5 Signs From A DePaul University Debate That Show The Insanity Of Leftists

Anybody reasonable knows American universities have been deteriorating to the point where academia has lost all logical reasoning, having given in to the intellectual savages better known as the progressive left. This concept was reinforced a week ago at the DePaul debate against the college Republicans, Democrats, and socialists. Unsurprisingly, the mob of green-haired, tattoo-ridden slobs with cat yoga pants came out in full force, aptly demonstrating the tyrannical mob mentality has a stranglehold on academia. There was no chance real meaningful discussion, but I would like to share some key points from the event, reaffirming long held beliefs in our community.


Typical Feminist/Socialist in attendance: Resisting The Urge To Puke Hawt/You Go Girl!

1. Socialists are the laziest, most unprofessional degenerates of society

Observing the three groups of debaters, I saw the Democrats and Republicans as punctual, well dressed, and relatively competent individuals; however, when observing socialists, they were late (news flash: if they had real jobs, they would have learned punctuality matters), and were unkempt, disgusting human beings. The woman debater had ridiculously unprofessional hair and was chubby. In addition, the man showed up in scruffy jeans, an undone and unbuttoned wrinkled shirt, and an undershirt with letters. Along with his horrid attire, he had one of those God forsaken pseudo-60’s hippie shaves, making sure not to conform to the evil capitalist patriarchy. In essence, their appearance represented their laziness, just like every other disgusting land whale on the left.


Also the DePaul Socialist debate prep consultant.

In addition to their questionable (read: nauseating) attire, there are a few things I found out a few things about the debaters for the socialists. The male debater was a 29-year-old University of Chicago Graduate working at a bookstore. The fact that this societal leech decided to debate college students he didn’t go to school with, as well as being seven years their elder, is pathetic. The fact that he works at a bookstore is even more laughable. He decided not to do anything useful with his degree, showing the depths of his worthlessness: in essence, he’s an overgrown schoolyard bully that was held back seven years.

These last two paragraphs shed light on one main truth about socialists in America: all of the far left’s acolytes are typically worthless outcasts of society. These idiots cannot thrive in a meritocracy that requires competency and hard work. Instead of blaming themselves for their incompetence and getting their asess to work, they decide to blame their environment and everybody else for their shortcomings.


Newsflash: Would be above average for socialists at DePaul.

In addition, just like in real life, the more people there are in a group working on something (i.e. collectivism), the easier it is to obscure individual responsibility, regardless of how poorly individuals perform. This is in part why movements such as the planned USSR economy and Socialist Venezuela failed; there is no accountability for results, and with no accountability, there is no responsibility. Lack of personal responsibility deludes incentives for individuals to help themselves, which deludes production, invention, and culture.

Even Bernie Sanders, the socialist cult’s most prominent member, is an incompetent loser who got off welfare solely because he makes a living off promising other losers hardworking people’s things, taken by government force and coercion. In order to survive, he had to champion causes of the perpetually dependent to protect himself.

2. College students have become perfectly inculcated to ideology


Sadly, the ratio of radicals to reasonable people was what you’d expect. It is obvious that college students cannot think anymore despite the fact that this is exactly what individuals go to college for. I saw this when one of the Republican debaters plainly said African Americans commit crimes disproportionately to their percentage of the population. For just saying this, he was screamed at, despite his statement being purely factual. He was forced to explain his rationale afterwards, despite his statistical accuracy.

It is sad that students cannot take facts at face value anymore; in addition, when that same Republican debater said “calling us sexist bigots will not promote the discussion,” members of the audience promptly yelled “but you are,” followed by laughs and jeers. Despite their supposed pursuit of diversity, these cretins have no problem trampling ideological diversity.

Aside from the intolerance of intellectual diversity among leftists, this is indicative of the greater trend of the American socialists who are easily influenced to whatever dumb idea is predominant among their political clout, be it safe-spaces, trigger warnings, intersectionality, or any other bullshit terminology that could only be conceived in the back offices of a gender studies department.

Because college students cannot think, they are easily manipulated by corporations, maintaining their socialist ideology while buying iPhones and getting shipments from Amazon, despite both entities being against everything these mongrels were inculcated to believe.


The hate mail I am going to get from this one will be beautiful.

3. The college media, like its mainstream counterpart, lies for ideological reasons

It was obvious that The DePaulia, the school’s newspaper, was going to slam the college Republicans. Granted, they don’t just call them racists like usual, but they were smart enough to belittle them and beat around the bush to demean them; however, even though it was a change of style, the idiocy was transparent. The writer that covered the event, Emma Krupp, displayed her hard-hitting intellectual firepower with this excerpt:

…it’s a common stereotype, to be sure, that Republicans are a political minority on DePaul’s campus. Whether or not that will ever be statistically proven remains to be seen.

Krupp goes on to smear the Republicans, calling them meek, while praising the Democrats. Krupp and The DePaulia represent a large segment of the media that thinks tantamount to the zombified students on universities. The only difference is that these children actually get big-boy jobs, though sadly without ever learning basic lessons of journalistic integrity. Most media outlets cannot even grasp objectivity or professionalism anymore, which has given rise to the mainstream media, outright lying to slander and libel conservatives in any way possible.

4. The race card is a free card in political discussions with liberals


Thank God with Monopoly money you cannot go into debt, because if so, race card debt at DePaul would be worse than our national debt.

One of the debate topics that night happened to be on race, and as you can possibly guess, the one black debater played the race card, pointing out that he had a different skin color than every other debater, all for political points. When one of the Republican debaters suggested actually following the debate rules and taking turns to speak, the Democrat interrupted saying: “I’m black, I’m going to speak up,” even though he had already used his speaking time. A heart-throbbing story followed about how he couldn’t play with toy guns as a toddler because of barbaric police shooting black youth, referencing Tamir Rice. According to the left, it is the cops’ fault 100% of the time.

The race card is all too prominent these days, and it is the lowest form of argument intellectually, because it censors, rather than promotes, discussion. Additionally, the race card is often paired with the fictional “White Privilege.”


Synopsis of syllabus of every REQUIRED Multiculturalism class at DePaul

In reality, white privilege is a term devised by leftists to silence dissent against their radical, racist agenda.

5. Male academics are blue pill, effeminate, and spineless

And finally, one of the more embarrassing moments of the night was the Republicans constantly being interrupted without pause, and the moderator, Dr. Joseph Mello did nothing. When one of the debaters asked the moderator to enforce the debate rules, his response to not enforcing them was: “passions are high.” I say it is shocking because Mello’s academic focuses are law and courts.

One would think that studies in law and courts would have helped Mello understand concepts such as tyranny of the majority and the rule of law, but obviously not. If laws were established, and subsequently thrown away due to the whims of “passions,” our society couldn’t function, so it is obvious that when passions and feelings trumped debate rules, the entire night was regrettably ruined.

Now, I am not sure if Mello was either a spineless pussy, bent over for the mobocracy (which is a possibility looking at his feeble body), or if he maliciously disregarded the rules, or both. Either way, it shows what feminized Marxist academia does to male academics.


Being a conservative transgender individual, it is a toss up as to who has more balls, Dr. Mello or Caitlyn Jenner?

