New Evidence Suggests Mattress Rape Victim Emma Sulkowicz Made It Up

In August 2012, Emma Sulkowicz was allegedly raped by Paul Nungesser, both Columbia University students. Nungesser is a male feminist from Germany. Two other women supposedly had already brought complaints against him with the university, so several months after the alleged event, in April 2013, Sulkowicz also filed a complaint against him [It appears that this sequence of events is reversed—see below].

All complaints were dismissed for complete lack of evidence, as is the norm in American judicial theory. In December, the media began to cover the story and assumed Nungesser was guilty. In May 2014, Sulkowicz filed a police report but didn’t complete it, because the police asked questions to determine the veracity of the claims.

The next semester, she began her senior thesis as an art major—carrying her mattress around campus until the school expels Nungesser. This has had the full support of the school’s art department, and the student body have rallied around her in support. ROK has previously offered our coverage and commentary, but the story has recently developed. Nungesser finally is allowed to tell his side of the story, courtesy of The Daily Beast today.

Shortly after entering Columbia, the two became close friends. Occasionally this led to awkward sex, but in general they tried to keep it just friendly. Free love, right? What could go wrong? Sulkowicz claims that the sex started off consensual but that eventually Nungesser brutally assaulted and anally raped her. However, he claims that the anal intercourse was by mutual agreement, followed by other sexual activities. He left her in the morning while she was still sleeping.

Sulkowicz has said in interviews that she was too embarrassed and ashamed to talk to anyone about the rape, let alone report it; an account of her mattress protest by New York Times art critic Roberta Smith says that she “suffered in silence” in the aftermath of the assault. Yet Nungesser says that for weeks after that night, he and Sulkowicz maintained a cordial relationship, and says she seemingly never indicated that anything was amiss.

Constant And Consistent Communication Is Key

Consent does not mean the same thing as “desire.” Women innately sense this, and so many of them have no shame in rewriting the past. One wonders whether they themselves eventually believe their own twisted tale. [All emphases below are mine.]

Nungesser provided The Daily Beast with Facebook messages with Sulkowicz from August, September, and October 2012. (In an email to The Daily Beast, Sulkowicz confirmed that these records were authentic and not redacted in any way; while she initially offered to provide “annotations” explaining the context on the messages, she then emailed again to say that she would not be sending them.) On Aug. 29, two days after the alleged rape, Nungesser messaged Sulkowicz on Facebook to say, “Small shindig in our room tonight—bring cool freshmen.” Her response:

lol yusss

Also I feel like we need to have some real time where we can talk about life and thingz

because we still haven’t really had a paul-emma chill sesh since summmmerrrr

So college has apparently failed to teach her grammar and articulation as much as it failed to teach her art.

The article from The Daily Beast has a three-page interactive document file showing the full conversation. However, they’ve pulled out the highlights.

On Oct. 3, Sulkowicz’s birthday, Nungesser sent her an effusive greeting; she responded the next morning with, “I love you Paul. Where are you?!?!?!?!”

Women love jerks, I suppose. Is Nungesser the Comedian to her Sally Jupiter?

But what was she wearing? (And they said rape was never funny…)

It’s worth noting that Return Of Kings appears to have been completely correct in its initial assessment of the situation. Roosh wrote:

The story of her rape sounds extremely suspicious, and by extremely suspicious, I mean complete bullshit. The fact that she had to convince herself that she was raped several months after the fact and was hesitant to provide details to police should convince even a male feminist that her story is twisted.

Neither campus authorities nor police believed her. Combined with the fact that she is broadcasting her “rape” to the media, granting interviews to anyone who will ask (here’s a video interview with Time), and using it to get an easy A grade on her thesis, it’s safe to conclude that we are looking at a false rape accusation by a mentally unstable woman. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this girl was not truly raped, and instead was sour about being pumped and dumped after giving up her anus to a guy she had the tingles for.

Processes, Due Or Otherwise

Sulkowicz claims the Office of Gender-Based Misconduct in 2013 told her to try to talking with Nungesser on her own to resolve it, which is laughably false. There is no way a university would resolve a rape complaint by asking the alleged victim to have coffee with the perpetrator. Okay, maybe in some backwater religious cult, but not at a major left-wing university like Columbia. Maybe when Sulkowicz’s talentless art career fails, she can work as a stand-up comedian.

Sulkowicz would have you think that the university completely dismissed her complaint because of the patriarchy boogeyman. The actual events appear otherwise,

Even before the investigation began, the charge had immediate consequences. Nungesser was placed on restricted access to university buildings other than his own dorm; these “interim measures” made it extremely difficult to continue in his campus job as an audiovisual technician (especially since he was not allowed to explain why he was under these restrictions) and to attend the counseling sessions he had started. Meanwhile, it became obvious that despite confidentiality rules, news of the accusation was spreading: Within a few days, Nungesser says he was being conspicuously shunned by many fellow students.

Shortly afterwards, there were two more sexual assault complaints brought against him by women on the campus, although neither of those were for rape. It appears that Sulkowicz was friends with the two other accusers. One of the accusers later withdrew her complaint. These claims also have email and Facebook evidence against them.

The Aftermath

At the end of 2013, the university cleared Nungesser of all charges, which was in part because Nungesser hired a criminal attorney (for a mere university court, not a judicial court) and partly because the whole case was based on hearsay.

Sulkowicz also complains that the university court asked personal and graphic questions about the event, which frankly would be reasonable. You can’t have a rape trial without talking about the rape. But a student who attended the hearing, pseudonymously known as Michael Roberson, disagrees with this account, claiming that the questions were much more discreet.

Nungesser is also upset about the hearing. Nungesser claims he was never allowed to present his Facebook messages and that there was a very low requirement of evidential weight, skewing the whole thing in favor of the accusers. I suppose the patriarchy boogeyman even stabs its own in the back. Who is the patriarchy giving power to again?

Nevertheless, Nungesser was cleared of the charges by the school. With no charges from the actual police or government, it appeared that he could continue with his life. But instead, the media was about to have a public hanging, smearing his name forever.

An American Lynching

Until very recently, the mainstream media’s pet activist cause was college rape. However, they’ve had a lot of trouble finding a real rape case with all the normal veracity given to any other topic. So instead they take accusations, tell a few lies about them, skip some fact-checking, and then publish it for all the world to buy their papers.

The New York Post emailed him only a few hours before they published their story, and The New York Times did not contact him at all. Nungesser has been all but shunned by the media (although in fairness, The New York Times gave him a platform in December, supposedly because it would help their declining sales).

Nungesser’s anonymity was increasingly precarious: In early May, lists of campus “rapists” and “sexual-assault violators” began to show up in bathrooms in several Columbia dorms, with his name topping the list as a “serial rapist.” Then, on May 14, Sulkowicz filed a police report. In her comments to The Columbia Spectator, she said: “Maybe his name should be in the public record.” And indeed, The Columbia Spectator story included Nungesser’s name.

But Sulkowicz dropped the criminal charges, claiming it would be “too draining” to bring a serial rapist to justice and prevent him from destroying the lives of other women.

And Then There’s The Mattress

And then there’s the performance “art” mattress protest, in which Sulkowicz carries the mattress everywhere she goes on campus for university credit. For some reason, this doesn’t cause America to lose all faith in the college credential system. This protest will continue until he either leaves Columbia or until they both graduate.

The art thesis project looks a lot more like harassment and coercion than it does like aesthetic creation. All of this has been sanctioned by the school, despite its dismissal of the complaint. Nor has the university defended Nungesser to the media. The student body has rallied around her, since it’s more invigorating than studying.

Future Leaders Of America

Future Leaders Of America.

For the record, things like this—and not the phantom social conditioning—are what cause men and even women to become misogynist.

Tumblr users naturally have jumped on the stupid bus, trying to make Nungesser’s name known across the globe. One white knight wrote on Facebook, “I’m only pissed that I’m not in NY to CUT HIS THROAT MYSELF!”, because apparently first-degree murder is a less serious crime than rape.

But as these petty internet crusades go, nobody remembers their rage as soon as they log off.

Nonetheless, Nungesser still has a measure of anonymity at school. A few people have snapped photos of him and posted them online; however, he is not instantly recognizable and attracts no stares as he walks through the campus. Most classmates, he says, do not realize who he is, and even professors who recognize his name on the roster do not seem to match his face to his name.

I’ve got a hunch that if Roosh or Forney were to quit writing and seek normal employment, they wouldn’t have much trouble.


I suppose it’s not implausible that he actually did brutally rape Sulkowicz and that she was eager to continue the friendship afterwards. But conventional American legal theory does not hold assumptions based on mere plausibility. There is absolutely no evidence against Nungesser, while much evidence is in favor of him. Therefore, the most logical conclusion is that Nungesser almost certainly did not commit the crime.

Due process is the most foundational principle of this country, but we’ve swept that away in favor of superficial moralism. As long as I feel like a good person for blindly defending a woman from the patriarchy boogeyman, then it doesn’t matter whose life gets destroyed in the process.

The thing about rape accusations is that they never go away. Even if it were proven with all epistemological certitude that Nungesser is innocent, his name will always have a black mark. There will always be people who think he might have done it. His name will be in Google searches, and future employers will know about this. Given how many articles have been published unilaterally declaring him guilty, he will never escape the reputation as a serial rapist. A rape accusation is the scarlet A of the modern world.

Stories like this deter men from going to college, since they see just how hostile the environment can become. Even a girl as initially enthusiastic as Sulkowicz has the power to destroy your life on a whim, even when there is a deluge of evidence (both hard and circumstantial) that no crime occurred. We can only hope that, due to this evidence, more men will become aware of this insidious trend.

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    1. Some articles are good, but I get increasingly disillusioned with the agendas pushed forward by moneyed interests and how white washing a page with paid shills can drown out real debate. The internet is already limited as a forum for free speech, and I can see a day soon where all comments are made by paid shills and useful idiots. Any comments to the contrary will be vetted and quickly deleted. We’re more or less near that point now.

      1. This is why it’s so important that the readers of ROK become patrons so that it doesn’t need to try and make money through advertising and can aim for a high level of content from its writers.

  1. Another good man who had his life turned upside by the seemingly senseless lies of a woman. How much of this has to happen before people say “enough is enough”?

    1. It’s going to take someone accused of rape (a man) moving forward with a criminal case against one of these false accusers (and win) to make a change.
      Men need to realize, today, what the author pointed out in the article – that a man’s reputation will have a black mark and his name nearly ruined (career wise), because his name can now be Goolged. He must sue for damages at that point.
      We’re seeing men (after the facts have been proven) still walking labeled guilty (by society) even though they’ve been cleared.

      1. That’s what confuses me the most. Why are these girls getting off scot-free? There are clear damages to the accused’s public image, why can’t he press charges or sue for false accusation, libel, or slander? (Is this because the damages are not easily measurable?)
        The rape either occurred or it didn’t. If the former, the rapist should be imprisoned. If the accusation was fabricated, then the accuser should face criminal charges. How has this simple ideological principle gone completely ignored?
        “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.”
        – Sir William Blackstone (1765)

        1. Feminism is why. The core of feminism is the idea that women should never face consequences for poor choices.

        2. Concurred. I feel a natural instinct to hold men accountable for making stupid decisions, but not women and children. Why? Because women are naturally childish, and children don’t have the mental faculty to make rational decisions. It’s why we have always regarded women in a lower sense…they prove time and time again that they cannot handle responsibility. It is consistently abused in one way or another with only their selfish desires in mind (typically short-term desires too, just like children).

