How To Securely Communicate And Meet With Thought Criminals

Two massive outrages against us in the past six months shows that the establishment does not want us to organize offline. We’re allowed to have a monitored corner of the internet to discuss most of what we want, but we cannot meet in public without the machine whirling into action to stop us. We therefore have to take our meetings underground and conceal them from the public. I will never again allow the enemy to get as close to us as they did during the weekend of the planned international meetups.

Two Communications Tools That You Need

Men on RVF have been meeting for years. This was primarily done through the private messaging system where personal email addresses and phone numbers were exchanged. Because of the additional heat that is on us, and the fact that messages sent on the forum are not encrypted, I no longer advise you to share personal details on the forum, even through private messages. Instead, you need to set up these two means of communication:

1. Burner email address.

Sign up for an email address that you keep sandboxed away from your real identity. Here are some options for your burner email account:

  • – doesn’t ask for private information. Free.
  • Openmailbox – similar to Free.
  • Protonmail – sign up may require a donation. Hosted in Switzerland. Encrypted.
  • ShazzleMail – no server copies of mails. Smartphone only. Encrypted and free.
  • Tutanota – encrypted and free.
  • Yandex Mail – hosted in Russia. Free.

Google your burner email every few months to ensure that it is not linked to you in any way.

2. Telegram app for mobile.

Telegram is essentially a secure Whatsapp that features encrypted “secret” chats that can’t be deciphered from the cloud. It also gives you a username that allows you to communicate with others without them knowing what your phone number is. Choose a username that is different from your RVF username or ROK commenting handle since friends who have your phone number will be able see your Telegram username, and make sure that all of your chats are using the secret feature to take advantage of full encryption. The app is available on Android, iPhone, and Windows.


When you want to meet someone from the forum, share your burner email or Telegram username and then arrange your meeting. Telegram has the additional benefit of allowing you to create private groups to arrange meetings of more than two people.

It’s also possible to meet someone through ROK comments. In that case, set your Disqus profile to public so that men can vet you through your posting history. When you want to meet someone, arrange it in a comment thread by sharing your burner email. I advise you not to post your Telegram username publicly. Be cautious of unsolicited messages from people you don’t know.

Meeting In Public Locations

Arrange your meeting in a public venue of your city. Outside of international meetup day, we’ve never had a situation where someone acted as a poseur in order to meet with members. Nonetheless, you always have the right to get up and leave if the person you’re meeting acts shady by bringing someone without notifying you beforehand or spending too much time on their phone.

During your initial meeting, don’t ask overly specific personal questions. Examples…

Good question: “What kind of work do you do?”
Bad question: “What is the name of your company?”

Good question: “How old are you?”
Bad question: “What is your exact birth date?”

Good question: “What area of the city do you live in?”
Bad question: “What is your street address?”

Good question: “What is your first name?”
Bad question: “What is your last name… and your social security number?”

Good question: “What do you think of Kratom?”
Bad question: “What do you think of rape?”

Do not to take any pictures of the men you’re meeting with and do not share details of that meeting with outsiders.

Establishing Trust

Trust is not automatic or instant. It takes many hours to get to know someone else and understand what type of person they are. While it’s easy to fake a persona online, it’s exceedingly difficult to do so in real life. It will probably take you less than five minutes to spot any poseur that you happen to meet, especially since male feminists have gay mannerisms, gay speech cadence, gay style, and gay hair.


The gay face of a male feminist. He was arrested while protesting our New York meetup.

One reliable way to convey trust with someone you’re meeting is to have reputation points on the forum (or comment upvotes on ROK). It has yet to happen that a forum member with over 5 rep points turned out to be a feminist infiltrator. Therefore if you want to meet other men, first contribute genuine value on the forum or ROK.

If you have zero reps and a low post count, don’t be surprised if senior members decline to meet with you. What benefit do they have for meeting a complete stranger who has yet to contribute anything to the community? Personally, I wouldn’t take that chance. While you may be eager to meet other like-minded men, put in your dues first by spending at least three months building your reputation by sharing information that is difficult to fake by a poseur.

Personal Risks For Getting Involved

We are a counter-cultural movement. The establishment and its proxies (e.g. media organizations, Anonymous, universities, municipal governments, etc.) have done everything they could to shut me down and scare you away while linking our masculine philosophy to rape and evil. This is occurring because we’ve reached a point where our ideas are starting to hurt their agenda and narrative. Getting involved in our community may make you a target, especially if you ignore the precautions I’ve written above.

While I don’t anticipate future worldwide mob action against us, I can’t rule out an act of God that comes in the form of targeted hack attempts or government infiltration. It has never happened that men who got involved in a counter-cultural movement were not taking on risk, and we are no exception. Of course we can minimize that risk, but understand that the benefits of meeting men who share your “dangerous” beliefs comes with a downside of being seen as a thought criminal of the establishment. On the bright side, thousands of men have already accepted this risk, so you will not be alone.


The meetup outrage of February 2016 changes the protocol but not the mission. We will still organize and meet offline, but it will be invisible to the general public. From this point on, only men who are vetted by myself or someone I trust can lead tribes in their cities. These tribes will not be announced through the public like before and there will be no updated map showing their locations. You will have to know someone in order to enter or prove your alignment with our beliefs.

The establishment has shown that they can hurt us if our activities are public, so we’re going underground. We will walk among them, meet under their noses, and they will have absolutely no knowledge of our activities, which will continue to be legal like it always has been. They may have interrupted our plans in the short term, but our adaption to their attack methods will ensure success from this point on. The fight is just getting started.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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        7. there is a joke to be made about raping someone in the office and having them audibly groan.

        8. I could tell you some very, very funny stories about my current situation with that. Crazy shit always happens to me.

        9. I bet – would love to hear them. I have been lucky in my professional life to work in small offices comprised mostly of men, with only female assistants. My current job is more diverse but we have a pretty feckless HR department. Still, I know how things work and have made it a point to keep my head low and avoid interacting in anything but business.

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          You’ll be able to purchase them using our RapeMattress app.

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      1. I asked a girl if she wanted to play a game called rape. She said No. I told her “that’s what I call getting right into the spirit of things”

        1. Or the firetruck game, you reach your hand up her leg and tell her to say redlight when she wants you to stop. When she does you keep going maintaining eye contact and say “Firetrucks don’t stop for red lights.”

    1. I always ask chicks that on the first date. It sets the tone for the entire evening.

    2. Yeah, looks like I need to change my normal opening for small talk…”So how many have you raped in the last year?” What is this world coming to!

    3. Well, maybe if I were a farmer I’d say the crop is good. ( rape or rapeseed in the EU is called canola in the US)

    1. I just got Telegram set up, didn’t know about it until now.

        1. Got it, but can’t seem to sign into the group. Will look at it more after work.

      1. You haven’t heard about the telegram yet? It’s loads faster than the Pony Express.

    2. How safe is it though?
      I looked it up on Wikipedia and apparently some Russian millionaire made it after he fled Ukraine when he did not comply to unlawful orders to fork over information about people during the time he was a CEO at a different company.

        1. “Upon leaving Russia, he obtained Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship through donating $250,000 to the country’s Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation, and secured US$300 million in cash within Swiss banks. This allowed him to focus on creating his next company, Telegram, which was originally based in Berlin and focused on an encrypted messaging service”.
          Seems legit but who knows

        2. Sounds kind of like the American guy John McAfee, who doesn’t really play by traditional rules but is a civil libertarian and would tell the gummint to go jump in a lake if they wanted access to your data. By the way, did you know that the USA now sells citizenship too? It’s twice the price of Saint Kitts & Nevis, but much more valuable (UK and US passports allow most travel freedoms–I’d give the edge to UK for the freedom to live and work anywhere in the EU)

        3. That’s awesome. I’d be more comfortable with an ROK made style Telegram *hint, hint* but this might be ok.
          I’d choose the US though purely out of convenience. EU is a shitstorm right now that seems like is being run by a maxi-pad brigade. But 100’s of K’s just to sell my rights to any country or syndicate is a bad deal. Rezident 4 lyfe.

        1. True. I found it kinda suspect when ROK started spamming it through pop-ups a little while ago so I thought I’d ask. On the surface it looks ok though.

  1. It has yet to happen that a forum member with over 5 rep points turned out to be a feminist infiltrator.
    Holy fuck, I’m like Satan to feminists by that standard!
    When you want to meet someone, arrange it in a comment thread by sharing your burner email.
    Or do what I do, put the email in your profile so that you can hover over the icon and see it.
    I suspect that in the future world, there will be tales of our deeds of daring doo, all laced with many hearty references to Kratom, and electrolytes.

        1. I was more referencing my Disqus account. Guess that wasn’t even slightly clear.

        2. As well as alluding to it! I like to allude to things that I’m eluding.

        3. This is what you get for stealing words from our beautiful latin-rooted language, you devilish english speakers.

        4. If I could only go back in time and give England a head’s up about those Normans floating over on their rubber boats, I would. I like English in it’s more Germanic form.

