Yale Basketball Captain Denounced As “Rapist” By Campus Without Evidence

Recently, the media has been reporting that Yale basketball player Jack Montague has been accused of rape by various student organizations on campus. They have also reported that these students have accused the university administration and campus newspaper of “protecting a rapist.”

However, the story is far from clear. There is no arrest record or court hearing involving Montague on file in Connecticut. No victim, anonymous or otherwise appears to exist, Montague has made no statement, and the university has not commented on why he left. On March 9, it was reported by the New York Times, “Jack Montague, 22, was in connection with a sexual misconduct accusation, according to two people with direct knowledge of the case who spoke on condition of anonymity.” In short, a student abruptly withdrew and immediately students on campus brand him a rapist based on an anonymous source followed by hundreds of students spreading rumors.

Accusations Are No Longer Required To Push An Agenda

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Speculation, rumor, and innuendo. That is all it takes to ruin a student’s reputation. I asked a friend at the campus newspaper if he’d heard what has happened and he said there is no information, statement, or victim. There is such a lack of acceptable villains to hate that college students are now inventing them to stir up outrage. Voltaire once said, “If God didn’t exist it would have been necessary to invent him.” For modern leftism, it seems if rapists don’t exist it is necessary to invent them.

When I first learned of Montague’s withdrawal I asked a classmate if she had heard why he left. She responded, “Apparently he assaulted someone, and the university expelled him.” I asked who he assaulted, and she replied she did not know. Curious, I asked a few other people, and the answers roughly matched what my classmate had said: he raped someone, he was expelled, no one knows who he raped. No one bothered to look into it any further than that. Someone said the guy is a rapist, and that is all the proof these students need.

The average student on campus is complete unaware of whether or not the student was accused of any wrongdoing and simply assume that because lefty student organizations are making announcements, they must be right.

Posted on Facebook: Dean urges students to behave like adults-- students respond like children

Posted on Facebook: Dean urges students to behave like adults– students respond like children

Throughout campus there are fliers with the words “Stop Supporting a Rapist” printed on them. Various groups including the Yale Women’s Center and “Unite Against Sexual Assault Yale” are holding events to “take a stand against rape culture and show your support for survivors on Yale’s campus.” In this particular instance, there appears to be no “survivor” to speak of. Yet if you asked them they would say this particular case doesn’t matter, it is about fighting the system that allows rape to happen. In other words, they are using a case built on nothing to push their agenda.

One effeminate student named Jonathan Simonds launched an online form titled “I support Yale women,” and many students have added their signatures.

“I have been really frustrated with what’s going on,” Simonds said. “I don’t have the capacity to speak to certain incidents, but I can tackle campus culture as a whole. Sexual assault is a hard and touchy subject, and it happens more than we think because a lot of times the person doesn’t have the courage to come forward.”

They are well aware that they control the narrative and that the average student has done no research into the matter and blindly follows what the organizations tell them. To even question it is to lose status among their peers.

Signs Of Team Solidarity Spur Outrage


During the recent basketball game against Harvard in which Montague was absent, his teammates wore jerseys with his nickname, “Gucci,” printed on them. The “Yale” logo was printed backwards with inverted letters. One player commented on this decision by stating, “We just wanted to make it as clear as possible that Jack is one of our brothers,” Sears said. “He’s family to us and we miss him.”

For soft and emotionally stunted millennials, this was considered an act of aggression. Many students wrote publications essentially saying, “Basketball players are cool and have influence, why can’t they believe the same things I believe and push my agenda?” They’ve also been posting more fliers smearing the basketball team.

One poster read “This poster will probably be torn down by the men’s basketball team” and in smaller font beneath, “Stop silencing women.” Members of the team and other friends have taken down most of the posters found around campus.


The Women’s Center released a Facebook statement:

We condemn the insensitivity of the protest even as we withhold judgement (sic) on individual team members. We also recognize that there are power dynamics at play in all student groups, athletics included, that leave some members with less agency than others.

The word “agency” is thrown around a lot on this campus, and I’ve found that when women say that they “lack agency” what it really means is “I am not responsible for my actions so don’t hold me accountable for anything.”

Here’s another quote from their post:

The team’s actions seem to us a dismissal of the very real threat of sexual violence. That some of the members of the team thought the potential expulsion was a matter to protest shows that toxic attitudes about sexual violence persist on our campus.

Dismissal is another word used often at many colleges. What it really means is “I’m a child that can’t handle disagreement so I will use stupid concepts to sound smart.”

Students are craving some form of validation that their accusations are true. But when the local newspaper requested a comment, the administration responded “Yale policy is to not release identifiable information from a student’s educational record to the public, unless a student requests that the information be disclosed.” Policies are getting in the way of witch-hunts. We can bet they won’t be around much longer.

The basketball team caved in the face of the SJW witch-hunt, and released this statement on March 9th:

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 5.36.46 PM

The Guardian reported that one student athlete has said:

For legal reasons, Jack isn’t allowed yet to defend his name and say what the actual situation is. A lot of people have been speculating what’s been happening and unfortunately this is what’s causing the drama. Which is far from the case from what has happened. So in time he’ll be able to say what’s going and everyone will be able to take a step back and realize that all this is a little bit overboard.

If the situation involves a girl in any way, people will not take a step back. They will take two steps forward and the witch-hunt will intensify.

Father Of The Student Offers Comments

Yale 3

The father of the student athlete spoke briefly with the local city newspaper.

“We have strict orders from our lawyers,” He said. “Soon enough, I’d love to tell the other side of the story. It’s ridiculous, why he’s expelled. It’s probably going to set some sort of precedent. We’re trying to do things the gentleman’s way, so we’re keeping things close-knit. But you guys will get a story.”

