6 Reasons Why Fat Women Are Defective

Being a reader of Return of Kings, I’m going to assume you’re at least somewhat as aware as I am of the current trend of  the ugly delusion that is “fat acceptance” and the common and increasing problem of obesity in Western countries.  Fat Shaming Week was like a gasp of fresh air after having run across the barrage of pro-fat and fat, ugly feminist rants on the internet.

Here in the United States, my eyes have to suffer torture on a daily basis by seeing fatties everywhere I go.  And especially here in the southeast United States, where fried foods and shitty clothing reign supreme. It’s depressing to see some of the moderately attractive or even outright cute women I went to high school with who have let themselves go and consequently have swollen and lost a large portion of what made them desirable women.  They are distorted renditions of their former selves. And it seems the trend towards fat being the new normal is growing, when in fact it is a celebration of broken women. Here’s why fat women are defective:

1.  They are full of rationalization and denial


Obesity is an undesirable trait; this is an undeniable fact.  One characteristic of “big girls” I have noticed somewhat consistently is the need to rationalize their condition and their lack of self-control. Some of the more typical, and likewise overused excuses seen are:

2.  They’re wholly apathetic and lack motivation


A basic truth I have discovered over the years is this we only pursue that which we truly desire.  Obese women clearly do not possess the internal fortitude to get off of their asses, hit the treadmill, and stop eating pasta and pizza and milkshakes.

No rational person can deny that if one was motivated, a big person could lose weight with minimal effort.  Rather than do this, they continue to wallow in their own self-pity and just no longer care about keeping themselves appealing to men.  It’s easier, after all, right?

3.  They don’t value femininity and the power of sexual attraction

I know that the obese are subconsciously aware of their condition and that healthy, thinner women are what men naturally are inclined to pursue.  By continuing to live in such a sad state, they deny themselves an abundance of benefits that sexually desirable women enjoy daily:

  • Happier long term relationships, as the boyfriend or husband remains attracted to her physically and is less likely to be attracted to other women
  • Fit women subconsciously draw a man’s attention, and we all know women love positive attention
  • Preferential treatment and being looked upon as a higher-value person
  • Happier lives though better self-esteem and likewise, fewer instances of depression
  • A more positive response in work & other social interactions, as fit, attractive women receive a better response from others
  • Attracting men of high sexual market value (SMV)


So many times I’ve seen before and after weight loss pictures in which a woman’s looks have easily gone up 2-3 points by getting back down to an hourglass figure and lost the flabby arms.

Look at the men paired up with big girls the next time you go out—scruffy frail men with bad clothes or maybe a thin knock off of Shaggy from Scooby Doo.  Even seen a fat girl with a truly handsome man?  I haven’t, unless she was formerly beautiful.

4.  They voluntarily sabotage their own potential happiness

A more healthy individual does not sabotage their own life.  Our behavior is, in many ways, defined by our emotional health & basic emotional needs that we subconsciously desire to fill.

In denying themselves a better outward appearance, and hence a better inward persona (see #4 above) they create a continuous cycle in which they maintain the status quo and can’t escape the bad situation they’re in.  One does not improve themselves by remaining the same.

Obesity is, with few exceptions, a controllable state, a condition that is maintained, and is voluntarily increased or decreased.  To allow oneself to continue to be secretly miserable and denying oneself the benefits that are awarded to desirable women surely to me reflects an inner emotional defect.


5.  They contradict their own femininity

In a physically and emotionally healthy woman, her beauty is a part of who she is.  Women who continuously live in a distorted physical state due to fatness are denying themselves who they truly are.  What sane person can see a picture of ourselves at 19 years of age, young and in shape, then look in the mirror as a butterball at 34 and not feel the cold hard truth of “who we used to be”?

As much as feminists would like to rewrite basic human biology, we are animalistic in our need for desirable mates.  Being a frumpy hambeast shaped like a giant raisin with thick-framed reading glasses does not exactly represent the female form.

When women foolishly and without sufficient inward perspective dress, eat, and behave without feminine traits, they become less identifiable as a female.  And hence are ignored more by men and looked down upon by other women.

6.  They latch onto fat acceptance as a psychological coping mechanism

It doesn’t take much effort to see the tactics used seemingly everywhere that big women use as coping mechanisms in order to avoid personal responsibility, to project their insecurities onto men or the “society” scapegoat, or to attempt to divert the source of their personal pains (basically to neutralize reminders of why they are lesser in society):

  • The classic bullshit “It’s what’s inside that counts.” Who ever denied that internal character isn’t important?  No reasonable man I know would.  But that’s a distraction from the issue at hand: you need to lose some pounds, toots.
  • “If you can’t handle my curves then keep moving.”  Another attempt to create a false sense of qualifying where the BBW is in control and avoids rejection. You’ll often see this on Craigslist.
  • The bitter hater casting insults:  “You can’t handle a woman like me”, “You’ve got a tiny penis and live in your mom’s basement”, “I need a real man.”  More of the same—lashing out to try bring the men who don’t want them to a level below them, and to attempt to discredit the men who would not accept them.
  • Hating other women who are more attractive. This is easily recognizable as a reflection of their own insecurities about their weight.
  • Referring to promoting weight loss and setting public examples of health and fitness as “bullying”
  • Being propped up by other women (seeking validation and false self-esteem inflation). Ever gone to a page in which a woman proclaims her ever-sad struggle against obesity and how she finally just gave up, only to pick up a “I don’t care” attitude?  Or the self-proclaimed “sexy” fatties?


On sites where obese women seek validation, the comment sections are full of manginas, potential white-knights, and unattractive women who proclaim how “beautiful” these poor victims of societal norms are.  Validation is freely given but never from men who have better options.  That is a very, very telling indicator that they are attempting to prop up their own low SMV.  Getting your little snowflake feelings validated all while avoiding the harsh realities of being subjected to healthy males is avoidance.

In Conclusion

Fat women who continue to live in denial of their own personal responsibility for their misery typically possess similar traits I’ve seen over and over.  They are not emotionally rational women:  they’re defective.

Any man or woman, with a few statistically insignificant exceptions, have complete control of their appearance and the resulting SMV and other benefits that come when that appearance is improved.  Hence, it defies good sound logic and healthy emotional/personal norms to continue to live with a slovenly, overweight, undesirable body.

Let them seek out the beta men who are willing to give in to their overwhelming flaws, and let them live happily in denial forever.  As for the Return of Kings man… fat acceptance?  As Danny McBride said in Eastbound & Down:  “Fuck that noise.”

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740 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Fat Women Are Defective”

  1. Plenty of fat guys in the west also, but have you noticed fat guys don’t get so f*cking defensive about being fat as fat women do.
    Eat less, exercise more

    1. That’s true. Overweight guys are usually, with the exception of those touchy socially awkward guys, are pretty mellow in my experience.

      1. The most morally abhorrent act that over weight women committ is that they reflect their illness on others by pathologizing the thinness of women with healthy figures saying that it is unattainable; that they must have anorexia or bulimia. This is always thrown in the spotlight and seen as a greater social issue than overweight women who constitute a far graver social problem. They make perfectly normal women feel insecure to bring them down to their level.

        1. Not just fat women…I have seen women with very fit nice bodies talk down about girls thinner than them…she must be on Meth is a popular one.
          Me I don’t assume…..my niece is very thin …she is also very active and a type 2 diabedic…people make too many assumptions.

    2. I am so sick of the fat cows that think they’re beautiful. Some chick was complaining to friend at lunch today, oversized portion and crazy high calorie takeout, that her boyfriend didn’t want to stick it in her hole anymore. Her friend, of course, was ‘supporting’ her.
      Took every bit of self-restraint not to tell Moby Bitch that maybe he’s sick of climbing on top of a whale. Maybe the guy can’t get it up anymore because you gained 50-60 lbs and he’d rather pay to fuck a hooker.

      1. “Maybe the guy can’t get it up anymore because you gained 50-60 lbs…” Great sentence, except you need to omit the word “maybe.”

        1. Yes, they day 80% of sexual problems for men are lack of attraction…IE bitchy wife and/or way over weight

      2. I can’t imagine that having sex that feels like surfing in the ocean is any kind of picnic.

        1. Trust me there are just as many who cannot get it up because of a 50/60 lb weight LOSS. But because of the type of people they are, they don’t feel the need to make this a public complaint. Its a bit unhealthy you are so concerned with people who feel good about themselves. What does that say about YOUR character. I personally hate people like you who act like they have the “end all be all” of opinions when they are wrong as the day is long. Noone is giving the waifs you try to bring home a hard time…why would you need to do it on the flip? I find skinny bitches to resemble young boys and cannot do the deed under those circumstances..but dont care if YOU want to. You look stupid and I am embarrassed for you… but I’m not out complaining about you on articles written about unintelligent conceited people. The fact is those who will date only skinny women/men as apposed to those who will date anyone they mesh with; are a result of a narrow mindset and inability to cope with situations they cannot find public validation of. If the person they are with does not have a trait they can impress OTHER people with they have no value to them. That’s the definition of not being able to think for yourself. And the trademark of a yuppie bitch. THATS what you should hate if you are going to hate things that dont affect you whatsoever.

    3. Fat guys don’t get so defensive about it because fat guys also don’t get coddled about it. NO, it’s not more acceptable for men to be fat. Fat, obese men get shamed to no end by other men and turned down by women all the time. Men just learn to be more emotionally resilient about it because they no no one is going to coddle them and tell them they’re beautiful anytime soon. Basically, as per usual reality is the opposite of the feminist narrative

      1. Simply put, men don’t kid themselves and hold themselves more accountable for the state of their physical well-being

      2. Also, fat guys can get over just by earning some money. In my industry, I’ve known a number of rich fat guys getting high value women while laughing about how fat they are…

        1. I hate seeing poor people with expensive things.
          Mentally and emotionally poor. Your money doesn’t mean fuck all.

      3. Men are emotionally resilient? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH! I haven’t met a mentally secure man. They are all so easy to reduce to tears. God. All a woman has to do is point at the man’s penis and laugh. They don’t have to do or say anything else.

        1. Yup. Guys of all shapes and sizes are far more emotionally and mentally resilient. Even if they weren’t they would be far more so than the typical angry ranter that comes here with only ad hominem instead of reasoning.
          Oh, and the penis thing? That’s like what? Grade school level insulting. Only hurt little children thinks that making remarks about a man’s penis even bothers him one bit. Your immaturity is showing, troll.

        2. Men do not expect any emotional support, hugs and sweet, kind words ” Oh you’re fine, just the way you are! Donchu listen to those meanies!” and the like. Women, for the most part, will get that at the drop of a hat from both men and women if they express being the slightest bit distraught about their bodies.

        3. Yeah, i’ve seen “alpha males” break down like crybabys.
          They’re all talk til you get them where it hurts, and everyone has their buttons. You just have to find them and push them. Over and over and over.

        4. Men might not expect any emotional support, but they sure need it. I am sure you would be surprised at how many men have low self esteem due to how they look. I make a point to help men with poor body image feel better about themselves in real life. It is really only the ego-maniacal assholes that I like to cut down to size, especially the ones that like to say offensive things about women.

        5. Well this would be predicated on the unlikelyhood that a man might actually want to drop his pants and show you his penis. Judging by your photo this probably hasn’t happened in a few decades.
          See, both side can get insultingly personal, what does it prove?

        6. Not true for all men. A confident man with self control will not be affected like an insecure man.
          I think it says quite a bit that you have that amount of anger & hostility to suggest such a thing.

        7. Getitgoing you’re a troll… I don’t care how thin or well dressed. OMG the gall to bitch about fat women. Don’t date them. I am not fat nor ever was, so it’s not about that but you’re so self righteous. Who died and made you God!?

        8. You make comments like this here, and the fat is really in the fire. I gotta scroll down, the blubber is clogging up the screen.

        9. Right these men have NO CLUE how whiny their bros are when they are not around to hear it! I have delt with more of men’s issuse than my own..I refused by age 16 to date a man who was insecure and had low self asteam because they suck the life out of you. You refuse to give one blow job while your neck hurts and they want to know if you have a crush on the neighbors son.
          .And yeah, yeah the neighbors son is hotter than you, that’s why I watch him clean the pool but I’m fucking you so shut up! I do not need to be coddled about my body. I have eyes, I know exactly what it looks like..it’s rather overweight, though still a nice shape lucky me. I don’t need my husband to tell me my ass is still hot even though it’s a litle bigger…I’m bisexual…If I’d fuck me then that is good enough for me. I don’t like fat chicks either because it doesn’t turn me on BUT I do not look down at them as if they were monsters or unworthy of human compassion. They are my sisters regardless…so how many of these loud mouth boys do you think have fat mothers?

        10. Yet you have enough anger and hostility towards women simply trying to live without hightened levels of scrutiny (brought forth by some lies and trendy jokes), to write an article on it. I think that says quite a bit…that’s kinda what the point is here. Most of the hate against fat women is an opinion held by not even a majority percentage. But the type of people conceited enough to have those opinions to begin with, are often the only ones who would go so far out of their way to hate something so trivial. Those same people, are the ones that feel their opinion is so important, they make their life work writing opinion peices. And who reads opinion peices most of all…other people who often value opinions more than facts.

        11. There is no “yet.”
          I’m neither angry nor hostile towards women. I’m actually very pleasant to most people, as any man with his “act together” would be. Finding obese & dysfunctional women undesirable and clarifying why they basically at “zero” on the dating market place does not mean I walk around angry at the world.
          This isn’t “hate” per se, as that terminology is used to redirect what is said into some type of bogey man and reshape what’s being said in order to fit the narrative, and as always, portray women as “victims.”
          Not one thing I wrote lacks any factual basis. Not one. Every single point made in the article is based on observations and real-world behavior of the women this article is about.

        12. Almost EVERYTHING you stated lacks factual basis…its an opinion. An opinion of which would (and IS) challenged by all of those who hold the opposite of opinions. When you surround yourself with ONLY people who agree with /hold the same ideology as you, I would imagine that you WOULD feel that your opinion on the particular subject is the end all be all of answeres…or “fact” as you stated. There is a large portion of society ,who once again, puts fat women on the same pedestal you put whatever type of woman YOU desire. To say that a person is dysfunctional, simply because they enjoy a higher caloric intake than they physically burn is (almost) the simplest of thinking possible. That because they dont allow themselves to he cohorsed into desiring the same from life that you (or anyone else) do(es), simply because of a popular delusion. Your “facts” are widely based off the desire to be accepted by popular culture, and completely overlook the path of those who could care less what may be popular, and makes their own choices. The lifestyle of the woman you revere, holds equal danger and risk, those of which are simply not presented by a society that profits of off the fear and insecurity of its population. There are a large number of fat women who WANTED to become that way, most often starting as EXACTLY the type of person YOU may have found attractive. That makes them a woman who knows wjat they want and takes it, regardless of the adversary. The fact that you would deem the relization and exectution of their deepest sexual or even general desire dysfunctional, is dysfunctional in itself. We live ONCE and what we do with that life is completely up to us. You have chosen to be a vindictive and judgemental with that life… and I am sure that you enjoy that fact regardless of what YOU may deem it. That being said…There are fat women who dont take care of themselves, just as there are slim women who dont. I feel very sorry for you, there is so much more to the world, than what your way of thinking could possibly allow you to see. You are obviously a very arrogant and self absorbed person and I find it laughable you find YOUR dysfunction and shortcomings, as a mark of having ones “act together”.

        13. LOL, are you serious? This is how you spend your Saturday?
          I don’t argue with SJWs/women/white knights.
          ~ Hasta luego ~

        14. Says the person who took a short period of time to do the same, it takes just minutes to write a response. I am none of them, and not arguing with you; as your article was foolish and waste of time to begine with. Take note that I am the one stating that ANYTHING goes in the game of life(your opinion or those of others), because we are all individuals (well some of us atleast), and that’s how life works. On the other hand, you are the one stating that only YOUR perception is the right way, and regarding your subjective ideas as FACT. You thought so highly of the idea, that you wrote an opinion peice, on something that has no affect on you. Seems like a ridiculous way to spend ANY time, regardless of what day of the week it is. My gripe is not with the topic of this article as much as it is the arrogant trash that passes for journalism in todays clickbait world…get a life my man.

        15. Ill add (just for some common ground) that todays feminists are NOT feminists. Third wave feminism is a reincarnation of cultural marxism and is highly toxic to the women that participaye, aswell as women in general. The fat acceptance movement IS absurd, and is an act of FORCING ideas on others, rather than sharing them. The movement has done nothing for the case, as it raises just as much disgust as it does awareness (so in the end it evens out). I think we are closer to being on the same page than you may think…but I DID feel the need to point out that you are guilty of exactly the same attitude and tact you are complaining about. Part of having ones act together is the ability to receive and use constructive criticism…though I will admit my original response was a bit beyond constructive…which brings us here.

        16. Honestly, I don’t care about your bitching. You might want to pick up a box of tampons this weekend, though, given you’re obviously having your period.
          Doesn’t even matter whether I’m right or not (I am, as is easy proven by facts). The dating/sexual/social marketplace is driven on values, and fat, sloppy women have little to no value.
          It’s simple biology. Everyone who’s not insane or a liar knows it.

        17. Look at how you adress people who disagree with your (once again) OPINION, while you at the same time fancy yourself someone reasonable. There are no FACTS that could ever accurately quantify ANY of these desires or trends, as not everyone on the face of the earth (not even by half) participates in the sociopathic culture you seem to feel is gospel. In fact a large portion of the people who would “prove” you wrong, have no desire to ever speak to a delusional creep such as yourself, muchless frequent the places where your type congregates. You continue to pair FAT and SLOPPY which shows just how limited your cognitive reasoning IS. These are two extremely different things that OFTEN come individually. We have already established that sloppy is one thing and fat is another, or at least tried to. But that leaves us still with your inability to differentiate between any outcome past those of the standard lightswitch. You claim bitching , when the entire basis of your blog IS bitching. As trendy and insightful as you think your red pill assimilation is, you are still very much a slave to the matrix, and drastically over estimate your thoughts value to society. Enjoy ruling over your army of pseudo-intellectual mouth breathers.

        18. Some men don’t need that, but then I have always had a slimmer swimmer type body and look pretty good on the beach still.lol

    4. Men dont get sympathy for complaining the same way women do. And what other reason to complain about the difficulty of being fat than to get sympathy?
      Any man complaining about how hard it is to be fat should be told to shut up and either put up with the social rejection or lose the weight.
      And the same should apply to women. Because equality.

      1. But if the men have a bunch of BBW as friends they get plenty of sympathy from women. Been there. I dated a few chubby guys.I will never make that mistake again. My bedpost has a limit of space and these guys were the most bitter spiteful men ever. They get the gang of fat chick friends to back them up to hurt a thin pretty woman.I was not all that, but I am thin and pretty. Associating with fat people was like entering a lions den full of envy and social rage. There are very few fat people i trust now. I see the fat and know I could be a target for them. I tried to be equal but they will never see that. They are ugly on the inside.

        1. It is sad for anyone to be treated that way…I’m big, I was firstly musclebound, lifted weights, worked and played hard and shit but then I got sick and went fluffy but through all those years my older sister was a perfect little size 0 to 1 …….I never held it against her, she teased me for having huge tits and I teased her that her clothes looked like doll clothes..all in fun. Most of the people in my family or around me are thin or petiete. It never made me think anything negitive about them. I have no rage…sometimes I wish I could wear cuter things but eh. Life is more than cute clothes.
          There will always be bitter people for whatever reason.

    5. Mostly because there are fewer articles and blog posts about why Fat Men are repulsive and inferior. There are definitely not fewer severely obese men than women in the USA.

      1. We don’t need articles about “why fat men are repulsive and inferior”. The media makes fun of fat guys all the time. Fat guys don’t care, and even if they did they don’t react in the childish ways that you do.

      2. But who does most of the shaming of women for being fat? Women’s magazines, Edited by women, written by women and read by women.

        1. Was the person who wrote this specific article a woman? I would definitely call the garbage above fat shaming of women.
          Women’s articles do focus a lot on how to lose weight. Women want to lose weight and society tells them regularly that they are worthless unless they do lose weight, so they are more vulnerable to buy garbage that tells them how to lose weight.
          Men can have the false dream that money somehow compensates for a bad attitude and physical appearance, but women don’t have that luxury of a false dream.

        2. I wrote the article, and you can see by the author’s description paragraph above that I’m male.
          My article is not garbage. Those pictures are not fake. The points I have made are relevant, and based on logic and DEMONSTRATED behavior, not “feel good” points so if you consider that fat shaming, then oh well.
          “Society” does no such thing as tell them they’re worthless. And no where in my article did I write that they are worthless. However, fat women ARE less desirable, and it is their personal choice to receive the consequences of their lack of self-improvement & discipline.
          Money and status DO compensate in some cases. That is a societal fact. However attractive men are more successful with woman; the reverse is true for women as well. A bad attitude is a different subject.
          You have neglected several points I made in my article, including:
          -The VOLUNTARY choice obese women make in living a less fulfilling, less self-honest life
          -The continued push towards male-shaming for desiring an attractive (non-obese) woman
          -The continued attempt to popularize “fat acceptance” propaganda, based on self-validation propped up upon groupthink and a lack of motivation for real change
          One cannot redefine human nature. Men are BIOLOGICALLY attracted to more healthy, sexually appealing females.

        3. The voluntary choice… Hahahahah… I exercise whenever I can. I have a disability that makes exercising safely difficult. I have to have a spotter to safely do any exercise, including walking. I have a high tendency to fall down paralyzed (About 25% of the time I go for walks). The spotter is mostly to keep other people who see me fall from freaking out and calling 911.
          Genetically the women in my family are all plump. The only thin great grandparent supposedly smoked heavily and she eventually plumped out. Add a disability that makes exercise very difficult, a ton of food restrictions, and it is all I can do to keep myself at extra plump and not grossly obese.
          Women don’t want to be fat. Many do exercise. Many give up when no matter what they do they just gain weight, even with strict diets and regular exercise. Making a woman feel bad about her body is much more likely to cause her to give up rather than keep going. Even us fatties need to keep exercising and eating better even if we can’t lose weight.

        4. But no amount of fat or neurosis totally removes a woman from the dating pool. For women, the simple fact of having a vagina that someone somewhere wants to get inside does compensate a lot. I know lots of women who are unbelievably obese (I mean they look like they ate you for breakfast) and still have boyfriends who are out of their league. In fact I know very few women at any weight who don’t have someone. On top of having female friends for support. The support that women get from their friends is often better than the support that men get from their own families.

        5. There is a hell of a double standard. All men are expected to see themselves as unattractive and to see all women as attractive. Even a man who’s in great shape gets shamed for being in great shape.

        6. So you have a hard time to walk that’s preventing you from exercising… well… so as them on the wheel chair… so where’s the excuse. And if your family has had a problem, it’s probably coming from a low level of thyroid.
          You can take a very inexpensive and symptom free thyroid stimulent like Cytomel and take care of it. There is absolutely NO REASON for a women in North America to be fat and say that they have NO CONTROL over it.
          Between Diet, Training or Cytomel, it takes care of all the cases of overweight people that can get outta bed. I’m not a doctor but it’s been proven that this fat gene doesn’t exist. NO MORE REASONS ARE ACCEPTABLE

        7. My hereditary disability affects all muscles of my body. I can not push myself in a wheelchair. It is easier for me to walk. If I tried to push myself in a wheelchair, I would probably fall out of the chair. My mother has to strap herself to her electric wheelchair to make sure she doesn’t slide out of the chair when her muscles give up.
          The problem isn’t in just one area of my body. All my muscles can, will, and do malfunction sporadically all day long. Sometimes I look and can act normal and other times I am totally useless. Most of the time I am somewhere in-between.
          My family has no thyroid problems and we have been checked for it several times.
          Both my mother and I do regularly work out. I have been thrown out of a gym for falling off the gym equipment paralyzed too many times. I was considered a “liability”. My mother has to pay out of pocket for a Personal Trainer to be with her at all times to be allowed to keep working out at a gym. I have paid assistants in the past to monitor me while I attempt to exercise and rescue me when the exercising goes bad again. My paralysis attacks have scared experienced Physical Therapists that specialize in helping people with Neuromuscular disorders.

