Life Advice That All Men Should Follow

Improve yourself. Don’t stop. Everyone is good at something. Don’t wallow in excuses to justify being lazy. Work hard and rest properly, not half measures of both. Try everything until you find something you are good enough at. Monetize it to the maximum degree. Secure yourself. Buy property, invest, start a business, deal drugs. Do whatever it takes, to create something for yourself.

Find happiness in yourself, through doing something you enjoy, or something that gives you the means to enjoy the rest of your time you’re not doing it. Find happiness in travel, eating new foods, having new experiences, and making great friends. Work hard when you are younger, so you can ease off a little when you are older. Buy a house, even if you don’t live in it, so at least you have a roof over your head when you are older. Live without obligation, that will only ever be created in your own head through guilt anyway.

Above all else, don’t place your own happiness in the idea of a relationship or a woman. They are masters of creating the illusion of higher worth than you, when in reality the majority of them are leeches with only a vagina to offer you. Increase your own worth through the above methods and let them prove to you why you should allow them into your world.

If you choose to let one in, keep yourself protected. Don’t just joke about prenuptial agreements; draft them and get them legally documented. Keep your property in your name. You are already giving them enough by allowing them to live in it rent free. Don’t fall for guilt-tripping; look after her to a normal standard and the occasional treat, providing she deserves it. Take responsibility for when you are wrong and let that be the end of it; remember making a decision is better than inaction, even if it ultimately proves to be the wrong one.

Just learn from it. Don’t apologize for anything you are not responsible for, no matter how she turns it around; history is history and has no relevance on a current disagreement. Keep a separate and secret bank account as a backup. Give her regular goals. Even if she is raising children, she should be running a home business, day trading, learning a new skill, being proactive, overseeing your administration or doing your research at the very least – not just wandering around bored.

A bored mind is a dangerous mind; make sure she has tangible goals to fulfill and she is part of your plan, not anything else and, least of all, not just a sex doll. Make her aware that failure to comply with these objectives will put her at risk of you moving on. You are the prize she should be grateful for, not the other way around.

Don’t be afraid to be confident. Take pride in yourself and don’t be ashamed when you see someone with more money, bigger muscles, or better looks than you. If you’re truly doing your best, that’s enough; they’re probably a one dimensional person. Everyone has a weakness if you’re forced into conflict. Don’t be afraid of doing anything, especially when it comes to women.

Do things only for yourself or those you truly hold dear, such as your close family or friends. Weigh your actions with a woman against those you make with others, who have always been there for you and who accept you as you are without trying to manipulate you. Remember who and what is important in life, and what makes you happy.

Finally, with any self-serving moral decision you have to make, just go for it—she probably would too.

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69 thoughts on “Life Advice That All Men Should Follow”

  1. Property? Maybe in certain countries. The EU is fast becoming a socialist union. Remember Marx’s uttering, “All property is theft”. If it doesn’t move in the EU they are taxing it…. i.e. property. The goal posts are changing every year. Property taxes, water taxes, air will be next. Bigger and bigger public sector with more and more rules and regulations… who’s going to pay for it? Yes you… the property owner….. government has a surplus 1 billion here, why? They’re taxing the fuck out of everyone. Property is not the investment it once was.

    1. It doesn’t have to be a house. I’d be perfectly content living in a converted bus or some kind of RV when I am older and having no house to deal with or otherwise maintain, even if there is no mortgage.
      Houses are for families with children. For a single person, an empty nest couple, or people without kids they make very little practical sense.

      1. “I’d be perfectly content living in a converted bus or some kind of RV when I am older and having no house to deal with or otherwise maintain”
        Yes, and in the meantime, women will be living the high life on the taxpayer’s dime. Think large condo’s with designer furniture, daily wining and dining in fancy restaurants and stocking up in useless trickets and expensive shoes and handbags. Things you and I will indirectly be paying for, whether we live in our cars or not. Well, you know the proverb, “wealth for me, but not for thee”.