Some sort of precedent. Students have already been expelled for being accused of rape, so it’s unlikely that this is the reason for Montague’s departure. Most fathers would not call their son being accused of rape “ridiculous,” especially given the current climate. Though we can only speculate on the situation, these comments point to a very mild reason for the expulsion. Whether or not it was sexual in nature, this story has been used to push the leftist agenda of branding all men rapists.

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170 thoughts on “Yale Basketball Captain Denounced As “Rapist” By Campus Without Evidence”

    1. The simple fact that they along with other Ivies now have remedial courses says it all..

      1. Remediation courses in 4 year colleges are the result of K-12 level education spreading the dogma that “everyone must go to college”. This is enabled by guaranteed student loans from the government that remove the incentive for colleges to lower costs. This dynamic contains many other actors, agents, and enablers but the end result is an irony that plagues American society: higher education has created our dark ages.

        1. I am a teacher also. I know exactly what you are saying down to the most minute of details.

        2. College remedial courses are the result of forcing diversity quota and lowering standards.

        3. From one teacher to another, cheers.
          I am sooooo ready to retire. Everything has become PC and controlled. Was fun until around 2005.
          Right gave us NCLB. Left gave us PC. Eight more years to go. (or 16 months if I take early retirement).

        4. On an unrelated note, it’s great to encounter folks in the manosphere/ neomasculine/ red pill community who are older (I’m 47). Early in my encounters with this community, I assumed this to be a young person’s community (25 – 35).

        5. Al,
          I’m here in The East Bay, and it is to the point where radicalism is the new religion in our schools. I am originally an East Coast dem, but I can’t join outhere: CA liberals are substanceless paradoxes.

        6. I got you beat! I work in a “Green” school that is only four miles away from a solidly Leftist city. Virtually all the parents of the children in that school are solid Obama supporters. Every day that I go to work, I feel like Donnie Brasco. The only difference is that the Bonanno family was dominated by real men who understood that individual effort and labor was the true source of value.

        7. Nonetheless if these colleges really are the ‘best of the best’ they shouldn’t need them (and the students that need those remedial courses should spend a couple of years at their local community college first.)

        8. 15 years ago, people made jokes in faculty meetings etc. There were strong personalities among teachers. Staff members the staff looked up to. Often people who were good teachers, sense of humour.
          All that has been broken down with the PLT system. It is called Professional Learning Community, but it is more atmoization. Before cooperation and help among teachers occurred more organically. Now, a “minder” is present at all meetings to assure standardization of all. And put down rebels.
          Often, the “minder” slows things down so much, an additional meeting teachers schedule alone becomes necessary as nothing can get done in the “official ” meetings.
          It is funny, but all across the board, in society, schools, etc, even with the interent, the system is pushing atomization so as to control all links between individuals. I would bet that most workplaces have moved in that direction. Powers-that-be need control.
          This was true in the “RooshV” meet-up. It should be simple to meet, but as the system wishes to discourage true graqssroots (esp red pill) meet-ups, it is difficult. So zombies are riled up to come shut it down.
          But I think I know a way around it. For some things, anyway.
          For exaple, it you want a Preppers Club, do not try to form one online. Go to a related topic and meet people there. For example, a Backyard Chicken Owner meet-up or Home Canning Party. There, you will find people with reLATED skill set. And you may be able to peel off a few buddies to go to the shooting range with you.
          Maybe RooshV could set up something like that. InsteAD OF a MEN’S MEET-UP, A MEN’S STUDY GROUP.
          With different themes such as DATING, SHOOOTING, PHILOSOPHY ETC. It would be harder for feminazis to say a meeting about “Man and Society” was a rapist gatheirng.

        9. PLCs are have killed my desire to teach. Nothing worse than being forced to work with other teachers in groups led by a leader that is an insider for admin. Not a mystery why CA can’t find any teachers.

        10. I was born in the middle of the boomer years, so I have a number of years on you gentlemen. I look in on some of these more unusual blogs from time to time, especially when they write about these issues or incidents at some length.
          There were lot of young men that began a political search after Gamergate broke. There are thousands of them who began to listen to Christina Hoff Sommers or Lauren Southern or other independent women, or to read articles by Cathy Young. Others began searching for a new political home after the University of Virginia fiasco and other such fake rape cases. When you realize that you are increasingly condemned for being white or male, held responsible for all the world’s problems, it should begin to focus the mind.
          Of course, you don’t end discrimination by discriminating and blaming a different group, you just solidify group identity even further, you just Balkanize the nation, which in the end is the left’s idea, pitting everyone against each other, creating an ever greater cycle of violence, because the hard core left believes out of civil war and chaos a lovely new utopia will bloom.
          If you study the great revolts of the left, there is always a winding up of the violence to provoke a greater reaction by the state, then more violence. The French Revolution was ground zero, but Bloody Sunday in St. Petersburg in 1905 was another incident that set the stage for 1917.

        11. This is all part of a Marxist-influenced playbook, all the groups, the leading of groups to a false consensus, the guiding and manipulation of groups, always a group identity over the individual.

        12. But one must wonder whether (except for their many minority students who get a 200-400 point break on their SAT scores) the elite schools are doing anything so great today in the liberal arts, or whether they have bright graduates because they get the highest scoring students.
          When I look at the curriculum today, I see so much nonsense, that I have to believe that most of these bright people would be vastly better off sitting at home for two years and reading 100 great books than being indoctrinated and partying for four years.
          Many graduates are historically illiterate and geographically illiterate. Many of them have only the most passing acquaintance with the Magna Carta, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration, Federalist debates and have no appreciation for the Industrial Revolution, the driving force behind the modern world.
          They increasingly “hate” fossil fuels, which of course is what powers the world we live in. How do you “hate” a commodity than lies in the earth? What kind of illogical lunatics are we “educating?”

