How Feminism Dried Up The Ovaries Of Lena Dunham

Dunham, born in 1986 (currently 29) is a stereotypical New York Jewish feminist working in media. In 2010 she wrote, directed, and starred in a biopic called Tiny Furniture, about a frumpy college graduate living at home, with a filmmaking degree who doesn’t know what to do with her life, suffering dating, job, and personal failures.


Monthly De-Licing Treatment

One day she meets up with one of her friend’s boyfriends in public, gets high, and then has unprotected sex inside a large pipe.  Somehow, the film has become part of the Criterion Collection, which I thought was relegated to restoring and digitizing film classics like Rules of The Game and Stanley Kubrick’s Spartacus. The film is labeled a comedy, and stars Dunham’s real family.


Tiny Furniture earned a box office take of over $390,000, which was a financial success due to its $65,000 budget.  However, it’s far from a blockbuster, and it’s inexplicable how this single short earned Dunham a blind script deal at HBO. Well, perhaps there is one explanation: HBO President Sue Naegle just wanted to greenlight a you-go-gurl project for its political message. Dunham created the HBO series Girls, which premiered in 2012, and earned four Emmy nominations.

Girls is currently in its 6th and final season. I used to wholeheartedly recommend that “Oh yeah, any series on HBO is top-notch” but this NSFH (not safe for home) clip makes me reconsider:

Rape Accusation

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

In 2014, a collection of essays titled “Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s ‘Learned” was published, with Dunham collecting a $3.5 million fee. Quite a nice income for a twentysomething with little real world experience, recounting her life of drug use, tattoos, anonymous unprotected sex, and, oh yeah, the obligatory college rape accusation.

Dunham falsely accused a man named “Barry” who she later made a bizarre apology to which claims that a “flamboyant Republican” classmate did rape her, but that she used a pseudonym to PROTECT this supposed rapist, instead of pointing him out to police and the public and protecting others from rape, although the pseudonym she chose does match an actual classmate named Barry who fits the description she gave of her rapist, but the two never even met. Confused yet?

During this period, she also admitted to sexually assaulting her baby sister, though there was very little media coverage of this admitted crime, likely due to her privileged status as a mainstream media insider.

Ovarian Cyst


Depiction of a left ovarian cyst

Recently Dunham revealed that she has a ruptured ovarian cyst. Women have only two ovaries, located on each side of the uterus. Ovaries produce estrogen, the main female sex hormone, and house all of the eggs that a woman carries with her, releasing one every month during menstruation. Damage to a single ovary means that half of a woman’s limited supply of eggs are eliminated, and can cause permanent hormone imbalances.

Dunham has a condition called endometriosis, which causes serious problems, including weight gain (just imagine), difficulty urinating, nausea, vomiting, scar tissue in the uterus, chemical and hormonal changes, loss of eggs, and almost half of all infertility cases.  Large clumps of tissue like the one above, grow, ooze liquid, and bleed regularly with every menstrual cycle, causing excessive bleeding, pain during intercourse, bowel movements, or exercise. In Dunham’s case, her cyst ruptured, and she is undergoing emergency surgery to remove the ruptured cyst.

After college, I dated a girl in Chicago who had one shriveled up ovary. It was no coincidence that she was the most unfeminine, independent, feminist “I don’t need a man” career girl that I ever dated. I often thought about how surely there was a correlation between her bossy, unkind, selfish behavior and her shriveled up uterus. Indeed, there is a correlation, and there are many causes we can point to with Dunham.

Causes Of Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts are caused by many risk factors including age, obesity, smoking, not having children, not breastfeeding, hormone replacement therapy, and other hormonal or chemical use. Dunham fits almost every one.



Dunham will turn 30 this year, and the risk for reproductive problems increases with age.


Jan 2016 Selfie

Nuff Said.


In a People magazine interview, Dunham admits to smoking cigarettes. Her films and book also indicate drug use.

Not Having Children


Peak fertility occurs in the early to mid 20s in women, with fertility declining rapidly at age 31-35. After 35, many women have difficulty conceiving without medical help. Dunham turns 30 later this year. Women’s bodies are built to reproduce, and the reason they have so many uncomfortable and otherwise useless body parts and functions as breasts, menstruation, and hormones which seriously affect their mood is all for one end: reproduction. By ignoring the biological drive to reproduce, a woman places herself in a higher risk category for ovarian cysts or even cancer.

Not Breastfeeding

Women who do reproduce in their prime fertility period should breastfeed. Not only is breastfeeding better for the baby, but it is better for the mother, and can actually help her avoid serious medical problems.

Hormone And Chemical Usage

While I am unaware of any hormone replacement, Dunham admits to taking multiple psychotropic drugs and antidepressants, beginning at age 14, when her body was still developing.  Any hormone or chemical usage increases her risk of ovarian cysts.

Mental Health


Dunham has been seeing mental health therapists since age 9, was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder, a mental illness according to the DSM-IV, at age 11, and describes her mental health by saying “I really love my life but I’ve kind of worn anxiety grooves into my brain. It just doesn’t always sound good in there.”

Negativity And Feminism

While there is no scientifically proven causality, I can’t help but think the hateful thoughts and negativity associated with feminism, the violent reactions against men, the lies and false rape accusations, and the denying of basic science and centuries of human civilization contribute in some way to her mental, if not physical health.

Feminism is unhealthy. The real danger of Dunham is the message she is sending to the next generation.