        5. Don’t be silly. Where would you be without the great frenchization of your language ? The closest from French a language sounds, the more elvolved it is.
          Shakespeare would not have happened without us.
          In fact, one could say, that, in a way, Shakespeare was French.

        6. Our language would be beautiful, natural feeling, without flowery alien words in it that do NOT fit the proud Anglo Saxon tongue. We had a mighty language at one time, full of strength and fury and poetry. Beowulf would not have been possible in the flowery pseudo-latin that was brought over by the Normans.
          I actually love French, but part of me wonders at how much better we’d been retaining most of our Germanic language. I kind of know where it would be linguistically, very close to Frisian and Dutch, which are beautiful unto themselves in my opinion.
          I see the intended slight with Shakespeare, but to be honest I’m not particularly fond of most of his stuff, heh.
          Unabashed is *so* going to trigger you with that picture for trying to do that though!

        7. “very close to Frisian and Dutch, which are beautiful unto themselves in my opinion”.
          Good Lord, how can someone in his right mind want to sound like one of these Flemish barbarians ?
          Instead of trying to conquer them, we should have all impaled them on their barbaric goedendags that killed so many of our glorious French knights.

        8. Frisian, dude, not Flemish. Frisians live in the Netherlands on the North Sea, Germany and parts of Denmark. Their language is almost, but not quite, mutually intelligible with Dutch, and is the closest related living language to English. They are a very small minority language in all of those areas, it’s basically dying.

        9. But Dutch does sound a lot like Flemish to my ears ! Thanks for learning me about the Frisians, by the way, never heard about them before. I’m listening to this language on youtube right now.
          I also forgive you for your ungratefulness toward our Norman conquerors..

        10. The more masculine languages would sound very similar to somebody from the more latin based languages. All rough and hewn with strength and power that likely seem alien to the soft, gentle feminine latin language to which his ear is accustomed.

        11. Ha ! That’s enough ! I’ll meet you tomorrow at first down for a chainsaw duel. I’ll send you my seconds to night to take care of the details. Do not forget to confess for tomorrow you’ll meet your maker after an unpleasant agonie ponctuated by guttural Flemish sounding rattles and supplications.

        12. I would chainsaw duel you, but I find it difficult to take threats seriously if they’re uttered in French. I’m apt to confuse whatever you’re saying for flirting, and then get really grossed out. Which, I guess, would lend you an advantage on the field.

        13. Well well, I guess I can forgive you these harsh words ; the ears of a filthy Saxon poacher are always likely to mistake noble refinement and class for effeminacy and softness.

        14. I will admit though that your flowery language does sound quite refined when it’s filtered through the sounds of a surrender flag flapping in the wind on the smoking field of battle. Why, it almost sounds like poetry then.
          Fun day.

        15. Cela a été un plaisir d’échange. J’espère que le reste de votre journée se passe bien.

        16. Ah here comes the traditional cheap shot, but I expected it. Yes, my dear friend, we did surrender once or twice.
          One cannot win them all, especially when one has been fighting countless wars long before the appearance of the first glimmer of concupiscence in the eye of a Saxon blooded Flemish sounding pig farmer that would give birth to the grand-father of the first English-speaking American.
          I’ve enjoyed this.
          Best regards.

      1. Don’t know about that. Some guys of the forum seem to be looking down on ROK guys.

        1. What the fuck is it with that kind of thing? Men better start realizing that we have a common cause and a common enemy and knock off this superiority shit, fast.

        2. Heh – the number one reason why we are where we are is because the pool of people from whence we need to derive a solution is the same pool that comprises the cause of the problem.
          This is why i am the way I am, a mentality of being ready to “steal a lifeboat and GTFO” the second the need to do so becomes apparent.

        3. Dunno – never spent a lot of time at Chateu or RooshV – that said my count is low here because after over a year I switched names…

  2. All great advice, I have Telegram installed and would like to use it but seems like very few of my contacts have it and use Whatsapp. I also use tutanota because it was easier to signup with but the reality is protonmail is nicer. Also, tutanota is in Germany and we all know that Germany is turning into a police state to control dissent since you know right wing “extremists” are the real problem and the 5th world Muslims aren’t. Prontonmail on the other hand is in Switzerland (most beautiful country I have ever been to, and Ive been to alot)

      1. Paid billions for it, and yet there are zero ads on whatsapp…. Hmmmmmmmmmm…………..

        1. I think one of the founders was about to marry orlando bloom’s ex, a supermodel, but he wanted her to sign a pre-nup…not all techies are dolts

      2. Im aware of this, it’s also not open source even though they have added alot of “encryption” lately. It’s also worth noting that Facebook is actively cooperating with the Genocide in Europe but specifically Germany by revealing the identities of people accused of witchcraft….errr “racism”

        1. Be wary of anything that limits any form of speech period. Any mutherfucker that can’t say mutherfucker in a mutherfucker is a mutherfucker.

        2. I don’t think they’re going to win there’s major stirrings of dissent even in the mainstream but we cannot afford to relax at all the enemy is also not giving up that easily.

    1. I’ve been using protonmail since January and while there are a few “flow” aspects to the web interface that could use some work regarding loading large message streams, it’s pretty nice. The phone app actually is better for reading messages IMO.

  3. If you want to know if the other guy is from RoK ask this question, there is only one right answer:
    “What is the essence of life?”
    Right Answer: “Kratom brother, Kratom.”

    1. Other answers which are acceptable but not limited to include:
      But Kratom is the key that unlocks all locks…

  4. GREAT Question: “Billy, do you like movies about gladiators?”
    Also we should get a major movement together and all get BlackPhones.

  5. @Roosh
    I signed up on a form for a meetup where you’re going. Of course won’t go into details, however I referenced this Disqus handle as my “proof” of being totally hip and cool. Not sure I did it right though, so if you see “me” on the application, well, it’s actually me, this account. I don’t have a forum ID yet, but have a bajillion posts here through Disqus. FYI

      1. Brother, I am ten pounds of awesome in a five pound bag.

      1. I’ve been getting a lot of “you look so much like XYZ celebrity” these last couple of months. It ain’t Ron Perlman, I’ll tell you that much for free. But it is *highly* flattering, so I’m golden.

  6. Question suggestion: How’d ya like to mow my lawn, hmmmmmmmm

  7. Anyone else just get totally pumped by the way he ends it? “The fight is just getting started.” Love it.
    This is the second Revolutionary War, boys.
    Saddle up.

  8. Apps like Burner are good for acquiring an anonymous phone number.
    Also unless you are driving or need to present ID to get into a bar, there is no law that mandates you carry any form of ID. It is best to take public transit to a meet up location or walk (even if a long distance). If you have to drive leave your wallet in the car. Pay in cash.
    Furthermore, state early on that no one should check their phone during the meet up. If they must tell them to do it in the bathroom. Anyone who want agree to this term is most likely a feminist infiltrator trying to get video or pictures of the attendees.

    1. Re: ID to get into a bar.. I wonder if there is any law against misrepresenting yourself privately. In other words if I had an ID that said I was Maximillian Rape, would there be anything wrong with that? Assuming I am over the legal drinking age anyway. I usually pay cash, but often I’m carrying my wallet because bars ask for ID. (Note: One should always identify oneself correctly to a police officer who has cause to ask.)

      1. The bar won’t let you in if it isn’t you at the least- I’m pretty sure it is some kind of ID theft to misrepresent yourself.

      2. Carrying an ID that is of a person that is not you is not illegal in most jurisdictions. The act of misrepresentation for an official purpose is what is illegal. (Again, laws differ so make sure to check your state and local laws before carrying an ID of someone that is not you). If some feminist infiltrator asked to see your ID and you gave him/her/it a fake one that is usually not an illegal act. If you gave it to a cop then you are most likely committing a crime.

        1. Heh, well I’m several years past needing a fake ID, wouldn’t even know where to get them anymore but good to know…

      3. When I get carded at bars (what the fuck?) I always pull out my Concealed Handgun License. It’s a photo id provided by the state, which is totally legitimate in the eyes of the law. The looks I get, and half the time the “So…you’re not carrying now right” idiotic question. heh

        1. That’s another thing that drives me nuts. These police state worshippers who will card 30 or 40 or 50 year old men. The last time I got carded, and didn’t have my wallet, I asked the guy “Do I REALLY look like a teenager to you?” He let me in. But I’ve been turned away and seen it happen to older guys too. It’s this mindless mentality of follow a rule no matter how asenine or rapey it may seem.

        2. Same. Saw a dude with a WW2 vet hat on, with a cane, who was clearly in his 80’s or 90’s, get carded. I gave the cashier a piece of my mind, apologized to the dude on their behalf, then left my shit on the counter for them to put away after I walked away. That shit steams me.

        3. Without exaggeration, I honestly wonder how many of these guys have moments where they question the wisdom of fighting the Nazis.

        4. Problem is, the laws are getting worse and worse by the day. It used to be that the person could use their better judgment when carding someone. Now, if they don’t card EVERY SINGLE PERSON, they run the risk of getting screwed legally. A local restaurant just got fined by an off-duty cop for serving him alcohol without carding him.