        13. I live in a whole hearted Obama/Bernie/Hilldog town and the college here just made news about wanting a safe space college inside the college for students… WTF! Who thinks up this shit? These kids have no idea about the world or money and think they can just throw around ideas.
          I feel like an outside in my town cos I can’t say I support Trump cos I will be branded a racist and probably lynched. I just keep my mouth shut and will speak with my vote.

        14. Exactly. Over the years I’d go back to take a class here and there, and have seen people who shouldn’t be in a learning institution. I mean, they were forced to attend primary school and spent their time selling/doing drugs and fighting, and go passed through. Then they expected the same thing from college. When they’d start failing, they’d get with the African American Studies department and file frivolous charges.

        15. Yep. The leader will turn back on teacher and rat you out to admin. Or the leader carries out admin agenda which can be detrimental to teacher.

      2. “The simple fact that they along with other Ivies now have remedial courses says it all..”
        That’s horrible.
        I know the ivy league has always been known for its snootie-ness, but that’s because these institutions took only the best and brightest, and in a way they have earned the right to cop the attitude comonly associate with upper-crust schools. No such thing such as ‘remedial’ ever existed in these institutions before. Shit, everything is coming unglued.

        1. Before, when I thought of the left, I thought about a cool music culture. Now, I just think disgusting, entitled cry-babies

      3. It’s about time you demanded reforms for academia from your politicians

        1. Nothing will happen. Higher education is a corporation sustaining national economy. Nothing will change.

      4. One must suspect that a large part of the problem is the fact that so much of the school day and so much of the curriculum has been perverted by the introduction of politics, political correctness and subjects that are tangential at best.
        In my travels to American university campuses, I find students with very well formed political opinions – there is no one as sure of themselves it seems than a college sophomore with a course or two under their belts – but no historical, nor geographical perspective. Many of them seem to hate the land of their birth, but have no idea of just how relatively good they have it when compared to any historical population or virtually any population abroad.
        Add to that the lack of discipline in so many schools and classrooms, which lowers the educational level to whatever the greatest miscreant determines is suitable. There is no teaching without order.

        1. “There is no teaching with out order.”
          Since we are no longer allowed to suspend kids things have really fallen apart in CA schools. It’s really hit hard this school year.

        2. I probably should have stated it as “There is little learning without order in the classroom” as most of you teachers do the best you can under trying circumstances.
          I am curious as to why it got even worse this year Mike.
          Now personally, I don’t really see why we have to keep children or young people who don’t want to be in school and who want to disrupt other children’s learning in school. If they wish to be ignoramuses, boot them out and let them become their parents cross to bear. Perhaps after a year out some of the could return on probation.
          In all the historical research I do, I find person after person who achieved remarkable things with minimal formal education. One of my own mentors began working full time after he finished the eighth grade in 1910. I have letters of recommendation written for him when he was fourteen and moved from St. Louis to Chicago. He read widely, expressed himself well, functioned well and became successful. My friend’s father dropped out at twelve to support his family during the Great Depression, which thousands did.
          Most of the founders of the Hollywood studios had very little formal education, many of them barely finished grade school.
          Frederick Douglas is perhaps as articulate a man, as powerful a writer as America produced in his day and he had no formal education at all, in fact he received a little basic reading from his master’s wife before they realized he would get ideas, like freedom, but afterward he taught himself, then other slaves. he was able to debate Lincoln, another brilliant person with little formal education.
          Reading well is the key to the kingdom. Many families had the Columbian Reader, which was first published in 1797, the King James Bible and a Shakespeare set, which together was enough to produce a person who understood human nature, American government and could write in a nice, poetic manner.

      5. I’ve got two degrees. I got them in the days when not just anyone could get into a college. It used to be you could tell the difference in a college educated person, but not anymore. These days universities bend over backwards to get a person in, and then holds their hand through their Womens’ Studies or other bullshit programs. In places like South America everyone can go to college if they want. And then you have a society full of no-nothings who have no jobs and produce nothing.

    2. What’s so sad is that I cannot even tell what sex some of the people in the bottom half of the photo are. The kid with the purple hair could be a guy, or a gal. Same with the hefty black gal/guy on the right with the glasses..

        1. Oh I know, and it’s only more painful all the time. This idea of eliminating what biology has preordained is total foolishness. These people control way too much of our culture.

        2. Yes in their world, there should be no ‘men’ or ‘women’ just people. Therefore you are a bigot if you require someone to be a particular sex before trying to date them.

        3. One article even said that if you’re a guy who suspects you’re on a date with a very clever trannie, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to ask.
          Because that person sees itself as a woman, therefore it is a woman. It’s rude and hurtful to compromise that.

        4. Unfortunately a lot of innocent high quality people will also die or otherwise be harmed in the process. This outcome was a foregone conclusion the moment we decided that voting is a ‘right’ for everybody (whether they’re truly competent to make such choices or not.)

        5. Female Imperative applies to pseudo-women also: in this case, the past is the past is never a man’s business so DON’T YOU DARE ask about it.

        6. Thank you for sending me that link. I know now that I am not cisgendered but Ninjagendered.
          A gender that is silent but deadly.