Dunhams BF Jack Antonoff, totally missing the point of playing in a band

In Dunham’s case, I don’t even fully blame her—after all, she has been able to be wildly financially successful, obtain a higher SMV boyfriend, receive a blind script deal at the premiere television network in the US soon after graduating college and with no real world experience other than a film she made as a hobbyist, receive plenty of media attention, become the face of a whole generation of women, and become a millionaire in her 20s, without ever having to get her body in shape, hone and develop a skill or talent, work hard in an industry, or even try to address her mental or physical health, her bad habits, or her obesity.  She just put herself out there as an overweight, frumpy, mentally ill, tattooed, promiscuous drug using feminist and she was wildly rewarded for it.  Why *should* she do anything differently?

Warning To Feminists

I’m sure many a blue-hair shrapneled and graffitied feminist looked up to Dunham as a role model, and likely envied her success and riches. This revelation should serve as a wakeup call that despite being glorified and celebrated by the film, television, magazine, and fashion houses in the country, the ideas Dunham are espousing are toxic, both mentally and physically. While we often talk of The Wall as a sudden realization by women than their SMV has rapidly declined, there are far more serious problems that they can face if they adopt the antisocial ideas of feminism.

Women should get in shape, develop a skill or talent, avoid drug use, smoking, excessive drinking, cursing, and tattoos, and marry and reproduce during their peak fertility years. I am not a fan of personal ad hominem attack, or celebrating the misery of others, but Lena Dunham has made herself the poster child for modern third wave feminism, and is vocally advocating some of the most extreme anti-social views permeating American society.

Consider the damaging effects of an unhealthy, unnatural lifestyle, and promotion of values which go against thousands of years of civilization. Abandon feminism now before your ovaries dry up, or worse.

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  1. You make some damning points, but you’re still horrible for including so much photographic evidence to support your claims. My retinas will never be the same. I hope you’re happy – you monster.

    1. I don’t know if that might cure your retinas, but here some parodies of Lena Dunham’s “Your first time” by Julie Borowski and Steven Crowder.

      And here’s.another parody titled “The morning after”.

      1. ok, seriously?
        I made it 12 seconds into the first one. 17 seconds into the second one and 7 seconds into the last.
        Just on the 36 seconds I spent on those three videos I am now planning on drinking an entire bottle of scotch tonight and, possibly, self immolation.

      2. Voting for Obama is like losing your virginity, you’re getting fucked by a suave black man who tells you promises he won’t keep and then kicks you to the curb afterwards.

      1. How does this garbage get greenlighted?! I mean, yeah, chicks are not funny, but if they are gonna shove this shit down our throats at least give us something with entertainment value like Kathy Griffin, Roseanne or Sarah Silverman (Actually re: Roseanne I just loved the John Goodman character but I guess she was alright).

        1. Griffin come off during her act as a bitter slut that is not funny. Roseanne and Sarah are not funny either.

    2. He’s right though. In fact he’s understating it.
      You all ever notice how it’s always raging feminist celebrities that get breast cancer?

      1. Poetic justice, perhaps?
        FWIW, I wonder if women who have children and breastfeed have lower rates of breast cancer?

        1. You don’t need to wonder. It won’t take much research on your own to confirm that your “hunch” is entirely correct.

    1. Not entirely unrelated: I was just informed you can legally purchase a flamethrower in Michigan. Repeat: it is LEGAL to throw flame at another human in Michigan

  2. Gentlemen,
    I appologize in advance for the off topic comment. I will return with some lena cuntham comments in a bit. However, I really wanted to share this with all of you. Again, my apologies.
    As some of you know through my comments here with GoJ I am a fan of motorcycles. One thing I haven’t spoke about, however, is my love of bicycling as well. Yes, the knee man loves to ride a bike. When I was a kid I loved BMX and mountain biking. IN college I did long distance road biking. Just a week ago I bought a fixed gear street bike on the cheap to get to and from work on in the nice weather and have been having a blast on the NYC streets.
    Yesterday, however, on my ride home I was stopped waiting for foot and car traffic to pass when I saw something that I immediately knew I had to share. This is what I am calling “The Beta Bike.”
    I am not much of a photographer, but check this shit out:
    That’s right folks. It is a bicycle built for two with only
    one set of peddles for the sap in the front to cart around his post wall
    princess like a modern day Cleopatra. I was tempted to say something, but this
    guys look of smug self-satisfaction and superiority made me feel he deserves
    this cunt and this life.
    Sorry again boys, just needed to share

      1. You see. . . Men wouldn’t accept being catered to and ass-kissed that way. Sure, there are some males out there with personality problems who expect the world to bend over for them, and take advantage of special license plates and shit like that. But those guys are called Sociopaths. But to be handed everything like a queen is female behavior. This bike thing is right up there with the college degree with no work, job favoritism and assuming everyone will kiss their ass, and all the rest of entitled behavior. Who even built that thing?

    1. Was about to say, hope the guy doesn’t pull a hammy. But maybe it’s those abruptly tight pants, but he doesn’t seem to have a hammy to pull.
      If this is NYC, now I see why they wanted to get rid of those horse carriages. Why bother with horses? Men are cheaper, more plentiful, and more trainable.

      1. In fairness, I have been in NYC my whole life and this is the first time I have seen this.
        Also, despite the fact that I hate the fucking mayor of this city….I was totally on board to get rid of the horses. That shit was disgusting. If you have never been in a huge, major city in august when it is 90 degrees and 20 million air conditioners are blowing exhaust into the sky, everything is made of concrete and tar and there are hundreds of thousands of cars, buses and trucks exhausting and then walked by a pile of fucking horse shit then you would know that there is no place for this.

    2. I don’t really get what you’re laughing at, man. Complaining that the man is doing all the hard work whilst the woman is being princess’d is what feminists do.
      As a patriarchal man, I’d prefer to take the brunt of anything physical so that my women can save their energy for the kitchen and bedroom. They’re going to need it.