        5. Oh, I’d serve that fucker one hell of a nice beer, I would, after a stunt like that. He probably would want to avoid drinking it though.

        6. I know it is state law in Tennessee to card everyone. It is basically the states way of saying they assume that everyone working in the service industry is functionally retarded.
          To be honest, the policy does help in some places. The bar/restaurant owner doesn’t have to worry about the judgment of some college age employee and the employee doesn’t have to worry about offending because “it’s the law”

        7. As somebody who has worked a shitty gas station clerk job to put myself through school, you were in the wrong. It’s not the clerks fault. State laws require to check everybody’s ID and the employee can get fined and/or fired for not carding everybody. Blame the system, not the stooge who is trying to make a buck. My livelihood takes precedent over an old coot’s feel feels.

        8. I blame people who follow stupid ass laws when it is plain as the sun in the sky that the man was nearly a century old. No, fuck people that mindlessly obey laws to that extent. The “just following orders” excuse died at Nuremberg. We’re Americans, we’re supposed to have more common sense than to kowtow to every stupid ass idea politicians come up with.

        9. Wow, what a shitty precedent. To this day, I (mostly) only frequent the bars that never carded me when I was underage. So it’s actually illegal to serve an 80 year old man a beer in your state if he doesn’t have his “papers”?

        10. Thanks, Godwin. Great in theory, but not so practicable when jobs that are flexible, hell, any jobs, are scarce. Ask to the manager next time, but leave the poor working stiff alone.

        11. While true for the borderline stuff (and it can be, I’ll grant that), the old standard of “if you look under 30, you get carded” was grounded in some level of common sense. Carding WW2 vets, to me, is insulting (or anybody that old).

        12. I got to side with gundog on this one. Some kid who is putting himself through college or helping support a family working at a restaurant or a convenience store isn’t fighting a revolution, he is just trying to earn a buck in what is a pretty shitty job to begin with. If someone lamest generation fool gets all grumpy because he has to actually take a card out of his wallet and show it to someone, fuck ’em. I mean, it can be done with tact “i know how silly this is sir, but I have to ask you for your id”
          If the kid isn’t being a tool about it, recognizes it is ridiculous and is just doing his job….tough shit for the geezer.”

        13. Godwin isn’t always wrong.
          I’ll do as I wish. These kids really need to stop complying with all of these idiot laws. The only power government has over us, is the power we give it through compliance.
          I used to be borderline anarcho-capitalist at one time, heh, in case it isn’t obvious.

        14. agreed here…but again, who to blame. It is a stupid policy. Some kid who has a crappy job where he has no voice in the company and just is getting a paycheck shouldn’t be blamed on that score.

        15. The guy didn’t say anything or get grumpy, I did. I’m just so fucking sick and tired of “just comply…..there we go…”. We’re supposed to be better than this.

        16. HA. It’s ok, I have no knowledge other than that one fact and doing a “holler and swallar” at tootsies.
          First ya holler.
          Then you swallar!

        17. He’s not blamed for the law, he’s blamed for not having enough common sense to understand that the man clearly didn’t need carded, law or no law. People need to start hearing about what they’re doing that is really stupid, or they’ll never learn.
          It was a one time thing, I normally don’t say anything. And I flash my CHL if they ask for ID, just to put some starch in their shorts.

        18. Yeah, it is silly. I only know about tobacco and as far as I know, it is illegal to sell smokes to anybody who doesn’t have ID.
          I took a TAMS class a while back to get certified to pass out beers at soirees of a professional group I was part of and learned that you can sign an affidavit at the bar stating you are of age. The bar is then freed from liability I believe.

        19. Don’t disagree, but again, when you are putting yourself through school and don’t have the (I hate to use the word) privilege of choosing not to participate, I’m not sacrificing my school and well being for somebody else’s ego.

        20. I am fine with your CHL shorts starching….I just feel for kids forced to obey arbitrary and asinine rules. I worked my ass off at a lot of jobs when I was younger where I did loads of stuff that was on the scale from stupid to shameful to down right evil. Yeah, I could have found my sack and stood on principles, but my landlord wasn’t about to be very proud of me for doing it ya know.

        21. Because it was within walking distance, paid alright, and had hours not during class time??

        22. When G20 happened laws were changed in a matter of hours and instead of people only being carded within the fenced in zones they built, it was switched to carding everybody within a certain footage distance on the outside of the fence. There were no repercussions just a change of guard to appease the peasants from the inevitable violence and aggression that was used on the people then.
          Check out how they box-in protestors and one-by-one pull them away and carted them off to make-shift holding cells where hundreds were being held.

        23. I agree with you wholeheartedly, I saw a guy that must have been sixty that just wanted to buy a lighter for some reason and got carded, he went bonkers, he was like “how do I look under 18 I have a white mustache and haven’t had hair in years”

        24. Yeah that’s why Im glad some places have variations on what age you have to card, some are 30+ some are 60+ some are all ages, when I worked at a local head shop it was 30+ so I never carded anyone that had white hair or could grow a full beard, I figured if they had those two traits then I was pretty safe, but there were some people that even tho u had the 30+ age rule some of the people just carded everyone, those people I thought were clowns.

        25. that shit annoys the hell out of me, I have found it that the oldies never card me when I got to liquor stores but the kids in there 20’s always do, wonder why

        26. Yep me and my friends have a place we always go for happy hour on the weekends because they serve over 20 beers on tap for 2 dollars and under. Haven’t carded since maybe the third time we’ve went there, sometimes they’ll give us a free round of shots too, places like this will always get my business as they know how to treat a customer, unlike most places now where it’s just give us you money and leave.

        27. It sure was. Kirstie Ally was brilliant, she’d go from confident career gal to “whydoesnthewanttobemyboyfriend??” whenever Robin Colcord entered the bar. Hilarious

        28. They don’t check your ID to verify your age. They check your ID to see if you actually have valid ID. Its in case some shit goes down and they have to call the cops or something and report you. You must have looked like a homeless man that time.

        29. Managed a liquor store for a couple of years in Santa Fe; it isn’t the mindless following.
          States are actively looking for opportunities to fuck you over. Used to get two or three ‘dummy’ customers from ATF into the shop a year, just to make sure that we verified i.d. If we didn’t, the shop lost it’s license and had to pay a $250,000 fine AND the EMPLOYEE who forgot to ask ALSO had JAILTIME and was required to pay a $75,000 fine.
          The law, in some states, at least, is that you CHECK I.D., as well as not sell to underage kids. We checked EVERYBODY.

        30. I should really read the rest of the comments when I comment as ‘after the fact’ as I do. *sigh*

        31. That’s probably subliminally why I haven’t stepped foot in a state liquor store in the last decade. I bring back my allowed 2 liters of duty free liquor whenever I travel, and that seems to stock my bar with everything I need. When I’m purchasing abroad, I’m never carded or hassled, and you can often buy from a grocery store, and drink it wherever you want to. The bottle can even be seen out of its paper bag, although I don’t typically start drinking like a bum. Just nice to be free to if one wishes. Here, there are certain parts of my city where you can’t even carry your drink outside of the bar, that is some type of crime. There are so many rules and taxes around alcohol, not to mention the harsh punishment for DUI, that I really don’t bother anymore. I drink out maybe 2 to 4x per year.

        32. That poor girl. In her prime she was uber hot, then pigged out to the point that I didn’t even recognize her any longer. Such a shame to see a beauty turn into a beast in the span of a few short years.

        33. Agreed. I don’t think I’ve even been in a bar in the last ten years, or so.
          One of the benefits of living abroad is that you can also make and sell your own liquor without ATF raiding your house and killing your dog. In fact, in some places, the local government might even want to help sponsor you, to help get you going. Not that I condone that, of course, but it demonstrates the difference in attitude.
          The entire law code in the U.S. needs to be scrapped and re-written, using the concepts of common law and general, clear principles.
          As many of the Saints, including Maximus and Aquinas, have said: clear, firm, just and equitable laws turn criminals into citizens; confusing, oppressive laws that are always changing turn citizens into criminals.

  9. Lots of good ideas here.
    There have been, for a long time, predictions it will go this way. Remember, your best priority is your “crew”.
    For a crew/tribe, here are some tips:
    – nobody who comprises a liability should be in it. That is, nobody who is bound to an ideology that could call on them to betray you. That would be homos, tradcons, married men (whose access to their kids can be taken hostage)
    – ANYBODY who is lacking anti-fragility. What I mean by that is if everything they have relies on keeping the office job and one day that is being threatened they will likely buckle. Anti-fragility is being able to tell SJWs to go fuck themselves and not risk ending up living in a cardboard box.
    (And that we have achieved this state is what tells me that every dead American and British soldier died for NOTHING)
    – at no time is a woman to be in charge of anything or determining any course of action. Any woman wishing to be in such a position is history – get rid of her. Even the Bible wrote of the folly of taking directions and decisions from women. How do you think mankind fell out of the garden in the first place? The ancients were not fucking around.
    – no criminals, addicts, simps, etc. I would even go so far as “no married” but not every married fellow is a beta simp who is going to flip the minute the pussy faucet is turned off. Addicts are worthless, and criminals cannot be trusted. You have to determine what “criminal” is though. There was once a time when to get a felony conviction you had to be a real criminal, but now felony charges and “charge stacking” are common in the Fucked Up States of Afuckica, handed out like candy. So judge on your own.
    – encrypt everything. Even if it’s a recipe for beer, encrypt it. If every message had to be decrypted, the power needs of that alone would crash even the biggest data centers.
    Does it seem like a tall order? Indeed it is. It’s a very tall order. But if you work towards it every single day, even a little at a time, you will get there.

