclusion sounds sexist and racist.

  3. There was once an angry femminist named Dworkin
    Who’s goal of being a fitness instructor wasn’t workin
    Instead she preached that all marraige was rape
    And teached that man was nary higher than the ape
    Even though her son was a strarfighter pilot named Porkins

  4. How Shulamith Firestone’s life ended:
    “Firestone was found dead in her New York apartment on August 28, 2012, by the building’s owner. Alerted by neighbors, who had smelled a strong odor from her apartment, her superintendent peered in through a window from the fire escape and saw her body on the floor. Her landlord, Bob Perl, said she had probably been dead about a week.[12] According to her sister, Laya Firestone Seghi, she died of natural causes.[13] Her death was confirmed by the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office; according to reports, she lived in a reclusive fashion and had been in ill health.[2][12] The New Yorker magazine, in a commemorative essay published several months after Firestone’s death, further detailed the circumstances of her demise, citing her decades-long struggle with schizophrenia, along with speculation of self-induced starvation, as probable contributing factors.[14]”

    1. Firestone’s death is simalar in obscurity to Valerie Solanas who was found dead from pneumonia at age 52 in her San Francisco Bristol Hotel room in 1988. A hotel attendant recalls walking in and seeing her typing at late hours with papers everywhere. Solanas’ Italian American Catholic mother burned all of her belongings and her last manuscript was never found. She can’t shoot her own mother for loosing the manuscript this time. She shot Andy Warhol for misplacing the manuscript for her epic play titled ‘Up Your Ass’.

      1. Take note of the mental illness factor. It’s easy to hide when you are on top and people are paying attention to you. Once the crowd goes away, the need to get attention is overwhelming so you have to shoot someone. Once alone, the insanity really kicks into high gear and then you end up being eaten by your cat.

        1. It takes something to trigger full blown. I knew of a lady with the whole burrito, which is usually the chronic case, a little bit of everything. The psych docs told her to take her med cocktail and to ‘not move or change location’ and to keep a daily pattern routine and keep everything very simple. Soon her hubby moved to Florida and they lived in a lovely house. The change triggered who knows what and she abandoned her hubby (forgot who her spouse was), and she evon forgot who SHE was. Then she inadvertantly walked outside in the buff one too many times and ended up in the ding dong house. I just can’t fathom such a head case. How Solonas got so whacked I dunno. They had good wholesome foods back during her childhood in the 30s. They say that huffing her mom’s obscessive housecleaning vapors made the famous ‘Sybil’ turn schizo back in the 60s. Paint or any huffing of toluene, chlorides, naptha vapors drastically alters a person’s EEG. Not only the liver, but neurons get burned as well.

        2. The number one problem with psych cases getting into trouble is not taking their medications. No supervision, regular stresses of life, poor coping skills,alcohol and other drugs, the list goes on. Many psych cases stop taking their meds because they feel “great” and just don’t realize how the meds keep the demons away. I’m sure having a psycho mother with or without fumes certainly didn’t help.

    2. Seriously, has there ever been a radical feminist of any type who died in a manner that the general populace would not mark as pathetic?
      I think I have a new research topic.

  5. Bill Burr said it best:
    Everyone is a feminist until the Titanic starts to sink. Then it’s women and children first!
    The survivor statistics prove this: 74% of women, 54% of children, while only 20% of men survived.

    1. What’s scary is that the woman percentage higher than the children. That’s fucked up shit.
      It strongly suggests, given that only 20% of the men survived, that women tossed baby overboard or let him lay and die.

        1. I kek, but honestly, at the time this was “traditional”. Assuming that the numbers are correct, what the fucking fuck? AWALT, indeed.

        2. Ya pretty terrible, my original thought was that the girls were both counted as women and as kids likewise with the boys. But I don’t think that holds up either. Doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

        By every metric, women from the 3rd Class had a higher survivor rate of men from the 1st Class. The 1st Class comprised of billionaires who could’ve easily bribed their way to a lifeboat, but instead, chose to go down with the ship like gentlemen.
        Not to mention the male crew found at the bowel of the ship trying to keep the lights on until the very end. I would never ask, nor demand, a female to put her life on the line like that.