It is a catch 22 for conservatives in academia, a perfect system that has decapitated ideological diversity. It leads me to my last insight; the progressive and feminist movement work from the inside, creating such toxic environments for the remaining minorities, that it is impossible for our movements to work in the same fashion.


In the end, the mob won and discussion lost; however, there is hope. The conservative movement is strong at DePaul and throughout the country. The second decade of the twenty-first century is the 60’s of the conservative movement. We are working at building our base internationally, and when the red pill community and its allies have a strong enough backing to end feminism, the victory will be quick and decisive.

This is because strong convictions are bred from a strong base: moral philosophy, conviction, faith, and will power, all of which the progressive movement lacks. We are the stronger power on a foundational basis, and it is a matter of time until feminism decays. The power vacuum will create itself. The night is darkest before the dawn, and dawn is nearing.

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  1. Universities used to be for specified further education for young men to develop into adults. Now it appears we have the reverse. Teenagers learn how not to think and come out the other end virtually infants. Can’t dress themselves, no sense of punctuality or decorum, the inability to listen “NANANA CAN’T HEAR YOU”. I shudder to think what will become of the next generation if nothing is done and these wackjobs shuffle into academia to indoctrinate the next generation… Surely something has to break before then, the system’s barely functioning as it is. Throw one more speck of sand on the camel’s back and the whole thing will collapse.

    1. The current university model cannot possibly sustain itself for much longer. When all these leftist dumb asses default on their student loans because they’re working a part time minimum wage job, the system will either reform or collapse.

      1. “The current university model cannot possibly sustain itself for much longer.” — Bernie promising ‘free’ college is a symptom of the larger problems that are looming. Even if a job ‘requires’ a degree, who wants to navigate an expensive wasteland of grown-children, safe spaces, left wing indoctrination, and white-male guilt? Heck, lets say you want to be an accountant or social worker or paralegal…you can learn everything you need to online. I’m sure we will see an explosion on online colleges teaching most professions as time goes on.

        1. I took a computer science tract for a couple of years before changing to finance. My undergrad class at a public university(this was last decade) was teaching me how to code in COBOL.

        2. My sister did that…did it while raising two infants. Now she is making the big bucks. I have a feeling that outside of medicine & law, we will see a number of professions migrating to internet training, while colleges become ‘safe spaces’ filled with rich kids (and unwise middle class kids) paying the salaries of their Marxist Indoctrinators. The jobs that need to be done will be filled by ‘net taught youth + immigrants. The Eloi & The Morlocks

    2. Colleges are now adult daycare centers. These kids go to college and spend 7 years in college (changing majors) so they can stay in college (and some continue to live with mommy and daddy for years after school). They never grow up, the are mentally stunted and they can be that way because they don’t foot the bills.
      These college “educated” kids never grow up. They use any excuse not to work instead of taking a job and finding a better job down the road. It’s any excuse not to work, to live at home and complain about everything. They are not productive members of our society.

  2. The height of irony is when an affirmative action student accuses a conservative of white privilege.

    1. Let’s be honest, the nignog’s a one-trick pony in this debate. Unless its identifying the issue through the lens of a young black american male with a target on his back, the cops are so desperate to shoot at, he’s incapable of even considering it.

    2. Another example – black actors (and minorities) can win both an Academy Award and a BET Award while white actors can only win an Academy Award.
      It seems that being a “victim” requires the need to be included in regular society (or awards in this case) and also have special rule or regulations, a special society (special awards) to fit the whole narrative.
      You can’t have it both ways. You either have to build your own society or you have to take part in the whole society. We’ve jumped that shark a long time ago and it needs to be pointed out how we all can’t be considered “equal” while some still truly have special privilege.
      Anyone not wanting to deal with this fact isn’t living in reality.

        1. I just find it funny how many are disconnected from the facts (and reality). So many were offended this year because black actors were not nominated at the Oscars but no one mentioned how the BET awards are only for blacks and minorities. It’s another example of the black privilege, if you ask me.
          A station with all white programming, white only awards, etc…(White Entertainment Television) would never fly in this country. So many would be outraged….but here we have the double standard with BET still around to this day.

        2. who cares? Why does anyone care about the stupid oscars? Is it possible for something to exist that is more retarded and pointless than that ridiculous awards ceremony?
          I wish those assholes would implement race quotas, in fact I wish that they would implement midget quotas, and fat quotas. I want them to fuck it up completely.

    3. When I first went to college I couldnt’ even get a loan. I worked a job with overtime and carried a full class load. GPA was around 3.7. Most of my black classmates got SSI, grants, scholarships, etc., and they lived with their parents and usually had GPA’s so low that they had remedial courses and tutors and shit. So my Junior year I put on the FAA applications that I was black. And presto! I got a scholarship, a grant, and a loan. For years I fumed over having had to do that. But now, after taking the Red Pill, and then the economic crash of 2008, I consider that I just worked with the system. The only rules are in our heads, put their by the powers-that-be, to keep us in line as mindless consumers. Cops don’t care if you broke a law or not, they just need to get their quota. Prosecutors don’t care if you’re innocent, they need to get their stats by putting you in jail. . .And all up the food chain. Play the numbers and the system.

  3. Universities have become leftist tools used to brainwash the next generation. Between the nut job admins and rabid SJWs, one false accusation can ruin your life. Avoid them at all costs unless you’re going into one of the STEMs. Just graduate ASAP. If you still want to go to college but not into STEM, I highly suggest one of the few conservative colleges still left, such as Hillsdale or Grove City.

    1. Or don’t….if your course of study doesn’t require lab/studio time, you can learn everything online.

  4. Notice as well that even the college Republican president was a woman.
    I suppose credit is due to her for being the only debater who showed up prepared and presentable, of either gender.
    But women generally only become leaders of enterprises in irreversible decline of no interest to a man with any ambition. That alone speaks volumes about the state of conservatism at DePaul.
    I also doubt she’s the least bit serious about that wall.
    By the way—comparing socialists to mongoloids is an insult to mongoloids, who are genuinely not responsible for their imbecility.
    The average socialist is an imbecile by training. He usually has never had to live in the world the rest of us have. Mommy told him his whole life to follow his dreams and then wonders if he’ll ever find himself. The father, assuming he was available for comment, never had the nerve to expect the lazy bugger to pull himself together, put down the bong, go learn to do something useful and stop mooching off people who can.

    1. Conservatives are much more diverse than leftists. Leftists manipulate black people into siding with them, they are in know way intellectually taking part in the own fraud.

    2. Regarding your comment about a woman being the Republican President.
      You have to remember exactly where this debate is taking place. I’m sure they never would have stood for a white man (or any man) being the Republican President. When you’re dealing with this “hive mind” mentality….it’s their rules only. This only appeared to be a debate…not a true debate. People don’t listen or respond to facts any longer…they only respond to talking points and feelings in this type of environment.
      If it were to be a real debate, then it would need to take place on neutral ground with a neutral party hosting the debate.

  5. Although this should infuriate me, it actually warms my heart. Academia is on life support, and deteriorating. Its death cannot come soon enough. Most do not need useless degrees, and even where degrees are needed, the market is oversaturated by substandard degree holders who checked a box and now expect jobs that don’t exist to materialize. Let’s hope that we have the wisdom to salvage only a very few, highly selective institutions to train only the best and brightest to meet what needs exist rather than building another diploma-industrial complex that costs a fuckton while creating nothing of value.