        3. I think it has two causes:
          1) expense. Even if you’re innocent, you’ll spend a fortune to win, and this bitch has no money, and never will – she’s an art major and the quality of her thesis speaks for itself.
          2) risk. In this case you will choose from a) a feminist/leftist judge who is complicit in the propagation of this nonsense or b) a jury of mouth breathing retards who are also steeped in feminism/victim culture, and are likely women. The important point in this is that these are not college administrators who see this bullshit all the time and can at least see it for what it is – these are morons who have been brainwashed by sensationalized media reports of rape epidemics for which they have no firsthand experience. Also remember that no one determined that she was lying, they have just dropped it. Fighting a case like this risks that you could lose because a jury of your idiot peers find her more sympathetic and “feelings”, etc… Then you’re fucked, because you have never been prosecuted, so you are not protected from double jeopardy, and there is now evidence and an adjudicated decision finding that you are a rapist. Enter the ambitious femicunt prosecutor and you’re going to prison even if she is full of shit.

        4. Forget a criminal prosecution – too expensive for the DA to prosecute.
          A successful civil lawsuit for false accusation and defamation would put a stop to most of these frivolous false rape accusations.
          If they knew that they would lose a lot of money if their false story fell apart, that would prevent most of them from happening.

        5. [Edited]
          Very well-put and articulate reply, thanks. The US legal system is pretty unjust in its current state if you ask me – not only because of corrupt judges, but because of all the toxic legislation coming out of DC, manufactured with the purpose of increasing state power; consequently increasing the ability for public officials to exploit political status for personal gain. Notice the US national debt (federal, not to mention underwater state and local governments); the US was once the greatest CREDITOR nation in the world, and now we are the greatest DEBTOR nation. This was supposedly done for the benefit of the people? Bullshit, it was done so politicians could expand the welfare system (among other snake-oil policies) in exchange for votes.
          To be honest, even if he was somehow awarded a judgment, it’s unlikely he would be able to collect on it. As you pointed out, she herself has no money or seizable assets – the most that could be done is an annual prosupp – but she has no wages to garnish anyhow, and if she did, there are still exemptions that can be claimed. It’s not even close to being worth the attempt, given the abundant risk you highlighted.
          [End comment – Begin rant on government]
          Think about how the concept of debt usually works out as a moral and logical system – a “good” system. Typically, debt is to be repaid by an individual or organization who originally agreed to the loan. But what happens when an individual never pays his debts? He is penalized by interest, and cannot take on more loans. When our government takes out debt during the baby boomer generation, and it is never paid, the next generation begins to pay for it. Has GenY benefitted from the debts taken out by GenBBoomer? Hence, the immorality inherent in our current system is made apparent. And our debt continues to grow, our interest rates remain artificially suppressed, and the situation gets worse every passing year. Eventually, other countries will stop lending us money, and then our only source of debt will be the Fed. What happens when we take out loans from the Fed? Money is fabricated out of thin-air. What happens when too much money is printed too quickly? The mythical hyper-inflation scenario. If the Fed is our only source of loans, I suspect there’s a good chance of hyper-inflation- but this is completely speculative. Given the chaotic nature of government, we cannot foresee what crazy snake-oil policies politicians will fabricate to “save our asses” for another year. I hope we don’t end up like Greece, I really do; I still acknowledge it as a realistic possibility for the US, albeit Greece is on a much smaller-scale.

        6. Look for deep pockets to include in the suit. For one I would include the university in the suit because it sponsored the defamation by allowing the bitch to carry the mattress as a thesis and to publicize the alleged rape as part of campus life.
          There was a case recently in the UK where a girl falsely accused a guy of rape and he sued. Her mistake was accusing a guy from a very wealthy family who was willing to spend huge amounts of money to clear his name. He knew he would never recoup the costs of the suit. She ended up committing suicide and he is blamed, of course, despite the evidence that she was mentally ill for years.

      2. You’re absolutely right. Social change is driven by lawyers in this society. They will push any social agenda that earns them money. Men need to start suing and winning. Lawyers are feminists because feminism effectively pays their wages

      3. No – it’s going to take a successful major lawsuit for false accusation and defamation against these false rape accusers.
        Once they see that they can’t just falsely accuse someone of rape and then not be held accountable when their accusation is proven to be not true – maybe that will prevent these false accusation from being used against people.
        If a college age female were to have a civil lawsuit judgement awarded against them for a million dollars, that might put a damper of falsely accusing people.
        I’m not for sexual assault on females or a rape-apologist, but these false rape accusations also hurt real rape victims – the more these frivolous accusation happen, the more likely real rape cases are liekly to be overlooked or scoffed at.

        1. True. We have need society to “right the ship” and punish false accusers (that’s the problem). Women, today, can get away with any accusation without a punishment (they simply drop the charge)…..when they should be investigated further to see if they are lying.
          It’s hard to prove, either way, but if the police held their feet to the fire you’d see a decrease in these false rape claims. It hurts everyone in society, really.

        2. I agree – but the police and the DA would be worried about pressure from Women’s Groups screaming about “shaming the victim” to the media.
          That’s why I think it’s more appropriate for the falsely accused to file a civil lawsuit against their accuser – a monetary penalty as opposed to jail time would be just as effective and might not arouse the Feminist leadership too much
          Of course, this also means that males are going to have to be more vigilant and, creepy as this might sound, will probably have to find ways to digitally record their interaction with females.
          It’s sad – but saving all email messages, facebook and Twitter messages and even recording all one’s conversations and intimate relations with females may be the only way to conclusively prove that a rape-allegation is false.
          I feel that this type of angry behavior towards men is learned early – we teach little boys not to hit girls and if he hits her, he gets in trouble
          we teach girls that she can get away with hitting a boy and not get in trouble.
          Most women will understand boundaries and not attack men, but some women have personality disorders like Emma Sulkowicz at Columbia and feel no remorse about unjustifiably attacking a man on false pretences, because they know that they won’t get punished for it.

        3. Agree. We (society) need one or the other to bring thing inline. Right now, there is no punishment for women who engage in this type of behavior. No punishment means it can continue to run rampant.

        4. But the feminists would object, because such a lawsuit would be ‘discouraging other victims from coming forward’.
          In other words, don’t punish them because there might be other victims somewhere, at some time (other than the falsely accused)…or, vagina

        5. That’s the sad hypocrisy of false rape accusations – the belief that men can’t be victimized by being falsely accused, or that because some males are actually rapists that all men are potential rapists.
          Scapegoating males does not strengthen women.
          Justice is meant to be impartial – at some point there has to be a paradigm shift.

    2. Notice he is majoring in Architecture (a real major) and she is majoring in art (Bullshit). She has no real value in the real world if carting a mattress around is her work product after 4 years in an Ivy League school. This is as good as it gets for her…

      1. What does the administration of that prestigious Ivy League school think they achieve allowing this silly act of dragging a mattress around campus? Your school’s reputation is on the line. Are they really THAT stupid?

  2. Someday, maybe the same day we see prostitution decriminalized and saloons open up right next door to sperm banks (via “fair zoning practices”) we’ll see women caught making rape accusations serve time for the same length as a rape conviction.
    We’ll also get to know what bacon from a flying pig tastes like.
    Civilization will collapse first before the cuntocracy yields, which is probably the very plan. We cannot have a civilization where there is no due process.

    1. False accusers should also have their names added to a permanent public list. They should also be required to circulate their picture and a description of their crime to their neighbourhood annually. Finally the fact they have a history of lying should be allowed in any court case they are involved in in the future.

      1. Agree….especially if the man is found not guilty (no evidence of rape found; his name cleared). Only then we will see the tide turning (more women will think twice about making these statements so lightly).
        There are too many crazies out there to just take their word at it.

  3. Being a rape victim is trendy and popular. Look at Lena Dunham’s fabrication to get attention and sympathy in her book, even though she herself molested her infant sister. Women gather on college campuses and discuss how victimized they are. Every girl wants to be a victim, so they expand the definition of rape so that more women are covered. For instance, if a girl had a boyfriend from four years ago who had to ask for sex three times before she acquiesced, that is now considered rape. The time she had her butt squeezed on a dance floor at midnight, that counts as rape too. A man making a remark about how she has lost weight is also rape. And if none of those things happened, then she simply makes it up so she can join all her trendy, popular friends who are also victims.

      1. I honestly feel more sympathy for a girl who had a nightmare of being brutally raped than I do for these mattress-carrying stunt-twats that I’ve read about.

      2. Just disgusting; shit like that only got my granduncle, let alone untold legions of innocent men LYNCHED.
        Women who previously made false rape accusations have two choices: get publicly humiliated or spend time in men’s prison.

    1. Why are all these feminist prominent women of a certain ethnicity (not white)?
      Bring on the paid trolls. I must be imaging it. I’m a racist. I have issues. etc. etc. When you guys repent for your banking elite staging wars and getting white people killed (100 million by communism alone), other races killed and stop trying to take the place of God, maybe I’ll go easy on you.

      1. Most likely because of multiple “protected class” categories, they have more experience at an earlier age exploiting that part of the system. Women have enough influence just by virtue of gender, but throw in another minority status and you’ve got a potential for a lot of crazy

      2. If you don’t see white women in the ranks of feminism, you’re not looking.
        If you’re white you may want to take that bitter redpill and ask yourself why; in a country that is so anti-white, someone would make white females one of the most privileged classes in America. I can assure you that if white women had even the slightest potential to to de-rail “the plan”, they wouldn’t be treated nearly as well as they’re treated now.

    2. So true, my ex-girlfriend’s best friend in college was always lying about guys trying to date rape/drug her. It was almost like this was a fantasy of hers. She was the least attractive of their group so everyone assumed it was her way of trying to compete and get attention. She would call 911 at around 2am (after zero guys approached her all night) and get taken away in an ambulance in front of everyone outside the bar/club, all just to be the center of attention.
      Attention is the new currency and women will do anything to get it. Attractive women take 1000 half naked selfies a day to get it and ugly girls cry rape. Histrionics galore.

      1. She shack up with some Beta and turn into a gargantuoid after having his two kids yet? Sounds like a fate befitting for her.

    3. How disgustingly privileged and easy must these girl’s lives be, if it is trendy to be a rape victim? They should take a trip to Sierra Leone or Uganda, to see what a rape really is; a brutal act that you recognize to be rape the moment it’s happening, not mulled over and decided on months after the fact

    4. At the age she claims they both were, she didn’t molest her baby sister. Neither party were at an age where that could be considered sexual. What is really disturbing is that a grown woman almost in her 30’s would find the event so significant that she would write it in vivid detail in her book. She’s obviously a very perverted and deranged person.
      I also disagree that women are claiming to be rape victims to be popular; it’s just that women are so immature and violently allergic to responsibility that any sexual event in which they feel regret; or are openly outed as a slut, must be someone else’s (the man’s) fault. It’s just in their nature to be shifty and direct blame at everyone but themselves. Any man who’s ever pinned down a woman (figuratively) on anything she’s ever done wrong can attest to her trying to squeal, cry, or point fingers to get out of the situation.
      However if Sulkowicz is lying (hint: she is), you have to admit this is way beyond regular female behavior. We’re going into deep sociopath territory here.

  4. And you know what the conclusions of feminists will be?
    To make it harder to accuse men of rape? Hahaha, no.
    To make it easier to accuse men of rape, “because we don’t want any female ‘victims’ to feel discouraged from coming forward”.