        8. You need education or to stop lying. I’m sorry but everyone can lose weight. Even completely inactive people can, my dad can’t walk and isnt overweight, never mind obese.
          Maybe if you spent less time acting the keyboard warrior you wouldnt lose some weight. Also I imagine it would help with your mental state too.

        9. Agree. Men always seem to take a beating when talking about anything (not just weight) regarding a woman.
          A woman (in today’s society) is allowed to shame men about any subject and it’s deemed acceptable.
          I thought we were going after ‘equality’…not payback.

      3. Fat men are shown as repulsive and inferior, but mostly in visual terms on TV. It’s played for comedy. Think of how many Chris Farleys and Jonah Hills there are compared to how many Melissa McCarthys there are. The difference is that nobody thinks there’s anything wrong with telling all men they’re worthless without money.

      4. Its also because women dont complain about fat men…
        but somehow..even the ugliest looking guy expects his woman to be perfectly shaped , opening her mouth only to suck on his dismal peepee…
        get over yourself men.. women will be fat and u keep writing blogs and whining about it

    6. Fat guys don’t get defensive because they are not shamed for it nearly as much. A man’s looks are not as important. He can compensate with money.

    7. because fat men have very low levels of testosterone. fat women have high levels of both testosterone and estrogen as such makes them both combative and very nurturing
      obese men only have elevated estrogen and as such are seen as sweeties but not as men

    1. I happened to run across some a bit of time back. This, and the idealogy behind such photos, was a catalyst for me to write this article based on my observations.
      The worst part is that I’ve seen worse.

      1. perfect USA examples… the 300lb+ chick who spends $200 on her hair to make her hot

  2. Think about this: It takes guys YEARS to get a good body. We have to go to the gym, eat right, all that. For women, they just have to not eat like a fucking pig, and yet THEY are the ones complaining. LMAO. Dumb broads. You never hear men complain about “FAT SHAMING!!!” or any of that.

    1. totally, Do cardio and eating less is a complete cake walk in comparsion to consuming a ton of meat and lifting weights and trying to walk off the soreness. The women will just give out half way through a guys routine and run back to her Ben n Jerry ice cream.
      O and when women complain weight loss is easier for men, tell them our metabolism is only 1/3 faster but the work load and stress is equal. Its not easier,just lil more efficient.

    2. Only take a couple months to see some good results. Seriously 24 hours in a day, how hard is it to put in 30 mins a day of exercise and eat 80% healthy during your day. U feel so much better compare to letting yourself go where u start to hating yourself and the world when your fat! It’s not hard…

    3. It does? Even though men on average lose weight a lot faster than women and build muscle mass a lot easier, they also don’t have babies that dramatically change their figure but okey dokey then. I don’t agree with fat acceptance, it’s unhealthy and unattractive but it’s not just women stuffing their faces, plenty of men do and there is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING more disgusting than a man that looks pregnant… lose the beer bellies guys.

        1. As I said I don’t agree with fat acceptance, for men or women. (Men do it too, they have huge beer guts and wonder why women wont fuck them…really?) My comment was in retaliation to this comment “It takes guys YEARS to get a good body. We have to go to the gym, eat
          right, all that. For women, they just have to not eat like a fucking
          pig, and yet THEY are the ones complaining” I wasn’t making excuses I was stating facts. His claim that it is harder for men to lose weight is BS. If you had taken the time to read the initial comment and my reply you would have understood my point.

        2. it’s hilarious to hear you say this sort of crap because I went to the gym yesterday and I saw a skinny black guy (one of the ugliest fucks I’ve ever seen) working out and doing his best at the gym and stuff while his fat wife (also black and ugly) sat on her ass and kept reading a gossip magazine.
          sometimes women just wanna be fat you know.

        3. Most women don’t really want to do anything if it requires the slightest bit of effort on their part. They just can’t be bothered. Even cooking seems beyond most of them. It’s why so few of them achieve anything notable. It’s laziness, not patriarchy, holding women back.

        4. Just because the woman in the picture is a freak of nature doesn’t mean that the majority of women bounce back that fast from pregnancy. Even women who eat perfectly and exercise with trainers every day don’t on average bounce back as well as the woman pictured. To expect otherwise is a sign of delusion and low information.

        5. So because you aren’t as fit/healthy/attractive as her that makes her a freak of nature? She’s the epitome of what males find biologically attractive (attractive at all for that matter). That would make you the freak of nature.
          Also from that picture the recent child is 8 months. Her pregnancy weight gain would be at the low average of 28-40lbs most women expect. Assuming the child weighed 7 pounds that puts her at 23lbs over her original weight after the birth. 8 months = 34 weeks. Healthy weight loss = 1-2lbs/week. This would give ANYONE enough time to lose the pregnancy weight, albeit with consistent effort and a healthy diet. So that “average bounce back” spiel you pulled out of your ass is meaningless.

        6. “Just because the woman in the picture is a freak of nature…” Why did I expect to read this? Because it’s an excuse overweight women love to spout when they see a fit attractive female. This is JUST AS BAD as make derisive comments about an overweight woman . I’m a female and I head to the gym 6 days a week. There are several pregnant and post pregnant women and because they work out and keep fit they bounce back to pre-baby weight very quickly. The youngest baby up there is 8 months, it probably took that mom 3 months maybe 4 at most to bounce back. She’s most certainly not a freak of nature and you should be ashamed of yourself for saying that. She’s simply a fit woman whose health, and probably that of her family, takes priority, but I bet she can more than keep up with three active boys.

        7. You’re gonna take this ^^^ as a knock, but it’s suppose to be motivating. It’s in your control and you only get one crack at life.

        8. This is what I look at before I go to the gym everyday. This guy some might consider a “freak of nature” as well….We all make excuses, but if you’re alive, there really are none.

        9. False.
          Also you are missing the point entirely.
          Whether or not she may have a genetic advantage (which you so dissmissingly call a “freak of nature”) her physique is the result of healthy choices.
          The bottom line remains the same: she got off of her ass and did something.
          Also, because she publicly displayed her good merits and the result of hard work, she was accused of “bullying.” This is an attempt at shaming and supressing fit, attractive women.
          The point is not to be perfect. The point is to stop eating terrible shit, get active, and actually give a damn about being attractive to your husband and others as Maria did.

        10. Three kids in three years and she has no stretch marks or sagging?
          “Stretch marks, loose skin, some extra weight–that’s what the average woman really looks like.”
          Examples of bellies of women at different ages.
          Maybe I shouldn’t have called the lady in the picture a freak, but you can’t convince me that they didn’t photo shop away all her stretch marks.

        11. Newsflash: if you are fat to begin with and add 22 pounds in your mid section then you will likely see stretch marks. The average US woman’s BMI is 27 with 25+ being medically overweight. So of course on average women will look bad after pregnancy, because they already do. In the bellyproject link you gave there was a 50/50 chance I didn’t see stretch marks on mothers who clearly had a thin physique to begin with.
          I know I can’t convince you Maria Kang’s photo wasn’t photoshopped so this is for everybody else:

        12. Now this is the pot calling the kettle black. You are irate over the fat shaming going on with this article and now you call this woman a freak? So people who exercise and eat foods that are actually good for them and only in moderation are now freaks? People like you make me sick, I’ve been called anorexic, told to eat a hamburger and have been laughed at when I don’t order a table full of food. I’m not underweight, I work out no less than 5 days a week I have a BMI of 18.7 (which is in the healthy range). It’s usually people like you who are the only ones that have anything negative to say about an attractive person, but if that helps you sleep at night go for it.

        13. I’m disappointed that this article is a few days old already and not many others will get to see this comment. It hits the nail on the head.

    4. I think “years” is an exaggeration unless you either start from being obese or you define a good body as being Flex Wheeler.

    5. Because girls are obviously bullied more for their weight. Women are pressured to be skinny, but not men. So fat girls get bullied more.
      Statistics show men are more obese than women. Yet these American men are complaining how fat their women are. Lol hypocrites.

      1. Fat women get in groups and collectively bully. Especially as they get older.

        1. This is so true. I have seen this happen more than a group of fit women bullying an overweight woman.

    6. I don’t date fat guys anymore. I used to think the chubb was cute and cuddly. They are insecure. Their friends say she is too pretty to be with you. She must have low self esteem. It gets in their heads. And they start to worry she will cheat or they start to act like they are not pussy whipped so they get overly macho. They start to say things like “you think you’re so great”. They get envy for her thinness.

  3. Have to thank ROK again for fat shaming me to thinness. Lost 20 pounds since January, en route to lose 20 more. 2014 truly the year of self improvement!

        1. exactly. for the extremely overweight, the first dozen pounds fall off quickly. downside is, naturally, that the closer you get to your normal weight, it becomes that much harder to lose the remaining fat. ironically, people who are barely fat need more willpower than obese fucks, to regain their normal body composition. how’s that for ironic?

    1. You know what the sad thing is? That the only thing fat women usually have to do to become reasonably desirable again is just to lose weight. Whereas a guy has to learn game, bulk up, make lots of money, and learn how to rise up the social ladder. And to add to this, there are just some things you straight-up can’t do. If you’re short, you can pretty much kiss desirability goodbye. If you’re an Asian dude in America, sorry, but your dating prospects look abysmal. And then women complain that losing weight is hopeless.
      Losing weight isn’t hopeless, they are hopeless.

  4. I’m overweight and I’m working on it to make sure I live a healthy life. I work out and eat healthy and I am beginning to see results. In fact, I was surprised how much my quality of life increased with just a few months work. These fat women could see results too, if they would work for it. No pain, no gain (or in this case, loss). Fat women want to be treated like they’re beautiful and wanted, but don’t want to for it. Sorry fatties, this ain’t burger king and you can’t have it your way

    1. The really sad part is a healthy, very low calorie diet, in time, would do the majority of the weight loss work.
      Honestly, I can’t think of any REAL excuse. The hard truth is it is about choices and a willingness to do what needs to be done.
      And yes, I do practice what I preach. I eat extremely healthy food and workout regularly.

    1. Believe it or not, it is a photo related to the Curvy Girls lingerie I stumbled across. One of the examples of how “sexy” some of the obese women supposedly are.
      I think it makes a number of my points quite clearly.

      1. Third from the bottom “I’m fat *UCK off” is the most disturbing.
        She is truly damaged.

        1. if i met a cow with that shirt on id be like “yeah so you’re fat. why do i have to fuck off?”
          because id get to tell her that she is fat without her getting the “joy” of pointing at her shirt.

  5. Fat women are actually the perfect American consumers:
    1) They buy, buy, and buy lots of food
    2) They buy, buy, and buy lots of health care (insulin pumps, diabetes and heart disease meds, treatments for tag-along metabolic problems, and so forth)
    3) They buy, buy, and buy tons of consumer crap to compensate for their barren wombs and miserable lives: cat food, Hollywood RomCom DVDs, the latest iPhones, etc.
    4) They buy, buy, and buy tons of clothes and make-up to gloss over their aesthetic defects
    So it makes total sense that the government and media want more of them.

    1. #2 is undoubtedly why we have to pay an arm and a leg for health care and insurance. Thanks a heap, fat b!tches.

    2. dont forget that they make excellent wage slaves seeing as they probably have less men willing to buy their shit for them because they are unattractive.
      work is for men and ugly women. pretty girls dont have to work. fat girls do.

      1. That’s part of my beef. Thin women are dead weight economically. I only date capitalists. It’s not enough for a woman to have a job. These days everyone needs to simply be their own business. No pussy is worth a yearly salary, and forget any woman who thinks it is.

        1. Sometimes childcare is so expensive, it’s actually cheaper for one of you to stay home with the kids while the other works. Nothing to do with women thinking they deserve to sit at home. Everything to do with biology. And economics.

        2. As per my comment prior….the capitalists are brainwashing the population into being willing pawns- subjects to rent property to. Fat people are more profitable and easier to control

        3. Child care is for poor people to provide to rich people in order to access a meager living standard the rich control.

        1. Yeah, they are usually black guys who are looking for someone to pay the rent.

        2. Well then…its a good thing.
          Fat women are becoming the whore purchasing men of time immemorial.
          In other words, fat women are now paying men for sex instead of men paying women for sex.
          I’m waiting for the day when no one gets any benefit outside of an orgasm in exchange for sex.

      2. I’m not willing to buy shit for anyone who uses sex to get anything but orgasms.
        Why do you support such parasitism?
        Or are you going to start selling cock for a living because its totally not parasitic for you to do that?

    3. 5). Then they click click click on Web sites like Jezebel to make themselves feel better, which sends the ad dollars a-flowin’.
      6). Psychiatric fees.
      7). Cat food…

    4. Agree….and they are not going to shoot themselves in the foot (cash cow – no pun intended).
      I think Paula Deen was a prime example. She cooked for years (southern cooking) which tastes great but isn’t the healthy choice for you….and then she developed Type 2 diabetes. Its a win-win for somebody?

        1. Right. Too many excuses or we’re not getting the full story on why many of these women are so fat. Remember, we’re dealing with that hamster rationalization – so the true is probably out of reach.

      1. butt…..slapper?, that sounds like a fucking whore, whores are all the same, they go and fuck with guys that they not even know and they want us to respect them….did i offend you?, sorry…not sorry, how does it feel huh?, how does it feel to be offended like this?

    5. wow just wow just reading these comments im deeply disturbed like wtf lol its creepy how everyone here agrees

    6. American Women… Most are spoiled brats with the emotional awareness of a 15 year old. You can give them the world and kiss her ass all day, she will still cheat on you. I guess just date and plow through them. Maybe you might find 1 that may prove some value. Be careful tho, they can fake a facade for 2 years. Watch get your 6, bros.

    7. You can blame the rich and capitalism for this….Thats right…letting the rich do anything they want is making people fat, dumb, lazy, and incredibly subjective.

  6. There is nothing more fat-girl cliche than black hipster glasses and strangely dyed hair. Fat girls will often co-opt an “edgy” look to appear interesting, because losing 100 lbs is a lot harder than adorning oneself with distracting accessories.

    1. Lol, so true.
      Most fatties tell me it is ‘genetics’. Yes, some people are more likely to gain weight than others–i am one of them–but most of the time it is lifestyle related. I don’t make excuses, i just exercise and avoid fatty foods, simple. Will i ever have rock hard abs? Nah, but i am trim nonetheless.

    2. This is maybe the most succinct comment I’ve ever read. Spot-on accurate in every way. Pouring coffee at Starbucks and calling themselves baristas. Pippi Long Stocking socks and Chuck Taylors with 70’s lunch boxes for purses.

  7. Anyone that lets themselves get that overweight is just not very bright. I just cant even imagine the gluttony and slothfulness of some of these females. And so many people around the world starving…

    1. Maybe it’s chick culture too. If a guy gets fat a group of his friends will often pull an “intervention” on him. Ring him and get his arse off the couch and out running or exercising. They’ll shame him, then they’ll encourage him, because they care about him.
      Women tend to do this too, but more half-heartedly way, worse yet some of them will come around to see their fat friend and think:”I’m glad she got fat”.

  8. a ‘plus size’ modelling agency has been getting so much press lately in my country. they are pushing the 14 plus market as the new marketing genius of the owner, well, I use to know that owner. she was bitter about never getting any modelling work herself because she wasn’t tall, attractive enough nor could she keep up with the required body weight standard to be booked for any jobs.. so what does she do, opens her own agency, pays a fortune to have it promoted in all the right glossies, and she’s now laughing all the way to the bank. you should see the amount of praise she gets on her website from the fatties for being so brave. I think she ought to be flogged for further pushing the fat acceptance movement. my country is fast becoming the next fattiest country in the world after the united states.

    1. Yes, it’s a shame. But, she saw a ‘need’ in the market so she took advantage of it to make money. She is similar to food companies. They, too, don’t want to point out the obvious – too many fat people (too much money to lose).
      So as one tagline put it….’crunch all you want, we’ll make more’…they just left out the fatty part.

  9. The more I hit the gym and play sport my level of happiness increases. All these fat chicks are so depressed and moody cause they are 2 fucking lazy to get off their fat ass and do some exercise. Another dysfunctional feminist belief that weak women are believing today!

  10. I have a feeling this will go viral
    if these fat chicks wanna stay fat,then they should stop complainin about our preferences and move somewhere that high value men like fat girls as ideal. Here Ill give a list
    South pacific islands(fiji tonga samoa nairu etc),Afghanistan,Bangladesh,Iraq,gulf arab nations(Saudi,Oman Kuwait Qatar,etc),Egypt and sub Saharan Africa(Mauritania and others). Also to note Morocco,Tunisa,Algeria and Libya has a good number of chubby chasers too(starting to see iranians,pakistanis and indians are slowly being more tolerant of fat chicks like american society since they are growing and cant be picky due to gender imbalance).
    in those above nations you get bonus points for light skin, now go move there and stop shoving your ideals down our throat….We like our women slim.

    1. LOL! Did anyone else here notice what ALL those countries have in common? (you can also throw nigeria in the list, plenty of men there love their women fat and unsightly)

      1. o shit now I notice. These all countrys all had historys of famine especially the ones that come from dessert regions or flat dry grass plains(savanah). (even though india perfers curvy they are more tolerant of fatties then skinny people..trust me). Plus itll explain why these women(middle east indian and african get so fat so quickly)
        but pacifc islanders they picked big women cause they wanted strong sons, since brute strength to win wars the way to go(bashing each other with clubs with little to no tactics) which will explain why those guys are beasts.
        Asians,latinas(except those native to mexican deserts) and europeans dont tolerate it since they always had a steady supply of food, which gave more time to invent shit.

  11. Hideous looking, fat white women for indian manginas (who like to fuck white women)
    Fat white men for EE slutty women (Ukrainian/Russian – who usually like their men overweight, big or chubby).
    Case resolved.

  12. Very articulate and well reasoned article. Obesity is blight in the human body and is a cultural tool to destroy and control lives.’it should be view like a heroin addiction- sick and wrong in need of social awareness and resistance.

      1. If Roosh didn’t like it he would have said something.
        If you REALLY want to see what truly terrible pics are, go to the Tumblr fat acceptance site.

  13. Woman can look good at the high end of normal weight. When their butt and boobs are big but not flabby. That’s really easy to maintain or get down to but even that’s a struggle for modern women

    1. Men naturally prefer photoshopped hips?
      If you think that is “natural” you are quite retarded.
      Of course, the “men like curves so they should like fat” is dumb and fallacious, it depends just how many and how wide they like those curves.
      Which brings the next point. It’s an undeniable fact that obesity is an undesirable trait? Really? In what way? From a health standpoint or what? What about the men who find that desirable? They must be “defective” if they like something you don’t so it doesn’t count, am I right?

      1. You realize the “men” who like fatties are a very minute percentage of the population. The point is men are biologically programmed towards thin attractive women, which judging by your response you’re probably a hambeast with saggy tits which is why your all pissy lol. Its ok though just go eat another twinky and know that you’ll always have the undying love of your cats… that is until you keel over under the weight of your own blubber and flop around like a beached whale on the kitchen floor until you die in which case your cats will probably eat you. Hahaha sucks to suck fatty

        1. No, the high rate of obesity is a sign of a generation of people who lack the self discipline to stop shoving their fat fucking faces with food. It has nothing to do with being seen as attractive, if they wanted to be attractive they wouldn’t be 300 pounds overweight. Since nobody who is a normal size wants them they have to settle with other fat fucks (which we have no shortage of) and then, somehow, they manage to have fat fuck children who then grow up to be fat fuck failures in life. And now we have idiots trying to push a narrative that “big is beautiful” and all this other shit with fat ass 14 chin bitches in fucking advertisements for swimwear or something equally appalling. Its fucking nauseating how this is even being accepted let alone encouraged.

        2. I have a child with one of these fat fucks. I am 20 lbs overweight. I have been with girls big and small and big is better but I have always pushed for us to share a healthier lifestyle. This is why my child is not one of these fat fucks. He may be a fat fuck when older but I will love him all the same.
          I’d love to see your family’s beauty. I bet you got some real lookers.
          The reason for obesity rates is tampering with our alimentary sources, gmo or not, and thereby our endocrine systems.
          The loss of will is tied to computers, tv and other mechanical gratifaction.
          Our minds and bodies have been greatly denatured but here is the lynchpin, we destroy each other by prejudicial hate.
          you are not perfect, your wording and sentiment proves it. And that is beyond looks or feel. You are just an asshole

        3. Hey, if you or somebody close to you wants to live their life as a fatass thats fine, i got no qualms about it. Free will right? Where i draw the line is when these people start demanding that society change to suit their over bloated bodies and actively encourage otherwise normal healthy people to stop giving a shit about their appearance and become fat fucks themselves. I mean these people are literally in your face on TV saying that you should start finding fat bitches attractive and if you don’t, well then theres obviously something wrong with you! Or perhaps debating whether or not we should make fat asses pay for 2 plane tickets since thats how much room they take up. Oh, and how we should stop telling kids who are fat that they are in fact fucking fat and that we should instead just treat them like special little snowflakes and give them praise for being lardasses. God don’t even get me started on the mobility scooters at walmart.
          Your whole loss of will being tied to technology and gmos and all that may be a reason but its still not an excuse to be a ham planet who can’t even wipe their own ass. You can say all you want about me being a prejudicial asshole and all that but I’m not the one who is actively destroying the lives of children and going around telling everyone what to find attractive.

        4. our tax dollars go to kill innocents all over the world every single day and this is what you think is wrong??
          i guarantee you eat drink and are unhealthy. because you aren’t fat, which I really doubt, doesn’t mean healthy
          i see thin parents feeding their thin kids garbage all the time
          we are surrounded by sources of radiation
          you can run on your hamster wheel and pump iron til you’re a living apoplexy and that doesn’t make you a better person
          are you worried tv tells you what to think? turn it off!
          these IW articles are the only place I see feminists ‘fat shaming’ shaming.
          Everywhere else i see stick thin monsters and good old fat shaming
          trust if my partner had an ugly face, i wouldn’t be with her
          now look in the mirror and wonder,,, does anyone wanna fuck you??
          well women love that hate your spouting

        5. No, retard, I’m actually a man. And you fail to show any proof for this biological programming. In fact, there are more proofs that biologically at least fatter women are more attractive since they’re better at carrying offspring. That’s biological. Not some retarded concept you have about it.
          And again, retard, attractive is a subjective term. Nobody is attracted to some universally accepted definition of “attractive”. There’s no such thing. They’re attracted to what their brain is wired to like and that is what’s attractive to them.
          Perhaps if you were older than 14 you would understand different people prefer different things.

        6. It’s a lifestyle to remain fit. Stay off the junk food and proceeded foods, get out and move….take accountability

        7. It really isn’t. I know a lot of people that eat junk and don’t exercise and stay fit. Likewise, I know big people who eat right and exercise and remain overweight.