    1. Look what happened at Mizzou after race riots there exploded last year. They’re dealing with a “sharp” decline in enrollment and their football program, which is literally the bread and butter for any major university, is losing top high school players.

      1. Perhaps we should be encouraging this type of behavior from these students. Just like the method of preventing a wildfire is by burning out the underbrush in a controlled manner, perhaps we should be selectively encouraging these groups to flare up and subsequently burn out before they can all unite into one large inferno.

        1. I’ve always had a bit of a devious streak in me. Lately it’s become a bit more of the Joker-just-wanna-watch-the-world-burn type. I’ve resigned to the fact that it’s going to get worse before it gets better so let’s speed up the damn process so we can get to living good again.

        2. I’m not so sure that the tactic hasn’t already been deployed. Think about how the media got all into a tizzy over how Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown were “victimized”. Yet when just this past month an actual upstanding black citizen(job, no record, not committing a crime at the time, etc.) called out cops for joyriding and endangering children in a residential neighborhood, and the cops beat the shit out of him and stuffed him in the squad car in Ohio, not a single peep from the MSM. I mean if you were concerned about actual racism and abuse of authority, this would be a golden ticket, as opposed to 2 thugs, with extensive records, and committing violent acts being presented as victims.

      2. “decline in enrollment and their football program, which is literally the bread and butter for any major university”
        Outside of maybe a dozen football teams in the country, most football teams cost the university money. Mizzou deserves all the karma– they should have stomped and expelled those little fascists on day one (Soro’s funded it) and this would have not spiraled out of control.

    2. I agree to an extent, the worry I would voice is that looking at current government policy and direction, the idea is for big daddy government to provide the same environment for the special snowflakes as the college administrators when they leave the small bubble of academia they will have the same kind of safe-space bubble waiting for them. So, they are being groomed for this type of existence and unlikely that government will let the institutions doing so fail or at least seek a reasonable facsimile to replace them.
      And why not? It’s easier to corral kittens than tigers.

  6. 100% dead on. In other words… this entire generation is fucked. If you’re part of it… do yourself a favor and ditch college. Learn a trade or a skill…. something where you have these loony leftists by the balls and they have to pay you whatever you ask to fix what they can’t. Plumbing, construction, IT… etc.

    1. How many carpenters go hungry? Machinists? Welders? Oh darn, you’ll never get your screenplay sold. DEAL WITH IT.

      1. They also don’t have to deal with a bunch of nagging bitches around them all day. Plus the absolute ultimate… there is nothing like working for yourself. I can tell anyone at anytime I want the most precious and underused word in modern times….. “no”.

      2. Quite a lot now…. only wetbacks are allowed in those jobs now, ya’know to fight that white priviledge

  7. The only safe haven for males on campus is the STEM field. The laws of physics, Thermodynamics, and mathematics do not give sway to emotional appeal.
    If you objectively prove a science professor wrong, you are congratulated; if you prove a liberal arts teacher wrong, you get a lowered grade out of spite.
    When it comes to college, its STEM or bust, Gents.

    1. You’re right as far as the material goes, but even STEM is infected with diversity. Companies preference diversity hires over merit because they are pressured to, and so long as they have a small cadre of competent folks on staff to pick up the slack, there is no incentive to stop. These competent people end up getting crushed because the job market is becoming worse for people who can’t check a diversity box. There is a glut of supply, so if you bitch that you have to pick up the slack of some bottom of her class ditz who got the job because vagina, “hey look, here’s another guy who has the same grades you had from the same school who has been unemployed for a year and is willing to work for 25% less than you….”
      Further, STEM is under attack as we speak. Complaints that standardized tests in math disadvantage minorities are taken seriously. And look at common core math problems, these retarded methods have been created to assist the muh-feelz brigade. I have heard that getting the right answer no longer entitles you to full credit, you have to show the work, which has to be done according to the retarded new methods, or your right answer is actually not worth as much as somebody’s wrong answer because “they tried hard.”
      STEM is still your safest bet in college, but make no mistake, the idiocy has a foothold there too.

      1. You mentioned one thing that has always annoyed me; showing how you got the right answer. I always excelled in math in jr. high and high school and could figure out most of the answers in my head, yet I was still forced to write down all the blasted steps for figuring out my work. Such a waste of time.

        1. Man, that always made me furious. “Sure, take off points for being smarter than you, why not?”

      2. The NYC Dept of Ed is seriously considering dropping algebra from the high school curriculum. Reason? “Most people wont use it in the real world and failing algebra prevents too many students from graduating.”
        Algebra. I was a middling math student, but algebra wasnt that hard in the first place. Keep lowering the bar America!

        1. If a candy bar costs $1.25, and I have handed the clerk $1, how much more do I need to hand the clerk in order to pay for my candy bar? The answer to that requires algebra to solve. If someone at the Dept. of Ed. says you won’t use it in the real world, you should be terrified – people who literally know NOTHING about education are now making education policy.
          A part of me wonders if this isn’t intentionally being done to try to keep people stupid? I mean, you could literally think of a thousand things that you use algebra for every day, no matter what you do. These people can’t really be this dumb.
          But preventing people from having basic mathematical skill prevents them from recognizing idiotic fiscal policy, and makes pie in the sky promises of free shit for everyone seem great, because when you can’t do math, why not?

        2. John Taylor Gatto, a former educator of the year, seems to think its deliberate check his site deliberatedumbingdown.com

        3. You won’t use Algebra slinging burgers at McDonald’s….your Chinese overlords will when designing the inventory system.

        4. …and with fewer unidentifiable fluids and used bandages hopefully.
          Probably need some sort of sensor to identify contamination through “alien organic matter” too, otherwise you may still go biting into that eggroll to find a heaping helping of deep-fried rodent (provided the Chinese overlords with the fancy engineering degrees didn’t put it there on purpose that is).

        5. “If a candy bar costs $1.25, and I have handed the clerk $1, how much more do I need to hand the clerk in order to pay for my candy bar?” — no it’s simple subtraction. 1.25 minus 1.0 = .25 — that’s decimals, not Algebra.
          Algebra would be more like : I need to order 15 cases of electronic components, with 10 components in each case. I have an import duty of $2 per component, but they sell for $17, and my cost will be $85 per case…what is my bottom line net profit?
          X = 15
          Y = 10
          [17(X*Y) – 2(X*Y)] – 85X = ?
          [17(15*10) – 2(15*10)] – 85*15 = ?
          [17(150) – 2(150)] – 85*15 = ?
          [2550 – 300] – 1275 = ?
          2250 – 1275 = 975

        6. $1 + x = $1.25.
          That’s algebra. Subtraction is one of the functions used to solve it once you isolate x, but the problem is algebraic.
          Your problem is also algebraic, but I am trying to use an extremely simple example show that algebra is involved in all sorts of very basic day-to-day situations, which it is.

        7. $1 + x = $1.25.
          It requires you to understand how to manipulate the equation to solve for an unknown variable. Don’t assume the problem will be posed the way you set it up.