      1. I can understand the sentiment, but you should have seen these two. He was a cunt hair away from being a fag and she was using the time at the stop to be a bitch. This wasn’t a patriarch taking the brunt…this was an indentured servant obeying his mistress

        1. He might as well have been wearing a pointy straw hat and had big buck teeth saying “assshoooo i taka missie veddy fa”

        2. Yeah. I hear you. But you got to understand, I was planning on getting one of those double bikes when I move back to NZ, because A. I won’t have my license right away, and B. my girls will end up road kill if I let them on their own bikes. But even if I get one with pedals for the rear, I mean, it’s not like she’s going to do any serious work…

        3. The only advice I have for you, should you chose to take it, is do not peddle your woman around like a mule.

    3. The first pic says it all. She’s completely oblivious to the human engine up front that is powering her trip and all her focus and energy is on the shit in the rear compartment that he just bought her.

      1. Correct. There is a way to do this right…as Beau below points out….but this wasn’t that. This was exactly what this website is here to warn people about.

      2. And not too dissimilar from the smart phone she’ll be holding, twittering on and gleaming into, completely oblivious to the human suffering and technology that went in to it to support her lavish lazy shit as he peddles up front.

    4. I am bicyclist. That is a cargo bike (cargo bikes are cool!) … that a schlub converted to a Beta bike.

      1. I was thinking that too (that it was a cargo bike) she is sitting in the cargo area. On a tandem the person in back actually delivers the majority of the power for the bike so that’s probably very hard on the bike and the front rider.

        1. yes. a retrofitted cargo bike would have been a more accurate description of what is going on here. Ugh. Just disgusting.

    5. Okay, let’s do an exercise. He buys a bicycle to carry her ass around town. The little princess just loves this type of treatment. And then, all of a sudden – BOOM – she lets an alpha fuck her in the ass and she becomes distant to the guy and his bicyle. Moral of the story – fuck women and if they’re wife material make babies but don’t carry them around town so everybody can see who the slave is. I feel sorry for the guy.

      1. correct.
        I didn’t think of it when I was sitting there because I was in shock, but if I would have thought of it then I would totally have handed her my business card and told her to call me.
        I would have loved to see the look on his face.
        She probably would have made him bring her and wait.

        1. Yeah I think you discussed this before but I saw a youtube yesterday about this guy getting cucked just like that because he gave in to feminism and lets his *WIFE* bang up to 8 guys a month. It’s really disgusting, but here’s a good breakdown of it:

        2. I had to pause when he said mid thirties and entering sexual prime…….What The [email protected](%!!
          Should be on a PDA announcement for all male feminists everywhere. This is what happens when you concede your balls and decide in egalitarian ways. No one wants equal but everyone wants more.

        3. Agreed.
          Ive moved well and truly away from MGTOW but TFM’s stuff is great.
          He uses a lot of Game terminology and actually understands and uses Game, unlike the other MGTOW losers who actually compete over who has the LEAST to do with with women…..

        4. Yeah, stumbled across him with one that was an *excellent* breakdown of what a shit test is. Highly on point.

        5. Story time! I was at a party a few years ago….long story short…I was hitting on this chick I liked in front of her boyfriend because I know how “strong and spiritual” an open relationship is and……lss again….The hipster boyfriend got dumped a week later and I did that chick up the pooper.
          Male feminism=unintentional wingman but kinda like the ugly bridesmaids making the bride look better

        6. I recommend his Men Are Smarter Than Women, Period. series of videos, as well as his analysis of Sexual Marketplace Values, also on point

    6. Highly symbolic of marriage nowadays.
      Wonder how long it will be before she replaces him with another mule?

      1. the real question is whose knees will give out first…his from carting her around or hers from blowing every single guy that isn’t him.

      1. nice!
        I didn’t get a good enough pic but there was a bike handle coming out parallel to the top bar sticking out of the back of the seat for her to hold on to so It looked like she was shoving something up his ass…..i am sure she will be doing that later.

        1. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out what that picture was even of. Now I can’t unsee it…..

    7. The only time I had anything remotely similar was a child seat in the back to carry up to a 3 year old.

    8. It would be cool if there was a “Disconnect” button, where you could detach the back part when you pass a Hooters.

    9. Goddamned helmets- the world has too many people, why are we promoting safety? Ban helmets, seatbelts, let people ride on the hoods of cars like in the good ol days

      1. Partially agreed.
        My last motocycle was a Yamaha R1. I would never have driven it without a helmet. I never wear one on a bicycle though. Helmets are for retards and racebike drivers which, if my own experience with a race bike is common, are not mutually exclusive.

        1. Yeah not much protection but without the face mask 160 mph face forward hurts. When I did crash it I was going about 10 mph

        1. Oh man, that sucks. I’ve always liked riding bikes but never followed any of the pro stuff.

        2. You ever seen the documentary On Any Sunday narrated by Steve McQueen? A cool look into the fun, masculine sport of competitive motorcycle riding. My favorite part was the dirt tracks.

        3. Hey sorry, disqus doesn’t like it if you use the greater than or less than symbol, apparently. Steve McQueen, my avatar, was a big racing fan and made the film. It’s a good one, and has that calm, laid back, confident masculinity that many of the older guys around here talk about.

        4. These guys were MGTOWS back when it didn’t mean you had to give up women.
          Looks like its on youtube in bad quality

          The same director did a great documentary on surfing too called Endless Summer. The films are a little cheesy, but hey, it was 1971, it was all groovy, man! No worries!
          McQueen also did a documentary on the 24+ hour French auto race Le Mans, but it’s mostly engines rumbling. I don’t think there is any dialogue until almost an hour in. They show it on Speedvision a lot. One of the stunt drivers lost his leg in making it. They printed blood types on the back of everyone’s helmet (including McQueens) so they could hopefully transfuse you before you died.

    10. We have a new response when we witness an egregious act of White-Knighting, or any other manifestation of ManginaCuckoldry… “Get that boy a beta bike!”