        8. Larger, proportionally (like in the pelvic region) not fatter. Don’t try to spin that.
          So if being overweight is so ‘normal’ and ‘gorgeous’ why do we promote healthy lifestyles, exercise and diet?
          Why do people go gaga and celebrate when someone that is obese loses a ton of weight?
          “WOW you look awesome!” is the common response that these folks hear. How come we never hear something along the lines of “Wow, you looked much better 200 lbs heavier!”?
          Why do we ‘support and encourage’ obese people when they attempt to diet and exercise to lose the weight? Shouldn’t we, instead, discourage that, since being a BBW is perfectly ok, healthy AND attractive?
          “You’re dieting and exercising to lose weight? You should stop that immediately and love yourself, instead!” Doesn’t make sense, does it?
          And why not? Because we KNOW that being overweight is not healthy. Its not attractive. And it sure as hell isn’t normal. What? It IS normal you say?
          Ok…panting heavily when walking to the fridge – NOT NORMAL.
          Inability to walk up a flight of stairs? NOT NORMAL.
          Having to buy XXXL clothing…again, NOT NORMAL.
          Sweating while sitting at your desk? NOT NORMAL.
          Sores from folds of skin rubbing together? NOT NORMAL.
          Shall I go on?

        9. and what makes you think that anyone can go from obese to being a marathon runner? There are many that become fat from laziness but the measure of BMI is too broad and doesn’t take frame into consideration. Doctors say its healthier to be 20-30 pounds overweight than under, for obvious reasons. And many thin or fit looking people have internal problems from having a poor diet and remaining sedentary.

      2. They girl on the left may be photoshopped a little, but the girl on the right could use a lot of photoshop. Like 20 man hours worth of photo shop.

      3. Obesity is an undesirable trait. It just is. It’s in the wiring.
        Women have a strong preference for tall men, yet ironically height is not even within the man’s control.
        Some men like fat women. Some men also like having a domination mask pulled over their heads and being made to eat from a dog dish. The predominant desire, though, is for skinny women. Why is a bit of a mystery. But it most certainly is, and it’s got nothing to do with media portrayals of women. The media portrayals are not creating the desire, they are responding to it.

        1. the attraction to ‘thin’ gitls is because women are being defeminized and as such lose their hips so men get attracted to bony hips with an unhealthily thin waist
          look around, why do fat girls procreate more often
          why do spanish and black cultures not villify their obese like whites do??
          It is natural. Sure health is important but being underweight is not a sign of health

        2. I’m a black man and the only thing a hambeast can do for me is move her fat ass out the way. Damned cows take up the whole sidewalk. The only black men that want a beached whale are the sorry ones that don’t want to work. And they shouldn’t be passing on their genes anyway. Our community has enough problems. Thank goodness obesity is linked to infertility!

        3. no, being under weight is linked to infertility. Do your research. Way more overweight have children than under by virtue of their body having enough nutrients and them being nicer people that want a family.
          I know a lot of girls who won’t date black guys just like I know a lot of people who won’t date fat people
          it is the exact same prejudiced nonsense that you need to help you sleep superior

        4. To the men on this site: I could roast this piggy on every point. But I don’t talk to moo cows. When she gets down to the appropriate number of chins, then maybe.

        5. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17982356ttp:/
          Here’s 3 scientific studies
          There are about 30 more I could post. But I’m sure you want to get back to vacuming the rolls on your fat chick’s back so I’ll keep it short. Get back to your bottom feeding you beta male. And with that I am done. Lol whale chaser.

        6. http://health.howstuffworks.com/pregnancy-and-parenting/pregnancy/fertility/can-weight-loss-increase-fertility3.htm
          your ncbi link doesn’t exist
          low body weight, regular under eating (as most women are societally conditioned to do) disrupt ovulation cycles and a fast metabolism may not provide the baby with necessary nutrients as the mother’s body burns it too quick
          women are supposed to be a little plump around gestation
          the average woman is a skeleton and men are attracted to curves, not bones

        7. Why are you comparing obesity with anorexia?
          36/24/36 106 lbs 5’2″
          True hourglass curves.

        8. We are not talking about being underweight. We are talking about being the correct, healthy and sexy weight for a person. People in the US are so used to heavy people that when a person comes here from another culture, they think they are underweight. We have it wrong.

    2. I naturally prefer the woman in the right picture, this is curvy for me and I am a man so your argument is invalid.

      1. That’s a fucked up taste. Who’d want a beached whale. You’d need lots of flour.

    1. Despite featuring a naked woman, my dick declares it “not porn”.
      The fact her lower half looks like a beanbag chair may be a contributing factor.

    2. “If you sit
      near the splash area, avoid getting the creature’s habitat water in your
      eyes or mucous membrane to prevent bacterial infection.”

  14. That last woman has a phone so there is no excuse for obesity when you can use your phone as entertainment ( or tv) and maybe ride a stationary bike. I ride 5 miles nightly without notice sometimes more. Fat is lazy. I’ve been fat, I was lazy, the end.

    1. I’ve always been an empty seat, just empty space. Women look right past me. They don’t take me seriously, nor do they find me attractive. I’m 17 years old, I’m a virgin, have never had a girlfriend, have never known of a girl liking me, and I give up. I’ve thought about what it would be like to be in the shoes of my two best friends. They both have extremely good looking, nice, intelligent women as their girlfriends. Everytime we used to go out, the women litterally hung off of them. I couldn’t buy my way into a conversation with a woman. They simply don’t like me. Despite my best efforts to be kind, charming, attractive, and cool. It’s to the point that I believe if a girl came along who liked me, there would have to be something wrong with her.Or the type of girl who would like me would be one of those weird types who like weird things amd are WEIRD! You know? So should I just accept that I’m not good enough, move on, live life single, and just keep to myself? Because that’s basically what I’ve already started doing. I’ve been told time and time again by people to just keep my head up and keep on trying. But I know after hundreds of tries and failures that there is no girl for me. I just give up. I’d like to go get castrated so I can just make it official and be done with it. What do you think? : (

      1. Hey stupid! Get your head outta yer ass. You are 17, don’t waste you’re time trying to get teenage girls to fuck you. Get to the gym and lift something heavy. Repeat. When you get hard and cut, keep working at it. That’s it. Pussy is literally everywhere for the man that want’s it.

        1. except for the shitty grammar mistakes..i swear to g*d, you americans..a single language and you can’t even master that…
          case in point: ‘YOUR time’, ‘the man that WANTS it’.

      2. As an older dude and if I were your Dad I would say to you: First of all remove the word coward and all other words like this from your mind forever. Replace them with positive powerful words about yourself and repeat them in your mind 100 times a day. Fuck no are you to say this shit about yourself anymore. try saying in your mind “women are attracted to me” 100 times a day, when you look in the mirror say it with conviction with your chin up and your best Alpha grin. Your subconscious mind will start moving you in the direction that you need to go to be more attractive to women.You WILL start doing things that will make you a better person and give you more confidence. As an older guy, I was there and we all were where you are now. Dude, you are fucking 17. High School chicks are stupid as fuck and most everybody else is too. Barloot makes a great point, get in the gym, lift heavy weights and train like a fucking gladiator. In 4 years you will be a confident strong motherfucker that will give you confidence in life to accomplish your goals. Find a good older male role model and start mirroring yourself after him. Men have done this for generations in the absence of their Dad’s not being there. My credentials….25 years of heavy weight training, made my first million at 40, and I can walk up to anyone on planet earth no matter how big or bad they are and have 0 fucking fear. It takes time to get to where you want to be for alot of us. at 17, i was a skinny outcast too, get to the gym now and get started today. I hope older guys like me can pass on some wisdom to you young bucks here at ROK.

      3. You’re too young to give up (unless you’re Black). Start eating healthy and working out now. I wish that I had started at your age. Learn as much as you can, travel.
        Now, if you’re Black, you should just throw in the towel now because only ugly fat chicks like Black men, you have even less chances when you travel, and you’ll never amount to anything in life no matter how hard you try. I wish that I had known this too because I wouldn’t have wasted time and money in college or trying to learn Japanese.

        1. Speak for yourself. I’m black and … you know what never mind, keep your game where it’s at. Self deport your own self out of pussy. It’s not for everybody.

        2. Let me understand this. If I can’t get Taiwanese, Japanese or Chinese women on a regular basis I’m left with fat chicks? That makes perfect sense bro!

        3. lol…The hottest white woman will bend over for a thug who treats her like shit. White guilt.

        4. yeah, but you made a blanket statement about not giving up on fucking women entirely unless you are black.
          You know, I may be a racist bigot, but I don’t want black people to ‘disappear’. I just want them to admit that their fuckups are their own fault, and get to fixing them instead of blaming ‘whitey’ for everything.
          Us irish got over slavery, why can’t they?

        5. Irish were indentured servants were they not? They were not cattle slaves like Africans. Irish also owned slaves though not as many and lynched them during reconstruction era. In fact, it is by mistreating Africans that Irish even came to be considered white in the states. They were not originally.
          The Irish also didn’t have to deal with jim crow,red-zoning, prison industrial complex, and so on. If you think problems for Africans ended with slavery, you need to read a book.

        6. http://www.africaresource.com/rasta/sesostris-the-great-the-egyptian-hercules/the-irish-slave-trade-forgotten-white-slaves/
          Believe me, the difference between irish and black slaves were that black slaves were VALUABLE, and well-treated.
          The only way the Irish managed to pull themselves out was by, in essence, taking over the enforcement arm of the slave trade and government structure.
          The ‘free’ irish were treated, for nearly a hundred years, considerably WORSE than free black men.

      4. You’re 17 lol. Millions of 17 year old guys experience or have experienced this. If things haven’t changed by 30, then you can complain about it.

      5. Dude, don’t worry about it. Go your own way, work on yourself, and eventually women will come to you when you don’t give a shit about them.

      6. You are far too young to be worried about stuff like this. You are not even legally out of childhood yet. I know it seems massive now but in time it will be a small thing. Focus on yourself, build up your intellect, intelligence, physical appearance (both your body and your clothes) and you won’t have to chase girls, they will chase you.
        Remember, women do not want children, they want a man. In time, you will be a man.

      7. “They simply don’t like me. Despite my best efforts to be kind, charming, attractive, and cool. ”
        That’s your problem right there. I can tell you this because I was where you are 7 years ago (recently turned 24). Never, ever, try to prove yourself to a girl. She needs to prove herself to you. If you give a girl too much power like this she’ll never respect you and she will ALWAYS choose another guy over you. Take it from me-like I said, I’ve been where you are and I’ve lived this.

  15. Real women do have curves, like Sophia Loren, Ann Margaret, and Marylyn Monroe in their heydays. the women who clam to have curves today are just blobs.

    1. Yeh but the excuse is that those women would be seen as ‘fat’ nowadays. Lol. I don’t know one man that thinks that, not a single one.

      1. A friend posted a picture of Audrey Hepburn on his facebook yesterday, and the fatties jumped all over it claiming she was anorexic. I posted a picture of 6ft2 hugh jackman, pointing out that none of them would claim he was ‘sick’, then asked why a 5ft6 woman like Audrey Hepburn, with a petite frame, should be expected to have a bigger waist than him to be ‘healthy’.
        The hamster spinning was glorious. Fat chicks have damaged minds. Don’t interact with them. Their toxic sloth poisons everything around them.

      2. I guess they might be called fat but then that would be untrue and we all know that. Sophia Loren Is HAWT!

  16. A lot of fat people tend to be the kind of people that gain weight easily. I was one of them. Genetics does play a role BUT it is too often used as an excuse. Genetics makes it extra difficult for me to get a hard washboard stomach but it doesn’t prevent me from keeping trim. A fat person complaining that they can’t eat that extra pizza every few days and is like an asthmatic complaining that they can’t run that extra mile.
    We need to be honest with ourselves. I cut out most fatty foods 13 years ago when i first blew up in my late teens and haven’t been overweight since. Why? Self restraint.
    Guys i know heading towards middle age who are fat as fuck are just as bad as feminist women. They eat too much bread and pasta at night and nibble on toasted cheese sandwiches as ‘snacks’ and then wonder why they are fat. A male friend of mine is in such denial he uses substitute words for fat like ‘portly’ lol

  17. They can’t deny themselves out of the early onset of Type II Diabetes and all the nasty shit that comes along with it.

  18. You basically just have to tell yourself that yep, strenuous exercise sucks sometimes, but the alternative is worse. The same goes for having the grilled chicken and organic salad instead of the fries, coke, and whatever fast food burger you prefer.

    1. Junk food slowly poisons your body. It effects the way u feel where I’m not saying to stop eating junk food but to limit it to once a day in small portions. I look at junk food as a drug where it effects u the same as a heroin addict!

      1. Well essentially it does, sugar can cause the exact same observable biochemical changes in the brain as cocaine. The more you regularly consume it the less certain good feeling chemicals are released, as well as greater amount being released when restriction is placed on consumption. You can watch the effect to tolerance and withdraw on the brain with MRI scans. Food, particularly sugar, can be an addiction that people fall into either by to much indulgence or as a method to cope with issues.
        Having a beer or glass of wine a few times a week is just fine, so is having some liquor every once in a while and drinking too much a few times a year. Drinking like it is new years every Friday to celebrate or for weeks straight to deal with a break up is considered an unacceptable way to live a healthy life. So should over eating like its Thanksgiving regularly or having excessively unhealthy foods like cake,soda or fried fair food as regular treats.
        Parents need to understand giving their child access to things like soda daily is as damaging to their health as letting them take shots of gin everyday. Ethanol and fructose is metabolized in almost exactly the same damaging way. The lack of education and commitment to health is the reason their 18 year old has hypertension, liver damage, cardiovascular problems, joint pain, and is at a higher risk for many diseases including cancer. Not to mention the emotional and psychological issues that come with addiction.

  19. being fat is for most of the population, a choice. you either choose to be fat and lazy or you choose to work out……no excuses for your condition that you have allowed yourself to be in.

      1. haha youre welcome. or as miguel would say –
        it is time to escape!!! A MELTY CREATURE SEES YOU!
        AROOOOBLARAAARRRRGG! meltmeltmelt
        A butter monster? with some creatures it is like a game to discover.

  20. They are just lazy.
    No excuse. And do not come with genetics. There is always a way.
    And that is why you can judge a book by its cover. What is inside shines outside.

    1. I’ve known a few fat chicks over the years. That myth about them having ‘nice personalities’ is complete bullshit. They’re rotten inside and out. They just want to drag everyone else down with them.

      1. they are never nice people. they bitter, jealous, sulky, depressed, lazy, bitchy, gossipy, mean, pissed off with themselves, and the world.

        1. Okay, this site must have a narrow demographic. I know so many fat chicks who make their own money and spend it on guys they wanna bang. And all of them are fucking hilarious.

        2. the ‘narrow demographic’ is almost every man except you. I do understand though, because men only learn through pain… and you haven’t had any yet.

        3. Sure I have. From skinny chicks and their bones digging into me. I’ve never met a thin woman who wasn’t neurotic. I know lots of chubbies who know they’re fat and work on being healthy, but have a lot more modesty and appreciation for men (physically and otherwise). If they’re neurotic they know the appropriate place for that shit is in the bedroom.

        4. Umm… Dude, if you have really gotten that impression from women, You seriously need to work on your approach strategies.
          There’s no such thing as a neurotic woman. There’s only women whom you have lost control of or who you didn’t realize were damaged goods.

        5. Which impression do you mean? And when I talk about neurosis, I mean relatively harmless shit like when she apologizes for squirting. I’ve never been with damaged goods so that’s the extent of what I’m talking about. And what approach strategy? Don’t women ever hit on you?

        6. Occasionally, but I am sort of… intimidating. and ‘approach strategies’ does not necessarily involve hitting on a woman. I was speaking of ‘I have never met a thin woman that wasn’t neurotic’. If all the trim girls you have met are skinny, hipbone-digging neurotics, then you are really doing something wrong.
          No one likes fucking a skeleton, but a fat roll is just fucking disgusting. There is no excuse for it.

  21. Fatty, fat, fat, fat. Fat, lard laden ladies are causing global warming.
    To the author: If you think the South is full of fat chicks, you should check out Seattle. That place is pathetic. It’s like every fat check in the country goes there hoping to find a mate. The sad thing is they find dweeb hipster blue pill types, with no muscle and no sense of pride, and the fat bitches lead these loser guys around by a nose ring. I am sure they physically abuse these skinny, loser pajama boys at home. Truly the most pathetic thing you will ever see.

    1. So many hipster, limp wristed, skinny-jean wearing fag-boys here..This is what we get for supporting LGBT.>.<

  22. GetItGoing, you have batted the ball over the fence with this article. Nice work, well-written!

  23. It should be pointed out how *expensive* it is to be fat. Fat people eat a *lot* of food, and it ain’t cheap. No, they’re not eating rosemary lamb chops, they’re eating processed snack foods. They can eat an entire bag of chips at one sitting, whereas I’d be queasy after eating half of it.
    Fun fact: ever been to an old folks’ home? Ever notice all the fat people there? Yeah, me either.

    1. Yes, fat is a sign of abundance in most cases, not scarcity. Obesity is mostly a first world problem.

      1. That’s a good point. Anywhere I’ve traveled to where people had less they generally had minimal or much less obesity. Also having to walk much more as they did not own their own vehicles was a big factor.

      2. Fat is a sign of crappy food. An abundance of salads would keep everyone in decent shape and happy. 🙂

    2. Actually, obesity is more prevalent in poor populations because eating healthy is much more expensive in this country. Fruits, vegetables, and organic foods cost a lot more than dollar menu McDonalds and microwavable meals. If a person is on a tight budget, eating healthfully is way tougher.

      1. I’m sick of hearing that bullshit excuse from fatties. It’s how they rationalise their laziness to even work on their basic food needs.
        Fast food is fuckin’ expensive, and always has been. They’ll balk at paying $3 a kilo for Apples, or an entire Cauliflower, which will last for multiple meals, but then happily shell out $3.50 for a bag of potato chips, or $4.50 for a block of Cadbury Chocolate, which they’re likely to consume in one sitting because they have no willpower. No-one complains about their $8 tubs of Blue Ribbon Ice Cream or their $3 Drumsticks or Magnum Ice Creams, but $1 for a bunch of celery? Highway robbery.
        A McDonald’s Meal for one person can cost around $12 here. You’re looking at $35-$50 to feed a family of four. I can buy a kilo of a good cut of leg of lamb for less than $12, and have enough change left over to more than cover the vegetables (potato, peas, pumpkin, sweet potato, mushroom) and the gravy. I had a roast on Sunday because the weekly special was Lamb for $6.99 a kilo.
        It’s even cheaper if my vegetables are taken from own garden if the season is right.
        I can roast one chicken breast ($3), and slice it with salad (tomato, carrot, kale, mushroom), for a couple of day’s worth of lunchtime sandwiches. Maybe $5 tops for 3 lunches. One sandwich from any store near my office is roughly $7 up.
        How can they pay $6 for one Frappacino? That’s 1/3 of my weekly fruit and vegetable budget for *all* my meals.
        Fat people are simply too lazy to cook, and rationalise it as being expensive to cook from fresh ingredients when all they really mean is ‘it requires a little effort to shop and cook for myself, and even that is beyond me’. They basically just exist to consume and shit.

        1. lmao! crack seems ‘cheaper’ in the beginning, too. but it all leads to the same bullshit trap

  24. Some women are obese because of thyroid issues. Some eat to
    gain weight because of childhood abuse issues. Some women put on weight because
    they took steroids to help with major illness. Some because they were inactive
    during times of illness and injury recovery. This is a non article of cruel and
    stupid proportions.

    1. Sure..’some’. And all that must mean that 95% do not simply eat too much of the bad things and do not sit on their ass all the time, right? Cool story bro .. lolz
      By the way, the thyroid issue is just one of the frequently used lies. News flash: everyone who’s overweight will have a down regulated thyroid as a result of being fat. It’s how the body works. Once they start losing weight, everything starts working better again.
      Here, watch this and learn something from those who actually know their shit:
      It’s about the old fashioned idea of bulking when wanting to increase muscle mass, but it explains very well the physiological effects of getting too fat.

    2. Yes-those things may be true in some case. But in all cases, they have control over their bodies and (we can assume in most cases) control the food they consume.
      I would remind you that even when someone is injured and cannot be physically active a healthy diet would have minimized or reduced their weight & weight gain.
      I’ll admit I didn’t coddle anyone when I wrote it. RoK readers are men, and we do not sugar coat anything here. Feelings take a back seat to truth and blunt opinions.
      However my intent was not to specifically to be “cruel” but to call out common traits seen in those women who attempt to redefine what is biologically a healthy body and physically attractive characteristics.

      1. In other words…. however you cut it, they’re damaged and should be avoided. Health problems? Don’t date women with health problems. Your future kids will thank you.

    3. All Excuses. I’m asthmatic on steroids and I still move my ass and those drugs make you mouthy, irritable, and swollen. I was fat, stationary, and making excuses and pity parties looking for acceptance and it was given, but that is just unhealthy to begin with. Even elderly move.

    1. They can have the right to be taxed more for being a monster.
      Hey, we were able to make life miserable for the smokers, let’s do the same for the fatties who clog our medical system up as quickly as they clog their own arteries. The revulsion you feel when you look at a fat person is no coincidence; evolution has primed us to despise the gargantuan kaiju.

  25. I think calling fat shaming is pretty clever I’ll give whoever thought of it that. It looks like fat shaming, sounds like fat shaming, but it’s actually man shaming. Guys generally have different opinions on what they would consider fat. What one guy thinks is perfect another guy thinks is 20 pounds overweight. They should still leave lots of room numerically speaking, for people who find each other attractive to well, find each other and leave lots of happy people being happy together.
    Fat shaming, at its core is really just another variant of ‘where have all the good men gone?’ The overarching belief for any of the groups were saying this is that men should not have a reason to reject a woman ever period. In their minds if a man has any kind of standards whatsoever that allow him to exclude a particular type of woman the problem is not the woman or group of women that he objects to but rather the man himself.
    Simply put you can add these whiners to the pile of the rest of the complainers trying to strong arm men into doing something that many of them don’t want to do. Ignore them, and go back to what you were doing.

  26. “recent nuero-electronic research
    indicates fatasses, or ‘fattys’ as they are commonly known, all share
    identical personality traits because of a swelling of gravy in the area
    of the brain that causes individuality. They form a type of hive
    community and communicate through patterns of sweat secreted into their
    giant clothing.” – Woods, 1999

  27. Was that last picture totally necessary? I had to align the page just right so I could read the last paragraph without my eyes melting out of my head.

    1. It’s kind of like watching car accident safety movies in high school.
      It’s really bothersome to see, but the ugly truth hits home.

  28. These young women who are obese just make me shake my head because as life goes on and throws more challenges at you, the tendency is for one to gain weight. I was a slender athlete as a young woman and life, children, stress have added an extra 20 pounds despite all my interest in remaining slender. I feel sorry for these younger women (though I know they would scorn my pity); they congregate together in their “adipositivity projects” and on their “fat acceptance” blogs, but it is obvious they are so miserably unhappy.
    The actress Greer Garson, a truly lovely woman with a delightful figure, said it best: “Keep your waistline small and your horizons broad.” What a life a woman can have if her body is her ally and not her enemy! Now, despite aging and changing, I have ensured the love & loyalty of a good husband and two darling boys. I bless my parents for teaching me to revere God and that my body was also made in God’s image; honoring that spark of divinity within is one of the most mentally and spiritually healthy ways to stay slender. We all can give so much if we are not bogged down by excess weight, bitterness and “issues.”