        8. Yes, which is what makes it extremely practical, and idiotic to abandon teaching it. You may as well just advocate stopping teaching math. Algebra is literally what makes basic arithmetic practical and useful.

        9. See, I even disagree with that. I have five boxes of buns in dry storage, but I need 35 to get me through next week, how many do I need to order from the supplier? Algebra.
          I have orders for 17 big macs, each requires two patties, but I only have 9 patties on the grill, how many more patties do I need to start cooking? Algebra.
          If you can’t do it, you will seem functionally retarded.

        10. Algebra is for junior high at worst. The simplest parts of it can be taught to a first grader.
          But modern american government schools weren’t designed to teach. They were designed to break natural curiosity and self learning.

        11. I see the link corrected in a follow up, but I want to add: John taylor Gatto’s website is https://www.johntaylorgatto.com/ http://deliberatedumbingdown.com/ is Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt’s site. Much the same info, different take on it, similar conclusion. Iserbyt is more coarse (justifiably) and considerably more technical and detailed. While Gatto’s stuff writing is much more pleasant to read, his talks easier to listen to and more entertaining without sacrificing content. For anyone who wants to explore where modern american schooling came from I recommend Gatto first. If you want more detail beyond that, read/listen to Iserbyt. Of her various websites there is another one filled with supporting documents.

        12. I agree. It’s more of the same – lowering the bar to push more people through the gates (requirements needed). It’s happening with women in the military and firefighting as well. Keep lowering that bar so that everything is “fair”….until lives are lost.
          We’re going to see how this all plays out in the future. You’ll have plenty of people killed so that everyone has the “feels good” and everything is “fair”. No thanks. I want the best out there…I don’t give a fuck about feelings.

        13. The first question is again just subtraction 35 needed – 5 on hand. =30. The second is adding (or multiplying) and subtracting…. you need 17 x 2 – 9 = 25 more needed. Neither REQUIRES algebra…but Algebra can solve it.

        14. Again, I disagree. If all you know how to do is add, subtract, multiply and divide, you understand how to perform basic mathematical operations, but you don’t know the rules necessary to correctly manipulate variables.
          Neither requires algebra if the problem is presented in the way you propose. But if someone views this problem as 17 x 2 = x + 9, how would they solve without knowing algebra?
          It’s easy for us to discuss because we both understand algebra so fully that we have internalized it to the point where we don’t even recognize it. You can no longer rewind your brain to the point where you didn’t understand these rules. If I asked a ten year old this question, they would struggle with it.
          The boss could ask “how many burger patties do you need me to throw on the grill to meet your orders” or he could ask “I have orders for 34 patties, how many more do you need?” On sets it up to be an easy subtraction problem, one does not unless you know how to manipulate the variables so you can solve the equation. You can’t assume that algebra is unnecessary just because you don’t recognize when you need to use it. And again, I’m just demonstrating the applicability of algebra in very basic situations. There are countless applications of it all day that are far more complex. Not having an understanding of it would render most people non-functional.

        15. Maybe terminology is different in the US (I’m assuming you are American), but how does that problem require Algebra? Isn’t Arithmetic enough??

        16. I agree Algebra is just some worthless Arab method that’s used to make kids hate learning

        17. That’s basic math, which you learn on your own early in liferror also the biguest progressives I know are expert in algebra

      3. I’m coming around to that reality when I started applying for medical schools. As a black, mestizo, or native American, I can get in to tier 1 schools with a GPA as low as 2.8; being white, the schools won’t even look at you with lower than 3.7 gpa.
        At this point, it seems we have to choose the least worst of a situation. STEM and trades is relatively well off, but definitely not perfect.

        1. You can get into a top med school with a B- GPA??? Dont get sick in this country!

        2. Very true, i was suprised how much love i got from colleges just because i put asian on my app,and i got accepted into duke with a good gpa and sat but nothing crazy,then there was our valedictorian who got rejected by Lehigh,very weird dynamic

        3. Haha The good thing is that those students overwhelmingly go into general practice, the elite fields such as surgery are highly selective. Who knows, this may change.

        4. Asians get it the worst in Med Schools because earning a 3.9 GPA does not make you stand out in a group of Asians. You literally have to be involved in research, volunteering, and employed in a hospital on top of superior grades to get recognition verse someone of a different race with no extra-curriculars and half your GPA gets in with minimal troubles. Truly the opposite of meritocracy.

        5. yes med schools and ivy leagues are the hardest because they already have a high percentage of Asian students so they will judge the remaining very toughly but many others are still trying to play catch up so it is a free-for-all

        6. It’s racist as all hell, but it’s ok since white people deserve it, or some shit.

        7. Very much racist and the opposite of meritocracy. Then you factor in all black and all Latino Med schools exist, you fight an uphill battle as an Asian and White to get accepted. It’s never been easier for a minority to escape poverty than it is now.

        8. The racist and sexist thing for medical school gets its ammo from the Flexner Report of 1910. This is where the beginning of high priced medical care in the US starts. In 1910 there were many medical schools of varying approaches and varying levels. If someone wanted to be a doctor he could find a school to admit him somewhere.
          This of course meant low cost medical care. Doctors didn’t make a lot of money. Wealthy interests wanted only surgical and drug approaches while AMA wanted to squeeze off the supply of new doctors. The result was government licensing requiring accreditation for schools, etc. As a result many medical schools closed. The number of spots was restricted and it became very difficult for minorities and women to attend. Minorities due to racism and women because if a woman took a spot that denied a man a profession by which to raise a family. The number of women becoming doctors dropped dramatically.
          Instead of eliminating the interferences we get affirmative action. The results are all around worse for everyone than the old system where someone who couldn’t get into the best schools simply went to another school. Market based schooling competed for the best students. The market rewards those who go on merit. Anything else has a cost involved.

        9. What you have to laugh at is the argument about how we are all equal….while at the same time giving special treatment to minorities.
          You said it yourself…the bar is lower to enter these tier 1 schools if you’re a minority but it’s higher if you are white. So everyone screams diversity but I define the word diversity (today’s use) meaning “no more white men” or “everyone except white men”.
          Racism – alive and well…but not what you think.

      4. it’s ok….I’d tell young white men to fight fire with fire. Claim you are 1/16th whatever minority using the ‘Lizzie Warren’ rule, wear a wig and tell everyone you ‘gender indentify’ as a female lesbian, legally change your name to Trayvon Jefferson. Best part is if later they say “Now wait a sec…..” after they’ve hired you, there’s the lawsuit.

      5. STEM is still king. One of the last few bastions of hope for us men. I remember a programming professor once said upon introducing class ‘You are either right or wrong, there is no b.s. here and you can not write your way into the correct answer. You must solve the problem and be able to think critically. If you don’t solve the problem you fail. You can not talk your way out of this in any way. I will not have any sympathy, regrettably. If this doesn’t sound like the environment for you, I suggest switching classes immediately while you can or dropping.’ ** Soon after 6 out of the 10 women in class left. 3 out of the 4 remaining dropped in the weeks later. The only girl who passed and did well was a Russian. She was very focused and put in the time to learn; an overall asset to class. She wasn’t a sight to be seen (no makeup, tomboyish) but she did get good marks. Basically, she was a dude in a woman’s body.
        **IT can have it’s perks, I currently enjoy working in an office with mostly men.