        1. I’m simultaneously repulsed by women and inspired by the men. Don’t misunderstand, for fucking women are great, but Christ almighty, throwing your own kids to the waves for self preservation as your husbands died to help save both of you….fuck…

        2. All it takes is a life threatening situation for millions of years of biological instinct to kick in. Real men will rise to the occasion, women will cower behind the man for protection.
          Feminism hasn’t caught on in the third world because life is still brutal, and female livelihood depends on finding a strong man to protect and provide. This, is one of the few ways I envy the third world: they appreciate real men.

        3. Whenever you hear a cunt say, “I don’t need no man,” tell her yeah right, until a little spider crawls up next to you.

        4. When men were men… One billionaire [the name escapes me] bribed his way to a lifeboat, and was publicly known as a coward for the rest of his life.

          There are variations on the story. One version is that a man bribed his way onto a lifeboat, another is that the man dressed up as a woman to get a seat. In the latest Titanic movie they depicted the man as helping a child/baby into a lifeboat and using that as an opportunity to get in also.
          Most of the history claim that did not happen, and the men that did get in, got in early in the boarding when it was thought that the situation was not that serious. i.e. Everyone was going to be ok.

        6. I think this is one of my favorite scenes in the movie and from history. This was Benjamin Guggenheim, realizing that they are were doomed, he changed into his best evening wear, helped women and children board boats, and then, with two other men, lounged in deck chairs while they smoked cigars and drank brandy.
          One scene that I would have liked to have seen, but not done in the movie was the account of a guy that had just turned 16. There was an account of a guy that had just turned 16, and considered, at the time, old enough to be treated as a man. (i.e. Now able and allowed to ‘wear the long pants’.) This meant that he would be expected to wait until all of the women and children were in lifeboats before he could get a place, like any other man.
          Apparently, a number of the women felt this was not just, since he had just turned 16 a short time ago, and argued that he should be given a place in a lifeboat like any other child. Upon hearing this, he insisted that he was old enough to be an adult man, and would have no talk of him leaving the ship unless the men were now able to board lifeboats also. As a result, he perished along with many of the other men on the boat.

        7. hey ghost i know this is kinda off topic of the article but i wonder is that U.S Code 1182 in the constitution.

        8. Hard choice …..
          Coward and live another 10 years in luxury, Brave and die today.
          Put me down for 10 more years luxury and a bit of name calling from the servants behind my back.

      2. while i’m not going to try to assert that women didn’t do any of that, don’t forget that Titanic happened in an arctic cold environment.
        body size becomes a critical factor in maintaining core temperature in those kinds of conditions when exposed to the elements or, worse, dunked in the ocean.

        1. Sure, but women and kids got the lifeboats. Dunno. Maybe there’s just something screwy like you mention to explain it.

        2. just because they “got the lifeboats” doesn’t mean they stayed dry.
          and even if dry, it was still pretty damn cold. water temp was 28 F and air temp was very near freezing.
          body mass becomes a critical survival factor when exposed for any length of time in those conditions.

        3. Damn that means today’s landwhales have much higher survival rates in similar tragedies.

        4. BS. Nine years in the Navy. Trained in survival at sea. In cold water, which is all north Atlantic waters all year, you die of hypothermia in about 5 minutes. Your body mass is insignificant versus the effects of cold water. Being big and fat will give you maybe 30 seconds extra.

        5. I checked with the people on Encyclopedia Titanica, and there were less than one dozen dead bodies in the lifeboats, all men who’d been dunked in the water.
          So it appears definitive that exposure didn’t contribute to the death toll among women and children. They just didn’t make it into the boats.

      3. Don’t forget “first class passengers first”. That left the 3rd class passengers and their children as last on the boats.