    1. I’m not married but enough on the whole “guys who are married are the enemy”. Marriage might be a bad deal for men these days, but men who desire a family are still marrying. That doesn’t mean they are the devil. I know plenty of married Alpha males and marriage has been an institution in the West for at least 3000 years. You can’t expect it to just fade away in a flash. It will take another 20-40 years of the current trends to see it fade from the mainstream. Until then being a married man is just a legacy and doesn’t necessarily make them the enemy.

      1. Thank you. I’m married. I’ve mostly de-brainwashed my wife and she is a stay at home mom who wants a partnership. She recognizes that divorce-raping me is a terrible long-term strategy, so when she has a problem, we talk about it.
        Marriage is very economically efficient, and having a partner, instead of a series of holes is better for the long run. (Don’t get me wrong, I really, really miss 19 year old hotties, but I had a good run in my 20’s and my wife keeps herself in good shape.)

        1. I don’t get the whole marriage-hate thing in the manosphere. I get that it can be a bad wrap for most guys. That’s fine. Just don’t get married if that is what you think. But, it is not like the single side of the coin is all benefits. As a single guy I got sick for a few months and had to take a leave of absence. Living alone and far from family I had two choices. 1) Move back in with my parents paying rent for an empty apartment or 2) get a part time nurse at a high cost. I chose 2 but it left me wondering if I had a wife if I would have been better off (the nurse, partly covered by health insurance, cost me about $10,000 out of pocket still..I also had a loss of income, partly made up by a disability claim, that taxed my savings quite a bit). Point being, a wife is taking on risk and liability, but not marrying also has risks and liability.
          What I tell people is decide what you want in life and then live it accordingly. Don’t let the boogie man of “what if” make decisions for you.

        2. I think a lot of it is fear of getting fucked over- fear of losing out on all that new pussy- fear of losing opportunities to run game. They don’t realize that being alone when your old will fill you with regret, or that running game on a different girl every night gets stale.
          But- I’m speaking generally. What’s right for me may not be what’s right for thee.
          The reason I’m here is because the feminists and other prog thought police need someone to stand up to them.
          Anyone here ride motorcycles and are in northern Washington State or Lower Mainland BC?

        3. If you marry right a wife becomes an investment. Children also. Change your thinking.

        4. Endless nights and days of sarging are not the lifestyle for everyone. It might sound like a “sexy” way to live your life, but even guys like Roosh are showing signs of fatigue. I say it should be a way you live for 7-10 years when you are younger. But, after that use your lady seducing skills to find an LTR that is quality.

        5. Why would i need to “change my thinking”? What did I say to suggest that either having a wife or not having a wife is a good/bad thing? I plainly stated both sides of the fence have benefits/risks/liability.

        6. Approaching 4 years of being with my wife (just got married a few months ago). Every time I have pangs of want for the old days of chasing tail, I actually think about going out to a bar today and then start on some new project I now have time for and it quickly fades.

        7. Give it time. 4 years is just the beginning, the honeymoon phase really. When you’ve been with her 10 plus years and hit your 40’s and 20-30 something women are throwing themselves at you, those bad thoughts of “that kind of life would suck” don’t come up as often.

        8. Haha, true, true. Clearly in the honeymoon phase. I’m banking on having made the right choice. The woman just bought a book on raising goats, so I figure I can just go milk the goats and make some cheese to take my mind off it.

        9. We all walk down that trail man. If things are working out great for you 10+ years down the line, then fantastic, milk them thar goats! If not, well, that’s between you and your conscious. I begrudge no man his choices.

        10. I’m pretty dedicated to making this shit work. I’m pretty much a liberal hippie, but I believe if you are going to do it, marriage should be a serious and one time thing.

        11. You always struck me as mostly libertarian. Interesting.
          Make it work, by all means. If something doesn’t work out, and it can’t be fixed, at that point, well, do what you gotta do. But making it work is always the first option until it can’t or won’t.
          Hard to give too much advice like this because it sounds so amoral and, well, “wrong”, but I’m just trying to be realistic I guess.

        12. She got a real purty mouth….
          Wait, did I just write a phrase that mocks Southerners, to a Southerner? What the hell has the world come to?

        13. I got ya. Your wisdom is appreciated.
          I’ve stated on here before, mostly libertarian, left leaning, but cynical as fuck, and it really depends on what side of the bed I wake up on. I have trouble reconciling my desire and ability to be left alone with the massive amounts of idiots incapable of basic reasoning and life skills dragging us down. Can’t really say that one system of political thought is the correct one. Pros and cons to each, and thus far nobody has been able to prove one way works the best.

        14. Yes, mentioned it below. Will work on it when I get off of “work” here, I have to be “virtually available”.

        15. Mostly social issues.
          Don’t give a flying fuck about abortion. Not my business.
          Don’t care about gay marriage. State sponsored marriage is a different thing than church sanctioned marriage. A partnership is a partnership.
          Not religious and I want “under God” out of the pledge as it was originally written. I want church out of schools and the state.
          Drugs – legalize. Our prison industrial complex is fucked.
          Not strictly against single payer, universal healthcare, if designed and implemented correctly. I’ve dealt with enough private insurance to know they are ran poorly and that they artificially inflate costs.
          Not against taxing the ultra wealthy. I have trouble believing somebody making $20 million a year is actually working harder, or contributing to society more, than the plumber pulling in $60K, and that having to give up $10 million in tax is such a disincentive that he will stop working. There’s an imbalance somewhere that has to be addressed.
          Don’t necessarily believe in the bootstrap theory. People born to poor and stupid people don’t necessarily have the ways and means to get out of that. I however, don’t believe that the left wing feel good, massive social program, welfare system is going to fix that. Seems to me that some sort of welfare/work system would be much more effective.

        16. Only 3 of those are not libertarian positions.

        17. Honestly, I just thought you might have done a stint in jail at some point…
          If you really want to mock us y’all haf ta git downtuh tha nitty gritty. Say sumfin’ ’bout our one-toofed sister-wife or tha way we’s alwayz goin’ on ’bout eatin’ grits and taters near the crick iffen we can’t manage ta git ta that thar Sizzler. Or hows we be drinkin’ and hootin’ n hollerin’ n carryin on to all ars, muddin’ around on dem for wheelers and shootin’ up a storm.

        18. I know. Just noting that most of the social issues, except single payer, higher tax on 1% and bootstrap, are in fact default libertarian positions.

        19. True. I guess I just really don’t like quantifying and labeling my political leanings so tend towards the hyperbolic.
          My utopia is a world where housing associations are dead and we are all growing victory gardens in our front lawns and eating grass-fed, non GMO organic meat (voluntarily labeled as such, not under the mandate of government agencies), everybody working jobs that allow for basic necessities, including healthcare, raising families, playing non-video games, and leaving each other the fuck alone. So whatever system that is, I want that.

        20. I can agree with that, sounds like the idealized vision of the US portrayed in 1950-60s television like The Andy Griffith Show which some Americans did actually get to live (and I believe was what motivated the entire back-to-nature push of the early Hippie/Flower Child movement, though that’s well before my time), until government grew completely out of control.
          Simply put, we’d now be much better off if the government had stayed out of social issues and legislating behavior.

        21. I sound just like all of my neighbors (at least when I “put on” the accent pretty heavy), so it could be, of course my nearest neighbor lives about a mile away. They say some people all look alike, I think maybe Southerners tend to sound a lot alike to people who aren’t.

        22. Depends. The ol’ interwebs says I’m either in TX, AR, or LA, guess proxies do work, that or I can hop across the borders pretty quick. 🙂

        23. At the same time, I don’t fully believe in the market forces to get us there. I grew up in an area where our trout streams were red and lifeless from mine run off, I’ve seen the destruction of wildlife from mountaintop mining, and read the studies of decimated fish populations due to power plant effluence. I have trouble just shrugging and saying, oh well, the invisible hand will fix it. A libertarian approach only works if people are intelligent, reflective, thoughtful, and careful. Unfortunately, as we know, so many people are selfish, narcissistic, and greedy.
          It’s like I’m writing in my journal today. Haha, but since I am positing this on ROK, in the end, I am a cis-scum, shitlord rapist, right?

        24. I am a cis-scum, shitlord rapist, right?
          Hey hey hey, that’s MISTER cis-scum, shitlord rapist. Have some pride.

        25. Is that different? Do they use a different topping on their grits or something?

        26. Well, I can tell the difference by accent if someone is from Georgia or Texas, Alabama or Lousiana. Or even Arkansas and Tennessee.
          Also, the Carolinas seemed to have more mosquitoes than is anybody’s business (at least when I visited the coast there).