    2. I got a lowered grade outta spite once. It was a mandatory class in american multicultural literature(taught by a BRIT of course).

      1. What was the topic of debate? My brit buddy tells me they’re still taught in school that our founding fathers were degenerate terrorists haha.

        1. So true! History shows the difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorist is an incredibly thin veil. Both sides paint a rosy picture of their cause and the truth is somewhere in between.

        2. I was reading that the average medieval peasant was only taxed 10% and the barons were taxed at around 15%. Meanwhile, the average American worker pays 33+%. It’s crazy.

        3. The studies I’ve seen show the majority of income (federal, state, and local) goes to taxation. Hell, the payroll tax alone is 15.3% and the lowest federal tax rate is 10%, with most people at least in the 15% bracket, so you’re already at 30%+. Factor in state and local taxes, and you’re around half of your income, and that’s only if you earn $37,000 or less. It goes way up from there.

        4. That’s insane. Social mobility comes to a halt and you’ll never financially threaten the elites. Taxes and regulation are the best ways to preserve a status quo.

        5. In the European socialist states, for only 60% of your income you get free education, health care, 2 month paid vacations, and early retirement on government pension. The REAL ripoff is what we get (or don’t) for our money. We pay slightly less than 60% and HOPEFULLY get a $600 / month social security check at retirement, if they don’t eliminate that by the time I retire.

        6. There was an article about Iceland the other day and how they get away with being socialistic. They minimalize expenditures by not having a military, they punish there corrupt bankers, and keep their tax rates competitive for business. All very good business moves.
          I think socialism only works with a small population with common history and interests. They only have 335,000 or so people.

        7. Yeah, I’m a fan of a loosely organized coalition of smaller independent states, something like the EU although that’s not a perfect model of course. But a *LOT* Of things work better with a smaller population with common history and interests. America is too big, and I wonder how much longer it can survive, after the USSR fell. People from Maine have little to nothing in common with people in Southern California or Miami or Chicago.

        8. Very true, America is heavily regionalized. I am a fan of the city state style of government in the vein of Singapore, Hong Kong, and Dubai [all 3 have heavy autonomy from the greater country the are a part of]. Problems can be solved swiftly and locally with minimal bureaucracy. Ideally, I think America should be ran like the autonomous ancient Greek city states in that DC should only intervene when two powerful cities clash [such as Athens and Sparta did in the Peloponnesian War].

        9. “That’s insane. Social mobility comes to a halt and you’ll never financially threaten the elites.”
          That was the entire point of income taxes, to prevent as many of the upper middle class from collecting enough assets to become wealthy. Those with true wealth don’t need, or usually even have, earned income.

        10. You’re not counting all the taxes. Don’t forget property tax, the back side of social security etc. (the employer half is still money you worked for) and all the nickle and dime taxes. Then the inflation tax. Real tax rates for the wagon pullers without kids are way up there.

        11. In America the standard is 2 weeks. Is this what you are referring to?
          I have a friend in England, the statutory minimum there is 6 weeks. This will be increased as you gain seniority and experience, that’s why I threw out the figure 2 months. There are other nations that are more generous than England. Hell, someone posted here recently about Iceland’s childbirth benefits. It was something like 3 months for the dad, 3 months for the mom and another 3 they can share, all paid time off.

        12. Social Security has been a Ponzi Scheme for at least the last twenty years.

        13. We’d constantly be at war with ourselves….. California demanding energy from the Midwest, New York demanding food from the Midwest…. Florida demanding industry…… the regional differences means we’re all interconnected.

    3. Tony, this is true, but that is why it is under seige by the SJW crowd…if you look at some of the recent campus protests, they included demands for ‘diversity’ in departments like Math & Engineering, for minority sensitivity training by the staff, for courses to address minority issues, etc. ‘They’ recognize the last fortress, and the siege has begun.

      1. Totally agree. This became a reality when I began applying for Med Schools and saw the different standards set for each race.

        1. I hope that you will make sure that your doctor or surgeon wasn’t an ‘Affirmative Action’ student or hire.

    4. It gets worse in the career fields of STEM, if I may shamelessly plug a couple of my past articles. 🙂

      1. By all means:-) Other readers chimed in and made good points, of all the fields I think the best chance for men is the STEM and trades relatively speaking. Though it’s changing dramatically.

        1. Trades will always be the last bastion of men. You can’t fake framing up a house or shingling a roof, and since their piece work, there’s no going slow to accommodate women or anyone who can’t cut it for that matter.

  8. I came here to read the article but stayed longer for the memes. LMAO
    Colleges and Universities are such a money grab and if your taking the wrong discipline a huge waste of time and effort. No point to getting education which is not valuable, been highly manipulated, can’t get you a job and has no bearings or use in society today.

  9. I’ve said this before, and will repeat it until people are sick of it: please refrain from using terms like “progressives” and “social justice warriors”, etc.
    Firstly, it’s a blatant lie. These scumbags are **not** progressives, but the exact opposite ie regressives. Same goes for “social justice warrior”: it conveys a positive image that is in direct opposition to the truth. So, no one likes or respects liars because continually using those terms is buying into the lies, and propagating them.
    Second, and more importantly, there’s a deep connection between language and thought. The words and terms we use to describe any phenomenon or object create mental images and constructs in our subconscious. Terms like “warrior” “justice” “progressive” have a representation in our psyche that is nothing but noble and positive. So, a bit of effort needs to be put into using accurate and truthful language.

    1. Truth. Words have power, which is why some are being eliminated from use as an attempt to apply thought control. “Justice” and “warrior”, with enough use and loss of true myths and powerful stories, will go the way of “pride” and “gay”. Contain the beasts before they ravage the land.

        1. Saprostomous Judgemental Wagtails
          Saturnine Jaw-jawing Wallydrags
          Sanies Jack-off Warts
          Semi Jacent Whickerers
          Saccadic Jacobin Windlestraws
          Salsuginous Jactate Winklers
          Scatophagous Jiggery-pokery Wretchocks

    2. I hear ya but the term SJW has taken a life of its own and describes a certain type of person which is ironic as they don’t care about social justice as they care only about themselves and they are cowards not warriors. So the term is meant to expose them being hypocrites.

    3. Yeah but it’s hard to make yourself understood if you have to make up new names for things 🙁

    4. SJW – Shit Jews Wrote.
      They’re golems… created to fight for Jewish interests. They’re weaponized to destroy anything they infiltrate, and they’ve been an amazing force of destruction.
      The Jew can’t always control their monsters, though…

      1. I would say they control them too well. This is exactly what they want: utter chaos and anarchy. The zionists want complete and utter destruction of Western Civilization, and they have unleashed upon it the most vicious and toxic forces of chaos.
        Also, I wouldn’t put too much faith in that pic or movement: Jews are notorious for, and masters of, deception and subterfuge. They don’t even hide it, or deny it. Being weak physically, and in many other respects, they have sharpened their lying and cunning skills like no other group on the planet. I call b.s. on this “femen” movement, on the basis that everything Jews do and say is based on deceit, fraud, and lies.