    1. I would also add that when in a long term relationship, I consider it important to for a man to keep himself attractive for the woman.

  29. Hey, I’d love the excuse that women who reject me are the ones with the real problem… but what would that accomplish for a man?

    1. Nothing because that goes against everything they teach here. Take care of yourself and the pussy will follow.
      Women, take care of your man by not being a hambeast and higher value men will give you more attention.

  30. I agree with the thrust of this article but I must point out that it contains a very important error (given we are discussing fatness and the inability to lose it). Decades of research show that a very low calorie diet, even combined with exercise is neither healthy nor effective at achieving fat loss. Such a diet is at odds with our natural physiology. There is a definite mythology, perpetrated by the media, government and powerful food industry organisations that getting fat is caused by eating “too much”. You could just as easily say eating “too much” is caused by being fat. This is because “calories in equals calories out”, is an equality, not a causality. What causes fatness is essentially eating the wrong food, rather than too much food. A simple question to answer to determine whether what you are eating is good or bad is “is my food processed?” If yes, its probably fattening. If no, enjoy.
    Low calorie, low fat diets are not sustainable. As such I have some sympathy for those who struggle to lose fat because they have been sold a lie by those who benefit from their fatness. The government and their cronies in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

    1. Food is fattening if you can eat a lot of it without feeling full. Carbs and sugar, in other words. If you tilt your diet away from that and more toward protein and fats, it should make it easier.

      1. That’s a very good way of putting it, especially with sugar being one of the most harmful processed foods you can eat. And processed foods such as breakfast cereal, bread and pasta absolutely loaded with carbs. Its a fast track to fatness.

  31. Most guys i know don’t dig fat chicks, even ones with pretty faces, and that includes low SMV men who date the occasional thin 5. I used to be somewhat tolerant of it until i was overweight and got fuck all dates so i quit that shit. I am tired of this shaming crap. Women avoid short men with no shame whatsoever, and many of them reject baldies too, yet we are meant to accept their lard? Fuck off!

    1. And the funny hypocritical thing about that is that a fat woman can lose the weight and butt he short man cannot workout to grow 6-7 inches.
      it is as bad as racism.

  32. A fat woman is a 3-in-1.
    Sex partner, portable sofa as well as portable bed.
    A perfect investment proposal for the budget conscious mangina.

  33. Ane engineers……god…engineers….love love love looooove these fatties! And the more angry these fatties are the more the engineers go ape shit for them!
    It’s kind of sick!

  34. I get it…guys don’t want fatties. I feel that this is a bit of a double standard here though when overweight men are weighing in on the fat girl issues. I can’t point anyone out on here but I’m sure all 100 something comments listed are by healthy attractive men right? Men can use the excuse that “she let herself go” as a way out of a relationship without getting much slack for it, however women don’t get this luxury.
    Last year I ended a relationship for several reasons, one of which was
    the fact that he just wasn’t as attractive as he use to be. I tried to get him to start working out with me, eating better and blah blah blah. For years I had heard him tell me that if I ever let myself go he would be gone. It came down to I’m not the guys mom and I’m not going to shove a healthy lifestyle down his throat, sex became dull and completely uninteresting and as for physical attraction there was NONE!! I took a bunch of crap for even saying anything about the weight issue from both sexes for being superficial and what not. I think ROK should put out an article encouraging men to stay in the best possible shape, not only for the ladies but let’s face it, beautiful people make it much further in life.

    1. It’s not a double standard because both sexes judge each others worth on different metrics. A fat guy can call a fat girl repulsive for being fat, just as a ditzy weak-ass girl can criticise a guy for being weak willed or not having his shit together.
      Didn’t read your second paragraph, life stories are boring.

    2. Of course, men should always be fit if they want to keep the attention and respect of their woman. There are countless articles in the ROK where men are told to get fit, lift weights, eat well, etc.
      However, a fat man with money/status will still be able to lock down a decent chick, but the same does not apply to a woman. While both men and women should be obligated to maintain their appearance, a man has a little more ‘wiggle room’ if he makes good money.

    3. ROK won’t do that. Aside from the good points of what is beloved and believed here about traditional roles there is some regurgitated notions of women hating, using, pure male feminism and loads of hypocritical poo. As I’ve been asked to read these articles by my own husband who has always been Alpha with a capital A, he now has taken it to a whole new level. A bunch of men and maybe successful men at that wallowing in their own self pity of seeing the world through eyes created by taking the red pill of truth that shows us the real demons of our existence and it comes down to WOMEN. They say we are dramatic???? OH I LIKE TO CALL it as I SEE it too. These guys need to grow up cause the immaturity level is astounding.

    4. I can’t vouch for the other commenters here, but I’m the author, and yes, I’m healthy and attractive. Not just my own opinion; it’s based on responses by others to my physical attributes and clothing, which are my own efforts.
      I see the points you are making, but I STRONGLY disagree with the idea that men can use their partner’s lack of desire for self-care as an excuse for ending things without getting flack for it.
      In nearly all discussions I’ve seen, the man was treated as if he was a monster-the comments/opinions were very harsh, and the constant theme pushed by people (mostly but not all from women) was basically “you have to love her regardless of size” and “how terrible you are for focusing on that”, etc.

      1. Please don’t think that I disagree with your article, I don’t. I think that it is important for everyone to take care of themselves, especially when it comes to their health and bottom line, heavy isn’t healthy. My comment was from my own personal experience, and I have to say that the men that I’ve known that used lack of physical attraction as an deterrent haven’t recieved the flack that I did.

        1. These guys are probably all fat, been dumped too many times and too scared to try again, playing video games constantly and dreaming of having a woman. Due to all the woman hate and negativity and drooling at women like ourselves that they will never hope to attain they will end up alone and It’s not because of your fat though, it’s cause you can’t move on.

        2. I’ll agree there is a fair amount of negativity & hate that some guys need to work out, but not sure that anybody is drooling over women such as yourself. 5/10 in a black & white pic doesn’t do much for Brads boner.

        3. And that’s okay, I don’t really need too many men drooling over me. For some strange reason I choose to base my self-worth on my accomplishments and goals verses the number of guys buying me drinks. Hey at least you gave me a 5 though lol

    5. I’m not a fat man, but unlike for women, there is more to a man than being fat. A fat man could have power, strong personality still end up getting average girls…ofcouse if you are a fat man, you better be tall, only then will it work.

    6. Of course men should stay in shape. But fat women are far more worthless in the sexual marketplace than are fat men. Fat women may be compared to a loser basement-dweller. Both have the potential to improve their lot in life and make themselves more attractive, but are too lazy or depressed or mentally screwed up to do so.

      1. Are you serious??? Fat is fat no matter if it’s male or female. I can’t name a single female that I know that would be turned on or even okay with a chubby belly smacking against her in bed. My point above was that both sexes should strive to have pride in themselves, it shouldn’t be directly soley at the women. Why should we work so hard to stay in shape if a man feels that he is worth more no matter what he looks like.

        1. You misunderstand, again. Whilst fatness in men is unattractive, it’s not make or break as it is in women. A fat guy can still make up for being fat by being funnier / more socially dominant / smarter / richer / more confident than other guys around him. Women can’t.
          It’s not a society thing, it’s a biology thing. Expecting men to start accepting fat or ugly women is like hoping for wolves to become vegetarians.

        2. Oh no, I completely understood and that is what I have a problem with. It should be just as important for men to take care of themselves as it is for women. I don’t expect or even care what other people like or accept, I’m only saying that it is pretty sad for men to sit around and talk about how girls are worthless unless they are hot and in good shape whereas (your comment just reaffirmed it) men are still valuable if they have money or a good sense of humor. Personally I’m a bit disgusted by people who do not take care of their body, so I’m with you guys there. Men need to accept that they can’t sit around adding on to their beer gut and still hold the same influence as their more attractive buddies.

        3. I’m only saying that it is pretty sad for men to sit around and talk about how girls are worthless unless they are hot and in good shape whereas (your comment just reaffirmed it) men are still valuable if they have money or a good sense of humor.
          Saying it’s “pretty sad” doesn’t make it any less true. What you’re doing here is emoting. Life sucks, and is more unfair to fat chicks than to fat guys. Deal with it.

        4. “It should be”
          is the rallying cry for reality denial.
          “It is”: important to men that girls be attractive, courteous, and fit.
          “It Is”: important to women that men be confident, aggressive, strong, and accomplished.
          Should be never has, and never will, enter the equation.

    7. ROK frequently encourages men to stay in shape and look their best. I have not read an article here that claims a man can be fat and that’s cool because all he needs is game. I could be mistake though.
      I agree that both sexes should make an effort. Even if it was extremely wealthy i wouldn’t get fat because I would always want to play to my strengths. and naturally i’d want to attract as many hot young women as possible 😉

    8. Yes, attractive and physically fit here. Recently (past 6 months) I’ve used the workout routine that Brad Pitt used in Troy to get that kind of shape (definition). I wanted to be more well portioned versus too big in some areas..not enough in others. So, yes..I take care of myself.
      I expect the same from someone that I meet (or date) because it is something that I respect. I can respect anyone who puts in that kind of time and energy to take care of their body.
      It’s about being positive, setting goals and working hard.

  35. A quote from the fat feminist website The Militant Baker: “I found myself with over a hundred men who were champing at the bit to get with this.” Because riding the cock carousel with over a hundred thirsty men makes you soooooo attractive.

    1. I find it hard to believe 100 men would want to fuck that repulsive bogmonster, but there are some very desperate men out there, unfortunately.

    2. Honestly it seems to me that she just made up things as she went. I realize there are a lot of desparate men out there, but come on…seriously.

    3. Fat and slutty chicks never realise this basic rule:
      Your attractiveness isn’t based on how many men you can get to sleep with you. It’s the quality of the man who would still want to hang around with you after he’s cum.

      1. THIS.
        What she also wouldn’t want to admit is that those “men” are as fat and as disgusting as she is. No Ryan Gosling look-alike is going to jump at the opportunity of effing a fat chick.
        Since women are gatekeepers of sex, a woman who has slept with many men is no way comparable to a man who has slept with many women. It is a challenge for a man to make a woman say “yes”, while it is no difficult for a woman to find a man who would say “yes”. Therefore, men who have slept with many women are considered studs and women who have slept with many men are rightfully considered sluts.
        There will never be a shortage of men jumping at an opportunity to have sex. It is the quality of men that matters, not the number.

    4. Well if McDonalds gave away free burgers a lot of people would get one. However more people are interested in a nice steak.

  36. A fat woman is like a broke man…absolutely fucking useless.
    There is no difference between a fat person (carbohydrate addict) and a junkie (heroin addict).

  37. Oh rok you keep me working! I am 5’7 and 130 lbs, naturally curvy, but this inspires me not to ride my natural looks and get in the gym to make it just… A little..: better…. For my boyfriend.

    1. The better you look, the better your man will treat you. It might not even be a conscious thing for him.
      The most successful older couples I’ve seen (still married, happy, and loving) are ones where both the man and the woman are thin. Getting fat is like spitting in your partner’s face.

      1. Haha trust me, this sounds awful, but I know a lot of why he was interested me is that he thinks I’m beautiful. I don’t really mind I like feeling cherished. He never saw a pt in settling down with a woman before, he just thinks I have a great face! Lucky to find a man who like them pale, I guess. But if I loss 10 lbs he would probably adore tossing me around, and he goes to the gym everyday (I’m lucky, he’s a hottie) anyway got to go do some squats!

        1. Yeah you’d be absolutely dynamite if you dropped 10lbs. And you’d probably find yourself getting more random thoughtful gifts and texts from him too. Not to mention that your beauty would only be further motivation for him to work harder and have more success.

      2. Like I know how much he enjoys going out with people and watching them watch me go by. I like giving that to him. I actually think of myself as a feminist but of course I want him to be proud to be seen with me… That doesn’t seem anti feminist to me?

    1. actually, she could jkeep on the burgers, just get rid of the bun. and the coke. and the milkshake.

  38. Those scrawny little creeps who enable fat women, they’re called feeders, look it up. When the 700 lb whale shows up in the emergency room because her heart can’t take it any more, the feeders have been known to try and sneak pizzas in to their rooms.

    1. Is it considered some degree of murder if the woman dies? (As in does the feeder get time in jail or a fine)

  39. The first thing that Spartan General Gylippus did after taking command of Syracuse during the Peloponnesian War was to levy a fat tax.
    Instead of compulsory Obama care you Americans would be better served by taxing body fat as a health care measure.

    1. ironically, that would probably dramatically increase public health.
      Use the proceeds from the tax and stop giving money to corn farmers, and pay off our national debt while we stop subsidising poisonous sweeteners.

  40. Australia is bad for fat women. So bad that girls who are half ok end up having an inflatable sense of self worth. Lots of betas hovering around them causes them to brush off lots of approaches by guys who would only ever think about fucking them when there blind drunk.

    1. i concur – and theres so many mangina bitches spewing the feminist agenda non stop, and fucking hipsters everywhere, its so fucked here… a mate of mine yesterday told me seriously hed fuck any woman no matter what her shape is – even though he hasnt, and wouldnt, but were supposed to pretend we would apparently. even to each other…

      1. Europe was my biggest eye opener at how fucked Aussie birds are. Fat, dumb, hopeless with money, lucky to even have an opinion on most interesting topics.
        Looking forward to my South America trip this year, get to conversate with some far more interesting and far more beautiful women.

        1. When i was living in Greece i dated women that wouldn’t give me the time of day in Australia. My last Greek gf was at least 2 SMV points above me and she was crazy about me. She also made the first move.
          80% of the women who initiate conversation with me in Australia are 1-2 SMV points below me. You have to work hard for very little here, which is frustrating.

        2. Too many betas and white knights in oz. Greek men wouldn’t put up with that shit from some 7/10 ozzie chick with a chip on her shoulder. Here it’s encouraged.

        3. figures…i reckon melbournes worse, but then everyones probably gonna say that about where they live

        4. Yeh it’s really bad here. If you pull a 7 you almost feel like a God. I was pulling 7’s all the time in Greece. Coming back to Australia was fucking depressing i can assure you of that! hah.

        5. Take it from an aussie,every word you say is true.Just to let you know,they are even worse when they are at home.

    2. Yep, I read the article on ROK about the women in Australia (I feel for you gents). It is rough in the states but nothing like I read in that article. It’s troubling that both countries have their fair share of ‘boy bitches’ around to cater to them.
      I take care of myself (eat well, workout, etc…)so as soon as I approach a woman I size her up. If I feel like she doesn’t match me (physically) then she gets a failing grade (yes, handing out many failing grades here…lol).
      But, as I told one guy who is ten years my junior….”I’m picky….and you should be too”..meaning don’t settle for someone who sits on a couch all day, eats bad food, doesn’t care for herself….especially if you workout and take care of yourself.

  41. It’s not just me, but I’m sure more than a few guys can agree that fat girls give the greatest head.

    1. Fat girls have lower sexual marketplace value, so of course you can treat them like cheap whores.

    2. Really? I dont think I give very good head. I am not so into that thing. Never have been. maybe some desperate fat women try as much as they can, but im not one of them, baby..

  42. As you can see — the females (and the RoK male readers that replied to their comments) have destroyed yet another thread here.
    Jeez guys — come on, is it really that hard to find the willpower to just avoid responding to them and just letting their comments go?
    Solidarity guys, Solidarity.

    1. Ah come on, their responses are hilariously brain dead. I enjoy watching them further embarrass themselves as they try to justify their disgusting obesity.

  43. flat out: rok releases various truths article after article. i’m impressed…also foolish to believe only i noticed some of these happenings. quite a few of my folks thought i was crazy when i was relating info similar to this site. i just feel validated…verified.

    1. The “manosphere” seems to pay off more and more. I’ve felt the same way you have several times.

    2. Yep..it’s good stuff. Many here were wondering for years (am I crazy? or what’s wrong here?). Now, united, we are finding out the truth.

  44. I’m fat woman and I am not ashamed of it. I weigh 220 lbs. I am rather fat than hungry and i dont like eating veggies all day long. i enjoy a proper pizza and chocolate. Well Im married so it doesnt matter if i am fat. my husband says he is ok with it. in fact he kind of likes it more – i have been slimmer.. but then he complains because tits are smaller than now. i have D cup now. I bet it makes you guys angry because i can have it all.. relationship AND food and treats. Hahaha, live with it!

    1. Nobody is angry with you for having it all, we just don’t want you to shame other people into accepting your fatass laziness. Some men out there actually want there to be more attractive girls in the world, believe it or not.

    2. “I am rather fat than hungry and i dont like eating veggies all day long.”
      You don’t have to eat veggies all day long. But they are part of a healthy diet. Eating well certainly does not mean being hungry.
      Even if you’re married, it does matter, or at least in general it is not an excuse to let yourself go and lose part of the physical appeal that most husbands have towards their wife, girlfriend, or so on.
      Doesn’t make me angry, especially because it doesn’t sound like you have it all. Actually it’s kind of sad that you dismiss the need to be fit and don’t have the personal motivation and put eating want you like above other things.

    3. Yep. Angry.
      Boy, you really showed us.
      Do you store ham in your fatfolds to snack on so you don’t have to trudge to the refrigerator?

    4. husbands are great at weighing the pros and cons. ‘a little lie now will avoid a fight later’
      What do you think would happen if he told you the truth, that you eat like a sow, and look like a beached walrus?
      Don’t be angry at him for lying… Men generally hate change, and if a little lie like you attract him physically keeps his life stable, it’s worth it.
      I do hope he has you well-insured, though, so when you die of diabetes he can find a nice, slim girl to fuck.
      or, if you are smart, you take up a diet where you can eat ‘meat and veggies’, like atkins or paleo, and still look slim and attractive, and not like andrea dworkin.

      1. First of all, in shape people develop type 2 diabetes as well. It’s not just a disease for fat people, and not all fat people are susceptible to it.
        The Atkins diet is horribly unhealthy, and that is ridiculous advice.
        Also, there are many men who actually prefer large women. I used to be bigger than I am now, and I was losing weight at the time. The guy I was dating was into fat chicks, and he told me that he would lose interest if I kept losing the weight – he thought I was already too skinny if anything. I dumped his ass and kept losing the weight, and he immediately moved on to someone bigger than I had ever been. And they’ve been getting bigger and bigger since – the girl he’s currently dating probably weighs over 300 pounds. Not all men think as you do at all. This guy said he saw his attraction to fat girls as an appreciation of the classical version of beauty, as in what was considered beautiful before the 1800s.

        1. Men who prefer large women are the exception, not the rule.
          Citing an exception as an example does not weight against the points made for the norm.
          That’s a shame to know that guy claims to be attracted to fatties.

        2. Good point. Some men are sociopathic serial killers as well… and in typical ‘femalethink’, what happens to one happens to all. so obviously, because one sick fuck likes killing women, it becomes ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’. And since one stupid pervert likes Brobdingnagian beasts he has to fuck by rolling them in flour and sticking his dick in the wet spot, that becomes ‘normal’ and ‘natural’ as well.
          As for the atkins/paleo diet, I am living proof it works. I am far healthier than I have ever been in my life. You make a claim that it’s unhealthy? PROVE IT! real statistics please, not stupid greedy doctors saying whatever they have been instructed to say in order to earn a dime.
          BTW, type 2 diabetes is DIRECTLY linked to glucose. ‘skinny’ people sometimes develop it, but their diets are almost ALWAYS high in simple sugars and simple carbohydrates.
          One out of a half million adults has a degenerative genetic sugar-absorbtion condition that dramatically increases their chance of developing type 2 diabetes without extreme glucose intake… which is ironic because the ‘standard’ diet is now horribly glucose-rich.
          But pointing at a one in a half million individuals and saying that it ‘proves’ that ‘in shape people get diabetes too’ or that it ‘proves’ that being a fucking sugar-sucking beast is ‘not’ the primary cause of diabetes, Is so stupid that it borders on down’s syndrome levels of inability to sort out discretionary input.
          But I understand… glucose crystals damage brain tissue and causes cholesterol blockages in the brain’s blood network, which also causes temporary ‘microstrokes’ that do irreperable damage to your cognitive functions.
          So get back intlo the kitchen and make YOURSELF another ice cream sandwich. Maybe your further brain damage will stop your ridiculous defense of the ‘right to be a living monolith’, since obviously you have ZERO interest in listening to advice that will help you live a longer, happier life.

        3. It`s what Brigadoon said.(This next part is my words)Most men who are married become manginas and will say ANYTHING to keep the peace.

  45. Like welding, articles like these should come with eye protection or disable images button.

  46. I can’t bang fat women, I mean that quite literally, if I can’t get my hands around her and grab her ass with both hands, then I can’t get an erection.
    On the other hand, I can get hard as a rock with a fit girl with a busted face.
    That is the only confirmation I need that evolutionary science is real. I think guys who can enjoy sex with fat women are evolutionarily failures.

  47. a lot are often unfriendly and very rude. you wouldn’t believe (i consider myself a lot fitter than average, even if i’m not athletic like phelps)
    the number of slightly overweight, gross or mediocre at best girls have turned down even the onset of a quick introduction/any conversation in a club ( i did it to see if there were hotter girls orbiting them or for my own amusement.
    thank god for fat shaming week, fat girls are a real burden,
    i have/would never lower my standards to fucking a girl even close to overweight.
    try to introduce yourself, befriend a slightly overweight girl in a club, and if she gives you a rude, unlady like, shameful attitude right away;
    Respond by ; “You are right, you are way too above my weight category” (for a 1 on 1),
    TRY; to get the most; “You’re an asshole” response as you can.
    i’m going to asap, for my own amusement (if a hottie happens to call me an asshole, i’ll explore this further

        1. From the start. She should be slim & have done her best to look her best, she should have a sweet disposition, and not be a slut.
          3 critical points that men judge women on. It’s not that hard. Just don’t talk like a trucker, or be pointlessly argumentative, don’t show off (or let on) how many cocks you’ve ridden, and definitely never get fat. Pass all three with flying colours and he’ll consider you a keeper.
          Or if he’s a reader of this website he’ll know there are loads of keepers out there and not keep you around for that long.

        2. 1. Be slim & do your best to look your best.
          2. Have a sweet disposition
          3. Don’t be a slut
          One more just for you :
          4. Use fingers for counting if brain is hurting

        3. Or, sticking to your original ‘three’ points-
          Don’t talk like a trucker
          Don’t be ‘pointlessly’ argumentative (according to you, I assume)
          Lie about how many men you’ve had sex with
          Don’t get fat
          What responsibilities do you feel you have to be attractive to a woman?

        4. The three points I was referring to are in the first paragraph I wrote.
          Now fuck off & stop wasting my time, idiot.

        5. well put.
          slim, sweet, and seemingly slut-free. any girl who can accomplish these 3 things can get a quality guy.

    1. Since you ask…
      Right from the first glance. How someone chooses to present themselves says a lot about their personality.
      Unlike a lot of women, who judge men based on things outside of their control, like height or baldness. Yep. How’s that for moral low ground?

      1. I’m 30+ and for the last 10 years, by hundreds I’ve been asked if I was Demi Moore or her Sister. Not all women are that shallow. If you are nice, funny and smart I don’t care if you are slightly overweight or balding, rich or poor. I have dated all kinds. You guys seem just a bit angry.