        1. Only a 112 children on board, 80 of them in 3rd class. Only 7 in first class and all but one survived. 25 in second class, with no deaths. Only 13% of 3rd class male passengers survived vs 32% of first class male passengers. Demos are super interesting

      4. No, most of the children were down below in steerage, and they weren’t allowed up to the life boats till fairly late.
        Further, many lifeboats were launched with far fewer people than they could have held. The whole evacuation was a clusterfuck.
        Protip: when something is “strongly” suggested, check it out before posting about it.

        1. Most people fail to note that the life boats took these women and few children when they were far from full.

      1. This was good, thanks for sharing. Jaded libertarian humor always hits home.

      2. I love Bill Burr. That was a good uplifting 12 minutes. Nothing better than laughter.

  6. This article makes sense–and that sadly is its problem. Deconstructing feminism and demonstrating its hair brained assertions only play into their hand because a) you are taking a defensive stance as a man and b) you are letting them frame the conversation. From a purely political stand point it is better to throw stones back, rather than try to shoot them from the air.
    Try this: “Liberals, all liberals, are responsible for the downfall of the West. All other explanations are evasions. All Feminists, every one, is responsible for the break down of the family. This is self evident and in need of no further discourse. All men who let their women work, are guilty of dereliction of duty. All other explanations are mere evasions and excuses.”
    The liberal feminine mind can’t help but love this kind of confident proclamation. Perhaps this is also why they are clearly so attracted to Islam.

    1. I was going to reply something of the same effect. The author, though his intentions are good, is making the same mistake the men at that time made. They and He, are trying to answer each of these crazy ass assertions with logic and sensibleness. It doesn’t work; it comes off as “It wasn’t me, I’ve never did those things, it must have been one of those mean guys over there”. The next step is always Compromise, with you acquiescencing to something that was crazy as hell in the first place,until you wake up one day wondering how the hell did America get like this!

    2. The problem is that you when you have a group of AMALT and a group of AWALT, or any group that places all the blame for everything on another group, then nothing gets done.
      It’s easier to just blame someone else for your beef with your life or the world and spend time trying to get others to agree and get validation. This way, you never have to look inward, you never have to take responsibility, you never have to take accountability, and you never have to change. Nazi fems do this, as do some men who call themselves red pill. The only people they hurt, in the end, are themselves because all they are doing, really, is limiting their ability to be emotionally resilient and ruining their ability to adapt to a changing society in order to benefit from it. It’s just easier to sulk right?

  7. It’s rhetorically dishonest, since it’s unjust to hold people responsible for things they didn’t do.
    take it up with Marx, he’s the one who invented ‘Class Consciousness’.
    the fact that he only wished to apply it to economic classes in no way invalidates later Marxists using the concept on other, divergent, theoretical lines.
    all class consciousness functions as a means of identifying the Bourgeois.
    and Marx demands that the Bourgeois be genocided by the Proletariat.
    it’s war and it’s a war that was declared +150 years ago.
    the fact that you don’t think you’re in a war has nothing to do with whether or not your enemy is trying to murder you and your posterity.

  8. habitually become bad-tempered, anxious, and unfocussed.
    why do you hate Jews?

  9. Going by their logic of EQUALITY:
    if others are better, should we kill them when we can’t match them OR if others are worse, should we torture them when they can’t match us?
    So much for ‘my life, my decision’ I guess.

  10. Feminism was always an offshoot program of Communism, just as balkanization through racial “diversity” was aimed at destroying traditionally western capitalistic countries from within.
    The Fabian socialists understood this and knew early on that a head-to-head assault with capitalism would leave communism broken, bloody and dead. It can’t win on the merits because it has no merits…it simply means equal suffering for all (except the administrators of communism of course, they’ll do just fine)
    So what’s to be done? Turn woman against man. Turn black against white. Turn poor against wealthy. Turn idiots against the educated.
    Once the havoc is wreaked….proffer the state as a solution and the bloodthirsty masses will claw at each other to appease this order.
    Feminists are merely the useful idiots trying to foment this balkanization of the West and they’ve been somewhat successful. Until POTUS Trump came along….
    If there was ever a time to banish feminism into the phantom zone it will be in these next four years. If women abandon the overall tenets of feminism in the West the communists will be set back 50yrs. God willing it happens and we rid ourselves of that mental cancer.
    Feminism is not for women…it is a political ideology to break up civilization. Don’t bother telling most women though, they just will not get it.