        1. That pic is just an illustration. A small bit of absolutely overwhelming and countless observations revealing the dark influence of a select group of very powerful Jewish elite.
          There is no lone infographic “magic bullet” to sum everything up neatly so every blinded normie can finally see the light. One must learn to start accepting patterns when they see them… break the Pavlovian training to respond to any observations made about the Jews with fear, panic, and cries of denial.
          They’re not hiding. They don’t need to hide.

  10. So true. As a university lecturer I wonder when the whole system will collapse. Even though I am in the hard sciences, I am surrounded by left wing progressives. I promote red pill theory through my class but it cannot undo a decade+ of liberal propaganda. My university is full of safe spaces, jumbo play toys (think 6 foot tall connect four), bean bags and apple products it makes me believe I am no longer teaching at a university, rather I feel like it is ‘adult daycare’.
    One day I completely expect to be fired for saying or doing the wrong thing such as attending the ROK meetup.

    1. it makes me believe I am no longer teaching at a university, rather I feel like it is ‘adult daycare’.
      No offense, but you probably are with the sad state of affairs our colleges are in. Have you looked into private, high-level tutoring (ACT/SAT prep, etc)? Might be worth looking into if you’re trying to get out of the college environment.

      1. Unlikely, there are two places in Australia that teaches the specialty. Both are universities and mainly teach post-graduates. I could easily go join the private sector, but I like the rewarding nature of my research too much.
        Also, if I quit, then these blue pill guys will get no deprogramming during their university years.

    2. In your opinion, why are colleges so radically socialist? It seems antithetical for an institution to make 9 digit annual profits to espouse socialistic practices.

      1. Government handouts and grants. In my school about 80% of the money comes from the government in one way or another. If it wasn’t for government grants for stupid projects, a bunch of people would be without work. If it wasn’t for government loans stupid kids won’t take up pointless degrees. Government subsidizes what should be privately funded and it is getting out of hand.
        Overall I see universities as private institutions that believe in corporatism, not capitalism.

        1. Makes 100% sense now. Government can set agenda policy because they pay the bills.

        2. True. I know a few climate scientists who say what the government pays them to say…
          Science shouldn’t work this way, but in today’s age, yes, it sadly does.

        3. Except it’s not science just because some asshat says it is. Science has objective definitions dude.

        4. That’s terrible man…. The medical field is the same way when doctors get a kick back from big pharma for prescribing an amount of prescriptions per year. Innovations that threaten this business model are stomped out, and stagnation occurs. It’s the theme of the 21st Century West.

        5. I used to elicit reactions like that when I was younger, it doesn’t make any change in the world other than a few seconds of enjoyment. Use your skills for something worthwhile, your future self will thank you.

        6. Geez, we need to question everything, even from our own family doctors.
          The following saying is even truer in todays age.

          In an age of universal telling the truth is a revolutionary act

        7. I agree with the professor. Stop funding stupid shit and most of the issues will go away as the previously funded idiots will have to work or die.

      2. “In your opinion, why are colleges so radically socialist? It seems
        antithetical for an institution to make 9 digit annual profits to
        espouse socialistic practices.”
        Those who who can, do; those who can’t, teach, and are naturally aligned with the welfare class and government employees.

      3. Those in positions of power within a communist government still make their 9-digit profits, in the same way that the owners of a “charity” can still collect million dollar salaries. It becomes guaranteed to them.
        The ruling class has never had to obey their own laws, their own terms. They don’t even follow the same rules now under a Republic. You think giving them even more control over every wallet in the nation will make them more honest?
        Liberal socialism is sold as “making life better for everyone.” It ends as nothing more than obedience to government and sacrificing control. They desire to live as slaves as long as Massah promises not to beat them. They crave it. Freedom is exchanged for the safety of their “trigger-free zones” with coloring books and puppies…

        1. great point- how many members of the old Politburo drove around in Mercedes Benzs?

        2. … or billionaires insisting on higher taxes for everyone, while paying not a dime more than they have to voluntarily. (Beyond donations carefully figured by accountants to further maximize tax writeoffs.)
          Everyone else must be forced to tithe before they will. “But we’re going to give away most of our extra billions when we die… we’re basically saints!” :^)

    3. Well then plan your legal case for “wrongful dismissal” carefully. If they start to harass you for whatever BS then just document everything especially emails, etc..
      Maybe raise your concerns with a lawyer before they move on you.
      At least this way you would be planning ahead rather then telling them to go fuck themselves when the can you then calling a lawyer.
      “He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious.”
      Sun Tzu.

  11. I admire the Republican students bravery, but it seems like such a huge waste of time and energy to participate in a debate at a liberal college.
    I learned in Psychology that some people never reach formal operations of reasoning. They can use logic and reason, but only in what is concrete; they are very limited in the abstract. I wonder if these people disproportionately become liberals?
    At least if the supervirus/nuclear/zombie apocalypse happens, and we’re all forced to kill or be killed, the SJWs will make colorful, easy to hit targets 🙂
    Got some good screenshots here:

        1. Tell me about it! That’s why all the memes imply that he’s going to explode because he hasn’t done x in y amount of minutes 😀

  12. I was thinking before I read this that Universities in Russia, or China, or Mexico, or Addis Ababa don’t worry about things like “safe-spaces, trigger warnings, or gender theory” — So while Rome is smouldering the folks overseas are learning how to build better airplanes, rockets, naval ships, electronics, etc.

    1. Political correctness is the enemy of scientific achievement. It was once the ultimate blasphemy and punishable by death to say the sun evolved around the earth.

    2. A good portion of the people working in America’s cutting edge fields like aircraft manufacturing, technology, etc. are foreign born. A good number of them carry this technology back to their home country. We are only doing as well as we are today in the west because we are still “coasting”. A Boeing could never be built from scratch today. Hell, we can’t even go to the moon anymore, 50 years after inventing the way to do it.

  13. The good news? The left is starting to feast on one another. They’re rabid beasts, so that’s what they do. The radicals are scaring off the moderate democrats. I know more than one moderate democrat who is either joining the Republican party or supporting neither, but voting for Donald Trump.
    Also, the right is regrowing its balls. It bowed out against the tidal wave of feminism, coupled with the influx of Marxist ideology and LGBT loudmouths. It went through a serious beta phase for multiple decades, which is why we’re at this point. But now it’s gotten too insane for them to remain quiet. The claws are coming out, so the remaining leftists who don’t destroy one another will be taken out rather easily.
    And that’s the point. The left is too irresponsible and undisciplined to maintain a steady movement. They’re falling apart. The only thing is, we don’t want them to drag down our country with them (even though they’re trying with all their might).
    This is the time where all groups opposed to this radical ideology need to put aside their petty differences and unite for the knockout punch. Then dig in and rebuild what the left has destroyed.

    1. I agree with you regarding the left eating each other. With so many conflicting views and such a strict level of intolerance for any amount of deviation, it was inevitable. My point of disagreement is the right reclaiming its balls. If you’re referring to right leaning politicians, they’re as laughably pathetic as ever. Right-leaning citizens, however, do seem to be rising up against the left’s insanity.