        7. Nowadays, when you meet someone for the first time you should ask them “what pronouns do you prefer to be called?”.
          “Pronouns (Preferred and Auxiliary): Preferred gender pronouns are those that a person chooses to
          use for themself. These include she/her/hers/herself, he/him/his/himself and
          they/them/their/theirs/themself as well as neopronouns such as ze/hir/hirs/hirself, zie/zir/zirs/zirself
          and xi/xem/xyr/xyrs/semself. Auxiliary gender pronouns are usually used by people who use
          neopronouns and serve as a back-up option for people who cannot use the preferred pronouns because their first language isn’t English or they have a learning difference. “
          List from http://www.newhaven.edu/student-life/CampusLife_StudentAffairs/intercultural_relations/safe-zone/documents/917700.pdf

        8. Circgender– A gender that feels so magical and grand as to be indescribable.
          thats me…
          you know ive just realised – theyre just projecting what little personality they have into their “gender”
          “Daimogender– A gender closely related to demons and the supernatural.”
          i bet thats just someone whos into twilight – you know what i mean
          “Felisgender– A small, catlike gender.”
          this is what gender is in her lonely, lonely future

        9. theyre just projecting what little personality they have into their “gender”
          You know, I think you are right.
          It’s still the “look at me, look at me, I’m Special! Please give me attention” mentality.
          The more I think about it, these people are just kids who never grew up.
          When I was a kid, I used to dress up like different superheroes and “be” them for a few days straight. On any given day I could be Batman or Superman etc.
          Woe on you if you called me by my real name when I was wearing my Batman mask…Of course, I was only 5 years old…
          Now these people have adopted all of these different genders in an effort to play eternal dress up. It’s like reading too many X-men comics and then deciding that you must be a mutant with special powers because you have a lazy eye.
          “Even though my name is Paul, I was born with a penis and I have a beard down to my stomach, today my name is Paulina . I am Felistransgender and Woe on you if you call me Paul!”
          Now Science has caught up and is enough to make these delusions real and permanent.
          However, I can’t lie. If Science developed a way to give me the ability to fly and shoot lasers out of my eyes, I’d do it…
          I would just say that I was Kryptogender. A kryptonian trapped in a human’s body and assigned human chromosomes and feebleness at birth. lol

      1. Meet too thought they were escaped lab experiemnts on an estrogen fag mixture that was clearly working!

    3. This is one of those “thousand-word” pictures.
      1904: White Men, except for one Asiatic looking fellow. Well dressed, posing with the knowledge they it would soon be their responsibility to maintain and advance the civilization built by their forefathers.
      2015: Ethnic mystery-meat of indeterminate gender. Affirmative action admits, financed by government loans, clowning around thinking they are there to “change” or “destroy” the society neither they nor their forebears had any part in building.

      1. like those jamaican patties you used to be able to buy from the korean variety store filled with “mystery meat?”

    4. The differences in education between Yale and most Community Colleges or Online Degrees are getting more blurry. Why pay the extra money if you have to go to College?

      1. Plus, you can get some of the Ivy classes online for free now. You can’t get credit for them, but you can literally watch the lectures online and not pay a dime.

    5. Most colleges aren’t what they used to be. It’s not about education anymore it’s about “I’m free from mommy and daddy so I can act like a 13 year old!”
      Classiness is sure hard to find these days.

    6. Without quotas, like fish, these ones would not be swimming around the university pond.

  1. American education is dead. Signs of its death are everywhere. The main culprit is government controlled education. This control is enacted by a small faction of society. They take over teacher education programs on the college level and indoctrinate the education majors. The brainwashed education majors enter the public schools as teachers. Some of the teachers then become administrators. The schools then indoctrinate the students who then go on to college and form the campus culture. From this campus culture come the college professors and administrators. The college then becomes a hive of indoctrination that churns out indoctrinated minds in professional level occupations. The public schools then indoctrinate the students with an “everyone must go to college” mantra thus flooding professions of all types with college graduates thus requiring all people to get a college indoctrination to become employed.
    Do you see how the cancer metastasizes?

    1. As an education major that just graduated last semester I agree 100% with this. I have ran from the education system like the plague it is and am seeking work by other means. It really is a cycle, a cancerous cycle like you said. And it’s only going to get worse.

      1. I was fortunate enough to encounter the homeschoolers. That played a huge role in freeing my mind. In my college years I was an SJW. I brought that shit into my profession as a teacher. After frustration with the bureaucracy of public school, I tried to find alternatives to the public school curriculum. In that search, I came across the homeschoolers who embraced classical education. It was a long process but after exploring and studying a few things (Latin and Logic) I not only came to see the disaster that is government run education, I also came to see it as Leftist indoctrination. And this played a part in me raising questions about the things I believed.
        There is more to this story but the point is that I encountered the things that changed me in profound ways. The only thing left for me to do is to find a way to get out of teaching. At this time, I see myself as a custodian in a concentration camp.

        1. I’m sorry to hear that man. Have you ever thought of any entrepreneurial ventures? That’s sort of what I’m going for as of now. I’m doing brain training as a “steady job” and selling rehabed furniture and running a blog. Between all this able to stay steady. If you are feel free to email me at charlessledge001 (at) gmail (dot) com and maybe we can figure something out. If not I would at least check out a book called The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco it’s what got me to realize I didn’t have to be a teacher and hate my life.

        2. No need to feel sorrow. In fact, the good news is that I am thinking as a free man which is the first step. I am now able to take the next step which is what I am doing. I’m working on something and that work is a journey, and the journey is the goal in many ways.
          I appreciate you! And thank you for supporting me with your good words and deeds!