    1. Don’t count on the Trump admin getting rid of feminism. His position seems to actually lead to more women becoming feminist or being more vocal about it. How many feminist led protests, marches, tweets, vocal platforms etc did we see this time last year? Trump is actually growing the worst kind of feminism. The crazy angry kind.

      1. No one said it will have been gotten rid of. Just banished to a place out of the mainstream.
        Trump’s election proved people are sick and tired of the BS from left wing lunacy including feminism.
        You think if Hillary would have won this would have decreased the #’s of feminists? With their poster child in charge of this country….I highly doubt that.

    1. Feminism started out as envy, has moved on to spite, and is now quickly descending into madness.

  11. I see those cucks in the stocks and chains and I think a mercy killing is in order-one bullet behind the ear for each to end their pathetic existence. Seeing such a display made the bile rise in my gullet from disgust.

    1. This will be the harshest statement I have ever made on the Internet.
      I truly hope somebody reaches that young boy so that when he grows up, he can beat the daylights out of the man who tried to destroy his masculinity. That man is no father. He’s not even a man.

      1. Yes. Absolutely. It is harsh but the truth and justice is often harsh and ‘unfair’.

  12. Even the founders of communism were male. They just can’t get away from male supremacy no matter where they run.

    1. Everything was invented by men, lets just cut the crap and get real…woman should learn to shut the fuck up and open their legs…I hate listening to a woman talk, it really turns me off especially if they are loud, drunk, smoking and have a foul mouth. Woman have it easy because we enabled it, not because woman did anything to actually EARN it. But change is coming, men are feed up with western woman’s disgusting behavior. And those poor fucking western woman will die very sad lonely deaths, and it’s fucking beautiful to watch, and least we not mention the muslims raping them, if I see a western woman getting raped to death by a gang of muslims I would not even lift a finger…why would you?…I get nothing out of protecting western white woman at gratitude, no sex, nothing…so let them suffer the consequences for their bad choices. And I do not feel the least bit sorry for them, they actually deserve whats coming to them. They deserve to be raped and treated like cattle, they voted for it after all. In-fact helping a western woman is just simply putting your life at risk for no good reason, shes not worth saving. Western woman…your time has come…to an end. Change is coming. As for me, I will be happily banging my way through Asia.

        1. Of coarse everything was invented by White men, except fireworks which is thanks to the Chinese, Light bulb-white man, iphone- white man, Computers- again white man, Space rockets- white man Cars-white man…the internet!—WHITE MAN….

        2. Bras, Tampons, The pill, menstrual pad, bikinis. jewelry, even hairstyles and fashion are invented by men, gay men. Best chef in the world. Men. The only thing in the world that women are the best is pole dancing, but I´m sure that there is some gay dude in the world that can do some crazy stuff in the pole. Even in dancing and ice skating men are the best, is simple women can´t compete in anything that the men are involved. That´s why transgenders will be the best women in sports and every competion. Because even men do a better job of being a women than women.

      1. Watch pretty soon there will be a law that says your just as guilty as the rapist for not doing anything

  13. I had 2 British white whales get all triggered when I told them that feminism has destroyed all western woman, they went nuts, I never hear such loud voices from a so called female in my whole fucking life. They were absolutely disgusted, but I felt good about it, one said, “Your just like that all bitter because you can’t get laid so you have to tear woman down bla bla bla to make myself feel better”. Truth hurts these beasts they only ever reply with insults. So British woman, what cows, they are just as cuntish as American, Australian etc

      1. Haha I just had to get away from them, it was just to nasty being around them, I went to the bar ordered a beer and walked out, with a big sigh of relief. I didn’t want to continue talking to them or have anything to do with them, I found them very repulsive.