      1. Yea, I meant the citizens. I regard the current Republican establishment in the same light as leftists.

      2. Yeah, at this point we actually have Republican delegates and Party power-brokers telling us that the popular vote is irrelevant and that they actually decide the nominee regardless (and that all the rules can be changed).
        If true, and considering that most such delegates are either Congressmen or Republican party operatives (coupled with the corruption of the Democratic party i.e.: super delegates, etc., which we’ve now seen fabricated after the fact in Louisiana on the Republican side), then that means our President has likely been selected by mostly by the Legislative branch for awhile, clearly against the intent of checks and balances.
        The fact this is being clung to so desperately as the establishment is running scared at the chance they could loose their power choke-hold (embodied ideologically by Trump and Cruz supporters) is disturbing, amusing, enlightening, and definitely not the sign of a healthy Republic or strong Democracy (on the government’s part).
        It’s nice to see the people waking up and getting heated. Maybe there is a sliver of hope left yet, but it certainly isn’t coming out of the political parties.

    2. The left does tend to self cannibalize. The French Revolution, the Bolsheviks murdering Trotsky, Che being sold out by his own men are a few examples. I do sense a little of that tendency here on ROK between the libertarians and the alt right. The moment we stop respecting each other’s opinion is the moment we become a cannibalized mob.

      1. Exactly. The right leaning groups need to set aside those differences and see the bigger picture. Unfortunately, many of the true libertarians are being bunched with the leftists claiming to be libertarians, which has caused some rifts. That was the result of trying to expand, though. A lot of unwanted people with opposing ideologies joined the movement.

  14. Pick you up on Monopoly money. As a player since most likely before you were born, you *can* go into debt with it by ‘mortgaging’ property to the bank to raise funds. That said, it can go badly wrong for a player to use that strategy.

  15. When you see a jew on TV telling you if you vote for him he will stop greedy jews from stealing from you, we have reached Full Retard. They seem to believe that if you repeat a lie often enough it will become the truth. However, as more people shut of their TVs and mass media organs go bankrupt, its obvious they are simply deluded. After a while, the lies become a broken record, grating on your nerves and making you angry. Now you can tell who the jews and their whores are just by seeing who repeats the lies no one believes anymore.

    1. Dude, stop with the alt-right, Jew-hating crap–that benefits nothing and no one–although I do agree with you that Bern is an idiot and his plans are wildly based on fantasy.

      1. Look I’m going to be a Nazi racist White Supremacist to these people anyway, just for wanting to live in a White neighborhood. There is no point in being nice. Pointing out the enemy is hardly extreme. Leftist, liberal, socialist, etc is just misleading. These are just the labels they use.

        1. Can’t paint all Jews as supporting that leftist/liberal/socialist nonsense, though, especially given that many people embracing those labels have become antisemitic themselves.

        2. Oh come on, its not Anti-Semitism and you know it. They are against Israel because its shitting all over their oppressed brown people narrative. Now that Muslims are here they are using the fact that Palestinians are brown to attack Israel and they cannot stop them because they are brown.

        3. Well, I agree with that, given that virtually all brown people everywhere are given the DVG label by leftists and their comrades in arms. But the people posting that “greedy Jew” and “Jews and their whores” shit on sites like Stormfront are just as idiotic and delusional as the SJW/leftist crowd. There’s even a term for that far right/far left insanity–the Horseshoe Theory.

        4. Whats the point in being nice? My Father and Uncle both fought in Europe against Hitler and I’m still a Nazi. That’s all I need to know. England and America are paying the price now for helping them as they are swamped by aliens in their own country that kill and rape them.

        5. Those “aliens in Europe” today openly sided (and currently still do) with Hitler in WWII, so not quite clear on your logic.

        6. So? Who opened the door to let them in? Who won’t let us close it? We all know about the Kalergi plan. Its pretty obvious these idiots want us dead so much they will sacrifice themselves in the process. If America turns brown do you believe that Mexicans will pay taxes to provide Billions in aid to Israel? No way, but that won’t stop the inflow will it?

        7. Who let them in? Idiot leftists. Not buying into that conspiratorial neo-Nazi crap. There is definitely an immigration problem, no question, but to say Jews are behind it is monumentally insane.

        8. Why is it so insane? Because you’ve been trained to react, as instinct, to believe it is?
          A vastly disproportionate number of Jews are funding it. A vastly disproportionate number of Jews are controlling the dialog in the vastly disproportionate number of Jewish-owned media sources. These are vastly disproportionate number of Jewish billionaires that control the media, control the banks, and are demanding and damning anyone that doesn’t open their borders– while insisting Israel remain secure.
          There becomes a point where we have to wonder about your own mental health when things that are happening plainly in front of you, in plain sight hidden from no one, yet still generate some instinctive Pavlovian response of “IT MUST BE A CONSPIRACY!” from you.
          (Plain sight… as it not done during secret meetings on private islands. That’s just what a bunch of billionaire Jews did to plan their violent anti-Trump protests.)

        9. Come on, if Jews are doing everything you’re saying, why is it that they’re fleeing Europe (in countries where they’ve been well-established for centuries) and unwillingly and reluctantly immigrating to Israel? Why would they support open borders to allow countries to inundate its populace with people who clearly and openly want a second Holocaust?
          As I’ve said, leftists are idiots–and yes, there are definitely Jewish leftists. But the vast majority are not.

        10. CK, no one’s buying it anymore. As they always do, the Jews have pushed too far and the resulting backlash is inevitable. I’m a very educated person and in the top 5% in income, as are my circle of friends – so def not your stereotypical trailer trash or rednecks.
          And yet everyone I know is now wise to this. Everyone I know says we fought on the wrong side in WWII…that we were lied into the war, that we should cut off all aid to Israel immediately, and we should stop the Jewish filth pouring out of Hollywood. Oh, and everyone (and even their wives) is also hip to the Holohoax being a fraud and seriously resents this cock and bull story being shoved down their kids’ throats in school.
          I’m telling you, something is in the air…it’s building. Trump will help spark it. Btw, I tried a little experiment at work – I was talking to a guy, he’s a professional, a family man, well educated with college degree in the STEM field, makes well into the 6 figures, etc. So basically the farthest thing from some redneck or neo-nazi punk. Anyway, I was discussing how our whole society has gone down the tubes since WWII and he seemed receptive to what I was saying. So I took a chance and said “I think a lot of the problem is the Jews”. He then astonished me by loudly exclaiming “Of course it’s the damn Jews!”
          And all I could think of is, wow….how long has he kept that bottled up? As soon as I gave him the green light to go there, he did. How many like him are out there…keeping their mouths shut (for now) unless they know they can safely make such a comment…but getting angrier and angrier…
          It will get interesting. History repeats. It’s not for nothing that the Jews have been kicked out of country after country through the centuries. They always go too far.

        11. Jews have been kicked out of countries because A) they’ve been the scapegoat based on absolutely nothing for several thousand years, and B) do you really think people were intelligent and dealt with issues rationally centuries ago?
          I don’t buy into any of these neo-Nazi/Islamist memes, sorry.

    2. >They seem to believe that if you repeat a lie often enough it will become the truth.
      This is how the left operates. If you repeat a lie often enough it does become truth… at least to those who have been indoctrinated. The cult even has sources of “approved truths” to teach them to block out anyone who presents material that hasn’t been vetted and interpreted by one of their Jewish comedians first.
      Statistics are rayciss… feels are real.