        27. Texas I can tell. Louisiana as well. The rest sound interchangeable to me.
          Now a Western accent, I can differentiate those pretty well for some reason, even though I know intellectually that they come from the Southern accent(s) mostly, due to migration out west after the Civil War by a lot of former Confederates.

        28. Someone on here was from Little Rock, I’ve been there before, and I’ve been to Houston and New Orleans, but then I’ve visited everywhere North, South, and East of those three states at some point.

        29. Haha, I’m caught up my workload, slacking off today, and actually filling out a long ass application to become the Honorable cis-scum, shitlord rapist.

        30. Indiana has no real discernable difference to Ohio (central Ohio I mean). We’re a mixed bag. The north, as you say, yoopers, and when you hit southern Ohio it turns into semi-Kentucky, accent wise. Iowa is pretty close too until you get to the western part.

        31. Yeah, that too. Southern Ohio is where it starts to basically hick out, accent wise.
          The broad band in the middle of Ohio from east to west though, one of the most boring, bland accents on God’s green earth, bar none.

        32. A good way of finding out what part of the south you are in is buy how they say ‘coke’. In some places it’s ‘pop’, in some ‘soda’ and others, the afore-mentioned ‘coke’. I remember being in Charleston, years ago, and ordering a coke only to have the waitress bring me a Dr. Pepper. 0_o

        33. In South Carolina, at least on the coast, it’s the gnats that get ya. Now up around Assateague Island? Yeah, the NC state bird can get pretty scary and out of hand.

        34. It’s the alpha male “wall”. You reach a point where more pussy just doesn’t get you very excited anymore. Just more meaningless snatch and fleeting pleasure. Some guys hit it and others don’t. If you’re lucky you find a decent woman, have some kids and realize that fatherhood and family is where the lasting joy is found. The orgasm of life so to speak.

        35. I know some younger guys deny that men also have a “wall” of some sorts. But, they do. It tends not to be looks (that is if you keep yourself fit). It has more to do with frustration, sometimes loneliness, and a longing for something more fulfilling. This doesn’t mean it happens for every guy, but I have run into many guys who are asking the same question – “is this it?”. For some men the answer is “yes…enjoy your life…find some adventure…and take hot women along with you”. For others it is “no….find a quality wife…have a few kids…reduce your liabilities and risk…raise a family”. What path is for you is for only you to choose though.

        36. Well put. That’s exactly right. A very different wall than the one facing women and, yes, not all guys experience it. Many do which makes the feminist ethos and lack of marriage-quality women in the West very unfortunate for Western men and society. Of course, as well understood by men that read ROK, it hurts women far more but most of them are too deluded to see it. Chances are a lot better for a 40+ year-old man to go abroad and bring back a young wife with strong female marriage qualities. I know a 52 year old that just did that with a beautiful 28 year old Ukranian girl. A 50 year old woman can’t do that and, if she did, she’d only be kidding herself.

      2. Hmm. Beat me to it. In truth, I would more readily rely upon a married man than a single guy. A married guy knows the score. He knows what he’s playing for and actually has something to lose. I know that many consider that a disadvantage but many married men that I know and ‘work’ with understand that they would rather their children be dead than grow up in the world that they have been handed to, today. They’re waiting (and looking) for the opportunity to strike back. They just aren’t as vocal about it since they tend to be a bit older, and a bit wiser, than their single counter-parts.
        I will add, however, that I am specifically referring to married MEN. It takes more than a wedding band to a man make, and all too many overgrown children became married to bitchy, bossy and otherwise empowered wymyn because that’s what the bitch told them to do.
        Some of the most famous and vicious men in our history were married. Hell, even many of the apostles were married. I would say that a married man stays a man and a married faggot stays a faggot. It’s not the institution.
        Really, when it comes down to it, it’s all about knowing who you are dealing with. In today’s online world, it is far too easy to rest on our anonymity. Many men don’t ever work to develop the judgement of character that is absolutely essential when dealing with other people. Foster that first, than find men who not only think like you do, but have the same heart, courage, and ferocity that you do.

    2. Married men?
      Dude, you just excluded me from the movement. Thanks a pantload.
      Well technically my son is an adult, and my daughter, even if she was “taken” from me by CPS would only have that issue for about another year. It’s all good.

      1. And me – I chose poorly. Then I woke up.
        One way or the other, that will be resolved. But that’s my issue and I’m taking responsibility for it.

    3. A healthy patriarchal family and marriage is paramount and I would even venture to say is THE foundation to a properly functioning society. If women had it there way they could fuck who they want, when they want no matter the consequences. So you could say we are living in a matriarchy right now. And Game as we know it, is it’s fuck buddy. How’s society looking so far to you?
      You think the carousel is going to keep going around forever and ever? Underneath on the bottom side of the carousel is a huge drill bit and the longer it goes round n round, the deeper and deeper it drills itself deeper into oblivion where they are trying to take us all as a species..

    4. Good post. No married men though?!? While I agree that many (most?) married men are emasculated, there are still a few of us who managed to find a woman of the old school and maintain marriages where the masculine patriarchal role of a husband and father has not been destroyed. Granted, our wives are usually immigrant girls or, in my case, a girl only once removed from an immigrant that was somehow instilled with the values of her mother and grandmother [Surprisingly rare that. How many North American born Italian girls do you meet that have any of Nona’s values? Where I’m from, most of them are materialistic sluts. Actually, forget North America. You’ll have a hard time finding any in Italy.]
      It’s masculinity that makes fatherhood, children, family and functioning nation-states possible. But here we are in this degenerate age when feminism denigrates it, pornography weakens it, homosexuality corrupts it and transsexualism denies it. It’s insane to me that we’ve reached a point where neo-masculinity must be an underground insurrection. But it must be.
      I’m a mid-forties married man with teenage daughters, well past his game-playing years and – strangely? – I’ve discovered that neo-masculinity is a movement that speaks very profoundly to me. When I caught the media hysteria about Roosh V visiting my multi-cultural, pan-sexual, progressive liberal, North American urban dystopia as part of his tour and the grandstanding opposition by various smarmy local politicians, I had to find out what was really going on. Was this guy for real? Advocating rape?!? That’s crazy. On the other hand, the people that were screaming the loudest are the same people that would label me a thought criminal because I question the orthodoxies of progressive liberalism. As a freethinker, I had to do the research myself.
      So I researched Roosh V, read some PUA commentary (where was it when I needed it!) and stumbled upon ROK. I soon realized that the “pathetic” neo-masculinity movement resonates very powerfully with me – a man with no need for PUA wisdom at this stage in my life – and I discovered that neo-masculinity has less to do with chasing pussy than I thought.
      I’ve explored all sorts of political philosophy over the years and, in different ways, I have sympathies with classical liberals, libertarians, paleo-conservatives, alt-rightists, cultural nationalists and religious traditionalists. However, increasingly, I’m persuaded that neo-masculinity is the only movement that can save the West and that feminist ideology is the main cause of the rot in Western Civilization. And rotting it is despite the mainstream voices that suggest otherwise. Why do they suggest otherwise? For that, let me paraphrase a wiser man’s words. “In every culture and society, there are facts which tend to be supressed collectively because the social and psychological costs of not doing so are too painful to accept”.
      In our culture and society, there is so much deceit and, of all the things that have convinced me of that, I’d say the Roosh V hysteria back in February is near the top. It was a blatant display of mainstream media’s deceitfulness, preening political bullsh-t and the denigration of critical independent thought. As for Roosh V, let me paraphrase yet another wise man’s words. “The attempt to silence a man is the greatest honor you can bestow on him. It means that you recognize his superiority to yourself.”

  10. Anyone here from upper Washington state or lower mainland. BC and have a motorcycle?

  11. Also develop your own cipher for your journal (sample of mine below). It sounds paranoid, but handwritten journals are for personal thoughts and if you DO lose your journal people will return it just out of curiosity.

    1. Hell, just write it in Runes and you’ve stumped 99.99% of the population. Plus it looks uber cool.

      1. Speaking of which, anyone here have experience with building your own Rape Rune?

    2. That really seems like a cool idea to me. Even with nothing to hide, it looks fun. I want to write my grocery list out like that. Do you have any websites where they can walk you through coming up with one?

        1. i’d probably fuck it up. I would leave the grocery store with all sorts of shit I don’t like.

    3. Damn dude, I used to do that when I was a kid! It’s fun and secretive! However, if your house gets raided by the police by any change you might be suspected of mass murder.

    4. Don’t. Do. That. Breaking those sort of simple letter substitution ciphers is trivial. People do it for fun, like crosswords or sodoku puzzles. Using half assed crypto just draws unwanted attention while providing almost no security.
      If you are trying to keep information from prying eyes use your computer. Store it on local removable media, use reputable, open source crypto software. Either a Linux encrypted volume or individual files protected with something like GPG.
      Better still use a cheapo laptop that you can afford to keep all networking disabled on.