  14. Most of the prominent 2nd wave feminists had major mental health issues, they’re fucking crazy. I read some other forums with mixed ideological representation, and a significant majority of self identifying feminist women are on some kind of psych meds.

    1. Of course. Simply because the vast majority of prominent feminists were, and are, jews. The tribe in general has very high rates of mental illness, destructive behaviors (both to themselves and to society), perversions, weird priorities, phobias, etc., etc.
      For hundreds of years there was a lot of inbreeding amongst the European (Ashkenazic) jews. And almost all the jews in western countries have their roots in Europe and not the middle east.

  15. Im so fucking sick of feminism, lets pray they all get raped to death, then they might start being more appreciative towards men. Fuck who cares what woman want, I will not pander to any fucking woman, I do what I want, when I want, and if some cunt of the opposite sex has a problem with that they can fuck right off. If she’s insulted…GOOD…that means im doing something right.

      1. Well the rest will get the picture once it happens to a few, word spreads quick, so does fear.

  16. Women in western cultures don’t have much to complain about compared to Muslim women and women in third world countries. It’s getting annoying now as it seems that some of these feminists are looking for anything that can be spun to appear oppressive.
    But, I see a lot of guys doing the same thing here, spinning everything wrong in the world as caused by women. This article criticizes how feminists attribute all bad experiences to the opposite sex, so too do a lot of the men who post here.
    There are a lot of differences within feminism, some of these women are bat shit crazy man haters and some are not. Just like on this site, some men basically hate all women and blame them for everything and some men do not.

    1. That’s because almost everything bad in the western world is due to white women. I think we have a right to dislike and avoid them, but consider the word hate, is too strong. I don’t hate anyone, not even the white woman who took my house, my 4 children and my dog (yellow labby) from me. I loved that dog!
      Hate implies wanting to harm or destroy …… I just want to avoid.

      1. Pretty much the reason I have not been back to my home country for over 7 years, I just keep floating around in Asia. The attitudes started change around that time, about 7 years ago the attitudes of woman have gone from bad to just damn nasty.

        1. Floating around in Asia destroys any desire for white women pretty quick.
          Once you’ve had Asian, you’ll never want Caucasian.

        2. Yea I tend to avoid them, but some of my friends still like them, no idea why…apparently they are easy to fuck…but I cant get horney with something that acts like a man, if im going to fuck a man I will fuck a man, I don’t want to fuck a man with a vagina, I want to fuck a woman who acts like a woman, and actually treats me like im the leader.

        3. Your not wrong, but ladyboys some people like some people don’t like, im not big on ladyboys because can be dangerous, they are still a man inside after all. Unless you want to join the Pattaya flying club hahaha.

        4. A ladyboy sitting on your lap in a bar is much more fun that a white whale sitting on your lap in a bar.

        5. That would be very true…horrific isnt it…when was the first time you found out a Thai ladyboy was more loving, caring, soft and warm than white western woman?…I was absolutely blown away, I actually had value…because im white.

        6. There is no such thing as a woman with a dick.
          These are men dressing as women, and pretending to be a woman.
          Some of these men can pretend to be a woman more effectively than a white woman.

        7. A man actually older than me, a group of ever shrinking size, Once opined to me about his satori moment. He was sitting in a neighborhood hole in the wall bar that we both frequented. He suddenly looked up from his beer and took notice of all the women in the place. His realization was, “These aren’t women. They are just men with tits.” I will note that he and I are married to Asian women and all the women in that bar were white.

        8. I have found their butts to be a little too boney to be comfortable on my lap. I have no fault to find with these people, but I am not interested either. I have a sibling in law that is MTF transitioning and so I have quite a few trannies in my social circle. I will admit that I get along quite well with one tall, large busted, Asian trannie who had been a divorce man. She gets it.

        9. One woman was quoted as saying of trannies, “They are only pretending to be women; but they are so damn good at it.”

        10. They’ve solved the ‘boney arse’ problem. Now they get fat injections which gives them soft rounded butts, just like a real woman.

    2. Generally speaking Most Muslim women are quite happy with their place in life.
      It’s white women who never know happiness.