    11. On the other hand, I would high-five a dude that threw his porta potty into one of those little kid bike trailers & rode it around like a screen door in a hurricane.

  3. That photo where she is doing the ice bucket challenge…she looks like she already has pushed out 3 kids and is in her early 50s.
    And she has a boyfriend? Is he blind?

    1. She is worth a lot of fucking money. I am sure there are plenty of guys for whom that will be plenty.
      Forget 1000 cock stare. She looks like she goes to 17th base with strangers about 3 minutes after meeting them and is made entirely of the gelatinous stuff that forms on turkey cold cuts when they go bad.

        1. give her the chicken cutlet: That’s when you bone her on the beach then pull your cock out and dredge in sand and then stick it back in her.
          Thank you @tagthesponsor and/or @gregorygreens (can’t remember where I saw it but it was one of those)

        2. Holy shit thats great! As an italian who prides himself in his cutlet making abilities, I approve your recipe and will steal it too.

        3. Don’t even joke about that. It brings back very painful memories from a youthful indiscretion on the beach. Damn sand gets in everything.

        1. Fuck yeah….when that big ole ton of dark meat is looking for a mulatto baby with a chance at blue eyes and light brown hair her and her amex can come to papa. Also, if let her go without eating for like 20 minutes she will probably suck your balls right through the tip of your cock.

      1. “made entirely of the gelatinous stuff that forms on turkey cold cuts when they go bad”
        Fucking genius! Unforgettable image…

        1. So funny, I really thought that “17th base” was going to be the winner in that comment. Seems I’ve struck gold.

        2. Oh 17th base definitely elicited a snigger, but the turkey slime image generates the same shuddering repulsion one feels towards pale, blubbery, blue-haired landwhales…
          Gross, just gross!

    2. he and Dunham agreed to postpone marriage until the gays could marry too. The gays got to marry at which point he backed out. Now her ovaries are dry he has an excuse to seek out a fertile woman, only she’s rich and famous….

      1. That’s nuts. Marrying her would at least be much smarter than just dating her.
        At least he could attach himself to her money and not just her fat ass

        1. true, but just imagine having to say those words ‘until death do us part, ‘ of Lena Dunham? Do you think she’d allow him to divorce her?

        2. no. i can’t and won’t try to imagine doing anything of the sort. However, if given the option between banging her and banging her and being rich and suicide was not an option I would take banging her and being rich.

        3. For what is a man profited if he gains the whole world, and loses or forfeits himself….to Lena Dunham?

        4. Don’t get me wrong, it is abhorrent to think on. But if there are only two choices and they both involve being with Cuntham only in one scenario I am rich…well then

        5. Yeah, considering that most American women are garbage.. if you’re one of those guys who’se resigned himself to just taking whatever rude, unfeminine fatty he sees and making her his, basically what Beta Bike Boy, among millions of others, are doing, then yeah, you should go ahead and marry it.

        6. it’s true, with money you can buy heroin. No, on second thoughts not potent enough, make that russian krokodil, the one where bits fall of you the more you take

        7. He should see about getting her to sign a prenup, just to mess with her mind (what little there is of it).

        8. I was making a play on the advice Victorian-era women received about sex , “Lie back and think of England.” I was updating it for the hipster set, since Brooklyn is the center of their universe.

        1. Wealthy women having to pay their ex seems to be happening more…and man, are they p*ssed! It seems that they didn’t want THAT much ‘equality’!

      1. id say beard is probably the most likely scenario. he must have lithe little things throwing themselves at him all the time, if hes relatively famous

    1. I normally don’t go in for the jew hate…however I have to admit…Jewish females from NY are the worst. I have had a bunch of them over the years….they are, without a doubt, the absolute worst on every level. With the notable exception of one who was spectacularly hot (looks bought and paid for by daddy) and fucked like a filthy animal, they have all been a terrible experience (and one FALSE rape claim that went no where because it was still the 90’s and she was just laughed at) and I am sure if the hot one who was a great lay stuck around for more than a one night stand I would have realized what a fucking cunt she was too — a half drunk fuck with a rich girl with a bunch of plastic surgery and no phone number exchange, however, is always worth it.

      1. Funny you mention this. A when back, PBS showed on Independent Lens a documentary called Little White Lie. It’s about a Jewish girl with dark skin who has been told all her life it’s because her paternal grandfather was Sicilian. She finds out her Jewish mom had an affair with a black man from inner city NYC. That is one of the most shocking docs I’ve ever seen. If anything, it reinforces my impression that American Jewish women wacky to say the least.

        1. would bang if for no other reason than to send Jimmy Kimmel a video of her screaming my name….

      2. I went to school in Madison, WI and all the JAPs (jewish american princesses) drove around in Range Rovaahs. I can only imagine how f-ed up in the head they all are now.

        1. Believe me, as bad as Madison was with that it doesn’t hold a candle to NYC. As for f-Ed up. Funny thing is, after trying out some cock most of them get married, have kids and live traditional lives — they are miserable but do what’s expected of them

  4. Urgh, I never appreciated just how much of a pig Lena Dunham is. And it has nothing to do with her body size.

    1. Forget her body. That horror show is what it is. Her soul is fat and ugly. Even if she found some kind of motivation to realize she was a terrible human being and decided to put it in the past, lost all the weight, started dressing nice…even if she did everything right….she is ontologically a fat pig and her soul will always be disgusting and fat.
      I bet her axe wound smells as if someone put dirty sweat socks into a bucket of fried chicken and left it out in the sun for a month

      1. Correct. Take someone like Anita Sarkeesian.. Unlike Dunham, Sarkeesian is reasonably slim and healthy, and looks like she takes care of herself. But her soul is still black as pitch.