  5. The problem is evidence is irrelevant in these cases. When you read about this sorry incident, it is a complete travesty that this guy had to defend himself in the first place.
    Sulkowicz had been in a consensual relationship with him where they engaged in rough sex. She got drunk, invited him to her room, got naked, started to fuck him, and only protested once his cock was up her ass. Then she didn’t report it for months.
    The second accuser also had a long consensual sexual relationship with him involving rough sex. This basket case had mental issues, and only realized she was raped years later when she met Sulkowicz at a party and the two compared notes.
    The third was a bartender who the guy attempted to kiss when drunk, something she admits happens all the time. She protested. He stopped. She came forward after she compared notes with the other two, but then disappeared and failed to cooperate in the investigation.
    To summarize, three women with mental problems, two redefined consensual sex as rape post hoc, and one claims she was sexually assaulted because a drunk guy tried to kiss her.
    I’m not losing much sleep over it. In fact, I’m kinda sleepy now. Where’s Sulkowicz with that mattress when I need a nap?

      1. Agreed. Look at the UVA nonsense. Is there anyone who believes that this wasn’t a lie? Doesn’t UVA have an honor code that prohibits lying? Why the fuck is Jackie Coakley still on campus?

        1. They don’t want to upset too many of their students (aka customers). They all may transfer to another school if they get too upset….money lost.

        2. That’s what I’ve realized colleges have turned into. Straight up businesses. This once-great institutional system has become corrupted ever since touched by the government (subsidies). This brought a massive inflow of unqualified individuals to the higher learning system, and so the schools developed easier programs with sophisticated titles to maintain the increased cash flows. The schools are now just like politicians. They will tell you what you want to hear, act how you want them to act, whether just or not, in order to keep the money/power flowing.

        3. Everything is a business these days; but college has crossed the line into becoming a SCAM.

        4. You would think that the students if they had any sense of justice would be offended that they have such a sick individual in their midst who would make ridiculous and patently false accusations. I for one would be concerned as a sociopath could very well level one against me for unashamed and unrepentant machismo/masculinity

        5. “every great cause begins as a movement, grows into a business and then degenerates into a racket”

        6. There was a woman at Princeton back in the 80’s who publicly admitted she lied, apologized in the school newspaper and still faced no consequences. Not only did she graduate, but was admitted to the bar to practice law!!! Wish I could remember her name.

        7. Hysteria is the word.
          I have never met a woman who does not suffer from it. It is not that they consciously “revise” their own personal history, they actually truly believe the fantasy they have created. When confronted with the truth (“John Smith is not the father!”) they will usually descend into a screaming fit and continue to deny the facts as they plainly stand. Women know that they suffer from this and it scares them. This is why they need a strong man who will not tolerate their madness.
          Furthermore, this presents difficulties (allowing women the responsibility to make certain decisions, such as voting) because many times, they simply do not know what they are doing. As such, a strong justice system based on facts must be protected and maintained.
          Women have the capacity for logic but they do not have the emotional discipline to maintain an objective argument. And so, it is important that they remain subordinate to men as it is for their benefit.

        8. Precisely. Feminism has shown us that women just arent emotionally capable of existing on their own. There is no more hysterical creature than the “I dont need a man” feminist. Her rage and emotional outbursts are nothing but proof of her need for a strong man.
          They are socially inferior beings with a very impaired ability to relate to other humans because they cant look past themselves. Solipsism is their religion which, as you stated, makes giving them the right to vote a dangerous proposition. Allowing them the power of an entire legal system is just asking for stories just like this.

        9. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that women can’t vote. matter of fact, many have the same capacity as a lot of the men out there. When the motherhood instincts kick in is when they get hella irrational.

        10. When the motherhood instincts kick in is when they get hella irrational.

          ..which is precisely why they should not be allowed to vote.

        11. You can trace a lot of problems from the point at which women got the vote. That said, the idea that anyone can vote themselves access to your stuff is a serious problem.

        12. hysterica is from the greek hysterikos meaning “of the womb” or “suffering in the womb”
          Basically, saying someone is “hysterical” or participating in “hysteria” is the same as saying “you are acting like a bitch on the rag”

        13. Attributable to Eric Hoffer, a well know and successful writer that none the less worked as a longshoreman until he retired at 65.

        14. “…the institutional system has become corrupted ever since touched by the government (subsidies).”
          You know how they say ‘if you’ve got a hammer, every problem looks like a nail’? Well to the american government, every problem looks like a slot machine. Or a stripper’s thong.

        15. Most women vote liberal, except for the elderly and the religious. Unleashing that huge a voting bloc into the public, knowing they will ALWAYS vote the same way, is outright suicidal for a nation…unless you’re a socialist power-monger, I guess.
          Everyone knows how women are. Women do, but pretend they don’t. Men do, but want to get laid so pretend otherwise. As English Bob stated above, women can even believe the bullshit, but at the end of the day we all know women are usually selfish, neurotic and group-oriented, and none of those attributes are suitable to a strong capitalist society in a rapidly developing global economy.

        16. The only thing that will fix this whole suffrage issue (with idiots of either gender, and a huge liberal bloc, destroying the voting process) will be a vicious and bloody war, followed by a strongman leader with a compassionate bent; Plato’s philosopher king.
          In other words, it will never be fixed; democracy is a death knell

        17. Quite right! The problem is the politicians who give them the chance to do so!! More benefits for single mums, free housing and taxes paid by the wage slave, more money being injected in projects to help women get into different fields; plenty of women who get money already have family guiding them into these careers. But you’re paying for it suka.
          Few days ago I read an article on the guardian website urging people to respect the single parents and not patronize them. Some get my sympathy but the majority are scum.

        18. I have personally known single mothers. Many of them are prideful and believe it is their right for society at large to be the daddy. And of course if you pay women to have babies, they will have them.

        19. I disagree. Very few women I have met have any ability to use logic. The ability to plan ahead, to assess outcomes and consequences, to judge risk vs return…etc.
          If a woman makes a decision, which happens to be the same choice as one that would have been supported by logic, it is more than likely that this is purely a coincidence. Or that a number of men told her to make this choice.
          I agree that screaming fits and denial are regular outcomes of arguing with women, where facts and logic are used. Most women will also use tears, and accusations of “why are you picking on me”, “I’m just not up to this now”,.. and other emotional outbursts to avoid confronting the facts.

        20. Jackie Coakley is still on UVA’s campus because the entire hysteria driven melodrama was fully supported by the President Teresa Sullivan, and ideological radical feminist. That school, once considered the top public university in the country, is going the shitter. They think they are associating themselves with Ivy League schools by emulating the rape histrionics, but this will backfire on UVA because in the past UVA got great students precisely because they wanted to go to a top university without putting up with the Ivy League PC bull shit. That is now lost. Virginia Tech will soon be considered the top school in the state of Virginia.

        21. Yeah, I look at the 2000 and the 2004 elections and think to myself, there’s a commenter who KNOWS what he’s talking about.
          Oh, the idiocy!

        22. “I agree that screaming fits and denial are regular outcomes of arguing with women,…”
          And with the guys in the comments section at Fox, and with the guys at the comments section at Breitbart… For someone purporting to value evidence you seem fairly allergic to evidence.

        23. Are one of those the elections the one that Al Gore actually won the popular vote?
          Look at the 2008 election, which drew out millions of young first-time voters because BO was a ‘charismatic’ liberal, many of whom were women. Old people and the religious flocked to the voting booths for GWB, just like young people and women flocked to the voting booths for Obama. Often, people just won’t vote if they dislike the candidates, even if they voted last cycle. Also, the president isn’t the only position voted for by the public; most senators and congressmen aren’t going anywhere if they don’t defend ‘women’s issues’ and promote some form of feminism.
          I look at this comment and see a smug smartass who THINKS he knows what he’s talking about.

        24. The spiteful, narcissistic, “pleasantly plump” (I did not say “fat” or “slutty”) and loathsome Lena Dumb-Ham was also “raped” and has made hay or a multimillion dollar career out of that patent falsehood.

        25. It’s pretty amusing how quickly that story went away after Breitbart demolished it.

        26. Uh, you are wrong. Plenty of women are able to use logic. However, where the Liberal women differ from normal men is how they weigh price/value decisions. Because the egos of these perpetual victims are so big, they see nothing wrong with falsely accusing any particular man. To them, men are all jerks, so punishing one man is seen as a good way to get back at all men. Even if the accusation is totally false, the end-goal is seen as valid (punish all men), hence, the false accusations. To these men-mating Liberal women, it’s guilt by association: If you are a man, you deserve to be punished.

        27. They stay with logic if it favors them and ignore it when it endangers them
          In the case of Sulkowicz she doesn’t use logic she is basing this on art and making a mockery of art at that. Her parents were also psychiatrists psychology does not seem to adhere to logic

      2. I concur and it’s sickening to be honest. Swift and brutal justice must be meted out.

      3. It is important with chicks to tote up the psycho suspicion points. Sometimes they can be subtle, sometimes not. You can treat them like points on a license. A few and the bitch is on probation. Too many and its a permanent riding ban.

      4. Yes – had a friend locked up on a false rape accusation from his soon to be ex-wife. They never prosecuted him – he was with a bunch of friends at the time the crime allegedly took place and her examine showed she hadn’t had any sex at all.
        They let him go but never did a thing to her for the outright lies she spewed.

        1. Yeah, so why shouldn’t women make false rape accusations when there aren’t any repercussions for them?

    1. You just sexually assaulted me with your comment, it is too triggering to be on Return of Kings. I reported you to Roosh and he told me to go fuck myself. I am now going to walk around Miami with my laptop open for Manosphere extra credit until this injustice is addressed!

      1. That would be quite avant-garde of you to walk around Miami with your “lap-top” opened and “the man-o-spheres” hanging out in protest of this outrage…

        1. I mock not your “art”, son, I’ve always avoided looking into other mens’ drawers because of the tools in them, even when the drawers might be open.

        2. “I mock not your “art”, son, I’ve always avoided looking into other mens’ drawers..”
          “Son”, You called me “Son”!!?! I will have you know although born a XY cis gender normal, I identify as female, however I am still attracted to women, so I am a lesbian, however I am currently transitioning to male. Please refer to me as “Mr.Ms. Atlanta-Florida by way of Detroit Man Person”. Respect my individual choice as a whatever the fuck I think of next…or something. I am offended!!! See this is why I need feminism, because I am an idiot.

        3. Most people think I’m a pale white Irishman. You can imagine their faces when I tell them I’m a 100% black Vietnamese Falcon.

        4. @atlanta_man:disqus Toss “poly-” prior to another adjective of your choice somewhere in there too, so you can sound even more sophisticated and cutting-edge. The more adjectives, the better!

        5. Right on, don’t forget to mention the interspecies-curious gender-ambiguous poly relationships being explored.

        6. Guys, let’s knock it off. There will never be a shortage of campus whores. Just make sure you teach your sons to see them and stay away from them.

        7. Just as long as I don’t get accused of fucking some broad up the poopshute.

        1. Yeah… I’m surprised there aren’t a gaggle of orbiters carrying her around on her mattress. Like a pack of blue-pill pallbearers.

        2. I’m surprised they didn’t become Praetorian Sniffers, carrying her around like Cleopatra.

      2. It’s too bad Sulkowicz didnt get falsely raped on the toilet or on a fridgw would love to see her lugging a heavy fridge around or a toilet for hilarity

    2. The problem is evidence is irrelevant in these cases

      And that’s not even the only problem. The underlying problem of it all is that women’s bodies are treated as holy temples bodies and even the slightest amount of “princess didn’t like it” is considered to be a crime.
      Just imagine the opposite:
      Girl: “Hey, wanna f*ck me in the ass?”
      Boy: “Hmm, I don’t know”
      Girl: “Come on, let’s do it”
      Boy (after a month): “I don’t think I liked it. Let me carry a mattress as the symbol of my sulking”
      TIME Magazine: “Let’s put this brave brave guy on our cover”
      It would be so laughable, yet in the case of women it’s an act of bravery and of fighting against rape culture.