      1. Yea, I notice that too…In indonesia the woman seem very friendly, good attitude, they have limited money but they still manage to look nice and actually make an effort.

      2. Generally speaking Most Muslim women are quite happy with their place in life.

        Exactly. I can’t stand all the garbage about how terribly oppressed Muslim women are — it’s white-knighting B.S.. Yes, there are places where Muslim women have lousy lives, but they’re also the places where Muslim men have lousy lives too (barbaric punishments, etc.) — but it’s always just the women everybody cares about. Women are happiest when they know their place and men won’t let them get uppity and above their station. …Just like kids: give them hard-and-fast rules and boundaries, and they’ll love and respect you far more than if you give them the rule of the roost.

  17. Western woman are fucking mean, full stop. Don’t ever defend, or protect a western woman, if she’s getting raped to death just get some popcorn and enjoy the show. They voted this in anyway, so they clearly love rape.

    1. Raped to death?
      Just a “tad” extreme, wouldn’t you say?
      Some of the white escorts I bang are actually very nice to me.
      After I pay them, of course…

  18. The protection of western woman is crumbling like a stack of cards, white men hate you, and you are not safe anymore thanks to your stupid behavior and miss treatment of men, you will be left to pay for your choices.

    1. This is not their fault. It’s weak men’s fault (trad cons included) but yeah that’s the end result.

      1. It is there fault. They emasculated the men, and were/are very active about it.

        1. Then I guess you don’t understand a simple fact. Women can’t do anything on their own. They only have the power that men give them.

        2. I understand that but all the Beta idiots don’t seem to get the memo. Who fault is it really?…its both, men and woman are both to blame.

        3. Yea but the woman are not helping that, they are keeping the men on a real tight fucking leech.

        4. Women don’t know what’s good. Not even what’s good for them. They are children, and they should only have the authority of a child.

        5. But a western woman is autonomous independent cunt of the world, how can men bread with this trash?

        6. They can’t. It’s passed the point of no return. But let’s not forget who’s fault is it and next time we re build never ever give women the right to vote.

        7. This is why our ancestors did not let woman to vote, who the fuck are we to know better than them?..

        8. I hope Trump pulled that one, no more womans voting rights, what a dream that would be it would be a very good day for men.

        9. Giving women the right to vote will bring the welfare state (check the timing in different countries across the globe) and gynocentrism right after. The weak men(simps, maginas, white knights) and women will bond together against the strong men. They will always win by sheer numbers. From that point on it’s all downhill till the final collapse. Here’s a video for you that explains it all in lame mens terms. It is all so simple.

        10. Well next time the Trump version 2.0 will do it, it will progressively move in our favor till it becomes “normal”.

        11. I might have to disagree, I think they do know whats good for them but they always choose the opposite

        12. The best purpose of “game” as discussed on RoK isn’t just to pick up women or use magic powers to hypnotize them into sex but also to help guide them into doing something that is best for them anyway. Some women do enjoy sex but they have these hangups and natural laziness that require men to guide them into bed (or beyond.)
          Feminism is an amusing cult of the paradox of women being natural equals to men but utterly helpless to guide their own lives and relationships is a good illustration of that. If empowerment for women supposedly made them equals to men, then this whole forum wouldn’t exist. Women would bang the alpha males, be content with their decision, and then settle down with a beta without a problem. A smart woman would be able to handle the emotional baggage of having slept with two dozen football players and then settling with a geek and raising a family with him.
          It’s astounding that women of today appear to be weaker than what my grandmother’s generation describes as women who were very pragmatic and responsible in making their life choices and starting families. Instead of being picked up by men, they were the drivers in considering which men were most compatible with them and making it happen.

        13. Casual sex with a “game” practitioner is “best for” a woman? Not what we usually read on this site lately! (Best for the individual “player”, sure.) And as for paragraphs 2 and 3? Many women do exactly those things, and the men who write here don’t seem to like that either.