  12. gay speech cadence yes that’s a good way of describing it. Was listening to some Guns ‘n Roses from 1987 today man the way he was threatening and insulting gays on stage such a high profile charachter. Ahh the ’80s… Oh well times have changed but we’re going to restore a few things 😉 Not that we want to see gays hurt etc but it is amazing how much it’s changed now you have the thought police onto you the moment you open your mouth. Fantastic!! Thanks Roosh will get onto the burner emails etc. Re the risk I don’t think most of have a choice, once you’re in, you’re in, it’s not really possible to undo taking the red pill we just have to live with the reality and dangers, precautions it imposes on us!

    1. I have done extensive studies on why black people walk so slowly and why faggots have an accent.
      I am pretty sure that gay accent is a mating call meant to approximate the sound of having cocks in your mouth. Eventually the homos will evolve bright plumage and will be able to stop talking with that faggy lisp.

        1. I have pages and pages of deep analysis on black people slow walking and gay accent. I had to do something with my totally useless and incredibly expensive education after I stopped teaching and went into doing a real job.

        2. I’ve been working on this for a long time. I feel I almost have the answer, but I am not quite there yet. The slow shuffle walking despite obvious athletic ability which is mind bogglingly annoying in large cities along with continuously pretending to know one another, the listening of music loudly on the subway without headphones, tyler perry and all sorts of other qualities that are so counter-intuitive and ominipresent in black people have to mean something…it’s just all too much to be random.
          At first I worked on the hypothesis that there was a super position of realities like Schroedinger’s cat where being observed by whitey somehow changed reality on a quantum level for blacks causing these behaviors (Shroedinger’s nigger).
          However, This doesn’t hold water. Not too long ago I saw a black guy walking quickly for no apparently reason in the subway. When he saw me he went right into slow shuffle walk. This made me wonder if there was some level of intentionality.
          The commitment to reparations through petty annoyance theory came up, but it’s size, scope and difficulty to pull off was mind boggling. Imagine the level of awareness and concentration required to shift in and out of these behaviors for an entire race of people.
          I started to wonder if other “oppressed” groups were doing this. At first I thought that gay accent might be some form of attacking straight people through annoyance, but gay accent gets worse around other gays which is why I assume that gay accent is a mating call meant to approximate their voice if their mouth was filled with cocks and that in time gays would develop bright plumage so that the gay accent would no longer be necessary.
          For a while I thought it was possible that everything women do is just to irritate men, but that doesn’t work because women irritate each other as well.
          That is when I had a thought. It is possible, though I don’t yet have a solution, that there is a decidedly Kantian argument from the deduction of taste in the third critique, but I am missing one piece of the puzzle. Follow here:
          See, Kant says in the first critique that transcendental freedom is a condition on which human consciousness is possible (not consciousness per se but the very condition on which its possibility exists). So in the second critique he grounds ethics and moral judgments to the transcendental freedom. This way he can make a claim for subjective universality. He can get a universal moral or ethical system for humans without appeal to a god or government or what not by saying the moral system is one in which universalized forms of any particular action can violate the conditions of the possibility of consciousness and therefore be immoral for human beings based on logic (which is also universal). With that Kant is able to maintain subjectivity in a moral system (because it’s origin point is the individual human) while, simultaneously claiming it objectively holds true for all thinking subjects (because the origin point is the condition for the possibility of consciousness which is shared by all thinking subjects).
          The same with the deduction of beauty in the third critique. As long as judgments of taste, occasioned by a particular item in experiential sense perception (art, nature, etc.), are grounded in something a priori common to all thinking subjects (transcendental freedom and specifically bypassing the mechanisms for judgment and occasioning an increased self-awareness of that condition for the possibility of consciousness, i.e., transcendental freedom ) then the judgment of taste can be said to, while being occasioned by the empirical particular and appealing to something about the individual and thus subjective, still be grounded in a quality which is common to all thinking subjects as a condition for the possibility of human thought at its most fundamental level meaning it will remain objective and universal and ought to be held as beautiful for all thinking subjects.
          If the petty annoyance of whitey isn’t a black conspiracy (which there is every reason to believe because of the massive scale and energy it would require) then there needs to be an a priori quality which is a condition for being black. IF the annoying behavior could be linked to this a priori blackness AND if it can be shown that any interaction with whitey can occasion its consequences (slow shuffle walking, etc.) then we can move away from the idea of global black conspiracy and on to disinterested subjective universal a priori principle which would take the intentionality back out of the equation and make it more feasible.
          What this a priori principle is that, even when universalized, applies only to black people is what I am stuck on and can’t pinpoint.
          Any ideas?

        3. See, Kant says in the first critique that transcendental freedom is a condition on which human consciousness is possible (not consciousness per se but the very condition on which its possibility exists). So in the second critique he grounds ethics and moral judgments to the transcendental freedom. This way he can make a claim for subjective universality…etc.
          Remember kids, never ask a question on ROK that you don’t want a full and thorough answer to! Ha!

        4. I was a philosophy professor before I grew a heart, a brain and a dick and decided to get a real job.

        5. Weird isn’t it? On the one hand, missing the mental stimulation can suck at times. On the other hand, dealing with pretentious dickwads on a daily basis can suck at times. It’s why I hang with bikers, most are not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but they’re usually honest and direct. When I want intellectual, I hit the internet, or call one of my buddies and shoot the shit.

        6. no acid necessary. That is a perfectly valid and cohesive line of reasoning about the question of black people walking slowly.

        7. When I was teaching most of my friends were blue collar off the boat irish. Just happened to live in an area with a lot of them and got along with them. They weren’t the brightest, but if you asked them to bash someone’s head in they would ask you why after. They had a decency and honesty and loyalty to them that I never saw in academia…
          Now, for the most part, I stay to myself. When I want to play with my old brain chops I pick a question, why do black people walk so slowly, and see what I can do with it. Sometimes it is even funny.

        8. You should see my deep textual analysis of GRRM’s a song of ice and fire. That fat fuck could drop dead tomorrow, I already know how the series is going to end. I would need 3 straight days to write it up though.

        9. Something you will appreciate. There was a time some 10-12 years ago where I was teaching and hanging out in some rough places. I used to get into a lot of fights. I would show up fight club style to teach classes with busted lips and black eyes.
          A colleague asked me one time “why are you doing this to yourself.” My answer is something I have often repeated through the years “everyone here is full of shit. When someone punches you in the face you know exactly how they feel. There is something comforting in that”

        10. Hmm interesting theory, and I think you could find a potential answer for why in the theory that there is a kind of genetically bound racially shared culture below the outward culture. This would account for this behavior exhibiting itself in geographically far but genetically similar groups, like European residing black people and those in the USA…
          I mean there is a lot of behavioral tendency shared so why would this not be one aspect of it?

        11. Lots of people claim to “know how you feel” or show false empathy/sympathy to draw some sort of empty parallels, a particular trap for those in the philosophical and psychological fields, and it takes a lot more to go out and live it.
          Quite commendable on your part.

        12. Is it possible sociologically, or even from an anthropological standpoint that it is truly a sort of an ingrained behavior/posture which comes naturally to their genetics or physiology? A heredity-based consciousness or innate understanding (similar to genetic memory or an organism knowing it must feed and attempting to fulfill that basic necessity) from a time when conserving energy allowed for bursts of activity over a longer range of time between ample resources?
          Or perhaps it is a sub-conscious or even autonomous response to finding themselves in a situation meeting certain requisite conditions, i.e.: direct observance, a feeling of being observed, a notion of needing to minimize their own presence coupled with a belief that doing otherwise might lead to an unwanted encounter?

        13. It is possible, but the feasibility of my theory is that the base principle be a priori so while only effecting blacks it can’t be about them being black as that would be an a posteriori claim and therefore no longer subjective universal.

        14. Only reason I spent years of my life on that expensive piece of paper was to prove to the rents I can regurgitate with the best of em. Nothing like working for the man – yourself

        15. It is possible, but I would much rather ground it on a priori subjective universal principle which is occasioned by interaction with whitey. They way I can claim it holds true for all black people without taking away their subjectivity.

        16. It is possible, but I would much rather ground it on a priori subjective universal principle which is occasioned by interaction with whitey
          It is a rare thing when I hear a sentence that I haven’t already heard before.

        17. Yeah, I have a bunch of those expensive pieces of paper. If I could find them I would write balls on them and return them to the issuing institutions.
          If I could find a reset button I would hit it right now.

        18. That may be the preferred outcome, but I wonder that it would ever resolve to your satisfaction. To claim something holds definitively true for only a pair of people would be difficult enough, and much more so for an entire group/sub-group or classification.
          That would seemingly be akin to the tasks of not only trying to diagnose two mental patients as having the same malady (which is doable) but also as having infallibly identical root cause(s). Most have at least some deviation from whatever baseline is established.

        19. Theres a reason for everything. I mean, they afford special access to places others cant. Who knows might come in handy one day. I dont get why you would regret anything?