      1. There in lies the irony. If a guy treats a girl’s body like a holy temple, he will turn her off completely, be put in the beta category and never allowed to touch her again. They want to be defiled in bed and its looking more and more like they have two personas, their social person and their sexual person. One is a special, princess, snowflake and the other is a dirty stripper, whore. When the two get confused there are going to be problems.

        1. She just couldn’t forgive herself for letting her fag friend see how hard she cums getting cornholed.

    3. Amen to that, and I’ll go further-if this Nungesser were a man following what was a wanton attempt at destroying his life and tarnishing his reputation, he should be mercilessly after blood. He should sick the lawyers on this disgusting parasite and completely and utterly destroy her and her family in a Court of law. There should also be perjury/misconduct charges being laid on Sulkowicz too and Columbia should face lawsuits too for allowing mob justice to derail due process and the other hysteria that it has enabled.
      What a sick society we live in-a sociopath using a false rape accusation to gain notoriety and to facilitate her ‘thesis’ or is that ‘feces’? We are truly in a race to the bottom.

      1. These people will be smoking corpses, along with many others, when the ridiculous policies their ilk have invented bear their foul fruit.

    4. As a feminist, it really is a travesty that women are abusing the system to persecute men who rejected them. No. Bad consensual sex / non-reciprocal love does NOT equal rape. They are only making it more difficult for real victims to come forward

    5. ” she was sexually assaulted because a drunk guy tried to kiss her.”
      This is something maybe 90% of guys have done- now its criminalized.
      Of course- when a woman does it- its just fine.

    6. Most “rape” claims stem from this kind of twisted thinking. A woman scorned=I was raped. A woman who regrets getting wasted and screwing a guy=rape victim. Sulkowicz is a liar and the University professors that backed her crusade are just as bad.

  6. It’s sad how feminists and sjws have exploited this disturbed woman by making her a national icon. Now we have students carrying their “butt rape awareness” mattresses around campuses across the U.S. with their mantra being “carry that weight.”

    1. All while living (comfortably) in a world that men built around them.
      You have to love the irony of these situations.

  7. While reading this an ROK popup window advertising some “game” tactics.
    I’m sure that worked out real well for the fellow.

        1. Maybe I misunderstood you. I read your comment as saying chasing poon is too risky to bother developing game.

        2. Woops, thought this was in response to another comment I made.
          Chasing pussy is always a risk. Especially now in the current climate in the western world.
          Like it or not, you better be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice because game has no control over whether or not a woman will falsely accuse you of rape. And that can happen years down the line. If RoK has any articles on the subject I’d love to read them.

  8. If you “need” someone in your life to be happy, there’s something wrong with you. It may be insecurity. It may be low self-esteem. It may be a personality disorder. It may be social shaming and brainwashing. Whatever “it” is, you need to figure it out and fix it.
    The reason some in the media associated Elliot Rodger with the various online, men centric forums is because Elliot would rather murder people that go without female validation and attention. The guy could not be happy without a woman propping up his self-esteem and self-worth. He’d rather see others die than live without female validation and adoration. You really don’t “need” anything from women to be happy as a man.
    Your self-esteem, happiness and identity cannot be hinged to something as shallow as a trinket under your arm. To live this way is to be a fool. To live this way is to beg for self-destruction. The biggest mistake men make is thinking they’ve arrived because they found a good looking women that adores them.
    MGTOW is the door to true happiness. Don’t perform like a dancing monkey for women. Don’t improve yourself because you think more women will adore you. Don’t become the best you can be because that might garner you attention from women.
    Do things because you mean more than a series of superficial traits. Do things because your self-esteem and identity are yours to define and control. You’re not someone’s dancing puppet.
    The path to peace and happiness isn’t through the receipt of adoration of others. The path to peace and happiness is though being independent, believing in one’s self and being no one’s performing monkey. The path to peace and happiness is the ability to respect and honor one’s self – regardless of outside influence.
    Look at famous actors, singers, and other famous people that commit suicide or dull their pain through addictions. Were they not beloved and adored? Why were they so miserable? Why are so many of the rich and famous miserable people? Because the adoration, affection and attention of others defines their mental state and happiness.
    MGTOW, more than any other men’s mindset, is the path to happiness and peace for men. Do not let the affection and adoration of others define your self-esteem and happiness in life.
    Most women have nothing to bring to men’s lives but emasculation, anxiety, stress, poverty, heartbreak and pain. Women are the destroyers of good men.

    1. Amen brother.
      MGTOW is the only real insulation from this kind of thing but even people here at ROK shame MGTOW.

      1. Amen brother. Thank you for your welcome.
        People are afraid of MGTOW. Why do people denigrate and shame MGTOW? I’ll tell you why. People denigrate and shame MGTOW because MGTOW represent the end of female pedistalization and female worship.
        Women hate MGTOW because these men don’t hold women up on a pedestal. White knights hate MGTOW because MGTOW hate white knights. Why do MRAs and MGTOW disagree? Because women are fooling MRAs into believing that theirs a future for men and women.
        Women are only interested in the resources men can provide. Women don’t love men for who they are. Women “love” men for what men can provide to women.

        1. And not only that. Going MGTOW does not mean you don’t get laid(i.e. go monk). That’s one misconception floating around..

        2. MGTOW control women’s access to their lives. Women don’t control access to MGTOW’s lives.

        3. True. MGTOW means you will let women come to you, not the other way around.
          All this PUA bullshit is weak, horny guy behaviour. Someone who´s hitting on women constantly is just feeding them with more and more attention.

        4. I’m aiming to go monk, actually.
          And I made this decision after a recent “game- and laid operation”, in order to be sure that I wasn’t just trying to save the face out of sexual misery.

        5. And most likely getting more and more shot down, because the women are already “talking to” (a way of saying “fucking” without sounding trashy, supposedly) 1+ guys, deem anything not up to their station as “creepy” and toss that word around like candy, and just have an unappreciative, take everything for granted, act invincible nature. PUAs have a hard time wrapping their heads around this and have a whole “Throw enough frogs against the wall and a few will stick” Law of Large Numbers mentality.
          I have everything else better to do with my time, like wipe the dust behind my refrigerator as an example.

        6. Exactly… Elliot’s whole frame of shame and reference was the attention he was getting from women. This made him just like a women.
          As for MGTOW.
          Nowadays, if a girl asks me if I am busy, or want to meet up… I just text back “Sometimes, a man just has to go his own way”. And they seem to respond well to this… no sulking.
          My second excuse is – “I have to return some videotapes”.

        7. Indeed-my understanding of it is to live on your terms unfettered by the stupidity, constraints, norms and ‘values’ of modern degenerate society which promote nothing but idiocy, supplication and weakness both physical and mental. If anything I don’t seek women out-they come to me as I burn with strength and always have an imperious steely gaze knowing I am above the rabble for having a clear mind and having undertaken the path to cultivating mastery over myself and my interests. It beats being one of the pack animals.

        8. Hear hear. I scrupulously control whichever wench gains access to me and make a point of how a 24 hour day is composed of 1 hour blocks of which they have to be very special to be granted 1 in an audience with me.

        9. I lived in a monastery for a while (I was a novice in a buddhist temple), and I’ll just warn you that monasticism is more than celibacy.

        10. MGTOW is becoming more appealing to me for a variety of reasons. Women dislike it very much when you deny them access to you. It’s very entertaining to witness. It shows them you have more important things going on in your life than communicating or hanging out with them. And when they notice this, they want you even more. Live on your own terms!

      2. some people at ROK do – I’m not MGTOW, but I respect it and think it is a good way, and I think so do most people here – I think it’s mostly a thing of the silent majority not feeling the need to get into the discussion on this (which is a pity)

  9. So she was still sending him cute little messages and wanting to hang out even after he allegedly “raped” her. I’m sure the feminists will rationalize this somehow, perhaps as a victim falling in love with her predator.

    1. “I’m sure the feminists will rationalize this somehow, perhaps as a victim falling in love with her predator.”
      Here you go:

      1. I cannot believe I actually clicked the link that bimbo provided, *mind blown* I have never read anything that damn retarded.

        1. “I have never read anything that damn retarded.”
          I feel for you. But this is just how it feels like looking into a women’s brain as a man.
          It’s the absence of any kind of rationality and logic that’s so mind boggling for us.

        2. You are truly a much braver soul than I could ever be -anything that comes out that vile strumpet is to be avoided if one respects their intellect.

      2. I feel like this is the end of The Running Man – was she raped, or not?
        Either way, I’m sure that I am measurably stupider for having read it.

    2. They don’t have to rationalize it; they already muddied the definition of rape so much that having a boner within 100 feet of a woman is now rape

  10. “Stories like this can deter men from going to college” That’s the whole point they don’t want men getting an education.

    1. Then, on the flip side, they want us to bust our balls in the blue collar difficult work, then make our own business. To be attractive enough to have them “grace us” with temporary renting of their vagina, which we pay for. Until they can take everything in divorce. That makes us marriageable?

  11. Of course she did it to get the easy A for her thesis. He did not love her, and she needed her final grade before getting a useless art degree that the tax payers have now most likely funded.
    See, women truly are better at multi-tasking.
    Hopefully soon, they all pay the taxes for their own Cat-halla retirement home. After being pushed off the carousel where they were used to being used like cheap whores.
    Yet, in the feminist mindset, I’m guilty of the above for being male?
    The fact that women perpetuate these myths, buy fashion mags, and drive the media vanity fair that “crushes the bolemic-spirit” of so many pwecious wittle princesses on their career to latte-chef……somehow I’m the villian?
    Yet, if she takes advantage of me while drunk, or while still a teenager, I pay the consequences for that too because I’m an evil, sex-starved beast called male.
    So obviously I wanted it, and should stop blaming the real victims?
    Fuck feminists. Pay your own tax burden, fuck yourselves, break your own back, and fight your own wars. I’m done. I don’t give a shit about you. Take your pet-politicians with you.

    1. “See, women truly are better at multi-tasking.”
      Haha. I literally lol’d. There goes that article about how men can do everything better…

  12. Saw a study recently that estimated ~60% of rape accusations nowadays are false. Can’t say I’m surprised.

        1. Stewart in 1981 found that 90% are false (though I question that number).
          McDowell in 1985 found that 60% of accusations in the air force were false
          Kanin in 1994 found 41% overall, and 50% on college campuses
          Rumney in 2006 said between 10 and 50%
          Google should help you find those studies, don’t have the links handy. I am pretty sure the one I read was only a year or two old though, I’ll keep looking

    1. Two separate police officers I know told me that it’s even as high as 80%, judging from the cases they saw first hand.

  13. All they need to do is falsely accuse the wrong man or enough men ‘wake up’ and it’s all over for them. I hope Nungesser swallows the red pill, for his own sake. I just wish I could live long enough to see what the world will be like after feminism.

    1. The article says “Nungesser is a male feminist from Germany” so I don’t have any sympathy. That’s what you get for complying with their demands!

    1. You’d never hear about it in the day-to-day, but there’s actually a rise in monasticism in America, for a wide variety of reasons.