        14. I said the “best” (double quotes) purpose of game is for men to be better at interacting with women such as approaching them in a manner where they’ll feel comfortable and helping start a relationship with them. In one particular case, a friend of mine approached a woman at the library and wound up marrying her and they have a daughter together (about 20 years now or so.)
          After all, as I observe in another comment, don’t women expect men to be the “aggressor” and approach women and effectively be the relationship creator?
          In regards to paragraph 2 for “slut settling down with a hard working beta”. This actually does describe what happens with inner city women who traditionally did sleep around, got pregnant from a baby daddy, and having learned her lesson got married to a provider and settled down. This was the normal inner city (wink wink, if you know what I mean) family model for that demographic up until the welfare state came onto the scene.
          The problem is that these women don’t easily settle down and set their expectations accordingly. I personally wouldn’t have minded marrying a retired porn star but I was concerned about their emotional baggage. When it works out, if all is best, I don’t see a problem with it. I can’t speak for other men here and do criticize them wanting to hit on normal women and then bang and dump them and then saying there are few virgin women left to marry. So I’m with you there.
          I don’t know of too many men that find a woman being honest with them about what they want. The notion of the thrill of the chase for men is laughable since the purpose of these forums is to help men make it EASIER to get laid or married to a nice woman. Personally, overseas, I have found the women to be far more expressive and direct than in the states including in what are considered to be traditional societies such as the Middle East.

      2. Yes, I agree with you.
        It would be great if females could police themselves, but they cannot. Like asking a kid to eat broccoli instead of candy. It is the fault of men, and here in the US that was in 1920 when females were given the vote. Never should have happened. 2nd worst mistake in US history.

        1. That is the first thing men need to do when they rebuild. Never allow women to vote ever. Not even all men should be allowed to vote.

        2. Back in the 80’s, the feminists made the argument that until women were given equal opportunity with men and cultural support, they shouldn’t be judged for their weaknesses.
          So now in the “post feminist” era, we now see that women are simply women. They either practice hypergamy or are irresponsible outright most of the time and their behavior with their freedoms suggests that even the right to vote should be up for discussion.

        3. I have a simple poll test: Someone who pays net income tax for that year without earning it from government employment (conflict of interest) with combat vets and troops, of course, allowed to vote (because their lives are on the line.)
          That’s it. You can be dumb as rocks when it comes to politics but if you’re working at a job where you have to compete in the private sector and paying taxes, then that says a lot.

    2. I’m reminded of the catcall video made by a feminist:

      She claims that all men are represented in the catcall video but I don’t recall seeing a single white man (much less one who was in the oppressor level). The catcalls all came from minority men and usually economically marginalized men at that AND in this video, 10 hours which she picked out the most offensive stuff, half of the “catcalls” are men saying “Have a nice day”.
      So feminism is a movement made up of spoiled women using white knights (literally) to bash working class and disadvantaged men by generalizing that they’re all rich and/or criminals.

      1. Now do the same thing with a fat woman …. no catcalls.
        The answer: Put on more weight, and guys won’t say hi.
        The video should have been called
        “10 hours of niggers hitting on a Jewish chick”

        1. Naturally the feminists would rail against this observation, but she appears to be dressed provocatively. That doesn’t justify harassment, of course, but she deliberated wanted to stimulate as much reaction as she could. Imagine if we were to wear a “white power” T-shirt on a walk around the block in Brooklyn…

      2. Interesting. In this video at least (if the above description is accurate) minority/economically disadvantaged men did the catcalling. Wonder what their stories are, and why they felt the need to take out their aggressions on women. It would be great if someone would address the real concerns of such men. (Politicians who say or imply they will do that keep turning out to serve the interests of the rich, just like most politicians do.)