        3. ” It was a long process but after exploring and studying a few things (Latin and Logic) I not only came to see the disaster that is government run education, I also came to see it as Leftist indoctrination.”
          Beware Latin. The Romans were always into their laws and government, and the Latin Church Fathers tended to be lawyers and think about theology primarily in terms of legal codes, which led to errors, errors which were eventually followed to “logical” conclusions, which led to Roman Catholicism, which led to Protestantism, and so on and so forth, until one arrives at the current stage of Nihilism.
          My favorite excerpt of NIHILISM : The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age:
          “Absolute truth”: the phrase has, to a generation raised on skepticism and unaccustomed to serious thought, an antiquated ring. No one, surely–is the common idea–no one is naive enough to believe in “absolute truth” any more; all truth, to our enlightened age, is “relative.” The latter expression, let us note-“all truth is relative”-is the popular translation of Nietzsche’s phrase, “there is no (absolute) truth”; the one doctrine is the foundation of the Nihilism alike of the masses and of the elite.
          “Relative truth” is primarily represented, for our age, by the knowledge of science, which begins in observation, proceeds by logic, and progresses in orderly fashion from the known to the unknown. It is always discursive, contingent, qualified, always expressed in “relation” to something else, never standing alone, never categorical, never -absolute.”
          The unreflective scientific specialist sees no need for any other kind of knowledge; occupied with the demands of his specialty, he has, perhaps, neither time nor inclination for “abstract” questions that inquire, for example, into the basic presuppositions of that specialty. If he is pressed, or if his mind spontaneously turns to such questions, the most obvious explanation is usually sufficient to satisfy his curiosity: all truth is empirical, all truth is relative.
          Either statement, of course, is a self-contradiction. The first statement is itself not empirical at all, but metaphysical; the second is itself an absolute statement. The question of absolute truth is raised first of all, for the critical observer, by such self-contradictions; and the first logical conclusion to which he must be led is this:, if there is any truth at all, it cannot be merely “relative.” The first principles of modern science, as of any system of knowledge, are themselves unchangeable and absolute; if they were not there would be no knowledge at all, not even the most “reflective” knowledge, for there would be no criteria by which to classify anything as knowledge or truth.
          This axiom has a corollary: the absolute cannot be attained by means of the relative. That is to say, the first principles of any system of knowledge cannot be arrived at through the means of that knowledge itself, but must be given in advance; they are the object, not of scientific demonstration, but of faith.

        4. You could try to start your own homeschooling group. I’m sure there are people in the area you live that would like to homeschool but feel they can’t.

  2. Disgusting. The principle of innocent until proven guilty is dead, mob rule has taken over the places of “higher learning”, and a team who simply wants to show support for one of their brothers are condemned as rape supporters. I hope it comes out that this was another rape hoax and the true victims of this fiasco go for blood (figuratively speaking).

    1. Why figuratively?
      Look, the team has a chance to stand up and make an incredible statement, and they will not do so. In the end, they lack courage and they are backing down.

  3. Salem With Trials took place Pre-Constitution, which makes current rape hysteria even worse than a witch hunt.

    1. That’s an interesting comparison and I’m inclined to agree. Most people wouldn’t see it that way seeing as “oh but people were hung and burned back then”, but like you mentioned, this was before the Constitution and where each citizen were guaranteed certain inalienable rights. The fact that they can get away with this in modern times is an affront to the very principles our country was founded upon. These children bring nothing less than the destruction of our country and freedoms.

      1. I am going to offer an idea, the Constitution creates this problem. We might have been better off with the Articles of Confederation. Also, the idea of a “critical period” is questionable when one researches what was exactly happening in American society during this pre-Constitutional period.
        I’ve been reading the arguments made by the Anti-Federalists and, in my opinion, their claims were prophetic.

        1. A good book to read on the topic is “The Articles of Confederation” by Merrill Jensen. It describes the social, political, and economic forces that were part of the American Revolution and the two political factions in the colonies that would become the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists.
          Jensen also has a follow up called “The New Nation” which is a continuation in some ways. It describes American society and the political factions that existed during the period in which the Articles of Confederation were the plan of government. Both of these texts will undermine the things we learned about civics and American History. Both of those books are sourced from primary resources as well.

        2. The day I realized I was bein lied to about some stuff was the day I did some basic math and realized that The Constitution was passed in 1789, but the revolution ended in 1783. We didn’t just sit around lawlessly in anarchy for 6 years. No, there was a predecessor to the current USA and it was governed by the Articles of Confederation. No schoolteacher or book has EVER mentioned this fact.

        3. Nor do they ever want to talk about the only source which provided the framework with which to craft a Constitution for a Republic, Vattel’s Law of Nations series.

        4. You got hosed. We were taught all about the AOC, and why some felt that it had to be changed. People forget that the constitutional convention was only convened to ADJUST the AOC, but something totally different happened.

        5. As I’ve never even heard of this, perhaps you would enlighten us all. Submit an article on this, please!

        6. I do remember school mentioning the words “Articles of Confederation” but the way it was taught was that it was put forth as one idea, with a weak federal government, and it was decided that we needed a more powerful government, hence the Constitution. They never said a nation actually existed prior to the US Constitution for 6 years!

        7. Here is a brief introduction to the Law of Nation’s provenance in the founding of the USA. Note Benjamin Franklin’s own words about the Law of Nations
          wikipedia org/wiki/The_Law_of_Nations
          This is the link to a full Law of Nations online. Check out Book 1, Chapter 19.

      2. You won’t get hung or burned today but you will stay jobless for your entire life once google picks up your name.

      3. I like to think of it as the novel/film “Clockwork Orange” fully manifesting in the West. Clockwork Orange was not a dystopian novel, it was prophetic.

  4. Maybe he’s been expelled for being a rapist in the full knowledge that there is no specific victim or crime. The idea that there actually needs to be a victim relates to an outmoded and patriarchal notion of what rape really is and just perpetuates the problem of rape culture and the danger all men present to women by contaminating the air with cock dust

      1. Rape culture apologist. I’ve seen the error of my misogynistic ways and now stand with women against basketball

    1. Now you’re ready for big-time success as an HR wonk (cut off your manhood first, though, so they’ll even interview you) or college administrator. Such wisdom!

    2. Please tell us more about “what rape really is.” The definition changes based on who you talk to.
      Actually nvm. Read the rest of your troll posts, lol. My bad for feeding it.