  16. What I think is hypocritically hilarious about the political parties is this supposed “loyalty oath” where they asked all the candidates if they promise to support whatever shitty candidate they brand with a D or R this time around. They gave Donald Trump a really hard time because he didn’t want to agree to this. He finally did (and lost a LOT of credibility in my eyes).
    Now, the two remaining Repub. blowhards, John Kasich and Ted Cruz have said they no longer want to agree to support whoever the nominee is (HELLO DUMBASS, THATS EXACTLY WHAT “No, I won’t make such a pledge, because it depends on the person running, their leadership ability, and their position” means, but you answered “YES” instead. You can’t change your answer now!
    It’s such an absurd question. Can you imagine if your company HR chick came around and said “we’re about to hire a new CEO, can you promise that whoever the new head of Initech is, that you will remain a loyal employee here for the next 5 years?” Fuck no!

      1. It’s more like not letting Trump win the nomination. I’ve heard Republicans will actually vote for Hillary so Trumo wouldn’t win.

  17. Looks are a reflection of ideology. I’ve never seen a tattooed person with blue hair and gages in their ear who wasn’t a punk rock fan and a socialist.
    This is a good thing, profiling aids me in steering clear of them.

    1. I screen for fatties, tattoos, unnaturally colored hair (including fake redheads), feminists, socialists, religions other than Christianity (including atheism and agnosticism), deviant sexualities, nannies, caretakers, being short, drug use, single moms, whores, sluts, independent strong women, and career women.
      Still single, probably in no small amount from the above criteria, but happy.

      1. MGTOW. Because it’s better to be single and happy than to wish that you were.

  18. Good Article. I feel the same way about the college I currently attend. It also seems like you missed a good opportunity to burn down the debate hall.

      1. I left the military after seeing how it was going downhill and came out to see to see society was on a different level of degradation.

  19. I can’t believe the transformation that has taken place in the last 5 years since I got out of college. Bunch of fucking spineless cowards, everyone in college should be charging into safe spaces and verbally bitch slapping every pussy who can’t stand the thought of having their weak ideas destroyed with facts. Leftists censor out any opposing ideas because their beliefs are absolutely in opposition to reality.

  20. Can you blame boys from dropping out from the education system? It’s like everything in the education system is meant to disgust males as much as possible.

    1. I graduated from a leftist university that was 70% female and my experiences from a freshman to a senior were reason enough for me to tilt right.

  21. Totally dig the second picture. Guy looks like the bastard gay love child of the Fonz and Robert Smith from The Cure, sans the swag of course.

  22. Is that why most of the greats in the history of science tended to favor socialism?

    1. “My specific, perfect, entirely infallible brand of Communism has never been tried!”

    2. anyone who hangs around a college campus for a living will be a socialist. so there may be some great physicists or whatever who loosely endorse socialism, since they don’t create a product or service directly.

      1. ” they don’t create a product or service directly” really man! These days most every thing you see is the product of science.Oh we all have to make ‘products’ are you a Communist???

        1. BTW Steve as I see it there is a big difference between socialism and socialism ® .Socialism is what the people and the working man needs socialism ® is gay bullshit ,feminism ,reverse racism and the like.

  23. DePaul University… Or SUNY Purchase? This pretty much describes my alma mater (I’m embarrassed to admit that) in a nutshell. Liberal losers galore. When I used to have FB (since deleted… Best decision ever) I once had a liberal feminist I met there make a quip about Tom Brady getting a 4 game suspension for deflategate (eventually overturned) vs Ray Rice getting 2 games for smacking his wife (eventually suspended indefinitely) as proof men care more about balls than women (It shouldn’t shock anybody that SJWs up voted this status over 30x). I knew if I challenged the thesis of her status what would happen: she would unfriend me. For my amusement I did challenge it, and sure as the sky is blue she did unfriend me (I still laugh at the predictability of liberals). Typical liberal arrogance at its finest: if you challenge their position, rather than engage you in a general discussion of point-counterpoint, they choose to dismiss you or scream their heads off at you. The middle ground does not exist for these useful idiots.

  24. So Democrats, Republicans, and Socialists. In other words everyone in attendance agreed that the state should exist, manage society, and run our lives. It was only a debate of degree and detail, not principle.
    Meanwhile the taxpayers of Chicago get to pay for DePaul’s new basketball stadium.
    If you want to see storm erupt invite knowledgeable debate hardened anarcho-capitalist libertarians. Watch all three, democrats, republicans, and socialist come together to defend their racket.

    1. Then why don’t you libertarians actually go to college instead of wine about not being invited?

      1. Is that the best you can come up with? The simple fact is that all those debating agree on basic principles. It’s just a petty argument over degree and thus boring and of little interest.

        1. “It’s just a petty argument over degree” Um no, there are massive disagreements between these groups. Just because none of them take your stance, doesn’t mean they all have the same exact stance idiot.

        2. Name calling. It always comes to that. Why don’t you describe some principled differences between the two?

  25. There was an angry black feminist student at San Francisco State who was picking on a white student with dreadlocks. She (the black student) said that he (the white student with dreads) can’t have dreads because that’s HER culture.
    Is this what college is now? A means of SJW expressionism and violent verbal (and physical, as the video displayed) attacks between people with clashing ideas? (or, in this case, the SAME ideas, except one man wasn’t allowed to have the same ideas as his feminist-liberal nemesis).
    The saddest part of this story is that there are probably (hopefully) more black people than white people shaking their heads at this video and asking themselves what this stupid bitch was thinking. Whose culture is she standing up for by assaulting a harmless student just walking to class because of his hairstyle? I mean, did she expect the passerby to gather round and cheer this madness on?
    I’m Italian, but when I see someone drinking wine or eating spaghetti or watching Jersey Shore, I don’t grab them and ask my social-justice-warrior-sidekick where the scissors are.

    1. Don’t bet on it. The culture of victimization and perpetual anger fits well into black mentality. Look at the video again, she attacks him, convinced that her “culture” (loose word here, really) is being “stolen”.

    2. That stupid black bitch should be told that she is stealing White culture by studying subjects invented by White People at a university founded by White people, while protected by the mostly-White police from all the nasty White racists who would kill her in an instant without their protection.

  26. “..couldn’t play with toy guns as a toddler because of barbaric police shooting black youth, referencing Tamir Rice.” But Rice was shot in 2014. So this black fucktard is saying he’s only 6 years old? Yeah sounds about right.

  27. Why waste time and energy with people who have no respect for fairness in debates? They are totalitarians at heart, and the only effective way to deal with totalitarians is to be even more totalitarian than they are. And PLEASE stop being defensive in these debates! It makes me cringe whenever I see this! What I mean is this pitiful need that Conservatives have to say things like “I’m not racist, but. ..” You guys look weak whenever you do that, and nobody believes you anyway. No, the proper response is “Yes I’m a racist” (or sexist or whatever you’re being accused of), followed by “So what? ” Or if you don’t have the courage to say that, then say “Whatever, Dude”. But please don’t get defensive! Then again it’s easy for me to say this because I’m a Fascist, which is my nature. I could never be one of you Conservatives.

  28. “Lack of personal responsibility deludes incentives for individuals to help themselves, which deludes production, invention, and culture.”

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