        1. While “not all women are shallow”, the fact that many “women” make it a point to say “no short guys!” is what you are trying to gloss over. It’s noticeable that you didn’t mention it too (nice, funny, smart… but nothing about short). You seem rather defensive of this “double standard”.

        2. I think the no short guys rule is about us women wanting someone that could protect us and make us feel cute and tiny. Just my opinion and deep down most women like that even the most hardcore feminists.

        3. Wanting to have a taller partner is fine by me, just don’t then act surprised when guys don’t want to date fatties. Same difference.

        4. All I was saying was that they’re exactly the same .. Women like someone that can protect them (taller guys) and men like someone they can protect (slim women). Both are evolutionary.

        5. No. The “no short guy” rule is all about a visible trophy. It’s no different than having name-brand clothing or accessories. The “the tall guy will protect me better” is just a rationalization. Think about it, a lot of women’s onlind ads will say “at least 5-10” or “6 ft and above”….. is if at 5-9 a guy is suddenly unable to “protect” you any better. Being a “hardcore” feminist and having self-esteem issues are likely related. Wanting only tall guys is totally tied to self-esteem and self-image issues.

        6. They are no where near “the same”. To think that a guy who is above average height is a better protector is just rationalization. Pugilistic sports have weight classes (as in muscle mass), they do not have “height” classifications. That should be a strong clue that height is no where near a determining factor.
          Men like women who take care of themselves…. that means physically, mentally, and character-wise. This is something many try to rationalize when they aren’t doing as well as their peers. This desire for closer-to-ideal body fat is evolutionary.
          Wanting “tall men only” is not.

        7. If you bother doing a quick Google search you’ll find out that it is.
          Both height in men and male curvy in women signify the presence of testosterone and oestrogen respectively, which make both evolutionary.
          There is nothing about rationalization in either as both are simply evolutionary.
          Some links that say what I’m saying http://m.psychologytoday.com/blog/fulfillment-any-age/201306/why-women-want-tall-menhttp://www.eharmony.com/dating-advice/dating/why-do-women-all-seem-to-want-taller-men/#.UwYyAHNwaAg

        8. Well being a hardcore femisisf most likely means that a woman went full bitch mode so I agree with that.
          With regards to online dating, I think most women want to seem like they have a lot of options but putting statement like that is basically pulling a trigger with the gun pointing at themselves.
          But I dont agree that’s the preference is not evolutionary … What I do agree on is that women can help being fat (ie can lose weight) but short men can’t grow taller. And that is the only difference between the 2 preferences, weight can be changed but height cannot.

        9. I’ve read a lot of research on as part of a discussion a couple of years back.
          The presence of higher testosterone is not limited to the outward display of height. In fact, adult height is very much tied to the nutrition in the critical first few years of life. There are many men who are not “6 ft tall” that have far more testosterone than guys over that.
          Women like masculine men – that is tied to sniffing out testosterone. The tall thing is driven by social media. Look at all the ways women rationalize their demand for it (“I like my heels”, “I want to feel petite”, “I don’t want to look like I’m dating a child”…etc.)
          Please resend you link. It isn’t working. I’ll have a look at it and likely tell you why it is inapplicable, wrong, or both.

        10. Women love to call it “evolutionary” as it absolves one of any personal prejudice. That is how the rationalization works.

        11. Evolutionary does involve personal prejudice which has been in existence since our times in tue EEA. Female height preference has been around for thousands of years and that makes it evolutionary.
          If I’m not saying anything against male preference to slim women, why are you complaing about women preferring taller-than-them men?

        12. But the difference here is that women don’t get angry at short men for not being attractive to them.

        13. Evolutionary does involve personal prejudice which has been in existence since our times in tue EEA. Female height preference has been around for thousands of years and that makes it evolutionary.

          No. The reference to evolutionary is that of innate primordial programming, and not to subsequent social programming. Let’s not devolve into a semantics argument. Female “height” preference has never been as exaggerated as it exists to today. It’s the online venue that has accelerated this prejudice. Women don’t merely look for “taller than me”, they want “taller than average”. That is hunting for a social status symbol that is promoted by media. Just look at the “rationalization” that one uses to hide the truth from oneself. “It’s because a taller guy will defend me better “… debunked. “OK, then it’s because it’s innate”… it’s not. When people have to use “excuses”, it’s usually because it hides an inconvenient truth about them.

          If I’m not saying anything against male preference to slim women, why are you complaing about women preferring taller-than-them men?

          Well, there’s several things wrong with that. Firstly, your feeling on one issue is independent of someone else’s concern on another. Secondly, that many women maintain a height restriction, while at the same time feel that men “aren’t seeing beyond” body fat are beyond hypocritical. Thirdly, it demonstrates the complete lack of moral high-ground that a lot of women exhibit. This last reason was already mentioned, so why are you asking again?

        14. Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean there. Do you mean that women don’t get angry at short men, or, at themselves for not being attracted to short men? Please clarify.

        15. I never dismissed the protection factor, rather I explained it further : it is evolutionary for women to prefer taller men because it seems that these would protect them better. Basically a woman’s want of protection is innate, therefore so is the preference for taller men.

        16. I see what you mean. I’m saying that where women might not find short men attractive, you won’t find pages and pages of anti-short man rhetoric on the internet about them being hideous, and how dare they walk around where we have to see them, and how can they possibly think anyone could love them.

        17. I never dismissed the protection factor, rather I explained it further : it is evolutionary for women to prefer taller men because it seems that these would protect them better. Basically a woman’s want of protection is innate, therefore so is the preference for taller men.

          That would be a straw man argument since it was never said that you dismissed it.
          Notice that you have to couch it as “it would seem” that these would protect them better. That’s rationalization to rationalize a rationalization. Lol. The perception of who can protect you better would be far more tied to a man’s ability to actually fight or have others do his fighting for him. That is why women like the bad-boy alpha. In the primeval world as in today’s world, things like athleticism, scars of past battles (as evidence of combat experience), broad shoulders, deep voice… these are all traits that indicate fighting skills. A faithful entourage is indication of his alpha status.
          Height, by itself, indicates little. The first bit about pugilistic classes already debunked that. This is the fantasy that women use to defend their prejudice. The want for protection is innate. That height means better protection is a fallacy.

        18. Well, you’d be wrong about that. Go to any discussion that survives the moderators on an online dating site. I say “survive” since a lot of these sites are very women-friendly and will delete posts that don’t suit their “views”.
          Anyways… on those threads you will see women all too proudly bashing short guys and patting each other on the back about it. Every sort of derogatory remark will be used to mock them.
          Oh, and how about wishes for them to be exterminated? Do you think that would be ok if it was about overweight women? Have a look at this:

          We all need to stop pretending that women aren’t given far too much leeway in promoting hatred.

        19. Thanks.
          I’ve seen that article before. If you read it carefully, you will see that it is really based on a circular argument (basically, women like tall men because they like tall men).
          There is NO evolutionary rationale. In fact, the arguments that she uses (and even offers refutation for) are stereotypically invalid. Example: In the “beast eat man world” of prehistoric times, even 12 inches in height will make little difference to the predator (which will have strength, speed, resilience, and weaponry advantage to make any beast-to-man contest always end in the same result).
          Really, all she talks about is how the prejudice is socially engrained, and has no real biological basis. The “reasoning” would be the same one’s those who support the status quo of ethnic bias use. Namely, that’s how society is (even if it’s wrong) so let’s just stay with it. Why, isn’t that a good reason to have kept women out of the voting booth? After all, that’s the way it always was.
          Social “norms” are a sad excuse for maintaining prejudices as repugnant as heightism. People are easily fooled into seeing things that aren’t there… including phantom “evolutionary” reasons.

        20. You’re welcome.
          I wouldn’t call it women like tall men because they like tall me… For me its women like tall men because of the impression they give. However once they open their mouth both tall men and short men can lose or gain alpha status.

        21. Apparently you have never heard of ‘elevatorgate’.
          Women get mad at men all the time for not being attractive to them.

        22. I have, and I thought she was being ridiculous. Politely asking someone to ‘come up for coffee’ is not sexual harassment, no matter how offended you say you are.

        23. Read this….women genuinely hate and find short men unattractive.
          if you want a strong man who can protect you, you want him to be shorter…I’m 5’11-6’0…I’m scared shitless of fighting short men, they are stronger pound for pound, and faster, more agile and can duck and weave around my punches, where as I never struggle against taller guys in a fight.

        24. taller men have lesser testosterone in generally, the yare the ones who get erectile dysfunction. As I age, I have to take care of my health even better or I won’t get it up.

        25. Who cares if women don’t like short men? You can’t bash people into finding you attractive. This sounds like the male version of fat acceptance. Short men will never be as attractive as tall men because women equate height with sex appeal and status. Whether it’s evolutionary or not isn’t going to change the mind of any woman.

        26. Who cares if women don’t like short men? You can’t bash people into finding you attractive. This sounds like the male version of fat acceptance.

          That’s the typical response of the callous. Just who is “bashing” anyone into finding someone attractive? The point was that many women are far from being able to hold the moral high ground when it comes to prejudging others.
          Since you mention it…
          Short hate is wholly different from “fat acceptance” for several key reasons. Firstly, there is no biological reasoning behind “short hate”. Secondly, being driven by peer pressure, women become conditioned to believing that being seen with any man shorter than average is a sign of their own lack of attractiveness. Thirdly, it’s an involuntary and immutable trait (like ethnicity). To equate it to “fat acceptance” is insulting. It’s like telling someone, “Hey, don’t try to argue that racism is wrong. That you are as undesired as a drunk… it’s the same thing… you are both not wanted”. Most importantly, the trend has become increasingly exaggerated in the online world where many are “proud” of this “short hate” prejudice.

          Short men will never be as attractive as tall men because women equate height with sex appeal and status. Whether it’s evolutionary or not isn’t going to change the mind of any woman.

          You are merely applying a circular argument here. “Women like tall men, because they find them more attractive” is answering something with itself. That is proof of the irrationality of it. Lol.
          It won’t change the mind of the prejudiced or the zealot. But these discussions are never really about altering the views of those who are lost causes. It’s about exposing the ugly truths and changing the attitude of society at large.
          All you are doing is trying to maintain a prejudice for the reason that it is “status quo”. If that were a valid, any given social tort could be defended. That includes the right for women to vote, the right for members outside of the dominant local ethnicity to have rights at all, etc…
          Perhaps we should adopt some actual sexist norms that supports an elevated male dominance… after all, you aren’t going to change the mind of those who would like that society.

        27. Whether a woman is tall or short, doesn’t really factor into her attractiveness to me.
          Most men prefer short but leggy women? You’ll have to provide some evidence of this. Most men don’t have a particular height preference, let alone a “restriction” like some women have for it.

      2. Most of you probably look like this no? I’ve dated male models and they are arrogant rude babies and I much rather prefer a real man like this man.

        1. Wouldn’t know and it’s not relevant as whether a woman is defective for being fat is independent of the observer. What is your point?

        2. Guess what? If he were low-income, weak, sorta slow, and lived in his mom’s basement you wouldn’t date him.
          there are a million things men have to do to attract a woman’s interest.
          All women have to do is NOT be a filthy pig.
          Sexist much?

    2. I`ve met some porkers who have dynamite personalities.It`s just the thought of climbing on that heap of excess flesh that is puke worthy.Dont get me wrong,I still fucked them,but I`m not proud of it.

    3. Obesity is an important part of her personality. If she doesn’t have the pride or self-dicipline to use a goddamned stairmaster and dodge the ice cream truck, she doesn’t have the responsibility to be in a relationship, or the self-discipline to help parent your children.
      Or in other words, Fatasses are fucking useless.

  48. Jesus Christ, if you don’t like fat girls, just don’t date them. Writing fat shaming articles like this just shows how pathetic you are. If they choose to be fat and unhealthy, how is that any of your business? You’re obviously not obligated to date them, but why are you so angry at them? Just find a thin girl and call it a day.

    1. have you ever smelled a fatass? Have you ever had to sit next to one on the bus or a plane? have you ever noticed how they are actually pushing for laws that have REAL effects on REAL people?
      When a stinky, sweaty, grease-smeared paragon of civic virtue starts intruding into my space, they MAKE IT MY BUSINESS!

    2. It’s funny that people like you aggressively promote the false notion that being overweight is perfectly fine; but then act like issuing a retort to that dangerous argument is unreasonable.

    3. +1 to what John said..
      “It’s funny that people like you aggressively promote the false notion that being overweight is perfectly fine; but then act like issuing a retort to that dangerous argument is unreasonable.”.

    4. Unless I plan on remaining alone the rest of my life, it becomes my business.
      When what was once the exception becomes the norm, we have a problem.

    5. The problem is they don’t do it for themselves, society has become lazy, all about sedentary, texting, social media, internet, TV and stuffing thy face while getting couch sores on their rear ends..lol

  49. THANK YOU !!!THANK YOU !!!THANK YOU !!! Fat chick are a disgrace and a fat woman is like a homeless bum, in terms of sexual market value.
    This is another awesome article.

    1. That’s just being insulting because you can’t find any mature reason to be against this article. It’s like wishing people would suffer from chronic pain for being one. Get a life.

      1. There are many mature reasons to be against the article, the best one I can think of that it doesn’t help the problem and may even exacerbate it. Any fat girl who reads this is not going to be inspired and hop on a treadmill, she’s going to feel like shit and go straight for the gallon of ice cream. And the cycle continues.

        1. Even if that were the case (that any fat girl reading this would go straight to the gallon of ice cream), one has to remember several things that every critic here -conveniently- forgets:
          1. Not admiring fattening behaviour is far better than the clear alternative of “fat acceptance”.
          2. This article is in a site geared towards men and, while accessible to others, one only gets here if they are consciously looking to get here.
          3. If people are being told that most men (yes, most men) don’t find this trait attractive, then because some mired in the trait wallow in self-pity -cannot- be used as ransom against people talking about their dislike for it.
          4. Only a very small portion of those affected really have biological issues so dire that they cannot control their excess body fat with reasonable effort. Even then, there -is- medical treatment available.
          5. Like the biological issue, only a small percentage of obese people are obese because of mental issues.
          Cycle? What cycle? Are you insinuating that people outside of the obese person are part of the -cause- of that person’s obesity? That sounds a lot like trying to blame others. Hey… addicts become more addicted because people don’t like seeing the problems that addicts cause themselves… right. Everyone -owe’s- those who don’t take care of themselves.
          All that people see in responses like yours is rationalization. The biggest factor in one’s health is their own action. Those actions include -not reading- this if they don’t want to.
          This article is against the insidious “fat acceptance” we have had shoved down our throats. For that reason alone, any attempt to deter people from it, is nurturing the growing problem of obesity in the First World.
          It might not be “nice to hear”, but this wasn’t meant to be “comfort food” for the psyche.

        2. This article is has a directive to inspire people to lose excess body fat?

    2. Author here. Love you too, sugar tits.
      You forgot a few things in that wonderfully well thought out comment:
      -Reference to me having a small penis
      -Living in my mom’s basement
      -Just upset that I can’t get a woman
      -Classic “worthless existence” implication
      Carry on.

    3. i hope no guy gets to wasted enough and unintentionally wake up have slept with you and be traumatized for the rest of his life

      1. There is no worry in that. I wouldn’t allow a drunk guy to touch me. I don’t have sex with weak minded fools. I prefer them of sound mind and body.

        1. If you prefer a sound mind and body,then you want to pray to the delusion gods that he doesnt feel the same way.

      2. Happened to me more than once.The trauma is everlasting,so I drink more and do it again.It`s a vicious cycle.Fortunately,there is the occasional hottie who opens her legs and restores my faith.

    4. Let the hate begin:
      A handful of authors on this site actually sound pretty intelligent (that’s attractive btw), none of them show what they look like though (probably so they don’t get egged walking down the street). If Getitgoing were attractive I would definitely consider having a drink with him.

      1. Thanks, I’m flattered. I’ve been told I’m attractive, not that I think I’m special.
        I can’t speak for the other authors however some of the subjects are really sensitive or controversial hence being anonymous. Maybe I should consider using a real pic!
        I look forward to that drink thanks!

        1. You should use a pic, this article isn’t as damning as some others on here, I think you’ll be safe. And thank you.

  50. Look at all these pathetic little boys shaking hands with each others dicks and reinforcing their bullshit among themselves.
    I bet most of you blow your load in the first half hour if you all actually got with a girl with the body you think you deserve, and that’s being awfully generous by about 20-25 minutes.

    1. Yeah! You tell US! I’ll bet it would take FOREVER to blow our loads with overweight women!
      You didn’t really think through your irrational insults, did you? I just answered my own question.

    2. If part of the authors point was that fat uggos attack and deride rather than listen and learn,your response proves him right.

  51. the only excuse I can give for obesity is among the very very lowest income brackets in america.
    carbohydrates cause obesity.
    carbohydrates are the cheapest possible form of food.
    existing on carbohydrates makes you ‘survive’ while simultaneously starving you of neccesary nutrients. as a result, you constantly crave food as your body tells you you are malnourished, and with nothing but more carbs to fit the bill, people are literally starving themselves into obesity.
    The REASON worthless carbohydrates are the cheapest possible form of food is due to federal price supports and farming grants on grains, potatoes, and especially corn.
    As long as garbage is being pushed as food to the lowest income brackets, Obesity is unavoidable. meanwhile, healthy and insanely cheap to grow foods like collard greens, dandelion greens, spinach, and about a thousand other edible ‘weeds’ are selling for 8 dollars a pound as ‘health food’ while high-end consumers are paying weed companies thousands of dollars per year to kill off what is, in essence, health food.
    And zoning laws, prohibiting food gardening or raising small food animals like chickens, rabbits, and goats. Do you know how much it costs to raise a goat to be eaten? about 3-5 dollars ‘real value’ for a kid, and a summer of lawnmowing for free, for upwards of 30 pounds of good red meat and nutritious organ meat.
    chickens? a quarter, total. rabbits are a bit more expensive at about a dollar each for two or so pounds of meat.
    the traditional routes for low-income, low-status people to obtain nutritious sustenance have been closed, very intentionally, to foster dependence.
    yes, obesity is disgusting and horrible and should never be encouraged, but the SOLUTION is not JUST shaming… it’s recovering the knowledge lost in the last fifty years, and telling the government to fuck off.
    The FDA is the ENEMY. obesity is making the medical establishment rich beyond the dreams of avarice. There’s an enormous circle-jerk going on between the FDA, the soil bank programs, the well-bribed senators, the food syndicates, and the medical conglomerates, all of whom are getting rich off of ‘fat acceptance’.

    1. Brigadon is saying the truth, you fat motherfuckers.

    2. Well said. I think we need to rename “obesity” to “carbohydrate addiction”. It’s a simple substance abuse issue.

      1. some eggs, a wok, a container of five spice powder, a bottle of soy sauce, cabbage, and some garden greens. flash cook them in a wok with butter and you have a deliciously complicated stir fry that costs less than 50 cents a person and is healthy as heck. Throw in some chicken, rabbit, game meat, or pork and you won’t be even remotely hungry afterwards. vary the ingredients to keep from boredom.
        siracha sauce and mayonnaise makes ‘spicy mayo’ which you can blend into tuna or krab meat, maybe even a bit of chopped apple and crushed peanuts added for ‘mouth feel’, wrapped in cabbage leaves and fried in peanut oil.
        Lambsquarter (common weed on the east coast) dandelion greens, wild onions, etc… you can stir fry most of it with good protein…. and afterwards, you are almost NEVER HUNGRY. When your body is getting the nutrients it needs, even the ‘sugar craving’ is easy to overcome. And dumbshits that say “Atkins is crazy’ literally have no idea that the ‘atkins revolution’ core idea is to just cut flour and sugar.
        I found this, it might help you find free, nutritious food in your local area:
        I hate watching people toss good food out with the yard trash, get obese, and complain about always being hungry, when it’s SO preventable.

        1. Brigadoon and GetItGoing,thank you gentlemen,much appreciated.I`m in Australia so some of the stuff might be difficult to get.I`ll ask around,I`m sure there will be equivalents to whatever is not available.Cheers .

        2. I’ll bet you can find most of the same things. There are clones of the George Foreman grill, and I’m sure chicken patties and mixed vegetables are not hard to find.
          You’re welcome, thanks for asking.
          I would say 90% is changing your habits and really thinking about what you put in your mouth (self-control). The rest is not so hard (coooking & eating healthy food).
          Don’t forget to have a few “cheat meals” during the week. It’s ok to have a small number of “eat anything I want” moments-just not like people who do it everyday.

        3. Cheers mate.I do eat (generally) pretty healthily,and the occasional cheat meals.I`m 6 foot and 180 pounds,so I can afford to cheat a fair bit,as long as it`s burned off.Most of my diet is meat and vegetables,but I have to get rid of white bread.I started on wholegrain(not whole wheat)bread and its made a difference to the digestion.Also getting rid of margarine and using butter(but not too much)has made a difference.What I MUST do is get to eating a lot more greens and then I should be on the best possible track.Grilling meat is the best way to cut down on fat intake,keeping in mind what we call grilling,you call broiling.

        4. dude, I hate to have to say it but you are making one huge error.
          Don’t cut your fat intake.
          Fat is IMPORTANT to your body. especially fats from high-protein sources. believe it or not, you are likely to get more of a satisfied and healthier meal from frying a chicken breast in bacon grease than on a foreman grill.
          I KNOW this seems counterintuitive, and that you have been told for decades about the evils of ‘fats’, but the fat SOURCE is what is really important.
          There’s no hard and fast rule to determining which fats are healthy. The only thing I have been figure out is to avoid fats from grains. Soybean oil, corn oil, ‘vegetable oil’, and canola oil are frigging killers. Peanut oil, coconut oil, animal fats, fish oil, and olive oil are usually pretty good (unless you cook them too hot, then they are the same as the crappy ones)
          “Whole Grain’ is better than whole wheat or fully processed, but if you REALLY want to dodge the bullet, cut out every carbohydrate, especially grains of any kind.
          There’s a persistent myth going around that ‘some carbohydrates are good’. If you need instant energy to kill a lion or engage in a knife fight or something, a carb is useful… but HUMANS PRODUCE THEIR OWN CARBOHYDRATES. It is not neccessary or even desirable to add any additional carbohydrates AT ALL. The only possible reason to intake carbs is if:
          A you will immediately starve to death otherwise
          You need the energy to keep something or someone from killing you.
          Otherwise, another carb never needs pass your lips.

        5. Thanks mate,I`ll keep everything you`ve said in mind.I`m not in any immediate danger of a lion killing me or a fat chick falling on me so I`ll do some research and try to cut out any carbs.Thanks for the tips on the oil.I always use olive oil,but like you say it isnt much good if you heat it up too high.I`ll be investing in a few litres of peanut oil next shopping venture.Always good to get sound advice on the food front.Also I wont be cutting the fat off my steaks.

        6. Don’t eat anything unpleasant… if you don’t like fat on your steaks, don’t eat it. although investing in well-marbled cuts like prime is generally better than smooth muscle like flank or strip. but you don’t want to ‘punish’ yourself by trying to choke down a rubbery hunk of gristle or anything.
          And there IS a weird corellation between animal size and volume. much of your meal bulk should be vegetation. most of your meat should be things like rabbits, fish,and chicken (Their nutritional density is higher). pork should be slightly rarer and cow should be at the bottom of the list.
          I don’t know personally why it works, but paleo explains it as ‘prey availability’ which I suppose makes as much sense as anything else.
          Then again, don’t just take my word for it, paleo/atkins information is all over the place, and even the FDA has started to feel the pressure recently to admit that their ‘food groups’ and ‘whole grains’ theology was driven by greed.