        1. I remember about 20 years ago being on a bus from Philadelphia to New York and there was this attractive young white woman a few seats away from me and a minority man bugging the hell out of her with sexual innuendo (similar to the above.) After she had just stopped engaging him and sat there in silence until he shut up, I waited a half hour and struck up a conversation with her. She was a pleasant young woman with healthy social interaction skills.
          In answer to your wonder as to what their stories are, I imagine that they may think of it as a numbers game. Sure, it’s offensive and may even harm the reputation of men in the long run, but for themselves, if it works just one time out of 50 then why not? There are some women who play the “hard to get” card or “chase me until you catch me” game. In addition, they know they’re playing the race card. Consider the woman who made the above video: She couldn’t even admit that it was minority men engaging in this and considering whether race was a factor. So they think they’re entitled to get away with it.
          When you use the term “aggressions” on women, I find the term interesting because men don’t ordinarily consider aggression bad. Aggression to me meant taking the initiative. Only later did I understand how it largely is used in a perjorative fashion. At the time, and perhaps even now, most women expect men to be the “aggressor” but demanding a challenging role for someone means that they’re bound to have emotional difficulity with it. So how does one handle rejection? By sheepishly nursing their feelings a few days or blowing it off?
          Finally, even as the woman makes the pretense that she’s just dressed normally, I find her clothing to be provocative. It does accentuate her curves and looks like something she might wear out to a club. I think if she was dressed more conservatively, even the minority men would have been more quiet. Note that out of 10 hours of footage, she found perhaps about a dozen or really offensive remarks out of the TENS of thousands of men walking those streets?

      1. If Trump done that man, I would throw the biggest party, I would almost cry, it would be like a dream come true. It would feel tears of joy.

        1. I’ll be happy if he starts with lowering my taxes. I was promised lower taxes. He seems to want to do it, but Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Graham and the rest of the RINOs are stalling. I’m the one getting up at 5:25 every morning to go to work. I should keep the money. I take no public resources. Unlike single mammy Jemima and 5 kids on wel-fay, foo-damps, heh-dart and living in the projects and all.

        2. Im happy hes undoing all the damage those evil scum liberals done, its a good start, hes going to be a busy man old Trump.

  19. Women will always be subservient to men, it is just the type of men though, that is variable. The female-dominated society we see now is more an artificial symptom of a dying society than a permanent ‘liberation’. Are our women going to be put back in their place by a new enlightenment, or are they going to be bred and sold like slaves to 3rd world monkeys and blacks? happily ruining the genes that got us to the moon, and wrote the Odyssey, because on a fundamental level, women hate themselves when a strong man is missing.

    1. Very true.
      The loud mouthed, foul mouthed privileged C-words here in NY are subservient…just not to honest, decent, hard working men. They are subservient to the obnoxious jerks and thugs they meet when out “clubbing” on the weekends.

  20. “They could use their media access to publicize these problems, which might actually do some good for women abroad who really are oppressed, but all that only gets a tiny fraction of attention by feminists.”
    The perpetrators in those instances aren’t White, so they’re alright.

    1. Exactly! Feminism isn’t at war against female oppression. They never were. It is privileged white women at war with their fathers, as projected onto all white heterosexual men. They can ignore Arab/Muslim abuse of women because they don’t see their fathers in a bunch of brownish rag heads.

  21. The thing that gets me about feminists is they are far more vocal than they are numerous. About 1% of the population feels like they have a right to speak for 50%. They are best to be ignored or mocked.

        1. Most will die lonely bitter old cat ladies all forgotten. I will be in Asia slaying thousands of bar girls when im old.

  22. Item 1 is also characteristic of communism. It’s “all history is the history of class struggles” translated into sexual terms. Women have been fighting for liberation for centuries, and now the final battle is upon us.

  23. Be careful what you wish for! You may lament the fact that the likes of Sarkeesian are more preoccupied with boobs in video games than about the plight of 3rd world women but there’s an evil communist organisation called the UN that is already spending billiions to spread feminazism to all corners of the world. It starts with programmes to educate the girl child and child bride prevention etc.

    1. Too late, I’ve already bought, married, and impregnated my ‘child bride’.

    2. If “programmes to educate the girl child and child bride prevention” are evil, then I don’t wanna be good.

  24. The author should have contacted a good lawyer when he lost both of those jobs. I did when it happened to me. HR’s bullshit came to a sudden, screaching halt. I also didn’t lose the job.

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