  14. Getting jumped and beat down by multiple attackers is the male equivalent of getting raped. A man is saying “I cannot beat you up alone but with six friends I can kick the shit out of you”. To all the men on this site I ask you If you were assaulted by a group of men would you ask them to hang out, would you ask them to kick it and drink beer, and play some X box? Fuck no you would be out for blood!
    This bitch Emma is a liar and the messages prove it, she knows she is full of shit and is milking it for all it is worth.
    No victim of violent crime that is too “triggered” to follow through on a police report would walk around advertising their assault, she makes a mockery of real victims.

  15. Doesn’t he have some sort of recourse to sue her for slandering his name? He was found to innocent but is she is making an arts project that is essentially about him being a rapist, that’s gotta be some sort of defamation of character.

  16. In the US, statistics are wildly falsified all of the time. Why? To push a political agenda and to divide the masses into voting groups. Women and minorities use the false rape stats to keep women and minorities as their main victim voting block. In this way, they gain money, power and control. Women and minorities are useful pawns for the liberal agenda. They are easily convinced of their victim status and rely heavily on the government for their survival.
    No other statistics are more wildly falsified in the US than rape statistics. How are rape stats falsified? Here’s how they do it in the US:
    This isn’t a fair fight, people. The gloves are officially off.
    MGTOW provide the solution to all of men’s problems. More and more, the establishment hates MGTOWs. Why? Unlike the white knights, MRAs, tradcons and anti-feminists, MGTOWs don’t pedastalize women. As a matter of fact, MGTOW believe the majority of feminists should be sedated and caged in mental health institutions – along with white knights, anti-feminists and MRAs.

  17. Sex with a western women “American Women”? He did this all to hiself. Poor kid, and he’s from Germany and identifies as a “male feminist”? Pretty funny.

  18. I feel sorry for this young man who has been victim to the false claims of an unstable college girl. ROK should stand beside him as he goes through this trying process and applaud him when he finally graduates. I can’t imagine the hell he is going through due to the liberal feminist vortex.
    Nussenger has failed to legally capitalize on the libel and slander that he has experienced, not to mention the school sanctioned lynch mob bullying and harassing him to withdraw.
    I hope he does something incredibly ballsy during his graduation walk (such as pulling a pillowcase and sheets out of his robe) and sues the shit out of Columbia and this you-know-what. Fortunately he is a foreigner so he can return to his home country and this nightmare will be a bad memory.

    1. My sentiments exactly Don Corleone; he must do what you have proposed if he has any vestige of self-respect and sense of being a man; and the bonus would be that it’d cause all the disgusting feminists and their manginas to go apoplectic!

  19. Remember to get your evidence in order if you plan on sleeping with leftist college women

    1. We’re just going to have to secretly film the sexual encounter, and then upload it to youporn or xvideos just in case something happens to our phones.

  20. Most men are fools. Why? They’re naive. The don’t understand how ruthless and cunning women can be. You really can’t blame the guys. All they think about is getting laid. Women are far more sophisticated. Women are many times more ruthless than men.
    If you men really want to know how most women think, read the below. Don’t read the article. Instead, read the women’s (and white knights) comments that follow the article.
    If you don’t hate white knights and feminists after this reading – congratulations, you’re a masochist – beeotch!
    MGTOW is the way forward for men. Women dig MGTOW men. MGTOW men aren’t defined by women, their mothers or their sisters.

    1. Fuck ’em man… The white knights can run their mouths all they want. They don’t know it, but that’s exactly the reason they don’t get laid.. When I hear one of these, I always smile..

    2. Women may dig an MGTOW man if he’s visibly of high enough SMV that it’s clear to everyone that he could get a woman if he wanted to. Then, for him to go MGTOW demonstrates what PUAs call abundance mentality or outcome indifference.
      Case in point, Clooney, who was considered one of the world’s most eligible bachelors until he recently married after a (by celebrity standards) extremely long period of being single, during which he had said he’d never get into an LTR again. Being handsome, charismatic and a rich Hollywood star of course makes for a high SMV to begin with, but I think quite a bit of his astronomical SMV was due to that extended singlehood despite his SMV, and what women instinctively perceived in him as a result.
      It’s a wholly different matter if a man goes MGTOW because he’s of abysmally low SMV to begin with. He might fool himself into believing MGTOW is a deliberate lifestyle choice he made rather than the only choice available to him, but he’s not going to fool any women.

  21. If you search for the below on Google:
    allegedly rape
    Noting about this story comes up. All of the stories are of men raping women.
    Please let the Gods of defamation destroy this woman and all women and all men that supported her. The only object free of rape, between her and her mattress, is herself.
    Isn’t that the way things go.
    MGTOW isn’t the answer. MGTOW is the question – and the answer.

      1. I came up with a couple of Google searches of my own:
        ‘woman charged sex boy’
        ‘woman charged false rape’
        The above two Google searches came back with way more than I expected.
        Thanks much for the suggestion though. All one really need do is search on the right phrases.

  22. More Whores Wish To Be Raped Than Are Actually Raped (my mother not withstanding):
    Both of my sisters and most certifiably my mother would have falsely claimed rape to extort money from a man that jilted them. My mother and my sisters are some of the worst women I’ve ever met it my entire life. My mother and my sisters are readily comparable to most women.
    Most women are shit cupcakes on teflon abortion slopes. Take it from a man who knows. Women are so entitled and narcissistic these days that “instant prison sentence” appears when you look at their mirror reflection.
    Women are now beyond evil. Even evil feels less evil when side by side with a woman.

  23. But what about the other 2 women who claimed they were assaulted? Its more difficult to get multiple women to lie about the same thing.

    1. Both claims came after the Mattress Sherpa filed her complaint. Neither were claims of rape. One was of “emotional and sexual abuse” from an ex-girlfriend, and the other was a girl who claimed he kissed her and grabbed her ass. From the Daily Beast article…

      A fairly detailed account of the second and third complaints against Nungesser can be found in a January 2014 story in the Columbia student magazine The Blue and White (The Bwog in its online incarnation) on the university’s handling of sexual-assault charges, based on interviews with the accusers. According to the article, Sulkowicz (identified as “Sara,” since she had not gone public at the time) ran into Nungesser’s former girlfriend, “Natalie,” at a campus party at some point before she filed the complaint; having “heard rumors of their messy relationship,” she “couldn’t help but wonder about the nature of their split.” (Natalie did not respond to a request for an interview, while Sulkowicz did not respond to a question about her interaction with Natalie.)
      The Bwog story also says that the third accuser, whom it identifies by the pseudonym “Josie,” decided to bring a complaint after “a mutual friend” of hers and Nungesser’s told her he had been named in a sexual-assault complaint. The article provides no clue as to the identity of this friend. But Nungesser says that at the hearing on Josie’s charge, the ADP officer who had sought to have him expelled from the society openly admitted that she had encouraged Josie to come forward.

    2. Yeah, women never complete pile on with a story that they think will get them the spotlight some other woman has. That is just *so* against what they do in real life.
      Except for every historical example and real life example against it, ever, in history I mean.

  24. ” . . . Nungesser’s name known across the globe. One white knight . . .”
    And perhaps the greatest (although that Goering fellow is another possible candidate).
    Any relation?

  25. If someone actually did rape her , she would be overjoyed as it would totally get her a job with that demagogue, Senator Gillbirand, who has been trying to make political capital out of this psychologically unbalanced wreck.

  26. “But what about the other 2 women who claimed they were assaulted? Its
    more difficult to get multiple women to lie about the same thing.”
    Sure. If you’re extremely naive. Women are gonna lie a lot more when they can fake their own wounds and falsely accuse wealthy men of rape. Soon, all it’s going to take is for a woman to claim rape and the man goes to jail. He later pays out in the civil suit to avoid prison time. Right now, all she has to do is accuse a man of rape and he’s expelled from college.
    Women are not sugar and spice and everything nice. Women are rinsers, prostitutes and the cruelest of con artists known in existance.

    1. “Its more difficult to get multiple women to lie about the same thing,” said Crown’s Attorney Thomas Newton to Lieutenant Governor and Chief Magistrate William Stoughton.

  27. He took those screenshots to promote rape culture, leave that poor empowered raped woman alone!

  28. It’s the same kind of thing I encounter when meeting women from dating sites (never daygame, only ever dating sites): they gleefully tell me within the first twenty minutes of all sorts of traumatic things that have happened to them in the course of their lives. My natural inclination would be sympathy, but I have heard so many of these stories (and they’re so quick to divulge what should be such personal things) that I call bullshit. Unstable women have a morbid attraction to sympathy and attention-whoring in the worst ways imaginable.

    1. I remember that happened to me and the girl said she had been raped. Apparently they fucking hate it if you ask if they came.

    2. Those types of women that try to gain your sympathy, before you even know them, usually have Borderline Personality Disorder.
      BPD’s are masters of manipulation and will say anything to get you to let them into your life – and once their in, they will turn the tables on you and make your life hell.
      Avoid any person that describes some traumatic or horrible incident in their past, before you even get to know them.
      It’s a trap – see it and avoid it.

    1. That’s illegal…only women can have their own colleges. Because, of course, vagina.

  29. Really great piece. ROK is becoming a very important (and rare) source of genuine news analysis.

  30. Is it any wonder this girl has problems? The poor thing is a Jewish-Chinese half caste, couple that with living in Western Entitlement world (most of these girls that make up these things are from foreign backgrounds) and of course her mind is completely messed up.

    1. She sounds like she has Borderline Personality Disorder – based on her actions and her vindictiveness.
      As to her racial make-up, I don’t think that’s a cause of her behavior.
      Both of her parents are psychologists, she grew up in Manhattan and she went to expensive Prep schools.
      So poverty or culture is unlikely to be a factor.
      So she’s chinese and jewish – all that means is she can’t drive and is cheap, so what?
      She could just be a spoiled brat and her BPD just makes her sense of entitlement so much worse.
      She slept with the german guy several times, but he seemed to not be seriously interested and distanced himself from her for almost a year after they last had sex.
      She took this as a horrible offense to her ego and accused him of rape – then she found his ex-girlfriends and convinced them to accuse him also.
      When serious investigations started, these ladies realized that the jig was up and they either withdrew their accusations or the charges were found to be false.
      But this crazy girl still wanted her revenge for being dumped, so she goes on her one-woman mattress-carrying crusade for college credit – at the same time garnering media attention to her “crusade”.
      So now, even if she wanted to stop, she can’t – because she is getting all this media attention from her new position as the spokesperson leading her own crusade against campus rape

  31. If I were accused of False Rape and a bunch of feminists were protesting me, like in the above picture. I would ask them for their phone numbers just to piss them off.

  32. I predict that this trend will go the way of “repressed memories” uncovered in childhood “molestation”hypnosis cases in the 80s and early 90s which were eventually refuted after countless lives were unnecessarily ruined. Those too were proven false. I think there is a real opportunity here for ROK to have a real influence in the national discussion. One thing I would suggest is tighter editiorial guidelines. This article is very good, however, Sulkowicz’s grammar and the quality of her art is irrelevant, as are her actual intentions which can never be known. Stick to the facts, stay on topic… and win over the mainstream!

    1. More effective would be if there were successful civil lawsuits against these false rape accusers.
      If they knew that they would lose their own money, this type of thing might stop.

  33. I imagine hell for a woman to be a place where there exists absolutely zero males.
    Just ponder for a moment the depths to which they would sink without male intervention, safety nets, gifting of rights, etc. The atrocities they would commit. The ineffectiveness at their efforts to build anything.
    The horror! The horror!
    May God send them to that hell and give them everything they have asked for.