        7. I think I may have just received the best food advice I ever had.I`m going to bookmark this page and my next shopping is going to be 90% of your suggestions.I`m not a big fish eater and there is no rabbit to speak of.I`ll swap the beef and (most of)the lamb for chicken.Any thoughts on spuds,parsnips,pumpkin,sweet potato?

        8. depends, what is your ethnicity?
          appropriate food choices depend enormously on ethnicity. One of the reasons that liberals hate paleo especially is because things like ethnic lactose tolerance and so forth prove that ethnicity really does matter.
          Look at what the diet was probably like for your race several thousand years ago. English handle beef better than some races, pacific islanders handle sugar better, etc.
          Ethnically, potatos are a relatively recent import into europe. their sole virtue is the sheer calorie mass for growing area. The problem is, that they are central american in origin. If you are ethnically central or south american, they, like corn, are probably a perfectly healthy part of your diet. if, however, you are of european, nordic, african, or asian descent, they are likely to be pure poison.
          As far as ‘sweet stuff’ is concerned if you are of the above ethnicities, you probably want to look at things like apples, pears, and honey for your sweetening needs.
          It is just really heavily dependent on your ethnicity, That’s why i recommend reading up more on your own.

        9. I`m an Aussie with a Irish/English background.I will check out the regular diet for them(pre american food discoveries)thanks again mate….time to research and change a few dietary habits.

        10. No problem, you have a similar ethnicity to me. I would seriously avoid potatoes/sweet potatoes, and corn, eat parsnips and carrots, celery, greens, leeks, lots of lentils, some peanuts and peanut butter, a bit of all the meats but go slightly higher on chicken and mutton if you can afford it. Honey, maple sap, and a hint of molasses are your best sweeteners, cheese is good in moderation if you can handle it, and you don’t have to avoid beef. Pickles are great, pickled cauliflower, saurkraut, and the like are staple foods. (just remember to go with dill, NOT sweet pickles!) Olives, apples, pears, cherries (unsweetened) walnuts, mushrooms, and lots of hearty stews are awesome.
          pork rinds (fried skins) are an awesome snack, just remember that if your choice is between jerky or biscuits/chips, always pick the jerky.
          Try Hot pepper sauce for dipping, the acidity in the sauce can often kill a ‘sweet’ craving before it gets started.
          And if you are stil hungry, eat. Don’t wait around till you get a snack craving.
          And ummm… it goes without saying that exercise is good too , but I don’t recommend exercise regimens… I lift, and mostly my advice would only apply to other lifters close to my own level 😛

        11. Next feed on the table will be a stew of chicken or mutton(which isnt expensive here)with an obscene amount of carrots leeks celery and lentils.Parsnips(my favourite of all food)are not cheap,around $9 a kilo but still good value for a stew.Thanks mate,I go shopping on Thursday and I have a completely new list of ingredients.

        12. you are lucky, mutton here is seriously expensive, like 3x as much as chicken, and even chicken is going through the roof as retailers realize that people consider it ‘healthy’. Cannot hardly find parsnips here either.
          I think well-cooked and mashed parsnips can also be used as a stew ‘thickener’

        13. I just bought half a kilo of parsnips(5 dollars)thems is never cheap. Mutton,cheap,chicken$3 a kilo for drumsticks.I have no excuse…so far ….so good.Thanks for the help mate.

      2. I cook for the whole week all at once (prepare lunch and dinner for Monday through Friday).
        Boneless chicken patties in a 10lb bag from Costco (no hormones or filler meat) along with mixed vegetable s and cooking brown rice. Cooking the patties on my George Foreman grill. Easy to do, and very healthy. Also lean snacks like turkey burgers.
        Not much variety but I can be a but lazy and still eat very healthy.

    3. “Carbohydrates cause obesity”
      Got any evidence to support that claim? Here’s a hint – you won’t find any.

      1. Carbs are easily broken down in the body to sugar glucose.When there is a scarcity of carb intake the body uses it fat tissue reserve. Lower carbs and sugars. Most people nowadays eat to many carbs/sugars and don’t expend enough energy. To many couch potatoes..lol

  52. If you have to take Viagra to get it up, think of what your dick is telling you.
    “That bitch is disgusting”
    there’s no such thing as ED. There’s only your dick warning you not to stick it in that gross upside down blowhole.

      1. Letting your blowhole do your thinking for you, I see. Maybe if you get lucky someone will roll you back into the water before you die.

        1. Yeah, just because I’m calling you out for making excuses for your failure to get it up, I MUST be a whale. Nice logic. *eyeroll*

        2. If you are happy being a tub of lard,why do you attack a sane argument?Perhaps if you had a dick and some pride about who you put it in,your attitude would change dramatically.

        3. Sorry, but I’m not a tub of lard. I would actually almost guarantee that I’m in better shape than you are. I just wonder why all of you seem to be so angry at fat women when you have the choice to simply not date or bang them. I’m wondering how Brigadon, who supposedly hates fat women, would even get into the position where he’s about to do the deed with one if he hates fat women so much.
          Something’s fishy here. I’m thinking that all the men who put fat women down are closet chubby chasers and angry about it. If you really JUST AREN’T attracted to fat women, you’d just ignore them and have nothing to say about them. The anger and vitriol indicate that you feel something for them that you don’t want to feel.

        4. You say you are sorry for NOT being a tub of lard? Very strange.”Actually almost guarantee”..is that like a “possible maybe”?The reason we let the pork monsters know that they are disgusting to look at and should be forced to be house bound so we dont have to look at the gross things is out of concern for their health and well being.It`s called tough love.Your assumption about being closet chubby chasers is the argument of the fool who cant get a handle on the truth so they attack something that isn`t there.

        5. Your problem Rosie is that men dont have a problem getting it up,it`s just that we cant get it up over you and your fellow pachyderms.

        6. This argument is an absolute fail. It’s not tough love at all. All that this kind of shaming will do is make them feel like shit and eat even more. Fat people generally lose weight when they are told that they are worthwhile and deserve better than what they’re living.
          I’m not attacking anything, just making a suggestion that some, if not all, of you are closet chubby chasers. It would certainly explain the strong emotions. If you really just weren’t attracted to fat girls, it seems that you’d just ignore them and not feel the need to talk trash about them.

        7. Again, what the hell are you doing in bed with a fat girl in the first place, since you claim to hate them so much?

        8. Rosie,sometimes the “social lubricant” takes over the operating of the brain.Fortunately it isnt a common occurrence and the porkers seem to appreciate it.I look at it as doing a public service.Besides,where I live most of the women are porkers and I`m not prepared to go into the big city(Adelaide) to sniff out the honeys any more than twice a month.

  53. Um, sorry guys – yes, there are women who are fat and don’t want to be, and pretend that they’re okay with it when they’re not. But that varies by culture – a LOT. There are still cultures that come from a time when lots of fat translated to survivability – esp. blacks and some Arabs. To some black guys, a huge ass is something to be tamed with your dick, and that’s how a lot of the women see it too. But it depends – some women just get fat, while others were destined to be linebackers. I know guys who simply don’t take small women seriously. Height- or weight-wise.
    There are fat women who just don’t expect to be seen as ‘pretty’ and simply have other things going for them. And some of these women are the most rational and decent people I’ve met. They stick up for women, but they aren’t feminist. They don’t pretend to be models, but they have a much more male-friendly attitude towards sex vis-a-vis gratitude and reciprocation. The women I’ve been with who were like that pretty much treated me like meat – in all the right ways. I’m reminded of how gay guys view sex, basically. God bless them.
    Besides, on a cold night there is no substitute.

    1. I won’t argue that they’re aren’t nice, sweet worthwhile women who are obese.
      However that does not change the points I made. It’s unfortunate that some women just don’t “expect” to be seen as pretty, when they clearly have the option to change that.

    2. Spoken like a true pussy that has no dreams of ever getting anything better.
      Dude, do yourself a favor. raise your expectations. You have allowed yourself to believe the loser propaganda for WAY too long.

      1. Thanks for reminding me that humility is a sin. But seriously, I’m not settling for fat chicks. I get hit on by 10s more often than I would ever expect. I just don’t take them seriously. I don’t mean the advances. I mean the girls. They’re attractive by some standard that was given to them by gay white designers and makeup artists. It’s like finding out someone’s religious. And all of them are bunny boilers.
        It’s just a straight-up fetish methinks. It’s not just that I find fat girls attractive, it’s that I find thin girls UNattractive both physically and personality-wise. My turnoffs: more than a touch of makeup, high heels (I just can’t deal with impractical stupidity), and no tummy to bury my face in. I don’t mean rolls, but at least something to motorboat.
        That said, when I say fat I mean tall as well, and about 20lbs lighter than anyone shown in the article. You guys went all out with those selections. It seems to me like the standard guys on this site have is for women who are about nothing but looks and cooking.
        Again, it’s cultural. I’ve been with thin pretty blondes and thin over-primped Latinas and I just can’t stand the sight of them anymore. They’re all the same. Same look, same smell, same mindset. I just absolutely hate conformity.
        As for money, I fail to see what difference that makes since she needs her own money to talk to me. I don’t deal with women who aren’t at least as competent as my average guy friend.
        I do notice this site seems more geared towards monogamous relationships, where maybe you’re concerned about them getting heavier over time. Which is legit, but probably just means I’ll pick a wife whose mom is thick and hope she doesn’t catch up too fast.

    3. seriously all one has to do is not go kamikaze on carbs, to not be a disgrace. do you wish to die in pain because of a chronic disease? fatties cost more in healthcare and you are not doing them a favour by putting them on a pedestal. do you wish for them to die in pain of a chronic disease later in life?

      1. They needed to distinguish between fat and obese in this article. The women pictured are a lot bigger than what I call fat. And where I come from there are a lot of 200lb women in their 60s who are still proportional and still healthy. It’s mostly white women whose bodies can’t maintain brute strength.

        1. I’m not distinguishing between “fat” and “obese” as these mean one and the same thing. Two different words for the same thing.
          However I will go by the definition that “fat” means to be at a weight and shape at which one is begins to display a distorted body and becomes sexually unattractive to most men on average.

    4. I think I can speak for all professional African-American men like myself when I say that black men “in general” don’t date fat women…BROKE black men do. I’ve yet to see a rich or professional black dude with a land whale. If a guy’s gravitating toward big women, he either grew up around a mom, aunts, and cousins who looked like Gilbert Grape’s mom, or he’s working at the local Mickey-D’s. Men MUST GET THEIR MONEY RIGHT, then get their game tight, then they’ll be all right.

      1. Depends on your definition of big. I don’t mean as big as the article, but yes – every guy in my family above a certain age looks askance at women in their 40s or 50s who are still very thin. One of my cousins (60s, Jamaican) said that if a woman is in her 40s or 50s and still thin, she’s either the town bike or a virgin.
        As for money, my money is none of her business until AFTER I see that she has her own. Booty is nice, but all Americans female or otherwise need to be capitalists.

  54. believe me, we, fat girls do not desire or want to fuck you guys any more than you want to fuck us. Then again, most of us do not spend our time thinking, worrying and writing articles about the lesser species.
    Find something better to do with your ”high” SMV selves. I can be sure that any woman worth being with will not fuck you if she reads this article.

    1. The problem is, what you’re saying (although I realize you’re writing under the influence of anger & emotions) is that reality doesn’t reflect that at all.
      The issue is that more often than not, an increasingly large number of “average” women are obese. These are the same women who show interest in me, and other guys.
      Never do I claim I’m “high SMV.” However I can say with pride that I’m slightly above average in a number of departments. That’s not my opinion-I’m basing it upon personal real-world experience. I make the sacrifices required: in the gym, eating healthy, and working on self improvement.
      The spirit of my fellow RoK men is to increase our SMV, all while improving ourselves.
      In the end, women benefit from that for many reasons.
      I’m taking obese women to task on the fact that as the polar opposite to us, they (within the scope of what I wrote above) do not accept self or outside criticism as my fellow men do.
      I’m not concerned about what an angry woman posted on a website. I do think it is sad, however.

      1. Change the word sad in the last sentence and replace it with pathetic and I agree with every word.

    2. ooh, personal attacks instead of legitimate disagreement! How unusual. a woman fighting like a cunt. I think my heart is going to break from random feminist trolling.

      1. Good observation. Trolls actually think people think in the juvenile way they do.
        It’s interesting to note that given the perceived privilege to post without fear of moderation, many female antagonists choose to behave in extremely underhanded fashion with clear intent to injure.
        * (“perceived” because, given enough time and exposure, repeat offenders are eventually IP Address blocked).
        Can you imagine the bullying and havoc they would impose on the world if they actually had similar liberty in real life? Civilization would last about, what, two weeks?

    3. I am working on slimming down and I don’t want anything to do with these clowns either.

  55. I deeply regret that people supporting obesity in society didn’t support my abuse of alcohol and drugs with the same passion. Perhaps I could have started some ridiculous group celebrating human weakness and made some quick cash in the process.

    1. I don’t think there are many people who actually support obesity. They just advocate for these people not to be mistreated. Fight the problem, not the person who has the problem. If you tell a fat person how worthless s/he is, all that’s going to do is drive them right back to food. Treat them with compassion, and maybe they’ll realize they’re worth something and work to get better.
      Addiction is not a “weakness,” it is a DISEASE. Just like depression and anxiety disorders are not weaknesses in a person’s character, they are illnesses and they should be dealt with as such.

      1. You must not have been paying attention. We here at RoK are more aware than the average person of the current trends seen in topics such as this. In this particular instance, I’m addressing the *increasing* “movement” towards fat acceptance.
        The problem with you wrote is not a matter of compassion and support. When there are those who attempt to reclassify a problem as not existing, then compassion is irrelevant.
        Denying reality is a whole other ball game. Deluding oneself into the false sense of self-validation that comes with pretending that obesity is “ok” and even sexually attractive is not mentally or emotionally normal.
        Eating too much and being lazy is not a disease.

        1. Having most of my single life from 75-91 women have got much bigger. It used to be one out of ten was fat or overweight. Now it’s more like 6 out of ten. Average waist size for women has gone up from 31 in to over 37 now the last 30 years. It’s becoming an epidemic.

        2. Oh, absolutely. A thin woman now instantly gains a higher status in terms of attractiveness because of how many women have become butter huffers.
          And it’s going to get worse. Men have little hope of a having a desirable woman in the future.

      2. Addiction is weakness. Just as depression is. The thrill of conquering both with my mind, body and soul, rather than antidepressants and pop psychology was better than any high I got from a bottle or a line of powder. All of this might sound cliché but clichés are often true. The greatest drug on earth is power and being able to master your own body is a fucking trip.

      3. Addiction IS NOT a disease.It`s an excuse for weak minded people to justify their lack of self control.Telling some lazy fat woman she has a disease just gives her a reason to keep stuffing her face.

      4. Follow the money. see whom is bankrolling the fat acceptance movement.
        Yes, Virginia, they ARE encouraging obesity. Fat people are easy to control.
        Addiction IS NOT A DISEASE! You cannot ‘cure’ a disease by preventing people fron indulging it, you can with addiction. Liberal Logic Fail.
        Now go away, you are addicted to trolling.

  56. To suggest a woman’s dress size is congruent with the success rate of their personal relationships…?
    Some real forward-thinkers we have here.
    My second-grade nephew wrote this riveting book report on “See Spot Run.” I really feel like its perfectly aligned with the caliber of material you’ve compiled on this limp-dicked website.
    Actually, nah. My nephew is more mentally-stimulatig than any of this drivel.
    But, hey, have fun with that “No Girls Allowed” complex that is clearly getting you so far in life. I’m sure all the Grade A Laydeez are totally entranced by your deep & insightful commentary on the world and its inhabitants.

    1. You have not made a rational argument in anything you wrote. Only angry, insult-the-offender comments.
      When you are ready to post a comment that is mature and intelligent, let me know. Otherwise, find a better use for your time.

      1. To suggest that anything intelligent can be derived from this website is a disturbing concept.
        You guys honestly find any of this enlightening?
        I’ve found deeper shit in the shallow end of a coffee cup.
        It’s certainly eyebrow-raising to think that such “superior” humans as yourselves would allow yourselves to only feel validation by how many dames you’ve “landed,” I mean, wow. Just wow.
        I make basis of judgment on a person’s character. Not physical attributes. Like a, you know, adult.
        Good luck with all that looking down your nose at other people thing, though. People just loooove a good narcissist.

        1. As every other woman who has posted an emtionally charged, overly negative comment, you have yet to post any intellectually legitimate response to points made in my article.
          I’ve never claimed to be “superior”; however, you made a comment using that. I have never mentioned women I’ve been with (quantity, etc), hence my value has never been “validated” by how many women I’ve been with.
          The simply truth this, while you claim to make a basis of judgement of a person’s character, ALMOST ALL HUMANS form opinions based on first impressions—and that includes PHYSICAL attributes.
          Women especially are guilty of this! Hence why I cannot be overweight or dress poorly—the same women who claim I should look at “what’s on the inside” are some of the first ones to react based on my appearance.
          I need not defend myself as I’m not looking down my nose at anyone. However, RoK authors are willing to call out those who perpetuate bullshit feel-good pro-fat-acceptance nonsense.
          Human nature dictates that both men and women value the opposite sex based (more often than not) on sexual appeal, and appearance, especially obesity, is a critical factor.
          When you are ready to present some type of logical arguments that don’t require “wow. Just wow.” let me know.

        2. Not disturbing at all. We cover subjects no one else will.
          RoK is not here to promote the typical politically correct ass-kissing that goes on everywhere else.
          Yes I find honest, down-to-earth discussions enlightening.
          Never claimed I was superior. Nor did I see anyone showing validation only by how many dames they’ve landed. I certainly didn’t.
          Whether or not you care to admit it, first impressions & physical attraction are not based on “character.” They are, in the real world, based on PHYSICAL attributes. That is human nature.
          Women especially are guilty of this. How do I know? Because when I had a less appealing appearance before making personal changes, no one was attracted to my “character.” Women did not respond the same as they do now.
          Find a hobby if all you can do is just insult and sneer.

    2. Me thinks a blubber gutted pork monster has had a few home truths told and it isn`t sitting well.If you are a big fat whiny bitch who cant see that your excuse making is not good for your health and attractiveness then please,carry on…..have another gallon o` beef shamu.

    3. the guy who wrote this article has sex with very attractive slim women, some were even catwalk models.
      If he wrote it, it is wisdom from his experience.

  57. OMG! I see FAT PEOPLE! What is this high school or something? Grow the fuck up and act like real men instead of whiney faggots.

        1. Oh,your talking about the whole site?I`m talking about you being a bitch.The blubber I refer to is your girlfriends fat layers that she keeps even though it isnt winter.You`re so “empowered”.Tell me more about how to act like a “real man”……I await your guidance Oh king of the manginas.

    1. Pretty much. This article is basically the grown-up equivalent of the schoolyard bully picking on the fat kid.

      1. Not at all. You’re welcome to challenge anything I wrote about. The points I’ve made are clear and have a serious basis in reality & observations.
        However, I realize neither have anything to contribute; you’re simply here to fan flames.

  58. Fat chicks shooting selfies in the underwear:
    1. I have no ego
    2. I will embarrass myself and my family with the hope of being noticed
    3. I am super easy and will do anything you want me to
    4. Based on the above I expect to catch a man but keep failing
    5. Repeat.
    All the other women “empowering them” are just adding to the multitude of problems these misfits have. “Your cute” “Your fun” “You go girl (gag)” “Your beard hair looks great” . . . all lies.

  59. You’re average American woman shouldn’t be any bigger than Kate Winslet or Sofia Vergara. They both are about a size 8 and above average height. Most fat people plan a lot yet do very little when it comes to their weight. Tomorrow is always when the lifestyle change is supposed to happen – never today.
    Women do not have to kill themselves at the gym maintain this size. Her name is Heather Crook btw.

  60. I wanna throw in the spiritual Reason why Fat Woman should be less desirable:
    1)They Have Less self control (hence the eating)
    2) Constant High Protein, would increase the frontal lobe(brain) which would increase activity and off center the middle part of Cortex the (empathetic gland)
    Resulting in a More selfish bitch.
    3) Fat People rely soo much on the Physical aspect of Life there more prone not to believe in any intangible concept. Due to Gluttony.

  61. This article goes for men just as much as it does for women. I see obese men everywhere I go and half the guys I graduated with now have beer bellies hanging over their belts and double chins. Do you think girls want some enormous whale sweating over her while they have sex? Fatties are a problem for both genders… I’ve heard plenty of guys say their not fat their just “cuddly.”

    1. I don’t disagree with you. However I have yet to see support groups and an entire movement attempting to remove personal responsibility for overweight men as seen for women, with the exception of “fat rights” supposedly targeted at both genders.

      1. That’s true but the article was “6 reasons why fat women are
        defective” and all six of those reasons also apply to men… I’m not saying that it might not be more intense with women but that fat men are defective too. All you would have to do is change number five to “they contradict their own masculinity” and this could easily apply to all the grease balls I see huffing and puffing their way into McDonalds. Also not enough time on the fact that all overweight people are trying to justify something that will literally kill you and in family situations can be harmful to their children. Most of the time fat mom and dad means overweigh, unhealthy children who have no power over the sick lifestyle that’s being forced on them.

  62. Yeah, can’t say I really agree with this article.
    While, yes, being fat does come with his own risks and health problems, just like any bad habit. It’s a legitimately hard thing to overcome for anyone. However, simply being fat doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a “worse” person because of it. It’s harder for big people, sure, but it is possible to find a significant other being large.

    1. Yes but the point was not that they are “worse”-it was that they have certain issues, and to highlight those issues. Issues that are unfortunately becoming more predominant today—along with a group mentality that supports those unhealthy & unrealistic concepts.
      I don’t debate that obese people can find mates. However they will lead a less satisfying, less fulfilling life and are denying themselves all they can be.
      Just as I was (in other subjects, not obesity) before accepting that personal change was needed.
      The difference is that I won’t delude myself into thinking I’m just fine or great when I’m not.

      1. And I don’t necessarily deny that your article may come from a decent enough place. As I said before, being fat unfortunately has issues beyond just the cosmetic. But it’s very easy for someone else to take this article, and interpret it as “Yeah, we should totally pick on the fat person for being a fat person, the lazy fuck.”
        I’ve had many a schoolyard bully use the excuse that they were “helping me” in their bullying. If you truly want someone to live that healthy life, it has to come from a positive place. You know, encouragement and all that jazz.

        1. Those are all secondary concerns. My focus was on what I saw and have observed numerous times.
          I wouldn’t worry about someone waking up one day and saying “I read this article on Return of Kings. I think I’ll go pick on some fatties.”
          The world needs more blunt truth, not less. I have no interest in “bullying” and won’t entertain that feel-good terminology any further.

        2. I can understand the “blunt truth” approach to an extent. Like saying the phrase, “If you don’t start dieting and exercising, your heart will eventually give out and you’ll die.” Now that’s a very real, blunt truth that’s completely separated from any sort of morality.

        3. Too many people are too worried (today) about hurting someone’s feelings versus telling them the truth (and possibly saving their life). It’s sad when our society has become so fragile that any opinion (or truth) will send someone over the edge and we have to “sugar coat” the message so we don’t offend.
          I’ve had too many people tell me (over the years) that they are glad that I was straight with them (because many weren’t as honest). In the end, it made them a better person (and, at least, a healthier one in this case).
          We have to stop with the over the top, PC bullshit and start leveling with people. Big people can be wonderful people…but that doesn’t negate the fact that they’ll live past 40 if they don’t change their eating habits.
          Their choice but they need to hear it. Save someone’s life….be straight…be honest with them.