        20. Of course it will work out. Truth is what you can successfully argue for it. The fact that I haven’t worked it out to my satisfaction as of yet is something about my lack of ability and nothing to do with the actual state of affairs.
          As for root causes, can’t already gives us that in the ethics. The basic is the root of non contradiction ~(p^~p). Something can not be both p and not p at the same time in the same respect. This holds true for every person, past and present and future, from anywhere in the world, so long as they are sentient beings. Since it is derived from the mind we are able to say it is subjective, but since its adherence is a condition on which consciousness is made possible, it is universal. Thus the guiding principle can come from within and not be god or law or the guy with a sword but at the same time have the absolute certainty that people who want those other three things crave.
          By basing morals on this universal principle in his categorical imperative he totally revolutionized morality.
          In the same noble vain I want to use this paradigm to understand why black people walk so slowly.
          I have already used this to prove that vegetarians are evil. It can be done, I just haven’t figured it out yet.

        21. You dont play around. But you fuckers are eating into my gym time. I will ponder on this in the mean time and hopefully I will be able to channel something useful.

        22. I am not sure the walking slow, loud music, or being in the middle of the street is related to being of African descent, as many Africans are decent people. I think it is purely cultural, which is why some American blacks are also decent people. Whites lost the civil war, blacks won, and it was the beginning of the empowerment of the victim class.
          If you hit someone in the middle of the street, it should be their fault. If you smash someone’s radio because it’s too loud, their problem. If you bodycheck someone who is too slow, they round on you, and you beat them; their problem.

        23. Have you ever considered that the framework or formula you are using to come to your conclusion is flawed?

        24. Smack. That’s the sound you’re going to feel when we first meet. Assuming that, in theory, one can feel a sound. Heh.

        25. I find it abhorant to live in a world where I can entertain the notion that my crazy ideas are even possibly incorrect. There is no incorrect. It is only something I haven’t figured out yet.

        26. No what I meant was your trying to use Kants template to arrive to your conclusion as your base formula right? What if you need to see your problem through a different light.

        27. I can use Heidegger too. Can also probably justify it using a Husserllean phenomenological explanation. I can DEF get there with Heraclitus and Nietzsche, but that is cheating because I can get anywhere with them.
          The larger point is that in the absence of any real truth, I should be able to do this with the DMV manual so long as I parse the idea out correctly.
          Mostly, it is just me having fun with my professional training that I no longer use.

        28. I suspected you were. But to be honest I was hoping for an answer so I could solve a related problem, why does the black man slow down while crossing an intersection? The busier the intersection and less time to finish crossing seems to further slow him down as an inverse relation.
          I guess some things will remain a mystery.

      1. These liberals think they’re going to establish a new world order shoving homosexuality in everyone’s faces but at the end of the day you can’t fight nature, it will prevail. There are certain primal drives and aversions, and heterosexual men have a certain inherent aversion to the site of other men being physical with each other and even the thought of it. I don’t live where there’s many black people but sounds like it’s cultural, like they are living at a different pace.

  13. so i just picked up the college newspaper and there is an article about rooshv. The writer calls him a basement dweller. He also states that rooshv chases women for “lust”.. etc…
    He or she who ever is the writer of the article, is another SJW inferior fuck.

    1. Just out of curiosity, other than lust is there any other reason to chase women?
      You should share this article, it’s author and, of course, an email address for the editors of the paper in case any interested readers would like to comment….in the most respectful way of course.

      1. You can chase women as a form of exercise. Unless you’re Usain Bolt, then it’s useless.

      2. As I understand it, lust is to sexual appetite as gluttony is to hunger. Nothing wrong with hunger of course. It’s natural, healthy and necessary. However, when it morphs into gluttony it becomes disordered. No need to look further for proof of that than the epidemic of fat people in the West today – the first time in human history that the poorest people in the society are also the fattest. How disordered is that?!?
        Similarly, sexual appetite is all well and good and it lies at the heart of masculinity (unless it’s directed at another man in which case it’s queer and disordered). However, when it morphs into an uncontrolled sexual appetite it’s arguably no less damaging than gluttony. Is there anyone among us who can’t say his dick hasn’t led him into trouble? I recall nights in the distant past when I wish I’d opted for gluttony in the form of a Big Mac meal at 1am rather than lust and the skanky girl I ended up with.

      1. I think their movement is in the pro sloth camp rather than pro lust. Their sex isn’t actually lust filled, it is slothful.

    2. Wait…so you should only chase women you DON’T have sexual lust for?

      1. WTF GOJ, you only chase women to protect them from hurtful language and looks, but only with her written consent!
        Bet you were1 lusting after women in the 80s weren’t you?

        1. The amount of lust participated in, as well as inspired by, me in the 1980’s is the stuff of legends, nay, epic tales of carnal delight the likes of which the world has never seen!

      2. that’s what i say. Similar thing you hear in churches now in days. This is why i cringe when i hear pastors giving dating “advice” to the youth. They are told that if they go after women (young girls) for their looks (biology playing here) they are driven by the flesh. They are worldly christians (lukeworm) and such..
        And we wonder why most Christian guys are beta..

    3. I would jerk off on her article and send it to her desk. I wonder if that would constitute rape or sexual harassment though? It is peaceful demonstration isn’t it?

      1. i wouldnt waste a load on her,id blow into a sock before id give it to that cunt

      1. okay the writer of the article is Simon Shkreli. He writes for the college newspaper called “The Torch”.
        here is a few quotes from the article: ” After reading more about him, it turns out that Roosh V is someone who doesn’t believe in rape, but someone who possibly be much worse for society.”
        Another quote: “If one would like to further understand how a typical neo-masculine man would look like, all you really have to do is think of James Bond, minus the skills of a spy, weapons, suits, charm, and intellect. All you get from a neo-masculine man is the sexist, alcoholic and sexually motivated schmuck.”
        Another quote: This is the type of person Roosh V is; someone who clearly lives in his parents’ basement.”
        Another quote: “As a straight man, i have to tell you, most of Roosh V’s approaches on women are harsh and unnecessary.”
        Last quote: “The big difference being that he uses sexist beliefs and character mistreatment to emulate confidence, while most people should be themselves, learning to understand social cues, and promoting yourself as the understanding person that you are.” “In truth, Roosh V, wants you to read his work, it’s his only source of income. So no matter who you are, you will come across someone who triggers your morals to gain attention.”
        this are the quotes that are in the article.

  14. When these high tech solutions go down, it’s important to have a backup. Everyone should learn Morse code. Morse code is simple, consisting of only a short “dit” and a long “dah”. In this manner we can assemble words by various combinations of short rape and long rape.

      1. rape rape rape rape
        what’s that lassie, someone fell in the old well
        rape rape rape rape rape

        1. Actually, that’d be SMS. SOS would be rape-rape-rape-raaaaaape-raaaaape-raaaaaape-rape-rape-rape/

    1. Is that a Russian bouncer? I had a fat friend like that when I was a teen. We’d play wrestle. He was slow but a threat if he got on top of you. I had long arms so I got good practice on him getting good at the sleeper hold. Then I’d always snap the sleeper hold on him and clamp down like a kryptonite bike lock. His face would soon turn red and he’d always cry uncle.

      1. No that’s a orthodox priest and apperantly dude in a pretzel form assaulted him or someone else …

  15. Great post. I have been looking for moderate (not extreme survivalist) individuals into things like guns, suburban permaculture, Christian religion, prepper-lite. But not too hardcore. Interest in languages would be great. And a conservative Christian that could be open to the idea that I actually do not have a problem with Hinduism or Buddhism (but am not into Islam).
    Some people I meet online tend to be crazy or extremist. But when I go to places like Backyard Chicken meet-up, it tends to be only women. Little ol’ ladies seem to be the only people with time on their hands.
    It is amazing that once you reach a certain age, it is easier to get laid by eccentric women than find a dude with your interests to hang out with.(and I am happy with my own wife !)
    I have some good liberal friends, but I am kind of tired of their conformity. Can often predict what they will say before they say it.
    I still am not reeady to try to meet people online. But the forums here make it seem like there are some pretty cool people.

    1. I could not have articulated my thoughts any better than you just did. Age and wisdom provide for interesting insights, no? When I was 20, with no money, poorly developed skills with women and a constant hard-on, I couldn’t tap into anywhere near the amount of pussy that I wanted. However, I had plenty of dudes to hang out with that generally shared my superficial interests. Now I’m 45, married and, thanks to some career success, money, better skills and looks that haven’t yet gone to shit, my SMV is exponentially higher than it was back then and, assuming I was prepared to risk blowing up my marriage, there are opportunities aplenty. However, aside from the occasional temptation, I’m not interested. What I’d like is to find a few normal dudes who share some of my more “refined” interests… not the superficiality of sports and booze (the way it was in my 20s) but stuff like religion, political philosophy, prepper lite, guns etc. Not crazy extreme but definitely non conformist stuff for someone like me who is confined to an urban, progressive liberal, pan sexual, politically correct dystopia.