    1. Im considering returning to Catholicism, but I honestly can’t see how God could possibly judge men and women by the same standard. Most every woman would be in hell.
      Generally deceptive behavior is completely normal to them.
      Their amoral nature is their genetic advantage to survive….
      That’s probably why the council of Nicea virtually voted woman subhuman, there’s no logical way God could hold them to the same standards.
      All the modern government safety nets for woman are recognition of how much theyd hurt themselves without supervision and rigid help.

    1. More like – it doesn’t pay to come to the US to go to college and sleep with a crazy co-ed with Borderline Personality Disorder.
      I wonder if he wishes that he had stayed in Germany?

      1. I agree. Just wondering if he regrets being a feminist bitch boy/thought that would protect him from this type of shit.

        1. He should reread John Adam’s rationalisation for the presumption of innocence – that without it, good men can only say “It matters not whether I behave well or ill, for virtue itself is no safeguard.”

        2. Thanks for this quote. It’s useful ammunition for the online debates going on in the UK about abolishing the presumption of innocence for men accused of rape.

        3. I think that being german – that his definition of Feminism was simply equality of the sexes, not blanket condemnation and scapegoating of all males as potential rapists and rape-sympathizers.
          I wonder if he’ll be happy and eager to go back to Germany after graduation.

        1. I’m just speculating that since the accused is german, and since he was bewildered that he was put through these false rape allegations and public witchhunt – that young women and even feminists in Germany don’t normally engage in this type of hysterical behavior. Even the accused mother, an avowed feminist and journalist, finds this type of scapegoating to be irresponsible and destructive.
          I also wonder about the accuser’s, Emma Sulkowicz’s psychological history – once the facts of the case was presented in the Daily Beast article and Sulkowicz’s campaign to get the accused expelled from school and even criminally prosecuted failed (when evidence shows that their sexual interaction was consentual) – she decided to carry around a mattress to protest her treatment?
          And yet most real rape victims would rather forget their horrible experience, rather than broadcast it on the media.

        2. 4 month old post but since i’ve been in germany for 4.5 months.
          1. in germany there are no mentally ill people or sketchy people on the streets at night unlike in north america. In short: no mental illness or drug users.
          2. feminism over there exists compared to france/italy where it is totally non-existant but is much more tame compared to north america. In short: men are not being attacked for being men (no manpreading/rapecultureBS/etc).
          Taking #1 and #2 together: As a man you could be walking down the street after midnight and women don’t fear you. It is a different culture for sure.
          The do still have crazy feminist moments make no mistake.

  34. I’m glad that the female writer of the article over at the Daily Beast gave the accused’s side of the story.
    I read that DB story first and then I google’d the accuser’s name – Emma Sulkowicz
    There are tons of websites with her side of the story, interviewing her, with pictures of her everywhere – It’s like she’s become a celebrity
    And not one article questions the validity of her story – nor do they interview the police or Columbia administration about the problem’s with her accusations and why they didn’t find them valid.
    The accused is already considered guilty in the court of public opinion.
    The Daily Beast was the only article I saw that gave him the benefit of the doubt and followed up on his evidence and why the investigation found no evidence of rape or forced sexual assault.
    Hopefully this is Emma Sulkowicz’s 15 minutes of fame – enjoy it, Emma. You are now famous as the mattress-carrying woman.

  35. Why is porn a bad thing again? If this guy had played video games and jerked off to porn instead of gaming women he’d be happier all around.
    Porn could have saved his life, man.
    Porn is not the addiction. No. Women are the damn addiction. Porn is the nicotine patch.
    There’s just one red pill truth: women ain’t fucking worth it. Sex is like water that just makes you thirstier once it’s swallowed. No matter how good the sex is, it always costs more than it’s worth.
    RoK isn’t about game or masculinity. It’s about happiness. And happiness? Happiness is all about freedom, and preserving that freedom. Nothing threatens a man’s freedom more than a woman.
    This poor guy shows me just how shitty a compass my pecker is. The little fucker is always aiming me at heartache.

    1. There’s truth in everything you said. Our pecker can frequently get us in trouble. On the other hand, all men have their sexual needs and few can contemplate a life of celibacy. At least red pill knowledge alerts us to the dangers and gives us better tools to face this minefield.

      1. You said it! A hard dick will take a man places he wouldn’t usually go with a loaded sidearm.

    2. porn, hookers, tug-jobs in pattaya, jerking off….. all part of a mans arsenal, along with organic women (credit to Davecat for making that one up).
      Any decent investment advisor will tell you that you should have a diversified portfolio. This should also extend to sex.

  36. Rule one: don’t stick your dick in crazy.
    Rule two: there’s a higher proportion of crazy in leftie courses on university campuses.

  37. Am I the only one who doesn’t quite understand how following through with a police report is too triggering, but carrying a mattress around 24/7 isn’t any kind of a reminder at all? How is she given a fucking pass on this kind of cognitive hypocrisy?!?!?!

    1. Because, as Agent K once told us, a person is smart, but people are dumb, panicky animals, and you know it.

    2. Because it makes media outlets money, presumably.
      I think some of them must know full well this kind of stuff is BS and hype it so much so when the evidence comes in that its rubbish they have another controversial story that brings them clicks in. Notice how nearly no mainstream media organisation has called her out yet they all profit from the controversial nature of the story.

    3. Yeah. “Oh this is too traumatic for me” .. then goes on to make a show of herself in front of the world’s media. Fuckin unbelievable.

      1. She probably has thousands of feminazis, male feminist orbiters,..etc… egging her on, supporting her, and telling her how brave she is.
        But not brave enough to bother reporting this rape to the police.

    4. She claims she will carry it around till he’s brought to justice but won’t actually file a police report which would be the first step to bringing him to justice. She’s a complete hypocrite.

      1. It makes internal sense. What she is specifically demanding is that the guy gets expelled from the university. Which she can accomplish through trial by media, causing unbearable pressure to be brought on the university administration.
        Which demonstrates all too well the supreme importance of due process.

        1. Yea that makes sense now I think about it. You’re right it show how important due process an evidence is.

    5. Apparently, rape is supposed to be so traumatic and mind-fucking that a victim can end up reacting in any way whatsoever, and nothing the victim says or does after the alleged rape can in any way count as evidence against her.

  38. This ROK article that appeared today (written by Blair Naso) is a significant achievement, guys.
    And I really think it is important to acknowledge this.
    Blair cranked this article out in about two hours, on very short notice. Roosh saw a news article that needed immediate coverage, Black Knight took the handoff of the football with great skill, and Blair produced.
    This proves that ROK can cover news stories on short notice in real-time.
    I just wanted to say that, since a lot of the readers here might not be aware of it.

      1. Agreed. Not trying to fellate the mods or writers but this is the one place I can go to talk about the topics I want to discuss the most. Everything is current and up to date, and even better I agree with everyone here. Thank goodness for ROK

    1. I got to say that ROK is getting more mainstream popularity than I thought it would in 2012. I spend most of my time on Roosh V Forum but I come here when I see a link from Twitter. I don’t see the momentum slowing anytime soon.

    2. It’s appreciated. This site is always on point, always putting out new stuff, and the comments are (except in rare cases) policed by the commenters.

  39. isnt she doing this (dragging that mattress all over the place) as a part of her Graduate Thesis?

  40. Nonsense all over. Just like cosby – two women admitted that they returned to him after the “rape.” And these women knew he was married – what does that say about their “morals.” And what about the Lonsdale – look it up – she accused him of smacking her and pulling her hair meanwhile weeks after the “abuse” she writes emails declaring she is in love with the guy. He posted all this its incredible. She claims he was abusive meanwhile she says he is the best she ever had.

  41. Could it be that women have rape fantasies? In addition to attention whoring, victim fetishism….

  42. Women who have suffered real rape or real domestic violence – brutal, violent. Don’t act like the idiots on these campuses. This is just Tragic Magic behaviour.

    1. Curious phrase “Tragic Magic”. Does it represent something specific like Magic Johnson’s fake “AIDS” that he caught before any life extending medication and somehow managed to live for decades afterwards, or is it more general?

      1. It’s when a woman uses ‘tragedy’ as the ‘magic’ to lure a white knight. The white knight/mangina wants to protect her and make her feel safe so she never has those hurtful episodes again. The ‘tragedy’ is usually a made up one and used as a lure eg. fake rape, fake assault, fake being bullied. These are some of the worst of drama queens, and they feel genuinely sorry for themselves.
        These women may be identified through what they say, such as ‘I’m a survivor’, ‘I’m strong’ and much rubbish along those lines.
        If she has a tattoo of a Phoenix rising from the ashes – run. Even if she hasn’t yet told you her ‘tragic’ story.

        1. Imagine all the pathetic manginas orbiting around her…. empathising with her pain, and talking all that beta bitch-talk.

  43. Women who have suffered real rape or real domestic violence – brutal, violent; they don’t act like the idiots on these campuses. This is just tragic Magic behaviour.

    1. Well I think we all agree that it’s about time that the English have dumped their tedious “guilty until proven innocent” common law ideas, and have started to rely instead on the highly accurate and laser like focus on guilt concept known as “hearsay”, right?
      Not a day goes by that I am not supremely grateful that my family on both sides decided to leave that dreadful isle. Not one single day.

  44. That is the aim of this this whole mass rape culture narrative. To create such a,toxic environment that it will deter men from going to college.

  45. That is the aim of this this whole mass rape culture narrative. To create such a toxic environment that it will deter men from going to college. why is there no men with access to the media willing to to call their bluff. I would have thought someone like Bill Burr would have had a crack at it by now.

  46. A life of living hell ahead for this man, all for consensual sex with an ugly girl. What a sad story and a grave warning to the rest of us men out there.

    1. That’s actually how a lot of lynchings happened: The mobs were avenging white girls who falsely accused black men of raping them.

      1. Ah, so the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan were, actually, white knights in the manosphere sense of the word.

  47. So let me see if I understand this:
    Too draining and embarrassing = going to the proper authorities who are trained and discreet and going through the process to get a rapist behind bars.
    Not too embarrassing or draining = engaging in stunts and living it up with national media, being showcase for an entire world to see which doesn’t result in getting a rapist behind bars.
    Oh sure. Makes complete sense.

    1. Not too draining = physically carrying a mattress everywhere?
      Mattress has to be extra dirty by now.

  48. Wait, are you saying that a woman who smiles while carrying a mattress on her back across the public square day in and day out in order to get publicity about an awful event *made it up*!?I
    I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you.

  49. Never believed it for a second. A real rape victim doesn’t turn it into an art project.
    I would assume that no man will ever touch her again, but there are a lot of saps out there.

    1. Unfortunately it is no longer safe to make that assumption. So many fucking pseudo-faggot white knights out there who have little to no experience with an actual real life vagina outside of the one they exited on birth that it is no longer surprising that even the most loathsome females can still get a cock on demand.

      1. Yep… some pathetic liberal-arts hipster will gradly pony up, and give her some action. Despite all the red flags that should be waving in his face.

    2. Sheeeeit neegro!
      Honestly guys, there is a virtually infinite ocean of males willing to touch her, touch her anus, and out of this bountiful plenty of male fish, there are many that will be up to her absurdly inflated standards, not that she’ll appreciate that she’s got a great guy. She’s a college educated woman in NYC, she deserves happiness and after all she’s been through! The poor sweet heart.
      America is a bitch’s paradise.

  50. I heard Emma Sulkingbitch got hired for an ad. “Guys, next time, use K-Y”.
    And I’ve always wondered… Why do they call it KY jelly… They should call it KY JAM!
    Title of her conceptual artwork: “She din’ na’ like it up ‘er”. Media: semen on mattress.