  5. I’ll be glad when the “international women’s day” hype train has died off . My instagram feed is full of so many women who aren’t doing shit with their lives copying the “we can do it ” woman . I think the only thing worse is the men complaining about “international men’s day “. Who gives a shit if there is one or not . Grab your meat and potatoes and make every day international men’s day .

    1. I’ve not seen a single international women’s day thing on my IG feed. I must be following the right people.

      1. I have. Didn’t care about it. Then again, you’re talking to a man who had a birthday last week and didn’t remember he had one until his FB contacts reminded him about it. International Man’s Day? Nah, we don’t need one. Look around what has been accomplished.

        1. To be fair, we grew up poor, so it was hit or miss. It does suck when you’re a kid. However, my last significant birthday was when I turned 21, and even then, I didn’t get hammered. Seeing that I lived 10 minutes walking distance from Mexico, I was already getting hammered by the time I was 15, so even that birthday was not that big of a deal.

        2. very similar boat…I might have felt the same way a while back…but I’ve since turned the odometer over more times than I would like to admit and for some reason it starts taking on a newer meaning…not a time of celebration, but more of a recap of the year and a time to be thoughtful.

        3. I have made a bunch of laps around the sun. the only birthday I am looking forwards to is the one where I retire and head to Asia. It is coming very soon.

        1. hahaha, I follow some fresh out of college women in their early 20’s too….but it is all green juice, yoga and cock for them.

        2. What is up with grown women hula hooping? I mean, sure, I’ll watch a broad gyrate her hips but does anyone else find this bothersome?

        3. haha, right. My sister (mid 30’s) got into this a few years back. She lives in Texas and apparently it is a big thing.
          I will be honest, she is athletic and does some pretty cool stuff, but that adult hoola hooping is a thing is very strange.

        4. They supposedly find confidence and “body positive vibes ” from it . Don’t understand why they just don’t learn to dance .

        5. I must say, i never see any feminism. I open up randomly and my feed has these as first 10. A guy doing proper squat form, a buddy of mine fucking up a golf swing, a girl I know showing off her new blonde dye job, a gym bag with a chilled pocket for meals, a christopher walken meme, an ad for a sale on protein powder, a picture of bogart in North Atlantic and Tagthesponsor trolling

        6. Clean eating = having a $7 corporate smoothie of powder and frozen fruit for breakfast after slugging high gravity beers the night before. Going “vegan” and slobbing down French fries.

    2. Around where I live, they had not just a Women’s Day, but an entire goddam Women’s Week. Complete with TV ads encouraging females to “you go girl!” Oh, and don’t miss the Google doodle and frickin’ Youtube logo, along with the all-estrogen “Did you know” on Wikipedia. Fucking insufferable.

    3. A female friend of mind posted a nudey picture of herself with the hashtag… #IstandwithKim… I shit you not…
      I saved the picture for my archives and I felt horrible doing it.
      When I’m 65 though I wont give a shit.

      1. Tough bind. If she really stood with Kim she should have no problem with her image being displayed on social media where a certain Red Hood can see it 😉

        1. Haha I’d share it through PM but not over ROK disqus.
          She is in the top 3 from my psycho Facebook Feminist list.
          Someone should give her the nobel prize.

        2. No worries, Bats taught me well. I can be in a few places at once. As long as a sane man wouldn’t bring a flame-thrower to her then I see no problems.

        3. Second gen Canadian from Ukraine.
          Short blonde girl with a cute face, big brown eyes, slim figure, and a great ass.
          Her flaws are her fucked up teeth and her dried up face from her constant partying lifestyle.
          She looks good with make-up but it’s all a show.
          I give her a solid 7 though for all around sex appeal.
          She’s into her late 20s now and she’s got no serious male prospects if things haven’t changed with her. Dunno what happened to her exactly but she has become a crazy Toronto feminist.

      2. I don’t even know what that means.. Something like.. Kim Kardashian can get naked and be a hoe, and so can I?

        1. Kim Kardashian recently shared some more naked selfies on Instagram and chicks on Facebook think she’s fighting against slut shaming.

          So an old work friend of mine posted a sexy pic of herself in only a thong and thinks she’s fighting for feminist rights or something.
          Of course she gets 200 likes and a bunch of comments saying how beautiful and liberating the picture is blah blah blah. Meanwhile she’s going to end up on the wrong side of 30 if she doesn’t grow up soon (although there seems to be infinite thirst nowadays…).
          I think it’s a strange phenomenon.
          An average chick posting nudes of herself on Facebook is like me begging for change on the street while telling people that I don’t like working.

      3. I wouldn’t give a shit right now . At least you know what she looks like naked so you can confirm or deny bangability

    4. I was humored to see someone in my Facebook circle post this image to their page in celebration of Women’s Day. Needless to say, it was more than apparent in the comments section that it didn’t go over too well with this person’s SJW-minded friends.

    5. yeah man. every day is already international mens day, cause were the only ones who ever get anything accomplished

    6. this is the problem when you live in an “advanced” civilisation where we have material abundance but our souls are impoverished. Women are basically given “make work” jobs with fancy titles. These women actually believe they are doing something important. Its truly disgusting.

  6. Speaking of you go girlism, a Florida woman was shot by her 4 year old in the back while driving with her own gun. Mind you, I’m for all intents and purposes pro gun, but I doubt the wisdom of just leaving guns around toddlers, let alone letting a 4 year old shoot one. And before you start trolling me, consider this: would you trust a being who is barely learning to tie his shoelaces or wiping his own ass with a gun? I wouldn’t trust the average adult with one, even myself . The only reason I would support gun legislation is to take guns away from morons like this woman. It’s not just a matter of public and personal safety, but it’s bad PR for the movement as a whole. I just hope someone at least slaps some sense into this woman.