      1. I have one liberal friend my age with whom I can talk about things like guns, societal problems, crazed feminism, extreme PC uncsensored and without being judged.
        Most liberals don’t really distinguish between someone who likes to go to the shooting range two or three times a year with a buddy from a total hardcore survivalist gun nut.
        I tend to not censor myself, which liberals find offensive.
        Once in a while, you can find a liberal who can still laugh at a joke like Jay Leno would have told, but in general society has become so constipated.
        An old style liberal with a sense of humor is getting harder to find. My views have not changed so much, but as society around me changed, I have gone from being seen as loony liberal to loony conservative.
        But people have gone their whole lives with the idea that the left is tolerant and the right intolerant. That was true in 1985 in the South where I live.
        But has anybody stopped to look at how crazy the left has gotten lately?. They are totally insane and intolerant. But outside a small cultural libertarian community, nobody challenges them. Most conservatives and Christians tend to be silent and just take their beating while liberals dominate the discourse at places like family gatherings.
        But it is pretty easy to point out the contradictions. Winning a debate with a liberal is easy even if you are not good at debating. You just have to point out the glaring hypocrisy.
        Like why is it that liberal press does not report on Muslim rape. Why doesn’t Jessica Valenti talk about it when the “rape culture” is her thing ?. Point out how ideology of intersectionality pervades the thoughts on the left without most people even knowing the word.
        But cultural libertarians are hard to find off-line. Fortunately, they have some powerful beachheads in the troll-o-sphere.

        1. I really don’t have any Leftist friends left. Since 2007 they all went batshit insane and became utterly intolerable. There is one union guy who is still a buddy of mine, but outside of unions he’s basically right wing.

        2. Sounds like me. I am pro-union, pro-import duties, pro-Trump.
          But left sold out workers for PC. I would like to see a pro-worker urban economy that retains its rural ideal roots. YOund folk go to the city, make some cash, come back and contribute to an intergenerational rural sself-sufficient homestead.
          That is my ideal. Hard to pull off. But my son is joining the military. Would love to see him work 20 years while I work to build up a small farm.
          Feminism has made it harder to pull off intergenerational cooperation. We have a small farm that has been in our family since before the American Revolution. Nobody is farming there now. I want to try to get it going again.
          Feminism and diverce rape mean it will be very hard to keep this land another 250 years. But I plan to not be the last weak link.

        3. Agreed. The Left *constantly* sells working men down the river, sometimes for political power, sometimes for nothing but kicks. Why unions continue to line up behind them confuses me.

        4. I remember 1984. Watching the democrat convention with my dad in a cheap motel in Arizona as we travelled out west. Kind of a last hurrah with the old man before I went overseas for two years. I was a flaming liberal at the time, my dad a Reagan conservative.
          At the converntion, a bunch of gays were throwing “fairy dust”. I remember my dad laughing and saying,
          “You probably think that damn fairy dust is going to help the democrats”.
          He really enjoyed his Jim Beam that night just laughing at how the dems were fucked and that Reagan was going to be president.
          It was a different America. 32 years later, the queers won and the cowboys lost. And our country is going down the toilet.
          And I really miss the old man.

        5. 80’s was a fantastic decade am reminded every time I watch an old ad or film from then..

      1. NC. Just went once. Suburban (mostly) chicken meet-up. I have a few chickens and there are online groups where you can meet and go around, enjoy a potluck and see other people’s chicken coops.

        1. interesting, reminds me of a doco on pigeon clubs. Like the sound of roosters in the morning.. I need to get another email address..

  16. If someone already knows someone with these beliefs can’t they meet up anyway? Wasn’t the point to get strangers who would have never met together?

    1. jesus christ if you can’t see the point in networking then you have no fucking hope and i don’t say that to be mean but i find it astounding that you would ask that question.

      1. I genuinely think you didn’t read what I wrote. Either that or you can’t process information. I don’t say that to be mean but if you can’t see that I’m talking about networking then you have no fucking hope.

        1. hahhahaha i was 100 percent completely wrong !!!!!
          My apologizes. I never have a problem saying it when I am wrong.

        2. very graceful ! looking like an idiot is punishment enough anyway and ironically enough i actually completely agree with your original post.

  17. This might sound like kind of a dumb question, but how exactly do you search for and find other users on Telegram? I have had the app for a while and the only people it gives me the option of contacting are individuals already in my phone contact list.

    1. by the “@” name. Contact people here through their burner email, get the “@” name and then add it.

  18. Greetings to my brothers overseas. I hail from the former kingdom of Dacia and reside on it’s current territory. Since I was a child, I have looked and I have wandered every-fucking-where to at least try and construct an aliance with like-minded men and indeed did manage to construct relatively small groups but life intervened and managed to kill that. The men in my country – the real ones anyway – they stay hidden – like myself – my country has extremely bad reputation for dealing with a nationalist freedom thinker. It has become exhausting. If any one if you guys hail from the same territory – or have an idea on how to better proceed – please leave a comment.

  19. We will still organize and meet offline, but it will be invisible to the general public.
    Personally I think it should be made public but each tribe should employ the tactics of disinformation and decoys to lead the rabid SJWs up the garden path. These tactics do of course take a fair bit of time of preparation and planning before the actual event to successfully execute but given how the SJW mob are little more than a ramshackle pack of losers then I don’t think it would take too much effort. Plus it would be so fun fun to do.

    1. Kratom chooses whom it wills. Unfortunately you are not one of the chosen. I am terribly sorry.

  20. Not sure if anyone else got this immediate vibe but–
    The first rule of ROK is you don’t talk about ROK.
    The second rule of ROK is you DO NOT talk about ROK….
    You get it. 🙂
    Not to mention the primary struggle in that film was not so different than ours. Masculinity was being hammered out of existence, art imitates life.
    Tyler Durden- “Man, I see in Fight Club the strongest and smartest men who have ever lived. I see all this potential, and I see it squandered. Goddammit, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables, slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.
    We’re the middle children of history, man; no purpose or place. We have no Great War, no Great Depression. Our Great War is a spiritual war. Our Great Depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised by television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars. But we won’t; and we’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off.”

  21. Fellow knights of the rape table – I will be wearing a red carnation on platform #9. You will know me by my rapey deeds.

  22. Tisdale Saskatchewan, land of Rape and Honey. I’m not a big fan of honey.

  23. Here are somethings I have learned from the nationalist movement in Europe regarding meetups.
    Never disclose the venue to attendees beforehand.
    Pick a venue that’s a bit hard to get to on foot or with public transport.
    Have attendees be in the specified city on the day of the event. Do not be specific, but have them be available in a certain time frame.
    Assign a pickup point through text message or mail shortly before the event begins. Calculate how much time is needed for attendees to get to that point by them selves but don’t be to generous.
    Then have the attendees be ferried from the pickup point either by leased busses and or trusted drivers. Never let unknown attendees bring their own vehicles to the venue.
    Do not make the venue visually obvious from the outside.
    Be wary of telltale signs of undesierd people before picking them up. Some are visual like excessive piercings or pinholes from removed ones. Others can be behavior and stereotypical views about us.
    Be vigilant, if someone feels out of place question them in a friendly manner about their views. If things don’t add up leave them at the pickup point.
    If video recordings are to be made of speeches only allow assigned camera crews to film. Then distribute the material after the faces have been blured out of those who don’t want to show it.

    1. It’s incredible to think such measures should be needed in the nationalist movement..

  24. Amazing the lockstep response by all media, then it just as quickly went down the amnesia rabbit hole, with not a peep from the media or public since. That’s almost as scary as the original backlash.

  25. Recently joined hoping to find like-minded people to collaborate with out-of-box, red-pill ideas on things, and there’s nothing. I’ve been trying to think of ways to get in contact with people who’ll be open minded about doing things better, but that might be frowned upon by mainstream thinkers. It’s hard to do without putting a red light on your forehead.

  26. Anyone thought about pretending to be feminists and just yell “stop rape” or something?

  27. The advice here is not solid. I’d suggest never using a communications app that ties anything to your sim card or phone number. Too hard to change it and when things get real the records WILL find their way out to bite you. Try installing the app on a tablet with no phone capability, if you can create an account you are good. Telegram and WhatsApp are BAD though, both require an activated phone number and tie all accounts back to that. If you have a dual SIM phone, well OK; you can get a h2o sim for $40/yr over the counter without ever giving anything but cash if you are just using that number for non-phone call purposes.
    Even AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MSM Messenger, Google+ and all that old skool stuff is safer, especially if you use a VPN. Forget the encryption pixie dust, ain’t nobody from the G snooping your traffic when they can go stick a tap directly into the servers. It isn’t the content of the messages that will hose you it is the traffic patterns and the ability to track an account back to a real identity.
    Second, if you setup a burner mailbox the very last thing you want to do is Google it from any machine Google can tie back to you. Google sees everything and forgets nothing. Ever. They live to harvest, mine and find correlations in large datasets. Do not feed that machine.
    An I paranoid? Perhaps but once you know for certain you have enemies and they really are out to do you harm it ain’t paranoia anymore now is it? The future is either one where the Proggies just keep on winning everything, and none of this matters or it is one where the Alt-Right makes a good run at em and we should not expect them to go without a fight and they cheat. We should simply expect it because bitching about it won’t help. They are what they are, they can do nothing else.

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