      2. I live on a big boat, it’s the best. A houseI just a boat thathat’s permanently aground. In a bad anchorage.

        1. You don’t pay property taxes but you pay to rent the docking spot right?
          I guess the advantage is if you run out of money they can’t seize your boat…

    2. That’s right, owning a house doesn’t mean you’ll have a roof over your head when you are old anyway, if you run out of money they take your house. Whether or not to buy a house should be decided by math, it’s just an investment against another.

    3. I personally feel like getting a mortgage right now would screw me over. I could be wrong but I’m inclined to agree with you.
      If I wanted to own property in Toronto I’d have to go in for a 600,000$ mortgage (that is being VERY conservative… my parents neighbours are listing their shitty house for one million).
      I think traditional home-ownership is only possible now in a 2 income home… if that. If you really want to own property, get a 6 figure salary or expect it to be out of the city.

      1. Nah dude, you’re not seeing it. Property is one thing that doesn’t depreciate over time, even if values drop they bounce back to past where they were over time (25 yr mortgage?) Interest rates are solid right now, which means that prices are naturally going to be high, its a check/balance type deal. In the end if you pay a higher price but save on intetest, it’s more or less the same as buying cheaper and paying higher rates, over time.
        Best case scenario for me was when I was living at home and bought a little place in a decent area of Mississauga with a tennanted upper and lower floor. It covered its own mortgage, taxes and maintenance costs. After five years I had good equity, pulled it out and bought another, lived upstairs, rented the basement. Buying a third now…
        I’ll admit though, the down payment is tougher today. Not impossible though.
        Oh, and stay the fuck away from condos and townhouses, impossible to make money on them right now.

        1. “Property is one thing that doesn’t depreciate over time”
          But wasn’t that the whole housing crisis of 2008?
          Based on market fluctuations… a lot of peoples’ homes became worthless.
          I’m just playing devil’s advocate.
          But if there is an alternative to owning property… like owning company shares as a long term investment plan I’m for it. I don’t necessarily want to be locked down to this city for the rest of my life.

        2. The houses did not become worthless.The crisis was ,in part ,based on accumulated defaults of loan repayment.The houses lost value,yes,but that’s because they were overvalued anyways.
          Also, there is a difference between housing on the land and the land itself.Housing certainly depreciates, and is subject to bubbles(fueled in major part by the Government itself),the land very rarely ( it would take an ecological disaster to cause land rates to fall or government sanctioned unwanteds (like building a radio active facility near your land)).
          Yes, but owning property is not the be all and end all of investment.

        3. You’re myopic.
          Property has only looked like it never drops because of the ever increasing leverage, along with the growth in population, over the past 70 years.
          Once the ruling classes cannot prop themselves up by adding more leverage, the easiest way to get wealth is to go after fixed property and it’s owners. Who, after all, is not going anywhere.
          Look at Detroit. Approximately half the city is for sale for $5 per house. No matter when you bought, you’d have lost money. And the reason for the silly low prices is, that once you own the place, you become liable for all manners of costs……..
          You want your wealth to be footloose. So that either noone knows about it at all, or it is in a form that you can take with you to Singapore or wherever, as soon as someone attempts to squeeze you too hard.
          If you have the mechanical chops to maintain it in safe operating order, a boat large enough to be a safe home, like the above poster mentioned, is a good way to go.

        4. I might be missing your point, but I don’t see how a plan to accrue (some) wealth through over an extended period of time can be described as myopic.
          If your assumption is that these properties will ever be paid off in full, maybe it’s my mistake for not being more clear. They’re a revenue tool, to compliment your main stream of income. Rents cover your operating expenses and because of appeiciation, you have equity. Equity is what the payoff is, and if prices dip, so what? Your tennants are paying the bills, so ride it out. Property also has real value and liquidity, you can cash out and buy gold or unicorn horns. It’ll cost you a bit, but if you’ve been making money on it, it’s a cost involved.
          Also, the poster who I had originally replied to was from Toronto. The same lack of legislation and unchecked corruption (banks/lenders) that led to a major market crash don’t exist. And Toronto isn’t Detroit, thank fuckin god.