  63. I think the author is missing the point of the whole self-acceptance / body-image movement that’s sweeping the nation nowadays. Never did any rational human being say obesity is natural, acceptable, or healthy. What they’re trying to say is that body health is a spectrum; there is a such thing as being too skinny. Just look at some of the supermodels. By the same token, it’s possible to be healthy, even attractive, without being stick-thin.
    Person number 8 on the list linked below is an example of this. I prefer the “before” picture.

    15 Examples Of How Much Prettier American Girls Would Be If They Lost Weight

  64. I think the author is missing the point of the whole self-acceptance /
    body-image movement that’s sweeping the nation nowadays. Never did any
    rational human being say obesity is natural, acceptable, or healthy.
    What they’re trying to say is that body health is a spectrum; there is a
    such thing as being too skinny. Just look at some of the supermodels.
    By the same token, it’s possible to be healthy, even attractive, without
    being stick-thin.
    Person number 8 on the list linked below is an example of this. I honestly prefer the “before” picture.

    15 Examples Of How Much Prettier American Girls Would Be If They Lost Weight

    1. I think the author is missing the point of the whole self-acceptance / body-image movement that’s sweeping the nation nowadays. Never did any rational human being say obesity is natural, acceptable, or healthy. What they’re trying to say is that body health is a spectrum; there is a such thing as being too skinny. Just look at some of the supermodels. By the same token, it’s possible to be healthy, even attractive, without being stick-thin.

      It is well understood and accepted that a healthy body fat ratio falls within a reasonable range. Furthermore, it is rarely anyone but the “fat acceptance” crowd that uses examples of anorexia to accuse their critics of demanding unhealthy or extremely difficult to attain or maintain body fat ratios.
      Seriously, who is demanding “stick thin”? Have a look at the pages of a magazine that is geared towards men. The women are hardly “stick thin”, and with the exception of fitness models (a niche market by the way) most have “soft” bodies and are far from an anorexic state. Super-models are the fantasy of the high fashion machine, and hardly represent what the typical hetero man desires. Please. You are reciting the usual misrepresentations that the Feminist crowd uses to create their straw man arguments.

      Person number 8 on the list linked below is an example of this. I prefer the “before” picture.

      If the weights on the photos are correct, that’s an extra 59 pounds on the before picture. As both photos shows a rather limited amount of lean tissue (muscles), that’s 59 pounds of mainly fat being shed. The second photo reveals that the subject has a rather small frame, and even as such is far from “anorexic”. She is just rather slightly built. That first photo is likely strategically posed to hide the actual shape.
      Be honest, nearly 60 pounds of excess fat tissue is a lot even on a large frame. The photo may not reveal it, but that extra fat is definitely not healthy for anyone.

      1. How did you know she lost 59 pounds of pure fat? Lots of it could have been muscle.
        Also some people think a woman shouldn’t have any definition. Not have any excess fat or be overweight, but not defined either. Just a general soft appearance. Which is around maybe 21 percent body fat. Which is healthy but not a point where they have abs.

        1. Right…but again we are talking about women having a little weight on them versus these big land whales walking around, today.
          No one should give an obese woman (or man) a pass on being that big. It’s not good for them and you’re doing them more harm than good in the long run.

    2. I agree with Nope. And I will add more also.
      No, I have NOT missed the point of the self-acceptance movement/fat acceptance/thin-shaming. If you had fully read my article and clicked on some of the provided links, you most certainly would see a different world. An ugly, fat-promoting world.
      I most certainly have seen comments stating that fat is healthy, acceptable, and natural. That is the root of the problem.
      Whether or not a woman is “too skinny” is another subject and mentioning that only serves to distract from the points I have made.
      The woman on the left in the pic you posted is not “fat” as is commonly seen nowadays. She still is somewhat attractive. The woman on the right is certainly attractive.
      The issues I am addressing are reasons why basically that this pretending that fat is normal, that it is sexually desirable, and that it is to be forced upon society as the norm is a cluster of symptoms of dysfunction by those women who subscribe to such propaganda.
      I do not care if some women are too thin. That is not relevant to the points I’ve made.
      Fat women are defective in that they are pretending to be something they are not, and are attempting to redefine what human nature dictates is NOT sexually attractive in order to avoid addressing their own lack of motivation for self-improvement and taking personal responsibility for their physical appearance.

    3. We’re not talking about women with a few pounds on them. We’re talking about these women riding around in carts at fucking Walmart (and claiming they have an illness).
      Yeah, it’s called stop eating so fucking much before you blow up. The “body image movement” has taken that message and it’s pretty much given women a free pass to eat until they explode (and everyone has to accept them – no opinions allowed). Then, they want to sit on an airplane (and take up 2 seats) but don’t want to pay for another seat (now, we’re discriminating).
      The same goes for men (and we don’t give them a pass either). The difference? Women will cater to the poor fat woman and men will set the fat man straight with the facts.

  65. If a woman lives in a hut in the wilderness with only a few basic tools, eats only naturally growing fruit and vegetables and whatever meat and fish she could hunt, achieves everything by means of manual labor, and walks, runs, swims and climbs everywhere on a daily basis, she’ll be slim.
    Men are not attracted to ‘anorexic bitches’ because of ‘pressure’ or ‘media propaganda’ like sooooo many (fat) women claim. That’s just complete ignorance or rejection of basic biology, psychology and history.
    Men are attracted to women who are slim because they are athletic and healthy. The fact that today’s modern world is able to cheat by artificially designing a woman to fake health and athleticism by means of breast implants, liposuction, horrible diets and tons of makeup, is a sad story. But that’s not the woman a man is TRULY attracted to, it’s just that men’s ignorance prevents them from realizing that the chick at the bar is not hot, she’s just faking it.
    However, fat chicks are equally unattractive. You’re not supposed to have that fat on your body. It shouldn’t be there. It’s not going to be there if you’re living a healthy lifestyle. Everything in a normal guy’s genetics screams ‘STAY AWAY FROM HER! SHE HAS BAD GENES, BAD HABITS THAT SHE WILL TRANSFER TO HER CHILDREN, AND POSSIBLE HEALTH ISSUES THAT WILL HAUNT HER AND HER OFFSPRING’.
    Sure, curvy women are attractive. And no one denies that a fat chick is curvy. It’s the fact that her curves are hiding behind a mass of lumpy fat that bothers us. And all the excuses you find for your condition does not make said condition go away, does it?
    Every fat woman has the right to be fat. That’s a fact. If you check up with your doctor and you make sure that your fatness isn’t going to translate into health problems for your children, please, get to the 500lbs mark, I don’t care. IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO BE FAT.
    Every sane and attractive man, on the other hand, has the right to look at her and say: “Oh hell no.”

  66. I know this is a male site, but there was no reason not to mention fat men as being defective too. At least in passing. So here are some:
    Kevin James
    Chris Farley
    Jack Black
    Ruben Studdard
    Philip Seymour Hoffman
    Orson Wells
    John Belushi
    Louie Anderson
    Drew Carey
    John Goodman
    Michael Moore
    Rush Limbaugh
    Al Gore
    Chris Christe
    Bill Clinton
    Willard Scott
    Al Roker
    Elvis Presley
    Marlon Brando
    Meat Loaf
    John Candy
    James Gandolfini
    Some of these men have lost some weight, but still have a way to go. Some will never lose weight. Ever. I’ll tell you one thing I don’t like seeing. Comments online about how some people who lost weight would have been better off staying fat! I once saw a comment about how Steven King wrote better on coke binges. That’s cruel.
    Not to mention this one poor woman I carpooled with for a while. She lost weight only to have her husband complain her breasts were now too small. Or this one guy who started weightlifting, whose girlfriend thought it took too much time away from her. And then said his butt wasn’t as cute anymore. If I hadn’t have heard it with my own ears, I wouldn’t have believed it.
    One thing you didn’t mention that has always puzzled me. Fat vegetarians. Or at least they say they are. Like nurses, or doctors.

    1. Actually, I’m well aware. However, again, from what I have observed the existence of “groupthink” and self-denial is primarily found in women.

  67. You don’t know that any given fat person is lazy. A lot of depressed people eat to cope with what they are going through, for example. And depression is neither laziness nor weakness, despite what a few ignorant people might think.
    There are fat people who genuinely can’t help their condition. Some are on medications that keep them heavy. People who are bipolar, for example, literally have to choose between being slim and being sane. The vast majority of overweight people do not fall into these categories, true, but for any one person, you don’t know his or her situation. And depression can cause someone to not be able to leave the house (to exercise) AND eat a lot of comfort food. Again, depression is not just some lousy excuse, it is a genuine illness. Studies have been done. Doctors trump the ignorant masses.
    Not to mention the people who are in the process of losing weight. For all you know, the 200 pound girl you look at with disgust weighed 250 three months ago and has been working out strenuously every single day. Considering that it is much harder to get yourself up when you’re that overweight, that person is actually the opposite of lazy.
    And even if a fat person is just lazy, unmotivated, and thinks it’s great to stuff their face with junk food all day long, it really doesn’t affect YOU to the point where you should be using all this bitter, vitriolic language.
    Personally, I find the “fat acceptance” parades, where a bunch of overweight people dance in the street celebrating their extra weight, weird and gross. They are basically glorifying a health problem. But I would never judge them or call them defective. It doesn’t affect ME, so why should I care?

    1. I’m not bitter, but most certainly annoyed. However I’m making mostly logical statements. And quite frankly, I’m ashamed to live in a society where there is a growing trend which demonstrates dysfunctional emotional & mental states.
      A person who, with the exception of special cases, has the CHOICE and OPTIONS for bettering themselves, yet chooses not to, most certainly I can lable as “lazy.”
      As a man, I apply the same standards to myself as I do to others-the difference is I *admit and face* my defenciencies instead of expecting society to bend to them and accomodate me instead of working to better myself.
      When it reaches the point where social norms are being distorted and my selection of healthy, sexually attractive potential mates is decreasing, then I have lots of reason to care.

    2. Then these fat (overweight) people will end up dying from a heart attack way before going crazy (and possibly ending their life). There are just too many people out there (like you) who are giving many a free pass and coming up with some lame ass excuse why it’s “ok to be fat” versus telling most of them to get the fuck up off of the couch and do something.
      They’ll thank me because I’m not caving to their retarded “excuses” for being fat.

  68. So how come fat women can still land attractive men?
    I think the problem is the fact that lazy fat bitches can still get men, while decent good looking guys have to earn a women by pandering to them.
    Even the uglist cunt in the word can still get a decent looking guy. Men need to develop standards and reject women who by all rights should be rejects.

    1. It sure doesn’t help that those women land men.
      Being rewarded for staying the same = no motivation to change

      1. They do land men but what they don’t realise is, they will never land them for serious relationship. Having been on both sides of the line (originally very very slander, then overweight, then fought back and now back to my normal size 6), I’ve noticed that while overweight, only very drunk/lonely/broken guys would chat me up, while when thinner, only smoking hot attractive men would hit on me. Those were ready to die to date me, the others were ready to just have sex with anyone – or anything, for that matter.
        The delusional fattie needs to understand she is just good enough for sex for those guys, and that they would never EVER consider her a potential life partner as she is nothing close to healthy.

  69. This obsession you have screams something… Like a priest being caught with a little boy.

    1. Nope. Just sick of it, and an article that reflects observations made based upon behavior and patterns seen.
      Comparing the desire to call out ridiculous and dysfunctional behavior to pedophilia shows you’re quite broken & irrational.

  70. This article is sad. The people on this website don’t care who they hurt, they’re sociopaths.
    For every overweight woman out there, there are several men who are willing to date and love them. Don’t let this get you down. =)

    1. Yes this article is sad, and it is sad that we have come to this point where some women have a need to delude themselves into believing they should not strive to be more healthy and attractive.
      There are always a few unfortunate men who, for a variety of reasons, pursue less desirable women. That’s an issue for a separate discussion.
      On the whole, men are not attracted to obese women.

    2. It’s “sad” that people like you cater to these fat women. You’re not helping and you’re only hurting them (and their health) long term. Any GP (doctor) will tell you that you are “at risk” with increased weight gain. We’re not talking about a few pounds….many are just too damn big.
      We’re actually doing (big) women a favor by not feeding the hamster (in their head). Stop sugar coating shit for them to get on their good side.

  71. My friend is obese, but she goes to the gym every third day. She spends there hours and has never drunk a drop of coke or gatorade in her life. The most sugary drink she ever had was a juice. She also plays Rugby regularly twice a week and bikes on Saturdays. Yet, in one year, she only lost 4 kg. How is that?

    1. She’s doing something wrong. Also, avoiding juice unless infrequent is a good idea.

    2. Something is not right (the math doesn’t add up). If she is that active, then she should burn off more weight. Diet is everything as well. She’s either eating the wrong things or eating too much (and not telling anyone).

      1. She’s probably binging in secret. Believe me, nobody can be that active *and* obese. As the guys said, the math doesn’t add up : as soon as you create a daily calorie deficit, you WILL lose weight. Talking from experience here.

  72. I know a lot of women are overweight and need to lose weight. But what is your idea of a perfect size women then?

    1. I don’t aim for “perfect”, basically a nice compromise in between is ok, and ideal to most men. Not obese, but not extremely thin.

  73. Never trust a man with a group of fat hags for friends (BBW). What’s on the inside reflects on the outside.

  74. Whenever I see a fat women go to the restroom, I subconsciously assume she’s going to take a shit.

    1. I recently read a story of a radiologist working in a hospital in which she recounted how an obese woman went to the bathroom and broke the toilet off of the wall due to her weight.
      And as one might guess from understanding “fat logic”, she pitched a fit and claimed she’d sue the hospital for it.

  75. The Bible says that gluttons should slit their own throats. It’s in Proverbs 23:2. Fundagelical Christians tend to be big fat, slothful and prideful gluttons. It’s a moral failing! Deal with it! Gluttony is a choice!
    There is a reason why Southerners are the most gluttonous. Their gluttony is a result of the cardinal sin of pride “Southern Pride” which is the master sin of the 7 deadly sins. The wages of sin lead to death. Fatties DIE sooner!
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    Thigh gaps are not unhealthy at all. Rubbing thighs are very unhealthy as they cause hip dysplasia, skin and yeast infections. Any woman can and should have a thigh gap!
    Fat Chicks Are Sluts and the FACTS Prove it! Why waste your time trying to bone a skinny chick when you can easily PORK A FAT GIRL?!
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    Real Women Have Thigh Gaps! Click Here Find Out Why
    If a woman has a BMI of 22 or less she will most likely have a thigh gap. Thigh gaps are a sign of health.

  76. “Obese men rack up an additional $1,152 a year in medical spending, especially for hospitalizations and prescription drugs, Cawley and Chad Meyerhoefer of Lehigh University reported in January in the Journal ofHealth Economics. Obese women account for an extra $3,613 a year. Using data from 9,852 men (average BMI: 28) and 13,837 women (average BMI: 27) ages 20 to 64, among whom 28 percent were obese, the researchers found even higher costs among the uninsured: annual medical spending for an obese person was $3,271 compared with $512 for the non-obese.”

  77. Another great article regarding personal responsibility.
    Yes, for the most part people need to get it together. If people want freedom and choices, then they have to accept the outcome that follows. Someone who gains that much weight should not be considered ‘disabled’. There are maybe a few rare exceptions (cases) but we are seeing quite an increase of obese people in the US.
    Giving people a ‘pass’ on being that large and considering it to be a ‘disability’ is ridiculous.

  78. I agree with most of what was said here…..except one. The I have a condition part.
    I suffer from Hashimoto’s Disease (plus epilepsy and c and s def.) and if you do not know what that is it means my immune system is killing my thyroid, one thing hypothyroidism does is make it very hard to stay thin…..I have learned to force myself to only eat once a day just to stay at 209 and I already had to watch my beautiful body and my life be stolen by this monster inside me. I had to give up working,rock climbing, horseback riding and lifting weights because of fatigue, pain, seizures and massive blood thinners.Having people who look better than me tell me I should try harder is really hurtful….like sure I’ll just stop eating altogether so you can have a hot ass in front of you in line.
    I spend half the day with my stomch aching and have to drink tons of water to feel like I am not starving as it is but shit why not?
    You know I’ve met some skinny people who made me gag..eat a cheeseburger and I’l get lipo Mkay!
    ………and if you have something rude to say back save your breath, I don’t care becuse you are a scociopthic dick 🙂

  79. Just a thought to add to my statement below….I have never dated fat or insecure men….I’m married now to a big buff guy who is very confident and while I never denied my weight I never asked for validaion either. Like me for who I am or don’t like me…your loss I am a great friend.

  80. I did have a glandular condition. I treated it, and I am no longer fat, having rid myself of twenty pounds without effort or discomfort.

  81. As a thin girl, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. I have a genetic advantage, being the child of two petite distance runners, and I also run, bike and play soccer, but it still isn’t easy to stay thin. I am incredibly busy with school and life in general, so I often don’t find time to exercise. Self motivation is ridiculously difficult, too. I usually manage, but I sympathize with those who don’t. I suffer from depression, so that can really make it difficult to stay in shape, when I don’t even feel up to getting out of bed. Also, on our cross country team, there are a few girls a lot heavier than me that are also a lot faster, and practice a lot more than me. I’m not slow, I’m average speed, but a few of these girls are incredible athletes, particularly for their weight. I know they eat healthier than me, and they certainly put in more miles, more strength training, etc. I know there are overweight people that are lazy, but there are also thin people that are lazy.Then there are overweight people that are incredibly motivated and work very hard, and thin people who do the same. Also, beauty isn’t defined by weight alone. There are many other factors, like clear skin, pretty smiles, nice eyes, hair and natural proportions. I have an overweight friend (a varsity tennis player and better athlete than me, too) who is ridiculously pretty. She has beautiful face, with a perfect smile (my teeth are crooked), and she is very attractive. She carries her weight well, and still looks pretty fit. It is evenly distributed, not all in her stomach, so it doesn’t really look that bad. I’ve seen thinner people that look worse. Besides, what does appearance matter? Why are we obsessing over this? Is everything about sexual attraction? Some of the most miserable times of my life have been while with a boyfriend. Right now I’m happily single, and I can put my time into more useful pursuits, like school, and earning money to support school, and picking up life skills like programming, and pursuing my own interests, like composing. Should my attractiveness take up more of my time than these pursuits? I think our priorities today are warped.

    1. Stop giving fat people (and namely fat women) a free pass. You’re not doing them any favors and their health is definitely “at risk”. There is only a small group (low percentage) of people that actually have a legit illness relating to their weight problem. The rest of them are making excuses on why it’s ok to be that overweight.
      We’re not talking about having a few extra pounds. We’re talking about women walking around the size of small minivans. Any medical doctor will recommend losing weight (or risk the chance of developing a life altering illness).
      Jesus….stop sugar coating it.

    2. Everything does not revolve around your belly button. If you have time to post over 50 lines on the topic, then yes, your priorities “are warped”.

  82. I remember hearing of Bioware getting accused of “being insensitive to fat people” because NOBODY in the Mass Effect Universe is overweight; All men are tall, lean, and muscular, and all women are slim and curvy.

  83. Hey, yo I’ve had this conversation over and over again with quite a lot of doctors/nutritionists and there is a certain size that your body is supposed to be. It’s 85% genetic. People can go on crash diets or insane binges and temporarily gain or lose weight, but eventually they’ll return to their ideal weight or starve themselves to death

    1. Going on crash diets or insane binges is counter-productive, and I would almost assume those who do that would return to poor habits and regain weight. That’s the same tired, worn-out excuse used to condone obesity and not making an effort to remain fit.
      There’s a big difference between consistent, healthy choices and cycling up and down. It’s not rocket science, and NO, I know of no reason everyone will return to some huge weight. Calories in, calories out. We cannot deny phsyics.

  84. Of course, fat men are above reproach…..;)
    The hardest part of seeing fat woman is when she is herding a pack of offspring in the grocery store and wielding bag after bag of Doritos into the cart. Some of them are already pudgy. Shame.

  85. Fat is unattractive. I’m a girl and I workout 5-7 times a week, take care of my skin etc. I see many of my classmates who have wrinkles by the time they’re mid to late 20s… they need to use sunscreen and do something about it. I can see why men do not want to date them. As society tells us we have to “accept fat ppl” being fat just looks terrible. I don’t care if my nutrition teacher tells me starving oneself is bad. Looking good and attracting men is more impt than being fat while eating heathily. I see so many girls who are attractive, but sadly, refuse to lose the weight to attract a guy.

    1. Huh…poor girl! You do not need to starve yourself to be a size 6. I am eating healthily (no processed foods/low low carbs) and just make the effort to workout on a daily basis. I would never be above a size 6 – god forbid – but still eat enough to be healthy.
      Not eating enough and starving yourself will put you in an early grave too, is a sign of “mental disorder” and not attractive to any healthy man out there. Not better than any fat girls so to speak !
      Pull yourself together and learn about nutrition, or be prepared to die early after suffering from osteoporosis.

    2. Good for you….My mom is 96 and still has no wrinkles, always fit and slim…And kept out of sun most of her life…

  86. fat women do have less motivation and a lot of that is tied to a mental disorder
    if you know that your unhealthy diets will put you in a early grave and you continue them, does that sound mentally stable??
    Now, is the way to remedy this in people to hate them and put them in a corner??
    Look at nationwide obesity rates, something is damaging our bodies and it isn’t just poor eating habits.
    I know so many men and women who eat crap all day, don’t work out and then make fun of fat people all the time
    and there are overweight people who eat well and exercise but cannot shed the weight.
    All the people here are commenting on their superiority to fat people and are reinforcing the new wave of stupidity that dare not criticize itself.
    People are becoming more and more shallow and conceited and an important hurdle to put up is that true beauty comes from tolerant love. The more we work together, the better we can change society’s ills

  87. what a nail on the head article – perfectly sums up just about every little corner of self disgrace(!)
    never dated a fatty and believe me i make doubley sure a babes parents have good dna b4 i even consider it a deal..

  88. Some people are starving in some countries and have no choice over this, we DO have choice to eat clean, have a better life than what they experience, and some of our mates chose to kill this opportunity and chose to be unhealthy instead. This is unacceptable.