  51. I never believed her. If an anti-male biased academic kangaroo faux-tribunal can’t find any evidence of a crime then it did not happen.
    She should have said Bill Cosby raped her.
    (No I am not suggesting for a second I believe any of the unproven allegations against him either).

    1. The moment something becomes an attention whore stunt I consider it false out of the gate.
      Which is why I also discount basically every accuser of Bill Cosby as well.

      1. Oh absolutely. I don’t buy into any of the accusations made against Mr. Cosby because as it is in this case, no one has provided any evidence of any criminal activity.

        1. AND…they all did it for the cameras. I can understand the occasional woman who was too frightened, at the time, to do something (though I think it’s stupid, but whatever). But to go in front of the camera and primp and preen, when in fact the “charges” were thrown out of court a decade or more earlier, is just attention whoring in the first degree. Fuck her, and her piling on attention whores.
          Evidence or it didn’t happen. Get out of in front of the camera, or it didn’t happen. No exceptions.

  52. What a dumbass selfie, or I guess they call them “ussies” now if more than one person is in it.
    Women never cease to amaze…

  53. “Tumblr users naturally have jumped on the stupid bus, trying to make Nungesser’s name known across the globe. One white knight wrote on Facebook, “I’m only pissed that I’m not in NY to CUT HIS THROAT MYSELF!”, because apparently first-degree murder is a less serious crime than rape.”
    Wow, Betatards STILL think playing hero will get them laid, or even get a shred of appreciation from a woman of nowadays? What a sad sack!

  54. I shared this before on a similar article alluding to day-after-regret rape tourrets. It’s a verbatim cut-and-paste of an email my brother sent me last summer. Apparently just going out and having a good time and messing around with a girl in public, front and center for everyone to see in a well-lit area and probably even under camera surveillance is tapdancing on a minefield nowadays:
    “dude the other day john and i met these girls who were friends of his girl at the bar. One meets this dude and they start making out and shit and they leave to go to another bar. Cut to an hour later we’re leaving and need to drive this girl to her car, so we pick her and her girl friend up and the friend says “why did you let him have his hands down your pants in public?” and the bitch has the audacity to say, “i didnt he wasmolesting me and you werent helping me, and these fucking 3 ditched me with him” at that point John and I jumped down her throat, “yeah fucking right, you left with him, you were all about it making out with him and licking his ear and shit, you never once made an attempt to resist or we would’ve stopped it” and her friend chimes in “you were rubbing his dick on the outside of his pants while he was in yours” and john jumps in and says “its shitty people like you that get guys arrested on bullshit because you feel slutty after the fact” the girl didnt say one other thing till we got to her car and she said bye.
    What a horrible piece of shit type of person is that, willing to ruin some innocent guys life just because she felt embarassed after.
    sorry for the novel”

    1. Tell your brother to tap himself on the shoulder, he probably nipped a false rape accusation in the bud just by speaking up that one night.

      1. I just have a hard time believing that it’s so easy for most out of shape would-be rapists with no grappling skills to subdue another human (regardless of size!) long enough to be able to take their clothes off, take off their own clothes, get a raging boner will still trying to subdue that person as they fend off kicks, punches, and fingernails under a torrent of blood-curdling screams (I don’t know about you, but that’s hardly ever boner-inducing for me!), penetrate desert-dry pussy and get ample thrusts in, finish, then walk away all nonchalant. Not saying it’s impossible or that it doesn’t happen on this Earth with six billion people, but the sheer number of accusations, especially in America, are just laughable. Not only that, but I don’t know any dudes that would even contemplate such a heinous act on someone just because they were sexually by their presence, do you? Didn’t think so.

  55. I dated a girl a few times, and then pulled the pin when she alluded to have been raped. I pulled back, and when she pushed the contact more, I asked her to explain what had happened to her. This is the reply I got.
    Excuse the english… its not her first language.

    I can tell u the details…
    Actually he was my hairdresser
    Was also my mom n my best fd hairdresser…
    We knew each other for 5 years
    Usually i go get hair cut once a few months sometime for the color sometime is haircut or treatment
    I went there last time to do 3 all hair things
    But he was very busy n i don get enough time to do the treatment
    So he invited me to do treatment at his place by next sat…i thought it
    is a bit weird to go to his place by myself n i hv asked my frd to go
    with me…cause it is not really a good idea to go alone
    When the sat i do the treatment, my frd said he has sth to do n cannot
    come join me for the treatment, n said he is ok to stay alone as we all
    knew each others for years so it is fine, ask to not to worry..
    Ofcos, things happened when he do the treatment to me, he asked me to
    put my hands at the back, and he put his penis near my hands, ofcos i
    instantly aware wht he wants to do but i did say anything ..i m already
    soooo scary
    Things continued for around 20 mins..and i just keep talking to him to
    ensure he is not going to do further..ofcos his stuff was still stubbing
    on my hands n also my back… he pretends nth happened….
    At the end i claim i have to go as i date my frd somewhere so pls make it as soon as possible..cause hv to leave now
    And i went police station at the end
    Was a harsh night for the asking n asking by the police…
    Was nearly crazy cause i didnt want to mention again n again
    They arrested him
    N lock him in the prison for a month
    Thts all of the sexual assult
    U mind it?
    For wht i encountered?”

    1. Silly girl. Rape, real rape, involves *not* sticking around and *not* consenting.
      Fucking retarded bint.

      1. Exactly… If I was going to contact her again, my first question would be “why did you stick around for 20 mins after he pulled out his cock?”.
        Sure, the guy has some terrible game. But even if she walked out immediately, the best this would be is indecent exposure. And sticking around for 20 mins while he does your hair, with his tool out, is a far cry from rape.
        But, as we know, rape has become synonymous with anything that makes a girl feel uncomfortable.

    2. Her grammar wasn’t that far off from some of the girls in the states whose first language actually is English. lol

    3. Years ago I dated a girl who alluded that she was either raped or molested by her cousin while she slept. She didn’t go into details, I didn’t ask. I was a lot more naive back then, and felt sorry for her so I stuck around. Big mistake. All I can tell you is that she ended up being a royal fucking nutcase..

  56. I wouldn’t fuck a single one of those girls holding a placard, even if they themselves paid me to do it.

        1. Ewww, fuck team sports, especially that hyper-feminized Beta shitshow called the NFL. Give me grappling any day!

  57. Unfortunately these accusations will only continue to increase. This whore Emma was actually invited to the State of the Union address this year, mattress in tow.
    This just shows how mainstream this shit has gotten. When it comes to rape the rule has become guilty until proven innocent if you are a dude (because woman are still angels and cannot rape).

    1. I can only imagine this bitch dragging her nasty, eskimo-stank mattress into the senate. Like a sideshow performer for the liberals, who’ll bask in the applause

  58. “Nungesser is a male feminist from . . .” if you sleep with dogs, you gonna get fleas.
    Another white knight bites the dust.
    As an aside I’ve never liked women whose teeth “fan out” like Emma Sulkowitz’s. Un-self-aware. Might be the reason I never got a hard-on for Angelena Jolie, despite her top lip being filled to be a perfect phi ratio to her bottom one. And don’t get me started on people generally with eyes where you can see the whites under the iris. Sulky resentful bastards. And chicks with thin top lips like her mate to the left — low sex drives, unless they are mentally ill in some way.

      1. haha, looking at the layer of fuzz on it and the indents from the teeth, I’d say she wants a big drink of water and a shit.

    1. Considering that he got to bang her repeatedly, he doesn’t fit the usual idea of a white knight.

      1. Dude, he is a self-described male feminist! White knights still get laid, they just swallow a lot of shit and do it on chicks terms, then get burned by them because even though that’s what they say they want, they hate men who are that way, and this dude sure got burned!

    Crazy chicks are doubling down. Perusing this article reveals the myriad levels of their bullshit.
    Factual inaccuracies (if not outright lies): “It wasn’t until she met other women allegedly assaulted by the same man that she realized she had to act.” Yeah no, it was the other way around.
    Made-up statistics: “…as many as 95% of campus rapes go unreported.” Figures from biased, limited surveys aren’t the same as studies in peer-reviewed journals. But go ahead and present them as facts anyways, I guess.
    SMH-inducing solipsism: “”It’s an awful feeling where this reporter is digging through my personal life. At this point I didn’t realize that she’s extremely anti-feminist and would do this in order to shame me,” Sulkowicz said.” It’s about me, me, me, pooooooooorrrr me! Nevermind he fact that she tried to literally ruin this guys life.
    Complete disregard for things like evidence and due process: “Young’s inclusion of private Facebook messages between survivor and alleged rapist in the piece seems to be an implied means of discrediting Sulkowicz. But such messages have no bearing on whether a crime took place.
    Instead, their inclusion exemplifies the way in which journalists and media outlets perpetuate the perfect victim narrative through speculation on the complicated, personal dynamics of the rapist-survivor dynamic and innuendo. Doing so not only fails to capture the nuances of surviving assault but also works to shame and silence victims, perpetuating a cycle that allows campus sexual assault to persist at shocking rates.” If you’re accused of rape, don’t present evidence to defend yourself. Only the accuser should be able to tell her side of the story to authorities and the media.
    This is what we’re up against, gents. Watch your back, Jack…forewarned is forearmed.

    1. Women are irrational and evil. Theyre blurring the laws so much normal behavior will be rape.
      ‘Just because she texted him after doesn’t mean it wasn’t rape’
      will turn into
      ‘just because she said it wasn’t rape, doesn’t mean it wasn’t rape’

      1. If you look into the underlying data for those feminist campus rape surveys that is exactly what they say; just because the women don’t think it was rape doesn’t mean it wasn’t rape. For the most part what the conductors of the surveys claim as rape, the women involved vehemently deny was rape.

      2. Imagine a world where you could have someone thrown in jail just by speaking some words, and without needing evidence. You could easily bully and silence anyone who angers you, while making yourself out to be a victim. This is what feminists want.

  60. not that relevant I know, but some worthy soul has directed a based-on-a-true story false rape movie. So far it appears to have got absolutely zero attention, unlike the based-on-an-untrue story ‘rape culture’ journalism that is currently assaulting us on a daily basis

  61. Sounds like women need to stay away from male feminists. They sound like violent, dangerous predators and rapists to me.

  62. The thing this Sulkwicz cunt failed to consider is the fact that even the most cursory search of her name, by a potential employer will revel her going full retard. Sure, HR my by dominated by women but no company wants that type of liability.

    1. She probably never intended to work in the first place, I think her daddy is rich. Getting a job never crossed her mind. Your logical reasoning doesn’t apply to women.
      You are being practical, as if these ivy league cuntbags know down from up. You give her credit assuming she will even look for a job in the first place.

  63. I am a practicing psychiatrist and I would like to share my conclusions about this disturbing case.
    1. She wanted it.
    2. She asked for it, harpoon that starfish.
    3. She liked it.
    4. She wants more.
    Hiding in plain sight is the obvious critique of her so-called art. People often re-create crisis events from their life. Yes, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. But sometimes, carrying a mattress around is just shouting out, please sodomize me again, I’m so itchy for it I bring a mattress around with me 24-7. I prescribe that Ms. Sulkingbitch take her repressed desires and mattress a few block north, where the Harlem Globetrotters can train her white ass with a night of wild-eyed bung-holery.

      1. Right, she got in to Columbia due to their Eskimo quota. Anyway she’ll be white enough once she pulls that bukkake train she obviously craves.