    1. I highly doubt that she will even be charged for “child endangerment” (like a man would have) because she left the gun where the kid could get to it. ‘Pussy Pass’, you know…

        1. Warning: Tv Tropes is a website that will suck you in. You’ll spend hours studying all the different cliches and paradigms, and never look at media the same way again.
          I love it, love it, l-o-o-o-o-v-e it.

  7. “…she has been able to be wildly financially successful, obtain a higher SMV boyfriend, receive a blind script deal at the premiere television network in the US soon after graduating college and with no real world experience other than a film she made as a hobbyist, receive plenty of media attention, become the face of a whole generation of women, and become a millionaire in her 20s, without ever having to get her body in shape, hone and develop a skill or talent, work hard in an industry, or even try to address her mental or physical health, her bad habits, or her obesity. She just put herself out there as an overweight, frumpy, mentally ill, tattooed, promiscuous drug using feminist and she was wildly rewarded for it.”
    And all the while, she was undoubtedly whining about how “oppressed” and “persecuted” she was for being a woman in Western society (like the typical feminist).
    The collapse can’t come soon enough.

  8. I try never to wish ill on anyone, even my enemies. So I’m not happy she’s sick, but I can’t STAND this “woman”.
    She goes on about being a rape survivor (with a dubious claim), can’t help but placing the blame on a white “republican”.
    This is bad enough, but then she gushes during an interview with Hilary Clinton, a woman who not only DESTROYED the reputations of her husband’s rape accusers, but also is on tape LAUGHING about the acquittal of a rapist she thought was guilty but defended.
    We’re supposed to listen to her points of view because she’s such an intelligent liberal, but she’s a mentally ill drug addict.

  9. Another mentally ill, hyper-liberal jew (small j). Though I never would have guessed by her last name.
    Ah… how “they” enrich” our society.

  10. Was probably the other way: she was hormonally disabled and unable to find her place as a normal woman, so she joined the feminist special olympic team

    1. lol feminist special olympics
      Spectator 1: “Oh look, honey. The blue-haired tainted lump really wants another cock.”
      Spectator 2: “It’s what makes each step of her proud dash brave and special.”
      Spectator 1: “It’s like every time she wants to suck cock, she really wants to suck a piece of my heart”

  11. Lena Dunham managed to turn her little sister gay. Now she’s trying to do the same for the male population ….mainly by existing.

  12. Don’t bother warning them. Let mother nature do her work. When the weak and useless fall into madness, they’re removing themselves out the gene pool.

  13. She is undeniably a poster-child for millennials. Hedonistic, pretentious, and vapid. Truly an inspiration. Let’s also give a big round of applause for her boyfriend, Jack Antonoff, and his Mangina of the Decade nomination. He’ll face some stiff competition from Paul Feig, but we wish him nothing but the best!

  14. Yesterday, Camille Paglia penned this masterpiece on Dunham (not going to link to Salon and give them page hits, you can google it if interested):
    “Lena Dunham belongs to the exhibitionistic Andrea Dworkin school of banner-waving neurotic masochism. The body is the enemy, a tainted lump whose limitations and afflictions the public must be forced to contemplate in grisly detail. We must also witness, like hapless medieval bystanders at a procession of flagellants, just how unappetizingly pallid Caucasian flesh can be made to be without cracking the camera lens. The torpid banality of Dunham’s utterances (reverently accorded scriptural status by the New York Times) is yet another matter. I am woman–hear me kvetch!”
    “I feel so blessed to have grown up in a vastly more stimulating cultural climate. The icons of my adolescence were Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, and Audrey Hepburn. In college and graduate school, I was enraptured by Julie Christie, Jean Seberg, Jeanne Moreau, Catherine Deneuve, and Monica Vitti. What vitality, electricity, personality, and genuine eroticism!”
    “But perhaps the best example of how far we have fallen was the fabulously whip-smart and stylish Suzanne Pleshette, who grew up in the same affluent, privileged Manhattan art and theater world that Lena Dunham did but who left a legacy, both on-screen and off, of verve, originality, and emotional depth. Please descend, ye Muses, and save us from our plague of self-pitying bores!”
    I don’t agree with Paglia on everything, but truer words on this subject have never been spoken. She should be invited to the next meetup and treated to free drinks all night for penning this.

    1. Paglia would definitely come to one of the meet-ups
      “tainted lump” is a perfect description of Dunham

        1. A great version of this tune. I’ve had all of their albums forever though I get my music on Spotify now. I saw them a bunch of times at CBGB a million years ago and saw them about 5 years ago at roseland

      1. It’s spot on. Couldn’t think of a better way to describe her.
        Tiny Furniture is a piece of navel gazing shit too and a sign of how far the mighty American independent film has fallen.
        Fuck mumblecore and all that wannabe Woody Allen type shite!

        1. I haven’t worked up the courage to view it yet. Maybe after I’ve watched everything on bestgore

    2. I like Paglia, but it’s problematic when she is the only voice on men’s issues that academia will listen to is a woman.
      If she was a man, she would be viscerated. Oh wait, she’s a lesbin…Never mind. I think.

    3. Feminism has succeeded in destroying the image of a beautiful, classy, feminine woman. The women she mentions drove men crazy simply with the way they carried themselves. Audley Hepburn was always fully clothed and had men flocking to see her films, to see her walk, talk, laugh, smoke a cigarette, etc. Feminism tells girls to lead with sexuality and it destroys any value women possess. Their worth is in their restraint, self control, manners, posture, and submission. Sluts are cheap and forgettable.
      I’m glad other women are speaking up because any opposing opinion from a man is oppressive.

      1. It is ironic that the very movement that’s constantly banging on about how women should be respected teaches women to behave in very unrespectable ways.