      1. Ridiculous. There is only one definition of rape: whatever feminists say it is.

        1. Maybe this will help any confusion about what Rape means.
          On the third Friday of every month, rape is defined as “coming into physical contact with a woman’s hair.”
          On the second Tuesday of every month, rape is defined as staring in the general direction of a female for no longer than 5.36 seconds.
          On the fourth Monday of every month, rape is defined as briskly walking past a woman on the Subway.
          If these offenses occur on an odd numbered day, then the crime is punishable for 1-3 years in prison. If they occur on an even
          numbered day, then this sentence is doubled and the offense is
          punishable by 2-6 years in prison.
          Of course, these are only valid if the month ends in the letter “Y”.
          If the month does not end in the letter ,Y, then rape is defined as, but not limited to, being in the general vicinity of said females. A male presence located near women (including cockdust), but not limited to, 100 feet is punishable with that many years in prison, divided by pi. If this happens in March before the Equinox, then Pi is determined as 3.14. If after the Equinox, Pi is determined as 3.141592.
          -Taken from the Feminist Handbook for Strong Womyn, 2002

        2. I think we can only dream of that kind of clarity from feminists.
          Is that from the Feminist Handbook for Strong Womyn, 2002 first or second edition? Because I understand the second edition includes a really useful chapter on the triggernometry of rape as well.

        3. Sadly, this is only the first edition. I was lax in my duty of acquiring the second.

        4. As with any female statement you have to add the words “I feel right now that” in front of anything they say. So, a female definition of rape would be “I feel right now that,” rape is….

    3. Probably he was on full scholarship and the college told him they were revoking it because he was drawing negative attention to the school. He had no way to pay the tuition on his own, so he dropped out. In order to be anti-fragile you need to be able to pay your own tuition, cover your living expenses off-campus, and have reserve fund for attorney.

  5. “These people believe sexual assault is so heinous a crime that even being innocent is not a defense.”
    -Alan Dershowitz

    1. In the early 90s, some womyn’s group at a college created a collage of random pics of 10% of the male students, which they labeled, “These are rapists.” The men sued, and some leftie (female, who’s surprised?) judge said it was ok, because the poor, victimized womyn were just symbolically representing a valid statistic.
      Words fail me, all of it is so evil.

        1. Whoa, son. As I’m sure Her (Dis)Honor would have told you, free speech isn’t unlimited. You can’t hurt people’s feelings. The rape poster was ok, because by definition, men aren’t human beings.
          Then she would have gone home to either her cats, or to a fistfight and hate-sex with her lesbian lover.

      1. There should be no female judges in the courts of law. Unsurprisingly, they have a habit of handing out longer sentences to men on average than male judges.

  6. Glad I graduated when I did and steered clear of all campus activities. I went to school to learn how to do a job , nothing else

    1. nor should any social or government organ dedicated to women – these are all shitpits where equalism festers

    2. But girls can’t do math. They need their own safe space for doing math homework without males making jokes.

      1. Yeah, but…, isn’t the greatest quantum physics scientist in the world a woman? Oh wait, that was just a bad movie.

  7. Social justice’s ongoing struggle with reality stems from a relativist worldview. In their eyes, there is no truth, or objectivity, only differing perspectives.
    Meaning that the alleged victim could be right, and that’s enough for them to chimp out over
    The rest of society should always remember that equalists do not actually possess the ability for nuance, they only use it to give weight to their less rational positions and obfuscate uncomfortable truths

    1. yes. everything is either ignored, or undergoes a kind of bpd splitting process in their tiny fragile minds. if they are going to pay attention to it (or have a belief about it or whatever), then it must be either all good or all bad. it has to be black or white or their r-selected rabbit amygdalae cant cope.

  8. I am sick to death of current college students. I’m sure there are some good ones, maybe even the majority, that we never hear about. But the ones we do hear about need to be locked up.

  9. The Cologne attacks have receded from memory and the SJWs feel safe enough to get back to complaints over real rape culture.

  10. No due process? If the female accuser never filed a police report he might consider consulting an attorney about libel, defamation, slander, etc.

  11. Wow, so no one knows why this guy was expelled, but everyone wants to assume that he raped someone and that explains his absence? So if I miss a couple of days of work will I be called a rapist as well?

    1. Yes, because “reasons ” Say hello to the new world, full of madness like we’ve not seen before.

  12. I dont understand how a man can bare to live in the USA. Denmark is bad, but it seems like USA is hell on earth. If I was a man there, I would summon every resource to get away. Everything I did would be part of a long term plan to leave for good.

    1. I started reading about new sources of income already. The ultimate dream would wKing up every day in a country where there’s naer an SJW to be found in current news.

      1. Yes indeed. But one gotta strike it rich first, or at least have a very reliable income. I think most men, if they could, would already leave. But economics are keeping us here, as effective as any door and lock ever could.

    2. Good point Tom.
      Just know that the USA is a big place. We don’t live in a news feed.

      1. Its big but I bet it’s the same all over, with minor differences: insufferable feminists bitches everywhere.

        1. I live in the Pacific Northwest. There are plenty of lefty progressives around but the suburbs and rural areas are still quite traditional and vary greatly from the urban centers.

    3. “I dont understand how a man can bare to live in the USA. Denmark is bad,
      but it seems like USA is hell on earth. If I was a man there, I would
      summon every resource to get away. Everything I did would be part of a
      long term plan to leave for good.”
      In Denmark, since 1997, you can’t even spank your children. That means you’re only 18 years behind Sweden which banned it in 1979. Sweden is projected by UN reports to be a third world nation by 2030.
      A nation of men who have never been spanked don’t seem likely candidates to hold back Islamic invasion, so Denmark probably goes under around 2048.
      Choices as always:
      1. Bunker in and hope to ride out collapse.
      2. Run… to where…

      1. Can the white man produce the best civilization ever to grace the earth on Antartica? Maybe we can thaw it and flood out the rest of the world?