  64. Have you read the text exchanges these two kids had? They go to Columbia for fuck sakes! I wouldn’t be allowed to get within three-thousand miles of Columbia, yet my grasp of the English language makes me look like some kind of genius in comparison.

    1. It’s amazing. I was an English major when I was in college (foolish, in retrospect), and my teachers would practically blow me after every class just because I knew how to write like an adult; over half of my fellow English majors struggled with forming a sentence that was both mildly complex and minimally coherent. Like everything else in modern education, writing is more about what you feel than how you express it

  65. Two comments:
    1. I would suggest changing this passage: “I suppose it’s not implausible that he actually did brutally rape Sulkowicz and that she was eager to continue the friendship afterwards. But conventional American legal theory does not hold assumptions based on mere plausibility.”
    to: “I suppose it’s not im[possible] that he actually did brutally rape Sulkowicz and that she was eager to continue the friendship afterwards. But conventional American legal theory does not hold assumptions based on mere [possibility].
    Second, reading the original Daily Beast article there was a detail that I had missed in other articles on this story. Sulkowicz apparently described him as “drunk” on the night in question, before she took him back to her dorm room. Try squaring that with the new “yes means yes” laws sweeping college campuses.

  66. Your last paragraph says a lot more than is written. This type of idiocy does prevent men from going to college–and that is exactly the point. Feminists don’t care about throwing individual men in jail. What they care about is making the colleges and universities of America so unfriendly towards men that we just stop going.
    And it’s working.
    Perhaps the feminists think that men will be easy to control if they are uneducated, but it seems obvious that the opposite is the case; those of us not in college aren’t indoctrinated, and won’t just lie down and take it forever. We are not women, and a lack of schooling will not foil us for long.

  67. Feminism, the only way privileged upper middle class women can pretend they’re victims.
    We need to stop the media from slandering people with no evidence and we need to start doling out jail time to these liars. It’s not fair. This girl deserves jail time for ruining a young man’s life.

    1. How come? Feminism would exist, even men would not allow or approve it. You cannot stop it.

      1. If, as feminists argue, there is an omnipresent and all controlling Patriarchy that is reponsible for literally every evil in the world it goes to reason that feminism is only able to exist because this global, anti woman conspiracy allows it to.

      2. LOL. How many male judges, politicians, police officers, military force members are required to allow feminism to exist? Feminism has never existed except at the sufferance of foolish men.

        1. Feminism and womens rights exist because of constant struggle of women and some brave men. It has been a fight, a war – we have not got anything for free!

        2. You got all of it for free. Not one drop of blood was ever shed by a woman in pursuit of women’s rights; they leave that icky stuff to men, having to promise pussy in order to get it. Too bad women are too lazy and gutless to actually fight it and just ride on the coattails of the men who enable them.
          Although would you like to escalate your misinformed hyperbole to genocide against men? You’d be in good feminist company if you did. Lots of pioneering feminists who want men, including the “brave” ones, killed.

        3. Well said.
          This is why females believe they’re “empowered” for doing things that require no effort such as lying in their backs.
          Female empowerment =screwing multiple guys.
          Male empowerment=slinging two wounded comrades over your shoulder in battle.

    1. They require evidence when it suits them, and demand faith when it suits them. Thus they are exactly like a cult.

  68. I work for a 4-year institution in SoCal and a rape allegation recently emerged. According to the victim, she passed out and was sexually assaulted at a frat house. However, an update went out and now she can’t confirm if it happened in a frat house at all.

  69. For the left global warming became global cooling became climate change became rape culture (soon to become) transphobia. Why do we take these people seriously?

  70. “Stories like this deter men from going to college, since they see just how hostile the environment can become.”
    OMG what a bullshit.
    with the most of the rest of this article I can agree but this last sentence…. You have to be seriously fucked up mentaly if this 0,0001% stops you from building your carreer.
    With that kind of attitude- you likewise could go ans hang yourself.
    Better look out for some days in real life.
    i feel soooo sorry, if that`s what the newest generation of man is made of in US and A

  71. Make no mistake. This entire rape hysteria is about women wanting to punish beta men as well as punish alphas who pump and dump them. An alpha who hits it and never calls back is now a rapist. A beta who gets laid when she is drunk is a rapist after she sobers up and realizes she let a decent nice guy get it instead of a thug. Basically all women have is pussy and they pervert the law to make sure they control who gets it and at what costs.

  72. This is what he gets for being a male feminist. This would almost never happen to a true Alpha male.
    This is also the danger with sleeping with women in this feminist run society. If you’re not acting totally subservient to them after they give it up, they try to turn it into rape. These harpies are out of control, because of the lack of a strong Masculine presence in our society.

  73. Perhaps men should wander campuses with large stones in hand to impress upon everyone the former biblical penalty for bearing false witness, so as to purge the from the land.

  74. She is a jew, so she probably lied and wanted to promote herself, never understimate the chutzpah (Jewish arrogance).

  75. And why exactly he didn’t sue her? It’s beyond ridiculous that no organisation standing for real victims have spoken out against this kind of hideous behaviour on the alleged victim part to expose how it has done far more harm to real victims than any other media event. Rape (excluding sexual conduct with a minor) does not happen for sexual reasons, as many research papers already conclude. It is, in most cases, a display of power, expression of need to posses, humiliate and control and is not the deed of horny or drunk guy (as I believe no real man would enjoy intercourse with unwilling or passed out target) but menally, emotionally, sexually and socially dysfunctional individual unable to engage in proper interaction and express their sexuality. In accumulated years of my family’s and my own court practice the only cases of sexual assault where the victim has previously engaged in consensual intercourse with the perpetrator occurred in situation where the defendants have used rape as a sort of tool to punish victim for disobedience of various kinds. A contrario, majority of false accusations occur in situation where the alleged victim’s expectations regarding behaviour of alleged rapist weren’t met. The rape accusation was used as a tool to control and punish person who had the nerve to disobey or dissapoint.. See the pattern? Unfortunately, while I. Am glad to see that awareness of the emotional distress brought by sexual assault is growing, not enough is done to help victims of false accusations which may hurt, perhaps in different ways, but just as much.

    1. “And why exactly he didn’t sue her?”
      (a) No assets. A finding of damages isn’t much use when, as she likely would, the culprit declares bankruptcy.
      (b) The university has a lot of assets and chose to enable her lies.

  76. Yeah, I’m very well aware of it, even in community colleges your life can be destroyed. That’s why when I go back to school, I’m going to a trade school.

  77. Because real traumatized rape victims still have time to smile & pose for the camera…
    Fugly attention whore > rape victim. Only a male feminist would go anal on that

  78. How long has Ms. Sulkowicz been carrying around that mattress? Long enough to be certified?

  79. If you guys read the transcripts of the suit that the alleged ‘rapist’ filed against the university…’s appalling to say the least what kind of language she used with this guy, the way she told him about having sex with multiple men, getting drunk, going to ‘parties’ to have sex and having tested ‘drugs’, even before they were ever intimate.
    She apparently had a FB relationship with him when she decided that he had raped her one day.
    Sad, I feel bad for the guy.
    Not to mention how unattractive she is, what was that man thinking when he ‘hooked up’ with her???

  80. Lesson to all young men everywhere. Don’t get anywhere close to a woman who has even a whiff of social justice warrior about her. If she gets angry at you (say, for deciding you don’t want to be her boyfriend) she will accuse you of rape and ruin your life forever, and the media will treat her like a princess for doing so.
    In a just society, Emma Sulcowicz would go to jail for criminal harassment.

  81. The writer here doesnt understand how the psychy works after having been raped. There is too much to comment to on that in this article and will leave it. But I see lots of rape myths in it.

  82. It’s funny how “returnofkings” is secularist scumbags lamenting the actions of secularist scumbags.

  83. I came here to actually investigate why anyone would assume a rape victim was making it up, but I refuse to read even half of it because it’s littered with ad hominem attacks that spew venom and hatred, which is absolutely insane given that Emma and the author have probably never even met. Very poor journalism. 1/5 stars.

  84. You know what would convince me that any of you had valid perspectives regarding this and other rapes? Is if you weren’t all a bunch of idiotic misogynists drooling with sewage. If you had intelligent and articulate stances instead of patriarchal rhetoric that appeals to the lowest common denominator. OOPS!! I used big words. Let me rephrase that. Me = smart. You = moron.

    1. Try this for a set of big words: false rape accusation. Also known as: between 20-60 percent or more of all rape accusations, as verified by multiple studies all available via Wikipedia for your perusal. Or are you saying all rape accusations are true?

  85. stories like this do not stop men from going to college, but they do make it more difficult for real rape victims to be helped. The school needs to stick her mattress out with the trash and put her on top of it. she’s disgusting

  86. after reading a lot of these negative comments that men have about women I just don’t understand why they spend so much time chasing them,wouldn’t it be easier for them to just date each other with out all the stress of “women”

  87. The problem is- no one gains by defending the accused rapist- but our culture rewards victims and people who “support” victims.
    If someone spoke on Nungesser’s behalf- they would admonished at a bare minimum- maybe even become a pariah like Nungesser was.
    Colleges should get out of the rape business- and start enforcing harassment policies against those who slander students.

  88. Why does this article not post the fact that he has very graphic emails of her asking him to do her in the rear to begin with? He actually was inexperienced and this nasty, liberal little Jezebel texted him “F— me up the butt.” That’s why he wasn’t prosecuted. Then he found some girl he liked for real abroad and strarted dating her, so she cried rape. Moral of the story … tell your sons that easy chicks are usually mentally unstable liberals and NOT worth the initially easy lay and E Coli because they ALWAYS pull this kind of thing. I knew a girl with an ugly face and nice figure that had s3x with a random popular guy in a bathroom at a house party. When he had nothing to do with her afterward she started making noises about being “harmed” during the event … E. Coli and feminist theatrics, folks. Best to steer clear of hoes. Tell your sons or they’ll end up “Nungessered.”

  89. The guy was a male feminist. This is what happens when you surround yourself with psycho feminists.

  90. the guy clearly doesnt know how to treat women as equals – he beats them and abuses them, and yes, he rapes them. i’m glad his name i dragged through the mud. he deserves it because he is a rapist. yes, the girl is a little crazy. do you know what made her crazy? she was raped, and her rapist walked away free. that’ enough to make ANYONE crazy.

  91. This story is, and has always been brainfood for the lesser, sheep, groupthinkers. I always knew something was amiss. “Suffer in silence” has no place in today’s day & age.

  92. Nungesser is pursuing a career in film now.
    He’ll be fine.
    This comments section is incredibly sad. I don’t know what kind of lives you men have led to have formed these false ideas of women, but I hope that someday you’re able to see how very misinformed you are.
    There are crazy and irrational people in this world. Men, women, and other. There are also intelligent, strong, and capable people in this world. Men, women, and other.
    You say that women shouldn’t vote, that we’re all irrational, unable to use logic. We are not human in your eyes. We have no right to be complex in your eyes. We hardly have a right to BE in your eyes. The reason we need feminism is because, to you, we’re just bodies. To you, it ain’t rape unless she’s been utterly and physically brutalized.
    I hope you realize that it’s your beliefs that even make feminism so necessary. You are the reason feminists exist. You are the reason women have to empower each other – because you sure aren’t. Recognize our humanity and our ability, and we’ll stop talking about it.
    Start by talking to a woman as you would a person. And while you’re at it, try looking up Rosalind Franklin, Clara Barton, Marie Curie, or Sarah Breedlove.

  93. I sure hope this guy sues the school, the crazy bitch mattress girl, and the two friends who also made claims against him. They must be made an example of so others will not do this in the future.

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