        5. Maintaince fees start around $0.50 sq/ft. More on fancier or older buildings. On a 1000 sq/ft condo you’re paying $500 /mo but not contributing to principle or servicing debt. You’re flushing it.
          To put that $500 /mo in perspective, a $250000 mortgage is $1100 /mo (5/25 @ 3% variable, biweekly). Its nearly half your monthly payment. So $1600 /mo is your basic expense, not including tax. Pretty tough to find a tennant who will pay in excess of that monthly in a unit worth maybe $275000.

        6. Your not accounting for socialist taxes on the property. Ugly times are coming and governments will get desperate, and tax into oblivion anyone who had the gall to want to acquire equity. That plus given how cultures can change very rapidly, i.e. americanize fast, it may not be a good idea to be tied down to a place on the globe because you have a mortgage in a community that was once good but has turned to shit.

        7. Yes. Especially so if you’re not completely inept with your hands.
          A roof or furnace isn’t something that you replace annually. $2500 every 10-15 years each. Even at that, when you do replace or upgrade something, it adds value (equity.) When I renew a lease, I usually do some upgrade around the $1000 mark. A coat of paint or bathroom refresh, etc. Keeps the tennant happy and helps me when its time to get an appraisal.
          One other factor is that in a house you have more space to charge rent for. Three bedrooms on an upper level and one or two in a lower. You could easily be in a positive cash flow scenario in a house, very tough with a condo. Freeholds still lose in my opinion because of this.

      2. Toronto’s real estate market is fucked, at the moment. So you are wise to not borrow over a half a million for a shitty house. The prices there are even worse than NYC metro area, so the bubble will pop eventually. Or just move out Toronto.

    4. My country recently doubled the tax on tap water, which isn’t even provided by the government in the first place. They’re even stealing drinking water from us, pretty much. Also, the fuel and vehicle taxes are now so high that most people (but not me, thank God) are now driving tiny two-door Japanese or French cars.

  2. “… deal drugs ?” Seems a strange advice to me.
    Anyway, the sentence “They are masters of creating the illusion of higher worth than you, when
    in reality the majority of them are leeches with only a vagina to offer
    you” is pure gold. It deserves to be written in the stone if ,one day, a red-pill dedicated monument is made !

    1. I missed that first time around. Become a drug dealer? Sounds like a fast track to the grave or some guy calling you Lucy.

      1. Its risky business.
        A drug dealer neighbourhood friend I knew got stabbed and killed in his own home while taking a shower 2 years ago.
        IF you do it, acknowledge the risks.

      2. By the way, speaking about the film “lucy”, the only thing I kept from this film is : Give a drug (which makes people smarter by using their brain at higher percentage) to a dumb girl, and she’ll act like… an alpha guy..

        1. Lol I never thought of the movie when I said “Lucy”. Those drugs actually exist although the movie vastly overstate their benefits.

  3. Good article. I would add one thing. Don’t buy any property that can be tracked and that cannot be easily moved or hidden. Pre-nups can be challenged and in some countries are not legally binding. Don’t put your lifetime’s biggest investment (i.e. a house) into something that be taken off you by the State.

  4. The deal drugs line was satire. Just tapping into an ideology that you must so whatever it takes, get yours at any cost kind of thinking. As men we owe ourselves and the people we love to become better people, no matter your race or upbringing. This is just more reaffirmation about how you should conduct yourself. Sometimes it gets scary, or life feels too difficult and stressful but that’s when you muscle through and confirm what you knew. That no matter what if you keep trying, and it sounds like an after school special, that you can get whatever you want.