    4. just how unappetizingly pallid Caucasian flesh can be made to be without cracking the camera lens.
      lol i can’t believe a woman wrote this

  15. Her boyfriend is one of the biggest losers out there. How can he stand looking at that ugly face and body? My cock recedes into my groin just thinking about it.
    She is disgusting.

        1. Fancy myself a lover of story on this end. There are three other story retellings for the turtles that I love; the 2003 version of the 1980’s cartoon, the current IDW comics, and currently the Batman/TMNT crossover happening now. All worth a look for sure.

        2. Dont forget the vanilla ice classic “Ninja Rap”

        3. That’s right!! If There were one flash mob I would love to see it would be one danced to this song.

    1. Her girlfriend is one of the biggest losers out there. How can she stand looking at that ugly face and body?
      Fixed it.

      1. probably a repressed homo…he has her suck him off while he imagines she has a penis. She probably pegs him.

  16. Meanwhile in the rest of the world, young, fertile and feminine mothers tell to their daughter “Obey when Daddy and me tell you something or you’ll grow up to be like Lena Dunham”.

  17. I smelled a rat back when Sandra Bullock became popular in the mid 90s. Some fattie I went to school with kept telling me how “beautiful” Bullock was. I remember thinking, “She’s ok, but beautiful? Something’s not right here…”
    The psychology is now clear. Women with low a SMV are able to raise their SMV if a plain Jane becomes popular.
    The scary thing here is how far the bar has dropped. Sandra Bullock is at least bangable. But Lena Dunham is not only a physical nightmare, but she’s a mean-spirited, toxic individual.
    The message is clear: If Lean Dunham is cool, it’s then cool for more American women to behave like disgusting animals.

    1. Very nice analogy. I remember thinking the same thing when SB became “hot.” Fat lazy pigs are basically using the plain jane is hot strategy to justify their obesity and disgusting lifestyles.

    2. Definitely think you are onto something here…
      You see it in individual women, who often keep a fat, ugly and dumb ‘friend’ in their group to make their own SMV appear higher. This is the same tactic written large on a societal level sustained by millions of women at the same time. Great insight!

  18. “Obesity industry wants this video banned”. One look at her and I’m staying away from sugar for good!
    And the greatest irony is women in their 20’s chomping down the pills like smarties (m&m’s Stateside) and fucking around like a sailor on shore leave (whore leave?) in their 20’s. Then when they want to find some chuuuummmmpppp in their 20’s to settle down and have a family they find all the oestrogen from the pil in their 20’s has screwed around with their ability to conceive. What happens? They go back to the same drug companies for an answer and spend thousands on infertility treatment. And they say there is no justice.

    1. How dare you speak ill words against such fair, innocent damsels! The suffering of these women has nothing to do with their diet of candies, sodas, cakes, overly-sweetened coffee drinks from yon Buck of Stars, processed microwavable meals, and questionable medications! Enjoy the sweet air you pull into your lungs for it shall be your last!
      Sorry…we haven’t had a good white/black knighting session in a while.

  19. This thing has shriveled-up ovaries because she’s unhealthy, fat, unattractive, sucks and is an all-around terrible (was about to say human being) bag of skin.

  20. This broad isnt even 30 yet?
    Lmfao…ive been seeing pics of her in articles and i thought she was at least 40.

    1. I was shocked too. Now that I realize how bad someone 2 years YOUNGER than me can look, I’m bracing for impact with the Wall. Considering getting a helmet too, not to protect my head, but to hide my face. And here I was feeling good after being repeatedly mistaken for a teenager at a college visit.

        1. It’s H Jon Benjamin, everything he does is really good. If that style of comedy is your cup of tea…

  21. I’m not a fan of Lena Dunham, but I also don’t care for hearing about her on this site every few months. The vagina is falling out of the body of one very rich and famous feminist. I think this should be the last time she’s brought up don’t you think cause she is getting way more attention than she deserves here.

    1. This is a tough call. My initial feeling is to praise this comment. However, at the same time, as unfortunate as it is, as goes Lena so goes other women. She is carving out a huge path and greasing the sides with fat sweat as she does it for all other women to follow.
      Because it is easier to study a thing once magnified, it is important to watch this pig. She, in a very large way, is doing the things that (at first) will come out in small ways in the women you interact with on a daily basis.
      Hiding from it will not make it go away. It is important to recognize these issues before they threaten to ruin your life.
      That said, there maybe should be a separate section so we are spared being taken unawares

  22. lena dunham will hopefully realize one day soon, ahem, when the rest of society de-insanes itself, that she made a complete spectacle of herself. I hope the angst she’ll endure will either do her in or turn her into a frothing retard overwhelmed by her own actions. Because she has ZERO business…ZERO…being famous. This is a very sub-performing individual. Someone who is plotted deep on the left side of the bell curve. lena dunham is what you get when you invert merit and champion the losers of society and castigate the winners. she is why we have “fat acceptance”. she is like one of the unpopular kids somehow being magically made into a poplar kid in high school. When its all over for her she’ll realize that she was always a loser and that her stint with fame made her a globally recognized loser that suffers from delusions.

  23. I had to just skim past more and more of the article as I saw more pictures of her just to get to the comments…she’s so fucking gross it’s not even funny.

  24. Probably for the best that Lena not have any kids. After what she admitted doing to her baby sister, children should be kept as far away from her as possible.

    1. Unbelievable indeed and quite sad. The Criterion’s credibility just fell down to peace Nobels level with that one…

  25. Don’t forget STD’s. Sleeping around can give a girl some nasty stuff that will ruin her reproductive organs.

  26. This thread is disgusting. You could have made the photos smaller or tilt them at least. Bring my sanity back.

  27. You can’t unsee those photos, but good article on this horrible woman and how she’ll hopefully fade into obscurity once her HBO show ends. Watched one episode in 2012, and decided that was enough.