  13. What irony! I dig how the SJW crowd demands safe spaces. But when the Yale dean actually asks for civil behavior and a “safe” campus, they go on rampage mode because he didn’t back their side.

      1. In other times, I could have answered this question in a cheeky kind of way, kind of like “I have a safe space. It’s in your mom!” How I miss those days.

  14. A counter poster campaign for Yale men: “police report, or it didn’t happen.”

  15. Having briefly set foot on a few ivy league campuses, there didn’t appear to be a lot of social life, other than study dates with chunky coeds in sweat pants. Male students would probably do better dating outside college. Research coffee shops for high foot traffic and hang out there and approach females. She will never be able to claim that you made the campus a hostile environment for her.

  16. The best Game analysis I’ve seen on the Donald came from an unlikely source. The guy who made the Dilbert comics just phrases Trump’s general appeal so well.

  17. Duke Lacrosse showed us the way. Sue these fuckers into bankruptcy and laugh all the way to the bank. The falsely accused victims from the Duke Lacrosse team collected more than $20M each.

    1. Absolutely. However – Yale basketball players have power now, and they could make an incredible statement by refusing to play without Montague. I guess their Captain didn’t mean much to them.

      1. That’s sad when feminists have more solidarity than men. Hell, its just a fucking game anyway. Refuse to play until your team is fully restored.

        1. I’m sure they’re being told by all the older men in their life to “just be patient, let the legal system work and in the end your friend will get to speak, his name will be cleared and then we can move on. Until then, there is more at stake here than how you feel and how your friend feels.” With the insinuation that the more that is at stake is having public support for the basketball team and the University. Teaching basketball players that they are representatives of their school and should act as such is a good thing if the school itself has good standards on how to act. It is a bad thing if the school itself has no reasonable standards. They should stand up and defend their friend publicly, but would you if you were told there will be serious disciplinary and maybe even legal consequences if you did?

        2. I would today, but at age 18? I doubt it. Lots of peer pressure and I basically just did as I was told.

  18. Two things:
    (1) This incident shows that the leftist “sexual assault” propaganda campaign is NOT just used against beta males. Jack Montague was the Captain of a college basketball team heading to the NCAA tournament. It doesn’t get more big man on campus than that. I highly doubt Montague had much trouble getting laid. It’s a witch hunt against ALL straight men.
    (2) Yale basketball players are showing themselves to be cowards. They have an incredible opportunity to use their power to fight the SJW freaks where it counts, by refusing to play in the NCAA tournament if Montague is not reinstated. Recall that Missouri football players forced their school president’s ouster in siding with the “black lives matter” protestors. Yale is going to the NCAA tournament for the first time in 50 years. This appearance will create undoubtedly great publicity for the school. It would be great to see the players use this power – the most they will potentially ever have in their entire lives – to force the school to reinstate Montague. Yet they cave. Another disappointing lack of courage.

    1. Once the SJWs found relatively easy success going after the betas first, they got greedy, and now they’re going after the high-value targets they wanted all along.

      1. of course. Most of these SJW are women way too ugly to get a guy like Montague, or “men” who were mocked by guys like him in junior high.

        1. Exactly what I was about to write. He’ll pay for the others, so to speak. “Hell hath no fury…” And all that jazz
          And the manginas are gonna double down because they hatehatehate that guy for what he can achieve. Source: reformed white knight writing.

  19. It’s just because he’s a Montague. No one would ever accuse a Capulet.
    But all joking aside, if the school can’t produce evidence to support the claims, if the supposed “victim” can’t produce evidence, then expelling him was a bit much.

  20. This is a non-story and all the info will come out soon. Jack was an awesome basketball player for Brentwood High and an even better guy personally. This is a shame the feminists are continuing this phony witch hunt in my home town and following it to my friends’ colleges. It’s everywhere there is a high population of conservative white males, it seems.

    1. Don’t know if it was consensual or not. But it looks like he received punishment without due process, that’s an ominous precedent. Even if he clears his name and is allowed to graduate, who pays his $100k in attorney fees? I want to believe women wouldn’t lie, but I’ve seen women publicly destroy a man who wouldn’t reciprocate her feelings. Why didn’t she file a police report? She’s not in pakistan where she would get stoned to death.

      1. Yes especially ex-girlfriends.
        I just hate to see his name all over the Internet.

  21. I know a Yalie with a PhD in English. She had grand dreams of being an elite professor. Alas, her hippy boomer mentors are holding on to their careers (what else those used-up saps got, but retiring and waiting for oblivion?) With a death grip. So she teaches high school at some swank, expensive left-wing (but low-paying…ha, liberal hypocrisy, but I digress) prep school.
    She pays no attention to grammar, sentence structure, etc. She only cares that essays are written with sensitivity, and nobody says something that might hurt the feelings of a womyn or minority.
    Oh, and her only child (born when mom was 38) has been a genius poet since age 5. Mom tells everyone so when she mails copies of super-daughter’s ouevres to everyone.
    God and man at Yale? Not hardly.

  22. If I attended there would love to take down those annoying rape printouts to get free push pins and use the back as note paper and unveil the more important announcements underneath.
    If people can so quickly jump to thinking someone did a rape without proof, think how much more often this kind of thing happens with other stuff like condemning a man as a peeper or pedophile or groper or misogynist or racist. The care for proof is absent. We do not defend our fellows in fear the mob will turn on us next.