  5. “Improve yourself. Don’t stop. Everyone is good at something. Don’t
    wallow in excuses to justify being lazy. Work hard and rest properly,
    not half measures of both….Above all else, don’t place your own happiness in the idea of a
    relationship or a woman. They are masters of creating the illusion of
    higher worth than you…”
    Wise advice. On the Dr. Tesla thread there are actually people arguing that Tesla wasn’t “alpha” therefore he is shit because he decided to take this advice. When you’re Tesla what woman is worthy of you? It is possible to be great without women in fact history seems to show that its mandatory as they exist chiefly to siphon off time and resources away from your goals.

    1. “In the Dr. Tesla thread there are actually people arguing that Tesla wasn’t “alpha” therefore he is shit because he decided to take this advice. ”
      That’s because these kind of men have made the mistake of having tied up their entire sense of self worth in their ability to get pussy. Their self worth is like an equation that is constrained by female validation. It can only go through the numbers as far as it’s allowed to be. Tesla, like many great men, achieved greatness on *his* terms.

    2. A whole lot of men on ROK think everyone is beta but them. It’s actually kind of hilarious.

  6. I used to be a work as hard as you can 100% of the time individual, it’s what was taught to me when I was growing up working in agriculture, I gave it all.
    While the above is great and generally will get you ahead, you have to be careful/smart on how to use your energieswork. ROK has some good advice on economic subjects, especially in the comments at times. While owning property is great and should be encouraged in my opinion there is a very big difference between really owning something and financing it, financing is not owning !
    A mortgage is nothing more than a big anchor, it should be avoided at all costs by red pill men, it will do nothing but reduce your options. It is the modern equivalent of sharecropping 21st century edition, stay away from it. I second the RV lifestyle, my wife and I lived in an RV with our young son for about a year, it was a good experience and if your woman is willing to do that, its a good indicator.

  7. Property;fast becoming a rich persons game,mortgage rates will shortly escalate
    creating another crisis with the usual repossessions.We see what is happening in London with the people who took up the offer of right to buy,now they will be compulsorarily bought out for little or nothing with no hope of getting on the ladder again and what will happen to their homes,they will be updated and sold to those enterprising oligarchs,you know,the foreign ones who have been kicked out of their own country for massive fraud.No one in authority could care less,whats the name for a collective junket of people with no conscience–that’s right politicians

  8. A lot of good advice here.
    Except for three HUGE errors. You never want a woman “day trading” or “overseeing your administration.” Third – implied in this article is that a man ultimately gets married.
    Women treat buying investments as a form of shopping. Whatever this year’s trend and fashion is will be what she invests in. That means she is always buying at the highest price. Then, of course, selling at a low price once that stock is out of fashion. Worse, she has no appreciation for the money involved because she did not earn it.
    I’m not entirely sure what “overseeing your administration” means, but comes far too close to overseeing you managing yourself and the family. A woman should only being overseeing 3 things: the kids, keeping the house clean, the kitchen. She ought to be overseeing keeping herself attractive, but in reality, you need to do that as well by constantly reminding her that you will leave if she gets fat.
    Marriage – We all know that is about the worst life plan there is for a man. Marriage does not work for men in the US anymore. It is a form of slow suicide. Marriage is like smoking cigarettes or using heroin. Feels good, until the cancer hits.

  9. Other than Marriage and encouraging the woman of my choice to dabble in any form of carreerism, no matter how small, this info is golden. I can see that I’ll be borrowing from this when I have a talk with my [yet-to-be-born] son, should I have one.

  10. Good advice. I’m of the “build it & the women will come” mentality. Don’t live for a woman. She is to compliment your life, not become the focus of it. This is biblical. Make her chase you and make her prove that she deserves to live in your kingdom. If she’s unwilling, drop her.

  11. Haha buy property? Start a business? In the fascist states of america, are you serious? Screw that I’ll get a box truck and hit the road, and keep my gun clean for when the stormtroopers come.