    1. My gf at the time put it on because all her friends were raving about it, I got about 10 minutes in before I left the room and heard it get shut off by her maybe 5 minutes after that. It is a godawful pile of crap.

      1. What surprises me is that Dunham’s BF broke it off with a relatively better looking (and more generally pleasant) actress in Alia Shawkat to roll around with this ugly, pasty, obese thing. Lena Dunham is everything I hate about this generation, and that pains me to say, since she’s only a year older than me.

        1. Manginas are so feminized they’re basically women. I assume that troll-faced rotting assembly of blubber and psych meds has more status in the fucked up topsy turvy sjw showbiz nightmare than Alia Shawkat.

  28. Apparently, acting and trying to be less feminine (as most of these lost ones act/behave) can actually have an impact on hormone production. Don’t act girly, more hormonal issues. I have got to find that article again.
    Anecdotally, grew up in a jeans and t shirt household, and was teased for preferring skirts/dresses. Conformed. Then had nasty issues from 15 til i stopped conforming and went back to what i liked and felt right. A lot of the hormonal issues straightened out after that.

  29. Here’s an idea, why don’t we just give the lefties, SJWs, feminists, liberals their own state, say, North Dakota or something like that. They can then live in peace and harmony in their safe space with their shrivelled up ovaries. And the rest of us can get on with our lives.

  30. Eggs are released during ovulation, not menstruation. Menstruation refers to the time when the lining of the uterus is shed because the egg was not fertilized and the lining is not needed.
    It is hard to take an article seriously when there is such a glaring error.
    It dismays me how little men sometimes know about women’s bodies.

    1. It’s not much different than women knowing the truth about their own fertility. So many of them think that they’re capable of bearing healthy children into their forties just because SOME women have done it.

  31. Here’s the scoop. Ovary problem = hormonal problem therefore the pounds will pile on. Voila! Tub of lard excuse coming.

  32. Average women cannot replicate her success. If your parents, friends & acquaintances are rich & famous like Dunham’s, then you have a shot replicating her succes. Most will be just becoming fat, old and miserable on their own.

  33. I’m seeing a “chicken and egg” conundrum here – does being a feminist lead a woman to develop health problems like endometriosis and ovarian cysts via the leading of an unhealthy lifestyle – or do the hormone changes caused by such health problems (decreasing of feminine hormones and increasing of masculine ones) lead women to become unhealthy-lifestyle-living butch feminists? I suspect the former, but can we really rule out the latter?

  34. “Could feminism be a devil’s bargain” Yes, yes it is. And yeah agree with the pictures. Damn. You should include a picture of Kate Upton at the end to cleanse our eyes lol.

  35. gettin’ fatter with every selfie
    More importantly, Dunham is essentially a caricature of society’s most problematic demographic: Dumpy insecure white girls who crave more attention than they deserve
    Eliminate that demographic and leftism will dry up quicker than Lena’s ovaries

  36. All we need are ex feminists diagnosed with terminal reproductive tumors coming out and denouncing feminism and testifying how it betrayed them.

  37. After reading this, it should make one wonder how many feminists have hormonal problems. Practically every feminist I’ve encountered online or IRL lacks any feminine features and are extremely mannish.
    With that said, perhaps we could institute a program that would require any identifying feminist to undergo a hormonal check that if it falls below the norm, she would have be on hormone replacement, etc.
    And the same goes for these male feminists like Matt Binder who stated several times that he has low testosterone. In the end, what we have are a class of people who have abnormal hormonal imbalances and a fucked up psychology.

    1. Maybe we need to check manboys like you to see if you are not mentally retarded. We can give you electroshock treatments, lobotomies, whatever it takes to cure you of your superiority complexes and need to harm wimmin.
      Fuck you, you stupid shit head…..

  38. Is there anything more repulsive than a fat chick with no tits?? Fuck, what a gross pig.

    1. You know you’re ugly as sin when an illustration of a ruptured ovarian cyst is the least offensive image on the page.

  39. I don’t deny Dunham deserves all the consequences of her self-destructive behavior – but it’s still sad reading. Some things are so bad they shouldn’t happen even to a feminist.

  40. Fun fact: When Jack Antonoff was in high school and not yet famous, he dated a pre-fame Scarlett Johansson, who also went to his school. Now he’s famous and wealthy and he’s dating Lena Dunham, whose name is synonymous with undesirable. Talk about going backwards.

  41. Why would any self respecting straight man want to date let alone have sex with this woman. A photo of her is a low cost Male contraceptive. And that’s before she opens her mouth to speak.

  42. Maybe you should get your head out of Roosh’s ass, you misogynist fuckwad. Get on your knees, manboy, and let me fuck you hard because you really are just a whiny little bitch.

  43. hey you lover of Latinas and ignorer of Americunts who spent hours discussing the greatest Americunt of our era. Did you know that a male’s fertility declines with age too? Did you know that ALL people and animals and the planet grow older as time goes on? Like, EVERYONE is getting older, always, and fertility declines after its peak. Yep. Do you think it’s ok for a male not to father children? Have you ever met a guy who didn’t want kids? What a monster, right? I mean, he was born with a penis and those dangly smelly hairy balls, what the fuck for if not to father babies??? This little list you made of factors contributing to ovarian cyst formation fits every woman I know in “almost every” category. As an expert scientist (Chemistry PhD) I can assure you that food and exercise are still the primary factors responsible for our health, that smoking, drinking, and overeating contribute to declining fertility in males and females equally and are pretty much ubiquitous in the so-called “civilized society” despite the adverse effects of consumption. Lena is not for everyone, but she is doing the difficult and meaningful work of rebelling against the chauvinism you have displayed. btw, I’m European, you’re just an asshole.

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