  89. So just to make things clear for some fat defender here : I’ve been on both side of the line – naturally a very slander, attractive women, got depressed after some serious accident, put on an unacceptable amount of weight by binge eating and the, fought against my own self back so hard, I eventually returned to a normal size.
    Yes some people DO eat as a coping mechanism, and a lot of crap food for that matter. Yes, binge eating IS a mental disorder. And it can be cure – so just do the effin therapy and stop complaining, pull yourself together and back on track.
    OR do as I did and analyze the situation : binge eating is the same problem as drug addiction, cigarettes or alcohol addiction. what do addicts who try to quit have to do to achieve success ?
    They “cut the crap” altogether. They just rid of the object of the addiction.
    So advice :
    – analyze which food items triggers binge when around you
    – make a list of it
    – BAN IT.
    For me, it is anything containing sugars, gluten or wheat. I just banned all refined/processed food altogether and started eating meat (cold chicken or turkey) and vegetables. Low carbs, nothing containing even a hint of sugar (fruits included).
    Why ?
    Because moderation simply does NOT work. You don’t tell a drug addict to just “moderate” and have just a “small bit” of his addictive substance. You cut it out altogether.
    For all you binge eater : food is a drug for our damaged brains. Just STOP eating what triggers a binge. as soon as these crap food are in sight, your brain will react exactly like the brain of a drug addict, sending emotional/reward seeking signals to area of your brain you can’t control. and will NOT resist.
    So BAN the triggering food altogether. BAN anything with sugar, refined flour, wheat or gluten (the most addictive of all).
    DO learn on nutrition and sport. You don’t need to be a pro to run 1 hour a day. Just buy a nice pair of shoes and go run. Burn calories, create a good calorie deficit.
    Work hard, expect a long, very long, painful journey.
    and DO become someone better, more accomplished, hard working, with an improved self-esteem.
    I promise you : people will admire you for your strength and strong will. If you’re a girl like me, men will start to fall all over you. They will find you more attractive than the slim chick that never works out for her health and body, who may be slim but not toned. They will want you more than any other girl out there.
    And other girls will HATE your guts, because step by step, you will become a threatening competitor, the one they did not see coming 🙂 They will start to see all men staring at you, start to realise you are far more valuable than they will ever be, far more attractive and beautiful. They will envy you and die of hating you for being so much better than them.
    Only, you will have EARN all that, and the hard way.
    So whoever your potential mate, he will be some VERY hot smoking guy with the same level of attractiveness as you developed.
    You want all that ?
    START WORKING HARD. And STOP making excuses.

  90. I don’t know why, but hambeasts love me. I’m a very fit and lean man. Yet these buffalo bitches always seek me out in clubs. Then they have the fat ass nerve to get an attitude when I reject them. THIS PROBLEM IS RAMPANT IN THE AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY! Some sorry ass brothers accept these sows because they don’t want to work. And these desperate porkers will take care of a man.
    I took the advice from this website and started ignoring them in public places. I got told that I am too weak to handle a “real woman”. I replied that she wasn’t a real woman- she’s a goddamn walrus. Her insulting reply was drowned out by all the laughter from people on the sidewalk.
    I am calling on black men to support themselves and let these moo cows either eat themselves to death or drop the weight and become real women. And let’s face it…MEN are the ones that decide whether a woman is attractive and worthy.

    1. Yeah, you make some good points. I’m not black but I’ve seen what you’re talking about many times.

  91. The most tragic thing is that normal curvy girls are obsessed with their wieght while fat monsters are not only totaly fine with that, but they flaunt it in your face.
    Things are fine untill fat gets in your face. Then it is the time to do something. That is the border no one should ever cross.

  92. Seems that men have ingested too much estrogen. Best lay off that kool aid, or as you call it, tap water. You ‘guys’ bitch harder than any woman. Time to start giving lessons.

    1. Seems that you have ingested too much man juice. Best lay off the cruel aid too, or as you call it, “opinion”. You “trolls” bitch harder than anyone else. Time to start controlling your rage.

  93. What does this site think of chubby chasers and those with fat fetishes? Are they lying? Are they sick or demented? Are they confused? Do they need to just try more skinny women?

    1. Why would this site have to even give thoughts on obscure niche markets like “chasing chubbies”. It’s called a fetish for a reason. Why would they be lying. It’s their fetish. Are the sick and demented? Probably, since the fetish is on a shape that most men aren’t interested in. Are they confused? Yes, just like you. Do they need to just try more skinny women? Well…. the opposite of fat is not really “skinny”, it’s “not fat”. Skinny implies too thin. Then again, you know that.
      Stop trolling, loser.

    2. No, they have preference just like you have. Are you demented for liking slim women? Or maybe you need to try a big fat lady along with the other defected pieces of shits on this retarded site

  94. Yeah, some good points, but I think that you should’ve talked about
    obese people in general, not just the women, even though they seem to be
    more aggressive about this “fat acceptance” thing. And please leave
    feminists out of this, these pro fat ladies aren’t true feminists(even
    if they claim to be). ALSO I don’t like the fact that you consentrate on
    the “good looks” rather than being healthy. I think that every obese
    person should lose weight because that will make them healthier. Looks
    come as a bonus. And don’t forget that not every thin people are that
    attractive either when it comes to our beauty standards. And the
    hourglass shape is pretty rare too. Other than that, good going.

    1. Yeah, some good points, but I think that you should’ve talked about obese people in general, not just the women, even though they seem to be more aggressive about this “fat acceptance” thing.

      Lots of good points for sure. But it’s disingenuous to think that the push back has to be about people instead of mainly women when it comes to fat. You hinted it yourself in that “fat acceptance” is really about “fat women acceptance”. Fat guys don’t care nearly as much.

      And please leave feminists out of this, these pro fat ladies aren’t true feminists(even if they claim to be).

      “Feminists” get called out because “fat acceptance” goes hand in hand with modern feminism. No “true” feminist is really just the lame “no true Scotsman” excuse. It doesn’t fly when we all see how often “true” feminists show their true colors. Jana Basler and Melissa Click are “true” feminists. They seem to operate in the very same way that these so-called “untrue” feminists do. No “true” feminist? No modern feminism is sexist by its very title.

      ALSO I don’t like the fact that you consentrate on the “good looks” rather than being healthy. I think that every obese person should lose weight because that will make them healthier. Looks come as a bonus.

      This is a men’s site about men’s issues. While keeping the belly fat off is better for your health, the focus of this article is on how fat appears to the casual male viewer. That doesn’t mean men don’t understand the “health benefits” of keep the fat in check. This site, this article is neither a self-help for the obese nor is it a mandate to be.

      And don’t forget that not every thin people are that attractive either when it comes to our beauty standards. And the hourglass shape is pretty rare too. Other than that, good going.

      First of all, the reciprocal of “fat” is not “thin” when we are measuring fat. It’s really about having the right amount of fat. Too thin and too fat are both moving away from the ideal range. The minute people introduce this “thin” angle, there’s a misguided agenda lurking behind it.
      Secondly, bringing up the possibility of other unattractiveness is just ignoring how being too fat (or too thin) is still part of the measure. You are rationalizing. The point is that most men are not attracted to women who carry too much fat (or too little for that matter). That’s all.

  95. I can agree that overweight women can be a bit delusional but I must also add that just because a woman has gained weight does not mean that she should give up on taking care of herself while in that condition. What I am seeing much more of is overweight women who no longer take care of their hair, skin, and nails and not buying quality clothing because they feel that they are no longer attractive. It is also important to note that most men do not fall into the desirable range and I think this has led many women to not care what men think about them. Think about it: Most men are not doctors, lawyers, business owners or wealthy. Most don’t look like George Clooney or Blair Underwood. And the truth is…most women just don’t care what the average or below average guy thinks. Do you think women care about what some waiter or cab driver thinks about their appearance? They don’t. Women are only truly impressed by what that 0.5% of “top of the line” guys (think JFK Jr. types) wants or thinks. A sad fact that most women won’t talk about. Also, many “everyday” women figure why try so hard when even thin she is not likely to be a “perfect 10” and therefore unlikely to get a top notch man anyway. Just another perspective.

  96. Here’s another idea to explore: “do married women subconsciously become fat so they avoid sex with their husbands?”

  97. I said this many times, and I’ll say it again, only Latinas can pull the “curvy full bodied” look. And that doesn’t include gringofied Latinas born in the U.S. If anyone disagrees, I welcome your opinions.

  98. The real question is why do you give a fuck? lol Stick to your type and they will stick to the men who find them sexy. Coexist bro. It isn’t hard.

    1. If you don’t like what is being said here, then follow your own advice and don’t come here. Coexist, troll. It isn’t hard.

    2. Why do I care? Because obesity in this country is on the rise, and more an more women are becoming not only obese, but are in self-denial and will make no effort to improve themselves.
      It becomes a burden on men who pursue women, for whatever type of relationship they have. Traditionally women have been a huge motivating factor in a man’s life.
      Sexual attraction is extremely important. A lack of attraction also means fewer desirable men for women, so it works both ways.
      I’m not going to marry a fat woman.

  99. There also seems to be an unfortunate rising rate of small dicks in America as well. We can’t have it all now can we?

    1. Citation please. Where are you getting these statistics? Oh, and it’s obvious that your troll comments means you know this article is right on.

  100. Written by a true sexist bigot. You throw around YOUR views on beauty as if it were fact. Well guess what? There are millions upon millions of people in the world and it may be shocking to hear but… THEY DON’T ALL SHARE THE SAME OPINIONS OR VIEWS ON BEAUTY! That phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” Yeah, that’s a thing. You’re a shallow pig and a waste of human flesh. The world would be better off without a disgusting waste of space like you in it. WOMEN WERE NOT PUT ON THIS EARTH TO MEET YOUR SHALLOW EXPECTATIONS. Live and let live, you disgusting piece of trash.

    1. Written by a true sexist bigot. You throw around YOUR views on beauty as if it were fact. Well guess what? There are millions upon millions of people in the world and it may be shocking to hear but… THEY DON’T ALL SHARE THE SAME OPINIONS OR VIEWS ON BEAUTY! That phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” Yeah, that’s a thing.

      What part of “Men’s idea of beauty is what is important as far as men” are you not understanding? Your righteous indignation is stereotypical of self-absorbed trolls that think WOMEN decide what MEN find attractive. Do people go to sites on some genre of pop music and tell them they are music bigots because their tastes don’t match your narrative? Get lost you self-righteous intolerant.
      It is abso-freaking-lutely true that what men find attractive is a FACT. Most men in the world will agree that fat women are far less attractive than those that are not. You might find “millions” who disagree but those “millions” are probably not men. They are probably fat women. Since the BEHOLDER is MEN especially this being a MEN’s site and a work on what MEN like, they ARE the beholder. Yeah, you’re in the wrong place and in the wrong.

      You’re a shallow pig and a waste of human flesh. The world would be better off without a disgusting waste of space like you in it.

      Just like most women would prefer a man who takes care of himself, men go for women who do the same. That is hardly “shallow”. You are the complete waste of resources troll. The world would definitely be a better place without idiots like you trying to bully men into liking what YOU say they should like.

      WOMEN WERE NOT PUT ON THIS EARTH TO MEET YOUR SHALLOW EXPECTATIONS. Live and let live, you disgusting piece of trash.

      You self-righteous little pigs always like to put words in other people’s mouth and then go on to trash those words. Where has anyone said “Women are here to be beautiful to men”? You’re making shit up. Being attracted to people who put effort into things is hardly shallow. Your PC bullshit doesn’t fly dummy. Go on and be as fat as you want. No one is stopping you. Just don’t expect MEN to have to like the way you look. You are a disgusting immature idiot. Get lost.

    2. Obesity in the Western world is an epidemic you idiot. What is healthy about being obese? Do whatever the hell you what with your life, but don’t try and bs us to make obesity seem like a lifestyle choice.

    3. Hell most can’t meet there own expectations and have enough pride to look good and stay at a Healthy weight.

  101. No wonder there’s no support for women in this comment section. Whoever handles the comments is a coward and keeps deleting them. That’s truly pathetic.

  102. This is quite a silly article and seems to be written by someone with little to no intelligence what so ever.
    1: They are full of rationalization and denial.
    -There are conditions that do affect your weight, Not all but it is a thing. You know. Science. I’ll admit there are some people who use it as an excuse but not everyone. You’re just making assumptions at this point.
    – Women do have curves, Be it thin, overweight, muscular. Doesn’t matter most women tend to have curves. Regardless of weight. Weight also affects everyone different, While some will have larger lower halves or upper halves. Beauty in reality is in fact in the eye of beholder. Saying otherwise is quite ridiculous.
    -Quite a few women can pull off sexy easily. Regardless of size. I mean really. Are you daft?
    -There is quite a few health risks with weight. Nothing to argue there.
    Funny how you mention obesity is an undesirable trait as a fact. There are quite a few people who -love- larger women. And I mean LOVE. No they’re not all beta either.
    2: They’re wholly apathetic and lack motivation
    Met quite a few overweight women who excercise quite often with little to no changes, Sadly goes with medical conditions which you seem to think that do not exist. But we’ll ignore this as well.
    3: They don’t value femininity and the power of sexual attraction
    -Men with skinny or larger women will most likely be attracted to other women regardless. How many models have been cheated on in the past and current time? They’re models. That doesn’t change much of anything.
    -Not all women love attention. Be it positive or negative. Again you assume women are a certain way.
    -Not everyone treats women like a piece of ass that deserves better treatment for being thinner. Women of all shapes and sizes can be assholes that deserve nothing, Same goes for the ones that deserve respect based on their attitudes more so on looks.
    -I’ve never really seen people actually react badly based on someones weight. Regardless of where I lived. Be in the country, suburbs or city.
    -Sexual market value eh? Sounds like a bunch of sexist opinions on looks based on majority perhaps and most likely is, However again there is something there for everyone.
    Seen women with all types of men. Again each have their own tastes. Whether or not I agree.
    4; They voluntarily sabotage their own potential happiness
    You’re acting as if yet again everyone is the same. You can’t seem to get past this. Not all women are emotional unstable. Yet again more about better outward appearance you refer to as a fact based on your opinion on what is better. Boy. People these days with unable to differentiate between fact and opinions.
    5: They contradict their own femininity
    Man, Not sure where you’ve gotten your facts yet again. I’ve seen some large feminine women that didn’t change a thing, Nor have I seen them be ignored by men or looked down upon, Yet again more bullshit from your little circle of craziness.
    6: They latch onto fat acceptance as a psychological coping mechanism
    -Inside is what counts the most, While there needs to be physical attraction as well, In most cases it will pass.
    -Nothing wrong with pointing out that hey, If you’re not into curves then move on. Nothing to do with avoiding rejection but saves both your time rather than waste it. You’re just nitpicking now.
    -If you’re going to judge a woman purely on weight why can’t she judge you based on your penis? Bit one sided. It’s the same thing.
    -Even skinnier women hate on women that are larger or thinner, Doesn’t matter. It comes back to beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    -It’d because of people like you and articles like this that some women give up. Can you blame them? Losing weight isn’t as easy as you make it sound.
    No offense, But your seriously one of the most sexist people out there it seems. Least that I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a shame people like you exist. Here is a few things to keep in mind.
    Losing weight isn’t easy. Just isn’t. Some people will lose weight easily than others, Granted. But you don’t know what people have been through or haven’t been through. You’ve made nothing but assumptions in this article attempting to use it as a fact. It’s not. Get a clue.
    Even after losing weight. if done too fast you’re just creating flab and excess skin which can be worse looking than if you just kept your weight. Also comes back to being hard to lose it as well. Quite a few things to keep in mind when it comes to this.
    You ignore so many things when it comes to what people look into for a mate. Besides just looks. Even when it comes to looks you ignore so much that it isn’t even slightly amusing. Some people like tall, or short guys/women, Some like specific hair colors, or eyes.
    There has been proof that what is on the inside is what matters. Most people have said and pointed at that they would sooner choose their mate based on that persons attitude. So yes. It does matter and make a difference.
    On another note, Amusingly enough that you choose to add that women who point out living in their mom’s basement or tiny penis. Is that not going off on the same thing you’re pointing out here. You’re looking at a dated method of choosing a mate of a woman by her looks along, While women yes will choose based on income and sizes. They’re one in the same if you wish to nitpick over weight. All is fair at this point.
    You’re a sexist bastard with nothing to back any of this up. None of this is fact nor does it apply to every living soul as you seem to imply by this article. Regardless. I’ve love to see a response from the author but I feel as if this would get deleted rather than dealing with any criticism as said that it’s welcomed here.

    1. Massive fail. Sign up for a Logic 101 course at your local Community College asap.

    2. This is quite a silly article and seems to be written by someone with little to no intelligence what so ever.

      Your response is quite a foolhardy little rant. It is clearly written by one of the regular trolls who has an over-inflated opinion of her intellect. She uses all sorts of hackneyed reasoning and thinks people do see the lack of real smarts. Troll— you have NO intelligence whatsoever.

      1: They are full of rationalization and denial.
      -There are conditions that do affect your weight, Not all but it is a thing. You know. Science. I’ll admit there are some people who use it as an excuse but not everyone. You’re just making assumptions at this point.

      There are conditions, but not a single one of them cannot be controlled by some combination of self- help and medical assistance. You are just making excuses that don’t apply. The denial crowd is all about finding any excuse to say “it ain’t my fault”. Bull shit.

      – Women do have curves, Be it thin, overweight, muscular. Doesn’t matter most women tend to have curves. Regardless of weight. Weight also affects everyone different, While some will have larger lower halves or upper halves. Beauty in reality is in fact in the eye of beholder. Saying otherwise is quite ridiculous.

      What the guy was writing about was how fat women use the euphemism of “curves” like their rolls of fat are the “curves” are the same as the “curves” of women that aren’t overly fat. You’re just trying to ignore that and talk about curves in general. That’s called “deflection”.
      This is an article about what MEN like. The first clue to that is how it is on a MEN’s site geared for MEN. Beauty to men is in the “eye” of MEN. You and your “fat acceptance” crowd do NOT decide for MEN what MEN find attractive. Make new sock puppets and troll this site If you want (oh… yeah… you are already doing that). You will not be able to bully your idea onto others. Especially not with the usual bullshit lies and deflections that every can see through.

      -Quite a few women can pull off sexy easily. Regardless of size. I mean really. Are you daft?

      Quite a few? Bull shit. Show us the numbers if you are going make this claim. The truth is that far fewer fat women (way way fewer) can pull of “sexy” in the eyes of most men. You can say that you find these women “sexy” all you want. That means nothing.

      -There is quite a few health risks with weight. Nothing to argue there.

      There really isn’t anything to argue about in any of this. You are just having the usual troll hissy fit.

      Funny how you mention obesity is an undesirable trait as a fact. There are quite a few people who -love- larger women. And I mean LOVE. No they’re not all beta either.

      Idiotic people always think that some miniscule exception to the rule will somehow vaporize the rule. It doesn’t. The number of men that are fat-fetishists are very few and far between. It’s called a fetish for a reason. Most of the guys that are into the oddball shit like that are total rejects, so yes, they are not BETA’s they are OMEGA’s.

      2: They’re wholly apathetic and lack motivation
      Met quite a few overweight women who excercise quite often with little to no changes, Sadly goes with medical conditions which you seem to think that do not exist. But we’ll ignore this as well.

      This is one of the favorite rationalizations of fat apologists. A lot of people say they are exercising yet really don’t put in the intensity or still over-compensate with calories. The medical conditions are all taken care of by the medical industry. You can lie, but you are not fooling anyone but yourself. It is you that is intent on being in denial that you try to shout down things that don’t fit your narrative regardless of the bullshit you use as excuses.

      3: They don’t value femininity and the power of sexual attraction
      -Men with skinny or larger women will most likely be attracted to other women regardless. How many models have been cheated on in the past and current time? They’re models. That doesn’t change much of anything.

      As far as rationalizations go, that’s a new one. Good for you. However, it is still a rationalization. It’s like saying, “since there are crimes happening whether I personally commit them or not… well, heck I may as well commit crimes”. You’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one.

      -Not all women love attention. Be it positive or negative. Again you assume women are a certain way.

      Even if it were just that, you keep forgetting that this is a work targeted at MEN, about MEN’s likes and on a MEN’s site. The women that don’t want “attention”, positive or negative, should be happy since fat women are essentially invisible as far as romantic interest. What is your problem with that? Again, you assume that this article is not for fat women, or women at all.

      -Not everyone treats women like a piece of ass that deserves better treatment for being thinner. Women of all shapes and sizes can be assholes that deserve nothing, Same goes for the ones that deserve respect based on their attitudes more so on looks.

      You are using what is called a false dichotomy. Just because looks are a factor doesn’t mean that mean that other things are not. Being fat or not fat doesn’t give room for someone to get away with being an ass. Of course, if the woman is hot she gets away with more. Stop kidding yourself with these dumb rationalizations.

      -I’ve never really seen people actually react badly based on someones weight. Regardless of where I lived. Be in the country, suburbs or city.

      Few are going to go out of their way to reject people. What? You think men looking for mates act the way you do in looking for people aligning with your views? You are the one who goes out of her way to try and shout people down. Besides in this PC world, people will just avoid the confrontation. Women know they can get away with even hitting men, so men just avoid their hissy fits out in the real world. You think men don’t react openly if there wasn’t big brother taking care of you? Go see how men react to things they don’t like in a third world country. Are you really that blind?

      -Sexual market value eh? Sounds like a bunch of sexist opinions on looks based on majority perhaps and most likely is, However again there is something there for everyone.

      The way natural attraction works between the sexes hasn’t changed since the dawn of time. Only people like you who think the world has to include EVERYONE in the definition of “beautiful” try to call people names when they don’t follow your “rules”. You ain’t kidding anyone but yourself.

      Seen women with all types of men. Again each have their own tastes. Whether or not I agree.

      You can claim to have seen unicorns and flying elephants too. It is rare (as in practically impossible) to see a couples were the “market” value of one partner is that far off from the value of the other. This is especially so with women that are not considered hot by most. You aren’t going to see them partnered up with an A-list guy. Stop kidding yourself.

      4; They voluntarily sabotage their own potential happiness
      You’re acting as if yet again everyone is the same. You can’t seem to get past this. Not all women are emotional unstable. Yet again more about better outward appearance you refer to as a fact based on your opinion on what is better. Boy. People these days with unable to differentiate between fact and opinions.

      For the women that “don’t” care how they look and are emotionally stable it would matter if they are thinking of finding a mate… or perhaps they don’t care about that either. Well, why does what MEN find attractive have to be inclusive of them (let alone women in general)? You seem to think that WOMEN decide what the MEN should be thinking. It’s a moot point if a woman isn’t interested in increasing her odds in the competition. Yeah, that’s right, it’s a competition. All-about-me types like you seem to think the society should remove all competition so that everyone is “equal”.
      The thing is that if someone wants to be attractive, and it seems that the fat acceptance crowd is all about “fat is attractive”, then not taking what those they want to attract are interested in is SABOTAGE. If a woman doesn’t care, then she’s not even reading this as it doesn’t apply. Nice try, but your logic is dumbass.

      5: They contradict their own femininity
      Man, Not sure where you’ve gotten your facts yet again. I’ve seen some large feminine women that didn’t change a thing, Nor have I seen them be ignored by men or looked down upon, Yet again more bullshit from your little circle of craziness.

      Is your reading comprehension really that bad or are you pretending you don’t see the difference between being a relatively good example “femininity” and just “feminine”? Right. Your “personal” experience is so unbiased. Cough. Bullshit. Cough. You’ve seen them getting attention, much less the same amount of attention as women who are sleek and feminine? Cough. Bullshit. Cough. Sure. Are you going to tell us that you’ve seen grubby unemployed guys who don’t know how to dress getting attention from women? You really need to stop telling these lies.

      6: They latch onto fat acceptance as a psychological coping mechanism
      -Inside is what counts the most, While there needs to be physical attraction as well, In most cases it will pass.

      Yes. What is “inside” counts but people look at both. Not only that, if you are fat on the outside, it means you didn’t do what it took to not be that, and that is a view into your “inside”. This is why “fat acceptance” is all about trying to tell the lie that “you just can’t help being fat”. It’s a lie. If you can’t keep a decently trim shape for yourself, just how hard are you going to work at keeping a relationship healthy? Stop lying to yourself. The outside is a reflection of the inside in those cases.

      -Nothing wrong with pointing out that hey, If you’re not into curves then move on. Nothing to do with avoiding rejection but saves both your time rather than waste it. You’re just nitpicking