    1. “Screw that I’ll get a box truck and hit the road, and keep my gun clean for when the stormtroopers come”
      So Shit-For-Brains, what are you’re to do to survive in the meantime? Fuckin’ moron.

      1. Umm? None of your business? I’m little confused by the hostile attitude .. Maybe you are compensating for something? In any case keep your shitty attitude to yourself please

  12. Just don’t let it get to you. We all die in the end. It’s REALLY hard sometimes to control your anger when faced with disrespect from women since we all have a dream where we can contribute to this world while being treated equally as human beings. But sometimes the stuff women say about things like height, race, appearance is just directed to be as mean as possible and it makes me rage. Can’t do anything about it though but just roll with the punches and try to enjoy life while you can.

  13. ‘majority of them are leeches with only a vagina to offer you’ – go back to the 1950’s buddy, your views are archaic and incredibly ignorant

    1. Oooh the 1950’s. Standard feminist reference. So ‘buddy’, you state that his views as ignorant, archaic, and reminiscent of the 1950’s, but you do not back up any of your statements as to how any of them are true.

      1. dont need to back it up, I have common sense on my side. you guys are a dying breed, clinging to your outspoken views and acting like its everybody else that has the problem, not you. claiming superiority over anyone else is inherently wrong, whether its gender based, race based.. doesnt matter. in life you should seek to spread positivity indiscriminately, because in turn you live a positive life and will die fulfilled. it sounds cliche but its true. happiness doesnt come from money or women, it comes from within. the majority of articles on here suggest that its a refuge of immature, emasculated men with no perspective on the world. stop spouting negative ego massaging drivel about how manly you are and go learn how to enjoy life.

        1. yeah I do. its real silly though, i feel sorry for the people who read and believe this crap! there is more to life than pussy, money and being a ‘man’. superficial people have superficial interests.

        2. If you had common sense, you would know to back your statements with examples. The article is right above you, how hard is it?
          Also, if you had common sense, your comments would be at least a little more coherent.

        3. you know what isnt coherent? claiming that you are superior over another human being because of a different ratio of gender determining hormones. every animal has hormones, they have existed since the dawn of life. in contrast, consciousness and intellect developed far later down the evolutionary path. are they not far more logical factors in determining a persons worth? all beings that possess conciousness should be equal, no question. maybe the ‘alpha male, testosterone’ mindset would be appropriate, if we still lived in caves. we dont though.

  14. Great
    article! The part I disagree with is prenups, which judges are throwing
    out of court. A woman being able to false accuse you into unemployment,
    bankruptcy, handcuffs, or away from any children you sire are also deal
    breakers. Families shouldn’t be started in countries where the state
    enable female hypergamy, cuckholding, or other mercenary behavior. And
    visas should be kept up to date to be ready to leave any country that
    starts to turn misandric.

    1. Prenups aren’t iron clad, that’s true. But wouldn’t you try to arm yourself with every protection available to you?

  15. I am usually underwhelmed by what I read on ROK but this article stands out as what this website should strive to be: more Pro-Men than Anti-Women.
    It’s not like I think the world’s princesses are without fault. But as a man I try to whine about my own problems as little as possible and find whining by others to be distasteful when it is done at a level that detracts from dealing with said problems.
    Just my $0.02

  16. I honestly feel bad for those who believe that by making themselves seem ‘superior’ to others based on their gender, status, or race, they will achieve success. This kind of thinking only sets everyone up for disappointment. My advice is to open your mind and stop trying to fit those you meet into boxes, as though they’re deserving of being defined by a series of outdated stereotypes and biased notions. And I’m saying all of this because, if you are to keep up such bigotry in the name of ‘manliness’, you will become a hindrance to the progress that our world so desperately needs. Ditch stereotypes. Learn not to judge others. Give those around you a chance. I promise you’ll not only be much happier, but you’ll make the world a better place.

  17. Good article but can’t agree with the condoning of selling drugs. Not tryna be all self righteous tho. But yeah, drugs are bad bros

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