  23. Don’t know if this news is posted elsewhere already. A judge ruled Columbia is off the hook for Mattress Girl’s “performance art”:
    “Nungesser said that by letting Sulkowicz protest, including in an October 2014 ‘Carry That Weight National Day of Action’ on-campus rally that she helped organize, Columbia violated Title IX, which bans gender discrimination by schools that receive federal money.
    The plaintiff said the unwanted attention hurt his academic experience, made him fear for his safety, and forced him to return to his native Germany after graduation to find a job.
    In his decision, Woods said he did not suggest that Nungesser’s final year at Columbia was ‘pleasant or easy.’
    But he said Nungesser’s position would stretch Title IX too far, and could permit any students accused of sexual assault to sue their schools, so long as the schools knew of the allegations and failed to silence the accusers.
    ‘Neither the text nor the purpose of Title IX supports this conclusion,’ Woods wrote.”
    Giving her college credit for her “performance art” promoted her allegations rather than just ‘failed to silence’ them.
    Read more: http://forward.com/news/breaking-news/335760/male-classmate-accused-by-emma-sulkowicz-loses-suit-against-columbia

  24. In other Mattress Girl news, the renowned artiste has a show “Self Portrait” in Los Angeles. Through March 31 she’ll be there in person standing on a pedestal and answering questions.
    “The exhibit also features a robot, specifically ‘Emmatron,’ a ‘life-size ultra-realistic replica of Sulkowicz’ that uses an iPad app to answer any questions Sulkowicz believes ‘objectify or fetishize’ her.”
    No word on the price point, if it comes with a mattress, or when production will ramp up.
    If it’s too pricey there are also “smaller 3D-printed replicas of Sulkowicz dubbed ‘In-Action Figures,’ which reflect ‘the widespread commodification and flattening of her image in the news and on the internet.’”

  25. Well kids, welcome to the 1930s Soviet Union circus, with Lavrenty “show me a man and I’ll show you a crime” Beria as the ringmaster. No wonder Bernie Sanders is so popular among this crowd. Just remember a “Democratic Socialist” is merely a Socialist that hasn’t swept an election.

  26. So the this what kids go a hundred grand into debt for? To spend 4 years around a bunch of nuts who might turn on you on a moment’s notice, just to get a piece of paper at the end? Don’t call it an education, you can get educated when you spend your time running from lynch mobs and defending your name against baseless accusations.

  27. No victim, just a baseless accusation and rabid response from anyone questionning it. Welcome to the cult.

  28. I anticipate a rape accusation war on US campus in which students from university A will rape report the best athletes from their rival university B right before the finals

  29. There needs to be an introductory course given to all male students entering college, especially athletes about rape hysteria and how to avoid becoming a victim of it. One of the main points needs to be to not under any circumstance have sex with an intoxicated female student. This seems to be where a lot of these “rapes” start.

    1. “One of the main points needs to be to not under any circumstance have sex with a female student, or a nonstudent female off campus that lives in the vicinity.”
      Fixed it for ya.

  30. Are we sure there’s no way to get some kind of legislation passed that prevents millennials from holding any positions of power or influence in the real world? Ever? I really hope it’s not as bad as what we’re seeing but Christ, have we got a whole generation of these twats to deal with then they ‘graduate’ from University-garten?

    1. We are seeing, I hope, a very vocal and very stupid group of people who grab all the headlines. I honestly believe that at every one of these institutions there are, for every moron yelling, screaming, writing articles and making the news, 3 kids in the library or studying in their dorm that are totally oblivious to what these morons are doing.
      I might be wrong, but I certainly hope I am not.
      When you look at these idiots and say how you pity the future generations who are under the yolk of these morons when they find some power think to yourself….will these really be the kids who are in power or are they just the future baristas. My guess is that the kids who really make a difference won’t be these millennial shit sacks, but rather the ones who are quiet, that you don’t hear about, who care about their education and their future….you don’t hear about them because they are too busy to prance around like jackasses.
      Of course, I may be totally wrong…but this is what I tell myself to keep the homicidal rage at bay at least.

  31. More details coming out today, this is from Montague’s lawyer:
    “The two students developed a relationship that led to them sleeping together in Jack’s room on four occasions in the fall of 2014.
    On the first occasion, the woman joined Jack in bed and stayed the night.
    On the second occasion, she entered his bed voluntarily, removed all of her clothes and, during the night, woke him to perform oral sex.
    On the third occasion, she joined him in bed, voluntarily took off all her clothing, and they had sexual intercourse by consent.
    On the fourth occasion, she joined him in bed, voluntarily removed all of her clothes, and they had sexual intercourse. Then they got up, left the room and went separate ways. Later that same night, she reached out to him to meet up, then returned to his room voluntarily, and spent the rest of the night in his bed with him.
    The sole dispute is as to the sexual intercourse in the fourth episode. She stated that she did not consent to it. He said that she did.
    A year later she reported the incident to a Title IX coordinator. A Title IX official – not her – filed a formal complaint with the University-Wide Committee.
    Only two persons could have known what happened on that fourth night. The panel chose to believe the woman, by a ‘preponderance of the evidence.’ We believe that it defies logic and common sense that a woman would seek to re-connect and get back into bed with a man who she says forced her to have unwanted sex just hours earlier. And yet the Dean accepted this conclusion and ordered Jack to be expelled. His decision was then upheld by the Provost.”
    There’s also this from the lawyer: “We cannot help but think it not coincidental that the decision by Yale officials to seek expulsion of the captain of its basketball team followed by little more than a month the report of the Association of American Universities (AAU) which was highly critical of the incidence of sexual assault on the Yale campus, and the Yale President’s promise, in response, to ‘redouble our efforts.’ From what appears, Jack has been pilloried as a ‘whipping boy’ for a campus problem that has galvanized national attention.” They intend to sue.
    Effing Title IX kangaroo courts.

  32. The Title IX coordinator brought the complaint, not the woman in question. IIUC this is highly unusual and has yet to be explained.

  33. They would have loved him if he was gay! Yale is full of feminists and betas, horrible place for any alphas. Which idiot came up with this Title shit IX?

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